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While the MCU is already packed with iconic heroes, more are on the way. As we all know, thanks to Disney’s purchase of Fox, several of the biggest Marvel characters will soon get to join the MCU, including Marvel’s first family, the Fantastic Four.

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Fans are obviously excited by the prospect of Marvel doing justice to this famous super team and seeing those characters join the MCU family. One of the most exciting additions in Johnny Storm aka Human Torch. Johnny is often seen as a cocky, adventurous younger member of the group. He has been previously portrayed by Chris Evans and Michael B. Jordan, so it will be exciting to see who’s next. Here are some of the actors we want as Human Torch in the MCU.

10 O’Shea Jackson Jr

O’Shea Jackson Jr. exploded onto the scene with his amazing performance in Straight Outta Compton where he played his father and rap pioneer, Ice Cube. Jackson was a compelling and commanding performance in that film. Proving that wasn’t a fluke, he’s also had funny supporting roles in Ingrid Goes West and Long Shot.

Jackson seems to have what it takes to play the arrogant yet talented Johnny Storm. He is able to handle the necessary comedy for the role and has shown to be a fantastic addition to any ensemble.

9 Ansel Elgort

Ansel Elgort is fast becoming one of the hottest young stars in Hollywood which means its only a matter of time before he plays a superhero. While he got his start in young adult films like The Fault in Your Stars and Divergent, he showed his action movie chops in the starring role of Baby Driver.

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Elgort is a fantastic young actor who can probably bring a lot of unexpected depth to Johnny. He can play him as the cocky hero or shake things up as a quieter take on the character.

8 Billy Magnussen

Billy Magnussen is one of those actors who seems to steal scenes in every movie he appears in and it feels like he’s always ready for that big break. Recently appearing in films like Game Night and Aladdin, Magnussen has a wonderful screen presence and is always incredibly entertaining.

Magnussen might be a bit too old for the role, but that kind of depends on how old the other actors will be. But there’s no doubt he would bring so much fun and energy to the role as well as a real intensity when required.

7 Lewis Pullman

Lewis Pullman is one of the newer names on this list but he is already getting a lot of attention. The son of actor Bill Pullman, he has recently appeared in The Strangers: Prey at Night and Bad Times at the El Royale where he stole the show.

Pullman has a bright future ahead of him and getting a role like this could make him a huge star. He could also bring a new quality to the role of a less self-assured Johnny who finds more confidence thanks to his new powers.

6 Lakeith Stanfield

Lakeith Stanfield is one of the most compelling actors working today who seems to have a knack for picking really interesting projects. He is probably best known for his scene-stealing role as Darius in Atlanta and had a starring role in last year’s outstanding Sorry to Bother You.

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Stanfield excels at playing characters who are eccentric and seem to live in their own world. That could be a fun twist to bring to the Johnny Storm character and Stanfield could bring his compelling nature to that role and make it his own.

5 Steven Yeun

Steven Yeun is best known for his role as Glenn in The Walking Dead. He played a young man who gradually became one of the most dependable heroes in the group of survivors. Since leaving the show, Yeun has been appearing in some very interesting roles, including his amazing turn in the Korean film Burning.

Yeun is another actor who might be too old for the part of Johnny, but he could really do some great stuff with the role. He can be funny, charming and heroic all in the same role and it would be great to see him take on a superhero role.

4 Glen Powell

Glen Powell is a rising star in the film world, showing off his immense charisma in a number of very different projects. He was one of the new recruits in Expendables 3, a ladies man in Everybody Wants Some and the romantic lead in Set it Up.

With his upcoming role as one of the cocky fighter pilots in Top Gun: Maverick, Powell seems like he’s being groomed for the role of Johnny Storm. He is excellent as the charming and arrogant guy who you can’t help but root for.

3 Wyatt Russell

Wyatt Russell is another son of Hollywood stars who has quickly made his own name in the business. The son of Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, he been a fantastic and entertaining performer in several smaller films like Everybody Wants Some, Overlord and an episode of Black Mirror.

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Russell has played the funny goofball and the badass hero to great effect. He also has a charming laid-back quality to him. It could be a fun way to play Johnny Storm as a more easy-going superhero.

2 Lucas Hedges

Lucas Hedges has had an amazing career for a young actor. Not only has he been nominated for an Oscar but he has appeared in five films which have been nominated for Best Picture. He is an incredibly skilled performer able to play funny, charming, threatening, sweet and tragic.

Hedges would be the youngest actor to play Johnny Storm and, like Tom Holland as Spider-Man, he could bring a fun young energy to the superhero genre. He could also bring a lot more depth to the character that has yet to be explored.

1 Joe Keery

Joe Keery is currently one of the most talked-about young actors thanks to his great work on the latest season of Stranger Things. As Steve Harrington, Keery has become one of the best parts of the show as the ever-evolving character.

Steve started the series as the popular kid in school who slowly realized he has a greater responsibility in the world and became a hero willing to do anything to protect his pseudo-family. The role sets Keery up to be the perfect guy to play Johnny Storm in the MCU.

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Rise Of Skywalker: 10 Characters Who Could Be Killed Off (And Why)

While the name of the ninth Star Wars movie is The Rise of Skywalker, it’s actually primed to be the final outing of the family who has been the focal point of the entire franchise since the very beginning in 1977. Ever since Disney took control of the series, they’ve not hesitated to kill off some big characters, from Han Solo in The Force Awakens to Luke Skywalker himself in The Last Jedi.

