Watch Big Brother Brazil Contestants Find Out About the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Big Brother Brazil contestants had no idea that the coronavirus pandemic was happening, until today. The housemates were united in their fear for the outside world as they heard the news. Below fans can see the Brazillian contestants shock as they hear about the severity of the situation.

Network shows all over the world are being tested by the outbreak of the coronavirus. CBS, Bravo, ABC are among many networks that have had to postpone popular shows such as Survivor, the housewife’s franchise, and The Amazing Race. The entire world is at a standstill trying to figure out the best move to keep one another safe.

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The Big Brother franchise has had a rough couple of days thanks to the pandemic. Recently viewers noted that Big Brother Canada guests had no idea that there was a world virus as the contestants mentioned around their kitchen table that they couldn’t hear the audience as they usually could make out the sounds of people sitting down in their chairs. While in Europe, Big Brother Germany announced that they would be airing a live show that would inform the housemates about the COVID-19 and include messages from their loved ones. Reddit shared that Big Brother Brazil producers had informed their cast of the ongoing threat of the Coronavirus. The guests moved into the stage house in January before the news from Wuhan, China was leaked about the outbreak, so they had no idea what was happening outside of the Big Brother mansion – check out the clip below:

In the clip, which is in Portuguese, the cast was gathered around on the living room couches waiting for the announcement. The roommates are all smiles as the host greets them and said he had an announcement that will be breaking with their protocol telling them that they are in a national emergency due to the Wuhan epicenter of the virus. As the host described what was going on in the outside world some began to cry while others held up their hands in the sign for love. The Big Brother host quickly tells the participants that the situation was not a joke. After the gravity of the situation sank it, the video informed them that their loved ones are doing fine, and a wave of relief washed over their faces. The host then went onto say that certain participants would be able to explain a bit better about symptoms and the healthcare system making it seem as if there was a doctor or two inside the house.

Fans of the franchise called on the reality show to inform their participants as a moral obligation. Many of the Big Brother’s worldwide producers wanted to continue with the information blackout but essentially caved in the end. Fans can also watch as Big Brother Germany tells their cast about the latest news.

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Jennifer O'Brien

Big Brother Germany: How To Watch Coronavirus Reveal Live Online (With Subtitles)

Apparently, housemates in the Big Brother Germany mansion have no idea about the Coronavirus outbreak. It was revealed that they will be revealing to the contestants the severity of what’s happening in the world. Viewers can tune in and watch the online reveal with English subtitles. Finding legal ways to watch German TV is not easy, but there may be some options for international viewers.

The spread of the Coronavirus has essentially left the world at a standstill with many being told to self-isolate and quarantine for 14 days. The WHO upgraded the virus to a Pandemic and people have been hoarding toilet paper ever since. Several major television networks have made the hard decision to stop production on some major fan favorites such as Survivor and The Amazing Race that runs on CBS. The Bravo network has also postponed many of the Real Housewives’ franchises.

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Fans are wondering what a production crew does with a show like Big Brother. As reported in a previous article Big Brother Canada contestants had no idea what is going on outside their walls until just a few days ago and it looks as if Big Brother Germany is in the same boat as they are presently airing their 13th season. The Guardian recently reported that the crew of Big Brother Germany were in an information blackout that could only be disregarded for a family illness. Currently, there are 19 men and 14 women who have no idea that this virus exists. The group of housemates was last seen hanging out in their out tub in Cologne which is in the western part of Germany. The producers of the show have adamantly defended their decision to not inform the housemates of the epidemic.

German audiences know that the group has been locked in the house since February 6th, which was right before the coronavirus news snuck out of Wuhan, China. Only one other housemate was introduced on March 6th, which happened to be three days before the country announced its first death. In a turn of events on Saturday, the German television station announced that they would have a live viewing of the Big Brother contestants finding out about the global epidemic which can be viewed Tuesday, March 17th. The producers had received immense backlash from the public and even said they would allow the cast to ask questions as well as being given video messages from home. Viewers interested in watching the reveal who do not speak German can download the German TV stations, ARD and ZDF, in the form of apps. If all else fails, fans can watch the inevitable clips that will be run on YouTube the day after the announcement.

Fans of the franchise will recall that back in 2011, Big Brother decided to tell their contestants about 9/11 but only after they knew one of the housemate’s family members was missing. Big Brother Germany has been off the air for five years and this was their comeback, guess they will have to hope next year is their year.

