Roswell: 5 Best Couples In The Original Series (& The 5 Worst)

Before the CW had Roswell, New Mexico, the WB had Roswell. Both series put their own spin on the book series Roswell High. The science fiction series saw alien-human hybrids from the alleged 1947 Roswell UFO crash just trying to survive high school in the late 90s. While the show was full of alien conspiracies and mystery, it also had a healthy dose of romantic relationships.

The central couple of the series included Liz, a normal teenage girl who loved science, and Max, the biologically engineered king of an alien species. As more of their friends found out the truth, the relationships amongst their friend group grew. Romance was frequently as central to the plot as the mysteries surrounding the aliens themselves. However, not all of the relationships fit well into the Roswell universe.

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10 Best: Michael And Maria

Affectionately referred to as “candy” because of their M&M initials, Michael and Maria were one of the longest-running relationships on Roswell. They also happened to be one of the most volatile.

The duo had very different approaches to dealing with their feelings. Maria wanted to talk about everything, while Michael wanted to pretend they didn’t exist. Over time, Michael helped Maria learn to be calmer. Likewise, Maria helped him to open up. Their bickering and jealousy faded over time until they were one of the most supportive couples in the series.

9 Worst: Max And Tess

Max and Tess could have been a great pairing if Tess was actually who she presented herself as. While the two did have genuine feelings for one another, Tess was motivated to pursue a relationship with Max as a result of a deal made with an enemy.

Not only did Tess worm her way between Max and Liz, but she tricked Max into allowing her to take their child to their alien homeworld. All of her lies backfired on Tess as she eventually had to return to Earth with their fully human son. By that point, any trust Max had was gone.

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8 Best: Isabel And Alex

This is one of the few couples amongst the original characters that were never fully realized. Though the two hung out and were friends, Isabel frequently pushed Alex away, trying to find a more mature match for herself.

Of course, by the time Isabel realized she wanted to be more than friends with Alex, it was too late. Alex lost his life as a result of Tess using her mind-warping abilities on his brain too many times. Showing how connected the two were despite his loss, Isabel continued to take advice from an Alex only she could see until she married someone else.

7 Worst: Kyle And Liz

Kyle was Liz’s first real boyfriend. Though she anticipated they would be casual after a summer apart, he had other plans when the Roswell series first began. In the later seasons, they were excellent and supportive friends, but their season one dynamic was not so great.

Liz was secretive with him, constantly using him as an alibi to avoid her new alien friends getting caught. She spent a lot of the early episodes outright lying to him. Kyle was clingy and jealous, even spying on her. They were not the stuff high school sweethearts were made of. 

6 Best: Liz And Sean

While Liz’s great love wasn’t Kyle, it also wasn’t Sean. That didn’t make their relationship any less fun to watch. Sean was Maria’s cousin who temporarily came to stay with his relatives in Roswell. He also happened to be a bit of a criminal, breaking into bowling alleys to show Liz how to have fun. His methods were questionable, but he certainly got Liz out of her funk. Sean reminded Liz how to be a teenager again instead of an aspiring molecular biologist obsessed with an alien secret. 

5 Worst: Isabel And Grant

Isabel had a habit of crushing on older guys while everyone was still in high school. She always considered herself far too mature for the rest of her classmates. As a result, she found herself attracted to the geologist Grant Sorenson when he came to town.

Considering Isabel turned 18 when she began dating him, the audience had to wonder what someone, who already had a geology degree, was doing hanging out with a high school student. Of course, it turned out that he was infected by an alien parasite, so maybe that had something to do with him getting close to her. It’s an all-around strange relationship.

4 Best: Jim And Amy

Jim Valenti and Amy Deluca were the two parents on the series that the audience spent the most time with. It’s only natural that it also turned out the two had a history.

Jim and Amy went to high school together before he went into law enforcement and she became an eccentric seller of alien memorabilia. Initially, they were both out of the loop when it came to the alien conspiracy, and they reconnected, much to the surprise of their kids. The sheriff was usually very stoic and intimidating in the early episodes of the show. Amy made him much more fun, as he acted like a teenager around her all over again. Sadly, their relationship didn’t seem to last.

3 Worst: Michael And Courtney

Like Tess before her, Courtney joined the show specifically to drive a wedge between a central couple. Courtney debuted in season two, while Michael and Maria went through a rough patch. There was an attraction between the two of them, but the introduction of the alien race the Skins meant it never went anywhere.

While Courtney claimed that not all of the Skins were the same, she spent an awfully long time hiding in plain sight amongst the royal four before even admitting that she was a member of a different alien race. Her entire plot thread revolved around her feelings for Michael instead of the more pressing matter of the Skins versus the Royal Four. She could have been a fascinating addition to the show if she had been used for more than making Maria jealous.

2 Best: Max And Liz

Roswell was quite literally built around the connection between Max Evans and Liz Parker. Though Max observed her from afar as her classmate, the two didn’t become close until he saved her life in the pilot episode. He couldn’t let her die, even though they hadn’t really interacted much in their childhoods.

Though the series found many creative ways to pull the two of them apart including the introduction of Tess, a visit from a future version of Max, and Liz’s father not trusting him, they always found their way back together. The series began with Max saving her life and ended with the duo getting married. What a way to bookend a sci-fi teen show.

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1 Worst: Isabel And Jesse

Isabel and Jesse were a complicated couple. In some ways, they’re very good for one another. In other ways, Jesse just fit Isabel’s pattern of looking for someone “better” than her small-town Roswell life.

Jesse was a lawyer who worked for Isabel’s father. That meant that, when she turned 19 in season three, he was at least in his mid to late twenties. The difference in their level of world experience was a little hard to stomach. The relationship between Jesse and Isabel in season three served to separate her from the larger storyline, detracting from the show instead of adding to it. It’s a shame because Jesse was a great character. Their relationship just felt shoehorned into the events of the season.

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The 100: The 5 Best Couples (& The 5 Worst)

Based on the young adult novel series with the same name, The 100 has been around for five years and is currently going 6 seasons strong. We’ve been holding our breaths ever since the group of youths has been dropped in the now harsh environment of Earth. We’ve suffered with them and for them, and each new season brings along its fair share of mystery, drama, and, of course, romantic tension.

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Our favorite brave adventurers have seen some terrible things. Some of them didn’t survive to tell the tale, while others are still going strong. As it would be expected when you drop 100 teenagers in any environment – even an incredibly hostile one – the sparks of love and lust are bound to start popping up everywhere. The 100 blessed us plentifully on this matter, and we’ve seen couples come and go at the speed of light throughout the entire run of the show.

10 Worst: Clarke & Finn

It’s hard to find a soul out there that enjoyed watching the relationship between Clarke and Finn develop into a romantic one. While Clarke has been involved with her fair share of partners, these two just lacked chemistry, and it just seemed like they were pushed together because it looked good on paper.

The love triangle that eventually emerges when Finn’s girlfriend lands on Earth is messy and uncalled for, and Finn’s behavior towards Clarke screams obsessive and erratic. Out of all the romantic partners Clarke has been linked within the show, Finn is by far the least compatible and undesirable.

9 Best: Octavia & Lincoln

Octavia and Lincoln’s relationship made history on the show for being the first one depicting a romantic link between a Grounder and one of the Sky people. Besides, it was always wonderful to witness the deep connection between the two, and the impact Lincoln’s presence had on Octavia, acting almost as her guiding light.

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The two proved time and time again how far they were willing to go for each other, and it was just as heart-warming witnessing Octavia and Lincoln take care of each other as it was heart-shattering to see them apart and suffer because of their love. Lincoln’s death was one of the saddest we were forced to witness, but his relationship with Octavia will remain in our memory as one of the purest and most beautiful on the show.

8 Worst: Raven & Finn

It’s bad enough that Raven was forced into a love triangle because Finn fell in love with Clarke in the first place. The cheating was awful and grants these two a spot on the list of the worst couples to exist on the show. Raven and Finn as romantic partners could have been something if it wasn’t for this unnecessary Twilightesque twist, that sent Finn into the arms of someone he had no chemistry with (and it’s hard for someone like Clarke to lack chemistry with another character on-screen).

It doesn’t help that his character development took a turn for the worse when he started using violence and killed almost two dozen unarmed people in his quest to find Clarke – the same person he cheated on Raven with, and who was oh so apologetic when he was reunited with her. It’s just safe to assume Finn wasn’t good for anyone he was paired with on the show, and his death wasn’t received with much grief by fans.

7 Best: Clarke & Bellamy

The relationship between Clarke and Bellamy is a strong one, forged through friendship and trust. Although these two aren’t a romantic couple in the show, their relationship is one of the most beloved by fans of The 100, who simply cannot wait to see these two follow the path of their characters in the books in at least one way – you know, in the way that they are engaged!

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Even though it’s a strictly platonic thing, these two have shared more chemistry and romantic tension than many pairs on the show who were actually supposed to be linked in that way (yes, Clarke and Finn comes to mind immediately). When in season 4 Clarke breaks down when making the decision on which 100 people should go on the list of those to be saved, she puts down Bellamy’s name. Once he sees this, he refuses to go unless her name is written along with his – something he does with no shred of hesitation, proving the beautiful and powerful bond the two share.

