Supernatural: 7 Times Castiel Was The Best Character (And 3 Times He Was The Worst)

Sam and Dean Winchester are the main characters of Supernatural, but it was Castiel who first nabbed the People’s Choice Award for Best Sci-Fi character from the show due to his immense popularity. Castiel was originally only supposed to be a recurring character but has now been a staple for the show for over a decade.

There are definite Castiel moments and attributes that make him the best character on Supernatural, and it’s always nice to have a reminder as to why. However, there are also moments he could’ve been counted as a weak character too, and this list will tell you that as well.

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10 Best: Saving Dean From The Future

Castiel’s turn toward the heroes’ side was solidified in this episode, where he first truly displayed his penchant for loyalty by saving Dean from a potential loop into the future. Dean had earlier been forced to visit an alternate future by Zachariah, at the end of which the latter once again planned to send Dean on another adventure, only for Castiel to do the rescue job.

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We were led to believe Castiel’s role was minimal, with him being cast as comic relief earlier on as he was made to wait for hours by the side of the road when Dean told him to wait for the right time to pick him up. However, staying true to his word, Castiel rescued Dean by teleporting him out of Zachariah’s clutches.

9 Best: Being The Only One To Unconditionally Love Jack

Castiel had made a promise to Kelly Kline that he would look out for her son, and he’s so far kept that promise two years on. In fact, Jack is now a son to Castiel, who has always loved the boy unconditionally.

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And by unconditionally, we really do mean that, because Castiel has overlooked any act of maliciousness Jack might have done due to his love for him. Even after Jack accidentally killed Mary, Castiel was the only one of the main characters to see Jack for the inherent goodness that was within him. It was this act that confirmed to us that Castiel was so much purer than Sam or Dean in personality.

8 Worst: Trying To Kill Jesse

Having good intentions doesn’t really justify wanting to kill a child, and Castiel would’ve done just that had he had his way. In Season 5, Castiel arrived to take the life of Jesse, who was supposed to turn into the Anti-Christ. 

Sensing that killing a child would mean saving thousands of others, Castiel prepared himself to kill the boy; he was unsuccessful, as Jesse was too powerful. It was just luck that allowed Jesse to walk free because Castiel was adamant in taking the life of a child. Now that’s not something you want from a good guy character, is it?

7 Best: Retrieving Claire

Even though the main guys are the protagonists of the series, they’ve developed a high sense of apathy when it comes to the vessels of the angels and demons. Castiel totally ignored Claire’s prayers for him to bring her father back, but at least he tried to make amends.

In Season 10, Castiel tracked Claire down in a child services institute after years of suffering the consequences to Castiel possessing Claire’s father. He didn’t need to do it, but Castiel tried his best to be like a father to Claire anyway, resulting in her eventually being placed with Jody Mills, where Claire now has a surrogate family that loves her very much.

6 Best: Watching The Pizza Man

The source of awkward comedy on Supernatural are Sam and Castiel, with the latter being the unquestioned master of this. He’s easily confused by every human societal custom, and his lack of awareness leads to him being adorably ignorant.

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In this instance, Castiel came across some adult-oriented video on TV, while Dean and Sam were sitting right behind him. The only question Castiel had, though, was why the Pizza man kept “punishing” the customer. After Samuel Campbell inquired why he was watching the video, Castiel refused to talk about it because Dean told him dudes don’t do that. Now that’s the kind of innocence we so love and adore about Castiel.

5 Worst: Helping In Removing The Mark Of Cain

The entirety of Season 10 seemed to be built around making us see the main characters as antagonists. In order to remove the Mark of Cain from Dean, these guys would do rather horrendous things, rather than sacrifice Dean for the greater good.

The worst moment was when Castiel assisted in kidnapping Oskar, the only boy Rowena had genuine love for, and then watched as they made Rowena kill Oskar in order to make the spell to remove the Mark of Cain work. This was probably the lowest the main characters could sink to, and Castiel was a willing party to it. He has Oskar’s blood on his hands.

4 Best: Turning On The Angels

In the majority of Season 4, Castiel worked for the other angels and it was a slow turn for him to start to sympathize with Dean. We saw glimpses of Castiel wanting to walk away from the angels’ plans, but he remained loyal until the last episode.

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It was here that Castiel won everyone’s hearts, as he quietly helped Dean by creating an angel banishing sigil and cast Zachariah out long enough to inform Dean that Lilith was the last seal. His epic moment arrived when he told Dean “I’ll hold them off. I’ll hold them all off!” when Raphael was arriving to kill them. It was at this point we knew Castiel would be becoming our favorite angel.

3 Best: Being Loyal To Both Sam And Dean

Even Sam and Dean haven’t been as loyal to one another as Castiel has been to them. We’ve seen the brothers fight and separate several times, but Castiel has never done that. No matter how they treat him, Castiel is always willing to accept them. 

And it’s not just loyalty to solely Dean or just to Sam, as we’ve seen Castiel stick around with the Winchester who is right in that particular situation. In Season 9, Castiel stayed with Sam when the latter was hurt Dean had used him with Gadreel; in Season 5, Castiel was with Dean when Dean was hurting over Sam’s actions in Season 4. This kind of loyalty is what we’d all love to have in our lives.

2 Worst: Being Nerfed

Since Season 7, Castiel has been on the show mainly because the fans love him; other than that, he’s been weakened so hard that his role has been reduced to being a punching bag for new antagonists.

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It’s gotten to the point that it’s infuriating to see Castiel being beaten down so easily, and him matching up against anyone is a cause of exasperation than excitement because we know he’s just going to lose. The showrunners need to make him strong as he used to be, otherwise Castiel’s quality will be even further reduced than it has been.

1 Best: His Introduction

There’s never been a more epic introduction for a character on Supernatural than the one Castiel got. It was built up first, with Castiel’s true visage destroying the station Dean was in, before Pamela had her eyes burned out when she tried to perceive Castiel in his angel form.

His first appearance in the flesh was awesome, too, as Castiel strutted in to greet Bobby and Dean, both of whom were easily incapacitated. Castiel’s monotone style of talking made him a mysterious stranger we wanted to know about and Supernatural was shot up in scale when Castiel proclaimed he was sent to Earth by God.

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Stranger Things: 5 Reasons Why Erica Is The Best Character (5 Reasons Why Robin Is)

Now that everyone has happily binged season three of Stranger Things, it’s safe to say that it was a pretty wild ride. It was great to watch the characters that fans have loved since the very beginning, from the adorable Dustin to the cute couple Jonathan and Nancy to the loveable Joyce. But there are two characters in the third season who definitely stand out from the rest, and one of them is brand new whereas the other has been given more screen time.

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Both Erica Sinclair (the younger sister of Lucas, played by Priah Ferguson) and Robin (Maya Hawke) have some strong scenes, perfect lines of dialogue, and generally bring a lot to the table for the third outing of this show. Here are five reasons why Erica is the best character on Stranger Things and five reasons that Robin is.

10 Erica: She Knows How To Get What She Wants

One reason that Erica is the best character on Stranger Things is that she knows how to get what she wants. Sure, Erica is a kid, so what she wants this summer is free samples at the new mall’s ice cream shop, Scoops Ahoy… and she wants a lot of them (and she wants them right now).

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Erica is totally determined, which makes her an amazing character. She even makes sure that she’s getting something out of it when Dustin and Steve ask her to sneak through the vents of the mall to help them out. She’ll only do that if she gets free ice cream for life. Of course, things get really scary, so maybe she kind of regrets that… but she knows her worth.

9 Robin: She’s Got A Chill Vibe

There is truly no character on this series who has a more chill vibe than Robin. She even manages to make her Scoops Ahoy uniform look like high fashion. She looks like she’s about to walk the runway, wearing a Parisian chic sailor-inspired outfit.

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Robin has a really great vibe, and even when she and Steve have clearly been drugged by the Russians when they end up underneath the Starcourt Mall, she’s still trying to have a good time. She’s the kind of girl that everyone wants to be pals with.

8 Erica: “You Can’t Spell America Without Erica”

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate this line of dialogue. When Erica says, “You can’t spell America without Erica” it’s truly incredible. There are many great quotes on Stranger Things, but it’s safe to say that this one stands out.

After all, she’s right. No one can argue with this. It’s yet another example of how tough and strong Erica is and of how much self-confidence she has. This scene deserves to be watched again and again because it’s so solid.

7 Robin: She’s Her Own Person

Of all the things that Stranger Things fans could say about Robin, the fact is that she’s her own person. She’s not concerned by what people think about her and she’s just trying to do her job at the ice cream shop as best she can.

This is definitely a testament to Maya Hawke’s amazing performance. She was the perfect choice for this character as she makes Robin someone who fans root for, and she manages to fit in with Erica, Dustin, and Steve when they’re all working on their mission together, but she’s still doing her own thing.

