Arrow Season 7: 4 Biggest Questions After Episode 18, “Lost Canary”

The women of Team Arrow took center-stage in Arrow season 7, episode 18, “Lost Canary”. The story of Arrow season 7 has centered around strong women in both its storylines, with an entire team of Canaries protecting the Star City of 2040 and the women of Team Arrow finding power in new roles as Dinah Drake became Captain of the SCPD and Felicity Smoak became a mother.

The present day storyline saw a manhunt begin for Black Siren, who had been accused of murder and returned to her wicked ways and teaming with a terrorist known as the Shadow Thief, after several months posing as Laurel Lance and serving as Star City’s District Attorney. Felicity believed that the Laurel of Earth-2 could still find redemption and called in Sara Lance, the White Canary, to try and help talk some sense into her. However, Dinah was not convinced of Black Siren’s innocence and was determined to finally bring down the career criminal who killed her boyfriend.

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A different sort of manhunt was carried out in Arrow‘s flashforward storyline. It was here that the Canary Network came under fire following the team’s raid on the headquarters of corrupt company Galaxy One. With their scheme to blow up Star City thwarted, Galaxy One attacked the many “Nests” used by the Canaries, killing many of Dinah’s field-agents. This prompted Dinah to speak to Oliver’s daughter, Mia and explain the history of how the Canaries were founded and what it had to do with a fight that occurred over two decades earlier. While this explained some things about the future timeline, there are still other questions that demand answers in the wake of the conclusion of “Lost Canary”.

4. Who Is The Shadow Thief?

Fired from her position as District Attorney and accused of a murder she didn’t commit, Black Siren was quick to seek out old friends from her days as Ricardo Diaz’s lover and muscle. This led her to propose a partnership with Aviva Metula – a former Mossad agent turned freelance thief and terrorist, with whom she had worked at some point while in Diaz’s employ. Known as the Shadow Thief, Metula was agreeable to the partnership and the two quickly began robbing various criminal enterprises that Black Siren had investigated while acting as the District Attorney.

There have been several criminals who have used the alias Shadow Thief over the years. The first and most famous was Carl Sands – a career criminal who was rewarded with an special suit that allowed him to transform into a living shadow, becoming intangible and invisible at will, after he saved the life of an alien explorer. Sands would go on to become a frequent enemy of Hawkman. The second Shadow Thief, a man named Carl Banner, only appeared in a single issue of Vigilante. He also had a special suit, but his only allowed him to become invisible in deep shadows – not incorporeal.

The current Shadow Thief in DC Comics’ Rebirth reality is a former Mossad agent named Aviva Metula who went rogue due to her fears of aliens with advanced technology invading the Earth. She began fighting back with a stolen “Shadow Skin” that allowed her to become invisible and intangible, as well as being capable of flight, teleportation and limited shape-shifting. While this character seemingly gave her name and background to the Arrowverse version of Shadow Thief, they don’t share the same power set. The Shadow Thief that joins forces with Black Siren does wear a special suit, but it’s filled with more mundane tools like an electronic safe-cracker and a scanner that can detect certain valuable materials.

3. Is Felicity Smoak Bisexual?

One of the better scenes of “Lost Canary” sees Felicity Smoak and Sara Lance taking a moment to catch up in Team Arrow’s bunker, as Sara gets in a quick workout on the salmon ladder. The two discuss how they haven’t really had a chance to talk like they used to back when they were the only two women on Team Arrow and Sara says that Felicity has come a long way since she was “the I.T. girl secretly crushing on Oliver Queen.”

Felicity dismisses this, saying that it was hardly a secret and that she has the worst poker face in the world. She then coyly asks, on that note, if Sara had been flirting with her all the times she said that Felicity looked cute five years earlier. Sara smiles back and asks if she was into it. Felicity confirms that she was, saying “Of course. It’s you!”

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While this may seem to have come out of left-field, this scene is a clever nod to the Birds of Prey comics written by fan-favorite writer Gail Simone, which inspired much of Sara Lance and Felicity Smoak’s characters on Arrow. Simone once stated that she considered Black Canary to be bisexual and wrote a line to that effect, where Dinah described herself as “75% heterosexual.” This was used as the basis for Sara’s sexuality on Arrow.

While never confirmed outright, Simone also hinted that Barbara “Oracle” Gordon and Black Canary might be friends with benefits, if not an outright romantic couple at one point. Certainly Black Canary put Barbara on equal-footing with Green Arrow when she asked Huntress to give her love to both of them before going into a situation she wasn’t sure she’d return from. With Felicity having been set up at one point to become the Oracle of the Arrowverse, the connection is clear.

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2. What About The Crimes Black Siren Actually Committed?

Black Siren is eventually convinced to turn her back on Shadow Thief, after the duo prepare to steal a weapon for an unnamed buyer and Felicity, Sara, and Dinah refuse to move out of Black Siren’s way unless she’s prepared to kill them all. This leads to Team Arrow somehow finding a way to clear the name of Laurel Lance, since Felicity was able to clear Black Siren of the murder charges that led to her being fired. At the same time, Dinah is somehow able to explain away Black Siren’s actions with Shadow Thief as being part of an undercover operation that nobody else had known about.

Ignoring how quickly Dinah is to forgive the woman who murdered her boyfriend in cold-blood, this doesn’t make a lick of sense. Even if Dinah could sell the lie of Black Siren’s secret undercover mission to the District Attorney’s Office and the SCPD, there would still have to be a lengthy investigation given that several criminals had been killed during the course of Laurel’s fake investigation. Presumably there would also be a large number of protocols regarding this kind of sting that would have been totally ignored in this case. And all of this ignores the evidence that leaked to Channel 52 News, which showed Black Siren working with Ricardo Diaz a year earlier, before she was employed as the District Attorney.

