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Steve Carell portrayed Michael Scott on The Office but the character was nearly played by Bob Odenkirk instead. Despite leaving the sitcom in the show’s seventh season, Carell is still considered the face of the series. The Office could have been a lot different if it wasn’t for last-minute casting changes.

The Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch was the central character of The Office. Carell played the character from 2005 until he left the series in 2010 to focus on his movie career. He perfectly embodied the character of Michael during his stint on the award-winning comedy. It’s hard to imagine the incompetent, yet hilarious, boss being played by anyone else, but that was almost a reality.

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The characters in The Office were an adaption of the original British version of the series. Paul Giamatti was actually suggested for the role of Michael Scott but the actor declined the audition. Other names that were interested included Hank Azaria, Martin Short, and Bob Odenkirk. Carell was considered for the role but his availability hindered his chance so Odenkirk was chosen to play Michael.

Odenkirk was a member of the cast when the series was presented to NBC. When The Office was being cast, Carell had interest but he was already committed to star in another NBC series, Come to Papa. The sitcom only aired four episodes before being canceled which opened up Carell’s availability. He quickly jumped back on to the Michael role. Carell had never seen the British version of The Office but that actually helped him acquire the role as the writers didn’t want him to be a carbon copy of Ricky Gervais’ David Brent.

Odenkirk may have lost out on the lead role but that wouldn’t be the end of his relationship with The Office. In the sixteenth episode of the final season, Odenkirk appeared in a small role that poked fun at his short stint as the manager. The episode, titled “Moving On,” featured Pam (Jenna Fischer) interviewing for a job in Philadelphia so she could possibly be closer to Jim (John Krasinski). The boss that she interviewed with was played by Odenkirk and his demeanor gave Pam total deja-vu. The character, Mark, was a carbon-copy of Michael Scott as they had the same sense of humor and behavior.

It’s tough to say whether or not Odenkirk would have had as much success as Carell if he stayed on with The Office. The casting change certainly didn’t hurt Odenkirk’s career in any way. If Odenkirk would have kept his role as Michael, he wouldn’t have been available to play Saul Goodman on Breaking Bad, meaning the actor also would have never received the spinoff series, Better Call Saul. It seems like both Carell and Odenkirk (and their fans) benefited from the Michael Scott casting decision in the long run.

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Spider-Man: Far From Home Almost Had Donald Glover Cameo

Spider-Man: Far From Home nearly had a cameo appearance from Donald Glover as Aaron Davis. Glover had a small supporting role in Spider-Man: Homecoming, whose petty criminal was seen buying weapons stolen by Michael Keaton’s Vulture, and later gave Peter some information after a none-too-impressive attempt at interrogation, despite failing to find him in any way intimidating.

Aaron Davis is a character taken from the Ultimate universe of Marvel comics who becomes its version of the Prowler, a skilled cat burglar armed with a battle suit and gauntlets capable of firing shock waves. In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Davies had yet to adopt the supervillain mantle, although his attempt to purchase high tech weaponry suggests he was on his way there. Also, a mention of his nephew was a reference to Miles Morales, which confirmed the existence of the future Ultimate Spider-Man within the world of the film. A different version of Davis was featured far more prominently as a villain in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, seeing him fully formed as the Prowler and an employee of the Kingpin.

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The story of Glover’s potential involvement came from THR, relayed during an interview with Spider-Man: Far From Home writers Chris McKenna and Eric Sommars, revealing that the idea was one of several bandied about that never made it into the final film. They both loved the character and wanted to bring him back, but after the story’s development ended up taking Peter and his classmates to Europe so quickly, the idea was dropped since it simply didn’t fit anywhere. McKenna lamented, “Some ideas you just have to give up.

Glover has further history with Spider-Man beyond the MCU/Sony outing, having previously voiced Miles Morales in a couple episodes of season 3 of the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series. He appeared as part of a multi-episode arc that saw Norman Osborn travel across the multiverse to gather DNA samples from the various Spider-People to transform himself into the formidable Spider-Goblin.

Although the capacity in which Glover would have appeared was not specified, it’s likely that it would have been something like a brief scene seeing Peter clashing with Davies as the Prowler, possibly foiling a robbery that the latter was in the middle of committing. His presence is potentially an important one, as it’s likely through him that Miles Morales would be introduced into the world of the films, and from there the use of multiple Spider-People like those seen in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Even though it would have been nice to see him again in Spider-Man: Far From Home, as the film stands there really wasn’t the space to include him without it seeming forced, and the decision to leave him out was probably the right one in the end.

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25 Disney And DreamWorks Voice Actors That Look (Almost) Exactly Like Their Characters

Movies are no doubt a profitable form of entertainment, but animated films often hold a special place in people’s hearts. Most of the time, animated movies cater to younger and family-friendly audiences, much like Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks have done with their movies.

Each of these companies have had some incredibly successful films over the years, but Disney is, of course, the leader when it comes to beloved animated movies. These movies obviously have talented writers and animators working on the projects, but the movie studios also have to hire actors to give the animated characters a voice.

With the money that Disney is able to throw around, they have been able to hire some high profile celebrities to provide voices for their characters over the years. DreamWorks Studios is relatively new compared to Disney, but they have also been able to hire some famous actors and actress to bring characters to life.

Sometimes the voice actors behind characters look nothing like you might imagine, but there are plenty of examples of voice actors who look just like the characters they voice. Here are 25 Disney And DreamWorks Voice Actors That Look (Almost) Exactly Like Their Characters.

25 Kathryn Beaumont: Alice

Kathryn Beaumont is an actress who is most known for her roles in the 1951 film Alice in Wonderland and the 1953 Peter Pan. Not only did Beaumont voice Alice and Wendy in their respective films, but she was also the real-life reference that was used to create the animated films.

Because of this, the animators made Alice look just like Beaumont and did the same thing with Wendy a few years later. Obviously, Alice and Wendy couldn’t look identical, but both characters closely resemble their real-life voice actress.

24 Rowan Atkinson: Zazu

When The Lion King hit theaters in 1994, the film had a star-studded cast. The Oscar-winning film had several talented voice actors such as Matthew Broderick, Moira Kelly, Jeremy Irons, and of course James Earl Jones. The film also featured Rowan Atkinson as the red-billed hornbill Zazu.

