Erdoğan congratulates Christian community on Easter Sunday

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan issued a message on the occasion of Easter on Sunday while the country’s Christian community had to refrain from performing religious services in chu… .

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Thor 4: Christian Bale Confirmed As Villain By Tessa Thompson

Tessa Thompson has confirmed that Christian Bale will play the villain in Thor: Love and Thunder. The future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was made clear last summer thanks to multiple announcements, and one of the surprises was a fourth Thor film. Following the critical and financial success of Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel Studios brought writer-director Taika Waititi back to extend Chris Hemsworth’s MCU franchise.

With an exciting director and recent Oscar-winning writer like Waititi in the fold, Marvel Studios has made Thor: Love and Thunder one of the most anticipated films in Phase 4. In addition to Hemsworth’s return, the new movie will also see Thompson return as Valkyrie and Natalie Portman come back to the MCU as Jane Foster becomes Mighty Thor. But, Thor 4 also is adding new characters to the universe, including one that Christian Bale was reportedly in talks to play, but it had yet to be reported if his deal closed.

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In a recent interview with ET Online, Thompson confirmed that Bale will indeed join the cast of Thor: Love and Thunder. While she was tight-lipped on many aspects of the film, the star also confirmed details about Bale’s role. Thompson affirmed that Bale is going to play the villain of the movie, but the identity of his character has yet to be revealed.

When it was first reported that Bale might join Thor: Love and Thunder, it was heavily speculated that he could be the villain. Now that this has been confirmed, it will help fans narrow down the possibilities for which Marvel character Bale will play. Some of the most popular suggestions have been Roxxon CEO Dario Agger and Cul Borson. There were prior reports that this villainous character is an “otherworldly” alien, which would rule out those two options.

Unfortunately for fans eager to learn who Bale is playing, Marvel may keep that detail a secret for the next several months. Thor: Love and Thunder will not begin production until later this year, so there won’t be any potential set photos to reveal Bale’s role until then. Since Thompson also confirmed that she has read the script for the film and knows Bale is the villain, she should also know the character’s identity. She may not reveal that information in future interviews, but it could come to light as more people get involved with the film. At this point, though, Bale being involved with the MCU is exciting by itself, and it is difficult to imagine he won’t do a great job in Thor: Love and Thunder regardless of the character.

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Cooper Hood

Christian Bale Is Done Gaining & Losing Weight for Movies

Not many Hollywood stars can claim the same amount of commitment to their roles as Ford v Ferrari star Christian Bale, the English actor known for his rapid fluctuations in weight between films. Whether gaining a beer gut, emaciating himself, or getting shredded for shirtless scenes, Bale has done it all – but he’s never been blind to the impact this behavior has on his health. Now, he may finally be putting this phase of his career to bed, and calming his commitment down to the level of his more casual peers.

Bale’s weight loss and gain have been the subject of media legend for years. He has, like many other household names, bulked up for roles like Batman in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, or (to a lesser extent) in 2000’s American Psycho. He also isn’t alone in putting on pounds for American Hustle (2013) and Vice (2018), in which the actor gorged himself on fatty foods for months in preparation. He isn’t even the only actor to ever starve himself on as little as a can of tuna and an apple a day to achieve a horrifying 65 pounds in The MachinistWhat really makes Bale’s physical commitment stand out, in the end, is how quickly he transitions from one state to the other.

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According to Entertainment Weekly, Bale claims that these on-screen transformations of his are in the past. “I keep saying I’m done with it,” he told CBS Sunday Morning in an interview. “I really think I’m done with it, yeah.” This isn’t the first time Bale has shown concerns over the health effects of his weight gain and loss. He recently rejected a role as Enzo Ferrari, ironically a prominent side character in his and Matt Damon’s new film Ford v Ferrari, because of the weight it would have required him to gain by the time shooting began. Earlier this year, he made a similar comment to Sunday Times concerning his role as Vice President Dick Cheney in Vicesaying: “I can’t keep doing it. I really can’t. My mortality is staring me in the face.” 

Co-star Matt Damon, on the other hand, seems nonplussed with Bale’s physical history, and if anything is impressed by the commitment. “I had a great time watching him,” Damon said. “He’s got an incredible monk-like discipline… he went from Dick Cheney to this guy. So he had to lose 70 pounds.” Other actors have taken note of the positive attention received by Bale for this discipline; Simon Pegg, for instance, underwent a similar transformation at the age of 49 for the film Inheritance. 

