Huge Turkish clothing retailer LC Waikiki debuts in Uganda

LC Wakiki, one of Turkey’s major clothing retailers, opened its flagship store in Kampala, Uganda.

The fashion retailer is Europe’s fastest-growing urban fashion chain, in… .

2020-12-23 16:58:48

Major Turkish clothing retailer LCW produces 40M masks weekly

LC Waikiki, one of Turkey’s major clothing retailers, is producing 40 million masks per week without profit in support of the country’s fight against the spread of the coronavirus… .

2020-04-19 12:15:00

Will Smith Launches Nostalgia-Fueled Fresh Prince Clothing Line

Fans can now dress like The Fresh Prince, as Will Smith has launched a nostalgia-fueled clothing line. Though it’s been nearly 25 years since the hit NBC series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air went off the air, its popularity and impact continues to live on with a new generation.

Beyond its popularity as a sitcom, the series had a massive impact with regards to launching Smith’s career. The plot saw Smith sent from Philadelphia by his mother to live with his wealthy aunt, uncle and cousins in the posh L.A. neighborhood of Bel-Air. Without a doubt, Smith, who was in his twenties at the time, honed his acting chops while on the series. It was through his work on The Fresh Prince that Smith was able to springboard into feature films, with the first film he landed after the series ended being his role as Captain Steven Hiller in the 1996 box-office smash Independence Day. Today, reruns of The Fresh Prince are still in syndication and the entire series can also be found on Netflix, at least in the U.K.

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Aside from the show’s opening theme song, which Smith performs and which seems to almost be as popular as the series itself, another well-known aspect of The Fresh Prince was the fashion. When introduced to the staid colors of the Bel-Air Academy school uniforms, Smith wastes no time in discovering that when flipped inside out, the pattern on the blazer’s lining is far more stylish. With this thought still in mind, Smith has now created a fashion line inspired by The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. In a new video on Smith’s Instagram account, the new clothing line, Bel-Air Athletics, debuts. You can check out some of the available styles below – and yes, a jacket with the same reversible lining from the show is available.

For fans of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, this is a prized collection of clothing, particularly the aforementioned jacket. As the video points out, the line strictly offers athletic gear (hence the name), with everything from socks to basketballs to air fresheners available. There’s even a TV shirt with a caricature of Smith playing basketball, alongside the phrase “Will Power”. Fans of The Fresh Prince will recognize the slogan and image from the Courting Disaster episode of the first season, in which Will’s talents on the basketball court create a sensation at Bel-Air Academy. Though Bel-Air Athletics doesn’t exactly offer an extensive range of clothing, it’s still very early days and the amount as well as variety of clothing available will likely depend on how popular the line is in these initial stages of release.

Some might also balk at the cost of the items available. The jacket with reversible lining, for example will set fans back $105 USD and a pair of track pants runs $88. At the same time, however, most name brand items have similar price tags, and the fact remains that if nostalgia or fandom can influence a person’s decision to buy certain products, there will always be a slightly higher cost involved.

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