Armored Mewtwo Game Appearance Rumors Look A Lot More Credible Now

Rumors of an upcoming Armored Mewtwo have ramped up thanks to the latest trailer for Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution. The reveal fuels recent speculation that either Pokemon Sword & Shield or Pokemon Go will introduce armored evolutions to the mix.

Pokemon has quite a big 2019 ahead. In February, Nintendo announced the next mainline video games in the series, Pokemon Sword & Shield, will launch this fall for Nintendo Switch. Fans will also be treated to not one but two Pokemon films. The first is the live-action Detective Pikachu film starring Ryan Reynolds and Justice Smith releasing May 10 (in the U.S.). A recent trailer for that film also confirms a non-armored Mewtwo appearance. A new animated film, Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution, releases July 12 in Japan. The fully computer animated film, a first for the franchise, is a remake of the 1998 Pokemon: The First Movie.

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PokemonGoHub points out that the new trailer for the latter movie shows off the genetically engineered psychic’s new look. Mewtwo’s armor somewhat resembles the shiny gear he donned in the original movie and anime series, though with a lot more sharp edges. His shoulder guards have beefed up substantially, and Mewtwo even sports sword-like blades on his back. Take a look in the trailer below. Armored Mewtwo appears at the :42 second mark, and he looks primed to make a rumored appearance in a video game later this year.

The greater mystery surrounding armored evolutions began in February with a now-deleted 4Chan post. The anonymous poster claimed that Pokemon Sword & Shield will feature the new evolutions. While lacking actual proof, the same poster had accurately leaked other elements of the game, including its title. Following that news, a data mine for a Pokemon Go update uncovered code potentially referencing an armored variant of Mewtwo and other Pokemon previously rumored for the same treatment. Many now believe that armored Pokemon could debut in Pokemon Go first, similar to how Meltan’s introduction was handled. There’s also the fact that Nintendo and Game Freak filed a Japanese trademark for the term “Armored Mewtwo” in March.

Based on the validity of the existing evidence, the reveal of Armored Mewtwo and armored evolutions feels more and more like a matter of “when” rather than “if”. If nothing else, the idea certainly fits with Pokemon: Sword & Shield’s industrial and weapons-based themes. If the Mewtwo in the animated film indeed represents his armored look, expect an official announcement to come around its release. While they’re at it, U.S. fans will probably want to know if Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution is getting a western release, too.

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GoT: All Characters Making An Appearance On The Final Season

The final season of Game of Thrones is less than a week away, and fans are spending time frantically catching up with what’s going on in Westeros ahead of the final season. With almost a two-year gap between season seven and season eight, it’s understandable that some fans might not quite remember what is happening with all three hundred characters… which isn’t actually that much of an exaggeration!

The final season is going to see all the major players return to our screens, as well as several new faces (yes, new characters are being introduced in the final season), but thankfully, at this point they are very clearly grouped into two sides: one headed up by Jon and Daenerys, and the other by Cersei and Jamie. However, there’s still a lot to catch up on – so here’s what’s happening with every main character who is going to appear in Game of Thrones season 8.

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11 New Characters

A show like Game of Thrones needs to keep adding to its cast – to balance out all the characters that get killed off! Which means that there are some fresh faces joining the show for the final season. First among these is Harry Strickland, the leader of the Golden Company, a sellsword band that Euron has been sent to hire. In addition, there is speculation that we aren’t entirely done with the Freys, as a character named ‘Sarra’ has been cast, and the only Sarra in the books is a Frey. Given that Arya left the women alive, this may be an important plot point in the final season – especially as another character named ‘Willa’ has been cast. And Will sounds a lot like Walder, which means this may be another Frey joining the fray.

10 The Little Guys

There are several characters that we will probably see, but who don’t have a major part to play in the battle for the Iron Throne. Podrick Payne, Brienne’s squire (formerly Tyrion’s), will definitely be appearing in the final season. He was last seen at the parley in the ruins of the Dragonpit, and it can be assumed that he is now on his way back to Winterfell with Brienne. Hot Pie may also appear, and was last seen working as a baker’s apprentice and baking Arya some lovely direwolf shaped bread. Given that he is working at a major Inn between King’s Landing and Winterfell, it’s highly likely that he’ll pop up a final time.

Meera Reed is another character who may reappear, but this one is less likely. Ellie Kendrick, who plays Meera, has said that she does not think she will be back this season – and while it’s definitely possible that this is a lie created to avoid spoilers, Meera was last seen leaving Winterfell to return home, done with Bran (seemingly for good). The Sand Snakes may also reappear, but again, this is somewhat unlikely. Game of Thrones didn’t do the best job of handling these characters, and by the end of season 7, most were dead or dying, or chained to a dungeon wall to slowly die. We don’t expect much of a Sand Snake storyline for the final season.

9 The Warriors

These guys definitely have a bigger role to play, even if they don’t fit with any of the major houses in Westeros. Grey Worm, the leader of the Unsullied, is confirmed for the final season – although no one knows if he’ll survive it. At the start of the season, he’s headed back to Winterfell from King’s Landing, at the head of the army. Beric Dondarrion is another warrior type who has been confirmed to have survived the fall of the Wall, and has also been spotted in promos fighting – seemingly at Winterfell. Also seen in those promos is the Hound, and the Clegane brothers are also confirmed to be appearing in the finale season… with the possibility of still seeing the highly anticipated Cleganebowl. This was hinted at in the season 7 finale, when the Hound told the Mountain ‘you know who’s coming for you‘ – the assumption being that the Hound is referring to himself. Brienne is also headed back North, and will likely be fighting at Winterfell.

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Finally, Bronn of the Blackwater will also presumably reappear in the final season, although he hasn’t popped up in any advance footage yet. Bronn was last seen in King’s Landing, although he’s made it clear that he isn’t fighting for any kind of loyalty, but for gold. Because of this, he may change sides, or he may even just turn tail and head somewhere safe.

8 The Schemers

Not everyone who doesn’t fit in a specific house is a warrior – there are also some serious schemers in Westeros. Varys is definitely going to be back for the final season, along with Melisandre. However, these two have had a conversation recently about the fact that they will both ‘die in Westeros’ (according to Melisandre’s visions), which suggests that while they will appear, they won’t be making it through to the end.

Qyburn will also presumably reappear, as he is Cersei’s right-hand-not-maester, and his dealings with the Mountain may not be done. Fans still don’t know what happened to turn the Mountain into the zombie-kingsguard he is now, and that’s a question that needs to be answered. A final schemer who may pop up again is (believe it or not), Littlefinger. It may have appeared as though he got his throat cut at the end of season seven, but there are theories that he faked his own death, and he’ll be back for one last play…

7 Wildlings/Crows

In the North, there are some wildlings and crows that have been confirmed to be appearing for the final season. Tormund Giantsbane has definitely survived the fall of the Wall, so he’ll be back for season 8 (and hopefully get a chance to reunite with Brienne!). Alongside him will be Eddison Tollett, now acting Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Dolorous Edd will also be making an appearance in the final season, but as he is on the frontlines of the fight against the White Walkers, he may not last long.

6 House Greyjoy

Onto the major houses of Westeros! House Greyjoy is in turmoil at the start of season eight, with the Iron Islands split into two factions – those for Euron, and those for Yara. At the end of season 7, there are four members of House Greyjoy left alive: Yara, Theon, Euron, and Aeron. Aeron, a priest of the Drowned God, appeared briefly in season 6, and hasn’t been back since. It’s highly unlikely he’ll appear in season 8.

Yara, Theon, and Euron are confirmed for the final season, though. At the end of season 7, Yara was a captive of Euron, who has now gone to hire the Golden Company for Cersei. Meanwhile, Theon has left Jon and Daenerys and gone to try and rescue Yara.

5 House Baratheon

Once one of the most important houses in the series, House Baratheon has been whittled down to a single person: Gendry. This bastard son of Robert has managed to stay alive for seven seasons, and he and his hammer were a vital part of Daenerys’ rescue mission beyond the Wall.

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He was last seen at Eastwatch, delivering his vital message, but will persumably be back in season 8, using his blacksmithing skills to forge weapons for the battles to come.

4 Houses Tarly & Mormont

Two houses that are still fairly important are Tarly and Mormont, but we’re wrapping them into a single entry because there are only a few important characters guaranteed to show up in the final season. Of the Tarlys, although several are left alive, the only one confirmed for the final season is Sam, who was last seen at Winterfell, and who needs to tell Jon that he is actually a Targaryen. Gilly and little Sam are with him, of course, and will also be showing up in season 8, but it’s unlikely that the rest of his family will be making an appearance.

Of the Mormonts, Lyanna will be reappearing, and presumably fighting at Winterfell. Jorah, now cured of his Greyscale by Sam, will also be around for the final season. He was last seen in King’s Landing at the parley, and is now headed North for the big fight. Davos Seaworth is also going to be at Winterfell in the final season, another who was present at King’s Landing and is now on the way North.

3 House Lannister

On to the big guns. Three Lannisters are going to appear in season 8: Cersei, Jaime, and Tyrion. All three have been seen in promo footage, and are major players in the battle for the throne.

