The Conners Renewed For Season 2 At ABC

ABC’s The Conners is renewed for season 2 by the network. The Conners was a bit of an experiment for the network. That’s not just because it’s a tradition multi-cam sitcom, something that’s rarely found on TV anymore. The series is a spinoff of the Roseanne revival, which first premiered in 2018. After being off the air for more than a decade, Roseanne proved to be a huge success for ABC and was almost immediately renewed for season 2.

However the return of Roseanne meant a new spotlight shining on its controversial leading lady, Roseanne Barr. After the season 1 finale of the Roseanne, revival Barr sent out a racist tweet. The controversy this tweet caused resulted in ABC reversing its decision to renew the series. ABC cancelled Roseanne and replaced it with The Conners, which kept the cast and storylines from Roseanne but without Barr herself. Now The Conners is building its own legacy outside the shadow of Barr.

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TV Line reports that not only is The Conners getting a season 2, it will be an expanded season. The Conners season 1 only had 11 episodes in total. The Conners season 2 will bump the number of episodes up to 13. This is obviously not only longer than season 1, but the Roseanne revival, which only ran for nine episodes. In an even bigger show of faith for the series, the primary cast members of John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, Sara Gilbert and Lecy Goranson are all getting salary bumps for each episode.

The quartet’s characters of Dan, Jackie, Darlene and Becky, respectively, will remain front and center of the spinoff. However, they might be the only Conner family members to be given such a platform. Currently the only actor to remain a series regular on The Conners season 2 (outside the principal four actors) is Ames McNamara. McNamara plays Mark, the son of Gilbert’s Darlene and Johnny Galecki’s David.

Interestingly Emma Kenney who plays Darlene and David’s daughter Harris is unconfirmed for series regular status. It is expected, though, that Kenney, along with the rest of Conner family, will appear in season 2 in some capacity, they just might not be regulars. This includes Michael Fishman (D.J.), Maya Lynne Robinson (D.J.’s wife Geena) and Jayden Rey (D.J. and Geena’s daughter Mary). Galecki also hopes to return and likely will have more opportunity to do so with his current series The Big Bang Theory ending. The uncertainty of the rest of the cast’s returns might sound alarming, but there’s little room for serious concern. As The Conners has a smaller episode count than most sitcoms, even if the rest of the cast becomes guest stars, they’ll appear more frequently than a guest on a regular sitcom.

While The Conners has only been renewed for season 2, fans can probably expect it to be the first of many renewals if the cast remains interested. Averaging about 7.5 million viewers an episode, The Conners is ABC’s most popular comedy and their third most popular show overall. It falls behind only The Bachelor and Grey’s Anatomy in terms of ratings. This is an incredible achievement for a spinoff to a series that originally ended in 1997. If The Conners maintains these numbers, it could easily outgrow Roseanne‘s own impressive longevity.

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The Conners May Have Found Its New Roseanne and Dan

Darlene and Ben are starting to look a lot like the new Roseanne and Dan as The Conners continues to figure out life after Roseanne Barr. Before settling on the ensemble concept of The Conners, ABC was originally rumored to be considering a Roseanne spinoff built largely around Sara Gilbert’s Darlene. This week’s episode gave a glimpse of what a Darlene-centric series might have looked like as it focused in on the single mom and her burgeoning relationship with her boss Ben (Jay R. Ferguson).

Ben, of course, is the second love interest for Darlene this season, the first having been the meek Neil, played by Justin Long. It didn’t take Darlene long to move on from Neil though, as she realized her relationship with him was just a perpetuation of her dynamic with David (Johnny Galecki), who was always hilariously easy to intimidate and push around. Soon after going to work at her new job as a copy editor on the low-rent Lanford rag “Lock ‘Em Up,” an ethically dubious compendium of mugshots so cheap it doesn’t even have a website, the sparks began to fly between Darlene and the rag’s writer/editor Ben.

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Darlene being Darlene, she immediately began suggesting ways to improve the publication, including making it less overtly offensive. But Ben being Ben, he pushed back on all Darlene’s ideas, forcing her into the unfamiliar position of slightly giving in. After slowly building up the Darlene-Ben dynamic over the past few weeks, this week’s episode of The Conners took things to the next level as the two hooked up at work and then made a dinner date. But that date would prove to be a disaster as Darlene started trying to boss Ben around at his own place, first balking at taking her shoes off, then fighting over the choice of wines and finally trying to salt his homemade paella to her own fussy specifications.