1. How Is Black Siren Supposed To Get Back To Earth-2?

Despite being apparently free to resume pretending to be Star City’s District Attorney, Black Siren elects to go back to Earth-2. This decision comes after a talk with Sara Lance, where Sara advised Black Siren that she can’t really become a new person until she goes back home and confronts who she was. To that end, Black Siren decides that she should return to her home dimension and build a new life there instead of pretending to be someone she isn’t on Earth-1.

There’s just one small problem with that plan. Dimensional travel is not as commonplace on Earth-1 as it is elsewhere in the multiverse. You need to have access to certain advanced technology or certain superpowers, like super-speed or the power to open breaches between Earths. On Earth-1, this means dealing with STAR Labs.

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That’s something of a problem if you’re Black Siren and all of your experiences with Team Flash involved trying to kill them and their loved ones, even if Felicity was willing to vouch for her. Cisco Ramon is well-known for holding a grudge over this sort of thing, having spent the first half of The Flash season 3 not speaking to his former best friend Barry Allen, due to Barry’s travels through time accidentally killing Cisco’s brother. And considering that Barry is the sort of morally-strict soul that just threw his own daughter in prison for associating with the Reverse-Flash, it’s a safe bet that Black Siren would be locked up in STAR Labs’ pipeline before she had a chance to ask anyone on Arrow‘s sister series for help, given her status as a former lieutenant of the killer speedster Zoom.

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Matt Morrison

Arrow: 10 Things Every Fan Needs Before The Show Ends

It was recently announced that Arrow would be ending its run with the forthcoming eighth season, which will be a shortened series of 10 episodes. The show’s star Stephen Amell tweeted the news, saying that playing Oliver Queen had been the greatest experience of his professional life and that he wanted to thank the fans. Before Arrow leaves our television screens for good, now is a good a time as any to stock up on cool merchandise to help you through the loss.

Here are our 10 picks of things you need to own before the end of Arrow!



Arrow was the show that started it all for The CW’s contingent of interconnected DC shows. Hell, it’s why the universe is called the Arrowverse! Back in 2012 when Arrow first hit the air, no one could have known it would lead to a host of spin-off shows, would last seven seasons and would turn Green Arrow into a genuine A-list character in the eyes of the public.

This boxset is the most comprehensive one available thus far, featuring the first five seasons of the show. That’s over 100 episodes of Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak and John Diggle doing what they do best!



Arrow – Oliver Queen’s Dossier is a companion book to the show that takes a nifty approach in its presentation. It collates the intelligence Oliver Queen has uncovered on nefarious business dealings and criminal activity in Starling City, with “top secret” records on his alter-ego Arrow since his return from Lian Yu.

There are brilliant hard copy pull-out duplicates of confidential government/business documents acquired by Oliver and Felicity Smoak, as well as schematics for the Arrow’s weaponry, and Queen family records. This one goes above and beyond to give fans a unique reading experience.



If you are in the market for a Green Arrow Funko Pop, there are a number of options. You can have a DC Comics-accurate Ollie Queen, or a Justin Hartley-in-Smallville Pop. There are also several different variants based on the Arrow show, including a shirtless Oliver from Lian Yu and a John Diggle where he is wearing Ollie’s costume.

There is also a Pop that features the costume redesign from when Ollie branded himself ‘Green Arrow’ in the show. But, if you want to go simple and classic, ‘The Hood’ Funko is the way to go, as it sees Ollie in his original costume from the first few seasons of the show.



This modernized Green Arrow origin story, which was originally published in 2007, was so influential on the creators of Arrow that they named the John Diggle character (and his brother Andy) after the comic’s writer Andy Diggle!

This wonderful miniseries reteamed Diggle with his longtime artistic collaborator Jock and it’s a brilliantly action-packed read. It really explored Oliver’s time marooned on the desert island for the first time in the comics, and this was clearly used as the inspiration for the Lian Yu flashbacks on Arrow.



There are a number of Arrow t-shirt designs on the market, many of which feature Oliver’s catchphrase ‘You have failed this city’.

However, we reckon this shirt is the best, as it combines an image of Stephen Amell from the show with one of Green Arrow’s trademark nicknames from the comics: The Emerald Archer! The shirt is green (naturally), made of 100% cotton and is an Officially Licensed product.



The DC Collectibles line of action figures has featured every major (and minor) character from the DC Universe at this point, and their figures (which always come with lots of changeable accessories) are great display items.

This Arrow figure is based on Stephen Amell’s season three look, and measures 6.75 inches tall. It comes with a bow and several arrows, as well as several changeable hands for giving the figure unique action poses.



This Arrow tie-in novel is set in the aftermath of Season Five and leads into the thrilling events of Season Six. Written by James R. Tuck, but based on a story by show producer (and comic book writer) Marc Guggenheim, Arrow: Fatal Legacies reveals for the first time what occurred as Team Arrow resumed its mission to protect Star City.

Those who survived Prometheus’s trap on Lian Yu discover that Chase’s revenge continues far beyond his death. Sara Lance returns, Dinah Drake accepts the mantle of Black Canary, and the entire team hits the streets again.



This Officially Licensed ceramic mug would be perfect for coffee-addicted fans or devotees who love settling down with a relaxing mug of tea in the evening. It features a cool image of Oliver Queen as the Arrow and the show’s iconic logo and comes in packaging with eye-catching artwork. The mug is dishwasher and microwave safe.



For our money, the best run of Green Arrow comics from the last decade is this stellar collection from writer Jeff Lemire and artist Andrea Sorrentino. This was their first collaboration and was a resounding success with fans and critics, leading to them teaming again on Old Man Logan and Gideon Falls.

This story introduced John Diggle and a more TV-accurate Felicity Smoak to DC Comics continuity and saw Oliver Queen on the run, hunted by the greatest enemy he never knew he had—Komodo, a mysterious archer who is his better in every way. Komodo makes Oliver question the details of his time on the island—and his long-dead father’s involvement!



