Us Early Reactions: A Bizarre & Horrifying Must-See

The early reactions for Jordan Peele’s Get Out follow-up Us are finally surfacing. After his directorial debut became a major awards favorite, going so far as to earn Peele an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, early reactions for Us prove that Peele is by no means a one hit wonder in the horror genre.

In Us, a family of four take a trip to their beach house over the summer, hoping to unwind. However, their relaxation is cut short when another family – their own doppelgängers – show up one night and begin wreaking havoc. Though it’s unclear why exactly they’re there, let alone where they come from, wife and husband Adelaide and Gabe (Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke, respectively) must do whatever is necessary to keep their family safe. Now, after fans have been anticipating Peele’s follow-up to Get Out since 2017, the early reviews are finally here to determine whether or not the wait was worth it.

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After screening at SXSW in Austin, Texas, critics have been posting brief reactions for Us online, and the general consensus is very positive. More specifically, the general consensus is that Us is a strange, terrifying, and amazingly acted film that is a must-watch – not only for horror fans, but film aficionados in general. To find out exactly what the critics are saying, enjoy these SPOILER-FREE early reactions:

Peele has been a roll when it comes to horror. Aside from the original content he’s been directing, Peele is also producing and hosting a reboot of The Twilight Zone, which will premiere on April 1, 2019 on CBS All Access. He is also expanding his producing duties to the big screen with a remake of Clive Barker’s classic horror movie Candyman. Not only is the film in the early stages of production, with the cast finally beginning to take shape, it also earned the attention of former Candyman star Tony Todd, who was initially on the fence about the film before evidently coming around to it.

Sophomore slumps happen, so if Us turned out to be a bit of a letdown – especially compared to Get Out – Peele would no doubt get a pass. He’s already proven his worth, so not living up to what was essentially a major turning point in modern cinema with Get Out is certainly excusable. That said, the sophomore slump never came to pass in this case, and Us is proof that horror fans are in good hands, considering how Peele is quickly becoming this generation’s brand new Master of Horror.

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Danny Salemme

Kevin Spacey Posts Bizarre Comeback Video as Frank Underwood as Sexual Assault Charges Are Filed

In what appears to be a comeback attempt, former House of Cards star Kevin Spacey shares a dumbfounding video, following a new sexual assault charge filed today. Spacey personified Frank Underwood, the remorselessly devious politician he played on the show for five seasons, opposite Robin Wright. Following sexual assault allegations surfacing in 2017, Netflix fired Spacey from House of Cards, and Wright took over the lead role for the show’s final season. His career has since been in free fall, with Ridley Scott’s All The Money In The World reshooting all of Spacey’s scenes, replacing him with Christopher Plummer, in 2017; his 2018 film Billionaire Boys Club reportedly earned the lowest box office returns of the actor’s career.

Allegations against Spacey began in October 2017, when Anthony Rapp (Star Trek: Discovery) came forward with claims that Spacey attempted to the initiate a sexual encounter with him when he 14. Spacey issued a response to Rapp through social media, although he denied any recollection of the incident, and came out as gay in the same post. He was widely criticized for what many felt was an attempt to distract from Rapp’s accusations by publically coming out. Since then, more than a dozen men have come forward to disclose incidents in which Spacey, frequently described as inebriated, groped, exposed himself, or repeatedly tried to initiate sex without consent. Spacey’s video comes shortly after charges from one of his accusers were confirmed to be going to court.

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Former Boston Globe anchor Heather Unruh said in a press conference last year that Spacey gave alcohol to and sexually assaulted her then 18-year-old son in 2016. Charges for the incident were confirmed to be filed today by The Boston Globe, after which Spacey, apparently in response, posted the unnerving video as his House of Card character. In a festive Christmas apron, he states: “I know what you want. Oh sure, they may have tried to separate us, but what we have is too strong, too powerful. After all, we shared everything, you and I. I told you my deepest, darkest secrets. I showed you exactly what people are capable of. I shocked you with my honestly, but mostly I challenged you and made you think. And you trusted me, even though you knew you shouldn’t. So we’re not done, no matter what anyone says. And besides, I know what you want. You want me back.” The full video can be viewed below:

The video is the first post to his Twitter account since his address to Rapp’s allegations in October 2017. Spacey suggests that he’s been judged without due process, his House of Cards character was unsatisfyingly killed off, that he doesn’t believe he’ll be criminally charged, in Unruh’s case, or any others against him:

“But you wouldn’t believe the worst without evidence would you? You wouldn’t rush to judgements without facts. Would you? Did you? No, not you. You’re smarter than that. All this presumption made for such an unsatisfying ending, and to think it could have been such a memorable sendoff. I mean if you and I have learned nothing else these past years, it’s that in life and art, nothing should be off the table. We weren’t afraid of what we said and what we did, and we’re still not afraid. I can promise you this. If I didn’t pay the price for the things we both know I did do, I’m certainly not going to pay the price for the things I didn’t do.”

Given that this is Spacey’s first public response to the accusations against him, his blatant disambiguation between himself and his fictional alter ego is perhaps what’s most disturbing. It’s not just Frank Underwood’s trademark, menacing, fourth-wall-breaking soliloquies he’s channelling, it’s the character’s full-bodied narcissism and sense of infallibility. He seems to go so far as to try to shift the blame to whoever is being addressed in the video, by saying, “of course they’re going to say I’m being disrespectful, not playing by the rules. Like I ever played by anyone’s rules before. I never did. And you loved it.” – an extraordinarily tactless response to his accusers, and the people who’ve supported them.

In addition to Spacey, charges appear to be sticking to Harvey Weinstein’s criminal case, which moved forward last week. Meanwhile, Eliza Dushku’s op-ed about sexual harassment on the set of Bull garnered widespread support, showing that the #MeToo movement continues to create a space in which victims of sexual violence can feel safer coming forward with their stories.

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Source: Kevin Spacey/YouTube, The Boston Globe

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10 Times Bizarre CGI Hurt TV Shows (And 10 Times It Saved It)

It’s a different time for television. While it was seen as a secondary medium to cinema in the past, the tables have turned. Now, it’s the preferred model of entertainment as more and more people refuse to venture outside of their homes to get their story fixes.

As a result, networks and production companies are spending astronomical amounts on their television shows. According to a report from Variety, each episode of the final season of Game of Thrones will cost a staggering $15 million – that’s a bigger budget than most Adam Sandler films (though the comparison is unfair based purely on the fact that even a cheaper Game of Thrones would be superior).

The bulk of a television show’s budget flies out of the coffers to big stars, producers, directors, writers, locations, and CGI companies nowadays. The latter, in particular, plays a massive role as the audience expects the visuals to be up to the same scratch as Hollywood blockbusters. In some instances, the viewers get more than their money’s worth, whereas there are other times when the final product makes you wonder what the showrunners were thinking.

All things considered, let’s take a gander at the 10 Times Bizarre CGI Hurt TV Shows (And 10 Times It Saved It).

20 Hurt: Terra Nova’s Dinosaurs

Terra Nova was an ambitious sci-fi drama series. From the get-go, it was evident that it would need a massive budget to match its big desire. After all, no one wants to watch a show where dinosaurs appear as if they were created on Windows 95. (The Asylum already does enough of that type of CGI.)

Unfortunately, there were more than a few iffy moments with the prehistoric creatures looking less than spectacular on the small screen. Corners were cut to hurry up the series – since it had already taken so long to produce – and it was glaringly obvious in the final product. Despite a strong showing in the international market, Terra Nova was made extinct after 13 episodes.

19 Saved: The Flash’s Speed Force

Much has been said about The Flash‘s special effects. At times, they’re really good – such as the rare appearances of King Shark and Gorilla Grodd – but they can also look equally bad, especially in the speedster fights. Thankfully, the show seems to have nailed down its depiction of the Speed Force after five seasons.

It’s simple and involves using the different colored lightning for the relevant speedster. Unfortunately, with the nature of speedsters, it’ll always be difficult to display the superpower in a way that appeases everyone. Just look at 2017’s Justice League as an example – many critics voiced their displeasure at how Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen ran in the end sequence of the film.

