Bumblebee Director Travis Knight to Helm Six Billion Dollar Man Movie

Travis Knight has found his Bumblebee followup project, and will now direct Warner Bros.’ The Six Billion Dollar Man movie. He only made his directorial debut in 2016 with the stop-motion animated feature Kubo and the Two Strings, but recently found great success with Bumblebee in helping Paramount reboot the Transformers franchise. His new project, meanwhile, hasn’t had an easy time getting off the ground.

Six Billion Dollar Man has been gestating in development for several years with Mark Wahlberg – who also recently had a stint in the Transformers universe. The film previously received a November 2017 release date, but Wahlberg’s busy schedule and the need to further improve the project resulted in Six Billion Dollar Man not meeting this date. Instead, the film has seen several possible start up points, with release dates set for 2019 and then 2020, the latter coming after director Damián Szifrón left the project. After almost a year, his replacement has now been found.

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Variety reports that Bumblebee‘s Knight has signed on to take over directing duties on Six Billion Dollar Man. Wahlberg is still attached to star in the film, which is a new adaptation of the 1970s TV show The Six Million Dollar Man, and will play a new version of Colonel Steve Austin – a former astronaut who becomes a secret agent and receives bionic implants that give him superhuman strength. Knight reportedly chose Six Billion Dollar Man over a variety of other potential projects from different studios.

The addition of Knight on Six Billion Dollar Man should guarantee that the movie finally begins moving through pre-production and towards filming actually beginning in the near future. That said, there’s currently no word on what the actual vision for the movie is going to be. Previously recruited directors (like Peter Berg) pointed to this potentially being a more mature sci-fi action film. Knight’s previous credits do not hint at such a style, as Kubo and the Two Strings and Bumblebee both are centered around great characters and relationships, so he may have been recruited to give Six Billion Dollar Man a more traditional blockbuster tone.

Even though Knight’s addition comes after WB had several issues getting the movie going, he now boards Six Billion Dollar Man with a mostly clean slate. The previous script written by Szifrón has been scrapped and Bill DuBuque (The AccountantOzark) is taking over writing duties. He will likely be working closely with Knight to craft their version of the film. One of the best things for Knight and DuBuque right now though is that WB previously removed the project from their slate, meaning there’s no predetermined release date they need to rush to hit. With the new pieces in place and Knight’s supervision, hopefully this will be the time that The Six Billion Dollar Man makes substantial progress.

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Cooper Hood

8 Things Bumblebee Did Better Than Other Transformers Movies (& 2 The Others Did Better)

The Transformers film series has been divisive at best, maligned and reviled at worst. While the first one was mostly liked if not praised, the sequels have devolved into over-complicated, under-developed, explosion-vehicles. Some still love going to the cinema and just seeing explosions and metal twisting robots duke it out, but there was always a subset of fans who wanted more. Luckily for them, Director Travis Knight appears to be one of them and he got to helm the first spin-off prequel to the series, Bumblebee. And he knocked it out of the park!

No-one is going to confuse this movie with high art, but it is a fun, family-friendly action movie that pays much more faithful homage to the titular toys than ever seen before. We’re going to go through the ways that this movie stepped up the series expectations and quality. We’re also going to give the main series its due in a couple of ways because it wasn’t 100% all bad. Roll out!

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10 Better – Charlie & Bumblebee

When it comes to main characters in these movies we’d prefer it to be the actual Transformers and this is the closest we’ve gotten to that yet, but Hailee Seinfeld’s Charlie is leagues ahead of her predecessors. Charlie is earnest, likable, funny, and relatable. She’s almost got a Disney princess ‘I want more’ song ready to burst out of her. Her relationship with Bumblebee carries the entire movie with their adorable interactions. Bumblebee’s struggles without his voice mean he communicates exclusively with physicality and it is ultra-endearing throughout. Back to Charlie, she not only brings plenty to the table but leaves off so much of what didn’t work about Sam and Cade. She’s not stammering, frantic, whisper-yelling, or oddly shiny. All in all, the glue that carries this whole prequel with their personality, story, and chemistry.

9 Better – Classic Transformer Designs

It’s a major visual element that’s finally been addressed. The Transformers looked like jumbled messes in the main entries. They were hard to distinguish between unless they were standing in a line taking turns to spout bad dialogue. The twin-terrors in Revenge of the Fallen were a particular low-point. But now we finally get to see the glory of the G1 designs on the big screen. Anyone who grew up with those versions was bombarded with joy upon joy just seeing those awesome, distinctive, dare I say iconic, versions of the Transformers. They may not all have gotten lines. They may have been wiped out in numbers that put The Transformers Movie to shame. But they looked awesome, unique, and unforgettably badass.

8 Better – John Cena – Agent Burns

Exactly what this series needed, the fake marine to bring some humor to the overbearing military characters of the main series. John Cena’s character is hilarious. Every cliche out of his mouth is delivered with just the right amount of cheese to keep it fun. He moves and acts like an 80’s cartoon which is what this series badly needed. John Turturro may be an acting legend but whatever he was getting told to do in the other movies was beyond insane and rarely funny. Somehow, John Cena is the superior John in this case.

