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The Arrowverse has had a number of complex relationships and friendships across the various shows that it produces. A number of them have been symbols of true friendship and are really inspiring for viewers to watch.

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However, others have deeply floored in their relationships. Whether it’s based on their actions, villainous turns or perhaps the way in which they treat one another, there is a lack of trust within these friendships. Here are the best 5 and worst 5 friendships across the Arrowverse.


Oliver and the original Laurel were obviously incredibly close. After Oliver’s initial betrayal though, their relationship fell apart. Over time they learned to love one another again and also support each other as friends. Then, the original Laurel died.

Laurel from Earth 2 was brought in as the Black Siren. She has been somewhat redeemed since being part of Team Arrow but she is prepared to betray Oliver and isn’t exactly kind to him. There’s a lack of trust in that friendship that doesn’t add up or is worthy of the title at all.


The Legends are a strange family of misfits, heroes, and villains. They were put together in order to save time from Vandall Savage and have stayed together ever since. They are completely dysfunctional but that’s why they are so lovable.

They look after one another and any loss is a genuine blow to them. They live and work together on a day to day basis and they are a better team when their relationships are stronger. The team has been together for so long now we can’t imagine it ever disbanding.


Lena and Kara have a significant amount of distrust in their relationship. The duo started off on awkward footing because of the Luthor name and Kara’s secret identity. However, over the show’s history, they have become incredibly close.

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Despite all of this though, Lena finding out about the Supergirl secret has destroyed their friendship. Lena is now looking for ways to find revenge and is acting more like the Luthor that Kara was worried about. This ‘friendship’ is certainly on thin ice.


While the relationship between James and Kara never worked out, their friendship absolutely flourished. As the show has continued to develop into what we see today, the bond between these two journalists has only gotten stronger.

The duo has worked side by side as part of CatCo for some time. And although James has acted as Kara’s boss this doesn’t cause tension. Their frequent game nights are cute and James even suited up as Guardian in order to help out his best friend.


Harrison Wells has worn many faces. Some versions of the character portray him as a great friend to Team Flash. In one version, he even sacrificed himself in order to save Iris from Savitar. But the original Harrison Wells destroyed the trust in the Wells for some time.

The original Harrison acted like a mentor and a friend for a long time. He taught Barry how to be the Flash and Cisco and Caitlin knew him for even longer. When the villainous Reverse-Flash turn was revealed this showed just how fake this friendship actually was.


We briefly mentioned the bond that Caitlin and Cisco had with the original Harrison Wells. However, it’s worth pointing out that their own friendship goes way back, even before the idea of Team Flash was conceived, and before superpowers entered their lives.

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Together, these two intelligent characters have dealt with a number of traumas and life-changing decisions that perhaps only they can understand. Cisco’s loss of his brother, Caitlin’s relationship with her own father, Cisco choosing to remove his powers while Killer Frost took control. Their friendship is stronger due to all of the trauma they underwent.


Caitlin and Ramsey are a recently introduced friendship that fans were prone to reject immediately. The newest villain on the block is clearly not trustworthy nor is he honorable. It’s a shame that Caitlin lost a seemingly good friend.

We never knew much about this relationship, although it seems like they were close some time ago. The cancer that has ripped through Ramsey’s family has affected him deeply and perhaps he should have relied on this friendship more to get through these devastating times.


Diggle was introduced as the bodyguard to Oliver Queen after he’d returned from the deadly island. After ducking him so many times it was very clear that something was up with the billionaire playboy. Diggle sought to find out where he kept disappearing to.

After discovering The Hood’s secret, Diggle did the honorable thing and stepped up, eventually becoming Spartan and fighting the good fight against crime in Star City. The two leaders are perfectly suited to be friends with one another. They may argue sometimes, but their bond is a brotherhood.


Future team Arrow seems to suffer from many of the problems that the early team went through. Perhaps it’s because of their age or lack of experience, or maybe because of the recent loss within their team that has ripped them apart.

Mia, William and Connor’s friendships were never really built up outside of conflict. They have been constantly fighting since they met each other and they are yet to truly have time to breathe and get to know one another. It’s a much more dysfunctional group than the Legends.


Dinah and Rene have secretly been building the best friendship in all of the Arrowverse. The two have bonded through their work with Team Arrow and have always stood by each other, at times even in the face of their leader, Oliver Queen.

They, of course, suit up and fight crime alongside one another. But their families are also interconnected. Rene’s daughter eventually joins the Canaries, while Rene works as Mayor to Dinah’s police captain role. It’s a strong bond that’s been tested and improved throughout the course of the show.

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Arrowverse: The Best Dressed Characters, Ranked | ScreenRant

The Arrowverse has some of the best comic-accurate costumes ever put to screen. While some characters certainly could get a better wardrobe, there are many who absolutely embody the spirit of a superhero and wear the matching leather to prove it.

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The Arrowverse has now managed to bring in many major characters from the comics. While we assumed it would be difficult to achieve this, many of these costumes might even look better on screen. Here are 10 of the best-dressed characters in the Arrowverse, ranked.


Jimmy Olsen isn’t traditionally a superhero in the comics. He is usually a reporter and a photographer, a role he also fulfills when he’s not running around in a metal suit overnight. During the day, Olsen wears slick suits that show he’s always ready for his editorial position.

When suiting up as the Guardian, however, Olsen has one of the sleekest superhero costumes going. The grey color scheme isn’t the most imaginative, but the all body armor, cool helmet, and expandable shield make him a genuine threat on the battlefield.


John Constantine is the resident warlock in the Arrowverse. In the comics, he has a pretty striking look that artists usually stick to. They often don’t deviate from the standard long coat, white shirt and red tie and the Arrowverse doesn’t stray too far from this.

Not only does Constantine look effortlessly cool, but the brown coat is also actually quite useful for storing all sorts of magical items in. Despite the other Legends usually changing costume to fit in with the time period, John always maintains the same look and we can’t fault him for it.


Sara Lance started off her story in a black Canary costume that was pretty awesome. Other canaries have worn it better since then however; but Sara has come back with an even stronger look. When she’s not the captain of the Wave Rider, she is the White Canary.

