Game of Thrones: 25 Strangest Things About Targaryen Anatomy

Like many characters in Game of Thrones, the Targaryens are a bit of a mystery. Characters like Rhaegar Targaryen and Viserys Targaryen fascinate fans, despite the fact that they have both passed away at this point in the show. Rhaegar’s passing happened before the events of the story, while Viserys met his demise during the first season of the show. The remaining Targaryens, such as Daenerys Targaryen, also fascinate fans. While it has been revealed that Jon Snow is also a Targaryen, anatomy-wise he takes after the Stark side of his family more. At least based on what we know of him so far. That might change in season eight, though.

Whether it’s their appearance in the books of silver hair and purple eyes or the fact that Daenerys, in the books, is not immune to fire, the Targaryens’ anatomy is very interesting. From the strain of insanity in the Targaryen blood to Rhaegar meeting his demise at the hand of Robert Baratheon, these facts about Targaryen anatomy are exciting for fans. Some fans might know all of these facts already, while others will learn them for the first time. Whichever type of fan you are, we hope you enjoy reading about the Targaryens. Besides their anatomy, they’re fascinating characters. Very morally grey, but so is everyone else in Game of Thrones. There are some of them, like Aerys Targaryen— also known as the Mad King— who get as close as the world of Game of Thrones gets to evil. While others, like Daenerys Targaryen, are far better than that.

Here are the 25 Strangest Things About Targaryen Anatomy. 

25 They Have Silver Hair In The Books

While the show has their hair more white-blonde, in the books, the Targaryens have silver hair. It’s one of their distinguishing features. In both the books and the show, the Targaryens stand out from other characters. They have unusual hair. So much so that it often doesn’t look natural. That fits with the Targaryens as their sigil is a three-headed dragon, which is far from natural even in the world of Game of Thrones. Dragons are already magical but the addition of two extra heads makes them stand out even more.  So the Targaryens, especially those who are proud like Viserys Targaryen, probably don’t mind standing out a bit.

24 They Have Purple Eyes In The Books

Yet another way that the Targaryens are different. Even in the world of Game of Thrones, purple eyes aren’t common. This and their silver hair make the Targaryens stand out from other characters. We think their purple eyes would have been kind of cool to see in the show, but there were reasons they weren’t. More on that later. We wonder where the Targaryens get their purple eyes from. Is it a common thing in Valyria, where the Targaryens are originally from? It certainly isn’t common in Westeros.

23 The Actors Initially Wore Contacts, But Their Use Did Not Last Very Long

Well, at least they tried to match the appearance in the books. We wonder where they got purple contacts from. Those must be somewhat hard to find. And it would’ve looked so cool if they had stuck with it. Still, there are reasons that they didn’t, we know. Still, the dedication of the producers and the actors is admirable. They really wanted to get it right, even if they ultimately didn’t go that route in the show. Fans are likely grateful that they at least tried. As for why they didn’t keep the contacts, well you’ll find out soon.

22 The Contacts Kept Messing Up The Filming

We can only imagine how difficult it was to make sure the contact lenses were coming through in every shot. That must have been hard. As for the contacts affecting the actor’s emotional performances, it makes sense. Actors use their eyes to convey emotions a lot, after all.  So while the purple eyes would have been nice, and it would have matched the books, perhaps the show is better without them. It’s better that the producers and actors are comfortable and that the actors can show their emotions through their eyes.

21 Daenerys Is Aged Up For The Show

In the books, she is thirteen when she marries Khal Drogo. In the show, she is two years older, so she is fifteen. Can you imagine being married at either of those ages? We can’t. Of course, the world of Game of Thrones is different from the modern world in most places. But getting married at a young age was common in the time periods that Game of Thrones is based on. There was no concept of adolescence in those time periods. Children went from child to adult with no transition in between.

20 This Is Because The Show Has To Follow The UK’s Decency Laws For Broadcasting

Since a lot of the show is filmed in Northern Ireland, Game of Thrones has to follow the UK’s decency laws for broadcasting. This is the reason that Daenerys is aged up for the show. It makes sense. Who would want to see a thirteen year old character get married? Some thirteen year olds haven’t even reached puberty yet. Although, a fifteen year old getting married isn’t much better. Yet apparently it satisfied the UK’s laws. And therefore the producers of the show will not get in trouble.

19 Daenerys’ Mother, Rhaella, Passed Away Soon After Giving Birth To Her

Poor Daenerys. Her life might have been so different if her mother had survived. As it is, she was left to be raised by her brother Viserys and we all know how that turned out. Not very well. Then again, the events of the story most likely would have been completely different if Daenerys had a mother to take care of her. So perhaps things worked out for the best in a strange way. All the loss Daenerys suffered made her a stronger person in the end. Though we’re sure she would have done fine without it.

18 Daenerys Was Born During A Storm, Giving Her The Name Daenerys Stormborn

That’s right. It’s not just a cool title to pay tribute to Daenerys’ fierce nature. Daenerys was actually born during a horrific storm. Nevertheless, she seems to like the title and to draw strength from it. She often uses it as part of her long list of titles and we can’t blame her. It does sound pretty cool. Daenerys Stormborn. Has a nice ring to it. And as we mentioned before, it does fit her personality. Daenerys is pretty fierce, though she has a good heart beneath it all. She definitely deserves such a cool-sounding name.

17 Daenerys’ Child With Khal Drogo Was Stillborn And Deformed

The child is described as having leathery scaled skin, wings, and a stomach full of worms. That doesn’t sound appealing. Sounds more like one of Daenerys’ dragons than a human child. Fortunately, Khal Drogo was not around to see his child born that way. And Daenerys herself didn’t witness her child being born or see him before his passing. She had to hear about her child’s appearance from others. We’re glad that she didn’t see her child like this. Not only would it be upsetting for her, but the fans would not like it either. It would be too disgusting, even for Game of Thrones.

16 Daenerys, In The Books, Is Not Immune To Fire

The situation with her dragons was a one time thing. It was nothing short of a miracle and is viewed as one by Daenerys herself and other characters as well. Perhaps the show should have gone this route, as it would have made the birth of the dragons more unique. Though we’re sure the show writers have their reasons for making Daenerys immune to fire of any kind. More on that later. Though in the books, she is not immune to fire at all. It still affects her as it would affect anyone. The only exception is the birth of her dragons.

15 In The Show, However, Daenerys Seems To Be Immune To Fire Of Any Kind

This is shown during season six when she burns the Khals in Vaes Dothrak. After that, she unites all of the Dothraki into one khalasar, following her. We have to admit, that scene was cool. So we’re sure the show writers have good reasons for making her immune to fire. One possible explanation is that since she is the Mother of Dragons, it would be strange for fire to have a negative effect on her. Since she’d then have to worry about her children accidentally harming her. Another possible explanation is that they wanted Daenerys’ words about Viserys, that “fire cannot harm a dragon” to be true. Therefore, they made her immune to fire of any kind.

14 In The Books, Daenerys’ Hair Is Burned Away By Khal Drogo’s Funeral Pyre

We can understand why this was changed for the show. Most likely, the writers did not want poor Emilia Clarke to have to be bald. Even though the hair does grow back eventually. We can also understand, though, why George R. R. Martin went this route in the books. If Daenerys is not immune to fire, then being under it for an extended period of time would have to have some kind of effect on her. It’s just a shame that in the books, Daenerys had to lose her beautiful silver hair.

13 She Is Also Breastfeeding Her Newly Hatched Dragons

We can understand why this was left out of the show. Most likely it would have been hard to show on TV. Yet it would have been kind of cool. It would’ve given a whole new meaning to the name “Mother of Dragons.” Not only would she have caused the dragons to be born, but she would have been the dragons only source of food for a while anyway. Yet we’re sure the show writers have a good reason for leaving this little detail out. One possible explanation is that they couldn’t get it past the censors. That would make sense. Another possible explanation is that the writers might have thought it wouldn’t be realistic for dragons to want food made for a human baby. Though we would argue that most fans wouldn’t have thought so.

12 There Is A Strain Of Insanity In The Targaryen Blood

Some examples of this are Daenerys’ father, Aerys, also known as the Mad King and her brother Viserys. This habit also makes the Targaryen family tree quite complicated. Often, Targaryen kings would marry their own sisters to keep the bloodline pure. We are sure that such extreme measures were not necessary. Especially given the consequences. In reality, such relationships often result in sickly or otherwise not normal children. Though it is possible for a child to turn out alright, it’s taking a big risk. There is a saying in the books and the show that every time a Targaryen is born, the gods flip a coin. The coin can land on either madness or greatness.

11 Rhaegar Was Eliminated By Robert Baratheon’s War Hammer

It’s hard to imagine the Robert shown in the show and the books being a match for Rhaegar Targaryen. But we have to remember that he was once a good warrior. And Rhaegar never liked fighting. Unlike Robert who, by the time he faced Rhaegar, had won many battles. We’re sure that this scene would have looked impressive in the TV show, although it would have been sad given what we now know about Rhaegar. Still, Game of Thrones loves making its audience sad.

10 Viserys Looked At Daenerys As His Property

Apparently the Targaryen desire to marry your relations did not go away. Viserys looked at Daenerys, not as her own independent person, but as his property. He feels that he should have been able to marry her himself. And only offered her in marriage to Khal Drogo because he needed an army. Luckily for Daenerys, she grew into a strong, independent woman in spite of her brother. She eventually was able to stand up to him and did not interfere with his demise at the hands of Khal Drogo. You can’t blame her, really. He was not the best brother.

9 Before His Demise, Viserys Threatened To Take Daenerys Back From Khal Drogo

This shows, again, how he viewed Daenerys as his property and not as a person with her own desires. Also it shows how insane Viserys was. He thought he could just take Daenerys back like that without Khal Drogo objecting. Especially since Khal Drogo hadn’t actually gone back on his end of the bargain. He was still giving Viserys an army. He just wanted Viserys to wait a while. Though apparently that is too much to expect from Viserys. He’s far too impatient to wait. And in the end, he ends up threatening Daenerys and her unborn child, causing him to meet his demise at the hands of Khal Drogo. We can’t say he was missed by many fans.

8 Daenerys’ Dragons Do Not Breathe Fire In The Books Until After Daenerys Goes To The House Of The Undying

This whole situation is different in the books. In the books, Daenerys’ dragons are not stolen and Daenerys is not tricked into going to the House of the Undying. She goes there willingly. In the show, Daenerys is shown teaching her dragons to breathe fire long before she goes to the House of the Undying. This did not happen in the books. They also need to breathe fire to help Daenerys escape from the Warlocks. This also does not happen in the books, since Daenerys goes to the House of the Undying willingly in the books.

7 Targaryens Are Bonded To Their Dragons

In the show Game of Thrones, this is shown mostly through Daenerys Targaryen and her bond with her dragons. Especially Drogon, who she rides. Though she has a bond with all three of her dragons. (Well, two now.) In the books, this is also mostly shown through Daenerys, though there are also more mentions of historical Targaryens and their bonds with their dragons. We are sure many fans would love to see a prequel of the historical Targaryens and their dragons. That would be very interesting.

6 Dragons Would Never Have More Than One Rider At Once

Sounds like dragons are very loyal to their riders. That’s good. Though we guess it depends on who the rider is. So far Daenerys seems to have avoided her family’s inherited madness, but we’re sure that throughout the centuries, there were some mad Targaryens riding dragons. And that’s not good for anyone. Including the dragon. We’re wondering how that works for Daenerys’ dragons. Especially since one is now under the control of the Night King. Will they allow others to ride them? We guess they might but we’ll have to wait until we’ve seen all of season eight to know for sure.

5 Targaryens Are Cremated After Their Passing, Rather Than Being Buried

We hope we won’t have to see this on the show. Though you never know on Game of Thrones. We wonder if this has anything to do with the Targaryen connection to dragons. It definitely could have something to do with it. Though it could just be a personal preference that became a tradition among Targaryens. We may never know. Or we might find out during season eight. It could go either way. Regardless of which it is, this is yet another way that the Targaryens stand out among their peers in Westeros.

4 The Mad King, Aerys, Wasn’t Always Mad

Yes, we know. Surprising. Especially since he is known more as the Mad King than he’s known by his name. And he certainly earned that title. He wanted to sacrifice the entire population of King’s Landing, giving Jaime Lannister a good reason to eliminate him. Though poor Jaime was not appreciated for this throughout most of Westeros. He was seen as a betrayer, even though he betrayed Aerys for understandable reasons. Aerys himself was too far gone at this point to even really notice the betrayal. Yet he wasn’t always this way. So what happened? What changed?

3 Aerys Began To Sink Into Madness After Several Of His Children Were Lost

This almost makes us feel bad for Aerys. Though some fans might find it difficult to muster up any sympathy for the Mad King, we think this is an understandable reaction to losing children. That would make anyone upset. Though, of course, Aerys shouldn’t have taken out his feelings on others, including the entire population of King’s Landing. They didn’t do anything, after all. And in a way, Aerys should have seen this coming. Marrying your relations does tend to have bad side effects. Though even some of Aerys’ children turned out alright. Rhaegar and Daenerys do not seem to have suffered any bad side effects. Though all of that could change quickly this season as we get to know Daenerys more and perhaps see more of Rhaegar.

2 Dragons Can Live For Hundreds Of Years

Usually, people don’t have to worry about their pets surviving longer than them. In the Targaryens’ case, though, they definitely do. Dragons can live for hundreds of years, far longer than the average human lifespan. Between that and the loyalty that some dragons can show to their riders, we’re thinking it might have occasionally been hard for the Targaryens throughout the years as they passed their dragons down to the next generation. Some dragons probably refused their new riders and that has to be hard. Especially for the Targaryens, who take great pride in being dragon riders.

1 Dragons Can Outlive Their Riders

We’re also hoping we don’t see this in season eight. Though you never know with Game of Thrones. This is a story where anything could happen to anyone. As is mentioned before, this must have caused trouble for the Targaryens throughout the years. Maybe it won’t come up for Daenerys because she can’t have children— or can she?— so therefore she has no one to pass her dragons on to in the event of her demise. Though we also wonder how she would handle it. And how her dragons would react, especially Drogon.

Do you know any other strange facts about Targaryen anatomy in Game of Thrones? Let us know in the comments!

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20 Craziest Things About Hellboy’s Anatomy

It’s interesting that the character who would come to define Mike Mignola’s entire career began as little more than a comic convention doodle. Despite the creature’s humble beginnings, something about Hellboy stuck with his creator. Details eventually began to take shape, with Mignola drawing on the unflappable attitude of his own father to flesh out Hellboy’s personality. The character made his first proper appearance in a 1993 SDCC-exclusive comic, before getting his own Dark Horse series beginning the next year. Since then, Hellboy has continued his incredible adventures across several decades. Mignola crafted a universe for him populated by delightful creations such as Abe Sapien, Lobster Johnson and of course, the B.P.R.D.

Hellboy’s true name, Anung Un Rama, loosely translates to “and upon his brow is set a crown of flames.” This refers to his destiny to bring on the apocalypse, a future that the character does everything in his power to avoid. He may not have ever been a household name like Spider-Man or Batman, but Hellboy did reach new levels of fame after Guillermo del Toro’s two films, released in 2004 and 2008. Although only minor box office successes, both movies were very well-received by fans. Those won’t be the only big screen adaptations for Hellboy though. A reboot starring David Harbor in the titular role is now playing in theaters.

Hellboy is no mere mortal, so his physiology is vastly different from our own. Let’s delve into what separates this fan-favorite hero from the rest of us. Here are the 20 Craziest Things About Hellboy’s Anatomy.

20 His Original Design Was Very Different

Mike Mignola was still an artist for hire when his sketch was featured in a pamphlet for the 1991 Great Salt Lake Comic Con. The doodle looked quite different from the creature that fans would come to know and love. Mignola finished off the drawing by writing Hell Boy on the character’s belt. The writer/artist has stated that he simply thought the name was funny and hadn’t considered any sort of future for his creation.

At that point, Mignola had never even really thought about penning his own series, so Hellboy’s inception was nothing more than a lark. However, this character would go on to define not only Mignola’s career, but also to become one of Dark Horse’s most successful properties.

19 He Has A Right Hand Of Doom

One of Hellboy’s defining characteristics is his stone appendage or “Right Hand of Doom”. This body part is actually the key to triggering the Apocalypse. However, the danger of anyone else using it for that purpose remains regardless of whether the hand is attached to him or not, so it became Hellboy’s burden to bear. He was given the hand by his father, Azazel, shortly after his birth. In fact, Azazel hacked off the child’s original right hand to do so.

Interestingly, the casting of Ron Perlman saved Hellboy in more ways than one. Very early concept art for the film featured a Left Hand of Doom, because it wouldn’t be easy for an actor to perform with his dominant hand essentially tied behind his back. However, Perlman is left-handed, solving the potential problem.

18 He’s Half Demon/Witch

Hellboy’s origins were originally fairly mysterious. His appearance clues you in immediately to his demon heritage, but the causal fan might be unaware that while his father was a demon, his mother was actually a witch. It was eventually revealed that sixteen-year-old Sarah Hughes sought to gain power from Azazel and Hellboy was conceived within her soul that very night.

Sarah eventually turned over a new leaf, getting married and giving birth to two human children. Having renounced her evil ways many years prior, Sarah begged her children to keep her soul out of Azazel’s hands after she passed on. However, the demon did indeed take it and our hero Hellboy was born.

