10 Superheroes You Forgot Had Movies Before They Joined The MCU

Over the past decade, Marvel has been the leading company when it comes to superhero flicks. They kick-started the Marvel Cinematic Universe back in 2008 with Iron Man, but since then have released dozens of movies with different Marvel characters.

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The MCU has made these characters more popular than they already were, but some of them had gotten movies prior to being a part of the MCU. With many of these characters being created in the ‘60s, it wasn’t long before the superheroes were given live-action movies and TV shows. Here are 10 Superheros You Forgot Had Movies Before They Joined The MCU.

10 Captain America

Chris Evans is most known today for his role as Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America, but he wasn’t the first actor to wield the shield. Captain America is one of the oldest heroes on this list, with Joe Simon and Jack Kirby creating the character back in 1941.

Three years later, the character was given a serial with Dick Purcell playing Cap, but the character also got TV movies in 1979 (starring Reb Brown) and in 1990 (starring Matt Salinger). Despite the character being a popular superhero, neither of the TV movies were well received.

9 The Punisher

While Jon Bernthal portrayed Frank Castle for two seasons of Netflix’s The Punisher before it was canceled, a handful of other actors played the character before him. The first time the Punisher graced the big screen was back in 1989 with Dolph Lundgren in the role of the infamous vigilante, but the film received mostly negative reviews.

Thomas Jane then took on the role in the 2004 film The Punisher, before being replaced by Ray Stevenson for Punisher: War Zone. None of these three films got very good reviews, but most people agree that Bernthal and the creative team at Netflix did the character justice.

8 Howard The Duck

When most people think of superheroes and comic books, usually they don’t think of an anthropomorphic duck named Howard. Despite being unlike most superheroes, Howard the Duck is a Marvel character that got his own film in 1986. The film was directed by Willard Huyck and starred Ed Gale as Howard, with Lea Thompson and Tim Robbins.

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The film was widely panned by fans and critics, but the character has appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Howard first appeared during the end credits scene for Guardians of the Galaxy but also made appearances in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Avengers: Endgame.

7 Daredevil

Daredevil was created back in 1964 by Stan Lee and Bill Everett. The character was first played by Rex Smith in the 1989 TV film The Trial of the Incredible Hulk. That being said, Ben Affleck is more notorious for his role of Daredevil. Upon its release in 2003, Daredevil got negative reviews.

Despite the film being criticized, many people would agree that the darker director’s cut of the film is what really should have been theatrically released. Ben Affleck was given another shot at a superhero role when he was cast as Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Daredevil was redeemed when Charlie Cox took on the role for Netflix’s Daredevil.

6 Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe when he became a character on the fourth season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The character was played by Gabriel Luna, who will also be starring in a solo Ghost Rider TV show on Hulu in 2020. Before that, however, Nicolas Cage was the face of Ghost Rider.

Cage appeared in two Ghost Rider films while Sony Pictures still owned the rights to the character. The 2007 film received negative reviews, but the sequel, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, got even poorer reviews. Eventually, Ghost Rider could get his own film in the MCU, but for now, the character is sticking to the small screen.

5 Doctor Strange

Doctor Stephen Strange was first mentioned in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Captain America: The Winter Soldier when Agent Jasper Sitwell mentions him in passing. A few years later, the character got his solo film with Benedict Cumberbatch playing the Sorcerer Supreme.

Strange has been an instrumental part of the battle against Thanos, but before that, he went up against Morgan le Fay in the 1978 TV movie Dr. Strange. The movie was directed and written by Philip DeGuere with Peter Hooten starring as Strange. The film was made in hopes of giving the character a TV series, but the film faced negative reviews and low ratings, meaning a TV show was out of the question.

4 The Hulk

Mark Ruffalo has yet to get a solo movie in the MCU, but Edward Norton brought the character to the MCU in The Incredible Hulk. Before that, though, Eric Bana starred in Ang Lee’s Hulk. The film got mixed reviews, but the live-action TV series that aired from 1978 to 1982 got much better reviews.

The series spawned several TV movies, most notably The Trial of the Incredible Hulk, which starred Bill Bixby as Bruce Banner and Lou Ferrigno as the Incredible Hulk. The film not only included Daredevil but also marked Stan Lee’s first appearance in a Marvel movie.

3 Elektra

Despite Ben Affleck’s Daredevil getting negative reviews, the film did well enough at the box office to warrant a spin-off featuring the character Elektra. Elektra Natchios, played by Jennifer Garner, had a big role in Daredevil, making her an obvious choice for a spin-off.

The 2005 film sees Elektra being resurrected by Stick before protecting a family from The Hand. Most people didn’t enjoy the film, which was made clear by its poor box office performance. Thankfully, Elektra was redeemed when Élodie Yung played the character in Netflix’s Daredevil starting in season 2. The actress later reprised the role for The Defenders in 2017.

2 Spider-Man

Comic book fans were ecstatic when they found out that Spider-Man was finally going to be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tom Holland was cast in the role, first appearing in Captain America: Civil War before getting his own solo films Spider-Man: Homecoming and the recently-released Spider-Man: Far From Home.

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Spider-Man had gotten several films prior to him joining the MCU, including Sam Raimi’s three Spider-Man films starring Tobey Maguire and Marc Webb’s two Amazing Spider-Man films with Andrew Garfield. Long before those, however, Nicholas Hammond played Peter Parker in the 90-minute Spider-Man TV movie. The film acts as a pilot to CBS’ The Amazing Spider-Man TV series, which ran for two seasons from 1977 to 1979.

1 Nick Fury

Samuel L. Jackson’s character Nick Fury has played a huge part in tying together the Marvel Cinematic Universe ever since his appearance in the post-credits scene of Iron Man. Before that, though, another famous actor took on the role. In 1998, David Hasselhoff played Nick Fury for the TV movie Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The film sees Fury come out of retirement to help the government defeat HYDRA, who plans on attacking Manhattan. The movie was meant to be a pilot for a new TV series featuring the Marvel character, but since the film got poor reviews, the series was never picked up.

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Game Of Thrones: 25 Strange Things That Happened Before The First Episode

The last Game of Thrones season is right around the corner. In fact, fans have been patiently waiting for its return. They’re eager to see how the show will end. On the other hand, fans are sad to see the show go. Of course, fans watch the show closely and don’t miss a thing. They catch each hint and clue. A lot has gone on in the show. At the same time, a lot happened before the first episode. The show has a rich history that impacts current events.

