Marvel’s Cosmic King is Coming To Claim His EMPYRE | Screen Rant

For years the Marvel Universe has suffered as the Kree and Skrull empires fought each other to oblivion. But the time has finally come for one Young Avenger to claim his throne, and fulfill his destiny of uniting the two into one new EMPYRE. Not because it’s what he desires, but because it is his destiny, plain and simple.

Even after the special Incoming! comic helped catch fans up on Hulkling’s cosmic Kree-Skrull crown, the first trailer for EMPYRE made it clear to every comic fan, old and new: the time of the Kree-Skrull Wars is over. But out of two broken peoples will arise one, united by a king born of both alien races and descended from the first Kree-Skrull hybrid, Dorrek Supreme. Since Teddy’s parents — Mar-Vell and the Princess Anelle — were brought together by the famous war, there’s no denying destiny’s design for him. And in April’s EMPYRE #1, his reign begins.

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Marvel has been rolling out several pieces of artwork to build anticipation for EMPYRE, primarily spotlighting the Kree and Skrull War itself, and the heroes who fought in the battle when the conflict was brought to Earth. But in the newest piece by artist Jeff Dekal, and released by Marvel with the promise of a “Destiny Fulfilled,” there is no mistaking the heart of EMPYRE‘s story. The tale of how a Young Avenger born of two warring empires must finally unite both… and accept his fate as the King of Space. And Teddy’s never looked so good:

The artwork gets two major points across: first, that with his genetic material blending the strengths of both his Kree and Skrull parents, he truly looks like a prime specimen of Marvel’s cosmic warriors (his less frequently used wings included). But more importantly, the look of contemplation he wears while looking skyward, and the somber image of the parents he never knew, speaks to the emotional arc beneath it all. Will the heroes of the Avengers and Fantastic Four be able to look beyond their past grudges with the Kree and Skrull empires, and recognize they follow Teddy — a good, worthy king? Or will they allow old prejudices to turn a Young Avenger into an enemy?

Fans will have to wait for the EMPYRE event to truly begin in April of this year. But first, readers can find out the essentials in Road to Empyre: Kree-Skrull War, arriving in stores in March.

EMPYRE #1 arrives in April 2020 from Marvel Comics.

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Andrew Dyce

Kung Fu Hustle 2 Is Finally Coming: Why It Took 15 Years To Happen

The original became an instant cult favorite when it arrived in 2004, but here’s why it took over 15 years for Kung Fu Hustle 2 to get moving. Stephen Chow is a legendary figure in Chinese cinema and started his career with roles in movies like John Woo’s Just Heroes and taking over from Chow Yun-fat for God Of Gamblers II and III. He first moved into the directing seat for 1993’s Flirting Scholar with Gong Li (Miami Vice), and regularly started to direct his own projects like 1996’s The God Of Cookery.

Stephen Chow’s breakthrough to international audiences came with 2001’s Shaolin Soccer, which was a hyperactive, cartoonish sports movie. Chow shot it with overseas viewers in mind, and the movie’s unique blend of action and comedy saw it become a solid hit. He followed up with Kung Fu Hustle, another action-comedy. In the film, he plays a lowlife criminal who gets mixed up with the Axe Gang, which leads to some incredible action scenes. Kung Fu Hustle received great reviews, grossing over $102 million internationally and remains one of Chow’s most popular films.

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Stephen Chow stated in 2005 he was working on Kung Fu Hustle 2, but its path to getting made would prove twisty. Chow’s next film would be 2008’s CJ7, a sci-fi comedy about a father and son who adopt a friendly alien. The E.T. aping comedy received a more lukewarm reception than Kung Fu Hustle and wasn’t as successful. During this period, Chow was also hired to direct and star as Kato alongside Seth Rogen in Green Hornet. It seemed like a perfect pairing of star and project, but Chow would first drop out of the director seat following “creative differences” but remained on as Kato. before later exiting the production entirely.

Stephen Chow is known to be an exacting collaborator and perhaps not the easiest director to work with, with Green Hornet producer Evan Goldberg later admitting Chow wanted total control, which wasn’t going to happen in Hollywood. Chow’s next film as director was 2013’s Journey To The West: The Demons Strike Back, and that year he stated Kung Fu Hustle 2 was still planned but had been put on hold while he’d focused on other projects in the intervening years. In 2016, he directed fantasy comedy The Mermaid – which became one of the highest-grossing Chinese films of all time – and 2019’s The New King Of Comedy, a remake of his own 1999 movie.