6 Erica: She’s Brave

Not many children would rise to the occassion when asked to sneak through the vents of a mall in order to find a secret Russian hideaway. That’s definitely a pretty scary and disturbing thing to even comprehend.

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Of course, Erica is the kind of person who isn’t afraid of anything, and she doesn’t mind doing this at all (of course, because she’s going to get free ice cream out of the deal). Another reason why Erica is the best character on Stranger Things is because she’s so brave. She’s truly an inspiring girl.

5 Robin: She’s Not Popular And Couldn’t Care Less

When Robin and Steve are captured by the Russians, they end up spending some time together… although they would definitely rather be literally anywhere else.

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We learn that Robin is in the school band and that she used to look at Steve a lot in the class that they took together (but he had no idea who she was at all). That’s because Steve was looking at another girl, who Robin had a crush on. During this scene, we learn that Robin’s not a popular girl, and that she couldn’t care less. This is in sharp contrast to a character like Nancy, who is very sweet but who cares a lot about her reputation and what other people think and say about her.

4 Erica: She’s A Nerd (But Maintains That She’s Not)

One of the best scenes in the third season of Stranger Things is when Erica and Dustin have a moment when he realizes that she’s a nerd, just like him, Lucas, and their adorable group of friends. Since she knows so much about My Little Pony, he says that totally makes her a dork.

Erica is the best character on this Netflix series because she’s absolutely a nerd, but she maintains that she’s not. Her complete and utter denial is hilarious and fun to watch, and just one of the reasons why she’s so quirky and unique.

3 Robin: She Tells It Like It Is (And She’s Hilarious)

At the beginning of the third season, when it becomes clear to Robin that tons of kids keep coming into Scoops Ahoy to talk to Steve, she asks him, “How many children are you friends with?”

Robin always tells it like it is and she’s also hilarious, so she’s a great addition to the series. It’s hard to believe that she wasn’t a part of the group before, but we’re very grateful and thankful that she’s on it now.

2 Erica: She Stands Up To Murray

Another point for Erica: when she tells Murray Bauman (Brett Gelman) “I’m ten, you bald bastard” it’s truly epic.

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Again, Erica proves that she’s not scared of anyone or anything, and since the situation that the gang finds themselves in is super terrifying, that’s impressive. Would you want to be stuck underneath a mall… or escape only to find a massive creature following you? Definitely not… but she takes it all in her stride.

1 Robin: She’s A Good Influence For Steve

Steve is a fairly typical teenage boy as he’s got a great heart but needs a bit of help sometimes. His friendship with Dustin is so moving to watch since Dustin has taught him to care about someone other than himself and become more compassionate.

The final reason why Robin is the best character on Stranger Things is the fact that she’s a good influence for Steve. They have a real connection and because they went through something together that was straight out of a horror movie, they’re able to remain friends. At the end of the season three finale, she even tries to help him get a job at the town’s video store, even though the guy behind the counter isn’t exactly impressed. Robin’s a solid character and we can’t wait to see what she gets up to in season four.

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Every Returning Character In Avengers: Endgame

WARNING: Major spoilers for Avengers: Endgame.

Marvel Studios closed out their 22 film story in style with Avengers: Endgame and brought together one of the biggest casts ever put to screen to do so. The Endgame cast is even larger than the one that was made for Avengers: Infinity War and finally delivered on the every character scene that was hyped since last year.

For much of Avengers: Endgame, the main cast is reduced as much as possible. This is really the story of the original six Avengers and their latest, and some cases last, attempt to save the universe. In order to do this, it requires the remaining heroes to travel through time to try and bring back those who were snapped before by Thanos. This plot structure allows for many past MCU characters to return in Avengers: Endgame, as well as the snap victims to be brought back before everything is said and done.

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The end result is a film that features almost too many characters to count. Luckily we’ve compiled a complete list of all the Avengers: Endgame characters. Whether they were alive from the start, returned at the end, or made brief appearances during time travel scenes, here’s everyone who appears in Avengers: Endgame.

Avengers In Endgame Who Survived The Snap

The Avengers’ ranks were depleted thanks to the Sokovia Accords, but the amount of people who have been true Avengers has never been that large. The original six Avengers were all noticeably still alive at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, with few additional survivors.

  • Robert Downey Jr. – Tony Stark/Iron Man: The first MCU hero to ever grace the screen makes his tenth, and ultimately final, appearance here. He helps find the solution to time travel and goes to the past to steal the Space Stone. Even though it is the snapping of his fingers that defeats Thanos, he pays the ultimate price to fix the universe.
  • Chris Evans – Steve Rogers/Captain America: The oldest MCU hero returns and remains integral to the story all the way through. He is responsible for getting the Mind Stone in the past, and proved his worthiness to wield Mjolnir as he attempted to hold off Thanos. Once they were victorious, he goes back to the past to return the Infinity Stones, but stays there to grow old with Peggy Carter.
  • Chris Hemsworth – Thor: The God of Thunder is an overweight drunk who must find the strength to face Thanos one more time. He’s tasked with getting the Reality Stone and eventually gets his rematch with the Mad Titan. He is not the one to ultimately save the universe, but accepts this, deciding to leave Asgard behind to join the Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Scarlett Johansson – Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow: She’s had red on her ledger as long as she’s been part of the MCU, and Natasha finally gets the chance to wipe it clean here. Nat makes the sacrifice play on Vormir to give the Avengers the Soul Stone, giving the Barton family a shot at a reunion.
  • Jeremy Renner – Clint Barton/Hawkeye: The sharpshooter is back after sitting out Avengers: Infinity War, but the latest MCU film doesn’t waste time showing he also suffered losses from the snap. Clint takes on the Ronin guise for the purposes of this movie, and even has to protect the Infinity Stones in the final battle. He does survive the fight and gets an emotional reunion with his resurrected family.
  • Mark Ruffalo – Bruce Banner/Hulk: After the complications Bruce and Hulk experienced in the past, the perfect medium has been found in Professor Hulk. He helps figure out time travel and has to get his hands on the Time Stone. He later volunteers to put on the Iron Man made gauntlet to bring back those who were lost in the snap. He’s successful in doing so, but the snap causes severe – and potentially permanent – damage to his right arm.
  • Don Cheadle – James Rhodes/War Machine: Rhodey is always surprised and somewhat confused by what he doesn’t understand (see Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron), and time travel is the latest example of that. He does come around to the idea and needs to steal the Power Stone from Morag. Ultimately reverting to a new look Iron Patriot armor, Rhodey is left mourning the loss of his best friend.

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Other Avengers: Endgame Characters Who Survived The Snap

Beyond official Avengers members, Avengers: Endgame brings back many other MCU characters who survived the snap. Some of them have been working with the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes since the incident occurred, while others have not been seen or heard from in this universe for some time. Here are all the pre-existing MCU characters who survived the snap and returned for Avengers: Endgame.