At the end of season 7, the three came together at King’s Landing, but are now going in very different directions. Cersei remains in King’s Landing, plotting away on the Iron Throne. Jaime has left her, to try and join Jon and Dany to save Westeros from the Night King. Tyrion, meanwhile, is with Jon and Dany – and doesn’t appear too happy about the fact that things are getting romantic between them.

2 House Stark

House Stark is certainly a lot smaller than it was at the start of the show, but there are still a few Starks around that are playing to win. Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, and Bran Stark are all going to be part of season 8, with Sansa and Arya prominently featured in the promos. At the end of the last season, Sansa is acting as Lady of Winterfell, with Faceless Arya by her side. The two sisters, along with Bran/The Three-Eyed Raven managed to kill Littlefinger (probably – as we mentioned earlier, there are theories that he is still alive), and are plotting to protect their pack as Winter comes.

1 House Targaryen

Finally, we have House Targaryen. While on the surface, this only means Daenerys, there are a few more people who matter to this house who are confirmed for season 8. Daenerys herself, obviously, is going to be a part of the final season, as is Jon Snow – who finds himself with this House, not the Starks, because it was revealed that he is actually the trueborn son of Rhaegar and Lyanna.

In addition, Missandei, Dany’s most trusted ex-slave advisor, is going to be appearing this season (presumably at Dany’s side, where she has been from the start), and the dragons are going to be a big part of it as well. Daario Naharis has not been confirmed for the final season, although he may appear – and was last seen being left in charge of Meereen for his Queen.

Who do you think is going to make it through the final season? Comment and let us know.

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Fear The Walking Dead: All The Characters Making An Appearance In Season 5

With the wild success of The Walking Dead, creators followed up the series’ fifth season with Fear The Walking Dead, a spin-off series following the Clark family and other survivors in Texas. FTWD has received fairly positive reviews, but it struggled in the shadow of TWD. Recently, though, it’s moved out from that shadow and become its own, strong journey. Oddly enough, it only took getting rid of most everyone it started with and adding a fan-favorite from TWD: Morgan.

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Changing the series has thus far pleased fans, but next season will see if the improvements stick. In season 5, the group will be heading out on a hero’s journey to try to save other survivors. Only time will tell what they find along the way. While a lot of characters have been lost along the way, there are still quite a few left around.

Here are All The Characters Making An Appearance In Season 5.


After having a pretty rough time on The Walking Dead, Morgan Jones transferred over to FTWD to pull his life back together. By now, he’s lost his wife, son, and almost lost his humanity. What else does he have to lose? Though he leans into violence in the face of the zombie apocalypse, Morgan shows time and time again that he can be a good person, underneath it all.

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When fans last left him, he chose to cuff the mad Martha instead of lose his life or end hers. Ultimately, he just focuses on just trying to save his new family, with Al and the other survivors. Furthermore, he’s decided he doesn’t just want to survive, he wants to help save people, too.


As the only main character left by season 5, Alicia Clark has a lot of emotional baggage on her. She started out the series as a young volunteer nurse and now is a vital member of the survivors. Not only does she help heal, but she’s tough and worn. This whole zombie situation has changed her, and time will only tell how much more she changes.

When the finale happened, Alicia just joined back up with the survivors and saved Al from some walkers. After learning she’s the last member of her family alive, she had to face mortality and what this meant for her. Season 5 will see Alicia as the only living Clark using her skills to help heal others on the road.


Between several aliases and nurse skills that haunt her, June has always been a complex, tortured character. Fans meet when she holds a gun to Maddie Clark’s head in season 4. Since then, June has found a way to integrate into the group and find her own way. She’s even started a romance with fellow survivor John.

In season 5, viewers will find June working with the others to help other survivors. As a nurse, she’ll be a vital part of the team. however, she’ll probably have to see even more grief and loss. Will she stay reformed or go back to her secretive, evasive ways?


Before the apocalypse, John was a cop and a great shot. While his actions helped protect the town, eventually a fatal event leaves him feeling guilty and he secluded himself. Once the zombies started, he stayed a recluse until a woman named “Laura” came to his door. They fell in love, but she ditched him out of fear, and John finally left his sanctuary to find her.

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Then he meets the core cast of survivors and finds her, really named June, all over again. Where fans last left him, he was reaffirming his feelings for June and surviving the anti-freeze scare. Though he’s given up his gun aversion, Season 5 will tell if picking up a rifle again was worth it.


In season 4, Althea joins the cast of survivors as an ex-journalist seeking the truth. She specialized in taped interviews, trying to get stories from people. However, it’s revealed her tapes aren’t just of strangers, but also people she loved and lost, making them all the more important to her. When her life was in danger, she even made a tape to ask whoever found them to keep them safe.

Though Althea has several close brushes with peril in the last season, she’s made it to season 5 and is en route to help others on the road. Her compassion, friendliness, and survivalist instincts make her a fan favorite.


Selfish and strong, Victor was once a wealthy man with some knowledge on how the zombies came to be. When he’s first introduced, he’s a ruthless man who believes in survival of the fittest. His own worth comes before others, and he thinks that makes him strong. However, after time with the core survivors, he wants to make a change for the better.

Though Strand questions Morgan’s season 4 finale plan to help survivors on the road, he still sticks with the group and supports them. Season 5 will likely see more of his growing compassion. That is, unless so much risk to help others slides him back into his old ways.


Ex-girlfriend of complicated Clark son, Nick, Luciana joined the group in season 3 when they escaped the depot of armed soldiers. In her time with the survivors, she grew close to Nick’s family, Maddie and Alicia. Despite losing Nick, she stayed with them. Brave and resourceful, Luciana has become a vital member of the group. Ultimately, her chat with dying survivor Clayton, about getting him a beer, saves everyone from anti-freeze poisoning.

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In season 5, Luciana’s street-wise skills will become even more important, rustling up supplies and keeping out of sight from walkers. However, she still needs to find belonging in this world without Nick.


Though initially appearing charismatic and helpful, Troy has a dark streak to him that always posed danger to his fellow survivors. He embraced the new life among zombies, an unsettling but useful trait. Unfortunately, Troy’s cruel streak catches up to him and he turns into the bad guy by the end of season 3. After all, leading a zombie horde to your home isn’t something you can spin to sound good.

While Maddie bludgeoned the guy, apparently it didn’t end his life. Troy will be back in season 5. Only time will tell if it’s for redemption or vengeance.


When it comes to characters, Grace is the ultimate mystery. Unlike all other confirmed cast for season 5, Grace is going to be a newcomer that fans know nothing about. Played by Karen David of Once Upon a Time and Galavant fame, this role will likely be much more serious than her most famous fare.

At best, fans can presume she’ll likely be a survivor the group meets on the road that they help. As she’s to become a season regular, she’ll probably stay after they’ve assisted her. But will she be a new good guy or a bad guy with a sweet face?


Coming from The Walking Dead, Dwight was a Saviors underling who helped Rick dethrone Negan. After all, he took his wife for himself. When Negan is downed, Sherry has run away and Dwight heads out on a new journey to find her. Somehow, that lands him in Texas with the FTWD folks. Unfortunately, he doesn’t look very happy at all. Does this mean Sherry didn’t make it?

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Dwight is a good man with a cruel bone in him, one that lets him be a vicious Savior for the sake of his wife. However, has that cruel bone infected the rest of his body without Sherry to protect?


As an ex-CIA agent, Daniel Salazar knows how to take down an enemy. Though that can make him intimidating, he also can be a caring man who regrets all the terrible truths of his past. After losing his wife and daughter, he becomes more hardened and cautious of others. Last fans saw him was in season 3 at the dam, facing off against Nick, his fate left ambiguous.

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With two seasons of time missing, Daniel is supposed to be coming back for season 5. It will reveal what he’s been up to and why he’s met up with the main cast of survivors again.


A child warped by The Vultures, Charlie was sent to Morgan’s group as a spy. Since her parent’s turning in front of her eyes, she just focused on survival. Though she started off helping the enemy and sending information, she bonded with the main cast and turned on her original party. Finding a father figure in John and growing to care for the others, she has a home again. Even though she ended Nick’s life, they ultimately accept her.

With the others, Charlie will be back for season 5. As the youngest member of the group and an ex-villain, her growth in the coming season will be complex.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Appearance On Twitch Is Even Bigger Than You Think

Donkey Kong 64 Header

United States Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shocked the gaming world when she appeared on a Twitch stream this past weekend. The politician unexpectedly called in to Harry “Hbomberguy” Brewis’ “Donkey Kong Nightmare Stream,” a marathon that was raising money for Mermaids, a UK-based gender-dysphoria charity. Her appearance may have just changed the way many view Twitch forever.

Brewis came up with the stream as a way to support Mermaids after the charity had been criticized by TV writer Graham Linehan, best known for The IT Crowd, a British comedy show that portrayed stereotypically nerdy computer technicians. Brewis believed it was unfair for Linehan to use his massive audience to, as he put it, “make sure some children won’t have access to helpful resources.” To combat that, Brewis came up with the marathon stream, which was ostensibly just about raising money while watching someone beat Donkey Kong 64, a game that Brewis had never finished as a child.

