Toy Story 4: 10 Characters We Would Have Wanted To See In a Cameo

Everybody thought the Toy Story series was over when the third movie released in 2010, giving an emotional albeit satisfying final outing for the franchise. But, nearly a whole decade on, the latest adventure starring Tom Hanks and Tim Allen as Woody and Buzz Lightyear is taking the box office by storm, pulling in people from all ages and giving us one last chance to say goodbye to our favorite bunch of child play-things.

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However, while Toy Story 4 is yet another masterpiece from the folks over at Pixar, it was still missing some characters. We take a look at 10 who we’d of loved to have seen – especially as there appears to be no chance of a fifth movie in the franchise.

10 Ken

When Toy Story 3 came out nine years ago, the character of Ken, voiced by Batman and Spider-Man: Homecoming actor Michael Keaton, had audiences laughing aplenty. But director Josh Cooley revealed before the release of the latest installment in the series that, despite his relationship with Barbie, he wouldn’t be involved, explaining his absence by saying ‘he’s back on Sunnyside.’

Sunnyside was the name of the child daycare center where Woody, Buzz, and friends nearly found themselves trampled on by schoolchildren in the third movie. While we can understand Ken wanting to be crucial to a child at the daycare centre, it still would have been nice to see him and Barbie back together. Nobody likes it when famous couples split after all…

9 Wheezy

Toy Story 2 came out in 1999 and introduced us to the loveable penguin Wheezy, who becomes close to Woody when they end up as shelf buddies. The penguin appears destined to be sold before Tom Hanks’ character comes to his rescue – only to end up being kidnapped by the evil Al, owner of Al’s Toy Barn.

Wheezy had children cooing over him due to his cute and cuddly nature, while his closing song at the end of the movie lives long in the memory. Given how much Woody nearly sacrificed to rescue his friend, it was rather sad that he only had a short cameo in Toy Story 3. And the decision to overlook the character, voiced by Phil LaMarr, again for the sequel is a decision that has upset many of his fans who were hoping for one final sight of him.

8 Stinky Pete

Stinky Pete recently made the headlines when Toy Story made the decision to remove a deleted scene starring himself and two Barbie dolls in his cardboard box in the wake of the #metoo movement. But despite some appearing to take issue with that, it would have been most-welcome to learn what became of the old Prospector following his involvement in Toy Story 2.

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The last time we saw him he was wailing in fear at the thought of being played with by a young girl, who had covered her Barbie dolls in glitter and stickers – must to his dismay. But Stinky Pete was so conniving and ruthless it wouldn’t surprise us if he found a way to get out of the child’s clutches. So some more closure there would have been well-received and we can’t help but feel he should have made some sort of appearance in the antique shop.

7 Buster

Seriously Pixar, why didn’t we get at least a fleeting look at Buster? The adorable dog is first given to Andy at the end of the first Toy Story movie – prompting fear from Woody and Buzz – before making a brief cameo in the sequel and appearing again as an older, wiser dog in the third act of the franchise. But he’s missing from the flashback clip at Andy’s house.

The clip shows how Bo Peep loses touch with the rest of Andy’s collection, prompting tears in the process. We get one final glimpse of Andy, his Mom and his sister Molly but there’s no sign of Buster. Maybe he was too busy but it would have been nice to see the cuddly dog one last time. Who doesn’t like cuddly dogs?

6 Sid

If Toy Story 4 is actually the final installment of the series – you never know with movies this popular and universal – then it would have made sense to give another update as to what happened to Sid, the villain from the first entry of the franchise.

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The last we saw him, he was working as a garbage man, albeit not a very good one considering he seems to lose more rubbish than actually clean up. We know it’s him because of the skull t-shirt he wears and, given how prominent he was in the series’ debut, audiences would have loved a cameo of him working at the RV Park, perhaps throwing away some of the toys that members of the public would inevitably leave behind.

5 Etch A Sketch

We can’t help but feel the decision to leave Etch A Sketch out of Toy Story 4 altogether, including the flashback scene, might be a symbolic one. Like Wheezy and Bo Beep, he vanished at some point in between Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3. But, unlike Bo, he appears to already be gone by the time the fourth movie begins.

His absence could be put down to the fact that Etch A Sketch was a prominent toy back in the day but not so much anymore. Nowadays, children are able to use tablets to craft creations of their own without using a pen and paper, meaning Etch has become a victim of time and technology. Again, just like Stinky Pete, he’s the sort of relic who would end up at an old antique shop…

4 Lotso

Of all the villains in the Toy Story series, Lotso was arguably the most ruthless and evil. Sid likes to torture toys, Stinky Pete likes to keep them in line, while Gabby Gabby just likes their voice boxes. But despite smelling of strawberries and having a cuddly complexion that all children would love, Lotso spends Toy Story 3 showing us how ruthless he is towards toys that refuse to fall in line.

We last saw him stuck on the front of a truck, leaving audiences to speculate as to where he would end up a decade later. Well, we hate to sound like a broken record but an antique shop is one of them. While it’s also not inconceivable to picture him at the RV Park’s entertainment stalls, held up by a piece of plastic around his waist.

3 Andy’s Dad

Look, the reason we would have liked to get a glimpse of Andy’s Dad is to shut down the horrible fan theory about the young child. The theory goes that all the toys are merely a figment of his imagination, something he created to cope with the fact that he grew up without a father and to make it the ultimate toy-playing experience.

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Alas, it seems we will never know anything about Andy’s back story. It’s not needed – the main focus should always be on the toys rather than any child – but it still would have been a welcome inclusion just to help us sleep better at night…

2 Emperor Zurg

With the release of Toy Story 2, Pixar decided to throw a toy villain into the mix in the form of Zurg, who drew comparisons with Darth Vader. It’s revealed that he is actually Buzz’s father (we’re still not quite sure how that works, so don’t ask) and he spends some time trying to track down his son. They eventually decide to give the whole father-son thing a go and were last seen at the end of the movie playing a game of catch.

However, Zurg was so amusing – and so based on Vader – it’s a shame we didn’t get to see any much of him throughout the rest of the Toy Story movies. It would have been nice to see how his relationship with Buzz played out in the long run.

1 Green Army Men

When was last saw the Green Army Men in Toy Story 3 there were just three left: Sarge and the other two paratroopers. They were last spotted parachuting into the same daycare center where Ken and Barbie were, choosing to flee Andy’s house after coming to the conclusion that they’re normally the first to go when it comes to any mass-clearouts.

