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Doom Eternal brings the player back from the critically acclaimed Doom 2016 by Bethesda. This guide will help beginner players select the best gun mods for the game. Doom Eternal takes place back on Earth, but this time, the entire planet is being attacked by demons. Within the opening cinematic, it is reported that billions of humans are losing their lives. When jumping onto Earth, cities are destroyed and overran by demons out to kill everything in sight. This game takes a much more heavy emphasis on the story when compared to its previous entry. The main character is set out to save the human race from being judged by these evil creatures. While it is currently unknown why this character is putting his life on the line for the human race, the gameplay remains the same as the previous entry. It’s extremely violent, where players rip demons apart, limb from limb and collect weapons and upgrades on their journey. This is unlike any other traditional shooter, as in this game, there is no ducking and hiding. The entire time, the player feels the power of hunting down these deplorable creatures in flashy ways. One way in doing so is by modding weapons the player finds on missions. This guide will help beginner players find these mods and select the best ones for early on.

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Weapon mods are useful for a variety of reasons. For starters, it turns generic weapons like the beginner shotgun and assault rifle into rocket launchers or snipers on the fly. It keeps the gameplay variety shifting and is extremely useful for taking down plenty of enemies at once. Players can find modification chests hidden around every mission. Some are on the laid out path the player has to follow while others can be hidden out of plain sight. Doom Eternal pulls from classic first-person shooters, where instead of auto-regenerating health over time, the player must search the land for health packs and ammo. There are plenty of hidden question marks around the map and at the end of every mission, the game will tally up how many secrets the players have successfully found. Weapon modifications are amongst this list and can provide context to the player who might have missed this helpful upgrade. This guide is perfect for upgrading the beginner weapons as effectively as possible and will help carry the player towards the end of the game.

The first weapon the player is given is a Combat Shotgun. Two modifications will be available to choose from at the beginning of the game when approaching the first upgrade box, Sticky Bombs and Full Auto. It is recommended to select Sticky Bombs. Sticky Bombs are perfect for dealing with large crowds at once. Stick one enemy and all the enemies around it will also explode. The Sticky Bombs can shoot 5 at a time. This is perfect for when attempting to complete the Slayer Gates. Slayer Gates are amongst the most difficult challenges in the game. Here, players will have to defeat a challenging hoard of enemies. The game even recommends returning back to them if the player is struggling to succeed. The first Slayer Key is located in the second mission and the Sticky Bombs make easy work of the smaller enemies. The splash damage also can hurt the larger enemies at well. Continuing to upgrade this skill tree will provide the player with Quick Rack (Sticky Bombs reload speed gets increased by 20%) and Bigger Boom (Sticky Bombs explosion size is increased by 45%). This is a great upgrade that will continue throughout the game.

The next weapon mod upgrade comes when the player receives the second weapon in the game, the Heavy Cannon. For this weapon, it is recommended to select the Precision Bolt modification. What this does is at a scope to the weapon and turn it into the sniper. The reason this is selected over the other upgrade, the Micro Missles is due to the player at this point already having enough explosive options. Between the grenades and the Sticky Bombs, it is more helpful to have variety in the player’s move-set. The Precision Bolt is perfect for knocking out far off enemies and attacking the weak spots of larger enemies. For example, the Arachnotrons are large, brain-shaped spiders that have their weak points on the top of their heads. Using the Precision Bolt on their turrets will render them stunned, and players can pull off a stylish finisher.

Lastly is a modification for the Plasma Rifle. It is recommended to upgrade the Microwave Beam modification. This will fire a concentrated beam of plasma energy that will lock an enemy and cause them to explode on death. The explosion can knock out nearby, smaller enemies. This is a great modification for players who constantly move and want to focus fire on one enemy. The upgrades beyond base level Microwave Beam provide it with faster charge times and increased range. Focusing on all of these modifications will provide the player with well-rounded weaponry for every situation.

Doom Eternal is one of the most violent and graphic games to release in 2020. Between all the blood and gore, lies a story of retribution and of saving all of humanity. These gun modifications are specifically made to help beginner players make their way through the game. As more weapons are unlocked, later on, players can alter their loadouts based on their own specific play styles. No matter what play style they choose, playing like a coward by hiding and running will not work in a game like this. Doom Eternal requires that the player plays as aggressively as possible in order to secure victory against the denizens of Hell. This does not mean the player is overpowered though. Being aware of the player’s surroundings and locating an exit with maybe a health pack or two is essential for survival. Players can be overwhelmed by demons but must not give up the fight for earth. Doom Eternal is an exhilarating experience that will keep players of this genre hooked.

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Doom Eternal is available on March 20th, 2020 on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, Xbox One, and PC.

