Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’: 8 Actors Who Fans Wanted To See As Geralt More Than Henry Cavill

When Henry Cavill was announced as Geralt in Netflix’s adaptation of The Witcher, fans had questions. Namely: why?

Okay, so Cavill isn’t the worst choice in the world. But he wasn’t one of the fancasts that people had poured over, desperate for Netflix to pick one of the top choices, the actors who already somewhat resembled Geralt. Even in the screen test they released to the public, Cavill is more Rhaegar Targaryen than Geralt of Rivia.

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And yes—he’s supposed to look more elven in the books. But not quite that much. So here are the actors that were passed over for Geralt, or unavailable, but would have made fans rejoice instead of say, “um, what?”

8 Mads Mikkelsen

Mads Mikkelsen was one of the top choices for Geralt. Around Geralt’s age, he probably could have been roughed up enough to look like the witcher. He wasn’t quite as bulky as game Geralt, but some make-up could have made him cut an intimidating presence, and he was a famous enough actor that he’d have drawn people to the series.

Some people weren’t convinced, pointing out that although Mikkelsen is a great actor, he’s not quite Geralt.

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Fair and true—but he looks more like him than Cavill, so it would have been something. And he was one of the most mentioned before the casting announcement.

7 Anson Mount

Hell On Wheels was a western television series that Anson Mount starred in. With his beard and his hair all greyed up, it’s pretty impossible to look at him in this show and not think he resembles Geralt.

Not being as famous as the likes of Mikkelsen, he was mentioned less in the fancasts, but every time someone pulled up a picture and said, “hey, don’t you think he’d make a great Geralt?” the response was a unified yes. He was filming something else at the same time though, so people were pretty sure it’d be impossible to get him for The Witcher. Seems they were right.

6 Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Another super famous name among the list of fancasts was Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Recently starring in everything from romantic comedies to high fantasy, his most notable role is Jaime Lannister on Game Of Thrones—and since the final season is about to air, fans were hoping that might free him up for Geralt.

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He’s tall, muscular, and old enough that he could definitely be greyed and scarred up to look like Geralt. Likely, no one would have been unhappy with this casting. He’s also proven himself to be a pretty diverse actor, so no doubt he would have done Geralt justice. Alas, we will never know for sure.

5 Clive Standen

Standen is most famously known for his role in Vikings as Rollo, brother of Ragnar, but he’s done a few other things of note: most recently, the action television series version of Taken. Like Mount, he was one of the lesser mentioned names but every time he did pop up, people agreed he could make a good Geralt.

He does have more of the game-Geralt look than a book-Geralt look, which is reportedly not what the television series is going for, so that may certainly be contributing to why he wasn’t mentioned too much. Still, he’d have been a pretty solid choice if the make-up and costume department could have worked their magic on him.

4 Travis Fimmel

Another Vikings star suggested for the role was the star, Travis Fimmel. He has the same vibe as Standen, even though the brothers are rivals in Vikings—rough, muscular, and charismatic enough that he could have pulled off Geralt. He’s a little young and smooth-skinned though, but that’s what make-up and collodion are for; making someone into the character.

Hopefully, they’re going to put bucket loads of that stuff on Cavill.

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Not everyone loved the idea of Fimmel as Geralt though, and the suggestion ended up with pretty mixed reactions, but it’s safe to say he would have at least had the possibility of doing a good job. He wasn’t an instant write-off.

3 Tom Hardy

Like Travis Fimmel, Tom Hardy looks a tiny bit young for Geralt, but he was another one who was suggested over and over. Must be the muscles and the beard. He wouldn’t quite have been an instant solid choice that every fan would have been happy with, but it’s unlikely he would have received the same “wtf” reaction that Cavill managed to.

At the very least, he would have gotten a chance. After all, he did manage to make his way onto multiple Geralt fancast lists before the Netflix show was even announced, like most of these men.

2 Viggo Mortensen

Mortensen is older than most on this list, but as Geralt is grey-haired and battle-scarred, that doesn’t really matter. Mostly, people were picturing a blend of his Lord Of The Rings look and his usual, everyday self. Mortensen has proven that he can do high fantasy better than almost anyone thanks to Aragorn, and we can only imagine that there would have been very few negative reactions to seeing him taken on Geralt.

He’s the perfect blend of handsome and rough already and although Geralt’s appearance actually isn’t described in much depth in the books, it’s assumed he has this blend too—after all, he’s seen and fought a lot, but he still manages to be popular with the women.

1 Gerard Butler

Finally, a questionable one, but one that was suggested many times too, so we can only assume he was another one that fans would have preferred to see as Geralt: Gerard Butler.

The Scottish actor popped up on lists also for his appearance, age, and let’s be real, the beard. He’s tall and broad, and probably could have made a pretty intimidating Geralt even without make-up and scars designed from collodion, so it’s a fair recommendation.

But there’s little point in wishful thinking about all these rough, older actors any more, because Henry Cavill ended up with the role. And who knows? Maybe he’ll be great. But the internet reactions seem pretty dubious.

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Henry Cavill ‘Absolutely’ Isn’t Leaving Superman Role, Says Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa claims his DCEU co-star Henry Cavill is sticking around as Superman. Cavill has played Superman/Clark Kent in 3 movies so far; Man Of Steel, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Justice League. While fans have criticized certain elements of the how the character was portrayed – ranging from the destruction he caused during Man Of Steel’s finale to the fact he seems to hate being a superhero – Cavill himself has received generally good reviews for his work.

Many felt his turn in Justice League was his best work as Superman to date, but sadly his performance was famously marred by distracting CGI work on his face to remove a mustache he grew for Mission: Impossible – Fallout. Justice League, in general, proved to be a big disappointment to fans and critics, and it was reported in September Cavill had exited the franchise. His agent would later state he still had the role, but Cavill’s future with the DCEU is still uncertain.

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Cavill is currently gearing up to star in the Netflix adaptation of The Witcher, so he’s not hurting for work right now. In a new interview with ET Live to promote Aquaman, Jason Momoa stated Cavill loves the part and he wasn’t going anywhere.

Nor Cavill or Warner Bros have made an official comment on the topic, and with DC busy focusing on other projects like Birds Of Prey and the Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie, it seems Superman is taking an extended break. The critical reception to the DC universe movies has been decidedly mixed thus far, so it’s possible the studio wants to focus on developing other characters and franchises before deciding on the futures of Superman and Batman.

