Is Venom Too Scary For Kids?

Venom may be rated PG-13, but given that it’s a movie about an alien parasite that forcibly takes over someone’s body and then starts threatening to bite heads and limbs off, parents may be wondering if the movie is too scary for younger children.

Though Sony claims that Venom was always intended to have a PG-13 rating, director Ruben Fleischer was uncertain in August whether or not the movie would ultimately earn an R-rating, and stated that he was agreeable to putting together an unrated director’s cut. Add to this Fleischer’s earlier comments on taking inspiration from the works of body-horror masters John Carpenter and David Cronenberg, and Venom certainly sounds like the kind of movie that could give you nightmares – even without the 40 minutes of deleted scenes.

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Ultimately, the MPAA rated Venom PG-13 for “intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action, and for language.” The BBFC rated Venom 15 for “strong threat, horror, violence.” Here is a run down of what all that means.

How Violent Is Venom?

Venom‘s violent content makes up the majority of the reason for its rating. The movie contains a lot of intense action sequences, including falls from great heights and a chase through the streets of San Francisco with explosions. There are numerous fights, with guns and tasers being employed. However, many of the on-screen deaths (particularly those caused by the main villain Riot and the two instances of Venom biting someone’s head off) happen very quickly and bloodlessly, and in the case of the bitten-off heads it’s unclear what even happened until characters talk about it afterwards. Overall, the violence is fairly standard for a superhero movie.

The Body Horror Elements

The body horror elements of Venom are far more likely to unsettle younger audiences than its action sequences. Though often played for laughs as Eddie Brock argues with the voice in his head, the idea of having your body taken over against your wishes may be uncomfortable for some viewers. There are various sequences of the slimy symbiotes latching on to their victims and crawling across their struggling bodies, forcing their way in. There’s a further element of revulsion given some of the things Brock does while under the symbiote’s influence, which include biting into a live lobster, eating a chicken out of the garbage, and later throwing up into a clearly unclean toilet. If you have emetophobia, you may want to step out of the theater for a few minutes when Eddie starts raiding his freezer.

Language And Sexual Content

Venom contains several uses of the phrase “Oh s**t” as Eddie Brock is unwillingly dragged from one dangerous situation to the next by the symbiote. There is also one use of the F-word in the lead-up to the final battle. The movie is completely free of nudity and there is no real suggestion of sexual activity apart from one scene where Eddie and his fiancee, Anne Weying, are depicted in bed together, fully-clothed, and a passionate kiss between Eddie and Venom/Anne later in the movie, in which the symbiote transfers from her to him.

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Chevy Chase Has Some Very Harsh Words For SNL

Saturday Night Live, which has received much Emmy and popular acclaim over the past few decades, has come under fire from none other than former cast member Chevy Chase. Chase is known for many major film and projects, but none more so than SNL, given his strange history with the program. When the late-night sketch comedy show began in 1975, Chase was right up there and is known for playing many key roles, including saying the iconic intro line and acting as the first “Weekend Update” anchor.

After leaving abruptly leaving the show, Chase continued to have a remarkable career throughout the ’80s, most notably as the star of the National Lampoon’s Vacation films. But Chase’s career began to dip, and after exiting under “mutual agreement” from the popular NBC comedy Community in 2014, his reputation as a difficult and disgruntled actor became more prominent. So these recent comments aren’t completely out of left field.

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In a recent profile for the Washington Post, the actor spewed hatred for the show that made him a household name. Chase said that he was “amazed” that creator Lorne Michaels had “gone so low.” He then added, “That means a whole generation of sh*theads laughs at the worst f****** humor in the world.” Though Chase said something to the effect of making this “maybe off the record,” he had no problem continuing to say harsh things about the show.

The profile on Chase comes at what the author leads us to believe could be a turning point for the actor. It’s noted that Chase is now sober (following an embarrassing appearance on the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special in 2015), has lost a considerable amount of weight, and is looking to get back into the swing of things. But given his attitude, it’s understandable that many have written him off. But regardless of people’s personal feelings towards Chase, his comments may not be far off from the truth. Leslie Jones recently commented on SNL‘s future, saying that she hopes the series moves away from focusing on politics, something that it has done even more of since the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

Chase doesn’t seem to be interested in returning to his roots anytime soon, but he does have a project in the works at Netflix, in which he stars alongside Richard Dreyfuss. Interestingly enough, the plot revolves around a retired comedian who returns to the limelight. Art imitating life, indeed.

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