10 Things In The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina That Creeped Us Out

Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a refreshing take on the comic, giving an updated, woke perspective to the story that isn’t only a breath of fresh air for the series, but for media in general. The original saccharine series was certainly funny and light, but this dark new entity is addictive and delicious, embracing fans from every corner with its representation and delivering unique chills and thrills that the original certainly avoided.

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Many of the gruesome moments of Sabrina are just spookily delightful, but others give us the honest heebie jeebies. Whether it’s the stuff of our nightmares or a mashup of elements of horror we’ve seen elsewhere, Sabrina has been known to make us jump or stay up late.

10 Sabrina’s Hazing

Hazing is already problematic, no matter where it’s occurring, but at the Academy of Unseen Arts it’s particularly harrowing. Sabrina is not only mentally tortured by the Weird Sisters, but nearly murdered by them as many other students have been over the years at the school.

Creepy little kids are a surefire way of adding scariness to a horror program, but fortunately these kids turned out to be not-so-evil. They only wanted some peace and for the torture to stop. Luckily for Sabrina, she also had her trusty familiar, Salem, to help with the hazing. Aunties Zelda and Hilda also lent their hands.

9 Batibat’s Torment

Batibat herself wasn’t all that scary, but the horrific things that she makes Sabrina and her family endure at night sure are. The show tends to deal the psychological torture out just as much, if not more often than, the physical torment, and the nightmares the Spellmans face at the sleep demon’s hands are the kind that make sleep impossible for viewers.

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None of the nightmares are pretty, but it’s Ambrose’s super gory nightmare where he dissects himself that gave fans actual, real nightmares. Many reported it as the scariest scene they’ve ever seen on Netflix, if not television altogether.

8 Scarecrow Chase

When Sabrina is chased by a scarecrow in a corn maze on the way to the apple orchard, it’s such a classic scary movie moment that it’s almost not scary because we expect it. It’s well done and fun, though, in a jump scare way that reminds us of Supernatural, another YA horror that delivers the chills and thrills.

The tension in this scene is delightful, and some of what we don’t see is actually scarier than what we do, which is a great tactic to use. Seeing Salem’s “real” form destroy the maze as the familiar went after Madam Satan’s voodoo-powered scarecrow was such a fun moment that many fans had to pause and rewind to see it again.

7 Susie’s Possessed Uncle

This version of “Uncle Jesse” is far less “Have Mercy” worthy than the other one. Susie is left to care for her sick uncle, who is actually possessed by a demon, and it’s so creepy it’s hard to watch. Viewers expect every scene of caring for a sick or possessed person, from Pet Semetary to The Exorcist, and it doesn’t disappoint, complete with the record amount of vomit.

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There’s a reason many of the most terrifying moments of the series are nods to previous horror films and TV shows: they totally work. They make us gasp, hide our eyes or even bark out a nervous laugh when they scare us to pieces.

6 Punishment Via Weird Sisters

When Sabrina sought out the help of the Weird Sisters to punish the boys who had been harassing Susie/Theo at school, she got a little more than she’d bargained for. The sisters, who happily took up the challenge to punish mortal boys, are downright scary in the mine shaft, first appearing as seductresses before revealing their devilish nature–and using the boys’ own homophobia against them.

Not only are the sisters terrifying during their game of “Devil in the Dark,” but they also steal the manhood of the four jocks, capturing it as a quartet of birds in a cage.

5 Sabrina Burns The Witches

The 13 witches who want their revenge on Greendale sort of deserve it, but Sabrina isn’t about to let them lay waste to her home and friends. Her ultimate decision to sign the Dark Lord’s book is based not on her own desire, but on her need to save the people she loves. It’s technically still a choice, but it’s not exactly a fair one, as Madam Satan ensures.

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Seeing Sabrina burn her own kind with her newfound powers was horrifying not only because it demonstrated what she was capable of and the darkness that lay ahead in the next season, but it also depicted Sabrina burning her own kind.

4 Feast Of Feasts

Cannibalistic witches. This is an idea that Sabrina took a bit too far in its quest to demonstrate how misogynistic her coven is, and it was beyond disturbing. During the Feast of Feasts, a bunch of tributes are pulled from witch families. One of these is treated like a queen until she is sacrificed and eaten by the rest of the coven.

When Sabrina steps in to prevent the grisly tradition, she succeeds at first–but another witch, as desperate for the title of queen as the rest of the tributes seem to be, sacrifices herself and keeps the terrible ritual alive for another year. Witnessing the coven’s blood lust as they swarm the witch to feast is absolutely stomach-turning.

3 The Minotaur And Hanging Witches

Even though the myth of the Minotaur is literally ancient history, it usually commands the scene when it’s used, particularly in a horror context. Many viewers have seen it used in shows like American Horror Story and it was certainly as compelling in Sabrina, sending a rush of fear into viewers as Sabrina witnesses the beast move within a trail of fire.

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Of course, that’s not enough, since Sabrina also jostles a bunch of hanging witches in the trees, which is incredibly creepy and comes into play much later in the show when Sabrina chooses the dark side to save her town. The witches are nightmare-worthy on their own, but they also bring to mind other horror movies like The Conjuring.

2 Taking Agatha Out

In order to bring Harvey’s brother back as a zombie, Sabrina has to sacrifice a life for a life. She tries to be sneaky, taking out Agatha as an act of revenge only to bury her the same way her aunt buries her sister so she’ll rise from the grave again, but it doesn’t work out like she’d planned.

This whole episode is a train wreck of horror: Sabrina slitting Agatha’s throat is horrific to watch, even if we’re sure she’s got a card up her sleeve; Agatha’s body’s effects after resurrecting are gruesome; and Tommy’s development into a monster certainly isn’t what Sabrina thought she’d been bargaining for. It’s Frankenstein to the extreme.

1 The Tarot Episode

While season two’s tarot card episode certainly didn’t give us much in terms of actual plot movement, it did deliver some prime scares, including Sabrina being launched into space and Harvey’s nightmare of a roommate at art school. To be fair, Sabrina’s vision wasn’t nearly as horrifying as the time she dreamed she’d been trapped in an iron maiden thanks to Batibat.