Diamond Select Toys make damn fine statues and this one brings the Arrow’s brand of justice to their DC Gallery line. This sculpture of Oliver Queen is amazingly accurate to Stephen Amell’s portrayal of the character on the show and the 9-inch PVC diorama shows him drawing an arrow from his quiver atop a Starling City rooftop.

It features detailed sculpting by Rocco Tartamella and comes packaged in a full-color window box. A must-have for fans with $45 to spare!

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We hope you like the items we recommend! Screen Rant has affiliate partnerships, so we receive a share of the revenue from your purchase. This won’t affect the price you pay and helps us offer the best product recommendations.

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Arrow Star Stephen Amell Announces Season 7 Production Wrap

The end of Arrow draws ever closer, with star Stephen Amell announcing that season 7 has officially wrapped. Starting life as a standalone series, Arrow debuted on The CW in 2012. Over time, however, the show expanded into what’s become known as the Arrowverse. Starting with The Flash, and later incorporating both Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl, the small-screen DC universe has mastered interconnected storytelling in a fashion not dissimilar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

During 2018’s installment of their annual crossover event, titled Elseworlds, the universe expanded even further, introducing Gotham City and setting up a Batwoman spinoff. With Arrow having already been renewed for season 8, fans expected the show to continue alongside it. The news came down shortly afterward, however, that season 8 would be Arrow‘s last. The series dropped another bombshell soon after, with Emily Bett Rickards (who plays Felicity Smoak) announcing she would bow out with the conclusion of the current season. Rickards has been a staple of the series since the first season. Starting off as a guest star, Rickards quickly turned Felicity into a fan favorite regular and Oliver Queen’s primary love interest.

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Posting on social media (as reported by CBR) Amell revealed that it was the end of an era on two fronts. Firstly, on Twitter, he announced that principal photography had officially wrapped on the penultimate season. The message was a short and sweet one, no doubt saving the truly emotional posts for after the 10-episode final season still to come. Over on Instagram, it proved to be a much more poignant and heartwarming affair. With the final day of shooting also serving as Rickards’ final day overall, Amell shared a video in which his daughter serenaded his co-star with a song to mark her departure. Both posts can be seen below.

Arrow isn’t the only CW show soon to be leaving the network. The Golden Globe-winning Crazy Ex-Girlfriend recently aired its series finale. iZombie will also air its final season in the coming months. Most notably, the long-running series, Supernatural, will wrap-up with its landmark 15th season. Amell recently posted a jovial photo of himself with Supernatural star Jared Padalecki, as they humorously lamented their status as soon-to-be out-of-work actors. Season 7’s storyline has heavily featured flashforwards, documenting the future exploits of such characters as Roy Harper (Colton Haynes), Dinah Drake (Juliana Harkavy), and Rene Ramirez (Rick Gonzalez). As such, given that the future presents them as still operating in Star City, it’s expected that they will all be back for the final ten episodes. Recent rumors even suggest that that corner of the universe may live on even after Arrow‘s conclusion, serving as yet another spinoff.

Speculation will remain rife as to Oliver Queen’s ultimate fate, however. Numerous theories currently suggest he’ll make the ultimate sacrifice – completing his transition from brutal vigilante to an actual hero. The departure of Felicity no doubt adds credibility to that theory. Any happy ending has been increasingly tied to his relationship with Felicity. With the character no longer on the show, it paves the way for a more bittersweet end to Oliver’s arc. Whatever the case, though the looming end of the series has been met with mostly humor and levity, these latest posts mark a turn towards the poignant – for fans and everybody working on the show alike. The end of the show is closer than ever now. As such, the lasts will undoubtedly come thick and fast in the coming months, as the series heads towards its inevitable conclusion.

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Season 7 of Arrow continues with ‘Lost Canary’, April 15, 2019, on The CW.

Source: CBR

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Arrow: The 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Couples

The world simply can’t escape the fad of superheroes. Whether it’s Marvel or DC, film or television, one form or other of our most beloved comic-book stars are bound to make a jump to the screen. And while the movies have undeniably change the entire paradigm of how we perceive the universes, TV shows also did pretty well.

A great example of this is Arrow, one of the first super-hero series to bless our screens in recent times. Although there’s a major focus on the characters as heroes, on their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, like any entertaining and engaging show, it also has its fair share of romance, as well as all the drama relationships entail.

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Many couples have seen their relationship depicted on Arrow, and while some were beautifully developed and quickly won fans hearts, others were just plain annoying and, at times, unnecessary. That being said, let’s take a look at the five best and worst couples to ever be a part of Arrow.

10 Best: Oliver & Felicity

Undoubtedly the best couple on the show – and, for many Olicity shippers, the best couple ever, period – Oliver and Felicity had fans rooting for them from the moment the two characters met. Even though it took three entire seasons for viewers to finally see the pair get together, their chemistry was evident from the start.

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Like any good relationship that aims to keep fans grasping the edge of their seat in anticipation, Oliver and Felicity had many sad and frustrating moments. The joy everyone felt when these two finally tied the knot and cemented their relationship once and for all was fantastic, and it was a moment truly hard to forget.

9 Worst: Black Siren & Diaz

There was a universal sigh of relief when showrunners announced beloved actress Katie Cassidy would return to Arrow after her original character’s demise. While her new, darker, and villainous counterpart Black Siren was a fresh new addition to the show as a character and antagonist, her relationship with villain Diaz was quite uncalled for.

The chemistry wasn’t there, and there was never a good enough reason for the show to put these two together. When Black Siren saw how low he was willing to stoop and ultimately turned on him in the season finale, it was a phenomenal moment, that everyone was thankful for.

8 Best: Sara & Nyssa

It was a beautiful moment of representation that we got to witness in the Arrowverse. While we didn’t get to see much of Sara and Nyssa’s love story since most of it occurred before either of the characters made their way to the show, it was still important for fans everywhere that we had a small part of it play out on screen.