  • Josh Brolin – Thanos: The Mad Titan is surprisingly killed off in the first 20 minutes of the film after already destroying the Infinity Stones, but his role grows thanks to time travel. The 2014 version of Thanos returns and attempts to protect his future self’s plan. He is ultimately defeated as well, as his own confidence in taking down Tony Stark allows the human to get the Infinity Stones back, resulting in Thanos and his entire army being dusted.
  • Paul Rudd – Scott Lang/Ant-Man: Thanks to a curious rat, Scott is able to escape the Quantum Realm five years after he entered, but it was only five hours for him. He devises the time travel solution to the Avengers’ biggest problem and becomes the guinea pig to work out all of the kinks. It is partially his responsibility to get the Space Stone, and then helps save Hulk, Rocket, and War Machine from drowning when Thanos attacks Avengers HQ.
  • Karen Gillan – Nebula: The daughter of Thanos is able to tell the Avengers what his location is at the onset, but continues to work the Avengers after the snap is not able to be reversed initially. She then has to find the Power Stone, but her memory network betrays her and the entire team. It alerts the past version of Thanos of what they are doing, bringing upon the ultimate destruction, but she kills her past self to help fix this and takes her place as an official member of the Guardians of the Galaxy at the end.
  • Bradley Cooper (voice)/Sean Gunn (motion capture) – Rocket Raccoon: The sweet rabbit is the last true member of the Guardians and once again has to be the captain to get Thor back in the game. Rocket gets the Reality Stone from Asgard in 2013 and takes part in the final fight that ends in their victory. He then recruits Thor to the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the team begins to search for a new mission.
  • Brie Larson – Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel: She joins the team shortly after the snap occurs, but she also leaves them almost just as quickly. After she saves Tony and Nebula and once Thanos is killed in the present day, Carol leaves Earth to go back to patrolling the galaxy. She only returns at the very end to help swing the balance of power in favor of the heroes.
  • Tessa Thompson – Valkyrie: Her absence from Avengers: Infinity War was highly recognized by viewers, but the Thor: Ragnarok breakout makes her return now. She’s living in New Asgard and joins the final fight with the return of her pegasus. After helping save the day, she is crowned the Queen of New Asgard.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow – Pepper Potts: The wife to Tony Stark, Pepper is happy to finally have a regular life with the billionaire after he steps away from the superhero game. She finally gets the chance to suit up properly in the Rescue suit and take part in the final fight at Avengers HQ, where she has to say goodbye to her love.
  • Benedict Wong – Wong: After quickly removing himself from the events of Avengers: Infinity War, Wong waits until the end to return. He helps teleport the Avengers’ own army to Avengers HQ to fight Thanos, with their spells helping protect them from the firepower raining down on the war zone.
  • Danai Gurira – Okoye: The head of the Dora Milaje remains in contact with the Avengers following the snap, but doesn’t get too involved in what they are doing. Okoye does make her grand return to combat with the rest of Wakanda at the very end to fight Thanos’ army.
  • Winston Duke – M’Baku: The Black Panther scene stealer and ruler of the Jabari tribe only returns for the final battle at Avengers HQ, where he’s shown running into the heat of combat.
  • Taika Waititi – Korg: The warrior days of the wise-cracking Kronan are behind him at the start, as he is busy playing video games, but Korg does get involved with the battle at Avengers HQ.
  • Jon Favreau – Happy Hogan: Tony’s former security guard is only briefly featured here, present for his longtime friend’s funeral.
  • Ty Simpkins – Harley Keener: Last seen in Iron Man 3, the Chattanooga native makes his long-awaited return, just not under the best circumstances. The special connection he shared with Tony Stark was enough to see him attend his funeral.
  • William Hurt – Thaddeus Ross: He’s been a longtime adversary to the Avengers, and despite their sometimes contentious relationship, Ross is shown attending Tony’s funeral.
  • Emma Fuhrmann – Cassie Lang: After the five-year time jump, an older Cassie is shocked to see her father after all these years. There’s no signs that she’s become a hero of her own during this time, but they are reunited for possible future adventures.
  • Miek: The insectoid creature is still alive after a brief scare at the end of Thor: Ragnarok and is largely relegated to eating pizza in New Asgard in his small appearance here.
  • Angela Bassett – Ramonda: The mother of T’Challa and Shuri previously stated that she survived the snap and returns here reunited with her children as they overlook Wakanda.
  • Marisa Tomei – May Parker: Confirmed to have survived the snap by the Russo brothers, Peter Parker’s aunt returns to attend Tony Stark’s funeral with her nephew.

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Characters Brought Back In Avengers: Endgame

The snap wiped out half of all life across the universe, but that’s reversed in Avengers: Endgame, meaning that everybody who turned to dust in the last movie is back for the final fight against Thanos.

  • Tom Holland – Peter Parker/Spider-Man: The friendly neighborhood hero returns after being snapped on Titan, making his grand entrance during the battle at Avengers HQ. He has to say goodbye to his mentor Tony Stark and then attend his funeral, before going back to school and trying to move on.
  • Benedict Cumberbatch – Stephen Strange/Doctor Strange: He sacrificed the Time Stone knowing he would be snapped on Titan for the chance that the only path to victory out of 14,000,605 scenarios came to fruition. Strange helped teleport an entire army to Avengers HQ so the final fight could occur, and got to see first hand how Thanos was defeated. He then attended the funeral (he knew was coming) for Tony Stark.
  • Chadwick Boseman – T’Challa/Black Panther: The recent star of the MCU was surprisingly snapped in Wakanda but returns here to lead the Wakandan army during the battle that ensues at Avengers HQ. He then heads back to Wakanda to watch over his country with his family.
  • Anthony Mackie – Sam Wilson/Falcon: Snapped after the Battle of Wakanda, Falcon returns for the final fight at Avengers HQ. He survives the battle and attends Tony’s funeral. Then, after Steve Rogers doesn’t return from his time travel mission, he sees an aged Steve sitting on a nearby bench, who offers him the Captain America title and shield to carry on the legacy.
  • Sebastian Stan – Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier/White Wolf: The first victim of Thanos’ snap shown, Bucky returns to fight at Avengers HQ. He isn’t who Steve chooses to carry on the mantle, but he doesn’t appear to be upset in the slightest with this decision.
  • Chris Pratt – Peter Quill/Star-Lord: His blunder on Titan was partially responsible for the snap happening at all, but he returns here to fight at Avengers HQ. He encounters the past version of Gamora and begins searching for the version he knows after attending Tony Stark’s funeral. We last see him aboard the Benatar with the Guardians of the Galaxy searching for a new adventure.
  • Evangeline Lilly – Hope van Dyne/Wasp: She disappeared at the end of Ant-Man and the Wasp, but Hope returns to join the fight at Avengers HQ in support. After the superhero adventure, we last see her spending a night relaxing with Scott and Cassie.
  • Vin Diesel (voice)/Terry Notary (motion capture) – Teen Groot: The anthropomorphic tree-like creature was snapped in Wakanda and now returns to fight at Avengers HQ. He’s protected by Rocket and attends Tony Stark’s funeral, before he rejoins the Guardians of the Galaxy aboard the Benatar to go on a new adventure.
  • Dave Bautista – Drax the Destroyer: He was snapped on Titan after failing to stop Thanos and returns now to join the battle at Avengers HQ. He attends Tony Stark’s funeral before heading off on a new adventure with the Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Pom Klementieff – Mantis: An addition to the Guardians of the Galaxy in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, she was snapped on Titan and reappears at Avengers HQ. She attends Tony Stark’s funeral and then boards the Benatar with the rest of the Guardians.
  • Letitia Wright – Shuri: The Black Panther break out was snapped off-screen in Wakanda and makes her return during the battle at Avengers HQ. She then heads back to Wakanda to be reunited further with her family.
  • Michael Douglas – Hank Pym: Snapped at the end of Ant-Man and the Wasp, Hank returns at Tony’s funeral, but this isn’t all. He briefly is shown during a time travel sequence in 1970, where the young S.H.I.E.L.D. scientist is still perfecting his shrinking tech.
  • Samuel L. Jackson – Nick Fury: The man who started the Avengers Initiative and was snapped at the end of Avengers: Infinity War makes a quick return to attend Tony Stark’s funeral, remembering his first recruit.
  • Michelle Pfeiffer – Janet van Dyne: Snapped at the end of Ant-Man and the Wasp, Janet only returns to attend Tony Stark’s funeral at the very end.
  • Linda Cardellini – Laura Barton: Laura is snapped right at the beginning of Avengers: Endgame, and it takes all the way until the very end for her and the three Barton kids to be reunited with Clint.
  • Cobie Smulders – Maria Hill: A recurring character throughout the MCU makes another return after being brought back from the snap to attend Tony Stark’s funeral.
  • Jacob Batalon – Ned Leeds: Peter Parker’s best friend from Spider-Man: Homecoming returns to have a reunion with Peter at school. His fate in the snap was never confirmed, but his lack of aging should point to him being a snap victim too.

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Avengers: Endgame Characters Who Return Via Time Travel

On the other side of this coin, Avengers: Endgame also brought back many characters through time travel. The film revisits five main times and locations – Camp Lehigh/1970, The Battle of New York/2012, Asgard/2013, Vormir/2014, and Morag/2014 – and each is used to bring back a familiar face or two. Here are all the characters who returned in Avengers: Endgame thanks to time travel.

