One Piece: How The Netflix Adaptation Will Have To Change The Anime

Adapting One Piece will be a monumental task for Netflix, and some changes to the original story might, unfortunately, have to be made. Set in a fictional world dominated by pirates, One Piece stars Monkey D. Luffy and his crew as they sail towards the end of the world to find the legendary treasure known as “One Piece.” Along the way, Luffy’s Straw Hat Pirates fight corrupt governments, evil dictators and murderous fellow pirates, and encounter strange new allies with abilities that range from shape-shifting and controlling fire to stretching body parts and turning into a dinosaur.

Wildly popular in Japan for over 2 decades, rumors of a live-action One Piece have been abound for years, but a recent announcement confirmed that Eiichiro Oda’s series would be finding its way to Netflix shortly, with a 10-episode first season confirmed. Details on casting and which chunks of manga would be adapted weren’t specified, but Oda himself is heavily involved, and has reassured fans that he wouldn’t have allowed the project to go ahead unless he felt it would do justice to the original.

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Fans aren’t quite so sure. In terms of anime adaptations, One Piece is perhaps the most challenging there is, and if Netflix can botch Death Note (which potentially could’ve translated quite well into live-action) there’s little reason to harbor hope for One Piece. Aside from the outrageous powers and quirky cartoonish humor, a One Piece adaptation would be faced with several unavoidable obstacles to surmount. The anime is currently approaching the 1000 episode mark and is only just reaching a point where an end might be in sight. 10 live action episodes would barely cover the most whistle-stop of introductions. Furthermore, One Piece is structured as a sea voyage, meaning the setting constantly changes as the Straw Hats move from island to island, requiring a rapid turnover of sets and locations.

As a general rule of thumb, the best anime adaptations tend to stick close to their source material but, whatever way Zoro slices it, One Piece just doesn’t fit into the standard template of a live-action season-by-season TV series, necessitating some changes. The original One Piece story spends many chapters building the initial group of Straw Hats, with Luffy gradually meeting each member of his crew. There’s no way of fitting all of that material into 10 episodes, so it would be wiser to tell the formation of the Straw Hats via flashbacks, with Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Nami and Usopp already together in the present day.

Secondly, even if the One Piece manga ended tomorrow, it would still take at least 40 live-action seasons to adapt in its entirety. Given Netflix’s tendency to stop at 3, there might need to be a few cuts. Perhaps the best approach (but admittedly still far from ideal) would be to focus solely on Luffy’s pursuit of the One Piece treasure, with a rival (most likely Blackbeard or the World Government) pushing him each step of the way. Stripping back everything else, a rough arc structure for a live-action One Piece might be Alabasta, the Paramount War, Dressrosa, Wano and, finally, Raftel, with each island taking up an entire season. That skips out an awful lot of material, but it would at least ensure a proper ending to the central goal of Luffy finding the One Piece.

The final change Netflix’s One Piece might consider making is to alter the conclusion of the manga series, whatever that might be. Exactly what the One Piece is remains a mystery, but it’s no doubt tied into the void century, the will of D, Joy Boy, the strange figure that sits on the Empty Throne and the poneglyphs. A live-action series would struggle to fit every one of those plot points in, so why not alter the nature of the One Piece to something more straightforward. This would also help avoid spoiling One Piece if the live-action series wraps up before the anime and manga – a distinct possibility given the first chapter came out in 1997.

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Netflix’s One Piece is currently without a release date. More news as it arrives.

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Craig Elvy

Harry Potter: 10 Ways Technology Would Change The Series If I Was Set Today

The magical and muggle worlds of Harry Potter are famously divided. The Statute of Secrecy prevents wizards from disclosing the existence of the wizarding world, on a public level, to muggle society. The effects of such a statute are felt across the wizarding world too, as witches and wizards are centuries behind muggle in terms of technology. And it almost seems that witches and wizards are technophobes, with the greatest example of this being the fact that most technology does not work on the grounds of Hogwarts.

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But, if the world of Harry Potter regularly used muggle technology, how would the series have been different? These are 10 modern pieces of technology that would have affected the Harry Potter story if it were set today.

10 CCTV Surveillance May Have Helped Voldemort

Throughout the Deathly Hallows books and movies, Harry Potter and the gang are on the run from the Dark Lord Voldemort. The group successfully evades the dark wizard and his Death Eaters for a surprisingly long time before they are captured by a group of snatchers.

However, would this story play out the same way in the modern-day? Modern surveillance is on a whole different level to what it was in the 1990s, meaning that Voldemort could use this muggle technology to track Harry, Ron, and Hermione pretty easily.

9 Instant Messaging

The main form of communication between witches and wizards in the world of Harry Potter is via owl. The nocturnal bird carries all communications and mail between wizards. However, while it is undoubtedly cool to send your letters and parcels via owl, it is also inefficient.

Aside from parcel delivery, which will undoubtedly be quicker than any muggle mail service, sending letters to your friends is so slow. If Harry, Ron, and Hermione had some access to an instant messaging service, they would be able to communicate far more efficiently during the summer months away from Hogwarts.

8 Wizard Internet

The internet has truly revolutionized modern society. It has introduced new industries to the world, brought people on distant continents closer together, and allowed for a fantastic new way of consuming media such as movies and TV. It’s clear from the Harry Potter series that the wizarding world does adopt some muggle technology, so what would happen if a wizarding internet was developed?

A wizarding internet would help put an end to the mountains of parchments used in wizarding administration and study, and it would allow new forms of wizarding entertainment to develop (wizarding YouTube anyone?). Perhaps the biggest influence on the story of a wizard internet would be on the Daily Prophet’s apparent monopoly over wizarding news. An internet with different news sources could allow people to accept Voldemort’s return far quicker than in the original story.