The show has a loyal and large fan base. Since the start, there have been many questions. Indeed, there have been many strange events. For instance, Jon Snow coming back to life or Bram time traveling. It sometimes feels that things can’t get any stranger. Of course, anything can happen in the show. Nobody is safe. Well, there were many strange events before the show. In fact, those past events help explain a lot.

The history of Westeros and Essos is vast. It includes great wars, peaceful kings, dragons, giants and mad kings. The history is dark and sad at times. It also has some brighter moments of peace and happiness. The show’s myth and history are just as interesting as the show itself. In fact, it’s crucial to the show. It’s time to take a closer look at the Seven Kingdoms, The Free Cities, The Wall, and beyond. Here’s Game Of Thrones: 25 Strange Events That Happened Before The First Episode.

25 The Dawn Age

The Dawn Age goes back roughly 8,000 years. During that time, no humans lived on Westeros. Living there were only the non-human Children of the Forest and Giants. A small number of Giants still exist. The Children of the Forest were small creatures with magic skills. The prayed to the Old Gods and carved their images in the woods. In fact, they built small hidden villages in the trees. There is very little information from the Dawn Age. Soon the First Men arrive and start a war with The Children.

24 The Regin Of Aegon The Unworthy

There have been many kings in the history of the Seven Kingdoms. Some kings had a peaceful reign that brought happiness to the world. Then there’s King Aegon IV or Aegon The Unworthy. He’s the worst Targaryen king in the history of the world. He was king from 172 to 184 AC. In fact, he might be the worst of them all. He was mean, vindictive, and petty. He could have treated his people and family better. His time as king is a low point in history.

23 The Tales Of Dunk And Egg

The Tales of Dunk and Egg is a prequel series that takes place before the show. In fact, it takes place 90 years before the show itself. The tale also exists in the show. It follows the adventures of Ser Duncan The Tall and his Squire Aegon “Egg” Targaryen. Egg later becomes King Aegon V or Aegon the Unlikely. They go on many adventures during a time of great tensions in the Seven Kingdoms. Dunk and Egg meet during a tournament and begin their adventures. Eventually, Aegon becomes King and Dunk becomes the Lord Commander of the Kinghtsguard. Their story ends at the Tragedy of Summerhall.

22 The Great Spring Sickness

The Great Spring Sickness was a plague that swept across Westeros. The sickness wiped out a good portion of the Seven Kingdoms. King’s Landing lost the most amount of life. The only two areas that avoided the sickness were the Vale and Dorne. They were able to keep people and the sickness out. Dunk and Egg go on many adventures during that time. They’re able to avoid the sickness by hiding out in Dorne. Unfortunately, the rest didn’t have that choice. The sickness features in the Dunk and Egg story.

21 Slaves Rebel And Found Braavos

To the east of Westeros is Essos. It now consists of the nine Free Cities but at a time was under Valyrian control. In 500 BC, slaves rebel against their Valyrian master and take over the fleet. They sail to the furthers point and end up in a lagoon. Large mountains and trees hide the area. It’s a series of connected tiny islands. The slaves create the secret city of Braavos. Eventually, they come out of hiding. The city also includes the Iron Bank.

20 Old Ghis’s Burned To Ashes By Dragon Fire And Never Rebuilt

The Ghiscari Empire ruled over Essos some 5,000 years ago. They built many great structures and were firmly in control. The city of Old Ghis was the center of their power. Of course, that all changes when the Valyrian find dragons. They soon defeat the empire and take control of Essos. In fact, they even burn Old Ghis to the ground. They poison the soil and sea to ensure it never raises again. The empire crumbles and the city fades away. It simply becomes a memory.

19 Aegon V Arranges Marriages For His Kids

King Aegon V had his good and bad times. He was good to his people but it didn’t always work out. For instance, he planned a series of arranged marriages for his kids. Of course, it was really about politics. He was trying to secure his power. Well, his kids had other plans. Instead, they all marry for love. In fact, he also married for love so was powerless to stop his kids. Clearly, he was happy for his kids. At the same time, it weakens his rule.

18 Aegon V Lowers Taxes

Turns out that it doesn’t take a big betrayal to start a war. In fact, Westeros is just like any other place. Indeed, dragons and giants aren’t the problems. The real issues are taxes. Aegon V’s reign was a good time for the Seven Kingdoms. However, there was a conflict. At one point, Aegon lowered taxes on the poor and raised taxes for the rich. It only made him more popular with the poor. Of course, the rich didn’t like that. Eventually, it turned several rich nobles against him.

17 The King Of The Wall

During the Age of Heroes, The Lord Commander of The Wall proclaims himself King of The Wall. In addition, he fell in love with a woman from beyond the wall. History implies that it might have been a white walker. He soon earns the title the Night’s King, which is not the same as the Night King. The Night’s King and Queen held strange rituals and sacrifices. Eventually, people began to fear them. The King Beyond The Wall and the Stark King in the North teamed up. They defeat the Night’s King and restore order.

16 The Tale Of The Rat Cook

The tale of the Rat Cook is a myth in the Seven Kingdoms. It’s a story of a king that visits the then main castle of the Wall, the Nightfort. Somehow, the King offended the cook so he decides to get revenge. He bakes the King an alarming pie that really hits home. The gods punish the cook by turning him into a big white rat. To be clear, the gods did not turn him into a rat for baking that disgusting pie. In fact, it was because he was a terrible host. Arya Stark bakes a similar pie in the show.

15 The Dance Of Dragons

The Dance of Dragons is the first full-scale civil war in the history of the Seven Kingdoms. In fact, it’s the first war that has dragons on both sides. It took place from 129 to 131 AC, which is about 170 years before the War of the Five Kings. It was a war between two rival Targaryan factions. Rhaenyra Targaryen was the only heir to the throne but the Kingdoms never had a Queen before. Instead, King Aegon II took control with a coup. Eventually, he let his dragon take care of the would-be Queen.