7 Better – You’ve Got The Touch – 80’s Setting & Music

Whether for nostalgia purposes or because the main series was so far off the tracks they had no other option, returning to the ’80s helped in a bunch of ways. The music in this latest installment is easily the biggest beneficiary, giving the best music in the series so far.

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Bumblebee’s now trademark radio-voice lets the movie drop great 80’s tracks one after the other, but they don’t rely on that avenue. ‘The Touch’, ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’, ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’, ‘Higher Love’, ‘Take On Me’, the parade of hits goes on and on. Even Hailee Steinfeld’s contribution ‘Back To Life’ fits in really well.

6 Worse Bad Guys – Dropkick & Shatter

The main series does have a big metal leg-up when it comes to their antagonists. The best Bumblebee does is tease us with mere glimpses of Starscream, Soundwave, Shockwave, Thundercracker, and Skywarp (Decepticons have the coolest names). What we actually get are two new, not-named-onscreen Decepticons the credits tell us were Dropkick and Shatter. Meanwhile, the main series got Megatron, Devastator, Sentinal Prime (Leonard Nimoy-bot), and the ridiculously awesomely named Nitro Zeus. It’s pretty much a no-contest in this category. Point to the main series.

5 Better – References Galore

Where the main series’ movies punish your eyes for trying to make out details, Bumblebee rewards you. There are a bunch of Easter eggs, references, and little nods that enrich the entire experience. At the beginning on Cybertron, you see familiar Autobots and Decepticons in all their G1 glory, but there’s more. Blink and you’ll miss Teletraan 1 from the original cartoon. Charlie wears a BFG labeled jumpsuit, referencing the Roald Dahl story with a similar premise. Bumblebee’s raised fist in response to Agent Burns’ salute, clearly from his watching of The Breakfast Club, is also an homage to Judd Nelson, who played Rodimus Prime on The Transformers Movie. There’s a bunch of little nods to series executive producer and directing legend Steven Spielberg. It goes on and on and makes the film very re-watchable.

4 Better – Waaaay Better Comic Relief

Considering how viscerally annoying the Witwicky and Yeager families were it’s downright amazing how pleasantly surprising Charlie’s family and friends are. Pamala Adlon is a comic savant and plays her mother Sally with alternately frazzled and then easy warmth. Steven Schneider as her step-dad isn’t an unlikable cliche but a well-meaning goof. Her little brother Otis, her budding boyfriend Memo, and her uncle Hank all get genuine, multiple laughs throughout. Not just that, but they’ve lost the mean-spirited edge seen in the Bay movies and it injects a whole other level of enjoyment to the entire film. An unsung, heroic element.

3 Better – Under 2 Hours

Is that your rear and legs thanking you for the return of blood flow? It is! This installment clocks in at a very watchable 114 minutes. That’s way down on the series average.

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It also means that if you shave off the credits it is much closer to a regular length family-action movie and that limits the bloat and filler the other movies have become mired by. There’s something to be said for brevity and in this case, any longer would’ve been too long. This might be the first Transformers movie to leave us wanting more rather than exhausted with the whole deal.

2 Better – Action Not Disguised

Being able to see the action is surprisingly beneficial for an action movie series. It’s been said in many places but the main series can be hard to watch at the best of times. Between every robot becoming a churning mess of cogs and the color gray and the camera being too close to get a good scope of the action, they weren’t exactly cinematographic masterpieces. Director Travis Night clearly took lessons on what worked and didn’t and presents the action here in far better scale and framing. You can actually follow and describe an entire sequence if you want to. It’s not as frantic if that’s your thing, but it is better composed by any reasonable measure.

1 Worse – Lessplosions

Maybe the movie is better for it, but there still felt like a missing quota of explosions in this entry. The main series is nothing if not explosive, literally and figuratively, with barely any time passing between blasts after the first act. This is the lowest budgeted entry in the entire franchise and it shows with the restraint insofar as fiery balls of destruction go. That doesn’t mean there are no huge eruptions to enjoy, but if that’s the only thing you liked in the original series, coming here looking for more might leave you in the cold.

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Mik Rona

Bumblebee Sequel Will Have More of Michael Bay’s Transformers Action

The sequel to last year’s Bumblebee will apparently have more of Michael Bay’s Transformers action. Ever since the toy line and animated TV show’s creation in the 1980s, the Transformers brand has proven to be a very popular, and often lucrative, franchise. There has been an abundance of movies and TV shows revolving around the Autobots and Decepticons, but in the last decade, the live-action Transformers movies have been at the center of attention.

In 2007, Paramount released Transformers, which was directed by Bay and starred Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox. For the next four sequels, the stars of the movies came and went, but Bay was always a constant in the series. All that changed last year when the first Transformers spin-off focusing on the character Bumblebee was directed by Travis Knight. Bay still acted as a producer for the film, but Bumblebee was said to focus more on bringing heart and humor to Transformers, instead of simply relying on action sequences and big explosions. That certainly turned out to be the case with Bumblebee, however, the formula for future Transformers movies could slightly change.

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When Collider spoke with longtime Transformers producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, he mentioned that the Bumblebee sequel will have a bit more of the Bay-esque action. Taking into consideration the critiques the film got from some audiences, Bonaventura explained that going forward, Paramount will try to incorporate more big action sequences while also creating an emotional story between the different characters. Bonaventura specifically said that, “I know the next Transformer, our attempt anyway, is to sort of do a fusion of Bumblebee and the Bay movies…a little more Bayhem. And a little bit more of the character falling in love within the emotional dynamic of the movie”. 