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The White Canary costume strikes us a little like the White Black Widow costume that we will be getting very soon in the MCU. However, Sara wore it first and the attention to detail on the suit is absolutely fantastic. The white staff completes the look and makes this warrior deadly.


The Deathstroke costume is one that has always struck a chord with fans. The comics have had a few variations on the piece and the orange and black always pops on the page. The Arrowverse has put together the best version of that costume, although it’s evolved over time.

The original orange and black mask were especially cool but it has since evolved into an all body suit. The costume has now been worn by a few people including the son of Slade Wilson and now the Deathstroke gang. It’s clear the showrunners love it as much as we do.


Killer Frost has only just received a costume upgrade but it catapults her onto this list. Caitlin always had a great dress sense and the original Killer Frost costume adder a lot of flare to the character. It was clear by her clothes that she was cold, calculating and deadly.

Now with this newer suit, Frost comes across as a lot more heroic. Putting the killing days behind her, she is now an official member of team Flash and has the costume to prove it. The snowflake icon is now a calling card of heroism for this cold queen.


Oliver Queen has had quite a few resources at his disposal. The result of these is a number of different Green Arrow costumes that have really made the character feel iconic within the universe with the original Hood costume being practical and rugged.

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The vigilante then moved on to being called the Arrow. These early green costumes were more basic still, although they started to put together some of the elements that would finally make up the Green Arrow suit. The most recent suits are by far the best; both protecting Oliver’s identity and his body.


Jefferson Pierce had pretty much retired from the superhero life, so he wasn’t too happy to have to don a costume again. Luckily, his costume is one of the best in the Arrowverse and we can’t wait to see it alongside the other heroes in the Crisis crossover event.

The blue highlights on the black suit make the overall costume look stunning. The lightning bolts obviously sell the powers of the character but they also interact well with his skill set. The costume has inspired others in the universe and we’re glad the design is being used to the maximum.


We’re now onto the speedsters of this list and both of them have costumes that feel iconic as soon as the heroes wore them. The Kid Flash was a latecomer to the team, but Wally West quickly found his groove, becoming perhaps faster than the Flash himself.

The costume is the inverse of the Flash in many ways, with a yellow and red color scheme. The best part of this suit has the be the choice of logo and the way the headpiece allows for the top of his hair to pop out. It feels youthful yet heroic still.


Barry Allen has had many different costumes so far and thanks to Cisco’s designs he is one of the best-dressed heroes in all of the Arrowverse. His original costume immediately hit it out of the park and the concepts have only improved from there.

The red has been deepened as time has gone on and the logo has shifted slightly. The headpiece has improved massively and the suit can now even fit inside a little ring, which is a huge nod to the comics. Fans everywhere love this interpretation of the Flash costume.


The girl of steel is definitely the best dressed. While we were impressed by the Superman costume that the CW put together, Supergirl wore it better and first for viewers. Therefore, it’s her who should be getting the credit here and the costume has evolved to an even better place.

The original bright blue and red with the skirt was an amazing piece of design. Even the S logo stood out, with the bold front and centre approach winning over fans. The protective armor was a cool addition to the archives and now the pants version makes the character feel even fiercer.

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New Arrowverse Crisis on Infinite Earths Teasers | Screen Rant

A selection of new teasers has been released for the Arrowverse‘s upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. The ambitious adaptation was officially announced by Arrow star Stephen Amell in December of last year. Set to air over five hours, the crossover event will see Oliver Queen (Amell) and the members of Team Arrow once again unite with the heroes of The Flash and Supergirl to halt the malevolent machinations of the Anti-Monitor (LaMonica Garrett). Original Crisis on Infinite Earths author Marv Wolfman reportedly helped craft the episodes.

After sitting out the Elseworlds storyline last year, the cast of Legends of Tomorrow will be an integral part this time around. The newest addition to the Arrowverse – Ruby Rose’s Batwoman – will also return to play a role. For the first time ever the cast of fellow DC show, Black Lightning, will also be featured after previously occupying its own separate corner of The CW’s universe. They will be joined by Smallville‘s Tom Welling and Erica Durance, confirmed to be reprising their roles of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, respectively, as well as Tyler Hoechlin, who will return as the Earth-38 version of Superman. Brandon Routh will also don the famous red cape for the first time since Superman Returns, playing the Kingdom Come version of Superman. According to producer Greg Berlanti, all three versions of Superman will definitely appear on-screen together.

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Eager fans can now get an early look at the action courtesy of some newly released teasers, with one being released for each of the five included shows. Compiled into one video (embedded below) by TV Promos, each shares a similar element of the heroes being recruited by Lyla Michaels, aka Harbinger. Though the character’s codename was first teased in Arrow season 1, the true extent of her recently revealed association with The Monitor have thus far remained a secret from the other characters. That appears to have changed by the time of the first teaser. Dressed now in her own comic book-inspired costume, Harbinger emerges to recruit Barry Allen. As fans are braced that they are about to “witness the end of existence,” Barry makes a vow to Iris he will run home to her.

Harbinger then attempts to recruit the new Caped Crusader by declaring “there is no more time” and “the multiverse is in grave danger.” With the build-up to Crisis on Infinite Earths largely seen on The Flash and Arrow episodes, Batwoman, of course, has little idea to what Harbinger is referring. Batwoman still joins the fight, however, seemingly seen later declaring she’s fighting to put things right. The rest of the heroes are then rapidly brought into the fold – with Sara Lance, in true sardonic Legends of Tomorrow fashion, calling it “the joy zone.

In line with Crisis on Infinite Earths having Marvel-level spoiler protections, the promos successfully keep a lot in the dark beyond what is already known while promising some great action. It isn’t, however, without it’s ominously teasing imagery, including Superman’s cape hanging tattered on a pole. Nor is without a lot to get fans excited, including the first in-action look at Tom Cavanagh’s Pariah and numerous first encounters between various characters as he and Team Flash seemingly recruit an understandably anguished Black Lightning personally. While it remains to be seen whether Supergirl is right to be as optimistic as she seems, the promos will no doubt give fans a lot to talk about between now and the official release of the first Arrowverse crossover episode on December 8th.