The petty grievances that surfaced during the dinner and even made Darlene walk out early somewhat heavy-handedly pointed up the nature of the Darlene-Ben relationship: they’re both fundamentally stubborn people who think their way is always the best way, and who struggle with compromise. But rather than flee from her new potential romance, Darlene showed up for work the next day to work things out with Ben and continue their relationship, problematic as it may be.

Thus far this season, The Conners has treated the characters’ new love interests mostly as comic foils (this is especially true in the case of Jackie’s boyfriend Peter, played by a smug Matthew Broderick) but Ben stands out in that he feels more fully-formed and therefore potentially more important long-term. In fact, in the dynamic between Darlene and Ben, one can sense a little of the old Roseanne-Dan push-and-pull. Of course, Roseanne was always an incredibly stubborn and dominant character, but Dan in his own way was equally as willful, though in his case this tended to manifest itself less as manipulation and more through outbursts of temper.

Ben doesn’t come across as hot-headed as Dan, at least so far, but he does have some of Dan’s willingness to stand his ground. He also has some of Dan’s protective streak, as the audience learned in the recent episode where he showed up at the casino to help Darlene fend off the creeper who was giving her a hard time. Ben even is a similar physical type to Dan, big and burly but with a basic warmth. It feels at least a little like The Conners is attempting to recreate the Roseanne-Dan relationship in Darlene and Ben’s sparring and making up, though it remains to be seen if the pattern will continue as the show plays out, or if Ben winds up as just another discarded supporting character.

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Of course, nothing will ever truly replace the dynamic between Roseanne Barr and John Goodman, two perfectly paired actors playing memorable characters. Thus far, the Darlene-Ben relationship feels a little clumsily handled, particularly in the case of this week’s dinner scene, which seemed rushed and a bit unconvincing as the episode steam-rolled toward the predictable reconciliation. It’s hard to say if The Conners is on to something with Darlene and Ben’s relationship, but it seems clear that the creators are hoping Sara Gilbert and Jay R. Ferguson can find at least a little of the magic Roseanne Barr and John Goodman created together.

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The Conners Trailer: What’s Next After Roseanne?

The series premiere of The Conners is just a few weeks away, and ABC is answering the biggest question around the new show: What’s next for the family after life with Roseanne? That question has been on viewers’ minds since the eponymous star was fired from her recently revived sitcom, which itself was promptly canceled after some of Barr’s abhorrent tweets caught the attention of the media. And so, unwilling to leave a successful sitcom off its fall schedule, ABC opted to repackage the series as The Conners, a Roseanne-less continuation of the central family’s ups and downs that welcomed back series mainstays John Goodman, Sara Gilbert, Laurie Metcalf, Michael Fishman, and Alicia Goranson. 

The new series will also make room for The Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki to appear as David, Darlene’s ex, and it will also feature Juliette Lewis, who can also be seen this fall in the HBO series Camping. It seems as though The Conners is set to carry on without its matriarch — just like the ‘80s sitcom Valerie did when it became The Hogans after losing its titular star, Valerie Harper —  but the series isn’t going to forget about the character whose sudden passing paved the way for this new show. 

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The new promo takes a mostly humorous approach to the idea of the family moving on, without addressing the offscreen death directly. As such, the video focuses mainly on Jackie and Darlene, who are fairly upbeat and will presumably be the two who will fill he void left by Roseanne. In one of the better jokes for the new series, Jackie inquires as to the family’s plans for the upcoming holidays, to which Darlene replies they’ll continue the tradition of spending all their money on Halloween leaving them with nothing for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Take a look at the promo below:

The new series seems confident in its ability to move forward with an exploration of life after Roseanne, and given the strength of the cast that’s still involved — Goodman, Metcalf, and Gilbert, in particular — there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be. Those three were always the most accomplished actors on the show, and now the writers will be able dedicate more time to crafting material befitting their experience and talent. And from the looks of it, they’re going to do just that. 

There’s a lot riding on the new series, not the least of which is the expectations that it will be able to match or even exceed the impressive ratings earned by the first Roseanne revival when it premiered. It’s anyones’ guess how The Conners will perform, but hopefully it will do so without also being a lightning rod for controversy. 

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The Conners premieres Tuesday, October 16 @8pm on ABC.