While Bumblebee received mostly positive reviews, the film didn’t make as much money as some of the previous Transformers films. Bumblebee was still a box office success, but Paramount previously passed the $1 billion mark with some of their Transformers movies. Bumblebee passed $400 million at the worldwide box office, which seems like a lot, but that is still the lowest grossing addition to the franchise. Even though the film didn’t make as much money as other Transformers films, Bumblebee still did well enough to warrant a sequel.

The Transformers movies have always been a very profitable franchise for Paramount, but many of the sequels didn’t do well with critics. Many people critiqued Bay’s films for relying on explosions and over the top action to wow audiences, which most of the time took away from the character development and overall story. Including a bit more “Bayhem” in Bumblebee 2 isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as Paramount doesn’t forget what made Bumblebee popular with fans and critics alike. Details surrounding the Bumblebee sequel are slim right now, but this at least gives fans an idea of what could be in store for the Transformers series in the next few years.

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Christopher Fiduccia

Bumblebee Was A (Small) Box Office Success

NOTE: Box office grosses are as of January 13, 2019

Bumblebee turned a profit and will ultimately go down as a minor box office success, though its performance still raises questions about the future of the Transformers film franchise. After Michael Bay captained the ship for five movies released over a period of 10 years (culminating with the lackluster The Last Knight in 2017), Paramount opted to go in a different direction for the next film on the docket. For spinoff Bumblebee, they not only went back in time to the 1980s, but also recruited Kubo and the Two Strings director Travis Knight to call the shots. The hope was that Knight would be able to inject some genuine heart and emotion into the series, revitalizing it in the process.

Based on Bumblebee’s critical reception, Knight very much accomplished that goal. The spinoff is far and away the best reviewed installment of the franchise and even received the Certified Fresh seal of approval. While the word-of-mouth was fantastic, it didn’t seem to have much of an impact on the film’s box office prospects. Opening in theaters at the same time as Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Aquaman, and Mary Poppins ReturnsBumblebee fell behind and got lost in the glut of Christmas releases.

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Bumblebee is the Lowest-Grossing Transformers Film

Despite being subject to widespread critical panning, the Transformers movies were a reliable cash cow for Paramount early in the franchise’s run. Derided 2009 entry Revenge of the Fallen earned $402.1 million domestically, and both Dark of the Moon and Age of Extinction grossed $1 billion worldwide. With those kinds of returns, it’s no wonder the studio kept bringing Bay back to make more. Whatever the faults of the director’s Transformers installments were, they obviously worked for audiences, who kept flocking to the theater to see what outrageous action Bay staged next. But things changed when The Last Knight came out two summers ago.

When Bay’s fifth Transformers hit the scene, the cracks finally started to show. At the time, it was the worst all-around performer in the series, no matter which way you sliced it. Its domestic opening weekend ($44.6 million) couldn’t hold a candle to the 2007 original ($70.5 million); it earned $130.1 million total in the United States when Revenge of the Fallen made $108.9 million in a single weekend; and its global haul of $605.4 million was $104.3 million less than the original – and that was with inflation and 3D/IMAX premiums. The Last Knight ultimately ended up in the black, but it was clear the formula needed to be reworked. Viewers didn’t respond to Bay’s approach as strongly as before, and the damage done by The Last Knight likely (and unfortunately) reverberated into Bumblebee.

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Hailee Steinfeld in Bumblebee

The budgets of the two projects make it more of an apple-to-oranges comparison, but Bumblebee fared worse than The Last Knight across the board. Its domestic debut of $21.6 million was lower than other 2018 offerings like Tomb Raider ($23.6 million), Maze Runner: The Death Cure ($24.1 million), and The Predator ($24.6 million). It has earned only $108.9 million in the States as of this writing (the exact figure Revenge of the Fallen pulled in its first three days), and the $367 million worldwide gross is behind Fifty Shades Freed ($371.9 million), Solo: A Star Wars Story ($392.9 million), and A Star is Born ($404.2 million). Nothing against Bradley Cooper’s Oscar frontrunner, but few would have predicted a remake of a romantic musical drama (even one starring Lady Gaga) would outgross a Transformers movie globally. This turn of events is quite shocking.

Transformers has always done exceptionally well overseas, particularly in China (the saving grace for many woebegone tentpoles). Even The Last Knight earned $228.8 million in the Middle Kingdom, but Bumblebee had no such luck. Currently, the spinoff has made a paltry $59 million in China, which can likely be attributed to Aquaman dominating the multiplex over there. The latest from DC grossed $284.9 million from Chinese theaters, earning a rare extension in the process. Bumblebee simply couldn’t compete with that and had to make do with the loose change it could find. There’s now a cloud of doubt hanging over what was once Paramount’s go-to cinematic property. If Transformers is to march forward, some serious changes need to be implemented.

