Midsommar Director Confirms Director’s Cut With Extra 30 Minutes

Ari Aster has announced that a director’s cut with 30 more minutes is on the way for Midsommar, his sophomore feature, following last year’s widely successful psychological horror-thriller, Hereditary. The film has been regarded as one of the year’s scariest films.

Written and directed by Aster himself, Midsommar stars Jack Reynor and Florence Pugh as a couple who take a trip to Sweden to visit their friend’s hometown. At first, it seems that they are there to enjoy the annual mid-summer festival, but they eventually end up caught in the practices of a pagan cult. Pugh stars as Dani, a young woman who is struggling to find acceptance in the world as she joins her boyfriend Christian (Reynor) in Sweden with the rest of his friends. Aster has stated that at its core, Midsommar is a breakup film, but it’s easy to forget that once the viewer becomes ensnared by the insanity taking place in the Swedish village. And those that desired more from the film to make sense out of its bonkers ending may have something to look forward to, as Aster has announced an extended cut is on the horizon.

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During a recent Reddit AMA, Aster revealed that he was in the process of putting together a director’s cut, which would include thirty extra minutes of footage. The film’s first cut was three hours and forty-five minutes, which he trimmed down to its current theatrical release. He didn’t discuss what exactly would be added to the extended version, but it’s possible it can include sequences that bring clarity to some of the questions that left many moviegoers confused. After being asked about the potential of seeing a director’s cut, Aster responded stating:

“Working on extended cut now. Won’t be 1 hr 20 mins longer, but will be at least 30 mins longer.”

An extra thirty minutes watching Pugh take audiences on a very emotional trip into madness is just what horror fans need. Indeed, Midsommar is probably going to be remembered as this year’s most deranged film, but it is also beautifully structured and awe-inspiring to watch unfold. What Aster includes in the director’s cut is up to him and it probably won’t take away from how the film has been received, but it could strengthen the rift that exists between moviegoers and critics.

Once the director’s cut arrives, it will be interesting to see the conversation it sparks, if any. It is not yet known when fans can expect the director’s cut to arrive, but it could release alongside the theatrical cut, as a physical and digital selection. Those who thought Midsommar was disturbing enough as it is may be fine with the original, but for those that want to see what could have potentially been included, Aster seems more than happy to deliver.

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Source: Ari Aster/Reddit

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Eric Trigg

Marvel Confirms Venom is a Hero: EDDIE is The Killer

Warning: SPOILERS for Venom #13

The War of the Realms has just pulled Venom into the fight… by giving Eddie Brock a monstrous new symbiote suit. Given to him by Malekith’s War Witches, the sorcerers hope he would become an agent of evil and fight for the Dark Elf Malekith in the war.

But this new, magical Venom symbiote suit isn’t just an updated look: this is ALL Eddie. That means no symbiote to communicate with, or to alter his emotions or memories into a force for good. The result? A savage and brutal version of Venom hell bent on killing. Proving once and for all which half of Venom is truly the heroic one.

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Eddie recently discovered that his symbiote had been tampering with his memories, falsifying his cancer diagnosis, manufacturing a dead sister and uncle to cripple Eddie with guilt–and even keep him from ever knowing that he had a son, Dylan Brock being raised (and abused) by Eddie’s father. Out of anger after discovering he was being manipulated by the symbiote, Eddie permanently separated from it. The Symbiote survives the separation, and is last seen walking into the crowd in a human form. Eddie, on the other hand, is nearly killed during the separation. Bad timing, considering the world goes to hell in the War of the Realms.

Eddie’s new found parental instincts kick in, while he tries to keep both himself, and his son alive with Malkeith’s army running loose through the city–all without his symbiote. But even without his symbiote enhancing his abilities, Eddie still wants to be a hero, taking on three dark elves while civilians escape the potential slaughter.

Eddie’s attempted heroics catch the attention of Malekith’s war witches, who offer Eddie a dreamstone that gives life to dreams and desires. In Eddie’s case, he wants a weapon: his symbiote. Eddie is granted a dark magic symbiote that is “same… but different” from his old partner. Eddie is alone in his dark suit without the voice of the symbiote, and it appears that his actions are solely his own. The war witch left out a crucial part of the deal when they gave Eddie the suit, telling him after the fact that he must now use his gifts in the name of Malekith’s crusade. An offer Eddie promptly rejects. You could even say he bit the hand that feeds… clean off.

