Avengers: 12 Villains Rumored To Appear In Endgame (And 8 Who Are Confirmed)

Even though Marvel Studios has released numerous trailers and teasers for Avengers: Endgame, they’ve kept several important details about the highly-anticipated film a secret to keep fans at the edge of their seats upon its release. We know that the first four phases of Marvel Cinematic Universe films have been building up to this epic showdown against Thanos and his all-powerful Infinity Gauntlet, but viewers are still in the dark about how Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will be able to defeat the Mad Titan and which formidable adversaries or difficulties they’ll face during their mission to save the countless lives Thanos took away with a snap of his fingers in Infinity War. 

Marvel is so serious about avoiding spoilers and plot leaks for Endgame that they even denied Spider-Man actor Tom Holland access to the film’s full script, and he wasn’t even told who he’d be acting opposite of in advance. The studio isn’t taking any chances this time around, but by scouring the Internet for casting information, pictures from the set of the film, and interviews with MCU stars, and by looking really closely at the film’s promotional material, it’s still possible to piece together some important details about Endgame. 

Viewers who just can’t wait until the film’s April 26 release to know who the Avengers will be facing off against in this year’s ultimate high-stakes battle are in luck, because we’ve pieced together all of Endgame‘s potential antagonists. Here are 12 Villains Rumored To Appear In Endgame (And 8 Who Are Confirmed).


The Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Thanos had a misguided yet fairly noble reason for assembling the Infinity Gauntlet and wiping out half of all life across the galaxy. He stood by as his home planet of Titan collapsed due to overpopulation and a lack of adequate resources and wanted to ensure other planets wouldn’t suffer in a similar fashion. Thanos decided that the only way to bring balance was to snap his fingers and eliminate fifty percent of existence.

In the comics, his motivation was much different. There, Thanos wanted to snap away countless innocent lives simply to impress his crush, Mistress Demise. Ever since Hela was introduced in Thor: Ragnarok, fans have assumed that the Goddess of Demise will act as the film replacement for Thanos’ beloved lady, and think she may reappear in Endgame. 


The first several trailers and teasers for Endgame made it clear that the remaining Avengers plan on mounting a counter-attack against Thanos to avenge their fallen teammates, loved ones, and the rest of the innocent lives taken away by the Mad Titan’s snap. But for some reason, the promotional material didn’t actually offer glimpses of Thanos himself.

That changed with the release of the film’s final trailer, which came out on April 2, the day fans finally became capable of buying their Endgame movie tickets. In the “first look” trailer, Thanos appears before Earth’s Mightiest wearing his battle armor from Infinity War, taunting them for not being able to deal with their failure.


The MCU is starting to take serious strides in exploring life outside of Earth, and this year’s Captain Marvel introduced viewers to the Skrulls, the shape-shifting aliens who have created all sorts of problems in the Marvel comics. The film initially depicted the Skrulls as villains but went on to explain that their primary focus was simply on finding a home for their race.

It’s definitely possible that there’ll be truth to the rumors that Carol Danvers will bring a shape-shifter or two along with her in the Avengers’ fight against Thanos, in an attempt to trick the Mad Titan. He may wipe out Captain America or Iron Man and think he’s won, only to discover that he simply eliminated Skrulls who were willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of the universe. Or, they could work for Thanos disguised as the Avengers’ fallen friends to mess with their emotions.


Those who were wise enough to stick around after the credits of Avengers: Endgame know that Nick Fury and Maria Hill were both among the casualties of Thanos’ snap. We don’t, however, know the fate of another one of the Avengers’ supervisors, General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross.

Ross was a villain in The Incredible Hulk, and his strict enforcement of the Sokovia Accords in Captain America: Civil War created a divide among Earth’s Mightiest. He doesn’t exactly have the best relationship with several of the remaining Avengers, but they may need his and the government’s help if they want to take down Thanos.


Loki lost his life at the very start of Infinity War while trying to defy and eliminate Thanos, but that likely won’t be the last we’ll see of the beloved trickster. It’s highly unlikely he figured out a way to survive his termination, but leaked images from the set of Endgame make it pretty clear that he’ll pop up in time travel or flashback sequences.

Set images show the heroes who fought in the Battle of New York from Avengers all together and wearing the costumes they wore during that iconic moment in MCU history. We’re not sure what will make these characters relive that war against Loki and his Chitauri army, but if Endgame explores that epic fight, it’s likely a villainous past version of Loki will reappear as well.


It hasn’t been made clear yet in the MCU whether or not The Grandmaster from Ragnarok and The Collector have any sort of connection with each other, but in the comics, the two powerful cosmic beings are brothers. Thanos ended The Collector’s life off-camera in Infinity War to procure the Reality Stone he was given by the Asgardians in the end credits of Thor: The Dark World, and some fans think the Grandmaster will try to avenge his sibling in the next film.

Jeff Goldblum’s wacky character was an instant fan-favorite, and since he has an assortment of battle-ready warriors from his Contest of Champions at his disposal, he could actually be a big help to the Avengers… as long as he doesn’t try to capture all of them once they’re tired from fighting Thanos.


The Collector has yet to truly establish himself as a fearsome villain in the films in quite the same way as he’s done in the comics, but the MCU version of the character has always made it clear that he’s clever, crafty, and willing to do whatever it takes to survive and succeed. Since he had the Reality Stone at his disposal before Thanos added it to his Gauntlet, it’s possible that The Collector found some way to alter reality and survive Thanos’ attack, and that he’s simply waiting for the Avengers and Thanos to take each other out so he can reemerge and reign supreme.

As one of the powerful Elders of the Universe, it seemed strange that he was simply and seemingly easily eliminated off-screen.  Fans shouldn’t be surprised at all if the rumors of his return turn out to be true.


Before Nebula and Gamora finally just stood face-to-face and acknowledged that their childhood rivalry was entirely Thanos’ fault, Nebula was a major villain the MCU. Luckily, the two “sisters” forgave each other in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and Nebula made it her mission to eliminate the man who ruined her life and pinned Gamora against her.

She joined some of the heroes on Titan in battling Thanos in an attempt to avenge Gamora and was the only person other than Tony Stark on that planet to survive Thanos’ snap. The trailers have shown that Nebula will join the Avengers in trying to take her adopted father out, but that doesn’t mean she’ll solely be a protagonist in the film. In the comic book version of Infinity War, she donned the Gauntlet and became just as big of a threat as Thanos had been while wearing it.


With the leaked set photos of the Avengers in their old costumes making fans speculate that the heroes will be traveling through time via the Quantum Realm to change the fates of the Infinity Stones, it’s definitely possible that they’ll visit the Battle of Xandar in an attempt to claim the Power Stone from Ronan the Accuser.

Viewers loved Ronan’s surprise appearance in Captain Marvel, and they’d probably enjoy another look at Star-Lord’s infamous Guardians of the Galaxy dance battle against him


Since set photos reveal that Ant-Man will supply Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor with some sort of device which will let them go back to the Battle of New York, we know we will also see the return of the Chitauri. These menacing alien warriors came dangerously close to helping Loki take over the planet in Avengers, and even though our heroes have matured and grown stronger since then, they still shouldn’t take the Chitauri lightly.

The Chitauri are an incredibly powerful alien race, and unlike most villains, they are entirely impossible to reason with or talk to. If they join forces with Thanos, he’ll be even more unstoppable.


Now that Thanos has all of the Infinity Stones inside of his Gauntlet, he is capable of doing pretty much anything and everything imaginable. Thanks to the Time Stone and the Reality Stone, he could easily bring back any of the other villains from the MCU’s decade-long history to aid him in his fight against the remaining Avengers, but there’s one antagonist fans suspect he’ll revive for sure.

Ebony Maw didn’t survive for much of Infinity War, but in the short time he appeared in the film, he established himself as an incredibly formidable foe. The Maw had magic on the same level as the Sorcerer Supreme’s and seemed to be the Mad Titan’s most trusted ally. It’d be surprising if Thanos didn’t enable his return.


Several of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most memorable villains were eliminated in the same film they were introduced and will likely never be seen again. Justin Hammer, however, managed to survive Iron Man 2 and has simply been sitting in a prison ever since, waiting for his chance to return and try to best his rival Tony Stark.

Hammer wasn’t nearly as skilled or intelligent as Tony, but he was still a capable weapons manufacturer and helped build War Machine’s armor. With Tony still stranded on Titan, some fans are speculating that the Avengers may have to turn to Hammer for help in creating weapons powerful enough to take down Thanos.


Fans assumed they’d seen the last of Crossbones after the HYDRA soldier sacrificed himself in an attempt to take out Captain America in Civil War, but actor Frank Grillo recently revealed that the villain will be making one more appearance in Endgame. 

During a UFC Unfiltered podcast interview, Grillo shocked listeners by stating, “He makes an appearance in the next Avengers movie but it’s a flashback.” Brock Rumlow never interacted with any of the Infinity Stones, so his addition to the film is a definite surprise, but it’s possible that by stopping his Civil War explosion, the Avengers could prevent the creation of the Sokovia Accords and be more united in their battle against Thanos should they return to the war in Wakanda from Infinity War and try to stop the snap from ever happening.


The biggest fan theory circulating the Internet about Endgame is that the Avengers will be using the Quantum Realm to go back in time to moments where they encountered Infinity Stones, in an attempt to create their own time-displaced Gauntlet or to prevent Thanos from ever assembling his. This mission could potentially force them to cross paths once more with HYDRA, as the villainous organization briefly possessed Loki’s staff and the Mind Stone which was secured inside of it.

With HYDRA loyalist Crossbones confirmed to appear in the film, it’s definitely likely that at least a few HYDRA agents will pop up to complicate our heroes’ journey, even if this fan theory turns out to be inaccurate.


The Avengers’ failure in stopping Thanos from wiping out half of all life across the universe was definitely the biggest shock of Infinity War, but the reveal that the Red Skull has been living on Vormir and acting as the guardian of the Soul Stone ever since he was launched into space in Captain America: The First Avenger was still exceptionally surprising.

The Red Skull was stranded on the deserted planet for what felt like a millennia and bound to protect Vormir’s Infinity Stone, but when Thanos took the Stone, he apparently earned his freedom. In a Q&A on Twitter, the Russo brothers stated, “Red Skull is free to leave Vormir, and he is also free to pursue his desire for an Infinity Stone.”


Ebony Maw should definitely be the first Black Order member Thanos brings back to life with his Infinity Gauntlet should he decide to call in some reinforcements in Avengers: Endgame, but Proxima Midnight wouldn’t be a bad second option. She held her own while fighting Okoye, Black Widow, and Scarlet Witch all at once, and her leadership in Wakanda was instrumental in helping Thanos and his forces win the day.

With so much power at his disposal now, Thanos technically doesn’t need any help defeating the remaining heroes, but it’d be entertaining to see the Avengers have to contend with Proxima again.


The Avengers and warriors of Wakanda successfully took out countless Outriders in Infinity War, but some of Thanos’ spooky alien soldiers survived the conflict. It seems like those Outriders are still loyal to the Mad Titan, because, in one of the recent Endgame trailers, Clint Barton can be seen running from some sort of monster with multiple limbs.