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With that in mind, some casualties may be expected when it hits screens this December. Finales usually mean exactly that. We now take a look at 10 individuals who could meet their end this holiday season.

10 Chewbacca

When Disney acquired Star Wars and announced that there would be a sequel to Return of the Jedi after all these years, fans couldn’t wait to see more of the heroes from the original trilogy. It was a case of getting the gang back together, with the actors all agreeing to reprise their roles as the original quartet.

But, two movies down, Fisher and Mayhew have sadly passed away while Ford and Hamill’s characters have died on the big screen. Joonas Suotamo is now the man charged with playing the Wookie, but, with Disney sacrificing the characters from the original trilogy first, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he were to meet a heroic end as well.

9 Leia Organa

Fisher’s death prompted rumors that director Rian Johnson would find a way to write her out of The Last Jedi. However, by the end of the eighth installment of the Skywalker saga, her iconic character was very much alive. The movie concluded with her sitting alongside the main trio in the Millenium Falcon.

It has been announced that JJ Abrams will use footage never seen before from The Force Awakens to ensure that Leia still plays a key part in The Rise of Skywalker. It seems hard from a narrative perspective to see her being given a fittingly emotional end, however, unless Leia passes on the mantle or even makes a huge sacrifice in battle.

8 Lando Calrissian

Speaking of sacrifices, Billy Dee Williams has admitted he would love the world to forgive Lando Calrissian’s treachery from The Empire Strikes Back, despite him making amends the following movie. And what better way for Lando to prove once and for all he’s a truly good guy at heart by sacrificing himself for the greater cause?

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As mentioned before, Disney has focused on killing off the heroes from the first three Star Wars outings, and Lando was certainly one of those. Just because he’s back for Rise of Skywalker doesn’t mean he’ll see it out to the end.

7 Kylo Ren

If Kylo Ren continues to take the path towards the dark side—and when we saw him at the end of The Last Jedi, he definitely looked like doing that—then it’s hard to see him surviving. He is the sequel trilogy’s version of Darth Vader, and we all know how that one played out.

Some fans want Star Wars to take the franchise is in a different direction, one where Kylo won’t be redeemed and follow in the footsteps of his grandfather. But, even if he does turn, it would likely be in the same sacrificial way. With Rey and the Resistance expected to win the ultimate battle, that would almost certainly mean Kylo ending up on the losing side. And, in Star Wars, that usually means death.

6 The Knights Of Ren

WhenThe Force Awakens trailer dropped years ago, introducing us to the mysterious Knights of Ren, their very appearance had fans excited. There was an aura of mystery about them and, when they only appeared in a fleeting cameo, people anticipated a moment featuring them in The Last Jedi. However, once again, they were omitted.

Thanks to set photos released by Vanity Fair, we know they’re in this movie. But the teaser trailer sees Kylo Ren appearing to bodyslam one and, if that’s the case, then they could go the same way as the Praetorian Guard, who were also slain by the First Order kingpin and Rey following the death of Supreme Leader Snoke.

5 Finn

It’s not just characters from the original trilogy and villains of the three sequels who may meet their end in The Rise of Skywalker. There’s also no guarantee that John Boyega’s Finn will still be alive by the blockbuster’s conclusion. With the character having come close to death on two occasions so far, he may not be lucky the third time.

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Finn was extremely fortunate to survive his showdown with Kylo Ren in the snowy woods of Starkiller Base, sustaining intense injuries. Had it not been for Rose Tico, he would have died on the planet of Crait and, with trailer footage showing the former Stormtrooper in the midst of the battle in JJ Abrams’ motion picture, fans can be forgiven for fearing for his safety.

4 General Hux

General Hux is rather lucky to still be alive at this point, given how he’s failed almost every task assigned to him. Seriously, since ordering the attack on the Hosnian system, he’s had Starkiller Base blow up on his watch, been outsmarted by Poe Dameron, been unable to protect Supreme Leader Snoke, and fallen well short in his attempts to wipe out the last of the Resistance fleet.

Snoke forgave him for his mistakes, but his strained relationship with Kylo Ren means there’s a good chance that the First Order leader will finally snap and murder his deputy. Ben Solo isn’t Snoke, after all, and their battle for power is only likely to end up with one winner.

3 C3PO

While Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewbacca were the poster people of the original trilogy, C3PO and R2D2 are the only characters to appear in all eight chapters of the Skywalker saga. R2D2 doesn’t seem to do much these days, but rumors suggest C3PO may be prominent in this film.

And what better way to show that it really is the end of the Skywalker saga than have C3PO cease to exist? He had seen the Empire rise and fall and witnessed the First Order take its place. He’s had a good life and a good run, but, to quote Kylo Ren, it’s ‘time to let the past die.’ That may include everybody’s favorite protocol droid.

2 Palpatine

Pretty much every Star Wars fan was taken aback when, midway through The Last Jedi, Supreme Leader Snoke was sensationally killed by Kylo Ren. However, despite the fact the gold-wearing dark-side user is no longer around, The Rise of Skywalker will have an even bigger villain in the form of Palpatine.

