Survivor: Season 40: 9 Players with the Most Days Played, Ranked

The 40th season of everyone’s favorite reality competition, Survivor, is finally underway. In a long-anticipated season theme, fans are tuning in to the best battle the series has ever seen: Winners at War. With 20 returning winners, this series is packed with players who have already proved they have what it takes to become the Sole Survivor.

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Of course, many of these players have only played once before, while others are in it for their fourth or fifth time around. With some fan favorites in the mix, there are castaways who have spent an impressive amount of time on the island. With 9 returning players for the season, these castaways have spent more than 39 days on the island.

9 Tony Vlachos – 45 Days

This season will be Tony’s third time on the show. He won his first season, Cagayan, and was then voted out on day 6 for his returning season in Game Changers. This iconic villain might just have to prove himself once again.

With 45 days played, he takes the ninth spot for the most time spent on the island this season, so hopefully, his experience will come in handy. Whether fans love or hate this castaway, 45 days on the island is a lot to learn the ins and outs of this complicated game.

8 Sarah Lacina – 58 Days

Sarah has become one of the best female players of all time. With two seasons under her belt, Sarah was voted out on day 19 of her first. However, she returned for Game Changers and took home the win against returning players with some of the best moves in the show’s history.

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With 58 days on the island, Sarah has already beaten many returning players, and it’s likely she can use her experience on the island to do it all over again. Sarah is definitely a fan favorite, and viewers hope to see her play many more days to come.

7 Ethan Zohn – 60 Days

Ethan definitely falls into the “old school” category, but he has played this game twice. He won his first season, Africa, and was then asked back for All-Stars, where he was voted out on day 21.

This castaway hasn’t played since season 8, so he definitely has to keep up with the pace of the new school contestants. Still, with 60 days under his belt, he might just have some knowledge up his sleeve.

6 Jeremy Collins – 63 Days

Season 40 will be Jeremy’s third time on the series. He made it all the way to day 24 on his first season, but managed to take home the win for his second on Survivor: Cambodia. Jeremy has definitely proved himself and has become a fan favorite.

With 63 days on the island, Jeremy might have learned enough to prove himself once again, and definitely stands a fighting chance at taking home the title.

5 Amber Mariano (Brkrich) – 72 Days

Amber Mariano originally played in The Australian Outback season, the second season of the show, where she lasted all the way until day 33. When she returned for All-Stars, she took home the title of Sole Survivor.

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This player’s last time on the show was way back in season 8, and with 72 days on the island, fans now know that Amber couldn’t use her experience to her advantage. Her old school knowledge wasn’t enough to outlast the others.

4 Tyson Apostol – 81 Days

This fan favorite has a heart of gold and humor to match, but he’s also proved himself as a competitive player. Having played three times, Tyson finally won in his third season for Blood vs. Water.

With 81 days living on the island, fans are still excited to see what this man has to offer, and his experience might just be the difference between winning and losing this season. Tyson is one of the most well-rounded players of the season, and that partnered with his days on the island might just be the advantage he needs.

3 Sandra Diaz-Twine – 94 Days

Sandra is the only player on this season to have already won the title of Sole Survivor twice. She won her first two seasons, for Pearl Islands and Heroes vs. Villains. She made it to day 16 on her third time around before she was voted out.

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Sandra was also invited back as a mentor for Island of the Idols, so she definitely has experience coming in waves. With many days lived on the island, fans are intrigued to see how long this two-time winner will last this season.

2 Parvati Shallow – 114 Days

Parvati has played three times. She made it to the finale twice, and was voted out only one tribal council shy in her first season. Taking home the crown for Micronesia, Parvati lost in the finale to Sandra for Heroes vs. Villains.

In any case, Parvati has proved she’s pretty great at outlasting most of her fellow contestants. With 114 days of experience, she might just make it to the end once again. Only 3 days behind the most outlasting player, Parvati has just enough of a chance to use her knowledge to her advantage to take home the title.

1 “Boston” Rob Mariano – 117 Days

This castaway has become an all-star at the game. From everyone’s favorite player to proving he is a challenge and strategy beast, Rob has played an impressive amount of days. With four seasons under his belt, Rob has spent 117 days on the island.

He made the finale twice and made it quite far the other two times. Of course, this legend also returned for Island of the Idols as a mentor. Clearly, this man has become a Survivor legend and expert, and his 117 days on the island should come in handy if they don’t put a target on his back first. Still, Rob has the most experience this season, and fans are excited to see him last for more days to come.

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