It’s hard to know how much stock to put in Momoa’s comments, but considering he and Cavill have a friendship, he’d at least have some kind of insight into what’s happening behind the scenes. Ben Affleck’s future with Batman and the DCEU has also been in question for some time, with reports suggesting Matt Reeves’ forthcoming The Batman will be an origin story. Reeves’ is said to be looking for a younger actor for the movie, but it will still tie into Affleck’s take on the character. Reports suggest production on the movie will begin in summer 2019.

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Source: Madison Brodsky

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20 Twilight Fan Castings Better Than What We Got In The Movies

Casting perfectly for a single film is important; casting perfectly for a film that will spawn a five-film saga is vital. Not every casting decision for a film franchise is going to be perfect. Even renowned franchises such as the MCU, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings have actors in roles that didn’t quite suit them or where there was an even more perfect casting decision staring them in the face.

Finding the perfect cast for a film is much harder than most people give these casting director’s credit for. All they have to go off of is the script, the director’s vision, and possibly (luckily for many big blockbusters) the source material. It’s even harder when adapting a book series whose fans have been picturing the characters in their heads for years.

Finding the perfect cast after a film’s complete is much more fun, even if it has no real impact. Though films are often recast when remade (A Star is Born) or when sequels are released and the original cast doesn’t return (The Girl in the Spider’s Web) it’s fun to still find that perfect cast when there’s no remake/sequel in sight. The Twilight Saga’s cast has been ridiculed and spoofed more than most franchises; some criticism warranted, some not. Fans took to the internet, as they’re known to do, with their ideal picks for who they think the cast of The Twilight Saga should have been.

Without further ado, here are 20 Twilight Fan Castings Better Than What We Got.

20 Rosie Huntington-Whitley As Rosalie Hale

Rosie Huntington-Whitley is more known for her runway walks and magazine covers than for her filmography, but she has three acting entries under her IMDb page; a 2009 short, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and Mad Max: Fury Road.  Her resume  may be short, but it surely consists of some prominent movies. Her modeling career on the other hand, is one of the most prestigious and fruitful in the world.

While Nikki Reed may have been fine in retrospect for the character’s lack of screen-time in comparison to the other Cullen members, a woman with the following of Huntington-Whitley could added a higher profile cast member for the film.

19 Tom Sturridge As Edward Cullen

Robert Pattinson may be one of the few casting decisions the original filmmakers made that most fans are pretty okay with. A certain fan had a different actor they thought could have played the part a little bit better; Tom Sturridge.

Casting him with a certain actress who we’ll touch on a bit later, the On the Road and Far from The Madding Crowd actor has a lot in common with Pattinson himself.

Both men were born in London, both were in the 2004 drama Vanity Fair, and birth dates are less than six months apart.

Sturridge’s career never quite took off the way it should have, something that a leading role in a billion-dollar franchise surely could have helped.

18 David Harbour As Charlie Swan

Since his role as Eleven’s guardian in Stranger Things, Harbour has been branded as one of the best character actors to play a loving and concerned father. Billy Burke is one of the few who many fans actually thought fit the role well, but Harbour would have been such a fun and comedic addition. Many may think that Harbour would be too old to play Bella’s dad; those fans would be hard-pressed to learn that Burke is actually nine years Harbour’s senior.

Harbour has for many years been a supporting actor in films like Suicide Squad, A Walk Among the Tombstones, and End of Watch; another supporting role such as Charlie Swan would have been just perfect for the actor.

17 Angelina Jolie As Victoria

Victoria had already been replaced once, so why not do it again? Rachelle Lefevre played the red-haired vampire who was part of the coven that homes James and Laurent in the first two films, but then was blindsided when recast and portrayed by future Jurassic World star Bryce Dallas Howard for Eclipse.

The books characterize Victoria as a beautiful and strong woman, adjectives that describe Angelina Jolie quite perfectly.

As of late, Jolie has focused her time more behind the camera then in front of it, but having her play the part would have been quite exciting, especially standing next to a vampiric Ben Stiller.

16 Ben Stiller As James

James, while not the most important figure in the saga, was the main antagonist of the first film. When his coven stumbles upon the Cullen’s and Bella playing a pretty athletic game of baseball, he decides that the human will be his next meal, causing Edwards and his family to go to vast lengths to protect her.

While Cam Gigandet may have had the physique for James, Ben Stiller’s rendition of the vampire would have given the character new depth.

Stiller’s dramatic work is pretty scarce, but having acted in film like The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Brad’s Status prove he’d be able to handle it. Stiller’s one of the biggest movie stars in the world, so getting him would have been no easy task, but could have brought something unique to the film.

15 Millie Bobbie Brown As Jane

Some might say that Millie Bobbie Brown is far too young to play the millennia old vampire, but the character was turned at the age of 12. Brown would have been far too young during the original films– she was five during Jane’s first appearance in New Moon– but she would be perfect now.

The young actress has obtained fame from her portrayal as Eleven in Netflix’s Stranger Things, though look for her soon in the Godzilla sequel, Godzilla: King of Monsters and its crossover event Godzilla vs. Kong. Jane’s supposed to be a mysterious character with an old soul, something that Brown portrays brilliantly throughout the first two seasons of Stranger Things.

14 Shiloh Fernandez As Edward Cullen

Shiloh Fernandez may not be the most well-known actor out there, but then again, neither was Rob Pattinson when he was cast as Edward more than a decade ago. As featured on one of the greatest website names of all time,, Shiloh would have made a great Edward, after some make-up work done to make him look a little less alive.

The Utah-born actor is roughly the right age, and as seen in the picture above, looks quite convincing as a vampire when his eyes are brightened and yellowed, with his skin a bit paler, like most of the Cullen’s.

13 Liv Tyler As Esme Cullen

Though she’s been rather absent from the big screen since playing Ed Norton’s love interest in the MCU’s The Incredible Hulk, she’s still etched in cinephiles minds for her roles in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Strangers, and (less so) Armageddon.

Tyler looks like she was born to play a vampire, and it’s a shame she’s never been given the opportunity.