One wouldn’t think that a bird could look almost identical to a human, but Zazu looks just like Rowan Atkinson. It’s mainly Zazu’s bushy eyebrows that resemble Atkinson, but some of his facial features also closely resemble Atkinson’s.

23 Jennifer Saunders: Fairy Godmother

Over the years, DreamWorks has gotten several big named celebrities to voice characters in their Shrek films. Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, Julie Andrews, and Antonio Banderas are some of the most famous actors attached to the series, but Jennifer Saunders also had a role in Shrek 2.

Saunders is most known for her role of Edina in Absolutely Fabulous, but she also played the Fairy Godmother in Shrek 2. Saunders’ hair looks a bit different than the Fairy Godmother’s, but the rest of her facial features are pretty much identical to Saunders.

22 Eleanor Audley: Lady Tremaine And Maleficent

Eleanor Audley has an acting career dating all the way back to the 1940s, but she is most known for her Disney roles. In Sleeping Beauty she played Maleficent and in Cinderella she played Lady Tremaine. Both characters were villains in the films and both characters looked very similar to their voice actor.

Much like the case with Kathryn Beaumont, Audley was a live-action model for the characters, which meant the animators made Maleficent and Lady Tremaine look just like her. Maleficent’s facial features are a bit more exaggerated to set her apart from Lady Tremaine, but both look like Audley.

21 Wayne Knight: Al McWhiggin

Toy Story was a big achievement for Pixar when it was released in 1995, so it wasn’t much of a surprise when Toy Story 2 was released in 1999. Much like the first film, the sequel had a human villain, this time in the form of a toy collector who steals Woody.

The character’s name was Al McWhiggin, who looks strikingly similar to his voice actor Wayne Knight. Most people will also remember Knight from his role of Nedry in the first Jurassic Park, but he played an equally vile role in Toy Story 2.

20 Ed Asner: Carl Fredericksen

One of the most tear-jerking scenes in Disney’s history is the opening montage of Up with Carl and Ellie. Actor Edward Asner was the voice behind Carl Fredricksen, but the character also seemed to be designed after him.

On any regular day, Asner looks just like Fredericksen, but Asner also occasionally wears glasses like the ones featured above that look like Carl’s. Up ended up winning two Academy Awards including Best Animated Feature Film of the Year and it’s hard to imagine what the film would have been like without Asner.

19 Zachary Levi: Flynn Rider

Zachary Levi was plunged into the spotlight when he starred on Chuck from 2007 to 2012, but his career has only gotten bigger since then. Levi has played roles in both the Marvel Cinematic universe and the DC Extended Universe by playing Fandral in Thor: The Dark World and Shazam in Shazam!.

Levi also played a character in Tangled named Flynn Rider, who actually looks a lot like Levi himself. Flynn Rider was based on the prince from the Brothers Grimm fairy tale and ends up being a love interest to Rapunzel.

18 Irene Bedard: Pocahontas

Irene Bedard has played many Native American characters in her career, but her most famous role is Pocahontas in the 1995 movie of the same name. Bedard has been a part of many projects since then, but she returned to the role of Pocahontas several times, most notably in 1998 for Pocahontas 2: Journey to a New World and in 2018 for Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Since Bedard is a Native American herself, it only made sense to base Pocahontas off of what Bedard looked like, and that seems to be exactly what Disney did.

17 Danny DeVito: Philoctetes

Danny DeVito is one actor on this list who has had a very diverse acting career. He starred as the Penguin in the 1992 film Batman Returns, played Mr. Wormwood in Matilda, and of course plays Frank Reynolds on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. DeVito also has a Disney title under his belt since he voiced Philoctetes in the 1997 film Hercules.

Philoctetes, or Phil, is a half-human half-goat, who actually bears some resemblance to DeVito. Some may take offense to being compared to Phil from Hercules, but over the years DeVito’s roles have seemed to embrace his physical characteristics, especially his height.

16 Jane Lynch: Sergeant Calhoun

Jane Lynch may be mostly known for Glee, but she has also dipped her toes into Disney territory. In 2012, Jane Lynch voiced the character Sergeant Calhoun, who was a battle-hardened warrior from the fictional game Hero’s Duty. Despite her strict and authoritative behavior, she falls in love and eventually marries Fix-It Felix Jr.

Sergeant Calhoun returned for the 2018 film Ralph Breaks the Internet, but her appearance remained mostly the same. Lynch has mostly done comedic roles in her career, but this action character was made to look just like her.

15 Anika Noni Rose: Princess Tiana

One of the more recent Disney princesses is Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. In the film, Tiana is an aspiring chef who wants to start her own restaurant, but also has to turn herself back into a human after she transforms into a frog.

Anika Noni Rose, who is known for her role as Lorrell Robinson in Dreamgirls, provided the voice of Tiana in 2009, but also returned to the character in 2018 for Ralph Breaks the Internet. The character looks a lot like Anika Noni Rose, so it’s likely that Disney just based the character around what the actress looked like.

14 Jack McBrayer: Fix-It Felix Jr.

Jack McBrayer is one of the people on this list that has a very distinct voice. McBrayer had a starring role on 30 Rock, but he also voiced the character Fix-It Felix Jr. in Wreck-It Ralph.

If just hearing Felix’s voice wasn’t enough to reveal Jack McBrayer as the voice actor, then the look of Felix certainly should have because Felix looks just like Jack McBrayer. The character has the same hairstyle as the voice actor, but his eyebrows, eyes, and other facial features also closely resemble McBrayer.

13 Phyllis Smith: Sadness

One of Phyllis Smith’s earliest roles was that of Phyllis Vance on the hit sitcom The Office. Smith is most known for that role, but she also voiced one of the emotions in Inside Out. Smith landed the role of Sadness in the Disney Pixar film in 2015.

Sadness is completely blue in appearance, but obviously, Smith isn’t blue in real life! Instead, the similarities once again come in the facial features for the character. Smith may not look exactly like Sadness, but she surely resembles her character more than any of the other voice actors in Inside Out do.

