Charlie’s Angels Is A Continuation, Not A Reboot; First Photos Released

Director Elizabeth Banks says her Charlie’s Angels is a continuation rather than a reboot or remake, as first look photos from the movie are released. Premiering in 1976, the original Charlie’s Angels TV series starred Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith as a trio of female super-spies working for a mysterious figure named Charles Townsend (voiced by John Forsythe). Now viewed as a campy artifact of the ’70s “Jiggle TV” genre, the show would last for five seasons, rotating in different lead actresses including Cheryl Ladd, Shelley Hack and Tanya Roberts.

Though many decried Charlie’s Angels for its sexism, the show retained enough of a cult following over the years to spawn a 2000 feature film starring Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu. The movie was a hit with $264 million at the global box office, leading to a sequel in 2003’s Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. Now, amid a wave of early ’00s franchise revivals, Charlie’s Angels is set to return to theaters with Banks in the director’s chair and a new trio of Angels played by Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska. A first photo of the new Angels was recently released, as the film wrapped shooting.

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Speaking to EW about her new take on Charlie’s Angels, writer, director and star Banks addressed the question of whether her movie is actually a reboot or remake. In fact, Banks says it’s neither of those but is in truth a continuation that incorporates the events of both the original series and the two movies directed by McG. As Banks explains it, Charles Townsend is still in business but has simply expanded his reach. “If you were rich in 1976, you only got richer. Charles Townsend is richer than ever, so he’s grown the business into a global spy agency,” she said. In addition to Banks’ remarks, EW also released some new photos from the film which can be seen below:

Indeed, the new movie is set to be more of a globe-trotting adventure in the vein of James Bond, a fact that was teased in a previous photo. The film takes place in Istanbul, Hamburg and Berlin, but according to Banks it’s not simply about hopping the globe. In fact, it’s really about doing a job as a team. As she explained:

“It was important to me to make a movie about women working together and supporting each other, and not make a movie about their romantic entanglements or their mother they don’t call enough. When I’m at work, I don’t talk about those things. I get on with my job. It felt important to do that for the Angels, to treat them with the respect their skill set demands.”

Banks clearly is out to make a new kind of Charlie’s Angels movie for an era where more accurately representing female characters is higher on the agenda than simply playing to the male gaze as the original show and the previous movies may have done. Of course, Banks is the first female writer-director to tackle Charlie’s Angels, so the new version is naturally going to have a more female perspective than previous takes. It will be interesting to see if Charlie’s Angels can carve out a place for itself in this new era where movies like Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel have opened up the door for female-centered action-adventure movies to become blockbusters.

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Supernatural: 10 Rules The Angels Need To Follow

When it comes to Supernatural, there are numerous demons that the hunters set out to kill and eliminate. However, while the demons have always been the villains of this series, the fact is that the forces of Heaven are just as deadly and the angels and archangels are just as dangerous as any other antagonist on the show.

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However, when it comes to angels, there are a set of rules and regulations that they have to follow at all times. There are also downfalls to being an angel as there are many things that they either are incapable of doing or are at a distinct disadvantage when trying to accomplish.


The biggest thing about the archangels relationship with Dean and Sam Winchester is that Michael and Lucifer needed them in order to come to Earth to start their war. Now, both archangels found other vessels, but it wasn’t easy.

See, if an angel or archangel tries to possess someone who isn’t compatible with them, the person will blow up. The match has to be perfect, and in the case of Dean and Sam, it isn’t just a perfect match but it is the best possible match to power up the two archangels for their final war. Even lesser angels can only take on certain vessels if they want them to survive.


Many angels have fallen but there is one very real danger. When an angel falls, they lose their grace. When an angel loses their grace they become a human being. They lose their powers. They lose any chance they have of getting back into Heaven. They lose everything that made them what they are.

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Many of these rules are punishable by an angel losing their grace, so it is important to follow the most important ones at least. There are some exceptions. Lucifer is the most famous fallen angel but he has his powers back so it is not something that is permanent for the more powerful angels.


The angels can walk the Earth when they are in the form of a vessel that they have taken over. However, that is the only way that they can move amongst humans. This is because no one can look upon the true form of an angel. If that happens, that person will end up in bad shape, their eyes burned out — or worse.

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Castiel has talked about how his true form is monstrously huge, the size of the Chrysler building. There are other angels that look as much like a demon as a true demon. There was a time when Castiel tried to appear in his true form and it destroyed everything in the area.


There is one key way that all angels communicate with each other. This is through angel radio and is the required mode of contacting each other. Any other way is not as safe, but using angel radio is a way for an angel to send out a message that only other angels can hear in their heads.

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There is an interesting mode of communication and is very powerful. Jack, the son of Lucifer and a Nephilim, can hear angel radio but it causes him immense pain and a terrible headache due to the frequency in which it arrives in his head. However, when needing to gather the troops, this is the mode of contact.