Page 2: What Paramount Can Learn From Bumblebee’s Box Office

Bumblebee’s Box Office Lessons

The good news for Paramount is that Bumblebee was not a total loss. Because its production budget was a very manageable $135 million, its break even point was roughly $270 million. It’s clearly passed that at the worldwide box office, turning a $97 million profit based on ticket sales. That margin will definitely expand once ancillary revenue like home media sales comes into play (and, to be fair, Bumblebee still playing in theaters), but these results are hardly what Paramount was looking for. $97 million wouldn’t be enough to cover the costs of the hypothetical Bumblebee sequel the studio is interested in, so if that followup does indeed move forward, the studio has to rethink their strategy a bit.

Since Bumblebee received positive reviews and was well-liked by those who saw it, it’s safe to say the spinoff fell victim to an awful release date. Paramount’s desire to have a holiday blockbuster in the first Star Wars-less December since 2014 is perfectly understandable, but the multiplex was way too crowded this year. Aquaman (which targets largely the same demographic) opened in theaters on the same day as Bumblebee, and Mary Poppins and Spider-Verse were also there as options for families. As evidenced by The Last Knight, general viewers were beginning to tire of Transformers movies, which put Bumblebee at a disadvantage. Yes, Justice League didn’t break any records and caused Warner Bros. to drastically shift the entire DC Extended Universe, but at least Aquaman represented something new. There had never been an Aquaman movie before, and its trailers promised breathtaking spectacle. Much like Solo, promotional materials for Bumblebee did little to showcase why this was a must-see on the big screen. It never felt like an “event,” even as the good reviews piled up.

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Perhaps smartly, there currently are no upcoming Transformers movies officially scheduled on Paramount’s slate. Transformers 6 was supposed to come out this year, but the studio ultimately pulled it before any real headway was made (most likely due to The Last Knight’s gross). The wise thing to do would be to move ahead with the Bumblebee sequel, but make sure to put it in a position where it can thrive. Paramount needs to find a less competitive window for it so it can post a healthy gross and help the property return to form. If summer or the holidays are too crowded, it would behoove Paramount to think outside the box. Black Panther shattered records in February. Captain America: The Winter Soldier earned $714.2 million worldwide in April. Audiences have shown they’ll come support a good film no matter what time of year it premieres. Should the Bumblebee sequel have the marketplace to itself, it ideally will perform better. If not, then it might be time to let Transformers rest.

One thing’s for sure – Paramount should absolutely bring back the creative team of director Knight and writer Christina Hodson, both of whom have ideas for where they want the sequel to go. They do not deserve any of the blame for why Bumblebee came up short at the box office. They did their job extremely well and delivered a film reminiscent of old school Amblin productions bursting with a big heart. Usually, when a movie struggles at the box office and becomes a catalyst for changing things, it’s because a new artistic voice is needed to reinvigorate things. Bumblebee’s disappointment is more on the studio. They lucked into a winning combination, and Knight & Hodson deserve a second chance at legitimate success. Hopefully, Paramount doesn’t drop the ball again.

Bumblebee is a pretty interesting box office case. It’s by no means a bona fide flop (Paramount didn’t lose money on it), but it isn’t a runaway smash either. The spinoff falls into the tricky middle ground where the studio needs to proceed with caution moving forward, or else they’ll potentially lose a tentpole. Paramount is in dire straits when it comes to blockbusters (remember, Star Trek 4 was just cancelled), so fingers crossed they figure something out.

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Bumblebee Movie: The 10 Biggest Spoilers

Bumblebee Movie Spoilers Optimus Prime Cliffjumper

WARNING: Spoilers for Bumblebee.

Here are the biggest spoilers from new Bumblebee movie. The sixth movie in the Transformers franchise, Bumblebee is a prequel set in 1987, 20 years before the events of Michael Bay’s five explosive movies starring Shia LaBeouf and Mark Wahlberg.

This new take on the robots in disguise is directed by Travis Knight (Kubo and the Two Strings) and centers on Optimus Prime’s most-trusted lieutenant, Bumblebee, who while in hiding on Earth befriends teenager Charlie Watson (Hailee Steinfeld). What follows is basically How To Train Your Iron Giant, as Bee and Charlie form a delightful friendship as they try to escape Decepticons and the US military.

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Bumblebee is a genuinely fantastic film – not just the best entry in the Transformers franchise by a long margin, it’s one of the best films of 2018 full stop. As such, you should definitely go out to the theater and see it as soon as possible. But for those of you who like to be prepared ahead of time, or if you’re just curious as for what goes down and what it could mean for the future, we’ve still got you covered. Here are the biggest Bumblebee spoilers.

  • This Page: The Transformers In Bumblebee
  • Page 2: Bumblebee’s Ending

10. The Autobots Are Evacuating Cybertron

Bumblebee opens on the Cybertron action sequence that’s been the focus of the later trailers. This is actually the Autobot evacuation of their homeworld; the Decepticons are on the march and forcing the good guys into escape pods. Naturally, it’s a fraught, tense action setpiece, and it frames the story of the film; B-127 is sent by Optimus Prime to scout out Earth to see if it’s a suitable home for the Autobots.

We return to the sequence later in Bumblebee, getting to see Optimus in proper, desperate action.

9. The Cybertron Opening Includes So Many Transformers

Shockwave and other Decepticons in Bumblebee

The Cybertron opening is a big, frantic battle that will thrill any fans of the franchise not just because of how it evokes the original cartoon, but the sheer number of iconic Transformers that appear.