18 Hurt: The Capitol In Pretty Little Liars

To be honest, it’s surprising to be including Pretty Little Liars on this list. The popular television show was more about drama and backstabbing than anything else, so why would it need CGI? As it turns out, the series didn’t have an unlimited budget and required some computer-enhanced effects that fell rather flat.

Rather than film on location, it was decided to use the fabled green screen to recreate the U.S. Capitol in season six. The shot features Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario) sitting on a bench in front of the recognizable building in D.C. Despite the best of intentions here, the scene ended up being so bad and fake-looking that some fans demanded it be reshot.

17 Saved: Werewolf Transformation In Hemlock Grove

Hemlock Grove is the perfect example of being ahead of its time. Produced by Eli Roth and featuring an all-star cast consisting of Famke Janssen, Dougray Scott, Lili Taylor, and Bill Skarsgård, this horror show debuted too soon and would’ve found more success in a climate that embraced the genre.

Even so, it tried to do things a little differently than its contemporaries – particularly the werewolf transformation. Yes, it was absolutely brutal to behold and you wondered how it didn’t snap someone’s neck in the process, but it largely did the job and left an impression. If anything, it made turning into a werewolf a cool thing again after Twilight had left a bitter taste in fans’ mouths.

16 Hurt: Bones’ Driving Scenes

Bones had one heck of a run, lasting 246 episodes across 12 seasons. That’s a mean feat in an era when people’s attention spans last as long as a politician’s promise. The procedural drama, starring Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz, delighted a generation of fans and many are still sad the show isn’t on the air.

For the most part, Bones made good use of practical effects and grounded itself in realism and simplicity. However, it was also caught fiddling with the green screen a few times. Whenever the leads got behind the wheel of the car, there was often something a little strange with their scenery. It turns out they weren’t really driving anywhere at times.

15 Saved: Once Upon A Time’s Creatures

It’s weird how fairy-tale productions have struggled outside of the Disney animation sphere. This is why Once Upon a Time was a welcome change to the norm. Sure, it might not have left as big a dent on popular culture as some of its peers, but it provided quality entertainment for the most part.

Most of its success was due to the recreation of various creatures on the series. Even though the showrunners didn’t have Game of Thrones money, they took what they had and hired good CGI teams to bring the creations to life on the small screen. Of course, there were a few hits and misses, but all in all, we weren’t disappointed.

14 Hurt: Medusa’s Hair In Inhumans

Even before it was released, no one gave Inhumans much of a chance. You see, this series was Marvel’s attempt at making these characters as big as the X-Men, when they weren’t as popular as Xavier’s mutants in the comic books to begin with. It didn’t help that the CGI in the trailers was laughably bad, either.

Things didn’t get any better when the show was actually released. Medusa’s hair effects became the subject of many memes, and fans struggled to take her superpower seriously. Coupled with the low ratings and critical bashing, Inhumans was put out of its misery after eight episodes. It’s living proof that not all comic book properties will automatically bring in a crowd.

13 Saved: Merlin’s Dragon

There have been numerous adaptations of Merlin throughout the years – some good and some bad. However, the 2008 British series Merlin was met with positive ratings and lasted a whole five seasons. Largely influenced by Smallville, it followed the early years of the wizard and all the adventures he went on.

Due to all the sorcery and fantastical nature of the show, we saw special effects fairly often. The biggest usage of it came with the Great Dragon (as voiced by John Hurt). While the animated dragon isn’t on the same quality level as Smaug from The Hobbit series, he was incredibly cute. In fact, you’ll struggle to see dragons as vicious creatures after seeing this one.

12 Hurt: The Deer In The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead prides itself on its usage of practical effects and makeup. A lot of work goes into making the zombies appear as realistic as possible – even if the show spends half its time following the moping humans as they roam from location to location, whining and betraying each other.

There are times, though, when special effects have had to be used, especially when it comes to animals. One of the most infamous scenes involved the fakest-looking deer you’ll ever see in the season seven episode “Say Yes”. Fans raged about how awful and unrealistic it looked, but you could probably notch that down to the pent-up anger over the show’s decline in quality over the years.

11 Saved: Westworld’s Tiger

Remarkably, for a sci-fi show, Westworld doesn’t employ a huge amount of special effects for its sequences. It tends to rely more on the deep storytelling, visionary direction, and picturesque scenery to hook the viewers in. That isn’t to say that it’s ignored CGI altogether, though.

In season two’s third episode “Virtù e Fortuna”, we encounter one of the loveliest and most dangerous predators on Earth: the tiger. Naturally, a real wild animal wasn’t used on set, so a CGI model was utilized instead. While it could’ve been far too easy for the creature to look inauthentic, this one didn’t. In fact, this striped cat replaced Tony the Tiger as our new favorite television tiger.

10 Hurt: Burning Crowd In Spartacus

Spartacus has a warm place in all of our hearts. The acclaimed show was like the perfect merger between 300 and Game of Thrones, as it combined history, action, and drama into the total package. Even to this day, many fans consider it the ideal archetype for future action series.

It wasn’t all perfect, though, as it suffered from a host of dodgy special effects. Throughout its seasons, we witnessed more than a few moments that made us scrunch our noses and wonder what the creators were thinking. One of the more infamous mishaps is when bogus fires break out in a crowd. Not only do the flames look suspect, but so do the computer-generated people.

9 Saved: Ghost Rider On Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Despite the odds, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has successfully crafted its own space in the MCU, without relying on the Avengers. Whereas other shows might’ve lacked the subtly to allude to a larger shared universe, this one proved all the detractors wrong. At the same time, it’s also introduced some fan-favorites into the mix – most notably, the Robbie Reyes version of Ghost Rider, as played by Gabriel Luna.

While our previous meetings with the Spirit of Vengeance was in the Nicolas Cage films, Luna’s outings proved to have better overall CGI than the movies. You could even argue that it was his character’s addition to the show’s fourth season that riled up more interest from the general audience.

8 Hurt: Vanity Fair’s Backgrounds

There’s a new miniseries on the block grabbing all the headlines. Based on the 1848 novel by William Makepeace Thackeray, Vanity Fair is proving to be the period drama we never knew we wanted. In fact, the 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes only adds further credence to this statement.

Unfortunately, the series’ premiere episode wasn’t a home run hit for many of its viewers. Fans were left bemused by the usage of sloppy digital effects and why they were utilized for a period piece in the first place. Additionally, there was a lot of anger at the fact that London and other background scenes were brought to life using CGI and not filmed on location.

7 Saved: The Night King’s Flight In Game Of Thrones

We’ve already mentioned Game of Thrones‘ sizable budget for production. It’s undoubtedly a luxury that allows the series to venture into uncharted territories and make the showrunners’ vision come to life on a grander scale. Still, there’s a lingering feeling that some CGI might look out of place at some point.

One of the biggest concerns was the Night King’s ride on the dragon. It could’ve been a spectacular failure, but it turned into one of the show’s most iconic moments. In fact, the digital effects on display could’ve made big Hollywood blockbusters blush. It’s almost unfathomable to think about how Game of Thrones‘ final season will top what we’ve seen, but we think it will somehow.

6 Hurt: Hal Cooper’s Green Eyes In Riverdale

At this point, Riverdale doesn’t make sense to anyone. While it started out as the teen version of Twin Peaks, it’s now devolved into something else – and it’s all the better for it. Last season’s main arc involved the mysterious Black Hood and all the filled graves he left in his wake.

The big reveal was that the Hood was actually Hal Cooper, Betty’s father. There’s a moment when Betty looks into her father’s eyes and sees they’re the same shade of green as the Hood’s. The problem is, Hal’s eyes are CGIed and they looked bad – like 2011 Green Lantern bad. It’s obvious this was one of those times when the show ran out of ideas and just said stuff it.

5 Saved: Supergirl’s Martian Manhunter Reveal

To be fair, Supergirl suffers from some so-so special effects. There are some real doozies that you can’t excuse and it could benefit from fewer episodes so that the CGI budget could be increased and bettered. After all, shorter season runs seem to be the way of the superhero future.