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Big Brother: 10 Reality Show Stereotypes That Casting Needs To Avoid In Season 22

Like any reality competition series, Big Brother seeks out contestants that fit certain archetypes, whether that’s conscious or not. Every season needs to have different types of players that will appeal to different viewers. The same goes with other reality shows like The Bachelor, Survivor, etc.

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Sometimes it’s unavoidable. No matter who you choose to play the game, each person is going to fit some kind of mold, whether it’s the jock, the book worm, the older person, the mom, the model, and so on.

But sometimes people are cast or edited to look as though they fit a very specific stereotype. And this can be annoying after a while. We understand that there will be a diverse selection of people on the show, but they don’t need to fall into tired stereotypes. Here are some that should be avoided for the next season.

10 The Dumb Jock

There will be a big, buff guy on the show every season. That’s a given. Chances are he’ll probably be young and good-looking as well. But it would be great if they avoided casting someone who’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. Or at least don’t try and edit the person to look like they’re unintelligent.

The whole “dumb jock” persona is pretty played out. We don’t need to see the stereotypical portrayal of a muscular man.

9 The Overly Religious Black Person

Every season, there seems to be an African American person who is deeply involved in their religion beliefs. They read the Bible every day and pray to God, even as they sometimes ironically lie, cheat, and backstab to win a half million dollars.

We have no issues with deeply religious people on the show, nor with those who wish to express those beliefs. But it often seems to be someone of African American descent who fits this mold, and it’s a stereotype that has been played out too many times on the show.

8 The Effeminate LGBTQ Person

We love that Big Brother has had many LGBTQ contestants on the series, including a transgender woman. But the focus has sometimes been too much on casting stereotypical gay men.

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It doesn’t seem as though the show casts a queer person unless they scream stereotypical LGBTQ with their look, mannerisms, actions, and style. To be fair, there have been many different representations of people within the LGBTQ community on the show, but it would be nice to try and avoid stereotypes for the next season.

7 The Hot Girl Who Loves Drama

Every season, there’s a super-hot girl who is thin, gorgeous, always wears a bikini, and likes to start fights. She causes drama, talks behind peoples’ backs, flirts with guys, and is generally annoying.

While there have been many very attractive women on the show who were also down-to-earth, sweet, nice, and friendly, we need more of that. There doesn’t always have to be a resident female villain on the series every time — at least not one that fits the typical “hot chick” stereotype.

6 The Egotistical Tall, Dark, and Handsome Guy

Every season, there seems to be a tall, dark, and handsome guy ,and he often fits the stereotype of massive jerk with a big ego. This isn’t always the case, as we’ve seen some tall and handsome guys who weren’t jerks — although then they often fell into the “dumb jock” stereotype instead.

It would be nice to have a tall, dark, handsome, and relatively normal player this time around who didn’t think he was the bee’s knees and that everyone should bow to him.

5 The Loner Nerdy Guy

The nerdy guy always ends up in the “misfits” alliance, made up of the people who are left over after the popular alliance is formed. Why can’t the nerdy guy ever be the good-looking guy, too, who manages to be part of the cool kids alliance?

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Even more so, we’d love to see a classically nerdy guy come onto the show with confidence, not being intimidated by the “popular crowd” and fitting in with them. (Steve Moses, shown here, was one of the few exceptions who did just this.) Or at least have the nerdy guy or girl not actually be into typical nerdy things in order to fit the stereotype.

4 The Adorkable Quirky Girl

More common in the latest seasons, she’s the quirky girl who doesn’t quite fit in. She has hair that is dyed a funky color, a weird fashion sense, odd habits, or some other trait that makes her stand out for being unique, but is also a run-of-the-mill misfit.

We love the idea of having someone on the show who doesn’t fit the conventional attractive persona, but it seems as though the people who have been chosen of late have been picked just for that reason, which makes them a stereotype we wish we didn’t see.

3 The Pompous Jerk

Whether he’s old, young, good-looking, average-looking, rough around the edges or clean-cut, every season, there’s a pompous jerk who thinks he’s God’s gift to everyone in the house, and is immediately labeled the villain. This is so played out on the series that you can almost pinpoint him as soon as he appears on screen.

It really isn’t necessary. Reality shows like Netflix’s The Circle proved that you don’t have to have a jerk on a show to make it interesting, nor do you have to portray the muscle guy in the tank top as the jerk. On that show, the buff, attractive, tank top-wearing guy Joey put viewers in their place when we found out that he was actually a super nice guy.