12 Christopher Plummer: Charles Muntz

Charles F. Muntz was a famous explorer that Carl Fredricksen and his wife Ellie admired in the movie Up. The man was a role model as they were growing up, but Carl found the unfortunate truth about the explorer near the middle to end of the film.

Muntz traveled to South America in search of a living specimen of a tropical bird, but his goals ended up being a lot more sinister than people has previously thought. Muntz was voiced by Christopher Plummer, who was the clear inspiration behind the look of Up’s antagonist.

11 Bobby Driscoll: Peter Pan

One of Disney’s many successful movies was the 1953 Peter Pan. People have tried to duplicate the success of the character Peter Pan over the years, including the movie Peter Pan in 2003 and Pan in 2015, but nothing has come close to the beloved Disney Classic.

Actor Bobby Driscoll provided the voice of Peter Pan, but the character also looks a lot like the voice actor. The reason behind this is because Driscoll was used as a reference model for the character, meaning the animators purposefully made Peter Pan look like Bobby Driscoll.

10 Jay Baruchel: Hiccup

The How to Train Your Dragon series started in 2010 with Jay Baruchel voicing the role of a young Viking named Hiccup. The final film in the series, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, was released this year. The animation certainly improved in the two sequels, but Hiccup also grew up since the movies span several years.

While many people joke that the three stages of Hiccup look like the three stages of Jim from The Office, many people would also agree that the character looks a lot like the voice actor Jay Baruchel.

9 Anthony Gonzalez: Miguel

Anthony Gonzalez didn’t have many acting credits before he voiced Miguel in Coco. Gonzalez appeared on the TV shows Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, The Bridge, and in the short films Imagination of Young and Icebox. Needless to say, his role as the voice of a Disney character was considered his break out role.

Coco heavily focused on Mexican culture and was highly praised by fans and critics. Coco had many characters like Héctor, Ernesto de la Cruz , and Mamá Imelda, but the animators no doubt made Miguel look like Gonzalez.

8 Auli’i Cravalho: Moana

Moana was yet another Academy Award-winning movie whose main character looked like its voice actor. Some people may say that Dwayne Johnson looks like the Demigod Maui, but more people would likely agree that Moana looks like Auli’i Cravalho.

Cravalho’s very first acting gig was the voice of a Disney princess, so the actress was thrown into the starlight since the beginning of her acting career. Cravalho is an 18-year-old Hawaiian Native, so it only makes sense that Disney would make her character look similar to her.

7 Kristen Bell: Anna

While Idina Menzel’s Elsa would be considered the main character in 2013’s Frozen, Kristen Bell’s character still played a big role in the film. Bell played the character Anna, who was the sister of Elsa. Anna was a special character because she was one Disney character who didn’t immediately fall in love with her love interest, in this case, Hans.

Bell honestly looks a lot like Anna, but she also looks similar to Elsa as well. Bell looks more like Elsa than Menzel does, but then again, maybe it is just her blonde hair.

6 Ming-Na Wen: Mulan

Mulan was one of the later movies to come out in the 90s, 1998 to be exact. The movie was about a young woman who enlisted in the army as a man so that her father didn’t have to. Mulan had some big named actors as voice actors including George Takei, Eddie Murphy, and Pat Morita.

Ming-Na Wen had been in several projects prior to 1998, but today she is most known for voicing the Disney princess and her role on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as Melinda May. Yifei Liu will be playing Mulan in Disney’s 2020 live-action remake of Mulan, but Ming-Na Wen also resembled the famous character.

5 John Goodman: Pacha

From starring in movies like 10 Cloverfield Lane, Barton Fink, and Argo, John Goodman has become a well-known actor in Hollywood. Goodman has also collaborated with Disney on a few occasions including in 2000 for The Emperor’s New Groove and again in 2001 for Monsters, Inc.

While it would be rude to compare John Goodman to Sully’s monstrous appearance, he does strike a resemblance to his character in The Emperor’s New Groove. Pacha was a llama herder who had a pivotal role in the first movie, and also returned for Kronk’s New Groove and The Emperor’s New School.

4 Ilene Woods: Cinderella

As legendary as the movie Cinderella has become, it is a bit of a surprise that Ilene Woods didn’t become a more famous actress. Woods only acted in On Stage Everybody and Cinderella, but she is most known for singing the now-famous songs from Cinderella.

While Woods didn’t show her face a lot on the big screen, some can still draw comparisons between her and her Disney character. The resemblance might not be as striking as other actors on this list, but a young Woods no doubt looked like Cinderella.

3 Ed Wynn: The Mad Hatter

Isaiah Edwin Leopold, a.k.a. Ed Wynn, was a famous actor and comedian who worked from 1903 and 1966. Wynn hosted a radio show in the 1930s, before moving on to movies and TV shows. Wynn is remembered fondly for several of his projects, but his two most famous roles came from Disney movies.

In 1964, Wynn played Uncle Albert in Mary Poppins, but before that, he voiced the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland. Given the appearance of the Mad Hatter compared to the image of Wynn above, it becomes apparent that the character was clearly inspired by Wynn himself.

2 Adriana Caselotti: Snow White

Adriana Caselotti was an American actress who is most known today as providing the voice of Snow White in the 1937 film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Caselotti began her acting career two years earlier in the 1935 film Naughty Marietta. More than 80 years after her voice was heard in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, her songs are still instantly recognizable.

That being said, Caselotti herself also looks quite a bit like Snow White. Her acting career didn’t flourish like others on this list, but at least her voice and image will live on forever as a Disney legend.

1 Emperor Of China: Pat Morita

When people think of Pat Morita, most will think of his role in The Karate Kid series as Mr. Miyagi. The film trilogy lasted for five years from 1984 to 1989, but his second most memorable role came in 1998. As most Disney fans know, Morita voiced The Emperor of China in Mulan.

Many people recognized Morita’s voice in the ‘90s, but the Emperor himself also looked like the actor. The match isn’t perfect and Morita never grew out his beard as long as the Emperor, but the similarities are still there.

Are there any other voice actors that look like their characters? Sound off in the comments!

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Shazam’s Secret Cameo Was Almost a Different DCEU Actor

SPOILERS for Shazam! ahead.