Theo and Roz were given the most chilling fortunes, however. Theo’s quest to have the body he’s always wanted seemed wonderful at first, until he had to cut off his arm, which began to turn into a tree. Roz’s new eyes were taken from another girl who was left blinded in the process, and her father paid for the “donor” eyes through church funds.

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Sara Schmidt

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Characters Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a macabre and fantastic Netflix series that highlights the darkness of witchcraft in a way that the Harry Potter series only condemns to evil witches and wizards like Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters. While the dichotomy of good versus evil is handled with a deft hand at Hogwarts and J.K. Rowling is incredible with toeing the line to make her characters much more realistic with human flaws, we have to admit the dark nature of Sabrina is delightful to watch.

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That’s not to say that every witch and warlock in the series is of the Slytherin variety, however. In fact, many of the characters in the show are far from Voldemort’s House, demonstrating the qualities of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw instead.

10 Zelda Spellman: Slytherin

While Sabrina’s Aunt Zelda has definitely demonstrated more loyal qualities, putting family first in recent episodes and even defying her beloved Father Blackwood to the point of being imprisoned, she’s still a Slytherin to her core. An ideal witch in the Church of Night, Zelda knows her place, deeply desires to please the Dark Lord and ultimately embraces everything dark and evil in her life, even if it means taking away her niece’s happiness.

Zelda might embrace duty and tradition but she also puts herself first on a regular basis, especially when it comes to dalliances with Blackwood while his wife is pregnant. Miranda Otto is pretty much as far from Eowyn as she can get in this role.

9 Harvey Kinkle: Hufflepuff

While Harvey, Sabrina’s ex-boyfriend, exhibits some Gryffindor-like qualities in terms of his willingness to dive into the mines to find his brother despite his own worst fears, he ultimately values fair play and patience above bravery. He works hard when his zombie brother returns to him, patiently waiting on him to fully return, and when he finds out the truth he is hurt and angry over the unfairness of the situation.

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A Gryffindor might understand Sabrina’s situation better, but Harvey, who does put up with a lot when it comes to his secretive girlfriend in the first part of Sabrina, is more of a salt-of-the-Earth kind of guy who will make someone a steadfast husband someday. He’s just not cut out for adventuring. It’s kind of hard to see why Sabrina would dismiss her dark baptism and put the town through all of its terror over a, let’s face it, basic boyfriend like Harvey, especially in a series as feminist as this one.

8 Rosalind Walker: Ravenclaw

Roz is one of the smartest young women in her school. As she challenges banned books, attempts to help her friends reason out their problems and tackles her own issues like her pending blindness and The Cunning she’s been gifted with, we see her make passionate yet sound decisions. Even when she’s faced with her own feelings for Harvey, she uses her logic to reason out why and why not it’s a good idea.

Unlike Harvey, who reacted to Sabrina’s powers with a total knee-jerk response, Roz accepted her powers after logically figuring them out on her own and assessing them, even after she had misgivings of her own.

7 Hilda Spellman: Hufflepuff

Loyal, earnest and true, Hilda Spellman is the epitome of a Hufflepuff. Sure, she knows her way around some poison and she talks to spiders, but she knows that family and friends come first. She’s so adamant that Sabrina maintain her friendships at her human school that she even visits the new principal–who happens to be Lilith, of course–and tries to rope her in on a plan to get Sabrina to return to school to nurture her friendships and happiness.

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Kind and generous Hilda has consistently put her loved ones before her own self, even while excommunicated from the church, which makes her a true Hufflepuff.

6 Prudence: Slytherin

At one point in the first part of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, we might have considered Prudence more of a Ravenclaw. She definitely exhibited some keen planning, especially in terms of revenge plots. Her willingness to be sacrificed during the Feast of Feasts kind of negates her other decisions, though, and as we’ve seen since, we know that she’s all about what’s good for herself, ultimately making her a Slytherin.

Even when Prudence recognizes how terrible her father is, she still seeks his approval in order to obtain status as his legitimate child. It’s only when she realizes that he’ll never care for her when she acts against him.

5 Ambrose Spellman: Ravenclaw

Ambrose may exhibit many of the self-serving, cunning qualities of a Slytherin, but his keen intellect and willingness to learn new things and share that knowledge with Sabrina make him more of a Ravenclaw. Sabrina comes to Ambrose when she needs assistance not only because she trusts him but because she knows how much he values knowledge and sharing it with his cousin.

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Those who recall the sitcom Sabrina series may recognize some of Sabrina’s cat Salem’s wit, humor and knowledge present in the character Ambrose in the new series. He pretty much replaced the human-like characteristics of her familiar.

4 Nick Scratch: Gryffindor

Wait a moment, you might be thinking: wasn’t Nick a traitor who only befriended and supported Sabrina at the demand of Satan? Well, yes, that’s true, as we discovered in Part 2 of the series.

But Nick Scratch, whose name always gave away his position (think “Old Scratch”), also not only bravely stood by Sabrina when it meant possible danger or ridicule for himself, but he also sacrificed himself for her in the end, proving that even though he’d bee working like a Slytherin for the most part, he was also brave and selfless in a way that Harvey’s really never been for Sabrina. (To be fair, he did demonstrate those qualities for his brother.)

3 Theo Putnam: Gryffindor

Why are there so many Gryffindors in Greendale? We have a theory that many teens act like Gryffindors while their hormones and frontal lobes settle, but we also think that Theo Putnam, formerly known as Susie, is a Gryffindor at heart. Theo definitely exhibits the qualities of a Hufflepuff, living as a true friend to all the people he loves, but he also bravely faces his bullies head-on without even flinching.

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Watching Theo try out for the basketball team despite the odds was amazing, even if he did receive some clandestine help from Sabrina. Theo is easily one of the bravest and most fiercely loyal characters on the show.

2 Madam Satan: Slytherin

Lilith, AKA Madam Satan, is someone we love to hate but want to love. A feminist character, she fights for the rights of her students even when it really doesn’t matter to her, and she helps Sabrina even while she’s thwarting the young witch in ways that confound us. She’s a Slytherin to the core, ultimately acting in her own best interest and creating devious schemes to get what she wants.