2 The Spicy Latin American Person

It’s usually, though not always, a woman. Every season, there’s a Hispanic person who fulfills the stereotype of the spicy Latina. She is outspoken, confident, and likes to stir up trouble or at least always speak her mind.

It’s so stereotypical, and while the person might legitimately be that way in real life, the fact that casting selected the person with this attitude who also happens to be Latina seems like it’s completely intentional.

1 The Racist White Person

Whether the person actually is racist or not, every season, there has been a white person who has been called racist. It’s either due to things they have said on the show, usually during the live feeds, the way they have treated someone or a group of people, or subconscious things they have done.

Is there always a racist person on the show or has it just become a stereotype? Sure, sometimes it’s pretty cut-and-dry, and the person says things that can’t possibly be misinterpreted. Nonetheless, it would be great to see a season without any racially charged biases going on.

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Big Brother Canada Season 8 Announces Cast (With A Twist)

Canadian reality series Big Brother Canada will be premiering in just a few days. Ahead of its eighth season premiere, the 16 cast members for the season have been announced on Twitter, along with a surprise for the audience.

Hosted by Canadian television personality and radio host Arisa Cox, Big Brother Canada has been a big hit for Global TV since it premiered in February 2013. The series always runs in the spring, premiering in late February or early March and wrapping up in May before Big Brother starts its summer season in the U.S. Big Brother, which is based on a Dutch series, now has franchises all over the world and has expanded to even include Celebrity Big Brother seasons, but fans often argue about whether the Canadian or America version of the series is best. Fans are ready to meet the cast of the upcoming series.

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On Wednesday, Feb. 26, Big Brother Canada announced the cast (via Twitter) for the upcoming eighth season of the show, and they hinted at what the theme for the season would be. John Luke Kieper, 22, from Kamloops, British Columbia, is the youngest contestant and 44-year-old Carol Rosher from Nanaimo, British Columbia, is the oldest in the house. Of the 16 houseguests, seven of them are from Ontario and four are from British Columbia. In previous seasons, Big Brother Canada has been criticized for picking so many contestants from Ontario and so few from other provinces. While there’s a handful from the West Coast provinces this year, only one contestant — 26-year-old Vanessa Clements from Mill River, Prince Edward Island — is from the East Coast of Canada. A bio was tweeted out about each contestant which included information such as their age, occupation, relationship status, zodiac sign and a gif of themselves reimagined as a superhero in a comic book — an indicator that the theme of the overall season. So what’s the twist?

Big Brother Canada is known for their twists and this year they’ve announced their first twist before the season has even premiered. Less than an hour after the cast was released on Twitter, it was announced that voting was open for fans to select the contestant they want to save from the first eviction, purely based on the cast bios and introductory videos. Depending on how the power is presented or used during the first episode, whichever player receives the safety could end up with a huge target on their back. Fans were torn about if they wanted to give it to someone they liked or someone who gave them a bad first impression. Voting has now closed and the results will presumably be revealed during the premiere episode.

In 2017, the Canadian network that owns Big Brother Canada announced they’d be cancelling the series. But due to an overwhelming response from the public, they continued the show for season six and onwards. Canadians love their Big Brother and many super fans of the U.S. series have said they enjoy the Canadian series more than the American because of the complex challenges and crazy design that goes into the house. With one twist already under their belt, the season is sure to be an exciting one.

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Big Brother Canada returns with a two-night premiere Wednesday at 7pm EST and Thursday at 8pm EST on Global.

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Big Brother: The 10 Worst Things Will Kirby Did In The Game

Will Kirby is easily one of the most genius and diabolical players to ever play the game of Big Brother. Will first appeared on the show in 2001, where he dominated Big Brother 2 and took home $500,000. He returned to the show in 2006 to play Big Brother 7, also known as Big Brother: All-Stars.

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Will is easily one of the most legendary players thanks to his manipulation tactics, charm, ruthlessness, and strategy. Not only was Will a great player, but he also made for great reality TV. All throughout seasons two and seven, fans had the pleasure of watching him make waves in the house. Keep reading to find out the 10 worst things Will has ever done in the game.

10 Shamelessly Lied To Everyone But Boogie

Will definitely played the game shamelessly. In season two, he proclaimed himself the biggest liar in the game. Will’s best asset was how charming he was and he absolutely used that to his advantage. He had no problem using his charm to successfully lie to everyone (other than Boogie) in the house to get his way.