  • Zoe Saldana – Gamora: The Guardians of the Galaxy star died in Avengers: Infinity War but returns here with the 2014 version of her, showing how she helped conquer planets and civilizations for Thanos. She makes it to the present day and her fate is unclear, as she could be among the latest batch of snap victims from Tony or be living a brand new life.
  • Tilda Swinton – The Ancient One: Doctor Strange’s mentor is shown fighting off Chitauri on top of the Sanctum Sanctorum during The Battle of New York from The Avengers. She encounters Professor Hulk during this time and, after initially saying no, gives him the Time Stone once he mentions Strange gave it up in the future.
  • Hayley Atwell – Peggy CarterCaptain America: The First Avenger‘s romantic lead and future founder of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns briefly during a scene in 1970 with Steve Rogers. She doesn’t see him during this scene, but the two are fully reunited during the end when Steve decides to stay in the past to grow old with her.
  • Tom Hiddleston – Loki: The trickster is shown briefly in captivity during Thor: The Dark World, but also is part of them revisiting the aftermath of The Battle of New York from The Avengers. He gets his hands on the Tesseract and teleports away, leaving his fate potentially up in the air.
  • Ross Marquand – Red Skull: The former head of Hydra returns in his new form on Vormir and guides Black Widow and Hawkeye through the process of getting the Soul Stone.
  • John Slattery – Howard Stark: Tony Stark’s distant father returns in a 1970 scene and sees him meet his fully grown son, although he doesn’t know it.
  • Natalie Portman – Jane Foster: Thor’s former girlfriend from the first two Thor films makes her return when Thor and Rocket visit Asgard during the events of Thor: The Dark World.
  • Rene Russo – Frigga: Thor’s mother gets one more encounter with her son during his time on Asgard as he revisits the events of Thor: The Dark World.
  • Robert Redford – Alexander PierceCaptain America: The Winter Soldier‘s villain was the head of Hydra and returns in the revisit to The Battle of New York from The Avengers.
  • Frank Grillo – Brock Rumlow/Crossbones: A side villain from the Captain America franchise was a sleeper Hydra agent in S.H.I.E.L.D. and returns as The Battle of New York from The Avengers is revisited.
  • Tom Vaughn-Lawlor – Ebony Maw: The intellectual Child of Thanos was killed by Iron Man and Spider-Man’s plan in Avengers: Infinity War, but returns in 2014 to help figure out Nebula’s memory network and then joins the fight at Avengers HQ.
  • Carrie Coon (voice)/Monique Ganderton (motion capture) – Proxima Midnight: A Child of Thanos who first appeared in Avengers: Infinity War and died at the hands of Scarlet Witch returns here in her 2014 form to fight with Thanos’ army at Avengers HQ.
  • Terry Notary – Cull Obsidian: The giant Child of Thanos introduced in Avengers: Infinity War was killed by Bruce Banner before, but his 2014 self now returns to help lead Thanos’ forces during his attack on Avengers HQ.
  • Michael James Shaw – Corvus Glaive: One of Thanos’ children was killed by Vision in Avengers: Infinity War and reappears now as his 2014 self at the battle of Avengers HQ.
  • James D’Arcy – Jarvis: The longtime Stark butler, friend of Peggy Carter in Agent Carter, and inspiration for Tony’s A.I. of the same name returns during a 1970 scene with Tony and Howard Stark.
  • Maximiliano Hernandez – Jasper Sitwell: A supporting character throughout MCU Phase 1 was secretly working with Hydra and returns in an elevator during The Battle of New York from The Avengers.
  • Callan Mulvey – Jack Rollins: Another sleeper Hydra agent from Captain America: The Winter Soldier returns here during The Battle of New York, but isn’t dismantled by Captain America in an elevator this time.

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New Characters In Avengers: Endgame

With so many familiar faces returning, Avengers: Endgame is short on new additions to the MCU. There are a few fun Community cameos that are included, but here are the few new characters that you need to know about.

  • Hiroyuki Sanada – Akihiko: The villain of The Wolverine, Sanada makes his MCU debut with a small role as a member of the Yakuza in Tokyo. He is hunted down and killed by Barton.
  • Morgan Stark: The daughter of Tony Stark and Pepper Potts was born after the snap. She spends most of her time in the film with Tony, but will now have to spend the rest of her life without him.

And there you have it, that is every character who appears in Avengers: Endgame. The cast is incredibly large, but so is everything – from the runtime to likely box office opening – about this film.

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2019-04-25 04:04:46

Cooper Hood

Game of Thrones: Every Character Reunion in The Season 8 Premiere

Warning! SPOILERS ahead for Game of Thrones season 8, episode 1.

Game of Thrones season 8’s premiere, “Winterfell” brings together much of the HBO series’ huge cast, reuniting characters who have been apart from one another for years. Everyone is gathering at the northern castle ahead of the upcoming battle against the Night King and his army of the dead, which – depending on how that battle unfolds – may turn a few of these reunions into goodbyes.

Game of Thrones season 8 is the final season of HBO’s epic fantasy series, wrapping up its sprawling story in just six weeks time. The forthcoming Battle of Winterfell is the largest battle ever filmed for the series, befitting the heightened stakes of a fight against death itself. Those high stakes are likely to also translate into a high death toll, though, and at least a few major characters aren’t likely to survive. However, whether the heroes gathered at Winterfell defeat the White Walkers or not, there’s still Cersei to deal with – and her forces have just been bolstered by the arrival of The Golden Company.

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Yet, before the fighting really breaks out, the Game of Thrones season 8 premiere allows its characters a few moments of calm, providing ample opportunity for old friends to be reunited. The first of these reunions is that between Jon Snow and Bran Stark. It’s a touching scene as Jon embraces his brother, having previously said his goodbyes to a then still-unconscious Bran in season 1. Things take a turn for the weird, though, once Jon realizes Bran isn’t really Bran anymore but the Three-Eyed Raven. Still, Jon isn’t one to let a little mysticism ruin a family reunion.

The next major reunion between long-separated characters is that of Sansa Stark and Tyrion Lannister, and the former husband and wife share a short but not entirely unfriendly reunion. Though, what the scene best illustrates is the change in dynamics between the two. Sansa is now the one who keenly understands how to play the game while Tyrion is at a bit of loss, especially among the stubborn northern lords. Arya Stark and Jon Snow are the next to be reunited, embracing in the godswood after seeing each other for the first time since Game of Thrones‘ season 1 premiere. It’s easily the most heartwarming of all the many reunions in the season 8 premiere since Ayra and Jon are especially close, but even their reunion is laced with a little tension over Jon’s decision to bend the knee to Daenerys.

Theon and Yara Greyjoy are also reunited in the Game of Thrones season 8 premiere, with Theon coming to rescue his sister from their uncle Euron’s ship. The two siblings haven’t seen each other since Theon abandoned Yara following Euron’s attack on their fleet in season 6, but all appears forgiven (that is, once Yara headbutts Theon for leaving her in the first place). Back at Winterfell, another two reunions come in quick succession – Arya and Sandor “The Hound” Clegane, followed by Arya and Gendry. The first is a terse exchange that hides the mutual respect the two former traveling companions actually share, while the second is a sweet, flirtatious exchange, potentially even hinting at a little romance later in the season.

The next two characters Game of Thrones season 8 reunites only met for the first time in season 7 – Samwell Tarly and Jorah Mormont – but their familiarity with one another is an interesting connection between two previously far flung characters. Of course, the reunion of Sam and Jorah is what leads Daenerys to reveal that she executed Sam’s father and brother – news that hopefully won’t create an awkward rift between him and Jorah, but definitely gives Sam a negative opinion of the dragon queen. More importantly, though, that meeting paves the way for another, much more anticipated reunion between Sam and Jon, two brothers-in-arms who have been apart since the Game of Thrones season 5 finale. In this scene, Sam shares with Jon the truth of his parentage, laying out how he is actually Aegon Targaryen and the true heir to the Iron Throne.

Before “Winterfell” wraps up there are two more reunions that occur. The first is a hilarious encounter between Tormund Giantsbane and Edd Tollet (“Stay back, he’s got blue eyes!“, “I’ve always had blue eyes!“) that brings together the wildling and Night’s Watchman for the first time since Game of Thrones season 6. However, it’s the final reunion of the Game of Thrones season 8 premiere that is most exciting – Jaime Lannister and Bran Stark. It’s a scene which perfectly mirrors the final moments of the Game of Thrones season 1 premiere where Jaime pushes Bran out the window, as the now older and wiser Bran waits for his “old friend” in Winterfell’s courtyard. Once he arrives, that look between Jaime and Bran is laced with so much meaning, reminding us how it is Game of Thrones first began as well as highlighting a few matters which will still need to be addressed before it’s all over.

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Game of Thrones season 8 continues Sunday, April 21 at 9:00pm on HBO.

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Sarah Moran

Bronn’s Game of Thrones Season 8 Mission (& Why It’s Perfect For His Character)

Game of Thrones is setting up a perfect final mission for one of the show’s most beloved supporting characters: the sellsword Bronn. Played with scuzzy charm by Jerome Flynn, Bronn has quietly played an important role in the Lannisters’ rise to power over the course of the series. He’s rarely shown ambitions beyond the desire to be rich and surrounded by beautiful women, which has ironically made him one of the show’s purest and most likeable characters. After his actions at the Battle of the Blackwater, his trial by combat in Tyrion’s name, or his many excursions with Jaime, the Lannisters – even Cersei – rightly consider Bronn a valuable ally.

But the queen isn’t going to make this final season easy for Bronn. In the season 8 premiere “Winterfell,” Cersei interrupts Bronn’s triumphant foursome to task him with a dark duty: hunting down and murdering both Jaime and Tyrion. It’s no real surprise that Cersei wants Tyrion dead, as that’s been true for essentially her entire life, but her order to have Bronn kill Jaime feels like a point of no return for Cersei. She’s still deeply in love with Jaime and is indeed carrying his unborn child, but she takes his decision to leave for the north and fight the undead army with the Lannisters’ ostensible enemies as an unforgivable betrayal. She trusts Bronn is the sort of immoral thug who won’t have a problem murdering his friends if the pay is high enough. Is she right?