14 A Stark Won Bear Island In A Wrestling Match

There have been many great wars in the Seven Kingdoms. Not all wars have dragons and giants. The Stark’s have always been a powerful family in the North. At times, they’ve even been the Kings of the North. Of course, they’re also loyal when there’s one ruling King of the Seven Kingdoms. The Starks always end up in interesting situations. During the Age of Heroes, Rodrik Stark beat an iron-born for control of Bear Island in a wrestling match. The Starks then gave Bear Island to House Mormont. There are worse ways to win an island.

13 Nagga The Sea-Dragon

The Iron Islands are like a separate world from the Seven Kingdoms. In fact, they have their own culture and religion. They pray to the drowned god and are the only ones too. Of course, dragons are part of almost every myth and story. As a matter of fact, the Iron Islands have sea dragons. Nagga The Sea-Dragon is the first sea dragon in the Iron Islands history. According to legend, the Grey King beat Nagga and built a great hall out of the bones. Indeed, he uses her fire to warm the hall.

12 Aegon III Dislikes Dragons

The Targaryen’s are famous for using dragons in battle. In fact, dragons are a big part of the culture. At one point, they were the only ones to have dragons. Indeed, they used three dragons to conquer Westeros. Turns out not all of them liked dragons. In fact, King Aegon III disliked dragons. As a young boy, he witnesses a dragon end his mother’s life. Therefore, he disliked and was afraid of dragons. The last remaining dragons didn’t survive his reign. In fact, he gets the blame for dragons becoming extinct. He attempted to hatch the last dragon eggs but failed. He earned the title Aegon The Dragonbane.

11 The Targaryen’s Can’t Conquer Dorne

From 2 BC to 1 AC, the Targaryen’s conquered Westeros and created the Seven Kingdoms. They would rule over the Seven Kingdoms for three centuries. At first, it was just the Six Kingdoms. That’s because they couldn’t conquer Dorne. The area’s hidden behind mountains and giant trees. Therefore, the Dornish were able to win using guerilla tactics. In fact, they were never able to defeat Dorne, even with dragons. In the end, they joined in through marriage. When dragons don’t work, marriage will.

10 Peaceful Shepherds Discover Dragons

In 6,000 BC, The Ghriscal Empire ruled over peaceful shepherds. Of course, that would soon change. Shepherds were busy working when they made a startling discovery. They found dragons lairing in the 14 Fires Volcanoes. Soon the shepherds would use magic to tame the beasts. This was the birth of the Valyrian Freehold. They use the dragons to rise up against the Ghriscal and destroy the empire. They went on to conquer all of Essos. The myth of dragons became very real only to become a myth again.

9 Lann The Clever

Lann The Clever is an infamous trickster during the Age of Heroes. According to legend, he tricked House Casterley out of their castle. To be fair, there are different tales of how he really did it. For example, one story claims he infested the castle with rats or lions. Another story claims he snuck into the castle and caused mayhem. He turned the members of the house against each other through pranks. It’s also possible that he simply marries into the family. He’s also the founder of House Lannister.

8 The Long Night

In 8, 000 BC, The Long Night hit the world. The winter season lasted an entire generation and destroyed all the fields and crops. In fact, most of it was all buried in snow. Of course, that wasn’t the worst of it. The white walkers emerged and attempted to bring a permanent winter. They also put an end to life. This resulted in the War of the Dawn. The Children and the First Men joined to defeat the white walkers. They were able to send them to the north most part of the world.

7 Children Of The Forest Disappear

As noted, there was a time when the Children of the Forest were the only ones living in Westeros. However, they were still a small population. The war with the First Men and later the White Walkers cost The Children a great deal of life. Eventually, they started to disappear and became extinct. In fact, in the show, there is only one in the world. Aside from the wars, there isn’t an explanation to why they disappeared. Initially, they simply went into hiding and become a myth.

6 The Doom Of Valyria

In 200 BC, The Targaryan’s took control of Dragonstone. They were a powerful family in the Valyria Freehold. They move to Dragonstone to run it for the Freehold. Aenar Targaryen moved his family because of a vision he had. He saw a horrible event that would cause a great deal of destruction. His vision ends up right. In 100 BC, The Fourteen Fires Volcanoes erupt destroying Valryia and the Freehold. The Targaryans are the only surviving family of the Valyrian Freehold. In fact, they’re also the only ones with dragons. This leads to the conquest.

5 Aegon The Conqueror Invades Westeros

As noted, from 2 BC to 1 AC, Aegon The Conqueror invades Westeros. He flew in on three dragons with his wives and unified six of the seven kingdoms. They would go on to rule for three centuries. However, Aegon did this instead of helping the Free Cities in Essos. The Valyrian Freehold lost all of its power and the people were in need of help. Aegon put Essos behind him and began a new quest. They defeated the most powerful families and even the Starks fell in line. It’s a bit odd that Aegon wouldn’t help the Free Cities.

4 The Building Of The Wall

The Wall is one of the most famous structures in the Seven Kingdoms. It’s 700 feet tall and stretches 300 miles along the Northern border. The Wall consists of solid ice.  It separates the Kingdom from the wildlings beyond the wall. Of course, the original intent was to keep the White Walkers out. Bran The Builder built The Wall in 8,000 BC after the Long Night. According to legend, he built the wall using magic, giants, and manual labor. This leads to the creation of The Night’s Watch to maintain and protect The Wall. Bran went on to found House Stark and build Winterfell. However, The Wall is his greatest achievement.

3 The Legend Of Azor Ahai

Azor Ahai is a mythical figure in history. According to legend, he led the army to defeat The White Walkers and put an end to The Long Night. He’s one of the greatest heroes to live. With his famous sword Lightbringer he was able to defeat the enemy. As the story goes, Azor Ahai is to be reborn and once again save the world from the White Walkers. It’s also possible that he’s the Prince That Was Promised. As a matter of fact, there’s a good chance this myth will come true.

2 The Children Create White Walkers And Lose Control

As noted, the first true war was between The Childen and The First Men. It was a costly war for both sides but The Children were clearly losing. With no options left they create the first White Walker. The idea was to use the White Walkers to defeat the humans. However, The Children lost control of the White Walkers and they turn against them. The Children and the First Men came together to defeat the White Walkers. They agreed to a pact when they realized they had a common enemy. It wouldn’t be until much later that Bran Stark discovers The Children create The White Walkers.

