Ubisoft Apologizes For Division 2’s Controversial Slur

Ubisoft’s The Division 2 has had another mishap with art in the game. While the last piece noticed by the community appeared to leak the location of the next Assassin’s Creed game, the latest catch instead contains a homophobic slur. There’s since been a Ubisoft apology issued, and the content has been removed, but there hasn’t been any comment about how it got into the game in the first place.

The slur in question that Ubisoft has since had to remove from the game is actually an image of a policeman eating a donut. The controversial slur in question is some text on the badge of the policeman: the badge number spells out “FA6607”. It doesn’t take a genius to note that it’s a very thinly veiled way to hide a common homophobic slur.

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As reported by PC Gamer, the Ubisoft apology has amounted to not a whole lot more than a note that the homophobic slur had slipped through the company’s content review process. The studio mentioned that the content was offensive and that they had “removed the image from the game via a patch on Thursday, April 11″. However, there was no information provided by Ubisoft about how the design was approved and how it actually made it to the final version of the game. Here’s the full statement from Ubisoft:

It’s been brought to our attention that a piece of street art in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 contained offensive content. We removed the image from the game via a patch on Thursday, April 11. We apologize that this image slipped through our content review processes, and we are currently reviewing them in order to avoid this kind of oversight from occurring in the future.”

While the offending image is arguably difficult to notice in the game, the fact remains that it was still there and that someone at Ubisoft likely had to sign off on the inclusion of the asset in The Division 2. It’s a small piece of art which is highly stylized, but that doesn’t detract from the clearly offensive nature of the content. There has been some debate floating around the internet about whether or not removing the offending image is tantamount to censorship, but that conversation seems to ignore the larger realities of the political messaging that is prevalent within the game as a whole.

The Ubisoft apology was undoubtedly a necessary PR move in the wake of the nature of the slur, but it’s also interesting to note that the company mentioned that it would be reviewing its content curation processes to avoid mishaps like this in the future. The community has yet to pinpoint other instances of problematic content within the game after its recent patch, but it’s likely that Ubisoft is going to be on high alert for this for the foreseeable future.

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Ginny Woo

20 DC Characters Who Can Be In James Gunn’s Suicide Squad (And Who Should Play Them)

James Gunn may be off the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 project after being fired by Disney for some controversial tweets surfaced from long ago, but not only has he apologized and insisted that he’s a much different person than he was at that period in his life; he’s reportedly also getting another stab at creating a comic adaptation with the next Suicide Squad film.

While Marvel fans mourn the loss of the man behind some of the best movies in the MCU, it’s quite possible that Gunn will give the DC universe the boost it desperately needs to really compete with Marvel.

While we’ll have to wait and see what the actual film brings to the party, we have plenty of time to speculate about what its plot might be, what kind of tone to expect and above all, which characters might be included and who might be cast in those roles. While many of us are hoping to see some members of the Squad from the first film return, we’re also crossing our fingers, wishing for a chance to meet more members who weren’t included in the first movie. There’s really an endless amount of speculation to enjoy here and many fans have already photoshopped their choices for the best portrayals of characters audiences have loved for decades.

Casting for these iconic personalities won’t be an easy task, but here are 20 DC Characters Who Can Be In James Gunn’s Suicide Squad (And Who Should Play Them).

20 Christina Ricci As Harley Quinn

Let’s be honest: Margot Robbie is a sure-in for Harley Quinn at this point. The star surprised many fans while proving others right with her incredible performance as the psychiatrist turned psychopath. Ensuring that Quinn not only shone as the premiere talent in a film with its problems, but that she would endure for her own film afterward, Robbie is a fan favorite, through and through.

We could definitely see this version of Harley in a Gunn movie.

If for some reason Robbie had to back out of the project, as much as it would pain fans, some have taken to casting other ideas for actresses who could play Harleen Quinzel. Artist D3SIGNMILTIA’s piece depicts an interesting version of the character that might work well with Christina Ricci.

19 Joaquin Phoenix As The Joker

We’ve seen so many incarnations of The Joker over the years that it’s getting more and more difficult to choose the perfect person to play an updated version of Batman’s most notorious foe. Whether or not he’ll be in the next Suicide Squad film is unclear. Who can measure up to Jack Nicholson’s chilling Joker and Heath Ledger’s perfect monster?

Joaquin Phoenix, currently starring in Todd Phillips’ solo Joker, is certainly one candidate. Phoenix, who’s also utilized some unorthodox acting methods in the past, might give us a bit more grave swagger as the criminal mastermind. His ongoing presence in the DCEU will likely depend on the success of Joker, due out in October 2019.

18 Neil Patrick Harris As The Riddler

Everyone’s favorite child doctor has grown up to become a much beloved singer, showman, and nemesis of the Baudelaire children. Neil Patrick Harris shines in just about everything he’s in, so including him in the next installment of Suicide Squad makes perfect sense.

Harris as the Riddler is pure gold.

He’s got the chops to bring the perfect blend of humor and intelligence that the Riddler needs to truly succeed, which might hopefully replace the slapstick Riddler we got in Batman Forever years ago. Harris isn’t everyone’s favorite for the Riddler, though; stay tuned for more artist manipulations involving the Riddler later.

17 Manu Bennett As Deathstroke

Given the fact that the Arrowverse and TV adaptations of DC stories have proven so successful, it makes sense to borrow from that character pool to not only connect the universe but to help ensure the success of Suicide Squad 2. If Gunn and company are planning on including Deathstroke in the sequel, we think Manu Bennet would be a clear choice for the character.

While some fans speculate that Joe Manganiello will play the part, since he is Mr. Wilson in Justice League and has announced that he’s working on three more films featuring the character, his involvement in Suicide Squad 2 remains speculation at this point. Many believe that Deathstroke will indeed be a primary villain in the film, and Bennet has already proven that he would do the character justice.

16 Sophie Turner As Oracle

Lots of fans are imagining Marvel actors in DC roles, which is pretty delightful for those of us who Make Ours Marvel and DC. Sophie Turner, who gave us the Jean Grey that we were waiting for in X-Men: Apocalypse and is set to reprise the role in Dark Phoenix, would also make an excellent Oracle.

Barbara Gordon’s time as Oracle has included a gig as tech support for the Suicide Squad.

With Ruby Rose’s debut as Batwoman and a Batgirl movie announced, the inclusion of Oracle could provide some timeline intrigue. Plus, after decades of Batman saturation, this much Bat-women power would be so much fun.

15 Oprah Winfrey As Amanda Waller

Viola Davis was a pretty stellar Amanda Waller, which comes as no surprise to anyone who has ever seen Viola Davis in anything. Davis could read a grocery list and deserve an Oscar. That said, Kode Logic has imagined what Oprah might bring to the role and we have to say that it looks impressive. Firm, ruthless and beautiful, Oprah’s Waller seems to give the character a bit more experience points, which are conveyed in that hard gaze.

Davis has said that she loved playing Amanda Waller, who is aligned so well with her character Annalise Keating in the hit TV drama How to Get Away with Murder in many ways, but how much fun would it be to see Oprah bend the rules?

14 Will Smith As Deadshot

You don’t mess with what works, and Will Smith certainly worked as Deadshot in the original Suicide Squad. He did so well, in fact, that plenty of people thought that he deserved his own film and said that they’d have watched Suicide Squad again if it only starred Smith. This really isn’t a surprise, given Smith’s star power, and it’s been announced that he’s returning to the franchise in the role again.

It’s a good thing that we have some time before the movie’s released, too, since Smith is set to star in Bad Boys for Life and Bright 2 around the same time. Smith’s got three films releasing in 2019 alone, and while one is only a vocal role, he’s definitely going to be busy for the next couple of years.

13 Jeffrey Dean Morgan As Batman

Utter the words “Jeffrey Dean Morgan” in the same sentence as “The Batman” and you’re bound to get a room full of excited fans. He’s absolutely perfect for Wayne in an adaptation of something like Batman Beyond, but we could definitely see him as the Batman in just about any adaptation of the series, and DeviantArt user evelius has given us some visual art to really picture the idea.