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Source: TV Promos

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How The Arrowverse Will Look Different After Crisis On Infinite Earths

After Crisis on Infinite Earths ends, the Arrowverse will never be the same – and the franchise will look considerably different than it did before. Based on Marv Wolfman and George Pérez’s 12-issue comic from 1985, Crisis on Infinite Earths is expected to start the next generation of the Arrowverse after the crossover, since it will present the Earth’s heroes with a threat that can wipe out the entire Multiverse itself.

Since they announced Crisis on Infinite Earths to be the 2019 crossover, the creative team behind the franchise has taken extended time to develop the 5-hour saga. With the story putting the entire Multiverse in danger, DC TV shows from the past and present are uniting for the highly anticipated event. Characters from Smallville , Birds of Prey, and more are uniting on-screen for the first time ever. It’s a generational event, but the implications of combining all these universes are more profound than people may realize.

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Previous Arrowverse crossovers have helped bridge stories, characters, and universes together, but never to the same extent that Crisis on Infinite Earths plans to do. So in the end, Crisis on Infinite Earths will reshape the Arrowverse as it is today and will look entirely different, not only because some shows are ending but also because of how the story is set up.

Crisis on Infinite Earths will mark the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one for the Arrowverse. The crossover will be bittersweet in more ways than one as it coincides with the final season of Arrow. One of the biggest effects that Crisis on Infinite Earths will come with is how it affects the Arrowverse’s line-up of shows. With the conclusion of Arrow, The CW is already in the process of developing two new Arrowverse series for next season. Keeping the Arrow in the Arrowverse alive, a female team-up show is in the works featuring Mia Smoak (Katherine McNamara), Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy), and Dinah Drake (Juliana Harkavy). As of now, the project is currently using Green Arrow and the Canaries as a title that will see Mia take on her father’s legacy as the Green Arrow.

But that is only one of the two series that The CW is working on as the network is expanding its presence of the House of El. After appearing in several episodes of Supergirl, Hoechlin is committing to The CW full-time as a Superman and Lois spinoff is in early development. Hoechlin will reunite with his co-star Elizabeth Tulloch who will reprise her role as Lois Lane following her Arrowverse debut in the Elseworlds crossover. The project will follow Clark and Lois’ lives as they deal with their lives as parents. After Lois and Clark revealed that they were expecting a child in Elseworlds, Crisis on Infinite Earths will reportedly feature their son. Whether or not the child will be Jon Kent, he will serve as a main character in Superman and Lois.

Crisis on Infinite Earths will play a role in one way or another for both of the spinoffs. If Green Arrow and the Canaries and Superman and Lois both get ordered to series, it would give The CW a total of seven DC shows next season. Presuming that the five current ones all get renewed, the network would be setting a new record for themselves. But in addition to all this, it means that Arrow won’t be leading the way as the flagship Arrowverse series.

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The core element of the iconic Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline is how it changed the role the Multiverse had in DC’s continuity. Arrow and The Flash have been using their new seasons to start building up towards the crossover by showcasing the danger that the Multiverse is in. The season premiere of Arrow saw Earth-2destroyed by a wave of anti-matter, demonstrating that the Crisis has already begun. The second episode of The Flash season 6 had Barry (Grant Gustin) witness a billion timelines of the Crisis. Throughout “A Flash of the Lightning”, Barry sees the Multiverse be destroyed in every timeline except for one. The timeline where they managed to stop the Crisis is the one where The Flash dies. Not only is Barry destined to die in the Crisis, but so is Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell). Whether or not they actually do die remains to be seen.

What is just as important, though, is what will happen to the Earths that viewers have seen in the last few years. Currently, Supergirl and Black Lightning exist on their own respective Earths in the Multiverse. With both shows getting involved with the 5-hour event, viewers should expect those shows to be most affected by the Crisis. In order to make crossovers easier for future seasons, the Crisis will most likely merge Supergirl and Black Lightning’s worlds together with Earth-1, the main universe of the Arrowverse. With Black Lightning still filming in Atlanta, Georgia, and not in Vancouver, Canada, like the other Arrowverse shows, regular crossovers might still be limited. However, having Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) and the rest of the Freeland characters on Earth-1 after the Crisis is still very likely.

Even if the Black Lightning characters wouldn’t be seen often on the other shows, references and archive footage can still work if they’re all on the same Earth. For Supergirl, it’s almost a given that Earth-38 is merging with Earth-1, especially with the news of the Superman and Lois series. In regards to other series/Earths merging with Earth-1, such as the DC Universe shows Titans, Doom Patrol or Stargirl, chances of that happening are slim to none.

Crisis on Infinite Earths, as a whole, will allow for new shows to get seeded, worlds to get merged, and a new phase of the Arrowverse to begin. But the crossover will likely have bigger effects than just those factors. Having existed since 2012, Arrowverse will be able to use Crisis on Infinite Earths to extend to the longevity of the franchise. Longtime viewers may start to see in the next few years the overall continuity being altered as a result of the Crisis. The Arrowverse has been a massive success for The CW with the network having access to several big DC Comics IPs. It shouldn’t shock anyone that the network will want to keep this universe around for as long as possible. This crossover can, essentially, soft reboot the DC TV universe that will benefit current and new shows in the long run. For the veterans, Crisis on Infinite Earths could certainly allow the current shows to go on for a bit longer by getting a fresh slate, in a matter of speaking.

It doesn’t have to be through major retcons, but to use this crossover as a way to change how they tell their stories across a 22-episode season. But it wouldn’t be unheard of if certain character dynamics or histories got changed as a result of the Crisis. For new shows that will come, the Crisis allows future creative teams to shape their series in refreshing ways as a way to add new layers to the Arrowverse. What’s more, with so many DC TV shows joining the franchise – from Smallville to Birds of Prey – this means that the Arrowverse is now bigger than ever. Characters who’ve appeared on Smallville before could, theoretically, reappear in the Arrowverse in the future. Who knows, perhaps after they defeat the Anti-Monitor, the universe’s heroes will take on Darkseid.

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Arrowverse Is Fulfilling Crisis On Infinite Earths’ Original Goal

The Arrowverse‘s upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths event will fulfill the comic book story’s original goal. The Arrowverse has been setting up Crisis on Infinite Earths ever since The Flash‘s season 1 premiere, and it promises to redefine The CW’s slate. Shows will live, shows will die, and the Arrowverse will never be the same again.