1 The Reign Of The Mad King

King Aerys II is the final Targaryen to sit on the Iron Throne. They had ruled the Seven Kingdoms for three centuries. His reign as king started on a positive note but soon it fell apart. He became so paranoid that it earned him the nickname The Mad King. He began making irrational decisions and trusted nobody even the Hand of the King. Then his son Rhaegar Targaryen apparently stole Lyanna Stark. This set off Robert’s Rebellion. Of course, Rhaegar and Lyanna were in love and secretly marry. At the same time, The Mad King lost complete control. He set in motion a plan to burn King’s Landing to the ground. However, Jamie Lannister stopped him. The Mad King’s only surviving heirs is his daughter Daenerys and grandson, Jon Snow.

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Days Gone: The Best Tips & Tricks to Know Before Playing

Days Gone is finally here, and there are quite a few tips and tricks that players should know before getting started. Even though the Days Gone story leaves a bit to be desired, there’s a lot to love about the full-on freaker massacres in store, and the many ways Deacon can dispatch his foes. The third-person open world shooter has a familiar approach for fans of Red Dead Redemption, Last of Us, or Mad Max, but there’s a few important distinctions to keep in mind.

Though not crushingly difficult, Days Gone does have a large difficulty spike towards the end, when taking down hordes becomes required instead of a random encounter you might run away from. Though there are plenty of early missions to learn the ropes of Deacons’ various skills: stealth, bike-riding, crafting, and so forth, some things aren’t explained quite as well. And so, it’s understandable for players to want to know some Days Gone tips and tricks.

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Before you hop into your first playthrough, check out Screen Rant’s tips and tricks for Days Gone below. It’s always helpful to have a little assistance in the post-apocalypse.

  • You’ll burn fuel fast driving around on your bike Oregon, so make sure to add gas stations to your route (they’re marked on the map).
  • You’ll save a lot on gas by taking your foot off the petal when heading downhill. Don’t always do this; sometimes in a chase you need to go fast, but know that coasting downhill may get you just the extra distance you need to make it to a gas station to fuel up again.
  • Water is bad news for motorcycles, and even driving through shallow water can damage your bike. Though it isn’t too costly to repair it, you’ll want to save as much scrap as you can for other crafting opportunities.
  • You need to loot after every fight, all the time. Bandits you kill will always have something; whether it’s an already-constructed bandage or medkit, or just an ingredient for a certain recipe. Their camps are often littered in supplies as well: scrap, kerosene, etc. It may not be incredibly engaging, but you’ll thank yourself for checking every nook and cranny later. Unfortunately, the primary enemies in the game, freakers, don’t carry much on them. But simply running over their corpse will place an ear in Deacon’s inventory. These ears can be sold as bounties at the various camps, increasing your credits and trust. Why they pay for freaker ears, we don’t know, but they should always be looted so they can be turned in and used to get upgrades or guns.
  • Don’t hold onto your credits until the end of Days Gone. The various camps offer a lot of tantalizing upgrades. Copeland can get your bike in tip-top shape, and Tucker has a veritable arsenal of guns. While it is important to level up both your fighting and your… flighting, make your priority a new set of arms. Deacon starts Days Gone with a junk condition pistol (the worst level) and later gets a rifle as his primary weapon. They’re functional, but once you get your Trust with Tuck’s camp up to Level 1, there are a lot better guns you can buy. Don’t wait on leveling up trust or save up hard-earned credits to buy the really high-tier items. They may look amazing (and trust us, they are) but you need something in the interim.
  • Days Gone features an extensive day-night weather system that is at times beautiful. Exploring the rainy forests of Oregon is not without its pleasures. However, the changing weather and time also leads to a lot of enemy unpredictability. Most noticeably, freakers are out in full force at night and are a lot more aggressive. They’re still out during the day of course, just less in numbers and less willing to give up the chase. Keep in mind this isn’t always the case; some missions will feature hordes of these freaks irregardless. If you’re struggling with a particular mission (one that doesn’t auto set the time or weather), try sleeping at one of the various beds and advancing the time or simply doing another activity and trying again when the weather’s changed.
  • Way before the game is ready to introduce you to them, you may encounter a huge cluster of freakers, moving together like a mob. This is a horde, and they are tough. Each horde consists of around 150 or so of the undead and they can easily overwhelm you. If you run into one with low ammo, very few health kits, and most importantly – no molotovs, turn around. There’s no shame in running from a fight, especially one that you can’t win.
  • NERO checkpoints often have anywhere from 2-6 loudspeakers. Once the power goes back on, these puppies will ring out, bringing down the wrath of freakers around you. To avoid this, you can either shoot the speakers down with a silenced gun or cut them down with a knife by climbing on top of the outpost. Be careful to look for hidden speakers in trees (sometimes they can be a bit tricky!).
  • Use napalm molotovs all the time. Though the recipe is essentially the same as basic molotovs with a bit more ingredients that are a bit rarer, these guys are necessary in taking out hordes. Necessary. Fire can spread quickly over a large group of baddies and kills them much faster than praying and spraying.
  • Gunfire attracts more freakers. Yes, guns also kill freakers, but if you keep firing in a crowded area, you’ll end up firing for a long time, wasting precious ammo. So instead of shooting these bad guys when there are only a few around you, take out a trusty crafted (or found) melee weapon and go to town.

Mastering all of these concepts in Days Gone will ensure that you’re prepared for the horde, marauders, and anything that the apocalypse can throw at you. Keep in mind that these may not suit your playstyle, so mix and match as you see fit.

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Mortal Kombat 11: The Best Tips & Tricks To Know Before Playing

Mortal Kombat 11 is arguably a great jumping on point for beginners and older players who haven’t picked up a title in the long-running series for a while, with its time-bending storyline and highly polished fighting mechanics. With any game, though, there’s bound to be a learning curve involved and Mortal Kombat 11 is no exception.

The difference between Mortal Kombat 11 and other games, however, is that a lot of vital tricks to succeeding at or making the game a somewhat easier experience are hidden beneath the surface. This isn’t really new to a Mortal Kombat game, either, but this most recent iteration does a few things differently. With that in mind, there are a few different things players can do this time around, from completing early tasks to unlock skins for each character to making some of the difficulty away from some of oft-frustrating Towers of Time mode.

