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While the MCU is already packed with iconic heroes, more are on the way. As we all know, thanks to Disney’s purchase of Fox, several of the biggest Marvel characters will soon get to join the MCU, including Marvel’s first family, the Fantastic Four.

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Fans are obviously excited by the prospect of Marvel doing justice to this famous super team and seeing those characters join the MCU family. One of the most exciting additions in Johnny Storm aka Human Torch. Johnny is often seen as a cocky, adventurous younger member of the group. He has been previously portrayed by Chris Evans and Michael B. Jordan, so it will be exciting to see who’s next. Here are some of the actors we want as Human Torch in the MCU.

10 O’Shea Jackson Jr

O’Shea Jackson Jr. exploded onto the scene with his amazing performance in Straight Outta Compton where he played his father and rap pioneer, Ice Cube. Jackson was a compelling and commanding performance in that film. Proving that wasn’t a fluke, he’s also had funny supporting roles in Ingrid Goes West and Long Shot.

Jackson seems to have what it takes to play the arrogant yet talented Johnny Storm. He is able to handle the necessary comedy for the role and has shown to be a fantastic addition to any ensemble.

9 Ansel Elgort

Ansel Elgort is fast becoming one of the hottest young stars in Hollywood which means its only a matter of time before he plays a superhero. While he got his start in young adult films like The Fault in Your Stars and Divergent, he showed his action movie chops in the starring role of Baby Driver.

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Elgort is a fantastic young actor who can probably bring a lot of unexpected depth to Johnny. He can play him as the cocky hero or shake things up as a quieter take on the character.

8 Billy Magnussen

Billy Magnussen is one of those actors who seems to steal scenes in every movie he appears in and it feels like he’s always ready for that big break. Recently appearing in films like Game Night and Aladdin, Magnussen has a wonderful screen presence and is always incredibly entertaining.

Magnussen might be a bit too old for the role, but that kind of depends on how old the other actors will be. But there’s no doubt he would bring so much fun and energy to the role as well as a real intensity when required.

7 Lewis Pullman

Lewis Pullman is one of the newer names on this list but he is already getting a lot of attention. The son of actor Bill Pullman, he has recently appeared in The Strangers: Prey at Night and Bad Times at the El Royale where he stole the show.

Pullman has a bright future ahead of him and getting a role like this could make him a huge star. He could also bring a new quality to the role of a less self-assured Johnny who finds more confidence thanks to his new powers.

6 Lakeith Stanfield

Lakeith Stanfield is one of the most compelling actors working today who seems to have a knack for picking really interesting projects. He is probably best known for his scene-stealing role as Darius in Atlanta and had a starring role in last year’s outstanding Sorry to Bother You.

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Stanfield excels at playing characters who are eccentric and seem to live in their own world. That could be a fun twist to bring to the Johnny Storm character and Stanfield could bring his compelling nature to that role and make it his own.

5 Steven Yeun

Steven Yeun is best known for his role as Glenn in The Walking Dead. He played a young man who gradually became one of the most dependable heroes in the group of survivors. Since leaving the show, Yeun has been appearing in some very interesting roles, including his amazing turn in the Korean film Burning.

Yeun is another actor who might be too old for the part of Johnny, but he could really do some great stuff with the role. He can be funny, charming and heroic all in the same role and it would be great to see him take on a superhero role.

4 Glen Powell

Glen Powell is a rising star in the film world, showing off his immense charisma in a number of very different projects. He was one of the new recruits in Expendables 3, a ladies man in Everybody Wants Some and the romantic lead in Set it Up.

With his upcoming role as one of the cocky fighter pilots in Top Gun: Maverick, Powell seems like he’s being groomed for the role of Johnny Storm. He is excellent as the charming and arrogant guy who you can’t help but root for.

3 Wyatt Russell

Wyatt Russell is another son of Hollywood stars who has quickly made his own name in the business. The son of Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, he been a fantastic and entertaining performer in several smaller films like Everybody Wants Some, Overlord and an episode of Black Mirror.

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Russell has played the funny goofball and the badass hero to great effect. He also has a charming laid-back quality to him. It could be a fun way to play Johnny Storm as a more easy-going superhero.

2 Lucas Hedges

Lucas Hedges has had an amazing career for a young actor. Not only has he been nominated for an Oscar but he has appeared in five films which have been nominated for Best Picture. He is an incredibly skilled performer able to play funny, charming, threatening, sweet and tragic.

Hedges would be the youngest actor to play Johnny Storm and, like Tom Holland as Spider-Man, he could bring a fun young energy to the superhero genre. He could also bring a lot more depth to the character that has yet to be explored.

1 Joe Keery

Joe Keery is currently one of the most talked-about young actors thanks to his great work on the latest season of Stranger Things. As Steve Harrington, Keery has become one of the best parts of the show as the ever-evolving character.

Steve started the series as the popular kid in school who slowly realized he has a greater responsibility in the world and became a hero willing to do anything to protect his pseudo-family. The role sets Keery up to be the perfect guy to play Johnny Storm in the MCU.

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10 Movies To Watch Featuring Your Favorite Marvel Superhero Actors

We all know Chris Hemsworth as the dreamy God of Thunder, or Chris Evans as American’s best posterior, but where else can you see these heroes on the big screen?

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These ten films include at least one of the best superheroes of our generation, and what’s even better, is that they are actually worth the watch. If you need another fill of these dream boats, look no further!

10 Sherlock Holmes (2009) – Robert Downey Jr. AKA Iron Man

Sherlock Holmes (2009) has a whopping 7.6/10 on IMDb, and tells the story of the infamous Detective Sherlock Holmes and his partner, Watson. If Robert Downey Jr. isn’t enough for you to watch this film, Watson is played by the brilliant (and also dreamy) Jude Law, also includes Rachel McAdams, and is directed by the artistic genius Guy Ritchie. Tune into this film for some classic RDJ jokes and some wicked detective brilliance. With action, humour, and some pretty impressive slow-mo scenes, you’ll finally have to ask yourself who Robert played better.

9 42 (2013) – Chadwick Boseman AKA Black Panther

42 (2013) ranks at a 7.5 on IMDb, and takes place in 1947 when MLB legend Jackie Robinson becomes the first African-American baseball player when he is signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers. While he tours the country, he is unable to separate himself from 1940s racism in America.

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Chadwick Boseman brilliantly tackles baseball, love, and racism in this riveting biography. He’s practically the King in this movie, too, with some pretty impressive athleticism and magnanimity. Oh, it also has Harrison Ford.

8 Her (2013) – Scarlett Johansson AKA Black Widow

This 2013 futuristic, artsy treat doesn’t have the face of the beautiful assassin, but her voice acts as an operating system that a lonely writer falls in love with. With Joaquin Phoenix taking the lead role, this movie tells an incredible (and arguably cringy) tale of our relationship with technology. This film also features none other than Starlord himself, as well as Amy Adams, Kristen Wiig, and Rooney Mara. Prepare for some pretty awkward phone sex and clever (yet tragic) proof that love has no bounds. I’d like to see you not fall in love with Scarlett’s voice, too.

7 Gifted (2017) – Chris Evans AKA Captain America

This 2017 drama tells the story of Frank (Evans AKA America’s best ass) who is left to raise his niece, Mary, after his sister passes away. Mary is no regular child, but is rather a child prodigy. Frank fights to give Mary a regular childhood all in the midst of letting her fulfill her potential and battling for custody with his own mother.

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This movie also features Octavia Spencer, and Mary is played by the brilliant (and most famous female child actor of today) McKenna Grace. Spoiler: Chris Evans rescues some adorable cats, and adorable McKenna Grace breaks the nose of a bully. Need we say more? This movie will definitely make you laugh, melt, and cry.

6 Room (2015) – Brie Larson AKA Captain Marvel

Although this superhero is new to the Marvel universe, Brie Larson certainly isn’t new to the big screen. Room (2015) has an 8.2 on IMDb, and was even nominated for three Oscars. Brie took home the big one, winning Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role. As a warning, this film is not for the faint-hearted, but tells the story of a young woman who is kidnapped and held captive for years. After giving birth to a son, the two work together to escape. This movie is brilliant, tragic, and doesn’t just stop at an intense escape – but rather depicts the woman’s struggle to cope. This movie might ruin you, but it won’t disappoint.

5 The Fundamentals Of Caring (2016) – Paul Rudd AKA Ant-Man

This hidden gem from 2016 received a 7.3 on IMDb, and definitely stole the hearts of all who watched it. The film follows a male teenager who is in a wheelchair after his mom hires a man (Rudd) to become his caregiver during the day. Paul Rudd, who is suffering from his own family loss, takes on the role and begins to work for the young man.

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The two form an unlikely bond and embark on a road trip that the shy boy has always dreamed of. This cringy, awkward treat has incredibly humor and tells a heartwarming story. It also includes Selena Gomez, and if that isn’t enough, we promise you won’t stop laughing the entire time. Brace yourself for teen innuendos and a surprisingly heartwarming scene where the young man urinates into the world’s largest pit.

4 The Greatest Showman (2017) – Zendaya AKA MJ/Michelle

While Zendaya may play a small role in the Marvel universe, she does play a large role as Peter Parker’s leading lady in the Spider-Man films. Zendaya is also a force on the big screen. The Greatest Showman (2017) landed a 7.6/10 on IMDb, and follows a businessman as he rises from nothing to creating the world’s first circus, becoming a worldwide sensation. The soundtrack in this film is spectacular, as are the beautiful visuals and the tragic and heartwarming story. This film stars Hugh Jackman, Zendaya, Michelle Williams, and Zac Efron. As if we need to say anymore, prepare for some beautiful themes of race and individuality, and if that’s enough, a duet between Zendaya and Zac Efron that uses trapeze ropes. Yeah, that’s enough.

3 Kong: Skull Island (2017) – Tom Hiddleston AKA Loki

While this movie isn’t exactly the most spectacular piece of art, it is an incredible action flick with three of your all-time favorite heroes. This 2017 flick still managed to land a 6.6 on IMDb, and stars Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson, John C. Reilly, John Goodman, and John Ortiz.

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If that doesn’t grab your attention, maybe a giant gorilla on a gigantic island with action-goodness will. There will be chopper explosions, jungle hiking, and an eerily similar badassery of Larson to her superhero counterpart.

2 Spotlight (2015) – Mark Ruffalo AKA The Hulk

This 2015 Oscar Best Picture nominee tells the tragic tale of how the Boston Globe uncovers a huge scandal of child molestation, covered up by the Catholic Church. While this film will also tear you to your core and probably make you cry, its brilliance and truth is worth the watch. While Mark Ruffalo stars in this film, it also include Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, and Stanley Tucci. This crime drama is definitely worth your time, if you have the strength to get through it. This brutal truth is one that needs to be told, and definitely one that needs to be seen.