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Black Ops 4 Beginners Guide: How to Play (& Win) in Zombies Mode

The release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 brings with it a variety of different gameplay options for players. Although plenty of eyes seem to be on the title’s battle royale mode, Blackout, the traditional multiplayer modes like Team Deathmatch are still available. Also returning is the franchise’s Zombies game mode, this time with more options than ever before.

Indeed, Zombies is something of a different beast this time around. The mode comes complete with three maps, with two of them on the expansive side to boot. As such, new players might find it a little bit daunting, particularly given the intricacies of the game mode in comparison to some of the more simplistic elements of Call of Duty.

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Thankfully, new players can get a head start thanks to this guide. Read on to learn how to play Zombies mode, as well as some good strategies to help get that first win in what can be a tense and difficult part of Call of Duty.

What’s New In Zombies Mode?

This time around, Zombies is huge, with three different scenarios to choose from. Two of these revolve around Scarlett Rhodes and her band of misfits, with Voyage of Despair taking place aboard an RMS Titanic that had to handle a zombie threat alongside hitting an iceberg, while IX takes the team back in time to face gladiatorial combat in a Roman coliseum. Alongside this, there’s also the option to play Blood of the Dead, with the return of Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo, and Nikolai.

Within that, the core gameplay loop remains the same. Survive waves of the zombie horde, unlocking areas of the map as and when the points are available, as the fight gets progressively tougher and tougher. This time around, though, it’s fair to say that the levels feel a little more maze-like and expansive, so make sure to be aware of the surroundings at all times to stop from getting stuck in a bottleneck.

Prioritize Your Points

As always, using points effectively is extremely important in Zombies. First and foremost, opening up areas of the map is a given, but more pressing is how the player uses their points towards perks and weapons. Although in early waves things like shotguns and pistols are all well and good, it’s important to aim to get weapons that have a faster fire rate and (most importantly) a faster reload rate as the game progresses. As such, look to weapons like the Spitfire or GKS to be most effective.

It’s also very important to improve the power of weapons as the game goes on. The most obvious way to do this is to keep returning to the Pack-a-Punch Machines once available, which give a 25% boost with each use. This does come at a considerable cost of 2,500 points per use, but it’s an undeniable way to get that firepower up.

Keep Moving

Staying static for too long in Zombies this time around is a recipe for disaster, as there is always the very real threat of being overrun by the horde. Whereas previous games could work with players cementing a position with a strong defensive line, at least for early portions of the game it’s recommended to keep moving. Not only does it avoid the issue of getting stuck in one place, but it also will keep players refreshed when it comes to where the different unlock options are in the map.

Keeping space from zombies is important for reasons other than this, too. Should one member of the team fall, they’ll have to be revived, and with a slightly longer revive time in Black Ops 4 it’s more vital than ever to have enough room to revive a teammate without having chunks taken out by an unseen zombie. This is particularly true when it comes to those special zombies that attack, so always keep an eye out.

Use Your Perks

In Black Ops 4‘s Zombies mode, players are able to use class customization for the first time. This isn’t just there for show, either, as a good grasp of what perks are available and how to use them can make the difference between success and failure. What’s more, the perks that can be chosen can actually work well for a variety of different play styles.

Those who want both power and speed could choose the likes of Deadshot Dealer, which automatically targets the zombie’s head when aiming down the sights, as well as Stamin-Up for a permanent boost to movement speed. Meanwhile, the frost explosion created by Winter’s Wail and the increased ammunition of Bandolier Bandit work well for those whose last stand may come from a more secure position. In essence, it comes down to how an individual best plays the game, and it’s good to have a variety of perks in the team to make the most of these options.

Work Together

As always, teamwork is the key to having an easier run of things in Zombies. Although it’s possible to play the game solo, this is always a challenge, and to help with this there are now bots to play with. Even so, it’s best to play with other human players, and as such taking on the game as a team of four is recommended.

It’s not just a matter of getting other human beings involved in the zombie slaughter, however. Working together cooperatively is key; don’t stray too far from one another, watch out for any fallen that need reviving, and potentially coordinate the perks used to make sure that everyone has bases covered for any eventuality. That way, the team should be set for what the game throws at them.

With these tips in mind, players should now have a solid framework to build on to get through the game’s Zombies mode. Whether taking a trip back in time to arena combat or trying to fight off zombified versions of Jack and Rose, Zombies is always a challenge for players, but with this guidance in mind players should be able to have a fighting chance of beating the supernatural threat.

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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Beginners Gameplay Tips

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is here, and it offers up something of a different experience from the previous games in the series. Rather than the stealth-based gameplay of old, Odyssey doubles down on the RPG mechanics, becoming a huge, deep open world game for players to enjoy. In essence, it takes what worked from Assassin’s Creed Origins and makes it even better.

