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There are so many different kinds of Demons on Supernatural that it’s gotten hard to keep track. These demons have minor defining characteristics that can help fans differentiate who is who, or who is what, whether it’s the color of their eyes or their rank in Hell’s army.

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These demons can still be hard to distinguish given their similar powers and abilities, but their weaknesses set them apart. All these Demons are enough to make their own party in Dungeons and Dragons, and that means they’re gonna need to know their classes!

10 Tempter Demons – Fighter

Tempter Demons have only been seen in the Apocalypse World, so not too much is known of them. However, what we do know is that they are extremely strong and love a good fight. These demons have black eyes but are not the same as the common black-eyed demons in the Winchesters’ universe.

All demons are exceptionally strong compared to humans, but usually put up a fair fight against Angels. That’s not the case with Tempter Demons, though, as one knocked down Castiel with ease which isn’t something an average demon could do.

9 Daevas – Rogue

Daevas are not a common enemy of the Winchesters’, however, they are not someone you want to make mad. Daevas live in the shadows- literally, and cannot be seen by humans unless they are in a shadow.

This form of demon does not need a vessel to wreak havoc, unfortunately, but since they can only live in the shadows they are easily defeated by large, bright lights. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong. Even though these demons are lower class, they are extremely hard to kill. Unless, of course, you lure them into the light.

8 Acheri Demons – Monk

Acheri Demons are not particularly powerful compared to other Demons, but they are very strange. Similar to Daevas, Acheri Demons do not need a vessel. Instead, the demon automatically takes the form of a little girl. They can also become invisible and have super speed. Order now and you get a free set of steak knives!

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This demon is so strange since select people can control it. Ava Wilson, one of Azazel’s psychic children, like Sam Winchester, could control Acheri Demons and used them to fight. Though they were only seen in one episode, they are one to avoid.

7 Hellhounds – Fighter

Hellhounds are very dangerous and very well known. Like Acheri, they can be controlled, but only by demons. Hellhounds can only be seen by angels, demons, and the human that they are out to get.

These dogs are kinda like Hell’s bounty hunters. When a human makes a deal with a crossroad demon for their soul, they are given a certain amount of time until these vicious creatures come and drag them to the depths of Hell. They chew up their victim, shredding them until eventually, they die.

6 Black-Eyed Demons – Rogue

Black-Eyed Demons are the most common form of a demon and have basic powers and abilities. They have super strength and telekinesis, like most demons, and have very little value in the ranks of Hell. These specific Demons are faced by Sam and Dean time and time again, and for the most part, seem to lose. They’re good, but they aren’t quite good enough.

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Black-Eyed Demons are some of the easiest for Sam and Dean to kill, which is good since they’re constantly dueling. These Demons, however, are not so easily defeated by the average human who doesn’t know who or what they’re facing. Why do you think Sam and Dean have to step in?

5 Crossroad Demons – Warlock

Crossroad Demons make deals with sad and lonely humans who want something so desperately that they are willing to sell their souls. Most humans, of course, don’t know exactly what they are doing when they sell their soul, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Crossroad Demons are manipulative and snarky but get their job done. They aren’t too easy to defeat unless you have something like an Angel Blade or Ruby’s knife, but it’s not impossible. Crossroad Demons don’t really have any super special powers, so they can be killed like the average demon. They can also be exorcized, but who has time for that?

4 Seven Deadly Sins – Wizard

The Seven Deadly Sins (Envy, Gluttony, Wrath, Greed, Pride, Lust, and Sloth) were seen in very few episodes but were some of the hardest demons Sam and Dean ever faced. On the outside, they may seem like your average Black-Eyed Demon, but they are much more dangerous.

Since they embody the Seven Deadly Sins, their powers vary, but they can be killed the same as a regular demon. These demons are exceptionally strong and fought tooth and nail against the hunters, some of them killed and the rest exorcised, but none went one to continue their torment.

3 Princes and Knight of Hell – Barbarian

The Princes and Knight of Hell are two of Sam and Dean’s most and most hated powerful enemies. Azazel (Yellow Eyes), Prince of Hell, killed Sam and Dean’s mother which ultimately started their life in hunting. It took Winchester’s over 20 years to get anywhere close to killing him, and by the time they did, he had already killed more of their loved ones.

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The Knight of Hell, Cain, sent the show on a turning point when he gave Dean the Mark in Season Nine. Even after giving Dean the Mark, Cain continued to be a problem for the Winchesters until they inevitably killed him. It wasn’t easy and he put up a fight but now he’s out of their hair for good, at least as a knight.

2 White-Eyed Demon – Paladin

White-Eyed Demons were the first Lucifer created after being cast to Hell. Lilith and Alastair were the only two White-Eyed Demons until Sam killed them while he was chugging Demon blood. Lilith, however, came back in Season 15 thanks to Chuck. Not to worry, Adam/Michael killed Lilith in episode 8, so now she’s gone too.

White-Eyed Demons aren’t exactly known for their warm hugs, so don’t be deceived. These demons are especially cruel and have practically no boundaries. Lilith enjoyed killing children, and Alastair was infamous for his never-ending torture, just ask Dean.

1 Lucifer – Cleric

Lucifer, an archangel, was cast down to Hell by God as punishment for his rebellion. So what did Lucifer do? Start an army, of course, starting with Lilith and Alastair, then Cain and the Princes of Hell. Lucifer lived for years in the Cage until Sam killed Lilith, opening the rusted gates.

Sam, of course, did not know his actions would awaken the Devil, and spent all he and Dean’s time trying to find a way to throw him back where he belongs. Lucifer wasn’t killed until Season 14 when his son, Jack, used his abilities as a Nephilim to kill him, sending him to the Empty.

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