7 Online Conspiracy Theories

The Statute of Secrecy is one of the most important elements of the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts story. It is the reason why the wizarding world is separated from the muggle world and drives the plot of the Fantastic Beasts movie forward. However, would this Statute of Secrecy still work well today?

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It is very hard to cover-up events in modern society due to the intervention of the internet and the availability of smartphones. The widespread use of the internet today would allow muggles to share their own theories about witches and wizards and attach images and so on as proof, allowing for conspiracy theories to take hold.

6 Smartphones

One of the more interesting examples of muggle technology that witches and wizards have adopted is the radio. Harry and the gang listen to the radio while they’re on the run from Voldemort and, more importantly for this entry, the Order of the Phoenix uses radios to communicate with each other.

While it wouldn’t necessarily make the Order more successful in their fight against the Death Eaters, switching radios for smartphones would certainly make the group more efficient (if they don’t get distracted by wizard Facebook of course).

5 Wizard Amazon and Diagon Alley

Diagon Alley is one of the most beautiful areas in the wizarding world. The Diagon Alley scene in Sorcerer’s Stone is truly a magical picture that has transitioned into iconic status. However, the existence of a wizard internet could also lead to a magical version of Amazon.

The existence of online shopping also has had devastating impacts on high street shopping in the muggle world. Consequently, Diagon Alley may lose several customers as students opt to buy their goods elsewhere.

4 A Ballpoint Pen

The quill is a central part of life in Hogwarts. While the quill itself isn’t necessarily magical, it certainly helps to build the wizarding world into something loveably eccentric.

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However, while the quill is positively charming it could also be irritating to use on a frequent basis, particularly for muggle-borns or half-blood students who are aware that ballpoint pens exist. A ballpoint pen is far easier to use than a quill and would also allow students to save money as they wouldn’t have to spend so much money on ink wells.

3 Library Search System

The Hogwarts library seems to an amazing place. Not only does it possess a wealth of knowledge from centuries worth of books, but it also has a deeply intriguing restricted section.

One of the main drawbacks to the Hogwarts library, however, is their lack of a search system. In modern universities and schools, there is a system you can use to check the library for what books they currently possess, where the book is, and even order the book so you don’t have to search for it yourself. If Hogwarts had this, it could have made Harry and the gang’s life so much easier.

2 Cameras And Screens At The Triwizard Tournament

While the Triwizard Tournament was undoubtedly a spectacle, not many in the crowd could actually get a good look at what was going on. In the first task, Harry was chased around Hogwarts by a Hungarian Horntail Dragon; in the second task, all four competitors spent their time underwater; and in the final task, all four competitors were in a dark, foggy maze.

This means that the crowd didn’t actually see much of the action during the Triwizard Tournament. However, if there was some kind of camera system, the crowd could have seen all the action on a big screen.

1 Wizard Google

This one should go without saying. In the modern world, we would struggle to survive without the help of Google. The search engine allows us to find answers to some of the most complex questions that come to our mind.

Within the context of the wizarding world, or Harry Potter’s story more specifically, it would be incredibly useful. A wizarding search engine would allow Harry and the gang to find out answers to mysteries such as the Slytherin’s monster extremely quickly. In addition, a wizarding search engine could also help muggle-born students learn about the wizarding world before they visit Hogwarts for the first time.

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Supergirl: Every Change After Crisis On Infinite Earths

Warning: SPOILERS for Supergirl, season 5, episode 10, “The Bottle Episode.”

Many things changed for Supergirl in the wake of the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event. Indeed, so much has changed for Kara Zor-El and her allies it is surprising that the on-going storylines of season 5 have remained largely intact.

Of all the series making up the Arrowverse, Supergirl had perhaps the most to alter, as every superhero series on The CW was merged into a single universe. With a setting where most of the super-powered beings were aliens rather than metahumans, Supergirl stood apart from The Flash and Black Lightning. This was largely due to Supergirl starting off on another network and not originally having been designed to be part of the Arrowverse.

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The series adapted admirably as it made the leap to The CW, however, and now stands as a pillar of the largest shared universe in television history. Yet so much has changed in the span of two episodes it would be easy for even die-hard Super-fans to have missed all the little changes between Earth-38 and Earth Prime. Here’s a rundown of all the differences.

“Crisis on Infinite Earths – Part 5” left Supergirl reeling, as she woke up on a new Earth where Lex Luthor was a respected philanthropist and hero to most of the world. It got worse when she discovered that Luthor now owned the Department of Extranormal Operations (DEO) and was effectively her boss. A new wrinkle was introduced in “The Bottle Episode,” as Supergirl saw a commercial where she was standing proudly alongside Lex Luthor, Lena Luthor, and a team of DEO agents, assuring the public that they could be counted on to protect them. This was quite different from Earth-38, where the DEO was a covert organization that did not officially exist.

Kara ranted about having to work with Luthor to her sympathetic sister, who didn’t originally remember Lex Luthor’s criminal past. In “Crisis On Infinite Earths – Part 5,” only the Paragons (including Supergirl and Martian Manhunter) knew Lex Luthor for who he once was. “The Bottle Episode” informed us that J’onn was able to telepathically restore the pre-Crisis memories of Alex Danvers, Brainiac-5, Dreamer, Kelly Olsen, and every hero who fought the Anti-Monitor. Beyond them, the rest of the citizens of Earth-Prime have no memory of the multiverse or the Crisis.