Shazam! director David F. Sandberg says Henry Cavill was originally meant to reprise his role as Superman in the film, but things didn’t work out. The latest addition to the DC Extended Universe, Shazam! is already a critical success on its way to turning a tidy profit at the box office. It’s all the more impressive an accomplishment when you consider that, just a year or so ago, the titular superhero was a relatively obscure character compared to the DCEU’s other solo headliners up to this point (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman),

Speaking of the Man of Steel – he and Shazam! have a long and sometimes tumultuous history in the world of comic books, going back to Shazam!’s time as Fawcett Publications’ answer to Superman (then the mascot of National Comics) in the late 1930s and early ’40s. That connection only helped to fuel the longstanding rumors about Superman having a cameo in the Shazam! movie, with either Cavill or someone else playing the role. While the character was ultimately brought to life by Shazam! star Zachary Levi’s stunt double in the film, that wasn’t always the plan.

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Sandberg confirmed that Superman’s cameo was alway part of Shazam!‘s screenplay during our interview with him, adding that the Man of Steel “was definitely something we wanted to have in there”. In a separate interview with Inverse, the director added that Cavill was originally supposed to reprise his DCEU role as the character, but was “unavailable” when the crew was filming the scene in question at a real school in Toronto (which was on-holiday at the time).

As a refresher: Shazam! concludes with Billy Batson (Asher Angel) showing up transformed into Shazam! and finally making good on his promise to sit next to his foster brother Freddy (Jack Dylan Grazer) at school during lunch. However, when he does, he’s accompanied by another “friend” in the form of Superman, who’s only shown from the neck down to hide the fact that he isn’t Cavill. Speaking to Inverse, Sandberg explained that Cavill’s Superman was originally going to sit down and talk to Freddy, but that portion of the sequence was dropped when Cavill couldn’t make the shoot. And while he admitted he was worried at first that the cameo would feel “cheap” and leave people feeling “cheated” without Cavill, he felt much better once he saw the scene all cut together during post-production:

“It just made us laugh. You see Freddy’s reaction, and a hard cut to credits, and it’s just funny. It turned out better than what it was originally where he sat down and had a little chat.”

While a number of DCEU fans would’ve no doubt loved to see Cavill back in his blue-and-red Kryptonian suit, Superman’s Shazam! cameo arguably plays better the way it’s presented in the final movie. Like Sandberg pointed out, Freddy’s reaction to seeing Superman is a great punchline to cut to the credits from, and that wouldn’t have been the case had the scene carried on beyond that. Moreover, the final shot really encapsulates the movie’s theme about the awe and wonder that superheroes inspire for kids in the DCEU (and, by proxy, that these characters have for people in the real world). It’s a good example of how, sometimes, less really can be more effective, and serves to illustrate how the DCEU can continue to use Superman in the future, whether Cavill returns to play him again or not.

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10 Actors Almost Cast In New Star Wars Trilogy

Fans are still eagerly anticipating the first trailer for the still unnamed Star Wars: Episode IX. J.J. Abrams, who kick-started this new trilogy with The Force Awakens, will return to helm the final installment in what might be the end of the Skywalker saga.

While The Last Jedi divided some fans, this is still one of the most exciting franchises around and the new trilogy has been a welcome return to the galaxy far, far away. But as we get ready to say goodbye (for now at least) to some of our new favorite characters, it’s a good time to look back on the actors who were almost cast in the latest trilogy. While the new cast seems pretty perfect, it’s fun to imagine what these other actors would have brought to the roles. Here are a few of the famous faces who almost starred in the new Star Wars trilogy.

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10 Evangeline Lilly

The Force Awakens not only marked Star Wars‘ triumphant return to the big screen, but it was also the first time George Lucas would not be involved in the franchise. J.J. Abrams was chosen as the man to take over the beloved series and you can bet as soon as the news was announced, every actor who ever worked with him was calling looking for a part.

One such actor was Evangeline Lilly, who had worked with Abrams on Lost. Lilly fully admits to asking for a part in the new trilogy. Unfortunately, Lilly seemed to think the new film would be a reboot as she wanted to be the new Princess Leia. Abrams had to set her straight, letting her know they already had the perfect Leia.

9 Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan is one of the most sought-after actors working today. Along with being a part of the MCU with his acclaimed role in Black Panther, Jordan has been linked to just about every franchise out there. But when he was still relatively up-and-coming, he auditioned for a role in The Force Awakens.

It sounds as though Jordan was brought in early in the process while the filmmakers were still trying to figure out what they wanted. It’s safe to bet he was up for either Finn or Poe Dameron.

8 Sam Witwer

One of the great things about Star Wars being around for so long is that now people are being cast in the new film who actually grew up watching the original trilogy and becoming die-hard fans like the rest of us. One such super-fan is Sam Witwer.

Witwer has actually been involved in the franchise on the animated level, providing the voice of Darth Maul in The Clone Wars, but almost had a chance at joining the live-action films. Witwer was asked to audition for a role, but sadly, after Michael Arndt’s script was thrown out, the role no longer existed.

7 Elizabeth Olsen

To be a member of one of the biggest franchises around must be quite a thrill, but to have the chance to be involved in two is almost too much to handle. That was the case with Elizabeth Olsen who found herself up for the role of Rey after being cast as Wanda Maximoff in the MCU.

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In the end, the MCU came first and Olsen declined to audition for Star Wars. As awesome as it would be for an actor, it seems pretty impossible to juggle two massive franchises like these.

6 Jesse Plemons

Jesse Plemons might not be a household name but he has proven to be one of the best character actors working today. Plemons has displayed outstanding range, from intense dramas like Breaking Bad to hilarious comedies like Game Night.

Plemons was among the many young actors who were asked to audition for The Force Awakens, but it didn’t feel like the right fit for him. The actor explains his discomfort with being kept in the dark about the movie and admits he couldn’t take himself seriously wielding a lightsaber. Some people just aren’t cut out to be a Jedi.

5 Michael Fassbender

Though Michael Fassbender has focused much of his career on smaller films, his role in the X-Men films has shown he can play in the big budget world as well as anyone. It’s no surprise then that he was approached to join The Force Awakens in an undisclosed role.