Along with Bumblebee and Optimus Prime, the Autobots feature Arcee, Wheeljack, Brawn, Ratchet and Ironhide, while the Decepticon attackers include Shockwave, Soundwave, Starscream and Ravage. Even though Bumblebee doesn’t have as many main Transformers in the story, this opening five minutes offers more than enough G1-bang for your buck.

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8. Bumblebee’s Voice Is Dylan O’Brien

This one was sadly openly spoiled well ahead of Bumblebee‘s release, but nevertheless is one of the film’s coolest aspects. During the Cybertron opening and initial arrival on Earth, Bumblebee has his voice, provided by The Maze Runner‘s Dylan O’Brien. This is lost when Blitzwing viciously rips out Bee’s voicebox.

Those who’ve seen all the Transformers films may notice something of a plot hole here. In 2017’s The Last Knight, Bumblebee also spoke with his original voice, but there it was provided by sound designer Erik Aadahl.

7. Shatter and Dropkick Kill Cliffjumper

Shatter and Dropkick in Bumblebee

The main two villains of Bumblebee are Decepticons Shatter and Dropkick, triple-changers who are on the hunt for B-127. The film makes clear that they mean business right away, with the duo introduced killing classic Autobot Cliffjumper. It’s not a pretty sight either; the pair are interrogating him on a moon by Saturn, then after getting Bumblebee’s distress beacon (and thus having found their prize) they mercilessly slice him in half vertically.

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6. The Decepticon Plan Is To Trick Autobots Into A Trap On Earth

Dropkick and Shatter in Bumblebee

Shatter and Dropkick aren’t just looking for Bumblebee, they want to use B-127 as a means to create a trap for all escaped Autobots; the plan is to amass Decepticons on Earth and turn it into a trap for the survivors of Cybertron.

To achieve this, they form an alliance with Sector Seven (the Transformer-monitoring government agency from Michael Bay’s films), tricking the humans into thinking they’re the good guys so they can use their satellite network. It’s implied that this is also how Sector Seven learns about Transformers (and, although the base is under the Hoover Dam, no mention to Megatron or the AllSpark is made).

Page 2 of 2: Spoilers For Bumblebee’s Ending

John Cena in Bumblebee

5. Agent Burns Isn’t Anybody… Yet

One of the most discussed characters in Bumblebee before release was John Cena’s Agent Burns, with a range of fan theories about how he could play into the wider Hasbro mythology. Bumblebee is expected to be the start of a new era for Transformers, one that sees it begin to cross over with the likes of G.I. Joe and M.A.S.K., and Cena would seem like an obvious fit – it’s been suggested he’s Calhoun Burns or Duke.

If Cena does have a bigger role in Hasbro’s movie future, however, Bumblebee doesn’t reveal it. Agent Burns is just Agent Burns, a military commander who hunts down B-127 but eventually sees the error of his ways and helps the Autobot escape.

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4. Bumblebee Becomes A Camaro At The End

2016 Chevrolet Camaro Bumblebee

Bumblebee spends the majority of his solo movie in the form of a Volkswagen Beetle, a design he copies after his memory-wiping fight with Blitzwing. This is his classic G1 design that fans of the original toys will remember. However, don’t expect him to keep it in the sequel – at the end of the movie, Bee goes on the run and to do so switches up to a 1977 Chevy Camaro. This is the same vehicle design he had at the start of the Michael Bay Transformers films, a rare moment of direct connectivity.

3. Bumblebee Leaves Charlie… And She Fixes Her Father Car

The emotional core of Bumblebee is his and Charlie’s relationship, with each helping the other through a difficult time: he’s lost his home and is on the run; she’s grieving for her father. Together, they find a new lease of life, but after defeating Shatter and Dropkick, they must heartbreakingly part ways (although Bumblebee does play “Don’t You Forget About Me” from The Breakfast Club, one of his favorite films, to lighten the mood).

The lessons aren’t forgotten though. At the very end, as part of the credits sequence, Charlie fixes her father’s car, getting to keep part of him with her.

2. Optimus Prime & Other Transformers Arrive At The End

Optimus Prime in Bumblebee

Bumblebee doesn’t have a post-credits scene per se, but right after Travis Knight’s director credit, a couple of short scenes play. The first sees Bumblebee and Optimus Prime, who’s now on Earth, discussing humanity as seven more Autobots crash through the atmosphere. This teases many more adventures to come, although the identity of the newly arriving good guys is kept a mystery.

1. Bumblebee Doesn’t Reveal If It Connects To The Michael Bay Films

Michael Bay and Optimus Prime Transformers

One of the biggest questions about Bumblebee is how it connects to the Michael Bay Transformers films. Is it a prequel, a proper reboot, or something in the middle? The answer after the movie remains up in the air; for every attempt to connect to Bay’s films (Megatron was cut to maintain canon and Bee becomes a Camaro at the end), there’s a plot hole (the Transformers have never been to Earth before, and the final scene contradicts the 2007 film). It would seem to be a soft reboot, opening the door to a future that lightly avoids the earlier movies. Indeed, putting aside narrative, Bumblebee goes to great efforts to distance itself from the director’s typical Bayhem and has uniformly redesigned the robots in disguise.