After ensuring his son is locked away for safety, Venom swings off to join the fight. But there is more driving him than his need to protect innocents. Once he leaps into the fight he succumbs to his need to hunt, and to kill. Wielding an axe and a sword, the new Venom quickly and savagely decimates a group of dark elves and trolls. Stabbing and decapitating, Venom kills the normally Asgardian foes tormenting innocent civilians. Eddie quickly discovers that this new suit is full of anger and hate. And the voices in his head, screaming at him to kill soon resolve into just one: his own.

Elsewhere in the issue the wounded war witch seems to confirm that Eddie is out of control, all on his own. So does this prove once and for all that Eddie has been the one wanting to kill during his entire time with the symbiote? Or is there dark magic within the new suit pushing him to the extreme? One thing is for sure: Eddie is back as Venom. But this time the title refers to him alone.

Venom #13 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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Kirk Smith

Mortal Kombat 11 Leak Confirms [SPOILER] As DLC Characters

All nine of Mortal Kombat 11‘s DLC characters have been ousted by a recent datamine. As with most fighting games, the roster is a heavy focus for fans in the build up to the game’s eventual release. Mortal Kombat is no exception to this, as fans make roster wishlists and rally behind some of their favorites as they hedge their bets on who will return or debut in the game for the first time ever. Mortal Kombat, in particular, is known for crossover characters being added as downloadable content, which adds a further layer for fans to speculate on.

Past guest fighters in Mortal Kombat have included Kratos from God of War, Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street, Jason Vorhees from Friday the 13th, Predator, Alien, and even Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It’s really a smorgasbord of violent offenders from outside of the Mortal Kombat franchise, and that trend was always destined to continue in Mortal Kombat 11. The only question that fans had about the DLC pertained to who was next.

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It looks like Warner Bros. Interactive and NetherRealm Studios may have had the DLC lineup for Mortal Kombat 11 revealed prematurely, as dataminers have been able to find names within the code of the Nintendo Switch version for the unreleased game. These details have since been posted on Reddit, where the legitimacy of the code has been verified by a number of people. Despite being seemingly verified, consumers should still take the complete roster as a rumor until NetherRealm releases official details on the planned DLC.

With that out of the way, the allegedly complete list of add-on fighters coming to Mortal Kombat 11 can be found below:

  • Shang Tsung
  • Joker
  • Nightwolf
  • Terminator
  • Sindel
  • Spawn
  • Ash
  • Fujin
  • Sheeva

There are a few things worth noting with this cast, although the guest fighters are sure to generate the most buzz. Spawn joining Mortal Kombat 11 was expected after Spawn’s creator, Todd McFarlane, implied that the crossover would be happening. Others like Terminator and Ash (who is presumably Ash Williams from The Evil Dead), are sure to feel right at home on the Mortal Kombat 11 roster. Finally, Joker looks to be the first DC Comics character making the jump over to the bloody carnage of Mortal Kombat, although that hasn’t prevented MK characters like Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Raiden from squaring off against the clown prince in NetherRealm’s other fighting game series, Injustice.

As for the rest, they round out a respectable selection. Shang Tsung was previously announced as the first DLC character in MK11, while Sindel and Nightwolf have been longtime favorites of the community. Still, there are some noteworthy mainstays that appear to have been shafted if this list of characters turns out to be true. Reptile not appearing in Mortal Kombat 11 is one of the tougher pills to swallow, while Rain and Smoke were two characters that fans really wanted to see. Overall, the roster of Mortal Kombat 11 is very strong, but fans aren’t likely to let those characters be left by the wayside without voicing their concerns.

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Source: Reddit

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Riley Little

Game of Thrones Confirms Euron’s “Silence” Crew From The Books

The Game of Thrones season premiere featured a brief line from Euron Greyjoy that alludes to one of his more heinous habits from the books: cutting out the tongues of his Silence crew members. The show’s version of the Ironborn reaver has differed significantly from his counterpart in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire saga, but “Winterfell” confirmed the two characters share one significant and cruel similarity.

At the end of season 7, Euron took his ships and sailed for Essos to acquire a significant prize for his queen: a deadly group of mercenaries known as the Golden Company to aid her when the surviving army of the war reaches Kings Landing. Regardless of whether or not Euron believes the Night King to be an actual threat, it remains a low priority compared to his desire to court Cersei’s favor and increase his standing on the global stage. It’s an entirely self-serving move, characteristic of the brutal pirate introduced in season 6 who murdered his brother in his very first scene, and has since become a dynamic member of the show’s deep bench of depraved villains.