The DCTV event is inspired by a classic comic book miniseries by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez, which kicked off in 1985. It saw the Anti-Monitor begin destroying realities with a wave of antimatter, with the greatest heroes from across the Multiverse assembling to confront the threat. Despite surprisingly limited marketing, Crisis on Infinite Earths was a bestseller; it’s generally credited as having saved DC Comics, a company that had been struggling at the time. Many of the series’ central events – such as Barry Allen’s sacrifice and Supergirl’s death – have established their place in comic book history.

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The comic book Crisis really had three goals – and the Arrowverse event looks set to hit the exact same targets. Firstly, in the comics, Crisis was envisioned as a celebration of everything DC had ever done. Wolfman and Pérez crafted a story that incorporated countless different versions of DC heroes, from comic book genres as esoteric as sci-fi and Westerns. In exactly the same way, the Arrowverse’s Crisis appears to be a celebration of decades’ worth of DCTV shows. Shows like Birds of Prey and Smallville are being incorporated into the Arrowverse’s Multiverse, while the event will see a number of classic actors return to the DC fold; their numbers include Kevin Conroy (Batman: The Animated Series) and Burt Ward (Robin in the 1960s Batman series).

Marv Wolfman was originally inspired to write Crisis on Infinite Earth when he received confused fan-mail from a reader who was trying to understand the comic book publisher’s continuity. Wolfman realized that decades of relaunches had left the continuity a mess, and he resolved to deal with the problem once and for all by penning a tale of Multiversal destruction. The scale was grander than anything DC had ever published before, and it was seen as a risk; but Wolfman successfully persuaded editors that it was a necessary step to straighten the continuity out, effectively relaunch the entire comic book range, and create new opportunities for team-ups and crossovers.

Again, the Arrowverse’s Crisis on Infinite Earths looks set to fulfill the same kind of purposes. It’s generally believed that the end-goal of Crisis is bringing the different Arrowverse worlds together, meaning Supergirl‘s Earth will be merged with Arrow‘s, creating new crossover and team-up opportunities. The story will mark the end of the classic Arrowverse, with Stephen Amell bowing out as Oliver Queen, but will relaunch it in a new incarnation that could include brand new shows starring the Canaries and Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman. There’s a perfect symmetry to this; just as in the comics, Crisis on Infinite Earths celebrates everything that has been done to date – but also marks a new beginning.

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5 DC Characters That the DCAU Nailed (& 5 That The Arrowverse Did Better)

While Marvel may be killing it on the big screen, DC has been the undisputed king of TV for quite some time now. Ever since shows like Batman: The Animated Series first debuted, Warner Brothers Animation has continued to produce some incredibly high quality content featuring some of the world’s greatest heroes. From there, DC has also built a largely successful universe of their own with live-action shows like Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl

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For years now, the shows on The CW network have been some of the most celebrated superhero shows out there. With so many different interpretations at hand, fans have many different versions of characters to enjoy. Since the DCAU and the Arrowverse are some of the largest universe’s DC has built on TV, here is our list of 5 characters that the DCAU nailed, and 5 that the Arrowverse did better.

10 Batman (DCAU)

While Batman has actually yet to appear on the CW’s Arrowverse, there is still confirmation that he exists within it. Not only has he been alluded to several times on Arrow alone, but the recent Batwoman TV pilot confirms that the Dark Knight was around. Though it may seem a bit unfair to judge the two versions in this regard, the DCAU still did Batman better.

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Though his absence is currently a mystery within the Arrowverse, it doesn’t make much sense for Batman to simply up and vanish from Gotham City. Furthermore, Batman’s portrayal by Kevin Conroy in Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League: Unlimited, are easily some of the most celebrated interpretations of the Dark Knight. Even after factoring Christopher nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy into the mix, some fans will still say that they prefer the animated version. As a result, it is pretty clear that the DCAU did better with Batman.

9 Hawkgirl (Arrowverse)

After she was first introduced, the Arrowverse’s version of Hawkgirl did take awhile to grow into her own as a character. After a tedious amount of character development on The Flash, Hawkgirl finally began to spread her wings (literally) and become a version of the character that was a bit closer to her comic book counterpart. 

Though she is no longer part of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, the amount of growth she did has arguably made her a stronger character than the DCAU’s Hawkgirl. Though this version of the character isn’t perfectly in line with the comics, she is still more relevant to the Arrowverse than she is to the DCAU.

8 Superman (DCAU)

Like with Batman, Superman’s portrayal in the DCAU really understood what the character is all about. Actor Tim Daly does an excellent job voicing the character and the showrunners also captured a lot of classic story elements from Superman’s history.

While Tyler Hoechlin still does a great job as the Man of Steel, his performance doesn’t actually do much to distinguish him from others who have played the part. Granted, he only appears every so often, but it is still safe to say that the DCAU has done a better job thus far. Hopefully, Hoechlin will really get a chance to make his mark with the upcoming Superman and Lois TV series.

7 Black Canary (Arrowverse)

Of course, with several versions of Black Canary to choose from, it makes sense that the Arrowverse would have done her better. Granted, the DCAU actually did a fantastic job of portraying a more light-hearted side of her relationship with Green Arrow. However, with many different versions of her in the Arrowverse, fans at least have other things to choose from.

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Despite the changes made to Black Canary’s role in the comics, the Arrowverse has still found a way to make every interpretation into a compelling character. While this may not be the most accurate portrayal of the character, it is still an incredibly challenging feat to pull off. Though the DCAU may have a more accurate representation, Black Canary is far more relevant to the larger DC Universe within the Arrowverse.

6 Vandal Savage (DCAU)

Vandal Savage is easily one of the deadliest villains that DC has to offer. As an immortal being, Savage’s evil plots are incredibly difficult to put a permanent end to. Likewise, though both platforms did a great job with the character, the DCAU still did a better job with the character overall.

The Arrowverse actually used Savage far longer than the DCAU ever did, and yet the DCAU still managed to capture a version of Savage that is far more faithful to the comics. While the premise of the two versions remain the same, Savage felt like a much weaker character within the confines of the Arrowverse. Though he did better as a main villain, a lot of his initial story felt overly stretched out in the beginning, proving that the DCAU once again truly understands DC lore.