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Bumblebee Movie Is Officially Certified Fresh On Rotten Tomatoes

The latest entry in the live-action Transformers series, Bumblebee, has been Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. This new film is the sixth entry in the franchise and is the only entry to receive this much critical acclaim. The film is an 80s-set prequel that focuses on the titular Autobot, Bumblebee, and will arrive in theaters worldwide this weekend.

Arriving only a year and a half after last summer’s Transformers: The Last Knight, which was poorly received by critics and moviegoers alike, Bumblebee looks to separate itself from the previous installments. Taking place in 1987, this film will serve as an origin story for the Autobots’ second in command, who has found refuge in a California junkyard. Recently, executive producer Steven Spielberg was revealed as the one responsible for this much-needed change of direction in the Transformers series. While the previous films managed to attract an audience at the box office, they failed to get the reception that Bumblebee is currently receiving.

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Paramount’s newest addition in the Transformers universe has officially been Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. The film currently sits at a 94 percent based on 107 reviews, making it the most well-received entry in the blockbuster franchise since its inception, and the only to be Certified Fresh. While Bumblebee may not be receiving the same box office opening as its predecessors, it will more than likely continue to hold the strongest critical reception for any Transformers film since Michael Bay’s original. Rotten Tomatoes broke the news on their Twitter account, and at the time the film was sitting at a 93 percent based on 83 reviews.

Bumblebee is directed by Travis Knight, who is the first director at the helm since Bay decided to step away. In the film, Bumblebee, a battle-scarred Autobot, is found by a teenage girl named Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld). Upon discovery, the two develop a connection with each other, and Charlie assists the beloved alien in his ongoing battle against the Decepticons. The cast also includes Jason Drucker, Abby Quinn, Ricardo Hoyos, Gracie Dzienny, Rachel Crow, and WWE veteran John Cena.

This will be a refreshing moment for fans of the franchise who were let down by the previous Transformers entries, or any film that followed after Bay’s original 2007 movie. Many of those fans have grown frustrated with the series and its consistency to not deliver a quality movie. Knight taking over Bay’s role may have been the best course of action for the series’ livelihood moving forward. Bumblebee is looking to bring some much needed and welcomed “humor and heart” into this stagnant franchise.

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BUMBLEBEE “Broken Arm” Trailer (NEW 2018) John Cena, Transformers Movie HD

BUMBLEBEE “Broken Arm” Trailer (NEW 2018) John Cena, Transformers Movie HD
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Bumblebee’s Travis Knight Says He’s Not Directing Guardians of the Galaxy 3

Bumblebee director Travis Knight is looking to return to his animation studio Laika after his live-action feature debut, and claims reports of him possibly helming an MCU film are just rumors. Knight left a major impression on audiences two years ago with his directorial debut Kubo and the Two Strings, and the excitement for Bumblebee has made him a rising name.

He got the Bumblebee job over some other very qualified candidates, but he’s shown along the way that he could be the perfect choice to help reset the Transformers film franchise. He’s the first director to tackle a live-action film that isn’t named Michael Bay, and he’s going back to a cherished time for many Transformers fans like himself to do so. His direction looks to have brought a sense of adventure and heart to these films that have been sorely missing as of late. With him possibly being on the verge of breaking out even more, he insists he’ll take a smaller next step than rumors have suggested.

Related: Bumblebee Movie: Every Update You Need to Know spoke to Knight as part of Bumblebee‘s press tour, and asked him what’s next for the rising director. He’s not only a director for Laika, but also the studio’s CEO, and he confirmed he still has a future with the animation company. As for the rumor that he could be up for directing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 though, he says it’s still just that, a rumor.

After Bumblebee, my goal is to return to work at the animation studios Laika, my “child”, bringing with me all the baggage of experiences I have gained with this project. […] I’m a huge fan of what Marvel did, it’s no surprise for anyone to know that as a child I was a huge fan of comics. But no, it’s just a rumor!

Knight was the lead animator on Laika’s first movie Coraline, before he moved up the corporate chain even further. He became even more involved as a result, serving as the lead animator and producer on ParaNorman and The Boxtrolls, before actually directing Kubo and the Two Strings himself. It’s not surprising that he ‘s planning to return to animation in some form next either. Now that he’s tested the waters of live-action filmmaking, he could bring a new style to one of the studio’s upcoming projects.

That said, he’s not totally discounting the rumors of him being on Marvel’s radar. He says he’s a big fan of theirs, and has been since he was a child reading their comics. Knight was initially linked to the MCU as being one of the finalists for The Eternals before Chloe Zhao was hired. It appeared he made a strong impression, with his name coming up once again in regards to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3‘s vacancy in the director’s chair. As with any job hunt in Hollywood, those involved never confirm the discussions are happening until they’re officially allowed to. This isn’t to say that’s what Knight is doing, but one can never be too sure with these types of scenarios and quotes.

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Bumblebee Will Feature His Original Voice, Provided By Dylan O’Brien

Dylan O’Brien is voicing Bumblebee in the character’s solo movie spinoff/prequel. The live-action Transformers adventure takes place in the 1980s and follows Bee as he ventures to earth to carry out a secret mission for Optimus Prime, ultimately teaming up with a teenager named Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld) along the way. Since the movie revolves around Bumblebee as a younger Autobot, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura says the film’s creatives wanted Bee’s voice to have a youthful quality that reflects his relative inexperience in the story.