1 Wind River (2017) – Jeremy Renner AKA Hawkeye

While Hawkeye is often the punchline of all Marvel hero jokes, this film definitely makes the top of the list in our opinion. While this crime mystery drama also pulls at your heart strings and definitely is not for viewers looking for a fun time, this tragic tale takes place on a Native reserve in the middle of a brutal winter in Wyoming. It follows a hunter (Renner) who helps an FBI agent (Kelsey Asbille) investigate the murder of a young Native woman who was found sexually assaulted in the woods. This film was somehow missed by the Academy, but it is absolutely brilliant in all senses of the word. The direction, story, and acting will rip out your heart in a tragic but beautiful way. It deserves your time if you care about women/Native rights, family loss, and even some badass gun fights and standoffs.

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25 Disney And DreamWorks Voice Actors That Look (Almost) Exactly Like Their Characters

Movies are no doubt a profitable form of entertainment, but animated films often hold a special place in people’s hearts. Most of the time, animated movies cater to younger and family-friendly audiences, much like Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks have done with their movies.

Each of these companies have had some incredibly successful films over the years, but Disney is, of course, the leader when it comes to beloved animated movies. These movies obviously have talented writers and animators working on the projects, but the movie studios also have to hire actors to give the animated characters a voice.

With the money that Disney is able to throw around, they have been able to hire some high profile celebrities to provide voices for their characters over the years. DreamWorks Studios is relatively new compared to Disney, but they have also been able to hire some famous actors and actress to bring characters to life.

Sometimes the voice actors behind characters look nothing like you might imagine, but there are plenty of examples of voice actors who look just like the characters they voice. Here are 25 Disney And DreamWorks Voice Actors That Look (Almost) Exactly Like Their Characters.

25 Kathryn Beaumont: Alice

Kathryn Beaumont is an actress who is most known for her roles in the 1951 film Alice in Wonderland and the 1953 Peter Pan. Not only did Beaumont voice Alice and Wendy in their respective films, but she was also the real-life reference that was used to create the animated films.

Because of this, the animators made Alice look just like Beaumont and did the same thing with Wendy a few years later. Obviously, Alice and Wendy couldn’t look identical, but both characters closely resemble their real-life voice actress.

24 Rowan Atkinson: Zazu

When The Lion King hit theaters in 1994, the film had a star-studded cast. The Oscar-winning film had several talented voice actors such as Matthew Broderick, Moira Kelly, Jeremy Irons, and of course James Earl Jones. The film also featured Rowan Atkinson as the red-billed hornbill Zazu.

One wouldn’t think that a bird could look almost identical to a human, but Zazu looks just like Rowan Atkinson. It’s mainly Zazu’s bushy eyebrows that resemble Atkinson, but some of his facial features also closely resemble Atkinson’s.

23 Jennifer Saunders: Fairy Godmother

Over the years, DreamWorks has gotten several big named celebrities to voice characters in their Shrek films. Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, Julie Andrews, and Antonio Banderas are some of the most famous actors attached to the series, but Jennifer Saunders also had a role in Shrek 2.

Saunders is most known for her role of Edina in Absolutely Fabulous, but she also played the Fairy Godmother in Shrek 2. Saunders’ hair looks a bit different than the Fairy Godmother’s, but the rest of her facial features are pretty much identical to Saunders.

22 Eleanor Audley: Lady Tremaine And Maleficent

Eleanor Audley has an acting career dating all the way back to the 1940s, but she is most known for her Disney roles. In Sleeping Beauty she played Maleficent and in Cinderella she played Lady Tremaine. Both characters were villains in the films and both characters looked very similar to their voice actor.

Much like the case with Kathryn Beaumont, Audley was a live-action model for the characters, which meant the animators made Maleficent and Lady Tremaine look just like her. Maleficent’s facial features are a bit more exaggerated to set her apart from Lady Tremaine, but both look like Audley.

21 Wayne Knight: Al McWhiggin

Toy Story was a big achievement for Pixar when it was released in 1995, so it wasn’t much of a surprise when Toy Story 2 was released in 1999. Much like the first film, the sequel had a human villain, this time in the form of a toy collector who steals Woody.

The character’s name was Al McWhiggin, who looks strikingly similar to his voice actor Wayne Knight. Most people will also remember Knight from his role of Nedry in the first Jurassic Park, but he played an equally vile role in Toy Story 2.

20 Ed Asner: Carl Fredericksen

One of the most tear-jerking scenes in Disney’s history is the opening montage of Up with Carl and Ellie. Actor Edward Asner was the voice behind Carl Fredricksen, but the character also seemed to be designed after him.

On any regular day, Asner looks just like Fredericksen, but Asner also occasionally wears glasses like the ones featured above that look like Carl’s. Up ended up winning two Academy Awards including Best Animated Feature Film of the Year and it’s hard to imagine what the film would have been like without Asner.

19 Zachary Levi: Flynn Rider

Zachary Levi was plunged into the spotlight when he starred on Chuck from 2007 to 2012, but his career has only gotten bigger since then. Levi has played roles in both the Marvel Cinematic universe and the DC Extended Universe by playing Fandral in Thor: The Dark World and Shazam in Shazam!.

Levi also played a character in Tangled named Flynn Rider, who actually looks a lot like Levi himself. Flynn Rider was based on the prince from the Brothers Grimm fairy tale and ends up being a love interest to Rapunzel.

18 Irene Bedard: Pocahontas

Irene Bedard has played many Native American characters in her career, but her most famous role is Pocahontas in the 1995 movie of the same name. Bedard has been a part of many projects since then, but she returned to the role of Pocahontas several times, most notably in 1998 for Pocahontas 2: Journey to a New World and in 2018 for Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Since Bedard is a Native American herself, it only made sense to base Pocahontas off of what Bedard looked like, and that seems to be exactly what Disney did.

17 Danny DeVito: Philoctetes

Danny DeVito is one actor on this list who has had a very diverse acting career. He starred as the Penguin in the 1992 film Batman Returns, played Mr. Wormwood in Matilda, and of course plays Frank Reynolds on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. DeVito also has a Disney title under his belt since he voiced Philoctetes in the 1997 film Hercules.

Philoctetes, or Phil, is a half-human half-goat, who actually bears some resemblance to DeVito. Some may take offense to being compared to Phil from Hercules, but over the years DeVito’s roles have seemed to embrace his physical characteristics, especially his height.

16 Jane Lynch: Sergeant Calhoun

Jane Lynch may be mostly known for Glee, but she has also dipped her toes into Disney territory. In 2012, Jane Lynch voiced the character Sergeant Calhoun, who was a battle-hardened warrior from the fictional game Hero’s Duty. Despite her strict and authoritative behavior, she falls in love and eventually marries Fix-It Felix Jr.

Sergeant Calhoun returned for the 2018 film Ralph Breaks the Internet, but her appearance remained mostly the same. Lynch has mostly done comedic roles in her career, but this action character was made to look just like her.

15 Anika Noni Rose: Princess Tiana

One of the more recent Disney princesses is Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. In the film, Tiana is an aspiring chef who wants to start her own restaurant, but also has to turn herself back into a human after she transforms into a frog.

Anika Noni Rose, who is known for her role as Lorrell Robinson in Dreamgirls, provided the voice of Tiana in 2009, but also returned to the character in 2018 for Ralph Breaks the Internet. The character looks a lot like Anika Noni Rose, so it’s likely that Disney just based the character around what the actress looked like.

14 Jack McBrayer: Fix-It Felix Jr.

Jack McBrayer is one of the people on this list that has a very distinct voice. McBrayer had a starring role on 30 Rock, but he also voiced the character Fix-It Felix Jr. in Wreck-It Ralph.

If just hearing Felix’s voice wasn’t enough to reveal Jack McBrayer as the voice actor, then the look of Felix certainly should have because Felix looks just like Jack McBrayer. The character has the same hairstyle as the voice actor, but his eyebrows, eyes, and other facial features also closely resemble McBrayer.

13 Phyllis Smith: Sadness

One of Phyllis Smith’s earliest roles was that of Phyllis Vance on the hit sitcom The Office. Smith is most known for that role, but she also voiced one of the emotions in Inside Out. Smith landed the role of Sadness in the Disney Pixar film in 2015.

Sadness is completely blue in appearance, but obviously, Smith isn’t blue in real life! Instead, the similarities once again come in the facial features for the character. Smith may not look exactly like Sadness, but she surely resembles her character more than any of the other voice actors in Inside Out do.

12 Christopher Plummer: Charles Muntz

Charles F. Muntz was a famous explorer that Carl Fredricksen and his wife Ellie admired in the movie Up. The man was a role model as they were growing up, but Carl found the unfortunate truth about the explorer near the middle to end of the film.

Muntz traveled to South America in search of a living specimen of a tropical bird, but his goals ended up being a lot more sinister than people has previously thought. Muntz was voiced by Christopher Plummer, who was the clear inspiration behind the look of Up’s antagonist.

11 Bobby Driscoll: Peter Pan

One of Disney’s many successful movies was the 1953 Peter Pan. People have tried to duplicate the success of the character Peter Pan over the years, including the movie Peter Pan in 2003 and Pan in 2015, but nothing has come close to the beloved Disney Classic.

Actor Bobby Driscoll provided the voice of Peter Pan, but the character also looks a lot like the voice actor. The reason behind this is because Driscoll was used as a reference model for the character, meaning the animators purposefully made Peter Pan look like Bobby Driscoll.

10 Jay Baruchel: Hiccup

The How to Train Your Dragon series started in 2010 with Jay Baruchel voicing the role of a young Viking named Hiccup. The final film in the series, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, was released this year. The animation certainly improved in the two sequels, but Hiccup also grew up since the movies span several years.

While many people joke that the three stages of Hiccup look like the three stages of Jim from The Office, many people would also agree that the character looks a lot like the voice actor Jay Baruchel.

9 Anthony Gonzalez: Miguel

Anthony Gonzalez didn’t have many acting credits before he voiced Miguel in Coco. Gonzalez appeared on the TV shows Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, The Bridge, and in the short films Imagination of Young and Icebox. Needless to say, his role as the voice of a Disney character was considered his break out role.

Coco heavily focused on Mexican culture and was highly praised by fans and critics. Coco had many characters like Héctor, Ernesto de la Cruz , and Mamá Imelda, but the animators no doubt made Miguel look like Gonzalez.

8 Auli’i Cravalho: Moana

Moana was yet another Academy Award-winning movie whose main character looked like its voice actor. Some people may say that Dwayne Johnson looks like the Demigod Maui, but more people would likely agree that Moana looks like Auli’i Cravalho.

Cravalho’s very first acting gig was the voice of a Disney princess, so the actress was thrown into the starlight since the beginning of her acting career. Cravalho is an 18-year-old Hawaiian Native, so it only makes sense that Disney would make her character look similar to her.