6 Worst: Raven & Shaw

This show is known for continuously killing off major characters, in almost the same heartbreaking fashion as Game of Thrones has gotten us accustomed with. This means that, inevitably, new characters will be introduced and the main characters that remain will get most of the screen time, while the new ones have the necessary time to be introduced, and those who weren’t so important in the beginning tend to be forgotten by the showrunners.

Now, there’s nothing particularly terrible about Raven and Shaw’s relationship. The problem with these two is that they suffered from the show’s decision to further develop other character’s storylines in a much deeper fashion, making the relationship between these two characters seem unbelievably rushed, forced, and overall hard to root for. We absolutely love it when two “enemies” end up falling in love with each other – but we need time to let things develop and make them believable!

5 Best: Kane & Abby

In a show ruled by teenagers, it’s a breath of fresh air to see more mature couples as well – after all, love isn’t exclusive to a certain age group, and we couldn’t be happier the show decided to depict that through Kane and Abby. Granted, as individuals, they have developed into very different people from the ones that were first introduced to us in the first season of The 100, but their relationship was a great one to see blossom.

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The two always had a little something going on, and it was clear from the very beginning. We finally saw them give in to the attraction in season 3, when Abby kisses him for “hope”, and when Kane saves her life, against her will but keeping her best interests in mind, it just added another wonderful layer to their relationship.

4 Worst: Octavia & Ilian

Lincoln and Octavia fans weren’t exactly happy with the new pairing. It’s not that they don’t think Octavia deserves to find love again after tragically losing Lincoln, but the way it was done didn’t leave much room for her relationship with Ilian to be enjoyed as fully as it had the potential to be. Putting two characters together just because they seem to share the same level of messed up and demons tends to be a recipe for disaster.

Besides, the fact that they had Octavia and Ilian have sex when she was clearly in pain was completely uncalled for. The two don’t even share that much chemistry together, they seem to have more dislike for each other than anything else, and it just seems a bit too forced on the part of the showrunners. Again, if they had had more time to develop on-screen as a couple, perhaps this could have been different. As it is, however, just doesn’t work.

3 Best: Miller & Jackson

They aren’t exactly major characters in the overall scheme of things, but Miller and Jackson’s relationship did a wonderful job at melting everyone’s hearts. Sometimes a love story can be portrayed as so unbelievably pure that it overshadows other plot points that should be considered super important, and for many people, that happens for Miller and Jackson.

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It was obvious throughout the fourth season of the show that these two felt something for each other, something that went way past the realms of friendship. When Miller told Jackson he loved him at the beginning of season 5, no one could remain indifferent even if they tried to. The actors have beautiful chemistry and not a single thing about these two seems forced.

2 Worst: Bellamy & Echo

This whole relationship just doesn’t sit well with fans. Not because it’s terrible, it’s just because it’s so very…meh. It’s lukewarm, it came out of pretty much nothing, the substance just isn’t there. Bellamy and Echo just seem like a whole lot of nothing. The showrunners didn’t put much effort into making us care about Echo and none at all in making us care about her relationship with Bellamy.

Besides, just as it happens with many couples on the show, the relationship between these two is too forced to come off as anything special. The realness and rawness, along with the chemistry that usually makes us root for a couple aren’t a part of Bellamy and Echo at all. All in all, it was just sort of there for the sake of being there, and that usually doesn’t make a very solid foundation for an interesting relationship that fans care for.

1 Best: Clarke & Lexa

These two will forever be the relationship on the show. Fans are still mourning the loss of Lexa, and consequently, the loss of the beautiful relationship she shared with Clarke. The trope of former antagonists that end up falling in love is an all-time favorite, but it needs to be executed to perfection. Thankfully, the showrunners hit the nail on the head with Clarke and Lexa, and made for one of the most iconic couples on TV.

Romeo and Juliet have nothing on these two, who joined forces, and through love managed to make peace happen between their respective people. Lexa’s death marked Clarke deeply and forever, and although she had to move on as a character, the love story will live forever in her, as well as in our hearts.

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5 Best And 5 Worst Couples on The Walking Dead

Despite being an action-packed, gory zombie show, relationships have a heavy presence on The Walking Dead. The show has been on the air since 2010, and is now nearing its 10th season. Though the ratings have taken a huge hit in recent years, The Walking Dead is still one of the most-watched shows on TV.

A big reason for this is the cast of multidimensional, complex characters the show presents. The fanbase may be dwindling, but it is still quite significant compared to many other shows currently on the air. Many long-time fans have continued watching The Walking Dead due to their love of the characters. The show may frequently feature battles and bloody zombie kills, but the characters and their relationships with each other are truly the most important part of the series. Let’s review 5 of the best couples in TWD history, and 5 of the worst.

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Shortly after arriving in Alexandria, Rick struck up a contrived romance with Jessie Anderson. Nothing about this relationship really made much sense. The whole storyline failed to satisfy the audience, despite the fact that is was very obvious how much TWD writers wanted it to sell.

Not only was this relationship standing in the way of the much anticipated “Richonne” (Rick and Michonne), Rick’s fledgling crush on Jessie brought out the worst in him. He acted like a love-struck, immature teenager in many ways. Seemingly forgetting all about his responsibilities as a father and leader,  Rick had a brawl with Jessie’s abusive husband, Pete, in the middle of Alexandria. This relationship and the entire storyline is certainly one most fans would rather forget.


These two don’t get much screen time, but from what is shown, they’re adorable. It was revealed that Jerry and Nabila were in a relationship early in season 9. Over the course of the years that passed during the ninth season, Jerry and Nabila had three kids.

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Although relationships developed offscreen are often unsuccessful in the TWD-verse, Jerry and Nabila are a rare exception. They are both fairly minor characters, but what viewers do see of their relationship, they love. Because let’s face it: Jerry himself is great, and Jerry in a relationship and being a father to several young kids is completely adorable.


In typical Walking Dead fashion, Carol and Ezekiel’s relationship was poorly written. The set-up was messy, and before fans were ever given a chance to enjoy this new bond, a six-year time jump occurred. This is a common tactic TWD writers use to seemingly have the plot move along without that pesky character development standing in the way.

In Carol and Ezekiel’s case, season 9’s six-year time jump did not do them any favors. Not many fans were loving this relationship when it was revealed the two were dating in the season 9 premiere, and a notable reason for that was because this romance had developed offscreen, at some ambiguous time during the year-long time jump between season 8 and 9. With this lack of development, chemistry, and the fact that Carol’s character appeared to be swept onto the sidelines due to this relationship, most viewers were thankful for Carol and Ezekiel’s break up in the season 9 finale.


Since most graphic novel readers were prepared for Aaron and Jesus to have a romance, Aaron and Eric’s relationship is often overlooked.

Despite Eric’s emotional death early in season 8, his relationship with Aaron was completely endearing and beautiful. The two met and began dating before the apocalypse, and were one of the few couples in Walking Dead history who were shown to have stayed together after the apocalypse. They worked as recruiters for Alexandria. Eric’s death in season 8 was tragic, and it was painful to watch Aaron endure this. While Aaron raises Gracie alone, whom he adopted shortly after Eric’s death, it would have been beautiful to see him raise her with Eric.


Even though Rick and Michonne had been The Walking Dead’s power couple for some time, the dynamic lacked charm and pull.

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Having the two get together almost directly following Jessie Anderson’s death was definitely not a wise move. Rick and Michonne’s romance happened suddenly, even despite having been built up for a few seasons. Their relationship has been a major part of the series since season 6, but many aspects of it come across as contrived, and their interactions are frequently written in a heavy-handed manner. Rick and Michonne may have been known as The Walking Dead‘s power couple, but whether they deserved that title or not remains questionable.


While Sasha and Bob’s relationship was very short-lived, it was nonetheless adorable. Bob was an ex-army medic and Sasha was a firefighter. Having met at the Prison, Bob was attracted to Sasha’s strong, stubborn personality.

For Sasha, it took her a bit longer to come around, after the fall of the Prison resulted in her being stranded with Bob and Maggie. During this time, Bob and Sasha formed a close bond. Early in season 5, Bob met his unfortunate demise. His death weighed on Sasha heavily, but even now, with both characters gone, the relationship remains adorable.


After Carl died, it seemed that The Walking Dead was heavily alluding to Henry being his replacement. Theories circulated that Henry would be the next Carl, especially after he met Lydia late in season 9.

But it wasn’t long until Henry’s naive personality came to light. Although he appeared to have big aspirations, such as being a blacksmith apprentice during his stay at Hilltop, all that changed when Henry met Lydia. The two began talking while sharing adjoining cells at Hilltop, and in these roughly five minutes of knowing each other, apparently struck up an epic romance. Of course, this ended in Henry getting killed by the Whisperers in the penultimate episode of season 9. Everything about this relationship was drenched in sheer stupidity and absurdity.


It’s often forgotten that Tara was the first LGTBQ+ character to be introduced on The Walking Dead. Her romantic relationships are also often overlooked.

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What was probably Tara’s best romance was her relationship with Denise. The two were only together for a few months, but were shown to be very in love. Denise’s tragic death occurred late in season 6, and since then, Tara has not had any other romantic relationship. Tara was Denise’s last love, as Denise was Tara’s. And it is a shame that this beautiful relationship is often forgotten.


Not as relationship-focused as it once was, it was somewhat surprising when The Walking Dead attempted a love quadrangle in season 9.