We may even discover that Lilith was Severus Snape all along with all of the lines that she keeps crossing and the various people in her life, including her own beloved Dark Lord, that she plays. She’s a double agent if there ever was one.

1 Sabrina Spellman: Ravenclaw

Sabrina Spellman is a complicated witch to sort. She exhibits the qualities from all Houses in the show: she bravely and fearlessly defends her town and loved ones like a Gryffindor, craftily attempts to walk both the worlds of the witch and the human a la Slytherin but is also a true and loyal friend who always supports those she loves like a Hufflepuff.

Ultimately it’s Sabrina’s brain that makes her a Ravenclaw. Not only does she continually come up with schemes that enable her to skirt around the witch laws and Satan’s demands, but she also devises plans to help Theo at school, save Harvey’s father from drinking himself into an early grave and puts an incredible amount of thought into everything she does.

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Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina: 5 Witch Traditions/Figures Based On Myth (5 That Are Completely Fictional)

Viewers have been spellbound by Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, right from the theme song’s first eerie note. Based on characters from Archie Comics, this Netflix original series is the second TV depiction of the enchanting Sabrina Spellman. The first was the hit ’90s sitcom Sabrina the Teenage Witch. It was light and wholesome, giving the audience a cauldron of laughs complete with magical hijinks and talking cat. On the flip side, Sabrina offers a deliciously darker take on its beloved source material.

The show features an array of spooky spells and hair-raising hexes. An innocent girl is cursed with blindness. A sleep demon terrorizes the Spellman family in their dreams. Though many of Sabrina‘s magical elements are invented by the writers, several have roots in real mythology. This adds an air of credibility to the show, though sometimes Sabrina misses the mark entirely. Here is Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: 5 Witch Traditions/Figures Based On Myth (And 5 That Are Completely Fictional).

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10 Based On Myth: Lupercalia

In Sabrina, Lupercalia is a traditional holiday observed by the Academy of Unseen Arts. It takes place around the same time as the mortal Valentine’s Day, but it’s not lovey-dovey. Sabrina‘s Lupercalia is kicked off by a random coupling of men and women. Once paired, they go off into the woods together to feast and enjoy a night of “unholy abstinence”. Zelda describes it as a “lusty pastoral festival”.

Lupercalia really was an ancient Roman ritual, with the purpose of cleansing the city of evil spirits and promoting fertility and good health among its citizens. Sabrina stays true to many of Lupercalia’s rituals, such as the coupling, and also rubbing blood on each other’s foreheads and wiping it off with milk-soaked wool. However, other aspects of the festival were left out, such as men chasing women with strips of goat hide. If caught, the woman would be whipped with the hide to increase her chance of fertility.

9 Fiction: The Harrowing

The Harrowing is another tradition at the Academy of Unseen Arts. Much less pleasant than Lupercalia, the Harrowing is a magical hazing ritual performed on new students. The purpose is to force students to endure the same torment as the Greendale Thirteen, a group of persecuted witches. The Weird Sisters subject Sabrina to the Harrowing on her first night. Though many do not survive, Sabrina perseveres and is able to turn the ritual against the Weird Sisters. This results in them agreeing to cease this brutal tradition.

Though this barbaric behavior may have been inspired by real-world scandals, the Harrowing has no known roots in mythology.

8 Based On Myth: Yule log

‘Tis the season to be haunted. The Spellman family celebrates Winter Solstice with the traditional burning of the Yule Log. As Zelda instructs, it must be left burning all night to ward off evil spirits. But how boring would that be? Who wants to sit around and watch a log burning? For the sake of evil—and the viewers’ entertainment—Mary Wardwell/Madam Satan extinguishes the log. A gaggle of ghosts is released into the Spellman home.

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In reality, the Yule log isn’t just a yummy dessert; it was really a major component in European Christmas festivities. Like the Spellmans, families would burn it throughout the night. However, it wasn’t to protect themselves from demons and ghosts; it was to ward off everyday maladies like the common cold.

7 Fiction: Feast Of Feasts

This Sabrina tradition seems to be more inspired by The Hunger Games than any existing practices, ancient or modern. That’s probably for the better, because the main dish at the Feast of Feasts is a witch. Every family member of the Church of Night must select a representative who is then placed into a lottery. The selected witch becomes Queen, and is treated to three days of pampering by a handmaiden of her choosing. At the end of the three days, the Queen sacrifices herself as dinner for the Feast.

While viewers surely wish they had Sabrina’s powers, this is one element of witch life best left unconsumed.

6 Based On Myth: Gryla And The Yule Lads

A terrible name for a rock band, but riveting additions to the show. In Sabrina-lore, Gryla is a witch who lost her child during a famine. She and another witch made a pact to kill their children for food. Gryla followed through but the other witch did not. Cut to a thousand years later and Gryla is on a mission to find a replacement for her lost son. The Spellmans summon her after the Yule Log incident, with the hopes that Gryla will relieve them of the Yule Lads, a group of prankster ghosts.

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Gryla and the Yule Lads originate in Icelandic myth. It was believed there were thirteen Lads who would visit children during the Christmas season. They would bring a gift or punishment, based on the child’s behavior throughout the year. Gryla was much more frightening, as her way of dealing with naughty children was to eat them. Suddenly a lump of coal is looking pretty appealing…

5 Fiction: Malum Malus

The Malum Malus is an enchanted apple which, when eaten, tells the consumer their future. Sabrina finds one and asks whether or not she should go through with her Dark Baptism. The Malum Malus instantly turns rotten and treats Sabrina to the disturbing image of witches hanging from a tree. The image disappears when she spits the apple out.

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“Malum Malus’ is Latin for “evil apple”. While forbidden fruit has its obvious biblical allusions, apples aren’t generally seen as a means of predicting the future. More traditional methods for doing so include tarot card readings or scrying, otherwise known as crystal gazing.

4 Based On Myth: Baphomet

This is perhaps Sabrina‘s most controversial borrowing from mythology, as it resulted in a lawsuit. The show features a statue of Baphomet, a goat-headed deity, at the Academy of Unseen Arts. The Academy is a breeding ground for the show’s most notorious villains. The statue is treated as a representative of Satan himself. At times, main antagonist Madam Satan has prayed to it.