Lena Luthor had a literal rude awakening in “The Bottle Episode,” finding her brother Lex fixing breakfast in her office kitchen. Lex explained that he had been resurrected by The Monitor and made a bargain before he agreed to help him save the multiverse; that whatever happened, Lena would survive the experience with her mind and memories intact. Lex added that reality had been rewritten so that the family business was back to being LuthorCorp rather than LCorp, and they ran it and the DEO together, with the world thinking they were simple billionaire philanthropists. It was, Lex noted, the perfect cover for world domination, including her plans for Project Non Nocere.

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Lena immediately began researching the new Earth and the history she would be expected to know. A quick glance at her browser search in one scene revealed that the world thinks Supergirl and Lex Luthor joined forces to fight Agent Liberty during Supergirl ‘s season 4 finale, where Agent Liberty was originally a puppet in Lex’s scheme. The search also revealed that Lex and Lena worked together to cure rare diseases and that Lex bought the DEO after the federal organization became strapped for cash. This suggests that virtually everything in the historical record from the first four and one-half seasons of Supergirl may no longer be valid.

One interesting side-effect of the reborn Earth was that several versions of Brainiac-5 from alternate Earths appeared in the DEO, including a female Braniy from a world where she was the DEO’s director. While Supergirl was quick to offer the Brainiacs help in getting back to their home worlds, a typically tactless Brainiac-5 let it slip that there were no more alternate Earths and offered to show them the figures which proved the multiverse as they knew it was no more. This suggests that the Earths making up the new Arrowverse are unable to detect one another’s presence, as it was confirmed that there are still multiple Earths in the closing montage of “Crisis on Infinite Earths – Part 5.”

Before Crisis on Infinite Earths, a secret, alien-run organization called Leviathan almost destroyed Earth-38 with a massive monsoon and the eruption of a super volcano. Despite a lengthy historical record that spoke of the organization in legend, neither Brainiac-5 nor Lex Luthor (who had been told about the group’s existence by his sister) could find any evidence of the group’s existence on Earth-Prime. Leviathan still exists, however, though it is now managed by the alien Gamemnae and is seeking a subtler, technology-based solution to keeping humanity in check. To that end, Gamemnae has encouraged Obsidian North CEO Andrea Rojas in her plans to develop the most realistic virtual reality system ever, through her guise as Rojas’ mentor, Professor Gemma Cooper.

The multiple Brainiac-5’s discovered that the wormhole which transported them to Earth-Prime was based around Al’s Dive Bar; the alien-friendly establishment where most of National City’s aliens went to drink in peace. Upon arriving at the bar, Supergirl and The Brainiacs found that Al’s had become Als’, with two of the burly bartender now serving drinks to a number of aliens who had just barely escaped the destruction of their respective worlds in other universes. This included a trio of Kryptonian witches, who were non-evil doppelgangers of the witches who once sought to terraform Earth into a New Krypton under the control of the World-Killer Reign.

On Earth-38, Lillian Luthor organized the terrorist group CADMUS, having come to share her son’s extreme views on the dangers of aliens on Earth. She was sent to prison for her crimes, but still found ways to aid Lex and Lena in their respective endeavors. On Earth-Prime, Lillian is out of prison and is now in charge of The Luthor Foundation, a charity run by the Luthor family. Lillian is also fully aware of how the world used to be, though this was a result of Lex telling her of his activities during Crisis on Infinite Earths.

The action of the later-half of “The Bottle Episode” centered around the race to stop one of the Brainiac-5 duplicates from accidentally destroying Earth-Prime in a misguided bid to save his own Earth. In a nod to the Bottled City of Kandor from the classic Superman comics, it was revealed that this Brainiac-5 had managed to trap his Earth inside a bottle before the Anti-Monitor destroyed it. Before he could open the bottle, which required special tools that didn’t exist on Earth or magic to unseal it, the alternate Brainiac-5 was persuaded to wait until the heroes of Earth-Prime made an effort to find somewhere they could safely release the trapped Earth in normal space. Until that time, the bottle would be kept in the Fortress of Solitude for safe keeping.

Facing multiple versions of himself led Braniac-5 to make a decision he’d been delaying since the Supergirl season 4 finale regarding the inhibitor implants in his forehead. The inhibitors repressed Brainiac-5’s full intelligence as well as his connection to the Big Brain; the hive-mind made up of all Coluan intellects. While this still left him more intelligent than the vast majority of sentient beings and gave him greater control of his emotions, he felt outclassed by his other selves. In the end, Brainiac-5 was convinced that he would be just as good and his friends would still like him without the implants, leading to a transformation that left Brainaic-5 looking much more like his comic book counterpart.

Some things haven’t changed on Earth-Prime and Lex Luthor’s ability to arrange a side-hustle is as strong as ever. He finally convinced Lena to enter into an alliance with him, after briefly bonding with a Truth-Seeker (an alien symbiote that makes it impossible for its host to lie) and admitting that he planned to betray her as soon as she became an inconvenience, just like she was planning to subject him to her Non Nocere treatment as soon as she was able. However, Lena’s acceptance of Lex’s offer came after a talk with Lillian Luthor, with whom Lex had formed another partnership based around manipulating Lena to their mutual benefit. Finally, Braniac-5 approached Lex and told him that they would have to work together in secret to overcome Leviathan and that he was prepared to do anything for the greater good, even work against his friends in the DEO.

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As Brainiac-5 and Lex Luthor cemented their new partnership, Luthor suggested his first avenue of investigation into Leviathan should be a particular doppelganger who had come through the wormhole into Earth Prime. Luthor had reason to believe that this man, who had just been arrested, had knowledge of the future and might know something about Leviathan that was unknown in the present. He handed Brainiac-5 a mug-shot of the man, who was clearly Brainiac-5’s ally Winn Schott.