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While visiting his niece in captivity on Silence, Euron reveals to Yara that the reason he keeps coming to talk to her is that he’s on a ship “full of mutes,” and it gets lonely at sea. He’s referring to his practice of cutting out the tongues of any sailor that serves on Silence. Euron’s Greyjoy has a reputation in the books as a ruthless, amoral sailor, supported by a number of myths surrounding his brutality. Most of those myths turn out to be true, and forcibly muting his crew (and his pregnant mistress) is one of them.

Reasons for this practice range from paranoia to megalomania to sadism, and none are mutually exclusive. In the books, Euron – like Walder Frey, Ramsay Bolton and Joffrey Baratheon before him – establishes his villainy by gleefully engaging in behavior that flies in the face of what little shared cultural morality Westeros maintains. He kinslays without compunction, is loyal only unto his own ambition, and is the only major villain that openly lives outside the law. The series used those deeds to outline the character played by Pilou Asbæk, but also infuses the character with a more lighthearted air of wickedness.

In the show, Euron Greyjoy feels like a psychotic Jack Sparrow, who is willing to light the world on fire because it makes for such a good show. He’s power-hungry to be sure, but his ruthlessness comes tempered with more humor and mischief than could ever be attributed to his book counterpart. Still, the fact that he mutilates his own crew fits with both versions of the character, and that’s a credit to the show knowing its limits when it comes to adapting Martin’s work.

Distilling Martin’s dense storytelling down to about 80 hours of television ensured some of the author’s work wouldn’t be adapted perfectly or included at all. Certain character interpretations have been criticized by book fans, and the version of Euron Greyjoy that makes bad dwarf jokes (and spawned countless Euron Greyjoy as your mother’s new boyfriend memes) certainly seemed poised to rile. But it’s precisely because Euron Greyjoy has such a depth of character in the books that it was a smart move for Benioff and Weiss to embrace what’s almost a comedic interpretation of the character in the novels.

When Euron Greyjoy was introduced, the show had just shy of 20 episodes to go, and there simply wasn’t time to build Euron up as someone who could rival Ramsay Bolton in depravity and audience engagement. Keeping the spotlight on Cersei and the Night King as the series drew itself to a close made sure the integrity of the show’s narrative remained intact and undiluted by an ambitious introduction of a new character that was never going to be able to evoke the original successfully in the time remaining. That said, dropping in the fact that he mutilates his own crew says a lot about Euron in a very short amount of time.

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Alexandra August

John Wick 3 Clip Confirms Nothing Bad Happens To The Dog

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum clip essentially confirms nothing bad will happen to John’s beloved pet pitbull. Canine companions, of course, have been a staple of the action franchise since its inception back in 2014. The inciting incident of the entire trilogy was the senseless murder of the puppy Daisy, who was a gift to John from his dying wife. After mowing through countless foes and extracting revenge on Iosef Tarasov, John rescued a pitbull and looked to once again start a life of peace.

When the Baba Yaga was called back into action in Chapter 2, John (and the filmmakers) knew no dogs could be at risk. Before heading off to Rome on assignment, John made sure to leave the unnamed pitbull in the safe company of the Continental’s concierge, Charon. The two apparently enjoyed each other’s company while John was fighting for his life, which is a good thing because it looks like Charon will be dog-sitting for Mr. Wick once again.

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Lionsgate released an official clip from Parabellum, in which John summons a taxi so he can go to the New York Public Library. But when an ensuing traffic jam complicates matters, John tells the driver to take the dog to the Continental and says goodbye to his furry friend. Watch it in the space below:

At the end of Chapter 2, John was excommunicado and had a $14 million bounty placed on his head for breaking Continental rules. Due to the respect Winston has for John, a one-hour grace period was instituted before the assassins came hunting. That explains why time is very much of the essence and Wick can’t afford to sit in the back of a taxi for an extended period. While Continental services are off-limits to John (at least at the beginning of the film), he still has allies in that world. Charon, who voluntarily offered to keep an eye on the dog in the previous film, would likely accept the responsibility again.

This clip not only alleviates any fears that another dog may die in a John Wick film, it also illustrates what sets these movies apart from other action titles. The series has never been a mindless exercise of violence where Keanu Reeves eliminates enemies in increasingly brutal ways. There’s always been a very human, emotional undercurrent that allows audiences to get truly invested and care about what happens onscreen. Hopefully, this is just a temporary farewell and John Wick 3 ends with the two finally putting this all behind them and finding the peace they deserve. That would be an exceptionally cathartic way to cap off the trilogy.