But while Palpatine is coming back for one last laugh, it appears highly unlikely that he will be victorious. And then, it’s possible that Disney will just give Ian McDiarmid’s character a second on-screen death to go with the first. Don’t get us wrong, we’re excited for his return. The question is: will it be worth it?

1 Rey

Look, we’re not saying that we expect Rey to die. She’s the protagonist of the entire sequel trilogy, after all. But if Disney wants to show it was worth acquiring Star Wars and tinkering with the material of George Lucas, they need to find a way for the saga to close in a way it deserves. And, by killing off Daisy Ridley’s character, it would certainly set it apart from Return of the Jedi.

In that movie, the Rebels win without any casualties. But what if, this time, they win because Rey loses her life for the sake of the galaxy? It’s not inconceivable to think that the girl who Kylo Ren labeled a ‘nobody’ will save EVERYBODY at the end. With Palpatine back in the fold, and Kylo Ren stronger than the last time we saw him, Rey will have to produce something pretty special to keep the bad guys at bay.

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Splinter Cell Could Finally Return…As A VR Game | ScreenRant

VR headset owners might be able to add a new Splinter Cell to their gaming wishlists soon. Companies with interest in VR (such as Sony, Valve, and Oculus) have been steadily adding to their libraries for the past few years to showcase the medium as the potential future of gaming. Recently, even Nintendo has thrown their hat into the ring as more players are opting in. Part of the strategy of bringing in players from all of these companies has been taking existing franchises and moving them into the realm of VR.

Fans have been waiting for news of the next Sam Fisher outing for years. Despite its popularity, there hasn’t been a new Splinter Cell game since 2013, nor has there been a confirmation that one is coming in all that time. There have been many rumors and even Easter eggs in other games, but none have resulted in even as much as a trailer.  It appears that the wait may finally be ending, but not in the way many fans expected.

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According to The Information, several new games may be coming exclusively to the Oculus headset, and that includes a new Splinter Cell VR adventure. Oculus and its parent company Facebook have been quietly buying studios and exclusive rights to VR games for years, but Splinter Cell and a new Assassin’s Creed VR game are the biggest moves to date. Although the deals (which supposedly included Mark Zuckerberg himself) are reportedly confirmed, there’s no information available about where the potential game fits in the timeline, how it’ll play, or how far they are in development.

This reported move from Facebook and Oculus is one of many that all companies invested in the viability of VR have been making for a while now. Sony has purchased exclusive rights to big games like Skyrim VR and others, as well as smaller, more intimate endeavors for PSVR. Valve has bought into new exclusives, and there are even rumors of the company reaching into its vault of long-dormant franchises to shine them up for new VR games. Facebook seems ready to take the next big step with Oculus, and is making the deals to confirm its commitment.

Fans have been ready and waiting for a new Splinter Game for a long time now, but it’s unclear if this is the version they wanted. There isn’t a lot of information to go off of, but new Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed games in VR would be among the most ambitious projects revealed recently. Other franchises, such as Arkham VR, have dipped their toes into the world of virtual reality, but mostly as experiments or tech demos. At this point, most fans wouldn’t be satisfied paying full price for a new Splinter Cell game that’s only a couple of hours long. This deal is welcome news to the fans who were afraid the franchise was completely forgotten, but time will tell if players are ready and willing to step into the virtual shoes of their favorite infiltrator.

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Source: The Information

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Titans’s Bruce Wayne Casting Could Set Up a Batman Beyond Show

Season 2 of Titans has cast veteran actor Ian Glenn as Bruce Wayne/Batman in a move that creates the exciting possibility of a live-action Batman Beyond show on the DC Universe streaming service.

We already knew the Batman in Titans continuity was in the back half of his career, having fought crime for years and trained multiple Robins, but bringing in Ian Glen as the Caped Crusader gives us an idea of the billionaire vigilante’s actual age in the show. At age 57, Glen is the oldest actor to ever play Batman in live-action by a wide margin. Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman as a seasoned version of the World’s Greatest Detective happened when the actor was only in his early 40s, nearly a decade and a half younger than Glen.

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While Glen’s Bruce Wayne will surely be portrayed as a few years younger than Glen’s actual age, it’s still a Batman that’s been fighting crime in Gotham for potentially 30 years, or at least close to it. While the traditional Batman timeline wouldn’t have Terry McGinnis replace Bruce Wayne as the Dark Knight for another decade or two after the events of Titans, having Glen portray Batman puts them within reach of a broad range of older Batman ages. With the help of a little makeup, he could play a version of Batman anywhere from his late 40s to his early 70s. Batman’s older years are especially easy to flex, given Bruce Wayne works to maintain peak physical condition.

The DC Universe streaming service has been mining a number of properties for its live-action shows, from Titans to Doom Patrol to the upcoming Swamp Thing, and eventually Stargirl. So far, they’ve maintained a loose sense of continuity between Doom Patrol and Titans, so Batman Beyond is a perfect fit, especially since, for all intents and purposes, Ian Glen would likely be the only cast member from other shows that would need to appear.

With an older Batman already cast, the biggest concern of bringing a live-action Batman Beyond show to life is budget. Set in a futuristic neon noir world with a far more advanced Bat-suit, a Batman Beyond show could be a tricky proposition to pull off within DC Universe’s budget range, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Swamp Thing reportedly has a budget of around $85 million, and when you consider the quality of some low budget sci-fi movies like Upgrade, which takes place in a similar neon noir Blade Runner-esque aesthetic to Batman Beyond, was made for under $5 million, a Batman Beyond series doesn’t seem entirely out of reach.