On Earth-38, reporter William Dey had taken a position working at CatCo Worldwide Media to get close to Andrea Rojas, whom he suspected was involved in the disappearance of his best friend. Dey is just as much of a crusader on Earth-Prime, but now the focus of his private war is the Luthor family, whom he suspects were involved in the mysterious death of the same friend. This has given Supergirl an unexpected ally in her new mission to expose the truth about Lex Luthor to the world.

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VENOM’s Next Battle is Going To Change Him Forever | Screen Rant

Warning: SPOILERS for Venom #21

Eddie Brock has come to Venom Island with murder on his mind, determined to kill his greatest enemy — the first (and worst) spawn of his symbiote — and no matter what happens, the hunt is going to change his life forever. And that’s a guarantee.

While Eddie and his symbiote’s recent heroism has led to Venom being invited to join The Avengers as a certified superhero, there are some secrets and struggles only known by those who have merged with a symbiote. In the case of the current Venom series, there are two major secrets Eddie is keeping from his friends, family, and fellow heroes. That in order to defeat Cletus Kasady in the recent Absolute Carnage event, he had to absorb the murderous symbiote into his own body (bringing all kinds of trouble). And that as the heroes take a deep breath having survived several world-ending events… Knull is coming. But before the dark God of Symbiotes arrives to destroy the planet, Eddie has one last job to finish. A job that, once finished, means he will never be the same.

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The story haa officially begun in the first part of “Venom Island” in Venom #21, with Eddie Brock making a dramatic crash landing on the eponymous island. Fans didn’t know where or why Eddie was taking this vacation when it was first advertised, but the truth is now out. The island is the only place Eddie once believed he was free of his greatest foe. And once his hunt for Carnage is over, it truly will be:

Isla de Huesos. The Island of Bones… Once, long ago, I kidnapped Spider-Man and took him there to kill him. He faked his own death… and we thought… we thought it was over. We stayed there. On the island. We had peace. We ere… free. And then… Carnage. I left my paradise to stop him when he went on his first rampage across New York. An now we return. To burn every atom of him off the face of the Earth.

As exhilarating a setup as this issue really is, writer Donny Cates took to Twitter to promise that this chapter is anything but self-contained. Eddie has come to kill Carnage, but the true result of this hunt is unknown even to him:

I’m so happy you all like the start of Venom Island in issue 21 but I NEED you to understand something… Issue 22 is the craziest issue of Venom I’ve ever written. It’s horrifying. And it will change Eddie Brock’s life forever. You’ve been warned.

A chilling warning, but based on everything in Cates’ Venom run to date… one that fans would be wise to take. Especially since they will have to wait another week to see what Eddie finds on “Venom Island,” continuing in Venom #22 later this month.

  • VENOM #22
  • Release Date: January 8th, 2020
  • Written by: Donny Cates
  • Art by: Mark Bagley
  • Cover by: Mark Bagley
  • “VENOM ISLAND” PART II Donny Cates’ VENOM epic continues in grand fashion after ABSOLUTE CARNAGE, joined by industry legend and celebrated VENOM artist Mark Bagley. That’s all you’re getting out of us for this one, True Believers! After all, ABSOLUTE CARNAGE isn’t quite over yet…

Venom #21 is available now in your local comic book shop.

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Source: Donny Cates

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Andrew Dyce

The Mandalorian Makes An Ironic Change To The Mos Eisley Cantina

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Mandalorian episode 5.

The Mandalorian‘s latest episode brings the titular Mandalorian to the Mos Eisely cantina, revealing a big change in the bar since fans last saw it in A New Hope. The first Star Wars live-action show created by Jon Favreau rolled out its fifth episode for season 1. Written and directed by Dave Filoni, “The Gunslinger” was set on Tatooine as the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda make a pit stop to the iconic franchise location.

As the Mandalorian left his ship at the docking bay, with Baby Yoda under the care of Peli Motto, he roamed around the sand planet looking for an under-the-table job. He found his way to Chalmun’s cantina. This makes sense considering that the place was established as a hub for bounty hunters and other criminal activities when it debuted in the original Star Wars film. However, we soon find out that things have drastically changed for the cantina since Obi Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker visited it all those years ago.

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The Mos Eisley cantina in The Mandalorian was noticeably quiet and empty – a stark contrast to the crowded version with a live band people remember it as. However, this isn’t the most significant change to the cantina; it’s the fact that a droid is now manning the bar. To think that only a few years prior, it had a no-droid policy. Fans can remember that, when Obi Wan and Luke visited the Mos Eisley cantina, C3-PO and R2-D2 were forced out because the bartender said they “don’t serve their kind.”

It’s unclear if we’re ever going to visit Mos Eisley cantina again – at least in this Star Wars series. Considering where the story of The Mandalorian takes place, it’s not outside the realm of possibility for the eponymous character to end up in the sand planet in his future adventures after season 1. The show is already in production for season 2, and depending on where his current predicament takes him, chances are that he’ll operate in the same area.

Whether The Mandalorian visits the Mos Eisley cantina (or Tatooine, in general) or not, another Star Wars live-action TV series could offer fans the opportunity to see more of the sand planet and its famous bar. The Obi Wan Kenobi series which will see the return of Ewan McGregor as the beloved Jedi Master, will be set between Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, and given what we know about his life during this time period, it’s safe to assume that much of the show will take place on Tatooine. Considering his blatant disgust for the Mos Eisley cantina in A New Hope, there’s a chance that he might have had an ugly experience there before.

