DC’s Harley Quinn Animated TV Show Trailer Released, Voice Cast Confirmed

DC Entertainment reveals the first look at DC Universe’s upcoming animated Harley Quinn TV show in a new teaser trailer in addition to confirming the full voice cast. Last year, it was announced that the comic book publisher was looking to expand their television presence as well as their digital footprint by launching a new subscription-based service that would not only offer exclusive new content, just like other streaming services, but also a backlog of classic movies, TV shows, comics, and more.

DC Universe officially launched on Batman Day last month, ahead of this month’s premiere of their live-action Titans TV show, which is being billed as the service’s flagship property until more original content lands next year. In addition to bringing back Young Justice for season 3, DC Universe will also be producing a Doom Patrol TV series as a spinoff of Titans, as well as TV shows for Stargirl, Swamp Thing, and, of course, fan-favorite Batman villain Harley Quinn, who is finally returning to television after all these years.

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The first teaser trailer for Harley Quinn released today ahead of DC Universe’s panel at New York Comic Con tomorrow evening. It offers the first look at the full series, including Harley Quinn herself. Furthermore, DC Universe confirmed the full voice cast for the animated series: Kaley Cuoco leads the series as Harley Quinn, with Lake Bell, Alan Tudyk, Ron Funches, JB Smoove, Jason Alexander, Wanda Sykes, Giancarlo Esposito, Natalie Morales, Jim Rash, Diedrich Bader, Tony Hale, and Chris Meloni. Take a look at the trailer below.

It’s clear by the first trailer that this series follows in Titans‘ footsteps in being adult-oriented, particularly with regards to its language. But it also breaks the fourth wall in the same vein as Marvel’s Deadpool, which is what most non-comic book readers will be used to by the time this TV series debuts. Furthermore, the above teaser trailer makes it a point to take a few jabs at not only DC properties – both movies and TV shows alike – but also the fandom as well, particularly how they “hate” everything.

Although DC Universe has kept the series mostly under wraps until now, the official press release states that the program will follow Harley’s adventures as she attempts to become one of the key members of the Legion of Doom – a group comprised entirely of DC Comics supervillains, particularly those who oppose the mainline Justice League members, like Batman. It remains to be seen when the Harley Quinn animated TV show will premiere, but it seems like it’s already on the right track with this sneak peek.

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Marvel Rising: Ghost-Spider & Ironheart Get Animated Specials

After the success of its first two Marvel Rising animated projects, Disney XD will continue the series with new specials featuring Ghost-Spider and Ironheart. A new series of animated offerings aimed at a younger, more diverse audience, Marvel Rising delivered with two specials this summer, the collection of animated shorts called Marvel Rising: Initiation, and the feature-length animated movie Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors. These were apparently enough of a success that Marvel and Disney XD are interested in moving forward with new installments, at least one of which will introduce a brand new character — to the animated universe that’s being built, anyway. 

Marvel Rising: Initiation was largely told from the perspective of Ghost-Spider — or Spider-Gwen, as she’s sometimes referred to — as Gwen Stacy attempted to clear her alter ego’s name after being wrongly accused of murdering a young man. As it turns out, that young man was Gwen’s real-life best friend and a powered individual in his own right, putting the young woman behind the spider-mask in a tricky situation, one that even had other heroes, like Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, and Patriot looking to bring her to justice. Oddly, however, Ghost-Spider didn’t factor into Secret Warriors at all, which suggests her new special may answer why. 

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Another likely candidate for inclusion in the Marvel Rising cast and series of adventures is temporary Iron Man replacement Riri Williams, who’s since embarked on a solo career as the hero known as Ironheart. A popular character in the comics, it’s a surprise she hasn’t been introduced until now, but given how much screen time the character would likely call for, it makes sense to introduce her in this way. Check out a trailer for Ghost-Spider’s story and a synopsis for when Ironheart will join the Marvel Rising universe. 

Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron will introduce Riri Williams a.k.a. Ironheart to the Marvel Rising universe, voiced by Sofia Wylie (“Andi Mack”). In this 44-minute special, we find Riri Williams adjusting to college life and feeling socially isolated because she is younger than the other students. After Hala the Accuser destroys the school’s engineering lab and kidnaps Riri’s best friend, Riri finds inspiration in her hero Iron Man and hatches a plan to defeat Hala and save the day.”

Release dates for Marvel Rising: Chasing Ghosts and Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron have yet to be announced, but Screen Rant will keep you posted for when you’ll be able to check them out. 