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To say this is a complicated order for Bronn would be a massive understatement. Despite the fact he ended up an unlikely knight, Bronn considers himself a true mercenary, unburdened by things like friends and family. But along the way he formed real, unmistakable friendships with both Tyrion and Jaime. His admission to Tyrion that he missed his company during last season’s massive meet up between all of the show’s major players was perhaps Bronn’s most honest, affecting moment. He may have grown even closer to Jaime as the two men killed some time in Dorne, overthrew the last of House Tyrell at Riverrun, and just barely survived an attack by Daenerys and her dragons on the road to King’s Landing.

So, how will Bronn react to orders from the queen to kill possibly his two closest friends? The obvious answer is that he lives up to his reputation and follows the commands of the highest bidder, but that’s starting to seem unlikely. Beyond his personal affection for Tyrion and Jaime, Bronn is likely the Game of Thrones character who has shown the most efficient talent for self preservation – with the possible exception of Sansa. Even if Bronn decides to obey Cersei’s orders, that would likely mean a trip to Winterfell, where the largest army in Westeros is amassing to take on the Night King. It seems highly unlikely that Bronn would be able to penetrate Winterfell’s defenses undetected and simply slit Tyrion and Jaime’s throats in their sleep.

Also, for all his bluster and carnal passions, Bronn is no idiot. He is, in fact, one of the savviest characters on the show, and a trip to the north would likely be enough for him to realize that what’s coming could easily wipe out all the prostitutes and alcohol in Westeros. Even now he seems to understand that Cersei’s grip on power is tenuous at best, and the likelihood of even being able to collect his ultimate payment from her may factor into his ultimate decision.

Bronn has never wanted to be a hero; he largely stumbled into a pivotal role for a powerful house by accident. But either through his relationship with Tyrion or through a well hidden sense of right and wrong, Bronn has generally ended up doing the relatively noble thing. This is, in many ways, the ultimate test of his moral compass.

Page 2: Why Bronn’s Mission is Perfect For His Character Arc

Cersei is not exactly known for her sense of humor, but she does enjoy something akin to poetic justice. The crossbow she hands Bronn when ordering him to kill Tyrion and Jaime has quite a history. It originally belonged to Joffrey, her late son and king, who murdered Ros with the weapon in season 3. In the darkest moment of his life, Tyrion used the same crossbow to murder his and Cersei’s father, Tywin, before fleeing King’s Landing. Cersei blames Tyrion for both Tyrion and Tywin’s deaths – even though only Tywin’s was really his fault – and each of those losses affected her in profound ways, leading to her eventual transformation into the cold, calculating queen she is now.

Passing that crossbow on to Bronn for him to use in the murder of her brothers creates a sort of pitch black cosmic rhyme. The deaths of Joffrey and Tywin ultimately led to Cersei’s grotesque ascension to power, and the elimination of Tyrion and Jaime would make her the last Lannister of any real importance standing. For that all to be carried out with the same weapon would be sort of remarkable, and a fitting final blow from Cersei.

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Virtually everyone left standing on Game of Thrones has changed in fundamental ways over its eight seasons. A recurring theme in the show has centered around the lengths people will go to survive unthinkable hardship, and how much of their own moral compass and basic motivations they’re willing to compromise. Some characters have found great strength and purpose through that sense of self-compromise, while others have simply doubled down on their most toxic impulses.

Bronn, for his part, has never really had to grapple with that sort of existential crisis. His personal goals have largely aligned with those of his allies, to the point that it’s been rare to see him forced to make any sort of difficult decisions since the early days of the series. But that all changes now; Tyrion and Jaime are the closest thing Bronn has to family at this point, and his affection for both of them is easy to see. This is really the first time in years where Bronn has had to decide what sort of person he is. Is he still a mercenary at heart, with no allegiance except to himself? Or have his relationships with the Lannister brothers subtly changed him, to the point he can justify turning away Cersei’s promise of riches?

It’s possible Bronn could still follow Cersei’s orders. Penetrating Winterfell is no small feat, but Bronn has shown himself to more or less have the abilities of a ninja. If he’s betting that Cersei’s right, and that the Lannisters can wipe out their enemies after they defeat the Night King, then it’s not unthinkable that he could go through with the execution of his friends. But if he has truly grown as a character, it’s not hard to imagine him admitting to Tyrion and Jaime what Cersei ordered him to do, joining Daenerys’ army, and fighting alongside his only true comrades. Besides, if Game of Thrones is gearing up for an all out battle between the denizens of Westeros and the Night King’s undead army, does anyone want to see that fight without Bronn cracking ice zombie skulls?

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Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9pm on HBO.

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Dusty Stowe

Pulp Fiction Cast & Character Guide

Pulp Fiction was the film that firmly established Quentin Tarantino as one of the greatest filmmakers of his generation, so let’s revisit the cast and characters. Pulp Fiction was only Tarantino’s second film after Reservoir Dogs and told three interlocking locking tales. The film’s instantly quotable dialogue, unique structure, shocking outbursts of violence and fantastic cast made it a smash hit in 1994.

Tarantino would follow up with arguably his most underrated film Jackie Brown, and while he’s made lots of great movies in the years since like Inglourious Basterds, Pulp Fiction is still considered one of his defining works. The film would also lead to a lot of other filmmakers attempting to copy his zippy dialogue and style, though few could do it as well.

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Pulp Fiction is also famous for its sprawling cast, so let’s look back on the main characters and the actors who played them.

John Travolta – Vincent Vega

Vincent is a hitman working for crime boss Marsellus Wallace and is partners with Jules. In the opening, the pair retrieve a briefcase for their boss and murder the men who took it. Vincent is dismissive of Jules’ spiritual awakening after they survive a shootout, and is later tasked with taking Marsellus’ wife out for food, which ends with her almost dying of an overdose. Vincent is later killed in Butch’s apartment. Pulp Fiction revived John Travolta’s acting career leading to Get Shorty and Face/Off.

Samuel L. Jackson – Jules Winnfield

A hitman working with Vincent but after they survive a close range gun battle, he decides to leave the business. He also imparts some wisdom to a couple robbing a restaurant. Jules would be a star-making role for Jackson, who has rarely stopped working since and recently appeared in Glass and Captain Marvel.

Uma Thurman – Mia Wallace

Mia is Marcellus’ wife, a former actress who forms a connection with Vincent after they have dinner and win a dance competition together. Vincent later saves her from a drug overdose. Pulp Fiction would also be a star-making part for Thurman, who re-teamed with Tarantino for the Kill Bill movies and was recently seen in The House That Jack Built.

Bruce Willis – Butch

A boxer who goes on the run from Marsellus after he’s supposed to throw a fight – only to end up killing his opponent. Butch risks his life to return home to retrieve his father’s prized watch, leading to him shooting Vincent. Butch and Marcellus are later captured by a sadistic pawnshop owner. Willis was already a huge star when he made Pulp Fiction and recently re-teamed with Samuel L. Jackson in Glass, a sequel to 2000’s Unbreakable.

Harvey Keitel – Winston Wolf

When Vincent and Jules leave a literal bloody mess in their car, cleaner Winston Wolf is called in to help them fix it in record time. Screen legend Keitel previously worked with Tarantino on Reservoir Dogs and will next be seen in Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman with Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. He also reprised Wolf for a series of adverts in the UK.

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Tim Roth – Ringo

One half of a duo that tries to rob a restaurant Vincent and Jules just happen to be eating in. Jules holds Ringo at gunpoint and explains why he’s not going to kill him after his recent day from hell. Roth later worked with Tarantino on The Hateful Eight and plays the lead role in TV thriller Tin Star.

Amanda Plummer – Yolanda

Ringo’s girlfriend who doesn’t react well when he’s held at gunpoint by Jules. Ringo and Yolanda leave the restaurant together after Jules lets them go. Amanda Plummer has also appeared in The Fisher King and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Ving Rhames – Marsellus Wallace

Pulp Fiction’s powerful and feared crime boss, who tasked Vincent and Jules with recovering a mysterious object from a briefcase. He and Butch are later taken hostage in a pawnshop, with Marsellus making peace with Butch when the latter saves his life. Ving Rhames is a regular presence on the big screen, recently taking roles in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 and Mission Impossible – Fallout.

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Padraig Cotter

The Walking Dead: 9 Character Exits That Hurt The Show (And 11 Fans Want Back)

The Walking Dead has been airing for nearly a decade. Since it’s first episode in 2010, it’s gained a major following and has become one of the most popular shows on television. Season nine just ended, and fans lost a lot of important characters along the way.

While viewers are used to losing their favorite characters in the zombie apocalypse drama, there have been quite a few big names leaving the show the past few seasons, including Rick, Maggie, and Carl. A lot of them were characters fans thought would stick around for much longer than they did. It’s rare for a series to lose its lead and continue on.