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Roseanne: Her Character Will Die of Opioid Overdose in Conners Spinoff

Embattled sitcom star Roseanne Barr reveals that ABC’s upcoming spinoff The Conners will kill off her character via an opioid overdose. While it doesn’t happen all that often, one of the hardest hits for a popular show to try and recover from is losing its lead character. For example, ask fans how fondly they tend to remember The X-Files seasons without Mulder, or Sliders without Quinn Mallory, or The Office without Michael Scott. Viewers naturally grow attached to protagonists they come to know over the course of years, and losing that bond can prove impossible for a series to overcome.

This is the hurdle ABC’s upcoming Roseanne spinoff The Conners will have to try and jump right out of the gate, as – for obvious reasons – former star Barr won’t even be able to make a guest appearance or two to try and streamline the transition. After two decades off the air, Roseanne of course returned to ABC earlier this year, to excellent ratings and mostly good reviews. The network quickly picked up another season, only to reverse course and cancel the comedy after Barr unleashed a racially-charged Tweet that drew a firestorm of criticism.

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Barr’s longtime co-star John Goodman recently confirmed that The Conners would likely kill off the Roseanne character, and during a recent appearance on a politically conservative Youtube show hosted by Brandon Straka (via IndieWire) Barr herself revealed how Roseanne Conner will die. According to Barr, “They have her die of an opioid overdose.” Despite previously promising to remain neutral concerning The Conners, Barr also said that her character’s death is an insult to fans of her former show, stressing that the decision has been made, and she has no say in things at this point.

Roseanne fans will recall that during the series’ brief revival, the titular character was revealed to have developed an addiction to opioids in the form of various medications she had been taking to ease the pain in her injured knee. Roseanne and Dan had been putting off her surgery due to the fact that having it done would come with a $3,000 insurance co-pay. Roseanne had been keeping her addiction a secret from Dan, who when he found out, insisted that she have the surgery, regardless of what they had to do to pay for it.

Since very, very little is still known about The Conners going into the spinoff’s October premiere, it’s unknown whether Roseanne Conner’s deadly overdose will take place before or after the surgery was scheduled to happen. While one would logically assume that she’d stop taking the pain meds once her knee issues had been resolved, an addiction like that can’t simply be defeated by will power, and Roseanne could easily have continued struggling with her problem after the surgery was a success. Whatever the exact circumstances end up being, it’ll be interesting to see how The Conners’ writers manage to pivot from such a tragic death back to sitcom-style jokes.

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The Conners premieres October 16 on ABC.

Source: Brandon Straka/Youtube (via IndieWire)

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Roseanne Spinoff The Conners Recasts D.J.’s Wife

ABC’s upcoming Roseanne-less spinoff The Conners has recast the role of D.J.’s wife, who briefly appeared in the prior sitcom’s short-lived revival. It’s been a roller coaster of a year for Roseanne, both the sitcom and its titular star. For much of the 90s, Roseanne was one of the top programs on TV, and looked to recapture that mantle following the enormous ratings received by the premiere of its 2018 revival. ABC quickly moved to renew the series for another season, but unfortunately, Roseanne Barr’s notorious penchant for speaking without a filter ended up costing her in a big way.

In late-May, Barr drew horrified and disgusted reactions with a racially-charged Tweet seemingly likening former President Barack Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett to an ape. While Barr contested that interpretation, at one point even blaming her comment on Ambien, most didn’t buy it, and ABC canceled Roseanne’s planned season 11. Not wanting to completely lose the giant audience garnered by the sitcom though, the network opted to greenlight a Roseanne-less spinoff series entitled The Conners in June.

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Likely feeling bad for the rest of the cast and crew that lost their jobs due to her comment, Barr stepped out of ABC’s way, signing a deal ensuring that she wouldn’t profit from or be in any way involved with The Conners. It remains to be seen how Roseanne’s absence will addressed in-universe – although co-star John Goodman recently hinted that she’ll likely be killed off – ABC is charging ahead with the spinoff, releasing a cryptic teaser that revealed nothing a couple weeks back. Now, a new ABC Tweet has revealed that at least one member of the Conner family is set to be recast for the spinoff. D.J.’s wife Geena will played going forward by Maya Lynne Robinson. Robinson can be seen below, alongside D.J. actor Michael Fishman and actress Jayden Rey, who plays their young daughter Mary.