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Rumor: New Sonic the Hedgehog Animated Series in Development

If rumors are correct, a new Sonic the Hedgehog animated series could be arriving in the foreseeable future. The blue hedgehog made his debut back in 1991 in a video game for the SEGA Genesis console. Now, nearly 30 years later, Sonic is still being featured in video games, TV shows, and (starting next year) movies.

Sonic the Hedgehog was a huge hit right when the original game was released in the ’90s. A sequel to the first game was released the very next year in 1992 and game developers have since pumped out video games about as fast as Sonic can run. SEGA and the following game developers have kept up with the times and continued to release a Sonic video game with each new console. Sonic also made his TV debut in 1993, via a cartoon series titled The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (which ran for three years and a total of 66 episodes). Even more Sonic animated TV shows have been produced since then, including – most recently – the YouTube series Sonic Mania Adventures, which helped promote the video game Sonic Mania Plus. The series was a collection of shorts but by the looks of it, a whole new animated TV show could be in the pipeline.

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In an Instagram post, Sonic Mania Adventures Production Manager Cel La Flaca teased the development of a brand-new animated series. In the photo, Flaca can be seen posing in front of a Sonic statue (as well as cutouts of other Sonic characters), with the image caption reading “Gotta go fast, gotta make it last—finally swung around the SEGA office”. That being said, her original post included the caption, “we’re working on another fun series with the blue hedgehog… y’all are gonna love it” but has since been edited to not include any mention of “another fun series”. Check out a screenshot of her original post, below.

Regardless of whether there’s a new Sonic animated series in the pipeline or not, a Sonic the Hedgehog movie is set to be released near the end of 2019. This film will be a combination of live-action and CGI and follow Sonic (voiced by Ben Schwartz) as he goes on adventures with a human police officer played by James Marsden. It’s also worth noting that the film will make some drastic changes to Sonic’s character – specifically, Sonic will be a juvenile delinquent in the movie.

While the Sonic movie is currently in production, a new animated series isn’t 100 percent official for the time being. There could be a number of reasons why Flaca’s original Instagram post was edited, but it’s possible SEGA simply didn’t want the news to break just yet. There could be another explanation altogether (like, say, the show has already been cancelled), so for the time being anyone’s guess is fair game. In the meantime, we will continue to bring you more Sonic the Hedgehog-related news (including, updates on the movie) as they come our way.

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Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams Joins Animated Sci-Fi Series gen:LOCK

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams is the latest to join the animated sci-fi series gen:LOCK. The Rooster Teeth series’ cast continues to grow and now includes some formidable young A-listers.

Rooster Teeth, a production company known for its animated series such as RWBY and Red vs. Blue, is bringing a brand new 3D animated series to sci-fi fans with gen:LOCK. The series combines dystopia with giant robots, following a group of young pilots who control the weaponized mecha robots in a futuristic global war. Earlier this summer, it was revealed that David Tennant of Doctor Who and Jessica Jones fame and Michael B. Jordan (Black Panther, Creed) had joined Rooster’s newest series. Dakota Fanning (The Alienist), Kōichi Yamadera (Cowboy Bebop), and Lindsay Jones (RWBY) are also starring as main characters in the series and were among the first actors to join gen:LOCK. Now, Maisie Williams is rounding out the cast.

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Rooster Teeth officially announced Williams’ addition to gen:LOCK during the 2018 RTX London, its annual convention in the UK. A new teaser was released that gave a special sneak peek at Williams’ character, Cammie, an infamous young hacker who is one of the new recruits to the gen:LOCK program. The new teaser featured Tennant’s character, Dr. Rufus Weller, describing Cammie’s qualifications and trying to convince a Colonel to approve of Cammie’s recruitment. gen:LOCK’s creator and showrunner, Gray G. Haddock, spoke with excitement of Williams’ casting and said:

“Working with Maisie is as fun as it gets. Her energy and the sense of humor she brings to Cammie is an absolute delight. I’m running out of superlatives to describe how perfect this cast works for the characters, but Maisie truly sounds exactly like how Cammie does in my head – she’s brilliant.”