17 He Was Almost A DC Hero

As earlier stated, Hellboy was quite different upon his inception. Aside from the fact that his look has gone through many changes, the character was initially pitched to DC Comics. It’s crazy to think that a hero who has become so synonymous with Dark Horse could’ve wound up at a different publishing company altogether.

Apparently, DC loved the idea of Hellboy, but were not fans of his name. It’s somewhat understandable that DC balked at a demonic character with “Hell” in the title, particularly during that time period. Really though, Dark Horse was always going to be a better fit for the kind of stories that Mignola wound up telling. The character did eventually find his way into a two-issue crossover titled Batman/Hellboy/Starman.

16 Ron Perlman Was Everyone’s First Choice

Most fans would agree that although del Toro’s vision for Hellboy was decidedly different from Mignola’s comics, Ron Perlman was the perfect actor to portray the central character. You might think that he was forced to endure an arduous audition process, but the DVD commentary reveals that both the writer and auteur were on the same page when it came to who should wield the Right Hand of Doom.

The two men agreed to state the actor that they envisioned as Hellboy simultaneously and both uttered the same name: Ron Perlman. While the studio had hopes of casting someone more high profile in the role, del Toro fought for Perlman. At this point, he is so closely associated with Hellboy that many fans are nervous about seeing another actor take up the mantle so soon.

15 He Has Super Strength

Hellboy doesn’t have a ton of hobbies, but the guy is really into bodybuilding. That, in conjunction with his extensive training and natural strength, make him a very formidable opponent. The intensity level that he brings to his workouts would make anyone tough, but his largest asset here is the super strength that he was born with thanks to his demon heritage.

Hellboy can be seen beating all manner of monster with his bare hands, oft times hardly breaking a sweat. The exact levels of his strength haven’t been explicitly stated, but he has been known to toss adversaries like a football, even those weighing in at several hundred pounds.

14 He Has A Healing Factor

Hellboy may not have the same levels of regeneration as, say, Wolverine, but he does have a healing factor. The guy has certainly had his fair share of injuries, but what might send the rest of us shuffling off this mortal coil don’t have quite the same impact on Hellboy. He can heal from pretty much anything. Hellboy has survived falling from great heights, being impaled and getting severely mauled by a werewolf, among many other things.

That’s not all, though. Hellboy’s ability to heal also renders him immune to disease. Aside from that, he has been shown to be a frequent smoker, which seems to have no affect at all on his natural athleticism.

13 He Files His Horns

Hellboy is not a huge fan of his horns. Aside from the fact that he has a frightening destiny that he’s constantly trying to avoid, the demon also feels like an outcast. His solution is to file his horns down to stubs. In the film, he does this to try to look a bit more “normal,” confiding in Liz how desperately he wanted to find a way to change his appearance.

Hellboy is sometimes called a freak by the very people he’s fighting to protect. He spends much of his time around humans, so it makes sense that the guy would want to do what he could to blend in, despite the fact that it’s an impossible task.

12 He Doesn’t Age Like Humans

Hellboy may not always be fond of his demonic lineage, but it does have its perks. Being a human-demon hybrid enables him to age at a decelerated rate. Despite this fact, he matured far more quickly than a mortal child. In the comics, a two-year-old Hellboy looks to be the size of someone at least three times that age. By the time Hellboy was ten, he appeared fully grown.

His decelerated aging is unaffected by this rapid growth though. The comics span decades, but after reaching physical maturity, Hellboy doesn’t seem to age beyond that. In del Toro’s film, one of the B.P.R.D agents claimed that the demon aged in “reverse dog-years.”

11 Ron Perlman Broke A Rib During Filming

Ron Perlman is a guy who’s not afraid to do his own stunts. During the subway scene in del Toro’s first film, he jumped onto a train that was moving at about forty-five mph. This resulted in a broken rib for the actor. It was one of many takes and apparently Perlman mistimed the jump.

Every bit as tough as his comic counterpart, the then fifty-four year old attempted to continue shooting the scene. However, he was given away by the tears of pain welling up in his eyes. When asked about the busted bone, Perlaman’s response was, “Yes, but it was just one rib. I have lots more.” Hellboy would approve.

10 He Has Enhanced Sight

This particular aspect of Hellboy’s abilities hasn’t been discussed much in the comics or even the films, but the hybrid can see better than us mere mortals. This shouldn’t come as too much of a shock, since the demon blood running through his veins makes him physically superior to humans in pretty much every way.

Hellboy’s signature yellow eyes do far more than just look super cool. They also enable him to see much farther than the average person. Aside from that, he doesn’t seem to have too much difficulty seeing in the dark, although not much has been mentioned about that in the comics either.

9 Sometimes He Looks More Demonic Than Others

Hellboy already looks like a demon, but under certain circumstances, he can transform into a far more monstrous creature. In this form, his stumps become fully grown horns and he can even sprout wings. The transformation also leaves him with some powers that he doesn’t typically have.

For one thing, Hellboy can control the very fires of Hell, unleashing massive infernos from his own body. He can also fly and even call down lightning all while in that form. Aside from that, Hellboy becomes even stronger than he was to begin with. While sometimes this transformation happened under duress, after gaining some acceptance of his demonic lineage, Hellboy was granted a measure of control over it.

8 He’s Descended From King Arthur

This one might be a bit of a shock to the casual fan, but Hellboy’s ancestors aren’t only demonic. He’s related to royalty as well. His mother was descended from a child resulting from the union between King Arthur and Morgan Le Fey. This means that Hellboy has the potential not only to become the king of Hell, but also the King of Britain.

This was kind of a later addition to the character’s mythology, revealed when Le Fey herself presented Hellboy with Arthur’s sword, Excalibur. Much like his demonic destiny, he wanted nothing to do with this part of his lineage. However, eventually Hellboy did pull the sword from the stone, claiming his birthright in the process.

7 The Studio Tried To Alter His Appearance

Contrary to what you might think, Hellboy wasn’t actually an easy sell in Hollywood when the film was in its infancy. Aside from balking at the fact that “Hell” was in the character’s name, the studio tried to make changes to Hellboy’s appearance. One suggestion was that he would look like a normal human unless someone made him angry, à la Bruce Banner.

The studio had many ideas of how to make Hellboy appear less monstrous, even offering up the thought that he could just be a regular guy with a demonic red dog. According to del Toro, “It’s funny when you say it, but it’s not funny when it happens.” Luckily, the auteur fought hard so that fans could see Hellboy as he was meant to appear.

6 Ron Perlman Was Supposed To Reprise Him Again

Del Toro set out to make a trilogy of Hellboy movies from the beginning. The movie did moderately well at the box office, but it was how well it did on home video release that ultimately got the sequel green-lit. The Golden Army undoubtedly improved upon its already great predecessor and faired even better at the box office. Unfortunately, it didn’t do well enough that the studio felt confident in letting the director helm one more movie.

No one knows much about what that third installment would’ve been like and the upcoming reboot from director Neil Marshall is looking quite different from del Toro’s vision. Fans have been skeptical from the start, but Mignola himself has stated that the film is incredibly faithful to the comics.

5 He’s Immune To Fire

Considering the fact that he’s a literal demon, it shouldn’t be too surprising that Hellboy is unaffected by fire. Although he needs to be in his more monstrous form in order to control the flames, Hellboy has a general immunity to them. Much of this comes down to his superhuman resilience. The guy can withstand far more damage than a person could.

Although his comic counterpart is quite resistant to fire and high temperatures in general, the film version of Hellboy simply could not be burned by any means. This particular immunity made him the perfect romantic companion for Liz Sherman.

4 It Takes Hours To Become Hellboy

The Seeds of Creation was an extensive documentary about del Toro’s Hellboy and one of many aspects that it covered was the makeup magic that transformed Ron Perlman into a demon. The process took about 4 hours and by the end, all that remained visible of the actor were his eyelids. As rough as that sounds, Doug Jones had it worse, with 5-7 hours a day in the makeup chair.

The Hellboy movie releasing this month hasn’t managed to really streamline the process too much. David Harbor stated that it took about 3 hours for him to become Hellboy. This involves paint, prosthetics, a bodysuit, teeth, horns and of course, the demon’s trademark yellow eyes. It takes an entire team to transform him.

3 He Has An Innate Talent For Language

One of the many innate abilities granted Hellboy by his demonic lineage is a talent for languages. He can understand all manner of tongues, whether they are mystical in nature or so ancient that they have been largely forgotten.

It’s also important to remember that Hellboy is the world’s greatest paranormal investigator. As a member of the B.P.R.D., it’s kind of his job to know the unknowable. However, the fact that he has this impressive mastery over languages both old and magical definitely helps him out immensely at work. The guy has seen things that the rest of us can only imagine.

2 His Hooves Were Abandoned

Hellboy’s horns and reddish hue aren’t the only physical traits that give away his demon heritage. He also has cloven hooves. This feature of the character can be seen in the comics, though they are often hidden within the folds of his long coat.

The hooves make an appearance in del Toro’s film during the scene in which viewers are introduced to Hellboy, but the lighting makes them a bit hard to spot. However, for the remainder of the movie, as well as the sequel, Perlman is seen sporting boots instead. Initially, the hooves were going to be featured more prominently, but it was decided that due to safety issues, Perlman should perform in regular boots.

1 David Harbour Had To Go To Hellboy Boot Camp

Hellboy is a bodybuilding enthusiast, not to mention a super strong demon-human hybrid. In other words, the guy who plays him kind of needs to be jacked. David Harbor didn’t have to be in great shape to portray Hopper in Stranger Things, but after being cast as Hellboy, the actor had to go to boot camp. His training routine was quite rigorous, but the results are undeniable.

Ron Perlman also had to undergo an intense workout schedule in order portray the character. The actor trained 3 hours a day, 5 days a week. It’s not so easy to become the hero known as Hellboy.

What do you think of these facts about Hellboy’s Anatomy? Let us know in the comments!

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Dragon Ball: 20 Strange Things About Saiyan Anatomy

As fans of anime will know, things tend to get all kinds of kooky around here. There are huge, dramatic fight scenes, a whole tidal wave of emotions, story arcs that are just brilliantly nonsensical at times… they’re like animated soap operas, essentially, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Naturally, anime tends to be steeped in Japanese sensibilities, which is why many shows revolve around martial arts, high school culture, and all these sorts of things. Not to mention, of course, extra-terrestrial warriors who can fire humongous energy beams from their hands.

The more melodramatic the fight scenes, the better. The super-popular Dragon Ball series knows all about that philosophy. With four different anime series, a glut of movies, and a whole heaping heck of a lot of merchandise to its name, Dragon Ball is about the most popular and successful anime (or four animes, as we’ve mentioned) in the world.

As such, the whole world knows all about the Saiyans. This alien race looks very similar to humans (which is how Goku passed for one for so long, of course), but sport some abilities that set them just slightly above the average Earthling on the power-o-meter.

Did you know about their tails, and the bizarre relationship it has with their bodies? Do you know what S-cells are, or what happens when a Saiyan goes Super Saiyan? If not, hop on board with us as we take a closer look at this fascinating extra-terrestrial race. Did someone say Kamehameha? Here’s Dragon Ball: 20 Strange Things About Saiyan Anatomy.

20 They Have Tails

Well, yes. Let’s kick this party off the right way, with one of the most downright peculiar elements of Saiyan anatomy: that tail.

If you’ve ever played Final Fantasy IX, you’ll know that unexplained tails where tails don’t belong are just a little bit on the questionable side. In a game full of odd rat-people and fish-men, nobody even looked twice at Zidane, but still. It was great to have his tail explained away later in the story.

As for the Saiyans, it’s a curious fact that every Universe 7 pure-blood is born with a brown, furry tail. They have (or rather, they develop) great dexterity with it, too, much like some species of real-world monkeys. As with Zidane Tribal, the fact that Saiyans are so humanoid and unremarkable otherwise (on the surface) makes this fact all the stranger.

19 Their Tail Is A Weapon

These tails are more than just interesting ice breakers at parties, though. More than just a curious biological characteristic.

The Saiyans tend to be renowned as a proud and powerful warrior race (whatever Frieza might tell you), and they hone their bodies to be powerful fighting machines. Not only can their tails be used as another ‘limb’ with which to fight, but it’s been referred to as the source of a Saiyan’s power. In “The Tail of Goku,” for instance, our hero commented that he felt as though he was weaker without it.

If you need proof of that, how about the whole Great Ape thing? Saiyans are able to transform into one during the full moon (thanks to Blutz Waves), while their furry appendage is still attached and good to go.

18 They can Fly

Ah, yes. Flight, that most enviable of superpowers. Who doesn’t wish they could just Superman their way around? Airplane travel can be an expensive affair, after all, and let’s not even get started on the food on planes.

Sadly, though, we aren’t Saiyan, and we’re stuck with our sad plight. In anime, flight is a super popular ability for characters to have, and it’s no surprise that the Saiyans are capable of it.

Not only can they levitate and fly by manipulating their Ki energy (more on that later), they’re able to implement these abilities into their fighting styles. Is this a biological thing? In a way, yes.

Needless to say, this amps up all the drama and destruction many times over, which is exactly what we’ve all come to expect of Dragon Ball.

17 Their Bodies Generate Mysterious ‘S-Cells’

The human body is a remarkable machine, isn’t it? Just stop for a moment and think just how amazing we all are. Did you realize that the human brain actually named itself? Well, dang. It suddenly got far too deep in here.

Sadly, though, we humans are nothing compared to Saiyans.

Today, biologists have most of the fundamentals of how our bodies work neatly mapped out and explained, but the internal workings of these guys are on a whole different level.

Their bodies accumulate special cells called S-Cells, which are produced by discipline and leading a quiet, sedate life. As we reported over on The Gamer, these are not qualities that some Saiyans are known for, which just complicates the whole concept even further. What a mysterious bunch these guys are.

16 They Can Become ‘Super Saiyan’

Speaking of those S-Cells, let’s take a look at one of the best-known and most unusual aspects of Saiyan anatomy: the Super Saiyan form. The Saiyans of both Universe 6 and Universe 7 can achieve this transformation, but it’s darn difficult to do and happens only on rare occasions.

The effects of transforming into a Super Saiyan are straightforward enough: the individual tends to become more muscular, sports golden hair, and has all-around dramatically enhanced abilities.

This isn’t all there is to it, though, because the effects of the transformation are not the same for every Saiyan. Throughout the Dragon Ball franchise, all kinds of different variations on the form have been documented. The individual, the circumstances and other such variables have a part to play there.

15 Some Can Even Achieve Super Saiyan God Status

You don’t even need to be a Dragon Ball fan to have heard of the power of the Super Saiyan form. The transformation, like the Incredible Hulk getting angry, has become synonymous with the idea of opening a can of righteous fury on all who oppose you.

That’s just not enough for some select Saiyans, though. There are ways by which some can achieve the Super Saiyan God form, which is really something to behold. This is far rarer and more difficult still, though Goku achieved it (by means of a ritual in which five powerful Saiyans channeled their Ki within him).

There are some curious guidelines in play as to how to attain the power, how it manifests and whether or not it can be kept. There aren’t really any solid answers to that one.

14 They Age Very, Very (VERY) Well

Now, we humans don’t tend to age all that well. Even those with bank accounts that rival one of the Kardashians, those who can afford the latest treatments and beauty products, are going to be looking pretty darn worse for wear at eighty. It’s just the way of things.

Saiyans, again, have us entirely beaten on that score. The race are renowned for keeping themselves in peak physical condition, so that’s no surprise, but did you know just how long a Saiyan remains in the prime of their life?

Human beings, as we know, don’t make it any further than 30 before they start groaning when they get out of chairs and constantly complaining that their back and/or knees hurt.  Meanwhile, the Saiyans (as we’ve reported on The Gamer) hit their prime at 18 and remain there until the onset of their 80s.

13 They’re Deceptively (And Absurdly) Strong

Let’s not get bogged down in all this Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan God talk, though. The fact of the matter is that these beings, even in their ‘standard’ form, have some truly impossible might.

Saiyans tend to extensively train for battle from an early age, but even without all of that, even as children, they’re just off-the-charts strong. They’re only around the height of human beings, but there’s something very special going on below the surface of every Saiyan.

Before he had any training with Master Roshi, Goku was able to lift a car (Bulma’s, fans will remember) like it was nothing at all. Over the course of the franchise, they’ve displayed Hulk-levels of strength again and again. With all of their various enhanced forms in mind, we’re probably looking at the most powerful (yet remarkably ordinary-looking, much of the time) races in anime.

12 They Have An Incredible Healing Factor

Now, when you’re the kind of being who can fly at supersonic speeds and lift mountains like they’re just a couple of grocery bags, you’d probably start to feel more than a little complacent. Untouchable. After all, who in the heck would ever want to mess with you?

Saiyans may be formidable, but they’re not invulnerable. They do have near-fatal injuries, and that’s where another handy-dandy feature of their impossible anatomy comes in.

Zenkai (meaning ‘full recovery’) is a power exclusive to Saiyans, which allows them to enhance their strength in the aftermath of rough injuries.

You can think of it as a similar process to regeneration in Doctor Who, or Wolverine or Deadpool’s healing factor.

It’s not that Saiyans can’t be eliminated (as Dragon Ball fans will know all too well), but it’s certainly something.

11 Life On Their Super-Hostile Home Planet Made Them Strong

We humans really should stop and appreciate just how lucky we are. Look at this beautiful planet of ours. Granted, we’re making it a little less beautiful every day, in all kinds of bad and creative new ways (yay us!), but by some impossible cosmic chance, it’s got the perfect atmosphere for us.