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Source: Lionsgate

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Chris Agar

Tom Holland Confirms Long Awaited Chaos Walking Reshoots Now Underway

The long awaited reshoots on Chaos Walking, the YA movie starring Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley, are finally happening. It’s been nearly two years since production originally began on Doug Liman’s live-action adaptation of the Patrick Ness novel of the same name, and despite having two of the brightest young stars in Hollywood, the film has yet to hit theaters. The reason for this is the need to do reshoots.

Even though reshoots are a normal part of production, the ones planned for Chaos Walking appeared to be a different story. They weren’t scheduled to happen until very late in the process, and resulted in the film losing its early 2019 release date. If these reshoots were built in to the production schedule from the start, no such changes would’ve been made. What made these reshoots all the more difficult though is the star statuses of Holland and Ridley, who’ve both been incredibly busy filming other blockbusters.

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After over a year from the original report that reshoots on Chaos Walking were needed, they’ve now begun. Holland has been teasing on social media that the new round of filming on Chaos Walking was nearing, with first teasing on Instagram that his longer hair needed to be cut to match his look in this film. He then posted a few Instagram stories of him arriving in Atlanta, and then showing his drive to day one of the additional photography. His latest post (seen below) shows Doug Liman behind the camera on set, confirming that cameras are rolling on the reshoots.

The beginning of these reshoots is the first truly positive step that Chaos Walking has taken in over a year, making this a great piece of news for those interested in the film. There’s no word on if Ridley is also on set for these reshoots so far, but it would be quite surprising if she and other cast members like Mads Mikkelsen, David Oyelowo, and Nick Jonas don’t eventually report. According to a call sheet posted by Stomp and Stammer, these reshoots will last for three weeks – which lines up with the original reshoots report – and end on May 6.

As long as these reshoots go as well as everyone’s hoping, then it may not be inconceivable for Chaos Walking to still arrive at some point this year. Lionsgate has not given the film a new release date at this point, and could look to push the film out this year after Holland stars in Spider-Man: Far From Home and before Ridley is seen again in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker to capitalize on their popularity, if the film is ready in time. Since this may be a long shot at this point, a 2020 release is much more likely. Either way, it’s just good to know that Chaos Walking is finally moving forward again. But, with such a long time between the different periods of production, it’ll be fascinating to see if the reshot scenes are all the more noticeable.

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Sources: Tom Holland, Stomp and Stammer

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Cooper Hood

Hobbs & Shaw Teaser Confirms New Trailer Arrives Thursday

A new Hobbs & Shaw teaser video confirms an April 18 release date for the new trailer. Directed by David Leitch, the action comedy is a spinoff of the Fast and the Furious series with Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham reprising their franchise roles.

In Hobbs & Shaw, Johnson stars as Luke Hobbs, a character who first emerged as a villain in Fast Five. Since then, Hobbs has been part of four subsequent films, in which he serves as a United States Diplomatic Security Service agent, a bounty hunter, and a comrade to Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto. Meanwhile, Luke Shaw first appeared during the Fast & Furious 6 credits sequence, in which he’s narratively connected to the third series installment, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Like Hobbs, Shaw manages to form a bond with Toretto. Based on the talkative personalities of both Hobbs and Shaw, along with the A-list star power of both Johnson and Statham, the new spinoff represents a logical next step until the next proper film releases. Earlier this year, the aforementioned Diesel stated that three Fast and the Furious spin-offs are in the works.

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On Twitter, the official Hobbs & Shaw account posted a new teaser video that confirms the impending release of trailer #2.  The clip begins with a graphic that reads “IN 3 DAYS,” and the flip of a switch takes the viewer inside an engine for a brief few seconds, until an explosion transitions to the final graphic reveal. As a whole, the Hobbs & Shaw trailer teaser is only seven seconds long, but it fully aligns with the franchise’s basic premise: fast AND furious. Check out the Hobbs & Shaw teaser video below.

Last February, Universal Pictures premiered Hobbs & Shaw’s first trailer, which introduces the villain Brixton, a “cyber-genetically enhanced anarchist,” portrayed by Idris Elba. Earlier this month, Johnson and Statham introduced the new Hobbes & Shaw trailer at CinemaCon, in which Elba’s Brixton describes himself as the “Black Superman.” In addition, the trailer unsurprisingly highlights the unique lead dynamics, as both characters are known for talking trash, and also for getting the job done. Last month, Hobbs & Shaw producer Hiram Garcia posted a black and white image of the baddie Brixton brandishing a flamethrower, suggesting that the new film will be a lot of fun for long-time franchise fans.