Even despite the fact that this entire relationship is absolutely ridiculous, it is terribly written as well. The fact that Rosita has three men who are in love with her, two of which have never had any interactions with her before the six-year time jump in season 9, is a ludicrous concept. Eugene’s unrequited infatuation with Rosita is about the only realistic aspect of this quadrangle. Rosita being pregnant with Siddiq’s child while being in a relationship with Father Gabriel is probably one of the most absurd, random, nonsensical arcs ever to appear on The Walking Dead. 


Glenn and Maggie were definitely the most iconic couple on The Walking Dead. Being one of the most long-term couples on the show, Glenn and Maggie were loved by the majority of the audience. They quickly struck up a romance early in season 2, and ever since, have portrayed one of the most sincere relationships on The Walking Dead.

They stuck together through everything, and even after Glenn’s death in season 7, their relationship remained a major part of the show. Though there were many relationships on TWD after Glenn and Maggie, these two will never be replaced, and will forever be an unforgettable aspect of the series.

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90 Day Fiance’s Most Popular Couples: Where Are They Now

90 Day Fiance is the guilty pleasure that has millions of people glued to their TV screens. Following people and their relationships is more entertaining than focusing on your own life. The couples from 90 Day Fiance are certainly some of the best drama we have seen in years. But, it has made us wonder what happens when the cameras stop rolling? Some of the couples have broken up for good, more have stayed together than we would have assumed and some of still in limbo trying to figure out how they will make things worse. Here are a few of the more memorable couples and what they are up to now.

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10 Danielle & Mohamed

Danielle seemed like an insanely desperate woman, the way she stalked Mohamed after he left her. The couple’s courtship and marriage began to break down before season 2 even ended. The couple publicly accused one another of cheating, smelling in places that there should be no bad smells coming from, and one half of the couple (Danielle) even followed Mohamed to every state he went to. 

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They made no secret of the fact that they are now happily divorced. Danielle tried to annul the marriage but didn’t have enough evidence that Mohamed had committed any kind of fraud. They were basically the family Chantel before we had a family Chantel.

9 Danny & Amy

South-African-born Amy was the sweetheart that was basically too good for Danny. The couple met in Australia during a bible study trip and quickly struck up a relationship. Amy eventually moved to the states to be with Danny but ended up in a very awkward situation… Danny’s family was racist. They didn’t want anything to do with Amy because she is black. Fortunately, love wins again because Amy and Danny are still together and even added a few kiddos to the mix. We can only assume that Danny’s family has somewhat accepted her seeing as they are still married. The couple isn’t big on social media so we have to assume everything has worked out well.

8 Kyle & Noon

The season 3 couple made everyone believe in love again. Noon swooped in and essentially made Kyle’s life way better. They met via Facebook back when people were using Facebook as an unofficial dating site. He went to Thailand on a trip and met up with Noon who lived there. 

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They pursued a relationship and the rest is history. She went to America to meet his friends and family and he even introduced her to his mother who was always in and out of Kyle’s life due to alcoholism. The couple eventually picked up and moved back to Thailand for a life that would be better and Noon’s job. They are currently still together and to be honest, we can’t see them breaking up.

7 Josh & Aleksandra

The young couple was told they were a little too young and too different from one another to make things work. Aleksandra was from Russia where she was a go-go dancer and enjoyed the party life. Josh was on a Mormon mission trip in Prague. The two connected and decided that they wanted to get married.

Aleksandra converted to Mormonism entered America on a K-1 Visa and they have been married since 2016. They now have a daughter who has sparked a little bit of controversy because she is mixed race but both her parents are white. This has lead to speculation that Aleksandra’s longtime best friend is the father. The couple was bombarded with so many questions they temporarily shut down their social media accounts. They are now both in medical school.

6 Jorge & Anfisa

Jorge and Anfisa made season 4 of 90 Day Fiance the best season ever. Anfisa (who is from Russia) really cracked the whip on Jorge. She expected to move to California and basically be rich. When she found out that Jorge lied about his money, his occupation, AND his family she had had enough. 

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Fortunately, after all the drama, the couple are still together. Anfisa returned to school (she was previously a student living with her grandmother in Russia) and Jorge, well, he went to jail for possession and attempting to transport 300 pounds of marijuana. They are still together.

5 Narkyia & Olulowo

The names may not sound familiar, and that’s okay. The couple was only in season 4 for a short time but their situation should ring some bells. Narkyia met Olulowo on a dating site where he introduced himself as a Nigerian Prince. No, he wasn’t being cute, he claimed to be an actual prince. She was smitten and even planned a trip to Nigeria to meet him. She quickly found out that he was scamming her; she got catfished. The relationship soured until he popped back up again and wanted to apologize. Things seemed to work out the second time around because the couple is now married. They had a few bumps along the road like him cheating on her. However, they made and work and still currently are.

4 Chantel & Pedro

Chantel and Pedro are such a fan favorite. The couple made waves when Chantel brought him to the US to marry her but failed to tell her parents and her siblings. It’s safe to say the couple’s relationship was put to the test. They have however managed to make it through a lot; Pedro attacking her brother, Pedro’s sister attacking Chantel, and Pedro’s mom feeding them chicken feet as a sign of some kind of cultural disrespect. 

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The list is endless yet the couple keeps rising. They are currently still together and you can expect to see them on the upcoming season of 90 Day Fiance. They were also recently offered their own show on TLC fittingly called “The Family Chantel”.

3 Nicole & Azan

The world saw Nicole as crazy when she told her parents she was engaged to a guy she met online who lives in Morocco. In season 4, Nicole left her daughter May to meet Azan in Morocco to see if this relationship could actually work. The couple had a lot of drama and cultural differences that Nicole just couldn’t seem to grasp. Everyone assumed Azan was in it for the money this young, unemployed mom was always sending him, and of course – the visa. Yet, they are still together; not married yet and Nicole spends a lot of time in Morocco she even brought May with her in season 5. The couple has both claimed infidelity but so far they are working through it. We will see how things play out because they too will be featured in the upcoming season.

2 Annie & David

Despite David’s love for attention, the couple who were low key fan favorites on season 5 will not be returning this spring. It’s certainly can’t be for lack of drama. They are currently still together, David is still unemployed, but they have a place of their own still so that’s great. Fans were quite worried for Annie who left the comforts of Thailand to move to America with David. He was unable to provide and had been living off of his best friend for years. Annie was concerned with how she would get along with David’s kids, especially his daughter, seeing as she had so much hate for her dad and couldn’t wait to verbally attack him when she saw him in person. Despite the drama and the obstacles, Annie has stuck around.

1 Molly & Luis

The couple that seemed odd from the get-go is now officially divorced after hiding that they were really married from Molly’s kids and the TV show. We aren’t sure when things went south but we are sure that Luis was never truly into Molly. He had family and friends in the states and would regularly retreat to their homes to avoid Molly and her daughters. He would spark up fights about random things like religion and child care knowing what he was getting himself into. It made for great TV but the reality is, Luis kind of scammed Molly. Five months after their divorce was finalized, Luis remarried and Molly wants the world to know that she was scammed.

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5 Best Couples On Modern Family (& 5 Of The Worst)

Modern Family is known for its hilarious portrayal of modern relationships. We get to take a look into the lifestyle of a gigantic family filled with big personalities, from the charmingly extroverted Gloria to the goofy-but-loveable Phil.

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Being a show that is all about relationships, it is no surprise that there has been a handful of romantic connections throughout all ten seasons of the series.  Some of the couples on the show are absolutely goal-worthy while others never really made any sense to us. What are some of the best romantic couples on the show? What are some of the worst? Let’s take a look at the list below and find out.


At first glance, viewers have rolled their eyes at Jay and Gloria as a married couple. Assumptions flooded the minds of not only Modern Family fans but from characters on the show as well. Those assumptions all involved the idea of Gloria as a gold digger and Jay using Gloria as his gorgeous trophy wife.

It makes sense. Gloria is absolutely gorgeous and much younger than Jay, while he is stinking rich. Claire even says she thinks Gloria is using Jay for his money at the beginning of their relationship, yet as the show went on we realized how in love Jay and Gloria truly are. The two prove that everything is not what it seems and you should never judge a relationship based on what you can only see from the outside.


Phil and Claire are another example of a couple on Modern Family who have more to them than meets the eye. At first, the two seem like your classic sitcom couple- A frigid wife who constantly rolls her eyes at her goofy husband. The husband always seems to be the same naive guy who just can’t seem to grow up regardless of his age.

As the show progresses and we get to know the two more, the further we are able to appreciate the unique bond between them. The two are a perfect example of the notion that opposites attract. Phil appreciates how Claire takes care of him and grounds him, while Claire cherishes Phil’s ability to bring fun and excitement into their life. Both balance each other out in the best way.


Let’s face it – In the real world, Cam and Mitchell would be labeled as a toxic couple. The two try their best daily to one-up each other and they are constantly arguing over the most trivial things. Yet luckily, this isn’t the real world. This is a sitcom. In sitcoms, comedy is derived out of conflict, and boy do they have a ton of it.

Cam and Mitchell’s storylines are usually the funniest on the entire show, and that’s saying something considering how hilarious MF is. They both share a love for competition and regardless of all their bickering, Cam and Mitchell can’t seem to live without each other. Cam and Mitchell along with their daughter Lily are naturally set up to deliver comedy gold, and they never fail to leave us entertained.