Fassbender confirms that he had discussions about the film but scheduling conflicts got in the way. While many have speculated that Fassbender was up for the Kylo Ren role, he seems a bit old for that part. It could be the role in question was Resistance pilot Poe Dameron.

4 Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix is an actor who has largely avoided appearing in the big budget films that are commonplace in the cinemas these days. Phoenix has chosen to work in smaller films with filmmakers like Gus Van Sant, Paul Thomas Anderson, and Spike Jonze. However, he has been pursued by some of the biggest franchises, including Star Wars.

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Phoenix was considered for the part of DJ in The Last Jedi, a role that was ultimately played by Benecio Del Toro. While the small role seems like it could have suited Phoenix nicely, he decided to pass on it in the end.

3 Gary Oldman

Back when George Lucas was finishing up his prequel trilogy, Gary Oldman was nearly cast as the voice of General Grievous in Revenge of the Sith. SAG regulations meant that Oldman had to pull out of the role, but he then went on to star in other huge franchises like Harry Potter and Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

Oldman actually had a second chance to join the Star Wars universe when the new trilogy came around. At the time, Oldman was hesitant to get too excited as the deal wasn’t done, and as it turned out, it was not meant to be.

2 Saorsie Ronan

Saorsie Ronan has had an amazing career for such a young actress. At just 24 years of age, Ronan has been nominated for three Oscars and is poised to be one of the best actors of her generation. It’s no surprise that Abrams and company wanted her in their new trilogy.

Ronan publicly confirmed she did have an audition for the film and even mentioned playing with a lightsaber in the audition. However, Ronan later revealed she didn’t get the part and theorizes her speaking publicly about it might have cost her the role. To be fair, that’s a hard thing to keep to yourself.

1 Eddie Redmayne

To get the chance to audition for Star Wars is probably a pretty big deal for most actors. This is likely the kind of role they dream of getting as a child. Imagine if you had the chance to be in an iconic franchise like this, but then you totally blew your shot.

Sadly, that seems to be what happened to Eddie Redmayne. He explains, “With films that top secret, they don’t give you the actual lines. So they give you a scene from ‘Pride and Prejudice,’ but then they tell you you’re auditioning for the baddie. If you’re me, you then put some ridiculous voice on.” Given his performance in Jupiter Ascending, maybe Redmayne should stay away from the sci-fi world.

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10 Actors Almost Cast In The Original Star Wars Trilogy

The original Star Wars trilogy remains one of the most culturally influential franchises in film history, making icons out of its stars like Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher. And while it’s hard to imagine any other actors in their roles, we came very close to having a much different looking Star Wars cast.

Before cameras even started rolling, George Lucas searched for the perfect Han Solo, Princess Leia and other soon-to-be famous characters. Many famous faces were considered but things didn’t pan out for one reason or another. While we’re thrilled with the cast we eventually got, it’s fun to look back and imagine what might have been. Check out some of the famous actors who were almost cast in the original Star Wars trilogy.

9 Sylvester Stallone

As beloved as Star Wars is now, it’s easy to forget that the idea probably sounded pretty “out there” for the actors at the time. Space movies were not exactly the most prestigious of cinema at the time and many actors had a hard time wrapping their heads around this bizarre world.

One such actor was Sylvester Stallone who auditioned for Han Solo. By his own admission, Stallone was all wrong for the part. He recalls telling Lucas in the audition, “Let me just make it easy for you. I would look like crap in spandex leotards and a ray gun. Guys in space don’t have this face, I get it.”

8 Glynn Turman

Glynn Turman might not be a household name but he has been a solid character actor for a number of decades. He has appeared in such films as Gremlins, Cooley High and recently Bumblebee, and had a memorable role in The Wire. However, it’s hard not to imagine how drastically Turman’s career would have changed if he was cast as Han Solo.

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Though Turnman was apparently a real contender for the role, when he saw the film he did realize which role he auditioned for. He explains, “I didn’t see up there on the screen what part I was [auditioning] for. So to me, I said, ‘Oh, they cut the part of the black guy out.’ I had no idea that it was for the part of Han Solo.”

7 Kurt Russell

Thanks to the magic of the internet, you can now actually find some of those early Star Wars auditions on Youtube. It’s a lot of fun to see Ford and Hamill vying for the roles that would make them famous, as well as seeing some of the actors who didn’t get the part.

Among those classic audition tapes, you can find a young Kurt Russell reading for the film. Apparently, Russell was up for both the Luke Skywalker role as well as the Han Solo role. While he didn’t get either part, he gave a solid audition. It’s no surprise he managed to build a huge career even without Star Wars.

6 Amy Irving

Many film fans will know about Star Wars unique casting process. As the story goes, George Lucas held joint auditions alongside his director friend Brian De Palma who was prepping his film Carrie. One Hollywood legend goes that Sissy Spacek was offered the role of Princess Leia while Carrie Fisher was offered the title role in Carrie.

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Fisher herself has denied these rumors, but there was apparently one Carrie actor who came close to nabbing the Leia role. Amy Irving, who played nice girl Sue in De Palma’s film was apparently the actress the two directors fought over the most.6. Nick Nolte

Despite the outlandish nature of the film, Star Wars was a film of some interest for some of Hollywood’s biggest names of the day. That was especially true of the Han Solo role. The dry-witted and rougish space smuggler was rumored to have circled a number of famous actors.

Nick Nolte confirms he was up for the role, but like Stallone, admits he was poorly suited, simply stating, “I’d have been kind of a goofy ‘Star Wars guy.” It seems all these years later, Nolte had a change of heart as he’ll join the Star Wars universe in the upcoming The Mandalorian.

5 Yaphet Kotto

While turning down the chance to be in A New Hope can be somewhat understandable given the uncertainty of such a strange film, to turn down the subsequent sequels is a different story. But that’s just what actor Yaphet Kotto did when Empire Strikes Back director Irvin Kershner offered him the role of Lando Calrissian.

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Kotto was just coming off his role in Alien and felt that doing another space movie might lead to him being typecast. To his credit, he built a strong and versatile career after turning down the role.

4 James Caan

As popular as Star Wars is with audiences, it might not be the type of film every actor is hoping to work on. With the focus on costumes and special effects combined with the sci-fi dialogue, some actors look at such material as beneath their talents. James Caan held such an opinion when he was offered the role of Han Solo.