Planet Vegeta, by contrast, would not be a great place to spend an intergalactic vacation. Not only does it not exist anymore, but the home planet of the Saiyans had gravity that was ten times stronger than Earth’s. Apparently, this dramatically-increased resistance made the conditions great for their training, and contributed to the race’s incredible strength and prowess as warriors. Saiyans being Saiyans, however, some of them had to go to even greater extremes.

10 They Can Survive Gravity Hundreds Of Times Stronger Than Earth’s

Gravity ten times as powerful as Earth’s? It’s probably best not to think about the connotations of that, or what it would mean for our hopes of flying through the air by holding many, many helium balloons.

The idea of that is difficult enough to stomach, but how about gravity 100 times stronger? Goku used a Gravity Machine while aboard Dr. Brief’s ship to train in those conditions. Vegeta went one better; training under the influence of gravity 300 times stronger! He dialed back after being injured by gravity 500 times stronger than Earth’s, so it’s good to know that there’s at least some kind of limit here.

9 They Can Withstand All Kinds Of Absurd Extremes Besides

So, there we have it. The pressure of gravity 300 times stronger than ours would have all kinds of grim effects on the human body, but Saiyans really aren’t going to be affected too much. Heck, Vegeta can happily keep right on lifting weights and such right through it, like one of those attention-seeking people at the gym (#workoutselfie). Gravity Shmavity.

That’s just the beginning of it, though. Aside from that, a Saiyan can survive all kinds of impossible (and completely impractical) atmospheric extremes, such as heat and cold. And let’s not get into the sort of punishment that Goku was able to survive largely unscathed (even as a child). Entire cities have been destroyed by energy blasts around him, but he just shrugged this off.

The incredible durability and resilience of the Saiyans in action, or just plot armor? Probably a bit of both.

8 They Can Also Transform Into The Mighty Oozaru Form

We’ve already touched on the Great Ape transformations that some Saiyans have exhibited, but we’re definitely going to have to take a closer look at that. Because… dang.

A curious spin on the legend of the werewolf, it’s the full moon that enables Saiyans to become Oozaru. On absorbing enough ‘green spectrum radiation,’ their tails react and they hit this superpowered state.

Untrained and inexperienced Saiyans lose control in this form and go on destructive rampages, which leave them depleted afterward. With intensive work, though, it’s possible for some to retain their minds and all of their discipline in this form, and even transform without the need of the moon at all (though this is super difficult and cannot be done without a loss of the individual’s Ki).

7 They Do Have Weak Points (Long, Furry Ones)

That’s right, friends. We’ve come quite far through this rundown without another mention of that most distinctive of Saiyan characteristics, the tail. Let’s get back on that, because there are so many more curious details about it.

For one thing, it’s tough to say whether it’s a weakness or a strength. It all depends on the individual, their mastery of their powers, and discipline. For untrained Saiyans, however, it’s definitely a weakness, as it’s so sensitive that injuries to the area can completely incapacitate the owner.

Nevertheless, though, Saiyans are able to overcome this, thanks to their immense physical and mental strength. It’s not uncommon for them to opt to have the tail removed or cut it off, either.

In short, the positives and negatives of tail ownership are tough to determine.

6 Their Tails Just Stopped Being A Thing Later On

As we can see, then, there’s a lot of inconsistency surrounding the Saiyans and their anatomy. Some can take wild new forms on a whim, others can’t. Some have tails, some don’t. Sometimes the tail thing is explained away by the fact that hybrid Saiyans don’t have them, but other times, hybrids just go ahead and have tails anyway.

These sorts of persnickety issues crop up in long-running shows. It’s inevitable. Here’s a curious thing, though: Universe 6 Saiyans don’t have tails, but for a very special reason.

In the Super History Book (a celebration of the franchise created for its 30th anniversary), Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama explained that the tails had been a thorn in his side from the off. Of Goku, he said,

“I’m always thinking about how things are supposed to work, so it was a real pain to figure out how he’d put his pants on or stuff like that. That’s what always bugged me most. Is there a hole in the pants? Does he put his tail through first, then put the pants on? So that made me want to just get rid of the darn thing… which I did, in the end.”

5 Saiyans Need Oxygen To Breathe… Except When They Don’t

Speaking of some of those shonky inconsistencies, here’s another strange aspect of Saiyan biology. It’s quite well established that these beings can’t survive airless environments (King Kai knew not to use the Dragon Balls to revive Goku, because he’d be in space and that would end horribly), yet they’ve been seen to do so several times. Very briefly, but still.

What’s happening here, then? The Dragon Ball Wiki suggests one possibility: “A plausible explanation is that Saiyans do, indeed, need air to breathe, but, due to their superior cardiovascular conditioning, are able to hold their breath for long periods of time, but still need a source of air to retreat into, after a few minutes.”

It’s pushing things a little, even for Saiyans, but it’s not beyond the realms of the imagination.

4 The Hybrid Saiyans Don’t Have Tails

So, there it is. As we’ve already seen, Saiyan tails are the source of all kinds of wild shenanigans, and we’re not even done with them yet (more tail-related factoids are coming your way later in this list). Let’s not get carried away with all of this, though, because there’s something else super important to know: not all Saiyans have tails.

Hybrid Saiyans generally don’t. As is often the case with Dragon Ball, though, the rules don’t apply all the time, and there’s a bit of a grey area here. Gohan was born with one, for instance, while Goten and Trunks were not.

What’s happening here? What’s the cause of all of this? Is it something genetic? These questions are still heavily debated among the fan community.

3 They Can Assume Forms *Beyond* Super Saiyan God

As we’ve seen over the course of this rundown, the formidable Saiyan race are super strong in their vanilla forms, but they’ve got so much more potential besides. All this Oozaru business just multiplies their fearsome reputation. Frieza only attacked them in the first place because he feared that they were becoming too powerful, and can you blame him?

Heck, they can even exceed godlike status. What is there above Super Saiyan God? Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, that’s what.

This form is attained by Saiyans who are always able to keep the regular God status in themselves (as Goku did), who then become Super Saiyan on top of that.

This being a ridiculous mouthful, the term Super Saiyan Blue is used instead (or Super Saiyan Rosé, in Goku Black’s case). Either way, we’re going far beyond bragging at this point. Then there’s Super Saiyan God SS Evolved, at which point we really do need to sit down and calm ourselves for a moment.

2 Even Their Eyes And Noses Are Superhuman

Now, the super strength, resilience, and inhuman agility, we can probably get on board with. After all, that’s what we want to see in anime, right? Marvel movie levels of special effects and theatrics.

Those darn Saiyans just have to lord it over us even further though. Did you know they’ve got the vision of an eagle and the sense of smell of a bloodhound, too?

Goku and Broly have been known to track other characters down by following their scent. Meanwhile, in the episode “The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi,” Goku’s able to see Turtle and Master Roshi at such a distance that Bulma states,  “It’s like you’ve got supervision or something.”

Do you know why that is, Bulma? Because he does, that’s why.

1 Their Bodies Will ALWAYS Be Beach-Ready

With everything we’ve learned here, it’s clear that Saiyans are far, far cooler than we feeble humans will ever be. Here’s one final thing to make us all super bitter that we were born regular old Earthlings: their metabolism completely prevents them from ever getting fat.

That’s right, friends. You might think that this fitness-oriented race would live on a diet of kale, mineral water, and sensible salads, but it’s quite the contrary. Saiyans are renowned for their voracious appetites.

What with all that energy they’re burning up, they need around 30-40 times as much food as we do. Their preference is for meat, but anything (as long as it’s in vast quantities) will do just fine.

No, this isn’t the way to take care of your body, but when it comes to Saiyans, every possible rulebook is thrown right out of the window. Out of the window and onto the street, where it’s crushed by a speeding SUV.

2019-04-15 08:04:36

Chris Littlechild

Grey’s Anatomy: 15 Canceled Storylines That Would Have Saved The Show (And 10 That Would Have Hurt It)

After Grey’s Anatomy’s fifteenth season, it became the longest-running medical drama in television history. The show that had started out following Meredith Grey as an intern at Seattle Grace Hospital is currently unchallenged in this regard. Meredith is no longer an intern struggling with the romances and pitfalls of a surgeon-in-training’s life. She is head of general surgery now. Though, yes, we suppose she is still dealing with the romances and pitfalls of a surgeon’s life.

After fifteen seasons jam-packed with drama, Grey’s Anatomy has become an ocean of tragic storylines you have to navigate through. Initially, these moments drew you in, but after a series of serious events, the show’s realism has taken a nosedive. How many bad things can happen to one hospital? As you continue to watch the show, a part of you wonders where the show can go from here and if, perhaps, it should have done something different along the way.

Many canceled storylines and plot points exist for Grey’s Anatomy. These are ideas that the showrunner Shonda Rhimes had that were not used or were altered slightly to better fit in with things like the production schedule. After reading through these unused story bits, you might feel as if Grey’s Anatomy could have definitely used those storylines to improve the show. Conversely, you might also feel immensely relieved that some of those storylines never saw the light of day. Read on if you want to learn about forgotten storylines that would have either helped or hurt Grey’s Anatomy. 

25 Would Have Saved: Meredith And Derek Remaining Childless

By this latest season, Meredith is the proud mother of three children. However, this was not originally her intended future. When Meredith and Derek were first building the solid foundations of their relationship (not during that time period of will-they/won’t-they), the possibility of them having children was remote.

Instead, Rhimes believed Meredith should spend time focusing on her career.

Clearly, Meredith juggles having a successful career while being a caring mother in these current seasons. However, we believe having Meredith and Derek remain childless would have helped the show focus more on surgery and atypical marriages rather than taking the easy way forward.

24 Would Have Saved: Lexie Becoming The Main Character

Before you chew us out for even considering the notion of replacing Meredith, just hear us out. Lexie Grey was introduced to viewers of the show in the fourth season. She was Meredith’s half-sister. If, for some reason, Ellen Pompeo was unable to return to the show, Lexie would have been able to pick up the reins while still having the title of the show remain relevant.

Say what you will, but that would have been one daring move for the show to make. It would have taken the show in an entirely new direction, maybe even giving it a much-needed breath of fresh air.

23 Would Have Hurt: If The Doctors Were Smokers

It goes without saying that having a serious medical drama with doctors who frequently smoke would have hurt the show. Smoking and health care do not go hand in hand. But apparently, there were plans in the works for the doctors of Seattle Grace Hospital to be big smokers.

Most notably among them, Meredith Grey would have been puffing quite often. The cancellation of this bit of the story is a godsend. The show would have made itself a hypocritical mess, and viewers would have been left wondering how these doctors could call themselves “doctors.”

22 Would Have Saved: Preston Burke Having A Wife

Preston Burke was initially going to have a wife that Cristina Yang would have had to contend with. This definitely would have upped the ante when it came to the “forbidden” nature of their relationship. It would have been a more dire case than a superior having relations with a subordinate.

Plus, it would have tied into Burke being a less-than-estimable person later on. However, this storyline was ultimately never used. As a consolation, this plot shifted over to Meredith and Derek instead, so at least we got to see it in some way.

21 Would Have Saved: Arizona Seeing Callie Before Leaving

Actors come and go from shows. It’s not the show’s fault when that happens. However, it is absolutely hilarious when shows come up with reasons for why their characters have to suddenly stop showing up. Callie Torres was one of the lucky ones. She just decided to move to New York after breaking up with her wife, Arizona Robbins.

Arizona, on the other hand, left the show without rationality.

She decides to pack up everything and move back with Callie without having seen her at least once in person since they separated. A canceled storyline would have had the two reunite once before they both departed, but alas, that was not to be, and Arizona left Seattle without any physical reassurance from her former wife.

20 Would Have Hurt: The Show Being Set In Chicago

Granted, this is not exactly a canceled storyline, but this change would have altered the story drastically. Before settling on Seattle, Washington as the location for her show, Shonda Rhimes considered placing her story in Chicago.

Like Seattle, Chicago is a bustling city and would have seen the interns of the hospital living marginally the same lifestyles. However, not only would it have mimicked the setting from the show ER, Grey’s Anatomy would have been unable to include several important storylines down the road. The ferry incident, for example, would never have happened.

19 Would Have Saved: Izzie Returning To The Hospital

Conflicts with the actress who played her aside, Izzie Stevens was an important part of the Grey’s Anatomy series. She was one of the original interns that Meredith entered the hospital with, and her struggles with patient care and a bout of cancer made up a huge part of the story.

There were talks of her returning to the show, but these talks fell through and it never happened. At this point, after several seasons without her, Izzie’s return would feel odd. However, if it could have happened naturally, it would have been an in-character move.

18 Would Have Saved: Derek And Addison Having A Teenage Daughter

Think of the drama that would have occurred if Derek and Addison had had a teenage daughter. That would have placed Meredith in even more of a dilemma than she was in when she found out Derek was married. She would have to contend with dating someone who lied to her about an entire family.

And the poor daughter would have had to deal with her mother cheating on her father and her father cheating on her mother. Holy moly, there was so much missed potential from that canceled plot complication. Derek would have seemed like a jerk-wad at the end of it. Huh. Maybe that’s why the showrunners didn’t go for that storyline.

17 Would Have Hurt: Addison Leaving So Soon

Addison’s arrival on the show spelled doom for Meredith and Derek’s relationship. It seemed par for the course that fans of their relationship would loathe Addison. However, Addison became a beloved character in her own right. She earned her way into the hearts of viewers with her no-nonsense attitude and relatable sense of judgment.

We are truly thankful that her departure from the show was delayed. The original storyline would have seen her leave after a few episodes. But because she stayed, we got to know one of the best characters Grey’s Anatomy has to offer.

16 Would Have Saved: Cristina’s Father Becoming A Donor For The Hospital

One storyline Shonda Rhimes had planned for Grey’s Anatomy was a conflict regarding Cristina’s father. Cristina Yang’s dad was set up to be a major donor for Seattle Grace Hospital. That would have meant he would have had a lot of influence on what goes on in the hospital.

This sets up Cristina to potentially be loathed by her fellow interns. Unfortunately, this storyline never happened. It would have been interesting to see Cristina, a talented surgeon regardless of any favoritism, deal with the looming specter of her father hovering around her actions.

15 Would Have Saved: April Leaving After Being Fired

April Kepner was fired from the hospital after a pretty riveting episode regarding patient care gone wrong. This decision should have heralded the end of her time on the show. However, this choice was later reversed when Derek Shepherd, as the new Chief of Surgery, hired her back.

The original storyline would have worked better for Grey’s Anatomy. It would have shown real consequences for failing to address a patient properly. April’s mistake was fatal, but thanks to the storyline that eventually followed her firing, she never truly learned from it.

14 Would Have Hurt: Bailey Being Small And Blonde

We all know and love Miranda Bailey for the character she is. She is the strong mentor to Meredith and her fellow interns during the first few seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, and she is now the Chief of Surgery at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. We can’t imagine her being any other way.

However, during her initial conception, Bailey was described as being small and blonde, which is the exact opposite of what she is. Thankfully, this image of Bailey was scrapped, and we have the Bailey that we have today.

13 Would Have Saved: Witnessing George’s Last Day

George O’Malley’s sacrifice that led to his passing sounded like a heart-wrenching moment. Unfortunately, we never got to see it. There was a potential storyline that would have followed George during his final moments, allowing viewers to see his last day in its entirety, but it was ultimately canceled.

If this storyline had been included, the impact of George’s demise would have hit fans that much harder. Instead, it’s as if the bus that wiped out George’s life also erased his presence on the show forever after.

12 Would Have Saved: Cristina Not Having Her Baby

Cristina learned she had an unwanted pregnancy very early on in the show. If Shonda Rhimes had had her way, she would have had our favorite and most ambitious intern deal with one of the most intense decisions of her life. This idea discomfited network executives, and instead, Cristina lost the baby due to an ectopic pregnancy.

Grey’s Anatomy would have benefited from Cristina taking matters into her own hands. The issue would have been divisive, yes, but it would have challenged viewers to consider their own perspectives. It would have furthered the discussion, and made for a fascinating piece of television history.

11 Would Have Hurt: George’s Romance With Bailey

If you have never seen Grey’s Anatomy, then seeing the words “George has a romance with Bailey” should have no effect on you whatsoever. If you have seen the show, then you are wincing at the mere utterance of those words. In no way, shape, or form, can any fan of the show picture a romance between George and Bailey. It runs counter to these two characters’ personalities.

However, this storyline was almost a reality. Thank the sun and the stars that this storyline did not see the light of day. It would have been a disaster of soap opera-ish proportions.

10 Would Have Hurt: Cristina Not Having Her Breakdown

Cristina Yang is not a typically emotional person. Her career defines who she is, and she won’t let pesky things like emotions get in the way. So when it came time for an emotional upheaval to occur in Cristina’s life, you can bet her nervous breakdown was spectacular.

This moment in the story almost did not happen. It occurred based on the inspiration of actress Sandra Oh. She suggested the scene take place. Without that scene, Cristina’s development as a character would not have been nearly so interesting afterward as it was.

9 Would Have Saved: Meredith Remaining Single After Derek

It took a while for Meredith to move on after Derek passed (well, “a while” by Grey’s Anatomy standards), but afterward, she moved on to pursue other men. Now, we’re not saying Meredith should have remained grieving over Derek for the rest of her life, but the concept that she stay single makes for a more interesting story.