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Not only did their relationship raise the stakes for Nyssa and the team when they lost Sara and were fighting Ra’s al Ghul, but it also helped develop the character of Sara further, giving fans something extra to root for. It was short lived for viewers, but still, one of the best couples to grace the show.

7 Worst: Oliver & Susan

The whole thing was just a big no-no. Of course, it didn’t help that fans were so deeply attached and invested on Oliver’s relationship with Felicity, even after it fell apart. This is, however, far from being the biggest problem with making Susan a love interest for Oliver.

Let’s not forget that Susan was investigating him, and found out he was the Green Arrow. As a character, her main trait was being an antagonist, pitted against Thea. Somehow, this fact managed to completely slip Oliver’s mind, enough for him to want to be with the woman who was on the opposite side of his sister. It just didn’t make sense at all, and everyone was happy when it was over.

6 Best: Thea & Roy

It’s the classic love story everyone can’t help but root for. He’s the bad boy from the wrong side of town, she’s the spoiled rich girl waiting to be swept off her feet. Roy might have stolen Thea’s bag first, but what she never got back from him was her heart – cheesy, yes. But also very true.

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Thea and Roy were perfect for each other, and none of them ever found another partner with whom they had so much chemistry. Even a blind person could see these two were crazy for each other, in spite of their on again, off again status. Their relationship is another great example of a beautiful and complex bond on the show.

5 Worst: Thea & Chase

If Roy was hand-made for Thea, then Chase was the complete opposite. It doesn’t help that Chase’s character was just a trainwreck in general. If you’re an annoying person in general, chances are, you won’t make a very good partner. Chase is a prime example of this and including Thea in his storyline as a love interest was a terrible decision.

This choice probably made the narrative of him trying to poison Thea that much more dramatic, but the point was moot since he ended up killing himself. It was a very twisted take on Romeo & Juliet, but Shakespeare himself wouldn’t come up with a character like Chase. No one really felt much when he was gone – except perhaps some relief.

4 Best: Diggle & Lyla

They’re cute, they’re loving, their badass, and they make one hell of a good couple. More than that, Diggle and Lyla do a beautiful job of representing how wonderful reconnecting can be – and how you can find your happy ending even after you thought you lost it.

The pair was married once, but the first time we meet them at the beginning of the show, they are separated. However, the love never truly died, and they found their way back to each other. They now share a marriage, a child, and a life, and fans couldn’t be happier that a character as dear to them as Diggle is allowed to be with the love of his life.

3 Worst: Thea & Alex

Just in case it wasn’t made clear enough, everyone knows Thea was meant to be with Roy. The fact that all the guys the show tried to pair her with were awful in their own way (see above for Chase, the DJ) didn’t make the job of letting Roy go any easier.

There was absolutely no substance to their relationship, no story, nothing fans could even begin to cling to in order to root for the couple. Alex kind of just appeared, and there was nothing interesting about him as a character. Even after he was gone, the show showed just how much it didn’t care for this relationship by not even bothering to offer some sort of closure. The point of Thea and Alex remains pretty much unclear.

2 Best: Felicity & Barry

While Felicity and Oliver are the ultimate ship of the show, with a love story and journey impossible to match, it’s obvious both of them were allowed other connections outside of their relationship – especially considering they didn’t even get together until the third season of the show.

Some relationships were better than others, and Felicity and Barry were definitely better. In a world were Oliver and Iris didn’t exist, these two would be a match made in heaven. They connected on so many levels, and their friendship blossomed in a truly beautiful way. It added a little something extra to Felicity’s character as well, and, overall, it was great having a little sneak peek of what could have been.

1 Worst: Oliver & Laurel

Arrow really did try their best to give fans of the comics what they wanted, and force Oliver and Laurel into a relationship at the beginning of the series. The show constantly hinted at the pair harboring feelings for each other, even though Oliver took Laurel’s sister on a boat trip, and was dating his former best-friend, Tommy.

Whether or not it was the original plan to have them actually be together, Oliver’s chemistry with Felicity overshadowed any other connection he could have, and fans knew it. Thankfully, showrunners knew it as well, and made the right call never hinting at a potential relationship between Oliver and Laurel again.

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Who Are The Ninth Circle? Arrow Season 7’s Real Villains Explained

Who are the Ninth Circle and what role have they played in the events of Arrow season 7? Many fans who are unfamiliar with the Green Arrow comics may be wondering who season 7’s big bad villains truly are, as one of the series’ smaller subplots has grown to dominate nearly every aspect of the central storyline. This, in turn, has signaled big things for the future of the Arrowverse.

This sudden shift in power became readily apparent after Arrow season 7, episode 15, “Training Day”. It was here that Arrow season 6’s chief villain, crime-boss Ricardo Diaz, was confirmed to have been killed by the new Green Arrow, Emiko Queen. This revelation came after it had been revealed that Emiko was in the employ of the mysterious financier known only as Dante, who had been backing Diaz’s efforts to take over Star City for the past year. Dante had also been the target of an ARGUS investigation for several months but has enough power within the Pentagon and the Department of Defense to shoot down any efforts to bring him to justice through traditional channels.

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While the name of the Ninth Circle has yet to be spoken on Arrow, the influence of the sinister group (which is also led by a man named Dante) is apparent to fans of the comics that inspired Arrow season 7’s story. In the end, the Ninth Circle may become Arrow season 7 and potentially Arrow season 8’s big bad villains, as Stephen Amell’s story as Oliver Queen starts to wind down. But just who are the Ninth Circle to begin with?

  • This Page: The Ninth Circle In The Comics & Arrow Season 7
  • Page 2: Arrow’s Ninth Circle Differences & Their Arrowverse Future

The Ninth Circle In The Comics

Despite being only recently introduced into the Green Arrow comics in 2016, the Ninth Circle have quickly grown into an essential part of the series’ mythology. Created by writer Benjamin Percy, with character designs by artists Otto Schmidt and Juan Ferreyra, the Ninth Circle were the primary villains of Percy’s run on Green Arrow, which lasted for 38 issues. Produced as part of the DC Rebirth initiative, the long-running storyline was considered  a welcome return to form after years of uneven stories by most Green Arrow fans.