The Satanic Temple didn’t take kindly to Baphomet’s depiction, referring to it as defamatory and accusing the show of damaging cultural appropriation. The Temple filed a $50 million lawsuit for copyright infringement, stating that the statue on the show bears an eerily close resemblance to one of their own creation. A settlement has since been reached, with the Satanic Temple given credit on the remaining episodes that feature the statue. Other details on the settlement remain undisclosed.

3 Fiction: Book Of The Beast

Have you ever been asked to sign anything and joked that you’re “signing your life away”? Well, those who sign the Book of the Beast are doing just that. During a witch’s Dark Baptism, the witch vows to serve the Dark Lord for life. To solidify the agreement, the witch signs the Book of the Beast in their own blood.

A blood ritual is all well and gross, but real-life witches are tired of seeing them in Hollywood. In an interview with real witches, many agreed the idea of a witch signing herself to the dark side was ridiculous. Anna McKerrow, an eclectic Pagan witch, said real witchcraft “tends more to the holistic and embraces the dark as a necessary complement to the light.

2 Based On Myth: Lilith

Mary Wardwell’s original name was Lilith. The story of Lilith originates in Jewish mythology. As Adam’s first wife, she was booted out of the Garden of Eden because she refused to submit to him. Lilith became the first witch after meeting Lucifer, a fallen angel, and healing him back to the health. As a tribute to him, Lilith/Mary Wardwell refers to herself as Madam Satan.

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Though different versions of her tale have varying details, the Sabrina iteration is quite faithful to the source. Perceptions of Lilith have shifted over time as well. Originally, she was viewed as a corruptor of good values. However, in contemporary society, many view her as a feminist symbol for refusing to bow to the patriarchy. This is what Sabrina is all about, making Lilith an apt mythological figure for the show.

1 Fiction: Dark Lord

Obviously, the figure of Satan is based in the real world. In Sabrina, the Dark Lord is the all-powerful figurehead of the Church of Night. Witches worship and adore him. This is in stark contrast to real witches, most of whom do not believe in Satan, let alone worship him. Many Wiccans recognize multiple deities, including the Goddess, who represents the divine feminine.

Many witches are offended at another Hollywood vehicle conflating Satanism and witchcraft. However, others see the Dark Lord as a symbol of patriarchy. Pam Grossman, a witch, told Huffington Post: “Even the witchly Church of Night is controlled by oppressive male figures. And one of the things I love best about the show is that Sabrina is trying to combat this and find her own, self-directed way of doing magic.”

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10 Surprising Differences Between The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Comics And Show

Since it was revealed on last week’s Game of Thrones  episode that Sabrina is Jon Snow’s aunt, it’s a good idea to see if that revelation happens in the comic books as well. That’s a joke and apologies to any Jons out there who have aunts named Sabrina. However, what’s in fact true is that fans are going wild for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season two.

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Half of the reason the show is so entertaining is due to the fact that it’s based on a fantastic comic book with the same title. All adaptations change some aspects from the original source material. Check out the list to see the biggest differences between The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comics and television show!

10 Ambrose

If viewers didn’t know, Sabrina and Ambrose are cousins. This is a necessary reminder due to the fact that Ambrose NEVER calls Sabrina “cousin.” Obviously, that isn’t true. In fact, Ambrose’s signature catchphrase (cousin) is completely absent from the source material. Despite being cousins, Ambrose verbally calls Sabrina cousin only once or twice in the comics. Dang, cuz.  

Another significant change is that the television series explains that the witch council punishes Ambrose by land locking him to Sabrina’s house. However, comic book Ambrose is sent to live with Sabrina after he gets thrown out of his English boarding school for fighting with another student. Another change is that Ambrose’s familiars are two snakes in the comics. The snakes never make an appearance in the show which is an absolute bummer for people who happen to own snakes. 

9 Salem 

We’re gonna let the cat out of the bag right now….There are some big differences between the comic book and television versions of Salem. A surface level change that the show makes is that Salem is a Bombay cat. The comic book, on the other hand, depicts Salem as a Norwegian Forest Tuxedo cat. 

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Another aspect that separates the show from its source material is Salem’s backstory. Salem in the Netflix series is a goblin that takes the form of a cat and becomes Sabrina’s familiar. Conversely, the comic book Salem is a warlock that gets turned into a cat as a punishment for breaking sacred witch laws. Of course, the most obvious difference is that Salem doesn’t speak at all in the show. The comic book Salem is a catty cat who loves to talk. Did we squeeze in enough cat jokes? 

8 Harvey Kinkle

Harvey Kinkle is played by Ross Lynch. The love child of Ross Geller and director David Lynch. Even though that’s not a real thing, what is real is that Harvey Kinkle is a football jock in the comic books. One could say Harvey in the television show is more introspective. The guy loves being cooped up in his room and drawing cool stuff. 

It’s safe to assume both versions of the character love Sabrina equally. So much so that comic book Harvey gets caught up in some really nasty witch business for Sabrina’s sake. Let’s just say Harvey’s character arc is more or less similar to his brother’s fate in the show. Also, Harvey doesn’t date anyone else except for Sabrina in the comics. The second season depicts a romantic fling between Harvey and Rosalind. Another addition to the show is that Harvey’s family are witch hunters. The only interests comic book Harvey has are playing football and kissing Sabrina. 

7 Madam Satan 

It’s understandable why Madam Satan prefers to be called Ms. Wardell. There’s a less horrifying ring to that name. Both the comic book and television versions of the character pretend to be on Sabrina’s side in order to lure her into Satan’s grasp. What’s different is how Madam Satan returns from the dead. 

Unlike the Netflix series, Madam Satan has a direct connection to the Archie universe. Madam Satan is brought back by none other than Betty and Veronica. We’ll go ahead and let some folks pick their jaws up off the floor. Betty and Veronica attempt to come up with a love spell that will finally make Archie pick between which of the two girls he loves the most. The spell backfires and ends up bringing Madam Satan back to life. What’s cool about this element in the comic book is that it proves the Riverdale and Sabrina universes can naturally crossover if the producers ever want to take the shows into that direction. 