Stephen Chow has been far more focused on directing than acting in recent years, to the point he hasn’t appeared in a movie since CJ7. While promoting The New King Of Comedy he revealed Kung Fu Hustle 2 is finally happening, but it won’t be a direct sequel. It will instead be set in modern-day and he will likely only cameo. While its disappointing Chow wouldn’t be the lead – especially after his long absence from acting – in the sequel, it’s just good to know its finally in development. With Chow’s current focus on The Mermaid 2, it will likely be another couple of years before Kung Fu Hustle 2 punches into cinemas.

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Padraig Cotter

Iranian Cyber Attacks Against US Could Be Coming Experts Say

Cybersecurity experts are warning that the risk of an Iranian state-sponsored cyberattack against the U.S. remains high. For the last week, there has been concerns Iran might retaliate against the U.S through cyber measures. While both sides seem to now be actively working towards lowering tensions, security experts still believe individuals, as well as the cyber industry as a whole, needs to be prepared for the worst.

The Iranian Major General in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Qasem Soleimani, was killed in Iran on January 3rd, 2020 by a U.S. airstrike ordered by President Trump. In retaliation, Iran responded with a physical attack on places of U.S. military interest within Iraq. However, the more pressing concern for many has been that Iran might opt to accompany the physical response with a cyberattack. Especially considering cyberattacks are historically the nation’s preferred response when dealing with the U.S.

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While tensions do appear to be subsiding between Iran and the U.S., industry experts discussing the situation during the WSJ Pro Cybersecurity Symposium in San Diego this week warned the threat should not be considered over. The experts are particularly concerned that Iran might still retaliate further. Adding that if Iran does take further aim at the U.S., then the response “is likely to include a cyber component” of some form.

When it comes to certain countries, Iran included, the threat of a cyberattack is more of a concern than a physical one even though the human ramifications might not be as immediate. The reason for this is the long-term and widespread effects that might result from a cyberattack, as the human cost of these would continue to escalate beyond the initial attack. Especially following a highly targeted, sophisticated and successful attack on nationwide systems, including critical infrastructures. Attacks like these against the U.S. are often more appealing than physical responses as they provide some degree of plausible deniability, and therefore act as a way of responding without outright declaring war in the traditional sense. Evidence of this was seen in the initial response by Iran as while it targeted U.S. bases, it strategically did so when it could increase the likelihood of less U.S. casualties. Again, a way to attack without inciting further direct responses by the U.S.

Even without an actual attack taking place, the experts are warning the fear of an attack might be enough on its own to cause damage to a degree. The warning is that many companies are now feeling in a state of limbo with no clear direction on what they should be doing to protect themselves. Further adding to the fear, and the need to prepare, the experts suggest insurers might not be there if and when a company needs them following a non-physical attack. For example, while there are plenty of cyber-related insurance plans out there to choose from, the fear is some insurers may turn to protection under the war exclusion (or hostile acts) clause. In principle, these acts protect insurers from having to pay out when one sovereign nation engages in a war-like action against another. The cyberattack caveat is similar to what homeowners face when dealing with insurance companies over acts of God exclusions.

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Source: WSJ

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John Finn

The Mandalorian: 5 Most Surprising Moments (& 5 We Saw Coming)

Star Wars blew minds when it was originally released in theaters and followed up with an even more epic film, The Empire Strikes Back some three years later. While everyone knew they would get to see Luke, Han, and Leia together again no one was prepared for everything that was revealed in this second chapter of the Skywalker saga.

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Perhaps best known for one of the most insane reveals in cinematic history, as Darth Vader proclaims, “No, I am your father,” to a devastated Luke Skywalker, Star Wars certainly set us up to expect more surprises along the way. With the release of The Mandalorian television show on Disney + a few months ago, fans were treated to some surprises in that storyline, along with some familiar tropes as well.

10 Surprise – Baby Yoda

As all fans realize now (as they are forced to wait another four months for any merchandise) the reveal of Baby Yoda at the end of the pilot episode of The Mandalorian was held tightly under wraps before the show premiered. While no one knew quite what to expect from this first live-action show from Lucasfilm and Disney, the trailers and descriptions of a lone gunslinger during the early years of the New Republic certainly didn’t prepare audiences for the reveal of the cutest and most adored Star Wars character of all time.