In the end, though, Bale is correct: no human being could keep up these sort of fluctuations in weight and muscle mass, especially as they age. While his commitment has undoubtedly been impressive (most people only know The Machinist at all because of Bale’s transformation, after all), it isn’t worth the actor’s health or, at an extreme, his life. Bale is a great actor in his own right, regardless of how well he’s melted into the body types of certain characters; his fantastic performances in The Prestige, Public Enemies, and The Big Short are proof enough of that. Hopefully he isn’t kidding about taking his health seriously this time, and will be focusing on the emotional and psychological sides of his characters in the future.

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Kyle Morris

Christian Bale Thinks Robert Pattinson Will Be An Interesting Batman

Christian Bale thinks Robert Pattinson will be an interesting Caped Crusader in Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Bale of course portrayed the character during The Dark Knight trilogy, and his rendition is considered the best live-action version by many. Warner Bros. officially cast Pattinson in the role of Batman earlier this year, and the film is expected to begin production near the end of 2019.

Pattinson beat out Nicholas Hoult for the role, and is replacing Ben Affleck, who portrayed the character in three DCEU films. The Batman is being written and directed by Matt Reeves, and will serve as yet another reinvention of the iconic hero. The original plan called for Affleck to reprise his role, but Reeves decided to recast Batman once he took over as director. The film has been in development for a while, and Reeves recently completed the script. Pattinson’s involvement in the film was met with backlash from some, but producers have urged fans to not pre-judge Pattinson’s casting. For his part, Bale seems onboard with that view.

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During a sit down with Variety, Bale shared his thoughts on Pattinson’s casting, calling him a good, interesting choice. Now, many will consider this a stamp of approval, but Bale may just be interested in seeing whether or not Pattinson can be an effective Caped Crusader. It doesn’t necessarily mean he’s confident that Pattinson will do the role justice. Pattinson is commonly recognized for his role in the Twilight series, which contributed to the backlash he received. To be fair though, he’s earned acclaim for subsequent roles. Check out Bale’s thoughts below.

Anyone who isn’t familiar with Pattinson outside of Twilight will get a chance to see his talent demonstrated in the upcoming film The Lighthouse, which had its second trailer released earlier today by A24. Pattinson has said that he’s wanted to play Batman for a while, and he’s even already tried on the suit. Whether or not he can embody the Caped Crusader in a manner like Bale or those before him is a matter tha has some fans divided. Many don’t think he can do the character justice, but this would be far from the first superhero casting to receive backlash then turn out to be a superb choice. The Batman is expected to arrive a little less than two years from now, but with production starting in a relatively short time, more information is sure to come out sooner rather than later. And, with Pattinson’s casting sparking a lot of discussions, this should only aid the film upon its release, as many will rush out to see how he does.

The character of Batman is one that needs to be done carefully, and many actors before Pattinson and Bale have tried their luck as the hero, to varying degrees of success. Pattinson is a talented actor with an impressive filmography to back it up, but whether or not his portrayal of Batman will be satisfying or not remains to be seen. Bale was right about it being an interesting choice though, because Pattinson now has everyone’s attention on seeing what he brings to the table in The Batman.

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Eric Trigg

Christian Navarro Auditions For Little Mermaid Remake’s Eric

13 Reasons Why star Christian Navarro has auditioned to play Prince Eric in Disney’s live-action The Little Mermaid remake. The upcoming re-imagining of the studio’s much beloved 1989 Oscar-winning film (itself based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale) is yet another effort by Disney to find renewed life in their lengthy catalogue of animated classics by revisiting them in live-action.

Although recent efforts like Aladdin and The Lion King haven’t exactly wowed critics, their billion dollar box office receipts prove that audiences want live-action remakes. In fact, the only recently released Disney live-action film to not fare well with both critics and audiences has been Tim Burton’s take on Dumbo. Still, despite that film’s failure to reach the same heights as previous hits such as Beauty and The Beast or The Jungle Book, Disney’s track record to date with the live-action concept has been quite impressive. Whether that will continue with upcoming releases like Lady and the Tramp and Mulan remains to be seen, but the idea of a Little Mermaid adaptation is likely to gain a significant degree of interest when it arrives.