With that said, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the Martian Manhunter reveal in the first season of the show. Combining practical effects with CGI, David Harewood’s J’onn J’onzz made every single Justice League fan squeal in delight. The design embraced the comic book roots, while also ensuring that it didn’t look too cartoony for a live-action adaptation. Everyone involved deserves a round of applause for Martin Manhunter’s terrific look.

4 Hurt: Darkseid In Smallville

Darkseid is the baddie of all baddies in the DC Universe. He’s truly the granddaddy of them all and his appearance should shake the very core of any medium. Due to Warner Bros.’ meddling, we sadly didn’t get to see him in 2017’s Justice League, but he did make a live-action appearance in Smallville.

The problem is, he was largely CGI and a non-corporeal being. The showrunners decided to make him more of a shadowy presence than an actual physical specimen and this harmed the villain in the long run. It’s Darkseid – make him as incredible and realistic as humanly possible. After all, Marvel envisioned Thanos in the right way, so DC could do the same here as well.

3 Saved: Titans’ Beast Boy Transformation

There was a lot of pressure on Titans from the beginning. Not many fans were happy with the first trailer or the look of Ryan Potter’s Beast Boy. There were grumblings that the show would be on the cheap side and feature mediocre special effects.

Fortunately, the DC Universe series has dispelled all concerns by showcasing an array of dazzling effects. All the fears about Beast Boy and his superpowers have been allayed as his transformations have been some of the highlights of Titans. While we haven’t seen him change into a variety of animals, his tiger is certainly a sight to behold. We can’t wait to see how far the show pushes his transformations next season.

2 Hurt: Jeremiah’s Joker Transformation On Gotham

No matter what your personal feelings of Gotham are, there’s no denying that Cameron Monaghan’s performance as the prototype Joker has been exceptional. Whether as Jerome or Jeremiah Valeska, Monaghan has stolen the show in every scene he’s appeared in. In fact, he’s even made Jared Leto’s Joker look like a chump.

That said, it’s disappointing that the big moment of Jeremiah’s transformation into the Clown Prince of Crime was riddled with comically bad CGI. It was meant to be one of the defining scenes of the entire show, yet it turned into something that could’ve been straight out of a low-budget ’90s movie. Thankfully, it was brief and didn’t cause too much pain to the viewers.

1 Saved: Beebo Versus Mallus In Legends Of Tomorrow

While no one really knew what to expect from Legends of Tomorrow, it’s safe to say we’ve embraced the insanity of it all. This show knows what it is and is unapologetic about it. In addition, how could we ever dislike a series that features Beebo?

Speaking of Beebo, Legends of Tomorrow turned into the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for the season three episode “The Good, The Bad and the Cuddly”. Beebo transformed into a super-sized version of itself as it did battle with the demon Mallus. Yes, it was incredibly cheesy and a so-bad-that-it’s-good moment, but it was unforgettable. Beebo is not the hero that the CW needs, but the one that it deserves!

Tell us, are there any other times when CGI hurt or saved a TV show? Let us know in the comments!

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Sony Confirms PSN Name Change Option Coming in 2019

PlayStation has confirmed that the ability to change a user’s PSN Online ID is coming in early 2019. The company did not specify exact launch date specifics, but did stated that testing the new functionality will be getting underway soon.

The saga regarding PSN name change functionality is one that has gone on for years now. Seemingly almost every year, reports would surface that the rumored functionality was finally in the works for Sony, only for those rumors to be shot down by an official spokesperson shortly after. For a company that has had a stranglehold on the current-gen console market for the better part of the PlayStation 4’s entire existence, not having the ability to change your user ID on the PlayStation Network was a bizarre oversight that had never been corrected.

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Now, however, the official PlayStation Twitter‘s post suggests that the company has finally recognized the need to allow gamers to change their online user names. The announcement also specifies that the rollout of PSN name change options will begin in early 2019, meaning that it won’t be a long wait – at least, not compared to the wait Sony supporters had just to have the company acknowledge the need for such a function.

The decision to allow users to change their PSN names comes not long after Sony made another key, crowd-pleasing announcement. Towards the end of September, Sony announced that the company was finally caving in to the demands of players around the world and allowing cross-play functionality for its PS4 system, most notably supporting Fortnite in the decision. Sony had been the last of the major gaming companies to acquiesce to the trend of cross-platform play, and it did not happen quickly. That’s why the decision to allow PSN Online ID changes happening in a span of months is such a surprising, yet welcome, announcement.

Now that Sony has made back-to-back gigantic announcements regarding its online service, it’s fair to wonder what’s left for the PS4 this year. Sony recently committed to the fact that there would be no PlayStation Experience in 2018, citing that the company simply had a lack of upcoming things to feature and that it would be better served skipping this year’s show altogether. It’s possible that because of this relative lull in PS4 offerings Sony has suddenly decided to make some heavily requested changes to its PSN service – and if so, it’s a deft move from the company, keeping its name in the spotlight even when it isn’t churning out a bunch of appealing exclusives.

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Source: Official PlayStation Twitter

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New York Comic-Con: 26 Biggest Announcements (And 4 Weirdest Possibilities)

It might not be as big as San Diego Comic-Con, but New York’s pop culture celebration is just as eventful. This year’s New York Comic-Con was littered with scoops. Whether it’s juicy rumors or brand new trailers, there was plenty to see and talk about. Of course, the convention weekend can get a bit overwhelming — the onslaught of news, panels, and footage seems endless. Thankfully, we’ve collected all of this biggest topics for those of you who are lost amidst all of the comic book news.

For this list, we’re going to cover the most important stories of this year’s New York Comic-Con, including some big ones that just happened to drop during the week rather than at the convention itself. The list will even feature a few big rumors that have come out of the con for some good measure — or for those of you who just like some gossip. Even those who attended the convention might have missed some of the major stories, so use this as your post-NYCC guide to recap the weekend as things begin to wind down.

We know it’s difficult to keep track of all this news, especially after the convention weekend. This list should make things a bit easier. Even if you didn’t attend, the bombardment of news is probably still filling your news feed. So after you’re finished watching trailers all day and unpacking your NYCC hauls, settle in and we’ll break everything down for you.

Here are the 26 Biggest Announcements From NYCC (And 4 Weirdest Possibilities).

30 Aquaman’s New/Old Armor

The new Aquaman trailer was the highlight of the weekend for many. It revealed a surprising amount of footage — some would say too much. The extended look — roughly five minutes long — featured a plenty of unseen footage.

Audiences were treated to a sequence involving Arthur and Mera in desert ruins, another look at Atlantis, and even an extended action sequence between the two leads as they are chased by Black Manta. Perhaps the biggest spoiler in the trailer was the reveal of Aquaman’s iconic orange and green outfit.

29 Hellboy First Look

While no footage from the Hellboy panel has been released to the public, convention-goers were treated to a poster reveal and an exclusive first look at the upcoming film.

The panel footage wooed many fans in attendance and featured a tone that balanced the movie’s violence and gore with humor. It saw Hellboy receive his iconic handgun and show off the Hand of Doom, and it highlighted his especially shaky relationship with his ally Ben Daimio.

The trailer’s money shot had Hellboy in all-out demon mode, rising out of a pit sporting a flaming sword and crown.

Hopefully it won’t be long before this footage is released to the public.

28 Bullseye in Daredevil Season 3

Daredevil’s new trailers suggest a return to the grounded crime-noir tones of the first season with some big new developments. The first trailer reveals that not only is Kingpin out of prison, but he appears to design a smear campaign to turn New York against Daredevil.

One of the ways this may be happening is through a Daredevil impostor, who is none other than the hero’s most famous villain, Bullseye. Bullseye is the subject of the second new trailer, exploring his life as a government agent-turned-assassin under the employ of Kingpin.

27 Titans Is Grittier Than The DCEU

Titans has already received flak for the marketing’s seriously dark tone. Now, after the first two episodes were screened for viewers at NYCC, it is getting the same criticism.

Not only does Titans sport the DCEU’s same dark tone, but apparently the show is even more violent than the films.

The footage featuring Robin displayed some extremely violent and lethal combat, complete with the same amount of gore and disrespect for human life one might find in — well, anything but a comic book show. With that said, the show did receive a warm reception from the audience, so maybe Titans has potential after all.