When an angel dies, the form of their wings is burned into the ground around them. This is because an angel’s wings are always there unless they are burned off after falling. It is very important not to lose the wings as well because that is what they use when they teleport from one place to the next. If they lose their wings, they lose this power.

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An angel also shows their wings when using their powers, as they give them the full energy needed to maximize their Heavenly powers. Without their wings, an angel slowly becomes human and one day ends up a mortal stuck on Earth.


Angels are not supposed to leave Heaven. This is a major rule and they are supposed to remain above in order to make sure that everything in Heaven runs properly and nothing runs astray. However, this is one rule that angels on Supernatural have broken time and time again.

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As a matter of fact, angels have set out to roam the Earth since the fourth season, and seem to head to Earth constantly, so this isn’t a rule with strict punishment. However, leaving Heaven is a bad thing because it caused some to remain trapped on Earth, others to lose their wings, and now angels are an endangered species.


There is one other way that an angel can die. An angel must always keep their faith. This is an important rule because without faith there is nothing left for an angel to live for. Anna mentioned that only a handful of angels had ever seen God and no other angel had ever laid eyes on him.

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However, she said that if angels stop believing in God and lose their faith, they will instantly cease to exist. This is even worse than falling. When Lucifer fell, he ended up out of Heaven but was still powerful. When other angels fall, they end up as humans. If an angel stops believing, they die.


Angels have to be completely loyal to Heaven. There are dire consequences if they turn their back on Heaven and try to shake things up. Look at Lucifer and see the ultimate punishment when an angel, even an archangel, turns his back on his mission. However, for lower angels, they have no choice.

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When looking at most angels, they don’t even question authority in Heaven, and if they betray Heaven in any way, they start to lose their powers. Of course, the last thing an angel wants is to end up banished from Heaven, where they become completely powerless over time.


An angel cannot walk upon the Earth in their true form. As mentioned earlier, no one can look upon an angel without tragic consequences. This means that the angels have to find a vessel to enter into. There are a few rules here, but the fact is that they have to find one that is their perfect fit, or it will end up a bloody mess.

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The angels may need to find their true vessels, but that does not mean there is only one. Michael has taken on more than one vessel as has Lucifer. Like the demons, an angel can move to a new vessel when finished with the one they are in, but a true vessel isn’t easy to find.


Here’s the funny thing, and it has only been broken a few limited times. An angel, even a powerful archangel like Michael, needs to have permission before they can occupy a vessel. This makes it very hard for an angel to come to Earth anyway since very few vessels are powerful enough to hold an angel’s essence without exploding.

While Dean and Sam Winchester were the chosen ones and the expected vessels for Lucifer and Michael, the two archangels could not use them unless they had permission to enter their bodies. Of course, angels have ways of getting what they want. People can even revoke permission later.

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Supernatural: 15 Rules The Angels Have To Follow (And 15 They Love To Break)

Supernatural was initially introduced as a show strictly about monsters and demons. It didn’t delve into stuff like heaven and angels much apart from the characters wondering about whether or not god existed. By the end of Season 3, the show had explored as much as it could solely about demons and it was time for a major revamp. This came in the form of introducing the angels and with it came the breakout star of the show – Castiel. After Castiel became such a hit with the fans, the show decided to keep him on and because of that the presence of angels has now become commonplace.

Castiel’s character development has meant he has defied most of the tropes associated with angels as his friendship with Sam and Dean Winchester has meant he is a one of a kind angel. The show has still shown hundreds of angels, though, so we have a lot to go by in our assessment of the angels. For the most part, the angels are also antagonists rather than being the good guys as they fall into the Knight Templar category where their version of peace is basically bad news for humans.

In order to carry out their plans, angels need many rules for guidance. They may be millions of years old, but they are generally quite immature and need to learn a whole lot about Earth. This is why we’ve compiled a list that shows the rules they follow and those rules they love to break.

30 Have To Follow: They Need A Vessel

This requirement has been upped to ridiculous lengths nowadays in that, while once the angels were said to need a vessel to walk the Earth, they are now exclusively seen in these vessels.

Even up in heaven, we never see the angels in their true forms and they are always possessing their vessels. Regardless, the rules are clear that angels do require vessels to function on Earth and there’s no way around this requirement. We’ve seen angels try and fail when they haven’t acquired vessels for themselves, so this is an absolute necessity.

29 Love To Break: Time Travel

Time travel was supposed to be this big act that could only be used for the most important of angelic missions. The angels time traveling in Season 5 made it clear how wrong it was to do so; however, they’ve still broken this rule (pardon the incoming pun) time and time again.

They did so in Season 4, then again in Season 5, along with numerous other times. Zachariah had no problems with continually time traveling if it meant he won at what he wanted to.

28 Have To Follow: Can’t Question Hierarchy

There are some, like Castiel, who don’t fall under this rule anymore, but the standard angel has no choice but be a soldier of heaven. Even Castiel generally falls under this as far as his factory settings are concerned, but he’s by and large gotten over it.