6 Signing The Book 

If Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and The Witch taught viewers anything, it’s that if a terrifying goat-man asks someone to sign a book they should immediately run in the opposite direction of said goat-man. The show’s first season culminates in a tragic (or triumphant depending on how one perceives it) moment where Sabrina signs over her life to Satan. Sabrina is granted crazy God-like powers and burns down a bunch of old ladies dressed like pilgrims. Just to clarify, these old ladies also happen to be witches. 

None of that happens in the comic book. The closest Sabrina ever comes to signing the devil’s book takes place in a comic book issue similar to the show’s depiction of her sixteenth birthday. Sabrina fully rejects Satan’s offer and chooses to embrace her human side. Unfortunately, Sabrina’s actions have devastating effects on Harvey. All of this plays out like some sort of brilliant mix of Stephen King horror meets George R.R. Martin-esque tragedy. The point is that the comic book is awesome and everyone needs to read it. Like, right now. 

5 Aunt Zelda 

Who would’ve thought that Sabrina’s aunt was a Nintendo character? Wait, that’s a different Zelda. Something else that’s different is the way Aunt Zelda is portrayed in the Netflix show. 

A major change in the show is that Zelda has a long and complicated backstory with Father Blackwood. Zelda’s relationship with Father Blackwood is completely absent from the comic book. In fact, Zelda and Hilda rarely leave their home in the comics. It’s a necessary creative choice to give Zelda a meatier backstory since television shows demand multiple plot lines in order to keep everything interesting. 

4 Aunt Hilda 

It’s reasonable to say everyone is waiting for the episode where it’s revealed that Hilda is actually the evil mastermind behind all of the bad stuff that happens on the show. There’s just no way a witch can be as nice as Hilda. We’re kidding, Hilda is actually awesome. 

The similarities between the show and the comic book are that Hilda’s core character traits are left intact. Hilda is kind, caring, and clever. That’s where the similarities end. The show features a subplot where Hilda gets a job at a horror-themed book store. It’s there where she meets her love interest, Dr. Cee. Both the book store and Dr. Cee never appear in the comic books. Rather, Hilda is always busy running the funeral home. Can someone please open up a real-life version of that book store?

3 Academy of Unseen Arts 

The Academy of Unseen Arts has to be the smallest school of all time. It’s literally just a lobby. Regardless of its small size, the Academy of Unseen Arts is a big part of the television show. 

However, the Academy of Unseen Arts isn’t in the comic books. The comics depict Sabrina learning about witchcraft from her aunts. All of the teenage drama in the comic books comes from Sabrina’s high school experiences in the mortal world. This particular change to the show seems like something that has really resonated with viewers. The Academy of Unseen Arts is like Hogwarts except that it’s filled with much hunkier warlocks. 

2 Love Triangle 

Are viewers team Snick (Sabrina + Nick) or Habrina (Harvey + Sabrina)? We gotta work on those nicknames. Anyway, the television show features a love triangle involving Nick, Sabrina, and Harvey. 

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So much of the drama comes from Sabrina’s feelings for these two guys. Nick has even become a fan favorite character. None of this is in the comic book. In fact, Nick isn’t even a character that existed until the television show. The comics feature a much more straight forward narrative that solely revolves around Sabrina and Harvey’s relationship. We apologize to anyone who had been planning on reading the comic books just for Nick. 

1 Sabrina

The biggest difference is that Sabrina is actually not named Sabrina in the comics. Rather, her name is actually Jughead. This was a test to make sure everyone is still paying attention. 

All jokes aside, there’s a few changes the show makes to Sabrina’s character. One major change is that Sabrina is a high school political activist in the Netflix show. Sabrina’s fight for feminism is completely absent from the comic books. Another deviation from the source material is that Sabrina doesn’t ever dip her toe into the dark side. The show, on the other hand, has fun with Sabrina’s conflict of wanting to do good while being tempted by Satan. Either way, both versions of the character never lose sight of Sabrina’s timeless appeal. Even though Sabrina is a witch, she is someone who goes through the same teenage experiences as any other mortal.

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Nathaniel Vanderpoort

What To Expect From Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3

Sabrina’s conflict with the Dark Lord may be wrapped up for the moment, but more dangers lie ahead in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3. The Netflix series is actually divided up into “Parts” rather than seasons, with Part 1 and Part 2 (plus the Christmas special) supposedly making up one season split into two, in an imitation of traditional TV shows with midseason hiatuses. However, for simplicity’s sake we’re going to refer to the next batch of episodes as season 3.

Kiernan Shipka stars in the show as Sabrina Spellman, a half-mortal witch who lives with her Aunts Zelda (Miranda Otto) and Hilda (Lucy Davis) in the Spellman Mortuary in the spooky town of Greendale. Sabrina finds herself torn between her mortal life, school, and friends, and her duty to the coven and to her studies at the Academy of Unseen Arts.

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Like its sister show, Riverdale, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is based on Archie Comics and was created by Archie CCO Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. It’s a lot darker and more gruesome than the sitcom adaptation Sabrina the Teenage Witch, which ran on ABC in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and this new take on Sabrina has garnered an enthusiastic fanbase. Here’s what we know about The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3 so far.

The first season of the show was such a success that Netflix didn’t wait long to start making plans for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3. The show was renewed for a further 16 episodes back in December 2018, and as before those 16 episodes will be split up into two parts, which means we’re getting season 4 as well. In a statement regarding The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina‘s season 3 and 4 renewal, Aguirre-Sacasa said:

“Praise Satan! I’m so grateful to my partners at Warner Brothers, Netflix, Berlanti Television, and Archie Productions for supporting this darker vision of the world’s most famous teen witch.And I’m thrilled to be continuing to tell Sabrina’s chilling adventures with our incredible cast and crew, led by the unstoppable Kiernan Shipka.”

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3 will begin filming in Vancouver on April 29th, 2019, and will film back-to-back with season 4 through to fall 2019. Seasons 1 and 2 had a similar filming schedule, beginning in mid-March 2018, but those two seasons had two extra episodes apiece, so filming for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina seasons 3 and 4 should take less time. Assuming that production on season 3 wraps up in the summer, we could see a premiere date similar to season 1, at the end of October 2019, with season 4 then arriving in spring 2020.