Haley and Andy win the award as the ultimate one true pairing on Modern Family, by a landslide. Their chemistry is inevitable from the moment they first meet and it sticks throughout their entire relationship and then some. At first, Haley seems to be in denial about her feelings for Andy. For superficial reasons, she originally sees their relationship as one that could only ever exist in his wildest dreams.

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It isn’t until he is engaged to another woman that she realizes how madly in love with him she is. Devastated to find out that he is engaged to someone else, she assumes there is no hope until Andy tells confesses to Haley that there’s no one else he loves but her. Fans were crushed when the couple didn’t end up together, and rightfully so. They truly had something beautiful going on, which leads us to our next couple…


Haley and Dylan aren’t a terrible couple as a whole, but the fact that Haley chose Dylan over Andy is what makes them one of the worst couples on this list. Although they seem to love and accept each other, they’re both too naive and childish to go through the daily motions of life together. At least when it comes to Dan and Claire, one of them is put-together enough to balance out the other’s immaturity. With Dylan and Haley, two lovable idiots don’t make a right.

Many fans complained about how Haley’s choice to be with Dylan in the end completely ruined her character development and caused her to regress back to the character she was in season one.


Although Phil and Gloria were never a couple, they have always had a very strange and mildly creepy relationship. Phil has constantly been caught lusting after Gloria even in the presence of his wife, Claire. At one point, Phil lies to his old college rival named Glenn about Gloria being his wife just to impress him and make him feel jealous.

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Glenn says he always thought Phil would end up with Claire, who he always thought was insanely beautiful. Glenn mentions how he was extremely jealous of Phil back in college for being with Claire, and it isn’t until then that Phil realizes how much he’s lucked out with Claire. Took you long enough, huh Phil?


Alex and Sanjay dated for a short period of time on Modern Family. The two were originally rivals in their senior year of high school, both constantly trying to one-up each other over their school achievements. Yet as is frequently the case on sitcoms, the heat between the two wasn’t just the result of mutual loathing.

Sanjay eventually came to the conclusion that he was attracted to Alex, and he told her this to her excitement. The two ended up dating until he eventually broke up with her because of the long distance between them while in college. It was probably for the best considering their relationship would most likely be extremely competitive.


Haley’s relationship with Arvin was perhaps the most beneficial relationship Haley could ever expect to have. Arvin is well established and extremely intelligent. He is the kind of man who Haley could really learn from and vice versa. While Arvin can teach her wisdom, Haley can help Arvin learn to have some excitement in his life.

Perhaps if Haley and Arvin stayed together we would see a more put-together version of the oldest Dunphy child. Unfortunately, love turns us into fools resulting in Haley going for Dylan instead.


Poor Benny Boy. He still lives with his mother as a grown man and is forced to live every day of his life knowing that he has a Tasmanian devil tattooed to his butt. Yet for some reason, Alex can’t help but find herself drawn to his childish ways.

Although she may get a thrill out of being the intellectual superior in the relationship, we seriously (seriously) think she can do better. But hey, we all have our own tastes and as this show has proven, opposites really do attract.


Sherry plays Manny’s Canadian girlfriend on Modern Family. Their relationship has no spark to it, proving that the two aren’t exactly Romeo and Juliet. Although they are nothing like the Shakespeare pairing, the one thing you could say they have in common with R & J is that Manny’s parents cannot stand Sherry.

Gloria and Jay believe Sherry overstays her welcome and when she stays with them, she attempts to entertain the family with her god-awful improv performances. Nothing more cringe-worthy than watching her act out as a T-Rex playing volleyball…

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Simone Torn

10 TV Couples That Are Always Romanticized (Even Though They’re Terrible)

In some cases, a couple, a ‘ship, an intriguing bond – can be the best part of a TV series. These small-screen romances can be iconic, disgustingly adorable, and can even provide the audience with goals for their own personal relationships.

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But with all those captivating romances, there are also the ones that are loved and praised when they really shouldn’t be. Those couples everyone loves, while their relationships aren’t actually as healthy or empowering as their fanbases make it seem. Let’s review some of TV’s worst couples that are somehow always romanticized.


Though they are regarded by many as one of the most iconic couples of 90s TV, the popularity and hype that surrounded this relationship far inflated its actual significance. No relationship is perfect, but Ross and Rachel’s was fraught with so many holes and problematic moments that it should not be considered anything but harmful and toxic.

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The on-again-off-again nature of their relationship was one of the most memorable recurring storylines on Friends, but while the drama and hilarious moments that stemmed from this deserve appreciation, Ross and Rachel’s relationship itself does not.


Undeniably, Meredith and Derek were one of the most notable aspects of Grey’s Anatomy. Their relationship was and still is one of the most well-known and revered on TV, but when put under the microscope, is “MerDer” really the dream romance it was cracked up to be?

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Though iconic, this romance really shouldn’t be anyone’s relationship goals. Before Derek’s eventual death in season 11, he and Meredith’s relationship was full of drama. They fought countless times over countless things. One of the most notable instances of this was Derek choosing Addison over Meredith and then berating Meredith when she attempted to move on. Let’s also not forget the fact that Derek clearly valued his own career over Meredith’s and almost made her uproot her life and move to Washington for him. When examined, McDreamy is a whole lot less dreamy than he appears, as is his relationship with Meredith.


Back when American Horror Story aired its first season, “Murder House”, teens and adults alike swooned over Violet and Tate. Maybe on the surface, this relationship is swoon-worthy, drenched in angsty prose and sentiments that vibe with someone going through an existential crisis. But in reality, a relationship like Violet and Tate’s is very damaging.

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These two certainly brought out the worst in each other. Because they were both suicidal and depressed, AHS made it seem like they were the only ones who understood each other. This is a very bad message to send, especially since this relationship appealed so much to the young adult demographic. Violet and Tate should be buried in AHS history, and their relationship should never have been romanticized.


Stranger Things is definitely one of the most captivating and popular shows of the decade, and the Duffer Brothers do an amazing job of writing and developing it. But that doesn’t change the fact that Mike Wheeler and Eleven are young kids. The fact that they are one of the show’s central couples is just wrong.

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In season 1, this relationship was cute and quite innocent. It was in season 2 that things started to get a tad inappropriate, especially when Eleven was shown to be jealous when she thought that Mike and Max were getting too close. This isn’t exactly a great influence on the younger viewers, and it would be nice if Stranger Things would keep the Mike-Eleven kissing scenes to a minimum.


Over the years, Grey’s quality has significantly decreased. One of the reasons for this is the fact that the show is constantly destroying fan-favorite relationships, such as Jackson and April’s. These two were one of the rare examples of Grey’s Anatomy beautifully portraying a friends-to-lovers bond.

Jackson and April’s relationship was loved by the majority of the fanbase, so after a very messy divorce, and after they had a daughter together, it’s understandable that introducing a new romance wouldn’t exactly be a great idea. But of course, Grey’s did that anyway and thus came Jackson and Maggie. A relationship as contrived as that one did not deserve any of the praise it received.


Weak and lazy writing plays a big role in The Walking Dead. This especially is leaks through in the show’s couples. Though Rick and Michonne were quite anticipated by the fanbase, Walking Dead writers completely dropped the ball when turning this relationship into a romantic one.

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From the beginning of their romance in the tenth episode of season 6, there was a heavy-handed quality to the way TWD writers portrayed these two. The relationship could have been something absolutely beautiful, given Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira’s talents, but in The Walking Dead‘s hands, it fell short several times.


Thirteen Reasons Why is infamous for its controversial depiction of mental health and teen suicide. One of the many problems with this Netflix series is its tendency to glamorize the struggles one faces when they are afflicted with bullying, high school drama, and as a result, severe depression.

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A major plot of the series is the relationship between Hannah Baker and Clay Jensen. Despite there being many questionable aspects to this bond, they are constantly romanticized. This is another example, similar to the aforementioned Violet and Tate, of a bad influence on a young, impressionable audience. Clay and Hannah were bad for each other, and nothing about that relationship should be considered special.


The countless complex and interesting plots and subplots in LOST. A big part of the series’ intrigue was the mysteries that still remain unresolved to this day. Though it was a very smart show, LOST had its series of decisions that weren’t exactly brilliant.

One of the most annoying arcs on LOST was the recurring love triangle between Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. The show’s constant flip-flopping between pairing Kate with Sawyer, then with Jack, became very tiresome very quickly. In the end of the series, Jack and Kate ultimately ended up together – in what audiences are supposed to assume is the afterlife. But this was after seasons and seasons of jaded drama, so the payoff was not all that great.


Grimm was NBC’s quirky, lighthearted comedy/horror gem. It had a small main cast of strong, likable characters, and for a long time, the writing was consistent.

After building Adalind Schade as the antagonist for nearly the entire series, Grimm took a hard left and killed Juliette (well kind of). Nick and Juliette were shown to be a beautiful couple throughout the series, so Juliette’s death (and later “rebirth”) certainly came as a shock. But what was even more shocking, was the fact that shortly after this happened, Grimm writers decided Nick should have a romance with his long-time enemy, Adalind. Sure, the enemies to lovers trope is popular, but in this case, the whole storyline never even made sense. Grimm had a good thing going with Nick and Juliette, and they shouldn’t have squandered it.