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Some of these Mortal Kombat 11 tips and tricks are easier to accomplish than others, but all of them will make the game slightly easier or more enjoyable in the long run. Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of these various Mortal Kombat 11 tips and tricks that you’ll want to know about before booting up the game:

  • Make sure to complete each character tutorial, as it’ll guarantee you a new skin for each. This actually serves two purposes, as the very intuitive tutorials will make you a much better fighter as you learn the ins and outs of each of the quite large roster of characters.
  • Keep an eye on the offensive and defensive meters at the bottom left and right sides of the screen. Holding R1 or RB (depending on your console) and attacking will unleash more powerful attacks while defensive breakaway maneuvers (R2 or RT) will help you recover faster. These meters can deplete, but they will recharge.
  • Use projectile Konsumables in the Living Towers mode, especially with modifiers where it makes it basically impossible to block enemy attacks or buffs. This will increase your chances of winning and make the frustration at least somewhat bearable.
  • Customize character loadouts, as the standard ones may not play to your strengths as a fighter. Completing the aforementioned tutorials first will make customization all the better, as well, as you’ll better understand each character’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Complete the story mode. This may seem like a no-brainer, but every activity in Mortal Kombat 11 rewards currency and cosmetics, including the story mode. It’s a great way to build some Koins before you head into competitive fighting.
  • Focus on one character at a time for augment slots. Otherwise you’ll be spreading your Koin spending out too thin and end up with a bunch of underpowered fighters. Pick your favorite and grind as much as you can stand toward making them powerful. It’ll pay off in the long run. Though, hopefully this changes with NetherRealm Studios’ promised updates to make things less grindy.
  • Experiment with combos. The move list is great for learning the basics of combat, but there are a ton of hidden combos for each character. Play around with different button combinations and see what wonderfully violent combos you can discover.
  • Complete daily challenges. These are a surefire way to getting Koins and other forms of currency as fast as possible. It will help you in both the Towers and Krypt modes.

While there are certainly other ways to become better at Mortal Kombat 11, the above list of tips and tricks are some of the best ways to turn yourself from a novice to a pro in a short amount of time. Keep in mind that a lot of these tips and tricks won’t help you much in ranked play as NetherRealm has designed it with previously designed character variations to ensure balance.

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Corey Hoffmeyer

New Godzilla 2 Footage Revealed Before Game of Thrones

New footage from Godzilla: King of the Monsters was released by HBO ahead of the newest episode of Game of Thrones. There’s plenty of attention being given to the final season of HBO’s hit series (and rightfully so), but it isn’t the only big production that will feature fire breathing creatures and dragons this year. In just a few short weeks, Warner Bros. and Legendary will release Godzilla: King of the Monsters, the sequel to 2014’s Godzilla and latest installment in the MonsterVerse into the theaters.

The sequel will clearly see the giant Toho lizard return to the big screen, but he’ll be fighting a dragon of his own. Godzilla: King of the Monsters is being used to expand the MonsterVerse in major ways. Other classic Toho monsters like Rodan and Mothra will be included and fight, but the most highly anticipated addition may be that of the three-headed dragon King Ghidorah. The marketing for Godzilla: King of the Monsters has hyped up their clash already, and now HBO – an affiliate of WarnerMedia – is cross-promoting their two dragon-heavy properties.

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Before the release of tonight’s second episode of Game of Thrones season eight, HBO debuted a new sneak peak at Godzilla: King of the Monsters. The sneak peak was then shared on Twitter, but fans of both properties are in for another surprise. Included in the tweet is a link to HBO NOW, which will direct fans to an exclusive five minute clip from Godzilla: King of the Monsters. The clip is available for any subscriber to HBO NOW (with a free trial also making it possible to view upon sign-up), but the minute long sneak peak can be seen below:

Just like much of the marketing that has come before, this new footage from Godzilla: King of the Monsters sheds plenty of light on the monster fights it will include. One of the shots that may excite fans the most is the first look at Mothra and Ghidorah fighting. The clash is not totally unexpected, since many believe Mothra will side with Godzilla and help him fight Ghidorah and Rodan, but we’ve yet to see the moth-like creature and three-headed dragon actually get involved.

With just over a month to go before Godzilla: King of the Monsters hits theaters, using the incredible viewership of Game of Thrones to further promote it is a great decision. This is likely the beginning of the final leg of the film’s marketing campaign too. One more traditional trailer may still be on the way, according to a previous report from Trailer-Track, so another extended look at the movie could arrive imminently. There’s already been an incredible amount of marketing to this point, but with WB already having moved forward with Godzilla vs. Kong, they need Godzilla: King of the Monsters to deliver both in quality and financially so their plans can continue.

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Cooper Hood

Avengers: Watch This Before You See Endgame

Whether you’re a hardcore fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or just recently discovered the expansive franchise, here’s everything you need to know about  what has happened to be prepared for Avengers: Endgame. Marvel Studios launched the MCU in 2008 with the release of Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk in the span of two months. Since this point, the universe has grown beyond what anyone – other than Kevin Feige – likely imagined.

The last 11 years and 21 movies have all been part of one continuous story that has been leading to Avengers: Endgame. Judging by the popularity of the MCU films, it is difficult to imagine that there are people out there who aren’t seeing these movies on opening weekend. But, the box office of these movies continues to grow, which does indicate that new fans continue to come aboard. Just look at the billion dollar successes of Black Panther and Captain Marvel.

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As the fan base has grown, so has the continuity and canon that they must try to keep up with. This can be difficult, though, especially if fans don’t make time to do rewatches of past films before the newest ones, so Screen Rant is here to help you out. In our new video, we take a look at everything that has happened in the MCU and condense it down into one simple and informative watch. Check it out at the top of this post.

The lengthy continuity that is building towards Avengers: Endgame will give viewers a better understanding of the world and the remaining characters, but it could also be extra beneficial here. It is largely expected that Avengers: Endgame will feature time travel in some way, and many believe that the movie may use this to revisit past MCU events. If this is does happen, then knowing what happened in these moments before will likely help viewers understand the significance of what is going on and even catch additional Easter eggs that may be included.