For one thing, the show hyped up her and Derek’s relationship so much, it feels off for her to move on to another person. For another, Meredith’s storyline could have focused on other concerns aside from romance.

8 Would Have Saved: Alex Karev Missing From Pilot

Before getting lambasted for suggesting this, bear in mind that we are suggesting this storyline only for the pilot episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Initially, there were no plans to include Alex Karev as a character in the pilot episode. He was added in as an afterthought.

Since Karev is now one of the few remaining characters from the original cast, it feels as if he deserved more than simply being tacked onto the first episode. Imagine if, instead of being added to the pilot at the last minute, he was given a heartier introduction in a later episode.

7 Would Have Hurt: Meredith Dating Burke

Cristina and Meredith’s respective romances with Preston Burke and Derek Shepherd are integral parts of the show’s history. It is difficult to picture a world where those romances did not take place. It is even more difficult to picture a world where Meredith ended up with Burke instead of Shepherd.

Somewhere, in some alternate reality, there exists a world where that is the case. One of Shonda Rhimes’ initial storylines for Grey’s Anatomy would have seen Meredith dating Burke. We’re glad that adjustments were made.

6 Would Have Saved: Erica Hahn Staying With Callie

Callie’s first big relationship with another woman was when she started dating cardiologist Erica Hahn. Their relationship, despite outcries against it, was one of the highlights of the show.

However, it felt as if it had barely begun before Brooke Smith, the actress who plays Hahn, was let go. Any plans for storylines regarding her and Callie were nixed after that. If Hahn had stayed on, even if her relationship with Callie declined, the show would have benefited from having such a relationship on the screen.

5 Would Have Hurt: Cristine Falling In Love With Denny

Izzie’s romance with patient Denny Duquette was a turning point for her character. Despite all the drama that was going on with Meredith and her love life, Izzie and Denny managed to steal the show. This storyline would have been ruined if, instead of Izzie falling for Denny, it was Cristina Yang falling in love with Denny.

Just saying that sentence out loud sounds strange; we can’t even imagine what it would be like to actually see that storyline acted out. Knowing what we know about Cristina’s personality, a romance between her and Denny would be impossible.

4 Would Have Saved: Meredith Getting Pregnant In The Sixth Season

Once the decision was made to have Meredith be a mother, there was nothing for it but to plow straight through with this storyline. However, real-life actress Ellen Pompeo was pregnant during the time of filming for Grey’s Anatomy’s sixth season, before her character had her kids.

Instead of having her get pregnant then and there, the showrunners decided to conceal her pregnancy at that point in time instead of conveniently using it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking this route. It just would have been perfect timing if Meredith Grey had been ready for kids at the same time as the actress playing her.

3 Would Have Hurt: Mark Surviving The Plane Crash

McSteamy fans around the planet will hate us for saying so, but it was a good thing that Mark Sloan perished from his injuries shortly after escaping the plane crash. One of the loves of his life, Lexie Grey, had met her end during the crash. What was Mark supposed to do if he had survived?

One canceled storyline saw him leaving Seattle to go live with Addison. This move would have been so out of character, it is a good thing the showrunners abandoned it. It’s tragic, but it is an overall better outcome for the story that Mark Sloan passed away, too.

2 Would Have Saved: Meredith Leaving The Show

Meredith is the star of Grey’s Anatomy. The show would be a different beast without her. However, if Ellen Pompeo were to leave the show, as heartbreaking as that would be for all of us, it might revitalize the show’s story.

After spending more than fifteen seasons in this hospital, practically all narrative possibilities have been exhausted with Meredith. Some of the worst things in the world have happened to her, and some of the best have happened to her as well. If she were to leave, the show would alter drastically. However, change isn’t always a bad thing.

1 Would Have Hurt: Derek Walking Out On Meredith

Just as with Mark Sloan, the storyline the showrunners went with for Derek Shepherd’s passing was ultimately the best decision for the character. Now, some might moan and complain that the show should not have canceled Derek’s chances for survival.

However, if actor Patrick Dempsey was set on leaving the show, Derek needed a plausible reason for no longer being around. Quite frankly, any outcome that has Derek surviving yet remaining apart from his wife and children makes absolutely no sense. The showrunners did right on this with the hand they were dealt.

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20 Craziest Things About Shazam’s Anatomy

Although Shazam will make his big screen debut next month for DC, Captain Marvel originally belonged to Fawcett Comics. Created by Bill Parker and C.C. Beck in 1939, the character debuted in Whiz Comics #2. Although the similarities between the Big Red Cheese and a certain Man of Steel were unmistakable – seriously, DC sued Fawcett – both heroes wound up at the same publisher eventually. DC won their court case, but Fawcett was closing up shop anyway, although DC didn’t choose to claim Captain Marvel until the ‘70s. However, by then it was too late for him to go by that moniker.

By that point, Marvel had created a Captain Marvel of their own, Mar-Vell, who took up the mantle before Carol Danvers. Having trademarked the name, DC chose to call Billy Batson’s magic word, “Shazam.” The writers were allowed to continue to use the name within the confines of the story, but could not allow it to grace comic covers. So, Captain Marvel retained his superhero identity, but the title of the comic did not. Herein lies the confusion of two Captain Marvels, who in a fascinating coincidence, are now hitting theaters within a month of each other. In more recent years, Captain Marvel has come to be known simply as Shazam.

Captain Marvel may be influenced by Superman, but over time, the characters have diverged quite a bit. He even has his own superhero family and a host of animal sidekicks. Really, Captain Marvel is like no other hero in DC Comics. Let’s explore his magical physiology and see what really sets him apart.

Here are the 20 Craziest Things About Shazam’s Anatomy.

20 He’s Really A Young Boy

There’s a reason why Shazam! star Zachary Levi has stated that the movie is “Big meets Superman.” Billy Batson was an orphaned young boy prior to the major upgrade that he received from Shazam. Luckily, the wizard saw something special in Billy and chose to grant him great powers. Even when Billy utters the magic word that transforms him into a superhero, he’s still just a kid in a grown man’s body.

Billy may have been an orphan, but he eventually gained the ability to share his impressive power set with his long lost sister Mary, as well as his friend Freddy Freeman. This laid the foundation for the Marvel Family, although there would be several more members to come.

19 He’s The Youngest Member Of The Justice League

Billy may be a kid, but that doesn’t mean that he was recruited to the Teen Titans. Nope, he was a member of the Justice League, making him the youngest hero to ever join the team. Like most comic characters, his actual age depends on what you’re reading, but he’s typically somewhere between eight and thirteen, still making him significantly younger than the rest of the League.

Finding a team where a young boy housed in the body of a grown up superhero could fit in was always going to be a challenge. Even after his true age was revealed, both Batman and Superman felt that it’d be best if they kept an eye on him – although they each had their own reasons for doing so.

18 He Is Imbued With The Power Of Six Immortal Elders

Here’s a twist: Shazam is actually an acronym. It stands for the six immortal elders from which Captain Marvel derives his powers: the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles, and the speed of Mercury.

So, when Billy says, “Shazam!,” it’s not just his version of “Open sesame.” The word not only transforms him into the superhero Captain Marvel, Earth’s Mightiest Mortal, but also stands for all of the abilities that he was granted. He may have gone by the name Shazam eventually, but that name was originally reserved for the wizard who imbued Billy with these powers in the first place. After watching Billy’s heroic behavior, the mage deemed him worthy of such a gift.

17 He Came From His Own Parallel Universe

Captain Marvel hasn’t always been an easy fit for the DC Universe. Perhaps it’s because he wasn’t originally created for it, but either way, Billy didn’t always made sense within the confines of regular DC continuity. Thanks to ‘80s mega event, Crisis on Infinite Earths, that’s exactly where Captain Marvel wound up. Prior to that though, the Shazam Family existed in the parallel universe of Earth-S – no one strained too many muscles coming up with that name.

Many years later, DC reintroduced the multiverse and Captain Marvel once again hailed from somewhere else, Earth-5, aka Thunderworld. Well, a version of him, because there was still a different hero, who went by Shazam, on Earth One. The multiverse has always been a very confusing place.

16 He’s A Match For Superman

This is a topic that has been explored both in the comics and the cartoons. Captain Marvel and Superman have similar power sets – remember that whole lawsuit thing – so there has always been a question of who would emerge victorious in a fight. Supes may have seniority, but Billy’s got something pretty important as well: magic. The Man of Steel has few vulnerabilities, but that’s definitely one of them.

The two heroes have squared off more than once over the years, but much like the battles between Superman and the Dark Knight, the outcome has been dependent on the writer. There are, of course, no definitive answers about who would win in a fight between two fictional characters – although it is a comic book debate for the ages.

15 He’s Super Strong

As earlier stated, Shazam is a match for Superman and not only because his powers are based in magic. He’s also unbelievably strong, which makes sense, considering he has the strength of Hercules. Shazam is quite literally blessed with the powers of a god, and more than one at that. In fact, the strength of Golden Age Captain Marvel was seemingly unlimited. The guy could actually move stars and planets!

Much like Superman, Shazam eventually became so strong that writers had to find a way to power him down a bit. Even still, he remains one of DC’s toughest heroes. For a time, Captain Marvel even had a move called the “atomic punch”, although this has understandably fallen out of favor since WWII.

14 He Can Speak Any Language

The wisdom of Solomon gives Captain Marvel incredible intelligence, experience beyond his years and near unlimited knowledge. It also means that he can speak any language. This applies not only to the dialects of Earth, but alien languages as well. He can even speak in tongues long forgotten, which comes in pretty handy when one time travels – as superheroes so often do.

This power is incredibly useful, as it enables Shazam to communicate with pretty much anyone. Interestingly, this talent doesn’t just apply to human beings either. Captain Marvel is also capable of communicating with animals. Just imagine how it would feel if instead of constantly wondering what your dog might be thinking about, you actually knew what was on his mind?

13 He Can Teleport

This is a power that Captain Marvel hasn’t utilized all that much over the years. During the character’s early days, he would teleport back and forth to the Rock of Eternity to meet up with the wizard Shazam. However, the ability did not seem to work outside of that purpose.

In more recent years though, Shazam’s power set was significantly altered. The aftermath of Darkseid War left many heroes changed and he was no exception. In fact, Shazam’s gifts were granted by an entirely different pantheon of gods – yet somehow their initials still managed to spell out Shazam. One power he gained outright was the ability to teleport, although it’s still not one that he uses all that often.

12 He Can Fly

We can discuss the similarities between the Big Red Cheese and the Man of Steel all day long, but here’s another one: both could not fly in their earliest appearances, despite the fact that flight later became a well known ability of each character. Originally, Superman could famously only “leap tall buildings in a single bound” and the same was true of Captain Marvel.

Similar though they may have been, Captain Marvel actually beat Superman to the skies, gaining the ability to take flight several issues after his introduction. It took Supes a few years before he left those on the ground wondering whether they happened to be looking at a bird or a plane overhead.

11 He Was Suspended In Animation For 20 Years

When DC began publishing Shazam comics, Captain Marvel had been long absent from comic stands. Due to DC’s lawsuit, Fawcett was forced to drop Captain Marvel in 1953 – the company actually stopped publishing superhero comics in general at that time. However, DC did not begin licensing the character until 1972. They chose to keep the previous Fawcett publications as canon, meaning Captain Marvel had been gone for about twenty years.

As previously mentioned, DC established that the hero’s prior adventures had taken place on Earth-S, but his long absence still needed to be explained. Well, it turned out that Captain Marvel’s arch nemesis, Doctor Sivana, had kept him in suspended animation during that entire time.

10 He Can Shoot Lightning From His Body

Lightning has always been a vital part of Captain Marvel’s power set. From the beginning, the magic word “Shazam” would transform Billy Batson into Captain Marvel through a lightning bolt. He had even been seen summoning that bolt to use offensively, as he did when he used it to strike Superman in Kingdom Come.

This ability was later greatly expanded upon – Captain Marvel’s powers have been altered countless times from his days at Fawcett to Crisis to the New 52. Shazam could eventually focus and control the lightning to a much greater degree. He could actually shoot lightning bolts from his body, aiming them at anyone or anything he chooses. From what the movie trailer has shown thus far, it seems that this ability will be a part of Billy’s power set when Shazam! hits theaters next month.

9 Zachary Levi Is Not The First Actor To Portray Him

Although Zachary Levi is bringing Captain Marvel to the big screen, he is not the first actor to portray the character in a live-action setting. There was a 1941 film serial titled, The Adventures of Captain Marvel. It starred Tom Tyler in the titular role and was the first time that a superhero was depicted in film. That’s right, he beat out the Man of Steel.

That’s not all though. As pictured above, there was a Shazam! television show that ran on CBS from 1974-1977, with Jackson Bostwick – and later John Davey – playing the hero. Captain Marvel also appeared in a couple of live-action Hanna Barbara comedy specials after the show went off the air, with Garrett Craig in the role.

8 He Was The Inspiration For Miracleman

The fact that Captain Marvel was kind of a Superman knockoff didn’t stop England from creating a hero who was suspiciously similar to him. Marvelman’s adventures ran from 1954-1963 and that was it, at least until the title was resurrected by Alan Moore in the early ‘80s.

Marvelman became one of Moore’s most important works, a precursor to his most famous deconstruction of the superhero genre, Watchmen. If you know the hero better as Miracleman, that’s the result of another legal battle. Marvel objected to the character’s given name and the publisher was forced to change it. The book is considered one of Moore’s finest stories and it all stemmed from a hero who was originally little more than a pale facsimile of Captain Marvel.

7 He Has Fire Powers

For a while there, Captain Marvel had freeze breath, likely for no other reason than the fact that the Man of Steel did. However, it’s been a few decades and that ability seems to be all but forgotten. As mentioned previously, “Darkseid War” majorly altered Shazam’s powers. He may not have gotten his Marvel breath back, but he did get an ability that Superman does not have: the power to breathe fire.

Remember that new pantheon of gods we mentioned? The the H in “Shazam” now stood for a Martian god named H’ronmeer. Through him, Shazam was granted the power to summon fire, which means more than dragon breath. He can also shoot the fire from his hands.

6 He Eventually Became The Wizard “Shazam”

The wizard Shazam is the mage who granted Captain Marvel his amazing powers. However, at one point, the student wound up becoming the teacher. During The Trials of Shazam, Billy took some time off from being a superhero. He retired completely, instead stepping into the role of the wizard Shazam. Because Cap stepped down, Freddy Freeman lost his powers and during his quest to regain them, he took on the name Shazam.

Notably, this was the first time that DC really attempted to change the hero’s name from Captain Marvel to Shazam. It didn’t stick at that point, but eventually Shazam’s name would match the title of his comic – which makes a lot more sense.

5 Constantine Once Tricked Him Into Giving Away His Powers

John Constantine is one tricky guy and anyone who knows him would tell you that it’s unwise to make a deal with the mage, especially if you don’t quite understand the terms. It was an interesting idea to pair the jaded magician with the naive Billy Batson and Constantine fully took advantage of Shazam’s innocence. During “Trinity War,” he pulled a major bait and switch on poor Billy.

Of course, Constantine thought that he was stealing Billy’s powers for a solid reason: to spare the world the darkness and pain that Shazam would cause it. He swapped their voices, granting himself the power to utter Billy’s magic word. Constantine quickly learned that despite Billy’s youth, handling Shazam’s godlike powers isn’t easy and it wasn’t long before the hero reclaimed what had been taken from him.

4 His Initial Appearance Was Based On Fred MacMurray

There are plenty of comic characters who stole their looks from popular stars. The Ultimate version of Nick Fury was famously modeled after Samuel L. Jackson, an interesting case that went on to become life imitating art. John Constantine owes his signature look to Sting and The Crow’s Eric Draven was sort of a composite of Bauhaus singer Peter Murphy and Iggy Pop.

Captain Marvel’s original appearance was based on a popular actor of the time, Fred MacMurray. Artist C.C. Beck stated, “Captain Marvel himself was based on the actor Fred MacMurray, who was known as a pretty down-to-earth guy.” From his wavy hair to very visible cleft in his chin, the actor’s influence is obvious once you know that he was the basis for the character.

3 He’s Incredibly Fast

Being powered by a literal pantheon of gods has a pretty huge upside. As earlier stated, the “M” in Shazam stands for the speed of Mercury, so being fast has never been much of an issue for Captain Marvel. Teleportation wasn’t the only way that he has been able to travel to and from the Rock of Eternity over the years. He could also get there by flying faster than the speed of light – at least pre-Crisis Captain Marvel could.

Shazam may not soar to quite the same heights as Superman or be able to beat the Flash in a race, but Captain Marvel is most definitely much faster than the rest of us. He is Earth’s Mightiest Mortal after all.

2 He Doesn’t Age

Billy Batson is human, so he ages like the rest of us mere mortals. Captain Marvel, on the other hand, is ageless. Billy can grow into an adult, but the hero that he transforms into either doesn’t age at all or does so at such a decelerated rate that’s it’s imperceptible to the human eye. Perhaps we can chalk it up to the stamina of Atlas.

Black Adam, who is sort of the dark mirror image of Shazam, is literally thousands of years old. In human form, he would expire immediately at this point, but with his powers, he continues to maintain his youthful appearance. Captain Marvel may be forever young, but the wizard Shazam, who has access to the same powers, has looked ancient from day one.

1 Zachary Levi’s Shazam Workout Routine Is Pretty Intense

Taking on the role of a superhero is an exciting, but difficult task. Suddenly, you’re under a ridiculous amount of scrutiny from fans who are often losing their minds over nothing. Brie Larson had to endure comments about Captain Marvel’s lack of a permanent smile plastered to her face and Zachary Levi was left to deal with people bemoaning his lack of a superhero physique.