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Ana Dumaraog

The NEW Batman Will Be DC’s Biggest Change in Years | Screen Rant

The world of Batman has changed more in the past three years than in arguably the decade, or decades before it. But if fans thought this turmoil would be replaced by peace, or a return to ‘normal’… the biggest changes to Bruce Wayne’s character will be coming to DC Comics in 2020.

That’s when Tom King hands the flagship book to new Batman writer James Tynion IV, having ushered in all of the above changes. While DC’s Rebirth led other books and creators to ‘return to their roots,’ King followed the example of his predecessor Scott Snyder, taking the opportunity to challenge Bruce Wayne along with his readers by asking a question few before dared to: could Batman ever be happy? King’s final issues and his Batman/Catwoman series will give the answer, but as further evidence his early Batman exit was merely a matter of timing, Tynion now confirms his Bruce will be massively re-defined by King’s run. And based on his description, it’s not an understatement to say the Bruce Wayne and Batman fans have known is gone starring in 2020. In some of the best ways possible.

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When the series continues in the new year, the landscape of Batman will be unrecognizable to those who haven’t kept up: Alfred Pennyworth is dead, Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are finally together for the long haul, and the city of Gotham, like its caped crusader, has been broken (but not beaten) by Bane. And the Batman that emerges from this crucible is changed because of it.

Speaking via his new personal newsletter, Tynion offered fans a mission statement for his coming run, outlining the changes big and small that readers can expect. Teasing three major storylines that will have “extreme ramifications… for all the Gotham books,” Tynion reiterates his earlier praise for Batman’s rogues gallery. Penguin, Riddler, and Joker will all have roles to play in the coming year, but there is no mistaking the star of Tynion’s core storyline, and the most dramatic shift longtime readers can expect. Tynion gives readers an inside look at what’s on the way, publishing an excerpt from his own “mission statement for how I want to approach the character in 2020,” which can be read below.

Batman is an action horror superhero comic book.

Heading into 2020, THAT is our absolute True North. Every page of every issue should feel like an action horror superhero comic. The monsters should be deadly and frightening, and Batman should feel frightening in and of himself. The villains of Gotham fear him, and he is going to take that fear and wield it like a weapon to get his city back under control. Batman doesn’t just show up in broad daylight to scare his villains, he uses tricks and shadows, and voice modulation to make it seem like he can be anywhere and everywhere at once.

The scary thing with Batman, even to villains who have fought him over and over again across decades is that they KNOW that under his suit he is just a man. But still he seems to be impossible. You fire a dozen armor piercing rounds into his torso, and you still know by the time you race down the stairs to your getaway car, he’s going to be there, ahead of you. And he is going to HURT you. They fear him because they can’t, for the life of them, understand how he does it, which gives him this supernatural air. To the bad guys, Batman is like Michael Myers. He keeps getting up when it shouldn’t be possible to get up anymore. How can you win against him? You’d have to be crazy to try.

Even Bruce Wayne is a figure of the shadows. He is a billionaire industrialist, but he is strange and a little reclusive. The last vestiges of his more conservative style would have gone out the window with the death of Alfred Pennyworth. Alfred laid out clothes for Bruce. With him, he would have dressed a bit more like his father. More sweater vests like the old money he is. Without Alfred, Bruce is pure practicality. He wears BLACK. So does Selina… They go to a different type of Gotham City gala. The Old Money Gotham is corrupt and broken. Instead, Bruce goes to the young money of the city to help finance its reconstruction.

With Selina on his arm, the “Playboy” Bruce is dead. Every waking minute is dedicated to the rebuild of Gotham City, both as Bruce Wayne and as Batman. He is in control of every room he enters, and people are a little frightened of him. He is one of the richest people in the world, and he has experienced so much loss. But it’s clear he’s trying to make the city better. People admire him, because most people in his shoes would have LEFT Gotham a long time ago.

He has just faced tremendous failure in the last year of story. He lost his City, and lost his way… But now that he’s back, he has an almost manic intensity. He is going to FIX things. He’s going to make it so nobody like Bane can ever do this to the city again.

There are too many changes alluded to or confirmed in this breakdown of Tynion’s run to dissect here, or even before readers have gotten to watch them play out on the page. But for those who enjoyed seeing real, actual, measurable growth on Bruce Wayne’s part since Batman: Rebirth, there is no question Tynion is taking the ball and running with it. Rather than clearing the table of the past years’ trauma, it will all be used to show fans a Batman they’ve never met before. Well, aside from the horror… which anyone who’s read Tynion’s other writing knows will live up to the description here. It’s a brave new world facing Bruce in his quest to fix Gotham, and January can’t get here soon enough.

Batman #86 arrives to begin this new era of Bruce Wayne’s mission on January 8th, 2020.

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Source: James Tynion IV

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Andrew Dyce

10 Conspiracy Theories About Your Favorite Shows That Change Everything

One of the best parts about long-running TV shows is how attached fans get to the characters. After tuning in night after night, we get to know the characters like they’re our own friends and family members. Over time though, fans begin to put together theories that could very well translate into the show’s universe. In fact, some shows may even be in the same universe as other shows.

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Below we have 10 of our favorite shows and theories that are so strong, it’s hard to not believe they have some validity to them! Scroll down to see if your favorite show made our list.


Deep inside Hundred Acre Wood, a little boy named Christopher Robin had some of his best friends living in this mystical land. There was Pooh Bear, Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore, Kanga, Roo, and so many more. Together, this group of buddies lived in friendship and harmony.