Even though The Office concluded its nine-season run back in 2013, the show’s power couple, Jim and Pam, are still loved to this day.

This relationship was definitely one of the best parts of The Office, but when you think about it, are they really relationship goals? While their love story was mostly beautiful, there were some aspects that raised red flags. In the final season, Jim and Pam’s marriage hits rough waters and they endured some pretty upsetting fights. The problems with this relationship make it a little less captivating than its often made out to be.

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Savannah Di Leo

15 Couples That Hurt Iconic 90s Sitcoms (And 15 That Saved Them)

One of the reasons we love to watch TV, is to watch the chemistry between the characters. The interaction between fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, and friends drive just about every show we watch. But it’s the interplay between couples in both dramas and sitcoms that usually has the winning formula for any great show. The foundation that male and female leads build can propel a series to the stratosphere for a few good years.

No matter the status of the couple (dating, married, newlyweds, complicated, friends, rich, poor, etc.), if their chemistry isn’t liked by fans, you can more or less forget about the show. Mulder + Scully = ratings; Dogget + Scully = not so much, and The X-Files didn’t last too long after that. Sometimes couples make fans long for a lasting, loving relationship even with all of the good and bad (Roseanne), some fans enjoy all kinds of fun witty banter or schmaltzy romance stuff.

Sometimes the “will they or won’t they” chemistry can completely and utterly backfire once the couple gets together (Moonlighting). Sometimes, it’s just the spark the show has been waiting for. The sitcoms of the nineties started to break the mold and completely devote from the tried and true wholesome family sitcoms of the eighties to have all kinds of situations besides familial ones.

Whether they were already established, or fans yearned for them to get together, here are 15 Couples That Hurt Iconic 90s Sitcoms (And 15 That Saved Them)

30 Hurt: George And Susan (Seinfeld)

Seinfeld has been dubbed by many fans and critics alike as the “greatest sitcom ever.” It broke down the barriers of what a sitcom could do – “the show about nothing.” For a series that had little to no dangling plot elements, they did try to inject some during the show’s seventh season.

Hapless loser George decided it would be a good idea to try and get married. He proposed to Susan, an old girlfriend. The engagement was doomed from the start and did provide some funny moments to the show. In reality, Susan ruined the dynamic of the core four; there was no way this story was going to (or meant to) last.

29 Saved: Hyde And Jackie (That ’70s Show)

Debuting in 1998, That 70’s Show was Fox’s last great sitcom of the decade. The story of six friends growing up in Wisconsin circa the seventies. Jackie was certainly the vainest of all of the kids, and Hyde was the most laid back. Clearly, these two belonged together.

It was teased several times over the years, but Jackie and Hyde finally got together in the season five opener. They had their ups and downs, but what teenage relationship didn’t. As far as TV couples go, actors Danny Masterson and Mila Kunis had a chemistry that seemed real, which made their coupling one of the more popular in the series.

28 Hurt: Jefferson And Marcy (Married…With Children)

To be honest, Ted McGinely is widely known as the signal that a TV show has jumped the shark. But MarriedWith Children played off this concept beautifully. As Jefferson D’Arcy, every so often a stranger would wander by and accuse him of being on Happy Days or The Love Boat.

The show was still classic for the seven more years of the show’s run. But the yuppie sarcasm of David Garrison’s Steve and Marcy was sorely missed, traded in for the outright silliness of Jefferson and all of his ridiculous antics.

27 Saved: Ross And Rachel (Friends)

Besides Seinfeld, Friends was THE sitcom of the nineties. The pair of shows cemented the “Must-See TV” of NBC. All of our favorite friends had some marquee moments over the years and some fun significant other (sometimes each other), but none were more symbolic of the show than Ross and Rachel.

The couple had known each other since they were kids and had an on-again-off-again relationship all throughout the series. It made for great comedy and drama. The pair ending up together was the only way to end the series.

26 Hurt: Joey And Rachel (Friends)

Every good TV relationship needs a few good roadblocks to ramp potential drama. Friends was no different. But sometimes the roadblocks seem genuine and therefore fit the story. Other times, it’s very contrived. One such obstacle in front of Ross and Rachel was Joey and Rachel.

Perhaps the one hookup nobody asked for more than this one would be Ross and Monica! But when Joey and Rachel were living together, some writers got it their head that these two should try some pair-bonding. Maybe that writer was just a tad overzealous?

25 Saved: Zack And Kelly (Saved By The Bell)

If you grew up in the nineties, more likely than not, Saved By The Bell was the jam. The antics of Zack Morris endeared himself to a generation of kids. For the kid who just about everyone either wanted to be or hang out with, he needed to have the perfect girlfriend.

Kelly was the epitome of the girl next door. Beautiful and kind with a smile that could melt the icecaps. The series began with Zack in Indiana, hanging out with Screech, Lisa, Mikey, and Nikki. But the show most fans remember and love fondly really took off once they moved to California and introduced Kelly.

24 Hurt – Stefan And Laura (Family Matters)

The world was a very different place when Family Matters was popular. The annoying neighbor Steve Urkel was a series’ sensation. The Winslows knew he had a heart of gold and didn’t even seem to mind him constantly ogling and fawning over their daughter Laura.

Steve made himself into a suave and smooth clone, Stefan. Laura was instantly smitten. It was all played for laughs. But it made Laura seem completely superficial, basically falling for the kid who was head over heels for her, just the fake version of him.

23 Saved: Cory And Topanga (Boy Meets World)

Some of the entries on this list are what young love is all about. That “puppy dog” kind of love that everyone wants to exist and tries to make it so. In reality, it’s all a Disney movie fantasy.

But Cory and Topanga showed even the most cynical Boy Meets World fan that puppy love was just pitch perfect. Even when Cory made fun of his little friend, it was apparent that it was only because “girls are icky.” They were made for each other from the start. The instant Cory realized that, the show was off to the races.

22 Hurt: Drew And Kellie (The Drew Carey Show)

Drew Carey might be the most likable guy in recent sitcom history. He was safe and knew how to poke fun at himself. That’s why The Drew Carey Show lasted nine years. But it was also his sweet crush on his friend, Kate. Then she left for Guam.

For the last few years of the show, Cynthia Watros joined the show as Kellie Newmark. While there was nothing inherently wrong with Kellie or their relationship; the writers had to shoehorn it into the show when Christa Miller left the series.

21 Saved: Jesse And Becky (Full House)

We all wanted to be part of the Tanner family, admit it. All that saccharine gooeyness was just what the doctor ordered. Everyone wanted to have someone as cool and as caring as Uncle Jesse in their lives. Since the name of the show was Full House, the writers needed to make the house fuller.

Uncle Jesse married Becky and the couple stayed in the Tanner house and had a set of twins to continue the theme of the show. But their marriage was also the only stable relationship on the show.

20 Hurt: Maxwell And Fran (The Nanny)

The well-off Maxwell Sheffield hired a hairdresser from Flushing, Queens; Fran Fine, to take care of his children. He was instantly smitten and so was she, but they both consistently readily denied their affections for one another.

Like a lot of shows though, once you get past the wish fulfillment of seeing this couple together after so many years of flirting, it’s hard to keep the romance (and comedy) alive. Even series creator, Fran Drescher knew that it changed the dynamic of the series.

19 Saved: Paul And Jamie (Mad About You)

He might have played a real jerk in Aliens, but Paul Reiser was extremely likable as Paul Buchman. Mad About You focused on the marriage of newlyweds Paul and Jamie; who was played by Helen Hunt. Despite a few episodes where a separation was teased, the couple was perfect together.

Their chemistry is what the show was based around. For it not work would have meant that the series would have never lasted. Hopefully, Reiser and Hunt will still have that chemistry when the series returns later this year.

18 Hurt: Zack And Tori (Saved By The Bell)

While new people show up at school and at work all throughout our lives, on a sitcom new people showing up could feel forced. When Tiffani Theisen and Elizabeth Berkeley decided to leave Saved By The Bell, the producers split the final season to have those two in some of the shows and Leanna Creel in the other half.

Creel as Tori might have some fans, but there aren’t much since she’s seldom brought up during any of the show’s reunions. She was introduced as the tough girl with a heart of gold and even dated Zack, but it was strange watching essentially two different versions of the same show at the same time.

17 Saved: Big And Carrie ([Love] And The City)

[Love] And The City was one of the shows that debuted and took the world by storm. Women from all over seemed to enjoy watching the exploits of New York debutantes, with Carrie Bradshaw as their fearless leader.

From the moment Mr. Big bumped into Carrie and helped her with her stuff, it was apparent these two would be a big arc for the show. I took a while and they burned a few relationships and marriages off to be with each other, but Big and Carrie became the iconic couple for the series.

16 Hurt: Jackie And Prince Carlos (Roseanne)

To be fair, the entire final season of Roseanne hurt the series. No amount of finale narration from Roseanne about how winning the lottery was a fantasy could account for the 22 episodes prior that the series went completely off the rails in its final season.

But Jackie getting courted by a Prince was leftist of left fields the show could go. Actually, having the guy be played by “Ernest” Jim Varney might be the biggest left turn the series could take.

15 Saved: Chandler And Monica (Friends)

It happens all of the time. You hang out with the same group of friends enough, that eventually you realize you like one of the other members of your squad. They like you too. Throughout the first few seasons of Friends, Chandler and Monica were very close and confided several secrets in one another that they hadn’t told the rest of their group.