It would have been nice to get a cameo from the remaining trio, just to know that they’re still out there and haven’t come to harm. Given how wild some of the children appeared to be it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that they were trampled on at some point. Maybe the bigwigs at Pixar just wanted to leave their fate ambiguous to spare us from any more heartbreak?

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Jack Otway

Spider-Man: Far From Home Almost Had Donald Glover Cameo

Spider-Man: Far From Home nearly had a cameo appearance from Donald Glover as Aaron Davis. Glover had a small supporting role in Spider-Man: Homecoming, whose petty criminal was seen buying weapons stolen by Michael Keaton’s Vulture, and later gave Peter some information after a none-too-impressive attempt at interrogation, despite failing to find him in any way intimidating.

Aaron Davis is a character taken from the Ultimate universe of Marvel comics who becomes its version of the Prowler, a skilled cat burglar armed with a battle suit and gauntlets capable of firing shock waves. In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Davies had yet to adopt the supervillain mantle, although his attempt to purchase high tech weaponry suggests he was on his way there. Also, a mention of his nephew was a reference to Miles Morales, which confirmed the existence of the future Ultimate Spider-Man within the world of the film. A different version of Davis was featured far more prominently as a villain in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, seeing him fully formed as the Prowler and an employee of the Kingpin.

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The story of Glover’s potential involvement came from THR, relayed during an interview with Spider-Man: Far From Home writers Chris McKenna and Eric Sommars, revealing that the idea was one of several bandied about that never made it into the final film. They both loved the character and wanted to bring him back, but after the story’s development ended up taking Peter and his classmates to Europe so quickly, the idea was dropped since it simply didn’t fit anywhere. McKenna lamented, “Some ideas you just have to give up.

Glover has further history with Spider-Man beyond the MCU/Sony outing, having previously voiced Miles Morales in a couple episodes of season 3 of the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series. He appeared as part of a multi-episode arc that saw Norman Osborn travel across the multiverse to gather DNA samples from the various Spider-People to transform himself into the formidable Spider-Goblin.

Although the capacity in which Glover would have appeared was not specified, it’s likely that it would have been something like a brief scene seeing Peter clashing with Davies as the Prowler, possibly foiling a robbery that the latter was in the middle of committing. His presence is potentially an important one, as it’s likely through him that Miles Morales would be introduced into the world of the films, and from there the use of multiple Spider-People like those seen in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Even though it would have been nice to see him again in Spider-Man: Far From Home, as the film stands there really wasn’t the space to include him without it seeming forced, and the decision to leave him out was probably the right one in the end.

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Source: THR

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Andrew Marshall

Shazam’s Big Cameo Proves The DCEU Doesn’t Need [SPOILER]

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Shazam!

Superman’s big cameo at the end of Shazam! proves that the DCEU doesn’t need Henry Cavill as its Man of Steel. Kal-El, Last Son of Krypton, has had some bad press in the past few years, but it looks like things may be finally turning around.

Superman has always been one of the most paradoxical mainstream superheroes. He is one of the biggest names in comic books – only Spider-Man and Batman vie for the title – and as the first spandex do-gooder undoubtedly the archetype from which all others riff (indeed, Captain Marvel aka Shazam was initially canceled after DC sued alleging plagiarism). And yet making his stories translate to the big screen has proven difficult. Superman: The Movie remains a highlight of the genre thanks to Christopher Reeve’s captivating double performance, but that series went off the deep-end into killer computers and nuclear peace messages.

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Zack Snyder attempted to reboot the character in 2013’s Man of Steel was a stripped back take in the vein of The Dark Knight (David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan conceived the story), but this new iteration of hope was a tough Kryptionian pill to swallow. This was compounded with the ambitious Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, before a brash course correction of the character with major reshoots (and CG upper lips) in Justice League finally wore out interest.

In the wake of that box office disaster, it would be easy to conclude that audiences were tired of Superman, at least the iteration first brought to life by Henry Cavill. The DCEU is moving into a new, more interesting future that puts focus on breakout stars Wonder Woman and Aquaman, but with The Batman likely a prequel and Idris Elba not, as initially reported, replacing Will Smith as Deadshot in The Suicide Squad, some continuity concerns remain. And so what can DC do other than bench the Man of Steel? Well, Shazam! has the answer.

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  • Page 2: How Superman’s Shazam Cameo Moves Past Cavill

Is Henry Cavill Out As Superman?

Before getting into what Shazam! introduces, it’s worth establishing what exactly is going on with Henry Cavill as Superman. His more grounded, haunted iteration was at the center of criticisms for Man of Steel and most certainly Batman v Superman, to the point many question what his selfless sacrifice at the end of Dawn of Justice really meant. As a result, Justice League‘s reshoots were heavily focused on lightening him up (Danny Elfman even used the John Williams score), but that wasn’t enough to correct the damage.

Last year, it was reported that, after lengthy contract negotiations, Cavill was no longer going to be Superman. The specifics were unclear, but it was alleged that his party and Warner Bros. disagreed about the actor and character’s importance to the franchise going forward. Both sides refuted the rumblings while not out-right denying them; WB said that no Superman projects were in development but the relationship was strong, and Cavill and his agent shared cryptic social media posts.

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Already we’ve seen Ben Affleck step down as Batman, while Ezra Miller is reportedly making one last effort to get The Flash movie off the ground, so it looks like Cavill is just one of many casualties from Snyder’s Justice League.

Instead, the future of Kryptonians in the DCEU looks to have shifted, with a Supergirl script taking priority over Man of Steel 2. While there’s not been much word on that recently, that the upcoming DC Films slate is now pretty full up to 2022 shows how low a priority the Superman presently appears to be, at least with the current Cavill status quo.

Shazam’s Superman Cameo Is A Result Of The Cavill Issues

Which brings us to Superman’s cameo in Shazam, something that had been rumored as early as January 2018. The moment itself is a pretty big deal built up through the story. Freddy wants to play up his friendship with Shazam, so promises he’ll visit school for lunch, to which his bullies jokily ask if Superman will join too. So, of course, when Billy comes through for his friend at the end, he brings with him his Justice League pal.

In the film, Superman is only shown from the neck down, with Zachary Levi’s stunt double, and not Henry Cavill in the suit. But rather than cutting around the actor, this decision actually comes from the lack of Cavill: Shazam! director David F. Sandberg told Screen Rant that the scene came out of that restriction, with a more humorous way to include the character needed to get around the lack of recognizable star power.