7 Kristen Bell: Anna

While Idina Menzel’s Elsa would be considered the main character in 2013’s Frozen, Kristen Bell’s character still played a big role in the film. Bell played the character Anna, who was the sister of Elsa. Anna was a special character because she was one Disney character who didn’t immediately fall in love with her love interest, in this case, Hans.

Bell honestly looks a lot like Anna, but she also looks similar to Elsa as well. Bell looks more like Elsa than Menzel does, but then again, maybe it is just her blonde hair.

6 Ming-Na Wen: Mulan

Mulan was one of the later movies to come out in the 90s, 1998 to be exact. The movie was about a young woman who enlisted in the army as a man so that her father didn’t have to. Mulan had some big named actors as voice actors including George Takei, Eddie Murphy, and Pat Morita.

Ming-Na Wen had been in several projects prior to 1998, but today she is most known for voicing the Disney princess and her role on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as Melinda May. Yifei Liu will be playing Mulan in Disney’s 2020 live-action remake of Mulan, but Ming-Na Wen also resembled the famous character.

5 John Goodman: Pacha

From starring in movies like 10 Cloverfield Lane, Barton Fink, and Argo, John Goodman has become a well-known actor in Hollywood. Goodman has also collaborated with Disney on a few occasions including in 2000 for The Emperor’s New Groove and again in 2001 for Monsters, Inc.

While it would be rude to compare John Goodman to Sully’s monstrous appearance, he does strike a resemblance to his character in The Emperor’s New Groove. Pacha was a llama herder who had a pivotal role in the first movie, and also returned for Kronk’s New Groove and The Emperor’s New School.

4 Ilene Woods: Cinderella

As legendary as the movie Cinderella has become, it is a bit of a surprise that Ilene Woods didn’t become a more famous actress. Woods only acted in On Stage Everybody and Cinderella, but she is most known for singing the now-famous songs from Cinderella.

While Woods didn’t show her face a lot on the big screen, some can still draw comparisons between her and her Disney character. The resemblance might not be as striking as other actors on this list, but a young Woods no doubt looked like Cinderella.

3 Ed Wynn: The Mad Hatter

Isaiah Edwin Leopold, a.k.a. Ed Wynn, was a famous actor and comedian who worked from 1903 and 1966. Wynn hosted a radio show in the 1930s, before moving on to movies and TV shows. Wynn is remembered fondly for several of his projects, but his two most famous roles came from Disney movies.

In 1964, Wynn played Uncle Albert in Mary Poppins, but before that, he voiced the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland. Given the appearance of the Mad Hatter compared to the image of Wynn above, it becomes apparent that the character was clearly inspired by Wynn himself.

2 Adriana Caselotti: Snow White

Adriana Caselotti was an American actress who is most known today as providing the voice of Snow White in the 1937 film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Caselotti began her acting career two years earlier in the 1935 film Naughty Marietta. More than 80 years after her voice was heard in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, her songs are still instantly recognizable.

That being said, Caselotti herself also looks quite a bit like Snow White. Her acting career didn’t flourish like others on this list, but at least her voice and image will live on forever as a Disney legend.

1 Emperor Of China: Pat Morita

When people think of Pat Morita, most will think of his role in The Karate Kid series as Mr. Miyagi. The film trilogy lasted for five years from 1984 to 1989, but his second most memorable role came in 1998. As most Disney fans know, Morita voiced The Emperor of China in Mulan.

Many people recognized Morita’s voice in the ‘90s, but the Emperor himself also looked like the actor. The match isn’t perfect and Morita never grew out his beard as long as the Emperor, but the similarities are still there.

Are there any other voice actors that look like their characters? Sound off in the comments!

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5 Greatest Movies Directed By Famous Hollywood Actors (& 5 Of The Worst)

Every once in a while, a famous Hollywood actor will show the world that they are more than just a pretty face. It is always exciting to see a celebrity take a break from being in front of the screen, and instead make their way behind the camera. Sometimes, we are wowed by the range of talent these actors are able to deliver as directors. Other times… not so much.

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We are all familiar with the brilliant talent brought on by actor-turned-directors such as Rob Reiner and Marlon Brando, but what about some of the more recent films over the past few decades made by actor-turned-directors? Which of them took us by surprise? Which flopped?

Let’s find out in the list below.

10 mid90s – Jonah Hill (Best)

Mid90s (2018) is a coming of age tale that lets you take a nostalgic dip into the era of midriffs, Capri sun, and grunge. The 90s is perhaps the era that people of the millennial age are most nostalgic about and for good reason. It was a time when bumming around with your friends and making each other laugh was all you needed to have a good time. No video games, no TV, no cell phones to distract everyone, just the pure joy of each others company.

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Jonah Hill’s directorial debut perfectly captures the art of kicking back in the sun and wasting time with the family you’ve created for yourself. This sunny indie flick reminds audiences how precious the simple moments in life can be.

9 Garden State- Zach Braff (Worst)

It should be noted that there is a lot of good in Zach Braff’s Garden State. The soundtrack is incredible, the cinematography and storyline are unique enough. Yet what makes Braff’s directorial debut one of the worst films directed by a famous actor on this list comes from the degradation Natalie Portman must succumb to in her role as the poster child of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

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Her character is infantilized to the core and exists solely to give brooding men her latest indie music playlists and to do quirky little dance moves that are impossible not to cringe at. Poor Nat has recently stated in an interview with Vanity Fair how much she regrets taking on the role. We don’t blame her!

8 8.Million Dollar Baby – Clint Eastwood (Best)

Million Dollar Baby is a Million Dollar Film for more reasons than one. The 2004 Oscar-winning movie has a big heart and a brilliant set of characters with quotable and authentic dialogue. Eastwood not only directs but he acts in the film as well, taking on the role of a boxing manager named Frankie Dunn. After much hesitance, Dunn decides to take on a female boxer (Hillary Swank) as his trainee.

With a cold start, the two slowly begin to warm up to each other and they eventually form a bond that is equivalent to that of a father/daughter relationship. It is a lovely and memorable connection that gives Eastwood’s masterpiece all the chops necessary to make it an instant classic. This boxing film is one that is so emotional, it’ll hit you right in the feels.

7 7.Run Fatboy Run – David Schwimmer (Worst)

What? A film with Simon Pegg as the lead that’s considered bad? Unfortunately, yes. Not even Pegg’s charm could save David Schwimmer’s 2007 directorial debut for Run Fatboy Run from being labeled as mediocre at best.

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Maybe Schwimmer should stick to playing gawky dudes who chase Jennifer Anniston-like women around and insist that they were “on a break”. Perhaps that’s the only “break” he’s gonna get because when it comes to directing, he hasn’t gotten on yet.

6 6.The Disaster Artist – James Franco (Best)

James Franco had a bit of a rocky start when it came to his career as a film director. He was often labeled as “pretentious” and therefore he was considered a bit of a joke by fans and critics alike. Fortunately, Franco was able to take all that criticism and discouragement brought on by the general public, and turn it into cinematic gold. The Disaster Artist tells the true story of Tommy Wiseau (Played flawlessly by Franco), a man whose deepest passion in life is to be seen as a true artist.

The Disaster Artist unravels the making of Wiseau’s film The Room, which has been labeled as “the worst movie ever made”. Instead of mocking Wiseau, Franco creates a film that is willing to empathize with him. Even those who aren’t familiar with the cult classic The Room will be able to appreciate the comedic masterpiece Franco has directed.

5 5.The Passion of The Christ – Mel Gibson (Worst)

The Passion of The Christ is one of the most mixed reviewed films of all time. While some people label Gibson’s movie as the greatest piece of cinema ever made, others consider it to be an exploitative anti-semitic snuff film. South Park even dedicated an entire episode to how awful The Passion of The Christ is. The episode rightfully concludes that “focusing on how Jesus got killed is what people did in the dark ages and it ends up with really bad results”. The episode decides it’s wrong to allow violence to inspire faith, and that is exactly what The Passion Of The Christ attempts to do.


While Krasinski’s days of playing a character who pulls pranks on his uptight coworker may be behind him, he is still bringing us great on-screen amusement in his films such as A Quiet Place. Krasinski not only stars in the movie but he directs it as well and we can’t help but find ourselves wildly impressed with The Office veterans chops.

What makes A Quiet Place stand out is how original its concept is. In a world of movie remakes and films based entirely off of novels, Krasinski’s masterpiece stands out as a creative individual piece which tells the story of a dystopian universe where “If they hear you, they’ll hunt you”. If you are looking for a thrilling movie with a big heart and fantastic premise, look no further.

3 Sonny – Nicolas Cage (Worst)

Sonny tells the story of a male gigolo in New Orleans played by James Franco. With an unfortunate 23% on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s clear how critics felt about Nic Cage’s directorial debut and the general public didn’t seem to have much praise for it either. Sonny has even been labeled as “An instant candidate for the worst film of the year.”

Yikes! Can’t NC catch a break? The poor man managed to create one of the most laughable films in cinema history despite the fact that it is certainly not meant to be a comedy.

2 Eighth Grade – Bo Burnham  (Best)

Bo Burnham managed to deliver artistic triumph in his directorial debut, Eighth Grade. It’s hard to create a film that is as hilarious as it is heartbreaking but that is exactly what Burnham’s 90-minute flick does. Eighth Grade follows 13-year-old Kayla (Elsie Fisher), an awkward young girl who struggles with social anxiety.

Anyone who has been a student in a junior high will instantly empathize with Kayla’s journey to a huge extent. Burnham’s film deserves all the praise in the world for his careful analyzation of what life is like for a socially anxious middle schooler.

1 The Brave – Johnny Depp (Worst)

Johnny Depp rarely delivers a bad film, but when he does, he directs it. In 1997, Depp decided to take his shot behind the camera (and in front of it) in the film The Brave. Depp considered it to be his passion project, yet despite how much he loved it, the general public didn’t seem to agree with his outlook on the movie.

The film has been criticized as “Further proof that Hollywood stars who attempt to extend their range are apt to exceed it.” Ouch!

NEXT: 15 Stars And Directors Who Absolutely Hated Each Other

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Simone Torn

20 Actors They Completely Changed With CGI

In terms of special effects and designs, the world of film has certainly come a long way since the days of Pepper’s Ghost and Harryhausen monsters. With today’s technology, we can board a strange vessel,  visit other planets, encounter strange and fantastical creatures, and all with a green screen and some imaginative computer wizardry. This doesn’t diminish our love for practical effects, but it does take a special set of skills to bring these incredible things to life, but it also takes a special set of skills to perform against a green screen and make it look believable. Though the effects artists make it seem easy, it can be hard to be taken seriously in a tight green suit.