26 Possibility — Will Rick Grimes Survive?

The Walking Dead is losing its lead character this season, with the confirmed departure of Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln. His impending exit has been talked about for months now, but fans still don’t know how his character will be written out of the show. In a new rumor, it seems that Rick Grimes might meet a brutal end.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Andrew Lincoln joked that he might not “make it through the credits sequence” teasing Rick’s potential demise. Fans don’t want to say goodbye to Rick, but it will be even harder to do so if he is torn apart by walkers. Can’t somebody get a happy ending on this show?

25 Spock On Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek fans weren’t left out of the fun this year, with a new trailer for season two of Star Trek: Discovery. The trailer promises a ride that might be just as intense as the first season, with plenty of action, character beats, and visuals so gorgeous that one would think the show had the budget of a feature-length film.

Amidst the sizzle of the trailer is a big reveal — the inclusion of a young, bearded Spock.

The character is supposedly connected to the “Red Angel” visions that Burnham is experiencing, though details on his appearance in the season are still under wraps.

24 First 35 minutes of new Spider-Man movie

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is still a few months out but panel attendees were treated to the first 35 minutes — and apparently what they saw was incredible. Reactions to the NYCC footage is overwhelmingly positive, citing the stylish animation and and lighthearted tone as some of the film’s standout elements. These early reactions come off the back of a new trailer for the film, which shows off several more of the alternate universe versions of Spider-Man.

Of course, this was only the first 35 minutes. Much of the movie is still under wraps and it has a long road ahead of it, being only one of many tentpole releases hitting theaters this December.

23 Deadly Class is coming in 2019

SYFY’s adaptation of the critically acclaimed Deadly Class comic series made a big showing this year. Between the close collaboration with series writer Rick Remender, the promise of intense action, and the Russo brothers at the helm (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers Infinity War), this long-awaited series has the potential to be a household name.

Not only does the show seem like a contender for the “next big thing” in comic book television, but it finally has a release date.

This was revealed to be January 16 in a new trailer that focuses on the coming-of-age aspect of the anarchic action series.

22 Star Wars’ The Mandalorian

The first image of Jon Favreau’s live-action Star Wars series was released on Thursday, getting fans hyped for the first real TV show in a galaxy far far away. The photo was released alongside new details about the show, namely its title: The Mandalorian.

Set between Return of the Jedi and The Force AwakensThe Mandalorian centers on a warrior from Mandalore travelling across the galaxy. The title character wears the iconic armor that the planet is known for — a costume shared by fan-favorite character Boba Fett. Plenty remains unknown about the series, though it is set to premiere on Disney’s upcoming streaming service.

21 Possibility — Kingpin and Spider-Man Crossover

Marvel fans will rejoice if this rumor comes true — during all of the Daredevil buzz over the convention weekend, Vincent D’Onofrio made a very reassuring tweet.

When a fan tweeted that the world will never see the him as Kingpin in an MCU film, D’Onofrio responded with “Who says?”

Marvel’s Netflix shows have been especially vague in their references to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but having Kingpin show up in a Tom Holland Spider-Man film would be the perfect connection. The chances are slim, but at least there’s hope.

20 Bane On Gotham

Gotham‘s fifth and final season was revealed in a trailer this weekend, promising quite the grand finale. The trailer hints that Gotham will be adapting the classic No Man’s Land comic book story this season, and also teased another big bad.

Actor Shane West has been cast as Bane, one of Batman’s greatest adversaries and one of the only major rogues that the show hasn’t yet adapted. Bane’s appearance so early in Bruce Wayne’s life has been met with mixed reactions among fans, but at least that suggests a bombastic end to the pre-Batman series.

19 The X-Men Go To Space

New York Comic-Con got an extended look at X-Men: Dark Phoenix, despite being subject to what seems like endless delays. The exclusive footage, which still has not been revealed to the public, gave fans a look at the fully-formed X-Men team and their upcoming cosmic adventure.

Highlights of the footage included an argument between Mystique and Professor X, Jean Grey absorbing a solar flare, and the team going on a rescue mission in space.

While most of the movie likely takes place on Earth, it’s nice to know that the movies aren’t above digging into the spacebound shenanigans that the comics do.

18 Penny from The Big Bang Theory is Harley Quinn

Among the many DC Universe announcements this weekend was the trailer for the Harley Quinn animated series, which has taken many fans by surprise. The show looks like a quirky adult comedy with Harley breaking the fourth wall and using foul language.

The show is already being compared to the likes of Deadpool, with positive reactions coming out of NYCC. It also features a great cast, with Kaley Cuoco, Alan Tudyk, Ron Funches, JB Smoove, and Wanda Sykes among the voice talent. It is set to release late in 2019 on the DC Universe streaming service.

17 Umbrella Academy’s Big Debut

Netflix’s adaptation of Gerard Way’s superhero darling The Umbrella Academy came to play during NYCC, with a handful of new images and even a trailer exclusive to the folks at Comic-Con. An Umbrella Academy movie has been in the works for many years, but after the switch to television and some time in development freefall, it finally seems right around the corner.

The series — which consists of a dysfunctional family of superheroes — seems to be maintaining its gothic comic book aesthetic.

The show looks like surreal than its counterpart on the pages, but it already has people excited. Umbrella Academy hits Netflix on February 15, 2019.

16 Doctor Who First Reactions

Those who attended the Doctor Who panel were in for quite the event. The attendees got to see the premiere of the new season as well as have an in-depth talk with the season’s Doctor, Jodie Whittaker. The audience’s response to the episode was ecstatic to say the least, and that sentiment seems to be shared by viewers around the world.

Not only was the show a critical hit, but its viewer ratings were record-breaking. The premiere episode “The Woman Who Fell to Earth” peaked at 9 million viewers, which the highest the show has ever had! Sounds like the new season of Doctor Who is off to a fantastic start.

15 Odin’s true form in American Gods season 2

Last year’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods was a massive hit and the trailer for the new season looks just as enticing.  Shadow Moon and Mr. Wednesday are back on their surreal fantasy roadtrip, accompanied by even more colorful characters and bizarre, unsettling visuals.

The footage teases a war between Mr. Wednesday and Mr. World, with an especially striking shot of Wednesday in his true form: Odin. 

American Gods is a trippy, gorgeous series that many may have missed last year, and with such a great-looking sequel on the way, now might be the time to go back and binge. The second seasons drops in 2019.

14 Possibility — Sabrina/Riverdale Crossover

A full trailer for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina hit the web early last week, revealing a spooky-yet-fun adaptation of the comics, as well as a revival of the late ’90s sitcom. Sadly, Archie fans will be disappointed to hear that Sabrina is not currently attached to the hit CW series, Riverdale.

While the Sabrina was originally set to appear on the CW as Riverdale’s companion show (much like CW’s Arrowverse), the move to Netflix seems to have stifled the idea. Still, Sabrina showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is holding out hope for a potential crossovers so that the original plan can come to fruition.

13 George R. R. Martin’s new show

Those of you eagerly awaiting Game of Thrones… well, we don’t have any good news for you. But, if you want more content from the mind of George R.R. Martin, an adaptation of his book Nightflyers has received a new trailer and a first-episode premiere at New York Comic-Con.

The sci-fi thriller follows a crew they struggle to survive on their space mission.

Not everything is as it seems on the vessel, as the show promises some solid horror scares as well as a character-driven story. The show doesn’t officially premiere until December 2nd, but at least sci-fi horror fans have something to look forward to.

12 She-Ra And The Princesses’ LGBT rep

Dreamworks Animation has been launching hit after hit lately — between shows like Trollhunters and Voltron: Legendary Defender, their work has earned them much success on Netflix. The newest series from the studio, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, dropped a poster and teaser trailer at New York Comic-Con that looks like promising fun for young viewers.

The reboot of the ’80s television show sports new cartoony visuals, witty humor, and a diverse cast of characters — even including a same gender couple. While the show’s initial reveal was met with some backlash, the trailer seems infectiously pleasant and fun.

11 Matt Bomer stars in DC’s Doom Patrol

While Titans got plenty of attention at NYCC, the next DC Universe original series got a brief first look. Doom Patrol is set to release next spring, but panel attendees were show some exclusive photos of Brendan Fraser’s character, Robotman. Fraser appeared at the panel and talked through the first look.

