Star Wars Revealing Why Han Solo REALLY Joined The Rebels?

Every Star Wars fan will remember the moment they learned the once the roguish smuggler Han Solo had joined up with the Rebellion in The Empire Strike Back–but it was never fully explained how he made the transition from a life of crime to rebellion and leadership. Now, fans will get some more answers.

As part of the larger line of Age comics, the upcoming Star Wars: Age of Rebellion – Han Solo #1 will pick up shortly after the first Star Wars film, as Han Solo and Chewbacca count their reward and prepare for their next adventure far from the Rebellion. And in our exclusive preview of the issue, Han and Chewie get roped in for one final mission by Luke Skywalker. A mission that may be the last push to send the Millennium Falcon’s pilots into the Rebel Alliance. Or more accurately, what convinces them to get out of the scoundrel life for good.

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The new line of Star Wars comics from Marvel have done much to flesh out already beloved heroes. Previous comics and movie adaptations gave the ‘real’ meaning behind Han Solo’s name, and a glimpse of Han’s time with the Empire. And while various Legends and tie-in stories have been placed in and around the gap between Episode IV and Episode V, the standalone nature of this story suggests a greater significance to the core storyrline.

After all, previous single issues have helped to show Grand Moff Tarkin was a secret badass, and offer a possible explanation for why General Grievous was so good at killing Jedi. Others have explored character motivations far more intensely, making a case that Count Dooku wasn’t pure evil at all. Will a reunion with Han Solo’s old scoundrel pal go badly enough for him to abandon the life he used to live? Only time will tell. For now, take a look at the preview pages below:

Pick up the full issue this Wednesday, and check out the full details and synopsis below:

  • Published: May 1st, 2019
  • Writer: Greg Pak
  • Art: Chris Sprouse
  • Cover: Terry Dodson
  • THE SCOUNDREL’S CODE! After helping destroy the DEATH STAR, HAN SOLO’s ready to cash in his reward and return to life as a scoundrel. But when LUKE SKYWALKER asks for one last favor, Han gets pulled into a rebel mission that might wreck all of his plans. Co-starring CHEWBACCA and introducing AKKO, an old friend who might actually out-scoundrel Han himself!

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion – Han Solo #1 will be available from your local comic book store on May 1st 24th, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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