5 Atom (Arrowverse)

Brandon Routh has done a phenomenal job as Ray Palmer for the last several years. The actor captures a great sense of humor along with the pure brilliance that is typically associated with Palmer. Furthermore, he is actually very close to The Atom’s portrayal within the DCAU.

Like with Canary though, Atom is far more relevant within the Arrowverse. Likewise, he is utilized far more often. Since his portrayal is fairly close to the animated version, Atom has definitely received better treatment within the Arrowverse.

4 Huntress (DCAU)

Huntress actually appeared briefly on both Arrow and Justice League: Unlimited. However, she just seemed to work so much better in Justice League: Unlimited. In the DCAU, she was typically seen alongside The Question. 

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Despite the two’s different personalities, they actually made for an incredibly great pairing. The few episodes featuring the duo are both incredibly well done. Though her portrayal within Arrow still works within the character’s comic book history, something about it just doesn’t quite measure up to what she did in the DCAU.

3 Flash (Arrowverse)

While many people enjoy Michael Rosenbaum’s classic take on Wally West in the DCAU, Grant Gustin has definitely earned his role as The Flash in the Arrowverse. Despite being two different versions of the character entirely, Grant and the supporting cast of The Flash have managed to carry the entire solo series for 6 seasons now.

Though he was still a major part of the DCAU, Flash still felt like a supporting character. The CW series has also done a lot of good with the source material, finding new ways to do their own thing while still pulling inspiration from the books. Overall, despite its faults, Arrowverse’s Flash is arguably much better than the one in the DCAU.

2 Lex Luthor (DCAU)

John Cryer actually did a surprisingly good job as Lex Luthor within the Arrowverse. However, much like with Kevin Conroy’s Batman, Clancy Brown’s Lex Luthor is easily one of the best interpretations of the character around. Brown’s version of the Superman villain captured just the right balance of sophisticated and insane that Lex is in the comics.

Furthermore, seeing the villain have far more influence than he did on Supergirl also helps his case. Like Hoechlin’s Superman, Cryer will hopefully get another chance to continue playing the villain. However, he will likely continue to have trouble measuring up to the work that Clancy Brown did.

1 Green Arrow (Arrowverse)

Considering how the Arrowverse is named after him, it would make sense that Green Arrow would have received better treatment in the Arrowverse than in the DCAU. While Arrow was initially criticized for its darker and grittier approach to the character, it still became one of the most popular shows on the network. 

Furthermore, Mike Grell’s run with the character also took a darker approach to Oliver Queen, giving the show a lot of inspiration. Though it has deviated more and more from the comics with time, Arrow still shows exactly what a character like Oliver Queen can do in a world with superpowered beings. While it may not be the most accurate portrayal ever, Arrow still did a lot of good for the character overall.

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Every DC TV Show That’s Now Arrowverse Canon (Thanks To Crisis)

The 2019 Arrowverse crossover event, Crisis on Infinite Earths, is slowly establishing that many of the classic television series based on DC Comics’ books are part of the same shared universe and are now considered canon. In this the television event is growing to resemble the comic book miniseries that inspired it, which took the dozens of realities making up DC Comics’ multiverse and joined its characters together in an epic battle for the fate of all reality.

As the air-date of Crisis on Infinite Earths approaches, more and more revelations are coming to light regarding how far the producers of the Arrowverse are going to link as many DC TV shows into the event as possible, despite the difficulties in scheduling actors and the legal pitfalls involved in moving characters across production companies and rival networks. One such effort would have brought actor Cameron Cuffe, who plays Superman’s grandfather Seg-El on the Syfy Channel series Krypton, into Crisis as an active participant. Unfortunately, scheduling issues prevented Cuffe from appearing in Crisis on Infinite Earths, which would’ve allowed Seg-El to meet three different versions of his grandson.

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Rumors are running rampant as to what heroes might show up and what other shows might yet be introduced into Crisis, with the original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, apparently in talks to reprise her role as Diana Prince. Likewise, Burt Ward, who played Robin in the 1966 Batman series, has joined Crisis on Infinite Earths, but there’s no indication of what character he is playing. And he’s not the only one coming back, as there are plenty of characters from various shows making the jump to the Arrowverse.

The Flash (1990)

The road to Crisis On Infinite Earths began with the 2018 Arrowverse crossover Elseworlds. It was here that the Earth of the 1990 The Flash series, which aired for one season on CBS, was confirmed to be part of the Arrowverse and designated as Earth-90. John Wesley Shipp reprised his role as Earth-90’s version of Barry Allen/The Flash, who was apparently the sole survivor after a cosmic being known as The Monitor tested the heroes of Earth-90 and found them wanting, condemning them to oblivion. Before his Earth could be completely destroyed, however, this Flash was able to run fast enough to travel between worlds and deliver a warning to the heroes of Earth-1 that their Earth would be the next to be tested.

Shipp has been confirmed as appearing in Crisis on Infinite Earths, though it is unclear what role he will play. The fate of Earth-90’s Barry Allen was uncertain following Elseworlds, so it is possible he could return in that role. It is also possible that Shipp might be reprising the role of Jay Garrick, the Flash of Earth-3, who was last seen contemplating retirement in The Flash, season 4, episode 15, “Enter Flashtime.” It’s also possible that Shipp could be portraying an entirely different Flash from another Earth entirely; perhaps one where Dr. Henry Allen (a third role Shipp has played) became The Flash instead of his son.

It is also possible that this Barry Allen may not be the only refugee of Earth-90 to appear in Crisis on Infinite Earths. When he met the heroes of Earth-1, this Flash commented that John Diggle wasn’t wearing his ring. This seemed to be a nod to a fan theory that John Diggle was Earth-1’s version of  Green Lantern John Stewart. The theory was seemingly confirmed later during Arrow season 7, when it was revealed that Digg’s step-father had the surname Stewart. While it has yet to be confirmed that David Ramsey might appear as some version of John Diggle or John Stewart that is armed with a Green Lantern ring as part of Crisis, now would be the time if it were ever going to happen.