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As things currently stand, The Little Mermaid still has yet to finish casting and aside from recent news that Halle Bailey will play the titular mermaid Ariel, some big roles are still unspoken for. One of these roles is that of Prince Eric, Ariel’s love interest in the film. And although Harry Styles was previously circling the role, it’s since been reported that he’s passed on playing Eric in live-action. Now, 13 Reasons Why star Christian Navarro has confirmed (via his Twitter account) that he’s in the running for the role.

Fans of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why will know Navarro as Tony, the reliable yet often troubled friend of Clay Jensen, as well as the deceased Hannah Baker. Navarro seems to have shown a significant degree of initiative in his pursuit of the role, having previously Tweeted that he can sing and dance and that the (then) upcoming third season of 13 Reasons Why was “one hell of an audition”. This was enough to catch the eye of Disney execs who got in touch with Navarro, asking him to send in an audition tape. Navarro has since sent his audition off to Disney, but as of this writing, there remains no official decision on the fate of Prince Eric’s live-action star.

Though Navarro is a relatively new face in Hollywood, the young actor has had a couple big screen roles, albeit small ones. Most recently, he starred opposite Melissa McCarthy and Richard E. Grant in the Oscar-nominated Can You Ever Forgive Me? And while that wasn’t exactly the role to showcase what he can do, Navarro is correct when he asserts that his work on 13 Reasons Why has been impressive. Whether or not it’s enough to persuade Disney that he can handle something as potentially massive as Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid, however, remains to be seen.

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I Still Believe Trailer: KJ Apa Plays A Christian Rock Star

A new I Still Believe trailer has dropped teasing the music biopic starring Riverdale’s KJ Apa. After the buzz generated by Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman, it’s one of the many music biopics moviegoers will be treated to in the next few years.

Apa will play the Grammy-nominated artist Jeremy Camp. Camp is a contemporary Christian singer who has sold over 5 million albums and performed in over 30 countries. The film will focus on how Camp’s fiancée Melissa, played by Britt Robertson, started to grow ill just as Camp began to climb the ranks of fame and fortune. In real life, Camp wrote “I Still Believe” after his wife passed away following a struggle with ovarian cancer. In spite of the heartbreaking nature of the story, the biopic aims to be an uplifting experience that proves there is always hope. Slated for release in March 2020, audiences have their first look at Apa’s upcoming film with this new trailer that’s just been released.

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From Lionsgate, the trailer shows Camp entirely in love with Melissa. Despite warnings from Camp’s parents, played by country superstar Shania Twain and Gary Sinise, the rising music sensation is devoted to Melissa and the devotion only grows as Melissa’s illness worsens. It comes at the cost of Camp’s faith, leaving him to question long-held beliefs, which represents its own struggle. Famous for portraying the popular Archie Andrews, Apa taps into a different kind of energy, more grounded, than the heightened event of The CW’s hit teen drama.

Breaking out with the role, and being selected as the lead for Riverdale after a four-month worldwide search, the actor has since appeared as a supporting character in The Hate U Give and, more recently, as the lead in Netflix’s The Last Summer. Speaking recently about the upcoming film, arguably his most dramatic turn yet, Apa expressed deep admiration for the central couple and the trials they face. He added that he wished to one day have a love like theirs.

Having worked with Robertson before, on A Dog’s Purpose, the pair has experience bringing their chemistry to the big screen. And they’re hardly the only young actors turning to the often-complicated lives of musicians to flex their acting muscles. Austin Butler will be playing Elvis, opposite Tom Hanks, in an upcoming film. Johnny Flynn, who has played Albert Einstein, will be stepping into the shoes of David Bowie. Stories about artists, and about their industry, are proving especially popular in recent times. I Still Believe is hoping to be another example of this.

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Ashley Martson & Christian Estrada Are Reportedly Official

90 Day Fiancé star Ashley Martson and The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise alum Christian Estrada are reportedly official after they were seen together having a date at Disney World. There have been rumors of the two reality TV stars being a couple for the last month, but it seems they this date seals the deal. They are officially a new reality TV crossover couple.

Ashley was introduced to TLC fans when she appeared on season 6 of 90 Day Fiancé. 31-year-old Ashley, from Pennsylvania, met 19-year-old Jay while she was vacationing in Jamaica. The relationship blossomed, the two were soon engaged, and their roller coaster journey to the altar was documented on the show. Fans caught up with the couple in season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? when Ashley found out that Jay had had slept with another woman in the bathroom of his tattoo apprenticeship. She then immediately kicked him out and filed for divorce a second and final time back in April. The tumultuous relationship was watched by millions as their marriage unraveled. It seems Jay is moving on with new rumored girlfriend, and so is Ashley as she gets to know the Bachelor in Paradise star.