When early Shazam! photos surfaced, some were quick to complain that he appeared to be wearing fake muscles under his costume. Levi squashed these rumors, revealing his intense training plan since being cast in the DC film. He was hitting the gym 5-6 times a week and consuming between 3,000-4,000 calories a day. He explained, “I immediately put on about 24 pounds and then we carved that down in about half.”

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Grey’s Anatomy: 14 Patients Every True Fan Will Remember (And 6 We’d Rather Forget)

Currently airing season 15, Grey’s Anatomy has covered quite a bit of ground throughout its seemingly unending reign on prime time television. Viewers were hooked almost immediately thanks to the show’s impossibly quotable dialogue, epic romances and complex medical cases set to an amazing soundtrack. Grey’s made household names of all its stars and reminded the world that ‘80s heartthrob Patrick Dempsey was still a total dreamboat. The series is also largely responsible for the impressive Shonda Rhimes television takeover that followed.

It is true that much of the best Grey’s Anatomy drama stems from its core cast, despite the fact that the majority of faces have changed drastically since season 1. However, the doctors of Seattle Grace aren’t the only memorable characters to appear in the long-running series. Many of the patients have also been pretty incredible – even if the majority of those cases resulted in an intense need to hug your loved ones.

Over the years, Grey’s has introduced fans to some pretty unforgettable patients. Thanks to the show’s seamless mix of heart and humor, these cases often touch upon the full spectrum of human emotion. There were moments that made viewers laugh out loud, but others that had them reaching for the nearest box of tissues. Although the most lovable patients on the series are too numerous to name, there has also been the occasional transient that fans wish they had never met.

Excluding our favorite doctors’ family members, here are 14 Patients Every True Fan Will Remember (And 6 We’d Rather Forget.)

20 Memorable: Denny Duquette Jr.

Has there ever been a more memorable patient than Denny Duquette Jr.? Seriously, no matter how wrong the season 2 romance between Izzie and her patient was, viewers refused to stop rooting for them. There have been plenty of heartbreaking patient losses on Grey’s Anatomy, but none quite so gut-wrenching as when Izzie discovered that Denny had slipped away.

Denny was not only kind, but also funny and thoughtful. Of course, much of this can be attributed to Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s undeniable charms – side note: why do so many shows and movies insist on offing his characters? As much as fans loved watching the romance between Izzie and Denny develop, the less said said about his season 5 stint as a ghost/hallucination, the better.

19 Want To Forget: Sonya Cowlman And Adam Morris

We can appreciate that Sonya Cowlman and Adam Morris had a complex marriage and an even more complicated divorce, but that doesn’t change the fact that their medical case was kind of icky. They appeared in season 3 episode, “Oh, the Guilt”, portrayed by Faith Prince and Arye Gross, respectively. Sonya and Adam were a divorced couple that hadn’t quite gotten over each other since their marriage ended.

Unfortunately, a midlife crisis piercing that Adam had gotten wound up caught on Sonya’s method of contraception, leaving the two in a rather compromising position. They got stuck and had to be taken to the hospital. Making matters worse, their daughter walked in on this horrible visual, before the doctors were able to separate them. Talk about needing years of therapy!

18 Memorable: Beatrice Carver

The fact that Season 2 patient Beatrice Carver is memorable shouldn’t come as too much of a shock, considering it was Laurie Metcalf who played her. Despite being diagnosed with terminal cancer, Beatrice was intent on hiding her looming fate from her daughter, Amelia. Keeping the secret was so important to her that she even attempted to check out of the hospital against medical advice to celebrate her daughter’s birthday.

Ever the realist, it was Alex who convinced Beatrice that she needed to be honest with Amelia before it was too late. In a beautiful, but heartbreaking scene, Beatrice told her daughter the truth. However, she did more than just explain how sick she really was. Beatrice crammed a lifetime’s worth of maternal wisdom into just a few moments, knowing that she wouldn’t have much more time to do so.

17 Memorable: Jake Burton

Played by future Friday Night Lights alum, Jesse Plemons, Jake Burton appeared in season 2 as well. He came to the hospital with a brain tumor, which had been caused by his incredibly severe case of lionitis. Derek planned on resecting the tumor and Mark suggested that, since the patient would be under anesthesia anyway, the plastic surgeon might as well attempt to remove the growths from his face. This would make the fifteen-year-old look “normal” for the first time in his life.

In a soul-crushing turn of events, Jake did not survive the tumor resection. Thankfully, Mark was still game to perform the other surgery with Alex and Cristina assisting. Jake may never have been able to see his new face, but his parents wept in gratitude.

16 Memorable: Bonnie Crasnoff And Tom Maynard

What can we say? Season 2 had a lot of memorable patients. Few left more of an impression than Bonnie Crasnoff and Tom Maynard. These two were were victims of a train crash that flooded the hospital with patients. Their case was unique, however, because they had been impaled on a metal pole… together.

The pair were joking, bonding with each other right up until the end. Unfortunately, there was no way to save them both and the patient with the better odds of success was Tom. In a heartbreaking moment, Bonnie asked that Derek be the one to tell her fiancé what happened. When the two patients were separated, the life began to drain from Bonnie immediately. The other doctors rushed to save Tom, but Meredith refused to abandon her.

15 Want To Forget: Lawrence Jennings

Lawrence Jennings (Mitch Pileggi) made his first appearance in season 3. He was a member of the board, but his debut episode saw him show up as a patient. After spending some time in the Amazon, Larry found himself experiencing certain uncomfortable symptoms. Chief Webber diagnosed him as having a candiru fish, which is basically a fish that swims up the last place anyone would ever want one to.

It’s not just that Larry’s case was kind of gross. The larger is issue is that he was cheating on his wife with his assistant and was awful to both of them. By episode’s end, Larry did lose his marriage and his mistress, but he’s still a patient best left forgotten.

14 Memorable: Nick Hanscom

One of several Buffy the Vampire alums to appear on Grey’s Anatomy, Seth Green showed up in season 4 for “Crash Into Me” Parts 1 and 2. He portrayed the sweet, but short-lived, Nick Hanscom. One of Lexie’s first patients, Nick had a huge tumor removed from his carotid artery. He was left with just a small flap of skin covering this very sensitive area.

Nick and Lexie quickly developed a good rapport, which made it that much more difficult when his artery inevitably burst. Lexie did everything that she could to save him, but sadly, it wasn’t enough. Thanks to Green’s charms, most viewers were just as heartbroken as Lexie after he bled out.

13 Memorable: CeCe Colvin

CeCe Colvin is the most recent Grey Sloan Memorial patient on this list. She was portrayed by Caroline Clay and appeared in six episodes during the show’s current season. CeCe was inadvertently responsible for taking someone’s life after  passing out behind the wheel due to her health issues. Nisha was driving the car that CeCe hit and she suffered tremendous guilt over the fact that the other woman didn’t survive.

CeCe was a professional matchmaker with an 85% success rate, so she took an immediate interest in Meredith’s lack of a love life. Finally ready to attempt to find romance, Meredith was actually somewhat receptive. Sadly, even though she convinced CeCe that she deserved to live, in the end, Meredith couldn’t save her thanks to a power outage during surgery.

12 Memorable: Mary Portman

Before Mandy Moore made America fall in love with Rebecca Pearson on This is Us, she was one of Grey’s Anatomy’s most memorable patients. Mary made her debut in the season 6 finale, also known as one of the most intense two-parters in the history of television. She was at the hospital for a routine surgery, but after her husband left to grab her something to eat, everything went crazy.

Bereaved husband, Gary Clark, walked into the hospital and started shooting people. Mary was trapped in her hospital room with Bailey and later, Charles, during the incident. In a gut-wrenching twist, Mary survived the shooting, just to later lose her life following the procedure that she had originally gone to the hospital for. The surgery seemingly went off without a hitch, but Mary never woke up.

11 Want To Forget: Rebecca Pope/Ava

After seeing the patient/doctor romance story rendered in such swoon-worthy fashion with Denny and Izzie, the one between Alex and Ava was pretty disappointing. Rebecca (Elizabeth Reaser) showed up in season 3 as a pregnant Jane Doe who was wounded beyond all recognition from the ferry crash. Alex was the one who found her and the two grew quite close over time.

The issue was, there wasn’t much chemistry between Justin Chambers and Reaser, plus the storyline just dragged on for far too long. The questions raised by Ava’s identity crisis could’ve been interesting, if the story wasn’t so focused on her lackluster relationship with Alex. She kept leaving and every time she returned, viewers cared just a little bit less about what happened to her.

10 Memorable: Jeremy West And Beth Monroe

This season 4 love story was particularly soul-crushing, but also unforgettable. Jeremy West (Marshall Altman) and Beth Monroe (Jurnee Smollett) met when they were being treated at the Mayo Clinic and grew close while attending the same cancer support group. They were reunited when both chose to take part in the clinical trial run by Derek and Meredith.

Jeremy and Beth knew that they were living on borrowed time and neither wanted their lives to end without giving into the love that they felt for one another. Beth was heartbroken when Jeremy was the next in an ever-growing list of casualties resulting from the trial. However, she also wound up being its first successful candidate. She didn’t want to live without Jeremy, but surviving the trial enabled her to help others enduring the same affliction.

9 Memorable: Andrew Langston

Andrew Langston was another season 4 patient. Portrayed by James Immekus, he actually appeared in the same two-parter as Beth and Jeremy, “Freedom’. However, his love story wasn’t nearly as romantic. The poor guy jumped into a vat of cement on a dare in order to impress the girl of his dreams, Lola.

Andrew was brought into the hospital completely encased in cement and almost didn’t survive the experience. Although it took the efforts of several surgeons to save his life, Andrew’s story did have a happy ending. Not only did Andrew live to tell the tale, but Callie even convinced Lola to stop caring about what her mean friends would think. She finally gave into her feelings for him.

8 Want To Forget: Shane

This is nothing against Queer as Folk star Gale Harold, but season 4 patient, Shane, is one who no one wants to remember. The paramedic was injured in an ambulance crash after his partner, Mary, had a seizure while driving. Mary was a black woman, but despite his concern for her well-being, Shane was a racist.

Shane didn’t want to be treated by Bailey, Yang, or Webber, and was sporting an enormously offensive tattoo on his stomach. He was afraid that Bailey wouldn’t work as hard to save his life because of it. Of course, she made every effort to keep him alive and succeeded – marring his precious tattoo in the process. However, George, the only surgeon that Shane approved of, made a point of telling him that the world would be a better place without him in it.

7 Memorable: Nick Marsh

Meredith hasn’t had many love interests since losing Derek, but for a moment there, it seemed like Nick Marsh (Scott Speedman) was going to be one of them. A transplant surgeon who collapsed while retrieving a liver from Grey Sloan Memorial, he appeared in season 14 episode, “One Day Like This”. Nick had had a recent kidney transplant himself and Meredith wound up having to rush him into surgery due to some unforeseen complications from it.

There was definitely chemistry between Nick and Meredith. The two flirted pretty heavily and had a great conversation. In the end, Nick returned to Minnesota and hasn’t been heard from since. That’s okay though, considering Meredith has her hands full with a love triangle this season anyway. Still, it was nice to see them have a moment.

6 Want To Forget: Kalpana Vera

Munchausen syndrome is a real and serious illness, but Kalpana Vera was a particularly irritating patient. According to Kalapna (pronounced Kul-puhna), she was named by villagers in Nepal and interestingly, her full name translates to “imaginary truth.” Kalpana is Hindi for imaginary, while vera is Latin for truth.

Admitted for arrhythmias, Cristina soon became positive that Kalpana’s condition was one that should land her in the psych ward, not under the care of Preston Burke. The most frustrating aspect of this case was watching everyone doubt Cristina because she had recently suffered an ectopic pregnancy. On top of the fact that no one believed her, Cristina was also trapped recovering with her mother in a hospital room all day. We’re all glad that Kalpana got the help that she needed, but no one’s hoping to see her return.

5 Memorable: William Dunn

Perhaps the easiest way to make a serial life taker memorable is to cast Eric Stoltz in the role. He appeared in a three-episode arc during season 5. Responsible for taking the lives of five women, William’s own execution date was looming. However, he was stabbed a week before, so it was up to the hospital to save him… before the state could legally end his life.

Dunn was memorable for different reasons than most of the patients on this list. Stoltz gave an impressive performance and the story raised necessary questions about capital punishment. William almost shuffled off the mortal coil of his own volition so that ten-year-old Jackson Prescott could have the organs that he so desperately needed, but the inmate was too afraid to let go – not that it saved him in the end.

4 Want To Forget: R. Hubble

This season 2 patient, portrayed by Scott Michael Campbell, was admitted to the hospital due to a bowl obstruction. The doctors thought that it was drugs, but in a rather icky twist, R. Hubble caused the issue himself by swallowing the heads of ten Judy dolls – this is also where we learn that Bailey is something of an expert on Judy dolls. She could even tell which was which just by the heads removed from the patient’s stomach.

Hubble is best left forgotten, because does anyone really want to consider his reasons for swallowing these children’s toys? We thought not. The patient even told Meredith that she was better off not knowing and it’s likely that that’s the truth of the matter.

3 Memorable: Kyle Diaz

Played by That 70s Show alum, Wilmer Valderrama, Kyle Diaz had a multi-episode arc in season 12. He was a musician who was living with MS and while in the hospital, he fell hard for Stephanie Edwards. She tried to resist him, but his charms eventually won her over.

Stephanie cared for Kyle, but struggled in their relationship due to the intensity of his illness. She eventually chose to end things. When Kyle wound up back at Grey Sloan Memorial with meningitis, the two seemed bound for reconciliation. Sadly, Kyle never made it through surgery. All Stephanie could do was watch from the gallery, helpless as he slipped away. Kyle hadn’t just won over Stephanie, but viewers as well, and most were sad to see him go.

2 Memorable: Emile Flores

Portrayed by Brian George, Emile Flores appeared in season 6 episode, “Valentine’s Day Massacre.” His story was so engrossing that even Alex and Meredith got caught up in it. Emile was head waiter at popular restaurant. The roof collapsed on Valentine’s Day, injuring many couples out for a romantic dinner. One of them was Mr. and Mrs. Banks. Emile confessed to Alex that he had been in love with her for the past fifteen years, but never said a word, not even when she got married.

The waiter was convinced that Mrs. Banks’s marriage had become a loveless one, but she told Meredith that this was untrue. Mrs. Banks did hear Emile’s admittance of his love for her and although she chose her husband, was still heartbroken when Emile didn’t make it through surgery. Viewers were crushed as well.

1 Memorable: Henry Burton

Just when you thought that patient/doctor romances could never again hit as hard as Denny and Izzie, in walked Scott Foley’s Henry Burton. The future Scandal star not only charmed audiences as the season 7 heart patient, but his doctor, Teddy, as well. Being the kindhearted person that she was, Teddy agreed to marry Henry so that he could use her health insurance to get the surgery that was necessary to save his life.

Despite the contrived way in which their marriage began, Teddy and Henry soon developed very real feelings for one another. When his health further deteriorated, he was rushed into surgery. Although it was Cristina performing the operation, she was not informed of the patient’s identity until she’d already lost him. Seriously, if this one didn’t crush your soul, you might not have one.

Which Grey’s Anatomy patients do you think are the most memorable and which ones would you rather forget? Let us know in the comments!

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Jamie Gerber

Titans: 20 Weird Details About Beast Boy’s Anatomy

Although most often associated with the Teen Titans, Beast Boy made his first appearance in Doom Patrol #99 in 1965. Born Garfield Logan, he was created by Arnold Drake and Bob Brown. Just as Gar’s teammate Kory wasn’t the first hero to go by Starfire, he was not the only character to don the mantle of Beast Boy. There was another shapeshifter who went by that name in Adventure Comics just one year earlier. However, that Beast Boy didn’t last very long, losing his life shortly after Garfield Logan made his debut.

While he did begin his comic journey with Doom Patrol, Gar was added to the Titans’ lineup when the team was famously revamped by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez in the ‘80s. It was their run that created the Teen Titans that most fans are familiar with. During this time, Beast Boy was known as Changeling. Interestingly, Gar actually dabbled in acting leading up to his tenure with the Titans.

Beast Boy may often be portrayed as the team’s comic relief, both on TV and in the comics, but he is also the heart of the Teen Titans. Gar has experienced plenty of hardships throughout his life, but found a new family when he joined up with his fellow young heroes. Now portrayed by Ryan Potter in Titans, he has become a fan favorite. Beast Boy is a kindhearted shapeshifter with incredible abilities and as such, there are plenty of impressive revelations to be had about his physiology.

Here are 20 Weird Details About Beast Boy’s Anatomy.

20 He wasn’t born this way

Although Titans chose to give Beast Boy a more human appearance, in the comics, he is immediately recognizable by his green hue, pointy ears and the layer of fur covering his entire body. These may be his most distinctive characteristics, but when Garfield entered this world, he was really no different from the rest of us.

Like most comic characters, the details of Beast Boy’s origin have been altered over the years, depending on who is writing the story. One aspect that has remained consistent, however, is the fact that Gar was born a mere mortal. He looked just like any other kid and did not have any special abilities that a human child wouldn’t possess.