Of course, this is how the game of Big Brother is played, but Will always played it so heartlessly. Usually, players feel somewhat guilty about lying, but not Will. He would lie to his fellow housemates’ faces and then go into the Diary Room and diabolically laugh about his most recent game moves.

9 Tricked The House Into Not Eating For 24 Hours

In season two, Will decided to test the houseguests to find out if he was truly the puppetmaster he thought himself to be. Will strategically brought up the idea of fasting for 24 hours in order to heighten his other senses and asked if anyone else in the house wanted to join him.

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Of course, Will wasn’t actually convincing people to fast for their benefit, everything Will did in the game was strictly gameplay. Just as he thought, several houseguests joined him which seemingly proved his level of control in the house.

8 Told Everyone In The House That He Hates Them

In a strategic Hail Mary effort to convince players to keep him, Will told the entire house that he hated them. He pleaded with the houseguests to evict him and he threatened that he would make their lives miserable if they didn’t. One would think that the players would easily vote him out come eviction night, but of course, they voted to keep him.

Will was the master of manipulation and he manipulated the players into thinking he didn’t care about winning, essentially making him a non-threat in the game. When in reality, he was the biggest threat in the entire house.

7 Manipulated His Showmances

Will coined the phrase “showmance” during his run on Big Brother. Showmances are fake romances that allow you to make a close ally, who you may or may not stick with until the end. In Will’s case, his showmances were with Shannon in season two and Janelle in season seven.

Both times his showmances took a backseat to Chilltown, his true alliance that he had with Boogie. Of course, both women believed that he would choose them over Boogie, so they nearly trusted him until the end. This ultimately cost both of them the game.

6 Laughed At Players For Trusting Him

Will was such a strategic and impressive player that it was easy for fans to feel bad for his victims. He lied to them so flawlessly that they never expected him to turn around and backstab them, but he always did. This is especially true for James and Danielle.

In season seven, Will and Boogie convinced James and Danielle that they were working with them, little did James and Danielle know, that was far from the truth. Fans later saw Chilltown in the Diary Room, laughing about how poor James and Danielle trusted them.

5 Convinced Janelle To Put Up Her Best Friend

Will’s showmance with Janelle was a very strategic part of his gameplay in season seven. He formed a tight bond with her that allowed him to have influence over her gameplay. For instance, Will had so much influence over Janelle that he was able to convince her to put her best friend, Marcellas, on the block.

Even though this was strictly gameplay, it was still hard for fans to watch Will manipulate Janelle in this way. Unfortunately for Will, Janelle came to her senses and voted Will out before he was able to take home yet another Big Brother win.

4 Bullied Howie

While most of Will’s shameless moves in the game were strictly gameplay, this one seemed more personal. Will would often bully Howie and insult him, and while most of the time Howie was able to deflect, it seemed as though some of these comments actually got to him.

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Howie was even a fan of Will’s, which just made it harder for fans to watch Will put down Howie time after time. Of course, a lot of the comments came off as Will simply playing around but he had to have known that these comments were still hurtful.

3 Encouraged Manipulation Tactics

Just as Will manipulated his own showmance, he also encouraged Boogie to manipulate his showmance as well. At the end of the day, this was all just good gameplay but it still seemed pretty heartless.

Chilltown only had these alliances so that their tight two-person alliance could expand. The idea was to gain as much loyalty from the house as possible, without actually having to reciprocate that loyalty. In the end, this strategy was genius and it ultimately won each member of Chilltown $500,000 as Will was the winner of season two and Boogie won season seven.

2 Initiated New Members Into Chilltown

This is easily one of the most hilarious, yet shameless, things Will has ever done in the game. In season seven, Will and Boogie went out of their way to convince multiple people in the house that they’re secretly a part of Chilltown. They would talk to players one by one and induct them into the alliance and then tell them to keep it top-secret.

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This allowed them to have allegiance from the entire house and trust that these fake members of Chilltown would have their backs for the rest of the game.

1 Made His Friends Think They’re Safe

One of the hardest parts of the Big Brother game is betraying your friends. It’s inevitable as there can only be one winner. However, Will did not struggle with this aspect of the game at all. In season seven, he told Danielle time and time again that she was safe, knowing full well that she was going to be headed out the door within days.

While these cold-hearted moves were hard to watch at times, these same heartless moves were what made Will such a good player and legend in the Big Brother fandom.

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Bethany Aroutunian

Friends: Phoebe Met Her Brother Twice (Was He The Same Character?)