Morgan has the darkness and the voice necessary for Batman to match this ragtag team of violent convicts.

While Bale and Affleck had their time in the cowl, it’s time for a new man behind the mask. Why not Negan?

12 Rila Fukushima As Katana

While Katana was featured in the first Suicide Squad film, most people believe her role was too small to really critique or appreciate. Japanese-American actress Karen Fukuhara wasn’t bad in the role; she just didn’t get much to do.

Adding Rila Fukushima in the second movie might lend Katana some traction given that she already portrays the character in the Arrowverse.

While Fukuhara, who is set to play Glimmer in the new She-Ra and the Princesses of Power TV series, is rumored to be reprising the role, Fukushima, star of last year’s Ghost in the Shell, was also fantastic as Yukio in The Wolverine, which would give us another fun link between the DC and Marvel universes.

11 Emma Stone As Poison Ivy

Who doesn’t love quirky, smart, and funny Emma Stone? The actress would be perfect for an updated role as Poison Ivy following Uma Thurman’s beautiful but wonky portrayal of Pamela Isley. One of BossLogic’s many creative manipulations, this artwork features Stone as the iconic plant-loving villain and it’s pretty impressive.

We already know that Ivy will be a big part of the upcoming Gotham City Sirens film, which will also feature Harley Quinn and Catwoman at its heart, so why not include her in the Suicide Squad movie as well? There are several other cool artist manipulations of actresses who might be great in the role, such as Jessica Chastain, so it’s going to be a tough one to cast.

10 Kristen Wiig As Cheetah

Many of us can’t stop celebrating Kristen Wiig being cast as Cheetah in Wonder Woman 1984. The strongest thing the DC movies have going for it right now is all the incredible female characters, most notably Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman, and we can’t wait to see where Aquaman takes us. If all goes well it would make perfect sense to include Wiig in Suicide Squad 2, especially since weaving in characters from multiple films would help provide better continuity for the DCEU.

Wiig is funny, smart, and beautiful, and we think she’s going to make an excellent foe for Wonder Woman.

In that case, her inclusion in another movie would also be fantastic to see.

9 Nathalie Emmanuelle As Vixen

DeviantArt artist farrou has created some truly amazing fanart of DC characters, and one of them, which features Nathalie Emmanuelle as Vixen, makes us believers. While we’re not sure if Emmanuelle has a Tantu Totem, we’re pretty sure she could make it work if Gunn and co. gave her one. The actress, best known for her role as Missandei on HBO’s Game of Thrones, is definitely ready for a a super suit and action in a big movie like this.

Then again, Jada Pinkett Smith has expressed interest in the role of Vixen, which would not only be interesting due to her husband’s presence in the movie but also due to her previous DC role as Fish Mooney in the TV series Gotham. Both actresses would be well-cast for the movie.

8 Jake Gyllenhaal As The Riddler

Do we really need the Riddler to come out and play in Suicide Squad 2? After the weirdness of Batman Forever and the sinister developments of Gotham, perhaps it’s time to reinvent the villain. Jake Gyllenhaal makes sense to play the villain not only because he was David Goyer’s original choice to play Batman in the Christopher Nolan movies, but because this fanart made by Vaskoho is something to behold.

While there are several people who could pull off the role, we think Donnie Darko has a fighting chance.

Fans point out that there were some Riddler Easter eggs in the Batman v Superman movie, so it’s possible that we’ll see The Riddler on film someday.

7 Dave Bautista As Bane

Can we all agree that, no matter the context, Dave Bautista must appear in Suicide Squad 2? Not only has the Drax actor delighted us all with his hilarious yet poignant portrayal in the Guardians of the Galaxy series, but he’s also publicly stated that he supports Gunn and wants to be involved in his next project.

We’re pretty sure any role could be molded to make room for such a beloved actor, but as as BossLogic has pointed out, he’d make an excellent Bane. After having two Banes that didn’t work so well in the Batman universe, we could definitely use a fresh face for the role. If he’s not Bane, Bautista would make a fantastic Solomon Grundy, too. We’re not too picky on this one.

6 Michael K. Williams As Black Manta

Could Black Manta make an appearance in Suicide Squad 2? It’s too early to rule anything out and many fans think he’d make a good inclusion, particularly following the Aquaman movie. While the majority of his screen time might simply have his head shrouded in a big bubble, his casting would be nonetheless important. Artist diamondking13 suggests actor Michael K. Williams for the job and we love the idea.

It would be cool to see how Gunn and co, would update the suit for a more modern, movie-friendly look.

Famous for his critically acclaimed roles in The Wire and Boardwalk Empire, Williams was just cast in Jordan Peele and Misha Green’s Lovecraft Country, but Suicide Squad 2 is far enough in the future to give him time for both gigs.

5 Bill Skarsgård As The Joker

This one is a no-brainer. Many of us just don’t care to see Jared Leto return as The Joker and it’s quite possible that The Joker won’t even see a second of footage in the second film. While we’d all probably be okay with that, if a new Joker is cast, Bill Skarsgård is a fantastic choice.

Skarsgård is hot right now following his success as Pennywise in the new adaptation of Stephen King’s It. He also played a less troubling character in Castle Rock over the summer, proving his mettle yet again in King’s world. Considered one of the good things to come out of Netfix’s Hemlock Grove, Skarsgård could probably do the Joker justice, as artist aikoaiham has shown.

4 Teresa Palmer As Killer Frost

After witnessing Killer Frost in the Arrowverse, many fans are calling for her inclusion in Suicide Squad 2. DeviantArt creator farrou has imagined what it might look like if Teresa Palmer played the villain and it’s a pretty spot-on representation.

The Australian actress is no stranger to action movies and could do well in the role.

Kristin Bauer van Straten has already voiced Killer Frost in the animated Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, while Danica McKellar voices her in Lego DC Superhero Girls. She’s also been in 2009’s Public Enemies animated feature between Batman and Superman, but she’s never been in a live action movie before. Danielle Panabaker portrays the character in The Flash, but she hasn’t made a film in a few years.

3 Jon Bernthal as Rick Flag

Jon Bernthal is another actor already present in the MCU, portraying the most accurate and adept version of the Punisher we could ever hope for, so tossing the talented actor into the DC mix would just be plain fun. It’s not that Joel Kinneman was terrible as Rick Flag, and he’s done a great job standing up for the original film and its purpose, but Jon Bernthal would just be better.

The skill Bernthal has in striking that tricky sweet spot between ruthlessness and gravitas while still being a compelling, empathetic human being isn’t something anyone can do. Artist Riku7kun shows us what Bernthal as Flag might look like. It’s a little bare in comparison to Kinneman’s look, but that might actually work with Bernthal.

2 Josh Gad As The Penguin

It’s no secret that Josh Gad wants the role of The Penguin, having pushed for it himself in social media, and fans are clamoring for the opportunity to see the voice of the snowman, Olaf, and Gaston’s buddy LaFou in a much more sinister role.

Whether or not Gad will show up in The Batman remains to be seen but he definitely has the flippers to play the beloved villain.

BossLogic has given us some art imagining what he might look like in the role and it can only get better from here. In March, Gad started hilariously trolling Matt Reeves on Twitter, sending him animated penguin GIFs and hinting at what he could bring to the Batman franchise.

1 Margot Robbie As Harley Quinn

It’s an obvious inclusion, but it’s necessary. While the original Suicide Squad, hyped up to be the most incredible DC movie of all time, had plenty of problems, most fans and critics agree that the shining star of the whole production was Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. Robbie’s portrayal was everything we hoped for– brutal, nuanced, and a delicate balance between her joker obsession and Harley coming into her own person without being too over-the-top.

Who isn’t excited to see Robbie return as Harley in theBirds Of Prey adaptation featuring the awesome women of DC, which is so ardently anticipated that it pushed Suicide 2 to the back burner? After this much love, Robbie has to be in this universe.

Who do you most want to see in a new Suicide Squad movie? Let us know in the comments!