The shadow of this mystery creature appears inside of a burst of flames, and it looks identical to the shape of the Outriders from the last Avengers film. So even if Thanos doesn’t bring back his Black Order, he definitely won’t be alone in Endgame. 


Some fans pretend that The Incredible Hulk never even happened because it featured a different actor as Bruce Banner and didn’t really contribute anything significant story-wise to the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe. But it’s possible that the film’s final villain may end up playing a major role in Endgame, especially if the Hulk refuses to help the Avengers fight Thanos the way he did in Infinity War. 

The Abomination is nearly as strong as the giant green monster, and he’s far more ruthless. Emil Blonsky has been locked up ever since he disobeyed orders and tried to eliminate the Hulk, but if Thunderbolt Ross survived Thanos’ snap, he could potentially release the Abomination and point him in the Mad Titan’s direction.


One of the biggest complaints viewers seem to have about Avengers: Age of Ultron was that the “age” only turned out to be a matter of days. Ultron’s reign lasts for a significant amount of time in the comic version of the storyline, but in the MCU, he was taken out before fans could truly feel like he was a significant threat.

Some viewers believe that we haven’t seen the last of Ultron, though, and think that he’ll return in Endgame. Thanos could bring him back to life with the Infinity Gauntlet, or one of the Avengers’ trips to the past could prompt him to upload some part of his consciousness to a secret section of the Internet so he can reappear in the future.


Marvel’s trailers for Avengers: Endgame have done a good job building up anticipation for the film without giving away too much of its plot, but their Endgame toys may have revealed a major spoiler. An action figure set featuring Thor and Rocket states, “The Asgardian Thor wields the mighty Stormbreaker in his battle against new foes. Rocket teams up with a new crew to guard the galaxy from an even greater threat,” suggesting that Thanos won’t actually be the ultimate villain of the film.

It’s definitely hard to imagine that there can be a greater threat out there than an Infinity Gauntlet-wielding Thanos, but the Marvel Universe is filled with powerful antagonists. So count on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ fight continuing after the Mad Titan is vanquished.

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Steve DiCarlo

Will Lady Stoneheart Finally Appear In Game of Thrones Season 8?

Could Lady Stoneheart appear in Game of Thrones season 8? So far, the zombie-like resurrected Catelyn Stark from George R.R. Martin’s original book franchise hasn’t been part of the HBO series, and there may be a good reason for that.

Catelyn Stark was a main character during the first three seasons of Games of Thrones, with much of the primary narrative revolving around the legacy of her loved ones. In Game of Thrones season 1, Catelyn’s husband Ned is executed, leaving the House Stark matriarch to look over Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran, and Rickon. Meanwhile, Ned’s alleged bastard son, Jon Snow, haunts her memories. During the War of the Five Kings, Catelyn supports her eldest son, Robb. However, they are ultimately set up and executed at the infamous Red Wedding orchestrated by House Lannister, House Bolton, and House Frey. Since Game of Thrones’ penultimate season 3 episode “The Rains of Castamere,” Catelyn has not been seen (because she’s dead).

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That all happens in the A Song of Ice and Fire books on which Game of Thrones is based, except Catelyn’s story doesn’t end there. Her body is dumped into a river, sniffed out by the direwolf Nymeria, and then resurrected by the immortal Beric’s “Last Kiss.” Now known as Lady Stoneheart, she wreaks havoc on her enemies seeking vengeance for Stark deaths. Even though the show has now massively overtaken the books, the resurrected Catelyn is still a fan favorite to appear before the end. It is possible that Lady Stoneheart could be part of Game of Thrones season 8?

The first barrier to Catelyn’s return as Lady Stoneheart in Game of Thrones season 8 is that Beric Dondarrion is still alive. In the books, he gives his immortality to resurrected Lady Stark, who takes up leadership of the Brotherhood Without Banners. As of the season 7 finale, Beric is still alive, meaning this can’t have happened yet. While it’s possible Lady Stoneheart could be created by another form of magic, the severing of this connection vastly reduces her role.

Indeed, a lot of Lady Stoneheart’s chance to impact Game of Thrones story has passed. Arya Stark has already avenged the Red Wedding and killed the Freys, and her run-in with Brienne – where she almost killed her for carrying a Lannister sword – feels considerably less important given how much Brienne and Jaime have been through together, and are now on the brink of fighting the Night King.

And there’s not much more of a place for Lady Stoneheart in what’s to come for Game of Thrones either. There’d be an emotional reunion with her surviving children, sure, but no tangible role in the wars for the living or the Iron Throne. If Game of Thrones season 8 was to see Lady Stoneheart’s arrival, the showrunners would surely have included more clues since the Red Wedding. There have been no discussions about a “Last Kiss,” nor have there been teases of Nymeria discovering the body. The best evidence was a moment in Game of Thrones season 7 when Arya references her mother just as a figure appears in the background, and that’s incredibly suspect.

While it’s impossible to rule out Lady Stoneheart in Game of Thrones season 8, at the moment it certainly doesn’t look likely. All will be revealed when the show returns next month.

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Game of Thrones season 8 begins on HBO on April 14.

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Swamp Thing: Matt Ryan Wants Constantine to Appear on DC Universe Series

Matt Ryan reveals that he wants to play John Constantine in the upcoming DC Universe series Swamp Thing. Constantine first appeared in The Saga of Swamp Thing #37 in 1985. Created by Alan Moore, Stephen R. Bissette, and John Totleben, Constantine is an anti-hero appearing in DC Comics who often goes up against supernatural forces. Keanu Reeves played the character in a 2005 film, but Ryan is the current actor taking on the role.

Ryan stepped into the role of Constantine in 2014 when NBC came out with their live-action version of the character. Unfortunately for fans, Constantine was canceled in 2015 after only one season. However, Ryan did return to the role for a crossover episode on Arrow in season 4, and is now a recurring character on Legends of Tomorrow. Ryan has also voiced Constantine in the animated movies Justice League Dark and Constantine: City of Demons The Movie, as well as the animated series Constantine: City of Demons. Now, it looks like Ryan wants to once again play the character, but in a different TV show.

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Ryan commented about his potential appearance in Swamp Thing during a recent panel at Wizard World Cleveland (hat tip ComicBook). Ryan certainly didn’t confirm that Constantine would be included in Swamp Thing, but he mentioned, “John Constantine was born in Swamp Thing. Eventually, he has to be on Swamp Thing, and I just hope it’s me”. Ryan didn’t have much else to say about Swamp Thing, but did joke, “I’m still playing this role four years after Constantine was actually cancelled, so I must be doing something right”.

As mentioned before, Swamp Thing will be one of the new shows that will stream exclusively on DC Universe. Swamp Thing is said to be premiering in May, with Andy Bean and Derek Mears playing the two halves of Swamp Thing. The show will be based on Alan Moore’s comic run of Swamp Thing and have a very dark, scary and mature tone. Swamp Thing will be one of the many original superhero shows coming to DC Universe this year, following Doom Patrol which was released earlier this year.

Even though many fans would love to see Ryan return once again to the role of Constantine in a new show, the odds of that happening seem to be fairly slim. While most of the superhero shows on The CW are under the umbrella of the Arrowverse, the original shows on DC Universe don’t connect to The CW’s shows. Additionally, Doom Patrol and Titans take place in the same universe, but it has already been revealed that Swamp Thing will be in a separate universe from the other DC Universe titles. While Ryan probably won’t get a chance to play Constantine in Swamp Thing, there is always the possibility that the character could be introduced at some point with a different actor.

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Source: ComicBook

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Sons Of Anarchy: 10 Characters Who Can Appear In Mayans M.C. (And 10 Who Never Should)

Nearly four years removed from the finale of Sons of Anarchy, Kurt Sutter’s long-awaited sequel series Mayans M.C. has finally arrived, promising as much family drama and full-throttle action as its predecessor. Speaking to the cultural relevance of the show, star JD Pardo descroned the heavy responsibility of carrying the momentum of Sons over to Mayans, saying that the transition feels natural, working more as a continuation of the world established in Sons.

Although the world of Mayans is far from the Sons empire depicted in the original series, the shared universe has remained intact, particularly when it comes to surprise cameos. While a multitude of Sons actors have already reprised their roles, including Katey Sagal as Gemma and Ray McKinnon as Lincoln Potter, no returning character’s presence has been felt more than Happy Lowman whose appearance in the season one finale promises to echo throughout season two.

While every star on SoA can’t claim to have had a major impact on SAMCRO, others have remained fan favorites. With an eclectic cast of names which has included such additions as Marilyn Manson, Walton Goggins, and even David Hasselhoff, there’s no shortage of castmates who could make a surprise comeback. For our list, we researched some notable characters, making sure to eliminate those actors and actresses who have already appeared in Mayans M.C. We were also careful not to include characters that seemed unlikely to make a cameo, unless they specifically mentioned a possible return.

Take a look back as we review the 10 Sons of Anarchy Characters Who Could Appear in Mayans (And 10 Who Never Should).

20 Shouldn’t: The Homeless Woman

Playing a recurring role throughout SoA, the Homeless Woman remains a heavily debated, symbolic character. Living on the streets of Charming, she appears during critical moments of the series, often popping up when Gemma or Jax are experiencing a conflicted decision.

Although believed by many to be the ghost of Emily Putner, a victim who lost her life as a result of John Teller’s head-on collision with a semi-truck, there is no clear identification of the Homeless Woman. Although Kurt Sutter remains largely quiet on the subject, he has mentioned previously that the character is a modern day Messiah. Either way, with SoA finally finished, there’s little reason to believe Mayans M.C. will provide further clarification on the shadowy figure, making any future cameos more confusing for fan conspiracy theorists.

19 Could: Venus Van Dam

Venus Van Dam made her glorious debut in season five. When a housing development deal falls through for the construction of Charming Heights, the Sons agree to blackmail prominent businessman Allen Biacone, using Van Dam to capture embarrassing photos while Biacone is unconscious. After waking up, Biacone reluctantly agrees to change his vote for Charming Heights, securing the development of the project.

During the episode, the emotionally resistant Sergeant-in-Arms Tig Trager becomes transfixed with Van Dam’s beauty, much to the Sons’ surprise. Despite Venus initially rejecting his advances, they later develop a relationship. Last seen coddling a distraught Tig after the passing of Jax in the show’s series finale, little is known about Van Dam’s fate with Tig, although a cameo in Mayans could provide a chance to bring back a much beloved fan favorite.

18 Shouldn’t: Esai Alvarez

Now wearing a “El Padrino” patch on Mayans M.C., former Sons rival Marcus Alvarez has jumped series, landing in Santo Padre, where he’s working under cartel leader Miguel Galindo. Prior to Mayans, however, he was a well-regarded enemy of SAMCRO.

Shortly into season one, Marcus made his toughest decision when he sent his son Esai to take down Clay Morrow. Later, he settled his dispute with the Sons, agreeing to enter a gun trade with them in exchange for his son’s life. Although Esai didn’t have a long run, actor Emilia Rivera remembers his demise as being Marcus’ hardest scene to film. While Mayans could provide a backstory for Marcus and Esai’s relationship, it’s best not to show too many unnecessary flashbacks as Sutter attempts to establish an identity on the new series.