In recent years, Rooster Teeth has grown to be a significant force in animated entertainment and has been able to attract larger and larger names with each new project. Rooster Teeth has also gotten involved in the betterment of the animation community at large, sponsoring projects like the one back in 2016, where the company partnered with Chloë Grace Moretz to create a video game series and spoke on feminism in the video game community. Meanwhile, its Rooster Teeth Animation Festival has hosted exciting premieres for animated series like Netflix’s Castlevania. gen:LOCK marks the culmination of Rooster Teeth’s growth as it combines the company’s specialization in animated programming with A-list talents.

While Williams is certainly best known for portraying Arya Stark on Game of Thrones, fans are going to see her in a variety of other high profile works in the near future. Game of Thrones‘ final season will air on HBO in 2019, and Williams wrapped her very last scenes as the rebellious Arya Stark back in July. With Game of Thrones ending, Williams is setting her sights on the future and has some solid projects lined up, including but not limited to gen:LOCK. Her other most anticipated project right now is New Mutants, which, despite its delayed release, still has the potential to be one of the strongest X-Men films to date. Considering Williams’ packed work load, it will be exciting to see where the young star will take her career next with interesting genre projects like gen:LOCK.

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gen:LOCK will premiere in January 2019 exclusively on Rooster Teeth.

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WWE Commentary Is So Much Better When Animated

A hilarious animation literally interprets wrestling commentary from WWE‘s finest vocal talent. No good wrestling event is complete without some over-the-top commentary from ringside to call the action, but since the action is, of course, pre-determined, those providing their voices are often far more colorful and enthusiastic than other sports. Indeed, anyone unfamiliar with the world of wrestling might find the commentators in sports entertainment somewhat amusing with their delivery. A few phrases have even proved meme-worthy in recent years, such as Michael Cole’s “RKO outta nowhere!” line.

Out of all the major wrestling promotions, WWE’s commentary team is not only the most excitable, but also the most criticized. The likes of Booker T, Michael Cole and Jonathan Coachman have all been savaged by wrestling fans on social media for inane, strange or inaccurate commentary, but fortunately, their goofs have provided the internet with plenty of ammunition to lampoon and poke fun at the world of wrestling announcers.

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The latest example comes from Youtube content creator Nick Murray Willis. who has built a reputation for his animated sporting commentary videos. Here, Nick has taken some of WWE’s most memorable calls and edited them over animated visuals that literally play out the scenarios being described. In addition to people like Booker T and Cole, the compilation also features the iconic voices of Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler. Check it out below.

The animation acts as a brilliantly funny send-up of the ridiculousness of WWE commentary, but does so without a hint of cynicism. If nothing else, the video succeeds in highlighting just how much WWE commentators yell “Oh my God” during matches. It also spotlights how many times Jim Ross went into hysterics and began shouting at his broadcast partners during exciting moments. For those uninterested in WWE or other sports, Nick’s YouTube channel also includes several videos that give similar animated treatment to movie quotes, re-imagining timeliness lines from cinematic history into every day (ish) situations.

Whether one loves WWE‘s exaggerated commentary or prefers to watch Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live on mute, it’s impossible to deny that the commentators add to the scripted drama playing out onscreen. As this new video proves however, they can add to the drama of just about anything. Hopefully this isn’t the last time a creative fan chooses to emphasize that fact in hilarious fashion.

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Incredibles 2 Becomes First Animated Film to Pass $600 Million Domestically

The Disney-Pixar blockbuster Incredibles 2 made movie history Sunday by becoming the first animated film ever to cross the $600 million mark at the domestic box office. Written and directed by Brad Bird, Incredibles 2 opened in June, a few months shy of 14 years after the smash original film The Incredibles hit theaters. Also written and directed by Bird, the first Incredibles not only was a box office hit worldwide, it earned the helmer an Oscar for Best Animated Feature.

Needless to say, the expectations were high for Bird and his team following the incredible success of the original, especially since Pixar was taking a risk on a franchise that had been out of public view for nearly a decade and a half. Any doubts were almost instantly erased when the film opened, where on top of a certified “fresh” rating by critics on Rotten Tomatoes (currently the film’s rating is 93 percent), Incredibles 2 scored a massive opening weekend take of more than $182.6 million.

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Now, two and a half months after Incredibles 2’s impressive debut in theaters, the film has done something no other animated film has done before in motion picture history. According to Box Office Mojo, Incredibles 2 made an estimated $3.1 million over the first three days of Labor Day weekend, which pushed the film’s running tally to $601 million. As long as the estimates hold up, and there’s no reason to believe they won’t, Incredibles 2 has become the first animated film to make more than $600 million. Adding in foreign ticket sales ($562.5 million), the film has made a stunning $1.16 billion to date worldwide.