It will certainly be curious to see what the DC Universe has in store for Ian Glen. As the oldest on-screen Batman yet, he opens the possibility for a number of older-Batman stories we haven’t been able to see in live-action.

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Here’s What Left 4 Dead 3 Could Have Looked Like

While Valve seems to have given up hope on bringing Left 4 Dead 3 to life, a series of leaked pictures show what the zombie threequel game could’ve looked like. Although there’s been plenty of talk about Left 4 Dead 3, the title has slipped into development hell over the years.

In 2008, Valve South (now Turtle Rock Rock Studios) released Left 4 Dead as a co-operative first-person shooter. Assigning players one of four “Survivors,” Left 4 Dead was a different take on the well-worn formula of zombie video games. The first game proved a hit and quickly led to a sequel, but many are confused about what happened to a possible third entry.

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YouTuber Tyler McVicker shared 29 screenshots on Imgur to tease fans with the game that will never be. Aside from a Middle-Eastern kasbah setting, the images don’t give much away. With these being early renditions of an original level design, it means there isn’t a single zombie in sight or a look at the characters. The images reportedly come from a 2013 version of Left 4 Dead 3 and were created using a Source 2 engine. Apart from McVicker teasing the game was pulled in 2017, there isn’t much insight to why it happened or why fans are only seeing these screenshots now.

McVicker has previously explained how the game would’ve featured eight playable characters of different strengths and weaknesses, with Left 4 Dead 3 having crossplay support for VR. Of the eight characters, four would be brand new and the other four would be pulled from the existing Left 4 Dead games. The idea of this ties into hero shooters like Overwatch where players could assemble their own skilled team.

Only last year, a job listing at Turtle Rock teased that Left 4 Dead 3 was finally in the cards, but the rumors turned out to be false. Elsewhere, a fake Facebook profile for Valve developer Ted Carson teased Left 4 Dead 3 before it was quickly debunked. It’s important to note that Left 4 Dead 3 was never actually confirmed, meaning these screenshots (if legitimate) are the closest gamers have got to a full announcement.

Considering the popularity of Left 4 Dead 2 and its pre-order sales being 300 percent higher than its predecessor, it’s a strange turn of events that the third game never came to be. As it stands, Turtle Rock and Warner Bros. Interactive are working together to resurrect the franchise with a spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead called Back 4 Blood. Sadly, it seems that Back 4 Blood could be the final nail in the coffin for hopes of Left 4 Dead 3.

At least Left 4 Dead paved the way for more recent releases like Saber Interactive’s World War Z game and Overkill’s The Walking Dead. Even though Left 4 Dead reinvented the zombie shooter genre, it looks like Left 4 Dead 3 has really been left for dead and taken a bullet to the brain.

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Source: Tyler McVicker/Imgur

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11 Canceled DC Movies That We Wish Got Made (And 9 That Still Could Be)

Daring to be vastly different in terms of tone and of scope than the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the DC Extended Universe looked to kickstart their entire shared universe with Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, as opposed to Marvel’s formula of introducing all of these characters firsts and then do a big team-up movie. The result was a very busy, very ambitious, and ultimately very divisive movie. The darker and grittier take on the entire DC Universe was not a welcomed one. Introducing a lot of characters and concepts upfront that the mass audience didn’t work nearly as well.

DC’s parent company, Warner Bros. deemed the film and Justice League flops and growing criticisms of the movies had become too much for the studio to bare. They canceled a lot of executive producer Zack Snyder’s plans, leaving whatever was going to happen in the DCEU by the wayside in favor of whatever individual creators want to do with the characters. That’s just the recent turn of events.

DC movies have been being canceled or shelved and put on the back burner for years now. The fourth Superman and Batman films flopped and it took years to get those franchises back off the ground. For many, the Man Of Steel still hasn’t actually soared again. Slowly but surely, fans are learning there’s more to DC than just Supes and Bats. The best-kept secret here is that if DC could get their act together, they’d have a dearth of movies for years and years to come just like their competition. Here are 11 Cancelled DC Movies That We Wish Got Made (And 9 That Still Could Be).

20 Canceled: Batman: Year One

At this point in Batman’s eighty-year history, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t know what happened to Bruce Wayne’s parents in Crime Alley. What some people might not know is the story of Batman’s first year as the Caped Crusader, Frank Miller’s epic Year One storyline.

That was all going to change in the early 2000s when Miller wrote a screenplay for Darren Aronofsky to direct. But their clashing over ideas and Warner Bros. desire to take the project in another direction (which ultimately became Batman Begins), led to the end of this film’s production.

19 Still Could Be Made: Batman Beyond

How many more ways can you tell the Batman story? That’s the beauty of Batman, it can be told a multitude of ways. Batman Beyond brought Batman decades into the future where an aging Bruce Wayne trains a young Terry McGinnis to be the new Batman. For fans for the TV series and movie, Return Of The Joker, this is THEIR Batman.

These fans still might get their wish one day. The thought of a Batman Beyond movie is bandied about every few years or so. Recently, Entertainment Weekly made a mock cover for April Fool’s with Michael Keaton returning as old Bruce Wayne. Hopefully, someone at Warner Bros. saw it and is ready to make this a reality.

