Green, white and red: 3 easy and delicious recipes for Spaghetti Day

Long, rounded and thin spaghetti is probably the most iconic kind of pasta loved by young and old. In fact, this degree of admiration has even afforded it its own day on Jan. 4. Th… .

2021-01-03 17:31:48

Cooking away homesickness, expat blues and nostalgia

2020 was a hell of a year. Many people had to stay away from their families, be they in a different city or even a completely different country. Even under normal circumstances, ho… .

2020-12-27 15:08:57

The biggest takeaway from 2020? Learning how to accept the good, the bad and the ugly

2020 has been a true annus horribilis.

Over 20,000 people in Turkey have lost their lives to the coronavirus, which swiftly took hold of the whole globe in a matter of months; tho… .

2020-12-31 19:36:48

Aslı Işıksal’s romanticism on nature and standstill period through concept of time

Since we do not need intermediaries to make a connection between our daily experiences and time in the usual flow of life, experiencing time is simple enough to be done spontaneous… .

2020-12-29 18:23:48

Macron, French media and Muslims: Big brother is watching

When Emmanuel Macron was elected as French president in May 2017, French people compared him to former U.S. President Barack Obama in terms of elegance and eloquence. However, ther… .

2020-12-29 04:21:48

COVID, eruption and winter: Top pictures of the week

COVID, eruption and winter: Top pictures of the week .

2020-12-27 15:34:48

Qatar and the Quartet: Rumors of MBZ’s visit to Riyadh only solidify ideological polarities

Recognizing the factors that led to the Arab Quartet’s initial imposition of the blockade on Qatar is essential in understanding why any potential reconciliation will be more symbo… .

2020-12-24 04:21:48

In photos: Fog and snow blanket central Turkey's Sivas

In photos: Fog and snow blanket central Turkey's Sivas .

2020-12-22 16:17:48

Coronavirus outbreak and its environmental impact

The annual global extraction of resources has skyrocketed to 92 billion tons from 27 billion tons over the past five decades, exceeding the pace of nature’s self-renewal and ca… .

2020-12-22 04:21:48

Turkey monitors COVID-19 mutation and its impact on vaccines 

As a new strain of the coronavirus disrupts life in the United Kingdom and nations scramble to cut off links with the country, Turkey has been monitoring its own cases, checking fo… .

2020-12-21 19:39:48