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While that is on its own a rather nice example of improvisational filmmaking, it evidences a planned handling of Superman that sees him evolve beyond Henry Cavill.

Page 2 of 2: How Superman’s Shazam Cameo Moves Past Cavill

Shazam’s Superman Cameo Finally Makes The Man of Steel An Icon

In one joke scene at the end of the movie, Shazam! does more to cement Superman as a beacon of hope than the three movies that actually starred him (and a fourth in Suicide Squad framing the formation of Task Force X as a result of his death). There’s no confusion of what he means to people, what that “S” stands for. Superman is an icon and people love him. By removing the unclear conflict – which wasn’t a bad approach per se but its execution got in the way of the character – suddenly Superman is fully formed.

This reframing of the DC heroes has been running throughout Shazam!, with Freddy’s unabashed enthusiasm for Supes, Bats, Aquaman and the rest literally the same as real-life fans of the characters. Shazam becomes a hero modeled after the preexisting ones, who have now so permeated popular culture they’re merchandised. Rather than bridging the real world and the fantastical as in Zack Snyder’s DC films, Shazam! just accepts and runs with it.

But these aren’t the DCEU heroes explicitly. The Batman toys look and sound more like Kevin Conroy’s animated version than Ben Affleck’s brutalizer. And while Easter eggs reference the Kryptonian World Engine, the Superman who eventually appears sports a brighter suit with a more obvious red belt and, noticeably, doesn’t show his head on camera. These move us from the person in the suit to the hero they truly represent.

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The DCEU’s Superman Is Bigger Than Henry Cavill

If you can have a moment like this where Superman can exist and capture what the hero instills in people without the actor, then why does the DCEU need to wait for contract issues to be sorted? Henry Cavill no longer represents this Superman, and that it can work without him is proven in Shazam! Superman is a beacon to the world because he’s Superman.

And while this is just a careful side-stepping for complications well beyond the Shazam! filmmakers’ control, it moves us closer to a recast. While there were certainly laughs at the overt avoidance and questions over what it means, the pervasive message is that audiences can and have divorced Superman from Henry Cavill. If he and DC can make it work, then great, but there’s no need to shelve such a high-potential, flat-out icon character just for these reasons.

Even if there’s no Man of Steel 2 (or The Superman, following DC’s recent change in nomenclature), a continuation through cameos akin to Iron Man in Phase 3 Marvel movies would be a perfect way to continue Superman’s image rehabilitation. It’s just a shame D.J. Cotrona is already tied up…

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Alex Leadbeater

Game of Thrones: Did You Spot The It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Cameo?

There was a surprising cameo in the Game of Thrones season 8 premiere as It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Rob McElhenney appeared in a scene. After a 20-month hiatus, the HBO series returned for what will be the final six chapters intended to close out the epic fantasy drama. The premiere was packed with significant moments, many of which have been anticipated for years.

The episode, titled “Winterfell,” featured the arrival of Daenerys and her armies to Winterfell and the long-awaited reunion between Jon Snow and his siblings. Back in the South, Euron Greyjoy returned to King’s Landing with the Golden Company, just as promised. While Euron tried to charm his way into Cersei’s private chambers, Theon went on a rescue mission to save Yara, sneaking aboard Euron’s ship, the Silence, and successfully retrieve his sister. Before freeing Yara, Theon killed a few unsuspecting men left on the ship. The first kill was a very familiar face to It’s Always Sunny fans.

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The man that was killed on the deck of the Silence was Rob McElhenney, as confirmed by the actor’s Instagram. McElhenney’s character took a quick arrow in the back of the head through the left eye. The blink and you’ll miss it cameo caught many fans off guard, and some missed the appearance altogether.

The creator and star of It’s Always Sunny is reportedly friends with Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. The showrunners even wrote an episode of It’s Always Sunny in 2013. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a “The Gang Goes to Westeros” situation featuring the entire cast but there was also another surprise cameo in the rescue sequence. Silicon Valley actor Martin Starr was also one of Euron’s men killed aboard the ship.

McElhenney and Starr joined Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody, Coldplay’s Will Champion, Sigur Rós, and Ed Sheeran as celebrities who have cameo appearances on the hit HBO series. In fact, one of the Game of Thrones‘ premiere’s callbacks was to the latter: one of Bronn’s female companions brought up a “ginger” named Eddie who got caught up in the attack by Daenerys’ army, revealing Eddie’s fate along with his now missing eyelids.

With only five episodes left, it will be interesting to see if the showrunners have any more surprising cameos planned. It’s no question why celebrities would want to jump at the chance of appearing in a series as popular as Game of Thrones. Even though the celebs tend to meet a very dark fate, it would be something to brag about. With Game of Thrones nearing the end of its run, keep those eyes peeled for any more familiar faces.

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Game of Thrones season 8 airs Sundays at 9pm ET on HBO.

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Kara Hedash

Shazam! Director Offers Behind the Scenes Look At His [SPOILER] Cameo

SPOILERS for Shazam ahead.

Shazam! director David F. Sandberg has offered a behind the scenes look at his cameo as one of the Crocodile Men. The DC Extended Universe film has quickly become a success, earning strong reviews and more than doubling its budget at the global box office so far. Unsurprisingly, Warner Bros. has already gotten the ball rolling on the sequel, which will build on the first movie’s mid-credits introduction to the villainous caterpillar, Mister Mind. Shazam! writer Henry Gayden is currently working on the followup, with Sandberg expected to officially sign on as director any day now.

In the meantime, Sandberg is keeping busy entertaining fans with more Shazam!-related trivia. It had already been revealed that the director appears in the movie as one of the Crocodile Men, who are shown playing cards behind one of the doors that Billy Batson and his foster siblings open in the Rock of Eternity (while they’re being chased by Sivana and the Seven Sins). Now, Sandberg has provided a glimpse at the process that he went through to become one of those reptilian men.

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Sandberg posted a series of images to his Instagram account, showing him being fitted for a mold for his Crocodile Man mask. The post also includes a pair of clips where the filmmaker tries out the mask’s animatronics, along with a short video that offers an up-close look at one of the mask’s motorized eyes. You can check the whole thing out in the space below.