19 He almost lost his life to a virus

When Garfield was a child, he lived in Africa with his parents, Mark and Marie. During this time, he contracted a rare virus called Sakutia. Gar’s mother and father may not have been the best when it came to actually raising him, but they were both scientists. It was an untested machine created by Garfield’s dad that wound up saving his life.

Gar’s illness proved fatal to every species, save one: the West African Green Monkey. In fact, Mark’s machine briefly transformed the child into that creature in the hopes that he would be able to fight off the virus in that form. The gambit paid off, although it had some unintended side effects that would leave Gar forever altered.

18 The machine that saved his life also granted him powers

Garfield survived his near fatal illness, but the experience left him with green skin and the incredible ability to transform into any animal he chose. At first, his new hue was the only noticeable change in Gar. However, when his mother was threatened by a Black Mamba, Gar was able to go all Rikki-Tikki-Tavi on the snake. He transformed into a mongoose and fought off the poisonous reptile, saving his mom’s life.

Garfield may have rescued his mother on that fateful day, but his parents were not around too much longer. Trapped in a boat after their camp had been washed away, Gar’s Mom and Dad convinced him to take the form of bird and fly away. The boy got to safety, but never really forgave himself for leaving them behind.

17 He used to look very different

This can be said of pretty much every comic character who has managed to endure for multiple decades. Times change and with them, appearances as well. Even putting aside Beast Boy’s various costumes over the years, there was one very distinct difference about the hero when he was introduced.

When Beast Boy took the form of an animal, only his head remained green, while the rest of him changed into whatever color the creature would actually be. This didn’t last too far beyond Garfield’s introduction. Perhaps the artist simply realized that Beast Boy maintaining his now natural color in any form looked a bit less jarring. A green lion is one thing, but a regular lion with a green head is something else entirely.

16 He has to see what an animal looks to become it

Beast Boy is capable of morphing into any type of animal, so long as he has seen what it looks like. It’s not like this detail really matters all that much, considering Gar need only look at an illustration of a creature to be able to transform into it. This is how he manages to become an extinct animal, such as a Tyrannosaurus Rex. It could also apply to aliens or mythical creatures.

While in the form of an animal, Beast Boy gains all of its attributes and abilities, whether it’s strength, speed, or even flight. Gar is also capable of transforming into animals without limbs, such as snakes, or even creatures that lack skeletons entirely, like jellyfish.

15 He has a powerful healing factor

Beast Boy’s ability to heal makes sense when one considers his general power set. It stands to reason that if he can completely alter his body and transform into an entirely different creature, healing from a bullet wound shouldn’t be all that difficult. The same goes for other major injuries, such a burns or broken bones. In fact, Gar has even proven himself capable of regrowing limbs if necessary.

Aside from the power to morph in seconds, Beast Boy doesn’t even necessarily have to become one animal at a time. If he chooses to take the form of an insect, he can transform into many simultaneously. Perhaps a single wasp wouldn’t instill fear in his enemies, but no one wants to tangle with an entire swarm.

14 He’s a vegetarian

Although Beast Boy’s dietary restrictions haven’t been dealt with all that much, what we do know is that he refuses to eat meat. There has been the occasional continuity error with this fact, both in the comics and cartoons, but it makes perfect sense that Gar wouldn’t want to consume the very creatures that he becomes.

Surely after spending time as so many of these animals, Beast Boy has a level of empathy that most humans simply are not capable of. He has quite literally seen the world through many different eyes, so how could he possibly eat those animals after living as both predator and prey? It’s also probably not lost on Garfield that, under different circumstances, he could be the one who winds up on someone else’s menu.

13 While in animal form, he retains his human intellect

One might think that because Beast Boy morphs into an animal so completely in both body and spirit, that his mind might transform as well. However, regardless of what form Gar takes, he does retain his human intellect. This is a vital aspect of his power set and without it, his abilities would not be nearly as useful.

Sure, Garfield could take the form of an intelligent creature such as a pig, dolphin, octopus or dog, and manage just fine. On the other hand, if Beast Boy transformed into a jellyfish or a turkey, he might not even be able to accomplish whatever his original goal was, let alone find his way back to his true form.

12 His level of communication can be dependent on the form he takes

In most comic lore, Beast Boy not only retains his human intellect, but can also communicate much in the same way that he always has. Regardless of what form he takes, Garfield is still capable of speech. However, there have been times when this wasn’t actually the case.

Most notably, in the Teen Titans animated series, Gar literally only possessed the same skills as the animal that he had morphed into. If he became a parrot, he could get out a few words, but in the form of most other creatures, Gar complete lost his ability to communicate – at least with words. Luckily for him, his intelligence remained intact, so he could still find a way to get his point across if necessary.

11 He can transform into a hybrid creature

If you think that Beast Boy’s power to transform into any animal is impressive, consider the fact that he is also capable of assuming a hybrid form. This means that he can morph into a combination of several different animals, thereby granting himself a host of incredible abilities that wouldn’t all reside within the same creature. Although he has proven capable of this amazing feat on more than one occasion, Gar doesn’t like to take this route too often.

While transforming from one form to another in seconds, even in rapid succession, doesn’t seem to have any ill effect on Garfield, becoming many creatures at once takes a toll. Beast Boy struggles to remain in control when he takes this hybrid form and only does so if absolutely necessary.

10 He is one of the team’s shortest members

Although Beast Boy’s comic version is significantly taller than his animated counterpart, Gar has always been one of the shortest, if not the shortest member of the Teen Titans. In the comics, he is said to stand about 5’8”, but the animated series puts him at just 5’. While undoubtedly the smallest member of the cartoon team, his height still varies from one episode to the next.

While it is true that this could very well be a simple error in continuity – it’s not so easy to keep all the characters the same height at all times – the change up could also be a side effect of Gar’s power set. He is constantly altering his height, so perhaps Beast Boy doesn’t always return to the exact same size.

9 He can transform into mythical creatures

There are several stories in which Beast Boy has specified that he can only transform into real creatures, as in animals who have actually existed in the world at some point. However, this rule hasn’t always applied, particularly where alternate futures or universes are concerned. In the “Titans Tomorrow” storyline, Gar was known as Animal Man and was much more feral than the Beast Boy fans had become familiar with. He was capable not only of hybrid transformation, but also of morphing into any creature, real or imagined.

In Kingdom Come, Gar was known as Menagerie and was actually only capable of turning himself into mythical creatures, although the reason why was never really specified. He also was able to morph into a dragon in Teen Titans Go!

8 Raven implanted him with an evil seed of Trigon

Raven may be a beloved member of the Teen Titans who has proven her loyalty time and again, but she has what you could call a complex relationship with her actual family. The Titan has more than once found herself enslaved to her villainous father, Trigon. On one of these occasions, she implanted several of her friends with Trigon’s “seed” which quickly took root within them.

The seed had a rather intense effect on Gar, who found himself transforming into demonic creatures. He eventually even grew so comfortable in these forms that he chose to remain in one of them for quite some time. Although Beast Boy did eventually return to normal, it was later revealed that a small part of the seed remained within him, a fact that Trigon’s sons were only too happy to exploit.

7 He could transform into other people if he chose to

Over the years, fans have wondered whether or not Beast Boy was capable of morphing into other humans. He can shapeshift into any animal he chooses, and people definitely an animal he’s seen before. It stands to reason that Gar’s power would apply to any creature, including human beings. However, because he never took advantage of this, many readers wondered if it was because he couldn’t.

Thankfully, Wolfman and Pérez eventually cleared this up. The duo explained that while Beast Boy can transform into other people if he chose to, his green hue would instantly give him away. This leaves little purpose for Gar to bother taking the form of another person, since anyone would instantly know that it was really him.

6 He’s better than you think at hand-to-hand combat

You might think that without Beast Boy’s impressive power set, the Titan would be lost in battle. Lucky for Gar, that’s not true at all. Let’s not forget that his team was led by the hero who was trained by the Dark Knight himself – and that guy is prepared for pretty much anything.

Robin has, of course, accounted for the possibility that Garfield could someday find himself without his powers. He made sure to train Beast Boy in various forms of hand-to-hand combat, leaving little doubt that Gar would be able to handle himself if the unthinkable did indeed happen. In fact, Batman’s former sidekick has spent time sparring with every member of the Titans in an effort to prepare them for any situation that may occur.

5 He once got stuck mid-transformation

Beast Boy may be able to shift from one form to another in seconds, but it hasn’t always gone smoothly for him. In Nightwing: The New Order, Dick activated a device that completely eliminated the majority of superpowers in the world. At the time that he made this choice, Gar happened to be mid-transformation.

This incident left Beast Boy trapped that way, permanently caught somewhere between a man and a big cat. Sure, Dick thought that he was making the right decision to keep the planet safe, but he left his buddy Gar in a pretty rough spot. As is his way, though, Beast Boy found a way to roll with his new situation.

4 In Titans he can only transform into a tiger so far

There were many questions that arose when fans learned that the Teen Titans would see a live-action adaptation. One of the biggest ones was how the show would handle Beast Boy’s transformations on a TV budget. Titans actually found a way around this, at least for season 1. Thus far, Garfield has only morphed into a tiger. He explained to Raven that he thought it was psychological, because tigers were his favorite and that it would probably take him some time to figure out the rest.

It’s a smart way to get around the undeniable budgetary issue, while still being believable. Most heroes need some time to gain mastery over their abilities. However, Ryan Potter has assured fans that Beast Boy’s powers will grow in season 2.

3 He’s not the first hero portrayed by Ryan Potter

Ryan Potter may be the first person to bring Beast Boy to life in a live-action setting, but Garfield Logan isn’t the only hero that the actor has portrayed on the small screen. Prior to his casting in Titans, Potter played Mike Fukanaga in Supah Ninjas, which aired on Nickelodeon. The show ran for 2 seasons from 2011-2013.

That’s not Potter’s only other heroic role, though. He also leant his voice to Hiro Hamada in Big Hero 6, meaning he has portrayed a Marvel character as well as one for DC. Potter obviously has an affinity for characters who happen to be heroes. We’ll have to wait and see where his Titans journey will take him.

2 At one point he could only transform into inanimate objects

Beast Boy’s moniker tells you everything you really need to know about his power set. However, at one point in Teen Titans, Gar found himself unable to transform into the creatures that he was named for. Instead, Mumbo altered his abilities, leaving him only with the power to morph into inanimate objects. This was particularly limiting due to the fact that Gar could only communicate at the level of whatever he transformed into. Unless he was an object capable of sound, Gar couldn’t really communicate with his teammates.

Beast Boy was also briefly gifted this ability by Trigon in Teen Titans Go!, but he could morph into plants as well. Even still, who would want to be a basketball, a cup, or a lamp when you could instead become an eagle, a wolf, or a cheetah?

1 He can’t control his abilities when he’s sick

Much in the same way that his teammate Starfire could accidentally take out her friends with a cough, Gar also doesn’t have a great deal of control over his abilities when he’s sick. In Teen Titans, a single sneeze could lead to a transformation that Beast Boy never intended. It will just keep happening over and over again. As if being sick wasn’t bad enough on its own.

While this unintended side effect is certainly inconvenient, Beast Boy catching a cold could obviously be much worse for everyone around him. When Kory gets the sniffles from being exposed to metallic chromium, the results can be far more catastrophic for the rest of the team when she unleashes some of her starbolt sneezes.

Do you know any other facts about Beast Boy’s anatomy in Titans? Let us know in the comments!

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Grey’s Anatomy: 20 Wild Details About The Grey Family Only True Fans Know

Grey’s Anatomy has been a staple of television since it first aired in 2005, but not a lot is known about the family behind the woman who narrates every episode. In a series that features a huge ensemble cast, each with a great deal of detail surrounding their early careers or upbringing, the Grey’s family seems to grow at a rate too fast to keep up with. Over the many years the series has been on the air, details have emerged to help paint a picture of how Meredith grew up, but only fans who paid close attention could recall everything there is to know about the Grey family from before Meredith set foot in the hospital on her first day as an intern.

Frankly, it’s the nature of the series (and any other made by Shonda Rhimes) to reveal little to nothing about a main character like Dr. Meredith Grey until it becomes necessary to further the plot. For a series that likes to drop a new sister into the cast every now and again to shake things up, you might think we would know more than a little about Meredith’s childhood. It took a few seasons before many of the details listed here were truly fleshed out, but as any fan of the series knows, there’s probably a lot more to reveal as time passes and the series heads into its 16th season and beyond.

After digging into the past, we came up with these 20 Wild Details About The Grey Family Only True Fans Know.


The thing about Meredith that makes the most sense is that she was almost completely raised in a hospital. Not only was she brought to the hospital constantly so she could see her mother, she carried along an Anatomy Jane doll the whole time, which helped spark her interest in medicine. For the most part, Meredith was brought to the hospital as an excuse for Thatcher to see his wife.

It was during these early years, when Meredith was between three and five, that her mother was involved with Richard, so bringing Meredith along may have been more of an excuse than anything else. Regardless, spending so much time in a hospital at an early age clearly had an impact on Meredith’s choice to go into medicine like her mother.


When we first see Meredith in the pilot episode, she is about the right age for a woman to have graduated from med school and begin interning without any gap in her education. Most people who follow that path begin school right out of high school and enter into professional medicine around the age of 26, but in the original script, Meredith was supposed to be older.

In the earlier drafts of the pilot script, Meredith was meant to be 32 when she began her internship. There was never any explanation given in that script as to why she had a six-year age gap with other interns.


When we first met Meredith, the details of her parents came in rather slowly. It was known that her mother was afflicted with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, but not much was known about her father. As the show progressed, we learned that her parents divorced when Meredith was rather young and that she had no real relationship with her father, Thatcher Grey.

While little detail has been given as to the state of Ellis Grey and Thatcher’s marriage prior to their breaking up, one thing did make it to air; they had been married for seven years prior to their divorce. This was an interesting reveal because it means they were married for two years prior to Meredith’s birth.


The details of Ellis and Richard’s clandestine relationship weren’t revealed for a long time on the series, but a flashback episode finally showed how these two crazy kids found one another. While working in Seattle back in the 1980s, both were interns, but weren’t treated with fairness or respect due to the fact that one was a woman and the other was a black man.

When they were the only two willing to treat a man who came in with GRID (the early identification of what would become AIDS), they bonded. Their willingness to work together helped to solidify that bond and they became close friends– and then, much more.


When it comes to details about certain characters on Grey’s Anatomy, there has been little to nothing revealed. That’s certainly true of Thatcher Grey, Meredith’s estranged father. There are some details we will get into later in this list regarding his health, family, and other aspects of his life, but one thing we know very little of is this man’s career.

It’s apparent that Thatcher is a professional of some kind from early in the series, but few details emerged throughout the years to indicate what he does for a living. Thanks to some one-off phrases made by Ellis and others, we know Thatcher is a professor, but the show has never indicated what he teaches. He doesn’t work in medicine, that’s clear,  but other than looking like a history professor, there isn’t much to identify his area of study.


Early in the series, it’s clear that Meredith has absolutely no relationship with her father. It is eventually revealed that he moved out of the family home when Meredith was only five and she never saw him until she became an adult. That’s a long time to go without seeing your father. The indication is that Thatcher wanted nothing to do with his daughter after his marriage ended.

As it turns out, that wasn’t the case at all and Thatcher wasn’t the neglectful father he was initially made out to be. As it happens, he did try to see his daughter several times after ending it with Ellis. He wasn’t able to get close to her because of his relationship with Ellis. It was that chaos that kept him out of Meredith’s life for so long.


Eventually, Thatcher moved on when he married another woman, Susan, with whom he had two additional children. Because of their 20+ year-long estrangement, Meredith never knew her father remarried and she had no idea there were a couple of sisters hanging around somewhere. That ignorance led to some surprises when new sisters kept popping up every other season or so.

Susan was a sympathetic character who worked hard behind the scenes to try and forge a reconciliation between her husband and Meredith. She showed up every now and again to try and push their relationship into a mended one. Sadly, her story had a tragic ending that didn’t help Meredith and Thatcher stay close.


Richard and Ellis were more than close friends who eventually had fling; they were in a serious relationship that left the two of them in a position to possibly leave their respective partners. When their relationship began over the first GRID patient in Seattle, it went from a flirtation to pretty serious in a short period of time. Unfortunately, they were both married to other people at the time, which certainly complicated their budding romance.

All told, their relationship lasted for around early 1982 until late 1983 when Richard put an end to it. The affair was intense and more serious that either may had admitted at the time. When Meredith came to work at the hospital, it rekindled somewhat while Ellis was being treated for her condition, but not in a romantic way.


When Richard finally called an end to Ellis and his relationship, he did so for a specific reason, and it didn’t have to do with his wife or her husband. The two were on the verge of telling their respective partners about their relationship and “running away together,” but that’s not what happened. Ellis told Thatcher about the affair and destroyed her marriage, but Richard didn’t follow suit.

When the time came, Richard remained with his wife, Adele. His reason was the nomination of Ellis for the Harper Avery Award for her creation of the Grey Method. He became jealous of her professional success and didn’t want to feel that way for the rest of his life, if were he to remain with her. His ego got in the way of both of their happiness and it was hardest on Ellis.


Unbeknownst to Richard (and pretty much everybody at the time), Ellis was pregnant when she and Richard’s relationship came to an end. At the same time, Ellis’ marriage to Thatcher exploded in her face and her life changed completely. The same could be said for Meredith, who was only five years old at the time. Her mother was going through some serious trouble and she was along for the ride.