In Hobbs & Shaw, English actress Vanessa Kirby co-stars as MI6 agent Hattie Shaw, the sister of Statham’s title character. In addition, acclaimed English actress Helen Mirren stars as the family matriarch. These female roles are significant, as the next franchise installment will reportedly be a female-centric film, with MCU scribe Nicole Perlman scheduled to write with Captain Marvel screenwriter Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Lindsey Beer (Sierra Burgess Is a Loser). 

Based on what we’ve seen so far, the new Hobbs & Shaw trailer will be explosive yet light-hearted. Both Johnson and Statham are legit international stars, and the spinoff allows them to flex their comedic chops while staying true to the series’ premise. But just as Kirby stole many scenes in Mission: Impossible – Fallout, don’t be surprised if she does the same in Hobbs & Shaw, and the same applies for Eiza González as Madam M. For now, enjoy the Hobbs & Shaw teaser, along with the upcoming trailer. 

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Source: Hobbs & Shaw

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Q.V. Hough

Archer Season 10 Trailer Confirms May Premiere Date For Archer: 1999

FXX delivers the first trailer for Archer: 1999, the latest re-imagining of the long-running animated series from creator Adam Reed. The past few seasons have seen the one-time super spy Sterling Archer in a number of wildly different scenarios, like Archer: Dreamland, a noir-inspired detective story, and last season’s disappointing Archer: Danger Island, which, for better or worse, put the show’s characters in the midst of a classic adventure serial. The changes have all been predicated on the cliffhanger ending of season 7, which left Archer comatose, following a near-fatal gunshot wound. 

Though this is not the first time Archer has been re-imagined — Archer Vice came about in season 5, while Archer season 7 was essentially an homage to Magnum P.I. — these most recent excursions from the series’ usual drunken spycraft shenanigans have the luxury of eschewing series continuity since they’re taking place inside the mind of one man. That freedom has allowed the series to not only re-imagine the circumstances of the series, but also many of the characters. And this time it looks as though Pam and Krieger will yet again be the recipients of the most radical changes. 

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The first trailer for Archer: 1999 follows through with the reveal at the end of Danger Island that sent the characters into outer space. What looked like a solid riff on the Alien franchise has now expanded to a full-fledged space opera, complete with a variety of extraterrestrial life forms, space battles, and a gladiatorial grudge match that leaves Krieger half the man he used to be. Check out the trailer and a character breakdown below: 

“The series features the voices of H. Jon Benjamin as the hard-drinking Captain, ‘Sterling Archer;’ Aisha Tyler as Archer’s Co-Captain and short-tempered ex-wife, ‘Lana Kane;’ Jessica Walter as Archer’s mother and ball of energy, ‘Malory Archer;’ Judy Greer as the eagle-eye fighter pilot, ‘Cheryl/Carol Tunt;’ Chris Parnell as the attention-seeking First Mate, ‘Cyril Figgis;’ Amber Nash as the crew’s rock monster muscle, ‘Pam Poovey;’ Adam Reed as the out-of-place-in-space courtesan, ‘Ray Gillette;’ and Lucky Yates as the synthetic human with questionable morals, ‘Algernop Krieger.’”

Unlike the plot of Danger Island, the sci-fi scenario of 1999 brings plenty of material for the series to lampoon, as the 90 or so seconds of the trailer riffs on everything from the aforementioned Alien movies to Predator, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and more. What’s more, the series’ irreverent sense of humor seems to have benefitted from a trip to space as well, as there are several laugh-out-loud moments in the trailer alone. With any luck, heading to space will put Archer back on top. 

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Archer: 1999 premieres Wednesday, May 29 @10pm on FXX.

2019-04-15 10:04:46

Kevin Yeoman

Justice League Actor Confirms Cut Darkseid vs Ares Battle

Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League is confirmed to have featured an Ares vs Darkseid fight that was ultimately cut. When Snyder was originally brought aboard the DC Universe, he was given almost complete creative freedom to do as he pleased. But, when audiences did not respond overwhelmingly positively to his vision, Warner Bros. stepped in to change Justice League before it even began filming.