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However, according to Digital Spy, the Canadian Medical Association saw a link between the characters and popular psychological disorders. Eeyore represented depression, Piglet was anxiety, Owl was very dyslexic, Tigger was ADHD, and Pooh Bear was a mix of ADHD and OCD. Did these animals showcase how Christopher Robin was feeling on the inside?


Scooby-Doo was such an awesome cartoon, showing us a group of teens hunting down “ghosts and monster” with their dog, Scooby. However, was this foursome really after ghosts or were they always on the run because they themselves were running from something?

A person on Reddit has a conspiracy theory that the teens were actually running away from the draft. Considering the show released in 1969 (the same year of the Vietnam War), this person thinks the gang headed north to Canada to refuse going to war.


Did you know Sesame Street is on its 50th season?! For 50 years, we’ve been falling in love with characters like Big Bird, Grover, the Cookie Monster, and learning so much about everyday things. However, one thing we did not learn was that Count von Count might have fed on the blood of children…

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As a vampire, there’s a theory out there that Count sucks the blood of the children on Sesame Street. After getting kids into his lair where he teaches them numbers, he feeds on them and that’s why there are always new kids on the show.


One eagle-eyed fan of The Good Place noticed a small hint that may twist everyone’s brains into a pretzel. The magazines Eleanor is reading has two dead giveaways connecting it to the Parks and Recreation universe. Does this mean The Good Place took place around the same time Leslie Knope was in office?

With a celebrity baby discussion on the front cover, the back covers had champagne that Jean-Ralphio Saperstein created. The other was an aftershave created by perfume creator Dennis Feinstein. Even weirder, Jason Mantzoukas who plays Feinstein in Parks and Rec. is also in The Good Place.


In Nickelodeon’s Rugrats, Angelica and Tommy are cousins, whereas Chuckie, Phil, and Lil are their buddies. And while the entire plotline for the show is to follow these little friends on their adventures, perhaps Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil weren’t even real. What if star-gazing Angelica made them up?

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There’s a fan theory out there saying that all of the kids and adventures are an invention of Angelica’s imagination. She’s bored and lonely and comes up with in-depth stories as if they were real.


The last thing we want to imagine is that our favorite Peanuts character has cancer, and yet, this is a fan theory that’s been passed around.

Due to Charlie being bald (with one sad hair curling on top), the theory posits he has cancer and that everything we see in the show is made up in his own mind as he lies in the hospital sick. Other fans have gone on to say that the creator Charles Schulz would never have that happen to Peanuts‘ strongest hero, but who’s to say?


Throughout The Office‘s run, we were introduced to Scranton’s nightmare: the Scranton Strangler. He was this deranged man on the loose killing people and the entire gang couldn’t wait for him to be snatched off the streets.

Funny enough, Toby ended up being one of the jury members on the murder trial for the Scranton Strangler, which was quite fitting due to his obsession with the villain. But what if Toby wasn’t just fond of the whole story, maybe he was the whole story? After all, after convicting the guy who they thought was the Strangler, Toby admitted to sentencing the wrong man to jail…


Max and Ruby is an adorable TV show on Nickelodeon. Focusing on a very well-mannered older sister Ruby and her fun-loving younger brother Max, we see the everyday shenanigans these bunnies get themselves into.

Oddly enough, the bunnies’ parents are nowhere to be found. Were these bunnies left behind? Think again. There’s a theory out there that these two bunnies are actually dead. That’s why we never see their parents but we do see their grandmother from time to time.


Dexter’s Laboratory was such a fun show. With an incredibly smart boy named Dexter and his overzealous (and complete opposite) sister named Dede, we saw how Dexter lived in a normal world with such an incredible mind (and laboratory).

One theory claims that Dexter accidentally killed his family in a science project gone wrong. To make up for the family he killed, he made a new laboratory family, which is why they’re all a little… well, dumb.


This is a popular theory that’s been filtering around for some time. Is the blue meth created in Breaking Bad the reason a future zombie apocalypse erupted? And if so, does this mean The Walking Dead is actually in the same universe as Breaking Bad? The one theory suggests when a person overdoses on the blue meth, they’re resurrected in zombie form. Other fans have even found small traces of Breaking Bad in The Walking Dead.

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Layne Gibbons

Marvel’s THOR Reboot is His Biggest Change in Years | Screen Rant

After years watching the Odinson rise to become King of Asgard, fans are about to begin a new age of Thor in January 2020, and the transformation coming to the God of Thunder looks to be the biggest one in years. Will his next epic be as unexpected as his makeover?

Those even casually following Jason Aaron’s Thor series and associated books know that it’s been a years-long story, testing the god of thunder, and ultimately forging him into becoming the mighty King Thor in War of the Realms. But with that epic saga finally coming to an end, the duty of continuing Thor’s story in the Marvel Universe falls to writer Donny Cates and artist Nic Klein. The creative team is embracing the fact that there’s no way to follow Aaron’s epic but to start one of their own, and nothing makes that clearer than Thor’s complete visual re-design. Already guaranteed to be the Avenger’s most dramatic in years.

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Part of that impact is, again, due to Jason Aaron’s transformation of Thor Odinson into King Thor taking years, not months. Losing an arm here, losing an eye there, losing his hair before anything else. And while almost every single part of the hero’s appearance is going to change when Thor #1 arrives in January, there is more to his makeover than just marketing. As the preview for Thor #1 has shown, Thor starts out as the bearded king fans currently know. Evidently, something in the story demands his dramatic transformation, now able to be enjoyed by fans on the covers of both Thor #1 and Thor #2 from artists Olivier Coipel and Inhyuk Lee, respectively, below:

It’s too early to tell if Thor looking more youthful as well as clean-shaven is a feature of the art, as opposed to the story, but the changes are obviously symbolzing more than just Thor’s need for a new, dark costume. The rune for Thurisaz is now emblazoned across Thor’s body, giving a new purpose to his previous circular badges. What does it mean? Well, the rune symbolizes fortitude, strength, defense, and protection, in addition to representing Thor himself. From the descriptions of the new threat he will be facing, Thor may need all the help he can get. And given Donny Cates’s experience changing the lore of Venom, it’s possible ‘The Black Winter’ could be related. But until the series officially begins in January, fans can read through the official credits and plot synopsis for Thor #1 and Thor #2 below.