Every other random angel we’ve seen, though, follows rules down to the tee as they don’t question the hierarchy they’re supposed to fall under. These angels consider the hierarchy the plan of God and have no problems following orders if it means even taking people’s lives.

27 Love To Break: Resurrection

This hasn’t been as prevalent as it used to be considering the regularity with which the angels started doing this at one point. They were shown to have powers of resurrection and the first instance was when we saw them resurrect Dean in Season 4.

It didn’t stop there as many others were brought back too; Bobby Singer was brought back the easiest way by Castiel in the Season 5 finale, which makes it questionable why Cas didn’t do the same in Season 7. Over time, the resurrection thing became too easy and it’s been phased out.

26 Have To Follow: They Can’t Go To Hell

Although we’ve used a picture of Lucifer to illustrate this, he’s the only one who doesn’t follow this rule. Other than Lucifer, no angels ever enter heaven save for one instance where they did so to retrieve the soul of Dean.

Even though we’ve seen angels break a lot of rules over the years, they still haven’t broken this one of not entering Hell and remain either in Heaven or on Earth. Castiel and Naomi had said sending angels to Hell for missions had cost many angel lives, so that might be a reason why.

25 Love To Break: Leaving Heaven

It was said in Season 4 that the angels hadn’t been on earth in millennia, but this ended up being a continuity mistake as we’ve seen several instances now that show angels being in the past and active on Earth.

Since Season 4, the angels very freely roam the Earth without feeling out of place. Now, we see angels on Earth more than we see them in Heaven. The angels also seem to prefer being on Earth rather than their original location as they have more freedom down there. We never see them questioning why they’re on Earth anymore.

24 Have To Follow: No Contact With Humans

This rule falls under both having to follow and loving to break, but we decided to keep it under the former pile. By and large, most of the angels don’t have contacts with humans. The angels that are alive right now don’t have any connection with humans other than the occasional visit to Sam and Dean.

Under their original orders, they were never supposed to have any contact with them at all, or even use them as vessels unless completely necessary.

23 Love To Break: Not Listening To God (Archangels)

While the regular angels use the word of God as something never to be broken, the archangels have seen who Chuck is, and they know he’s a pretty big idiot. This is why they love not following Chuck’s orders.

Lucifer and Gabriel in particular have no respect for their father’s words and love to rebel. Both of them were quite immature, so you can see why they loved to defy what they were told to do. Everything Lucifer ever did, in fact, was to piss off his old man.

22 Have To Follow: Needing Permission From The Vessel

For a long time now, we’re never shown how an angel comes across their vessel; it’s something that’s just understood. At first, getting a vessel was something that was like an impossible task for an angel, but now these vessels come a dime a dozen.

Still, the angels do maintain they require he consent of the vessel they’re using. However, this consent seems pretty easy to get as we can use the example of Gadreel, who didn’t have any problems repossessing his vessel even after he made that man commit a lot of crimes.

21 Love To Break: Running Away From Their Problems (Archangels)

For this point, there’s no better character to use as an example than Gabriel. While we had thought he was a simple trickster at first, and then Loki, it turned out he was an archangel.

Gabriel was a master of running away from his problems as he spent thousands of years in hiding just so he wouldn’t have to confront problems in heaven. The same way, Lucifer also ran away from heaven because he disagreed with God; he did so again from Season 12 where he proclaimed he’d wreak havoc simply because he could.

20 Have To Follow: They Can’t Go To The Apocalypse World

After Jack’s impending birth opened up the gateway to the Apocalypse World, the angels became knowledgeable that there are different universes out there. This means they have the option to carry on to other worlds if they want to.

However, with Naomi now in charge of heaven, that is out of the question. Naomi keeping her cards pretty close to the chest which means the handful of angels that do remain can’t go on to different universes even if they wanted to. Considering the Apocalypse World is awful, no one’s lining up to go there as it is.

19 Love To Break: Using Reality Warping (Archangels)

Back in Season 5, the high-ranking angels also had reality warping powers and they used these powers to antagonize the Winchesters. However, now it seems only the archangels had these powers as the regular angels aren’t shown to use them.

The archangels love to utilize these powers whenever they can. Gabriel did it right from the get-go in Season 2 by morphing the world, and even taking Dean’s life over and again. Lucifer did it most recently by showing Sam alternate visions when he wanted to take possession of his body.

18 Have To Follow: Possessing Their True Vessels

Speaking of taking possession of Sam, here comes the rule that even archangels aren’t exempt from. When it comes to taking possession of a vessel, the angel requires the body of a particular familial line of humans.

They can’t just take the body of anyone and hope things remain peachy as we saw in the case of Lucifer as he couldn’t contain himself in Nick’s body and the vessel was close to being destroyed. Archangels especially need to have the right type of vessels as these beings are just so much more powerful than average angels.