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When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called in, however, the tone of the charity stream shifted slightly. Ocasio-Cortez called in and immediately made it clear she wasn’t necessarily there to watch the video game, stating that she had never owned an N64 before also suggesting it was probably the best console ever made. What she then proceeded to do was deliver a message regarding the discrimination that affects trans people, calling for increased conversation and visibility for trans rights.

On the surface, it looked like a politician with a background in video games seizing an opportunity for exposure, but the medium Ocasio-Cortez chose was important. As discussed in Ars Technica, the Congresswoman’s appearance on a Twitch stream launched the streaming service into previously unexplored territory. It marks the first politician to really acknowledge the power and reach that exists on the Twitch platform. Ocasio-Cortez calling in also shows that Twitch has evolved well beyond its video game roots and into something much more complicated.

The element that’s most striking about Brewis’ stream is that, while Ocasio-Cortez was on, the game-playing was an afterthought. What happened instead was people congregating in one online space and discussing a very real issue. While many of the people present were likely fans of the content Brewis produces regularly, that number swelled and most likely included a number of people who would never ordinarily try to find a stream of someone playing Donkey Kong 64. The game’s presence helped create a backdrop for an intense discussion that makes some uncomfortable or feel unsafe. That’s a big step for a platform like Twitch, and it’s possible that could be explored more in the future.

It also made one of the most important Congresswomen in recent memory more accessible for a moment. That’s something that can’t be understated, especially with the gaming community still divided on its stance on politics within games – even though the existence of those politics is about as indisputable as things get.

Ultimately, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appearing on Twitch might end up being forgotten as she focuses on bigger political issues and continues her growing legend within that discourse. What she’s called attention to, though, is that Twitch is much more than a gaming streaming service now. That’s a huge deal heading into a year that will see the platform become more ubiquitous than ever as more and more people migrate to it as a source of entertainment, comfort, and, apparently, community discussion and kinship.

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Blue Beetle Movie Reportedly Includes A Booster Gold Appearance

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle from DC Comics

Booster Gold is reportedly going to make an appearance in DC Comics’ upcoming Blue Beetle movie. Blue Beetle is one of DC’s many in-development projects and it’s only in the very earliest of stages. The movie was first announced in late 2018. According to reports the film will focus mainly on the second Blue Beetle from the comics – the young teenage Jaime Reyes. Reyes, however, will be trained by the original Blue Beetle and captain of industry Ted Kord.

It is through Ted Kord that Booster Gold might make his appearance. Kord and Booster Gold, otherwise known as Michael Jon Carter, have a long-running partnership in the comics. The two even starred in their own comic series Blue & Gold. They’re a bit of an odd couple with Booster Gold being a time-traveling disgraced athlete from the future and Ted Kord being a tech guru turned superhero. Their’s is a goofy friendship that could be coming to the DCEU, fully cementing DC’s journey from a grim dark movie universe to something much more light-hearted.

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Booster Gold’s involvement in Blue Beetle comes courtesy of Geeks Worldwide. The online publication claims that “multiple reliable sources” have informed them that Booster Gold has a small role in the Blue Beetle film. Booster’s involvement should still be considered a rumor. This is not only because so little is known about Blue Beetle to start, but also because development is in its very early stages. Even if Booster is a firm part of Blue Beetle, plans currently could easily change when/if the movie gets close to release.

Superhero Movies Booster Gold

However, Booster Gold appearing in Blue Beetle (and the DCEU at large) does make quite a lot of sense. Neither Blue Beetle and Booster Gold are household superhero names. Of the two though Booster does have more name recognition. Booster first appeared in 1986 and has grown in popularity in recent years. It’s Booster Gold, along with Harley Quinn, who is at the center of DC Comics’ current event storyline / murder mystery Heroes in Crisis.

The DCEU has also seen a lot of critical and commercial success by focusing on less popular heroes like Wonder Woman and Aquaman. There’s less mainstream expectation in what a movie starring a lesser known superhero movie should resemble. With DC’s huge heroes like Superman and Batman, they’ll always be compared to what came before them in the cinema. With a character like Booster Gold, DC and Warner Bros. would have even more freedom than Aquaman and Wonder Woman.

This rumor isn’t the first time that Booster Gold has circled DC Comics’ movie plans either. The executive producer of The CW’s DC Comics superhero shows from Arrow to Legends of Tomorrow, Greg Berlanti, was announced to be working on Booster Gold movie in 2016. That project was rumored to also include an appearance by Ted Kord’s Blue Beetle. Since that initial announcement, news about the movie has gone cold. However Berlanti did reveal in a recent interview that the script is finalized and the movie is still “in development.” While there were reports that Berlanti’s Booster Gold movie would be set outside DCEU’s continuity similar to Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker those plans could have changed. Blue Beetle could become a sequel or even “prequel” for Berlanti’s Booster Gold script.

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Harry Potter: 20 Strange Details About Draco Malfoy’s Anatomy

Draco Malfoy is one of the most memorable secondary characters in the Harry Potter movies and books. It may be due to his irredeemable and despicable behaviour,as everyone loves a good villain. It could also be the appeal of actor Tom Felton in the movies, and all the subsequent fan fiction they have produced.

However, not a lot is revealed about him in the books, and less even less is shown on screen, leaving him a mystery. We do know that his family has an unhealthy obsession with their pure blood heritage and an unflinching loyalty to Voldemort. One thing that we also know is that during his sixth year, Draco became even more villainous. He was given the task of assassinating Dumbledore and allowing the Death Eaters access to his present school, Hogwarts.

Some aspects that remained more hidden, though, including the origins of his name, which has links to the Hogwarts motto. His talents in transfiguration, charms, potions, and Occlumency are also never fully explored or known by the average person.

More surprisingly than all of this is the fact that despite being mortal enemies, Draco and Harry only duel twice – and one of them was in the presence of teachers, so it barely counts. Including these examples and every other duel that Draco is involved in, we have discovered that he never wins a single fight. This might be J. K. Rowling highlighting his cowardice and lack of morals that weaken his character ultimately. However, it might also have to do with his particular skillset.

With that said, here are the 20 Strange Details About Draco Malfoy’s Anatomy In Harry Potter.

20 He is a gifted Occlumens

While Harry Potter is undoubtedly a gifted wizard, one of the things he was never able to master was Occlumency. This is the act of closing your mind to anyone who attempts to read it.

Draco managed to surpass his rival by mastering the art of this notoriously tricky skill.

While it may seem peculiar that Draco can keep other wizards out his head while Harry cannot, this is in keeping with his character. J. K. Rowling confirmed that Draco managed to become a gifted Occlumens due to his ability to suppress his emotions. The fact that Draco can excel in this area is only due to his repressed emotional issues that may stem from his dysfunctional family.

19 His name says a lot about his personality

J. K. Rowling puts a lot of thought into her character’s names and the names of locations – and the seemingly bland name of “Draco Malfoy” is no exception upon closer examination if we take a look at its origin on Pottermore.

The name Draco can either be linked to the Latin for “dragon” or the constellation. The word “Draco” is even in Hogwart’s motto: “Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus, “which translates as “never tickle a sleeping dragon.” Draco’s last name, Malfoy, could have its roots in French, with “mal foi” translating as “unfaithful.” Rowling could have perhaps been a bit more subtle when thinking of names for her villains, however, as “unfaithful dragon” doesn’t leave a lot of space for redemption.

18 He temporarily had control of the Elder Wand

During his sixth year, Draco was given the task of destroying Dumbledore and giving the Death Eaters access into Hogwarts. While he succeeded with the latter, Draco was unable to take the life of the Hogwarts headmaster.However, when confronting Dumbledore, he disarmed the professor, which was a significant action even if Draco did not realize it at the time.

 By disarming Dumbledore, Draco unknowingly had control of the most powerful wand in existence – the Elder Wand.

This was only temporary, though, as Harry later confronts Draco in his house in the Deathly Hallows and disarms him. This meant that control of the Elder Wand was passed down to Harry, who still technically can wield it today. For one brief moment, however, Draco could have been the most powerful wizard in the world.

17 He learnt the Unforgivable Curses

Draco’s sixth year at Hogwarts was a pivotal and important year for the sole Malfoy child. As well as being given the task of overthrowing his school, he was taught the Unforgiveable Curses by Bellatrix Lestrange.

Lestrange, being Draco’s aunt, most likely taught him these forbidden spells to prepare him for his role. We know for certain that Draco can perform Crucio (the torturing spell) and Imperio (the controlling spell). However, it is unclear whether Draco ever learnt the ultimate Unforgiveable Curse: Avada Kedavra, which would destroy the receiver. Though Draco seemed like an antagonist during his first year at Hogwarts, few fans expected him to become such a villain later in the story. However, it could be argued that this was due to the pressures of his family.