Seeing as Doom Patrol is currently filming, it shouldn’t be long before official footage hits the web.

The Robotman design look remarkably accurate to the comics, which has gotten many fans even more excited for the obscure property’s TV adaptation. Supplementing this news was the casting of Matt Bomer as Negative Man — another big name

10 The Spawn Trilogy

Fans hoping for a Spawn trailer at NYCC were out of luck this weekend, but series creator Todd McFarlane spoke at length about his plans for the newly rebooted movie. McFarlane explained that he envisions an ambitious trilogy of Spawn movies, with each one visually and tonally distinct from the last.

The first film might be described as a kind of existential horror-superhero film, with characters wondering if what they see is even real. While the project is still a ways off, the Jamie Foxx-led vehicle is going to emphasize the dark tones of the book with a hard R-rating, as well as cater to the now-older readers of the comic series.

9 DC Universe Streaming Plans

DC Comics and Warner Bros wanted to spotlight their DC Universe streaming service at this year’s NYCC, several small news breaks on he various related properties. Not only did they show footage of Titans, Doom Patrol, and Harley Quinn, but they also revealed the service’s content release schedule over the coming year.

While no specific dates were given, the timeline depicts various release windows for the service’s different original series.

While Young Justice: Outsiders seems to have been split into two parts, Doom Patrol will drop next spring followed by Swamp Thing in the summer, with both Stargirl and Harley Quinn dropping next fall.

8 Pet Sematary First Look

Horror fans might not have had much to talk about at Comic-Con, but during the convention some promo images dropped for the reboot of a Stephen King classic. The first images of the Pet Sematary remake were released, featuring Jason Clarke, John Lithgow, and Amy Seimetz.

The best image of the bunch comes in the form of the Creed family cat, Church, looking meaner and mangier than ever.

While an evil cat may not be the scariest thing you’ll find in Pet Sematary, it’s a nice preview of the Stephen King spookiness to come, especially after the success of 2017’s It. Pet Sematary is set for release on April 5, 2019.

7 Runaways Season 2 Footage

A new trailer for the second season of Runaways shows that the series has moved way past high school drama, and further into superhero action territory. The trailer features the Runaways’ comic book hideout, huge action set-pieces, and plenty of superpowers to go around.

Highlights of the trailer include a kiss between Nico and Karolina, a battle on an airport runway, and a glimpse at Gert’s pet dinosaur Old Lace. The first season of the show was a quiet hit among the newer Marvel properties, but this season promises a much deeper dive into the superhero genre that fans of the series are have been waiting for.

6 How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

One reveal snuck in towards the end of Comic-Con — a very short trailer for How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. Although very brief, the trailer is made up of all-new footage.

The trailer consists of baby Hiccup in his father’s arms as he is told about the legendary world of dragons.

During his father’s narration, the titular Hidden World is given a brief tease as hundreds of dragons flutter across a cavernous landscape. It ends with a shot of Hiccup and Toothless overlooking a town covered in dragons. It’s not as extensive as the film’s last trailer, but it might hold fans over until the film’s release on February 22, 2019.

5 Good Omens Trailer

It’s a great year for Neil Gaiman lovers as they got not one, but two different Gaiman projects revealed at NYCC. First was the second season of American Gods, and now Amazon’s adaptation of Good Omens. 

The trailer for the new series pits Michael Sheen and David Tennant against each other as an angel and a demon who must join forces in order to prevent the apocalypse. The dark subject matter is contrasted by the show’s whimsical tone and David Tennant’s devilish charisma. It sets up what looks to be a very fun buddy comedy about he end of the world.

4 First 25 Minutes Of Peter Jackson’s Mortal Engines

Fans of director Peter Jackson were treated to the first 25 minutes of his next project, Mortal Engines, at this year’s New York Comic-Con. Mortal Engines is another expansive world, like the Tolkien material that Jackson has worked with before, but with a post-apocalyptic twist.

The most talked about elements of the footage were the massive scale of the world and the jaw-dropping visuals.

The Mortal Engines footage introduces viewers to Hester, a girl who lives in a world that was ravaged by the “60 Minute War” that destroyed civilization. Now the world consists of giant cities on wheels that fight each other. Audiences won’t see it for themselves until December 14.

3 The Boys Teaser Trailer

Amazon’s adaptation of Garth Ennis’s hyper-violent superhero comic The Boys has finally been revealed with a brief teaser trailer . The teaser features a public service announcement from Vought International, a company that facilitates the operation of the Seven, this world’s league of superheroes. At the end of the PSA, the titular Boys can be seen sitting on a couch, rudely gesturing to their televisions.

The Boys is already setting itself apart from the traditonal superhero fare, and with good reason — the series is about a team of people who keep out-of-control superheroes in check– by blackmailing them, stealing from them, and beating them up. It’s extremely adult-oriented and it already looks like fun.

2 Voltron Ends in December

The release date and synopsis for the eighth and final season of Voltron was revealed at New York Comic-Con, finally bringing the critically acclaimed Netflix series to a close.

The last season will feature the final battle between the Paladins and Witch Haggar.

A few promo images were released as well — one featuring the villain Honerva and another depicting the Voltron Paladins in a control room with Shiro commanding the gang in a background role. While no footage was shown at NYCC, the release date was confirmed to be December 14. The show’s final season will premiere on Netflix.

1 Possibility — Avengers 4 Titled “Avengers: Annihilation”

This rumor went viral during the weekend of NYCC — “Avengers: Annihilation” may or may not be the name of the still untitled Avengers 4. Speculation over the film’s name has driven fans mad in recent months, with “Annihilation” being yet another choice amidstthe rumored titles titles like “Avengers: Forever”, “Avengers: Endgame”, and “The Last Avenger”.

Annihilation comes from the name comic storyline of the same name, though it bears few similarities to the Infinity Gauntlet story that the films are adapting. Seriously, Marvel, just call it “Avengers: Assemble” and get it over with already. Don’t keep us waiting!

What announcements from New York Comic-Con excite you the most? Make sure to leave a comment before you go to share your thoughts!

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6 Casting Decisions That Hurt It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (And 14 That Saved It)

There are sitcoms that everyone loves, and then there’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia — a series which has managed to turn off many with its despicable characters and depraved sense of humor. From faking cancer to trying to eat a homeless person, there are no depths that are too low for the owners of Paddy’s Pub. But you don’t get to thirteen seasons without making a few fans in the process.

While It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia might not pull in the biggest numbers, the show has maintained such a rabid following over the years that one has to wonder if they’ve accidentally gotten there hands on some raccoon meat. But the more likely scenario is that many people have just as twisted of a sense of humor as the makers of this FX series.

The sitcom was created by Rob McElhenney with the help of Glenn Howerton and Charlie Day, who would go on to portray Mac, Dennis, and Charlie on the series. Kaitlin Olson and Danny DeVito fill out the rest of the main cast as Dee and Frank Reynolds, and for over the last decade, fans have been happily following the bizarre misadventures of the Gang. Of course, it’s impossible to imagine anyone else in these leading roles. With over 130 episodes, there has been no shortage of supporting characters and celebrity cameo, some of which have been a lot better than others.

Here are 6 Casting Decisions That Hurt It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (And 14 That Saved It).

20 Saved: Glenn Howerton as Dennis Reynolds

In a sea of despicable characters, Dennis Reynolds has slowly revealed himself to be the most reprehensible of them all. Dennis may have begun the series as one of the more sensible members of the Gang — albeit one with an extremely short fuse, but he’s slowly revealed himself to be a cool and calculated sociopath. One who also happens to have a heavy side of narcissistic personality disorder.

While Glenn Howerton didn’t want to name the character after himself for fear of people drawing an unwelcome comparison, that hasn’t stopped Howerton from taking the character to some extremely dark places. He’s more than a little convincing when he lays out one of his manipulative plans. While his temper tantrums may be over-the-top, you never doubt the authenticity of the rage and frustration Howerton has embedded into his performance.