17 Love To Break: Possessing Non-True Vessels

In recent times, though, the whole true vessels thing has been ignored quite a lot. Angels aren’t shown struggling in makeshift hosts and continue without any problems. They’re still breaking rules as it was explicitly stated in earlier seasons that the angels couldn’t stay long in an improper host.

This was the reason why Castiel had chosen James Novak to be his vessel because Jimmy came from the right line of people to whom Castiel was the right angel. But it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal nowadays.

16 Have To Follow: Following Archangel Commands

The angels we saw initially were doing whatever they did because of orders from archangels. In Season 4, they were following the orders from Michael and this continued until the end of Season 5. In Season 6, the civil war in heaven began because the archangel Raphael wanted to bring Michael and Lucifer back.

In Season 11, Lucifer simply strolled in heaven and made the angels do his bidding, although in this case they all just did in fear as he threatened that “he who hesitates, disintegrates.”

15 Love To Break: Entering Someone Else’s Heaven

Supernatural has a weird concept that shows heaven is one big office where the rooms comprise of the souls of people living in their best memories. It’s not a great idea because it more or less makes everyone victims of their memories rather than letting them be truly happy.

The angels regularly break rules by entering the heaven of these people for their own interests. Raphael borrowed the heaven of the disgraced owner of Enron, while Castiel would use the heaven of an autistic man.

14 Have To Follow: Carrying Angel Blades

Despite the angels being encouraged never to fight one another and to see each other as siblings, it seems they are also taught to take each other out whenever it’s convenient. This is because every angel comes equipped with an angel blade.

At first it seemed only a few had this option but it turned out that every angel carried a blade. Now, an angel blade is so easy to find that even the Winchesters and Crowley carried one on a regular basis. So it seems the angels are now handing these out.

13 Love To Break: Using The Angel Blades

Of course, simply having an angel blade doesn’t mean you need to use it. It may have been given to the angels to be used only when absolutely needed as opposed to taking each other out on minor squabbles; however, the angels do use the blades very frequently.

This got to the point that Crowley improvised and melted the angel blades to make bullets out of them. This way, the blade fragments would take out multiple angels without the need to fight and stab anyone. Castiel uses one quite frequently.

12 Have To Follow: Remembering All Current And Future Prophets

Castiel had said having so much knowledge can feel like a burden at times and he wasn’t so crazy about it. This was true to continuity as Castiel has always been able to tell the Winchesters who the current prophet is.

This also came into very good use in Season 5 when a false prophet was running around and causing people to slay each other. So, while it’s not the best thing to have the names of so many people, both past and future, seared in their heads, the rule does have its benefits.

11 Love To Break: Using Hand Of God Weapons (Archangels)

This applies to those angels who could get their hands on a Hand of God weapon. Seeing that these angels would have done anything to beat the Darkness, they would have no qualms breaking this rule.

As it happened, it was Lucifer who used the Hand of God weapon against the Darkness and lost horribly; the reason that God was nowhere near as powerful as the Darkness. He had tried to use it first when he’d also done some time traveling, but the weapon was all juiced out.

10 Have To follow: Attending Conferences

The angels make their decisions up in heaven, but these meetings don’t just happen anywhere, they take place in a boardroom. We saw this room first in Season 8 when Naomi was using it, but the meeting was full in place in Season 11 when Lucifer brought one together.

More than a meeting, it was a conference where Lucifer told everyone what the plan was to beat the Darkness and no had any choice but to agree with him. You can bet Zachariah had similar conferences back in Season 5 as well.

9 Love To Break: Usurping Authority To Become The Leader

While the angels can’t function without having a leader, the leadership position itself doesn’t have to be an archangel. We saw Castiel do this first when he found himself in charge of a faction of angels in Season 6, before Naomi took over in Season 8.

Later on, Metatron did the same, and was followed once more by Castiel, and then Hannah in this position. Bartholomew also tried to join the fray briefly before he was taken out. The angels love to claim power when a position for it opens up.

8 Have To follow: They Can’t Show Their True Forms

This isn’t so much as can’t as much as being something impossible to do. In Season 4, Castiel first tried to appear to Dean in the first scene only to destroy the vicinity. Next, Pamela tried to see what he looked like but had her sockets burned out for her efforts.

Castiel mentioned his true visage is comparable to the Chrysler building, so you can imagine how gigantic he really is. However, we’ve since seen angels in silvery wisp forms closely resembling demons’ true forms, so who knows what the truth of the matter is.

7 Love To Break: Sending Someone Else In The Past Or Future

We haven’t seen angels time travel as much as we’ve seen them send someone else back in time. This, though, was supposed to be even more taboo than the angels time traveling themselves as sending a person through time could fracture reality.

However, Zachariah was prepared to suffer the consequences and sent Dean to an alternate future and was prepared to do so repeatedly. Later, Castiel sent the Winchesters back in time even though he was cut off from heaven. Since then, the Winchesters have done a lot of angel-assisted time travel.