Those who saw last year’s Transformers: The Last Knight may recall that, during his climactic showdown with Optimus, Bumblebee spoke in his “real” voice for the firs time (with the film’s sound designer and supervising sound editor, Erik Aadahl, providing the character’s vocals). However, now that Michael Bay – who helmed the previous five live-action Transformers movies – has stepped away from the series and Kubo and the Two Strings‘ Travis Knight is directing Bumblebee, the film aims to partially reboot the series’ mythology in the wake of Bay’s departure, beginning with Bee’s voice.

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IGN has confirmed that O’Brien is voicing Bumblebee in the character’s solo film and even has a quote from Bonaventura, explaining why it was necessary for the Transformer famous for not having a voice in the live-action franchise to finally get one:

“Since we were approaching this as an origin story, we felt that it was appropriate that you got to hear his voice. That’s the simple logic that we employed. The longer term implication of that is different. But the short-term implication of that is, since we really are resetting the mythology, essentially, of who Bumblebee is. And so, that seemed to us to be the appropriate, to get the chance to hear what he sounds like.”

Best known for his roles in the Teen Wolf TV series and The Maze Runner movie trilogy, O’Brien is trying his hand at something new with Bumblebee, in the wake of the final Maze Runner movie, The Death Cure, hitting theaters near the start of this year. During his interview with IGN, Bonaventura further explained that the actor possesses “that great quality in his voice of youthful exuberance, and also sort of trustworthiness” that he, Knight, and the film’s other creatives wanted Bee to have in his ’80s adventure.

It’s fitting that Bee is getting a brand-new voice, seeing as Bumblebee itself (like Bonaventura said) is meant to serve as a fresh start for the Transformers movie franchise. While the film is currently projected for the lowest box office opening for a live-action Transformers movie yet, it’s generating positive pre-release word of mouth and may prove to have long legs in theaters, assuming that the actual film lives up to all the initial hype. Between O’Brien voicing Bee, Steinfeld playing the human lead, and the talent behind the camera (including, writer Christina Hodson, the first woman to script a Transformers movie), Bumblebee certainly has a good deal working in its favor, quality-wise.

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All The Decepticons To Expect In The Bumblebee Movie

Bumblebee is bringing some new players to the robots in disguise franchise in the guise of Decepticons. The prequel film, set 20 years before Michael Bay’s 2007 Transformers, will see the massive, ever-expanding Transformers franchise scaled down to tell a more intimate story focusing on the beloved Autobot scout and his human friend Charlie Watson (Hailee Steinfeld).

The Transformers movie franchise is at something of a crossroads. With longtime director Michael Bay stepping aside, it was assumed by many that the series would rest for a few years before a full-on reboot. Instead, a prequel from Kubo and the Two Strings director Travis Knight is on the way. Even though plot details have mostly been kept under wraps, with the Bumblebee trailers revealing that Bumblebee isn’t the only Transformer on Earth, there’s still quite a lot to determine from the other characters involved, such as the Decepticons.

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While they’ve traditionally transformed into military and war vehicles, some Decepticons, such as Dropkick and Shatter, are said to be covert trackers that transform into era-specific muscle cars – the AMC Javelin and Plymouth Satellite, respectively, with regards to Dropkick and Shatter. But with a massive franchise to mine, those aren’t the only Decepticons slated to appear in Bumblebee.

  • This Page: Dropkick, Shatter, and Blitzwing Explained
  • Page 2: The Other Decepticons In Bumblebee


Dropkick is a name that has popped up a few times in Transformers mythology, though never in a major role. In Generation 1, the Dropkick drones were some of Megatron’s earliest warriors in the war with the Autobots. As seen in the classic episode “War Dawn,” Megatron and the Dropkick drones attack a dockside warehouse, critically damaging several Cybertronians, including a peaceful young dockworker named Orion Pax, who would be rebuilt and rechristened as Optimus Prime by the mysterious Alpha Trion.

While Dropkick has never appeared in the Bay films, he has appeared in some of the ancillary material associated with them, most prominently the IDW comics. He’s portrayed as one of Megatron’s most loyal lieutenants, who eventually finds his stature in the Decepticon ranks severely diminished by the Machiavellian machinations of Starscream. Given the Bay’s Transformers movies’ infamous disinterest in their own continuity, there’s little guarantee this is an interpretation that will be considered canon in Bumblebee.

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Dropkick will be voiced by The Leftovers star – and Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s oblivious master codebreaker – Justin Theroux. Theroux has some experience voicing toy based villains, having lent his pipes to Lord Garmadon in last year’s Lego Ninjago Movie.


Shatter is a little more of a mystery. There’s no previous Decepticon in Transformers canon with that name, nor has there ever been a Shatter toy – which is kind of amazing considering how many Transformers toys there’ve been over the years. The main thing we know about Shatter is that she’s a female Decepticon, and would presumably be the first major female Transformer in the live action films (Arcee was around in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, but like much of that film she left no impact).