18 Canceled: Superman Lives

Before the DCEU as we know it today became much maligned, the mere thought of Nicolas Cage as Superman was a headscratcher. But with the combined efforts of writer Kevin Smith and director Tim Burton at the helm, Superman Lives was intended to reboot the series while adapting “The Demise Of Superman” storyline for the big screen.

Alas, this film was doomed from the start. Details of the making of (and eventual end of) the project can be seen in the documentary, The [Demise] Of Superman Lives – What Happened? All producer Jon Peters seemingly wanted was for Superman to fight a giant spider in act three…just let that ruminate for a moment. The movie that Peter’s beloved arachnid finally appeared in? Wild, Wild West.

17 Still Could Be Made: Plastic Man

In 1995, the Wachowskis had written a script for DC’s Plastic Man. Nearly 13 years later, rumors were still swirling that the siblings and Keanu Reeves were collaborating to bring the story of Patrick “Eel” O’Brian, former crook turned to hero, to the big screen.

As of this writing, it has since been announced that unknown Amanda Idoko is trying to tackle the stretchy superhero. There is no telling if she has access to, or even wants to borrow elements of the Wachowski’s script. But depending on what happens during the development, shooting, and release of the movie; if it’s successful, Warner would certainly be open to dusting off the nearly 25-year-old script.

16 Canceled: Justice League: Mortal

George Miller is one of the most versatile writers and directors in all of Hollywood. The same guy that wrote and directed the Mad Max series also did the same thing for the Happy Feet and Babe series of films. Around the era of The Dark Knight trilogy, Miller was looking to bring the Justice League to the big screen.

The writer’s strike and budgetary concerns led Warner to back out of the project, but it would have had the look and feel of Mad Max Fury Road. That movie was nominated for an Academy Award, so who knows where the DCEU would be right now if we lived in a world where we got see George Miller’s JLA.

15 Still Could Be Made: The Batman

Affleck might be out, but his version of Batman was still much better than anyone expected or hoped for. His version of a slightly older Batman was praised and reports that he would be writing, directing, and starring in his own solo Bat-flick was met with fervent anticipation.

Affleck backed out of his Bat-commitments but the story of a Batman battling Deathstroke The Terminator is still alive and well in the form of director Matt Reeves’ Batman, currently aimed for a June 25, 2021 release. Whether the popular villain continues to be a part of it or not, remains to be seen.

14 Canceled: Batman 3

After Batman Returns, Tim Burton was gearing up for a third movie, tentatively titled, Batman Continues. Scripted by Lee Batchler, Burton had sought after Robin Williams, this time to play The Riddler. Billy Dee Williams’ Harvey Dent was slated to become Two-Face, and Brad Douriff had been tapped to play the Scarecrow.

However, Warner Bros. was more interested in how and who to market their Batman movies to then how to make them. Wanting to make more family-friendly fare (re: TOYS), they asked Tim Burton to take on a producer role in favor of Joel Schumacher and kinder, gentler, Batman.

13 Canceled: Superman: Flyby

J.J. Abrams has been the go-to guy for anything science fiction or fantasy related for nearly twenty years now. The mastermind behind shows like Fringe and Lost, as well as rebooting both Star Wars and Star Trek franchises nearly rebooted the Blue Blur himself with Superman: Flyby.

Abrams’ Superman story was wildly different than the universally accepted origin story. Couple that with the fact the familiar elements that were there had to be explained (ie – Clark’s glasses are lead-lined to help control his supersight) angered fans in a way that had this have gotten made, Zack Snyder might not be responsible for the worst Superman film.

12 Canceled: Green Arrow: Escape From Super Max

The opening few episodes of season seven of Arrow featured Ollie in jail. His friends and family are trying to get him out and clear his name. Meanwhile, he faces all kinds of enemies on the inside and outside. He has to work to save his hyde in prison while trying to keep his family safe from threats outside of it.

If that sounds like a cool idea for a movie, that’s because at one point it was. David S. Goyer has planned to bring the Emerald Archer to the big screen with a similar storyline. Chances are that even if we get a Green Lantern Movie, it won’t be Supermax.

11 Cancelled: Tim Burton’s Catwoman

One of the casualties of not having Tim Burton direct Batman Continues is that Burton’s proposed Catwoman flick was done for as well. According to Film Review magazine, the script was by Daniel Waters (Batman Returns) and had a unique premise.

After getting her clock cleaned in Batman Returns, Selina had amnesia and heads to Oasisburg (a resort area akin to Las Vegas). The city is run by superheroes, and the movie was going to poke fun a lot of male hero tropes. Since none of them would have been very good, Selina would have found her way back into her slinky leather catsuit.

10 Still Could Be Made: Batman Vs. Superman

No, not the 853-hour long director’s cut of Zack Snyder’s Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. That director’s cut, by the way, makes a lot more sense than the theatrical version. Years before this movie, was another proposed Batman / Superman movie, this one directed by Wolfgang Petersen.

Andrew Kevin Walker (Se7en) had written the original script, which had taken place in an early-post 9/11 world. Superman had helped to stop a criminal act that would have been revealed to be committed by the Joker, bringing Supes to Gotham and meeting Batman for the first time.