That all being said, we applaud actors and actresses who can perform under unconventional circumstances, including being covered in CGI effects. This happens a great deal particularly in our beloved sci-fi genre, but it’s not limited to any one type of film or any one type of actor for that matter. Everyone from Cate Blanchet to Kurt Russel has had to tango with the green-screened monster, and they’ve worn it exceptionally well. These actors and performers have worked so well with CGI, that we just had to show our love. From spacemen to superheroes, these performances shine even brighter than the effects that bring them to the screen. Here’s our list of 20 great performances under CGI.


Honestly, anyone who entered the Game-Grid deserves this spot, but we gotta give it to the man himself. Tron was a Disney flick ahead of its time in both story and effects. It was a look into the future, but at the same time, it’s absolutely saturated with ’80s cheese. Though the effects are dated by today’s standards, the performance from its lead and its cast still shines.

Bruce Boxleitner plays the programmed hero, Tron, and he doesn’t disappoint. The CGI of the film was revolutionary for its time, and Boxleitner and the rest of the cast made us believe in the world they inhabited. It was a starting point for CGI with a stellar performance, what better way to start our list?


Now we move from classically cheesy to shamelessly cheesy with Spawn. Despite the effects resembling early PS2 cutscenes, we can’t deny the performance of the film’s titular lead. Though the story is insane, Michale Jai White still gives us a more than convincing performance as Spawn, even with that ridiculous cape effect.

As hard as it is to believe, this film won awards for its visual effects. Yes, the demons are bland and stupid, the armor gets cartoony, but despite its obvious shortcomings, White still delivers the dark superhero we want to see. He’s intimidating, strong, and most of all, believable as Todd Mcfarlane’s most famous character. If not for the laughable effects, watch it for him… Or John Leguizamo in clown makeup, your call.


Surprisingly, Andy Serkis does not make this list for his motion-capture performances, but for our favorite smuggler of the MCU. Serkis’s performance as Klaue gives us someone who really loves his job and does it joyously, especially if that job involves a cybernetic laser arm.

With an insatiable hunger for cash and Wakandan technology, who better to play this guy than the scene-stealing Andy Serkis? It’s not a lot of CGI, but with Serkis’s acting chops, we believe every second of it, even though his arm opens up into a freaking laser cannon, we can’t think of many who could pull off that look better. We just wish he could’ve stuck around for Endgame.


Guillermo del Toro is the absolute king when it comes to monster movies and practical effects. Though most of the vengeful spirits of this gothic masterpiece are magnificent makeup jobs and incredible costumes, a little CGI goes a long way when making some monsters. And nobody helps bring them to life better than Doug Jones and Javier Bodet.

Everything about these ghosts has a freaky factor cranked up to twelve. From the moth-eaten body of Edith’s mother to the broken Lady Sharpe, the performers not only deliver under massive amounts of makeup and prosthetics but also some eerie CGI effects.


No matter where you stand on Venom’s solo film, Tom Hardy still impressed more than a few audiences. Hardy’s performance as Eddie Brock and the titular sinister symbiote were both possessed eerie excellence that drove home the movie. His portrayal as Brock is sympathetic and likable where his Venom is ravenous and haunting. Mix it with some seriously scary CGI, and you’ve got a symbiotic relationship.

Seeing Hardy morph into this mass of tendrils and teeth is enough to give even us the shivers. Though the CGI effects are brilliant, it’s Hardy’s portrayal of the character that really sells it. Hearing that gravelly voice come out of that maw of fangs is what really gives the character his bite.


No matter what role she’s in, be it Cinderella’s wicked stepmother, Kathrine Hepburn, or Asgard’s queen of death, Cate Blanchett absolutely drips with elegance and grace with every performance. With a description like that, it’s no wonder she was picked to play Galadriel in the Lord of the Rings. She makes the list not because her CGI was for enhancement, but for intimidation.

All shall love her and despair when we see the elven mystic tempted by the power of the One Ring. The effects placed upon her make her as beautiful and terrible as the dawn, more treacherous than the sea, and stronger than the foundations of the earth. Though the transformation is brief, it’s Blanchett’s ethereal performance and chilling delivery that leaves us trembling.


Though it’s one of the more purely comedic entries in the MCU, the Ant-Man films have some spectacular performances. Next to Michael Douglas, Paul Rudd’s portrayal as Ant-Man is surprisingly huge in and out of the suit. Let’s get real, it takes a lot of CGI to pull off this kind of superhero, but Rudd does not disappoint in the slightest.

Though most of his skill is shown when he’s not on superhero duty, Rudd still manages to make the world he visits as Ant-Man believable and real. The way he moves and behaves in the CGI world helps us give in to the illusion. The performance helps us suspend our belief in a way that the effects become the world, but not the star attraction.


We’re pretty sure you can figure out why Chris Evans makes our list. Anyone familiar with the first Captain America film in the MCU knows about the CGI sorcery that turned the ripped and ready Evans into the slim and shrimpy Steve Rogers. We’re colored impressed due to two factors: the CGI is believable, and Evans’s performance.

Before Rogers undergoes the super-soldier treatment, we’re shown a slimmed-down version of our patriotic protagonist. It could have been so easy to just see this as Evans’s head stuck on an animated body, but like Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man, we’re too pulled in to the story and the performance to notice. No doubt a great performance, but we still find the effects deserving of a chuckle or two.


While we’re on the subject of Captain America: The First Avenger, let’s not forget HYDRA’s most notorious leader, Red Skull. Portrayed by the always brilliant Hugo Weaving, Red Skull is one of the Marvel canon’s biggest threats, and certainly bears one of the most intimidating designs.

We’ve seen before already how much CGI can effect costumes and makeup, but the devil’s in the details when it comes to this HYDRA commander. The use of CGI to create more skull-like features on Weaving’s already impressive makeup is easily worth noting, but it works in harmony with the actor’s performance of this insidious character, not unlike another member on this list. Stay tuned, readers.


How can you talk about the Marvel Cinematic Universe and not think of Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man? One of the biggest names on the laundry list of actors in the series, RDJ is so invested and attached to the character, it’s easy to forget he’s not really wearing a suit of power armor. His performance is so infectiously engaging, he’s one of the many beloved characters that make us forget we’re watching a movie.

A seamless performance paired with more than impressive visuals makes RDJ practically ideal for a superhero role. Even when we see him under the helmet with the blue-lined sensors and radars, we still buy the performance as genuine. He blends with everything so well, it’s no wonder he made this list.


Kurt Russel is a huge name in the Sci-Fi genre, so it’s no surprise that he found a home in the MCU alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy. For those unfamiliar with the series, Russell portrays Ego the Living Planet, Star-Lords estranged father. Since cosmic beings are so hard to get into showbiz, the CGI wizards at Marvel do their best to turn Russell into character.

Despite his star power, Russell perfectly outshines the visuals that give him his celestial status. Even when he goes freaking supernova on the Guardians, we still see the incredible acting skills of this veteran performer. Some stars just shine brighter than others it seems.


For our last foray into the MCU, we take a look at our favorite AI Avenger, Vision. The mix of makeup and visual magic that brings him to life is absolutely astounding. Not only does he greatly resemble his comic book counterpart, but Paul Bettany’s cool and calculated delivery make him more than just JARVIS with a humanoid shell.

Bettany’s performance shines brighter than his scarlet silicon skin as he breathes soul into the machine. His emotional plot and compelling nature continue to keep us enraptured. Easily one of the heavier CGI characters in the Avengers series, it takes a lot to bring a character like Vision to the screen, but Bettany is just the guy for the job.


Easily the creepiest icon out of American Horror Story, Twisty the Clown is every Stephen King-fueled night terror made real. John Carol Lynch is responsible for the nightmare that is Twisty, and we can’t help but think he’d be just as intense without the effects.

At times, Twisty makes Pennywise look like Ronald McDonald, and it’s all thanks to Lynch’s deranged performance. Even when he’s unmasked and relating his tragic backstory, he still makes us all more than a bit uneasy. You can truly measure a horror actor’s prowess by the amount of terror created by his presence alone. Color us creeped out.


No matter what they’re working with, Disney always tends to go the extra mile, especially with their effects. One of the most prominent of these examples happens to be the captain of the Flying Dutchman, Davy Jones. Brought to life by a mix of motion-capture, CGI, and a full-bodied performance from Bill Nighy, Davy Jones becomes one of the creepiest characters to ever set sail.

The CGI plays a bigger part in bringing this guy to life, but it’d be just a hollow animation without Nighy’s performance and gift for dialogue. The slithery motions of the cursed pirate’s tentacles never fail to skeeve us out, but it’s Nighy’s commanding voice and cruel nature that puts him at the helm. He always shivers our timbers.


The evilest wizard in all of literature definitely needs an effect driven adaptation to bring him from the page to the screen. Ralph Fiennes portrayal of Lord Voldemort absolutely oozes with insidious charm. We’re so invested in his performance, in fact, we forget that nearly all of his face is covered by CGI.

The wraithish robes, the pale, sickly flesh, and the snakelike facial features are all created by a combination of makeup, wardrobe, and green screen, but it’s Fiennes who creates the biggest effect. His performance is something straight out of the shadowy depths of the Wizarding World, the CGI is just there to spice it up. We’re sure he could be just as perfect with a black robe and a wand alone.


Christopher Nolan’s adaptation of the Batman mythos definitely deserves the praise it earned, even if it tried to be a more realistic take on the comic book genre. That being said, it did give us a more reality-based depiction of one of Batman’s most tragic villains. Aaron Eckhart plays the White Knight of Gotham in The Dark Knight, and his twisted performance matches the effects that turn him into Two-Face.

The effects are used to both convey the identity of the character and display the corruption of the man who was supposed to be Gotham’s savior. The facial effects are more than enough to steal the show, but Eckhart manages to match the caliber, giving us a performance that leaves us torn in two.


Johnny Depp might be the most dynamic and unpredictable take on the Mad Hatter we’ve ever seen, and we love him for it. Love it or hate it, Tim Burton’s adaptation of Alice in Wonderland definitely had a creepy and colorful look all its own. Nowhere is that idea better expressed than in the characters that dwell in Underland.

Mad just barely scratches the surface of Depp’s performance. The erratic mood swings and the wild attire perfectly capture his mental instability, but a little CGI goes a long way. The effects are used mainly in his eyes to further drive home that unhinged look. His irises change color with his moods, and one eye is larger than the other, resulting in perfect visual insanity.


While we’re in Underland, let’s pay a visit to another popular resident. The Red Queen, brought to life by the magnificent Helena Bonham Carter, is Burton’s take on the Queen of Hearts. With her Elizabethan attire, tantrums, and enormous head, the artists and animators certainly went the extra mile with her creation.

Carter’s performance is as big and firey as her character’s head. She plays the queen as a spoiled brat in an adult body with a cruel amount of power, and it works. Even without the giant head, we’re certain that she could still wear the crown.