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Ashely couldn’t help but tease her fans by showing the two at Disney World together. Ashley posted to her Instagram story a picture of her hand on a man’s arm with the location set at Disney World (via: @areyouheard). And, though the man’s face may be hidden, the black and white tattoo is clearly Christian’s. Bachelor Nation knows 29-year-old Christian from Season 14 of The Bachelorette, where he was swiftly eliminated by Becca Kufrin in the first week. Christian is known as a former semi-professional soccer player, banker, model, and actor. Check out the image below:

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New Couple Alert? Ashley Martson Spotted on Date with Christian Estrada #90dayfiance #ALERT #Ashley #bachelorinparadise #Bachelorette #beatfomo #celebrities #celebrity #celebrityblogger #celebritygossip #celebritynews #celebs #Christian #couple #Date #entertainment #Estrada #fomo #fomofeed #instaceleb #instacelebrity #instafamous #Jay #Martson #Smith #Spotted It seems there could be a love connection between “90 Day Fiancé” alum Ashley Martson and “Bachelor in Paradise” star Christian Estrada. The pair went to Disney World together on Saturday and shared the fun on their Instagram Stories. Now, a source tells Us Weekly that Ashley and Christian were definitely on a date. The news comes after the stars were caught flirting on Instagram Stories. Us Weekly reports, Martson shared a photo of Estrada, writing, “Blinded from the start,” with a heart-eye emoji. He shared the post on his own Instagram Stories. Martson has had her share of relationship drama in the past year. Ashley filed for divorce from Jay Smith in April, after she previously filed in January but dropped the petition. She accused Smith of cheating, and he has since moved on with Kayla O’Brien. Estrada is starring on the current season of “BIP.” He was most… Link:

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It seems 90 Day Fiancé and Bachelor in Paradise fans have already pieced the budding relationship together when Ashley posted earlier this month a picture of him on her Instagram stories, with a caption reading “Blinded from the start.” The flirtation was reciprocated when he reposted the story to his own story. And, by eagle-eyed fans, that wasn’t the first clue; both Ashley and Christian’s individual Instagram stories matched up as they both posted a picture of the same Jenga game on the same night. Now that Ashley is making it official by posting this picture of them on their Disney date, the couple appears to be taking things to the next level.

Even though it’s reportedly the first date between Ashley and Christian, it seems that this is well on its way to being a new reality TV crossover romance. And since it was posted before Christian was booted from Bachelor in Paradise, it was a bit of an early tease for fans. Spoilers or not, it’s always fun for fans to see stars from different shows falling for each other. Hopefully this relationship will work out better than their other on-screen romances.

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Julia Odom

Christian Groups Criticize MPAA For Giving Anti-Abortion Film R-Rating

The MPAA has been criticized by Christian groups for its decision to give anti-abortion film Unplanned an R-rating. It came to light last month that the film, which is based on a memoir of the same name by former Planned Parenthood clinic director turned anti-abortion activist Abby Johnson, was awarded the R-rating ahead of its March 29 release date.

The news didn’t go down too well with Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon, the directors of Unplanned, who called the MPAA’s standards “deeply flawed” and refused to edit their film in a bid to get it awarded a lower rating. The filmmakers received support from their distributors Pure Flix, although it put the Christian film studio in the awkward position of having an R-rated film on its roster. Meanwhile, the MPAA stated the rating was based on scenes in Unplanned it classed as including “some disturbing/bloody images” and that its decision was by no means politically motivated. The organization also pointed out that neither the filmmakers nor Pure Flix had officially challenged the rating by its appeals process.

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Now according to THR, the MPAA has come under fire yet again for its decision in the form of an open letter signed by several Christian leaders and celebrities not involved with the production of the film. The letter, which criticizes the rating as biased and calls for Christian viewers to go see it regardless, was signed by two people who have won Academy Awards – Gray Frederickson, co-producer of Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather Part II, and Schindler’s List co-producer Gerald Molen.

The open letter states that Unplanned deserves a far less restrictive rating and draws comparisons with Mel Gibson’s controversial Christian movie The Passion of the Christ, which the MPAA also rated R. It also calls abortion “the great evil of our time” and suggests the rating is motivated by what they see as the pro-choice leanings of “a group of unelected parents from Beverly Hills” – an apparent dig at the parents that make up the MPAA’s ratings board. The MPAA once again defended its position as fair and stated its board “reflects the diversity of American parents.”