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Assassin’s Creed: 20 Things Only Experts Know How To Do In Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – the latest installment in Ubisoft’s wildly popular video game franchise – has finally landed on shelves. Set in Ancient Greece, Odyssey gives players the opportunity to assume the role of a mercenary from either Athens or Sparta, and to take part in a mythology-infused recreation of the Peloponnesian War.

The game features an even greater emphasis on the RPG elements first introduced in its predecessor, Assassin’s Creed Origins, and boasts multiple endings that are triggered by the player’s actions. Odyssey also sees the return of the controversial Hitbox combat engine which debuted in Origins – albeit in a significantly enhanced form. Thanks to these and other challenging core mechanics – not to mention the daunting size of the game’s virtual environment – Odyssey should prove suitably tough for more casual gamers. But for seasoned veterans of the Assassin’s Creed franchise? Not so much.

Indeed, gamers who have followed the series since the very first entry way back in 2007 aren’t likely to struggle. On the contrary, we expect them to flourish, putting to good use the skills and knowledge they’ve gleaned from the past 11 games in the series – not to mention the six spin-off entries – to finish the main quest in record time.  This will leave them free to start focusing on tracking down Odyssey’s hidden Easter eggs, secret areas, and other bonus content clueless rookies don’t have a chance of tracking down unaided.

Here’s a list of 20 Things Only Experts Know How To Do In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

20 Find The Legend Of Zelda Easter Egg

Of all the many classic video game franchises, few are as unanimously beloved by both gamers and developers alike as The Legend of Zelda series. The team at Ubisoft clearly rank amongst this iconic Nintendo series’ admirers – as the easter egg they tucked away in Odyssey proves.

In a tip of the hat to the most recent Zelda instalment, Breath of the Wild, a Korok – a small humanoid figure made out of clay, flower petals and twigs – can be found on the Pandora’s Cove coastline. Although this hidden tribute is now the most well-known Easter egg in the game, experts had no trouble tracking it down on their own within mere days of Odyssey’s release!

19 Achieve The Secret Ending

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey marks a dramatic change in direction for the franchise – from purely action/adventure outings to something closer to an action/RPG hybrid. This is reflected in how important the player’s actions are to the game’s overall narrative, and in particular, how that narrative reaches its climax.

Indeed, what the player decides to do – or just as importantly, say – will determine how events unfold next, and ultimately determine which of the game’s multiple endings they achieve.

Most players should be able to reach at least one ending.

If you complete every side quest and make all of the right decisions to unlock the secret, ultra ending, ensuring the best possible finale for your mercenary.

18 Visit Atlantis

As soon as Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s Ancient Greece setting was announced, fans immediately began speculating over whether the fabled lost city of Atlantis would be part of its virtual environment. The good news is that Ubisoft hasn’t missed a trick, and Atlantis does indeed count among the many sunken locations scattered across the game’s humongous map. The bad news? It’s highly likely that only experts will be capable of uncovering the most eagerly anticipated (not to mention coolest) secret area in Odyssey.

The steps involved are extremely taxing, requiring players to traverse treacherous terrain, solve fiendish riddles posed by the Sphinx and dispatch a bevy of mythological horrors like Medusa, the Cyclops and the Minotaur!

17 Recruit Legendary NPCs Early

Over the course of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, players can enlist NPCs to serve as crew members aboard their ship, the Adrestia. Recruiting a high calibre crew is a great way to upgrade the Adrestia – so the trick is to bring legendary NPCs into the fold. Casual gamers will wait until they unlock these characters by completing quests, however experts are aware of a hidden mechanic that speeds up the whole process.

There’s a less publicized gameplay mechanic which enables you to recruit legendary NPCs by defeating them in combat using non-lethal takedowns.

Better yet, once your ship’s roster is made up entirely of legendary NPCs, you unlock the “Argonauts” trophy, too!

16 Regain The Cyclops Eye

One of the most frustrating moments in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey arrives early on, when you’re forced to give up the Cyclops’ Eye during Sequence 1. It’s not exactly the most classy of disposals, either: to put it bluntly, you squeeze it up the rear end of a poor, unsuspecting goat. If you’re scratching your head over this last revelation, then just trust us: it makes sense at the time!

Rookies will write off the Eye as a lost cause, but experts up to speed on the game’s secrets won’t give up so quickly. By engaging in an exhaustive goat-hunting expedition in Kephallonia, they’ll recover this valuable artifact, earning the dubious “Stink Eye” achievement, as well.

15 Change Their Ship’s Figurehead

Long-time fans of the series will recall that in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, you could easily customize your ship’s decorative figurehead as part of the normal upgrade process. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that carries over to Odyssey – and only expert players are likely to work out the secret method of doing this.

For starters, you need to defeat a boss – not exactly a walk in the park itself, by the way – and then behead them.

Once this has been take care of, if you scroll through the inventory of ship upgrade options, you’ll see your new souvenir listed. Select it, and voila! The Adrestia will have itself a brand new (and rather creepy) figurehead!

14 Track Down All Of The Cultist Clues

The underlying mythology of the Assassin’s Creed franchise incorporates several shadowy organisations – and Odyssey is no exception. The latest entry in the series introduces the nefarious Cult of Kosmos, and players aiming to get the most out of game’s story need to track down and eliminate key members of the group. In order to do so, they’ll have to swap their mercenary’s helmet for their detective’s cap, as the cultists’ whereabouts are only revealed by clues sprinkled through Odyssey’s sprawling Ancient Greece setting.

Some of these hints can be uncovered with little effort, whereas others will prove elusive to all but the most seasoned of gamers!

On the plus side, all of this running around pays off, as only players who chase down every single cultist will get to experience the game’s whole story.

13 Unlock Evie Frye

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate – the ninth video game in the main series – is headlined by twins Jacob and Evie Frye. Of the two siblings, Evie is arguably the more memorable – which is probably why she’s an unlockable character in Odyssey. Now, before you get too excited, bear in mind that Evie is a legendary NPC, so you won’t get to play as her directly.

Still, it’s incredibly cool to recruit her as a crew member on your ship, provided you’re an Ubisoft Club member with enough XP to afford her. See, unlocking Evie requires players to part with 7,500 XP in exchange for the “Master Assassin” badge, which only long-time fans of the franchise will have amassed!

12 Access Battle Royale Mode

Battle royale games like Fortnite and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds are currently the hottest thing on the block. Making the most of modern online multiplayer capabilities, games in this genre pit a pack of players against each other in thrilling, last-man-standing contests.

Obviously, this stands in stark contrast to the single-player, open world experience offered by Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – until experts stumble across the “Call to Arms” sidequest. Found by scouring the island of Melos, this mission – which requires skilled players to wipe out 99 consecutive enemies – represents a thinly-veiled attempt by Ubisoft to acknowledge (or should that be “cash in on”?) the popularity of the battle royale genre!

11 Find The Black Panther Easter Egg

Black Panther is currently the second highest grossing film of 2018, and with that success comes a considerable fanbase, too. At least some of the developers at Ubisoft fall within that category, if the Black Panther Easter egg included in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is anything to go by. As experts will have no doubt already discovered, the game contains a fairly faithful recreation of Black Panther’s two most notable scenes: the duels that occur at the base of a waterfall.

This is staged at the Gortyn Waterfall, where players can first spectate on the melee using Eagle Vision.

That’s not all, though: it’s also possible to clamber up the cliff where the fight is going down, and actually confront the pair of brawlers yourself!

10 Discover Sam Fisher’s Goggles

So far we’ve focused solely on Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s Ancient Greece setting – which disregards the fact that certain sections of the game are set in a present day safe house. Anyone unfamiliar with the franchise’s convoluted (some would say downright insane) science fiction elements, just trust us when we say that this does make sense.

Regardless of whether or not you buy into this more far-fetched aspect of the Assassin’s Creed mythology, there are multiple Easter eggs to dig up during these segments. Not all of these relate to the franchise either – just ask the experts who’ve unearthed the iconic, three-lensed night vision goggles worn by Sam Fisher, the protagonist of Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell games!