The Godfather actor refused the part saying, “They didn’t want an actor. That’s why they got Harrison Ford.” That seems like a rather unnecessary jab at his fellow actor. Maybe Caan is still regretting turning down that part all these years later.

3 Jodie Foster

Apparently, George Lucas’ early ideas for Princess Leia were much younger than where the final film ended up. In those early stages, a teenage Jodie Foster was being considered for the role. Foster was already a hard-working actor and it seems a busy schedule was to blame for her passing on the part.

She explains, “I was doing two films back-to-back at the time. It would have been fun. But my career would have been different, and I’m happy with the one I’ve got so I don’t really regret it.” We have to agree that her career worked out pretty well regardless.

2 Orson Welles

Even though he never appears on screen in the series, James Earl Jones gives one of the franchise’s most iconic performance. Jones lent his instantly recognizable deep voice to Darth Vader, making the character one of the most memorable villains in film history.

As perfect as he is for the role, Jones wasn’t the only one considered for Vader’s voice. George Lucas was initially thinking of having Hollywood legend Orson Wells voice the character. However, he thought Welles’ voice might be too recognizable and once Jones read for the part, the choice became obvious.

1 Robert Englund

One of the most unexpected actors to almost have played Han Solo is Freddy Krueger himself, Robert Englund. Long before becoming the horror icon, Englund was one of the many actors who read for the part. While he didn’t get it, he did manage to change Star Wars history.

After the audition, Englund took the script home and showed it to his friend, Mark Hamill. He convinced Hamill that he was right for the Luke Skywalker role and told him to audition. The rest is Hollywood history.

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Colin McCormick

10 Actors Almost Cast In X-Men Movies

With Disney’s acquisition of Fox, many comic book movie fans are now eagerly anticipating certain Marvel characters joining the MCU — perhaps most notably, the X-Men. But while it will be exciting to see how the MCU brings its mutant heroes to life, some fans are lamenting the end of the X-Men‘s own cinematic universe.

Going back to 2000’s X-Men, the franchise helped kick-start the superhero movie genre. Since then, the franchise has played around with different timelines, spun-off into new films and brought beloved characters to the big screen. It also featured a stellar cast over the years. However, as with most franchises, there are a number of famous faces who narrowly missed joining the films. Look back on what might have been with some of the actors who were almost cast in the X-Men films.

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10 Sigourney Weaver – Emma Frost

Bryan Singer may be losing all his directing jobs these days, but there was a time that he was a very in-demand filmmaker. After helming the first two X-Men films he was getting ready to prep the third which would tackle the popular Dark Phoenix storyline. However, Singer left the film to make Superman Returns and X-Men: Last Stand ended up falling short of the epic conclusion that was promised.

Part of what fans missed out on with Singer’s original idea was the inclusion of Emma Frost, a powerful mutant from the comics. Even more exciting, they were pursuing Sigourney Weaver for the role. It’s a real shame that version never came to fruition.

9 Kevin Nash – Sabretooth

Sabretooth is a popular villain and primary antagonist of Wolverine in the comic books. He is always a massive beast of an individual, so the movies had a tall task trying to find a suitable actor for the live action role. It’s not surprising, then, that they turned to the world of wrestling to fill the part.

Tyler Mane was eventually the man who got the job, but fellow wrestler and actor Kevin Nash (The Punisher, Magic Mike) was also considered. Mane himself confirms his competition for the role but suggests Nash was a bit out of shape at the time.

8 Ethan Embry – Nightcrawler

X2: X-Men United is considered one of the best of the X-Men films and the movie’s highlight is the inclusion of Nightcrawler. The mutant with teleportation abilities gave us an amazing opening action scene when he attacks the White House.

As fun as the role was in the film, it required an actor to go through a whole lot of prosthetic makeup to look the part. One actor that seemed undeterred by the process was Ethan Embry (Can’t Hardly Wait, That Thing You Do). While Embry did discuss the part with the filmmakers, Alan Cumming was eventually cast.

7 Rachael Leigh Cook – Rogue

Comic book fans noticed that the film’s version of Rogue differed quite a bit from the source material. However, the role was a substantial one in the 2000 film which was played by Oscar-winning actress Anna Paquin. However, it was apparently another young actress that was first offered the role.

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Rachel Leigh Cook (She’s All That) was given the role but turned it down. Coming from the indie film world, Cook was put off by the long production schedule as well as having doubts about the budget. To be fair, this was long before superhero movies were a sure-thing.

6 David Harbour – Blob

David Harbour is becoming quite a popular face in comic book films. He’ll be taking over the role of Hellboy in the upcoming reboot and he’s just been cast in the Black Widow solo film. But years ago, he almost had his first superhero role in an X-Men film.

Harbour auditioned for the role of Blob in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Harbour hilariously tried to show off his impressive gut to the filmmakers, thinking it appropriate for the part. But the move backfired as they decided Harbour might be too out of shape for the part.

5 Josh Holloway – Gambit

Gambit has been a fan-favorite X-Men character for years. There have been hopes of seeing him on the big screen for years. But to date all we’ve had was Taylor Kitsch’s brief part in the lackluster X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the long-promised but never delivered Gambit solo film with Channing Tatum.

Fans almost had a chance to see the Cajun bad boy in X-Men: The Last Stand with Lost star Josh Holloway in the role. Holloway was told he had the part before the filmmakers decided to make the character younger, then ultimately cutting his appearance altogether.

4 Jim Caviezel – Cyclops

Most fans would agree that Cyclops is a character that was never done properly in the films. In the comics, he is usually seen as the leader of the mutant heroes, but the films have him playing second fiddle to Wolverine or getting totally sidelined.

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James Mardsen did a good job in the first three films, but without much to work with. Another actor who was almost stuck with the thankless role was Jim Caviezel (The Passion of the Christ). Caviezel claims he was actually cast but ultimately had to pull out due to scheduling conflicts with his film Frequency.

3 Brad Pitt – Cable

Deadpool was a breath of fresh air in the superhero genre. The Merc with a Mouth is a beloved character and his irreverent and dirty humor was unlike any of the other X-Men films. The first film ended with the enticing promise of Cable joining the sequel.