16 He is supposedly one of the only Death Eaters who can love

Death Eaters are more ingrained to respond with acts of hate than love. This is hardly surprising, though, considering the amount of carnage and havoc that they have created. However, what is surprising is that even though Draco is a Death Eater, he is supposedly capable of feeling genuine love.

This love manifests itself towards both his parents and his future wife, Astoria Greengrass. This is at odds with the other Death Eaters, whose hate trumps their love. Be it Bellatrix Lestrange or Lucius Malfoy, these individuals are consumed by their service to the Dark Lord. While it could be argued that they love Voldemort, this is closer to worship than a romantic or platonic love.

15 He’s proud of his pure blood family

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter may be incredible, but when it comes to metaphors, it is not very subtle. The fact that some wizarding families, such as the Malfoys, favor those with pure blood is meant to echo the real world prejudices that some hold. Draco’s parents instilled the belief that he is superior to half blood and muggles on him at a young age. This explains his resentment towards Hermione, whom he calls “Mudblud” incessantly.

This hatred for anyone who is not pure blood is a trait that many of the old wizarding families share.

The notable exceptions are Nymphodora Tonks and Sirius Black, who were cast out of the family for their beliefs that muggles and wizards are equal. Draco may not be as hostile towards muggles and muggle-born wizards by the end of the Deathly Hallows, but it is still a prejudice that he cannot escape.

14 He has used a Time Turner

J. K. Rowling may live to regret introducing Time Turners into the Wizarding World. The amount of problems that this device, which was used by Hermione in Prisoner of Azkaban, could solve is countless. It could be used to stop Voldemort from ever existing or it could be used to bring back beloved characters. However, in Prisoner of Azkaban, it is used by Hermione to ensure that she can go to all her classes and to save Buckbeak.

Having not learnt the amount of plot holes attached to such a device, Rowling revealed the existence of a secret Time Turner belonging to the Malfoys. Without revealing too many details of The Cursed Child, Malfoy uses it successfully, which makes him – alongside Hermione, Harry, Albus, and Scorpius  – one of the few known people to have used a Time Turner.

13 He has a Dark Mark

Some fans believe that it was inevitable for Draco to follow in the footsteps of his father and become a Death Eater. He did this sometime between the events of Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince. We know this since we can clearly see a Dark Mark on his arm during the events before Dumbledore’s assassination. While Dumbledore looked unsurprised to see Draco pointing a wand at him, he did seem surprised by the fact that Draco now had a Dark Mark.

It is not possible to get rid of a Dark Mark, so despite the fact that Draco’s character has since been redeemed, he is not able to reverse the procedure. Draco will forever have the mark of He Who Must Not Be Named on his arm.

12 He was an extremely intelligent student

Although the movies show Draco to be just an arrogant bully, in the books, we see another aspect of Draco – we soon discover that he is an intelligent student, too. While Harry was always picked on in Potions due to Snape’s hatred for him, Draco was always the teacher’s pet.

Whether he was actually better than Harry is debatable, though, as Snape never gave the Gryffindor student a fair chance. However, one subject where Malfoy definitely excelled was in Charms, in which he was described as equally intelligent as Hermione.During his sixth year, he managed to cast the extremely difficult Protean charm. The only other person in the class who could cast it was Hermione.

11 He was supposed to get along with Harry

Draco and Harry were supposed to get along. According to Pottermore, Draco’s birthday is June 5, which makes him a Gemini. Meanwhile, Harry’s birthday is July 31, which makes him a Leo.

These two star signs are meant to get along with one another and are even able to become close friends.

During their first meeting, there was definitely potential for them to become friends, as Malfoy extends a hand of friendship to Harry. However, Harry sensed Draco’s arrogance and hostility and rejected him. Despite this, the fact that their star signs match up so well may have been a coincidence on behalf of J. K. Rowling. Or perhaps it could have been a hint that had Harry Potter shaken Draco’s hand, they could have formed an evil alliance.

10 He really wished he was the heir of Slytherin

While it may be obvious that the heir of Slytherin could only be Voldemort in hindsight, there was a lot of speculation over who it could be. During the events of Chamber of Secrets, many students thought that Harry was the heir due to his Parseltongue abilities.

Harry himself believed that Draco was the heir and took Polyjuice Potion in order to investigate. However, Draco admitted he was not the heir of Slytherin despite his family’s allegiance to Slytherin and their prejudiced view against Muggles. Although Draco didn’t know who the heir was, he served as nothing more than a pawn of the real heir: Tom Marvolo Riddle. This was still an honor for his family, though.

9 During Half-Blood Prince, he is described as unhealthily pale

Though one of Draco’s defining features is his pale skin, in Half-Blood Prince, he is described as being paler than ever. This is due to the fact that he was assigned by Voldemort to take down Dumbledore and help the Death Eaters infiltrate Hogwarts, which can put a lot of stress on a person.

Since he is the only one able to complete the tasks, he begins to physically show the signs of stress. It is notable to other students, particularly Harry, who notices his rapid deterioration over the course of sixth year. Before Half-Blood Prince was filmed, Tom Felton was told that he wasn’t allowed to come back tanned from holiday. His paleness may also draw some parallel’s to Voldemort’s own appearance, as some fans have spectated that Draco becomes more gaunt by committing evil deeds.

8 He wanted to use alchemy to become a better man

Alchemy is an ancient practice. Because of this, it is shielded in mystery. However, it principally involves turning lead into gold. For some reason, Draco became heavily invested in Alchemy after he left Hogwarts.

Post-Deathly Hallows, Draco settled down with his wife and child and began to study Alchemy. Being the heir of his family fortune and the Malfoy Manor, he did not have to worry about getting a job after school. However, Draco also spent time caring for his wife, Astoria, who was ill due to a curse that was put on her ancestors. While at home, Draco soon became fascinated by alchemical manuscripts. According to Pottermore, Draco’s obsession with Alchemy was pure – he wished to use it to become a better man.

7 He is never seen winning a duel

Despite Draco and Harry being sworn enemies during their time in Hogwarts, they only face off against each other twice. Their first duel happens during their second year in front of other second year students. However, Snape and Lockhart intervene after a snake is conjured by Malfoy. When Draco and Harry next duel, it nearly results in the demise of Malfoy during Half-Blood Prince.

During the events of Order of the Phoenix, Ginny and Draco also duel, which results in Draco losing his wand.

The final duel we see Draco participate in is during Deathly Hallows, when Hermione gets the better of him. At least during his youth, it was clear that Draco’s arrogance was just used as a shield.

6 He was a Prefect

A Hogwarts prefect is meant to inspire the younger students and act as a role model to them. By definition, Harry Potter would be the ideal Prefect for Gryffindor students, or any house for that matter. However, throughout his six years at Hogwarts, he is never given the coveted Prefect badge. While students like Percy Weasley may be obvious choices to become prefects, characters like Draco Malfoy aren’t typically expected to obtain the badge.

Draco is not a character that you typically associate with good morals, leadership, or as a role model. Regardless, Draco does become a prefect. Perhaps this was done by J. K. Rowling to show us that Draco did make for a decent leader, despite his lack of morals. In fact, some fans speculate that by giving Draco the badge, Rowling was not giving up on him.

5 He has ice grey eyes in the books, but Tom Felton has blue eyes in the movies

In the books, Draco is described as having platinum blonde hair and ice grey eyes. There are many parallels between Voldemort and his army and the Axis leaders and their army in WWII, so it makes sense that Draco would look like this.  However, in real life, the actor who brought Draco Malfoy to life on the big screen, Tom Felton, looks nothing like this. Felton has brown hair and blue eyes. Because of this, he had to dye his hair blonde for the movies.

Similarly, Daniel Radcliffe did not have Harry Potter’s green eyes. However, he found the contact lenses too painful to wear so the movies were filmed without them. Though not many fans may remember Draco’s eye color from the books, Harry’s eyes are constantly referred to in both the books and movies, which makes it even more noticeable.

4 He was unable to produce a Patronus

Though anyone can find out what their Patronus is on Pottermore, it is not as simple in the Wizarding World. Some wizards and witches are actually unable to produce a Patronus. While we know that Harry’s Patronus is a stag, many fans don’t know what Draco’s is. However, it has since been revealed that Draco is unable to conjure one.

This is apparently a common trait among Death Eaters, as many fans believe that they don’t have enough light and goodness to summon one.

While it has been established that Draco is capable of feeling love, this may not enough to produce the special charm. J. K. Rowling has also mentioned that Death Eaters are unable to produce a Patronus because Voldemort controls Dementors anyway.

3 He is a master of Transfiguration

Transfiguration is known to be a difficult class to pass at Hogwarts. After all, we see how hard it is for Ron to transform Scabbers into a grail in the movies. However, Draco is an accomplished hand at this craft. We see signs of this during his second year duel against Harry.

When they face each other in the Great Hall, Draco manages to summon a snake that slithers menacingly towards Harry. If it had not been for Harry’s ability to speak Parseltongue, he might have been attacked by the snake. In his later years, Draco even manages to transform Harry into a doppëlganger of Voldemort, which is an extremely complex charm. While the movies do not emphasize Draco’s intelligence, it remains clear in the books that he should not be underestimated.