Esme is a pretty small role in relation to the other Cullens, but  Tyler could have maybe brightened up the role a bit, or at the very least, given the family a more familiar feel for viewers.

12 Hugh Jackman As Garrett

The second best cast role in the saga– we’ll talk about the first in just a bit– is none other than a small character named Garrett played by the brilliant Lee Pace. Garrett is vampire who joins the Denali coven at the end of Breaking Dawn when he and Kate begin to form a relationship.

The only way that Lee Pace could be outdone is if one of the most beloved actors of our time replaced him: Hugh Jackman.

Jackman spent a movie hunting vampires back in 2004 with the critically berated Van Helsing, so maybe joining them would be more his suit. Classy as all could be, the Jackman above (provided by Nocuus) would have been perfect for Garrett, a man who was changed in mid 18th century New England.

11 Anton Yelchin As Mike Newton

This one, awfully unfortunately, will never be able to come to fruition because of a tragic accident which resulted in Anton Yelchin losing his life at the age of 27. Mike was played by Michael Welch, but Yelchin would have been the perfect age, and perfect casting for the role. Welch actually auditioned for the role of Edward, but ended up being cast as Mike after Pattinson was brought aboard.

The nice guy from high school is more or less exactly who Yelchin was born to play, and imagining him trying to hold Bella’s hand at the movies is textbook teenage romance that feels just right with Yelchin. Yelchin, like Jackman, isn’t a stranger to vampire films, having starred in the remake of Fright Night. Yelchin’s untimely passing came right at the height of his fame, and a Twilight film would have added right to it.

10 Lily Collins As Alice Cullen

Lily Collins actually auditioned for Twilight, but for the role of Bella; “I think everything happens for a reason and everyone who gets the roles they get were meant to.”

Collins has the flowing movement that Greene brought to the performance, but could have come off a bit more authentic in her compassion.

Greene was not been the worst actress in the franchise, but Collins would have potentially been a step up from the unexperienced performer. Greene’s career never took off quite like Collin’s did, which makes the films down the line seem a bit more dated when new viewers can’t recognize the fourth-billed lead; something that casting Collins could have changed.

9 Hugo Weaving as Aro

Michael Sheen wasn’t just the best casting of any of the actors in the franchise with his turn as Aro, but he gave the best performance from anyone, and even liked the source materia, Sheen may have been flawless, but another actor could have the potential to have done better; that man is Hugo Weaving. Though Aro is much younger than both Sheen and Weaving in the novels, both actors are very similar in age.

Like Liv Tyler, Weaving is famous for his part in The Lord of the Rings trilogy as well as the Wichowskis’ Matrix trilogy. Hugo’s vampire transformation above is a very reminiscent of his Elvish lineage in LOTR, but also extremely similar to Aro’s Volturi attire in the Twilight Saga.

8 Alexander Skarsgård As Emmett Cullen

Either it’s a coincidence that so many of the fan casting decisions were previously in vampire films/TV shows, or there is just an abundance of vampire films/TV shows. Alexander Skarsgård played Eric Northman on HBO’s cult vampire drama True Blood. Though he initially played the show’s antagonist, he was the favorite amongst fans and had far and away the most successful career after the show.

Standing at 6′ 4”,the Stockholm born actor has a much more towering physique than Kellan Lutz, who played Emmett in the films.

As he already plays brooding and mysterious extremely well, letting Skarsgård show a comedic soft side would have given the actor the chance to stretch his wings.

7 Rachel McAdams As Rosalie Hale

Rising to fame four years before the first films release with her starring role in The Notebook and near-perfect teenage antagonist in Mean Girls, McAdams has had an incredible career in the 15 years since; including an Oscar nomination for Spotlight. The inclusion of a renowned thespian like McAdams would have been a welcome addition for the filmmakers as well as the fans.

McAdams may be, and have been back in 2008, a little old to play a vampire who was turned at the age of 18. However she played a high schooler at the age of 26 for Mean Girls, so just a few years more later wouldn’t have been much more of a stretch.

6 Henry Cavill As Carlisle Cullen

Henry Cavill may not have been the household name back then that he is now due to his DCEU fame, but Twilight could have been that jumpstart he needed.

Though Cavill may have had a hand in pretty huge blockbusters with Man of Steel, Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Mission Impossible: Fallout, he had been in only one mainstream film pre 2010; Stardust.

Had they stayed faithful to the books, Cavill would have been a perfect casting.

With Carlisle being the make-shift patriarch of the Cullen coven, the filmmakers wanted to go with someone a bit older than the character in the books.

5 Amber Midthunder as Leah Clearwater

Leah is the only female shapeshifter in Quileute history, and played by Native actress Julia Jones. Jones is an incredible actress, but newcomer Amber Midthunder has thrusted onto the scene after appearing in Hell or High Water and FX’s Legion.

Leah is 21 in the books, thus Midthunder is the perfect age to play the young woman, if the film were to come out today.

Acting in both Sunshine Cleaning and Swing Vote in 2008, the actress was already in high profile films the same year of the first film’s release. Midthunder’s a fan favourite on Legion, so expect the young lady to take off in the future; who knows, maybe even in a remake of Twilight.

4 Steven Strait As Jacob Black

Taylor Lautner became an overnight sensation with the success of the Twilight films, but no one could deny that the actor’s performance lacked authenticity. Steven Strait may not be any more of a household name than Lautner was, but the actor had already starred in his own film, something Lautner hadn’t done when first cast.

Strait starred in the Roland Emmerich vehicle 10,000 BC, which didn’t get rave reviews but gave the actor the experience of being first billed. Strait may be a bit older than Lautner, but that maturity and experience surely would have helped the character command a scene.

3 K.J. Apa as Edward Cullen

Riverdale may be a new show, but the Netflix series is a refreshing and original way to adapt a beloved medium. K.J. Apa shines as Archie, the title character of the original comics and his personality and way he carries himself on the show would be downright perfect for the sensitive and loving vampire.

Apa is still a relative newcomer to the scene, but with Riverdale under his belt and a role in the new drama The Hate U give he’s turning himself into a familiar face. Pattinson was a fine Edward and his career has surely taken off since ending his tenure as a vampire, but he may have been a bit happier had someone else taken the role.