Every main character in Friends had their own complicated backstory, but Phoebe’s stands out as the most dramatic. Phoebe spent a big part of the series looking for information on her family, and discovered that she has a half-brother – but as it turns out, she met him in earlier in season 2, but neither them nor viewers knew they were related. Created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, Friends made its debut on NBC in 1994 and came to an end in 2004 after ten successful seasons, becoming one of the greatest TV shows of all time.

The series followed the lives of a group of six friends – Phoebe, Monica, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, and Ross – in New York City as they navigated through adulthood and did their best to balance their social, professional, and personal lives. Over the course of ten seasons, viewers got to know the main characters quite well, and even got to see what their family lives were like. Phoebe’s family background was by far the toughest one, as her father abandoned her (and her twin sister, Ursula), her adoptive mother killed herself, her stepfather went to jail, and she didn’t know that she was adopted until much later, with her real mother being a close friend of her father and adoptive mom.

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During the process of looking for answers about her family, Phoebe learned that her father had another family, so she has a half-brother, Frank Jr (Giovanni Ribisi). The two got along quite well from the very beginning, and Phoebe ended up being the surrogate mother to his and his wife’s children. However, these two actually met before their formal introduction outside Frank’s house, and it was a very awkward meeting.

In season 2’s sixth episode “The One With The Baby On The Bus”, Phoebe and Rachel were sitting outside Central Perk, where Phoebe had been playing her songs as the coffee house hired a professional singer. A young man suddenly appeared, asking for a condom he accidentally dropped in Phoebe’s guitar case as it was “an emergency”. This man, now referred to by Friends viewers as “condom guy”, was played by Giovanni Ribisi, who was formally introduced a few episodes later as Frank Jr.

Phoebe and Frank officially met in season 2’s 21st episode “The One With The Bullies”, where Phoebe decided to visit her biological father, only to find out that he also abandoned his other family. Frank Jr approached her and the two agreed to spend time together now that they knew they are siblings. While it hasn’t been confirmed by the writers, it’s assumed that Frank Jr and “condom guy” are the same, and he’s even listed as such in Ribisi’s IMDb page. Both characters share the same naive and clueless behavior as well as some mannerisms, so it fits that Frank Jr was the one who accidentally dropped a condom on Phoebe’s guitar case. Luckily, none of them seemed to remember that first encounter, allowing them to have a fresh and proper first meeting as siblings, but it’s a detail that Friends fans will always remember.

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Adrienne Tyler

Fast & Furious 9: Dom Having A Brother Is A Big Franchise Retcon

Fast and Furious 9, officially titled F9, introduces Dominic Toretto’s brother, Jakob, to The Fast Saga, but the problem is, it’s essentially a retcon. Dom (Vin Diesel) has been serving as the primary protagonist for the franchise since it launched in 2001. Former wrestler-turned-actor John Cena is set to portray the role of Jakob in F9. The reveal came during Fast & Furious 9‘s trailer release, but it had many viewers scratching their heads since the twist of Dom having a brother doesn’t make much sense.

Hitting theaters in May, F9 will serve as the ninth and penultimate film in The Fast Saga. The movie comes after the franchise branched off with its second spinoff, Hobbs & Shaw which released in 2019 to much success. The Fast Saga has gone through a lot of transformations over its two decades in existence, trading in street racing for worldwide heists and global threats. At the center of most films were the core characters of Dom, his sister Mia (Jordana Brewster), girlfriend Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), and enemy-turned-ally Brian (Paul Walker).

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While the return of Han marked one of the biggest surprises to come out of the F9 trailer, the notion that Dom has a brother has interesting implications. Since the end of The Fate of the Furious, years have passed and Dom has been living the good life Letty and his young son, Brian. With Cipher (Charlize Theron) still in the mix and Jakob now out of the shadows, Dom and his crew will have another challenge ahead of them. Hopefully, F9 can fill in some of those blanks as a result of Jakob’s existence.

The first official trailer for F9 provided some useful insight into Cena’s character, Jakob. According to his face-to-face encounter with Dom, it’s been a very long time since the brothers have seen each other. Instead of a heartfelt reunion expected between siblings, there’s obvious bad blood between these two Torettos. Jakob is presumably the primary antagonist of F9 but he’s working alongside Cipher, the cyberterrorist who was taken down in The Fate of the Furious.