6 Have To Follow: Showing Wings When Using Superpowers

We’re not sure if it’s a rule or just a reflex the angels love to show. Either way, whenever an angel powers up, they show off those beautiful wings in a burst of light. It would seem this rule is a requirement as it gives the angels the energy they need to maximize their fighting potential.

As recently as the 300th episode, Castiel’s alternate reality form showed his wings when using his powers on Sam and Dean. He was successful at walloping them bad, so it seems this showing off their wings thing has a reason behind it.

5 Love To Break: Developing Fondness For Human Habits

Castiel was the first angel we saw display this, but the angels have been shown to enjoy human habits for a long time. Chief among them is Gabriel, who is a pretty big playboy and enjoys being a ladies’ man – he was even seen sleeping at one point, which makes no sense.

Castiel shows every kind of human habit nowadays as he’s seen crying and laughing whenever the need to do so arises; something he couldn’t do once before. We’ve also seen angels sire nephilims so you can surmise that they can also do pretty adult stuff.

4 Have To Follow: Not Having Any Real Personality

Although Chuck had a personality of his own, and so did his archangels, the regular angels weren’t given such luxury. This is why Castiel seems like such a well-developed character as he is supposed to be one of those angels who doesn’t have any personality of his own.

The angels are always stoic, with little to no emotion shown. They don’t have many questions other than what their orders are supposed to be and can’t feel any physical needs either. They are more or less supercharged robots.

3 Love To Break: Cutting Deals With Demons

Before Season 6, the very idea that an angel would become partners with a demon was something unforgivable. Cut to the end of that season, and both Castiel and Raphael were doing it. Despite being in a partnership with Crowley, both angels had very low opinions of demons.

Later on, Lucifer seemed to be favoring a deal with Crowley as well in Season 11, but then decided to make him his personal dog and kept him on a leash instead. In Season 4, the idea had been that angels would instantly obliterate demons – not anymore.

2 Have To Follow: Becoming Humans After Losing Their Grace

Although angels like the idea of welcoming human habits, they aren’t so quick to jump in at the opportunity of becoming one themselves. This isn’t an option, though, when their grace is taken away and at that point they have no choice but to become humans.

While the whole grace thing was way different in Season 4 where Anna had to be reborn, now it comes in the form of removing the grace from their throats, rendering them human. Whichever way is used, at the end of it the angel becomes human and is stuck in the host’s body.

1 Love To Break: Siring Nephilims

Like we mentioned beforehand, angels take on human habits and have even become parents to children whose other parent is a human. The first chronological happening of this was when the Nephilim Castiel and Metatron took out was conceived, although her parent is unknown.

The best example we have now is Jack, who is the son of Lucifer. Previously, it had been stated angels don’t have the capacity to be reproductive, but clearly some angels have been getting pretty rebellious in this regard.

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10 Rules The Angels In Supernatural Have To Follow

After playing as a Monster of the Week series for the first season, Supernatural took on a more Biblical tone in season two and moved onward. Honestly, if there were demons infesting the Earth, it was only a matter of time before angles made their appearance as well. And what the show did better than anyone could have believed was making the angels just as bad as the demons that they hated.

The two most powerful antagonists on Supernatural were, in fact, archangels with the holy one, Michael, almost worst than the fallen one in Lucifer. Add in all sorts of minor angels and a major ally in Castiel, and the show was soon overflowing with Heaven’s army. With so many angels running around, here are 10 rules the angels in Supernatural have to follow.

10. Requires A Vessel While On Earth

The big reason that Azazel attacked Mary Winchester and dropped his blood into Sam’s mouth was to create a vessel for Lucifer. That is because Lucifer and Michael both needed a vessel in order to walk the Earth and set out upon their final battle. That is something that all angels need — a vessel that allows them to walk the Earth.

This is similar to demons, who also have to have a vessel to operate on Earth. Interestingly, while angels can take on a basic vessel and walk the Earth, an archangel is different. They are so powerful that only true vessels can hold them, any other will decay or explode.

9. Must Have Permission For A Vessel

A demon can take over anybody that they can control; they can do this without the person even giving them permission. However, due to the grace of an angel, that is not possible for them. The only way that an angel can take over the body of a human is if that human gives them permission to do so.

Not only that but if a vessel decides that they no longer want the angel in them, they can revoke the permission. They can then kick the angel out while blocking their way to come back into them (although it is very hard to overcome the angelic possession).

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8. Only Possess Certain Humans

It is also very difficult to find humans that can serve as true vessels for an angel. Castiel once said that it was very hard for him to find a human host that was durable enough to contain his might. It is even harder for someone as powerful as Lucifer or Michael.

When Lucifer was preparing Sam to serve as his vessel, Sam had to drink demon’s blood because he needed it to keep his body from exploding once Lucifer took over. The name for these bodies are true vessels, which is most important for archangels. Sam Winchester is Lucifer’s true vessel while Dean Winchester is Michael’s.