Funnily enough, Sandberg’s cameo could payoff in a big way in Shazam! 2 or another future DCEU film. In the New 52 comics (which Shazam! draws from), the Crocodile Men hale from a region of the Seven Magical Realms known as the Wildlands, where animals walk around talking and wearing clothing just like humans from our world. Of course, there’s no guarantee that magical land will show up in the Shazam! sequel, given how expensive it would be to bring to life on the big screen. Part of the reason the first movie’s a success is because Sandberg was able to keep its budget down to a manageable $100 million, so WB might prefer to continue that approach with the followup. If so, it’s unlikely Billy and his family will be exploring The Magiclands anytime soon in the DCEU.

Either way, this is a fun glimpse behind the scenes at Sandberg’s cameo and one of many playful DC easter eggs in Shazam!. It’s also a testament to just much Sandberg clearly enjoyed making the movie, and all but assures that he’ll be back for more on Shazam! 2.  Whether he shows up dressed as an anthropomorphic reptile again or tries his hand at playing another fantastical creature in the sequel, of course, remains to be seen.

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Source: David F. Sandberg

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Sandy Schaefer

Shazam’s Secret Cameo Was Almost a Different DCEU Actor

SPOILERS for Shazam! ahead.

Shazam! director David F. Sandberg says Henry Cavill was originally meant to reprise his role as Superman in the film, but things didn’t work out. The latest addition to the DC Extended Universe, Shazam! is already a critical success on its way to turning a tidy profit at the box office. It’s all the more impressive an accomplishment when you consider that, just a year or so ago, the titular superhero was a relatively obscure character compared to the DCEU’s other solo headliners up to this point (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman),

Speaking of the Man of Steel – he and Shazam! have a long and sometimes tumultuous history in the world of comic books, going back to Shazam!’s time as Fawcett Publications’ answer to Superman (then the mascot of National Comics) in the late 1930s and early ’40s. That connection only helped to fuel the longstanding rumors about Superman having a cameo in the Shazam! movie, with either Cavill or someone else playing the role. While the character was ultimately brought to life by Shazam! star Zachary Levi’s stunt double in the film, that wasn’t always the plan.

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Sandberg confirmed that Superman’s cameo was alway part of Shazam!‘s screenplay during our interview with him, adding that the Man of Steel “was definitely something we wanted to have in there”. In a separate interview with Inverse, the director added that Cavill was originally supposed to reprise his DCEU role as the character, but was “unavailable” when the crew was filming the scene in question at a real school in Toronto (which was on-holiday at the time).

As a refresher: Shazam! concludes with Billy Batson (Asher Angel) showing up transformed into Shazam! and finally making good on his promise to sit next to his foster brother Freddy (Jack Dylan Grazer) at school during lunch. However, when he does, he’s accompanied by another “friend” in the form of Superman, who’s only shown from the neck down to hide the fact that he isn’t Cavill. Speaking to Inverse, Sandberg explained that Cavill’s Superman was originally going to sit down and talk to Freddy, but that portion of the sequence was dropped when Cavill couldn’t make the shoot. And while he admitted he was worried at first that the cameo would feel “cheap” and leave people feeling “cheated” without Cavill, he felt much better once he saw the scene all cut together during post-production:

“It just made us laugh. You see Freddy’s reaction, and a hard cut to credits, and it’s just funny. It turned out better than what it was originally where he sat down and had a little chat.”

While a number of DCEU fans would’ve no doubt loved to see Cavill back in his blue-and-red Kryptonian suit, Superman’s Shazam! cameo arguably plays better the way it’s presented in the final movie. Like Sandberg pointed out, Freddy’s reaction to seeing Superman is a great punchline to cut to the credits from, and that wouldn’t have been the case had the scene carried on beyond that. Moreover, the final shot really encapsulates the movie’s theme about the awe and wonder that superheroes inspire for kids in the DCEU (and, by proxy, that these characters have for people in the real world). It’s a good example of how, sometimes, less really can be more effective, and serves to illustrate how the DCEU can continue to use Superman in the future, whether Cavill returns to play him again or not.

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Source: Inverse

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Sandy Schaefer

Shazam: [SPOILER]’s Cameo Explained

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Shazam

Newly released DC superhero movie Shazam features a special guest cameo from Superman – but not from Henry Cavill. The Man of Steel makes an appearance at the very end of David F. Sandberg’s movie, shown only from the neck down as he joins Shazam and the Shazam Family for lunch at school. While it’s certainly a fun and fitting way to end a movie that portrays the DC Extended Universe from the perspective of teenagers, Superman’s cameo may also be confusing to fans who are wondering why the star of three previous DCEU movies doesn’t show his face.

While the three previous DCEU solo movies have been about an alien with godlike powers, a demigoddess, and the heir to the throne of Atlantis, Shazam has a considerably more humble origin story. Foster kid Billy Batson is a troublemaker and frequent runaway, and in his very first scene he locks two police officers in a pawn shop and then steals their lunch. He certainly falls short of the “pure of heart” champion that the wizard at the Rock of Eternity is searching for, and when he does get superpowers he uses them to buy beer, rob ATMs, charge people money for selfies, and other decidedly non-heroic acts.

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When the evil Doctor Sivana arrives on the scene with the intent to steal Shazam’s powers, however, Billy figures out how to be a superhero with a little help from his newfound family. And once the dust has settled, Billy thanks his foster brother and best friend Freddy – with a little help from Superman.

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  • Page 2: Shazam and Superman’s Comic Book History and Superman’s DCEU Future

Shazam is set in the same universe as Man of Steel, Batman V Superman, and Justice League, and it establishes just how commercialized superheroes have become. From T-shirts to action figures to battle souvenirs, a whole industry has built up around them and the members of the Justice League are basically viewed as celebrities – especially by Billy’s foster brother, Freddy Freeman. Freddy, who thinks that the best superhero power is flight, is a particularly big fan of Superman, and owns a bullet that bounced off Superman’s body… until Billy drops it into a grate.

Billy more than makes up for losing the bullet in the final scene of the movie, however. Not only does he show up as Shazam to hang out with Freddy at school lunch, he also says that he brought a “friend” along with him. That’s when Superman makes his appearance, walking up to Freddy’s lunch table with a tray full of food – but he’s only shown from the neck down. Yes, while Superman does have a cameo in Shazam, Henry Cavill doesn’t.

The Superman cameo was intended as the conclusion to Shazam‘s story from the earliest drafts of screenwriter Darren Lemke’s script (which was later given a rewrite by Henry Gayden). This was in late 2016 and early 2017, when the DCEU had wobbled a little with the divisive response to Batman V Superman, but Warner Bros. was aiming to get things back on track with Justice League. By the time Shazam actually got around to filming at the start of 2018, the future of the DCEU was looking a lot less certain, Cavill’s contract only covered one more movie, and there were rumors of him attempting to renegotiate this contract. It’s most likely because Shazam was filmed in such a period of uncertainty that Cavill himself doesn’t have a cameo in the movie.

