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Only on The CW’s Supernatural could you have the devil be the funniest character on the show, as Lucifer turned out to be a favorite for the fans after his introduction in Season 5. He was a versatile character, who could be menacing when the time called for it, all the while hiding behind the facade of a funny character who liked to crack jokes most of the time.

His noteworthy moments have garnered many compilation videos you can find on the internet capturing his most sassiest times, and we’ve brought you his 10 most devilishly delicious quotes that make us appreciate Lucifer’s character so much more.

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10 “Moments Like This…It’s All About Ambiance.”

We hadn’t seen Lucifer in all of four years by the time he returned in Season 11, and he instantly reminded us why he was such an entertaining character by dropping in several hilarious shots at the heroes’ expense.

The best of these was when he apported Dean and Castiel into the cage with him; before the two could fight, Lucifer set the right ambiance by snapping his fingers and then proceeded to start bopping to an upbeat track he started playing in the cage. We saw why he was so insistent of setting the stage too, as Lucifer then beat all three of Sam, Dean, and Castiel in the ensuing fight and still had several quips to go.

9 “Red, You Shouldn’t Have Made Me Made. Step Into My Office.”

By Season 13’s ending, the show had made full use of Lucifer’s sense of humor, to the point that some fans complained about how we didn’t see his mean streak anymore. Here, we witnessed how scary a mad Lucifer could get when the Devil took his rage out on Rowena.

The witch had had enough of Lucifer’s jabs at her expense for reminding her of the painful death he had inflicted upon her a year ago and how he would repeat that once more; so, Rowena figured she’d belittle Lucifer for losing his son to Sam, Dean, and Castiel – this was her mistake. Lucifer would break free of his bonds and grab Rowena by the throat, and then used super-speed to pin her to the wall, calling it his “office.”

8 “…Guess It’s Not Really A Long Story, Is It?”

After he was parried into the Apocalypse World by Rowena, Lucifer found Sam’s dead body and brought him back to life. In this scene, we saw the eerie, unsettling version of Lucifer as he psychology tortured Sam’s mind by giving him an impossible choice of either helping Lucifer get to Jack, or be mauled by vampires once more.

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Before that, he reminded Sam of his scary power by telling him the tale of how he got his mojo back; Lucifer found Apocalypse World Michael’s angels and…ate them. He’d thought it was a long story, but it turned out to be a frighteningly short one.

7 “Come On, Sam. Pay Attention To Me, I’m Bored!”

Lucifer was called a whiny brat who was on a temper tantrum throughout the apocalypse, but the Lucifer we saw in Season 5 was quite serious for the most part. However, we did get to see the immature, true version of Lucifer starting from Season 7, where Sam’s hallucination of the devil tormented him relentlessly.

Sam had taken to ignoring Lucifer’s projection, but the latter came up with creative ways to get attention. In this instance, Lucifer started literally crying for attention, as he banged on the table and made whining sounds all the while wanting Sam to take note of him simply because he was bored.

6 “No One Gives Us The Right. We Take It.”

The best display of Lucifer’s powers was in this episode of Season 5, as we saw the archangel tear through a group of pagan gods with extreme ease. Lucifer would “check-in” to the hotel the gods were having their little meeting before he completely annihilated them like it was nothing.

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The final god killed by Lucifer was Baldur, who was enraged while asking Lucifer who gave the latter the right to take the world from the pagans. Lucifer simply impaled Baldur with his hand, and whispered to him the truth that the angels weren’t handed the rights to anything – they took it by force.

5 “Bad, Bad, Crowley.”

Lucifer and Crowley’s interactions were a sight of delight, as the two snarkiest characters would have wonderfully entertaining exchanges each time. In this instance, Lucifer arrived in Crowley’s lair to take back Hell, donning Vince Vincente as his vessel.

While using this meat suit, Lucifer’s character was much more menacing than how we usually saw him, and his threats seemed to be something he would be making good on. Crowley attempted to fight back by throwing acid in Vincente’s face and hoping Rowena would throw him back in the cage, but Lucifer shrugged the attack off and tutted to Crowley that he’d been a very bad boy.

4 “He Who Hesitates, Disintegrates.”

Lucifer was at his most overconfident self in Season 11, where he convinced himself he could kill the Darkness by using the hands of God and take over Heaven by commanding the angels. He simply sauntered into Heaven and made himself the boss, with the angels being powerless to go against him as he could just obliterate them with a snap of his fingers.

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After rallying these angels to go with his plans, Lucifer gave them the option to think things over; however, he would make it clear that they didn’t really have a choice here, with his reminder taking the form of a threat where he promised to disintegrate anyone who hesitated to join him.

3 “…Maybe It’s Because You’re Like The Girl Who Kept Turning Me Down At The Prom.”

Sam and Lucifer’s dynamic never got old for the viewer, and whatever form Lucifer took, he would always have a special place in his heart to torment Sam. Even after he had a strong vessel in Castiel in Season 11, Lucifer kept Sam alive without realizing he didn’t need the latter anymore.

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When he did realize this fact, Lucifer broke in laughter and revealed himself to be inhabiting Castiel. He also justified in him leaving Sam alive for so long, though, as he likened Sam to being the girl who kept turning Lucifer’s invites to “the prom” over and over again. It seems Lucifer thought possessing Sam for the apocalypse was comparable to making him his date for the prom.

2 “Here’s Another Promise For You. Find My Boy. Or The Torments I Will Lay Upon You Will Be…Infinite.”

With Lucifer being such a jokester, people stopped crossing it in their minds that he was in the topmost powerful creatures in existence. So, when Dagon – who was a Prince of Hell – appeared on the show, the fans considered her to be a bigger threat than Lucifer, despite Lucifer being the one to make Dagon in the first place.

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Supernatural reminded us of Lucifer being the man behind the scenes once more, as we saw Dagon visibly scared of her master, who threatened Dagon with infinite torment if she didn’t retrieve the pregnant Kelly Kline. To illustrate his dominance, Lucifer screeched a horrible scream in Dagon’s ear, a bellow that neither Dagon or the viewer would soon forget.

1 “Hail To The King. Baby!”

If Lucifer ever thought of becoming a writer, then you can be certain he would have had only one character, and that would be him. No matter what atrocity he committed, Lucifer saw himself as the good guy, the ultimate king of his story.

In Season 13, he had the full support of Heaven on his side when he lied to the remaining angels that he could create new angels to replace the ones they’d lost. Now, as he was being revered, Lucifer finally had a throne to place himself on and have no one challenge him. To complete the moment, he commanded everyone to hail to the king, as he achieved his mission of claiming Heaven.

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