17 Could: Nero Padilla

A former gang member, Nero Padilla grew up around criminal activity, later forming his own street gang the Byz Latz before being incarcerated in Chino Prison. After witnessing many close friends lose their lives, he exited prison a new man, focusing his attention on bettering the life of his son Lucius, who was born with a spinal disease.

Although Nero makes his intentions of exiting the life clear by the time he meets the Sons, members of the Byz Latz don’t make his transition easy. By the series’ end, he’s able to earn enough money from Diosa to build his dream farmhouse, taking his son and Jax’s children along with him. Unfortunately, a gang member’s past never fully disappears, leaving a chance for him to return in Mayans if Jimmy Smits is up for a guest role.

16 Shouldn’t: Trinity Ashby

Jax’s relationship woes were taken to a new extreme in season three when he traveled to Ireland to recover his stolen son and strengthen SAMCRO’s ties to the club’s Belfast charter. Along the way, he unearthed some secrets about his father’s past, including a secret child John had with Maureen Ashby, resulting in Jax’s half-sister Trinity.

The brother-sister awkwardness reached a critical point when Jax grew increasingly close to his secret sister, saved only by Maureen and Gemma finally breaking the news to the almost couple. While viewers were thankful that the duo managed to avoid a taking things to the next level, we were left scratching our heads when Trinity’s story was later abandoned altogether. Although the possibility of her return isn’t unheard of, her character is one many SoA fans would like to forget ever happened.

15 Could: Ron Tully

A shot caller for the Brotherhood in SoA’s seventh season, Ron Tully was an incarcerated racist in Stockton State Prison who aligned himself with SAMCRO shortly after Jax Teller attacked a man who planned to turn against the prison gang. As a sign of gratitude, Ron grew increasingly close to Juice Ortiz, an imprisoned Sons member who ratted out the club out of fear he’d be rejected over his African-American heritage.

Although Ron’s abuse of Juice gave viewers some hard to digest content in the show’s last season, the gang member became an important figure after taking out Juice at Jax’s request. Portrayed by gothic rocker Marilyn Manson, the character was ultimately left underdeveloped, giving Sutter the chance to make amends by bringing back one of SoA‘s coolest cameos for the Mayans spin-off series.

14 Shouldn’t: Herman Kozik

A former addict turned United States Marine, Herman Kozik joined SAMCRO in season two as some much needed muscle, arriving in Charming after serving as Sergeant-in-Arms for the Sons’ Tacoma chapter. Receiving unfair treatment due to his rivalry with Tig Trager, he was repeatedly denied a transfer to Charming before meeting an early demise after stepping on a landmine.

Although Kozik’s time was short-lived, he’s remained a memorable character thanks to his bitter relationship with Tig, who blamed him for the demise of his dog Missy. While actor Kenny Johnson’s ties to Kurt Sutter go all the way back to his days on The Shield, it’s unlikely his character will appear on Mayans following his demise.

13 Could: Tyne Patterson

Tyne Patterson had her fair share of run-ins with the Sons. Although her presence is felt throughout the series, her largest attack against the M.C. came in season six when she attempted to reopen a RICO case against SAMCRO after a school shooting.

When the RICO charges fall through, she’s left to uncover the truth behind the demise of Tara Knowles and Lieutenant Eli Roosevelt. She’s last seen talking to Jax, who informs her of Gemma and Juice’s involvement in Tara and Eli’s bloody end before taking his own life. As a prominent prosecutor in SoA, Tyne Patterson’s odds of a return are greater than others on this list, especially given actress CCH Pounder’s history with Kurt Sutter, with whom she also worked with during his days on The Shield.

12 Shouldn’t: Charles Barosky

A corrupt ex-cop in charge of a group of like-minded Stockton Police officers, Charles Barosky first introduced himself to SAMCRO in season six. Making his authority known, he established a working relationship with Jax, agreeing to let the Sons and Nero set up illegal business around Stockton.

In season seven, the Sons continue to associate with Barosky, who allows them to stow away guns near the Stockton port; however, things come to a head when he tips off the Lin Triad about the Sons’ gun locations. In the SoA series finale, Jax gets revenge, ending Barosky’s life. Although little about Barosky’s corrupt life as a police officer is known, making him a prime candidate to appear on Mayans, his status after the show makes him limited, though it doesn’t completely rule out the possibility of a flashback appearance.

11 Could: Ernest Darby

Leader of the racist Nordics, Ernest Darby was a major antagonist of the SoA‘s first and second seasons, often finding himself at odds with SAMCRO over the distribution of illegal substances in Charming. Allying himself with Ethan Zobelle in season two, he agreed to start up a string of meth labs to run the Sons out of town. After the M.C. raids a lab, however, Darby’s retaliation against the Sons endangers his life.

Shortly after the dissolution of the Nordics in season two, Darby is shown living a normal life, retiring from criminal affairs and settling down with an immigrant worker he once employed. Although Darby insists on living a quiet life, it’s unlikely he ever escaped his criminal past entirely, making a Mayans cameo a possibility in the future.

10 Shouldn’t: Henry Lin

The primary antagonist of SoA‘s seventh season, Henry Lin assumed the role of leader of the the San Francisco-based Lin Triad following the demise of his uncle Bohai. Unfortunately, Lin’s fall from power would come in the final season after Gemma lied to Jax about the Triad’s involvement, leaving much to be resolved.

After Lin is taken out by excommunicated Sons member Juice Ortiz during a stint in Stockton Prison, the Lin Triad’s control around Southern California became jeopardized. Working alongside the One-Niners, SAMCRO wiped out the remainder of the Triad, with the Niners and Mayans dividing up the gang’s territory. With no territorial control left for profit, there’s little reason to believe the Lin Triad will making a comeback in Mayans M.C., though it would be interesting to see how the gang would return to prominence.

9 Could: Lyla Winston

As Opie’s love interest following the passing of his wife Donna, Lyla marries into the Sons family in season four, leaving her distraught and widowed after Opie’s demise. At Opie’s wake, she confides in Jax about her worries raising three children alone. By the series’ end, she’s promoted to a producer position at Red Woody Productions, SAMCRO’s video company.

Although Jax assured Lyla that there’s no cause for concern regarding her financial situation, many questions are still left in the air about her life with the children. Jax attempted to broker a deal for affordable housing for Lyla and the kids in Charming Heights, but little is known about what came of it. A cameo in Mayans would give Lyla’s character a perfect opportunity to catch audiences up on everything that’s happened to her since SoA‘s end.

8 Shouldn’t: Ethan Zobelle

As the primary antagonist of season two, Ethan Zobelle led the League of American Nationalists into Charming, opening an Impeccable Smokes location on Main Street and allying himself with local businessman Jacob Hale Jr. to run the Sons out of town. Teaming with the Aryan Brotherhood, he became a thorn in the Sons’ sides until his status as an FBI informant put his life in jeopardy.

Although Zobelle’s current whereabouts are never mentioned, suggesting the Sons may never get their retaliation, one popular fan theory has suggested that he may have passed away as a result of a plane crash mentioned in the show’s season three premiere. While a Mayans cameo could provide more details into Zobelle’s story, it would ruin the fun of the plane crash theory, spoiling one of the show’s most intriguing unanswered questions.

7 Could: Romeo Parada and Luis Torres

In the first season of Mayans, the Galindo Cartel has already left a considerable impression, thanks to Miguel Galindo, the ruthless Ivy League-educated son of cartel founder Jose Galindo. Although Miguel has established a reputation as a strategic, cold-hearted cartel boss, the Galindo Cartel was first seen on Sons of Anarchy.

Romeo Parada and Luis Torres first introduced themselves in SoA after Clay Morrow agreed to mule for the cartel for a little extra cash. In reality, the duo were undercover government operatives who wanted the Sons to broker an arms deal with their partners in Ireland. The Sons later cut ties with the cartel, although Parada and Torres remained plants working under the Galindo Cartel’s nose. Actor Danny Trejo has already mentioned an upcoming cameo for Parada, making it a possibility that his partner may join him.

6 Shouldn’t: Thomas and Abel

As the children of Jax Teller, Thomas and Abel inherited their fair share of unwanted nightmares, but none suffered more irreparable damage than the eldest of the two brothers. Having grown close to his father as well as his step-mother Tara and his grandmother Gemma, Abel witnessed various parental figures exit his life tragically.

In SoA‘s finale episode, the two siblings are seen leaving Charming with Wendy and Nero. Abel is shown holding a Sons ring given to him by Gemma, suggesting the children may have a future with SAMCRO. Although Kurt Sutter has addressed a desire for a potential SoA sequel series involving Thomas and Abel, nothing has been confirmed. In case that dream ever comes to fruition, it’s best to save their story for a much more deserving follow-up.

5 Could: T.O. Cross

As an ally of SAMCRO, T.O. Cross was the leader of a motorcycle club. Depicted as maintaining a healthy business relationship with Jax, he debuted in season three after the Sons convinced the Mayans to Cross’ gang on as protection during their shipments.

In later seasons, the long-standing friendship between T.O. and Jax was strained. In season five, Jax delivered orders to end the life of T.O.’s cousin Randall Highwater after he delivered the final blow that resulted in the demise of Opie. In SoA‘s final season, T.O. makes Sons’ history, becoming the black member to be patched into SAMCRO. Not only would a cameo shed further light on his story, but it would signify a new chapter for the Sons moving forward.

4 Shouldn’t: Wendy Case

A recovering addict, Wendy Case was responsible for one of SoA‘s most dramatic character transformations. Referred to as a “Crow Eater” in her earlier days, she became Jax’s his first wife. After Abel’s birth, however, she was rejected by the Sons and Jax’s family, both of whom threatened her if she ever interfered with their lives again.

In season four, Wendy returned with a renewed purpose, shaking her old habits in hopes of become a better mother. Becoming a more important character, she provided an alternative lifestyle for both Abel and his younger brother Thomas. Although she abandoned her old ways, Wendy remains one of SoA‘s most disliked characters, primarily for her actions as an addict.

3 Could: Tig Trager

As the former Sergeant-in-Arms under Clay Morrow, Tig was responsible for some of SoA‘s oddest moments. Although he could appear callous, he often displayed an over-the-top sensitivity towards his fellow club members. Responsible for disciplinary actions against Sons enemies, he was the club’s most violence-prone member, which made his oddball stories that much more off-putting to those who didn’t know him.

By the series’ end, Tig’s life had entered a more serious chapter due to his relationship with Venus Van Dam. Promoted to VP by Jax, he experienced great remorse for voting to have the former leader meet Mr. Mayhem. Luckily, things were looking up for Tig, which means a Mayans cameo could provide his character with a much needed resolution following SoA‘s grim finale.

2 Shouldn’t: Jax Teller

As the self-sacrificial leader seeking an alternative, law-abiding path for the Sons, Jax’s relationship with the Mayans was the most hectic in the series’ earlier seasons, particularly in season two, after the club aligned themselves with L.O.A.N. leader Ethan Zobelle, agreeing to protect the Son’s number one enemy.