9 Stumble Across The Sword In The Stone

The team at Ubisoft has done a remarkable job of recreating an utterly convincing (albeit wildly fantastical) rendition of Ancient Greece in Odyssey. This awesome attention to detail is reflected in almost every aspect of the virtual environment, particularly the character and weapon design. We say “almost”, because at least one item experts will undoubtedly come across whilst roaming the game map definitely does not fit the time period depicted: the Sword in the Stone from Arthurian legend. Fortunately, this gag is an intentional mistake on the developer’s part.

Unfortunately, you can’t remove this legendary blade from its Lakonia resting place.

That’s a real shame: historical accuracy be damned – there’s always a place for Excalibur in our armory!

8 Locate The Rabbid Figure

Another easter egg squirrelled away in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s modern era safe house setting, the Rabbid figure is hard to spot if players blitz through these sequences. However, experts tend to favor a more methodical approach – even when confronted by the franchise’s moments of less than engaging gameplay.

These long-time campaigners will cast their eyes over every inch of the safe house, which means snooping around each room, no matter how empty it appears to be. This will eventually lead them to the shelves of a particularly untidy room. Here, they’ll spy the Rabbid toy – a cute shout-out to Ubisoft’s all-ages Rayman franchise, accompanied by a line of dialogue (“Bwaah?”) associated with these bunny-like characters.

7 Acquire The Epic Unicorn Skin

It doesn’t matter what mythology we’re talking about: unicorns are invariably treated as an incredibly rare species. Certainly, this carries over to the world of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, where players can indeed transform their horse into one of these awe-inspiring creatures – provided they can get their hands on a unicorn pelt.

They sport an eye-watering 6,400 Drachmae price tag!

Rookies who are feeling flush will plump for either the Black Unicorn or undeniably amazing (though sadly, non-flying) Pegasus skins, purchased with real-world cash from the Ubisoft Store. On the other hand, genuine experts prefer to earn their keep, and will trawl merchant stalls for the appropriately named, randomly-spawing Epic Unicorn skin, which leaves rainbow hoof prints.

6 Home Town Pride

The developers of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey hail from Ubisoft’s Montreal headquarters, based in Quebec. Like the citizens of any city or town, these guys and gals are proud of the place they call home – so much so that they managed to sneak a Quebec-related easter egg into the game!

It’s something that will almost certainly go unnoticed by less observant gamers, but experienced players – the type of people who scan the entire game environment for secret material – will discover a travel magazine whilst rifling through the safe house. The destination this mag is promoting? Why, Quebec, of course! True, it’s not exactly the most exciting bonus content in Odyssey, but it’s a nice touch all the same.

5 Put The Arena Spikes To Good Use

A key trait which separates veteran Assassin’s Creed players from newcomers is the willingness of the former to experiment with their surroundings. Take the spikes that dotted around the Arena in Odyssey.

Rookies will probably dismiss these as mere set dressing and completely ignore them once the fighting breaks out.

Don’t expect experts to make the same mistake, though. Already clued up on just how interactive the game worlds in the franchise can be, these gamers will immediately identify the potential for the spikes to deal damage to their opponents. The next thing you know, the edges of the Arena will begin to resemble a shish kebab vendor who trades in skewered would-be gladiatorial champions!

4 Reminisce About The Frye Twins

It turns out Assassin’s Creed Syndicate isn’t the only instalment in the franchise to take place in London – Odyssey does, too. True, the vast majority of the game is set in Ancient Greece, but its modern era sections unfold in London, something that won’t come as a shock to more attentive players.

After all, just by gazing out of the safe house windows, you can take in a decent view of London’s famous skyline, with what tourists would recognize as Big Beg especially prominent. What’s more, if you allow yourself a moment to properly contemplate the sight before your eyes, you’ll even trigger a line of dialogue that references Jacob and Evie Frye, the lead characters in Syndicate!

3 Discover All Of The Underwater Locations

As you might expect from a virtual environment that recreates the entire Aegean Sea, Atlantis isn’t the only submerged area on the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey map.

The ocean floor of Ubisoft’s vision of Ancient Greece is littered with dozens of hidden locations brimming with valuable treasure.

Anyone prepared to embrace their inner Jacques Cousteau will be in for a real treat. That said, given the sheer amount of exploration required to pinpoint all of these sunken locations – fun fact: at 130km², Odyssey’s map is 62% bigger than the already massive world of Origins – we’d wager only experts will visit all of them.

2 Get All Of The Other Endings As Well

Sure, everybody wants to get the best possible Assassin’s Creed Odyssey ending – you know: the super secret, totally awesome one we mentioned earlier. Even so, part of being an expert is also having a completist streak, which is why we think they’ll figure out how to achieve Odyssey’s eight other possible endings, as well.

This might not sound like much, but it’s actually quite a feat, for two main reasons. First of all, this game is absurdly long – the main quest alone clocks in at 40 hours of gameplay – so repeating it again and again is no picnic. Secondly, they’ll need to ensure they get every single word and deed right, in order to arrive at their desired conclusion!

1 Climb Up The Naked Statue

Full disclosure: this entry is unashamedly juvenile in nature, given it revolves around players scaling up a male statue and dangling from part of its anatomy (three guesses which part). Regardless, we’re positive that even the most mature expert will decide to do just that, when they pass by this landmark early on in Odyssey – honestly, it’s just too hard to resist.

You’ll be rewarded for your childish antics if you do.

Performing this act initiates a wry line of dialogue from the player’s mercenary, which just goes to show that Ubisoft definitely predicted this becoming a thing. Although to be honest, they hardly needed the talents of one of Ancient Greece’s oracles to foresee it!

Did we miss out any other things that only experts know how to do in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey? Let us know in the comments!

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James Gunn Is A Better Fit For Suicide Squad Than Guardians of the Galaxy

Controversial writer and director James Gunn is perfectly suited for Suicide Squad 2; in fact, it’s a far better fit for him than Guardians of the Galaxy ever was. Gunn certainly has form transforming a band of misfits into a superhero family/team, and Suicide Squad 2 should give him the ideal opportunity to demonstrate his skills yet again, although the story goes a little deeper than that.

Gunn’s career with Disney came to a shocking end back in July, when some of his old social media posts went viral. Gunn had fancied himself as something of a provocateur prior to working for Disney, and these posts included off-key jokes on everything from rape to pedophilia. Disney responded by swiftly firing him from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Within a month, there were reports that Gunn had been approached by Disney’s rival Warner Bros. potentially with the option of producing a DC superhero movie.

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DC Films has expressed interest in Gunn before. Back in 2016, he admitted that he’d “had opportunities to make DC films,” but had turned them down; he reeled off a list of heroes he’d quite enjoy tackling, ranging from Swamp Thing to Jonah Hex, from the Metal Men to Shazam. Now, though, there have been reports that Gunn is on board to write, and possibly even direct, Suicide Squad 2.

  • This Page: Why James Gunn Is Perfect For Suicide Squad 2
  • Next Page: Why This Is A Better Fit Than Guardians of the Galaxy

Why James Gunn Is Perfect For Suicide Squad 2

It’s not hard to see what Warner Bros. want James Gunn on board. He’s a writer and director with a proven history of turning even the most unlikely franchises into box office hits. Back when Marvel Studios announced the first Guardians of the Galaxy film, everybody assumed this would be their first misstep; the Guardians had a low profile even among comic book fans, and their members including a walking tree and a talking raccoon. A series of tremendously effective trailers immediately changed that, and the movie grossed $773 million worldwide. Not bad for a bunch of “a**-holes.

Ironically, David Ayer’s Suicide Squad suffered as a result of Guardians of the Galaxy‘s success. Warner Bros. attempted to make their dark movie fit Gunn’s tone, with the trailers showing a strong Guardians of the Galaxy vibe. Viewers responded well to the trailers, and as a result there are reports Warner Bros. lost faith in Ayer’s approach, attempting to make the franchise as Guardians-like as possible. The result was a strange hybrid of a finished production, critically panned, which nevertheless managed to gross $747 million worldwide off the back of its strong marketing campaign. A sequel was always on the cards, but nobody was quite sure who could make it work. So why not bring in the man who made Guardians of the Galaxy work in the first place?