9 No Surprise – Mando Goes Back for the Child

It was devastating in episode three of The Mandalorian to watch Baby Yoda’s floating carriage follow stormtroopers off-screen as Mando is handed a bunch of beskar. As horrible is that scene is too watch, few fans actually thought separation of bounty hunter and bounty would last very long, and it didn’t even take an episode to pull them back together.

The secrecy around Baby Yoda would not have been necessary if the adorable green dude was only going to live through three episodes.

8 Surprise – Moff Gideon

Viewers spent a good part of eight episodes trying to decide what The Client actually wanted with Baby Yoda. From over-analyzing Dr. Pershing’s costume and its seeming Kamino symbol on its shoulder and trying to guess this green 50-year-old’s origin, few were thinking beyond The Client himself when it came to the big bad of season one. That’s what made the last two episodes of season one so thrilling when Moff Gideon appears in his TIE fighter on Navarro.

7 No Surprise – Greef Karga Lies to Mando

When Greef Karga contacts Mando in episode seven asking him to return to Navarro to help clear the town of The Client and a new bunch of stormtroopers, many fans knew immediately what Mando did not. This was a trap. Greef Karga didn’t care about Navarro, he cared about his power and his guild. He had no reason to hate the Imperials more than the New Republic. That is, until a little green child saved his life.

6 Surprise – Attack on the Covert

Fans got so distracted by Baby Yoda and Mando’s many adventures (and understandably so) that it was hard to worry about anyone outside of the Razor Crest itself. Still, fans should have been more prepared to hear about the attack on the Mandalorian Covert than they were. It was certainly a surprise to see a stack of broken Mandalorian armor in the finale of season one, but it sets up a great vengeance plotline as we head full steam toward season two.

5 No Surprise – Mando’s Skills

Creators tried to throw off viewers as they watched Mando struggle against Jawas and a Mudhorn in early episodes, but it still came as no surprise in episode six when Mando took out a whole team of robots on the New Republic prison ship.

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Everyone knew Mando had his reputation for a reason, and it was great to finally get to see him put all of his skills on screen for fans to enjoy.

4 Surprise – Hitting Baby Yoda

Once Baby Yoda made his first appearance on the screen there were a lot of expectations surrounding him. Fans expected him to be hunted, to be injured, to be manipulated, tested, even (Force forbid) killed. What was not expected was for the most adorable baby in the universe to get punched by a pair of Scout Troopers. Fans were rightfully horrified seeing these bikers smack the bag Baby Yoda was being held in an effort to get him to quiet down and stop moving.

3 No Surprise – Baby Yoda Uses the Force

It was a thing of beauty to watch Baby Yoda lift a Mudhorn off the ground in an effort to protect his rescuer (and soon to be adopted dad) Mando by using the force (and then falling asleep due to the strain). As fantastic as it was to watch it wasn’t a huge surprise. There had to be a reason the child was so important to the client and, when Yoda’s species is involved, the Force is not usually far behind.

2 Surprise – The Dark Saber

As if Moff Gideon wasn’t enough of a surprise when he appeared in the penultimate episode of The Mandalorian season one, John Favreau and company held back one big detail until the final minutes of the season one finale. While it was no surprise to see Moff Gideon step out alive from his crashed TIE fighter, it was quite a shock to see him standing there with a black lightsaber in his hands.

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Some fans of The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels know that sword as the Darksaberbut even that information didn’t help anyone see this coming.

1 No Surprise – Pedro Pascal’s Face

This is not intended as a criticism of the moment, the big reveal of Mando’s face under his helmet. Still, most fans knew Pedro Pascal was cast as Mando long before that mask was ever removed. It was great to see IG-11 work his way through a loophole that allowed him to remove Mando’s mask and save his life, but most fans already knew what Mando was going to look like beneath that armor. Still, no one was disappointed.

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Jessie Atkin

Full Birds Of Prey Movie Trailer Rated, Likely Coming Soon

Warner Bros’ new Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) movie trailer is rated, indicating it will likely release soon. Though the last DC movie to hit theaters was Todd Phillips’ Joker, that film has no connection to Cathy Yan’s Birds of Prey, which is set within the (unofficially titled) DC Extended Universe. Margot Robbie reprises her role as Harley Quinn from David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, though Harley’s broken up with her Joker (Jared Leto) and starts out on her own adventure. In Birds of Prey, Harley Quinn teams up with Huntress (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), Black Canary (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) and Renee Montoya (Rosie Perez) to protect the young Cassandra Cain (Ella Jay Basco).