Show of hands, who else got goosebumps from Bill Skarsgard’s portrayal of Pennywise? Tim Curry might still hold the crown for the most enjoyable performance, but Skarsgard creepy even without the CGI monster effects. Despite a few aesthetic changes, he’s a near perfect adaptation of the novel’s horrific antagonist.

Though certain CGI sequences are a bit too over-the-top, when done correctly they definitely get a scream or two out of us. Skarsgard’s performance absolutely smashes every level of creepy, just building onto what horrors It might change into next. Whether he’s just lurking with some balloons or gnawing on a severed hand, we’re definitely wary of this painted creep.


We’ve already mentioned him once before, but we figured an Oscar-winning performance definitely deserves first place on our list. The Shape of Water is possibly the magnum opus of Guillermo del Toro, and the leading monster was played by none other than Doug Jones. Though the performance was mainly created through Jones’s acting skills and some incredible creature effects, some CGI did help give the monster life.

The effects were used sparingly but the little touches here and there helped create a magnificent monsterpiece. The true talent, however, comes from the actor. Doug Jones is famous for his creature performances and it truly shines this film. He not only struts his stuff, but he also wears the gills gloriously.

2019-04-16 05:04:12

Zach Gass

5 Actors Who Regretted Being Disney Channel Stars (And 15 Who Adored It)

Ah, Disney Channel. Whether giving us teen idols to admire, stellar cartoons that rival the likes of Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, or quality films that can’t be found in theaters, the network has been a hit for decades and doesn’t seem to be slowing down today. So, being one of the main forces behind our childhoods, surely Disney Channel has been a great place to work for all of its up-and-coming actors, right? Well,…that depends on who you ask.

Disney Channel is no doubt one of the most influential platforms for younger audiences. If a person didn’t grow up watching Kim Possible, Lizzie McGuire, or The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, they’ve no doubt heard of them before. Plus, audiences today are frequently exposed to many actors and singers who gained worldwide fame thanks to the network, including Zac Efron (High School Musical), the Jonas Brothers (Jonas), and Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana).

Unfortunately, like several Hollywood actors, Disney Channel celebs haven’t always kept up the wholesome image they were known for on the network. Because of this, following Disney Channel stars’ “graduation,” audiences are waiting to see what they will do once they’re outside of Disney’s radar. Today we look at the simple reasons why ex-Disney Channel stars loved or disliked their time with Disney.

So, get ready to see which of these shows and stars helped make up your childhood (or that of someone you know) as we look at 5 Actors Who Regretted Being Disney Channel Stars (And 15 Who Adored It).

20 Regretted: Cole Sprouse

For six years, we watched real-life twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse portray the troublesome-but-well-meaning brothers Zack and Cody Martin across two different shows before the twin actors headed off to college. However, while we weren’t prepared to see them go, it seems like Cole was all-too-ready for a break.

While attending an EW and People Upfronts Party in 2016, Sprouse discussed his time with the Disney shows as “a feeling of machination,” going as far as to say that he could “enjoy” acting from then on out.

“I needed a dose of reality and I needed to see myself in a more objective point of view,” he said.

Let’s hope Sprouse has finally found said “dose of reality” with Jughead Jones in Riverdale.

19 Adored: Zendaya

One of the finest examples of a Disney-Channel-star-turned-super-celebrity, Zendaya Coleman is making a big name for herself in Hollywood. However, from 2010 to 2018, she was already making waves in two Disney Channel shows.

Whether dancing alongside Bella Thorne (more on her later) in Shake It Up or utilizing spy skills in K.C. Undercover, Zendaya will never forget her original fame with younger audiences, as evidenced by her tweets following K.C.‘s end. One read, “The end of an era. On to the next. Thank you for continuing to grow with me,” while the other read, “Relax…there’s still re-runs.”

While her career is only just beginning, Zendaya has already accomplished so much, including a Billboard-charting album, a published book, and a steady movie career in films such as The Greatest Showman and the Spider-Man series.

18 Adored: Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff has stayed busier than most people are aware following her departure from Disney Channel, with several albums, a book series, and two People’s Choice Award nominations for Favorite Cable TV Actress on TV Land’s Younger. But to us, she will always be teen idol Lizzie McGuire, a klutzy-but-caring girl with an animated alter-ego.

Holding a special place in many teenage girls’ (and guys’) hearts, it’s no wonder Lizzie McGuire (which ran for two seasons and spawned a theatrical movie) ranks in the top Disney shows we believe deserve a remake. And, while we’re unsure if Duff will get to revisit the character, she certainly feels the same way as fans do about her.

“I’m really appreciative for that role, and I loved her, too,” Duff told PopSugar. “She was me.”

17 Adored: Aly Michalka

While known by modern audiences as Peyton Charles on iZombie, we remember the days when Aly Michalka was a Disney Channel star. And while her roles in Disney Channel Original Movies Cow Belles and Now You See It… are memorable, we’d rather take a time machine to her days on Phil of the Future any day.

Michalka shared the spotlight with futuristic teen Phil Diffy as Keely Teslow, Phil’s energetic best friend from this era, a role she seems to like enough to consider revisiting in the future.

“There’s this newfound love and appreciation for old things of the past – kind of now more than ever, and I think that’s great,” Michalka told “I think that embracing that is actually really cool, especially when it was a place that kind of brought you to where you are now.”

16 Regretted: Shia LaBeouf

It’s not very often that an actor wins an Emmy Award for a Disney Channel show, but Shia LaBeouf did just that with Even Stevens. Honestly, it isn’t hard to see why, with LaBeouf being the perfect choice to play the youngest and most mischievous sibling of the Stevens family.

However, LaBeouf wanted to set himself free from his Disney persona and try darker things, according to his interview with MTV.

“I never really felt like I fit in there,” he said. “From the moment I got there, all my friends were [making fun of me], like, ‘Dude, you’re at the Disney Channel!’ It was kind of embarrassing.”

Looks like LaBeouf got his wish, as he has since headlined several blockbusters and showed the world new forms of mischief with his unpredictable personality.

15  Adored: Alyson Stoner

It’s hard to deny that Alyson Stoner was one of the most involved actors on Disney Channel. Whether co-hosting Mike’s Super Short Show, competing on The Disney Channel Games, or acting on Phineas and Ferb and in the Camp Rock films, Stoner established herself as a Disney Channel icon (yes, we are aware she retains her Disney voice work in Milo Murphy’s Law, but that’s on Disney XD).

While Stoner continues voice acting, she has also become a strong advocate, expressing her wishes to that Disney Channel further progresses in its representation. However, she made it clear that she has no ill will toward the channel.

“I remember doing the Disney promos where everyone was invited, and that felt like I got to be at the Oscars,” Stoner said. “I think those were some of my favorite times…”

14 Adored: Maria Canals-Barrera

Another Camp Rock alumnae, Maria Canals-Barrera played Connie Torres, the mother of Demi Lovato’s character, Mitchie. However, she was more widely known for playing another famous Disney Channel mother: Theresa Russo on Wizards of Waverly Place. This Emmy-winning show (which spawned an Emmy-winning movie) also starred Selena Gomez and David Henrie. However, since Canals-Barrera portrayed the only non-magical person in a family of wizards, she was bound to be a scene-stealer (and she was).

When it came time for the series’ finale (which still ranks among the highest-watched Disney Channel finales of all time), Canals-Barrera was quick to discuss her time on the show, and she had nothing but good things to say about it.

“It was a tremendous blessing,” she told HuffPost. “I just can’t believe that it happened.”

13 Adored: Will Friedle

When we saw our first episode of Kim Possible and realized the sheer genius of having Kim’s sidekick named “Ron Stoppable,” we knew we had something special. Casting the actor behind Boy Meets World‘s Eric Matthews and Batman Beyond‘s Terry McGinnis only sweetened the deal.

Through four seasons and two TV movies, we watched Ron evolve from Kim’s awkward childhood friend to Kim’s awkward boyfriend, all while dealing with the dangers of worldwide missions and high school. While Will Friedle didn’t appear in this year’s live-action reboot film, he revealed to Page Six that he was offered a cameo but turned it down.

“…It’s one of those things where Kim Possible was very important to me,” he said. “It really is a very important show in my past, and I hope they do it justice.”

Booyah, Ron!

12 Regretted: Bella Thorne

Zendaya may be grateful for her time on Disney Channel, but Bella Thorne (her co-star in Shake It Up and the Disney Channel Original Movie Frenemies) seems to have happily moved on.

In an interview with Nylon (via, the actress and singer said that after finishing her time with Disney Channel, she “stopped listening to people telling me that I needed to be this and that.”

“I literally would talk with a higher voice in interviews because that was the whole innocent Disney appeal,” she added.

Currently working on her debut rap album and starring in theatrical films, Thorne definitely looks like she’s making more of her own decisions and enjoying it, too.

11 Adored: David Henrie

Disney has a long line of goody-two-shoes characters, and Justin Russo from Wizards of Waverly Place certainly ranks among the top. However, while he may get into his fair share of siblings quarrels with his sister Alex, he deeply cares for her and is driven to do better with his wizarding abilities. This makes Justin one of the show’s prime reasons for success, which actor David Henrie is no doubt aware of.

“…Our chemistry was good together, and the creators were very enabling in allowing us to find freedom within the characters and to identify with them,” he told Smashing Interviews Magazine. “It was just a great environment.”

Thankfully, Henrie hasn’t left Disney completely, as he portrayed Warner Bros. and MGM animation studios co-founder Rudy Ising in the 2015 Walt Disney biographical drama Walt Before Mickey.

10 Adored: Stefanie Scott

Playing a narcissist may not be the most desirable job for actors (even though many actors have held successful careers by playing villains), but Stefanie Scott definitely went all-out on Disney Channel’s A.N.T. Farm, which saw her portray the rival of China Anne McClain’s musically gifted lead character, Chyna Parks. And she is “nothing but thankful” for her time on the hit show.

“I’m especially forever grateful for the fans of that show, who have and also now play such an even more important role in my life and career,” she told Just Jared.

Scott has since got to expand her acting career with lead roles in 2015’s Insidious: Chapter 3 and Jem and the Holograms.

9 Adored: Shane Harper

If Disney Channel fans decided to make a list of the channel’s sweetest shows, many would no doubt have Good Luck Charlie listed somewhere. Centering on teenager Teddy Duncan and her production of video diaries for her younger sister Charlie to look back on, the show focused less on silly escapades (like some shows do) and more on meaningful situations relatable for both kids and adults. And, while Shane Harper’s Spencer Walsh was only a recurring character on the show (Teddy’s on-again, off-again boyfriend), he was happy to be involved in whatever capacity he could.

“I loved working for Disney,” he told My Devotional Thoughts. “It’s always a very positive environment on set. I’m grateful for all the exposure and the amazing fans that came from working for Disney.”