2 Emily Browning As Bella Swan

Emily Browning was infamously author Stephanie Meyer’s first choice to play the role of Bella, though it obviously didn’t come to fruition. The young actress who appeared in A Series of Unfortunate Events, Sucker Punch, and Sleeping Beauty has had a very successful career by anyone’s standard, though has never been in a film quite as popular as Twilight.

The actress had this to say during a 2011 Indiewire interview: “The author at one point stated that I would be her ideal Bella, but I chose not to audition because I was at a point in my career where I wasn’t sure I wanted to work, I definitely didn’t want to sign onto a trilogy so I didn’t audition.”

Of course her wishes were respected, but one could only wonder what a Twilight saga with Browning at the helm could have looked like.

1 Millie Bobby Brown As Renesmee Cullen

That’s right, Millie Bobby Brown’s on here twice. She’s just that good!

This bit of casting could have potentially happened, with Brown being just six when Breaking Dawn: Part 2 was released.

Mackenzie Foy has matured into a great actress, but her performance in the film was a little flat. Renesmee in the book seemed to be smarter than her age; more advanced than she should be. This is something Brown would excel at, having done it for two seasons in Stranger Things.

Let’s be honest, anything would have been better than the CGI Renesmee at the beginning of her the last film.

Which actor do you wish could have had a major role in The Twilight Saga? Let us know in the comments!

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James Bond Rumor: Henry Cavill Eyed To Replace Daniel Craig After Bond 25

Henry Cavill is reportedly being eyed to be the next James Bond. In 2011, Cavill snagged the highly coveted role of Warner Bros. new Superman, but his superhero career hasn’t gone according to plan. After just three appearances, there’s been reports that Cavill is ready to leave the role behind. This comes on the heels of him being cast in the lead of Netflix’s The Witcher live-action series. While he may have a small screen franchise locked down, another one on the big screen may be headed his way.

One of the most talked about potential next roles for Cavill has been James Bond. Daniel Craig currently plays the role for MGM and Eon, but Bond 25 is scheduled to be his final outing. The studios will need someone to replace him eventually, and a new rumor suggests they already have their eyes set on Cavill.

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Gossip site Crazy Days and Nights (via Comic Book) shared a blind item rumor last week that a studio was looking to cast a “foreign born former superhero” as a replacement in a long-running franchise. Today, the site revealed what that mystery rumor was about, and it was indeed in regard to Cavill being eyed to be the next Bond. This is still just a rumor at this point, but comes from the same site that recently shared Tom Cruise’s Green Lantern casting rumor. Since the validity of this rumor isn’t yet known, it’s best to take it with a grain of salt – or two.

Cavill is in many ways the prototypical casting choice for Bond, which is why many have fan-cast him in the role. He would be in his late 30s by the time he’d make his first appearance – especially with Craig’s Bond 25 now delayed till 2020 as it gets a new director. However, his age is barely a concern, if one at all. He looks the part, and basically auditioned for the role with Man from U.N.C.L.E. a few years back. With The Witcher possibly raising his star power and his stellar turn in Mission: Impossible – Fallout, Cavill has everything one is looking for in James Bond.

Even though MGM and Eon may want Cavill for the role now, it’s unlikely that they’re looking too far into Bond’s future at present. They still need to square away Bond 25, get Craig’s final film released to the public, and make sure it delivers for fans, before worrying too much about what comes after. If it’s Cavill who plays 007 next, then great. He even believes he’s more prepared to play the role after his experience making Fallout. If today’s rumor is true, then he’ll get his shot at the job eventually.

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Source: Crazy Days and Nights (via Comic Book)

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13 Actors Who Could Replace Henry Cavill As Superman (And 12 We Don’t Want)

What is going on over at Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment? On September 12th, the internet exploded over the news that Henry Cavill was reportedly departing from the role of Superman and the DC Extended Universe. The initial report — which stemmed from a dispute over scheduling a cameo in Shazam! — has led many to believe that Cavill will no longer play Superman and that the role will be recast or rebooted in a future film. Follow-up reports suggested the DC was already looking at replacements, but then DC made an official statement suggesting none of the news was true. To top it all off, Cavill posted an extremely cryptic video on social media that provides more questions than answers. Is he still Superman? Is he being replaced? Is this all one giant publicity stunt?

Whether he’s leaving the role or not, he probably doesn’t want to be remembered only as “the Superman in the bad DC movies” nor does he want his entire career to revolve around that character. Maybe he’s looking at other options, maybe it’s all a misunderstanding, but it seems as his tenure wearing the cape is in question. With that said, he can’t be Superman forever. While he’s hardly had the chance to prove himself as Superman, it seems that fans are already putting thought into his potential replacement. Hopefully Henry Cavill stays onboard, but if not, let’s take a look at who could possibly don the cape next.

Here are 13 Actors Who Could Replace Henry Cavill As Superman (And 12 We Don’t Want).

25 Good Choice: Michael B. Jordan

Recasting Superman with an actor of a different race is an idea that will both excite and outrage. One thing is certain though: Michael B. Jordan is at the height of his popularity, and he’s got the acting chops to handle the role. He’s reportedly the leading choice to replace Cavill already. He might be a little aloof for the warm and innocent Clark Kent, but he would be an inspired choice that would totally revamp the character.

Of course, fans have also suggested that he would also make a great Val-Zod, the Superman of DC Comics’ Earth- 2. An alternate dimensional Superman is still Superman, so why not?

24 Don’t Want: Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm is a popular choice among fans for both Superman and Batman. He’s likeable, talented, and he has the dark hair and strong jawline that superheroes tend to require. However, he’s just not right for Superman. We’re not saying he couldn’t pull it off — maybe it’s because of his time as Don Draper on Mad Men — but his cool, intense aesthetic seems more suited to Bruce Wayne than the chivalrous Man of Steel. Good thing too, as the news of Ben Affleck leaving the Batman role seems ever-present, and Hamm has confirmed interest in taking over.

Hamm for Superman? No thanks. Hamm for Batman? Yes, please.

23 Good Choice: Armie Hammer

Another very popular choice among fans, Armie Hammer was nearly Batman in the cancelled George Miller film Justice League Mortal and was reportedly in the running for Superman in Man of Steel. Henry Cavill was obviously the final choice, but why not give Hammer a shot? He has the good looks and he’s a very talented actor, and he’s already been up for at least two different superhero roles. He hasn’t had a part in any major blockbuster franchise, but perhaps that’s because he’s waiting for the right superhero role to come his way. Maybe this time?