That all said, there is also the hope that Marvel Studios and directors Anthony and Joe Russo managed to craft Avengers: Endgame in a way where it is still a somewhat digestible film for casual fans, or maybe even someone who hasn’t seen any of the prior MCU films. That may be an impossible task considering how much Avengers: Endgame is building off of Avengers: Infinity War’s ending and past MCU films though. If you are hoping to gain a deeper understanding of what Avengers: Endgame will be, watching these five essential MCU films is the best place to start.

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Cooper Hood

World War Z: Best Tips, Tricks, & Hints To Know Before Playing

Before you take on the zombie apocalypse in World War Z, prepare yourself with these tips and tricks. Saber Interactive’s zombie apocalypse co-op shooter, World War Z, is finally out in the wild, and players are having a blast with the game’s non-stop barrage of high-octane action and class-based co-op multiplayer.

World War Z isn’t a cakewalk, and even the most hardened players might have hard time trying to survive the endless waves of zombies hungry for the taste of fresh flesh. Especially on harder difficulties, it’s easy to get overrun by the horde. A four-person squad may seem like an unstoppable force, but the tough zombies will exploit any weakness in their quest for yummy brains.

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For beginning players, as well as those who’ve already cut their teeth in World War Z‘s first week (at least after overcoming the game’s continuing problems with connectivity and crashing), we’ve assembled some pro tips on how to survive World War Z.

  • Start On Easy: There are five difficulty levels in World War Z. The natural instinct might be to start on Normal or Hard, but it’s better to start on Easy. For an initial playthrough, it’s best to just enjoy the light storytelling and get a feel for the levels and which weapons work best for you. It sounds obvious, but it’s best to learn how to play before trying to conquer Insane difficulty.
  • Bring Friends: World War Z is an online multiplayer co-op game. Like Diablo, Borderlands, Destiny, Army of Two, or, honestly, any co-op game, it’s best played with friends. Trying to conquer levels on Hard difficulty or above can be blisteringly difficult without proper communication, and that’s best handled with friends.
  • Stay In Formation: Most levels in World War Z feature numerous encounters where the team is placed in a wide open area and tasked with defending a position from an onslaught of hundreds of zombies. In the very first level, the concept is introduced via the battle at the mall atrium, in which the team must set up defenses and hold the line against a swarm of zeke who are trying to climb a fence and enter the mall. Communication is key; if a well-armed team delegates responsibility over each portion of the fence, the situation can be resolved with only a minimum number of zombies making it into the mall.
  • Stick Together: In addition to the arena-style horde fights, World War Z also features more traditional corridor shooting. It’s tempting to race through these areas and reach the next objective, but that’s an easy way to get killed. Creeper and Bull zombies can overpower an unaware player and incapacitate them until they’re rescued by another player, meaning “lone wolf” players are better served running with the pack, so to speak.
  • Seriously, Stick Together: Several objectives, including the final leg of the first level in New York, involve scouring a large area for items and returning them to a central point. It may seem tempting to split up and cover more ground, but that path can quickly lead to a TPK (total party kill). Zombies don’t have to divide and conquer when players willingly split up and offer themselves up to be eaten by the horde. At the very least, split up into pairs, so one player can always cover the other’s back. Still, on any difficulty harder than Normal, stick together at all costs.
  • Stay Stealthy: Many areas can be conquered without arousing the attention of the whole horde of zombies. Sticking with silenced weapons like the initial pistols and melee strikes can allow like-minded teams to clear even large rooms without taking a single point of damage. Many level 4 or 5 weapons also feature silencers, including the Combat Shotgun and Sporting Combine (two of our personal favorites)
  • Choose Your Weapon: Save for exceptions like the Heavy Weapons class and certainone-offs like the Revolver and Double Barrel Shotgun (not to be confused with the Compact Shotgun), nearly every weapon in the game earns XP with use and can level up, to a maximum of Level 5. Once you find a gun you like, try to stick with it and it can become more powerful after investing some Credits. That being said…
  • Spend Credits Wisely: Whether it’s purchasing class-specific upgrades, upgrading weapons, or even upgrading multiplayer classes, everything in World War Z costs credits. While it can be tempting to upgrade everything, there’s just not enough credits to go around. It’s better to pick and choose. Especially in the early game, where you’ll be playing on the easier difficulties, it’s not worth buying every single upgrade; instead, purchase the Level two versions, which cost 150 credits, and then wait for the Level 5 version, which costs 1000. Beating levels on higher difficulties awards more credits, so the more you play, the more powerful you get, the more credits you earn. The progression curve is surprisingly natural in this respect.

Page 2 of 2: World War Z: Other Tips & Tricks

  • Choose Your Class: There are six classes in World War Z, each with different strengths and quirks. At the start, the classes seem practically identical, though they really start to become distinct around level 10 or so. When playing on Easy and even Normal, there’s not much strategy to class selection, but having a Medic and Fixer on hand becomes vital on the highest difficulties.
  • Bring A Medic And A Fixer: Medics can partially restore their own health when healing allies, and restore more health when using medkits. Since medkits are a scarce and precious resource in World War Z, a little extra healing power truly goes a long way. Starting at Level 10, Fixers can start each level with a rare Breach Charge, which can open doors to exceptionally powerful weapons, defenses, and medkits. On Insane difficulty, a Breach Charge can easily be the difference between triumphant success and embarrassing failure.
  • Seriously, Bring A Fixer: Fixers don’t carry grenades, tasers, or molotov cocktails: instead, they carry supply drops, which can load any teammate’s primary weapon with explosive ammo. These bullets are so powerful, they can tear through even a Bull zombie in a matter of seconds. When holding the line against a swarm, a strategically deployed supply drop can make all the difference.
  • How To Handle A Zombie Wall: Some of the best moments in World War Z come when a swarm of zombies attempts to scale a vertical structure. The visual spectacle of the incredible animation is matched by the tension and excitement of trying to stop the horde from reaching the top. The best way to handle a wall of zombies is to launch explosives at the base, while a sharpshooter or two snipe stragglers who manage to elude fiery death. With coordination and a little luck, a skilled team can take down a wall without a single zombie making it over.
  • How To Dodge A Bull: World War Z lacks a dodge roll, so Bull zombies can be particularly dangerous. They can take a lot of damage before going down, and have a nasty move where they charge a player and grab them, dealing continuous damage until they’re taken down by other players. Once one has its sights on a player, it’s really tough to evade a Bull, but there is a trick: put something between you and the Bull. Try to position yourself so the Bull will crash into a conveniently-placed obstacle; it will save a lot of grief!
  • Watch Out For Creepers: The Bull’s counterpart is the Creeper, who hides until a player gets close before pouncing on its target. As with the Bull, a player grabbed by a Creeper is completely incapacitated and must be rescued by a teammate. However, Creepers don’t have noticeably more health than regular zombies, and a player with quick reflexes can often take one down before they use their grab move. When a Creeper is in the area, the characters will comment on it; use this opportunity to check tight corners, the preferred hiding spot of these nasty critters.
  • Try PvPvZ: In addition to the co-op story, there is also a somewhat traditional multiplayer suite. Zombie swarms are still present in these 4v4 modes, adding a unique twist on an otherwise standard assortment of modes. Winning a match gains players a cool 250 credits, and getting together with a skilled team can lead to a windfall of currency which can be used to further upgrade weapons and classes.