  • THOR #1
  • Release Date: January 1st, 2020
  • Written by: Donny Cates
  • Art by: Nic Klein
  • Cover Art by: Olivier Coipel
  • A BRAND-NEW, SUPERSTAR CREATIVE TEAM TAKES THE KING OF ASGARD TO NEW REALMS OF GLORY! The prince is now a king. All Asgard lies before Thor, the God of Thunder. And after many months of war, the Ten Realms are finally at peace. But the skies above the Realm Eternal are never clear for long. The Black Winter is coming. And the God of the Storm will be powerless before it.
  • THOR #2
  • Release Date: January 29th, 2020
  • Written by: Donny Cates
  • Art by: Nic Klein
  • Cover by: Olivier Coipel
  • Variant Cover by: Inhyuk Lee
  • THE BLACK WINTER AND THE DEVOURER KING! Before him lies the Black Winter; behind, a trail of death wrought by his own hand. The God of Thunder hurtles through the cosmos, searching for the power to save Asgard and all existence. But no power in the heavens can save a god — a king — from his bloody duty.

Thor #1 arrives to start the new year on January 1st, 2020, at your local comic book shop.

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Robert Downey Jr’s Doctor Dolittle Movie Gets Name Change & Poster

Robert Downey Jr.’s new take on Doctor Dolittle gets its first poster, and changes titles from The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle to simply Dolittle. The titular physician first made his debut in the 1920 book The Story of Doctor Dolittle, and would go on to appear in 14 further works of children’s literature. What makes Dr. John Dolittle different from most medical professionals is of course his ability to converse with animals, a power that enables both his understanding of them and the reverse.

Dr. Dolittle’s adventures have been adapted for multiple forms of media, although the most famous tend to be his appearances in live-action film. Rex Harrison starred in 1967’s initial Doctor Dolittle film, a musical. Best known to modern audiences are the late-1990s Dr. Dolittle comedies starring Eddie Murphy, which while rated PG-13, sometimes skirted the line of what qualifies as family-friendly humor. Three more direct-to-video sequels to the Murphy films were made, although they’re decidedly tamer, and don’t actually feature Murphy. Instead, the titular doctor is the daughter of Murphy’s character.

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One thing both the Rex Harrison movie and the Eddie Murphy movies have in common is being released by 20th Century Fox. Downey Jr.’s Doctor Dolittle movie will arrive courtesy of Universal Studios. Previously titled The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle – a moniker shared by one of the Dolittle books – Deadline now reports that RDJ’s latest star vehicle is now called simply Dolittle. Additionally, the official Dolittle Movie twitter account has released the first official poster for the film, featuring lots of adorable animals. Check it out below.

As noted on the poster, this name change thankfully doesn’t bring with it yet another long delay, as Dolittle will retain its previously announced January 17, 2020 release date. The film was originally set to hit theaters in April of 2019, before being delayed, reportedly to undergo extensive reshoots. While most studio films go through reshoots, Dolittle’s January release date isn’t exactly encouraging, as one would normally think Downey Jr.’s first big movie post-Avengers: Endgame would be a logical candidate for a summer tentpole spot.

Interestingly, Dolittle’s production problems are almost an unintentional nod to the 1967 Doctor Dolittle film, an infamously troubled production. That movie would go on to receive several Oscar nods, although that was despite unfavorable reviews from critics, and a middling box office take. For RDJ’s sake, one hopes his turn bringing Dr. Dolittle to life won’t end up seeing similarly disappointing results. Still, after his beloved tenure as Tony Stark/Iron Man in the MCU, Downey seems all but untouchable.

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Sources: Deadline, Dolittle Movie/Twitter

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Harry Potter: 10 Fan “What-If” Scenarios That Would Change Everything

JK Rowling sent fans into meltdown over the prospect of another Harry Potter movie recently when she returned from a social media hiatus and posted a picture related to the popular West End play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Ultimately, hopes of another movie were dashed and people will have to wait some more to see if the Boy Who Lived ever reappears on the big screen.

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However, wouldn’t it be great if there was another movie? And, if so, what about a ‘what if’ sort of scenario? We now take a look at the biggest what-ifs in the wizarding world to get fans thinking.

10 What If The Potters Had Stuck With Sirius Black?

James and Lily Potter are both murdered by Lord Voldemort after their Secret Keeper, old friend Peter Pettigrew, betrayed them by revealing their whereabouts to the villain. Pettigrew wasn’t initially meant to hold the mantle, however, with Sirius Black previously the only person who knew where they were hiding.

It seems feasible that, had the Potters stuck with Black rather than change things at the last minute, they would have survived but this may not have been for the best. Without them dying, Harry Potter may never have had the guts to take on the Dark Lord. And without Potter as the Chosen One, the wizarding community may have suffered as a result.

9 What If Lord Voldemort Chose Neville Longbottom?

Harry Potter only became the Chosen One because Lord Voldemort himself picked the boy as the one he thought would become his greatest enemy. The prophecy created by Sybill Trelawney could also have referred to Neville Longbottom who, like Harry, was born in the month of July and whose parents had twice thwarted the Dark Lord.