7. Can’t Show True Forms

An angel is not able to show their true form to a human. According to Castiel, his true form is gigantic — the size of the Chrysler Building. He also said that their true form is basically nothing more than waves and lights — pure energy. Other instances are pure white lights or even luminous smoke for those without wings.

Lucifer, and presumably other archangels, are dangerous to anyone who sees them in their true form. When Lucifer showed his true form, it destroyed an entire convent. To emphasize the danger, Pamela Barnes used her powers to see what Castiel really looked like and her eyes burned out, blinding her.

6. Must Remain Loyal To Heaven

God created angels and they have no option but to remain loyal to Heaven. Their powers, which are many, are restricted by this loyalty. If and when an angel betrays Heaven and rebels, their powers begin to wane and end up vanishing over time.

Archangels such as Lucifer and the seraphim do not suffer from this condition and restriction, as Lucifer rebelled but remained one of the most powerful beings in Supernatural history. With that said, regular angels must always remain loyal to Heaven or they will eventually lose their grace and become mortal beings; powerless and nothing more than another human.

5. Fallen Angels Lose Grace

When an angel falls, they lose their grace. When it comes to the difference between angels and mortals, angels have grace and humans have souls. It is the grace of an angel that provides them with Enochian magic.

When an angel falls, they lose their grace and also lose their powers. These are seen as what appears to be falling meteors, and when an angel falls, they also lose their wings. There is also another way to lose grace: when it is removed by slitting their vessel’s throat with an angel blade and drawing it out. If an angel loses their grace but never fell, they can regain it.

4. Require Wings To Teleport

When an angel teleports somewhere, it is usually accompanied by the sound of flapping wings. That is because angel’s wings are what they use to teleport from one place to another. According to Zachariah, humans cannot see an angel’s wings because their senses are too dull to view them. However, the wings are seen in shadows and are burned into the ground when an angel perishes.

When an angel loses its wings and is unable to teleport, they can still move around as blue luminous smoke. After the Big Fall, all angels lost the ability to teleport outside of upper-level angels, like Lucifer and the Grigori.

3. Communicate Through Angel Radio

In season four, Supernatural introduced a new form of communication. The angels are able to send out messages to each other using what Dean Winchester referred to as “angel radio.” This can also be used as a weapon, as Castiel used angel radio to broadcast Metatron revealing his dastardly plan to all other angels, turning them all against him.

For some reason, angel radio is extremely painful to the Nephilim Jack, who is unable to listen to it without getting an excruciating headache. For all other angels, this was a way to gather the troops when they needed to congregate somewhere.

2. They Must Remain In Heaven

Angels have to remain in Heaven. While some can take on Earthly vessels, they must remain in Heaven to protect it. The only way that an angel can maintain its powers is if it remains connected and loyal to Heaven. Their job is to guard the souls in Heaven and if they leave, they are going against their duties.

However, that was proven when Metatron caused all angels to fall from Heaven. This proved fatal to many of the angels and others became trapped on Earth, most losing their wings while still keeping some of their powers since they were expelled. Since the Fall, angels are now an endangered species.

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1. They Must Keep Their Faith

Dean Winchester was speaking to Anna about angels and God. He asked how many angels had actually seen God and she admitted that there were only, like, four of them who’ve seen God personally. She was not one of them. Dean then asked how she could even know that God really existed if almost no angels had ever seen him.

Her answer was frightening. Anna told Dean that angels have to take his existence by faith. If they do not have faith, they will have their lives taken from them. While humans have free will, an angel who does not believe is no longer allowed to live.

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Charlie’s Angels Reboot Casts To All The Boys’ Noah Centineo

Noah Centineo, an on-the-rise actor who recently made a major splash on Netflix in the teenage rom-com To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, has landed a role in the upcoming Charlie’s Angels reboot. This is just the latest in exciting casting news for the film; in addition to stars Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska as the eponymous crime fighters, big names like Patrick Stewart (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Sam Claflin (The Hunger Games), and Djimon Hounsou (Blood Diamond) have been confirmed.

The film, which is due out in 2019, officially began production in September, with Elizabeth Banks at the helm. The actor first directed Pitch Perfect 2, and this will be her second time behind the camera. Banks previously remarked on how excited she was for “the constant challenge” of directing. In addition to directing, Banks will also produce the film, is credited as one of the writers, and has an on-screen part. She will also play one of the Bosley characters, alongside Stewart, Hounsou, and possibly others.

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Variety reports that Centineo has been cast as a love interest for one of the leading ladies. In addition to significant others, there is a lot of room for new characters in this reboot. The idea of having multiple Bosley characters reflects something Kristen Stewart said in an interview, claiming that there will be “a whole network of angels,” likely all reporting to different leaders. In the previous iterations, including the original 1976 TV series and the films released in 2000 and 2003, the focus was only on one group of three women and their boss. It will be interesting to see how this changes the universe.