While the live action movies haven’t really explored female Transformers in any meaningful way, there’s a long history of them in the franchise’s other iterations. The most well known and beloved is likely Blackarachnia, the scheming Predacon spider from the much-lauded Beast Wars series. Her star-crossed love affair with Maximal goofball Silverbolt – along with Megatron’s ultimate plan that would lead to her erasure from existence – ultimately lead to her defection to the good guys. Windblade has also become a staple of the franchise; the fan-created character has become a central figure in virtually all Transformers comics and cartoons since her creation in 2013, including the upcoming Cyberverse series.

While we don’t know much about Shatter yet, we do know the voice behind her, which will be the sublime Angela Bassett. The Oscar-winning actress has been no stranger to genre fare in recent years, portraying both Amanda Waller in Green Lantern and Ramonda in Black Panther. Her commanding voice seems like a natural fit for an intimidating Decepticon.


Blitzwing is one of Bumblebee‘s more surprising Decepticons. Bumblebee movie producers were playing coy about the red Decepticon seen in Bumblebee’s first trailer, which led many to believe that it was Starscream. However, it was revealed during the movie’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 that the red Decepticon is Blitzwing, not Starscream. While that may be disappointing for fans who were hoping to see Starscream redeemed in the Transformers movies. This made sense considering that Charlie Adler, who voiced Starscream in Bay’s Transformers movies, had already said that he wasn’t returning for the prequel.

But now there’s another Decepticon to look forward to in Blitzwing, a Triple Changer Transformer who’s had an out for Bumblebee since the beginning, and a Decepticon who typically transforms into either a tank or a fighter jet. According to Bumblebee‘s prequel comics, Bumblebee has been hunting Blitzwing for several years, and it seems that they will finally come into contact once again in the prequel movie. Following an announcement by voice actor David Sobloz – that he would be voicing a character in the Bumblebee movie – the character Blitzwing appeared in one of the more recent Bumblebee trailers, thus revealing the character that he’s voicing.

Page 2 of 2: The Other Decepticons In Bumblebee

Soundwave & Ravage

After appearing in Bay’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Soundwave is returning for the Bumblebee prequel, though it’s unclear what Soundwave’s exact role will be in the movie since he’s been one of Megatron’s most loyal allies and Megatron isn’t supposed to appear in this film. However, one of the Bumblebee teasers showed Soundwave fighting Optimus Prime on Cybertron, so it’s possible his role is quite limited in the new movie.

What’s interesting is that Ravage is also returning for Bumblebee. In the Transformers franchise, Soundwave is able to store a number of Decepticon spies and infiltrators in his robot form, and unleash them at different times. One of those infiltrators happens to be Ravage, who made his Transformers movie series debut in Revenge of the Fallen. While Ravage is shot out from Soundwave in space in Revenge of the Fallen, he appears to take his G1 form in Bumblebee, even launching from Soundwave’s chest (which appears more like his iconic cassette player).


In the full-length Bumblebee trailer that released in September, it was confirmed that Shockwave would also be appearing in the prequel film. It will be interesting to see Shockwave back on-screen after seeing him lose a fight to Optimus Prime in Transformers: Dark of the Moon‘s climactic battle in Chicago. However, it’s unclear who will be voicing Shockwave in the movie, if there will be anyone voicing him at all. Frank Welker had provided Shockwave’s voice in the previous films.

Shockwave is a rather unique Decepticon, with regards to his position as Megatron’s trusted scientist and his powerful laser cannon that he’s used to kill many Autobots before. Plus, there’s his intriguing design that includes a single robotic eye (which he retains as the movies progress). Moreover, following in-line with all the other Transformers in the Bumblebee movie, Shockwave looks to be sporting his G1 design in the trailer, even being colored purple over the original silver color that he had in the previous Transformers films (which he may get later on seeing as those movies take place decades in the future).

Considering that the IDW Publishing Transformers movie comics have indicated that Shockwave had crash-landed in Russia in the early 20th century and that the nation’s government used Shockwave’s technology to create nuclear power plants, it’ll be interesting to see how Shockwave’s existence plays into the Cold War in the Bumblebee movie, especially since there’s no record of what he was up to in between the time he landed on Earth and appeared in the previous movies.

Will There Be Other Decepticons In Bumblebee?

There’s no guarantee these are the only Decepticons who will show up in the Bumblebee movie. Rumors have circulated that voice actor Jess Harnell has recorded lines for the Decepticon police car Barricade seen in the first film; however, that piece of information still hasn’t been confirmed and Transformers fans ultimately may have to wait until the movie releases to find out for sure. And while it hasn’t been announced (or even rumored yet) that Megatron will appear in the Bumblebee movie – which makes sense since at this point in time he’d be stuck in stasis inside Hoover Dam, being studied by Sector Seven – it’s been confirmed that Peter Cullen will be reprising his role as Optimus Prime in the film. Furthermore, Optimus Prime’s G1 design has also been revealed.

Of course, there may always be more Autobots and Decepticons on the way that Paramount Pictures and the creative team behind Bumblebee are trying to keep a secret (for fans to enjoy in the moment). Right now, though, the future of the Transformers film franchise is riding on how audiences and critics respond to Bumblebee. It could end up being an X-Men: First Class style sneak reboot of the Transformers franchise, injecting new life into the story through a period piece retcon, or it could be a strange, vestigial artifact before a larger overhaul. If nothing else, it looks like Bumblebee will get to tangle with some surprisingly fresh Decepticons before the next phase.

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