22 Don’t Want: Channing Tatum

Tatum’s name has been in the mix for plenty of Superman fan-casting lists, but we’re not sure why. Sure, he’s handsome and he’s very funny, but his roles are never in line with Superman’s persona. It’s hard to separate Tatum from his comedic roles in films like 21 Jump Street and Logan Lucky, and it’s even more difficult to picture Superman as a lovable goof. This isn’t to say that he can only play goofy roles, but Tatum is at his most charismatic when he’s channeling his own brand of humor.

Besides, he’s probably busy with being chained to the Gambit film that may or may not actually exist.

21 Good Choice: James Marsden

He’s probably not the first person that comes to mind, but James Marsden would make a fantastic Superman. He’s best known for playing Cyclops in the X-Men films and he’s doing great work on Westworld as Teddy Flood, but he has the build and talent that would perfectly suit the red and blue boy scout. Marsden would make for a recognizable choice, but not so recognizable that it would take viewers out of the movie. Besides, he’s got that dashing all-American look and more than enough charisma to go around — and if you need proof of the latter, see Enchanted. 

20 Don’t Want: Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Hunnam hasn’t struck gold in his blockbuster movie roles, but he seems to fit the Superman mold. He’s handsome, fit, and has the tough exterior that comes with being a superhero. However, he tends to come off a bit too edgy and grizzled in his roles for someone as clean and idealistic as Superman. Is it possible that someone can seem too tough to play Superman? Charlie Hunnam might fall into that category… or maybe we’ve just been watching too much Sons of Anarchy. He might be better suited for a someone like Green Arrow —  after all, he looks just like the character without even trying.

19 Good Choice: Liam Hemsworth

If Warner Bros. wants a new superhero franchise after Cavill’s exit, than they had better start young. Liam Hemsworth, brother to Thor’s Chris Hemsworth, would make an interesting choice for Superman. Dark hair, handsome, built — he checks all of Superman’s physical boxes. His youth is both a pro and a con, as it might take some time before audiences can take him seriously as a fully-formed Superman, but his age also gives a franchise of films time to gestate without having to worry about the actor getting too old. He probably won’t be many fans’ first choice, but he might be worth consideration.

18 Don’t Want: Tom Hardy

Like Charlie Hunnam, Tom Hardy is way too rough-and-tumble to play Superman. He’s definitely a popular pick, but Hardy loves characters that are odd and eccentric — not quite the uplifting Superman persona fans would be used to. His role in Venom is evidence of this, and that movie isn’t even out yet. Don’t get us wrong, he’s a great actor, but he’s just not suited for someone so straightforward. Tom Hardy’s edge is iconic, and shoehorning him into a Superman costume may stifle that. But, if Venom fails and he ends up in the market for a new superhero role, he would make for a stellar Wolverine.

17 Good Choice: Sam Witwer

He might be one of the most obscure choices on this list, but Sam Witwer would make for a great Superman. Most would know him from the Star Wars universe (mainly as Starkiller in The Force Unleashed games), but he’s also played roles in smaller properties like Once Upon A Time, Battlestar Galactica, and coincidentally, Smallville. Like Henry Cavill at the time of his casting as Superman, Sam Witwer is a relatively unknown actor who wouldn’t bring much baggage to the role. Star Wars fans might need a minute for things to click into place, but he’s got the looks and charisma to take on a big role like Superman.

16 Don’t Want: Zac Efron

His Disney days are over, and Zac Efron has proven himself to be quite the hot commodity in Hollywood. He might sound like a good choice at first — young, fit, and still the heartthrob he used to be — but he’s still way too baby-faced to be a believable Superman. Even if Warner Bros. were to go younger with a new Superman, an entire generation still sees Efron as Troy from High School Musical. He’s also too charming for a  hopeful stoic like Superman — he would make a great Dick Grayson though, or even a younger Hal Jordan if a Green Lantern reboot ever comes to fruition.

15 Good Choice: Matt Bomer

Not only is he a critically acclaimed actor with a dense filmography under his belt, but Matt Bomer has actually played Superman before. He was the voice of Kal-El in the animated film Superman: Unbound and while his voice is certainly a good fit, he looks the part as well. He’s not famous enough for his appearance to be jarring, not unknown enough for fans to be unsure about his casting. He has a proven track record and would make for a solid choice, especially with great hair like that. Just give him Superman’s iconic strand of loose hair, and all he would need is a costume!

14 Don’t Want: Chris Evans

Chris Evans is perfect for the role. He’s got the looks, the build, and the attitude. He would make for a great Superman. Rather, he would make for a great Superman if he wasn’t so immediately recognizable as Steve Rogers in the Captain America films. Evans has more than proven himself to the Superman-type, main because of his work as Cap. Unfortunately, it will be way too hard for people to unsee the star-spangled costume. It would also cause an uproar in the Marvel and DC fan communities, so much so that Evans probably wouldn’t even want to glance at his social media. As perfect as it would be, he shouldn’t be Superman.

13 Good Choice: Justin Theroux

This one might be a bit outside-the-box, but Justin Theroux would make for an interesting choice. He’s not the typical muscled-out superhero type, though certainly in-shape. He’s also an older choice, though not so old that he would be unfit for the role either. He has a different kind of energy than your prototypical Superman, one that’s difficult to describe in the same way that it’s difficult to describe how Nicholas Cage was cast as Superman. Seeing as that did actually happen, though, maybe a Justin Theroux-led older Superman story is just what the franchise needs for a clean slate.

12 Don’t Want: Adam Driver

Adam Driver’s name has been tossed around in casting among fans, but he seems like the wrong way to go. He’s doesn’t really have the look and he tends to bring a darker, melancholy energy to his roles that might not work for a Superman so young. He’s also way too recognizable for his role as Kylo Ren in the Star Wars franchise. He’s definitely talented enough to bring something interesting to the Man of Steel, but nowadays he might be a bit too high-profile for job. Then again, similar words were spoken about Nicholas Cage during the cancelled Superman Lives.