Thanks to Jax’s accommodating nature, the Mayans and Sons would come to a mutual understanding, creating a beneficial business partnership that prevented further bloodshed. Although SoA star Charlie Hunnam has remained open about a potential return to Kurt Sutter’s motorcycle world, mentioning a possible Mayans cameo down the line, his fate on SoA severely limits his inclusion on the show. For such a notable cameo to make sense, Jax’s part would have to be rather significant.

1 Could: Chibs Telford

Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, Filip “Chibs” Telford received his nickname for his facial scars, given to him by his long-time nemesis, Jimmy O’Phelan. Prior to patching with SAMCRO, the Scotsman served five months as a medic for the Army, later becoming SAMBEL’s first prospect before transferring to Charming.

Although Chibs’ most problematic storyline came in SoA‘s final season after he began a brief relationship with Lieutenant Althea Jarry, he would ultimately end the series by making the difficult decision to end Jax’s life. By SoA‘s end, Chibs was promoted to leader of SAMCRO, meaning all future relationships between the Charming charter and the Mayans should work through him. If Sutter lives up to his promise of including the Sons in the spin-off series, the inclusion of Chibs seems like a logical fit.

Which Sons of Anarchy character do you most want to see on Mayans MC? Let us know in the comments!

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20 DC Characters Who Can Be In James Gunn’s Suicide Squad (And Who Should Play Them)

James Gunn may be off the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 project after being fired by Disney for some controversial tweets surfaced from long ago, but not only has he apologized and insisted that he’s a much different person than he was at that period in his life; he’s reportedly also getting another stab at creating a comic adaptation with the next Suicide Squad film.

While Marvel fans mourn the loss of the man behind some of the best movies in the MCU, it’s quite possible that Gunn will give the DC universe the boost it desperately needs to really compete with Marvel.

While we’ll have to wait and see what the actual film brings to the party, we have plenty of time to speculate about what its plot might be, what kind of tone to expect and above all, which characters might be included and who might be cast in those roles. While many of us are hoping to see some members of the Squad from the first film return, we’re also crossing our fingers, wishing for a chance to meet more members who weren’t included in the first movie. There’s really an endless amount of speculation to enjoy here and many fans have already photoshopped their choices for the best portrayals of characters audiences have loved for decades.

Casting for these iconic personalities won’t be an easy task, but here are 20 DC Characters Who Can Be In James Gunn’s Suicide Squad (And Who Should Play Them).

20 Christina Ricci As Harley Quinn

Let’s be honest: Margot Robbie is a sure-in for Harley Quinn at this point. The star surprised many fans while proving others right with her incredible performance as the psychiatrist turned psychopath. Ensuring that Quinn not only shone as the premiere talent in a film with its problems, but that she would endure for her own film afterward, Robbie is a fan favorite, through and through.

We could definitely see this version of Harley in a Gunn movie.

If for some reason Robbie had to back out of the project, as much as it would pain fans, some have taken to casting other ideas for actresses who could play Harleen Quinzel. Artist D3SIGNMILTIA’s piece depicts an interesting version of the character that might work well with Christina Ricci.

19 Joaquin Phoenix As The Joker

We’ve seen so many incarnations of The Joker over the years that it’s getting more and more difficult to choose the perfect person to play an updated version of Batman’s most notorious foe. Whether or not he’ll be in the next Suicide Squad film is unclear. Who can measure up to Jack Nicholson’s chilling Joker and Heath Ledger’s perfect monster?

Joaquin Phoenix, currently starring in Todd Phillips’ solo Joker, is certainly one candidate. Phoenix, who’s also utilized some unorthodox acting methods in the past, might give us a bit more grave swagger as the criminal mastermind. His ongoing presence in the DCEU will likely depend on the success of Joker, due out in October 2019.

18 Neil Patrick Harris As The Riddler

Everyone’s favorite child doctor has grown up to become a much beloved singer, showman, and nemesis of the Baudelaire children. Neil Patrick Harris shines in just about everything he’s in, so including him in the next installment of Suicide Squad makes perfect sense.

Harris as the Riddler is pure gold.

He’s got the chops to bring the perfect blend of humor and intelligence that the Riddler needs to truly succeed, which might hopefully replace the slapstick Riddler we got in Batman Forever years ago. Harris isn’t everyone’s favorite for the Riddler, though; stay tuned for more artist manipulations involving the Riddler later.

17 Manu Bennett As Deathstroke

Given the fact that the Arrowverse and TV adaptations of DC stories have proven so successful, it makes sense to borrow from that character pool to not only connect the universe but to help ensure the success of Suicide Squad 2. If Gunn and company are planning on including Deathstroke in the sequel, we think Manu Bennet would be a clear choice for the character.

While some fans speculate that Joe Manganiello will play the part, since he is Mr. Wilson in Justice League and has announced that he’s working on three more films featuring the character, his involvement in Suicide Squad 2 remains speculation at this point. Many believe that Deathstroke will indeed be a primary villain in the film, and Bennet has already proven that he would do the character justice.

16 Sophie Turner As Oracle

Lots of fans are imagining Marvel actors in DC roles, which is pretty delightful for those of us who Make Ours Marvel and DC. Sophie Turner, who gave us the Jean Grey that we were waiting for in X-Men: Apocalypse and is set to reprise the role in Dark Phoenix, would also make an excellent Oracle.

Barbara Gordon’s time as Oracle has included a gig as tech support for the Suicide Squad.

With Ruby Rose’s debut as Batwoman and a Batgirl movie announced, the inclusion of Oracle could provide some timeline intrigue. Plus, after decades of Batman saturation, this much Bat-women power would be so much fun.

15 Oprah Winfrey As Amanda Waller

Viola Davis was a pretty stellar Amanda Waller, which comes as no surprise to anyone who has ever seen Viola Davis in anything. Davis could read a grocery list and deserve an Oscar. That said, Kode Logic has imagined what Oprah might bring to the role and we have to say that it looks impressive. Firm, ruthless and beautiful, Oprah’s Waller seems to give the character a bit more experience points, which are conveyed in that hard gaze.

Davis has said that she loved playing Amanda Waller, who is aligned so well with her character Annalise Keating in the hit TV drama How to Get Away with Murder in many ways, but how much fun would it be to see Oprah bend the rules?

14 Will Smith As Deadshot

You don’t mess with what works, and Will Smith certainly worked as Deadshot in the original Suicide Squad. He did so well, in fact, that plenty of people thought that he deserved his own film and said that they’d have watched Suicide Squad again if it only starred Smith. This really isn’t a surprise, given Smith’s star power, and it’s been announced that he’s returning to the franchise in the role again.

It’s a good thing that we have some time before the movie’s released, too, since Smith is set to star in Bad Boys for Life and Bright 2 around the same time. Smith’s got three films releasing in 2019 alone, and while one is only a vocal role, he’s definitely going to be busy for the next couple of years.

13 Jeffrey Dean Morgan As Batman

Utter the words “Jeffrey Dean Morgan” in the same sentence as “The Batman” and you’re bound to get a room full of excited fans. He’s absolutely perfect for Wayne in an adaptation of something like Batman Beyond, but we could definitely see him as the Batman in just about any adaptation of the series, and DeviantArt user evelius has given us some visual art to really picture the idea.

Morgan has the darkness and the voice necessary for Batman to match this ragtag team of violent convicts.

While Bale and Affleck had their time in the cowl, it’s time for a new man behind the mask. Why not Negan?

12 Rila Fukushima As Katana

While Katana was featured in the first Suicide Squad film, most people believe her role was too small to really critique or appreciate. Japanese-American actress Karen Fukuhara wasn’t bad in the role; she just didn’t get much to do.

Adding Rila Fukushima in the second movie might lend Katana some traction given that she already portrays the character in the Arrowverse.

While Fukuhara, who is set to play Glimmer in the new She-Ra and the Princesses of Power TV series, is rumored to be reprising the role, Fukushima, star of last year’s Ghost in the Shell, was also fantastic as Yukio in The Wolverine, which would give us another fun link between the DC and Marvel universes.

11 Emma Stone As Poison Ivy

Who doesn’t love quirky, smart, and funny Emma Stone? The actress would be perfect for an updated role as Poison Ivy following Uma Thurman’s beautiful but wonky portrayal of Pamela Isley. One of BossLogic’s many creative manipulations, this artwork features Stone as the iconic plant-loving villain and it’s pretty impressive.

We already know that Ivy will be a big part of the upcoming Gotham City Sirens film, which will also feature Harley Quinn and Catwoman at its heart, so why not include her in the Suicide Squad movie as well? There are several other cool artist manipulations of actresses who might be great in the role, such as Jessica Chastain, so it’s going to be a tough one to cast.

10 Kristen Wiig As Cheetah

Many of us can’t stop celebrating Kristen Wiig being cast as Cheetah in Wonder Woman 1984. The strongest thing the DC movies have going for it right now is all the incredible female characters, most notably Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman, and we can’t wait to see where Aquaman takes us. If all goes well it would make perfect sense to include Wiig in Suicide Squad 2, especially since weaving in characters from multiple films would help provide better continuity for the DCEU.

Wiig is funny, smart, and beautiful, and we think she’s going to make an excellent foe for Wonder Woman.

In that case, her inclusion in another movie would also be fantastic to see.

9 Nathalie Emmanuelle As Vixen

DeviantArt artist farrou has created some truly amazing fanart of DC characters, and one of them, which features Nathalie Emmanuelle as Vixen, makes us believers. While we’re not sure if Emmanuelle has a Tantu Totem, we’re pretty sure she could make it work if Gunn and co. gave her one. The actress, best known for her role as Missandei on HBO’s Game of Thrones, is definitely ready for a a super suit and action in a big movie like this.

Then again, Jada Pinkett Smith has expressed interest in the role of Vixen, which would not only be interesting due to her husband’s presence in the movie but also due to her previous DC role as Fish Mooney in the TV series Gotham. Both actresses would be well-cast for the movie.

8 Jake Gyllenhaal As The Riddler

Do we really need the Riddler to come out and play in Suicide Squad 2? After the weirdness of Batman Forever and the sinister developments of Gotham, perhaps it’s time to reinvent the villain. Jake Gyllenhaal makes sense to play the villain not only because he was David Goyer’s original choice to play Batman in the Christopher Nolan movies, but because this fanart made by Vaskoho is something to behold.

While there are several people who could pull off the role, we think Donnie Darko has a fighting chance.

Fans point out that there were some Riddler Easter eggs in the Batman v Superman movie, so it’s possible that we’ll see The Riddler on film someday.

7 Dave Bautista As Bane

Can we all agree that, no matter the context, Dave Bautista must appear in Suicide Squad 2? Not only has the Drax actor delighted us all with his hilarious yet poignant portrayal in the Guardians of the Galaxy series, but he’s also publicly stated that he supports Gunn and wants to be involved in his next project.