2 His love life is fairly ambiguous

Draco’s love life is left relatively ambiguous in both the Harry Potter movies and the books. The only girl we see Draco talk to in the books and movies is Pansy Parkinson, who is described as the closest Draco comes to a girlfriend in the books. However, it is never actually confirmed that Pansy is his girlfriend in the series. At one point, the books describe a scene where Pansy is resting her head on Draco’s lap, but this is the closest we ever see them get.

While Draco eventually marries Astoria, little is known about how they met or even when they married. However, we do know that his parents disapproved of Astoria and that she was kind, and taught their son Scorpius to respect others (including muggles).

1 He is the only person Voldemort is known to have hugged

One of the most sinister Voldemort moments happens when he tries to honor one of his followers. This moment occurs during the Battle of Hogwarts, when Voldemort demands loyalty from the students of Hogwarts.

In a gesture of goodwill, Voldemort slowly and awkwardly brings Draco into an embrace in front of his followers. Understandably, Draco looks absolutely terrified, since the Dark Lord has never shown affection of any kind before. This is the only known instance of a Death Eater – or anyone for that matter – receiving a hug from Voldemort.

Are there any other interesting facts about Draco Malfoy’s body in Harry Potter? Let us know in the comments!

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20 DC Characters Who Can Be In James Gunn’s Suicide Squad (And Who Should Play Them)

James Gunn may be off the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 project after being fired by Disney for some controversial tweets surfaced from long ago, but not only has he apologized and insisted that he’s a much different person than he was at that period in his life; he’s reportedly also getting another stab at creating a comic adaptation with the next Suicide Squad film.

While Marvel fans mourn the loss of the man behind some of the best movies in the MCU, it’s quite possible that Gunn will give the DC universe the boost it desperately needs to really compete with Marvel.

While we’ll have to wait and see what the actual film brings to the party, we have plenty of time to speculate about what its plot might be, what kind of tone to expect and above all, which characters might be included and who might be cast in those roles. While many of us are hoping to see some members of the Squad from the first film return, we’re also crossing our fingers, wishing for a chance to meet more members who weren’t included in the first movie. There’s really an endless amount of speculation to enjoy here and many fans have already photoshopped their choices for the best portrayals of characters audiences have loved for decades.

Casting for these iconic personalities won’t be an easy task, but here are 20 DC Characters Who Can Be In James Gunn’s Suicide Squad (And Who Should Play Them).

20 Christina Ricci As Harley Quinn

Let’s be honest: Margot Robbie is a sure-in for Harley Quinn at this point. The star surprised many fans while proving others right with her incredible performance as the psychiatrist turned psychopath. Ensuring that Quinn not only shone as the premiere talent in a film with its problems, but that she would endure for her own film afterward, Robbie is a fan favorite, through and through.

We could definitely see this version of Harley in a Gunn movie.

If for some reason Robbie had to back out of the project, as much as it would pain fans, some have taken to casting other ideas for actresses who could play Harleen Quinzel. Artist D3SIGNMILTIA’s piece depicts an interesting version of the character that might work well with Christina Ricci.

19 Joaquin Phoenix As The Joker

We’ve seen so many incarnations of The Joker over the years that it’s getting more and more difficult to choose the perfect person to play an updated version of Batman’s most notorious foe. Whether or not he’ll be in the next Suicide Squad film is unclear. Who can measure up to Jack Nicholson’s chilling Joker and Heath Ledger’s perfect monster?

Joaquin Phoenix, currently starring in Todd Phillips’ solo Joker, is certainly one candidate. Phoenix, who’s also utilized some unorthodox acting methods in the past, might give us a bit more grave swagger as the criminal mastermind. His ongoing presence in the DCEU will likely depend on the success of Joker, due out in October 2019.

18 Neil Patrick Harris As The Riddler

Everyone’s favorite child doctor has grown up to become a much beloved singer, showman, and nemesis of the Baudelaire children. Neil Patrick Harris shines in just about everything he’s in, so including him in the next installment of Suicide Squad makes perfect sense.

Harris as the Riddler is pure gold.

He’s got the chops to bring the perfect blend of humor and intelligence that the Riddler needs to truly succeed, which might hopefully replace the slapstick Riddler we got in Batman Forever years ago. Harris isn’t everyone’s favorite for the Riddler, though; stay tuned for more artist manipulations involving the Riddler later.

17 Manu Bennett As Deathstroke

Given the fact that the Arrowverse and TV adaptations of DC stories have proven so successful, it makes sense to borrow from that character pool to not only connect the universe but to help ensure the success of Suicide Squad 2. If Gunn and company are planning on including Deathstroke in the sequel, we think Manu Bennet would be a clear choice for the character.

While some fans speculate that Joe Manganiello will play the part, since he is Mr. Wilson in Justice League and has announced that he’s working on three more films featuring the character, his involvement in Suicide Squad 2 remains speculation at this point. Many believe that Deathstroke will indeed be a primary villain in the film, and Bennet has already proven that he would do the character justice.

16 Sophie Turner As Oracle

Lots of fans are imagining Marvel actors in DC roles, which is pretty delightful for those of us who Make Ours Marvel and DC. Sophie Turner, who gave us the Jean Grey that we were waiting for in X-Men: Apocalypse and is set to reprise the role in Dark Phoenix, would also make an excellent Oracle.

Barbara Gordon’s time as Oracle has included a gig as tech support for the Suicide Squad.

With Ruby Rose’s debut as Batwoman and a Batgirl movie announced, the inclusion of Oracle could provide some timeline intrigue. Plus, after decades of Batman saturation, this much Bat-women power would be so much fun.

15 Oprah Winfrey As Amanda Waller

Viola Davis was a pretty stellar Amanda Waller, which comes as no surprise to anyone who has ever seen Viola Davis in anything. Davis could read a grocery list and deserve an Oscar. That said, Kode Logic has imagined what Oprah might bring to the role and we have to say that it looks impressive. Firm, ruthless and beautiful, Oprah’s Waller seems to give the character a bit more experience points, which are conveyed in that hard gaze.

Davis has said that she loved playing Amanda Waller, who is aligned so well with her character Annalise Keating in the hit TV drama How to Get Away with Murder in many ways, but how much fun would it be to see Oprah bend the rules?

14 Will Smith As Deadshot

You don’t mess with what works, and Will Smith certainly worked as Deadshot in the original Suicide Squad. He did so well, in fact, that plenty of people thought that he deserved his own film and said that they’d have watched Suicide Squad again if it only starred Smith. This really isn’t a surprise, given Smith’s star power, and it’s been announced that he’s returning to the franchise in the role again.

It’s a good thing that we have some time before the movie’s released, too, since Smith is set to star in Bad Boys for Life and Bright 2 around the same time. Smith’s got three films releasing in 2019 alone, and while one is only a vocal role, he’s definitely going to be busy for the next couple of years.

13 Jeffrey Dean Morgan As Batman

Utter the words “Jeffrey Dean Morgan” in the same sentence as “The Batman” and you’re bound to get a room full of excited fans. He’s absolutely perfect for Wayne in an adaptation of something like Batman Beyond, but we could definitely see him as the Batman in just about any adaptation of the series, and DeviantArt user evelius has given us some visual art to really picture the idea.

Morgan has the darkness and the voice necessary for Batman to match this ragtag team of violent convicts.

While Bale and Affleck had their time in the cowl, it’s time for a new man behind the mask. Why not Negan?

12 Rila Fukushima As Katana

While Katana was featured in the first Suicide Squad film, most people believe her role was too small to really critique or appreciate. Japanese-American actress Karen Fukuhara wasn’t bad in the role; she just didn’t get much to do.

Adding Rila Fukushima in the second movie might lend Katana some traction given that she already portrays the character in the Arrowverse.

While Fukuhara, who is set to play Glimmer in the new She-Ra and the Princesses of Power TV series, is rumored to be reprising the role, Fukushima, star of last year’s Ghost in the Shell, was also fantastic as Yukio in The Wolverine, which would give us another fun link between the DC and Marvel universes.

11 Emma Stone As Poison Ivy

Who doesn’t love quirky, smart, and funny Emma Stone? The actress would be perfect for an updated role as Poison Ivy following Uma Thurman’s beautiful but wonky portrayal of Pamela Isley. One of BossLogic’s many creative manipulations, this artwork features Stone as the iconic plant-loving villain and it’s pretty impressive.

We already know that Ivy will be a big part of the upcoming Gotham City Sirens film, which will also feature Harley Quinn and Catwoman at its heart, so why not include her in the Suicide Squad movie as well? There are several other cool artist manipulations of actresses who might be great in the role, such as Jessica Chastain, so it’s going to be a tough one to cast.

10 Kristen Wiig As Cheetah

Many of us can’t stop celebrating Kristen Wiig being cast as Cheetah in Wonder Woman 1984. The strongest thing the DC movies have going for it right now is all the incredible female characters, most notably Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman, and we can’t wait to see where Aquaman takes us. If all goes well it would make perfect sense to include Wiig in Suicide Squad 2, especially since weaving in characters from multiple films would help provide better continuity for the DCEU.