Suicide Squad 2 Matches James Gunn’s Earlier Movies

It’s important not to assume Suicide Squad 2 would just be a rehash of Guardians of the Galaxy, though. In truth, the comic book franchise is tonally similar to some of Gunn’s earlier works, most notably Super. This was a black comedy-drama centered around the character of Frank Darbo, a cook who took up the identity of the “Crimson Bolt” in order to rescue his wife from a drug dealer. Although critics weren’t impressed by the movie, it built a strong fanbase and put Gunn on Disney’s radar. Super rejoices in its confusing characters, who are filled to the brim with flaws and conflicting character traits – and gore ready to be spilled. Frank, for example, was a religious pacifist who made the world a better place through merciless violence. It was only after he began hearing warped messages “from God” that he began to understand the real world at all.

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This is just the kind of crazy, conflicted approach that would work so well for Suicide Squad 2. After all, this is a team who are defined by their contradiction. They’re a group of super-villains who are forced to save the world; they deeply resent the fact they’re being forced to work together, and yet somehow consider one another a family. The best Suicide Squad stories are a blend of light and dark, tinged with anger and joy, betrayal and redemption.

And the characters in Suicide Squad are so very three-dimensional. Take Harley Quinn; although it didn’t quite make it through to David Ayer’s film, at heart she’s an abuse victim who’s struggling to find herself, and the relationship between Harley and the Joker is most definitely not intended to be some sort of “relationship goal“. Killer Croc is a brutal murderer who eats his foes, and yet develops such a fondness for his team-mates that he becomes dangerously protective of them. Boomerang wants to live a life of crime, and yet vaguely enjoys the idea he’s achieving something when he saves the world. These “villains” are three-dimensional in a way few superheroes are, with aspects of their own natures in direct conflict, pulling them this way and that. They’re every bit as mercurial and inconsistent as real people. And they’re just the kind of characters James Gunn has a form for developing, back in his pre-Guardians of the Galaxy days.

Page 2 of 2: Why This Is A Better Fit Than Guardians of the Galaxy

James Gunn Made Great Guardians of the Galaxy Movies – But He Changed Them To Do So

The truth is that, although James Gunn made tremendous Guardians of the Galaxy movies, he did so by taking major liberties with the comic canon. Gunn took the most basic concept underlying the franchise, and then made his own version of it. Gunn’s genius was that he saw the potential, he realized why it wouldn’t connect with audiences, and then he made it work. Even the tone and style of the Guardians movies was nothing like the original comics, which had typically gone for cosmic melodrama rather than ’80s nostalgia.

Characters, too, were completely rewritten in order to become the versions Gunn needed. Take Peter Quill as the classic example. Steve Englehart created the character back in 1976, and he described the original Star-Lord as “an unpleasant, introverted jerk.” Englehart planned to develop him into the most cosmic hero ever, but left Marvel before he’d even begun that character arc. As a result, the comic book version remained in that pattern, although he gradually transformed into a leader. James Gunn looked at the comic character, and decided to completely rework him. Star-Lord remained something of a jerk, but he was much more charismatic and extroverted; a revised origin explained that he was a child who’d run away from home after his mother’s death, and had never really grown up as a result. It made Quill a deeply empathetic character, viewed with affection in spite of his many flaws.

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Comic book readers traditionally complain when movies diverge from the comic book canon they grew up reading. In the case of Guardians of the Galaxy, though, James Gunn made his changes work so well that precious few objected. Marvel Comics, inspired by the surprise box office success of a previously-third-tier superhero franchise, quickly redesigned their own characters to align with Gunn’s versions. In the case of Peter Quill, they even retconned some of his previous appearances to say they’d taken place in another reality. Gunn won’t need to go the same lengths to make Suicide Squad 2 his own. As we’ve already pointed out, the characters are tailor-made for Gunn’s kind of character-work, and the themes and concepts that run through the comics fit perfectly with the kind of ideas he likes to work with.

Meanwhile, Gunn’s looser approach to canon and continuity will flourish in the DCEU. Although most viewers hadn’t picked up on it, Gunn’s maverick attitude towards continuity was never perfectly suited to the tighter, more intensely-scrutinized MCU; occasionally there were signs Gunn felt the pressure of it, and indeed rebelled against it. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 rendered a tie-in comic non-canon, for example, and Gunn admitted he contemplated breaking his own personal canon for the third film. “Marvel Canon – MCU – is crazy,” Gunn admitted. “I have a really good storytelling reason for breaking the canon, and I stayed up last night figuring out if I’m gonna do it or not. I still don’t know.” Given the complexity of the MCU and the degree to which fans take note of every detail, sooner or later that would have caused problems. Warner Bros., however, won’t particularly care; their view of continuity is very much that it should serve the director. That will give Gunn all the flexibility he needs to tell the best stories he can.

The latest reports confirm that James Gunn is on board as the writer of Suicide Squad 2, and he should breathe new life into the project. It remains to be seen whether or not Gunn will go on to become director as well; if he does, then he’d definitely be an effective choice, and the film would surely be guaranteed a success.

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Super Mario Party Review: The Best Mario Party in Years

Super Mario Party isn’t just a return to the classic gameplay, bringing back the board game format and forgoing the controversial car. It’s the best entry in the Mario Party franchise in years though admittedly, Nintendo hasn’t set the bar very high. The last time there was a halfway decent Mario Party was back in 2007 with Mario Party 8 and to find a truly great addition you need to go even further back in time. Super Mario Party makes up for some of that, finally.

The newest first party title for Nintendo Switch isn’t without flaws. In their effort to bring back Mario Party to relevance Nintendo went overboard. Super Mario Party spreads itself very thin, adding too many extraneous modes. And sadly, Nintendo also hasn’t managed to capitalize on the obvious when it comes to online multiplayer and Mario Party. Overall though Super Mario Party is a celebration worth throwing especially with three friends along for the (now metaphorical) ride.

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Super Mario Party should be viewed as an apology for the absolute rubbish that was Mario Party 9 and 10. The failed experiment that was all four Mario Party players being stuffed into the same car with no autonomy is over. The classic Mario Party mode has the four partiers move about a colorful board game map, snagging stars and playing mini games at the end of each turn. It’s glorious. The board game’s return and the pleasing ways it can be used to screw over opponents with random chance would be enough of a victory. Super Mario Party goes further with the board game mechanic and adds exciting new layers of strategy.

There are several little changes to board game play. Stars cost just 10 coins now, not the customary 20. Bowser and other villains are now playable characters and maps are much smaller than before. The biggest change concerns dice rolls. They’re still completely random but Super Mario Party has added some dice rolls by giving every playable character their own dice block. The choice of playable character now means more than simple Mario franchise favoritism. There is a regular dice block and going along with the smaller maps it only has 6 sides as opposed to the previous 10 but with the character dice blocks, this mechanic can get wacky and interesting.

For example, Shy Guy’s die has 5 sides of 4 and 1 side of 0. This means that if a player wants to move just 4 spaces on the board to get to a star or avoid a trap, they’re best off using Shy Guy’s dice but there is a chance that they might not move at all. Similarly, Bowser has a 10 on his dice but also two sides where he can lose coins if he’s unlucky enough to hit them. These new special dice might sound strange but in practice they add in a surprising amount of depth.

The special dice don’t just end at the playable characters either. In a holdover from Mario Party: Star Rush for the 3DS it’s now possible to recruit allies. These allies will loan out their special dice and in certain mini games even help out as a part of a team. Allies are always computer controlled but they can turn a player’s game around. Allies seem like they could over-complicate play but they add just enough to the game without becoming too distracting or that big of an advantage. Even though ridiculous RNG is part of the charm of Mario Party it does sting when a computer ally wins a tense minigame but that’s a relatively minor quibble. Nintendo has nailed the board game dynamic with their first Mario Party on the Switch even though it’s disappointing that there’s only four boards at launch with no more coming (as of right now).