We’re pretty sure any role could be molded to make room for such a beloved actor, but as as BossLogic has pointed out, he’d make an excellent Bane. After having two Banes that didn’t work so well in the Batman universe, we could definitely use a fresh face for the role. If he’s not Bane, Bautista would make a fantastic Solomon Grundy, too. We’re not too picky on this one.

6 Michael K. Williams As Black Manta

Could Black Manta make an appearance in Suicide Squad 2? It’s too early to rule anything out and many fans think he’d make a good inclusion, particularly following the Aquaman movie. While the majority of his screen time might simply have his head shrouded in a big bubble, his casting would be nonetheless important. Artist diamondking13 suggests actor Michael K. Williams for the job and we love the idea.

It would be cool to see how Gunn and co, would update the suit for a more modern, movie-friendly look.

Famous for his critically acclaimed roles in The Wire and Boardwalk Empire, Williams was just cast in Jordan Peele and Misha Green’s Lovecraft Country, but Suicide Squad 2 is far enough in the future to give him time for both gigs.

5 Bill Skarsgård As The Joker

This one is a no-brainer. Many of us just don’t care to see Jared Leto return as The Joker and it’s quite possible that The Joker won’t even see a second of footage in the second film. While we’d all probably be okay with that, if a new Joker is cast, Bill Skarsgård is a fantastic choice.

Skarsgård is hot right now following his success as Pennywise in the new adaptation of Stephen King’s It. He also played a less troubling character in Castle Rock over the summer, proving his mettle yet again in King’s world. Considered one of the good things to come out of Netfix’s Hemlock Grove, Skarsgård could probably do the Joker justice, as artist aikoaiham has shown.

4 Teresa Palmer As Killer Frost

After witnessing Killer Frost in the Arrowverse, many fans are calling for her inclusion in Suicide Squad 2. DeviantArt creator farrou has imagined what it might look like if Teresa Palmer played the villain and it’s a pretty spot-on representation.

The Australian actress is no stranger to action movies and could do well in the role.

Kristin Bauer van Straten has already voiced Killer Frost in the animated Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, while Danica McKellar voices her in Lego DC Superhero Girls. She’s also been in 2009’s Public Enemies animated feature between Batman and Superman, but she’s never been in a live action movie before. Danielle Panabaker portrays the character in The Flash, but she hasn’t made a film in a few years.

3 Jon Bernthal as Rick Flag

Jon Bernthal is another actor already present in the MCU, portraying the most accurate and adept version of the Punisher we could ever hope for, so tossing the talented actor into the DC mix would just be plain fun. It’s not that Joel Kinneman was terrible as Rick Flag, and he’s done a great job standing up for the original film and its purpose, but Jon Bernthal would just be better.

The skill Bernthal has in striking that tricky sweet spot between ruthlessness and gravitas while still being a compelling, empathetic human being isn’t something anyone can do. Artist Riku7kun shows us what Bernthal as Flag might look like. It’s a little bare in comparison to Kinneman’s look, but that might actually work with Bernthal.

2 Josh Gad As The Penguin

It’s no secret that Josh Gad wants the role of The Penguin, having pushed for it himself in social media, and fans are clamoring for the opportunity to see the voice of the snowman, Olaf, and Gaston’s buddy LaFou in a much more sinister role.

Whether or not Gad will show up in The Batman remains to be seen but he definitely has the flippers to play the beloved villain.

BossLogic has given us some art imagining what he might look like in the role and it can only get better from here. In March, Gad started hilariously trolling Matt Reeves on Twitter, sending him animated penguin GIFs and hinting at what he could bring to the Batman franchise.

1 Margot Robbie As Harley Quinn

It’s an obvious inclusion, but it’s necessary. While the original Suicide Squad, hyped up to be the most incredible DC movie of all time, had plenty of problems, most fans and critics agree that the shining star of the whole production was Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. Robbie’s portrayal was everything we hoped for– brutal, nuanced, and a delicate balance between her joker obsession and Harley coming into her own person without being too over-the-top.

Who isn’t excited to see Robbie return as Harley in theBirds Of Prey adaptation featuring the awesome women of DC, which is so ardently anticipated that it pushed Suicide 2 to the back burner? After this much love, Robbie has to be in this universe.

Who do you most want to see in a new Suicide Squad movie? Let us know in the comments!

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Harry Potter: 20 Crazy Details Only True Potterheads Knew About Wormtail

For a lot of reasons, Peter Pettigrew, AKA “Wormtail”, may be one of the creepiest characters in all of the Harry Potter series. First and foremost, is the rather strange decision on the part of author J.K. Rowlings, to make Pettigrew’s animagus form hang around so closely with a preteen Ronald Weasley. With that particularly large elephant out of the room, we can get into some of the more unnerving, crazy, and interesting facts about this Voldemort supporter.

Everyone knows Wormtail to be the man who betrayed Lily and James Potter’s location to Voldemort, who sought to destroy them and their newborn son after finding out that Harry may one day defeat him. Although Voldemort’s attempt on Harry’s life backfired (quite literally), this moment it did cement Wormtail as one of Tom Riddle’s most famous supporters. In addition to this, Wormtail also got away with it all by blaming Sirius Black for that horrible night.

In many ways, Wormtail was the most unlikely member of Voldemort’s inner circle. He didn’t have the dedication to Voldemort’s evil agenda that Lucius Malfoy did. Nor did he have the obsessive nature of the deranged Bellatrix Lestrange. At the end of the day, Wormtail was a coward, and that why he let betrayed his friends to become part of one of the darkest cults of all time. Despite all he has done, Wormtail was still a far more engaging character than most fans may recall.

Without further ado, here are 20 Crazy Facts About Wormtail.

20 He Was Almost Not Sorted Into Gryffindor

When Peter Pettigrew arrived at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he lined up with the rest of the First Years to await The Sorting Hat’s decision on which House he would join. While in line, he met both Sirius Black, who uttered his contempt for Slytherin House, and James Potter. Immediately, Pettigrew took a liking to these boys and longed to be Sorted with them.

When he finally was placed under The Sorting Hat, Pettigrew waited a whole five minutes to be placed in Gryffindor.

This is what was called a “Hatstall.” The Sorting Hat clearly saw that this character was suitable for more than one house. Although Slytherin would be the obvious alternative choice, Hufflepuff was one as well.

19 He Was A Member Of The Order Of The Phoenix

Due to Peter Pettigrew’s friendship with James, Remus, and Sirius, he joined The Order of the Phoenix after his time at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The Order of the Phoenix was a secret society founded by Albus Dumbledore to combat Voldemort and his sycophantic followers during the First Wizarding War. This was the time when Voldemort returned from traveling abroad and sought to overthrow the Ministry of Magic and persecute Muggles and Muggle-born magical folk. Although Pettigrew wasn’t a fan of Voldemort’s ideology, he was part of the Order purely because his friends were. It was a community for him. He did not have the same passion for the cause as the other members did.

18 He Wasn’t A True Believer In Voldemort

Much like Peter Pettigrew wasn’t a true believer in the Order of the Phoenix, he wasn’t one of Voldemort’s dedicated followers either. He did not share the same lust for dominance over the Wizarding World, nor the same level of intolerance.

When Pettigrew became a spy for Voldemort, it was purely out of fear.

Wormtail, at the end of the day, is an opportunist. He is someone who will do just about anything to survive, and that included betraying his best friends in order to remain on the powerful dark wizard’s good side. In many instances, especially in the books, Wormtail even couldn’t bear Voldemort’s violence and occasionally attempted to suggest alternative measures to achieve his dark desire.

17 McGonagall Didn’t Like Him, even as a kid

If there’s one thing that Minerva McGonagall has never done, it’s mince words. First and foremost, this Transfiguration professor and Gryffindor Head of House is brutally honest. In the books, she was honest about how she felt about Peter Pettigrew during his time at Hogwarts.

Of course, McGonagall taught him Transfiguration as well as watched over him as the H.O.H. She claimed that Pettigrew “hero-worshipped” both James Potter and Sirius Black. In fact, she even described him as a “lump of a boy” who constantly followed Sirius around like his lap-dog. She even claimed that Peter was “stupid” as well as “foolish.” However, Minerva clearly grew to have some respect for him once he joined the Order. She even spoke sadly about him before she learned that he was the one responsible for the betrayal and not Sirius.

16 He Lived As A Rat For 12 Years

As most fans know, Peter Pettigrew was one of the Mauraders, the small group of friends that consisted of James Potter, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin. Peter even decided to become an animagus in order to make Remus feel more comfortable with the fact that he was tragically turned into a werewolf. The fact that Pettigrew could turn into a rat at will was something that came in handy after he was forced to fake his own demise in order to properly frame Sirius Black.

Due to his fear of being caught, Pettigrew lived as a rat for a solid 12 years.

He was eventually discovered by Sirius and Remus in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

15 He Chose The Weasleys As Owners To Avoid The Death Eaters

After Pettigrew faked his demise, he chose to live as a rat in order to both keep up his lie as well as to avoid the Death Eaters. At this stage, many of Voldemort’s followers were unknown to the authorities and lived amongst the common-folk. Due to the fact that Voldemort’s apparent demise happened due to Pettigrew’s information, the Death Eaters believed that Pettigrew was a traitor and therefore sought to destroy him.

Wormtail knew that he stood a better chance at staying alive if he picked a “good” family to stay with. Eventually, he came to be Percy Weasley’s possession and was handed down to Ron. Presumably, Wormtail (as “Scabbers”) stayed with the Weasleys because he knew that the family would treat him right as well as shield him from Voldemort’s secret followers.

14 He Almost Ruined Ron And Hermione’s Relationship

Although Wormtail didn’t mean to, he almost completely ruined Hermione and Ron’s friendship in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Throughout the book and the film (to a lesser extent), Ron was constantly trying to save Scabbers (AKA Wormtail) from Hermione’s carnivorous new cat, Crookshanks. When Wormtail heard that Sirius Black had escaped from Azkaban and was poking around the Hogwarts grounds, he decided to flee, faking his demise a second time.

In the book, he bit himself in order to leave blood that suggested that Crookshanks had finally taken him out.

It completely convinced Ron, and the pair’s relationship nearly ended until the truth was revealed. This is just another instance of Peter Pettigrew doing anything necessary to remain alive.

13 Rats helped him find Voldemort

A lot of fans of Harry Potter who haven’t paid close enough detail to the books wonder how Wormtail and Voldemort were reunited before the events of The Goblet of Fire. Well, the truth is Wormtail learned from fellow rats that a dark force was living in a forest in Albania. This force ended up being Voldemort himself, who was living off the animals in the forest. However, Voldemort was just clinging to life in his shriveled-up form.

Wormtail lured a prominent ministry witch, who was on vacation in Albania, into the forest and then proceeded to force information out of her that helped persuade Voldemort to take him back into his good graces.

12 He Fed Voldemort Nagini’s Milk to Save Him

Aside from finding Lord Voldemort in a forest in Albania and giving him some vital information about the upcoming Triwizard Tournament from the ministry official he lured into the forest, Wormtail also stayed in Voldemort’s good graces due to the fact that he kept him alive. At this point, Voldemort was simply a shriveled up humanoid creature who barely had any power at all.