While Ryan Reynolds seemed made for the role of Deadpool, many actors were considered for Cable. One of the biggest names linked to the part was Brad Pitt. Pitt met with the filmmakers and seemed keen on the part but couldn’t fit it into his schedule. He did, however, have a hilarious cameo in Deadpool 2.

2 Angela Bassett – Storm

With such a big franchise as X-Men, it would seem like the filmmakers could get their top picks for all the roles. But when it came to the pivotal role of Storm in the original film, they were sadly turned down.

Angela Bassett seemed like perfect casting for the weather-controlling mutant. Unfortunately, Bassett seemed to know how ideal the casting was and asked for a salary that was beyond what the film could manage. While Bassett no doubt would have been amazing in the part, she later joined the MCU in Black Panther.

1 Russell Crowe – Wolverine

As iconic as certain roles might be, sometimes actors have good reasons for turning down these parts. Things like scheduling conflicts or dissatisfaction with the script are all legitimate excuses. Russell Crowe’s reasoning for turning down the role of Wolverine is a bit stranger.

Crowe having just finished Gladiator, in which his character had a pet wolf, was afraid he would be typecast with another wolf role. The problem with that reasoning is that wolves and wolverines are completely different animals. Odd excuse aside, Crowe still made a significant contribution to the franchise by recommending fellow Australian Hugh Jackman for the role.

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10 Actors Almost Cast In Star Wars Prequels

Looking back on the end of the ’90s, few things were as exciting as the release of the new Star Wars films. It had been nearly two decades since Return of the Jedi was released and fans thought they would never return to a galaxy far, far away ever again. By the time The Phantom Menace was released, it was maybe the most highly anticipated film of all time.

While the first Star Wars films were obviously massive successes, by the time the prequels came out, this was one of the most iconic brands in the world. Needless to say, plenty of actors wanted to take part in this new trilogy and be a part of Star Wars history. Here are some of the actors who were almost cast in the Star Wars prequels.

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10 Michael Angarano/Anakin Skywalker

The role of young Anakin Skywalker in The Phantom Menace was a very tough role to cast. George Lucas needed to find a young actor who had the range to show audiences he could one day become Darth Vader.

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The search for the right actor was a long one, looking at thousands of kids. It eventually came down to Jake Lloyd and Michael Angarano (Red StateAlmost Famous). In a behind-the-scenes documentary of the film, Lucas decided that while Angarano was the better actor, Lloyd would be more comfortable with the film-making process. Given how ill-suited Lloyd seemed for the role, perhaps Lucas made the wrong call.

9 Vinette Robinson/Padme

Vinette Robinson has had a solid acting career in British television, appearing prominently in shows like Sherlock and The A Word. However, her career almost started off in a much bigger way.

Robinson recalls that her very first audition was for Padme in The Phantom Menace. The role that eventually went to Natalie Portman would have been a solid way to start out as an actor. Though she didn’t get the role, it’s interesting that Lucas was considering an actor of color for the mother of Luke and Leia Skywalker.

8 Leonardo Dicaprio/Anakin

With Attack of the Clones, the second installment in the prequel series, Lucas needed an older actor to step into the Anakin role. Despite poor reaction to The Phantom Menace, this role became heavily sought out among Hollywood’s young stars.

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Leonardo DiCaprio is one of those actors who is rumored to be up for every role, but he himself confirms he was offered this part. He explains that the reason he turned it down was simply that he wasn’t ready to join the big budget world. To DiCaprio’s credit, he has become one of film’s biggest stars without going down the franchise path.

7 Gary Oldman/General Grievous

Gary Oldman is one of the most acclaimed actors working today. He has given highly praised performances in films like Sid and Nancy and Leon: The Professional, won an Oscar for The Darkest Hour and starred in the Harry Potter series and Nolan’s Batman series. To add Star Wars to that resume would be even more impressive.

Oldman has in fact been cast as the voice of General Grievous in Revenge of the Sith. However, Oldman was forced to pull out of the film as it was being made without Screen Actors Guild members. It’s sad that such a technicality would prevent Oldman from joining another iconic franchise.

6 Ryan Phillippe/Anakin

Ryan Phillippe was another of the popular young actors who was considered for taking over the Anakin Skywalker role in Attack of the Clones. Apparently, Phillippe pursued the role strongly and was able to get as far as reading for the part opposite Natalie Portman.

In the end, Phillippe claims it came down to him being the wrong age to play opposite Portman’s Padme. That seems like a safe bet, as Phillippe is actually a few years older than Portman who was meant to play the older character.

5 Paul Walker/Anakin

One of the great tragedies in Hollywood in recent years was the death of Paul Walker. The young actor was killed in a car accident, leaving behind a career that was far too short. Walker was most known for his role as Brian O’Connor in the Fast and Furious franchise, but he was nearly a part of an even bigger film series.

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Like Phillippe, Walker was very invested in getting the role. He admits that so many young actors were up for the role that it’s hard to know how close he came. In the end, it was Walker’s Takers costar Hayden Christensen that got the part.

4 Joseph Fiennes/Obi-Wan

While young Hollywood was competing for the role of Anakin, the role of young Obi-Wan was another coveted role. Sir Alec Guinness made the role famous, but Ewan MacGregor impressed many fans with his performance in the prequels.

MacGregor’s final competition for the role was Joseph Fiennes. The Shakespeare in Love actor met with Lucas and might have gotten the role if not for a very critical child. Fiennes explains that the director introduced Fiennes to his daughter who was less than impressed. He recalls, “His daughter turned around and said ‘I don’t like this guy. He’s weird. I don’t like him.’ And that’s how my audition went”.

3 Tupac Shakur/Mace Windu

Tupac Shakur is one of the most celebrated musical artists of all-time. Before his tragic murder, Tupac was known for his aggressive and poetic rap verses and his music still resonates with fans to this day. However, Tupac was also a very talented actor. And it just so happens, he was a Star Wars fan as well.

A friend of Tupac confirms that the rapper was asked to audition for the role of Mace Windu. As he says, “He was telling me that he was supposed to read for George Lucas and them. They wanted him to be a Jedi”. Seeing as Tupac died in 1996, it would seem like Lucas was considering this casting quite far in advance.