It was later revealed that not only was Ellis pregnant, but she carried the baby to term and gave her up for adoption. That left another sister out there in the world somewhere for Meredith. Like most of women in the family, she went into medicine. She came to Seattle and found her father, one Dr. Richard Webber, as well as her sister Meredith. Her name was, of course, Dr. Maggie Pierce.


Shortly before she brought the baby we now know as Maggie Pierce to term, Ellis went to a pretty dark place. She mad moved away from Thatcher and Richard to raise Meredith elsewhere, but she was also in hiding to keep her pregnancy a secret. The plan was to have the baby elsewhere and give her up because she reminded her too much of her father, Richard.

While in this dark place, Ellis came to a point where she attempted to take her own life. This may have been a cry for help or meant to get Richard’s attention, but it amounted to Meredith calling 911 and saving her mother from herself. She was taken tot he hospital where she was saved and she gave birth to Maggie shortly after. Meredith blocked this memory out and only recalled it much later in life.


Meredith lives in her mother’s home in Seattle, but she didn’t grow up in there She may have spent the first five years of her life there, but she wasn’t raised in Seattle at all. After Ellis and Richard’s affair ended, she moved to Boston, ensuring she and Meredith were far from Thatcher or Richard.

Ellis and Meredith moved into a nice house in Boston and she began working as Mass Gen. Meredith went to school in the city and went on to Dartmouth College in Hanover. Eventually, Meredith  went to med school and returned to Seattle for work and to care for her mother and take possession of her family home. Only then did her association with Seattle truly begin.


If there’s one thing we all know about Ellis Grey, it’s that she was devoted to medicine above all else. She spent most of her time in the hospital working hard to prove to the world she had the skills and creativity to be an amazing surgeon. She was recognized for this time and time, again and even won the (formerly) coveted Harper Avery Award twice. You might think she wanted a similar life for her daughter, but that’s not the case.

When it came time for Meredith to choose her career path, Ellis did everything to persuade her daughter to look elsewhere. Ellis didn’t believe Meredith had what it took to make it as a surgeon and the argument pushed Meredith to travel in Europe.


While backpacking through Europe, Meredith learned that her mother had been diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. It was during this time that Ellis was taken to a nursing home in Seattle, which is why Meredith eventually found herself living in that city. The two had fought before Meredith’s trip and remained on bad terms right into the diagnosis.

It was the diagnosis that finally pushed Meredith to choose her path and head to medical school. Had her mother not taken ill, it’s possible she would have remained in Europe and done something completely different with her life. Like so many children who fall into the field, she did so because of her mother’s illness.


You might think that everyone related to Meredith went into medicine at one time or another in their lives, but not everyone did. It seems like every other season, another sister pops up who happens to be a brilliant heart surgeon or some other expert in medicine, but one of Meredith’s half-sisters, Molly Grey-Thompson, has nothing to do with medicine other than needing its assistance from time to time.

Molly was introduced as the youngest of the Grey sisters who was married and expecting a baby girl. Complications brought her into the hospital and her daughter nearly succumbed to the flu, but she was saved. Not much is known about her and she hasn’t been seen since season three, but she is still out there, alive and not working in medicine.


Susan Grey passed away as a result from an infection resulting from an emergency surgery she required after coming into the hospital for hiccups, of all things. When she first came in, Meredith and Thatcher were cordial and getting along, but their relationship effectively came to a conclusion due to the results of Susan’s surgery and resulting demise. Sadly, he put the blame for everything right on his daughter’s shoulders.

Everything about the case was odd, which is why it was so strange that hiccups might eventually lead to a patient’s passing. When it happened, Thatcher became enraged and blamed Meredith; even going so far as to slap her in the face. The event put a permanent strain on their relationship and it never fully recovered.


When Susan passed away, Thatcher took it about as well as you might expect. He blamed his daughter for her passing and lost his wife so he turned to the only “medicine” widely available in grocery stores. Like so many people who succumb to the dangerous effects of self-medication through drinking, Thatcher became dangerously addicted.

He was dangerous mostly to his daughter, Lexie, who was experiencing the loss of her mother as well as the downfall of her father. Eventually, Thatcher found recovery through a program, even going so far as to apologize to Meredith and make amends, but his addiction left its mark in the form of liver disease.


When someone damages their liver by drinking, it’s unlikely they will get high on a liver transplant list. That fact became a reality for Thatcher when his rampant drinking resulted in the demise of his liver in the form of liver disease. UNOS wouldn’t provide him with one due to the risk of his destroying another, but Lexie wasn’t going to let that happen.

She tried to offer up a portion of her own liver, but was found to not be a match. Meredith, on the other hand, was a match so she had a decision to make. In the end, she offered up a portion of her liver to save the life of her estranged father. The surgery was a success for both patients and their relationship edged slightly close to a normal one.


Like many characters on the show fans came to know and love, Lexie Grey suffered an untimely passing. The series went through an upheaval with the loss of her and others in a plane crash. While her passing hit Meredith rather hard, it hit Thatcher much harder. Having lost his first wife to another man, his second to the hiccups, and his daughter to a plane crash, Thatcher has had to deal with a lot of loss in his life.

It seemed likely he would returning to drinking when his daughter passed away, but fortunately, he remained true to his sobriety. During this time, he lost touch with Meredith and the two haven’t spoken to one another since Lexie’s passing. Eventually, she learned he had been diagnosed with cancer.


One thing we know for certain about the Grey clan is that dangerous diseases run in the family. As any doctor knows, genetics spell a dark and ominous future for Meredith Grey thanks to the genes she has inherited from both her mother and father. Her mother succumbed to early-onset Alzheimer’s disease and passed away at the age of 54 due to complications from her condition and heart failure.

Her father suffered from alcohol-related liver disease and while addiction can often be passed down through the generations, Meredith has not picked up the disease. She does need to worry about the disease that put her father into hospice care: Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Leukemia, Alzheimer’s, and addiction can all be in Meredith’s gene, which is something she knows from her training and education. Hopefully, she will be spared her parents’ fate.

Do you have any other trivia to share about the Grey family from Grey’s Anatomy? Let us know in the comments!

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Avengers: 20 Wild Details About Nebula’s Anatomy

By now, you’d have to be living under a rock if you haven’t at least heard about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The trailer for Avengers: Endgame dropped last Friday morning, and racked up 289 million views within the first 24 hours. The previous record was held by Avengers: Infinity War, which got 230 million views. The superheroes— and supervillains— of Marvel Comics have always been a staple of pop culture, but thanks to the popularity of the MCU, their profiles have skyrocketed even further. Even lesser-known characters are getting their chances to shine in the mainstream spotlight.

The butt-kicking, self-serving assassin Nebula is one of them. Played by Doctor Who icon Karen Gillan, Nebula’s fame (or rather, infamy) has increased steadily thanks to her appearances in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies in addition to Avengers: Infinity War.

Nebula’s done some extraordinary feats with her cybernetic body, recovering from seemingly fatal injuries in just a few moments and fighting off her enemies with ease and dexterity. Her bright blue skin catches the eye whenever she’s on the screen, but Thanos’ least-favorite daughter’s secrets are more than skin-deep. With Avengers: Endgame set to be released in April 2019, it’s time to dig deeper into the details of Nebula’s anatomy. The list below contains spoilers for the movies in the MCU as well as some of Nebula’s comic book appearances.

If you need a quick primer before she returns to movie theaters for Avengers: Endgame, here are 20 Wild Details About Nebula’s Anatomy.

20 Thanos Burns Her And She Barely Stays Alive

With Thanos out of commission in the comics, Nebula takes control of Sanctuary II and claims to be the granddaughter of the Mad Titan. She wreaks havoc as a space pirate, spreading chaos across the galaxy. That is, until Thanos returns to get his ship back.

Thanos doesn’t believe that Nebula is his granddaughter, and essentially burns her alive. She turns into a creepy zombie-like being, not quite alive yet not quite deceased either. Her body is pretty much decstroyed, and her mind is also torn to shreds. In fact, Thanos goes on to reveal that he regards Nebula as his greatest creation, as she’s stuck in a limbo between life and the great.

19 She Heals Herself With The Infinity Gauntlet

As it turns out, Thanos probably should’ve ended Nebula’s life when he had the chance. Cunning as she is, Nebula eventually gets her hands on the Infinity Gauntlet and heals her damaged body. Thanos basically astral projects, sending his mind into the universe to take the place of Eternity after defeating him. This leaves his body defenseless, and Nebula takes the opportunity to steal the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos’ prone body and rejuvenate herself.

The MCU does make several changes to the character’s story, but since we know for a fact that Nebula will be in Avengers: Endgame, maybe they’ll incorporate elements of this story arc. Obviously Gillan isn’t allowed to reveal much, but she did hint at a confrontation between Nebula and Thanos.

18 She didn’t always have her Cybernetic Enhancements

Nowadays, when folks think of Nebula, a bald blue alien comes to mind, made of flesh and cybernetic implants. However, when she made her first appearance in The Avengers over 30 years ago, she actually rocked a whole different aesthetic. Nebula had a fully organic body without have any apparent injuries. Plus, she sported a full head of luscious long dark hair. The metal components that she’s now known for come later.

In the Silver Surfer comics, she’s freed from a prison with some serious injuries. Nebula’s right-hand man, Geatar, contacts Doctor Mandibus, an alien surgeon with a creepy skull-like face. Not much is known about Mandibus, but he gives Nebula cybernetic enhancements to help her survive.

17 She’s One Of The Last Luphomoids

According to the All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, Luphom— the homeworld of the Luphomoids— is destroyed by Galactus, and very few survivors are left of that alien race. Nebula is one of these survivors, alongside Kraa, Xira, and Zorr. Since there are only four of them left (that we know of), there’s really not much known about the Luphomoids other than their general appearance and their superhuman powers.

In addition to claiming to be the granddaughter of Thanos, Nebula has also claimed to be the daughter of Zorr. If Nebula’s telling the truth, then that also means Kraa is her uncle and Xira is her aunt. They would be quite a formidable family if they ever learn to get along.

16 Her Brain Implant Can Absorb Energy

The Infinity Gauntlet isn’t the only powerful trinket that Nebula gets her hands on. In The Avengers comics, Nebula takes control of the Infinity Union, a combination of three cosmic devices that allow her to control all kinds of ambient energy. She could change her size, teleport, and protect herself from physical harm.

Nebula and Gunthar eventually figure out the frequency that the Infinity Union uses to transfer energy, and give Nebula a brain implant to direct the energy straight to her. She then becomes so powerful that she forced the universe in and out of existence several times. The Avengers struggle to fight her until Sersi removes Nebula’s brain implant, thus significantly weaking the Luphomoid.

15 She Can Lift 800 Lbs to 25 Tons

As we mentioned earlier, not much is known about Luphomoids as a species. For all intents and purposes, they pretty much seem like extra powerful, extra fast, extra resilient humanoids with bright blue skin.

That being said, there is official confirmation of just how powerful Nebula is in particular. The Nova Corps has classified her as a “Universal” threat level, according to Annihilation: The Nova Corps Files. The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe places her at a 4 for strength on the Power Grid, meaning she can lift from 800 lbs to 25 tons. Sure, her speed isn’t particularly spectacular, but she’s rated 6 for energy projection, which means she can discharge multiple forms of energy.

14 Gal Gadot could have played her

Gal Godot is perhaps best known for playing the titular character in Wonder Woman, the DC hit that went on to break records left and right. She’s also going to reprise the role in the much anticipated sequel Wonder Woman 1984 set for June 2020. However, Godot might’ve missed out on the Amazonian warrior had she auditioned for the role of Nebula.

In an interview back in 2013, Godot reveals that she was considering a job for which she’d have to shave her head and get covered in blue paint. Does that ring any bells? Director James Gunn has clarified that she was never offered the role and that he doesn’t remember if she auditioned at all, but given the timing of Gillan’s casting announcement, it certainly seems plausible that Godot was in the running.

13 Gamora Shatters Her Body

As a behemoth in the entertainment industry, Marvel has released a ton of tie-in materials for the MCU, including a comic book prelude to Guardians of the Galaxy. The comics delve even deeper, showing how vicious the rivalry between Gamora and Nebula really is. In fact, Gamora is the reason why Nebula gets her cybernetic enhancements in the first place.

During a training session on Dervani, Nebula and Gamora compete with each other to get their hands on a data ingot for Ronan. Gamora narrowly avoids falling down a cliff, holding onto some vines for dear life. She tricks Nebula into helping her, asking to team up. However, when Nebula offers her hand, Gamora tosses Nebula down the cliff instead, shattering her body in the process.

12 Even Her Brain Has Been Replaced

Nebula’s most notable cybernetic replacements are the visible plates on the left side of her body, including her entirely mechanical left arm. They go even further than that, as Nebula reveals in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. It turns out that Thanos has even ripped out her brain from her skull. You can even see the less apparent augmentations in Avengers: Infinity War when she’s held captive by Thanos.

Based on Nebula’s phrasing, it seems like Thanos has entirely replaced her organic brain. Plus, he does have access to her memory files in Infinity War. Considering the technological advancements in the MCU, it wouldn’t be surprising if Thanos had found a way to literally pull Nebula’s whole brain out and replaced it with a cybernetic cerebrum.

11 She Has Tempersteel Claws

Nebula goes through extensive cybernetic modifications to help her heal from some serious injuries, but Thanos isn’t content with simply fixing her bones. As he says in the prelude comics, “flesh is weak” and as a result, Nebula’s got a whole host of gadgets up her sleeve.

Among the myriad enhancements is her tempersteel claws, which have been built into not only her metal left arm, but also her right hand. Thanks to these claws, she’s able to climb up the exterior of the Cloud Tombs of Praxius without handholds of any kind as she pursues the Orb. Despite the gruelling process of getting mechanical parts, Nebula does admit that she’s grateful for her cybernetic joints.

10 Gillan’s Makeup Took 5 Hours

In all her appearances in the MCU, Gillan’s been pretty much unrecognizable underneath all the intricate makeup, costumes, and special effects. Gillan goes through some drastic physical changes to transform from beloved Doctor Who character Amy Pond to the ruthless alien assassin Nebula. Training and shaving off her iconic red locks were only the tip of the iceberg.

In order to achieve the full effect, Gillan had to sit in makeup for five hours for the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie. That being said, practise makes perfect, and the team was able to cut the prep time by 50% for the sequel, shaving it down to “just” two and a half hours, much to Gillan’s relief.

9 She Severs Her Own Arm

In a confrontation with Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Nebula lists a bunch of “upgrades” that Thanos pushed on her, saying that he pulled her arm from her body. The prelude comics, however, reveal that he kind of forced her to do it herself.

Nebula was eager to prove herself against Gamora, and charged into one of the Cloud Tombs of Praxius without a fully-formed plan. She wound up getting trapped in a Laser Thorn Energy Net. Gamora came to her rescue, but only partially. Thanos ordered her to leave Nebula behind to test her strength. Gamora handed her a metal knife but it won’t cut the net, so Nebula severs her own arm to escape.

8 She Can Repair Her Own Cybernetics

Since all of her cybernetic upgrade procedures are done by others, it can seem like Nebula’s just a passive recipient of the technology. She quickly shows that she’s more than capable of doing her own repairs, too.

In Guardians of the Galaxy, she and Ronan are summoned to the Sanctuary by the Other on Thanos’ orders. The Other and Ronan argue back and forth about Gamora’s betrayal and the loss of the Orb while Thanos sits on his throne. Meanwhile, Nebula’s chilling on the side and fixing her left arm with a laser beam, staying out of the quarrel until Ronan decides to snap the Other’s neck after he yells at him for being loud and disrespectful one time too many.

7 Karen Gillan’s training

By now, plenty of actors have undergone extensive training to keep up with the physical demands of their super-powered roles. Gillan is no exception, especially since Nebula is a highly-trained warrior with a wealth of practical experience under her belt.

Gillan had to work out for two months prior to shooting. She even tried to bulk up for the role, but couldn’t quite gain the muscle mass. During filming she still did a lot of maintenance work, doing fight training every day that she wasn’t shooting. As difficult as it was, Gillan has gone on to say that her training for Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle was actually harder than for Guardians of the Galaxy.

6 She Had Trouble Keeping Up With Saldana

Just as Gamora is always a step ahead of Nebula, Zoe Saldana also had the upper hand over Gillan for the fight scenes. Gillan says that it would take her a lot of effort to be able to rehearse fight sequences with Saldana. A fight scene would take Saldana two rehearsals to master, whereas Gillan needed around a full month.

The discrepancy is understandable, since as Gillan points out, Saldana is a trained ballerina with a plethora of action films under her belt. While Gillan laments that she’s not as physically fit as her co-star, she adds that she had fun whenever they worked together.

5 She’s Thanos’ Big Sis

Nebula’s probably best known from her appearances in the MCU. After all, nowadays, whenever someone utters the words “Marvel Comics,” the MCU comes to mind for the average consumer. She also up in the cartoon series Marvel Super Hero Squad, with a full head of hair like her original comic design. This time though, she’s Thanos’ sister, taunting the Mad Titan and ridiculing him with anecdotes from their shared childhood.

The height difference is also much smaller in the cartoon version. In the MCU, Thanos is over 8 feet tall while Nebula is around 6 feet, so she wouldn’t even reach his shoulder. In the cartoon she’s goes up to Thanos’ chin. She’s voiced by Jane Lynch, giving her a much different vibe than Gillan’s portrayal.