8 Regretted: The Jonas Brothers

Many people probably weren’t expecting the Jonas Brothers to get back together this year, considering the brother’s separate career paths since their breakup. However, it’s happened, and many Disney fans are rejoicing due to their fond memories of the brothers’ time on Disney Channel. Unfortunately, the brothers don’t feel the same way.

While appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden, the band discussed Disney’s control over them, which gave new meaning to the purity rings they wore.

“I took pride in it, until I watched those interviews back years later and was like, ‘I sound like a robot,'” Nick Jonas told Corden.

Judging by the band’s new chart-topper “Sucker,” it looks like they can expect a bright future, even without Disney’s help.

7 Adored: Cameron Boyce

One of Disney Channel’s latest franchises is Descendants, which centers on the teenage children of popular Disney villains. And while Cameron Boyce is best known for playing “ladies man” Luke Ross on Jessie, he has proven great as Carlos, son of Cruella de Vil. He is expected to take his final bow in this year’s Descendants 3, and he is definitely ready for something different.

“I want to find my breaking point and what I’m made of,” he told DuJour in 2017. “Whatever I do next will probably be very [alarming] for the people that follow me.”

However, Boyce remains grateful for his Disney career.

“…The fact that the first movie came out two years ago and our faces are still in the store—it’s crazy,” he said. “It’s exciting to have that kind of impact on a global fan base.”

6 Adored: Calum Worthy

Dubbed the “pint-sized” version of Entourage, Disney Channel’s Austin & Ally centered on the relationship between two different musicians, outgoing singer Austin Moon and introverted singer-songwriter Ally Dawson.

Actor Calum Worthy, who is expected to star as Speedball in Marvel’s New Warriors (despite its questionable future), co-starred as Austin’s dim-witted best friend and music video director Dez. He may have got the gang in all sorts of sticky situations, but he nonetheless proved an enjoyable character to watch. And, based on Worthy’s interview with Just Jared Jr., we can tell he had the time of his life with the series.

Austin & Ally was such an incredible experience for everybody, and it really changed our lives,” he said. “I am so thankful (for) every single fan that helped us get the fourth and final season. It meant the world to me.”

5 Adored: Monique Coleman

Arguably Disney Channel’s most popular film series, High School Musical not only propelled the careers of actors like Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, but also gave us a likable collection of colorful characters and unforgettable songs. However, while an announcement was made for a fourth film (not counting Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure), nothing has been said about it for a while.

Thankfully, actress Monique Coleman, who played Taylor McKessie, is up for it if it ever happens.

“Honestly, I would do that movie!” she told AfterBuzz TV when discussing a fake HSM 4 trailer that surfaced online.

Coleman further proved her dancing skills on Dancing with the Stars in 2006, finishing in fourth place. With the announcement of a HSM TV series, perhaps Coleman can journey back to East High School to show new Wildcats how it’s done.

4 Regretted: Billy Ray Cyrus

Country music star Billy Ray Cyrus probably never expected to be a Disney star alongside his daughter (who’s had her own thoughts on her Disney past). However, those who have talked to him post-Disney Channel will tell you that he wishes his family was never involved with them.

In an interview with GQ, Cyrus described the show as the thing that “destroyed my family” (in reference to Miley’s change in behavior following the abandonment of her good-girl persona).

“I’d take it back in a second,” he said. “For my family to be here and just be everybody okay, safe and sound and happy and normal, would have been fantastic.”

Talk about having an “achy breaky heart.”

3 Adored: Kimberly J. Brown

“Halloween is cool.” Those were the words spoken by Marnie Piper in Halloweentown, and today, after three sequels and 20 Halloweens past, they still ring true. Unfortunately, Kimberly J. Brown, who originated the role of Marnie, was not brought back for the fourth and (so far) final film, 2006’s Return to Halloweentown, and Brown is always quick to say she would’ve been down for it without question.

“I was disappointed for the fans,” she told “And I guess a little disappointed in general just because I love Marnie and love the series and just would always love to continue to play her.”

Brown also admitted that she would be down for a fifth film or even a reboot, which further proves her adoration of the character and the Halloweentown universe all these years later.

2 Adored: Kevin Quinn

After seeing him as a contestant on American Idol in 2013, fans were probably expecting Kevin Quinn to start making music (which he later did). And, while Quinn did end up a star, it was from being a main cast member on Disney Channel’s Bunk’d.

A talented musician and head counselor of Camp Kikiwaka’s Cabin Grizzly, Quinn’s character Xander becomes the love interest of main character Emma Ross. And, while Quinn left the show after two seasons, he has nothing but good things to say about his time with Disney.

“Honestly, I can’t speak highly enough of (Disney), they were great to work for, and it ended up giving me a solid foundation for a career,” he told Blended.

1 Adored: Steven Anthony Lawrence

While Shia LaBeouf’s Louis Stevens was the star of Even Stevens, a certain recurring character tended to steal the spotlight from him from time to time, annoying the Stevens family and winning over fans. Yep, we’re talking about Bernard “Beans” Aranguren, the Stevens’ bacon-obsessed neighbor who was known for coming over unannounced. And, while actor Steven Anthony Lawrence has since moved on to teaching, people still recognize him for his beloved role, not that he has a problem with that.

“(Even Stevens) was so fun,” Lawrence told HuffPost. “Every day, it honestly was. It was like a family.”

He also admitted that he cried when the show ended (something Beans probably never would’ve owned up to) but that a reunion show isn’t necessarily out of the cards. Here’s hoping Disney Channel puts “Beans” back on the menu in the future.

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Tyler Hargett

2 Actors Who Regretted Being On Marvel And DC Shows (And 18 Who Adored It)

Marvel and DC shows are very popular. Many people love watching their favorite superheroes and villains battle in a TV format. Most of the actors also love the shows, though there are some who don’t. Overall, though, most actors seem to have had a good experience on Marvel and DC shows. And that bodes well for the future of both franchises. If actors are enjoying their roles, other actors are likely to notice. And most actors, we think, would love to be in a Marvel or DC show. It would be considered a lot of fun to play a hero or a villain on one of these shows.

Still, there are those who are not fully happy with their roles. However, this should not be taken as a bad thing for shows like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or Arrow. Both shows are loved by fans, and no doubt most of the actors feel the same. And if they don’t, there are always understandable reasons. We have to remember that actors are not necessarily fans of the material they’re acting in. Often, they can be, but sometimes they’re not and that’s OK. As long as they’re doing their job and entertaining us, we have no reason to complain. And we’re not saying that these actors absolutely hated their roles, after all. Just that they did not enjoy them as much as other actors did.

Welcome to 2 Actors Who Regretted Being On Marvel And DC Shows (And 18 Who Adored It.) 

20 Regretted: Chloe Bennet (Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.)

Say it isn’t so. That’s right, Chloe Bennet, Daisy Johnson herself is one of the actors who isn’t entirely happy with her role. But, she has a good reason for it. So no need to panic. According to Bennet, Marvel does not care enough about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  Certainly not enough to let the Avengers regularly guest star in the show or bring characters from the show into its movies. This is a fair complaint. After all, the show often includes movie plot lines, yet the movies don’t have to include show plot lines. Not really fair for the actors on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. If Marvel wants to avoid actors feeling this way, the solution is simple: make the TV shows, such as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, more a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Then actors will have no reason to feel left out.

19 Adored: Clark Gregg (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)

That’s right. Coulson loves being on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. He’s even talked to Screen Rant about it before. He describes his colleagues as “a really smart bunch of actors.” According to Gregg, “ninety percent of the time, if they have an idea about something, it’s going to help the scene.” Sounds good to us! We’re sure that Clark Gregg feels lucky to act with such a talented group of actors. And we’re sure that this this talented group of actors feels lucky to act with an equally talented actor such as Gregg. No wonder Coulson is so beloved by fans! The actor loves his role and it definitely shows in his acting. Keep up the good work, Clark Gregg!

18 Adored: Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter)

Agent Peggy Carter herself loved her role in the show. She thanks the fans for loving Peggy so much, saying that “the feedback. Especially on social media” is what brought the character back to life. Atwell also discusses the humor in the show, especially when Peggy goes undercover, and says that “they’re the kind of dream moments that you love coming into work for.” Sounds great! No wonder fans love Peggy Carter so much. The actress does as well, and it definitely shows in her acting. To take a character that was only ever meant to be in one movie, and bring so much life to her that fans are begging for more, means you’re doing something right as an actor.

17 Adored: Olivia Holt (Cloak And Dagger)

Tandy Bowen loves the show and her role in it. In an interview with Collider, she describes her audition with Aubrey Joseph. According to Holt, they “hit it off, right off the bat.” The audition was “magical.” She feels “really lucky to have Aubrey [Joseph], as not just a scene partner, but a friend and somebody who’s just as passionate about this story and these characters as” she is. No wonder the on-screen chemistry is so good! The actors get along well off screen. Holt also speaks about the importance of the show. She says that “not only does this show entertain… but [she] also [thinks] it impacts people and moves people.” And many fans would likely agree.

16 Adored: Aubrey Joseph (Cloak And Dagger)

Tyrone Johnson loves the show and his role in it. Aubrey Joseph, in an interview with Vulture, describes being cast on the show as “one of the best moments of [his] life.” Many fans would likely understand that feeling. After all, Marvel is a beloved franchise, between the movies and the shows, and fans appreciate when the actors share their enthusiasm for the characters. Joseph also shares Olivia Holt’s opinion that the show is more than just entertainment. It is also an “important story.” Fans would likely agree with Joseph and Holt. The story, even though it is about two teenagers with superpowers, is rooted in reality. It deals with a lot of real life issues.

15 Adored: Cress Williams (Black Lightning)

Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning loves the show and his role in it. In an interview with Variety, he talks about how his role as Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning deals with themes of justice and social order. He quotes Edward R. Murrow, who said that the media should “entertain, illuminate, educate, and inspire.” Because of this, he was excited for his role in Black Lightning since “it checked off all of those other boxes, too.” Not only is Black Lightning an entertaining show, but it is also illuminating, educational, and inspiring. Fans would likely agree with that assessment of the show. The show deals with real life issues respectfully and in an educational and inspiring manner.

14 Adored: Nafessa Williams (Black Lightning)

Nafessa Williams, who plays Anissa Pierce/Thunder on The CW’s Black Lightning, also loves the show and her role on it. In an interview with The Verge, she discusses the importance of media representation, agreeing with her TV dad that the media should do more than entertain. She says that “we all need representation. When we watch TV, we want to see ourselves and we want to become inspired by the characters we’re seeing. We want to be moved and empowered.” That all sounds good to us. And in this role, Williams definitely represents many groups of people who are underrepresented in the media. Not only is Anissa Pierce/Thunder a young black woman, but she is a lesbian as well. According to Williams, she can relate to fans’ desire to see themselves reflected in the media. She says, “that’s what I’m most honored about to play this character…I can understand wanting to see yourself, needing to be inspired.”