Though Harley Quinn originated in Suicide Squad, her next DCEU outing has little connection to Ayer’s movie. Instead, director Yan and screenwriter Christina Hodson focused on delivering a standalone movie featuring Robbie’s beloved character. Further, Harley Quinn will be joining up with new characters, and facing off against DC villains Black Mask (Ewan McGregor) and Victor Zsasz (Chris Messina). With Birds of Prey just over a month away from hitting theaters, Warner Bros. is ramping up its marketing push for the DC movie. Now, the full Birds of Prey movie trailer is rated and may arrive soon.

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According to Consumer Protection BC (via Trailer-Track), the full Birds of Prey movie trailer is officially rated. Clocking it at two minutes and 22 seconds, it’ll be longer than the previously released teasers. Trailer-Track notes that this Birds of Prey trailer will likely be a red-band video since the rating includes “two instances of coarse language.” Given the trailer is rated, it will likely drop in the next week or so, as is typically the case. See the classification below.

It would make sense for Warner Bros. to release a red-band trailer for Birds of Prey because it’s officially R-rated – the first DCEU movie to be rated R (since Joker isn’t set in the DCEU). However, we won’t know for sure whether the upcoming Birds of Prey trailer is red-band until it’s confirmed or it’s released. Certainly, fans excited to see what Robbie and the cast do with their R rating would appreciate a tease in the form of a red-band trailer, but Warner Bros. may want to release a trailer for everyone in order to promote the movie to as big of a potential audience as possible. As of now, the Birds of Prey opening weekend box office projections are solid for its R-rating, but Warner Bros. no doubts hopes it exceeds expectations to become wildly successful.

Since the first Birds of Prey trailer focused more on Harley Quinn, fans of the film’s other DC characters are likely hoping the full trailer reveals more about Black Canary, Huntress and Black Mask. As of yet, the movie hasn’t even shown Black Mask wearing the villain’s signature mask, though McGregor has been a high point for many in Birds of Prey’s marketing so far. Fans will just have to wait and see what the full Birds of Prey trailer has in store; now that it’s rated, though, it should be arriving soon.

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Source: Consumer Protection BC (via Trailer-Track)

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Molly Freeman

Cyberpunk 2077 Figures Coming From McFarlane Toys | Screen Rant

McFarlane Toys has released details about three new Cyberpunk 2077 figures, including two action figures and one statue. The figures will be released shortly before Cyberpunk 2077′s April 2020 release date. Cyberpunk 2077 is the newest game from CD Projekt Red. The developer is well known for its acclaimed game series The Witcher, based on a set of fantasy novels of the same name (which recently received a TV adaption via Netflix series The Witcher).

Cyberpunk 2077 is similarly based on a preexisting property, this time owing its setting to tabletop RPG Cyberpunk 2020. CD Projekt Red’s adaptation is a first-person RPG set in Night City, which offers a brighter, sunnier take on traditional cyberpunk genre norms. The game’s unique setting and CD Projekt Red’s pedigree have made the game one of the coming year’s most anticipated releases.

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It’s no surprise, then, that Cyperbunk 2077 is already spawning its fair share of merchandise, including three figures from McFarlane Toys. While there may be more on the way eventually, McFarlane has revealed one figure of the game’s male protagonist, as well as one figure and one statue of the notable character Johnny Silverhand. CD Projekt Red revealed at E3 2019 that Silverhand, who first appeared in the tabletop series, would be played by beloved actor Keanu Reeves. Reeves’ E3 2019 appearance was one of the show’s most memorable moments, so fans of the game will likely be interested in snagging either of his two McFarlane depictions. The Silverhand action figure comes with a guitar, a guitar strap, an alcohol bottle, and an alternate “rock on” hand, while the Johnny Silverhand Chrome Rock Concert Statue shows the musician in a mid-performance pose.

The protagonist action figure shows the default look of the game’s male protagonist, known only as “V.” Besides a base to place the figure on, the V figure comes with a few accessories that hint at items players will be able to use in-game: a pink laser katana, a Kang Tao-Dian SMG, and a Militech Saratoga Pistol. These weapons will likely play into Cyberpunk 2077‘s varied playstyles, shown off in detail in the game’s PAX West 2019 gameplay video. The V and Johnny Silverhand figures are available to pre-order for $29.99, while the Johnny Silverhand statue is up for $39.99. All three figures are expected to ship on March 1, 2020 – just over a month before Cyberpunk 2077′s release date of April 16, 2020.