4 Her Implants Can Reset Her Joints

In Guardians of the Galaxy, Nebula confronts Gamora, hurling insults at her adoptive sister until she’s cut short by Drax shooting her and sending her flying. It’s quite a funny moment that pokes fun at the long tradition of villains speechifying on and on before they start any attacks. However, it’s followed with a cringe-inducing scene with Nebula recovering from the blast.

Nebula should be incapacitated, but her cybernetic implants reset her joints, pushing her jaw back so that it seems like nothing ever happened. In fact, Nebula is still able to fight Gamora right after sustaining the injuries. On top of that, she doesn’t seem to have any external wounds either despite the fiery explosion.

3 She Still Feels Pain

With her many cybernetic enhancements, it can seem as though Nebula were invincible and immune to pain. She literally puts herself back together within moments of being blasted by Drax, and doesn’t seem to be the slightest bit affected by the blow. That said, she does feel pain, as is shown aboard the Sanctuary II in Avengers: Infinity War.

Thanos holds Nebula in captivity after having caught her during her attempt to end his life. In order to force Gamora to reveal the whereabouts of the Soul Stone, Thanos puts Nebula in agony by ripping her cybernetic parts from her organic body. Thankfully, she quickly recovers and escapes when one of Thanos’ underlings reassembles her.

2 She wasn’t supposed to survive Guardians Of The Galaxy

Nebula might not be one of the most central characters in the giant cast of the MCU, but she still plays an undeniably pivotal role. After her cinematic debut in Guardians of the Galaxy, she was brought back for the sequel and Avengers: Infinity War, and will even be returning for Avengers: Endgame.

However, Nebula wasn’t actually supposed to make it through the first movie at all. Gillan revealed that Nebula perished in the original script. Thankfully, the final version of the film has her survive, and she’s given an expanded arc that allows Gillan to explore more of her backstory. Plus, she gets more scenes with Gamora as well, making the most of Gillan and Saldana’s chemistry.

1 She Can Receive DMs Via Her Cybernetics

Apart from giving Nebula enhanced physiology, the cybernetics in her body are also capable of receiving direct messages. In an epic action sequence in Guardians of the Galaxy, Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot fight their way out of Kyln, the prison run by the Nova Corps. After the reluctant team escapes with the Orb aboard the Milano, Ronan and Nebula arrive on the scene and interrogate the surviving guards for info on Gamora.

Nebula then receives news directly on her cybernetic implants that the Nova Corps had sent a fleet to reclaim the prison. It’s certainly a convenient way to relay messages, but getting bombarded with notifications straight into your mind must get pretty annoying.

What are some other secrets about Nebula’s anatomy in the MCU? Share them in the comments!

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Thor: 20 Wildest Details About Valkyrie’s Anatomy

The Thor series of movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe centers around the titular super-powered Asgardian, who has also been a major figure in the comics since his inception more than four decades ago. Thor: The Dark World didn’t quite meet critics’ high expectations, but Taika Waititi has shaken things up with Thor: Ragnarok, bringing a wacky sense of humor that has made it the highest-rated Thor movie on Rotten Tomatoes. However, the change in tone wasn’t the only thing behind the movie’s popularity, and Thor is far from the only popular Asgardian from the comics.

Fans went wild when it was announced that Valkyrie would be in Ragnarok, who is played by Tessa Thompson. Not only would a woman of color play a major part in a superhero blockbuster, but the character is canonically attracted to both genders in the comics, having had a romance with Annabelle Riggs. Valkyrie’s choice of preference was ultimately omitted from the final cut of the movie, but Thompson incorporated that aspect of the character as she was filming. While her backstory is explored in the movie, there are still plenty of hidden tidbits to uncover about Valkyrie and her enhanced Asgardian anatomy. The list below touches on forty years of content, ranging from the movie and comics to some behind-the-scenes snippets, so spoilers abound ahead. The character is known as Scrapper 142 and Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok, and she’s also called Brunnhilde, but for simplicity’s sake, we’ll just call her Valkyrie. Without further ado, here are 20 Wildest Details About Valkyrie’s Anatomy.

20 She’s Originally White In The Comics

Thanks to the critical and box office success of Thor: Ragnarok, Tessa Thompson’s portrayal of Valkyrie is what comes to mind for millions of movie-goers everywhere. However, much like Thor, the character is actually white and blonde in the original comics. Thompson, on the other hand, is of mixed race. Thompson’s casting as Valkyrie marked a significant moment in pop culture in a genre saturated with white male superheroes.

Supporters of the decision were excited to see a woman of color kicking butt in the forefront rather than blending in as Asgardian Number 23. Also, it’s a casting choice that paid off; Thompson has been praised for her performance, having no problem keeping up with MCU veterans like Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo.

19 She Has A Valkyrie Tattoo On Her Left Arm

Valkyrie first appears in Thor: Ragnarok on Sakaar as Scrapper 142 and captures Thor for the Grandmaster’s Contest of Champions. She comes off as a selfish mercenary fending for herself, but Thor soon learns that she’s an Asgardian and tries to appeal to her sense of honor after he catches a glimpse of the tattoo on her left arm.

As it turns out, her tattoo is exclusive to the Valkyries, a group of elite Asgardian woman warriors. It’s a little odd that Valkyrie doesn’t bother hiding it properly, hinting at her lingering loyalty to her fallen compatriots. Or, perhaps she’s gotten so disillusioned that she doesn’t care who knows about her former life.

18 Waititi Designed The Valkyrie Seal

It is a truth universally acknowledged that if a tattoo is featured in a major franchise, fans will get it, piecing together the whole design from grainy footage and fleeting shots. It sure helps that the Valkyrie symbol looks absolutely stunning, and that’s all thanks to director Taika Waititi.

According to the director’s commentary, Waititi designed the seal that’s now been permanently inked on countless fans. Valkyrie isn’t the only one sporting a tattoo, either. There’s footage floating around featuring Thor with a “LOKI R.I.P.” tattoo on his forearm. Waititi seems to have designed that too, judging by the sketches on his own arm, one of which says “LOKI 4 EVA.” However, none of these made it into the final cut like Valkyrie’s ink.

17 She Ages Slower Than Humans

This should come as no surprise by now, but even though Valkyrie looks like a human, she possesses traits far more impressive than us mere mortals.

As an Asgardian, she’s not immortal, but does live far longer than humans, “give or take five thousand years,” as Loki puts it. She simply seems immortal because her lifespan is much longer than a human’s. She’s also much stronger and faster, and more resistant to physical damage. Sure, earthly objects can hurt Asgardians, but they need to be wielded by someone who also has extraordinary abilities. Her resistance to physical damage probably means there’s some sort of heavenly tattoo equipment in Asgard, especially since Valkyrie is far from the only Asgardian with body art.

16 She Can Tell When Someone’s About To Perish

Valkyrie shares a lot of physical traits and skills with her fellow Asgardians, but she’s got a power that not even Thor or Loki has. In addition to being pretty much invincible, she can tell when someone’s life is about to end in the form of an aura or “death glow” around their body. That said, she can only tell that the end is near, and not how the person will actually perish.

It’s a power that must be really useful, since Valkyrie is the leader of the Valkyrior in the comics, choosing fallen warriors and bringing them to Valhalla to honor them. It’s probably also a massive burden, though; imagine poor Valkyrie looking around just as Thanos is about to snap his fingers.

15 Her Soul Gets Trapped In A Crystal

At one point in the comics, Valkyrie is prohibited from taking human warriors to Valhalla and becomes super cynical and bitter. She then meets Amora the Enchantress and joins her on her adventures. Soon, Valkyrie realizes that the Enchantress is wicked, but before Valkyrie can leave her, the Enchantress traps her soul inside of a crystal. Valkyrie’s body stays in suspended animation while the Enchantress channels her powers or grants them to someone else.

Since Marvel incorporated elements of Planet Hulk for Thor: Ragnarok, maybe this could be part of Valkyrie’s arc in the future. After all, Joe Russo has confirmed that she survives Thanos’ attack at the beginning of Infinity War, much to fans’ relief.

14 The Enchantress Takes Over Her Body

As if it isn’t bad enough for Valkyrie to get her spiritual essence trapped inside of a crystal and have her powers loaned out to wicked strangers, the Enchantress also takes control of her body. Posing as Valkyrie, the Enchantress forms the Lady Liberators with the Wasp, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, and Medusa, manipulating the superheroines into fighting against the Avengers. Fortunately, her true intentions are discovered and she fails to carry out her plan to eliminate the good guys.

There is a second incarnation of the Lady Liberators, though. This time around, the team is led by She-Hulk, and Valkyrie is part of this new group of superheroines going against the Red Hulk.

13 Her Consciousness Ends Up In Barbara Norris

Valkyrie’s physical body can go through a lot of damage, and luckily, her spirit is just as resilient, because it travels from body to body over and over again. One of her host bodies is a woman named Barbara Norris.

Norris had been losing touch with reality after being trapped in an alternate mystical realm, and the Enchantress puts Valkyrie’s consciousness in Norris’s body to help the Defenders escape from Casiolena. However, the Enchantress doesn’t reverse her handiwork even when the plan is done, leaving Valkyrie’s spirit inside of Norris’s body. As a result, Norris’s body takes on Valkyrie’s appearance as well as her abilities and consciousness. Valkyrie is perfectly aware that she’s stuck with someone else’s body and tries to learn more about Norris’s life.

12 Meanwhile, Her Body Holds Norris’s Spirit

While Valkyrie’s spirit is in someone else’s body, her own real body is still in Asgard and houses Norris’s consciousness at one point. The two eventually meet when Ollerus tries to take over Asgard, and they end up fighting against each other. Norris’s consciousness in Valkyrie’s body is sent to Niflheim, the realm for non-heroic Asgardian warriors who have passed.

But, Valkyrie doesn’t seem particularly concerned. She goes back to Earth with the Defenders, still using Norris’s body, and isn’t exactly scrambling to reunite with her original body. We don’t know the reason for her nonchalance, but it could be that she agrees with Yoda, believing that her body is just a crude vessel for her soul.

11 Her Mind And Body Are Reunited With Help From Doctor Strange

Even though Valkyrie doesn’t seem to mind having her consciousness in someone else’s body, and having a stranger’s consciousness in her real body, she does end up getting her spirit back in her own body.

Norris’s body perishes, which frees up Valkyrie’s spirit; meanwhile, the Enchantress saves Valkyrie’s body from Niflheim. Then, Doctor Strange helps Valkyrie reunite her body and soul, and she regains all of her memories and personality traits as a result. Finally freed, Valkyrie gives the Enchantress a taste of her own medicine, sending her to the crystal. Yet, instead of going back to Asgard, Valkyrie chooses to return to Earth with the Defenders because of the Asgardians’ (especially Odin’s) indifference to her struggle.

10 She Consumes The Apples Of Idunn

The Golden Apples of Idunn haven’t been mentioned in the MCU, but in the comics, they help the Asgardians maintain their youth and vitality. It’s a miraculous fruit exclusive to Asgard, and the goddess Idunn is the only one who can pick them.

Valkyrie also eats the Golden Apples, which help her stay in peak physical condition. However, she does eventually stop eating them, which reduces her stamina and makes her more vulnerable. It turns out, her plan in the Fear Itself arc is to obtain the hammers used by Cul’s servants and seal them inside herself. When she perishes, having stopped eating the apples, the hammers would also disappear from existence for the rest of time.

9 Thompson Gained 15 Lbs Of Muscle

There’s a lot of talk about how the male stars of the MCU undergo intense training to transform into believable superheroes, but they’re not the only ones with such dedication. Thompson revealed that she gained 15 lbs of muscle to play the role of Valkyrie. The hero doesn’t have trouble keeping up with Thor, and Thompson also holds her own alongside Hemsworth.

Thompson also adds that she wanted to defy the idea that in order for a woman to be beautiful, she has to be thin. Part of the reason for bulking up was to unabashedly show Valkyrie’s physical strength, and how she doesn’t care about how she appears to others. Thompson shares the same sentiment as the character, and felt strong and comfortable in her skin.

8 Odin Takes Away Her Powers For Saving Sieglinde

Valkyrie, along with other Asgardians and non-human species in general, can seem pretty much invincible. However, she hasn’t always been as powerful as she is. In fact, at one point, she is fully stripped of her superpowers and rendered helpless. Odin gives Thor the identity of Siegmund, a mortal warrior, and Odin eventually demands that Siegmund’s life be taken.

Siegmund does perish, despite Valkyrie’s interventions, but Valkyrie helps his pregnant lover Sieglinde stay safe. Odin isn’t happy about Valkyrie’s disobedience, so he takes away her Asgardian powers and puts her into a trance as a consequence. Later, Siegmund and Sieglinde’s son, Siegfried, wakes up Valkyrie, and as it turns out, Siegfried is yet another mortal identity of Thor.

7 She Leaps Into Thor/Siegfried’s Funeral Pyre

After being awakened, Valkyrie eventually becomes Siegfried’s partner and decides to make him invincible, as long as his back isn’t turned on his enemies. Siegfried eventually double-crosses her, but Valkyrie remains in love with him.

When Siegfried’s life comes to an end, rather than carrying on without him, Valkyrie chooses to jump into his funeral pyre. And since Odin has stripped her of all her Asgardian powers and traits, she perishes in the fire alongside Siegfried. Just like the Asgardian characters themselves, this chapter in her life is inspired by the actual mythology in our own universe. It’s a tragic episode in her life, but like most comic book characters, neither Valkyrie nor Thor/Siegfried remain deceased for long.

6 She Comes Back To Life Without Memories

Surprise! The two partners come back to life, courtesy of Odin, the guy who started this whole mess in the first place. Both Thor and Valkyrie go back to their old Asgardian lives and regain their superpowers, but Odin wipes their minds of their memories on Earth.

Here’s the kicker though: this account of Valkyrie’s backstory and transformation from Asgardian to human, and back to Asgardian, might not be entirely reliable. It’s a story recounted by the eye of Odin. Odin had exiled his eye into Mimir’s Well, and it became its own sentient being and kept all of Odin’s knowledge. So, it could very well all be a lie, or very liberally embellished.

5 She Can Travel Between The Realms Of The Living And The Perished

In Norse mythology, a Valkyrie is a female figure tasked with choosing who lives and who perishes in battle. They then decide who among the deceased are allowed to go to Valhalla. The Marvel Valkyrior play a similar role in the comics, choosing only the worth to pass onto Valhalla.

Since her primary responsibility is to guide these fallen warriors, Valkyrie is able to freely pass between the realm of the living and the realm of the deceased. She can even bring along someone who has passed or is about to pass by simply willing it. It’s certainly a convenient skill for the leader of the Valkyrior to have, if only she had as much control over her spirit, freeing her from the Enchantress’s crystal.

4 Odin Gives Her Extra Powers To Fight Moondragon

Odin is the ruler of Asgard, so it stands to reason that he’s the most powerful Asgardian there is: giving and taking away powers and lives as he pleases. Even though he (allegedly) takes away Valkyrie’s Asgardian powers for defying him, he gives her extra powers when she takes on Moondragon.

Odin initially assigns Valkyrie as Moongradon’s guardian, so the latter can learn humility. The two women even fight by each other’s side, but Moondragon doesn’t stick with the good guys for long. As Moondragon turns against the Defenders and attacks them, Valkyrie is temporarily given extra powers by Odin. As a result, she’s able to make her body huge and she defeats Moondragon, but doesn’t capture her.

3 She Becomes A Statue

Moondragon comes back for another attempt on the Defenders’ lives, but this time, stronger than ever thanks to the help of the Beyonder. In order to defeat her and the Dragon of the Moon, Valkyrie, Interloper, Andromeda and Manslaughter join their life forces together and three other members of the Defenders go off to save innocent bystanders.

Their plan works, and the Dragon of the Moon, the entity that had caused Moondragon to revert to her old immoral ways, is seemingly defeated. However, the victory comes at a great cost. When the three Defenders come back to the scene, they find that Valkyrie, Interloper, Andromeda, Manslaughter, and Moondragon have all turned into statues made of ashes and dust.

2 She Gets Put In Someone Else’s Body (Again)

Surprise (again). Valkyrie comes back to life (again) with the help of Doctor Strange (again) and is put in someone else’s body (again).

This time, her host is Sian Bowen. Not much is known about Bowen except that she’s essentially a university student who’s in the wrong place at the wrong time. And, if you think this is the last of Valkyrie’s unfortunate Freaky Friday situation, think again. She and Annabelle Riggs (yes, as in her girlfriend the archaeologist) currently share the same body, each taking turns to determine who’s in control. At another point, Valkyrie’s powers are also given to Samantha Parrington by the Enchantress. It’s not really the same host body situation, though, since Parrington is more of a copy of Valkyrie, but here’s hoping Valkyrie will finally get to be in one body.

1 Thompson’s Wig Cost A Fortune

Huge Hollywood blockbusters have giant budgets, and the MCU is no exception. Every facet of production is highly detailed to withstand even the most intense scrutiny. So, it’s not really a surprise that Thor: Ragnarok dropped some big bucks for hair and wardrobe. But, Thompson’s Valkyrie wig reportedly cost $10,000 (take that, Thor).

Director Boots Riley reveals that Thompson was doing reshoots for Thor while filming Sorry to Bother You. She used her own multicolored hair for the role of Detroit because the principal production of Thor was already done. Clearly, it would be odd for Valkyrie to show up in a scene with a rainbow bob, so Disney had to spend thousands of dollars for a realistic looking wig for reshoots.

Do you know any other weird details about Valkyrie’s anatomy? Tell us in the comments below!

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