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Star Wars 9: JJ Abrams Met With George Lucas Before Writing Script

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker director J.J. Abrams reveals he met with George Lucas prior to writing the script. Following Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, Lucas is no longer officially involved with the development of any of the new Star Wars movies. He did spend some time working on an outline for a sequel trilogy, but those ideas were eventually discarded in favor of the current direction. Over time, several details about Lucas’ concepts have come out, and some of those (like Leia using the Force) were used in the actual movies.

Though Lucas isn’t writing, directing, or producing the films anymore, that doesn’t mean his input isn’t valued by those who are tasked with bringing the galaxy far, far away to life. The Rise of Skywalker, after all, serves as the culmination of a nine-movie arc that Lucas himself started more than 40 years ago, meaning it has to (at least partially) tie into those earlier films. And to make sure he kept Episode IX on the right track, Abrams decided to consult Lucas before he went to work.

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In an interview with MTV, Abrams talked about everything The Rise of Skywalker needs to accomplish in order to go down as a successful film. Understanding the magnitude of the undertaking, Abrams felt it would be a good thing to pick Lucas’ brain:

“I feel that the story we told, the goal for this movie, the job was to end not just this trilogy – and just to make a stand-alone film, of course it needs to work in that way too – but to end nine films, three trilogies. And so the job was to look at all of them, including [The Last Jedi], and ask ourselves, ‘What is the inevitability? Where is this going?’ There have been a lot of ideas since the beginning, since George [Lucas] first came up with this, of where things could go [in the last film]. We had a meeting with him before we even wrote the script about [The Rise of Skywalker].”

Of course, Abrams couldn’t get into any details about what he and Lucas discussed, but odds are Palpatine was part of the conversation. The overarching villain of the saga makes his surprise return in Episode IX, so Abrams might have wanted to see if Lucas had any input in regards to that story thread. After all, it was Lucas who came up with the story of Darth Plagueis, which was about dark side users obtaining the power to cheat death. Considering the plan all along was to make Palpatine the big bad for Episode IX, Abrams was doing his due diligence here to make sure his Rise of Skywalker script honored what Lucas had done on the previous installments. While there was a concentrated effort in Force Awakens marketing to distance the new films from the prequels, Lucasfilm definitely hasn’t had any qualms about integrating ideas from that maligned trilogy into the modern films. If this is the payoff for the entire Skywalker saga, Episode IX needs to pull from all corners of it.

This isn’t to say Lucas helped write the screenplay or had an overt hand in The Rise of Skywalker’s development. But it’s still nice to hear Abrams didn’t shut Lucas out entirely and made sure the creator of Star Wars was involved in some capacity. Specifics about their meeting likely won’t come until the film premieres, but perhaps by then, it’ll be confirmed Lucas had a key role in crafting a scene or two. After all, at least one of his ideas for Solo: A Star Wars Story made it into the finished movie.

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Chris Agar

New Avengers: Endgame TV Spots Reveal Never-Before-Seen Footage

There’s a slew of new Avengers: Endgame TV spots with never-before-released footage from the film. Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo with the story written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, the upcoming film is the 22nd entry to the MCU, which started in 2008 with Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man. The culmination of everything that has transpired in the franchise for the last decade, it’ll pick up after the tragic events of Avengers: Infinity War that left the remaining heroes at their lowest point after Thanos successfully wiped out half of life in the universe using the completed Infinity Gauntlet.

Anticipation for Endgame continues to build as the release nears. The film’s global press tour is in full swing with the cast and crew’s latest stop being Seoul, South Korea. Back in North America, Marvel Studios continues to roll out several marketing material for the movie. While fans already got their fill of trailers, posters and TV spots still come out for the final film in The Infinity Saga. The latest batch of the latter provide some scenes that were never-before-seen, giving a bit more context to the narrative, which up until now is still tightly under wraps.

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The trio of TV spots may only be running for less than 30 seconds each, but it includes new several scenes from the movie. Released by Marvel Studios and collated by YouTube channel FilmArtsy, the first spot features Hawkeye and Black Widow’s moment aboard the Benatar; Ronin fighting in Japan; Pepper Potts joining the team in welcoming Tony Stark and Nebula from space, a hilarious moment between Rhodey and Scott Lang. The second clip opens with Stark and Steve Rogers talking about getting the whole team; Rhodey firing his updated War Machine suit, Widow training; and Rocket seemingly doing some ship maintenance. Finally, the third video plays a bit different from its predecessors. It includes a chunk of an actual scene from the film where Captain Marvel lays out a simple plan of getting back the stones “to bring everyone back;” a team-up of Hawkeye and Iron Man sporting and using his new armor. Watch all promo spots below:

Aside from never-before-seen footage, fans can also hear new dialogue from Stark delivering his own motivational speech, presumably telling his comrades: “it’s time to live up to our name.” For years, the MCU’s premier league of superheroes have been called the Avengers, but they barely have anything to avenge for. Despite having initial minor losses, they always come out on top. The first time they were defeated was in Infinity War, with Thanos proving his commitment to his goal, not letting anything get on the way between him and achieving it. But with so much riding on this next mission, particularly for the original Avengers, fans can expect them to avenge the fallen whatever it takes – as emphasized in Endgame‘s marketing materials.