Wiig is funny, smart, and beautiful, and we think she’s going to make an excellent foe for Wonder Woman.

In that case, her inclusion in another movie would also be fantastic to see.

9 Nathalie Emmanuelle As Vixen

DeviantArt artist farrou has created some truly amazing fanart of DC characters, and one of them, which features Nathalie Emmanuelle as Vixen, makes us believers. While we’re not sure if Emmanuelle has a Tantu Totem, we’re pretty sure she could make it work if Gunn and co. gave her one. The actress, best known for her role as Missandei on HBO’s Game of Thrones, is definitely ready for a a super suit and action in a big movie like this.

Then again, Jada Pinkett Smith has expressed interest in the role of Vixen, which would not only be interesting due to her husband’s presence in the movie but also due to her previous DC role as Fish Mooney in the TV series Gotham. Both actresses would be well-cast for the movie.

8 Jake Gyllenhaal As The Riddler

Do we really need the Riddler to come out and play in Suicide Squad 2? After the weirdness of Batman Forever and the sinister developments of Gotham, perhaps it’s time to reinvent the villain. Jake Gyllenhaal makes sense to play the villain not only because he was David Goyer’s original choice to play Batman in the Christopher Nolan movies, but because this fanart made by Vaskoho is something to behold.

While there are several people who could pull off the role, we think Donnie Darko has a fighting chance.

Fans point out that there were some Riddler Easter eggs in the Batman v Superman movie, so it’s possible that we’ll see The Riddler on film someday.

7 Dave Bautista As Bane

Can we all agree that, no matter the context, Dave Bautista must appear in Suicide Squad 2? Not only has the Drax actor delighted us all with his hilarious yet poignant portrayal in the Guardians of the Galaxy series, but he’s also publicly stated that he supports Gunn and wants to be involved in his next project.

We’re pretty sure any role could be molded to make room for such a beloved actor, but as as BossLogic has pointed out, he’d make an excellent Bane. After having two Banes that didn’t work so well in the Batman universe, we could definitely use a fresh face for the role. If he’s not Bane, Bautista would make a fantastic Solomon Grundy, too. We’re not too picky on this one.

6 Michael K. Williams As Black Manta

Could Black Manta make an appearance in Suicide Squad 2? It’s too early to rule anything out and many fans think he’d make a good inclusion, particularly following the Aquaman movie. While the majority of his screen time might simply have his head shrouded in a big bubble, his casting would be nonetheless important. Artist diamondking13 suggests actor Michael K. Williams for the job and we love the idea.

It would be cool to see how Gunn and co, would update the suit for a more modern, movie-friendly look.

Famous for his critically acclaimed roles in The Wire and Boardwalk Empire, Williams was just cast in Jordan Peele and Misha Green’s Lovecraft Country, but Suicide Squad 2 is far enough in the future to give him time for both gigs.

5 Bill Skarsgård As The Joker

This one is a no-brainer. Many of us just don’t care to see Jared Leto return as The Joker and it’s quite possible that The Joker won’t even see a second of footage in the second film. While we’d all probably be okay with that, if a new Joker is cast, Bill Skarsgård is a fantastic choice.

Skarsgård is hot right now following his success as Pennywise in the new adaptation of Stephen King’s It. He also played a less troubling character in Castle Rock over the summer, proving his mettle yet again in King’s world. Considered one of the good things to come out of Netfix’s Hemlock Grove, Skarsgård could probably do the Joker justice, as artist aikoaiham has shown.

4 Teresa Palmer As Killer Frost

After witnessing Killer Frost in the Arrowverse, many fans are calling for her inclusion in Suicide Squad 2. DeviantArt creator farrou has imagined what it might look like if Teresa Palmer played the villain and it’s a pretty spot-on representation.

The Australian actress is no stranger to action movies and could do well in the role.

Kristin Bauer van Straten has already voiced Killer Frost in the animated Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, while Danica McKellar voices her in Lego DC Superhero Girls. She’s also been in 2009’s Public Enemies animated feature between Batman and Superman, but she’s never been in a live action movie before. Danielle Panabaker portrays the character in The Flash, but she hasn’t made a film in a few years.

3 Jon Bernthal as Rick Flag

Jon Bernthal is another actor already present in the MCU, portraying the most accurate and adept version of the Punisher we could ever hope for, so tossing the talented actor into the DC mix would just be plain fun. It’s not that Joel Kinneman was terrible as Rick Flag, and he’s done a great job standing up for the original film and its purpose, but Jon Bernthal would just be better.

The skill Bernthal has in striking that tricky sweet spot between ruthlessness and gravitas while still being a compelling, empathetic human being isn’t something anyone can do. Artist Riku7kun shows us what Bernthal as Flag might look like. It’s a little bare in comparison to Kinneman’s look, but that might actually work with Bernthal.

2 Josh Gad As The Penguin

It’s no secret that Josh Gad wants the role of The Penguin, having pushed for it himself in social media, and fans are clamoring for the opportunity to see the voice of the snowman, Olaf, and Gaston’s buddy LaFou in a much more sinister role.

Whether or not Gad will show up in The Batman remains to be seen but he definitely has the flippers to play the beloved villain.

BossLogic has given us some art imagining what he might look like in the role and it can only get better from here. In March, Gad started hilariously trolling Matt Reeves on Twitter, sending him animated penguin GIFs and hinting at what he could bring to the Batman franchise.

1 Margot Robbie As Harley Quinn

It’s an obvious inclusion, but it’s necessary. While the original Suicide Squad, hyped up to be the most incredible DC movie of all time, had plenty of problems, most fans and critics agree that the shining star of the whole production was Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. Robbie’s portrayal was everything we hoped for– brutal, nuanced, and a delicate balance between her joker obsession and Harley coming into her own person without being too over-the-top.

Who isn’t excited to see Robbie return as Harley in theBirds Of Prey adaptation featuring the awesome women of DC, which is so ardently anticipated that it pushed Suicide 2 to the back burner? After this much love, Robbie has to be in this universe.

Who do you most want to see in a new Suicide Squad movie? Let us know in the comments!

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The Flash Premiere Had The Arrowverse’s First Batwoman Easter Egg

The fifth season premiere of The Flash surprised fans by making the first official reference to the existence of Batwoman, months ahead of her first scheduled appearance during the annual Arrowverse crossover event this winter. The episode also dropped a number of references to the classic comic book mini-series Crisis On Infinite Earths, which has been hinted as an eventual occurrence in the future of the Arrowverse.

Batwoman’s arrival in the Arrowverse was first announced shortly before San Diego Comic Con 2018, when the news broke that The CW was considering developing a television series based around Kate Kane, a cousin of Bruce Wayne who unintentionally followed in his footsteps when she became a vigilante. It was later confirmed that not only was The CW developing the series, but they intended to introduce Kate Kane as part of Elseworlds – the next annual Arrowverse crossover event. Ruby Rose, of Orange Is The New Black fame, was ultimately cast in the role of Kate Kane.

Related: First Look At Ruby Rose In Costume As Batwoman In Arrowverse Crossover

The nod to Batwoman came near the end of the third segment of “Nora.” The action of the episode centered around Nora West-Allen, the future daughter of Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen, accidentally traveling back in time to before she was born and meeting her parents shortly after they got married. Barry quickly realized something was up when Nora seemed more concerned about spending time with him than doing the same with Iris and asked Nora, point blank, if that had anything to do his disappearance during a crisis in 2024, which he had read about in a future newspaper. Nora responded by showing Barry a newspaper from her time – the year 2049 – and confirming that he never returned home and that she grew up without a father.

Published 25 years to the day after the original article from the future, which was first seen in the first episode of The Flash, the 2049 article discusses the same crisis, but with a bit more detail. The 2024 article mentioned The Flash disappearing while fighting alongside Green Arrow, The Atom, and Hawkgirl. The 2049 article lists a larger number of heroes being involved in the battle, including Batwoman. The article says:

“But in the years following the crisis, accounts only grew more contradictory. Some eyewitnesses remember dozens of other heroes present, including Green Arrow, Batwoman, and Elongated Man. Others remember heroes thought lost in time, like The Atom, or from other worlds, like Supergirl. Some even contend they saw Reverse-Flash leading an army of ‘shadow demons’.”

It is interesting to note that Batwoman is mentioned in the same sentence as Green Arrow and Elongated Man – two heroes who frequently fight alongside The Flash on Earth-One. Until now, it had not been confirmed what Earth in the Arrowverse Kate Kane would be based on, though most assumed she would be from Earth 38 – the same Earth as Supergirl – as that would make it easier for the two to team-up in the future, in the same way that Batman and Superman frequently join forces in the comics. The wording of the article would suggest, however, that Kate Kane will be from Earth-One.

The mention of Reverse-Flash leading an army of shadow demons is another point of interest, given that shadow demons were the main mooks of The Anti-Monitor – the villain of the Crisis On Infinite Earths mini-series, where The Flash seemingly died saving the multiverse. The article also makes mention of The Psycho Pirate – another super-villain who had a major role in the events of The Crisis. It has long been suspected that the Arrowverse would eventually reenact Crisis On Infinite Earths in live-action and this latest bit of news about Batwoman from The Flash premiere seems to make that probability all the more certain.