The Ninth Circle were a secret cabal of bankers and captains of industry, built around the belief that any act can be justified so long as it creates wealth and power for the elite. This included such social ills as selling illegal drugs and slavery. Led by a mystery man known only as Dante, the Ninth Circle further mocked the ideas of good and evil as absolutes, naming their organization after the worst part of Hell as depicted in the narrative poem The Divine Comedy and adopting costumes based on Satanic imagery for their meetings.

To that end, The Ninth Circle acts as a bank for terrorists and supervillains, offering them the same financial services as a traditional bank but for nontraditional reasons. Suppose you are a would-be despot who needs money to raise an army and buy weapons to force your will on an unstable region? Or perhaps you’re a mad scientist working on a super-soldier serum who needs help building a secret lab without FDA regulations or laws against kidnapping test subjects? The Ninth Circle is there to lend a helping hand with your funding in exchange for a cut of the profits.

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The Ninth Circle proved to be the perfect foil for Green Arrow, presenting a conspiracy that Oliver Queen was all but helpless to fight against directly. The battle became doubly personal for Oliver after he learned that his ancestor, Robin Queen, was the Ninth Circle’s first leader and that they intended to make his sister Emiko part of their organization. By manipulating politicians and law enforcement against him even as they took control of his company, the Ninth Circle helped to reestablish Green Arrow as a modern day Robin Hood, fighting for the rights of the common people against a corrupt authority.

The Ninth Circle In Arrow Season 7

ARGUS Director Lyla Michaels and her husband John Diggle spent most of Arrow season 7 tracking a mysterious group that seemed to be funding various terrorist organizations around the world. Their first lead regarding this group and the identity of their leader came in Arrow season 7, episode 5, “The Demon,” where ARGUS uncovered an encrypted image of a painting by artist Jean-Léon Gérôme, Dante (He Hath Seen Hell), among the personal files of a black market arms dealer. This image was later discovered to be used as an e-signature/calling card by a figure who was acting as an agent for various mercenary groups and criminal enterprises around the world.

With their bosses at the Pentagon forbidding any direct investigation into the image, Diggle sought an indirect route after discovering that the recently incarcerated Ricardo Diaz had dealt with this “Dante” in the past. This led to Diggle reactivating Task Force X (aka the Suicide Squad) under a new name – the Ghost Initiative – and recruiting Diaz and several other incarcerated super-criminals to act as undercover agents in seeking out Dante. Unfortunately, it turned out that ARGUS Deputy Director Bell was part of Dante’s organization and was able to tip off one of Dante’s agents, a man named Virgil, about what Diggle was planning.

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The end result of the investigation was that John Diggle was removed from his position at ARGUS, taking the blame for the failure of the mission so as to save his wife’s job and allow her to continue their investigation in secret. Deputy Director Bell was killed by Dante in a bid to cover his tracks as he made his escape from the ambush ARGUS had set for him. Dante later revealed himself to Emiko Queen, who had apparently been in his employ at some point in the past (as revealed in Arrow season 7, episode 14), and instructed her to kill Ricardo Diaz once he was back in prison. All of this has established just how far Dante’s influence reaches, though his prior relationship with Emiko Queen has yet to be explained.

Page 2 of 2: Arrow’s Version Of The Ninth Circle & Their Arrowverse Future

What Was Changed From The Comics For The Show?

While the name of the Ninth Circle has yet to be dropped on Arrow, their influence is plain to see. The base concept of a sinister financial group with enough power to control governments and corporations, as well as one led by a man named Dante, is too similar not to be a nod to the villainous organization from the Green Arrow comics. It’s also worth noting that the Ninth Circle employed Emiko Queen’s mother (the assassin Shado) in the comics and attempted to recruit Emiko to work for them as well. She would ultimately turn on the group, however, supporting her brother Oliver in his efforts to expose the Ninth Circle and their activities to the world.

There are two chief differences between the Ninth Circle in the comics and Dante’s organization on Arrow. The first is that Dante’s organization is not as flamboyant or overtly evil as the Ninth Circle. The Arrow version of Dante wears designer suits rather than ceremonial robes and his organization doesn’t appear require its members to undergo ritual branding or burning to show their commitment to the Ninth Circle. The other major difference is that Arrow‘s version isn’t obsessed with having a member of the Queen family on their board of directors. In the comics, there’s a prophecy that the Ninth Circle couldn’t prosper without a Queen at the center of the Circle. This was why they were obsessed with recruiting Emiko to join them after it became clear Oliver Queen would never be persuaded to join them.

The Ninth Circle In Arrowverse’s Future

The Ninth Circle’s prophecy also plays into one theory regarding the alternate future of Star City 2038 and why Felicity Smoak felt the need to hide her pregnancy and the existence of her daughter from all but her closest friends. If Dante’s organization has a similar prophecy in the Arrowverse, they would stop at nothing to acquire the last legitimate child of the Queen dynasty and might force the already paranoid Felicity into hiding. This would also explain why the Ninth Circle might ignore Thea Queen (who wasn’t born of Robert Queen’s lineage) and William Clayton, who was born out of wedlock.

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Ignoring that theory, there’s still reason to believe that the Ninth Circle is involved in the future of Star City. The plot of Arrow‘s flash-forward storylines has seen the vigilantes of Star City working to stop a bombing plot that would destroy all of the slums of Star City while leaving the Glades – the ritzy gated community now sitting in the center of the city – completely untouched. We also know that Rene Ramirez, now mayor of the Glades, is aware of the bombing plot, but that his silence has been bought by a mysterious figure who’s involved in financing Rene’s bid for reelection.