But watching the two get together was fun to watch them keep it from the rest of the group and a great relief from watching Ross and Rachel pine for each other. By the time they have twins in the series’ finale, they became the quintessential couple for the show. Proof that even two goofy people can make it work.

14 Hurt: Tony And Angela (Who’s The Boss?)

Tony Danza and Judith Light didn’t necessarily invent the “will they or won’t they” dynamic, but they certainly rewrote the mold on how to play such chemistry. Who’s The Boss? became a phenomenon because of classic sitcom tropes like inadvertently seeing each other in the buff.

Over the course of seven seasons, it was apparent that Tony and Angela deeply cared for each other. During the final year, they did the tried and never true thing of getting together; proving yet again that a show originally based around tension probably shouldn’t have the leads crossing a certain line.

13 Saved: Larry And Ally (Ally McBeal)

Ally McBeal was groundbreaking. It was a quirky and funny workplace comedy that masqueraded around like a TV drama. One of the first dramedies on TV as we know it, Calista Flockhart was fetching as the series lead.

But the guy who came in and really gave Flockhart a run for her money was Mr. Iron Man himself – Robert Downey Jr. He played Larry Paul, Ally’s boyfriend. The performance was so good, that it earned the future face of Marvel a Golden Globe, and a standing ovation.

12 Hurt: Kelso And Jackie (That ’70s Show)

Besides the parents, the only relationship that was going on when That ’70s Show started was between vapid Jackie and Kelso. While they did stay together for the first few years of the show, the off and on of it all and just how poorly they treated each other really started to wain.

The show hit its stride when these two actually broke up for real. She found solace in Hyde and matured. Even Kelso grew up, although still a bit spacey. Not only would staying together hurt the show, breaking up made it even better.

11 Saved: Doug And Carrie (The King Of Queens)

The chemistry between Kevin James and Leah Remini was so palpable that a lot of people might have confused them for a real-life couple who is also playing one on TV. The Heffernans were as relatable as plenty of people you’d meet in Queens.

That chemistry allowed The King Of Queens to be the last show from the nineties to go off the air in 2007. The very same that again worked when Remini was invited to join the cast of Kevin Can’t Wait.

10 Hurt: Randy And Donna (That ’70s Show)

There could be an entire column solely devoted to shows that continue well past their glory days. The final season of That ’70s Show would be included if not right at the top of the list. With series star, Topher Grace out and new character Randy introduced, it was bad taste personified. Yes you want to continue so people keep working and trying to entertain.

But at the expense of the series is just ridiculous. To top it off, trying to pair Randy and Donna off ] leaves a bad taste in fans’ mouths and the show exits.

9 Saved: Will And Lisa (The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air)

Plenty of men would be lucky to have their lives turned upside down if it meant getting to hang out with Lisa. The couple had a fun courtship and, on several attempts, almost got married. The couple ultimately decided against it.

But Lisa gave Will the spark he needed. Instead of just being a silly guy, Lisa made him a man of commitment. Will Smith the character had matured into a man during his time with her.

8 Hurt: Mike And Kate (Growing Pains)

Growing Pains was one of the iconic sitcoms of the eighties and early nineties. Series star and teen heartthrob, Kirk Cameron played oldest kid and biggest troublemaker, Mike Seaver. He had fallen for a girl named Julie, and fans did too. But she left him the ol’ “Dear John” letter and broke Mike’s heart.

Behind the scenes, by many accounts had become very difficult to deal with. He wanted more and more wholesome stories that focused on him being a good guy instead of a delinquent. His relationship with Kate wasn’t nearly as memorable.

7 Saved: Jerry And Elaine (Seinfeld)

There is an episode of Seinfeld where after going on a tirade about not trying to be funny and asks, “is this funny,” Elaine looks at Jerry and says “a little.” The way that Elaine looks at Jerry at that moment says about 1000 things about love all in a millisecond. You can’t buy that kind of chemistry.

Writers Larry David and Seinfeld himself did the smart thing, despite what executives wanted. They kept the couple apart instead of doing what plenty of shows on this list did (put them together).

6 Hurt: Niles And Daphne (Frasier)

From the earliest of episodes of Frasier, Niles Crane had pined for his father’s physical therapist, Daphne Moon. His brother Frasier would on several occasions try to prevent Niles from revealing his true feelings for Daphne.

They finally got together during the show’s final seasons. Giving the fans and the characters what they wanted ultimately. But once they got together, the super smart writers of the series seemed to forget that much of the comedy of their chemistry came from Niles pining for her, not winning her.

5 Saved: Kevin And Winnie (The Wonder Years)

Nostalgia for days gone by is not uncommon in a TV show or a movie. The Wonder Years perfected this art form by not just telling their story during the tumultuous sixties, but also the tumultuous time in all of our lives – growing up.

For fans of the show, we got to grow up with Kevin and have a crush on his best friend Winnie. Their friendship was the backbone of the series, but they actually never ended up together. But all of the firsts that they shared together made for classic moments on the series.

4 Hurt: Fez And Jackie (That ’70s Show)

For seven and a half years on That 70’s Show, pretty much all Fez did was bother and pine for Jackie. He was the first character to note how poorly Kelso treated her. But despite coming to her rescue on several occasions, Jackie couldn’t stand the little guy.

Like many random things that happened in the final season, Jackie finally realized that she did, in fact, love Fez. After practically running from the guy for so long and clearly wanted nothing to do with him – one more reason that last season is a bad season.

3 Saved: Homer And Marge (The Simpsons)

If the marriage between Homer and Marge doesn’t work, then there is nothing right in the world at all. The Simpsons hasn’t been on for eight-hundred years because people DON’T want to see them.

Despite being cartoons, Marge might be the perfect TV mom. Homer’s an oaf, but he works hard and minus a few choke-outs and disappointments, really loves his kids and family. Homer and Marge might just be the most realistic depiction of a married couple in love on TV.

2 Hurt: Ross And Emily (Friends)

Ross getting married to Emily was a huge curveball Friends pitched its fans. They collectively screamed, “he’s supposed to be with Rachel!” They met and married quickly. But Ross only had eyes for Rachel – and accidentally called his new wife Rachel on their wedding night.

Thankfully, Emily was smarter than most sitcom girls and demanded Ross to stop seeing Rachel if he wanted her to move to New York. When Ross declined since he couldn’t do that, the marriage ended and he was able to resume his longing for Rachel.

1 Saved – Urkel And Myra (Family Matters)

Since Urkel was never going to leave Laura and her boyfriend Ted alone, they set him up with Ted’s cousin, Myra. He thought for sure that the date would be pointless until he realized that Myra was smart and beautiful.

She was a female version of Steve in a lot of crazy ways, but it gave Urkel someone to play off and realize some of his own faults through Myra’s. She was sweet in nature just like Steve, which helped this couple be a winning combination.

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Eric Rhodes

5 Best Couples On Glee (And 5 Of The Worst)

Glee is known for a lot of things. For one, it is recognized for its stellar musical performances. It is also known for casting thirty-something-year-old actors to play sophomores in high school. But one of the things that Glee fans cherish most about the series is the romantic relationships between the people of Mckinnely High throughout the show’s six-season run. Glee had an incredible amount of relationships during the course of the series, some that made us scratch our heads in confusion and others that tugged on our heartstrings.

What were some of the best and worst relationships on Glee? Let’s take a look and find out.



Artie and Tina were a short-lived couple at the beginning of the series. The two had little to no chemistry, and their entire relationship was built on lies. Artie felt a special connection to Tina because he believed they both had impairments and therefore could better understand each other.

It wasn’t until Tina admitted that she didn’t really have a stutter, (she just pretended to have one so she wouldn’t have to speak up), that Artie’s trust had broken within their relationship. Later on in the series, the two remained friends with no hard feelings.


Blaine: I really, really care about you. But as you and about 20 mortified shoppers saw, I’m not very good at romance. I don’t want to screw this up.

Kurt: So, it’s just like “When Harry Met Sally”. But I get to play Meg Ryan.

Blaine. Deal. (Pause) Don’t they get together in the end?

Kurt and Blaine completed each other in more ways than one. When Kurt was struggling throughout high school as the only gay kid out of the closet, Blaine showed up as a beacon of light for Kurt. Blaine openly loved Kurt and vice versa, both unafraid to get vulnerable and honest with each other throughout their relationship.

They were pretty much the perfect couple due to their incredible amount of support for each other and their mutual wants and needs.  Plus, they sang some killer duets together. What more could you want in a couple?


Remember when Quinn tried to convince Finn that he got her pregnant because they made out in a hot tub once? Yeah. Trapping someone into thinking they’re the father of your unborn child when it’s really the result of sleeping with his best friend isn’t exactly what you’d call “couple goals”. The two were also way too predictable of a couple as the football star and the head cheerleader to be anything special. Oh, and their names rhyme which is a little creepy for a boyfriend and girlfriend.

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Finn and Quinn? They’re just too bland together to ever be considered an enjoyable match.


Sue: By the power vested in me by a website, I hereby pronounce you Sue and Sue.

Throwback to when Sue married herself (in a tracksuit gown). Not only was this one of the funniest moments in Glee history, but it also made a whole lot of sense. There was no one Sue loved more than herself and we don’t think there’s anyone in this world who is good enough to be Sue Sylvester’s match. Except for Sue, of course.