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We may not get to see Superman’s face in Shazam, but that just allows us to pay more attention to his costume – which is ever so slightly different from the suit that he wore in Man of Steel, Batman V Superman, and Justice League. While the overall costume design is basically the same, Superman’s suit in Shazam has two red and gold portions at his hips, perhaps as a nod to the superhero’s classic look of wearing red underwear on the outside of his costume. The comics shed the underwear-on-the-outside look with the New 52 relaunch, replacing them with a red belt, and Cavill’s Superman suit is usually blue from the bottom of his “S” down to the top of his boots. Perhaps Warner Bros. is preparing audiences for the red underwear’s eventual creep back into the movies… or perhaps we’re over-thinking a minor costume change.

Page 2: Shazam and Superman’s Comic Book History and Superman’s DCEU Future

Superman and Shazam haven’t always been friends, and behind the scenes they got off to a rocky start. Shazam, in his original incarnation as Captain Marvel, didn’t start out as a DC character. He debuted in the pages of Whiz Comics, from publisher Fawcett Comics, a year after Superman made his own debut in Action Comics. Captain Marvel was more or less a Superman rip-off by design, with Roscoe Kent Fawcett instructing the staff at Fawcett Comics to “give me a Superman” with the alter-ego of a young boy. The character was a hit, outselling even Superman comic books at his peak, and DC (then called Detective Comics) launched a plagiarism lawsuit that would drag on for more than a decade before eventually being settled out of court in 1953. As part of the settlement, Fawcett agreed to cease publication of Captain Marvel comics.

Captain Marvel lay dormant until 1972, when Detective Comics (now called DC Comics) licensed the character it had once tried to sue out of existence from Fawcett. DC rebooted the Captain Marvel comics under the title Shazam!, due to conflict with Marvel comics’ own Captain Marvel. In the spirit of their early behind-the-scenes clash, Shazam and Superman have frequently ended up fighting one another in the comics – in part because Shazam is one of the few superheroes powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with Superman. This tradition of fisticuffs goes all the way back to Superman and Shazam’s very first meeting in Justice League of America #137, when Superman was turned temporarily evil by Red Kryptonite and Shazam ended up snapping him out of it by hitting Supes with magic lightning. Shazam and Superman’s first meeting in the DCEU is, by comparison, far more mellow.

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Make the most of Superman’s cameo in Shazam, because it will likely be the last we see of Superman on the big screen for a while. Warner Bros. has been moving away from Justice League’s vision of the DCEU and filling up its release schedule with more solo movies for Wonder Woman and Aquaman (whose first solo movies were huge successes), soft reboots like The Batman and The Suicide Squad, and creatively diverse projects like Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), DC Super Pets, and Joker. Henry Cavill is currently busy filming Netflix series The Witcher, and while he’s expressed enthusiasm for returning to the role of Clark Kent, Warner Bros. doesn’t appear to have any plans for him right now.

It’s not just Superman who has a cameo appearance in Shazam – the rest of the Justice League show up as well! That is to say, they show up in animated doodle form. Shazam‘s ending credits reflect the movie’s teen worldview of the established DCEU superheroes, with fun fantasy scenarios like Shazam using the Batmobile to take Wonder Woman to the school prom, and Darla having a race with The Flash.

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Hannah Shaw-Williams

Doug Jones Turned Down Cameo In Hellboy Reboot

Actor Doug Jones was offered a cameo appearance in Neil Marshall’s new Hellboy reboot movie, but turned it down. The actor previously played the Abe Sapien in Guillermo del Toro’s Hellboy and Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Additionally, he provided the voice for the character in two straight-to-video animated films set between the live-action films from 2005 to 2008.

The fictional character played by Doug Jones, Abe Sapien was first introduced in 1994’s Hellboy: Seed of Destruction by series creator Mike Mignola. Born Langdon Everett Caul, his name became a combination of the species “Ichthyo sapien” and Abraham Lincoln. Sapien has been the subject of his own comics, but is best known as a core member of Hellboy and B.R.R.D. He is sometimes referred to as an “amphibious man,” which amusingly draws a connection to another del Toro film in which Jones starred, The Shape of Water. When it came to whether or not Jones would appear in the forthcoming reboot of the film, it looks like there were talks, but little more.

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In an interview with THR, Jones confirmed he was just too busy with other projects to take on a smaller role or cameo in Lionsgate’s relaunch of the Hellboy franchise. He didn’t specify whether he was offered a cameo as Abe Sapien or another character, but he did explain his reason to pass on the film. He said:

“Reboot means recasting, and I’m told this first reboot does not have anybody in it from the original film. I received an offer to do a cameo, but I was deeply immersed in Star Trek: Discovery when that offer came in, so I couldn’t do it.”

In an interview with Screen Rant, Jones even offered a few words of advice to any actor who might take on the mantle of the amphibious man in future Hellboy sequels – though it was already confirmed that Abe Sapien would not officially appear in the reboot. He said, “Patience with the make-up, but otherwise make the character your own.” Turns out that those sound words might have to be reserved for some other Hellboy movie down the line. Although he may not be appearing in Neil Marshall’s Hellboy reboot, fans can still check out Doug Jones in Star Trek: Discovery, which is currently airing Thursday nights on CBS All Access.

Jones has brought his unique physique to animate some wonderful and strange creatures in film and TV, representing a gold standard for creating characters that could easily have come across inhuman without his unique touch. Whether it be his noble Starfleet officer Saru in Star Trek: Discovery or the Amphibian Man in The Shape of Water, Jones will continue to bring his incredible physical presence (and acting chops) to a myriad of other, more satisfying roles for years to come – just not Hellboy for the time being.

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Source: THR

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Young Justice Outsiders: Every Minor DC Character Cameo

Young Justice Outsiders DC Character Cameos

Young Justice: Outsiders contains a number of cameos by some incredibly obscure DC Comics characters. This is hardly surprising, given how deeply the popular animated series draws off the well of its source material. Nevertheless, the sheer number and variety of characters who were worked into the background of various episodes is a testament to the creative teams’ commitment to replicating the multiverse of DC Comics as accurately as possible.