Despite the extreme hype for the game, fans may want to temper their excitement to avoid being disappointed. Cyberpunk 2077′s main quest is reportedly shorter than The Witcher 3′s, and the game’s map will be smaller than the map in The Witcher 3, as well. Still, Night City’s verticality may mean it’s bigger than it seems, and it’s doubtful that CD Projekt Red would ship the game without plenty for players to do, either way.

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Cyberpunk 2077 will release on April 16, 2020, on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: McFarlane Toys

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Camden Jones

SkateBIRD Is Tony Hawk With Birds And It’s Coming To Nintendo Switch

Glass Bottom Games has announced that their upcoming video game SkateBIRD is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2020. SkateBIRD began as a Kickstarter project which was launched on June 10th, 2019, and saw immediate funding success.

Glass Bottom Games is a small independent developer which was founded in October of 2011. They have built their identity on strange and quirky concepts and, according to their website, specialize in making “absurdly cozy games about animals doing people things.” SkateBIRD isn’t the first title from Glass Bottom Games which has had success on Kickstarter; in 2014 their game Hot Tin Roof raised $25,457, exceeding their goal of $20,000. Hot Tin Roof went on to become a part of 2017’s Freedom Bundle, the highest-grossing indie game Humble Bundle of all time.

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SkateBIRD is a skating game where the player controls a small, puffy bird skating around a miniature skate park made out of everyday objects like magazines and plastic straws. SkateBIRD reached its Kickstarter funding goal within twenty-four hours of the game’s announcement, and on the 10th of December, 2019, a trailer for SkateBIRD was played during the Nintendo Indie World Showcase. A standalone trailer (embedded below) was published on Nintendo’s YouTube channel the same day. The game is slated to release in late 2020.

The game has already earned attention for its presentation and concept. The cuteness of the player characters is clearly a major selling point, and Glass Bottom Games is well aware of this, since in addition to skateboarding the birds available for play can also be decorated with accessories like scarves and hats. The Kickstarter for SkateBIRD has also met all of its stretch goals, allowing for features like variable bird shapes, additional levels, the ability to actually pet the birds, and a photo mode.

Many successful indie games are known for presenting strange and unique concepts and building off of them in interesting ways, and SkateBIRD seems poised to follow suit with a unique and endearing take on the time-weathered concept of skating games made popular by the famous Tony Hawk series. Comparisons have already been drawn between SkateBIRD and House House’s recently released Untitled Goose Game, which serves as a solid precedent for quirky indie games starring an endearing bird. Untitled Goose Game has achieved great success due to its adorable-if-morally-misaligned protagonist, proving a market for video games starring cute birds does exist. If SkateBIRD can deliver a satisfying and enjoyable gameplay experience, it should prove an excellent way to bridge the gap between fans of skating games and people who love cute birds.

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Source: YouTube

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Peter Morics

New LEGO Movies May Be Coming, Not From Warner Bros.

LEGO may be coming out with brand new movies in The LEGO Movie franchise, but not from Warner Bros. as the company is currently in talks with Universal. The LEGO Movie franchise is the immensely popular animated series of movies focused on LEGO characters. While LEGO-based movies have existed since the Bionicle days in the early 2000s, LEGO began to make movies with Warner Bros. in the 2010s. The first few Warner Bros. LEGO movies were successful, but it skyrocketed in acclaim and popularity in 2014 with the release of The LEGO Movie.

The LEGO Movie was an instant hit, with both critics and viewers alike. “Certified Fresh” with its current Rotten Tomatoes score of 96 percent, the movie featured beautiful animation, a fantastic plot, an all-star voice cast, and humor for viewers of all ages. It spawned a franchise of new LEGO movies that included spinoffs, such as The LEGO Batman Movie and The LEGO Ninjago Movie, which came out in 2017. In 2019, The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part was released, with actors Chris Pratt, Will Arnett, and Elizabeth Banks reprising their voice roles for the sequel film.

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According to THR, LEGO is currently in talks with Universal for a new, exclusive partnership that may lead to the studio creating new movies based on LEGOs. This past fall, the partnership with Warner Bros. expired. While the previously mentioned Batman spinoff was a success, The Ninjago Movie and LEGO Movie: The Second Part were failures, which caused Warner Bros. to rethink their initial agreement with LEGO.