This scene was hilarious, but it was also oddly inspiring. Sue marrying herself meant that sometimes you don’t need another person to complete you or make you feel loved. Sometimes you can feel complete just by loving yourself, and that is what she does best. It’s no question that Sue + Sue is the true OTP on Glee.


Healthy couples don’t fake pregnancies! This should be a given, yet Terri still goes on ahead and pretends to be with child, just to keep Will around. I mean she could just support his dreams and stuff to keep him invested in their relationship, but we all have our own strategies. Terri’s strategy, unfortunately, resulted in the separation of their long-term relationship. The two prove that even if someone is your childhood sweetheart, as sweet as it is, people grow apart.

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Saying these two “grew apart” is the understatement of the year.


Santana: Sex is not dating…

Brittany: If it were, Santana and I would be dating

Santana and Brittany were the heart of Glee. Their relationship started off as a bit of a humorous running gag, yet slowly over time, their feelings for each other began to intensify. They started off as best friends and stayed best friends throughout. The two fully complemented each other and put each other before everyone else.

Santana tells Brittany multiple times that she is brilliant and a genius, something most people would laugh at due to Brittany’s naive outlook on the world. We love how these two are able to lift each other up on a giant pedestal and only have eyes for each other. They are truly a pair to remember.


Rachel and Puck were known as “Puckleberry” in the world of fanfiction and on the show. Although there was some decent chemistry between these two characters who both shared a kindship due to their Jewish upbringings, they ultimately didn’t seem like a lasting pair.

Rachel was ambitious and unconventional while Puck cared way too much about his social status. We can’t really picture the two growing old together, yet their friendship throughout the series was touching enough.


Jesse: Rachel’s the most talented person I’ve ever met…If anyone’s gonna be a star someday, it’s her.

Rachel and Jesse started off on the wrong foot when he cracked an egg on her head, yet as time progressed, the two matured into the ultimate power couple. Perhaps the incredible chemistry between these two had something to do with the actors who portray the characters. Lea Michele (Rachel) and Jonathan Groff (Jesse) have both played heated love interests in the original cast of the Broadway Musical Spring Awakening before Glee had aired. 

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Not only do Jesse and Rachel have terrific chemistry, but the two simply work together as a team. It’s no wonder they end up married to each other at the end of the series. Both have the same amount of drive to achieve their mutual goals and ambitions. They complete each other as artists, and best of all, they respect each other. These two are at the same level which makes them seem like the perfect couple.


A paperclip and a toothpick would have more heat between them than these two. Marley and Ryder are already incredibly bland as characters which sort of makes sense because at this point of the series, creator Ryan Murphy was pretty much focusing all his energy on American Horror Story.

While Murphy was busy organizing scenes with Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson, these new Glee kids were left hung out to dry. Marley and Ryder were pretty much the least fleshed out characters of all, so it’s no wonder their relationship was so forgettable.


Finn to Rachel: You and I both know how this thing ends. I don’t know how, or when, and I don’t care where you’re living or what dope you’re shacked up with. You’re my girlfriend, we are endgame, I know that you know that.

Finn and Rachel pulled on our heartstrings the most. The two were madly in love despite their differences in personalities and desires. Rachel and Finn cared about each other enough to make incredible sacrifices in order to make the other happy. Their unlikeliness as a pairing was what made them so special and their differences only made them more unique and passionate lovers. Finn was the love of Rachel’s life and Rachel was Finn’s soulmate. They lifted each other up and worked hard to help each other grow.

The love between the two characters was so strong that the actors who played Finn and Rachel, Lea Michele and Cory Monteith, had a beautiful romance in real life. Their relationship was cut short due to the unexpected tragedy of Monteith’s death, yet her love for him continues to live on. Lea had this to say about Cory: There are some who bring a light so great to the world, that even after they have gone, the light remains.

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Arrow: The 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Couples

The world simply can’t escape the fad of superheroes. Whether it’s Marvel or DC, film or television, one form or other of our most beloved comic-book stars are bound to make a jump to the screen. And while the movies have undeniably change the entire paradigm of how we perceive the universes, TV shows also did pretty well.

A great example of this is Arrow, one of the first super-hero series to bless our screens in recent times. Although there’s a major focus on the characters as heroes, on their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, like any entertaining and engaging show, it also has its fair share of romance, as well as all the drama relationships entail.

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Many couples have seen their relationship depicted on Arrow, and while some were beautifully developed and quickly won fans hearts, others were just plain annoying and, at times, unnecessary. That being said, let’s take a look at the five best and worst couples to ever be a part of Arrow.

10 Best: Oliver & Felicity

Undoubtedly the best couple on the show – and, for many Olicity shippers, the best couple ever, period – Oliver and Felicity had fans rooting for them from the moment the two characters met. Even though it took three entire seasons for viewers to finally see the pair get together, their chemistry was evident from the start.

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Like any good relationship that aims to keep fans grasping the edge of their seat in anticipation, Oliver and Felicity had many sad and frustrating moments. The joy everyone felt when these two finally tied the knot and cemented their relationship once and for all was fantastic, and it was a moment truly hard to forget.

9 Worst: Black Siren & Diaz

There was a universal sigh of relief when showrunners announced beloved actress Katie Cassidy would return to Arrow after her original character’s demise. While her new, darker, and villainous counterpart Black Siren was a fresh new addition to the show as a character and antagonist, her relationship with villain Diaz was quite uncalled for.

The chemistry wasn’t there, and there was never a good enough reason for the show to put these two together. When Black Siren saw how low he was willing to stoop and ultimately turned on him in the season finale, it was a phenomenal moment, that everyone was thankful for.

8 Best: Sara & Nyssa

It was a beautiful moment of representation that we got to witness in the Arrowverse. While we didn’t get to see much of Sara and Nyssa’s love story since most of it occurred before either of the characters made their way to the show, it was still important for fans everywhere that we had a small part of it play out on screen.

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Not only did their relationship raise the stakes for Nyssa and the team when they lost Sara and were fighting Ra’s al Ghul, but it also helped develop the character of Sara further, giving fans something extra to root for. It was short lived for viewers, but still, one of the best couples to grace the show.

7 Worst: Oliver & Susan

The whole thing was just a big no-no. Of course, it didn’t help that fans were so deeply attached and invested on Oliver’s relationship with Felicity, even after it fell apart. This is, however, far from being the biggest problem with making Susan a love interest for Oliver.

Let’s not forget that Susan was investigating him, and found out he was the Green Arrow. As a character, her main trait was being an antagonist, pitted against Thea. Somehow, this fact managed to completely slip Oliver’s mind, enough for him to want to be with the woman who was on the opposite side of his sister. It just didn’t make sense at all, and everyone was happy when it was over.

6 Best: Thea & Roy

It’s the classic love story everyone can’t help but root for. He’s the bad boy from the wrong side of town, she’s the spoiled rich girl waiting to be swept off her feet. Roy might have stolen Thea’s bag first, but what she never got back from him was her heart – cheesy, yes. But also very true.

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Thea and Roy were perfect for each other, and none of them ever found another partner with whom they had so much chemistry. Even a blind person could see these two were crazy for each other, in spite of their on again, off again status. Their relationship is another great example of a beautiful and complex bond on the show.

5 Worst: Thea & Chase

If Roy was hand-made for Thea, then Chase was the complete opposite. It doesn’t help that Chase’s character was just a trainwreck in general. If you’re an annoying person in general, chances are, you won’t make a very good partner. Chase is a prime example of this and including Thea in his storyline as a love interest was a terrible decision.

This choice probably made the narrative of him trying to poison Thea that much more dramatic, but the point was moot since he ended up killing himself. It was a very twisted take on Romeo & Juliet, but Shakespeare himself wouldn’t come up with a character like Chase. No one really felt much when he was gone – except perhaps some relief.

4 Best: Diggle & Lyla

They’re cute, they’re loving, their badass, and they make one hell of a good couple. More than that, Diggle and Lyla do a beautiful job of representing how wonderful reconnecting can be – and how you can find your happy ending even after you thought you lost it.

The pair was married once, but the first time we meet them at the beginning of the show, they are separated. However, the love never truly died, and they found their way back to each other. They now share a marriage, a child, and a life, and fans couldn’t be happier that a character as dear to them as Diggle is allowed to be with the love of his life.

3 Worst: Thea & Alex

Just in case it wasn’t made clear enough, everyone knows Thea was meant to be with Roy. The fact that all the guys the show tried to pair her with were awful in their own way (see above for Chase, the DJ) didn’t make the job of letting Roy go any easier.

There was absolutely no substance to their relationship, no story, nothing fans could even begin to cling to in order to root for the couple. Alex kind of just appeared, and there was nothing interesting about him as a character. Even after he was gone, the show showed just how much it didn’t care for this relationship by not even bothering to offer some sort of closure. The point of Thea and Alex remains pretty much unclear.

2 Best: Felicity & Barry

While Felicity and Oliver are the ultimate ship of the show, with a love story and journey impossible to match, it’s obvious both of them were allowed other connections outside of their relationship – especially considering they didn’t even get together until the third season of the show.

Some relationships were better than others, and Felicity and Barry were definitely better. In a world were Oliver and Iris didn’t exist, these two would be a match made in heaven. They connected on so many levels, and their friendship blossomed in a truly beautiful way. It added a little something extra to Felicity’s character as well, and, overall, it was great having a little sneak peek of what could have been.