First airing on Cartoon Network in 2010, Young Justice proved to be a cult-classic that attracted fans far beyond its intended audience. That audience rallied when the show was unceremoniously cancelled after only two seasons, with the show’s third season now airing on the DC Universe streaming service. While the show has introduced a number of beloved original characters, such as Artemis Crock and Kaldur’ahm, it is largely lionized for how it has utilized a wide spectrum of characters across DC Comics’ many decades of existence.

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The following breakdown profiles thirty of these appearances by various DC Comics characters. Some of these characters have appeared on the show before, but are still notable in their obscurity in the original comic books. Others are fairly major characters whose appearances amount to minor cameos but may indicate a larger role in the seasons to come, much like how Stephanie Brown appeared as a hostage in Young Justice: Invasion before appearing in Young Justice: Outsiders as the heroine The Spoiler.

  • This Page: Catherine Cobert, Troia, Nikolas Stofka & More
  • Page 2: Courtney Whitmore, Henry Fyff & More
  • Page 3: The Mist, Cisco Ramon & More
  • Page 4: Bash Bashford, Harper Row & More
  • Page 5: Mister Bliss, Holocaust & More

Dr. Simon Ecks

Young Justice Dr. Simon Ecks Dr. Double X

In the world of Young Justice, Dr. Simon Ecks is a world-famous geneticist who took a position with a children’s hospital in Markovia for unknown reasons. It was later revealed that Dr. Ecks was involved with the metahuman trafficking trade in Markovia, testing children for their potential to develop superpowers and triggering their transformation into brainwashed super-soldiers for auction. Dr. Ecks was also revealed to be a metahuman who had the power to create clones of himself.

First appearing in Detective Comics #261 in November 1958, Dr. Double X is very much a product of the Silver Age of Comics. One of the many scientists of the era who made a revolutionary discovery only to use it for committing petty crimes against the world that mocked him, Dr. Double X was easily defeated by Batman despite his development of a device that created a clone of himself with energy powers. He proved just as ineffectual against The Flash, when he and the equally obscure Rainbow Raider decided to trade arch-enemies.

Catherine Cobert

Young Justice Catherine Cobert

Catherine Cobert is the Public Relations Officer of the Justice League. She is seen speaking before the United Nations in the episode “Royal We,” formally announcing the list of heroes who recently resigned from the team. In the comics, Catherine Cobert filled a similar role in Justice League International, where she managed the team’s embassy in Paris.

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Young Justice Troia

The announcement of several Justice League members resigning from the team leads to a vigorous debate. One of the few voices speaking out on behalf of the heroes is Troia, the Ambassador of the Amazon homeland of Themyscira. In the comics, Troia was the second codename taken on by Donna Troy, who helped Wonder Woman as Wonder Girl. She was also part of the team of teenage superheroes during the five year gap between season 1 and season 2 of Young Justice, according to Executive Producer Greg Weisman.

Kaizen Gamorra

Young Justice Kaizen Gamorra

One of the many world leaders at the United Nations who speak out against the Justice League is Kaizen Gamorra. In the Wildstorm Universe comics, Kaizen Gamorra is the ruler of the rogue nation of Gamorra, which stands at the forefront of the fields of genetic engineering and cybernetic implants. Backed by armies of clones, cyborgs and metahumans, Gamorra was a continual thorn in the sides of Stormwatch, Mr. Majestic and The Authority.

Nikolas Stofka

Young Justice Nikolas Stofka

One of the most tragic elements of the season came in “Eminent Threat” when a Markovian farmer named Nikolas Stofka wrongly shot the just-liberated Plasmus thinking he was a monster. Nikolas Stofka was also the name of a character in a similarly tragic story in The Outsiders #14 . Here, Nikolas was a young Markovian who befriended a lost young woman, not realizing she was secretly Windfall – one of the metahuman mercenaries employed by Baron Bedlam during his attempted coup. Despite Windfall honestly trying to turn over a new leaf, Nikolas gleefully joined the mob that wanted to burn her at the stake when her identity was discovered.

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Zviad Baazovi

Young Justice Zviad Baazovi Bad Samaritan

Despite exposing Baron Bedlam’s treachery, Prince Brion Markov was still exiled from his homeland by his older brother, upon the advice of Makrov’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Zviad Baazovi. In the comics, Zviad Baazovi was a master spy known as The Bad Samaritan. Working alternatively as an agent of the Russian government, an adviser to Baron Bedlam and the White Bishop of the covert organization Checkmate, Baazovi’s activities pit him against the Outsiders on more than one occasion.

Page 2: Courtney Whitmore, Henry Fyff & More

Young Justice Courtney Whitmore Stargirl

Courtney Whitmore

In the reality of Young Justice, Courtney Whitmore is the host of a popular entertainment news program called Star Girl. In the comics, Courtney Whitmore is the secret identity of the superhero Stargirl, who will be getting her own live-action series on DC Universe in August 2019. Amusingly, the character is voiced by Whitney Moore, who also hosts the Bringing Back Young Justice show about the production of Young Justice: Outsiders.

Henry Fyff

Young Justice Henry Fyff

As Artemis and Halo are enjoying a day at the park in “Private Security,” they are nearly run over by young man who gets a little too into the Augmented Reality game he is playing on his Goode Goggles. The episode credits identify this gamer as Henry Fyff. In the Green Arrow comics of the Rebirth era, Henry Fyff is a former Queen Industries employee whom Oliver Queen would later employ as Green Arrow’s technical support, filling the role held by Felicity Smoak on Arrow.


Young Justice Mantis

Introduced in the episode “Away Mission,” Mantis is the leader of Forager’s hive and the one responsible for the idealistic young bug’s exile when his attempts at forging peace between the New Gods and the bug people end in failure. In the original New Gods comics by Jack Kirby, Mantis was the leader of a hive of the bug people of New Genesis who migrated to Apokolips, finding life under Darkseid preferable to the rule of Highfather. In exchange for his loyalty, Darkseid gave Mantis phenomenal powers that made him second only to Darkseid himself. It remains to be seen if this version of Mantis will follow in the footsteps of his comic book counterpart and pledge his people to Darkseid’s cause.

Wilhelm Vittings

Young Justice Wilhelm Vittings

One of the visions Halo has of her previous life before gaining her powers involves her being harassed by a Markovian skinhead. This character is credited with the name Wilhelm Vittings, who was quite a different character in the comics but equally reprehensible. A puppet of the supervillain Psycho-Pirate, Wilhelm Vittings was one of the candidates who ran for the post of Markovia’s Prime Minister as the country transitioned from an absolutely monarchy to a constitutional monarchy with a parliament. The Outsiders would later thwart Psycho-Pirate’s plan to rule Markvoia by proxy and Vittings was forced from office and imprisoned.