According to THR’s sources, there have already been several studios that have reached out to LEGO to try to strike a deal, to fill the gap that Warner Bros. is leaving. While there may be a studio change happening, the producer from the previous LEGO films, Dan Lin, is in talks to stay on future projects even if a new deal is struck. Lin is also responsible for producing the live-action adaptation of Aladdin. With Lin will also come his production company, Rideback.

Universal has had several successful animated feature films over the past decade, which include the extremely popular Minions and Despicable Me franchises under their Illumination arm. Recent releases also include The Secret Life of Pets 2 (2019) and How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (2019). Despite this, it’s never a bad idea to have more animated movies on the roster. Especially one from such a recognizable and established brand like LEGO, which has already proven the popularity of its brands through movies and video games in addition to the classic toy line. There’s even a LEGO Movie World. When there are companies like Disney buying up recognizable brand after brand, it’s important to have one of their own in their back pocket. Until then, fans will be waiting eagerly for the next chapter in The LEGO Movie film franchise.

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Source: THR

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Jun Chung

10 Netflix Movies & Shows Still Coming In 2019 We’re Hyped For

With 2020 right around the corner, everyone is excited for the new movies and TV shows we will be getting. That said, Netflix isn’t quite done for the year just yet. In fact, they still have alot of great content just around the corner.

From a new animated movie, a comedy special, a deserted island thriller, a movie about the Pope, and a show that might be the biggest hit of the year and rival Game of Thrones, Netflix is closing 2019 with a bang.

10 Fast & Furious Spy Racers (December 26th)

The first show on this list is Fast & Furious Spy Racer. Dreamworks’s TV series streaming on Netflix are already big hits so it will be no surprise if this one is to. It will be a good way for die hard Fast & Furious fans to introduce their young kids to the franchise. Also, the animations looks pretty cool and interesting. A cool thing about this show is that it is produced by Bret Haaland, Tim Hedrick, Neal H. Moritz, Chris Morgan, and Vin Diesel, all from the live-action franchise.

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This show is going to be about Dominic Toretto’s (Vin Diesel) cousin, Tony Toretto, stopping a criminal racing league.

9 Soundtrack (December 18th)

Soundtrack is a musical series about bringing different types of people together in LA though music. The show is centered around music, and even the titles of episodes are named like tracks on a CD.

This show seems like it will be fun, romantic, and give the audience the warm fuzzing feeling they love so dearly. It is nice to still have good slice of life shows that want to make you feel good and happy after you are done viewing it.

8 The Gift (December 27th)

The Gift is an original Turkish show coming to Netflix in just a few days. It stars Beren Saat as Atiye and Mehmet Günsür as Erhan. To start, The Gift will have only eight episodes, each running any from 30-50 minutes long.

The show begins with Atyye and her boyfriend Ozan living a normal life in Istanbul, but an archaeologist’s discovery changes their lives forever. This show is a mystery right from the start and will keep the audience on their toes the entire time.

7 The Neighbor (December 31st)

The Neighbor is a superhero show coming to Netflix on the last day of the decade. It stars Quim Gutiérrez, Clara Lago, and Adrián Pino. The show was written by Miguel Esteban and Raúl Navarro.

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The show is about Javier, who is known to be self-centered. He randomly becomes a superhero after a tense breakup. The audience will be going on a wild ride trying to watch this man become a superhero in his twenties.

6 John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch (December 24th)

Gather the family around to have a heart warming laugh with John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch this Christmas Eve! This comedic special is about John Mulaney and the kids talking about adult topics and seeing how they react to them. This special also has special guests like Jake Gyllenhaal, David Byrne, Natasha Lyonne, Annaleigh Ashford, Shereen Pimente, Andre De Shields, and Richard Kind.

This special is going to have music and a variety of other things to keep the audience entertained.

5 You: Season 2 (December 26th)

Yes, this creep is back and as awful as ever. In season two, Penn Badgley is back as Joe Goldberg, but now their are more people for him to stalk, such as Victoria Pedretti as Love Quinn, James Scully as Forty Quinn, Jenna Ortega as Ellie Alves, Ambyr Childers as Candace, and Carmela Zumbado as Delilah Alves.

This time, Joe is heading to LA working at a grocery store (Hopefully he does not have access to the basement). With the time passed between seasons, Joe has his eyes on an aspiring chef.