Manipulating politicians is definitely a ploy utilized by Dante’s organization in the modern day Arrowverse, but there’s another connection here that further ties this future group to the Ninth Circle of the Green Arrow comics. One of the Ninth Circle’s schemes involved a plot to destroy Green Arrow’s hometown of Seattle with a series of controlled disasters, allowing the local industry and politicians to come in and create a new city built upon the ideals of laissez-faire capitalism, with no taxes, a weak local government, and no social services beyond what the businesses financed. It remains to be seen if this is the ultimate endgame of the bombers in the future of Arrow, but it does seem like a distinct possibility.

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Matt Morrison

All Heroes Introduced On Arrow, Ranked

These heroes have not failed this city. Since the release of Arrow in 2012, the series has set up shows for some of DC Comics best heroes. As the forerunner of the self-titled Arrowverse, many heroes from the show have gone on to star in their own shows or spin-offs. Whether it’s The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow, several heroes owe their existence to their introduction on Arrow. Others, however, have been forgotten about or quickly kicked to the curb after a few episodes. Let’s see which heroes introduced on Arrow managed to hit the mark, and which ones failed to leave an impression.

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16 Wildcat

The Arrow version of Ted Grant is definitely more house trained than his comics counterpart. His biggest appearance and contribution to the show was training Laurel Lance how to fight, a nod to his characters comic history of training Black Canary. As a former vigilante, there was great potential for him to join Team Arrow. However, the Ted Grant we see is just a decently good fighter, instead of the expert boxer and martial artist we see in the comics.

15 Huntress

Helena Bertinelli may be more villain than anti-hero on Arrow, but she certainly makes an attempt to do good. However, her quest for vengeance means that we see her carted off in season two, and never see her again. While she was an interesting foil for Oliver Queen romantically and thematically, it seems the show decided against bringing her back. Fans will have to wait and see if she’ll return for the final season, but despite Arrow’s producer wanting her back in the show, the likelihood seems fairly low after five seasons of silence that she’ll return.

14 Ragman

Despite having the worst superhero name in history, Arrow’s Ragman has some interesting powers and an engaging backstory. The only survivor of a nuclear blast that destroyed his town, his magical wraps and rags give him almost Doc-Ock like abilities. However, we only get to see him in action for a little bit before he loses his powers and leaves to get them back in season five. He has yet to return, meaning we cannot say for certain whether or not he’ll make a triumphant reappearance in season eight.

13 Mr. Terrific

Curtis Holt has long appeared as a background character in the show, eventually becoming Mr. Terrific in season five of the show. With Olympic-level endurance and his high-tech T-Spheres, he should be one of the heavy hitters of the team. However, almost all of Mr. Terrific’s storylines involve him getting injured or hurt due to his carelessness. There’s also very little he can do that Felicity and Oliver can’t. Simply put, Mr. Terrific is more of a Mr. Ok.

12 Wild Dog

As a former Marine, Rene Ramirez is already at the peak of physical fitness. Add in his training with Oliver, and he becomes the vigilante Wild Dog. He has a high pain tolerance and is quick to pick up martial skills and abilities. However, he’s shown to be a loose cannon and to fly off the handle in the middle of a fight. And again, there’s nothing he can do that Oliver or Diggle can’t. So despite being just as skilled in combat, he’s less reliable and therefore less capable.

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11 Spartan

We’ve gotten to see John Diggle’s slow rise to becoming a superhero since the beginning of the show. While initially reluctant, he’s quickly become a capable and skilled hero. But while Spartan may be a core Team Arrow member, at the end of the day he falls short compared to the others. Lacking any sort of superpowers or special skills (in this reality, anyway) beyond his aim and fighting skills, he’s just a bit under classed as a hero.

10 Overwatch

As the resident hacker and tech genius of the group, Felicity was bound to get a superhero identity sooner or later. Brilliant with computers and possessing a genius level IQ, she has saved the day on more than one occasion. However, when presented with any sort of physical danger, she is immediately defenseless. Should anyone breach Team Arrow’s defenses, she would be unable to defend herself in any way.

9 Green Arrow (Emiko Queen)

One of the larger mysteries in season seven was who the person pretending to be Green Arrow was. Eventually, the faux Emerald Archer’s identity was revealed to be Emiko Queen, half-sister of Oliver Queen. While it’s not clear exactly how and where she learned her skills, she’s certainly done an impressive job. However, despite holding her own a few times, it’s clear she has a lot of work in order to earn her brother’s title.

8 Arsenal

The first of Oliver’s sidekicks/partners, Roy Harper becomes a force to be reckoned with once he becomes Arsenal. Add that with his dosing of the Mirakuru drug, and Roy became nearly unstoppable. Since being cured though, he has reverted to his former abilities and power level. While still a capable and physically impressive fighter and archer, it’s a far cry from what he was capable of under the effects of Mirakuru.

7 Speedy

One of Arrow‘s more unique twists on their take of Green Arrow’s story was gender-bending his classic sidekick Speedy. As his younger sister Thea Queen, her inclusion into the group is a slow burn, but eventually, she learns the skills necessary to become part of Team Arrow. After her death and resurrection in the Lazarus Pit, she gained an increased ferocity and dedicated focus, especially after her training from her father Malcolm Merlyn. Speedy is currently M.I.A., on a quest to destroy the Lazarus Pits, so it’s unknown how much her skills have grown in that time.

6 Black Canary (Laurel)

After the death of her sister Sara, Laurel Lance become focused on revenge. After training with Ted Grant and given a Canary Cry device from Cisco and Team Flash, she became the new Black Canary. With her cry and her combat skills, she quickly proved invaluable to Team Arrow. However, she ultimately met her match in Damien Darhk, who stabs her with one of Oliver’s arrows. She eventually succumbed to her wounds, her death profoundly affecting the team.

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5 White Canary

The original Black Canary, Sara survived her time on Lian Yu and was trained by the League of Assassins. A fearsome fighter and warrior, she took on the Black Canary persona shortly after reuniting with Oliver. When she was killed, she was resurrected in the Lazarus Pit, becoming savage and feral. When her mind was restored by John Constantine, she left the group to better understand herself. She took on a new identity, the White Canary, and left to travel with the Legends, quickly becoming their leader.