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 2

In the final scene of the season 2 finale, Sabrina lays out the mission for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3: to go to Hell and rescue her boyfriend. Poor old Nick Scratch sacrificed himself by offering up his body as a prison for the Dark Lord after the Acheron Configuration failed to contain him. Lilith – as the newly crowned Queen of Hell – carried Nick’s unconscious body into Hell with her, promising not to let any harm come to him. Still, playing host to the devil himself is pretty harmful, so who can blame Sabrina for wanting to get her boyfriend back?

Beyond that, there are a number of dangling plot threads. Father Blackwood has fled with his twins after attempting to wipe out the Church of Night, and it looks like Prudence and Ambrose will be teaming up to track him down and kill him. After all, there’s no better witch hunter than a witch. As for the Church of Night (or what’s left of it), Aunt Zelda has appointed herself High Priestess, and it’s suggested that they might rebrand as the Church of Lilith. There’s no longer a Dark Lord to worship, and with Blackwood’s rigid patriarchal influence gone the coven may well become dominated by witches rather than warlocks.

One thing’s for sure: the status quo has changed, and we’ll be looking at a new Greendale in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3 – for better or worse.

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Hannah Shaw-Williams

Every Riverdale Connection in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 2

Warning: Minor SPOILERS ahead

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 2 offers some fresh connections to its sister show over on The CW, Riverdale. While there’s no news of an actual crossover between the two shows yet, both Riverdale and Sabrina have waved to one another from afar and they appear to be set in the same universe – even if Sabrina’s side is a little more supernatural.

Both Riverdale and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina were created by Archie Comics CCO Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. They’re both lifted from the pages of Archie Comics, and are both distributed internationally by Netflix (though Riverdale episodes air on The CW first). Riverdale has referenced Sabrina’s home town of Greendale, with Archie and Jughead taking a nighttime road trip there in one particularly spooky season 2 episode. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has returned the favor, with season 1 dropping a reference to Riverdale High.

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In season 2 the connections are still in the realm of being Easter eggs rather than actual plot links, but they subtly sell the idea that The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Riverdale are part of the same universe. Here are the major nods to Archie’s world that we spotted.

There are many things about Sabrina’s world that are odd, not the least of which is the fact that Archie Comics exist in-universe. In The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 1, Sabrina was seen using a retro Archie Comics thermos flask, and in season 2 Afterlife With Archie comics are prominently displayed in Cerberus Books. Sabrina’s ex-boyfriend Harvey can be seen buying the comics for himself in episode 2. Afterlife With Archie is also written by Aguirre-Sacasa, and is set in an alternative reality version of Riverdale where Sabrina, Archie and the gang accidentally kick off a zombie apocalypse. Of course, one could question why a shop in Greendale has comics featuring fictional versions of teens who live in a nearby town, but it’s best not to overthink these things.

Sweetwater River played a prominent role in Riverdale season 1, as the fateful spot where Jason Blossom was found dead. Later that same season, Cheryl Blossom came close to joining her twin brother in Sweetwater River’s frozen waters. In The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 2, Sabrina and Ambrose pay their own visit to Sweetwater River (though we don’t actually see it) in an effort to build a golem, bring it to life, and then cast it into the river. The plan doesn’t actually work out, and only succeeds in getting Sabrina covered in mud. Still, at least no one drowned.

Speaking of the Blossoms, we get another taste of them in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 2 when Sabrina creates a doppelganger from a mandrake. In true Men in Black form, the first thing the impostor wants is lots and lots of sugar, so she asks Aunt Hilda to make her blueberry pancakes and then proceeds to drown them in syrup. It’s not just any syrup, though – it’s Blossom maple syrup, the liquid gold that made the Blossom family so wealthy… with a little help from an illicit drug operation. Let’s hope the Spellmans are only addicted to the syrup!

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The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 2 is now available on Netflix.

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Hannah Shaw-Williams

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Part 2 Review: Take A Walk On The Dark Side

The continuation of Netflix’s delightfully campy and surprisingly dark Chilling Adventures of Sabrina gets off to an entertaining start with ‘The Epiphany,’ a fast-paced re-entry into the twisted teen world of the Archie Comics character that’s been re-envisioned by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa into a progressive, modern, supernatural romp. It’s a welcome return for the teen witch, who got off to a strong start on Netflix in 2018, bringing a sensibility similar to that of The CW’s Riverdale, but with fewer unhinged storylines (which is saying something when Sabrina counts the Dark Lord himself as a recurring character). And this new 10-episode season (or Part 2, as Netflix is calling it) has a lot going for it — namely the fact that Sabrina’s secret double life is more or less out of the bag, making the choice she faces between the human and supernatural world weightier as it’s no longer competing with an unnecessary secret as far as the plot’s concerned. 

Instead, the continuing story of Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka) takes on a more familiar form as an overt metaphor for teenage rebellion as it travels the sometimes morally complicated road to maturity. That doesn’t mean Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has shed its identity as a campy teen drama filled with eccentric characters and splendidly arch performances — particularly those of Sabrina’s Aunt Zelda (Miranda Otto), her new principal, the demon Madam Satan, who is pretending to be Mary Wardwell (Michelle Gomez), and more recently, Father Faustus Blackwood (Richard Coyle). If anything, the attention Part 2 pays to its main character’s adolescent confusion affords the series an even greater opportunity to capitalize on the various elements that initially made the series work. 

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Part 1 was concerned with Sabrina’s choice to embrace her witch-y side and sign the Dark Lord’s book, Part 2 is largely about the followthrough and fallout of that fateful decision. But as the season points out early on, Sabrina’s choice is not nearly as black and white as it seems. And as the Dark Lord continues to scheme with Madam Satan with regard to the teen’s uncertain role in his grand plans, it appears Sabrina’s fate is far from decided, at least for now. That presents Aguirre-Sacasa and the show’s writers a number of attractive choices moving forward, as Sabrina gets her first taste of real power, faces real temptation, and, makes deliberately bad decisions because, well, that’s what teens do. 