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Black Lightning

First airing on The CW in January 2018, Black Lightning was intentionally separated from the Arrowverse at large. One part was because the series was originally being developed for Fox and the other part due to showrunner Salim Akil‘s desire to “create our own world” and be free of the need to coordinate with the other Arrowverse showrunners. Indeed, Akil had designs on creating his own universe, yet the show still dropped some playful references to Arrowverse heroines like Supergirl and Vixen.

Despite this, Black Lightning star Cress Williams will be appearing in Crisis on Infinite Earths as The CW’s version of Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning. However, it is unclear precisely how this version of Black Lightning will be brought into the fight and how he will react to the idea of an entire universe full of metahumans, given the relative scarcity and secretive nature of super-powered people on his Earth. The most popular theory is that Jefferson may be recruited by Oliver Queen, who it is believed will be traveling the multiverse in Arrow season 8, seeking allies to help him and The Monitor in the coming battle. After Crisis, however, it seems likely Jefferson will return home and remain on his own Earth, unless all of the CW shows are merged into one reality as a result of Crisis on Infinite Earth‘s ending.

Batman Beyond

While Crisis on Infinite Earth is not expected to have any sequences where animated characters will fight alongside their live-action counterparts, a la Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the DC Animated Universe will still be represented. Actor Kevin Conroy, best known as the voice of Batman in countless cartoons and video games, will be playing Bruce Wayne in Crisis on Infinite Earths, thus marking the first time that he’s portrayed the character in live-action. Given that, Conroy will likely be playing an older, retired version of Batman, similar to the character he voiced in the animated series Batman Beyond.


Fans of Smallville have been clamoring for a crossover with the Arrowverse for years and it seems they are finally getting their wish. Both Tom Welling and Erica Durance, who played Clark Kent and Lois Lane in the long-running Superman prequel, have been signed to reprise their roles for Crisis on Infinite Earths. It is unlikely they’ll be sticking around in the Arrowverse after the event, however, given their commitment to other projects and Michael Rosenbaum’s lack of interest in returning as Lex Luthor. Fans are hopeful, however, that they will finally get to see Tom Welling in his Superman suit.

Birds Of Prey

Set in an alternate future, Birds of Prey saw Gotham City threatened by a new wave of metahuman criminals the police were ill-equipped to handle. Thankfully, the city had a new protector in the form of Helena Kyle (aka The Huntress) – the daughter of Batman and Catwoman, who had developed metahuman powers that gave her enhanced agility, super-strength, a danger-sense, night-vision, and an accelerated healing factor. Helena was joined in her battle by a young telepath named Dinah, her father’s butler, Alfred Pennyworth, and her foster mother, Barbara Gordon, who continued to fight crime as the hacker Oracle after being forced to retire as Batgirl.

Helena Kyle’s Ashley Scott is joining Crisis on Infinite Earths. Nothing has been said about the rest of the Birds of Prey cast appearing, which is surprising as Dina Meyer’s portrayal of Oracle was widely considered to be one of the best aspects of the series. It is unknown if there are any further plans for the character following Crisis, but Helena Kyle would be a natural inclusion to the upcoming Arrow spinoff series focused on the future of Star City and the all-female vigilante team protecting it.

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Arrowverse & Kingdom Come Superman Unite In Crisis Image

Arrowverse star Brandon Routh has given fans double vision, with a new Crisis on Infinite Earths photo featuring his and Tyler Hoechlin’s versions of Superman side-by-side. The acclaimed comic book storyline was first published in 1985 and concluded in 1986. The ambitious adaptation was officially announced by Arrow star Stephen Amell in December of last year. Set to air over five hours, the crossover event will see Oliver Queen (Amell) and the members of Team Arrow once again unite with the heroes of The Flash and Supergirl to halt the malevolent machinations of the Anti-Monitor (LaMonica Garrett). Original Crisis on Infinite Earths author Marv Wolfman reportedly helped craft the episodes.

The firmly established heroes will be joined by Ruby Rose’s Batwoman and, for the first time, the heroes of Black Lightning. After sitting out last year’s Elseworld‘s crossover, the time-traveling crew of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will also join the fray. After debuting as Ray Palmer in Arrow season 3, Routh has since traveled with the Legends for each of their four seasons. Though it was announced that he’ll leave the show in season 5, he’ll first play dual roles in the crossover. As well as Ray (aka. The Atom), Routh will portray Kingdom Come Superman – donning the famous red cape for the first time since 2006’s Superman Returns. He won’t be the only Man of Steel on the block, however, with Tyler Hoechlin reprising his role as the Arrowverse‘s inaugural Superman and Tom Welling confirmed to be returning as the Smallville version of the character.

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With filming officially underway on the highly-anticipated production, a number of behind-the-scenes images have started to emerge. The latest comes courtesy of Routh himself, who took to Instagram to once again reveal himself in full costume – complete with the more unique S-symbol and extra grey in his hair. This time, however, he’s also joined by Hoechlin, who’s also in full costume. Even more, they can both be seen in front of a logo for the Daily Planet – the fictional newspaper for which Clark Kent famously works. Check out the full image in the space below:

It’s unclear which version’s Daily Planet they are housed in. Based on the fact Kindgom Come Superman, in the comics, has spent a decade in exile, it’s most likely Hoechlin’s. Routh previously shared an image of himself recreating an iconic pose from the original Kingdom Come comic storyline. Elsewhere, Erica Durance, who’ll return to her role of Smallville‘s Lois Lane for the crossover, posted a photo of her and Welling back in character. For every familiar face set to pop up over the course of the momentous event, there are also those who’ll likely not be making an appearance. Fellow Smallville star Michael Rosenbaum recently confirmed that he turned down an offer to once more play Lex Luthor.

Fans, however, continue to remain highly excited for what’s to come. Such behind the scenes photos are no doubt adding to the fever pitch. Another recent image showed Elizabeth Tulloch’s Lois Lane nestled between Hoechlin and Welling’s versions of Clark Kent. Routh’s newest one will assuredly continue that trend, and leave fans eager now to see the first image of all three versions of Superman standing together. Though plot details are being kept firmly under wraps, Amell recently declared that even the synopsis shocked him. Whatever the case, though, it’s looking more and more like a great time to be a Superman fan.

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Crisis on Infinite Earths will begin on The CW on December 8.