13 Adored: Matt Ryan (Constantine/Legends of Tomorrow)

After the show Constantine was cancelled, all hope seemed lost. Luckily for fans and for actor Matt Ryan, that could have been the end for the live-action version of the character of John Constantine. Yet it wasn’t. Ryan describes the character’s continued revival, first on Arrow, and then on Legends of Tomorrow as “pretty amazing.” He mentions that fans “won’t let him [go]” which is always good for an actor. When asked what stands out about the character, Ryan mentions that Constantine is “the ultimate antihero” and is also “a real guy.” Sounds like a winning combination to us! Fans love Constantine and with that combination you can definitely see why. He’s real and human but with an edge. Sounds like the perfect character!

12 Adored: Stephen Amell (Arrow)

When asked why fans love the hit show so much, Stephen Amell says that fans can “tell that [the cast and crew] care. They can tell that we’re protective over the script.” That protection pays off, as the show is currently in its seventh season and is still as popular as ever. Fans are most likely glad that the cast and crew are so protective over the material, as comic book fans are quite a protective bunch themselves. According to Amell, “once you get on [the fans’] good side, they become your fiercest defenders.” Sounds good to us! No wonder Amell loves working on the show. Having a passionate bunch of fans is always good for an actor.

11 Adored: Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones)

The titular character of Jessica Jones absolutely loves the show and her role. She describes the part as a unique one. According to Ritter, “booking Jessica Jones was a really big job for [her].” And fans would likely agree. Leading a Marvel show is no small feat. And Krysten Ritter did it with style. She states that “roles like this don’t come around every day,” which many fans would also agree with. The role of Jessica Jones is a special one. The character is beloved by fans and is also a very well-written, three-dimensional character. No wonder Krysten Ritter loves the part. She also discusses some of the actors she gets to work with and gushes about them all.

10 Adored: Keiynan Lonsdale (The Flash & Legends Of Tomorrow)

Wally West loved the shows and his role in them. When he announced that he was not going to be a series regular on either The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow, he specified that it was not “a total goodbye” or a “‘see ya never’ situation.” That makes us think that he may be around occasionally on either one of the shows or perhaps even both. Lonsdale also mentions that he is “grateful to both shows” for respecting his desire to leave. He also says that he “love[s] Kid Flash… love[s] the family [he’s] made and [he’s] absolutely in love with the invaluable lessons [he’s] learnt along the way.” This sounds like the actor had a good experience playing the part and acting on both shows. That he was able to learn and grow and have a good time.

9 Adored: Caity Lotz (Arrow And Legends Of Tomorrow)

Our Sara Lance absolutely loves her role in both shows.  In an interview with Collider, Lotz describes her role as “an amazing experience,” not only because of how much fun she likely has on set but because she knows she is representing the LGBT+ community since Sara Lance is bisexual. When talking about her character’s sexuality, she states that “it’s always been [her] favorite part of playing Sara. Not only because it makes [Sara] more complicated and layered, but also because [she feels] like [she’s] actually doing something good by being able to be that representation on TV.” So Sara’s sexual orientation not only makes her a more three-dimensional character, but it also provides much-needed representation for bisexual people. Sounds like a win-win situation to us.

8 Adored: Dominic Purcell (Legends of Tomorrow)

Our Mick Rory also loves the show and his role in it. Describing Legends of Tomorrow, he says that the actors “legitimately have a lot of fun doing the show.” It definitely comes across well to the fans. Legends of Tomorrow is probably the most fun show in the Arrowverse. Purcell also mentions the “creativity and… authenticity” with which the actors approach their roles. This definitely comes across to fans as well. No one could argue that the show is not creative or that the actors are not authentic in their roles. He also mentions his love for the show in general. He says that “[he thinks] Legends [of Tomorrow] is the best of the Arrowverse… It’s a never-ending creative possibility.” Fans of the show would likely agree. Fans love the show’s creativity and fun nature.

7 Regretted: Willa Holland (Arrow)

Apparently Willa Holland wanted to leave Arrow for a while. In an interview with TV Line, the show runner Marc Guggenheim mentions that the actress, during season four of the show, requested to be in less episodes. She also mentioned that she would like to leave after the sixth season of the show. At the beginning of season 6, Guggenheim revisited it with Holland, who still wanted to move on. According to the show runner, the writers “wanted to do right by [Holland]” since the actress had always “done right by [them].” It seems like there was respect on both sides, but ultimately Holland decided the role wasn’t for her anymore. Which is fair. Sometimes actors feel the need to move on to different roles and no one can fault them for that.

6 Adored: Maisie Richardson-Sellers (Legends Of Tomorrow)

The actress loves the show so much, in fact, that she played not one but two parts on it. For quite a while she portrayed Amaya Jiwe, who was eventually returned to her own timeline. Now she portrays Charlie, a shapeshifter who wears Amaya’s face, and has a vastly different personality. Richardson-Sellers describes the character as “the opposite [of Amaya]” and states that the two “would never get along.” Though she adores both characters, she describes Charlie as a character who “really shakes up the energy on the ship.” No doubt that’s fun to play. Charlie is also described as “snarky… cheesy… a bit of a rebel… a massive troublemaker.” Sounds like loads of fun to us. No wonder Richardson-Sellers wanted to portray her.

5 Adored: China Anne McClain (Black Lightning)

Jennifer Pierce/Lightning loves the show and her role on it. According to McClain,one thing she loves about the show is how realistic it is. The show “tackles the family life first and the realness, and then the superhero stuff. It’s very realistic, and there’s a character for everyone to latch onto and be able to relate to.”  Sounds good to us! Fans likely agree with McClain that the reality of the show is what grounds it. In a world of fantastical superheroes, it’s good to have some reality as well. The show’s realism also does make the characters easier to relate to, so it’s a win-win situation for fans. Good for the writers! They’re doing a great job for both the actors and the fans.

4 Adored: Virginia Gardner (Marvel’s Runaways)

Karolina Dean loves the show and her role in it. When talking about it to Elle, she mentions how good the fan reaction has been to her character. She also talks about what it’s like to be the first gay Marvel superhero. She says that she has “always looked for roles that are standing for something, roles that we need for today.” And Karolina is definitely one of those roles. Gardner also mentions that she feels a sense of responsibility to represent the LGBT+ community and that “that’s why [she loves] it.” She hopes that “[Marvel and Hollywood] keep going in that direction, because it’s so important to have characters that people can look up to and learn from, especially superheroes.”

3 Adored: Marvin “Krondon” Jones (Black Lightning)

Though his character is a villain, Marvin “Krondon” Jones still loves his role on Black Lightning. One thing that he mentions about his character, Tobias Whale, is that “there is a little bit of him inside of all of us, whether we admit it or not. Whether we give in to it, or not.” And that’s probably true. All of us have our dark sides. Jones also states that “because of our pain and our past, some may try to justify it… but that’s what [he thinks] makes [Tobias] relatable.” And fans likely agree. Though many of us wouldn’t like to think we’re anything like Tobias, we all have our flaws and our dark sides. So we’re probably more like Tobias than we’d like to think.

2 Adored: Christine Adams (Black Lightning)

Lynn Pierce absolutely loves the show and her role in it. According to the actress herself, she is “basically not wearing any makeup in [her] scenes and that speaks to the authenticity of the show.” Fans likely agree that the show is very authentic and realistic. In fact, that’s one thing that fans love about the show. Adams also states that “the impact [of her natural look] has been huge.” Fans regularly come up to her and talk about how much they love her hair in the show, because of how natural and realistic it is. This bodes well for the series. It is inspiring fans everywhere, and that’s something that only truly great art can do.

1 Adored: Ariela Barer (Marvel’s Runaways)

Gert Yorkes absolutely loves the show and her role in it. In an interview with Teen Vogue, she states that “just existing and taking up public spaces when you have any identity other than… cis white male is powerful in itself.” And many fans are likely glad for the representation that Gert and Barer provide. Not only is Gert representation for women and people of color, but she is also representation for those with anxiety. In fact, Barer herself had an impact on the plot line because she “wanted to address a way for her to live without her meds for a while, just because for a homeless teenager, it’s not really likely that you would have access to medication.” Fans are likely grateful for the realistic portrayal of the character and Barer likely enjoys having an impact on her character’s plots.

Do you know any other actors on Marvel or DC shows who either adored or regretted their roles? Let us know in the comments!

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25 Actors Who Became Unrecognizable For A Role

There’s plenty of examples of actors changing their looks for a specific movie role, but here’s 25 of the most impressive physical transformations ever put on screen. The job of an actor is to inhabit whatever role they are set to play, and the process of doing so can vary greatly depending on the project. It may be as simple as using makeup or changing their hair style, but accents, mannerisms, and the physical resemblance are often left up to the actor to pull off.

These types of physical transformations can be required for roles across all genres. They have resulted in major actors packing on pounds of muscle to play a superhero or athlete or even losing a significant amount weight. In many instances, an actor committing to changing their body can result in high praise and even an Oscar win.

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In Screen Rant’s latest video, we take a look at 25 actors who significantly changed their appearance for a role. Whether they gained weight, added muscle, or slimmed down, some of the biggest actors on the planet are included in this list. Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth’s superhero physiques as Star-Lord and Thor are particularly impressive. Check out the video featured at the top of this post for the full list of entries.

One of the clear through lines with this list is the prestigious nature of many with eight Oscar winning transformations included. Natalie Portman won for her slimmed down dancer role in Black Swan, as did Anne Hathaway in Les Misérables, Ben Kingsley in Gandhi, and Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club. On the flip side, Hillary Swank’s turn for Million Dollar Baby, Robert De Niro’s in Raging Bull, and Charlize Theron in Monster are great examples of adding weight helping take home awards. Will Smith’s transformation in Ali, Tom Hanks losing 55 pounds for Cast Away, and Rooney Mara in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo didn’t result in a win, but they all did get nominated.

However, the king of the physical transformations is Christian Bale. Even though Jake Gyllenhaal got two mentions on the list for his contrasting looks in Nightcrawler and Southpaw, Bale loses and gains weight regularly for his roles. His only Oscar win came from his skinny look in The Fighter, and he’s also received nominations for gaining a substantial amount of weight for American Hustle and Vice. Plus, he’s shown the ability to look the part of a superhero through the Dark Knight trilogy, proving there is no look that he can’t achieve. His next role in Ford v. Ferrari doesn’t require a dramatic change to his appearance though, but early buzz around footage that was recently shown indicates Bale will turn in another great performance regardless.

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Cooper Hood

10 Actors Almost Cast In New Star Wars Trilogy

Fans are still eagerly anticipating the first trailer for the still unnamed Star Wars: Episode IX. J.J. Abrams, who kick-started this new trilogy with The Force Awakens, will return to helm the final installment in what might be the end of the Skywalker saga.