4 Carole & Tuesday: Part 2 (December 24th)

Music will be able to warm your soul this Christmas eve as Carole & Tuesday: Part 2 is coming out this December 24th. Part 2 will consist of eleven episodes, 13-24th. To get ready for the rest of the season, viewers might as well start from episode one.

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Carole runs away from home to pursue her dream of being a musician. On the way, she meets Tuesday, who plays the piano. It seems like destiny, so they form a group and begin playing music together. Side note: this series takes place on Mars…so, yeah.

3 The Two Popes (December 20th)

The Two Popes comes out the same day as The Witcher, so choose wisely. The Two Popes was written by Anthony McCarten. who also wrote a play called the Pope which he based this movie on. The Two Popes stars Anthony Hopkins as Pope Benedict XVI, Jonathan Pryce as Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the future Pope Francis, Juan Minujín as Young Jorge Mario Bergoglio, and Emma Bonino as herself. It is going to be interesting what subjects this movie covers as the popes try to find common ground between their different view points on being the Pope of the Catholic church.

2 Sweetheart (December 25th)

This movie will give you a fright on Christmas night. Sweetheart is survivor horror film written by J.D  Dillard, Alex Theurer and Alex Hyner. The cast consists of Kiersey Clemons as Jenn, Emory Cohen as Lucas, Hanna Mangan-Lawrence as Mia, Andrew Crawford as the Creature, and Benedict Samuel as Brad.

Jen and Brad just survived a shipwreck where they are washed ashore on this mysterious, and what they think is a deserted, island. When Brad succumbs to his wounds from the shipwreck, Jen thinks she is alone, but what comes next is sure to surprise her.

1 The Witcher (December 20th)

Of course, the show everyone is excited for is The Witcher. This show is based off of the popular book series and games of the same name. The show was created by Lauren Schmit Hissrich and has Henry Cavil playing the main character Geralt of Rivia. This show is sure to be a hit with rumors of it rivaling Game of Thrones. With a second season already in the works, it seems like Netflix has very high hopes for this fantasy drama.

Geralt of Rivia is a monster hunter that lets nothing get in his way of the kill. Geralt likes to be alone and is not much of a people person, but when a princess needs his help, will he help her or go on his monster slaying ways?

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Is Control Coming to Xbox Game Pass or Not? | Screen Rant

During a live stream on Mixer, Phil Spencer, vice-president of gaming at Microsoft, stated that Control was coming on Xbox Game Pass. Now, the news has been denied by Remedy, the developer of the game. This new title combines elements from Remedy’s previous games, but features a completely new storyline and a female protagonist, Jesse. Control takes place in Manhattan, where Jesse is trying to solve unresolved mysteries from her childhood. She also has to deal with a clandestine government agency called The Federal Bureau of Control, headquartered in The Oldest House. A tale as old as time, really.

Announced at E3 2018, the game was surrounded by a lot of hype, to the point that it was one of the most anticipated games last summer. It had a very positive response from critics who pointed out some of its small flaws, but mostly agreed that they don’t prevent the player from enjoying the game. Its supernatural but engaging story is one of the elements that got praised the most by the industry experts, along with the tight gun combat and great supporting cast.

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Phil Spencer, the boss of Xbox, recently stated that Control would be available on Xbox Game Pass in the future. This confirmation happened during a live stream on Mixer where Spencer reportedly said that he likes the game a lot, but it hasn’t reached enough players yet. He added that more people will play Control when it’s available on Game Pass, making many fans think that the deal between Remedy and Xbox had been closed.

The news probably excited several gamers who own an Xbox, but it was quickly denied by Remedy’s staff. On December 5th, the game’s developer replied with a Tweet to the many inquiries from the fans, stating that the information provided by Spencer is “incorrect“. The Tweet clarifies that Remedy has “no news or announcements regarding Xbox Game Pass at this time,” so it looks like players will still need to purchase the game as a standalone rather than having it included in their Game Pass subscription.

It’s obvious that a successful game like Control would be a great addition to Game Pass, and maybe it would even encourage the fans to purchase a subscription to the Microsoft service. Also, since it’s estimated that most Xbox Game Pass owners experiment with video game genres they’ve never played before, the subscription could encourage skeptical players to discover Control‘s unconventional storyline. The popular game may not be coming to Game Pass in the near future, but this won’t stop players’ interest and curiosity towards it.

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