4 The Atom

Initially shown as a grand-standing and ego-centric CEO and billionaire, Ray Palmer eventually becomes so much more. As The Atom, he has become a true hero (or even a Legend, one might argue). With his suit and powers, there is no problem too small that he can’t handle. Plus, as an Arthurian Knight, he’s got a level of street cred that puts him above most others.

3 Black Canary (Dinah)

A metahuman with a natural sonic scream, detective Dinah Drake has made for a perfect new Black Canary. With her police training and powers, she has naturally fit the role of Black Canary, more so than her predecessors. She quickly found a home for herself in Team Arrow, and has become an invaluable asset to the team. It is unclear how her powers have fared since her throat was slit by The Star City Slayer. Given that we’ve seen a future where Dinah is still Black Canary, it’s clear that powers or no, she’s still capable of saving the day.

2 Green Arrow

Oliver Queen has come a long way since his first foray into crime fighting as “The Hood”. He has become stronger, faster, smarter, and tougher. With his expert marksmanship and League of Assassin training, Green Arrow is an unstoppable fighting machine. Even more than that though is his ability to inspire and lead those around him to act and be better. Just like in the meta sense that Arrow is responsible for the Arrowverse, Oliver is responsible for so many others heroic actions and rises to glory.

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1 The Flash

While Oliver is the face of the Arrowverse, Barry Allen as The Flash is its heart. The fastest man alive may not have debuted his powers until his own show, but we first met young Barry Allen in season two’s “The Scientist”. This episode gave Barry the accident that turned him into The Flash and gave us the more hopeful and lighthearted Barry to root for. Oliver and Barry have since gone on to become close friends. While it’s clear that Barry looks up to Oliver, Barry is certainly one of the most powerful heroes in the entire Arrowverse, more so than any other hero introduced on Arrow.

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Dan Houbrick

Arrow Ending Explains Season 7’s Show-Limiting Flashforwards

The news that Arrow is ending in season 8 clears up some of the confusion caused by season 7’s flashforwards, which revealed an unusual amount of details about the future of the show’s main characters. There was a concern that the flashforward scenes that take place in Star City 2038 were not only giving too much away but limiting what the series could do with its characters as well.

The CW recently announced that Arrow is ending after season 8. With only 10 episodes airing in season 8, it stands to reason that Oliver Queen’s story will wrap up either during 2019’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event or shortly thereafter, seeing as all the previous Arrowverse crossover events air during the eighth or ninth weeks of their respective seasons. What’s interesting is that Arrow ending with season 8 actually explains why the writers and producers chose to tell Arrow‘s future already.

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As fans are aware, Arrow‘s first five seasons explored Oliver’s story before he became the Hood (from the initial shipwreck to when he was finally rescued from Lian Yu), with season 6 featuring occasional flashbacks from various characters. Arrow season 7 shook things up by swapping out flashbacks with flashforwards. What was surprising about the flashforwards was how much the show was willing to reveal about the characters. In doing so, Arrow‘s flashforwards were spoiling the story. And now, with Arrow ending, it makes sense why.

Arrow‘s flashforwards did much more than simply telling the story of Oliver’s son, William; they also introduced older versions of Rene, Zoe, Dinah, and Roy. Felicity hasn’t appeared in the future timeline yet, but it’s been stated that she’s still alive. The inclusion of these characters is confirmation that they’ll survive until the end of the series. This means that, despite Arrow‘s reputation for killing off key characters in past seasons, there’s no need for fans to worry about what happens to Felicity, Roy, Rene, or Dinah.

Conversations between William and the other characters have revealed other details that will be adhered to for the rest of the series. For example, the flashforwards have revealed that Roy and William won’t meet again until 2038, which means that the two can’t share a scene at any point in the present day storyline.

However, most of these problems are erased by The CW’s decision to end Arrow after season 8. Revealing too much would only be considered an issue if Arrow were to continue for multiple seasons. It would be problematic if revelations in season 7’s flashforwards prevented the show from moving in a certain direction in a much later season. Since a total of only 18 episodes of Arrow remain, it seems feasible that the writers already know how every character’s story ends, allowing them to carefully craft a story about their older selves and adult children.

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Nicholas Raymond

The CW Sets Legends of Tomorrow Return Date, Arrow Timeslot Change

The CW has set DC’s Legends of Tomorrow to return Monday, April 1 and confirmed Arrow‘s new 9 pm timeslot on Monday evenings, starting April 15. In the years since Arrow began its run in 2012, Oliver Queen has been joined by superheroes like Barry Allen on The Flash and Kara Danvers on Supergirl, in addition to a whole team of time-travelers (many of which originated on either Arrow or The Flash) on Legends of Tomorrow. The Arrowverse (as it’s known) isn’t done expanding yet either and formally introduced Kate Kane in last year’s Elseworlds crossover, ahead of the potential Batwoman TV series premiering in the 2018-2019 season.

Of all the Arrowverse series, Legends of Tomorrow has typically had the lowest ratings, if also the most faithful followers in recent years. The show has increasingly danced to the idiosyncratic beat of its own drum along the way, most recently with a midseason finale that broke time itself and transformed the show’s characters into cats and puppets (among other things). Legends is going on a break for the next few months, but fans can take solace in knowing when, exactly, the Waverider crew’s wacky adventures will continue.

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TVLine reports that Legends of Tomorrow will return on Monday, April 1, where it will open the night in the 8 pm timeslot. Arrow, which has been airing in The CW’s 8 pm spot this season, will take a two-week hiatus at that time, before it returns in the 9 pm timeslot on Monday, April 15. Oliver Queen fans need not fret, however, seeing as Arrow season 7 will pick back up well towards the end of this month, following the Arrowverse’s midseason break.