11 Good Choice: Wes Bentley

Wes Bentley is best known for his roles in American Horror Story, The Hunger Games, and American Beauty —but could he work as Superman? He definitely has an edginess that the other choices don’t. He’s also a little on the smaller side in comparison to someone like Henry Cavill. With that said, he can certainly pull off the clean-cut Superman look. He might need to bulk up a bit, but Bentley makes this list as a runner-up that most fans probably didn’t think to consider. We’re all about these obscure picks, folks.

10 Don’t Want: Jake Gyllenhaal

He’s talented, popular, and somehow not apart of any major blockbuster franchise yet. While he was cast in Spider-Man: Far From Home a few months ago, Jake Gyllenhaal’s name is still in the running for DC superheroes — namely, Batman. With that said, many fans believe that his Clark Kent could be just as compelling, but we’re not so sure. Gyllenhaal might look the part, but he has played some seriously dark roles before. Jarhead, Donnie Darko, Prisoners, Nightcrawler — the guy isn’t exactly known for embodying hope in the roles he chooses. Because of this, he’d be much better suited for a young Batman. Superman? Not so much.

9 Good Choice: Ben Barnes

Can you picture Ben Barnes sporting the cape? You probably know him from more villainous roles — he portrays Logan Delos on Westworld and Billy Russo on Marvel’s The Punisher —but with that said, the guy has a charming look that might just work for the blue boy scout. He might need to bulk up for the role and shake his reputation as a smarmy antagonist, but he already has the handsome look you’d expect from Superman. He might just need to practice a few stoic faces before putting on the suit. Barnes isn’t the stereotypical Superman, but he’s certainly a viable choice.

8 Don’t Want: Nikolai Coster-Waldau

Game of Thrones fans probably know where this is going. He’s fit, he’s talented, and like everyone else on this list he’s extremely handsome, but it will be entirely too difficult for people to separate him from Superman,and one of Westeros’ most despicable personalities. And before comments flood in about how Jamie Lannister has softened up over the years, keep in mind that he will be going from that role to Superman, one of the most heroic figures in popular culture. We don’t deny that he has the talent, but this one is a bit of a stretch.

7 Good Choice: Sebastian Stan

Could Bucky Barnes be the next Supes? Sebastian Stan hit mainstream popularity because of his role as the Winter Soldier, but he’s done plenty of great work outside the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Gossip GirlOnce Upon A Time, The Martian, I, Tonya — he’s plenty talented, he has the look, and he could provide a certain sensitivity that most of the other choices don’t usually bring to their roles. He’s a recognizable face, but not as attached to his other roles as, say, his Captain America co-star. So, Sebastian Stan for Superman? It’s just an idea.

6 Don’t Want: Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender is extraordinarily talented, and his name is frequently found in the running for all sorts of roles in high-profile movie franchises. With that said, he’s probably the wrong choice for Superman. He’s definitely has the proper strong features, but he’s on the older, more recognizable side. Not to mention he brings an intensity to his roles that, while captivating, doesn’t work for the last son of Krypton. If anything, casting him as Superman wastes that intensity on a character that doesn’t require it. With that said, he could play a number of other roles in the DC Universe that would better suit his edge. Braniac, Ra’s Al Ghul, Sinestro — just not Superman.

5 Good Choice: Jesse Williams

How about more of an up-and-coming choice? Jesse Williams is known for his role on Grey’s Anatomy as well as his character in the video game Detroit: Become Human, and he seems like he would be a great alternative to the A-listers that are perhaps too recognizable as Superman replacements. He has the right build, good looks, and a sweeter, sensitive side in comparison to most of the other brawny choices on this list. He would be a new face on the blockbuster movie scene, and like many of the past Supermen, this could be the role that takes his career to new levels — along with revitalizing the character for a potentially new franchise.

4 Don’t Want: Jamie Dornan

We can’t deny that he looks the part. Good hair, athletic build, strong jawline — he’s a model, after all. With that said, looks aren’t everything, and Jamie Dornan just doesn’t seem like the blue boy scout type. Perhaps his work in the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise is still too fresh in our minds, but he’s a bit intense for the iconic hero and maybe a little too… sultry? There’s no reason that Superman can’t be sultry necessarily, but those vibes just don’t work for the guy who you’d expect to save a cat from a tree. He’s in the right ballpark, but not quite Superman.

3 Good Choice: Richard Madden

Another candidate for a younger Kal-El, Richard Madden could fit the part really well. He’s a talented actor, he’s got the dashing looks (he did play the Prince in Cinderella, after all) and fans of Game of Thrones know that he can act the role of an upstanding leader any day of the week. He’s on the younger side, but those youthful looks are an edge when it comes to building a long-standing franchise. Maybe it’s hard to tell with the scruff, but he could really pull off a young Clark Kent. He just needs a shave — or he could opt for the Superman tradition and replace his facial hair with a CGI mouth. Either way, he’d be a great Superman.

2 Don’t Want: Brandon Routh

For those that don’t remember, Brandon Routh has already played Superman way back in 2006’s Superman Returns and he wasn’t bad, either! Unfortunately, it’s probably best that he didn’t return to the role. It’s not that he couldn’t swing it – he’s basically still the splitting image of a young Christopher Reeve. It’s just that DC fans already closely associate him with his work on the Arrowverse television shows. It would also confuse older audiences to see “that one guy from that one Superman movie” come back and replace Cavill’s Superman so soon, or even years from now. Unless he wants to, in which case, we doubt there would be many complaints.

1 Good Choice: Tom Welling

Let us pitch you an idea: a low-profile actor who is only famous to a certain generation, specifically for playing Superman, returns to the role on the big screen decades later?

Tom Welling could easily return for the adventures of an older Superman, perhaps at the end of his career and fathering a young Jonathan Kent, a.k.a. Superboy. It’s a bit specific, but think about it! Like Brandon Routh, he had his chance. However, Tom Welling hasn’t been a major star since his time on Smallville. He’s still got the good looks, he may be told to spend some time in the gym, of course, but it would be quite the crowd-pleasing recast.

What do you think about the Henry Cavill debacle? Are there any other actors who could play a new Superman? Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts!