It’s unclear what brings Jakob and Cipher together expect for their mutual urge to kill Dom and his crew. It’s possible that Jakob was involved in her previous efforts, but this is the first time he’s directly shown. Cipher is clearly aware that Jakob is Dom’s brother and uses that sibling rivalry to give him the motivation to take out his target once and for all. Unfortunately for Dom’s team, Jakob has all the resources that Cipher once had as a criminal mastermind.

The trailer also reveals that Jakob and Dom are cut from the same cloth, seeing as the former is also a high-performance driver. Furthermore, Jakob is described as a master thief and a deadly assassin, indicating that Dom and the others have a powerful villain in their midst. F9 will surely reveal more in Jakob’s past and why the brothers are at odds. It will be interesting to see how the two veered off in different paths and never crossed up to this point of The Fast Saga.

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As interesting as the brother twist is from a drama standpoint, the reveal doesn’t quite make sense when taking into account the rest of The Fast Saga. From the very first installment in 2001, the franchise took a lot of effort into presenting the theme of family. Even though Dom’s closest allies weren’t all members of the Toretto family, he constantly treated his crew like they were blood. This importance of family was a driving force of The Fast Saga, so why hasn’t Jakob ever been mentioned?

Surely during all of their conflicts and heart-to-heart conversations, Dom would have brought up Jakob while talking to Mia, Brian, or Letty. Dom even confided in Brian about his father and how his father helped Mia with her education, as an example. For someone who cares so much about that familial relationship, it’s easy to assume Jakob’s name would have been mentioned to reveal some sort of falling out or past mystery. It’s also unlike Dom to not try and patch things up with a loved one despite the trouble that might have plagued the past.

Of course, the easiest explanation in the questionable twist is that this particular familial reveal came late in the planning process for The Fast Saga. The core films are nearing nine deep over the course of two decades. The storytellers at the helm of the past films probably never had a reason to hint at Dom having a brother. The idea might not have been formed until after The Fate of the Furious, thus giving the franchise another exciting avenue to explore, despite the various plot holes. The Fast Saga has never cared much about playing it safe or sticking to the side of reality, so fans shouldn’t be too surprised. Anything is possible with these movies and that’s what makes them so much fun.

Dom refers to Jakob as “little brother” in one scene in the Fast & Furious 9 trailer, but other factors could be in play with their true relationship. Jakob could be a long-lost brother or someone who was presumed dead, leading one to believe that Dom never mentioned him due to his involvement in the death. It’s also possible that Jakob was adopted and never fully felt like a member of the Toretto family, resulting in some type of vendetta that he carried with him into adulthood.

The interesting detail revealed in the footage is that Letty refers to Jakob as only Dom’s bother, but she doesn’t mention Mia. Brewster’s character is making her return to the franchise with F9, so she’s clearly present when Jakob causes trouble. At this point, it looks like Jakob might not be directly related to Mia. Dom and Jakob may share a parent like a mother but Dom and Mia may have been raised by their father, a Toretto. When the pair were introduced, Dom was running his own garage and Mia was managing the family’s grocery store, but the parents were never shown. Dom is very protective of his little sister, but the dynamic of Jakob’s parents could have thrown a wrench in that same type of relationship with a brother. The truth about the Toretto bloodline will eventually come out with F9 and the rest of The Fast Saga.

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Kara Hedash

Fast & Furious 9 Super Bowl TV Spot Hides John Cena Being Dom’s Brother

An ad that aired during Super Bowl LIV for Fast and Furious 9 concealed a previously teased connection between John Cena’s Jakob and Vin Diesel’s Dom. Cena’s Jakob was introduced to audiences as Dom’s little brother in the first trailer for the film. The character is billed as a “master thief, assassin, high-performance driver,” and it doesn’t look like Dom is thrilled to see him.

Cena joins the Fast and Furious 9 cast alongside returning members of the extended Torretto family, like Michelle Rodriguez’s Letty. Universal kicked the marketing machine for the franchise’s newest installment into high gear with an official poster release and several character one-sheets. Dom’s brother’s mysterious return wasn’t even the first trailer’s biggest reveal. That honor went to the surprise appearance of Sung Kang’s Han Seoul-Oh, who was killed off way back in 2006’s Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

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Curiously, the ad released during Super Bowl LIV doesn’t highlight Jakob’s connection to Dom at all. The TV spot was posted to YouTube shortly after airing and features quick cuts of Dom settled down on his family farm, followed by an impressive collection of death-defying stunts. The 30-second ad focuses more on the heart-stopping action that made the franchise famous than it does on setting up the film’s story. Take a look:

The ad is basically a condensed version of the full trailer. “If we do this, we lose everything,” Dom ominously warns as a dramatic version of Hallelujah kicks in on the soundtrack. There’s a brief shot of Han back behind the wheel of his car, where he belongs. The whole thing ends with Dom and Letty driving off a cliff with their car attached to a bridge by a wire. The high-octane ad is ideally suited for the testosterone-fueled Super Bowl fans, banking on the thrill of the action to hype up them up months before the film’s release.