Despite his active social media presence, Centineo has yet to comment on the news. Understandably, as the actor has been very busy as of late. Following the August release of To All the Boys, he was busy promoting another Netflix teen comedy, Sierra Burgess Is a Loser. On top of that, he has another film due out this year, Swiped, and, in addition to Charlie’s Angels, two more films, The Diary and The Stand-In, scheduled to be released in 2019. Fans are also speculating he’s landed a role in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, but that’s just a rumor for now and hasn’t been confirmed.

Centineo has only recently become well known, but he’s been acting for nearly a decade. Prior to To All the Boys, he was best known for his main role on the Freeform TV series The Fosters. He will appear in two episodes of the show’s spinoff series, Good Trouble, in 2019.

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Charlie’s Angels Reboot Casts The Hunger Games’ Sam Claflin

The Hunger Games‘ Sam Claflin joins the cast of Elizabeth Banks’ Charlie’s Angels movie reboot. Originally starring Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith, and John Forsythe as Charlie, the 1970s’ Charlie’s Angels TV series received mixed reviews in part due to the hyper-sexualization of the three female leads. Yet, the crime drama series went on to gain cult status and was remade for the big screen in 2000.

Director McG took a more comedic approach to the classic TV series and cast Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu as the three angels to John Forsythe’s Charlie. This revival was followed up with a sequel – Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle – with the same cast in 2003. Several other iterations of the series have been attempted, but the McG film series remains the most popular of the reboots… for the moment.

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Variety reports Claflin is joining Banks’ Charlie’s Angels movie, though his role remains under wraps. Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska are also on board to play the three Angels. That being said, reports have been circulating that there may be more angels than usual, potentially an entire network of angels. In addition to directing this angels network, Banks will portray one of the Bosley characters alongside both Patrick Stewart and Djimon Hounsou.

Claflin, perhaps best known for his portrayal of Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games, just recently starred in the true story drama Adrift with Shailene Woodley. The British actor was also featured in Me Before You as well as Snow White and the Huntsman and its sequel, The Huntsman: Winter’s War.

Claflin joins an already stellar cast for the soon-to-be staple in the Charlie’s Angels franchise. Banks has already flexed her directing muscles on the set of Pitch Perfect 2, and has expressed her excitement at the challenges this project brings. With Banks’ extensive background in comedic acting, it would seem out of character for her to not bring comedic elements to her adaptation, as was done in the previous remake. Then again, besides Banks, the majority of the cast are known solely for their dramatic roles, so perhaps the film will take a less comedic, more action-packed approach, bearing a closer resemblance to the original source material.

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Djimon Hounsou Cast as (One) Bosley in Charlie’s Angels Reboot

Academy Award nominee Djimon Hounsou has joined the cast of Sony’s Charlie’s Angels reboot as a third Bosley. The Elizabeth Banks-directed film began production this September, and is set for a fall 2019 theatrical release.

In what’s now the fourth iteration of the original 1970s television show, Banks’ Charlie’s Angels has gone through a slew of developments since the Pitch Perfect 2 director was attached in 2015. It’s gone through no less than three rewrites, with its latest edition having been penned by Banks herself and Jay Basu (The Girl in the Spider’s Web). It’s also been the center of numerous casting rumors surrounding the Angels themselves, with reports first surfacing of Kristen Stewart and Lupita Nyong’o being attached, only for Nyongo’s name to disappear in favor of Power Rangers’ Naomi Scott and relative newcomer Ella Balinska. That news was followed shortly thereafter by reports that the film would feature multiple teams of Angels as part of a vast network of crimefighting women.

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In line with that idea, Djimon Hounsou has been cast as a third Bosley, alongside Banks herself and Patrick Stewart. Variety reports the Blood Diamond star joined the cast as another liaison between the Townsend Agency and at least one of its now many teams of Angels. This marks yet another major role for Hounsou, who’s set to reprise his Guardians of the Galaxy role Korath the Pursuer in 2019’s highly anticipated Captain Marvel, as well as play parts in DC’s Aquaman and Shazam!

Hounsou’s casting as yet another Bosley is just one of the many ways Banks’ reboot intends to reinvent the Charlie’s Angels franchise more than it’s ever been before. The Townsend Agency has grown into a global network, which means fans also might see more Angels in addition to the team that will serve as the focus of this film. Also, according to an interview given by Kristen Stewart, the Angels will rely far less on their sexuality to complete their missions – a welcome change from the enjoyable, but now culturally outdated original series and prior reboots.

The expansion of the Townsend Agency amidst an age of nostalgia also begs the question of whether or not any former Angels will make a cameo. Both Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu have publicly come out in support of the film and the changes Banks has made, and while there’s no concrete information available regarding any such occurrences, stranger things have happened.