While losing a character can definitely attract viewers to a show and keep them glued to the screen, some of the losses harmed the show more than they helped. Those exits hurt the show in a major way, but they aren’t exactly popular characters that fans want back. Sometimes characters perish only to cause issues with the storyline. Other big names, however, like Glenn, are losses that fans would love to have reappear on their television screens. Here are 9 Character Exists That Hurt The Show (And 11 Fans Want Back).

20 Fans Want Back: Rick Grimes

Fans are still dealing with Rick’s sudden disappearance in the middle of season nine of The Walking Dead. While Andrew Lincoln had announced it would be Rick’s final episode, viewers still weren’t prepared for his emotional exit.

He flew off in a helicopter after being thrown by an explosion that his friends believe was his demise. Clearly, Rick didn’t perish, but he did leave the show so fans are left wondering where he and Jadis flew off too.

While the show is continuing on just fine without him, most fans have made it clear they would love to have the sheriff back in the future. They may somewhat get their wish. While Lincoln has said he’s done with the show, there are supposedly three Rick Grimes solo films in the works. Walking Dead fans haven’t seen the last of him.

19 Fans Want Back: Glenn Rhee

One of the most pivotal moments in Walking Dead history was when Negan brutally took Glenn’s life with his bat, Lucille. Fans will never forget the look on Glenn’s face right before he perished. It’s haunted everyone since season seven.

Some viewers claim the show went downhill after his exit, while others insist it was necessary in order to drive the rest of the season. Regardless of what fans think, it’s clear that he was a fan-favorite and people miss his presence on the show.

The loss of Glenn has resonated throughout the show for a couple of seasons now. It’s clear he was adored by both the characters on the show and the fans. Everyone loved him.

18 Hurt The Show: Lizzie And Mika Samuels

One of the most traumatizing moments on The Walking Dead was when Carol had to take the life of Lizzie after Lizzie took the life of her sister, Mika. Viewers were shocked, and Carol was never the same after doing the deed.

Fans still repeat the quote when Carol tells Lizzie to “look at the flowers” before pulling the trigger. It was heartbreaking and memorable, even after all these years. Viewers still argue about whether or not Carol did the right thing.

While Lizzie and Mika aren’t exactly characters fans are clambering to have back, their exit definitely hurt the show by causing Carol to carry the burden of putting them down. She deals with the repercussions for that action for a long time.

17 Hurt The Show: Simon

While Negan was certainly the villain of season eight, Simon was equally as bad if not worse than the bat-wielding bad guy. He did things even Negan didn’t approve of.

He had a surprising amount of character development considering he was just a side character for Negan’s storyline. Essentially starting as Negan’s sidekick, he worked his way up to try and take over leadership of the Saviors.

Simon was one of the more intriguing aspects of season eight, so when he lost his life, a lot of the interest with the Saviors storyline went away. The only thing left was Negan, and he wasn’t as intriguing without his leadership challenged at that point. While fans wanted Simon to perish, his ending was a little anticlimactic and ultimately hurt the show.

16 Fans Want Back: Abraham Ford

Fans didn’t just lose one person in the season seven premiere. That would have hurt enough, but Negan had to make it worse and take two lives. Abraham had an unfortunate ending along with Glenn.

While Abraham hadn’t been on the show for as long as Glenn, he was loved by a lot of fans and had truly become part of the group. He was full of great one-liners and was an interesting character to explore psychologically. Abraham brought a strength the group needed.

Fans that wish they could see Abraham again may get their wish now that The Walking Dead has started playing with time jumps. Michael Cudlitz has even teased reprising his role in recent years.

15 Fans Want Back: Jesus

Fans lost quite a few main characters in season nine, but Jesus was one of the most alarming losses. He perished mid-season in an unexpected twist at the hands of a Whisperer, who they thought was a walker.

Jesus has been around in the show since season six, but he has a much more prominent role against the Saviors in the comics than he did in the television series, leaving fans disappointed where the character’s story ended. Many believe taking his life at this point in the series was a mistake.

Right when he finally had his moment to show his full potential, the show took him away. The cool version of Jesus fans love in the comics never really made an appearance. Fans would love to see more of him in TWD if they ever have the chance.

14 Hurt The Show: Tyreese Wiliams

Tyreese is one of the most memorable characters to have perished on The Walking Dead. He had so much heart and loyalty and it really resonated with fans.

The creators of the show insisted he had to go in order to remind viewers of the value of human life, but fans didn’t accept that explanation. In the comics, he lasts much longer than he did in the show and he was taken out right when his storyline was the most interesting. This left viewers wanting more of the character.

To make matters worse, once he’s gone, he is barely mentioned by the other characters. His loss seemed pointless and really annoyed fans who expected more of Tyreese’s story.

13 Fans Want Back: Noah

It’s rare for a temporary character to hold as much space in fan’s hearts as Noah did in season five. He didn’t even last more than one season, but he’s one of the characters fans want to see back the most.

Fans really believed the show was setting him up to be an amazing main character who would stick around for a while. The character had so much potential and it was all wasted when he was eaten by walkers. All his development with both Beth and Glenn lead nowhere.

While the scene he perishes in is certainly intense and memorable, fans would have loved for him to survive for much longer than he did. The loss of Noah wasn’t meaningful or satisfying, it was just for alarming value.

12 Fans Want Back: Morgan Jones

Morgan is one of the first characters Walking Dead fans encountered on the show. He’s the first person to help Rick on his journey. While Rick lost track of Morgan in season one, he reappeared in season three.

Since then, he has grown to be a very important character to the show. Fans liked Morgan a lot more than the creators anticipated. He left in season nine, though it was a pretty open ending. While he’s no longer going to appear on The Walking Dead, his character moved to the popular spinoff, Fear The Walking Dead.

Despite that, fans would love to see Morgan back with his original group of people on The Walking Dead again in the future.

11 Hurt The Show: The Governor

While Negan has overshadowed all other villains on The Walking Dead, before he showed up swinging Lucille around, fans loved to dislike The Governor.

He was introduced back in season three and bothered Rick’s group until his demise in season five. While fans wanted him to get what he deserved, they were still sorry to see him go. He was a fantastic villain. The storyline hurt after he perished, too.

The Governor had people tuning in to AMC each week to see what kind of unhinged behaviors he would unleash on the group. Once he was gone, a lot of fans grew disinterested in the story. Some say the show started going downhill with his demise.

10 Fans Want Back: Dale Horvath

While he hasn’t been around for years, true Walking Dead fans will never forget Dale Horvath. The beloved character sadly lost his life after being attacked by a walker in season two.

He was a strong moral compass for the group, and a sort of father figure for a few of the characters, particularly Angela. Fans weren’t prepared to lose the character so soon after growing so attached to him.

Dale actually wasn’t originally supposed to pass away so soon, but the actor had an issue with the show after one of his friends was fired and asked to leave the show. Fans would have loved to see where his character would have gone if that wasn’t the case.

9 Hurt The Show: Bob Stookey

Bob isn’t exactly the most memorable Walking Dead character, but he’s arguably one who deserved to stay alive. His exit ended up hurting the show.

He was charming and kind, which brought a much-needed energy to the show. While he did suffer from a drinking problem, he was working hard to correct it before he perished. He also had a sweet romance going with Sasha.

His positivity was refreshing in a world where so many characters are reasonably bitter and cynical. Once his life was taken, the optimistic energy he brought disappeared, leaving an emptiness in the group. While fans weren’t clambering to see him again, the vibe of the show definitely shifted in his absence.

8 Hurt The Show: Denise Cloyd

While the main characters on The Walking Dead are certainly important, every person has an important part to play in the story. While Denise wasn’t the biggest character, she had a strong impact on the show.

She brought important representation to the community with her romantic relationship with Tara, causing a major controversy when she perished. Fans accused the show of taking away all of their representation, a common trope for television.

Dwight accidentally hit her with an arrow that was meant for Daryl. While it definitely showed how dangerous and unhinged the Saviors can be, it ultimately hurt the show by angering fans for taking away a character in a budding relationship that was important representation.

7 Fans Want Back: Hershel Greene

Walking Dead fans have a special place in their heart for Hershel. He was an important mentor for Rick, and was a loving, wise presence the group needed in their lives.

When he perished, it deeply affected the energy of the show and altered Rick’s behavior. The way he dealt with the Saviors would have been handled completely different if Hershel had still been around with his words of wisdom. His loss resonated for a long time.

Especially after seeing Hershel appear in Rick’s visions in season nine, fans wish the father-figure was still on the show guiding the group. His influence was so great that he even affected Rick’s final moments on the show.

6 Hurt The Show: Merle Dixon

While Daryl is obviously the favorite Dixon brother, Merle certainly had an important role on the show. Any scene he was in was bound to be entertaining.