With Wormtail’s help, he managed to stay strong enough to last until the end of The Goblet of Fire when he was “reborn.”

Wormtail was able to do this because he milked the venom out of Nagini, Voldemort’s giant snake who will appear in human form in Fantastic Beasts 2: The Crimes of Grindelwald. This venom provided Voldemort with the rudimentary body we see in Goblet of Fire.

11 He Helped Capture Mad-Eye

When Wormtail traveled to Albania to seek Voldemort, he ran into a ministry official who he forced into telling him legitimate information about the goings on at Hogwarts. This included the upcoming Triwizard Tournament that they would get Harry Potter to take part in, as well as the fact that Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody would be the next Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher.

Another piece of information this ministry official gave was that there was a Voldemort supporter hiding out in England. This ended up being Barty Crouch Jr., who, with the help of Wormtail, tracked down Mad-Eye Moody and captured him. Crouch then famously continued to take locks of Mad-Eye’s hair in order to brew a Polyjuice Potion that turned him into Mad-Eye.

10 Snape Got His Revenge On Pettigrew

As we found out through various flashbacks during Harry’s time learning legilimency from Severus Snape, Severus was teased and pushed around by Harry’s father, Lupin, Sirius, and Peter Pettigrew as a child. Pettigrew probably wouldn’t have been the one to instigate this, but he was happy to play along with what the “cool kids” were doing. That, after all, was sort of his M.O. However, in their later years, Snape got his revenge on Wormtail after Voldemort ordered Wormtail to live with Snape at Spinner’s End in order to help him with various things.

Wormtail ended up being Snape’s punching bag and personal servant.

In fact, Snape treated him quite poorly, which, without a doubt had more to do with Wormtail betraying Lily Potter than anything else.

9 Voldemort Loathed Him

Lord Voldemort may not have had the ability to love anything except for himself, and even that is arguable, but he certainly had some appreciation and respect for certain members of his cult. At one time, he had immense respect for Lucius Malfoy, but that went away after Lucius continued to fail him. Bellatrix and Snape seem to be in his good graces constantly as they appeared to be his most ardent supporters. Snape, specifically, was the one he thought was infiltrating Dumbledore and the Order.

Wormtail is a different story entirely. Voldemort never liked Wormtail at all. He put up with him because Wormtail helped to keep him alive. But even before Voldemort’s first downfall, the villain knew that Wormtail was only around out of fear, not out of duty or respect.

8 He Wasn’t Skilled At Magic

Throughout the course of the Harry Potter series, two very different powerful magical folk made comments on Wormtail’s lack of power. The first was Wormtail’s old Transfiguration teacher, Minerva McGonagall, who claimed that he was far less talented than his friends when it came to magic. Then there’s Voldemort, who always regarded his servant as particularly weak. The truth is, they were mostly right about him.

He was a hopeless dueler, only besting opponents when catching them off-guard.

However, there are a couple of instances where he’s shown more potential than even he believed. One of these moments was when he caused an explosion that ended the lives of twelve Muggles and allowed him to get away from Sirius Black.

7 He Was Surprisingly Intelligent And An Opportunist

You can say a lot about Peter Pettigrew, including his cowardly demeanor, but one thing you can’t say is that he was dumb. On the contrary, Wormtail was actually pretty intelligent. This cunning helped him frame Sirius for the crime that he committed, as well as search out Voldemort.

Wormtail’s intelligence also allowed him to be quite the opportunist. This trait perhaps sums him up the most, as from the start of things he knew how to get in with the “right” crowd. When the tides changed and there was a better group to be associated with, that’s exactly where Wormtail would end up. A fool wouldn’t be able to navigate situations like this, let alone stay on Voldemort’s good side.

6 The Other Death Eaters Didn’t Like Him

Being an opportunist didn’t quite go over well when it came to Voldemort’s closest servants. First of all, many of them, including Bellatrix Lestrange, were there because they either believed in Voldemort’s cause or Voldemort himself.

Many of these Death Eaters saw Wormtail as a clinger; someone who was merely there to survive and never truly fought for what they believed in.

Another major source of the dislike the Death Eaters had for Wormtail had to do with Voldemort’s first downfall. This event happened on Wormtail’s information. When Voldemort was seemingly annihilated after attacking Harry Potter, many Death Eaters saw Wormtail as a traitor who purposefully led Voldemort to his grave.

5 His Hand Was Cursed

Although the filmmakers behind the Harry Potter movies didn’t explore Wormtail’s silver hand, it was certainly talked about in detail in J.K. Rowling’s novels. Wormtail first got this magical silver hand after he severed it from his body while resurrecting Voldemort in The Goblet of Fire. However, it came with a catch.

The catch with Wormtail’s replacement hand was that it was cursed. Sure, the hand had magical properties, including being impervious to certain jinxes, but it also led to his downfall. Though Wormtail didn’t receive a proper final scene in the films, his demise in the books occurred when he was planning to do good on his “life debt” to Harry. Wormtail’s magical hand turned on him, wrapped around his neck, and took his life.

4 He was insecure about his body

Every single person on the planet has their own set of insecurities. This is true of all of the characters within J.K. Rowling’s masterful series. For Wormtail, it was his stature. Not only was his short height an issue for him, but his weight and shape particularly bothered him. He no doubt compared himself to the more traditionally handsome James Potter and Sirius Black while growing up.

Due to actor Timothy Spall’s height, Wormtail was portrayed a taller than he was in the books.

However, when he first appeared in Prisoner of Azkaban, he was around the same height as a 13 and 14-year-old Harry and Hermione. Both Harry and Hermione would grow to be taller, while Pettigrew remained the same height.

3 He Was Made More Rat-Like For The Films

J.K. Rowlings described Peter Pettigrew has had some of the qualities of a rat, especially after living as one for a solid twelve years. These traits included watery eyes, grubby skin, a pointed nose, and even a squeaky voice that followed him after he revealed himself in The Prisoner of Azkaban.

Azkaban director Alfonso Cuaron wanted to make sure audiences absolutely knew that Pettigrew would have maintained some of his rat-like qualities after his twelve-year stint. These added details included extra nostril hair, knuckle hair, two big teeth, and a consistency between Scabbers’ fur and Wormtail’s locks. Hiding his neck with the right coat also made Wormtail’s rat-like look more believable. These details also came in handy for Wormtail’s visual transition back into his animagus form as he escaped.

2 He Took Voldemort’s Wand

Wormtail didn’t keep his distance the day after Voldemort’s downfall in Godric’s Hollow. He made sure he was nearby as he hoped his information would be useful. Voldemort, of course, wanted to take out a young Harry Potter due to the prophecy that stated that the boy could lead to his demise. Unfortunately for Voldemort, his attempt on Harry’s life backfired and he was practically disintegrated.

Wormtail deduced this once he came across the rubble of the house. He then found Voldemort’s iconic phoenix-feathered wand and took it for safe keeping.

He later gave it back to Voldemort once he was strong enough to use it once more.

There’s no telling where exactly Wormtail stored the wand while living as a rat for twelve years.

1 His Demise Was Connected To The Marauders

Wormtail’s connection to the Marauders, Lupin (Mooney), Sirius (Padfoot), and James (Prongs) was fully realized the day that he met his end. This is because Wormtail’s demise (at least in the book) was very similar to those of his three classmates.

All four of them, in one way or another, passed away while trying to protect or save Harry.

James met his end at the hands of Lord Voldemort that day in Godric’s Hollow. Sirius was protecting Harry when he was struck by Bellatrix’s curse. Lupin fought in the Battle of Hogwarts, giving Harry a moment to escape from Dolohov, who was later revealed to have taken Lupin out. Finally, Wormtail’s cursed hand turned on him the moment he was about to let Harry go, honoring his life-debt.

What do you think is the craziest fact about Wormtail in Harry Potter? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cyborg Actor Ray Fisher Reunites With Zack Snyder In New Photo

Justice League star Ray Fisher reunited with his former director, Zack Snyder, today at the filmmaker’s old office, and they both posted a photo together on social media, but it’s unclear why Fisher decided to stop by Snyder’s office. Years ago, before WB’s unofficially titled DC Extended Universe had gotten underway, Snyder – as well as his producing team and the casting department at Warner Bros. – ultimately decided to cast the actor as the DC superhero Cyborg.

While Fisher made his real debut in 2017’s Justice League movie, he first had a cameo in Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice alongside some of the rest of the world’s finest heroes, namely Jason Momoa (Aquaman) and Ezra Miller (The Flash). Even though his fellow co-stars were all thrilled to portray their superheroes, Fisher was especially excited, and he hasn’t refrained from continuing to express that enthusiasm despite everything that happened with Snyder and Justice League.

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It seems that Ray Fisher visited Zack Snyder’s office today, and they both posted the photo on social media; Fisher made his post on Twitter, saying, “Me and the Cap’n making it happen… #BORGLIFE,” while Snyder, of course, posted on Vero, saying, “Look who’s hanging out at the office today.” Take a look:

A specific reason for why Fisher visited Snyder today hasn’t been determined, but it presumably had nothing to do with the DC movie universe, despite the fact that Snyder is technically still on board as producer for some of the future movies, like Aquaman and Wonder Woman 1984. In all likelihood, it’s possible that Fisher was merely on the WB lot for something else (perhaps for something in relation to HBO’s True Detective season 3, which he stars in), or maybe he just happened to be in the general area and wanted to stop by to visit Snyder, who is currently working on developing The Fountainhead (not The Last Photograph, as previously assumed), an adaptation of Ayn Rand’s 1943 novel of the same name.

Regardless of the reason Fisher and Snyder met up today, the photo could ignite some speculation that Fisher could potentially appear in Snyder’s new project or that they were discussing WB’s Cyborg movie, which doesn’t seem to have moved forward in development since its initial announcement. It was originally slated to release in 2020, but that no longer seems to be the case. Furthermore, if it ever does happen, it’s certainly possible that Snyder would be on board as a producer, just like he’s producing the other Justice League character spinoff movies.

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Source: Ray Fisher, Zack Snyder

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10 Most Powerful Weapons In Fortnite (And 10 That Are Completely Worthless)

The multi-platform game Fortnite has taken the world by storm. Upon its release in 2017, it quickly became the most popular game across the masses. The game is free to play, though additional “skins” can be purchased, using the game’s currency “V-bucks,” which of course, must be purchased using real money. The weapons in the game, however, are 100% free.

Fortnite boasts a vast number of weapons that can all be found throughout the game’s various locations. Players can search chests and vending machines, inside of which loot can be found. Amongst this loot, players will find weapons, healing jugs, and other items. The contents of loot chests are a surprise each time. The location of these chests are fixed, however, and only a certain number will appear at a time.

There is yet another way to acquire items, however, which will cause other players to growl in frustration. In the game , players battle against each other, and the victor can gain all of the loot from those they defeat. Loot only lasts for that existing game, as each player starts over at zero after each match. Players also keep their eyes out for floor loot, llamas, and supply drops. The llamas look like a pinata from a birthday party. Destroying these will also produce various sought-after items. Supply drops contain a large amount of loot, and float in via a hot air balloon box.