Minigames are another area where Super Mario Party succeeds … for the most part anyway. There are 80 minigames in all and they switch between standard and motion controls. It’s impossible though to play Super Mario Party with anything but a single joy-con which prevents prevents Super Mario Party from being played in the Switch’s handheld mode. Some of Super Mario Party‘s best games use the joy-con’s stellar motion control and HD rumble features so it becomes an understandable sacrifice, and of course, tabletop mode is still available. There are still a couple of stinkers in the minigame department but Super Mario Party might just have the most consistent overall collection of the series.

Everything else in Super Mario Party is a a mixed bag. In an effort to live up to the Super part of the title, Nintendo has added a bunch of new modes to the game and would have been better off leaving them alone. They aren’t all terrible though. For instance, ‘River Survival’ has four players working together to paddle down a raft on mountain rapids and playing in cooperative minigames is pretty interesting. So is Partner Party which is the standard Mario Party mode but in teams of two. The other modes are lot less successful.

The worst of the bunch is ‘Sound Stage.’ This is a collection of rhythm-based motion control minigames where the player who triumphs at the most minigames wins. The minigames themselves are surprisingly solid with a good mix of rhythm and motion, but there’s no reason for them to exist in their own separate section. It’s a waste of space.

Sound Stage isn’t the only time that Super Mario Party allows you to just play minigames either. There’s also Minigame Mode which is a hit or miss. The one and only highlight of Minigame Mode is Square Off. Here, laying minigames is still the main focus but the real winner is chosen by how much territory a player steals on a square board (one minigame usually equates to one territory). Everything else in Minigame Mode takes out all the strategy of Mario Party for just boring minigame brawls. This is particularly true in Mariothon where whoever wins the most of a collection of five minigames is crowned the champion.

Mariothon being a bust stings because this is the one and only mode Super Mario Party has chosen to make available for online multiplayer. Super Mario Party is the first Mario Party to include online play but there’s no way of playing a board game in the mode. One could argue the commitment (a 10 turn board game can take up to an hour) would be a problem in online matchmaking, but there being no option is disappointing, especially the only available mode is Mariothon where the Minigames have little stakes. Online play even shrinks down the available games in Mariothon to just 10 random ones not the full 80. It’s terrible.

There are other features in Super Mario Party like a lackluster single player campaign called Challenge Road, but playing the standard board game mode with computer opponents is a much more satisfying single player experience. There’s also Toad’s Rec Room which can use two switches to play special minigames. It’s an interesting tech demo but not much more than that. The bulk of Super Mario Party‘s successes and failures can be found in the other modes. Overall, those positives do outweigh the negatives.

Super Mario Party isn’t perfect. It doesn’t even supplant Mario Party 2 or Mario Party 4 as the best Mario Party game ever. It does, however, get very close. Super Mario Party would’ve been stronger if it did away with some of the extra game modes and focused on quality more than quantity. Toad’s Rec Room or Sound Stage could’ve easily been swapped out for three to four new board game maps. As it stands, Super Mario Party is a solid rebirth for what has become the redheaded stepchild of Nintendo franchises. Hopefully there will be many more and impressive sequels to come building off what it does right and ignoring what it does wrong.

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Super Mario Party is available now for $59.99 on Nintendo Switch.

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Bigg Boss 12 October 4 highlights: Surbhi Rana ABUSES & threatens to slap Somi Khan

Bigg Boss 12 October 4 highlights: Surbhi Rana ABUSES & threatens to slap Somi Khan

Bigg Boss 12 is is well into its third week now and is getting all the eyeballs, thanks to its controversial contestants and the fact the makers ensure that the real face of inmates come out during the task. Currently, Jawalamukhi task was on in the house and the episode started with Saba wanting to take an action against Nehha for her wrongful behaviour during the task. Just as the task started, Neha tried to calm Saba down and offer to give balls to her. But Saba said no. At the end of the task, Surbhi-Romil, Shivashish-Sourabh and Saba-Somi emerged victorious. Now, these inmates were further asked to play another task for captaincy. While Saba and Somi were plotting and planning to bag the captaincy this time around Surbhi tried to reason with Somi and she was advising her to take things calmly and not do things like swear on their mother in a jest.

Bigg Boss 12 October 4 highlights Surbhi Rana ABUSES & threatens to slap Somi Khan

Somi did not take the advise lightly and had a bitter fight with Surbhi over this. Things escalated quickly in the house leading to Saba and Somi snapping at Surbhi. There was a lot of yelling and abusing leading other inmates to step in but no avail. Surbhi threatened to slap Somi. Meanwhile, Anup Jalota kept taunting Jasleen for the task which led to their break up but Jasleen did not pay any heed to him.

Bigg Boss 12 October 4 highlights Surbhi Rana ABUSES & threatens to slap Somi Khan

Jasleen and Deepak Kumar had a squabble when they called each other out for their bad  behaviour towards each other. Bigg Boss introduced another task for captaincy where in Surbhi-Romil, Shivashish-Sourabh and Saba-Somi had to hold the ring for the longest time. Things got really out of control here because the fight between Surbhi and the khan sisters. Surbhi broke a cup in fight of rage but was stopped by Nehha. There came a time when Somi complained to Bigg Boss because Surbhi was using abusive language. Surbhi broke down later . The episode ended with a fight between Surbhi and Shivashish over food!

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Green Lantern Corps Should Tackle Hal Jordan’s Most Controversial Story

Emerald Twilight, one of the most controversial comic book stories of all time, would offer a solid base for the Green Lantern Corps movie to build upon. This may seem counter-intuitive, given that the story of Emerald Twilight centered around the destruction of the Green Lantern Corps, but the story would also offer a clean slate that is sorely needed after the failure of the last Green Lantern movie. Indeed, an Emerald Twilight movie could potentially serve as the basis for restarting the entire DC Extended Universe.

Early reports indicated that the initial script drafts for the upcoming Green Lantern Corps movie included the death of veteran Green Lantern Hal Jordan – the first Earthling to join the Green Lantern Corps. This idea was apparently a deal-breaker for actor Tom Cruise, who was up for the leading role. An adaptation of Emerald Twilight could address Cruise’s complaints about the original story idea, if Warner Bros. is still committed to having Cruise bring Hal Jordan to life. Even if they are not, or Cruise is still not interested, it would present a story unlike anything seen in any superhero movie before – spinning a tale of a hero’s corruption and downfall, while leaving the door open for their eventual redemption.

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Using Emerald Twilight as the start of a new Green Lantern franchise would also allow screenwriter Geoff Johns to hasten the circumstances that helped him to establish his own stories in the original comic books. Johns previously developed an entirely new mythology for the Green Lantern Corps during his legendary decade-long run on the Green Lantern monthly comic and it would be easy enough for him to repeat the feat and reestablish The Corps in a new form for the movies. If nothing else, the core idea of Emerald Twilight would offer a fantastic avenue for introducing the concepts that Johns eventually built upon. It would also allow Johns a chance to more naturally introduce his original characters, such as Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz, to a wider audience.

  • This Page: Emerald Twilight and Green Lantern: Rebirth
  • Page 2: Why Green Lantern Corps Should Adapt Emerald Twilight
  • Page 3: What We Know About Green Lantern Corps So Far

Emerald Twilight Made Hal Jordan A Genocidal Villain

Emerald Twilight originally spun out of the events of The Death of Superman and The Return of Superman, which saw the town of Coast City, California completely destroyed by the villain Mongul. Emerald Twilight opened with Hal Jordan struggling to cope with the destruction of his hometown and the death of most of his family. After trying to use his powers to resurrect the city and all the people who lived there (albeit as constructs of solid green light), Jordan was taken to task by The Guardians of The Universe – the ancient alien race who organized The Green Lantern Corps and created the willpower fueled rings and batteries that provided them with phenomenal cosmic powers. Claiming that Jordan’s actions were a violation of cosmic law, The Guardians demanded that Jordan relinquish his ring and his position within The Green Lantern Corps.