According to the MPAA, the scene its board found most objectionable was one showing a screen that depicted a fetus being aborted. In its defense, this wouldn’t be the first time the organization has objected to scenes featuring abortion. It previously awarded the pro-choice leaning 1996 film If These Walls Could Talk an R-rating for its “realistic depiction of abortion,” so it doesn’t seem like the rating given to Unplanned was necessarily motivated by a bias against the anti-abortion movement.

However, the makers of Unplanned and its supporters do make a fair point that the things usually associated with an R-rating like profanity, violence, and gore don’t make an appearance in the film. Just to give an idea, Halloween and Fifty Shades Freed are some other recent movies that’ve received an R-rating from the MPAA which seem like they might be more deserving of it. On the other hand, while the directors and Pure Flix have been relatively level-headed about the decision, the open letter signees calling abortion “the great evil of our time” is a bit of a biased statement to be using when you’re leveraging accusations of bias yourself. Regardless of who is in the right, a film about an issue as contentious as abortion was always going to be a very controversial movie. No doubt Unplanned will generate further controversy after its release in late March.

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Helen Armitage

Christian Bale Interview – Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle

Christian Bale is one of the greatest actors of his generation, having been nominated for multiple Academy Awards. He submerges himself into a character and will often change his body to better play the part.  In 2004’s The Machinist, he lost 63 pounds to play the emaciated title character.  He gained 43 pounds to play a con artist in 2013’s American Hustle.  Now, he is playing Bagheera the panther in Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle, a fantasy adventure based on the stories by Rudyard Kipling.

Screen Rant: Bagheera. Kind of an iconic role at this point. Did you look at past performances? Or listen to him?

Christian Bale: Well, I’d seen him, anyway. I didn’t see all of them. I was in India recently, and there was a series apparently there, with Freida Pinto, she was singing the jingle for. And I’d never seen that one before. But she said it’s what she grew up on. But, I’ve seen the animated films. Love ‘em. The more recent Disney iteration. Love ‘em. This is something new that you’ve never seen before. Because it’s much more true to Kipling’s original writings.

Screen Rant: Speaking about that, how was it received in India? You went there for a screening, correct?

Christian Bale: Yeah, yeah.

Screen Rant: How do they receive American films out there?

Christian Bale: A film’s a film, isn’t it? I mean, look, this is also– There’s no better place than to premiere it.  We were in Mumbai, which was the birthplace of Kipling. And Hindi was Kipling’s first language. He adored India and it’s a very Indian story. There’s global themes. But you can’t remove it from India. And so, it’s absolutely appropriate and respectful that that’s where we premiered it. And also, fascinating for me to get to go visit.

Screen Rant: There’s the old saying in film, “You don’t work with animals, you don’t work with kids.”

Christian Bale: Right [chuckles]. So, instead of that, we just became the animals. But we were working with a kid, with Rohan. But man, what a kid. He is smart beyond his years and really fantastic.

Screen Rant: You don’t do a ton of voice work on your resume. But this was more performance acting.

Christian Bale: Yeah. With voice work, I’ve done two. I did Howl’s Moving Castle and Pocahontas. But, no, this isn’t voice work. Because you are in motion all the time. You are interacting with the other actors. You do have to, albeit they’re boxes that they turn into looking like trees and hills and you know, grassy lots and whatnot. And the jungle. You’re jumping on boxes and that, but you have to interact. And all of that is what you end up seeing in the film. Whatever position I end up sitting in, that is the position that Bagheera is going to end up in. Which is why Andy said to me, “Please go study panthers and their movements.”

Screen Rant: Interesting. So, you actually did go. Did you look at videos? Did you go to the zoo?

Christian Bale: Rohan out did me. Because he actually went to a wolf sanctuary and hung out with the wolves. He beat me on that one. I was just watching them on YouTube.

Screen Rant: Well, it’s a wonderful film. I know you just got done with something everyone else is talking about. This is a wonderful film. Vice will be coming out. You look amazing. I saw pictures of how you weighted up for that. How do you do this?

Christian Bale: You just enjoy life to the extreme, too much, to put on the weight, ahh, just never stop. And then you just go to bed hungry in a miserable, to lose weight. That’s the secret.

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