19 Saved: Mary Elizabeth Ellis as The Waitress

One of the most prominent recurring characters on It’s Always Sunny, the Waitress has been a part of the series since the very beginning. She is the unrequited love interest of Charlie throughout the majority of the show — though it seems like the tables have turned in recent episodes.

The Waitress is portrayed by Mary Elizabeth Ellis, who had previously worked with Charlie Day on an episode of Reno 911! The two were married shortly after It’s Always Sunny began, adding another layer of hilarity to the dysfunctional relationship between the two characters on screen.

Ellis fully commits to her performance as the down-on-her-luck waitress.

She’s an example of the tight-knit community working behind-the-scenes that has made the series such a success.

18 Hurt: Jason Sudeikis as Schmitty

While sitcoms usually lend themselves well to celebrity cameos, It’s Always Sunny has created such a distinct world that more often than not these cameos end up feeling out of place. There have been a few instances where they’ve managed to pull them off. Josh Groban popping up in one of Dee’s fantasies seemed fitting, and Dax Shepard manages to blend in fairly well into the episodes where Mac and Charlie join a cult.

In the case of Jason Sudeikis and a number of other celebrities, the cameos just end up coming across as distracting. There’s nothing inherently wrong with Jason Sudeikis playing Schmitty — an ex-member of the Gang who makes an unexpected return. The whole time, you never forget that you’re watching Sudeikis, which just doesn’t work for the tone of the series.

17 Saved: Mary Lynn Rajskub as Gail the Snail

Though she’s only appeared in three episodes of the series to date, Gail the Snail is definitely one of those side characters that we’d like to see more of. She first appeared back in the season five episode “The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention”, where she is the clingy cousin of Dennis and Dee who talks with a lisp and has the disgusting habit of slurping her saliva. Dennis and Dee have found that the only way to get rid of her is to dust her with salt, hence her nickname of Gail the Snail.

The character is portrayed by the talented Mary Lynn Rajskub, who is best known for playing Chloe O’Brian on 24.

This is undeniably a very different character, and it’s impressive just how committed Rajskub is to playing someone so hilariously obnoxious.

16 Saved: David Hornsby as Cricket

The Gang has dragged their fair share of individuals down into the dirt with them, but none are more apparent than Rickety Cricket. Portrayed by David Hornsby, Cricket is a former classmate of the Gang who was once infatuated with Dee. He debuted in season two as a clean-cut priest who has slowly transformed into the addicted hobo that we have today.

Hornsby has been such a prominent member of the show that last season he was given his own episode with “A Cricket’s Tale”, which cleverly intertwined the character’s other brief appearances throughout the season into the story. Hornsby has also been a big part of the show behind-the-scenes as well, serving as an executive producer and a writer of nearly 30 episodes.

15 Hurt: Brian Unger as The Attorney

It’s Always Sunny has a number of supporting characters who re-emerge every few seasons, only to be dragged down by the shenanigans of the Gang once again. Brian Unger plays one such character with the Attorney, who the Gang often visits for legal advice only to contradict everything the lawyer has to say.

As a former correspondent of The Daily Show, Unger is really good at playing the straight man.

In fact, he’s too good, which makes it hard to believe that he would put up with these self-centered, narcissistic characters for more than a few episodes. Often, these supporting characters are revealed to be a little bit off in their own right, but Unger is just too normal to make his character mesh with the series.

14 Saved: Danny DeVito as Frank Reynolds

Danny DeVito first popped up in season two of It’s Always Sunny, and his casting as Frank Reynolds quite literally saved the series. While the higher-ups at FX reportedly loved the first season, not enough people were watching to warrant a second outing. McElhenney, Howerton, and Day were given the ultimatum to add a bigger name or face cancellation. While they worried how DeVito would fit into the series, the veteran actor has more than proven himself as a worthy member of the Gang.

The insane things that DeVito will do for the character are a testament to the actor’s commitment. Even more impressive is how you never feel like you’re watching a performance. DeVito becomes Frank Reynolds. Even when he’s not delivering lines, just watching him futz about in the background is already hilarious enough.

13 Saved: Charlie Day as Charlie Kelly

It’s Always Sunny has turned all of its leading actors into stars, but Charlie Day is the biggest breakout of them all. Since appearing on the show, Day has worked on a number of hit films, including Horrible Bosses, Pacific Rim, and The Lego Movie.

His star power has no doubt helped the show remain on the air for so long.

Thanks to Day’s performance and musical talents, the character of Charlie has no shortage of memorable moments. Bird law aside, Charlie may be the least intelligent member of the Gang. In a lot of ways, he’s the heart of the show. Charlie certainly has his share of questionable moments, but they often stem from ignorance rather than malice, which set him apart from the other employees of Paddy’s Pub.

12 Hurt: Sean “Diddy” Combs as Dr. Jinx

Whenever Sean “Diddy” Combs pops up in a movie or TV show, he often plays a fictionalized version of himself. In It’s Always Sunny, he plays the unorthodox Dr. Jinx who utilizes alternative methods to treat his patients.

Not only is the cameo distracting, but Combs’ performance is pretty flat. It almost seems like the actor is reading off cue cards, and when Dr. Jinx is seen playing the bass guitar during a musical performance at Paddy’s Pub, it’s pretty obvious that Combs isn’t actually playing. The rapper may have stolen the show as Sergio in Get Him to the Greek, but whatever worked for him on that movie isn’t back on display in the sitcom.

11 Saved: Artemis Pebdani as Artemis

Artemis is one of the few supporting characters who can actually hang with the Gang without her life coming apart at the seams. She first appeared up in season one, where she befriends Dee after the two meet in an acting class. She’s also had a relationship without Frank throughout her time in the series.

The character is portrayed by Artemis Pebdani, who landed the role right at the start of her professional acting career.

While she’s continued to reprise her part as the fun-loving and wild Artemis, the actress has enjoyed success in a number of other shows, including Scandal and Masters of Sex. Though a number of supporting characters seem to have fallen off in recent years, Artemis has already popped up this season with “The Gang Beats Boggs: Ladies Reboot”.

10 Saved: Lynne Marie Stewart and Sandy Martin as Charlie and Mac’s Moms

Every since Danny DeVito debuted as Frank Reynolds, it was abundantly clear why Dennis and Dee are they way that they are. After all, Frank is just as self-absorbed and conniving as the twins. In that respect, we’ve also gotten to see how Mac and Charlie are a result of their childhoods by getting to know their moms over the course of the series.

Lynne Marie Stewart does a perfect job of playing Charlie’s mom, a kind-hearted woman who was far too overprotective of her son — which explains Charlie’s numerous irrational fears. Meanwhile, Sandy Martin is the total opposite, as Mac’s mom doesn’t seem emotionally invested in her son at all — which explains Mac’s constant desire for approval. Together, the two are a perfect comedy duo, which is on full display in “Old Lady House: A Comedy Situation”.

9 Hurt: Seann William Scott as Country Mac

In season nine, Seann William Scott made a one episode appearance as Mac’s cousin — who the Gang deems far cooler than Mac. Just like Jason Sudeikis as Schmitty, this is another star cameo that can’t help but feel distracting. Scott has made a career playing characters who are too cool for school thanks to movies like American Pie and Role Models. That might seem like he’s the ideal fit for Country Mac.

Wouldn’t it have been even funnier if the Gang idolized a character for no other reason than to get under Mac’s skin?

With the success of It’s Always Sunny, we’re sure that they could have a star cameo every few episodes. Since they’re kept to a bare minimum, it seems that even they know these roles can be a bit ostentatious.

8 Saved: Jimmi Simpson and Nate Mooney as Liam and Ryan McPoyle

The McPoyles are the perfect example of just how dark and twisted the humor on It’s Always Sunny can actually get. They are a large inbred family with the two most prominent members, Liam and Ryan, being former classmates of the Gang. They popped up in a number of episodes between seasons one and nine, where they’re often at odds with the owners of Paddy’s Pub.

Liam and Ryan are played by Jimmi Simpson and Nate Mooney throughout their time on the show. Both fully commit to the unsettling nature of these characters. They might be creepy, but that doesn’t stop them from being a hilarious comedy duo. Our only complaint is that they’ve been absent from the series for the last few seasons.