Geena Conner was previously seen (played by actress Xosha Roquemore) via a Skype call during the Roseanne revival, as the character was serving in the U.S. military. She’s now set to be a series regular, so one assumes she’ll be returning home early in The Conners’ first season. No reason has been given as to why producers decided to recast the role. While Geena has only been seen once as an adult, longtime Roseanne fans will remember that she and D.J. first met as kids, in an episode where D.J. was reluctant to kiss Geena in a school play due to her being black. Obviously, he got over whatever prejudice he might have had then.

Other than Roseanne herself and the above recasting, every member of the Conner family is onboard to reprise their roles for the spinoff. It’ll be interesting to see just how much of the love for Roseanne’s return was due to audiences being happy to see Barr’s titular character back on TV, and how much was for the cast as a whole being back together. If it’s the former, ABC may well be displeased when those who tuned into Roseanne season 10 don’t return for The Conners.

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The Conners premieres October 16 on ABC.

Source: ABC

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Conners Teaser Reveals TV Life Without Roseanne

Upcoming Roseanne spinoff The Conners has released a brief and cryptic teaser that asks, “What’s next?” ABC’s brief teaser confronts the question that each and every Roseanne fan is asking at the moment, that being what can possibly come next for the Conner family after the fallout from ABC’s firing of Roseanne Barr back in June.

The story of Roseanne’s cancellation and how The Conners came to be is a troubled one. The dramatic tale started earlier this summer, as ABC was airing new episodes of its Roseanne revival. When Roseanne Barr – creator, star, and producer of Roseanne – published a racist tweet going after Valerie Jarrett, a former senior aide to President Barack Obama, it set off a tidal wave of controversy that led ABC to reverse its decision to renew Roseanne for a second season, and cancel the iconic sitcom instead. However, this swift action drew some heat for punishing cast and crew who had done nothing wrong, and were now unemployed because of the actions of one individual.

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This encouraged ABC to seek another route, and the network announced in June that it was ordering a Roseanne spinoff titled The Conners. ABC stressed that Barr would not be involved in any way, and would not profit off the series. Now, ABC has released a short teaser for the spinoff. At only 15 seconds long, the teaser is simply a slow zoom of the Conner family’s classic living room couch backed to Carly Simon’s song “Anticipation”. After a few seconds, a big, white “What’s Next?” caption comes across the screen. Though it confirms the spinoff’s premiere is on Tuesday, October 16 at 8pm, the cryptic teaser raises more questions than it answers.

It’s true that very few details about The Conners are known at this point. The series just began production, and in terms of plot, only a couple of important facts have made it into headlines. Perhaps most important of all was John Goodman’s confirmation earlier this week that The Conners will kill off the character of Roseanne, in order to set up its own individual storyline without Barr’s character. Shortly after that news broke, the smaller but still important detail that Roseanne Conner’s grandchildren will all return for the spinoff series was released.

Because these are the only details that have been revealed about ABC’s The Conners, questions abound as to what the spinoff will be like, how it will survive without Barr, and if it will truly be able to succeed in the wake of the controversy that will continue to surround Roseanne for many years to come. ABC’s marketing strategy at the moment is to play coy, teasing its audiences’ hopes and wonders for the spinoff series, and acknowledging the fact that fans have an abundance of questions over the future of the sitcom’s beloved characters. Many think it’s a major gamble for ABC to move forward with this spinoff without Barr. Only time will tell if the risk paid off for the network, and if The Conners will grow to be anywhere near as popular as its predecessor once was.

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The Conners premieres October 16 on ABC.

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Roseanne Revival Grandkids Actors Returning For The Conners Spinoff

ABC’s upcoming Roseanne revival spinoff The Conners will be bringing back all of Roseanne Conner’s (Roseanne Barr) grandchildren, played by Emma Kenney, Ames McNamara and Jordan Rey. This news comes just a day after John Goodman confirmed Roseanne will be killed off in The Conners, although details about the character’s death have not been given. Regardless of how she is killed off, the show will be moving on without this controversial figure, focusing on the rest of the Conner family, and it seems clear that practically the entire cast is being welcomed back, except Barr.

ABC’s Roseanne revival premiered to huge ratings, with over 18.4 million viewers tuning in it became the largest sitcom debut in the past three years, which lead to a quick season 2 renewal from ABC just a few days after the premiere. While the ratings held strong in the second week, they ultimately started sliding consistently, dropping to 10.5 million viewers by the season finale. But after Barr’s racist tweet about former Obama administration aide Valerie Jarrett went viral, ABC not only swiftly canceled the hit revival, but quickly put plans in place to continue the show without her, which lead to The Conners getting an official series order and an October 16 premiere.