What makes Chilling Adventures of Sabrina work is how readily — by virtue of its premise — it gives those choices much higher stakes, as they so easily imperil Sabrina’s mortal soul and the lives of Roz (Jaz Sinclair), Susie (Lachlan Watson), and her on again, off again salt-of-the-earth love interest, Harvey Kinkle (Ross Lynch). But Sabrina’s dark dealings aren’t the only source of drama around Greendale in Part 2. Love is in the air, which means while Sabrina’s exploring her feelings for Harvey, she’s also getting swept off her feet by the dashing young warlock Nicholas Scratch (Gavin Leatherwood). That love triangle is made more complicated by Harvey and Roz’s relationship intensifying beyond their mutual connection to Sabrina.

The teen soap opera-ness of it all is intensified through numerous aspects of the main narrative, as Sabrina’s first few days as a full-time student at the Academy of the Unseen Arts are spent speaking truth to power and challenging the patriarchal standards of the institution by competing with Nicholas for the position of Top Boy (which Sabrina renames Top Person). Her insubordination rankles Father Blackwood’s feathers, who goes to extreme lengths to see her fail. Witches and warlocks putting their knowledge to the test by concocting potions and conjuring demons hews a little too closely to another magic-based moppet attending a clandestine school studying the dark arts (one that also falls under the massive WarnerMedia umbrella), but Aguirre-Sacasa wisely pulls back on the throttle before going the full Goblet of Fire. 

Besides, Sabrina doesn’t need to hang on the coattails of any boy wizard; it has its own means of making its particular corner of the WarnerMedia content mill feel distinct and appealing. Much of that is wrapped up in Shipka’s take on Sabrina, who in Part 2 not only wrestles with the dramatic choices she’s asked to make, but actively revels in making some bad ones (like stealing a pack of gum). The character’s dichotomy and the breadth of Shipka’s performance makes the morality aspect of Part 2 as compelling as anything Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has done in its brief tenure. 

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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2 will stream on Netflix starting April 5.

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CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA Season 2 Trailer (NEW 2019) Netflix Series HD

CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA Season 2 Trailer (NEW 2019) Netflix Series HD
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10 Questions We Have After The ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Part 2’ Teaser

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is coming back to Netflix a lot faster than we expected. On April 5th, 2019, your favorite teen witch will start a whole new chapter of her young life. This news comes to us by way of the official CAOS Twitter page, which also gave us a tantalizing look at Season Two. The 45-second teaser trailer features all the horror and romance Sabrina fans love, but reveals next to nothing about the plot. In fact, it brings up more questions than it does answers. Which is why we’ve put together this list of 10 Questions We Have After The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Part 2 Teaser.

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10. Do Sabrina and Nick Get Together?

This question is almost a carry-over from the first season. Since fellow sorcerer Nicholas Scratch showed up in CAOS, fans have noticed romantic tension between him and Sabrina. Now, it’s confirmed that they’ll be locking lips at some point in the near future. But when, and why? We know that things are (temporarily) over with mortal Harvey Kinkle after the end of Season One, but will Nick step up as Sabrina’s new beau? Or are we just getting a glimpse of a steamy daydream from one of the pair? Nick doesn’t exactly show himself to be loyal in Season One, but with Harvey out of the picture, he may just take his shot at Sabrina. Now, speaking of Harvey…

9. Do Harvey and Roz Get Together?

Unlike a Sabrina/Nick kiss, this next topic absolutely will shock fans. At one point in the teaser trailer, we see Roz and Harvey look very intimately at each other, like they’re just about to kiss. This would be a completely new development in the world of Baxter High romance, since Roz and Harvey showed no sparks in the first season. It’s also shocking due to the nature of the characters, with Roz claiming to be Sabrina’s best friend and Harvey her true love. Whatever goes down between the two, it certainly won’t be fun for Sabrina. But enough about romance, let’s get down to the real questions…

8. Are There Werewolves in Greendale?

Just who is the owner of that wolf snout at the 0:35 mark of the teaser? We can probably assume it’s not Satan, since he’s got more of a goat thing going on. It could be a witch’s familiar, but those tend to look more like regular animals. To figure out the owner of those mystery fangs, we might have to rewind a few seconds. At just about the 0:23 mark, a massive full moon takes up the screen. Could that full moon have awoken a werewolf in the tiny town of Greendale? One of the horror comics published by Archie Comics is ‘Jughead: the Hunger’, which features our favorite hat-wearing goofball as part-man, part-beast. We probably won’t be seeing Jughead on Sabrina any time soon (or will we?), but that doesn’t mean another creature of the night can’t make its way to Baxter High.

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7. Is Madam Satan On A Date?

Speaking of monsters, one of the best Sabrina characters to come out of Season One was Madam Satan. Posing as Sabrina’s teacher, Madam Satan manipulated, plotted and even killed to make sure Sabrina fell into the clutches of her master, the Devil. It’s a little weird, then, to see her in the Season Two trailer involved in what looks like a romantic evening with someone else. There are two chairs set at a candlelit dinner, with roses in the middle of the table. Doesn’t this seem a little out of character for Lilith? Sure, she’s used the art of seduction before. But that’s usually just to manipulate Sabrina’s principal or, you know, eat a kid. the circumstances of this shot leave a lot unanswered. One thing’s for sure though, the evening probably did not go well for the person at the other end of that table…

6. Who is Ambrose Summoning?

Can’t anyone on Sabrina just use a cell phone? The first season was full of the characters using spells, magic boxes, and even ritual sacrifice to call up spirits. Well, it looks like we’ll get more summoning in this season. At the second 23 second mark, cousin Ambrose is blowing a horn into the night sky, presumably not to play the blues. He’s surrounded by candles and the horn itself looks ancient and powerful. Who could this display of magic be meant to call? Whoever it is better get there fast; Ambrose definitely doesn’t look like he’s doing this for fun.

5. Is Hilda Back In The Church of Night?

For helping Sabrina’s mother give her a Christian baptism, Aunt Hilda was excommunicated from her family’s Satanic church. However, we might see her back in the fold by Season 2. Rocking an awesome leopard print outfit, Hilda can be seen at the 0:31 second mark surrounded by her family and Nick Scratch. They seem to be celebrating, including her devout sister Zelda. Does this mean Hilda has done something to win back the favor of Father Blackwood, High Priest of the Church? If so, it probably wasn’t something too heroic. Father Blackwood is corrupt and manipulative. Getting his approval to return to the church could mean Hilda’s done something…well, less innocent than baptizing a baby.