7 Saved: Catherine Reitman as Maureen Ponderosa

One of the weirdest characters in all of It’s Always Sunny, Maureen Ponderosa is the ex-wife of Dennis Reynolds who slowly makes her transition into becoming a cat in the later episodes of the show. Much like Rickety Cricket, her transition from seemingly normal to totally unhinged takes place over the course of a few seasons — better-allowing audiences to buy into the ridiculousness of it all.

Catherine Reitman seems totally devoted to this outlandish and often unsettling performance.

Since appearing on the show, Reitman’s notoriety has only continued to grow. She currently plays the lead on Workin’ Moms — a show which she also created — along with popping up as another recurring character in Black-ish.

6 Hurt: Guillermo del Toro as Pappy McPoyle

Writer/ director Guillermo del Toro was apparently such a big fan of It’s Always Sunny, that it was one of the reasons he cast Charlie Day in Pacific Rim. In return, del Toro was given this cameo appearance as Pappy McPoyle — who is most likely the grandfather of Liam and Ryan.

One problem right off the bat is that del Toro was cast to play someone who is most likely from Ireland— a fact which the director himself made fun of in a behind-the-scenes interview. This may have been the reason that Pappy McPoyle was given such an over-the-top appearance, which is really the worst part of the character. The McPoyle’s are indeed odd and unsettling, but they’re still somewhat believable.Pappy McPoyle, on the other hand, looks like some deranged wizard who has no place in the series.

5 Saved: Wade Boggs as Himself

The best episodes of It’s Always Sunny usually finds the Gang confined to a single area, where their personalities can do nothing but bounce off the walls and wreak havoc on themselves and anyone in their vicinity. This is what makes “The Gang Beats Boggs” one of the best episodes in the series.

The episode finds the five Philadelphia natives trying to beat Wade Boggs’ record of consuming 70 drinks during a cross-country flight.

While the Gang’s antics are usually based on nothing but nonsense, this true story only adds another level of hilarity to the episodes. The cherry on top is a brief appearance by Wade Boggs himself. In an interview, Charlie Day said that not only was Boggs happy to participate in the episode, but that his real-life record was a lot more impressive than previously thought.

4 Saved: Michael Naughton as the Waiter

Michael Naughton first appeared up in “The Gang Dines Out,” where he is a server at one of the finest restaurants in Philadelphia. He’s crossed paths with the Gang a number of times since, and every time the Waiter emerges worse for wear.

Just this season, Naughton appeared in “The Gang Beats Boggs: Ladies Reboot,” where he is now working as a flight attendant. Once again, the Waiter tries to get the Gang to acknowledge how they’ve sabotaged him in the past. But once again, the Gang can’t remember who he is.

Naughton plays the Waiter with a kind of obsessive desperation beneath his everyman facade; he seems like someone who really would let the Gang get the better of him. He’s also the kind of supporting character that rewards loyal fans every time he pops back up.

3 Hurt: Stephen Collins as Bruce Mathis

Stephen Collins popped up in season two and three of It’s Always Sunny, where he played Bruce Mathis, the biological father of Dennis and Dee. Bruce invests most of his time and money helping out various charities around the world, making him a polar opposite of his children. This also made Collins — who was best known for playing Reverend Eric Camden on 7th Heaven — seem like an ideal fit for the part.

In the years since, Collins has both been accused and admitted to being an abuser. The actor has obviously not appeared on the show since, but going back and watching these episodes with Collins can be more than a little discomfiting.

2 Saved: Kaitlin Olson as Dee Reynolds

With Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day, and Glenn Howerton working on the show right from the very beginning, the actors were afforded the opportunity to mold their characters as they saw fit. However, the character of Dee Reynolds was developed before an actress was cast, and she was originally meant to be the Gang’s voice of reason.

Thankfully, Kaitlin Olson nabbed the role, and over time Dee became just as hilariously pathetic as the other members of the Gang.

Being a former member of The Groundlings, Olson clearly had talent as a comedic performer — which might also explain why Dee fancies herself as a bit of an improv comic. The actress isn’t afraid to make Dee as embarrassing as possible, which adds an element of cringe-comedy to the show that’s not found in the other characters.

1 Saved: Rob McElhenney as Mac

Without Rob McElhenney, there would be no It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The struggling actor/writer decided to put plans for the series into motion after a number of other projects fell through. With the help of Glenn Howerton and Charlie Day, McElhenney made a short episode of the series, which he used to pitch the sitcom. Over a decade later, McElhenney still serves as an executive produces while continuing to write a number of episodes.

As far as his role of Mac is concerned, McElhenney isn’t afraid to take the character in different directions.

He put on a whopping 50 pounds for season seven and Mac finally came out of the closet for good last year — just a few of the many ways McElhenney has kept the show feeling fresh after thirteen seasons.


Who’s your favorite actor on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Let us know!

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Venom’s OTHER End-Credits Scene Explained

Venom not only has a mid-credits scene that overtly sets up a sequel with Cletus Kasady a.k.a. Carnage as the villain – it also has a post-credits scene that offers a sneak peek at upcoming animated adventure Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Unlike the careful cohesion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sony Pictures’ stable of Marvel properties are a little more complicated. Venom may or may not be in the same live-action universe as a slate of upcoming Spider-Man-adjacent movies like Silver Sable, Black Cat and the Jared Leto-starring Morbius, the Living Vampire. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, however, is explicitly set in a different universe (though possibly within the same multiverse).

Related: How Venom Sets Up A (Much Better) Sequel

Let’s break down the hilarity and action of the Into the Spider-Verse scene that follows Venom‘s end-credits, what it tells us about the world of young Miles Morales, and the insight it offers into Sony’s approach to marketing superhero movies.

  • This Page: Into the Spider-Verse and Miles Morales’ Universe
  • Page 2: What Happens In The Post-Credits Scene

Spider-Verse Is NOT Connected To Venom

Barring a surprise cameo by Tom Hardy, bursting into Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse like Eddie Valiant arriving in Toontown, it’s safe to say that Venom and Into the Spider-Verse do not share any continuity. Directed by Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey, and Rodney Rothman, and produced by The LEGO Movie directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, Into the Spider-Verse embraces the Marvel Comics concept of a superhero multiverse by bringing many different versions of Spider-Man into the same universe.

Based on the most recent trailer, it looks like this crossing-over of universes is triggered by the Kingpin’s use of a super-collider. The protagonist of the movie is Miles Morales, a Brooklyn teen who was introduced in the Ultimate Marvel comics back in 2011, and takes up the mantle of Spider-Man in his universe after Peter Parker dies. Into the Spider-Verse is about Miles discovering that there’s an entire multiverse full of weird and diverse Spider-People out there, and working together with them to stop Kingpin from destroying Brooklyn.

We’re expecting to see a lot of cameos and references to the many versions of Spider-Man in the movie, but the trailers so far have introduced a group of six main Spider-People: Miles himself; a version of Peter Parker from a different universe; Spider-Gwen (a version of Gwen Stacy from a universe where she was bitten by the radioactive spider instead of Peter); Spider-Man Noir (a black-clad Peter Parker from a noir-themed 1930s universe); Peni Parker (an anime schoolgirl who operates a spider mech suit); and Spider-Ham, a spider who was bitten by a radioactive pig.

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Peter Parker Is Dead (In Miles Morales’ Universe)

As mentioned before, Miles Morales hails from the Ultimate Universe and was introduced after a story arc called The Death of Spider-Man, in which (you guessed it) Spider-Man dies. Specifically, Peter Parker dies in battle with the Green Goblin, saving Aunt May in the process and, in his mind, redeeming himself for failing to save Uncle Ben. Not long afterwards, Miles Morales is bitten by a radioactive spider stolen from Oscorp, and develops all of Spider-Man’s powers – plus a couple of extras: camouflage, and the ability to fire a blast of energy from his hands, called a venom strike.

Venom‘s post-credits scene confirms that Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse will be adhering closely to the Ultimate comics, as it shows Miles kneeling by Peter Parker’s grave – making it clear that the Peter Parker in his universe is dead. In the comics, Miles takes up the mantle of Spider-Man (despite having some qualms that it might be in “bad taste”) to honor the late Peter Parker. It seems as though the Miles of Into the Spider-Verse has done the same, but worries that he’s not a good enough Spider-Man to live up to Peter’s legacy.