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Smallville & Arrowverse Superman Actors Unite In Crisis Crossover Photo

The Arrowverse‘s upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event is the gift that keeps on giving, as Elizabeth Tulloch shares a photo of her with Superman actors Tyler Hoechlin and Tom Welling (Smallville). The CW first teased Crisis on Infinite Earths nearly a year ago, during the Elseworlds crossover that united ArrowSupergirl, and The Flash. This year’s event is even more ambitious, as it will feature characters from all three shows, plus Legends of TomorrowBatwoman, and Black Lightning. The Arrowverse will air three episodes of the event this December, with the remaining two airing in January. The crossover is expected to have massive implications for all of its shows, especially Arrow and The Flash.

Though Crisis on Infinite Earths will feature several exciting guest stars, Tulloch, Hoechlin, Welling, and Erica Durance have received quite a bit of attention for their roles. Tulloch and Hoechlin are the Arrrowverse’s Lois Lane and Clark Kent. They last appeared in Elseworlds, where Superman left Earth to his cousin Supergirl’s care. Meanwhile, Welling and Durance played the same characters on Smallville, which ran from 2001-2011. The crossover will also feature a third Superman, as the Arrowverse’s own Brandon Routh suits up as the Kingdom Come version of the character. Routh usually plays Ray Palmer/the Atom on Legends of Tomorrow after being introduced on Arrow.

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On Instagram, Tulloch posted the photo with Welling and Hoechlin earlier today. In it, all three are seen on the Kent Farm. Tulloch captioned the photo “Lois and Clarks.” Last week, Durance posted a similar photo of her reunion with Welling, which also looked like it was on the Kent Farm. Welling’s wearing the same outfit in both photos, suggesting they’re from the same scene. Though Routh’s Superman hasn’t appeared in photos with any actors playing Superman or Lois, The CW shared a solo photo of him in his new superhero duds. Routh previously played Superman in 2006’s Superman Returns. Check out Tulloch’s Crisis on Infinite Earths photo below:

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Lois and Clarks 💓

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Like Tulloch and Hoechlin, many of the actors guest-starring in Crisis on Infinite Earths are Arrowverse returnees. Jon Cryer will reprise his role as Lex Luthor after playing the villain last season on Supergirl. LaMonica Garrett will also return as The Monitor, the de facto leader of the crossover. He appeared in Elseworlds to inform Oliver Queen about the crisis to come. He also showed up in several season finales this spring, most notably Arrow‘s. There, he came to collect on the deal Oliver made with him during Elseworlds to save Barry Allen and Kara Danvers. Garrett will also play the villainous Anti-Monitor, though that character hasn’t been glimpsed yet.

Until now, it wasn’t known for sure which characters would interact during Crisis on Infinite Earths, including the different versions of Superman and Lois Lane. Tulloch’s behind-the-scenes photo suggests it’s at least a possibility, since she, Welling, and Hoechlin were all on set at the same time and in the same location. If the Smallville and Arrowverse characters appear onscreen together, it seems likely that Routh’s Superman may too. Even one shot with all five characters seems like too good of an opportunity for the Arrowverse to pass up.

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Every Arrowverse Crossover Ranked (Ahead Of Crisis On Infinite Earths)

The Arrowverse has had several crossovers already, and ranking them is no easy task. The CW’s shared superhero universe officially kicked off when The Flash joined the flagship series, Arrow, in 2014. The next series, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, gave a new home to the Arrowverse’s many outcast heroes and villains while opening up time travel. In 2016, Supergirl jumped from CBS and joined the Arrowverse and, in 2019, Batwoman becomes the latest series in the pantheon as Arrow enters its eighth and final season.

The Arrowverse has become so expansive that Crisis On Infinite Earths is expected to be a reckoning for the Multiverse. Based on the 1985 DC Comics mega-event, Crisis On Infinite Earths promises to end worlds and could possibly meld the Arrowverse together as one cohesive universe. But by the time Crisis On Infinite Earths comes around, the Arrowverse’s superheroes, led by the Trinity of Green Arrow (Stephen Amell), The Flash (Grant Gustin), and Supergirl (Melissa Benoist), have accumulated a ton of experience jumping Earths for team-ups and saving the universe. Indeed, the supporting casts of all of Arrowverse’s series have met each other, become friends, and, when called upon, can combine their myriad talents and abilities to battle whatever supervillain or alien conquerors that come calling. But, this being the Arrowverse, sometimes, they just get together to sing and dance.

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Whether it’s an all-hands-on-deck assembly of every superhero or just Supergirl and the Flash joining together for a team-up by themselves, the Arrowverse’s crossovers are not only a calling card of their shared universe but they’re DC TV’s equivalent to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While there’s really no bad Arrowverse crossover, here they are ranked worst to best.

7. Heroes Join Forces (2015)

Heroes Join Forces was what the two-part crossover in the 8th episodes of The Flash season 2 and Arrow season 4 was dubbed. Also known by the episode titles “Legends of Today”/”Legends of Yesterday”, the crossover sets up the debut of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Hawkman (Falk Hentschel), Hawkgirl (Ciara Renée), and their immortal enemy Vandal Savage (Casper Crump) are introduced, as is the history of Savage killing the Hawks throughout time so that they can reincarnate. Jax Jackson (Franz Drameh) also debuts as the new half joining Martin Stein (Victor Garber) as Firestorm. Another important figure introduced is Oliver Queen’s young son William.

While jam-packed with DC Comics heroes, the 2015 crossover is usually forgotten since Legends of Tomorrow season 1 is poorly regarded overall. In addition, many of the key characters here, like Hawkman and Hawkgirl, were unpopular and have been banished from the Arrowverse.

6. Flash Vs. Arrow (2014)

After Barry Allen debuted in Arrow season 2 and Oliver Queen paid it back by appearing in The Flash‘s pilot, Flash Vs. Arrow is the first official crossover in the Arrowverse. However, it’s actually two episodes: The Flash episode 8 “Flash Vs. Arrow” and Arrow episode 8 “The Brave and the Bold” featured separate storylines involving The Rainbow Raider attacking Central City and Captain Boomerang running amok in Starling City. The fun of Flash Vs. Arrow was Team Flash and Team Arrow venturing to each other’s city and meeting for the first time, which established the Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes)/Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) dream team and introduced John Diggle’s (David Ramsey) extreme discomfort at the fact that metahumans like the Flash now exist in the world.