2 Benicio Del Toro/Darth Maul

Despite all its faults, The Phantom Menace did provide a rather memorable villain. Darth Maul, the silent Sith assassin had a cool character design and provided some of the film’s most memorable moments, but was sadly short-lived.

The character was originally written to play a larger role and Benicio Del Toro was cast in the part. Del Toro eventually backed out after Lucas trimmed the role and cut many of his lines. Del Toro would later join the Star Wars universe as DJ in The Last Jedi.

1 Michael Jackson/Jar Jar Binks

Much to George Lucas’ chagrin, the most famous — or infamous — aspects of The Phantom Menace is Jar Jar Binks. The CGI character was meant to be the fun comic relief in the film, but ended up being highly irritating cartoon. In a bit of casting that might have made the character even more bizarre, singer Michael Jackson wanted the part.

Ahmed Best, the actor who eventually performed the part recalls Lucas telling him Jackson initially wanted the part, but wanted to play him in prosthetic make-up rather than CGI. Though hard to imagine, Jackson’s casting would likely have made the character even more unbearable.

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The Matrix’s Neo Almost Appeared in Injustice 2

During an interview discussing Mortal Kombat 11, series co-creator Ed Boon revealed that Injustice 2 almost featured Neo from The Matrix films. The interview comes just a few weeks away from MK 11’s highly anticipated release date.

Mortal Kombat 11’s roster has filled out rapidly in the last couple of weeks, no thanks in part to pre-reveal leaks. Fans can now expect Noob Saibot, Kotal Kahn, Erron Black, as well as multiple versions of several classic fighters. The game doesn’t currently have any guest fighters announced (unless Ronda Rousey voicing Sonya Blade counts for something). It would seem to be a given, though, considering Netherrealm’s history. Between Mortal Kombat and Injustice, characters such as Freddy Krueger, Alien’s Xenomorph, Hellboy, and even the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have made their presence felt.

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Game Informer conducted the interview as part of their Mortal Kombat 11 cover story. Among other questions, both serious and humorous, interviewer Ben Hanson asked what the odds of Keanu Reeves’ iconic Matrix character appearing in the game are. Boon flatly stated there was a “0.0%” chance of that happening. However, he did share that at one time there was a “pretty close chance” that Neo would have been a guest fighter in Injustice 2. For whatever reason, though, the deal fell through.

The news revives old rumors that began shortly before Injustice 2’s launch. In May 2017, Boon tweeted a poll asking fans who should portray Neo in the game if Reeves wouldn’t. Interestingly, the poll included all former Batman actors: Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, and George Clooney. Boon himself was also an option – and won in a landslide. Speculation then swirled that Neo would be included in the game’s third DLC Fighter Pack. In actuality, that pack contained The Atom, Enchantress, and the TMNT.

Netherrealm flirted with Neo even further back than that. In a 2016 interview with Game Informer, Ed Boon shared that Neo had been considered for a guest spot in Mortal Kombat 9 (aka the 2011 reboot). The story goes that while the studio batted around ideas for guest fighters, Warner Bros. approached them with the suggestion of using Neo. Given that WB owns both The Matrix franchise and Netherrealm Studios, the crossover would have presumably been an easy one to pull off. Still, Netherrealm ultimately declined on the basis that “The One” simply didn’t mesh well with Mortal Kombat’s gory nature.

While it would be indeed be tough to imagine Scorpion stabbing Neo’s eyeballs out of his skull, it’s intriguing that this potential crossover continues to resurface. Maybe one day Netherrealm will relent and finally let players slo-mo dodge batarangs or bicycle kicks as the trenchcoat-wearing phenom. If not, fans would probably accept that Marvel fighting game Ed Boon’s clearly interested in making as consolation.

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Source: Game Informer

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Marcus Stewart

God of War’s Kratos Was Almost Added as a Character in MLB The Show

It turns out that Kratos from God of War was almost added to a previous iteration of MLB The Show. The Major League Baseball-licensed franchise is a longtime favorite for PlayStation owners, and that’s sure to continue when MLB The Show 19 inevitably makes its appearance on PS4 this March. For those unfamiliar with the ongoing series, The Show is as good as it gets when it comes to baseball video games – hence its continued and annual success.

A lot of this can be attributed to the level of detail and accuracy that the developer behind the series, SIE San Diego Studio, places in the final experience. Each in-game player that’s included in the game has their own look and specialties akin to their real-world counterparts, which makes it fun for baseball fans to jump into a game. The player at the forefront of all the attention in MLB The Show 19 is none other than Bryce Harper from the Philadelphia Phillies, but it sounds like he could have had some godly competition at one point.

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During a preview session with MLB The Show 19, Screen Rant had the opportunity to speak with the game’s Designer and Community Manager, Ramone Russell. Before departing from the event, one more question surrounding the potential for a crossover between PlayStation’s other franchises was brought up. Specifically, the possibility of unlocking God of War‘s Kratos in MLB the Show 19 was brought up. As it turns out, the developers did try to make just such a thing happen in a previous game.

So you can’t unlock Kratos in the game?

“No, you can’t unlock Kratos. We did try to put him in the game one year though.”

Did you? Why didn’t it happen?

“Well, we’re an ‘E for All’ game.”

Although it sounds as if gaming crossovers like Fortnite and the MLB won’t be happening anytime soon for a medley of reasons, the prospect of seeing Kratos and Atreus toss a ball back and forth is a funny enough one for the father and son duo. While this didn’t end up happening, the logic provided by Russell is sound. The MLB license can’t be all that easy to navigate, and implementing a character as violent as the God of War himself is sure to have turned some heads from parents.

Now, that hasn’t prevented Kratos from appearing in other games like Shovel Knight or even the Sony-owned titles like Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds. After those in the gaming industry witnessed backlash from other sports leagues getting upset at the inclusion of guest characters – namely, the NBA growing agitated with the inclusion of Mortal Kombat characters in the original NBA Jam – it’s understandable why SIE San Diego Studio decided to be safe rather than sorry. Still, there’s nothing ruling it out from happening in the future.

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MLB The Show 19 arrives exclusively for PlayStation 4 consoles on March 26, 2019.

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