That was not the only tinkering that was done to Justice League though, as major reshoots and rewrites happened while Snyder was still attached and after Joss Whedon took the reins. We’ve previously ran through all the known differences between the competing cuts of the film, and one major change that was made is the elimination of Darkseid. The ruler of Apokolips was set to appear during a flashback in an earlier attempt to conquer Earth. We previously revealed that a fight with Ares was part of the sequence, but this was completely removed from the theatrical cut of the film.

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Actor David Thewlis from Wonder Woman was actually credited as playing Ares in the final cut of Justice League, but he’s barely noticeable. However, thanks to a recent post by the Instagram account dc_last_stand that reshared a completely different version of Ares, it’s been confirmed that Snyder’s cut featured an Ares and Darkseid brawl. Actor Nick McKinless confirmed our report of a Darkseid and Ares fight being removed from Justice League in the comments (as seen below), where he says he shot an entire fight scene with Darkseid that wasn’t included in the film.

One of the most important details here is that this fight sequence was, in fact, shot during production. This means that the Darkseid and Ares fight is not among the scenes that was scrapped before filming began. It was previously thought that this was the case based on the apparent switch that was made for Ares and Steppenwolf to fight, but even this version was never completed. Since the Darkseid and Ares fight was filmed, completing the visual effects is the only thing that would stop it from being included in the Snyder Cut of Justice League, should it ever be released.

This is the latest detail to come out about this cut scene too. Snyder just recently confirmed that he also had cast someone to play Darkseid during production, so it would appear that Ray Porter and Nick McKinless were the ones who got to bring this epic clash to life on set. As incredible as a Darkseid and Ares fight sounds, it’s still incredibly unclear if we’ll ever get to see it in a completed form. The plan may never have been for Darkseid to be the main villain of Justice League, but he would be established as a looming threat for the future with this setup and a tease of his future at the end of Snyder’s cut. If the footage never is released, fans should be able to piece together most of Darkseid’s original role with all this information.

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Source: dc_last_stand

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Cooper Hood

Xbox One S All-Digital Version Leak Confirms Launch Next Month

A new leak appears to confirm the existence of the Xbox One S All-Digital variant, including a potential release date of May 7, at least in European markets. There have been rumors of an all-digital Xbox One S for a number of months, although the persistent suggestion that a console with no disc-drive would be coming soon has always been met with silence on Microsoft’s part.

The industry is changing rapidly, and while a console with no disc drive would have been unthinkable just a few years ago, the reality is it’s not even that innovative at this point in time. Google Stadia is set to change the way we think about video games later this year with a streaming service that could eliminate the need for consoles—and, by extension, games on disc—by hosting titles on company servers. Microsoft has also been experimenting with similar technology, as reports have indicated the company is very interested in providing streaming services itself in the future, something that could possibly include Nintendo and its Switch as part of a selling point. A Microsoft Xbox One S All-Digital variant wouldn’t be surprising based on that.

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German website obtained images of an apparent Microsoft Xbox One S All-Digital variant over the weekend, with the images appearing to stem from an unnamed European retailer. There’s a lot to be gleaned from the box art, apparently: the new console might with pre-installed copies of MinecraftSea of Thieves, and Forza Horizon 3, while it appears the launch version will have a 1TB hard drive. The latter is an especially important component for a console that will be hungry for hard drive space thanks to its need to download all of the titles that will be played on it. Although a previous Xbox One S leak hinted at most of this information, this is much more solid proof, and it comes with perhaps the most important element of all—the console’s price point. The console will retail for roughly $260 USD based on the leak.

Of course, it’s worth keeping in mind that this might just be one variant of an Xbox One S All-Digital console, and that there may be options that are both cheaper and more expensive. Still, a disc-less console that comes with three good pre-installed games for less than $300 is a mouth-watering prospect for many people who might have been interested in owning an Xbox One S alongside a Nintendo or Sony device they already had. Offering a cheaper console is one way for Microsoft to increase its market penetration as well, which has been sorely lacking in a console generation that has been utterly dominated by Sony’s PlayStation 4, despite the latter’s reluctance to innovate or partner with competitors hindering it somewhat over the past few months.

As always, this leak is a rumor until Microsoft confirms the Xbox One S All-Digital console itself. If it exists, though, it’s yet another nod to the likelihood we will soon be leaving console gaming as we currently understand it behind. Between new streaming services and disc-less consoles, physical games seem like they’ll continue to play a smaller role in the industry, something that we’ve seen supported by GameStop’s profits plummeting and digital download sales becoming a more relevant metric for success than physical.

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Cody Gravelle