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2018-09-14 06:09:35 – Jonathan Figueroa

The Shazam! Cameo Could Have Redeemed Henry Cavill’s Superman

Henry Cavill won’t be making a surprise appearance in Shazam!, a cameo that could’ve helped rehabilitate his performance. Cavill has been the iconic hero for the DC Cinematic Universe since his starring role in 2013’s Man of Steel, which kicked off the whole franchise. This contemporary interpretation of the son of Krypton has been continuously divisive, accused of being too dark and brooding, a lot of which, however unfairly, Cavill took flack for. His presence in Shazam! would’ve gone a long way to helping him re-frame perceptions.

Cavill was expected to appear in Shazam! until recent reports say there’s some disagreement between Cavill and WB as the studio looks to move in a different direction. Instead, they’re planning on replacing Man of Steel 2 with a Supergirl picture and putting a Superman headliner on the back-burner for several years, something that Cavill isn’t altogether satisfied with.

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Rumors and have been swirling for months on whether Cavill’s Shazam! cameo would happen. The scene reportedly would have seen Superman approach Billy Batson in a post-credits style scene to let the new hero know he had his eye on him.

When the first trailer landed for the movie this summer, the response was near-unanimously positive, fans enjoying the comedic, light-hearted tone and self-awareness. Taking a leaf from Spider-Man: Homecoming, Batson is a fan of the Justice League and collects all the newspaper cuttings and various bits of merch that have spawned from encounters with the League members.

The whole thing is about why we look up to these heroes and what their responsibility is and the people they inspire. It’s the ideal place from which to begin re-branding the parts of this universe that many audience members weren’t too keen – in particular, Cavill’s Superman. Despite having been in three full-length features, this portrayal has yet to have that outing that isn’t rife with disagreement or controversy.

Justice League’s reshoots were largely intended to bring about a brighter version of the character Warner Bros. thought audiences wanted to see, but in the end, the adjustments virtually robbed him of an actual character arc and turned the character into a meme thanks to the infamous mustache removal. The hoped-for Shazam! cameo could have been a proper reset, letting audiences see him through a 10-year-old child’s eyes. This Superman would be seen and interacted with by a little boy that adores him and now gets to live every kid’s dream of fighting alongside the Man of Tomorrow against the forces of evil.

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These larger-than-life entities are meant for kids, first and foremost, and the spat of movies before now, bar Wonder Woman, has failed to capture or channel that energy. Shazam! is firmly going to be a family film, Aquaman looks like it’ll be suitable for almost all ages, as does Wonder Woman 1984. Wherever or not Cavill appears again in the blue suit and red cape, appearing alongside Shazam! would’ve been a good place to get us excited at the prospect.

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2018-09-14 06:09:12 – Anthony McGlynn

Man of Steel 2: What Cavill’s DCEU Departure Means For Solo Superman Movies

With Henry Cavill’s reported departure from the DCEU, the future of Superman solo movies is up in the air. Even though Man of Steel 2 was never officially set in stone in the first place, the lack of transparency surrounding the Kryptonian boy scout’s cinematic presence is now that much more in the dark.

Superman’s portrayal in the DCEU has been rough from the start. After kicking off the expanded universe with Man of Steel, only to breeze past a sequel directly into Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the overall timeline and tone was mixed at best – especially compared to the calculated phases within the competing MCU. Then, following the franchise’s unorthodox development, as well as five years without a direct sequel, Superman’s depiction in Batman v Superman and Justice League was a far cry from the everyman’s hero Superman was meant to represent (notwithstanding any attempt to build a multi-movie personality arc), which divided audiences. It also didn’t help that neither Man of Steel nor Batman v Superman surpassed critical or financial expectations. And, finally, the nail in the coffin came with the digitally-removed mustache in Justice League, which wasn’t just a creative issue, but visual proof that this version of the Man of Steel was a misfire – disappointing more than it delivered.

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So, with Cavill (reportedly) out of the picture, Warner Bros reassessing the DCEU, and hardly any information regarding the future of solo Superman movies, there is plenty to consider in terms of which direction the character will be taken. That said, though, the bitter truth may well be the fact that Superman isn’t quite as necessary to the future of DC films as many might have expected. And, whether he’s officially overshadowed by Wonder Woman or replaced altogether by someone like Supergirl, the true death of Superman may have finally come to pass.

The report on Cavill’s departure suggests that Superman will be “replaced” by his cousin, Supergirl. A movie centering on Kara Zor-El was first mooted in early August, and it now appears to be where the Krypton side of DC Films is heading. This would allow Supes to take some time away before an inevitable reboot, making a recast in-universe a bit more palatable.

When it comes to banner heroes, though, there’s another direction; given that Wonder Woman’s narrative and skillsets are so similar to Superman’s (outsiders with superhuman strength and old-fashioned values who leave their homeworld and deputize themselves as protectors of Earth), the DCEU may already have a solution to their Superman problem. Wonder Woman is the expanded universe’s biggest success, critically and financially, so DC’s best bet may well be nixing Supes from the picture altogether and having Wonder Woman represent a kind of amalgam of the two characters for the sake of creative consolidation.

Regardless of underwhelming responses toward Cavill’s era (though not necessarily Cavill himself), Superman is still undeniably a beloved DC character. Cavill’s departure could easily just open the door for a new actor to take his place, which would fit in nicely with DC distancing itself from its first go at the DCEU – assuming enough time was left between films to reintroduce him into the mix, regardless of whether there’s a narrative explanation for his change. That said, the constant missteps in the way Hollywood translates this character to the big screen (not just starting with Man of Steel or Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns, but all the way back to Superman III in 1983) is the biggest problem. Stepping away from Superman for a few years might do the trick, but even then, if the overall universe being created isn’t working to the strengths of its most treasured characters, history may well repeat itself yet again.

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2018-09-12 05:09:24 – Danny Salemme

Henry Cavill Responds To Superman Exit Reports With Cryptic Instagram Post

Henry Cavill is making his future as the DCEU’s Superman even more confusing. The DC movie unniverse and its legion of fans exploded today when news surfaced that Cavill was looking to exit as Superman. He’s made three appearances since first debuting in Man of Steel, but a lack of movement on a true sequel and contract disputes looked to signal the end of his tenure as the Last Son of Krypton.