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Steve Lombard

Young Justice Steve Lombard

Before beginning a training session with the rest of the Outsiders in “Evolution,” Superboy listens to a sports news show hosted by a man named Steve Lombard. In the comics, Steve Lombard was a former quarterback for the Metropolis Meteors, who worked for The Daily Planet as a sports reporter. Despite his macho posturing and continual prank-playing (the most frequent target of which was the mild-mannered Clark Kent), Lombard was a noble soul, who took up writing after a career-ending knee-injury he acquired while saving a falling baby.

Casey Klebba

Young Justice Casey Klebba

Casey Klebba is a security guard at STAR Labs’ Detroit facility, who manages the impressive task of wounding Cheshire as she and her gang made their escape while robbing the laboratory of Dr. Silas Stone in “Triptych”. He appears later in “Another Freak,” as one of the STAR Labs personnel who help Dr. Stone to save his son Victor. In the comics, Casey Klebba was the chief of security at STAR Labs’ Detroit facility in the 2013 Vibe solo series.

Page 3: The Mist, Cisco Ramon & More

Young Justice Outsiders Metahuman Failsafe Device and The Mist

The Mist

Part of Cheshire’s gang who perform the STAR Labs heist in “Triptych,” The Mist is a teenage metahuman with the power to change her body into fog. She is later revealed to have been mind-controlled into working for Stagg Industries. A female villain called The Mist was the self-proclaimed arch-enemy of Jack Knight – the protagonist of the 1994 Starman series. Daughter of the original Mist, she replicated the process that gave her father his powers and dedicated herself to Jack Knight’s destruction after he killed her brother and drove her father insane.

Doctor Moon

Young Justice Doctor Moon

After making her escape from STAR Labs in “Triptych”, Cheshire has her bullet wound treated by a man named Dr. Moon, who apparently acts as an on-call doctor for supervillains in need of healing. First appearing in Batman #240, Dr. Moon was a former brain surgeon who started selling his services to the underworld in order to finance his illegal experiments. Over the years, Dr. Moon has been employed by The Joker, the Suicide Squad and Black Lightning’s arch-enemy Tobias Whale.

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Galet Dasim

Young Justice Galet Dasim

Eagle-eyed fans may recognize Galet Dasim – one of the aliens Lobo tells to get out of his way in the episode “Home Fires” – as the prosecutor who oversaw the trial of the Justice League members accused of attacking the plant Rimbor in Young Justice: Invasion. While the character of Galet Dasim is unique to the reality of Young Justice, his name and character design are close to that of the Green Lantern Malet Dasim. A lawyer before he was found worthy of joining the Green Lantern Corps, Malet Dasim frequently oversees the internal legal proceedings whenever a Lantern’s actions are brought into question.

Ron Evers

Young Justice Ron Evers

Ron Evers is one of Victor Stone’s teammates, who says he would like to date Black Canary if he had superpowers. In the comics, Ron Evers was a friend of Victor Stone, who began investigating STAR Labs after Victor mysteriously disappeared following his transformation into Cyborg. Seeing what his friend had been turned into and assuming the worst, Ron attempted to blow up the lab only to injure himself and be transformed into a cybernetic super soldier for the US Government himself. Though Victor would later see Ron freedl, their friendship never recovered and Ron went on to become a minister who led a religious sect with strong anti-technology beliefs.

Sebastian Cardona

Young Justice Sebastian Cardona

Sebastian Cardona is another one of Victor Stone’s teammates, who says he would like to date Wonder Woman if he suddenly found himself with superpowers. In the comics, Sebastian Cardona was a star football player for the chief rival of Victor Stone’s high school. The two would meet years later after Victor Stone had become Cyborg and became good friends.

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Cisco Ramon

Young Justice Cisco Ramon

The equipment manager for Victor Stone’s football team, Cisco is mocked when he says that he’d rather date Zatanna over Black Canary or Wonder Woman, when trying to join in the locker room talk. Though his last name is never mentioned, it’s clear that this Cisco is Cisco Ramon, a.k.a. the superhero Vibe. Though he was a member of the Justice League in the 1980s, Cisco is probably better known and better loved today as the engineering genius behind Barry Allen’s super-suit and countless anti-metahuman weapons on The Flash series on The CW.

Page 4: Bash Bashford, Harper Row & More

Young Justice Bash Bashford Victor Stone

Bash Bashford

Near the end of “Exceptional Human Beings,” Victor Stone is approached by a talent scout with Metropolis University, who introduces himself as Bash Bashford. In the classic Superboy comics, Bash Bashford was a sports star at Smallville High School, who bragged about being tougher than Superboy and bullied Clark Kent. His cowardice and incompetence were always revealed by Superboy, who showed up to save the day when Bash came up short facing whatever crisis was threatening the teenagers of Smallville that month.

Harper Row

Young Justice Harper Row

When Halo and Forager start school at Happy Harbor High in “Another Freak,” the only student who makes any effort to befriend them is a blue-haired girl named Harper Row. A recent introduction to the Batman mythos, Harper Row was an emancipated minor who worked as an electrical engineer maintaining Gotham City’s power grid. Discovering the “Bat Boxes” which Bruce Wayne used to disable the city’s CCTV network to mask his comings and goings as Batman, Harper improved upon their design and eventually became a crime-fighter alongside Batman as the hero Bluebird.

Dale Gunn

Young Justice Silas Tone Dale Gunn Casey Klebba

Dale Gunn is a security guard and one of the STAR Labs personnel who helps Dr. Silas Stone to save his son Victor’s life after a lab explosion in “Another Freak.” In the comics, Dale Gunn played two similar roles, first appearing in the Justice League comic book. Here, Dale Gunn was a security specialist who oversaw the maintenance of the Justice League’s base in Detroit. Following The New 52 revamp, Dale Gunn appeared in the 2013 Vibe series as an agent of ARGUS, charged with capturing Vibe and recruiting him for a new government-run superhero team.

Dr. Allen Phaedon

Young Justice Allen Phaedon

Dr. Allen Phaedon is one of Dr. Silas Stone’s colleagues at STAR Labs. In the episode “Another Freak,” he assists Dr. Stone in using the Fatherbox to try and save Victor Stone’s life, despite serious reservations. In the comics, Dr. Phaedon was an employee of STAR Labs’ Detroit facility and part of the supporting cast of the 2004 Firestorm comic.