Sunday’s record is the latest major feat for the film since it opened in mid-June. By July 1, Incredibles 2 already surpassed the domestic tally of the first Incredibles, which made $261 million stateside during its theatrical run. From there, Incredibles 2 kept churning out records, including the feat of becoming the first animated film to cross $500 million domestically. It’s hard to say at this point how much more Incredibles 2 will make before it ends its theatrical run, especially considering the movie’s take last weekend domestically was $1.5 million. With the $600 million mark looming so closely, Disney-Pixar increased the film’s theater count from 1,060 screens last weekend to 2,890 screens this weekend, and its bid to top the $600 million mark domestically paid off.

Naturally, there’s more excitement ahead for Incredibles 2. Its digital and Blu-ray/DVD releases are set for October 23 and November 6, respectively, just as awards season for critics groups and industry voters gets underway. And while the film appears to be a shoo-in for a Best Animated Feature Oscar nomination, a potential nomination for the Academy’s controversial new Best Popular Film category early next year could be enough for Disney-Pixar to re-release the film in theaters to continue its, well, incredible run.

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Avengers 4 Animated Fan Trailer Unites the Entire Marvel Universe Against Thanos

The X-Men, Fantastic Four, the Defenders, Deadpool and even Ghost Rider step up to help Earth’s Mightiest Heroes during their final showdown with Thanos, in this new Avengers 4 animated fan trailer. There’s only eight months to go before MCU’s Phase 3 capper hits theaters, and there’s still so little known about the film. Plot details remain scant at the moment, while its official title also remains a mystery. With Captain Marvel still scheduled to roll out before the blockbuster team-up, it’s safe to say that marketing for the movie won’t start until later this year.

With no official update to dissect, fans are spending their time trying to piece together their own theories as to what will go down in Avengers 4 based on what’s currently known about the movie, and what happened in Avengers: Infinity War. Many of them are convinced that time travel and the Quantum Realm (which will be further explored in Captain Marvel) will play a significant part in the narrative. There’s also no scarcity when it comes to fan posters and fan trailers like this latest one.

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Courtesy of YouTube content creator Bigoso Animations cromes a brand new fan trailer for next year’s Avengers 4, bringing all pockets of the Marvel universe together for an epic battle against Thanos. While mock videos like this aren’t really new – with a slew of other clips already imagining what it would be like if the X-Men teamed up with the Avengers – this one’s especially interesting. The artists animated the whole thing by themselves – not lifting footage from any official Marvel film, TV series or video game. Check it out below.

It’s important to note, however, that while the thought of seeing all Marvel heroes come together for Avengers 4 is exciting, the chances that it will happen in next year’s ensemble film are basically nonexistent. First, although the mutants are expected to join the MCU in the near future – via the in-process Disney and Fox merger – the deal won’t be finalized until summer of next year. Also, by the time Avengers 4 rolls out in theaters, Fox still has New Mutants on their docket, which will be released either by said film studio or Disney, depending on when the buyout is official. In terms of narrative, it also doesn’t make sense to shoehorn a whole lot of new characters into what’s supposed to be the culminating film of MCU’s first 10 years. As for the Defenders, Kevin Feige and his team could’ve already slowly introduced them to the films to set up their official debut, but that hasn’t been the case. Despite the MCU’s “it’s all connected” tag, the TV and movie divisions of the franchise remain separated.

Still, that doesn’t mean that the idea of bringing together the MCU in that final parting shot can’t be true. A version of the sequence is still very much possible – albeit exclusively with MCU film heroes – and is actually a very popular theory among fans. Not only would the proposed shot be the perfect ending for Avengers 4, it’s also a fitting way to visually represent everything that Marvel Studios has accomplished in the last decade, knowing that they took the time to introduce and develop all these characters that people now love.

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Addams Family Animated Movie Casts Eighth Grade Star

MGM’s upcoming The Addams Family animated movie has cast Eighth Grade star Elsie Fisher. Fisher is the latest to join the packed A-list cast that will voice the dark yet wacky computer animated characters of The Addams Family that fans all know and love.

The story of The Addams Family, which is based on characters created by cartoonist Charles Addams back in the 1930s, has gone through many versions, variations, and adaptations. From cartoon television series to live-action movies, perhaps the most iconic iteration of The Addams Family came with the 1991 film starring Raúl Juliá, Anjelica Huston, Christina Ricci, and Christopher Lloyd in the macabre comedy. This latest adaptation of The Addams Family had been in the works for some time, but production on the computer animated film began back in October of last year.