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4. Has Someone Died At Baxter High?

That’s a lot of blood at the 30 second mark of the trailer. Whatever poor janitor got the job to clean it up is probably considering his/her retirement options right now. Especially since whatever lead to all the blood being on the floor doesn’t typically happen at Baxter High. But what did happen to the floor at Sabrina’s old school? It certainly doesn’t look like a wound someone walked away from. And why are Sabrina and her pal Suzy just standing there, looking forlorn, depressed, maybe even a bit…guilty? Perhaps it’s too much speculating to say that Suzy or Sabrina had anything to do with the blood, but whoever’s fault it is should feel a bit guilty, They have definitely ruined one of the school’s mops.

3. What’s the Dark Lord’s Plan For Sabrina?

Satan tried his damnedest (puns!) to get Sabrina on his team in her first outing. Judging by that last whisper in the teaser, he’s still trying to use the powerful young witch to do his bidding. But what we still don’t know is: why? We know Sabrina’s special because of her half-mortal side, but what about that makes her power greater than that of other witches? And how will the Dark Lord use this power, if he does ever get the chance to completely control Sabrina Spellman? This may be the core question of the series, so don’t bet on a complete answer in the next season. Gotta keep some mysteries unanswered, right?

2. Why Is Sabrina Burning Down Baxter High?

Now that we’re talking about Satan’s plans, let’s get into one of the ways Sabrina seems to be accomplishing them in the teaser. Near the end, we see the floor of Baxter High covered in a thin liquid, with a can of gasoline at Sabrina’s side. She lights a match, hears the command of the Beast, and suddenly our screens cut to the title. Why would Sabrina be committing arson? Even if Harvey and Roz are getting together, Sabrina still cares about them, and the other students at Baxter High. Plus, she’s not really the arsonist type. And most importantly, why would someone use gasoline and a match to destroy a building when she could just use magic? I mean, it’s one thing to waste the mystical gifts bestowed upon you by an unfathomable evil. It’s another thing to forget how much gas costs.

1. Who Is After Sabrina?

Almost all of Sabrina’s troubles in the first season began when she wouldn’t sign her name in the Book of the Beast. Satan and his lackeys, Father Blackwood and Madam Satan, made her life hell until, eventually, she signed up. But as we can see from this teaser, Sabrina’s not out of enemies. Did you see those bats coming at her at the 0:25 mark? Whoever sent them clearly doesn’t wish her well. But who could that be? She’s given the Devil his due, fulfilled what Blackwood and Madam Satan wanted for her, and she even found herself on better terms with the Weird Sisters. After all that, who would still want to harm Baxter High’s favorite sorcerer?

Guess we’ll have to wait until next spring to see.

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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 2 Casting The Dark Lord

The Dark Lord will rise in season 2 of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, with casting reportedly underway. The Netflix series, based on the Archie Comics title of the same name, released its first season just before Halloween. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who also wrote the source material and serves as showrunner on fellow Archie adaptation Riverdale, adapted the series. Netflix displayed huge confidence in the show, renewing it for a second season before season 1 even aired, and announcing a holiday special for December. Fortunately, critics and fans alike praised the show for its more macabre take on the teenage witch’s exploits.

Season 1 concluded in dramatic fashion, with the titular character finally succumbing to the machinations of those who would deliver her into The Dark Lord’s thrall. After spending the season waging war against The Dark Lord and his Path of Night, Sabrina signed her name in The Book of the Beast in order to save the town of Greendale. Seemingly embracing her witch heritage and full power, Sabrina left her mortal life and friends behind. Kiernan Shipka, who plays Sabrina, however, revealed that things might not be as they seemed. Whatever the case may be, filming is underway on season 2, with Alexis Denisof joining the cast.

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Revealed exclusively via That Hashtag Show, the cast will soon grow even further to include a new incarnation of The Dark Lord. The production team is apparently looking for a man of any ethnicity. Although the casting call seeks actors between the ages of 20 and 40, they are ultimately looking for someone with an ageless quality befitting the infamous fallen angel. Listed as Lucifer Morningstar, he’s described as being “attractive, sophisticated and devilishly charming.”

The character is set to appear only as a guest star, but will reportedly have a significant storyline, as he continues to seduce and corrupt Sabrina in his efforts to make her his queen. McKenna Grace will also be joining the cast, as a younger version of Sabrina. As will Jedidiah Goodacre, who’s set to play a version of Oscar Wilde’s classic literary character Dorian Gray. The rest of the regular cast, including Ross Lynch, Michelle Gomez, and Miranda Otto are also set to return.

A more prominent appearance of The Dark Lord on the show was inevitable. He is, after all, the ultimate Big Bad ,and around whom all the lingering mysteries and conflicts orbit. The fact he’s appearing so soon, however, is surprising. Until now, the show seemed content on a slow-burn approach, with very few of the questions posed by season 1 coming even close to being answered. The character was seen in goat-headed form throughout the first season. For season 2, however, Sabrina’s nemesis will be assuming his human form. It’s a wise decision, allowing the show to inject some personality into the character. Then again, it could be an attempt to distance itself from the lawsuit regarding the imagery of Baphomet.

Though Shipka insists that Sabrina fights for good and maintains a plan to defeat The Dark Lord, a recent trailer implies she will immerse herself even further in the witchcraft and debauchery that permeates The Academy of Unseen Arts. That internal struggle will only intensify when she finally comes face to face with her nemesis. The story potential for the character also extends beyond Sabrina herself. The Dark Lord’s arrival would serve to twist even more knots into the romantic entanglements of many characters. Also, based on the source material, it could mean fans may finally get their wish for more backstory (and even a word or two) from Salem the cat.

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The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will return to Netflix for a holiday special, “A Midwinter’s Tale”, on December 14th. Whilst Part 2 will drop in its entirety on April 5, 2019.

Source: That Hashtag Show

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