The post-credits scene then takes a turn for the weird. As Miles is mourning Peter Parker, who should sneak up behind him in the graveyard but… another Peter Parker!

Page 2: What Happens In The Post-Credits Scene

What The Spider-Verse Post-Credits Tease Shows

The first meeting between Miles and Peter does not go well. Miles accidentally knocks Peter out and ends out attached to him by a string of webbing. Before he can untangle himself, the cops show up in the graveyard and – mistakenly thinking that Miles is carrying a dead body – start coming after him. Panicking, Miles flees the graveyard with the unconscious Peter in tow, but the extra weight slows him down. Peter’s body manages to get webbed to a passing train, and the train drags his body along with Miles – still stuck to Peter – dragged along behind.

What ensues is a downright hilarious chase through the streets of New York with the cops trying to keep up as Miles and Peter are pulled helplessly along by the train. Miles attempts to keep Peter from coming to harm, but he bounces off cars and other objects, getting increasingly beat-up. At one point he crashes into a snowman and gets the snowman head stuck on his own head, creating quite a bizarre spectacle for the citizens of New York as he passes by. Peter regains consciousness just as the train finally slows to a stop, and the scene ends there.

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Overall it’s a pretty revealing clip – setting up the first meeting between Miles and Peter, and effectively communicating the premise of the movie to audience members who may not have been aware of Into the Spider-Verse‘s existence. Some fans may be dissatisfied with it – perhaps hoping for a glimpse at one of Sony’s other upcoming movies, or even a clip that teases Spider-Man: Far From Home. However, it’s smart for Sony to promote their next comic book movie wherever possible, and the Into the Spider-Verse clip is arguably a lot better than Venom‘s mid-credits scene.

Venom’s Mid-Credits Scene Sets Up Venom 2

Before wrapping up, it’s worth touching on Venom‘s mid-credits scene as well. This is a much more standard use of the mid-credits scene gimmick, overtly setting up Venom 2 (which seems like an inevitability, based on the first movie’s strong box office performance). It was all but confirmed that Woody Harrelson would be playing Cletus Kasady, the host of Venom’s symbiote offspring Carnage, but the mid-credits scene offers a first look at Harrelson in the role… and wearing a comically bad red wig.

Eddie Brock scores a hot interview with Cletus, a serial killer with many gruesome murders under his belt, and is taken to San Quentin Prison. There, Cletus is being held in a maximum security cell (a similar set-up to Harley Quinn’s cage in Suicide Squad), and is strapped into a straitjacket for good measure. He’s busy scrawling messages on the wall in his own blood when Eddie arrives, and the two of them confront each other coolly. A smirking Cletus asks if Eddie wants to hear about “the Carnage,” and the scene ends there.

It doesn’t look like Cletus Kasady has yet bonded with Carnage in this scene, but if Eddie’s visiting him in prison that Venom could well give birth to Carnage during the visit (symbiote reproduction is asexual and pretty casual) – thereby unwittingly handing Cletus the key to his escape.

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Maniac: A Bizarre New Trailer Is For People Who Don’t Have Time For Therapy

Netflix’s Maniac will be available to stream at the end of the week, but the service is still busy promoting the star-studded series with a bizarre commercial starring Justin Theroux as James Mantleray. Though the series has already garnered a great deal of attention for casting Emma Stone and Jonah Hill in the lead roles, this new spot is entirely focused on Theroux and supporting actors Sonoya Mizuno as Dr. Fujita and Rome Kanda as Dr. Muramoto, both of whom are as painfully awkward in front of the camera as the good Dr. Mantleray. 

The video works as ad for Neberdine Pharmaceutical Biotech, the company offering a mysterious procedure known as U.L.P., a therapeutic process touted by Mantleray as a much faster route to a better, happier you. The Neberdine team doesn’t go into specifics as to what U.L.P. entails, but they do say it can eliminate a number of psychological issues like anxiety, teeth-grinding, PTSD, body dysmorphia, and hypo-active sexual desire. The list goes on and on, apparently, as the ad intimates U.L.P. can take care of a laundry list of problems. 

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So far, trailers for Maniac have played up its strange, darkly comic tone, suggesting the series more than earns its title. They have also leaned heavily on the stylistic nature of director Cary Fukunaga, who has teamed with writer and creator Patrick Somerville, in adapting the Norwegian series of the same name and translating it for U.S. audiences. This trailer, however, feels like Netflix is just skipping the middleman and delivering the show’s eccentric sensibilities directly into the viewers’ brain. Take a look at the video below:

As far as low-budget advertisements go, this one for Neberdine Pharmaceutical Biotech looks and feels like it was discovered on a VHS tape stuck in a VCR for the past three decades. The spot itself is also reminiscent of both the ad in the original Ghostbusters movie and the recent commercial for the Starcourt Mall, soon to be seen in season 3 of Netflix’s very own Stranger Things. This suggests either Fukunaga and Somerville were partially influenced by an ‘80s comedy classic or Netflix’s marketing department is just really into the way commercials looked thirty years ago. 

Either way, with the first season dropping at the end of the week, viewers won’t have too long to wait to find out what U.L.P. is and all the ways it can potentially go wrong. 

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Maniac season 1 will stream starting Friday, September 21 on Netflix. 

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Showrunner Pitched a Truly Bizarre Ending

Former Deep Space Nine showrunner Ira Steven Behr revealed a game-changing alternate ending to Star Trek’s third series. In the series finale that actually aired, the show concluded with Captain Benjamin Sisko achieving a different plane of existence as he fulfilled his destiny with the Prophets.

In the sixth season’s  “Far Beyond the Stars,” Sisko receives a vision from the Prophets that transports him back to 1950s America. The episode allowed the show to deal directly with racism in a way that the conceit of an idyllic Federation would not allow. Ben Sisko transformed into Benny Russell, a science fiction writer that worked on a serialized story called “Deep Space Nine.” The story never gets published due to the fact that it features a black captain, despite being well-received by everyone who reads it. Russell winds up in a sanitarium after suffering a breakdown, only to have his image used by the Pah-Wraiths in season 7 to trick Sisko into forgetting his original identity and get lost in the illusion permanently.

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Ira Steven Behr spoke at a panel for his upcoming documentary What We Left Behind at the annual Star Trek Las Vegas convention in late August of this year, and he confirmed Deep Space Nine almost ended as a creation of Benny Russell who eventually would’ve gone on to create the show.

“I did pitch to Rick Berman that the final episode would end up with Benny Russell on Stage 17 at Paramount, wandering around the soundstages, realizing that this whole construct, this whole series, that we had done for seven years, was just in Benny’s head. That is how I wanted to end the series. And Rick said ‘Does this mean The Original Series was in Benny’s head? Does this mean Voyager was in Benny’s head?’ I said ‘Hey man, I don’t care who is dreaming those shows, I only care about Deep Space Nine and yes, Benny Russell is dreaming Deep Space Nine.’ He didn’t go for it.”

Fans had long-theorized the possibility that DS9 had been conceived as a figment of Russell’s imagination since the airing of “Far Beyond the Stars” and its follow-up, “Shadows and Symbols.” A similar manifestation of this trope occurred in Buffy during the episode “Normal Again”, which teased audiences into thinking that the entire series was a figment of Buffy’s delusion. In that case, producer Marti Noxon thought it would undermine the show’s empowered message to make the entire story a symptom of madness. It’s hard to say if Behr’s ending would’ve done the same thing or actually enhanced the resonance of the show as a whole.

The show, which served as a platform for Star Trek’s first black lead, not to mention its first black family, has found renewed popularity as its aged. The serialized storytelling and slightly darker tone (not compared to Discovery, but still) that made DS9 unpalatable to many Trekkies during its heyday are also the elements that have allowed it to hold up so well a quarter of a century later. Making its world the dream of a man who couldn’t deal with his reality is romantic to be sure, but definitely a little cynical and way too meta for the mid-90s. But it’s still a compelling idea. Who knows, maybe that’ll be how What You Left Behind ends?

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