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Charlie’s Angels Reboot Casts Patrick Stewart As (Another) Bosley

The Charlie’s Angels movie reboot will feature multiple characters referred to as Bosley, with Patrick Stewart and director Elizabeth Banks among the actors playing them. As the film’s costar Kristen Stewart explained recently, this big screen revival of the Charlie’s Angel property (which began its life as a TV series in the 1970s) will take the IP global by making the famous Townsend Agency a worldwide security and intelligence service that employs multiple teams of Angels. Hence, there will be more than a single Bosely to contend with, too.

Originally, “Bosely” was an actual person – specifically, John Bosely, a character played by David Doyle on the Charlie’s Angels TV show that aired from 1976-81. Since then, however, the title has essentially become the codename for the Angels’ handler and the individual who reports to the Townsend Agency’s boss, aka. the enigmatic Charlie. Billy Murray played the role of “John Bosely” in director McG’s 2000 Charlie’s Angels film, before Bernie Mac took over as “Jimmy Bosley” in the 2003 sequel, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.

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THR is confirming that Patrick Stewart will play one of the Boselys in the Charlie’s Angels reboot, with Banks portraying the other. By the sound of things, Banks will serve as the Bosley to the reboot’s main Angel team (as played by Kristen Stewart, Power Rangers‘ Naomi Scott and the relative newcomer Ella Balinska), with Patrick Stewart acting as Bosely for a different crew. As such, it’s possible the latter’s role will amount to little more than a glorified cameo, rather than a full-blown supporting turn.

However larger or small his Charlie’s Angels role winds up being, Patrick Stewart isn’t hurting for work at the moment. The actor is currently set to reprise his iconic Star Trek character Jean-Luc Picard in an upcoming (and, as-yet, untitled series at CBS All Access in the foreseeable future and will further play Merlin in next year’s Arthurian re-imagining, The Man Who Would Be King. Stewart is keeping busy on the voice acting front too and will lend his vocals to the animated Dragon Rider TV show slated to arrive in 2019.

While the 2011 Charlie’s Angels TV show reboot was cancelled a mere four episodes in (due to poor ratings), the hope is the movie relaunch will have much better luck. The film boasts a pretty rock-solid cast already and, by the sound of things, is attempting to really update the franchise in a way that may yet resonate strongly with modern audiences. Female action heroes are unfortunately still few and far between on the big screen, so here’s to hoping these new Angels strike a chord with moviegoers – however many Bosleys they have in tow.

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Charlie’s Angels Movie Reboot May Feature More Than 3 Angel Characters

The new Charlie’s Angels movie may break with tradition and contain more than three Angels among its core cast of heroes. Such is the word from actress Kristen Stewart, who will join Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska in playing the Angels to Elizabeth Banks’ Bosley in the upcoming reboot film, which Banks is also co-writing and directing.

First airing in 1976, Charlie’s Angels centered upon a team of three female police officers (played by Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith) recruited by the wealthy and reclusive Charles “Charlie” Townsend to act as the faces of his detective agency. A film based on the show starring Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu released in 2000 and proved popular enough to inspire a sequel in 2003: Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. A 2011 attempt to reboot the television series was far less successful, and was canceled after only four episodes. But now, Sony Pictures is looking to capture audiences’ attention again with a new reboot.

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In an interview with ComicBook, Kristen Stewart revealed that there will be an entire network of Angels in the upcoming Charlie’s Angels movie, thus meaning there will be more than just three core heroes, as has been the case since the franchise’s inception. Stewart said: “...there’s a whole network of Angels — it’s not just three — it’s women across the entire globe [that] are connected and helping each other.”

Stewart also spoke about how the new film will be more “woke” and proactively feminist in tone than the previous Charlie’s Angels productions. The film will also be decidedly more serious, with the Angels depending more upon honest combat skills than their sexuality to combat their enemies. “There is a kitsch nature to the last ones that was super fun, but nowadays if you see a woman in combat, everything should be something completely and utterly well within their ability,” Stewart said. She also went on to say that the new movie will be “warm and funny” as well as “grounded and well-intentioned and really shows the way women can work together now.”

Stewart’s comments seem certain to provoke worry among some fans of the franchise. To many, the idea of Charlie’s Angel’s without kitsch is like the idea of an ocean without water. The 2000 and 2003 movies were successful largely because they played up the sexual exploitation of the Angels with its tongue planted firmly in cheek, still allowing them to be competent action heroines when they weren’t playing the whole concept for laughs. Many feel the 2011 reboot series failed to build an audience precisely because it tried to play the idea far too seriously.

Thankfully, with Elizabeth Banks running the film, it seems unlikely that the Charlie’s Angels reboot will be entirely free of comedy. Banks is a gifted comedian, whose work on Pitch Perfect 2 proves she can direct dramatic moments centered around a cast of strong women and get an audience to laugh as well. That bodes well for the future of the film, even if it is less kitschy than the previous incarnations.

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