Flash Vs. Arrow solidified the mutual respect/rivalry between Barry and Oliver as the Arrowverse’s Big Two, which culminated in their Rocky III-inspired showdown to find out which of them was really the better superhero. Most importantly, Flash Vs. Arrow proved the Arrowverse is a cohesive a shared universe and opened up the tantalizing possibilities to come.

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5. Elseworlds (2018)

The 2018 crossover spanned Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl but it was the Arrowverse’s most ambitious event yet. Elseworlds busily introduced  Jeremy Davies as John Deegan and LaMonica Garrett as The Monitor, who used the Book of Destiny to test and destroy worlds in the Multiverse for the upcoming Crisis. Oliver Queen and Barry Allen switched bodies, forcing them to take on each other’s superhero identities, and only Supergirl could see the truth. What’s more, Elseworlds brought back Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) and introduced Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch), the Kent Farm from Smallville, and the evil Black Suit Superman for the heroes to fight, plus John Wesley Shipp’s version of The Flash also makes an appearance. If that isn’t enough, the second hour took the heroes to Gotham City and introduced Batwoman (Ruby Rose) and the supervillains imprisoned in Arkham Asylum, setting up the new Batwoman series.

By trying to accomplish so much, Elseworlds was jam-packed with characters and superhero action but it didn’t quite all gel together as a satisfyingly cohesive story, despite the excellent work by Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin, who amusingly played the Flash and Green Arrow, respectively. Ultimately, bigger didn’t mean better and Elseworlds ends up as the chaotic bridge that leads to the conclusion of Arrow and 2019’s Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover.

4. Invasion! (2017)

Inspired by the 1989 DC Comics event, Invasion! united Team Flash, Team Arrow, and the Legends of Tomorrow while bringing Supergirl to Earth-1 for the first time after her series jumped from CBS to The CW. Together, the superheroes battled an invasion by the alien Dominators, but the middle portion was also Arrow‘s 100th episode, which brought back Arrow‘s dead characters like Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance and Susanna Thompson as Moira Queen in a dream reality created by the aliens. Meanwhile, the characters were dealing with the new status quo that emerged from Barry altering the timeline after he created the Flashpoint reality, so that Cisco’s brother was dead and John Diggle’s daughter became his son.

Still, seeing Supergirl interact with her fellow superheroes for the first time was a delight, capped off by the Arrowverse acknowledging Brandon Routh’s time playing Superman for the first time – which will pay off when the actor portrays Kingdom Come Superman in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Invasion! also debuted the abandoned STAR Labs hangar that resembles the Super Friends’ Hall of Justice and made it clear that, with Supergirl readily available to cross over from her Earth-38, that the Arrowverse was truly a Multiverse.

3. Duet (2017)

Duet took place in a single episode of The Flash season 3 but it also involved Supergirl, Mon-El (Christopher Wood), and J’onn J’onzz (David Harewood), as well as Legends of Tomorrow‘s Victor Garber and Arrow‘s John Barrowman. After an alien called the Music Meister (Darren Criss) leaves Supergirl in a coma, he escapes to Earth-1 and does the same to the Flash – which traps both Barry Allen and Kara Danvers into a dream reality that has the rules of a 1930s gangster musical. Duet delightfully takes full advantage of Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin being former cast members on Glee but also showcases the musical talents of the Arrowverse actors who have appeared on Broadway, like Carlos Valdes, Jesse L. Martin, Jeremy Jordan, as well as Garber and Barrowman.

A heartfelt exploration of love that examines the complicated relationships between Kara/Mon-El and Barry/Iris West (Candice Patton), Duet is one of the finest musical episodes of a TV series ever made. This is thanks to the songwriting teams behind La La Land and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but Duet also proved the fate of the universe didn’t have to be at stake to have a thoroughly enjoyable Arrowverse crossover.

2. World’s Finest (2016)

Supergirl season 1 was originally on CBS so the Flash joining her on Earth-38 for an episode was the first-ever dual-network crossover in the Arrowverse that also established the Girl of Steel as part of The CW’s Multiverse – and this set the stage for Supergirl to jump to The CW for season 2. Crucially, World’s Finest is an immensely entertaining superhero team-up that showcased the winning interplay between Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin. When the Flash accidentally jumped to Earth-38, he meets Kara Zor-El and her CatCo workmates, including a jealous James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks), Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan), and Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart).

Supergirl’s enemies Silver Banshee (Italia Ricci) and Live Wire (Brit Morgan) also teamed up to take on the Girl of Steel and the Scarlet Speedster, who amusingly one-up each other with their crimefighting methods. More important is how smoothly Gustin’s Barry and Benoist’s Kara mesh as their real identities and together, they opened the door for Supergirl to fully join the Arrowverse and take her place alongside Flash and Green Arrow as part of the Trinity.

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1. Crisis On Earth-X (2017)

Spanning all four series, Crisis On Earth-X is the gold standard of Arrowverse crossovers, made all the more impressive by the fact that it aired at the same time Justice League was in theaters and The CW’s event was, by far, the better and more satisfying DC Comics super team-up adventure. When all of the superheroes gathered in Central City for Barry and Iris’ wedding, they are attacked by their Nazi doppelgangers from Earth-X led by Dark Arrow (Stephen Amell), Overgirl (Melissa Benoist), and the Reverse-Flash (Tom Cavanaugh). The Nazi villains attempt to kidnap Supergirl and steal her heart to replace the dying Overgirl’s and this results in the superheroes being trapped in the brutal world of Earth-X and having to fight their way back home.

Martin Stein heroically sacrificed his life to save his fellow heroes, which lent the crossover genuine stakes, and the final battle between the superheroes and the Nazi army of Earth-X is one of the best showdowns ever in the Arrowverse. This is made even better by Supergirl quoting  Superman II in a challenge to Overgirl: “General, would you care to step outside?” By the end of the crossover, not only are Barry and Iris married but so are Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak. While the Nazi subject matter remains controversial, Crisis On Earth-X is a bold and spectacular Multiversal adventure that sets a high bar for Crisis On Infinite Earths to match.

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