While majority of the viewing public is eager to know what goes down in Avengers: Endgame, some might feel like Marvel Studios are revealing too much in these new TV spots. They’ve been really good at crafting non-spoiler but still engaging trailers and for the most part, they’ve worked for the fans. It’ll be a shame if they undo all that by rolling out too much new footage in these short clips. That being said, it’s important to note that the Russos’ admitted to footage manipulation in marketing clips to throw off people’s theories about the movies, so maybe some of these shots are either different or not even in the film.

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Source: Marvel Studios (via FilmArtsy)

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Ana Dumaraog

10 Things That Need To Happen Before Preacher Ends

Preacher will end with its fourth season on AMC. The good news is that the network revealed the end of the series in advance, so the showrunners can put together a final season that will end the story in a satisfying manner. Of course, looking at where Preacher is now compared to that point in the comic books makes it clear there is a lot that happened that will have to be omitted or skimmed over.

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Of course, Preacher has also proven over the first three seasons that it isn’t dedicated to retelling the story from the comics verbatim and has no problem drifting away from the source material — as Arseface’s journey and the introduction of Hitler proves. With that said, here is a look at things that need to happen before the final episode of the final season of Preacher takes place. Spoilers follow for events in Preacher comic books.


Season 3 of Preacher saw Cassidy captured by The Grail and chained up in the bottom of a pit along with a captured angel as well. Fans of the comic books know what is likely coming. The Grail start to torture Cassidy and bring in a torture specialist to inflict as much pain on the vampire as possible.

They break him down, dismember him, and take him to the brink of death but he never gives up his buddy Jesse. Then, Jesse shows up and saves Cassidy’s life. It is a nice moment and one of two big moments for the conflicted vampire in the comics that should make it to the small screen.


Jesse needs to separate from Tulip for at least one or two episodes so the final season of Preacher can recreate the storyline of Jesse learning his mother is still alive and well, but hiding from her evil family — who he finally vanquished at the end of season 3.

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In the comics, Jesse’s mom is a waitress and lives a peaceful life around people who care about her, a great change from the horrors she experienced with her own mother in Angelville. Jesse is able to reconnect with his mom at this point, and when he learns she is in a good place, it frees him up for the final battle.


As season 3 showed, Arseface is still horribly angry that Jesse is still alive and left him in Hell for no reason way back in season 1. There needs to be closure between the two men before Preacher comes to an end. However, Arseface deserves so much more than that for his own story.

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In the comics, Arseface ended up in a town where he met a girl who was mutated from inbreeding and had one giant eye in the middle of her face. Despite this, people love her because she has a good heart. She also has mental problems and can’t see how people really look — instead, seeing them looking like cows, giant soda bottles and more. In Arseface, she saw a handsome man and the two fell in love.


God has been a coward for most of the series and has tried to use Tulip to get Jesse to stop looking for him and leave him alone. It is time for Jesse and God to finally have their confrontation. As in the comics, the two need to realize that they are at a stalemate and won’t be able to settle things as Jesse hoped they could.

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Jesse and God have to face off, even though that is not the battle that will end things. Jesse has Herr Starr with while The Saint of Killers helping, but a one-on-one needs to finally happen in the final season of Preacher.


When it comes to moments from the comic books, the story of the Spaceman is one that doesn’t have to happen but it would be an amazing standalone episode if they can give time for this meeting. For those who haven’t read the Preacher comic books, the Spaceman moment has Jesse sitting down for drinks with a man and listening to a story.

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This man served in Vietnam with Jesse’s father and tells a story about how his dad was a real hero at the time. While the Vietnam era is out of the playbook with the television show’s timeframe, a similar story where Jesse learns more about his dad would be a nice bow on his story if he gets to meet his mom again as well.


With only one season left, there is a good chance that the Preacher TV show has the final battle between Jesse and Herr Starr take place at Masada. This could provide a great backdrop for the final war, but that is not where this series needs to end. Jesse needs to head to Masada to save Cassidy but then he needs to return to Texas.

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The final battle between Herr Starr and Jesse needs to take place at the Alamo, just as it did in the comic books. The entire theme of the final stand at the Alamo is too perfect for Jesse’s story to pass on it for anywhere else.


Tulip went through hell in the comic books and she has remained slightly unscathed on the television show, outside of an unfortunate death. She has rejected God’s deals twice and there has to be a reckoning coming for the tough-as-nails Texan. The final season of Preacher needs to see Tulip suffer some before she comes back stronger than ever.

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The final season of Preacher needs to have Tulip separated from Jesse due to him betraying her by lying and leaving her behind for her own safety. This should lead to her wondering what she is really fighting for before the final battle when she comes back stronger than ever.


Herr Starr’s defeat in the comic books was perfect. He was a jerk who used and discarded people. He was someone who deserved no mercy and killed even those who believed in his cause the most. Non-comic book fans who have been watching the show with no idea of what happens in the comics could be in for a surprise if they take it in the direction of the books.

While it is expected that Jesse will be the man to finally kill Herr Starr, that is not what happened in the comic books. As a matter of fact, Jesse was very busy in another fight when Tulip made her way through the Grail, guns blazing, and finally took down Herr Starr herself. Making Tulip the hero to beat The Grail would be the perfect end for her television character.


Cassidy betrayed Jesse more than once — not because he was an evil man but because he was a vampire on the road to Hell and failed to do the right thing even when given the chance. However, the final battle for Jesse in the comics was not against Herr Starr or God, but against his best friend Cassidy.

The two men battled it out, all while telling each other how disappointed they were with Cassidy’s actions. Jesse was angry and Cassidey remorseful and they beat the hell out of each other to prove it. Then, as the sun came up, Cassidy sacrificed himself after making a secret deal with God to save Jesse and release his friend from Genesis once and for all. It was the perfect hero moment for Cassidy.


The most controversial moment in the comic books needs to be how they end the final season of Preacher. The Saint of Killers spent much of his life in Hell and when he wasn’t there, he was on a mission to kill and kill and kill again. He deserves peace and this moment is his chance to win that peace.

As readers of the Preacher comics know, the Saint of Killers made his way into Heaven and laid waste to the angels that kept screwing things up. He then waited patiently and when Jesse was finally rid of Genesis and God felt safe enough to return, he faced the Saint of Killers and his gun and took the bullet to the head that finally ensured the Saint could rest once and for all.

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