However, this report has only become more confusing as the hours have passed. Cavill’s manager teased that he may still have a future, while Warner Bros. official stance was that no decisions have been made. Well, now the Man of Steel himself is responding to the rumors in a very cryptic way – but it may point to good news.

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Cavill posted a video on his Instagram just moments ago that held the caption, “Today was exciting #Superman.” The video itself, which you can see below, shows him wearing a shirt that reads Krypton Lifting Team as he slowly holds up an action figure of him as Superman. All the Superman references and the excitement Cavill has after a long day may just point to his future as Superman significantly changing.

While Cavill may just be excited to receive this new Superman action figure, that is almost certainly not what is happening with this post. This instead further points to the likelihood that he is not done playing Superman as was previously reported. If that is the case, then the earlier reports may not have been necessarily false, but rather public negotiation tactics on the part of Cavill and his team. Fans have chimed in all day online showing their support for Cavill’s portrayal and frustration that WB and DC could let him walk away. If that’s what happened, then the studios may have finally agreed to Cavill’s terms and locked him in for a new, longer, and higher paying deal.

This is far from official, but unless this is Cavill’s way of saying he’s excited to be done playing Superman, it’s hard to take this as anything other than a sign that he’s returning. A new deal could mean that the once-planned Shazam! cameo actually does happen and is filmed before the movie’s April release date now. It could also point to a true Man of Steel sequel being announced in the near future. The exact plans for Cavill’s Superman still aren’t clear, but it seems that he may not be done with the character after all.

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Source: Henry Cavill

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2018-09-12 04:09:20 – Cooper Hood

What Henry Cavill’s Superman Cameo in Shazam! Reportedly Would’ve Been

Henry Cavill’s Superman reportedly was going to appear as a cameo in DC’s Shazam! movie in a scene at the end. One of the earliest rumors to pop up in regards to Warner Bros. and DC’s Shazam! was that another DC hero was going to appear. This made sense as the character Zachary Levi plays is not as well-known as some others and a cameo would give the movie an extra dose of DC flavor. Reports eventually pointed to Henry Cavill’s Superman being the prime candidate to appear in a cameo capacity, but that doesn’t appear to be happening with Cavill’s current situation.

Reports surfaced today that Cavill is done playing Superman in the DCEU. Even though WB is not confirming this to be true, their statement also doesn’t really deny it. At this point Cavill and Superman’s future in the universe appears to be in doubt, which means there won’t be a cameo in Shazam! after all. Well, here’s reportedly how it would’ve played out.

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The Wrap‘s Umberto Gonzalez shared his thoughts on Cavill leaving the role on his Instagram story this morning and ended it by revealing details on the planned Shazam! cameo. Since it doesn’t appear that the scene will come to fruition, he felt it was okay to share the details. Here is what he said in the video:

Spoiler alert, for what it’s worth the Superman cameo in Shazam! was supposed to be Clark at the end of the movie meeting with Billy Batson, the kid who [becomes] Shazam, and telling him ‘Hey, we’re gonna keep an eye on you.’ That kind of thing.

Now that the DCEU is embracing post-credits scenes more, this sounds exactly like a great tag. Depending on how exactly it would play out, Superman seeking out Billy Batson in this way and welcoming him into this larger universe is a bit reminiscent of Nick Fury’s appearance at the end of Iron Man. Of course, with previous reports noting WB wanted Cavill’s Superman to be a connecting character throughout the various DC properties, he’d essentially be a Nick Fury type of character then, so the similarities between these scenes is even more obvious.

The one aspect to this that’s the most interesting is Superman meeting Billy Batson, not Shazam. This would imply that Batson’s heroic alter-ego isn’t a secret. And if it wasn’t public before, Superman randomly dropping in to tell Billy he’s watching him would certainly raise some eyebrows. It would make more sense of Superman to meet Shazam after a heroic moment, or even for Clark Kent to arrange a meeting as part of a story, but really it’s just to talk to the young hero. Since Cavill’s manager insists there’s still a possibility he may be Supes again, maybe this interaction could still happen. If that’s the case, then we know exactly how the Shazam! meet up will happen.

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Source: Umberto Gonzalez

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2018-09-12 01:09:53 – Cooper Hood

The Witcher TV Show Fan Poster Features Henry Cavill As Geralt

Henry Cavill becomes Geralt of Rivia in a new fan poster inspired by Netflix’s upcoming series The Witcher. Cavill was just announced as the lead in Netflix’s show based on the video games by CD Projekt Red, which were themselves based on a series of novels by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski.

In the books, Witchers are mercenaries who use their supernatural abilties to battle various deadly monsters. The series mainly focuses on the character Geralt, a highly skilled Witcher, and his charge the Witcher-in-training princess Ciri. First released in 2007, the single-player action role-playing Witcher video game earned praise for its deep themes, built around a series of complex moral choices, and went on to spawn two sequels.

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Excitement is high among fans of both the Witcher novels and games as Netflix is set to produce a live-action series adaptation starring Henry Cavill as Geralt. It will be awhile before fans get to see what Cavill looks like as Geralt, but artist BossLogic has graciously stepped up to provide a preview via a new fan poster. See the haunting artwork below:

After playing the role of Superman, arguably the most recognizable and popular superhero of all-time, Cavill takes on a very different super-powered character in Geralt of Rivia. The so-called “White Wolf” Geralt is an especially gifted Witcher after his makers undertook dangerous genetic experiments on him, giving him superhuman physical and mental abilities. But Geralt is something of a reluctant hero who finds himself being drawn into political intrigues after taking on the task of raising Ciri, a young princess with powers that allow her to traverse space and time. In Poland, the character of Geralt has actually become a heroic symbol to those who appreciate his desire to just do his job while remaining above the political fray.

The video game version of Geralt is of course more familiar to Western audiences than the book version, and indeed the Netflix show will draw more upon the games than they will the original novels in envisioning the character. The show was developed by Daredevil and The Defenders executive producer and writer Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, and will premiere with an 8-episode run on Netflix. Game of Thrones director Alik Sakharov directed four episodes including the pilot. With Cavill now in the fold as Geralt, the next step for the show is to cast the other main characters, including Geralt’s adopted daughter Ciri, the sorceress Yennefer and others. Netflix has yet to set a premiere date for The Witcher but the show is not expected to arrive until 2020.

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Source: BossLogic/Twitter

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