Refusing to surrender and rebelling against The Guardians, Jordan assaulted the Guardian home world of Oa with the intention of taking the power he needed to permanently restore Coast City and the people who had needlessly lost their lives during Mongul’s attack. Jordan faced many of his fellow Lanterns en route to Oa, defeating them easily and taking their rings. In a moment of desperation, The Guardians resurrected Sinestro – a former member of the Green Lantern Corps and one-time teacher of Hal Jordan, who had become corrupted by his own power and also rebelled against The Guardians. Jordan was barely slowed down, as he snapped Sinestro’s neck with his bare hands, vaporized fellow Green Lantern Kilowog with his ring, and entered into the Central Power Battery that fueled all of the Green Lantern rings in the universe.

Absorbing the power of all but one of The Guardians from within the Central Power Battery before blowing it up (an action later revealed to have killed many Green Lanterns), Jordan dubbed himself Parallax and embarked upon a crusade to save every innocent who had ever died unjustly in the history of the universe. This led into the Zero Hour event, where Hal Jordan fought his former friends as they attempted to stop him from hitting the cosmic reset button on the DC Comics Universe and establishing an infinite series of worlds where everyone could have a happy ending. Naturally, Hal Jordan was unsuccessful but he did survive the battle and went on to become a reoccurring enemy to Kyle Rayner – an artist from Earth, who had been chosen by the Last Guardian, Ganthet, to be the wielder of the only still-functioning Green Lantern ring in the universe.

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Parallax would later achieve a measure of redemption through another pair of comic book crossover mini-series. The events of The Final Night saw Hal Jordan making peace with his most of his friends and loved ones, before sacrificing himself to destroy an alien monster called The Sun Eater and reignite Earth’s near-dead sun. Later, during the storyline Day of Judgement, Hal Jordan’s spirit became the new host of The Spectre – a literal angel of vengeance, who bonded itself to the ghosts of men who sought to see justice done. As strong-willed as ever, Jordan attempted to subvert the will of The Spectre, and aim its mission towards redeeming the wicked rather than destroying them outright, as it had done in the past.

Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern: Rebirth Saved The Series

All of this was unsurprisingly confusing to potential new readers, since Hal Jordan was still portrayed as Green Lantern on most DC Comics merchandise through the late 1990s and up until the 2001 Justice League animated series introduced John Stewart as the Green Lantern assigned to protect Earth. A second Green Lantern ring was introduced into the reality of the comics so that John Stewart could be a Green Lantern there as well, but this did little to appease those fans who were angered by Emerald Twilight. Many fans took exception to the idea that a straight-arrow, ex-military man like Hal Jordan could ever be pushed into betraying his fellow Corps members and killing them off of his own free will. This, coupled with an increasingly lackluster series of stories, caused sales on the monthly Green Lantern comic to drop steadily.

Enter Geoff Johns, who proposed a radical reinvention of the core Green Lantern concept in 2004. Johns’ story, Green Lantern: Rebirth, revealed that The Guardians had built the Central Power Battery on Oa to act as both a conduit for the collective willpower of all life in the universe and a prison for a parasitic being made of pure fear… a being known as Parallax! When it was discovered that Parallax could infect the minds of Green Lanterns and control them from a distance through the Central Power Battery, The Guardians attempted to combat this by recruiting only the most fearless and noble of souls as Green Lanterns. While this worked for a time, Parallax was eventually able to find a way to slowly work himself into the mind of a Green Lantern without them realizing it, taking control of them in a moment of great emotional stress.

Green Lantern: Rebirth was brilliant for a number of reasons. It explained Hal Jordan’s past actions without excusing them completely, as Hal blamed himself for not being strong enough to resist Parallax’ manipulations. It explained both the Green Lanterns’ previous inability to use their rings on anything that was yellow and why The Guardians of the Universe recruited only the most fearless of sentient beings to join The Green Lantern Corps. It also established the conceit of the Green Lanterns drawing off the balancing agent of an emotional electromagnetic spectrum, which Johns would later use in his run on the monthly Green Lantern comic to establish Sinestro’s trademark yellow-energy ring as being powered by Fear instead of Willpower, along with a host of other Lantern Corps empowered by other emotions like Hope or Rage.

Page 2 of 3: Why Green Lantern Corps Should Adapt Emerald Twilight

The 2011 Green Lantern Film Wasted Parallax

Unfortunately, neither version of Parallax – the corrupted Hal Jordan or the insectoid avatar of Fear Itself – was introduced into the reality of the 2011 Green Lantern movie. Instead, the film created its own version of Parallax to serve as the main antagonist of the movie. Somehow, this new Parallax managed to be even more confusing to comic book neophytes than the original characters from the comics, while simultaneously annoying Green Lantern fans with the seemingly arbitrary changes made to the character’s backstory.

The film version of Parallax was originally a Guardian of the Universe, who felt that The Guardians should be using Fear as the source of energy for their fledgling intergalactic police force instead of Willpower. To prove the point, he exposed himself to the yellow energy of pure Fear. Unsurprisingly, this turned out to be a really bad idea, as the power of Fear transformed the unfortunate Guardian into a giant glowing space cloud with a giant head. This creature terrorized the universe, sucking the life force out of anyone who felt fear around it, until it was captured and contained by the Green Lantern Abin Sur.

The Green Lantern movie had a number of flaws, but its handling of Parallax was one of its biggest. Ignoring the questions raised as to Abin Sur’s age and just when Parallax was created relative to the events of the movie, it beggared belief that a single Green Lantern (however good they were at their job) could possibly defeat a threat on the level of Parallax alone. It didn’t help matters that the design of Parallax was reminiscent of the cinematic version of Galactus from the equally horrendous Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer. In any event, it is generally agreed that the movie’s use of Parallax was a waste.

Why Emerald Twilight Is Perfect For Building A New DCEU

Thankfully, the failure of the 2011 Green Lantern movie and its version of Parallax leaves the stage wide open for the basic idea of Emerald Twilight and either version of Parallax from the comics being used to establish a new foundation for the Green Lantern Corps movie. For all of the anger the story inspired among Green Lantern traditionalists, Emerald Twilight was successful in what it set out to accomplish. It simultaneously presented something never before seen in the world of DC Comics and managed to establish a new status quo for the Green Lantern series at the same time. Both of these are tasks that the new Green Lantern Corps movie will need to accomplish.

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In fact, with the status of the DCEU itself called into question in the wake of reports that Henry Cavill is quitting as Superman and Ben Affleck might not be able to continue as Batman, an Emerald Twilight movie might be just the thing to restart DC Comics’ shared cinematic multiverse. Such a thing had already been suggested for the upcoming Flashpoint movie, which is based upon the comic book storyline that established the current version of the DC Comics multiverse in 2011. Why not defy both expectations by having the Hal Jordan Parallax succeed in his mission in an Emerald Twilight movie and successfully create a better multiverse for everyone?

Page 3 of 3: What We Know About Green Lantern Corps So Far

The Original Green Lantern Plan Was To Kill Hal Jordan

The first proposed script for a Green Lantern Corps movie was a buddy cop comedy in space, with Hal Jordan and John Stewart as the main characters. Jordan would be presented as both a veteran and a maverick, with Stewart playing the rookie whose by-the-book approach clashes with the more unorthodox tactics favored by his partner. It should be noted that this approach would be true to the spirit of both characters in the current comic books.

Later script treatments suggested that Hal Jordan would die partway through the movie, his noble sacrifice inspiring his partner to avenge him while affirming John Stewart’s worthiness to wear the ring.  Apparently, this was a major point of contention with actor Tom Cruise, who was approached about playing the role of Hal Jordan. Cruise has long been a fan favorite to play the role, due to the character’s possession of a similar personality and background as Tom Cruise’s classic role in Top Gun. Unfortunately, Cruise reportedly wasn’t interested in playing the role unless he was guaranteed to live through the film.

Adapting Emerald Twilight would address this issue, as the villain of the original script could be changed to a corrupted Hal Jordan transformed into Parallax. This would give John Stewart an entirely different challenge, as he must fight to reach his partner and free him from the corrupting influence of his own power or the fear-entity version of Parallax. This idea might also appeal to Cruise, given that he’s apparently fond of playing heroic men consumed by a corrupting power, as in Interview With The Vampire and The Mummy.