More: The Flash Fixes Plot Hole By Secretly Changing Arrowverse History

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Johnny Depp Confirms Fantastic Beasts 3 Return As Grindelwald

Following his official debut in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of GrindelwaldJohnny Depp confirms that he’ll reprise his role as Gellert Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts 3. With 2016’s Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, Warner Bros. launched a Harry Potter prequel spinoff series starring Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander, a magizoologist who anchors the overall narrative. Since the saga is set decades before the main continuity, it also features some familiar key players like Nicholas Flamel and a young Albus Dumbledore (Jude Law) linking both timelines in the franchise together.

Backlash about Depp’s involvement began immediately after his reveal in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, given controversies hounding the actor. Despite calls for a recast, Warner Bros. stood its ground with both director David Yates and J.K. Rowling defending their casting choice. However, following the actor’s disastrous San Diego Comic-Con appearance, it’s as if Warner Bros. has been trying to minimize his presence in The Crimes of Grindelwald‘s marketing – an odd move considering that he plays the headlining character in the film. While many took this as a sign that the studio is finally hearing people’s pleas, it turns out that it really isn’t the case with Depp already set for the franchise’s third film.

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Speaking with Collider, Depp talked about his experience being part of the Wizarding World and confirmed that he will continue to be involved in it, at least until the third film in the Fantastic Beasts series wraps up.

“I loved it yeah. I loved it because that’s really an arena where you can fly around and try different things and approach a character with a lot more…um…to take someone who is teetering on being a fascist, yeah he’s a fascist, he’s one of those, but to play him as a sensitive, concerned yet manipulative and powerful wizard. The possibilities in that world are wide open, so you can really try anything. So it was a gas and I look forward to the next installment, which I think we start the middle of next year.”

It remains to be seen how The Crimes of Grindelwald will perform at the box office, with people already knowing that Depp will play a central figure in the film. Its predecessor made $814 million against a $180 million production budget, but the actor’s involvement wasn’t revealed until the very end of the movie. If the sequel’s haul turns out to be significantly lower than Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, and if there’s substantial proof that it’s linked to the backlash from Depp’s appearance, it’s still possible that Rowling and Warner Bros. might reconsider sticking with him throughout the next installment. Since the first movie established that Grindelwald can effectively disguise himself, perhaps they can bring Colin Farrell back to play the role permanently or any other actor that doesn’t pose a PR nightmare.

In the meantime, Depp is expected to be front and center in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, which hits theaters in a little over a month. The sequel follows the events of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, with Grindelwald successfully escaping and continuing his villainous schemes. Young Dumbledore teams up with Newt to take down Grindelwald once and for all, and it’ll also present a brand new threat to the underground Wizarding World.

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20 Storylines Shameless Wants Everyone To Forget

With the announcement that Emmy Rossum and Cameron Monaghan will leave the series following the ninth season of Shameless, the Gallagher household is prepping for a major shake-up on the casting front. The creator of the Showtime series John Wells has remained open about a future Fiona return, though he has also stated that there are many more dysfunctional tales left to be told for the Gallagher clan.

For eight seasons, Shameless has remained consistent in the deplorable decision-making skills of its characters, though the series’ depiction of a low-income family living below the poverty line has always been at the forefront. As the strong matriarch who single-handedly raised her siblings while her father wasn’t around, Fiona’s absence is sure to shift more focus towards the show’s younger stars as writers hope fans will soon forget her. Ian’s storyline in season 9 drove much of the action, so Monaghan’s exit will surely leave a whole as well.

Whether they’re dealing with the changing gentrification of their community or watching as another beloved character takes their leave, the Gallaghers have proven time and again that they can adapt better than anyone. From the show’s debut back in 2011 until now, the stars of the series have been forced to mature, sometimes faster than they wanted to. Along the way, there have been many entertaining or even head-scratching subplots which have since been left behind. Although the changes are nothing new to the Gallaghers, they have left many questions up in the air for fans.

Join us as we take a look back at 20 Storylines Shameless Wants Everyone to Forget.

20 Frank and Bianca

After Sammi shoots Frank in the arm to teach him a valuable lesson about courtesy, she forces him to visit the hospital to have his wound checked. During his stay, he begins bonding with his distraught doctor Bianca, whose diagnosis of stage three pancreatic cancer has left her with a new lease on life. Attempting to persuade her to live life to the fullest, Frank offers to teach her how to live carelessly, which includes a copious amount of substance abuse.

Although Frank’s time with Bianca was intended as a heart-wrenching moment which left him reeling the following season, it was never clear why the successful, young doctor would choose to spend her remaining days with him. With her money, she could seemingly spend her days anywhere. There’s little reason to believe Frank would appear as an enticing option.

19 Lip’s Sports Gambling Internship

With an exceptionally high IQ, Lip isn’t the standard member of the Gallagher household, though his self-sabotaging personality has prevented him from achieving a legitimate career. Accepted into the University of Chicago, he threw away his future after an assault on a campus guard led to his expulsion. Following a stint in rehab, Lip secured an internship with a tech start-up, thanks to his friend, Professor Youens.  Soon, however, he discovered the truth behind the company. His co-workers were using proxy servers to hide illegal sports gambling activities.

Although the crooked start-up appeared as a perfect match, nothing would come of it.

He temporarily used a wire fraud scheme to steal cash from the company, but in due time, the start-up went under and Lip was left without a career goal once again.

18 Kevin Discovers His Kentucky Heritage

Season eight concluded with a strange hodgepodge of storylines for Kevin, which included a search for self-identity as he tracked down his biological parents and found himself in Kentucky. Once he arrived, he was introduced to Aunt Ronnie and the rest of the family, immediately settling in and recalling his past as Little Barty. Unfortunately, V immediately sensed something wrong about the group, apart from their offhanded racist remarks.

As a small child, the low-income family struggled to properly raise Kev, resorting to abandoning him at a roadside gas station. He eventually learned to accept his heritage, although he seemed to quickly forget all about it soon after. Kev would have other moments of a self-identity crisis in season eight, including exploring his possible attraction to men, but his Kentucky lineage would ultimately become an afterthought.

17 Fiona Marries Gus, Then Immediately Cheats on Him

Speaking of his character on Shameless, star Steve Kazee said Fiona’s former husband Gus Pfender “got a really raw deal” over the way his storyline ended. After meeting the eldest Gallagher sibling, the two went from strangers to married seemingly overnight.

When Jimmy’s return visit catches Fiona off guard, she’s faced with an ultimatum.

Either run away with Jimmy or stay with Gus, whom she’s known for a few days. Her reaction is to throw away her newfound relationship for the temptation of her ex-boyfriend. She cheats on Gus then immediately regrets it, but by then it’s too late. Her marriage to Gus is over and any remnants of it are completely forgotten by the writing staff.

16 Debbie Steals a Baby

Before Debbie was doing crazy things like stealing expensive baby strollers to support Frances or having Liam amputate her toes to avoid undergoing a pricey surgery on her crushed foot, she was just a lonely girl looking for a playmate.

In the episode “Casey Casden”, Debbie grows tired of playing with a sack of potatoes decorated to look like a baby.

Rather than asking for a new doll, she takes matters into her own hands when she lures a three year old boy back to the Gallagher residence. The Gallaghers then spend the episode concocting a plan to call in false sightings of the child with the cops finally finding him with Debbie, who acts like she found him wandering around Chicago. Needless to say, it was a crazy storyline that the show’s producers haven’t attempted since.

15 Anything Involving Sammi or Chuckie

Frank’s estranged daughter Sammi is first introduced in season four after Frank discovers his liver in failing. Posing as a Good Samaritan, he begins dating her to grow closer before dropping the devastating bombshell. Oddly enough, however, she’s not disgusted at all by the news and even embraces her new father figure, despite his countless shortcomings.

By season five, Sammi has acquainted herself enough with the Gallaghers to move into the household, though she was never invited. When her son Chuckie is later arrested and sent to juvenile detention for possession, she blames Carl, later ratting him out to the authorities. As a result, a dispute breaks out which ends with Mickey locking her inside a shipping container and Sammi later shooting at him, presumably leading to her arrest and the end of her story.

14 Fiona Cheats on Mike with His Brother

With her recent investments in Patsy’s Pies as well as a laundromat and an apartment complex, Fiona’s newfound entrepreneurial spirit has only recent become a central part of her storyline. Prior to becoming a property owner, she was a down on her luck South Side girl who constantly found herself in failing relationships.

In season four, Fiona’s downward spiral of relationships hit another low.

She was in desperate need of a rebound following Jimmy’s disappearance. After securing a job at Worldwide Cup, she began having a fling with her boss Mike. When Mike’s brother Robbie comes into the picture after his release from rehab, Fiona’s attraction to danger takes ahold. Putting her career in jeopardy, she has an unwise affair which culminates in her arrest at the end of the season.