He was rude, unpredictable, and sarcastic. His relationship with Daryl was also incredibly complicated. Fans were always interested to see what he would get into next. When Daryl had to take the life of his brother after he became a walker, it was devastating.

After he perished, the show lacked a certain depth it needed in its characters. Complicated people like Merle are what made the first few seasons of the show so intriguing. While the next few seasons were still entertaining, they could have benefited from an intricate, conflicting character like Merle.

5 Fans Want Back: Beth Greene

While a lot of Walking Dead losses hurt, none have hurt fans like Beth’s exit. The youngest Greene sister was a fan-favorite, and people weren’t ready to see her go yet.

Fans had watched her as she started to change from a scared kid to a strong-willed adult. She had just grown out of her naive, childlike behavior, and was developing a great friendship with Daryl, but she was taken out before her story could grow any further. The timing was off.

Once the group made it to Alexandria, fans couldn’t help but think about how great her character would have fit into that new world the group was finding. Her demise was used to push the idea that anyone is fair game in the zombie apocalypse, but fans really wish she was still around.

4 Hurt The Show: Dwight

Dwight is one of the newer additions to The Walking Dead cast, but he earned his place in the show’s storyline pretty quickly. His development from an evil Savior to a redeemed ally was pretty interesting.

While fans had mixed opinions on the character, particularly the way Tara and Daryl forgave him so easily, it’s clear that his character arch was cut too short, hurting the momentum the show was building. He was one of the more interesting aspects of season eight, so his exit doesn’t make a lot of sense for the story.

Reportedly, his character will be moving to Fear The Walking Dead, so it’s possible it’ll be more clear why he won’t be on the original show anymore once the new story is revealed.

3 Hurt The Show: Lori Grimes

A lot of fans think Lori Grimes is one of the most annoying characters in the show’s nine seasons. While that’s certainly arguable, it’s also clear that she was a vital character to the storyline in the first few seasons.

Regardless of how irritating she could be, she was important. Her exit hurt the show more than some fans are willing to admit. She perished in an intense way, as Carl had to put his own mother down as she gave birth to his sister, Judith.

This had drastic repercussions for both Rick and Carl. Carl had to come to terms with taking his mother’s life, while it signaled the beginning of Rick’s psychological unraveling. He had hallucinations of his deceased wife and was unable to properly lead the group, leading to some frustrating situations for fans to watch.

2 Fans Want Back: Maggie Rhee

At the start of season nine, fans were surprised to find that Maggie was no longer on the show. She hadn’t perished, she simply left HIlltop and hasn’t been seen since.

Maggie is a fan-favorite character, so a lot of people are really upset to see her suddenly gone with limited explanation as to why. The show simply isn’t the same in her absence. It was hard enough losing Rick in season eight, now Maggie is missing season nine. Supposedly, her absence is due to a salary dispute between the show and actor Lauren Cohan.

Whatever the reason, fans clearly want her back. Hopefully, they will get their wish, seeing as there are talks of a Maggie-centered spinoff in the future

1 Fans Want Back: Carl Grimes

A lot of character losses have hit fans hard, but none hit the same way as when Carl perished. His loss of life signaled the end of the show for a lot of fans.

When people first realized he had been bit by a walker, they were outraged. How could a show that so clearly centers on Rick and his family continue on without his son? The two had been at the heart of the show since season one.

While it did continue without him, the vibe changed. If he had stayed alive, he would have been able to take over when Rick left. The transition would have been perfect. Fans insist his loss is one of the show’s biggest mistakes to date.

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Every Major Twilight Character From Weakest To Most Powerful, Officially Ranked

Unless you were living under a bridge ten years ago, without a cell phone or internet access, then maybe, just maybe, you were unaware of the international success of the book series about vampires and shape-shifters called Twilight. The books actually began coming out in 2005, with one book being released each year until 2008, which was the same year the film series began.

Even through Stephenie Meyer only wrote four books, there was five films. Twilight (2008,) New Moon (2009,) Eclipse (2010,) Breaking Dawn – Part One (2011,) and Breaking Dawn – Part Two (2012) combined for a box office total of $1.4 billion, making it the 16th highest grossing franchise of all time.

Its popularity continues to sparkle even today as the franchise has created an entire world of fan fiction and comic books starring their favorite Twilight characters. Any film series that has this kind of cult-like following is going to have fans that are very dedicated to the story and that kind of passion created the infamous Team Edward or Team Jacob debate.

That makes ranking the characters a very tough job for anyone, let alone us. So instead of creating a ranking system of random characters, we decided to stick to only the major characters, the ones that are not just the main cast, but are also important to the storyline of the entire series, and ranked them according to who is the most powerful.

16 Charlie Swan (Human)

Even without sharing any of the vampire, or shape-shifter, abilities, Charlie Swan comes in on our list of major characters because he is one of the most important ones in the franchise. But since he is only a human, he is the weakest, by far.

Charlie, as you already know, is the father of Bella Swan, the main character from the franchise, and is also a cop that has no clue his daughter is friends with, and married to, vampires. He is often left in the dark about the things Bella is doing but tries to do what is best for her since he is divorced from her mother and is left to raise her on his own the best way he can.

15 Rosalie Hale (Vampire)

Of all the Cullens, Rosalie Hale just so happens to be one of the most basic vampires of them all. Since she is a vampire, she does manage to possess all the basic abilities that a vampire has like immortality, incredible speed and quickness, impressive strength, and self-control.

One of the things she does have that a lot of other vampires do not is her beauty. Before she turned, Rosalie was already one of the most beautiful women in the world. So when she became a vampire, it enhanced that beauty and created someone who was so gorgeous, people took notice.

14 Carlisle Cullen (Vampire)

One of the most underrated powers that a vampire can possess is intelligence. They can use it to turn themselves into a finely tuned machine that excels in many different aspects of life. For Carlisle Cullen, he chose to become a doctor, after he turned into a vampire, and has spent centuries learning medicine and perfecting his talents.

However, his intelligence is not quite enough to put him higher on the list of Twilight characters. He might be able to develop special abilities if he decided to do so because of his higher level of intelligence than most other vampires but that can take some time, maybe even centuries to develop into anything that could move him up the list.

13 Esme Cullen (Vampire)

Esme Cullen is the wife of Carlisle and adopted mother of the rest of the Cullens. She is a vampire but she does not truly possess any kind of special ability, officially.

Unofficially, Esme has the ability to love those around her, and show compassion at a very high level. It is why she has become the mother of the family. Her loving nature has prevented her from becoming a very strong fighter, or an even more powerful vampire. Even knowing this, Esme has still shown the ability to hold her own in a fight, especially in Breaking Dawn: Part 2.

12 Emmett Cullen (Vampire)

The supernatural talents of the vampires in the Twilight movie franchise range from telepathy to inducing the illusion of pain. But since not all vampires end up with a special power, they can find themselves with an enhanced basic ability that tracks back to when they were still human.

For Emmett Cullen, he was a physical specimen as a human being and was already a very strong person before turning into a vampire. So when he became one, that physical strength was enhanced to become a big part of who he is. Although he is not the best fighter, his power, and physical strength, makes him one of the strongest vampires alive.

11 Jasper Hale (Vampire)

When you first look at the Cullen family, Jasper would not be the top pick for best fighter, but he is and has shown off that ability a few times throughout the series. That skillset comes from his days as a human, when he was in the military and was trained to fight on the front lines. Not only does he have power, he is a fast and smart fighter, making him one of the toughest fighters in the film series.

But he also possesses a special ability known as pathokinesis. This skill allows him to sense and change the moods of other vampires, even Bella, making him one of the very few vampires that can penetrate her mental shield. His power is such that he has to control it or he could abuse it and turn it into a power he uses for evil.

10 Alice Cullen (Vampire)

One of the most popular Twilight characters in the film saga, besides Edward, Jacob, or Bella, is Alice Cullen, the beautiful vampire that was able to protect the Cullen’s, specifically Renesmee’s life when she was being hunted by the Volturi, using her special gift of seeing into the future.

The subjective precognition ability allows Alice to be able to follow a person’s decision into the future and see the outcome. She would be the most powerful vampire but it has limitations and if a person changes their mind, the future she saw no longer will happen.

9 James (Vampire)

When it comes to major characters in the Twilight series, James is the one that has the ability to track better than just about every other vampire in the world. It was even mentioned in the movies about how lethal his senses are compared to other vampires. But it is his tracking ability that puts him high atop our list.

He is not the greatest tracker in all of the world, but he is the second best, behind a Volturi guard named Demetri. James is limited to distance when tracking someone while Demetri can track anyone from any location on the planet. He was a skilled outdoorsman before turning into a vampire and it helped him to become this powerful character.