Cena is a welcome addition to the cast of Fast and Furious 9, and his character’s relationship to Dom adds another thread to the complex web of familial ties in the Fast and Furious universe. Between the introduction of Cena’s Jakob and the promise of #JusticeForHan it looks like director Justin Lin returned to helm one of the franchise’s most exciting sequels. Hopefully, future trailers for the film will reveal more about the Toretto brothers, and shine a light on Han’s return from the dead. If not, then all will be revealed when Fast and Furious 9 races into theaters on May 22, 2020.

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Meet Bachelor Peter Weber’s Brother Jettin’ Jack Weber

Bachelor Nation thought 28-year-old Bachelor Pilot Pete was a catch, just wait until fans meet The Bachelor’s younger brother, Jettin’ Jack. Audiences are going crazy for Peter Weber’s little brother after he appeared on the first episode of ABC’s hit dating show a few weeks.

Jack has made appearances on ABC’s The Bachelor before. On Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, Jack was there for Hannah and Peter’s hometown date. Viewers not only fell in love with Peter, but with the entire Weber family, who happen to all be involved in the air travel industry. According to People Magazine, Peter is a pilot for Delta Airlines, Jack is a certified flight instructor in Camarillo, California, their dad is also a pilot, and their mom was a flight attendant.

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Like Peter, Jack Weber is also a pilot. Not only is he just like his brother in occupation, but fans also had to do a double-take when the 24-year-old first appeared on the show. Besides a few years in age, a beard, and a bit longer hair, there’s not much that initially distinguishes Peter from Jack. The two could honestly be twins!

While 30 beautiful girls compete for Pilot Pete’s love on season 24 of The Bachelor, Jettin’ Jack seems to be taken. On Jack’s Instagram, there are tons of cute couple pictures with his girlfriend Kristine Bruun-Andersen. The two are always posting photos of them traveling and having exotic dates. From LA’s most popular restaurants to New York’s tallest buildings, all the way to the streets of Tokyo – these two seem to have a passion for traveling.

Jack is a University of California, Los Angeles alumnus, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics. Based on a post from September of Jack is standing in front of a plane from Delta, Jack seems to be under training with Skywest’s Training and Maintenance program, which he tagged.

Although Jack is already swooped up in the air with his girlfriend, there is still a chance for one of the lucky ladies on The Bachelor this season to snag Pilot Pete. There are a few frontrunners already, including Hannah Ann Sluss (looks like Peter may have a name-type), Victoria Paul, and Kelley Flannigan(whom Peter had met before). Many are looking forward to seeing who the single Weber brother picks at the end.

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The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8pm EST on ABC.

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Supernatural: 5 Reasons Sam Is The Most Intelligent Brother (& 5 Reasons Why It’s Dean)

Not many shows can tout that they made it to season 15 but, not many shows have two of the most relatable and likable protagonists on television. There are few monsters that Dean and Sam have not faced in their many adventures across the United States.

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During these escapades, the Winchester brothers have had no one else to rely on but each other. So it shouldn’t be much of a surprise to know that disagreements have occurred and mistakes have been made. So is the college-educated Sam the more intelligent one or is the hard-nosed, practical older brother Dean the real brains of the operation?

10 Sam Is More Intelligent: Sam Does All The Research

Bobby, who the brothers relied on heavily, due to his years of experience as a hunter, died abruptly at the hands of the leviathans, leaving the boys at a disadvantage. Without Bobby’s experience and knowledge base, Sam replaced the void that Bobby left. Whether it is ancient satanic scrolls hidden deep within the annals of the Men of Letters library or researching over the internet for how to kill a particular monster, Sam has hundreds, if not thousands of hours of research under his belt that often proves vital in their line of work.