Yet even if Voldemort had earmarked Neville as the greater threat, the future Hogwarts Herbology teacher would most likely have remained safe. His parents, Frank and Alice Longbottom, wouldn’t have chosen a menace like Peter Pettigrew as their Secret Keeper, hence it being likely that Neville would have been hidden away successfully and the Fidelius Charm would have remained intact.

8 What If Harry Potter Had Been Sorted Into Slytherin?

The only reason Harry Potter doesn’t get sorted into Slytherin house is because he told the sorting hat that he didn’t want to go. Instead, he ends up in Gryffindor, the same house as both Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, where he goes on to become one of the house’s biggest students.

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And we imagine his life would have turned out slightly different had he been sorted into Lord Voldemort’s old house. For starters, Potter would most likely be feared or suspected of harnessing a dark side to his personality. Not only that, but it’s also likely that he may have become individualistic and over-ambitious, traits the Dark Lord himself possessed during his time at school.

7 What If Remus Lupin Hadn’t Transformed?

Don’t get us wrong we absolutely love Remus Lupin but we can’t quite forgive him for transforming into a werewolf at the most crucial time during the Prisoner of Azkaban book and movie. Just as it looks like Sirius Black will be a free man, and Peter Pettigrew will be subjected to a spell in Azkaban himself, Lupin’s sudden change allows the latter to escape and reunite with Voldemort once again.

Had that not happened, Harry would likely have moved out of Number 4 Private Drive and instead lived with Sirius. But because Pettigrew escaped, the Boy Who Lived’s godfather was unable to clear his name and would ultimately spend the rest of his days with a price on his head.

6 What If Barty Crouch Sr Hadn’t Been Left Alone?

In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Barty Crouch Sr slowly descends into a worsened state as the novel goes on. While in the movie he is discovered dead in the Forbidden Forest, things are different in the core material with Harry and Viktor Krum instead discovering him alive – before Harry leaves and later returns to find the Ministry of Magic man dead.

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Had Harry not left Krum alone with Crouch, he would most likely have been able to get him to Professor Dumbledore and defy Lord Voldemort’s plan. But, by leaving the Durmstrang student alone with the old man, it allows Barty Crouch Jr to murder his father in secret.

5 What If Barty Crouch Jr Didn’t Teach Harry?

Say Lord Voldemort hadn’t used Barty Crouch Jr during his plan to get Harry Potter to Little Hangleton Graveyard during the Goblet of Fire, but still managed to transform the cup into a Portkey. How would that have gone down?

We’re just guessing here but, chances are, it wouldn’t have been the Boy Who Lived traveling to the graveyard. Harry only won the Triwizard Tournament because he had Crouch Jr, impersonating Alastor ‘Mad-Eye’ Moody, helping him.

It’s the Death Eater who nudges him towards flying in the first task, and him again who ensures Harry use Gillyweed in the second. As for the third and it’s Crouch Jr who eliminates most of the obstacles in his path. Without him, it’s unlikely Harry would have got anywhere near the prize.

4 What If Albus Dumbledore Had Stayed Alive?

Albus Dumbledore dies at the hands of Severus Snape during the Half-Blood Prince with many at the time shocked by the circumstances of his passing. However, it later emerges that the Hogwarts headmaster was on borrowed time anyway and arranged his death in order to save Draco Malfoy’s soul.

Had Dumbledore survived, for at least one more year, then Lord Voldemort could have been defeated quicker. The Hogwarts headmaster was wise and chances are that he knew what the Dark Lord’s Horcruxes were before Harry did. They could have fought together to bring the evil villain down, rather than the youngster having to do the bulk of things himself.

3 What If Voldemort Had Turned Gryffindor’s Sword Into A Horcrux?

Lord Voldemort took pride in having his Horcruxes be items of significance or meaning. He steals Helga Hufflepuff’s cup from a woman named Hepzibah Smith, is able to acquire Salazar Slytherin’s old locket and also persuades Rowena Ravenclaw’s daughter into giving up her mother’s old diadem.

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Chances are he’d of loved to make Godric Gryffindor’s sword another one of his soul-carriers – and that would probably have been bad news for Harry Potter. The sword is virtually indestructible and Fiendfyre, the tricky spell that kills Crabbe, may have been too dangerous a method to use. It also would have been nearly impossible to destroy items such as the locket, Tom Riddle’s old school diary and Nagini.

2 What If Hermione Granger Didn’t Exist?

Harry Potter is the focal point of the entire franchise, with the Boy Who Lived often joined in his adventures by close friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. Yet while Harry and Ron are capable wizards, Hermione is a class above with her intelligence and logic often setting the trio in good stead.

Without Hermione, Harry and Ron would most likely have perished in the Sorcerer’s Stone. Likewise in the Chamber of Secrets. In the Prisoner of Azkaban, it’s also left to her to save the day when Sirius Black looks likely to be imprisoned. And so on. Without Hermione, there’s a genuine chance Harry would never have got anywhere near defeating Lord Voldemort.

1 What If Lord Voldemort Won?

The biggest what-if of them all. What if Lord Voldemort had defeated Harry Potter at the Battle of Hogwarts? What if he’d been able to kill the Boy Who Lived rather than the other way round?

Well, put simply, there most likely wouldn’t have been any muggles left. Voldemort wanted to take over their world which probably would have involved mass murder. Similarly, anybody loyal to Harry would have probably been killed and it seems feasible that Hogwarts would have been turned into an institution where the dark arts are taught. Certainly, the world would have been a grim place had Harry not reigned supreme.

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