The end result is a fantastic take on the Greek myth, albeit one that sometimes struggles a little to bridge the gap between open world RPG and its roots in the larger Assassin’s Creed universe. Nonetheless, those changes could leave some players a bit confused as to where to start, and after working through the opening island of Kephallonia things could become a little bit daunting.

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That said, there are some ways to make the most of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey from the get go. After all, there’s lot to get to grips with before taking on Medusa or hunting after all those legendary armor sets. Instead, here are some tips for how to take up what Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has to offer fast.

Choose Exploration Mode

The most important first choice to make comes before the player even starts the game. When given the option, it’s highly recommended to choose Exploration Mode as the method of play. This is the way that Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was designed to be played, and for good reason; the additional level of emphasis on discovery is a delight to play, and much more fun than simply following map markers to reach objectives.

Effectively, Exploration Mode works by making the player find their own way through quests. NPCs will give hints towards locations to be discovered when talking about the mission in question, forcing players to use a little of their own intuition. This mode also makes map exploration much more fun, with the player finding random locations as they work their way around the regions hunting down quests.

Exploration Mode also means players will make the most out of eagle companion Ikaros. The eagle is not only able to scout out discovered locations, but also target enemies and notable items within specific locations, such as chests or hostages to release. Finally, remember to seek out Synchronization points to boost the power of Ikaros overall.

Think About Crafting Over Cash

Whether armor or weapons, it’s easy to find loot in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. As such, when players notice they have plenty of unused items sitting around in their inventory, it’s extremely tempting to drop them all off at a nearby blacksmith and make a bit of drachmae.

That said, it’s probably best to hold fire of cashing in. That’s because drachmae are not in short supply in the game, and can be picked up from completing quests, in explored locations, or from dead enemies. Instead, consider breaking down weaker weapons and armor into leather, wood, and metal, as these can be useful as crafting for upgrades to the player’s ship or even to beef up items at a blacksmith.

It’s worth bearing in mind that drachmae are needed in a couple of places in the game, and it’s always worth keeping some around in case of having to pay off a bounty to keep mercenaries off the player’s trail when it’s better to lay low. Nonetheless, put money on the back burner, and instead think about how best to boost the overall power of the misthios.

Choose Your Abilities Wisely

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has a fairly comprehensive skill tree, but there are some abilities that are better to unlock than others. As explained in our guide to the best abilities to unlock first, There are a few essential abilities, with the Sparta Kick being useful from a warrior perspective alongside beef ups to the assassin skill tree such as Shadow Assassin.

Overall, though, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey gives players the greatest level of flexibility in how they choose to play that the series has seen so far. It’s perhaps best to pick and choose skills based on what works for the player in question, providing they keep enough core skills in each area to make sure they can get out of trouble whatever the situation.

Remember you can always change your choices as well, albeit at a cost. A few drachmae allows the player to reset all of their abilities, so if some skills are found to be less useful than others, it’s easy to drop them and rebuild the character from scratch.

Take To The Waters With Style

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey takes the series back to the high seas, and it’s something that is long overdue. With gameplay reminiscent of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, the core way to travel between the different islands is to take to the Adrestia and hop from island to island seeking adventure.

Even though a lot of the gameplay takes place on land, it’s truly beneficial to upgrade the ship regularly. This could mean recruiting new lieutenants, which helps both with buffs to the ship’s power and when boarding enemy vessels, or improving things like rowing power or damage caused by ranged attacks. It comes at a cost in terms of drachmae and consumables, but it’s worth it in the long run.

This is because it’s all too easy to get into scraps with pirates, Spartan or Athenian vessels when out at sea. Naval combat is extremely good fun, but when outnumbered it’s much better to have more firepower onside, and it’s always satisfying to take out those Cult of Kosmos members who happen to captain a ship of their own.

Revel In The Game World

It may feel like an obvious rule to follow, but Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is much more fun if taken at the player’s own pace. The title’s story is a compelling, personal adventure that (generally) ties well into the larger plot of Assassin’s Creed, but the game perhaps works best with the player following their own path and doing what’s most fun to them.

As such, it’s important to stretch your legs in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Between the Conquest Battles, side quests and other additional smaller elements of the game at large, there’s no reason to purely stick to the main quest. This is something the game expects, too – there’s no real reason to grind in the game, providing players make good use of the enthralling, extra content available to them.

Perhaps the best examples of this are the game’s mercenary system, which leads to some excellent one-on-one fights with fearsome combatants, and hunting down the Cult of Kosmos. Although the cult ties into the larger plot as a whole, hunting down smaller members is a fantastic element of the game, and one that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Those are just a few tips to help players make the most of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. However, with a game as expansive as this, players are best suited to decide how best they want to play the game. Regardless of how they choose to enjoy the title, there are bound to be some surprises along the way.

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