While some loot chests include powerful items and weapons, others should be ignored, as they might contain some of these utterly useless weapons.

Here’s a list of the 10 Most Powerful Weapons In Fortnite (And 10 That Are Worthless).

21 Powerful: SCAR (Legendary)

Most Fortnite players know this Legendary Assault Rifle as SCAR and are eager to obtain it. SCAR stands for Special Combat Assault Rifle. This variant of the assault rifle packs a punch, as it rakes out 198 damage per second and has a 30-round magazine. It is the perfect weapon for medium range battles.

This assault rifle has great precision and can fire 5.5 rounds per second. Because of this, it is the main choice for every player’s arsenal.

This favorite weapon can be found in vending machines, floor loot, chests, and supply drops. Players have a 30.8% chance of getting it in a supply drop. It is based on the Belgian assault/battle rifle Fabrique Nationale SCAR, which was introduced in 2009.

20 Worthless: Guided Missile (Epic)

The guided missile was vaulted in season 3 following complaints of being too overpowered. However, it was re-released in the season 5.10 update with some changes. These alterations included reduced movement skill, reduced turn radius, and reduced damage. Using it makes players vulnerable to attacks from opponents, as you must be out in the open to fire it.

It delivers 74 damage to health and 400 damage to structures. We’re not saying that this weapon doesn’t get the job done, it just isn’t amongst the best weapons. The Epic Guided Missile is fun to use to destroy structures but that’s about it, as it is a risky weapon to use. Guided missiles can be found in chests and supply drops.

19 Powerful: Heavy Shotgun (Legendary)

The Legendary Heavy Shotgun is a heavier version of the Tactical Shotgun. It also has a longer range and an increased firing rate, with its overall damage per second being 77. With a higher range, it is great for mid to late gameplay when players are moving away from close-quarter contact. If you come across a Legendary Heavy Shotgun, you should definitely pick it up, as its powerful punch can help lead to victory.

This shotgun has a slight resemblance to the Franchi SPAS-12, which is an Italian manufactured shotgun. The Legendary Heavy Shotgun can be found in chests and supply drops. Players have a 50% chance of finding it in supply drops and only a 12.4% chance of finding it in chests.

18 Worthless: Pistol

This small firearm has two variants: Common and Uncommon. Most players will pass up this gun when they come across it or replace it quickly with something stronger. The damage it delivers is not the greatest, with 23-24 health and 23-24 structural damage. It does, however, have a 16-round magazine and a firing rate of 6.75 per second.

In close combat, it will get the job done, but be careful if you decide to go up against an opponent with a shotgun.

Using this firearm over long distances is a bad idea and a waste of time.  Starting out the match with this weapon gives players at least some fighting ability. Pistols are only found in floor loot.

17 Powerful: Compact SMG (Legendary)

While there are multiple versions of submachine guns in Fortnite, the Legendary Compact Submachine Gun delivers the most damage to structures and opponents at 22 and 21, respectively. It has a fire rate of 10 rounds per second and a magazine size of 40, with a reload time of 2.97 seconds. It also boasts 210 damage per second.

The Legendary Compact Submachine Gun is definitely a weapon that players want in their arsenal, so be sure not to pass it up. This Fortnite weapon was inspired by the FN P90, a Belgium made submachine gun that was created in 1990. It can be found in chests, floor loot, and supply drops.

16 Worthless: Scoped Assault Rifle

The Scoped Assault Rifle in Fortnite has two different variations: Rare and Epic. This weapon delivers a mere 23-24 health damage and 25-26 structural damage, respectively. One good thing that the Scoped Assault Rifle has going for it, though, is its pinpoint accuracy, which makes it easier to use than some other weapons.

The rifle has a 3.5 round per-second firing rate. We’re not saying that this rifle is not worth picking up, but it should be replaced by a more powerful weapon the first chance you get. It can be found in chests, floor loot, and supply drops. This Fortnite weapon is loosely inspired by the AK-12, H&K 416, and the H&K G36C, combining an assault rifle with a sniper rifle.

15 Powerful: Grenade Launcher (Legendary)

The Legendary Grenade Launcher is the perfect choice for destroying structures, as it has a whopping 410 damage. It fires rockets from its 6 round magazine and has a reload time of 2.17 seconds. Damage to opponents is 110. This weapon is great to use against another players’ structures, which can lead to their elimination if they happen to be located nearby.

To use it efficiently, players must aim higher than their target to compensate for the arc trajectory.

Players should also avoid using in small areas, as the grenades can bounce back off of a surface before exploding. This weapon is inspired by the Mikor MGL that originated in South Africa in 1981. It can be found in chests and supply drops.

14 Worthless: Burst Assault Rifle (Common)

The Burst Assault Rifle has five different variations: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The Common Burst Assault Rifle deals out 27 health damage and 81 structural damage. It does have a 30-round magazine with a 1.75 rounds per second firing rate, however.

Bullets are fired in bursts of 3 at a time. The rifle has a 2.9 second reload time. The Burst Assault Rifle is best used in medium range combat. It’s better to avoid using this rifle against far opponents, as it is not very effective. It can be found in chests, and floor loot.  The legendary version of this rifle can also be found in supply drops, as well as in chests and floor loot.

13 Powerful: Heavy Sniper (Legendary)

Delivering 51.81 damage per second to health and 1100 to structures, the Legendary Heavy Sniper Rifle is a devastating weapon. The only downside is the long reload time, as it takes 4.05 seconds each time. Compared to other sniper rifles in the game, it has less of a bullet drop. So it’s important to take this into account when aiming at targets.

Its long range ability makes it the perfect weapon to use against unsuspecting opponents at far distances. With the Legendary Heavy Sniper, players should find a location with a great vantage point like a tower. However, be sure to have good cover, since reloading takes a while. This weapon closely resembles the Barrett M82 Anti-Material Rifle, which was standardized by the U.S. military as the M107. It can be found in floor loot, chests, supply drops, and vending machines.

12 Worthless: Minigun

The Minigun may look like a firearm that packs a punch, but looks can be deceiving. The Minigun has two variations: Epic and Legendary. However, it the gun is often overlooked since it lacks power. Its health damage comes in at 18-19, while its structural damage is 32-33. It has a high fire rate at 12-rounds per second, which makes it good for destroying structures. Upon pulling the trigger of this machine gun, there is a short delay before it begins to fire.

This delay can be dangerous, however, especially if you’re facing off against opponents whose weapons aren’t as delayed.

Because of this, it’s better to replace it with a more powerful weapon the first chance you get. The Minigun can be found in chests and supply drops.

11  6. Powerful: RPG (Legendary)

This explosive weapon deals out a devastating amount of damage. It can deal out 413 damage to structures and 121 to opponents. The Legendary RPG also has a very large range, which makes it a great choice for taking out bases.

Surprisingly, players can also ride on the rockets and some have even used them to cross the entire map. In order to do this, multiple rockets must be fired for the continuous ride. This, however, is not the easiest thing to do. The Legendary RPG can be found in chests and supply drops. The real-life inspiration for this Fortnite weapon is the RPG-7. RPG is commonly known to stand for Rocket-Propelled Grenade.

10 Worthless: Dual Pistols

The Dual Pistols comes in two variations: Rare and Epic. Considered a step above the Pistol, the Dual Pistols is considered as a 2 round burst weapon. Players should make sure that they take time to aim when using the Dual Pistols, however, as this isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

The Dual Pistols deliver a health damage of 41 for the Rare variation and 43 for the Epic variation. Because of this, it is one of the most powerful pistols. However, it doesn’t stand up against many other weapons. Like other pistols, if this is the only weapon available, you should definitely pick it up, as it will deliver more damage than the pickaxe. The Dual Pistols can be found in chests and floor loot, though players are most likely to find it in chests.

9 Powerful: Double Barrel Shotgun (Legendary)

This Fortnite weapon comes as both Epic and Legendary variants. However, the Legendary version is much better. The Legendary Double Barrel Shotgun is great for close range battle, as it delivers 228 damage per second to health and 90 to structures.

Though it is not ideal for long range use, it packs a punch in close quarters. 

If opponents put some distance between themselves and the business end of this shotgun, it will yield very little damage. It is, however, capable of delivering two shots rapidly. The Legendary Double Barrel Shotgun is sure to take down any enemies who are unlucky enough to come face-to-face against it. The Legendary Double Barrel Shotgun can be found in chests, floor loot, and supply drops.

8 Worthless: Stink Bomb

This nose hair-burning explosive releases a stinky gas cloud upon detonation. The gas appears as a yellow cloud and lasts about nine seconds. The Stink Bomb deals out 5 health damage every half-second and it can even bypass shields. Players that throw this unpleasant explosive must be careful, though, as they can also take damage from it. Teammates, however, will not suffer any damage from the Stink Bomb.

The Stink Bomb resembles real-life mustard gas or tear gas. It can be found in chests, floor loot, supply drops, and llamas. Though it can be dangerous, the Stink Bomb isn’t as threatening as many players assume. Because of this, it should be replaced as soon as players find a more powerful weapon.

7 Powerful: Damage Trap

Unlike other items on this list, the Damage Trap is a trap, and therefore is not a firearm. The Damage Trap can be placed on any surface that accepts traps. Players are able to place it on ceilings, floors, and even walls. It delivers 150 of damage to players’ health.

The Damage Trap is typically set and then left for unsuspecting and unfortunate players to come across. However, it can also be used by placing it down after trapping a player, so that they have no way to avoid it. Fortnite has had other traps in the past, but most of those have been vaulted. This uncommon weapon can be found in floor loot and supply llamas.

6 Worthless: Hand Cannon

Another pistol to make our list is the Hand Cannon, which has two variations: Epic and Legendary. While it can be useful against medium and long range targets, it is difficult to use in close range combat.

It also has a low fire rate of 0.8 rounds per second and, unfortunately, it isn’t very accurate.

However, if a player is lucky enough to land a shot on their target at close range, it will most likely get the job done. While it does deal out 60-62.4 health damage and 79-83 structural damage, it’s definitely worth replacing with a more powerful weapon later in the game. The Hand Cannon can be found in chests and floor loot.

5 Powerful: Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle (Legendary)

The Legendary Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle packs a heavy punch with its 15-round magazine. It has a 2.07 second reload time, which could be worse. It can also deliver 66.6 damage per second.

With the thermal scope, players have the ability to see chests, supply drops, llamas, and even enemy heat signatures. This makes the Legendary Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle a great scouting tool. Players would be crazy to pass this up if they came across it. Even without its thermal abilities, it is still a great weapon to have in any arsenal. It can be found in chests, supply drops, and floor loot. However, players have the highest chance at finding this weapon in a supply drop. It was inspired by an AR15 assault rifle.

4 Worthless: Tactical Shotgun

Fortnite has three variations of the Tactical Shotgun: Common, Uncommon, and Rare. The Common version has the worst reload time of the three at 6.3 seconds. It delivers only 67 health damage and 50 structural damage.