13 Frank Uses Liam as Collateral

Scouring Chicago for enough money to support his many dirty habits, Frank has attracted the attentions of enough bad guys that it’s a miracle that he’s manage to run around carelessly for so long. In the season two premiere, he again backed himself into a corner when he drunkenly bet a bar patron at the Alibi Room that he couldn’t remain conscious after two taser blasts. After the customer manages to remain on two feet, Frank’s $10,000 gamble comes at the expense of the Gallagher household.

Unable to come up with the dough, the patron threatens Frank with a blowtorch, to which he responds by offering up Liam as collateral. Luckily, the Gallagher clan rallies together to get him back. Frank would later develop a bonding relationship with his youngest son, completely erasing all memory of the incident.

12 Kevin and Veronica’s Foster Child

With twins Amy and Jemma, Kevin and Veronica finally settled down to have children of their own after V became pregnant in season four. Prior to having their own kids, the couple were experimenting with parenthood in the form of a money scheme which saw them taking in a foster child in order to collect money from the government.

In season one, Kev and V welcome Ethel, a teen saved from a polygamist colony where she was married to an elderly man named Clyde.

They also took in Ethel’s son Jonah, who was born as a result of the marriage. Over the course of her stay, she struggles to grow accustomed to the modern world, but eventually settles in, until she runs away with her boyfriend Malik in season two, disappearing forever.

11 Anything Involving Sheila

Remember Sheila? The agoraphobic housewife with a proclivity for cooking was a former love interest of Frank’s, who welcomed him into her home to take advantage of her disability checks. For five seasons, she played the picture-perfect example of a housewife, though her repressed emotions would occasionally rear their ugly head.

Throughout the series, Joan Cusack would receive considerable acclaim for her turn as the wacky, subservient Sheila, earning an Emmy nomination for each season she appeared in. Although she would never receive more than a guest credit, her most memorable storylines would include dealing with her troubled daughter Karen, having an affair with Karen’s boyfriend Jody, and marrying Frank. Her storyline came to a rather abrupt end after her house exploded in season five, resulting in her driving off in an RV, never to be seen again.

10 Frank Hires a Hitman

Always the deadbeat father, Frank experienced a slight morality check when he wasn’t invited toFiona’s wedding to Sean in season six. As a way to make up for all his shortcomings, he offered to pay for all of Fiona’s wedding expenses. Everything came to a head, however, when Sean began sleeping over at the Gallagher residence, resulting in a brutal confrontation between Fiona’s fiance and the lousy patriarch of the household. After days of Frank wearing Sean’s underwear and drinking his milk, Sean’s frustration boiled over, resulting in a fight between the two.

Frank is seen on a train attempting to pay a random guy to dispose of Sean permanently.

Although nothing would come of the exchange, the attempted assassination was out of the ordinary, even for the lowly Frank.

9 Debbie Purposely Gets Pregnant

The third youngest Gallagher, Debbie began the series as the well-intention, younger sister who still held high hopes for Frank and cared for her family, though she often found it difficult to socialize in school. In due time, she transformed from the innocent girl wise beyond her years to one of the most troublesome characters on the show, using her hardened attitude to deceive her way to whatever she desired.

In season five, Debbie’s manipulative personality crossed a line when she became enamored with Derek, a boy who taught her how to box. Wanting a perfect life with her newfound boyfriend, she purposely lies to him about being on birth control in order to become pregnant and force him into a marriage. Unfortunately, her plans fall through when Derek leaves to live with his grandmother, leaving Debs a single mother.

8 Frank Tells Carl He Has Cancer

As the delinquent troublemaker whose interests include weapons, explosives, and various money-making schemes, Carl has proven to be the most like his dear deadbeat father Frank. As a faithful member of the Gallagher family, he’s the unfortunate product of a dysfunctional upbringing, but none of his regrettable actions were deserving of the scare Frank gave him in season five.

After seeing a cancer patient receive an autographed Bulls basketball on television, Frank decides to extort the Make-A-Wish Foundation by giving them a sob story.

Shaving Carl’s head, he convinces him that he has cancer and tries to get him an autographed basketball of his own, that he can later sell for a profit. Instead, Carl is offered a free summer away at a camp for cancer patients, ruining Frank’s plans and giving Carl his own mini vacation.

7 Carl Marries Kassidi

As a way of coming up with enough cash for military school in season eight, Carl sets up his own rehabilitation center in the basement of the Gallagher home, hosting neighborhood addicts for days of withdrawal. It’s here where he first encounters Kassidi, a seemingly sociopathic teen who concocts a plan to extort money from her rich father to pay Carl’s expenses.

Soon after sparking a relationship, Kassidi’s wildly chaotic personality begins threatening Carl’s career goals. As she wanders about Chicago’s South Side doing things like Snapchatting drive-by shooting victims, Carl becomes more wary of her actions, which makes it all the more confusing that he marries her at the end of the season. The season nine premiere seems to have ended her story, however, as the character’s recent disappearance suggests that she may now be deceased.

6 Mandy Hurts Karen

As the manipulative former girlfriend of Lip, Karen was the incessantly rude daughter of the agoraphobic Sheila, who would go to extreme lengths to get her way. After she stops seeing Lip due to her marriage to Jody as well as the birth of her down syndrome son Hymie, Karen decides to start things back up with her former lover, only for Lip rejects her for Mandy.

After brazenly attempting to meddle with Lip and Mandy’s relationship, Karen receives a rude awakening when she receives a text from Lip, which is later revealed to be Mandy using Lip’s phone. Showing up to a park to meet, Karen is struck by an SUV driven by Mandy, leaving her permanently brain damaged, effectively ending her story on the series.

5 Frank Has a Twin Brother

With so many siblings running around and Frank constantly inviting himself in with his various trouble-making shenanigans, it’s impossible for the Gallaghers to keep track of everyone’s comings and goings. That’s why the existence of more Gallaghers seems completely absurd, but as the early seasons have shown, there are more family members out there.

Of all the odd Gallagher members forgotten from the early seasons, none were crazier than Jerry, Frank’s twin brother.

Ian and Lip visit Jery after their grandmother Peggy claims he owes the family $5,000. Looking just like Frank, he threatens to shoot his nephews shortly after realizing they’re after money. Since his appearance, little mention has been made of Frank’s twin or of Frank’s other siblings Clayton and Wyatt.

4 Jimmy’s Return

First appearing as Fiona’s love interest in season one, Jimmy introduced himself to the Gallagher household as Steve, a hotshot businessman who comes from money. Soon afterward, his real personality begins to shine through as Fiona discovers that he makes his money through various illegal activities. In due time, he gets engaged to the daughter of a crime lord, which leads to his supposed demise in the season three finale.

Jimmy returns at the end of season four, becoming a recurring cast member for a brief time.

In an attempt to flatter Fiona, he tries to persuade her to leave her husband Gus for him. Although his return answered questions about his fate, it still left his future up in the air, leaving many to believe his story should have ended with the season three cliffhanger.

3 Frank Lies to Butterface About Her Heart Transplant

Of all the lowdown plans Frank has concocted, perhaps nothing is more despicable than the time he began hanging out with Dottie, a former good-time girl with a heart condition. Nicknamed Butterface for her less than stellar looks, Frank discovers that Dottie is in serious need of a heart transplant, rewarding him the opportunity to weasel his way into her good graces and work his way into her will before she passes away.

Although Frank’s decision proves to be flawed, he fully commits to the scheme. While Dottie is in the shower, she gets a phone call telling her a new heart has arrived which could save her life, only Frank decides to tell the hospital that Dottie has already passed away. Later, Dottie loses her life during an intimate moment with Frank, making his actions even more awful.

2 Kev has a Baby with Veronica’s Mother

As the Gallaghers’ longtime friends, Kevin and Veronica are often the supporting comic relief of the series, though they have also proven to be the strongest lasting couple. In season three, after repeatedly failing to have a baby, V enlists her bubbly mother Carol to act as a surrogate. When Carol also fails to become pregnant, Veronica to suggests her mom and Kevin actually get intimate with each other to possibly improve their results.

In due time, Carol warms up to the idea, becoming pregnant with Kevin’s child. By happenstance, Veronica soon discovers that she too is pregnant, with twins. Nine months later, the couple are the proud parents to three newborns, only Carol decides to single-handedly raise her child on her own. After a few brief appearances, Kevin and Carol’s child is forgotten and never shown again.

1 Everything Positive About Ian and Mickey’s Relationship

As a violent street thug, Mickey Milkovich is the antithesis of the gay stereotype. Ian, whose storied history with Mickey makes up a large portion of his story in the early seasons, is the more sensitive of the couple, but his rebellious nature and struggles with bipolar disorder make him an equally multi-dimensional character.

As one of the best-written gay relationships on television in recent memory, Ian and Mickey’s story was at times chaotic. 

After his imprisonment at the end of season five, Mikey escaped from prison and fled to Mexico, tearfully leaving Ian behind. Since then, the positives of their relationship have been largely dismissed and Mickey’s absence has left a void on the show which has yet to be filled.

What other storylines does Shameless want to bury? Let us know in the comments!

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