9 Still Could Be Made: Green Lantern Corps

Many including Ryan Reynolds himself are not fans of 2011’s Green Lantern. While not a great film per se, it was far better than a lot of other comic book dreck out there. Any and all Green Lanterns are generally regarded as some of DC’s most beloved characters. The past few years have introduced more color rings and other Lantern Corps.

The entire series is rife for years and years of space opera action epics. The characters deserve far better than they got. If done right, there could be Green Lantern movies and an entire shared universe of its own for years.

8 Canceled: Justice League 2

While it was received better than the first two Snyder Superman flicks, Justice League still didn’t hit the expected marks that Warner Bros. had assumed it would. Very much like the rest of Snyder’s planned DCEU adventures, Justice League 2 has been shelved. By all accounts, completely abandoned.

The film would have in theory not only introduced Darkseid (DC’s version of Thanos), but also start bringing Batman’s nightmare from BVS to the forefront, and eventually the DC Injustice video game storyline.

7 Still Could Be Made: Lobo

Born on the Utopian planet of Czarnia, Lobo eliminated everyone else on his planet. His name roughly translates to “he who devours your entrails and thoroughly enjoys it.” Lobo is DC’s wildest superhero. At one point, their most popular too. Guy Ritchie was attached to bring the Last Czarnian to theaters in 2009.

After he departed, Dwayne Johnson stepped in to play the alien anti-hero biker. But he and director Brad Peyton also left the movie. The character will be seen during this second season of Krypton. Hopefully, he’ll generate enough popularity on TV to finally warrant the big screen treatment.

6 Canceled: Zatanna

Magic exists big time in the DC Universe in the form of Zatanna. The sorceress has been seen on Smallville, played by Serinda Swan. In 2005, Hadley Davis claimed she had written an action–comedy treatment for Zatanna, but that was about it.

DC might have given up on Davis’ treatment, but not Zatanna Zatara. She’s currently on the docket as one of the characters in the proposed Justice League Dark film. The team, which also includes Constantine and Deadman, are tasked with handling the more supernatural elements of the DCU.

5 Still Could Be Made: Hawkman

Another alien superhero, Hawkman has all types of strange origin stories. All of the Hawkmen of the DCU use Nth Metal to allow them to fly. The two most popular incarnations are Katar Hol and Carter Hall. One is an alien from Thanagar, the other a descendant of ancient Egypt.

In 2011, Warner Bros. was looking for writers to try and (no pun intended) get this thing off the ground. But in the years since, any proposed project featuring the Thanagar race in the DCEU has been scrapped. But the right team can still bring this story to light in the new-look, seemingly anything goes and nothing’s connected DCEU.

4 Canceled: Jack Black’s Green Lantern

For anyone that feels like Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern was utterly terrible, take a deep breath, say to yourself “it really wasn’t that bad,” and be thankful that we don’t live in a world when Jack Black’s Green Lantern is a thing.

In the movie, the GL ring would have malfunctioned on its way to finding someone worthy and instead find Black instead. In a fit of rage, fans spoke up via the internet and were successful demanding this movie not be made.

3 Still Could Be Made: Flashpoint

Another victim of Warned Bros. reshuffling the deck on the DCEU, Flashpoint was canceled. While a movie is still being worked on, the original plan to introduce the alternate version of the DCU where Flash stops his mother’s slaying, sparking all kinds of changes has been scrapped. Which is a shame.

All of the various multiverses and alternate universes that exist in the DCU could have been introduced without harming any actual continuity that the DCEU was trying to create. Plus, seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Batman would have been pretty cool.

2 Canceled: Cyborg

Cyborg has been one of the more popular members of the JLA and Teen Titans for several years now. Played in Justice League by Ray Fisher, he had the struggling young-adult trying to adjust to his powers vibe down pat.

Not only did the DCEU falling create a casualty out of Cyborg, Fisher himself once explained that making a live-action Cyborg movie would be way more expensive than Warner Bros. would be willing to pay for.

1 Still Could Be Made: Y: The Last Man

Ok, so Y: The Last Man doesn’t technically exist in the DCU proper, but the story has always been acclaimed among fans and critics alike. The series told the story of Yoric and his pet monkey, Ampersand. Yorick wakes up one day to find out that a plague wiped out seemingly all of the men on the planet except for him and his capuchin.

At one point, Shia LeBeouf was getting set to star. But his star faded and the comic book series adaptation faded as well. Until recently – while not on the big screen, FX recently ordered the series, starring Barry Keoghan (Dunkirk) set to play Yorick.

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Sony’s Stricter Sexual Content Rules Could Be An Issue For Developers

The PlayStation brand is enforcing stricter content guidelines in relation to nudity and sexual content in their games, which is a reaction to international responses to the depiction of women in video games.

The PlayStation 4 is the current leader in the video game console market and Sony has often allowed games with sexual content to appear on the system without censorship, but only in certain regions. There are games such as Grand Theft Auto V and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that featured both male and female nudity, which were not censored on the PlayStation 4 in the west, but were censored in Japan.

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It has been confirmed that Sony is using stricter content guidelines than before, as the Wall Street Journal is reporting (via Kotaku) that there will be harsher restrictions placed on the depiction of nudity in video games that appear on the PlayStation 4 platform. The reason given for bringing in stricter rules is due to a growing international response to material that can be considered sexist, as well as the rise of streaming platforms making it easier for games with explicit content that were made for the Japanese region to be shown across the world. There is a concern from Sony executives about the damage that these kinds of games can do to their reputation, with the #MeToo movement cited as one of the reasons for their concern.