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Will Geoff Johns Adapt His Iconic Green Lantern Arc?

At first the idea of adapting Emerald Twilight for the big screen doesn’t seem like something that would appeal to Geoff Johns. After a decade of writing the monthly Green Lantern comic book, Johns is seen by many as the definitive writer on the series, even ignoring how he created much of the current Green Lantern mythology. Yet most of what Johns created would never have come into existence without Emerald Twilight having come first to clear the playing-field.

Given that, Johns could adapt the basic idea of Emerald Twilight as the starting point for his version of the Green Lantern Corps. He already did this to a minor degree in the comics, suggesting that the events of Emerald Twilight had occurred in a slightly different fashion within the compressed timeline of The New 52 reality. A cinematic adaptation of Emerald Twilight could finally allow Johns to tell his version of events in full. Then again, such steps may be unnecessary given how largely undefined the cosmic side of the DCEU is so far.

There is nothing, save Johns’ own love of playing around with previously existing continuities in his stories, that requires him to suggest such an event as Emerald Twilight ever occurred in the DCEU. Yet such an event would offer the perfect action-packed staging ground for whatever new reality Johns wishes to create using the classic concept of the Green Lantern Corps. This seems a likely occurrence as well, given that Johns has expressed an interest in creating a script that revolutionizes everything that fans of the franchise know. Indeed, Johns has said that his new script is “going to celebrate the mythology and reinvent it in a different way.

Given Johns’ track record as a writer with DC Comics and as the company’s President and Chief Creative Officer over the past few years, it is safe to believe that he can be trusted with so momentous a task as developing an entirely new way of looking at a beloved franchise like the Green Lantern Corps. After all, he has already done it once before and could presumably find another way to manage that trick again. This does leave the question, however, of what role Emerald Twilight might play in Johns’ machinations, if any. Regardless, most are likely to agree that the future of the series on the silver screen is in good hands.

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2018-09-15 12:09:32 – Matt Morrison

This Deleted BvS Moment Would’ve Been Most Controversial

When Batman v Superman showed a Bruce Wayne who was no longer afraid of letting the men fighting him be injured, crippled, or even potentially killed, many fans and critics passionately criticized the decision. Even though every modern movie superhero is a murderer these days, they argued, you just aren’t allowed to do it with Batman.

But in our interview with BvS Second Unit Director and Stunt Coordinator Damon Caro, we’ve learned of one moment in particular – removed from all cuts of Batman v Superman – that is guaranteed to have enraged those masses more than any other. While fans of the treatment might see it as Batman doing what he must to stay in the fight. Batman isn’t eager to kill in BvS, he’s just too concerned with saving an innocent woman to worry about criminals breaking a few bones – or, apparently, taking a few of their own bullets.

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The action sequence remains one of the high points of Snyder’s time with Batman, as even amidst the critical and online hysteria, the so-called “Martha Rescue” or “Warehouse Fight” was above criticism, from a stunt and fight choreography perspective. Like seeing the Batman: Arkham games combat come to life, or showing how Batman could tear through a gang like comic fans always knew he could.

We’ve already used a side-by-side comparison of the BvS stunt-viz and the finished film to show how meticulously Snyder and Caro’s teams constructed the scene (embedded above). But the video also shows some of the moments in a clearer light, and Batman using brutal force… but not deadly (not in this hand-to-hand fight, anyway). Caro believes there is method to Batman’s brutality in saving Martha Kent, with a ticking clock preventing him from sparing these criminals any pain they brought on themselves.

A point that would have been made perfectly clear, had one moment not included in the final cut been left in:

In the chase scene he was dealing with dangerous dudes that were trying to kill him, but I feel he was driven more by hatred then. By the Martha rescue, he’s no longer fueled by resentment… So there’s definitely an evolution at this point.

You will see, something that would sort of contradict that, if you noticed in that the action-viz that we shot in prep, it’s a little bit longer than what we shot for the film. and he does use one of the guys as a shield in that, but it didn’t make the movie because it didn’t fit for the cut. So that would have violated… but he uses him as a shield and the guy had a bulletproof vest on.

Given that some viewers were already disapproving of Batman’s brutality, or willingness to put criminals in harm’s way, one thing is for sure: seeing Batman use a criminal as a human shield would have been a smoking gun. And kevlar vest or not, been even more likely to be pointed to as proof that Zack Snyder’s team had ‘betrayed Batman’ than seeing him spray assault rifle fire at surrounding henchmen (dropping them to the floor, not killing them, as was also claimed).

For those less outraged, or perhaps more receptive to Damon Caro’s perspective, the moment would still be rationalized. Assuming the Batsuit isn’t bulletproof (it sure isn’t knife-proof), Bruce letting a goon take the painful, but not lethal bullet impacts instead of, you know, being shot and dying isn’t a question at all. Still, Caro explains that the moment was simply removed due to it not working in the final cuts of the scene, and not to avoid any perceived moral or violent dilemmas.

In the end, the film and the conversation surrounding it is probably better off without the moment in the finished cut. The arguments posed by comic fans that Batman is unique among heroes specifically because he is willing to kill if he must, and that Batman’s famous anti-gun moment in The Dark Knight Returns is taken out of context have fallen on deaf ears.

Had Batman v Superman included a shot of Ben Affleck physically putting a criminal between himself and deadly force, the fact that the goon was wearing a bulletproof vest wouldn’t prevent the uproar from rising to even higher heights. So let’s all count ourselves lucky.

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2018-09-11 07:09:22 – Andrew Dyce

Academy Members Already Discussing Scrapping Controversial Popular Movie Oscar

According to a recent report, Academy members have said that they wouldn’t be surprised if the Oscars Popular Filmcategory gets scrapped completely. In early August, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences revealed their plans to instate a new category that would honor “popular films” at the 2019 Oscars. The Academy has been tight-lipped regarding specific details about the new category, but it seems to be tailored for big summer blockbusters and superhero films.

Though the Academy might have had good intentions, the “Popular Film” category wasn’t well received by the public. Many outlets and people on social media have called the “Popular Film” award an insult, while others claim it’s simply the Academy’s a feeble attempt to boost dwindling ratings. Whatever the case, the category has become extremely controversial. The Academy hasn’t officially responded to the backlash; however, several Academy members recently shared that they wouldn’t be surprised if the new award gets scrapped.

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The LA Times recently released an article detailing Black Panther’s hunt for a Best Picture nomination at the 2019 Oscars. In the article, they reference the new Popular Film category as a wildcard that could hurt the film’s hopes for a Best Picture nod. However, many Academy members that they spoke to shared their opinion on whether or not the new award would even be included in future ceremonies. The excerpt from the article reads as follows: “Several academy members say they wouldn’t be surprised if the academy backtracks and delays presenting the award this year or scraps it altogether.”

While the Academy hasn’t officially commented on the matter, the above excerpt is very intriguing. By now, the Academy has certainly  heard all the complaints surrounding the new category and seem to be debating whether to move forward as planned. Which makes complete sense, since the idea of a Popular Film category is completely divisive and problematic. On one hand, it would be a nice change of pace to see more mainstream films included in future Oscar ceremonies. On the other hand, the whole award could be seen as a consolation prize. If genuinely award worthy films like Black Panther get snubbed for Best Picture, but get placed in the popular film category, it seems like the Academy is just judging films based on genre rather than content.

Apart from the new Popular Film category, the Academy has struggled to understand the current status of film culture. A few years ago, the Oscars were slammed for not being inclusive; however, they have taken steps to rectify that by including more films starring and directed by people of color. Now they face the issue of genre bias by excluding horror, science fiction and superhero films – with a few exceptions. The two problems aren’t comparative when it comes to social importance, though it does speak to how the Academy needs to evolve. Hopefully, the Academy will act accordingly in the face of public concern and start judging the content and importance of a film regardless of what genre it happens to be in.

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Source: LA Times

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