8 Victoria (Vampire)

Not every special power is about reading minds or physical contact. Victoria has a very special ability of enhanced self-preservation and can hide from other vampires to avoid very dangerous situations that could arise.

This power is all about surviving. When she senses danger, she has the ability to protect herself by quickly figuring out where to go to evade her enemy’s and get away. Since she was determined to destroy the Cullens and expose Bella, she was the biggest threat to Bella because she was almost impossible to find.

7 Edward Cullen (Vampire)

Telepathy is a formidable gift to possess because it allows a vampire the ability to know exactly what everyone is thinking and to be ready for anything that could happen. When Bella asks him about his gift, he tells her, “I can read every mind in this room. Apart from yours.”

His ability gets stronger the more he knows a person so he can read their minds as they get further away from him than anyone else. He uses it to keep people who are attracted to him in order to remain anonymous and continue being a vampire without anyone noticing his skin sparkling. (Sorry, we just had to bring up the sparkling skin effect.)

6 Jane (Volturi)

One of the worst things that can happen to a vampire is to be burnt to a crisp from direct sunlight. It does not take very long to eliminate a vampire using sunlight and it is known to be one of the most painful ends  they can endure.

Jane, one of the highest ranking members of the Volturi guard, has a gift that makes her the most feared vampires alive. She has the ability to induce pain on another person, even a vampire. Although she cannot actually physically do much against another vampire, she does not have to. She can make the victim feel crippling pain that incapacitates them while other vampires can take care of business.

The power isn’t the strongest but when you consider how feared she is amongst the vampires, it makes that ability more powerful than almost all the rest.

5 Alec (Volturi)

Alec is a Volturi guard member and is the twin brother of another guard, Jane, who helps his ability grow even stronger when used together. Jane has the power of inducing the illusion of pain on someone while he has the ability to numb the senses and paralyze multiple people at one time, allowing the Volturi a chance to take them out with ease.

His talents are considered stronger than Jane’s because he can basically pause several people at once, making them an easy target for anyone else nearby. Aro takes full advantage of his gifts throughout the entire film series.

4 Aro (Volturi)

Considered the overall leader of the most powerful coven of vampires known as the Volturi, Aro has the ability to read someone’s mind with nothing more than physical contact. He normally removes his gloves and touches the person he wants to read so the amount of physical contact is as easy as a touch.

His power is far greater than Edward’s because it can penetrate the mind much further than he can. He can see a person’s feelings and memories from someone’s entire life, from the day they were born, if need be. His ability lets him read a person’s mind like you would use Google Maps. He finds what he wants and goes as far as he can to find out everything about that memory.

3 Bella Swan (Vampire)

As you have already read about, not all vampires possess a special ability. They all have the same basic powers like super speed, immortality, enhanced senses, amazing strength, and unnatural healing. Then there are the ones that also have that one special ability that turns them into a special type of vampire.

Bella Swan has a mental shield that is known to be the most powerful special ability known to vampires. It can block any psychic powers that try to enter your mind. In other words, she can use her mental shield to protect others while they use their special powers, making her very dangerous.

2 Jacob (Shape-Shifter)

Even though we are nearly 12 years since the first film came out, there is still an ongoing debate in the Twilight series. The argument over who would win in a fight between Jacob, the shape-shifter, and Edward, a vampire who eventually marries Bella and is the father of Renessee.

The debate is much bigger than who would win in a fight between these two men. It is more about vampires versus shape-shifters. In the world of fictional stories, werewolves are more powerful than vampires, and always have been. But in the Twilight series, they are not.

Jacob is the exception and has more abilities, and powers, than almost all the other shape-shifters in his pack.

1 Renesmee Cullen (Half-Vampire)

Although the films did not cover the full extent of Renesmee Cullen’s powers, it did showcase her ability to penetrate Bella’s mental shield by touching her and being able to communicate with her using her mind. Does that make her the most powerful? No, not at all. But it does help.

The best reason we think that would help secure her spot on the top of our list is that she was born from two vampires, Edward and Bella, who have very strong abilities themselves. She is also a rare breed of half-vampire and half-human.

She also has Jacob, who imprinted on her at birth, to protect her for the rest of her life. Which is not her own power, but having our second strongest character around her, protecting her all the time, certainly helps.

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Sony Prevented Destiny 2 Character Transfers Between Platforms

In Destiny 2 news, it’s now come to light that Sony reportedly vetoed Bungie’s idea that the community should be able to transfer their characters between platforms should they choose to. The Destiny 2 platform transfers would have been a cool feature for its player base, but after the fiasco with the Wavesplitter PS4-exclusive, this comes as no surprise from Sony.

Players were having a field day last week when the Wavesplitter weapon, originally only meant for PS4 customers, was made available to those on other consoles. There’s historically always been a delay in the content release cycle across the various platforms that Destiny 2 is available on: PS4 players get the latest material first, with things like maps, weapons, and strikes rolled out for other consoles as far away as a year later.

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PCGamer has reported on some digging done by Jason Schreier which alleges that Bungie had long wanted to allow Destiny 2 platform transfers for players, but that Sony had said no because it wanted people to associate the title with the console. On Kotaku Splitscreen, Schreier alludes to this clawing need for platform exclusivity that Sony seems to chronically exhibit. Taking into account the current console-exclusive heavy Destiny 2 DLC line-up and the way that things have been historically for the franchise, the allegations seem more likely than not.

Sony as a company has had a long history of being hostile to any cross-play initiatives proposed by developers, even on major AAA titles like Fallout 76. So far, the only title that has been given a hall pass for cross-play (and likely only because Nintendo was so eager to put its best foot forward) is Fortnite, and that appears to have been because of inescapable market pressure more than anything else. The fact that Sony wants to cling desperately to what it has to perceive as a first-string horse in its stable is a little bemusing; sure, Destiny 2 is a game with decent popularity, but the way that these console exclusives have been handled lately are likely doing more to hinder than help.

It’s highly unlikely that Sony is going to get with the times on this cross-play issue. The Destiny 2 platform transfers were probably received by the company as a threat when it comes to consumers potentially moving to other consoles, and considering the company’s history with ensuring that other big budget titles are tied to the PlayStation, it’s an expected if backward view to have. That being said, with Nintendo making more plays at things like cross-play and VR and hitting it out of the park, soon the commercial pressure to accommodate players who want console flexibility might just be too much for Sony to ignore.

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Source: PCGamer

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Game Of Thrones Confirms The Fate Of Ed Sheeran’s Character

The Game of Thrones season 8 premiere updated fans on where all their favorite characters are – and also revealed the horrible fate of Ed Sheeran’s character, who was caught up in Daenerys’ attack on the Lannister and Tarly armies. In a scene where Bronn tries to enjoy some relaxing downtime with some of the ladies of King’s Landing, dialogue reveals that poor “Eddie” survived, but returned from the battle with his face burned so badly that his eyelids are gone. Gruesome!

Sheeran made a cameo appearance in the Game of Thrones season 7 premiere, “Dragonstone,” as a Lannister soldier who sings a song called “Hands of Gold” to entertain his brothers-in-arms around the campfire. Arya Stark, having recently slaughtered the Freys as vengeance for the Red Wedding, stops to listen to the song. The cameo was organized as a surprise for actress Maisie Williams, who plays Arya and is a big fan of Sheeran’s music. However, Sheeran’s appearance was criticized by some Game of Thrones fans (including Hodor actor Kristian Nairn), who felt that having a celebrity cameo broke the immersion of the show.

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Perhaps as a way to placate those who were unhappy with Sheeran popping up in the Lannister army, the Game of Thrones season 8 premiere, “Dragonstone,” makes it clear that his face will never appear in the show again. While Bronn is trying to take part in some carnal pleasures, two of the three women he’s in bed with spoil the mood by chatting about all the horrible ways in which the Lannister soldiers died – or, in one case, came back disfigured:

Craya: That boy Eddie…

Dirah: The ginger?

Craya: That’s him. Came back with his face burned right off. He’s got no eyelids now.

Dirah: How does he sleep with no eyelids?

While some Game of Thrones fans would probably have preferred for the cameo to never be spoken of again, this allusion is subtle enough to blend into the dialogue, and also makes for a funny moment as Bronn tries and fails to take a break from the bloodshed. As if all the talk of burnt-off faces and eyelids didn’t throw enough metaphorical cold water over things, Bronn is then interrupted by Qyburn giving him a new mission: to kill his old companion, Tyrion Lannister, with the same crossbow that Tyrion used to kill his father.

It’s safe to assume that we won’t be seeing Eddie in Game of Thrones season 8, with only five episodes left and a lot of ground to cover. Still, not everyone was fortunate enough to survive the Battle of the Goldroad, and Eddie at least has a cool story to tell. Even if he doesn’t have any eyelids.

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Game of Thrones season 8 continues on HBO @9pm on Sunday, April 21.

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