The stricter content guidelines are limited to Sony, as Nintendo is fine with using the standard rating body in each region to determine what kind of content they will allow in their games. Sony’s latest shift in content guidelines is the opposite of Nintendo’s current approach, as the Switch now has games that are less censored than their PlayStation 4 ports. A recent example of this is Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet, which doesn’t feature any explicit content, yet the PlayStation 4 version of the game had content removed that is present in the Switch version of the game. Devil May Cry 5 had a brief shot of a woman’s backside censored in the international PlayStation 4 version of the game, while Nintendo only pulls games off the eShop when they almost show full nudity.

It makes sense for Sony to be concerned about the reaction to the sexualized depiction of women in video games, but they also run the risk of alienating third-party developers that might grow frustrated with the extra work that goes into developing for the PlayStation 4. There have already been instances of games being delayed on the PlayStation 4 due to censorship reasons, such as Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal being pushed back in order to remove content from the PlayStation 4 version of the game. If Sony is not careful, then they might find themselves in the same situation as Nintendo did when most of their third-party developers jumped ship to the original PlayStation.

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Source: Wall Street Journal (via Kotaku)

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10 Villains We Could See In Shazam 2

Shazam (character created by C.C. Beck and Otto Binder) has made a healthy amount of money at the box office, and a sequel, along with a Black Adam movie, has already been confirmed. Shazam was, at one point, the most popular superhero in the world, overtaking even Superman for that spot and selling 1.3 million copies of the series every month.

Even though it was off the shelves due to a legal dispute with DC for quite a few years, there’s still a rich and full history of comics that the movies can draw inspiration from, including some utterly unique and great villains. Some of them are nearly household names, and others are characters that have lived in obscurity. Will Shazam 2 be their chance in the spotlight?

(Keep in mind, spoilers for Shazam are going to follow.)

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Let’s start with that devious and somewhat off-putting talking caterpillar (it’s all those legs!), shown briefly during Shazam, and then again in the mid-credits scene. That would be Mr. Mind, an incredibly evil and occasionally nazi talking space-caterpillar.

His backstory has varied somewhat throughout DC’s history, but the current Mr. Mind hails from Venus and possesses the powers of mind control, telepathy, and mental image projection. He’s the last of his race, and instead of wanting to save his new planet like DC’s most iconic character, he wants to cause the planet and its denizens harm.


Another character likely to return from the first movie is Sivana. Sivana is a mad scientist scarred by his past and obsessed with magic and the power one can wield with it. From the looks of the mid-credits scene after Shazam, Sivana and Mr. Mind are going to be teaming up in the near future, giving the distinct possibility of them forming the Monster Society of Evil.

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The Monster Society of Evil was first introduced very early on in Shazam’s (then known as Captain Marvel’s) own series and had quite the large roster of deviants and creatures that were up to no good. If the Monster Society were introduced, it would certainly give the possibility of some of the craziest Shazam villains being used; some of them were even (briefly) featured in the movie already…


The Crocodile Men hail from a planet called Punkus and have served as an antagonist for Shazam for quite a long time as part of the Monster Society of Evil. We were given a brief glimpse of them in Shazam already; they were sitting around a table playing cards just through a door in the wizard Shazam’s chamber.

They could certainly serve as some muscle for Sivana and Mr. Mind in the sequel(s), and let’s be honest; we’d all like to see them return because walking and talking(?) crocodiles are awesome.


The Dummy is another ultra old-school character from the Monster Society of Evil. The Dummy is the leader of his own criminal gang… or is he? No one’s quite sure whether The Dummy is an actual person, or actually a wooden dummy that’s somehow become alive.

(Though that question may have been solved in a fight against the original Green Lantern). The Dummy pretends to convey instructions from his puppetmaster and the gang’s true leader, and it appears no one is the wiser.


Ibac is a real heavyweight antagonist of Shazam, powered by four of the evilest people ever to walk the Earth: Ivan the Terrible, who supplies Ibac’s terror, Attila the Hun, who supplies Ibac’s fierceness, Caligula, who supplies Ibac’s cruelty, and Cesare Borgia, who supplies Ibac’s cunning.

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Ibac needs only speak his name to be transformed from petty criminal Stanly Printwhistle and into the monstrous Ibac, much like Shazam himself.


The notorious Mr. Who was bullied by others growing up, and was born crippled. He worked to gain an incredible amount of knowledge, and eventually attained genius-level intellect.

His intellect allowed him to create Solution Z, a compound that gifted him with a whole slew of powers, including size alteration, invisibility, regeneration, amphibian, metamorphosis, phasing, the ability to cure sickness, and the ability to make himself temporarily younger. His wide range of powers could definitely give the Shazam family issues.


King Kull was the king of a race of protohumans called the sub-men, or beast-men. These sub-men ruled humanity until they were overthrown. King Kull was in a state of suspended animation (much like Marvel’s Captain America) and awakened in modern times.

King Kull eventually enlisted his power in the Monster Society of Evil as well, and despite being ancient he has a genius-level intellect, as well as super-strength, stamina, and durability.