In close quarters, it can be useful to suppress an enemy. However, it does not have the quickest of fire rates, with its rate stuck at 1.5 rounds per second. Out of all of the shotguns available in the game, the Tactical deals out the least amount of damage. However, it is better than some of the other weapons at close range, like the pistol or suppressed pistol. The Tactical Shotgun can be found primarily in floor loot.

3 Powerful: Heavy Sniper Rifle (Epic)

A tier down from its Legendary counterpart, the Epic Heavy Sniper Rifle deals 150 damage to health and 1050 damage to structures. Its reload time is a little long at 4.275 seconds, but it makes up for it in destruction.

Released during August 15th’s update, the Epic Heavy Sniper Rifle quickly became a fan-favorite with players who quickly began to experiment with the best situations for its use. Many players choose to carry two of these at once so that they can quickly switch between the two to deliver the most damage. While it may not have a quick fire rate at 0.33 rounds per second, it makes up for it in damage. It can be found in chests, floor loot, and supply drops. Like the Legendary version, it resembles the real-life Barrett M82.

2 Worthless: Submachine Gun

Fortnite offers three variations of a Submachine Gun: Common, Uncommon, and Rare. However, none of these are very powerful weapons. Both the health and structural damage of the three different types ranges from 17-19.  It does have a fire rate of 12 rounds per second, though, making it good for close to medium range combat.

Its magazine has a capacity of 30 rounds, which makes up for the low amount of damage that it deals out. It can get the job done, but overall, it is less powerful than a large number of the weapons offered in the game. It may look awesome, but it is definitely lacking. The Submachine Guns can be found in chests, floor loot, and sometimes in supply drops.

1 BONUS: Quad Launcher (Coming Soon)

According to an in-game notification, this long-awaited weapon will be making its debut in Fortnite very soon. In the notification, this weapon is said to “quickly fire up to 4 rockets to blanket an area with explosive damage.”

The Quad Launcher is a shoulder mounted rocket launcher and it is already building up a reputation, as many fans are excited for its introduction into the game. Players will have to wait to find out exactly how much health and structure damage this new weapon will deliver, though, as many details are still unknown. One thing is for sure, though: this anticipated rocket launcher will definitely be something to write home about.

Are there any other powerful or worthless Fortnite weapons that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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Simon Pegg Interview: The Boys

Amazon’s upcoming comic book adaptation, The Boys, dropped some big news at New York Comic Con this week; not only did was the first clip from the show revealed, but so was the news that Simon Pegg would be appearing in it. The Boys is an adaptation of the Garth Ennis comic series of the same name, which satirizes the superhero world and imagines life in a universe where those with powers become corrupted by them – but maintain their public image.

The ‘Boys’ of the comic title are a group of vigilantes, mostly without superpowers, who take it upon themselves to keep tabs on the various ‘supes’ in this world – and occasionally, to take them down. The series follows Butcher (Karl Urban), his new protege Hughie (Jack Quaid), and the rest of their gang as they wreak havoc on the twisted supes that the world sees as heroes, and it promises to be violent, foul-mouthed, and hilariously dark. After the reveal that Pegg would be appearing in the show as Hughie’s father, we sat down to talk about what fans can expect from his new character on the show.

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SR: So, obviously this was a big reveal for The Boys today. Can we ask now how big your part in the show is?

Simon Pegg: I’m a guest role. I think I’m in a few episodes, and it was something that we really wanted to do from the off. When the show became a reality, they were very kind to get in contact when Jack was cast and say ‘maybe you can be in the show’. And I think I suggested that maybe I could play Hughie’s father or something.

SR: So it was your idea?

Simon Pegg: Well, I can’t remember, but I feel like I did say that! Whether or not they had already had the character in mind I’m not sure, because he certainly… he serves a real purpose in the show. He’s not in the comic book, but I think in the show he represents the possibility of Hughie not taking action. And the show begins with this terrible tragedy that happens to Hugie and he has two choices; he can stay on the sofa with Dad like every Campbell man has in the past, or he can actually change his life.

And so, as a sort of visual representation of Hughie’s possible destiny, the Dad works really well as a character.

SR: And do we see any of Hughie’s Mom?

Simon Pegg: No, she passed away, so it’s just Hughie and Dad, and they have a very sweet relationship. That picture that you saw of us, the family shot, is very much prior to A-Train doing what he does. They have a very sweet little… you know they are just father and son, and he’s still got his toys in his bedroom, and they live together, and Dad dotes on him. He’s a nice guy, he’s just very ineffectual.

SR: How do you feel about the fact that in the comics, obviously Hughie is Scottish and now we’re coming over to the US for this series? Are you going to be an English Dad or are you going to do the American accent?

Simon Pegg: Well, we talked about this, and I think what happened was initially I was going to play Hughie’s Dad as Scottish in reference to the comic book, but then we decided in a way that if Hughie was used to a British accent of any kind, it would make Butcher less alien to him, in a way. Because Butcher’s got to feel like he’s from a completely different world, you know, and so he has this rough Cockney accent, and so we thought ok, let’s make them American. So I play Hughie’s father as American.

SR: Which other character are you most excited about? Which one is your favorite, either in the comics or the show… is it the same one?

Simon Pegg: I was just really happy to see the Supes, you know! When I did my first scene it was quite early on in the shoot and not all of the Boys had actually arrived. I hadn’t met Karen [Fukahara] or anybody and I was kind of like, really wanting to see some superheroes. And then when I came back to shoot some more scenes later on I got to see A-Train, and pictures of the other ones, and it was just really great to see them in 3D! But the one that I saw that was a full on ‘there he is, right in front of me’ superhero was a real treat.

SR: Do you think that this show is going to be particularly appealing to people who are maybe getting a little of that so-called ‘superhero fatigue’?

Simon Pegg: Yeah, I think that in a weird way, as a satire on superheroism, that’s kind of the least of what this show is, in a way. It’s a broader satire about the notion of power and celebrity, and it just so happens that the subjects of that particular analysis are superheroes in this show. We do, obviously, satirize superhero culture a little bit, and people might enjoy the parallels to other known superheroes that The Boys delights in. But at the same time, you know, it’s still a superhero show, I think it’s just a welcome change of tone, for sure. But it’s not like, I don’t think it’s sneering at its roots in any way. In the great tradition of comics like The Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns, it’s kind of a slightly skewed version of that world, no less reverent.

SR: And other than yourself, because obviously your character doesn’t exist in the comics, were there any other major changes that surprised you, going in as a fan? At least, I am assuming you are a fan!

Simon Pegg: I am, yes! Everything that I saw, I really really liked, and I appreciate the importance, when making an adaptation, of not being too slavish. You can tie yourself in knots by being desperate to please, and I think that the best thing you can do with a story that first appeared in 2008 sis to make sure that it feels relevant in 2018. So they’ve done everything they can to do that. So the changes that I saw felt completely in keeping with the spirit of the comic book, and I know that’s what Garth Ennis really wanted as well, and Darick Robertson (the artist). And so as long as they maintain the kind of mission statement of it I’m happy to see it change. It must change, in the same way that The Walking Dead as a comic book is very different to the series, but it still has its own personality. TV is a different medium, you know, and it should have its own identity.

SR: And finally, I think we have time for one more, so given that you know the works of Garth Ennis, would you think that The Pro would be an interesting thing to be adapted next? And would you like to appear in that one, if it did?

Simon Pegg: [LAUGHS] I think anything he does is always… I think Garth kind of writes specifically to try and challenge people not to adapt… as if to say ‘alright, adapt that then!’. You know, things that just seem completely unadaptable. So, yes, I would always be happy to be involved in anything that Garth does, I’ve been a fan a long time, so yeah.

And, now they’ve done Preacher and now this, I think it’s paved the way for pretty much anything he does to appear in some form, you know, however mental. I shouldn’t say that, it’s the wrong word to say.

SR: Well, it’s a very British word.

Simon Pegg: [CHUCKLES] Yeah. So – who knows, you might have started a rumor – this is how these things start!

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The Boys is expected to premiere on Amazon in early 2019.

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The Flash Confirms [SPOILER] Still Happens In Barry’s Future

Warning! SPOILERS for The Flash season 5 premiere ahead!

The Flash season 5 premiere just revealed the full impact of the Crisis of 2024 – the future event from which comes the newspaper headline, “Flash Missing, Vanishes in Crisis” – and it’s not good.

As far back as season 1, we’ve known thanks to the future edition of The Central City Citizen stored in Gideon’s archive that come April 25th, 2024, The Flash would disappear. Some details have changed with the various timeline shake-ups, but that fact remains the same – during a battle with the Reverse-Flash, Barry disappears. We also know that when they disappear they actually travel back to March 18th, 2000, where the Reverse-Flash attempts to kill a young Barry but instead kills his mother. The Reverse-Flash then tries returning to his own time but can’t because he’s been disconnected from the Speed Force, and what follows leads to season 1 of the show.

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As for The Flash, it’s been assumed that after saving his past self, but not his mother, Barry returns to 2024 to face whatever new timeline awaits him. But as we learn in tonight’s season 5 premiere, that isn’t at all what happens. Nora, Barry’s daughter from the future, shares with 2018’s Barry a newspaper headline dated April 25th, 2049 which reads: “25 Years Later – Flash Still Missing.” So The Flash did not return home after chasing the Reverse-Flash to 2000, and by the time Nora travels to the past to spy on her parents, he has yet to return.

Nora’s behavior makes a lot of sense now that we know her father has been missing since she was a toddler. All throughout the premiere, she’s spouting off factoids she learned by studying every single one of his adventures, and when it comes time for their first attempt at sending her back to the future, she hugs Barry like she’s never going to see him again. Nora has clearly grown up not knowing her father so she’s spent a lot of time trying to learn everything she can about him. It’s why she travels back in time – to see her dad in action as The Flash. Of course, with traveling back in time comes the risk of changing the future – something Nora may have already done.

But the more distressing news is what happens to The Flash of the future? Why after following the Reverse-Flash to the year 2000 did he not return for at least another 25 years? The Flash season 5 is absolutely going to explore this, possibly even flashing-forward to that future date and showing what really went on – which, according to Iris’ original article, should see The Flash teaming up with Green Arrow, The Atom, and Hawkgirl to fight the Reverse-Flash as well as the ominous red skies and the immense destruction of Central City.

What The Flash season 5 may also do is explore how it is the future Flash comes back. We know that he must return because in 2056, a future Barry sends a message to Rip Hunter in 2016 warning him of Savitar. So he isn’t gone forever, just a lot longer than we initially thought. Nora’s newspaper has Barry gone for 25 years, and that isn’t exact but it’s very close to how long Barry is gone in the comics after Crisis on Infinite Earths – possibly DC Comics’ most famous storyline and in where The Flash sacrifices himself to save the world. He returns 23 years later in Final Crisis, revealing he had been stuck in the Speed Force. The CW’s The Flash has already done the whole ‘stuck in the Speed Force’ thing, so hopefully it won’t repeat itself, but it does appear as if they are preparing for The Flash of the future to finally make his return after being gone for a quarter-century.

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The Flash season 5 continues next Tuesday with ‘Blocked’ at 8pm/7c on The CW.

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