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Dr. Sarah Charles

Young Justice Sarah Charles

Dr. Sarah Charles is another one of Dr. Silas Stone’s colleagues at STAR Labs, who assists him in using the Fatherbox to try and save Victor Stone’s life. In the comics, Dr. Sarah Charles is a frequent ally of the Teen Titans. She is also occasionally a love interest of Victor Stone, both before and after he became Cyborg.

Lenore Parris

Young Justice Violet Harper Halo Forager Fred Bugg First Day Of School

Ms. Parris is the first teacher whom Halo and Forager encounter at Happy Harbor High School. She introduces them to her homeroom class and admonishes Harper Row when she arrives late for class. In the Superfriends comic book based on the classic animated series, Lenore Parris was a teacher at Gotham Central High School who taught the Wonder Twins, Zan and Jayna.

Page 5: Mister Bliss, Holocaust & More

Young Justice Eddie Corliss

Eddie Corliss

Though not named in the episode, the young man on the front row of Ms. Parris’ class who mutters that Violet Harper and Fred Bugg are freaks is credited with the name Eddie Corliss. In the comics, Eddie Corliss was indirectly responsible for the formation of the Teen Titans. It was Eddie who wrote to Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad to ask if they would speak on behalf of his youth club to help argue against the mayor’s plan to institute a curfew in the town of Hatton Corners. This would lead to the three heroes encountering the villain Mister Twister and realizing the value of teamwork.

Paul Sloane

Young Justice Paul Sloane

In the reality of Young Justice, Paul Sloane is the actor who played the role of Conner – Megan’s boyfriend on the sitcom Hello, Megan. In the Golden Age Batman comics, Sloane was an actor who was cast to play the role of Harvey “Two-Face” Dent in a biographical movie about the famous gangster, only to become convinced he was the real Two-Face after half his face became scarred in an accident. Amusingly enough, he was the second person to impersonate the real Two-Face, with Harvey Dent’s butler Wilkins having taken up the role as well.

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Casey Brinke

Young Justice Casey Brinke

In the episode “Nightmare Monkeys,” Casey Brinke is the name of the EMT who comes to help Beast Boy after he lapses into a coma while using a pair of Goode Goggles. In the classic Doom Patrol comics, Casey Brinke was a young woman who was imagined into existence by the sentient roadway known as Danny The Street. This Casey Brinke was also an EMT as well as a superhero, who Danny sent out into the real world in order to find the Doom Patrol, so they could save him from the aliens known as the Vectra.

Mister Bliss

Young Justice Mister Bliss

Mister Bliss is the master of ceremonies at the metahuman slave auctions/gladiatorial combats in Bialya. Originally created for the 1994 Starman comic book, Mister Bliss was a demon who ran a carnival with an old-fashioned freakshow and fed on the suffering of his captives. He was later re-imagined as a mind-controlling metahuman ringmaster for The Flash: Season Zero comic.


Young Justice Desolation and Psimon

One of the villains employed by Queen Bee to provide security at her metahuman auctions, Devastation is an amazonian powerhouse capable of leveling buildings with her bare hands. In the comics, Devastation was created by the Ancient Greek god Cronus as an dark twin of Wonder Woman. Formed from the clay of Themyscira and blessed by Cronus and his children, Devastation was just as strong and fast as Wonder Woman. She also possessed the power of telepathy and the ability to alter the emotions of others, letting her mentally break those who would not fall to physical force.


Young Justice Holocaust

Holocaust is the fire-manipulating metahuman who is pitted against Tara Markov in the arena of Bialya. First appearing in Blood Syndicate #1, Holocaust was originally created for the Milestone Media universe and was a frequent enemy of both Static and Icon. Later introduced into the DC Universe along with the other Milestone Media characters, Holocaust’s exact power limits have never been defined. However, one issue of Teen Titans depicted him as being capable of going toe-to-toe with Kid Flash, Superboy and Cyborg simultaneously.

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The Evil Annabelle Doll Makes a Cameo in James Wan’s Aquaman Movie

The demonic doll called Annabelle will make a cameo in James Wan’s upcoming Aquaman movie. The evil doll was first adapted for the big screen in 2013 for the horror film The Conjuring. After the film’s success, the doll was given a spinoff film titled Annabelle, and a sequel three years later called Annabelle: Creation. Annabelle was also briefly seen in The Conjuring 2.

Wan, of course, started The Conjuring universe, which currently includes a total of five films, but he directed many popular horror films before 2013. Wan became a well-known director after the success of Saw, where he would then go on to direct Dead Silence and Insidious. While the director is probably most known for his horror creations, Wan also directed Furious 7 in 2015, which was the same year Warner Bros. announced Wan would be directing Aquaman. Aquaman will reunite Wan with The Conjuring‘s star Patrick Wilson, who plays King Orm, but it appears Aquaman will have another Conjuring connection.

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Cinema Blend has recently confirmed that Annabelle can be spotted in Aquaman, although it sounds like it is a blink and you miss it cameo. Cinema Blend explains that the evil doll can be spotted on the ocean floor early on in the movie when Arthur Curry and Mera are boarding her ship for a mission. When asking Wan about the cameo, Wan joked, “I don’t know what you are referring to. [laughs] I have no idea what Easter Egg you are referencing here, if it’s an Easter egg. … Maybe Patrick Wilson is really Ed Warren pretending to be King Orm? What can I say? I’d like to see that film, how about that?“.

Aside from her brief cameo in Aquaman, Annabelle will return to the big screen once more in 2019 when Annabelle 3 is released. Not much is known about Annabelle 3 just yet, but the film will be set in the Warren’s home after Annabelle is put into the artifact room. Apart from Annabelle’s story, The Conjuring 3 is still in development, and Warner Bros. is also developing a movie set around the Crooked Man from the second Conjuring film. While Wan isn’t returning to direct any of these films, he will act as producer for all three.

Even though Wan is now directing massive Hollywood blockbusters, it’s good to see that he hasn’t forgotten his horror roots. The director has proven he has what it takes to direct more than one genre of film, with Furious 7 receiving mostly positive reviews, and fans praising Aquaman for being both fun and visually breathtaking. If Aquaman turns out to be a success, it could open plenty of more doors for Wan, but fans will always remember him for his contributions to the horror genre.

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Source: Cinema Blend

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