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It has already been confirmed that John Goodman (Dan), Laurie Metcalf (Jackie), Sara Gilbert (Darlene), Lecy Goranson (Becky) and Michael Fishman (D.J.) will return, but today’s news from Deadline confirms that the grandkids will all be back as well. Kenney, who played Darlene’s daughter Harris, was one of the first to speak out against Barr’s racist tweet, stating on Twitter that she had called her manager about quitting Roseanne, when she was informed that the show had been canceled. Kenney also reacted to the news today about Harris’ return, stating she loves “being part of the Conner family and I’m so excited to share that Harris is back for #TheConners.”

Just weeks before the show was canceled, ABC president Channing Dungey hinted Roseanne season 2 would move away from politics, focusing more on the Conner family dynamic. The show made headlines for its political connections, most notably that Roseanne Conner was a Donald Trump supporter (like Barr herself), but by the end of the nine-episode first season, the politics were downplayed. ABC has handed out a 10-episode order for The Conners, with its October 16 premiere at 8 PM kicking off the network’s Tuesday comedy block, that includes new series The Kids Are Alright at 8:30 PM, Black-ish at 9 PM and Splitting Up Together at 9:30 PM.

The return of all the grandkids will certainly help solidify the family dynamic, but perhaps the biggest question going into this series is how they will kill off Roseanne Conner. The irony is that Dan Conner was revealed to be dead in the original series finale of Roseanne, but in the opening moments of the revival’s premiere, they addressed it right away with a joke about Dan sleeping with a sleep apnea machine. Regardless, given that Barr will have no involvement whatsoever in this series, her death will have had to take place off screen, and it’s possible that The Conners may even begin at the funeral. Whether or not the characters will take any parting shots at this volatile character or address her politics in The Conners remains to be seen, but the premiere may end up being the most anticipated event of the fall TV season, just to see how Roseanne Conner’s death is handled.

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Source: Deadline, Emma Kenney/Twitter

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John Goodman Confirms The Conners Spinoff Will Kill Off Roseanne

John Goodman has confirmed that Roseanne will be killed off in the spinoff show titled The Conners. The show will be a continuation of the already rebooted Roseanne but will instead focus on the other members of the family while leaving out Roseanne Conner. Debuting in 1988, Roseanne was a popular sitcom which ran for nine seasons before the show went off the air in 1997. The sitcom focused on the typical struggles of a typical working-class family with Roseanne Barr and John Goodman in the lead roles. The show had a big fan base which were thrilled to hear that the sitcom would be the latest program to be getting the revival treatment.

The Roseanne revival was announced in mid-2017 and it earned the highest sitcom ratings in years when it premiered in March. The show was doing well with ratings but not everyone was a fan, because of Barr’s real-life political beliefs. The revival was canceled by ABC back in May – due to a racist tweet from Barr – which left fans disappointed about the show’s short comeback of only one season. To many, it seemed unfair to let go of so many cast and crew members just because of Barr’s comments, which is likely part of the reason why a new spinoff was ordered by ABC; one that didn’t feature Roseanne Conner.

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In a recent interview with The Sunday Times (via EW)Goodman revealed how The Conners would deal with the absence of the show’s most iconic character. In answering the question, Goodman explained, “I guess he’ll [Dan Conner] be mopey and sad because his wife’s dead“. Goodman also went on to say that he was incredibly upset when the news broke that Roseanne was going to be canceled because of Barr’s comments saying, “I know for a fact that she’s not a racist” and further explained that, “[Roseanne] had to sign a paper saying that she relinquished all her rights to the show so that we could go on”.

This means that Barr will not only be excluded from this new spinoff, but she will also not receive any of the profit from the shows possible success. In June, it was announced that ABC had created a contract which would eliminate Barr’s financial involvement with a possible spinoff show. At the time, she had not yet signed the contract; however, based on Goodman’s comments and the development of the show, it’s safe to assume that Barr eventually came to an agreement with ABC.

It was likely a relief for the actors that the show employed as much as it was for fans when The Conners was announced. Not only will the filmmakers and actors of the revival series get to keep their jobs, but fans can continue to tune in to see what the Conners are up to. There had been much speculation on how Roseanne’s departure would be written into the show, including the possibility of a dream sequence; however, Goodman has confirmed that the family will be dealing with the death of the beloved mother and wife.

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The Conners is set to premiere on ABC this fall.

Source: The Sunday Times

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