In some ways, it’s fitting that Legends won’t return with the rest of the Arrowverse. The show has almost taken on a life of its own these past two years, to the point that it has nearly as many characters (Zari Tomez, Ava Sharpe, Gary Green, etc.) who originated on the show as it does carryovers from Arrow and/or The Flash. Legends has also delved further into the magical realms of the Arrowverse than its peers, especially with the addition of John Constantine to the time-traveling Legends team in season 4. Between all that and the series’ uniquely zany tone, it feels somewhat appropriate that Legends completely ignored last year’s Elseworlds crossover (save for a throwaway line of dialogue) to continue focusing its attention on its own storylines, instead.

Of course, both Arrow and Legends‘ futures are somewhat up in the air right now, as is the fate of the Arrowverse at large. Last month’s Elseworlds event concluded with a teaser confirming 2019’s Arrowverse crossover will be Crisis on Infinite Earths, as inspired by the comic book event of the same name. This particular crossover has the potential to change the very fabric of The CW’s DC TV universe as we know it, and could even result in some major character deaths (maybe even Green Arrow and Superman’s) along the way. That’s all the more reason for Arrow and/or Legends‘ fans to keep tuning in to both (or either) series, as they begin to lay the groundwork for what’s to come by the end of the year.

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Arrow returns Monday, January 21 on The CW, followed by DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on Monday, April 1.

Source: TVLine

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The New Green Arrow is Black Canary (in Comics, Not TV)

The latest issue of Green Arrow sees another hero donning Oliver Queen’s hood and wielding his bow as part of an effort to save the billionaire’s life. Ironically, this comes at a time when there is a big mystery regarding a new Green Arrow on Arrow, with that character not taking up Oliver Queen’s cause and costume on the television show.

Recent issues of Green Arrow have seen Oliver pitted against a new vigilante called The Citizen. Previously targeting white-collar criminals who had bribed the police to escape justice, The Citizen’s efforts took a more revolutionary approach when he abducted a slum lord…and beheaded him with a guillotine after putting the man’s fate to a social media vote. When Oliver Queen became The Citizen’s next target for killing a young woman while drunk-driving and was abducted, somebody else had to save the day as the Green Arrow to protect Ollie’s life and secret identity.

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As Green Arrow #47 opens, Oliver Queen is trapped in an electric chair as The Citizen broadcasts to his followers, calling out Green Arrow for protecting the lives of one-percenters like Queen. Suddenly, the signal of the broadcast and the power to the chair is cut off, thanks to a carefully released EMP Arrow shot by a figure who looks like Green Arrow, save for a mask completely concealing their face under the hood.

The figure easily knocks out The Citizen, revealing herself to be Green Arrow’s girlfriend, Dinah Lance (aka Black Canary) under the mask.

There is some irony in this story, given the current storyline on Arrow, where a new Green Arrow has begun protecting Star City following Oliver Queen’s incarceration earlier this year. The mystery of the new Green Arrow’s identity has been a major plot point of Arrow‘s seventh season, and one early theory suggested that Black Siren – the evil alternate-Earth version of Laurel Lance – might have taken up Green Arrow’s mantle in a bid for redemption. This theory was later disproved by the episode “Due Process”, which confirmed that none of the main cast of Arrow were masquerading as the new Green Arrow.

Sadly, those Arrow-heads hoping to see Black Siren donning Green Arrow’s hood were disappointed. Still, Black Canary fans can take heart and know that their favorite heroine is still kicking butt and taking names in the pages of Green Arrow. Following this issue, it is clearer than ever why Oliver Queen says he “can’t live without his Pretty Bird… literally.”

Green Arrow #47 is now available from DC Comics.

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New Green Arrow Identity Revealed

Arrow finally reveals season 7’s new Green Arrow – and it’s someone who’s much closer to Oliver Queen that viewers may realize. Since Oliver Queen has been imprisoned for most of Arrow season 7 so far, and only recently got out in order to make sure he’s ready to face whatever comes next in the Arrowverse‘s 2018 crossover event, Elseworlds, another Green Arrow has been helping keep Star City and its citizens safe in the interim. But, that’s led to more questions than it has answers.

Throughout Arrow season 7, the mystery of who the new Green Arrow was has split the remaining members of Team Arrow, as some of them believed one of other Team Arrow members was taking up Oliver’s mantle in secret – but that didn’t turn out to be the case. Then it was believed that Oliver’s son, William Queen, returned from the future and followed in his father’s footsteps as the Green Arrow, which made sense considering that Arrow season 7’s flashforwards are hinting at a dystopian future. However, it turns out that the new Green Arrow’s real identity is something not many people expected, but is nevertheless an exciting twist.

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In Arrow season 7 episode 8, “Unmasked,” it’s revealed that the new Green Arrow is Emiko Queen (played by Sea Shimooka on Arrow), Oliver Queen’s half-sister from the comics. While her name isn’t explicitly mentioned, it’s clear who she is, and that is evidenced by Arrow season 7’s midseason premiere originally being titled “My Name is Emiko Queen,” before ultimately being changed to “Shattered Lives” after the first title leaked online.

Considering where “Unmasked” left off, it’s safe to assume that Emiko Queen is Robert Queen’s daughter, and is therefore still Oliver’s half-sister. For those that are unaware, in the comics, Emiko Queen is the daughter of Robert Queen and Shado, though since there’s no indication that Shado is her mother in the Arrowverse, it’s possible that she may have an entirely different mother, which may be revealed when Arrow returns in 2019.

Furthermore, in the comics, the character Komodo was Emiko’s guardian (which is why she was well-trained in archery), so it’s possible that the only reason she’s appearing in the Arrowverse now (and as the new Green Arrow) is because she’s finally discovered who her real parents are, which is what led to her assuming her brother’s superhero identity while he was in prison. With Elseworlds now taking over Arrow’s final episode of 2018, any question about the new Green Arrow’s identity will have to wait until next year.

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