There’s a lot of “Mr/Misters” on this list. Mister Atom was originally an evil robot created by the mad scientist Charles Langley. Mister Atom went on destructive rampages, and eventually joined the Monster Society of Evil like most other Shazam antagonists.

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At one point, Mr. Mind had Mister Atom detonate a nuclear bomb in a Fawcett City suburb in an attempt to destroy the Marvel family.


Blaze could end up being a super-important character in further Shazam movies. Blaze is a half-demon and the daughter of the wizard Shazam (not Billy Batson). Blaze has a litany of atrocities associated with her, not the least of which involved her corrupting another character who wields similar magical power to Billy.

One who’s definitely going to show up in the DCEU in the near future: Black Adam.


We already know for sure that Black Adam is going to get his own movie, so it’s really just a matter of time as to how long it takes for him and Shazam to face off on the big screen. Black Adam was originally an ancient Egyptian prince who was given powers by the wizard Shazam, and with these powers, he’s survived to the modern era.

Black Adam is the protector and sometimes ruler of Kahndaq, and has been a member of a wide-variety of super-villain groups in the past.

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Titans Season 2: What Iain Glen Could Look Like As Batman

Here’s what Iain Glen could look like as Batman in Titans season 2. The series was the first original live-action series to debut on DC Universe, DC’s digital service that combines movies, TV, and comics. When Titans launched last year, it focused on a young group of heroes that was led by Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites). While he still wears the Robin costume in the show, Dick has completely removed himself from a working relationship with the Dark Knight – as made clear from the debut trailer’s shocking “f*ck Batman” line.

The first season of Titans largely made good on this sentiment, even though Batman did have a small role as the season progressed. Bruce Wayne made a few minor appearances, but the show smartly decided not to fully feature him in any way. They would obscure his face or only show him from certain angles, so that they could now cast Game of Thrones‘ Iain Glen as Batman for season 2.

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With another new version of Batman coming soon, one of the major points of interest for fans is what Glen will look like in the suit. Thanks to a piece of art from fan artist J Hammond (via Reddit), we can now see one variation of how Titans‘ Batman could look. Of course, this is just a piece of fan art and the final look could be incredibly different, but Glen looks great in the suit regardless.

Thanks to his fan-favorite turn as Jorah Mormont in Game of Thrones, there is an incredible amount of excitement to see what Glen’s version of Batman will be like. If this piece of art is any indication, the grizzled look of an older Bruce Wayne should be right in Glen’s wheelhouse. While it will likely still be some time before an official look at Glen in the Batsuit is released, they have already revealed some details on what his role is going to be in season 2.

The relationship between Dick and Bruce is clearly splintered when Titans begins, but Bruce’s mission in season 2 will be to try and mend these fences. He is hoping to help the Titans succeed as being heroes and is said to be just as passionate about his heroic duties now as he was in his younger days. With Deathstroke and many more characters coming for the new season, the Titans may very well need the advice, resources, or fighting skills of Batman.

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Titans season 2 premieres Fall 2019 on DC Universe.

Source: J. Hammond [via Reddit]

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Marvel’s The Eternals: What Angelina Jolie Could Look Like As Sersi

New fan art for Marvel’s The Eternals movie imagines what Angelina Jolie would look like as Sersi. Earlier this week, it was reported that Jolie is in talks to star in The Eternals, though the details of her role is currently unknown. If the news is true, it would be Jolie’s first role in a superhero movie.

With Marvel’s current slate of films wrapping up this year with Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far from Home, Marvel and Disney are looking to the future with three new franchises: Black Widow, The Eternals, and Shang-Chi. Directed by Chloe Zhao and written by Matthew and Ryan Firpo, The Eternals is expected to send viewers back thousands of years into the past and could end up serving as a prequel to the MCU.

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Fan artist BossLogic has posted new art on Twitter which features Jolie as Sersi, a key member of the Eternals and the character that many believe Jolie would play. Rumors have indicated that the film will revolve around a love story between Ikaris and Sersi, who is described as an Eternal “who relishes moving among humans,” which doesn’t sound far from the character’s comic book counterpart. Check out the art below.

In the comics, Sersi is portrayed as a fun-loving Eternal who enjoys partying and interacting with humans. In this aspect, Sersi is different from the rest of her people, who usually avoid contact with mortals and interfering in the affairs of humans. It’s for this reason that Sersi is more visible in the superhero community than her fellow Earth-based Eternals. During the early 1990s, Sersi was an important member of the Avengers who fought alongside them in some of their biggest stories, including “Operation: Galactic Storm” and “The Crossing.”

Sersi is easily one of Marvel’s most powerful heroes. During her days an Avenger, she was often compared with Jean Grey when it came to her potential for destruction. Sersi possesses the ability to rearrange matter on a grand scale.

Though some may that Sersi should be played by a younger actress, it wouldn’t be the first time that a key character’s appearance was adjusted for a movie. It’s also possible that Jolie won’t be playing Sersi, and is being eyed for a completely different character. In The Eternals comics, Thena is just as important as Sersi. Thena is the headstrong daughter of Zuras (the patriarch of the Eternals) and the exact opposite of Sersi, in terms of how she treats humans. In any case, it will be interesting to see what happens as the casting process for The Eternals moves forward and more details begin to emerge.

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Source: BossLogic/Twitter

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