9 Dean Is More Intelligent: Dean Prefers Logic Over Emotion

Sam’s sympathetic side sometimes places the Winchester boys in precarious situations. Whether it is his trusting of demons or his lack of depth at perceiving the bigger picture, Sam’s reliance on books, sometimes overshadows the facts he sees in front of him. Dean’s ability to comprehend unforeseen consequences of their actions has stopped countless domino effects, that would have been a direct result of his brother’s actions. His commonsense knowledge allows him to be better equipped on the fly, compared to that of his book smart brother who is sometimes at a loss for how to change plans.

8 Sam Is More Intelligent: Sam Is A Polyglot

Unlike his brother Dean, who barely has a comprehension of his native language of English, Sam is fluent in Latin and, can also, read written Enochian, which is the language of the angels. This ability to cross-reference manuscripts written in various dead or unknown languages is a valuable asset in their line of work.

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Especially when it comes to creatures that have never been recorded or written about in modern texts. He can recall spells in these languages with ease, thanks to his firm background in the written and spoken dialect.

7 Dean Is More Intelligent: Dean Is A Pool Hustler

The life of a hunter is not a lavish one. It is more of a civil service than an actual paying job. A career in killing monsters doesn’t exactly pay the bills. So, as a means to survive, Dean became an expert pool hustler. Honing his skills, as he preyed upon the arrogant and naive. Luring them into a game of pool as he pretends like he doesn’t know what he is doing. Once they take the bait, he beats them relentlessly, cheating them out of their money, only to repeat the process in another bar, in another state.

6 Sam Is More Intelligent: Same Deceives Famine

Not many people can put defeating one of the Four Horsemen on their resume. Sam is one of the lucky ones who can boast about such a deed. Famine, who arrogantly believes himself to be unstoppable, toys with Sam about his addiction to demon’s blood. When he tries to goad Sam into drinking the blood of his demon minions, Sam, instead, exercises them from their host body. Seeing a meal, famine laps up their souls, giving Sam the opportunity to exercise the souls within Famine’s body, weakening him long enough to take the ring that holds his powers.

5 Dean Is More Intelligent: Dean Tricks Death

Sam isn’t the only Winchester that can brag about outsmarting an immortal, timeless being. When Dean takes on the burden and blood-lust that comes with having the Mark of Cain on your body, Death makes a deal with Dean that he will transport Dean to a place where he can no longer hurt anyone, but, if he does, he has to kill Sam to keep his brother from trying to bring him back.

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Death hands Dean the scythe but, instead of killing Sam, he instead, impales Death with the scythe, resulting in him turning to a pile of dust.

4 Sam Is More Intelligent: Sam Discovers The Truth About God

God is a writer. This is something he openly admits to throughout the show. Sam and Dean even know that there is a book written by Chuck, who is God in disguise, about the adventures of the Winchesters. So, it really should not have come as a surprise, when Sam realizes that the suffering that has taken place in their life was because God was creating drama within his story of humanity. This revelation openly disgusts Sam causing him to lash out at his creator. This act of defiance leads God to restart the apocalypse.

3 Dean Is More Intelligent: Dean Outsmarts Eve

Eve might be the mother of most of the monsters in the Supernatural Universe but, she sure isn’t the smartest. Understanding she can be killed by the ashes of a phoenix, the brothers fill shotgun shells full of the phoenix’s ashes. However, before entering the diner where Eve and her monster children were, Dean drinks some of the ash with whiskey. After having their guns stripped Dean taunts Eve, daring her to “bite him.” Unaware that Dean is goading her, she does just that and, in the process, burns up from the inside.

2 Sam Is More Intelligent: Sam Conducts Reverse Exorcisms

When one thinks of performing exorcisms, they normally imagine extracting the demon from its human host. However, after a demon takes possession of Kevin’s mom’s friend, it tries to escape her body before Sam could kill it.

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Realizing the seriousness of the situation, Sam attempts to prevent the demon from escaping and possibly taking possession over Kevin, by speaking the exorcism incantation backward causing the demon to forcibly be put back in the woman’s body. This successful reverse exorcism gives Dean time to kill it, ending the assassination attempt on Kevin’s life.

1 Dean Is More Intelligent: Dean Has a Mechanic’s Mind

The 1967 Chevrolet Impala that is lovingly referred to by Dean as his baby was once his father’s car, that was given to him for an 18th birthday present from his now-deceased father. It being the last remaining physical reminder of his father, Dean treats it better than he does his own brother at times. Being physically distraught when it is scratched. Unlike his brother, Dean has a mechanic’s mind, keeping the car running even after all those miles of crisscrossing the United States hunting monsters and ending apocalypses.

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