1 Worst: Oliver & Laurel

Arrow really did try their best to give fans of the comics what they wanted, and force Oliver and Laurel into a relationship at the beginning of the series. The show constantly hinted at the pair harboring feelings for each other, even though Oliver took Laurel’s sister on a boat trip, and was dating his former best-friend, Tommy.

Whether or not it was the original plan to have them actually be together, Oliver’s chemistry with Felicity overshadowed any other connection he could have, and fans knew it. Thankfully, showrunners knew it as well, and made the right call never hinting at a potential relationship between Oliver and Laurel again.

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The 6 Best (And 4 Worst) Disney Couples

Fairytales and romances more or less go hand in hand. Regardless of whether there are princesses and princes involved, it’s hard to find a fairytale that’s been made into a Disney animated film that doesn’t involve a central couple. Even more recent Disney films, which haven’t been derived from fairytales and traditional stories, have central couples driving the majority of their action.

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Most of Disney’s animated films are coming of age stories, featuring teenagers and young adults who are longing for something more than the life that they’ve already known. One of the inevitable parts of these stories features characters falling in love, often despite obstacles that stand in their way. In some cases, our protagonists fall in love with the wrong people. In other cases, our protagonists find themselves the object of unwanted affection.

But in most cases, Disney has dedicated itself to telling stories of true, real love – romances that deserve their happily ever afters, no matter what difficulties come their way.

10 Best: Flynn and Rapunzel

True love in grand sweeping narratives and fairytales is often conflated with loving someone so much, you would risk anything for them – even your own life. One of the clearest examples of this common trope can be found in the relationship between the endlessly hopeful Princess Rapunzel and the always cynical Flynn Ryder (also known as Eugene Fitzherbert). When Flynn and Rapunzel embark on their adventure together in Tangled, it’s instantly clear that these two are cut from completely different cloths.

But by the final act of the film, it’s also clear that these two were made for each other – perfectly complementing one another in each and every way. So when Flynn heroically sacrifices himself to save Rapunzel, we’re already crying. And by the time they both admit that they were each other’s new dreams, we’re basically bawling. In the end, these two get their well deserved happily ever after, and our tear ducts get a welcome reprieve from all the feels.

9 Worst: Snow White and Prince Charming

To be fair, there really isn’t anything wrong, per se, with the relationship between Snow White and her Prince Charming. After all, it was this very relationship that set the precedent for every Disney princess and prince couple to follow. But it’s hard to ignore the fact that, in terms of an actual relationship worth caring about, there really isn’t very much there for these two. Snow White, all of 14 years old in the film we might add, engages in a duet at the wishing well with her mysterious prince.

And beyond that, almost nothing happens until Prince Charming kisses her awake from her sleeping curse at the film’s end. It’s not even that these two are necessarily boring. It’s just that… there isn’t really anything to this relationship, and certainly nothing of the “fairytale romance goals” variety. It’s odd, then, that this relationship set the bar for all the relationships to come – when each and every one of them has so far surpassed it.

8 Best: Tarzan and Jane

Sometimes, the best Disney romances of them all don’t involve a princess or a prince at all. One of the most moving love stories Disney has ever told is the romance that blossoms between Tarzan and Jane Porter in 1999’s Tarzan. Tarzan, raised by gorillas in the depth of the African jungle, and Jane, the wealthy and privileged aristocratic daughter of a British professor, couldn’t have been more different from one another.

But in their efforts to learn more about each other – reflected in the film’s stellar soundtrack with the song “Strangers Like Me” by Phil Collins – they come to realize just how much they have in common, when it comes to what really matters: who they are inside, and what their hearts look like. Tarzan and Jane have one of the purest romances developed in all of Disney canon, despite the harsh and often brutal obstacles that are thrown their way courtesy of the violent Clayton. But in the end, Tarzan and Jane bring together their “two worlds,” becoming “one family.”

7 Worst: Naveen and Tiana

In many ways, Princess and the Frog is a wonderful film, featuring a truly inspiring, independent, strong Disney princess the likes of which the Disney canon hadn’t seen before. But in many other ways, the film is a colossal disappointment. Look no further than the film’s choice of a prince – the arrogant, selfish, odious Prince Naveen of Maldonia – and you’ll find many of its core problems.

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It’s bad enough that Disney decided to saddle poor Tiana with a narrative that required her, and her supposed prince, being frogs for the majority of the action. But to pair such a fiercely independent and inspirational character, with someone as totally backward and self-centered as Naveen feels like the lowest of all blows they could have managed. Naveen does improve, if barely, by the end of the film – but it’s too little, too late.

6 Best: Woody and Bo Peep

The Toy Story franchise basically exists to make us cry hysterically over children’s toys and make us feel either guilty about how we treated our own, or nostalgic for the days when we had toys to play with. But something that most people probably didn’t expect, going into those films, was to fall head over heels in love with the love story between a nervous sheriff and a kind-hearted shepherdess. But that’s exactly what we did.

The romance between Sheriff Woody and Bo Peep is an understated part of the first two films of the franchise, but it’s always there. Bo is always ready to support Woody when he’s at his lowest, and her three little sheep adore him, too. So when it’s revealed in Toy Story 3 that Bo has been lost, and Woody sadly reflects on that fact, it’s a total punch to the gut. But thankfully, Toy Story 4 is going to give these two the focus they have always deserved. Here’s to hoping that their reunion will have the long-awaited happy ending it deserves.

5 Worst: Jasmine and Jafar

There’s no remote way to make this relationship at all palatable. Even calling it a relationship makes our skin crawl. From the very beginning of Aladdin, it’s clear that the much older, credibly creepy Jafar has his sights set on Jasmine – presumably so that he will have access to the throne, in the Sultan’s inevitable absence. But the film takes the creep factor to a whole other level when, late in the game, Jasmine feigns interest in Jafar and is forced to act as his slave, all while donning a genie-esque outfit.

Disney movies contain a lot of creepy things – don’t even get us started on The Hunchback of Notre Dame in its entirety – but the disturbing back and forth between a clearly violated Jasmine and an overly powerful Jafar is by far one of the worst storytelling choices that a Disney movie has ever made.

4 Best: Aladdin and Jasmine

Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. Boy and girl fall head over heels for each other, but can’t be together due to differences in their station that they’re both initially unaware of. It’s a sort of common narrative, found in plenty of classic novels and romance novels alike. But Disney’s Aladdin takes this basic narrative conceit and runs with it, bringing to glorious life the romance of Princess Jasmine of Agrabah and Aladdin, or Prince Ali.

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Sure, much of their courtship may amount to some form of catfishing when you think about it. But at the end of the day, Aladdin and Jasmine’s relationship always goes above and beyond their societally defined roles. They were meaningfully connected from the first moment they met on the streets of Agrabah, and not once did their status as royal or commoner matter when it came to falling in love with each other. No amount of Genie’s magic could make that happen, after all.

3 Worst: Anna and Hans

Far and away the worst romantic relationship in any film in Disney canon – and not only for the total shock eleventh hour reveal of betrayal that came with it – is the coupling of Princess Anna of Arendelle and Prince Hans of the Southern Isles in Frozen. To be fair, the duo does have quite the catchy duet on “Love Is An Open Door,” complete with finishing each other’s sentences and/or sandwiches. But at the heart of this relationship stands everything that is antithetical to what Disney movies are all about: deception.

Prince Hans is one of Disney’s meanest villains, purely for his Machiavellian power plays of trying to win over the entire kingdom of Arendelle through the seduction of the younger, vulnerable Anna and the destruction of the now publicly feared Queen Elsa. Subsequent viewings of Frozen – while still as enjoyable as the first time around – are always going to feel different, and more upsetting, once his deception has been made known.

2 Best: Ariel and Eric

If there’s anything we’ve learned from Disney’s many, many love stories, it’s that people will go to crazy lengths in the name of finding love. Take, for example, all that Ariel is willing to give up just for the chance of finding love with Eric in The Little Mermaid: her voice, which is the only feature that Eric would be able to recognize her by after she saved him and sang to him, and her life underwater. It’s a big decision for a girl that young to make, and maybe, to some viewers, a price too steep for any independent young princess to make.

But at the end of the day, Ariel is unafraid of going after what she wants in life, and is unwilling to settle for anything less than what she deserves. She and Eric fall in love with one another, despite and because of all that she has given up. When Ariel is given her voice back in the end, it only further reaffirms their connection and devotion to one another, when Eric learns the truth. Love at first sight may be hard for our modern day audience to believe in, but in the world of Disney, these two make that as real as it gets.

1 Best: Belle and Adam

Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, Beauty and the Beast. Could any other Disney couple really have topped this list? It’s the love story that defined a generation of moviegoers, regardless of their age group. Beauty and the Beast love story all about opposites attracting, and a strong-willed heroine who bucks the conventions of the passive princess of the past, and a damaged, selfish man who learns to become a better man in order to deserve the love of the woman he loves.

Sure, there’s some icky claims to be made about the bestiality aspect of it, and even some debates about whether their relationship constitutes Stockholm Syndrome. But beyond all of that, the relationship between Belle and Prince Adam is one that defies definition. It’s a love story about two people learning to be better because of one another. Isn’t that what love is all about?

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