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THR broke the news of Elsie Fisher’s casting. The young actress will voice the character of Parker Needler, the daughter of Margaux Needler, the Addams family’s arch nemesis. Fisher was the breakout star of the summer after starring as Kayla in Bo Burnham’s intimate comedy Eighth Grade, which has been lauded by critics as one of the best films of the year. Notably, she started her career with voice acting in animated films, having played Agnes in the Despicable Me franchise. Now, she will add another comedy to her resume as she joins The Addams Family.

Fisher joins a cast of impressive talent. Oscar Isaac has been chosen to voice the Addams family patriarch, Gomez Addams, while Charlize Theron will take on the role of his wife, Morticia Addams. Chloë Grace Moretz is set to voice their daughter, Wednesday Addams, and Finn Wolfhard will join the family voicing son Pugsley Addams. Nick Kroll, Bette Midler, and Allison Janney have also been cast in key voice roles. Sausage Party director Conrad Vernon will direct and produce the film. The Addams Family animated movie is currently set to have an October 2019 release and will follow the Addams family as they work together to juggle home life, the challenges of an extended family gathering, and dealing with a sly reality television host who tries to meddle in their affairs.

With her role as Parker Needler, Fisher is rounding out a solid comedic career. Fisher was celebrated by critics for her natural and genuine performance as Eighth Grade’s Kayla, where the actress was able to capture her teen character’s angst, anxiety, and awkwardness with skill that even few adult actors have. After The Addams Family, Fisher may very well become a household name. One thing is for certain: Fisher is shaping up to have a very impressive career indeed – and all at the age of 15.

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BIG MOUTH Season 2 Official Trailer (2018) Animated Netflix Series HD

BIG MOUTH Season 2 Official Trailer (2018) Animated Netflix Series HD
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Galaga Animated TV Show in the Works from Star Trek’s Roberto Orci

More than a year after it was first announced, The Nuttery’s Galaga animated series has taken a big step forward, with Star Trek writer-producer Roberto Orci boarding the project. This new series, now known as Galaga Chronicles, was first announced by The Nuttery at San Diego Comic-Con last year, but there’s been no news about the project until now. With an established writer and producer like Orci coming aboard, its possible development could start advancing much faster than its previous pace.

Galaga first debuted in 1981, released in Japanese arcades by Namco (before it became Bandai-Namco), and in American arcades through Chicago-based Midway. Galaga was actually the sequel to the 1979 game Galaxian, although it was far more successful than its predecessor, becoming one of the most popular arcade games of the 1980s at the height of what was considered the “golden age” of video games. The game was ported over to several video game consoles in the late 80s, including the Atari 7800, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), and the handheld Gameboy. It was most recently included as one of the 30 games on the NES Classic console system.

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Along with the addition of Orci, Deadline also reports that animation studio ShadowMachine has boarded the project, with Orci slated to help develop the “vast and sprawling” universe with The Nuttery, while also serving as executive producer. There is no indication if Orci himself will actually write the pilot script, or if he will only be developing the concept and the world of the story before handing it off to new writers. Orci does seem to be the right man for the job, revealing in a statement that he played the original game growing up, and that he has, “fond memories of the quarters and hours upon hours” he spent doing so.

Like most video games of that era, there wasn’t much of a story to the original Galaga. Players controlled a space ship, firing at rows of insects who slowly descend on the craft, some of whom break formation to attack the ship directly. The player’s ship could also be caught in a “tractor beam,” one of the other obstacles players must overcome during the game, and there would also be special Challenge Rounds between various levels. The game is still considered to be a classic to this date, with the most recent version of the game, Galaga Wars, debuting in 2016. Fittingly enough, there was also a submarine named Galaga that was featured on ABC’s hit series Lost, which Orci served as a writer and executive producer on.

While some might think there simply isn’t enough within the original video game to base a movie around, it conversely gives the creators and producers a lot of room to play with, since there isn’t much they need to be tethered to. Orci certainly seems to be a great candidate to shepherd an animated Galaga series, since he has plenty of world-building experience and is clearly a fan of the game it’s based on. While Hollywood is still searching for that big blockbuster movie based on a video game, this Galaga TV series may just beat the movie studios to the punch.

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