While The Last Jedi divided some fans, this is still one of the most exciting franchises around and the new trilogy has been a welcome return to the galaxy far, far away. But as we get ready to say goodbye (for now at least) to some of our new favorite characters, it’s a good time to look back on the actors who were almost cast in the latest trilogy. While the new cast seems pretty perfect, it’s fun to imagine what these other actors would have brought to the roles. Here are a few of the famous faces who almost starred in the new Star Wars trilogy.

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10 Evangeline Lilly

The Force Awakens not only marked Star Wars‘ triumphant return to the big screen, but it was also the first time George Lucas would not be involved in the franchise. J.J. Abrams was chosen as the man to take over the beloved series and you can bet as soon as the news was announced, every actor who ever worked with him was calling looking for a part.

One such actor was Evangeline Lilly, who had worked with Abrams on Lost. Lilly fully admits to asking for a part in the new trilogy. Unfortunately, Lilly seemed to think the new film would be a reboot as she wanted to be the new Princess Leia. Abrams had to set her straight, letting her know they already had the perfect Leia.

9 Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan is one of the most sought-after actors working today. Along with being a part of the MCU with his acclaimed role in Black Panther, Jordan has been linked to just about every franchise out there. But when he was still relatively up-and-coming, he auditioned for a role in The Force Awakens.

It sounds as though Jordan was brought in early in the process while the filmmakers were still trying to figure out what they wanted. It’s safe to bet he was up for either Finn or Poe Dameron.

8 Sam Witwer

One of the great things about Star Wars being around for so long is that now people are being cast in the new film who actually grew up watching the original trilogy and becoming die-hard fans like the rest of us. One such super-fan is Sam Witwer.

Witwer has actually been involved in the franchise on the animated level, providing the voice of Darth Maul in The Clone Wars, but almost had a chance at joining the live-action films. Witwer was asked to audition for a role, but sadly, after Michael Arndt’s script was thrown out, the role no longer existed.

7 Elizabeth Olsen

To be a member of one of the biggest franchises around must be quite a thrill, but to have the chance to be involved in two is almost too much to handle. That was the case with Elizabeth Olsen who found herself up for the role of Rey after being cast as Wanda Maximoff in the MCU.

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In the end, the MCU came first and Olsen declined to audition for Star Wars. As awesome as it would be for an actor, it seems pretty impossible to juggle two massive franchises like these.

6 Jesse Plemons

Jesse Plemons might not be a household name but he has proven to be one of the best character actors working today. Plemons has displayed outstanding range, from intense dramas like Breaking Bad to hilarious comedies like Game Night.

Plemons was among the many young actors who were asked to audition for The Force Awakens, but it didn’t feel like the right fit for him. The actor explains his discomfort with being kept in the dark about the movie and admits he couldn’t take himself seriously wielding a lightsaber. Some people just aren’t cut out to be a Jedi.

5 Michael Fassbender

Though Michael Fassbender has focused much of his career on smaller films, his role in the X-Men films has shown he can play in the big budget world as well as anyone. It’s no surprise then that he was approached to join The Force Awakens in an undisclosed role.

Fassbender confirms that he had discussions about the film but scheduling conflicts got in the way. While many have speculated that Fassbender was up for the Kylo Ren role, he seems a bit old for that part. It could be the role in question was Resistance pilot Poe Dameron.

4 Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix is an actor who has largely avoided appearing in the big budget films that are commonplace in the cinemas these days. Phoenix has chosen to work in smaller films with filmmakers like Gus Van Sant, Paul Thomas Anderson, and Spike Jonze. However, he has been pursued by some of the biggest franchises, including Star Wars.

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Phoenix was considered for the part of DJ in The Last Jedi, a role that was ultimately played by Benecio Del Toro. While the small role seems like it could have suited Phoenix nicely, he decided to pass on it in the end.

3 Gary Oldman

Back when George Lucas was finishing up his prequel trilogy, Gary Oldman was nearly cast as the voice of General Grievous in Revenge of the Sith. SAG regulations meant that Oldman had to pull out of the role, but he then went on to star in other huge franchises like Harry Potter and Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

Oldman actually had a second chance to join the Star Wars universe when the new trilogy came around. At the time, Oldman was hesitant to get too excited as the deal wasn’t done, and as it turned out, it was not meant to be.

2 Saorsie Ronan

Saorsie Ronan has had an amazing career for such a young actress. At just 24 years of age, Ronan has been nominated for three Oscars and is poised to be one of the best actors of her generation. It’s no surprise that Abrams and company wanted her in their new trilogy.

Ronan publicly confirmed she did have an audition for the film and even mentioned playing with a lightsaber in the audition. However, Ronan later revealed she didn’t get the part and theorizes her speaking publicly about it might have cost her the role. To be fair, that’s a hard thing to keep to yourself.

1 Eddie Redmayne

To get the chance to audition for Star Wars is probably a pretty big deal for most actors. This is likely the kind of role they dream of getting as a child. Imagine if you had the chance to be in an iconic franchise like this, but then you totally blew your shot.

Sadly, that seems to be what happened to Eddie Redmayne. He explains, “With films that top secret, they don’t give you the actual lines. So they give you a scene from ‘Pride and Prejudice,’ but then they tell you you’re auditioning for the baddie. If you’re me, you then put some ridiculous voice on.” Given his performance in Jupiter Ascending, maybe Redmayne should stay away from the sci-fi world.

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Colin McCormick

10 Actors Almost Cast In The Original Star Wars Trilogy

The original Star Wars trilogy remains one of the most culturally influential franchises in film history, making icons out of its stars like Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher. And while it’s hard to imagine any other actors in their roles, we came very close to having a much different looking Star Wars cast.

Before cameras even started rolling, George Lucas searched for the perfect Han Solo, Princess Leia and other soon-to-be famous characters. Many famous faces were considered but things didn’t pan out for one reason or another. While we’re thrilled with the cast we eventually got, it’s fun to look back and imagine what might have been. Check out some of the famous actors who were almost cast in the original Star Wars trilogy.

9 Sylvester Stallone

As beloved as Star Wars is now, it’s easy to forget that the idea probably sounded pretty “out there” for the actors at the time. Space movies were not exactly the most prestigious of cinema at the time and many actors had a hard time wrapping their heads around this bizarre world.

One such actor was Sylvester Stallone who auditioned for Han Solo. By his own admission, Stallone was all wrong for the part. He recalls telling Lucas in the audition, “Let me just make it easy for you. I would look like crap in spandex leotards and a ray gun. Guys in space don’t have this face, I get it.”

8 Glynn Turman

Glynn Turman might not be a household name but he has been a solid character actor for a number of decades. He has appeared in such films as Gremlins, Cooley High and recently Bumblebee, and had a memorable role in The Wire. However, it’s hard not to imagine how drastically Turman’s career would have changed if he was cast as Han Solo.

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Though Turnman was apparently a real contender for the role, when he saw the film he did realize which role he auditioned for. He explains, “I didn’t see up there on the screen what part I was [auditioning] for. So to me, I said, ‘Oh, they cut the part of the black guy out.’ I had no idea that it was for the part of Han Solo.”

7 Kurt Russell

Thanks to the magic of the internet, you can now actually find some of those early Star Wars auditions on Youtube. It’s a lot of fun to see Ford and Hamill vying for the roles that would make them famous, as well as seeing some of the actors who didn’t get the part.

Among those classic audition tapes, you can find a young Kurt Russell reading for the film. Apparently, Russell was up for both the Luke Skywalker role as well as the Han Solo role. While he didn’t get either part, he gave a solid audition. It’s no surprise he managed to build a huge career even without Star Wars.

6 Amy Irving

Many film fans will know about Star Wars unique casting process. As the story goes, George Lucas held joint auditions alongside his director friend Brian De Palma who was prepping his film Carrie. One Hollywood legend goes that Sissy Spacek was offered the role of Princess Leia while Carrie Fisher was offered the title role in Carrie.

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Fisher herself has denied these rumors, but there was apparently one Carrie actor who came close to nabbing the Leia role. Amy Irving, who played nice girl Sue in De Palma’s film was apparently the actress the two directors fought over the most.6. Nick Nolte

Despite the outlandish nature of the film, Star Wars was a film of some interest for some of Hollywood’s biggest names of the day. That was especially true of the Han Solo role. The dry-witted and rougish space smuggler was rumored to have circled a number of famous actors.

Nick Nolte confirms he was up for the role, but like Stallone, admits he was poorly suited, simply stating, “I’d have been kind of a goofy ‘Star Wars guy.” It seems all these years later, Nolte had a change of heart as he’ll join the Star Wars universe in the upcoming The Mandalorian.

5 Yaphet Kotto

While turning down the chance to be in A New Hope can be somewhat understandable given the uncertainty of such a strange film, to turn down the subsequent sequels is a different story. But that’s just what actor Yaphet Kotto did when Empire Strikes Back director Irvin Kershner offered him the role of Lando Calrissian.

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Kotto was just coming off his role in Alien and felt that doing another space movie might lead to him being typecast. To his credit, he built a strong and versatile career after turning down the role.

4 James Caan

As popular as Star Wars is with audiences, it might not be the type of film every actor is hoping to work on. With the focus on costumes and special effects combined with the sci-fi dialogue, some actors look at such material as beneath their talents. James Caan held such an opinion when he was offered the role of Han Solo.

The Godfather actor refused the part saying, “They didn’t want an actor. That’s why they got Harrison Ford.” That seems like a rather unnecessary jab at his fellow actor. Maybe Caan is still regretting turning down that part all these years later.

3 Jodie Foster

Apparently, George Lucas’ early ideas for Princess Leia were much younger than where the final film ended up. In those early stages, a teenage Jodie Foster was being considered for the role. Foster was already a hard-working actor and it seems a busy schedule was to blame for her passing on the part.

She explains, “I was doing two films back-to-back at the time. It would have been fun. But my career would have been different, and I’m happy with the one I’ve got so I don’t really regret it.” We have to agree that her career worked out pretty well regardless.

2 Orson Welles

Even though he never appears on screen in the series, James Earl Jones gives one of the franchise’s most iconic performance. Jones lent his instantly recognizable deep voice to Darth Vader, making the character one of the most memorable villains in film history.

As perfect as he is for the role, Jones wasn’t the only one considered for Vader’s voice. George Lucas was initially thinking of having Hollywood legend Orson Wells voice the character. However, he thought Welles’ voice might be too recognizable and once Jones read for the part, the choice became obvious.

1 Robert Englund

One of the most unexpected actors to almost have played Han Solo is Freddy Krueger himself, Robert Englund. Long before becoming the horror icon, Englund was one of the many actors who read for the part. While he didn’t get it, he did manage to change Star Wars history.

After the audition, Englund took the script home and showed it to his friend, Mark Hamill. He convinced Hamill that he was right for the Luke Skywalker role and told him to audition. The rest is Hollywood history.

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