Storage Wars: The 25 Craziest Items Found In The Storage Lockers, Officially Ranked

There really is no limits to what can become a hit reality television show these days. It is all about what people find interesting enough to keep watching, week after week. The content is not even important if viewers are watching. This is how Storage Wars was born.

Storage Wars is the hit A&E Network reality show about a group of veteran buyers, or bidders, that go to storage facilities to try and purchase units that have been abandoned by their owners. In the state of California, where the show takes place, the law states that the storage units may be auctioned off after three months of non-payment.

Over the years, the show found itself in the middle of a few controversies including one of the show’s main bidders, Dave Hester, being involved in a lawsuit claiming that the show was planting items inside these storage lockers to make for better television. Although A&E never did come out and apologize for any wrongdoing, they also did not deny it.

So whether or not the items inside these storage units are the real thing, they still make for some interesting television, especially the crazy things that they have found over the past 12 seasons. Some of these items range from the ridiculous to the downright weird and we found 25 of them for your entertainment.

25 Beekeeper’s Outfit and Equipment (Dave)

Whenever a bidder takes a chance on a storage unit, they are risking a lot of time, energy, and money into something that could turn out to be a dud. One of the main rules to follow when preparing to bid is that you cannot touch anything inside the unit, but you can take a look and glance around the room before the bidding begins.

Dave Hester did not see the Beekeeper equipment when he decided to risk it and go for this unit but it turned out to become quite the interesting pull for the man that continuously gets on everyone’s nerves with his cocky attitude and annoying bidding habits.

24 Dog Tread Wheel (Mary)

Mary is a fireball on the show. She comes across kind of dorky, and a little dumb, but it is all an act because when the bidding starts, she finds ways to sneak up on even the best of them and steal lockers right from under their noses.

During an episode in season eight, Mary bought a unit for $775 that featured quite the array of random items including a walking cane, dog crate in the box, and a mysterious giant hamster wheel that looked like an industrial fan at first. She had no clue what it was so she brought it to a person who would and come to find out, it is a doggie hamster wheel used for exercise.

Whatever happened to walking your dog?

23 Glass Balloon Inflating Machine (Mary)

Storage Wars is not always predictable. Every now and then, they come across a unit that is stocked full of absolutely junk. These types of lockers will end up going for very little and most bidders pass on it because they do not want the hassle of going through it and hauling the stuff off.

But Mary saw this as a chance to make a little profit and she stole one for $50 that looked to be nothing more than a few basic household items. But when she got into it, she noticed a working glass machine that she had no clue what it did. Turns out, it was a balloon inflating machine used by entertainers, and clowns. It was used to blow up a balloon and then fill it up with various other items, or more balloons.

22 My Little Pony Collection (Jarrod & Brandi)

It is rare to find a complete collection of anything, let alone one that is extremely valuable. But then again, this is Storage Wars and most of the times, the lockers have at least one item of possible value. When Jarrod and Brandi purchased this unit, they had no idea they were about to inherit one of the largest My Little Pony collections ever seen. So they brought it to a specialist and got them appraised for nearly $1,000 after just winning the storage unit for $50 earlier in the day.

21 Body Piercing Equipment (Mark)

One of the show’s most entertaining guest stars was a bidder by the name of Mark Balelo. He showed up on random episodes sporting the most stylish suits or clothing anyone could wear to a storage auction that came complete with his man-purse that was stacked full of cash.

The group would always make fun of his fanny pack and the cartoonish way he presented himself, but it was all in good fun. He sadly passed away shortly after appearing on an episode of Storage Wars and has been sadly missed. One of his craziest finds was when he discovered a complete setup used for body piercings.

20 Vintage Peep Show Machine (Barry)

At $7,000, the vintage peep show machine he found became one of Barry’s biggest finds during his brief stay on the show. It is also one of the most unique items anyone has ever pulled from a storage unit. This giant spinning wheel was created back in the early days of the 20th century and was used to watch films by cranking it and watching the images spin around in a circle, like a flip book. This was the early days of a portable dvd player and it was huge. It earned the “peep show” title because many of these machines were used to watch dirty movies, so to speak, back before anyone knew about, well, y’know.

19 The Comic Book Store (Darrell)

One of the reasons Darrell Sheets has been given the nickname “The Gambler” is because of his consistent ability to hit the jackpot on storage units, every once in a while. He bids on many of them, good or bad, because he sees something that could be worth a ton. He is willing to gamble big time just to get that one big payday.

So it was not very surprising to see that he ended up winning a storage unit full of an entire inventory from a comic book store. There was everything from vintage comic books to valuable action figures still in mint condition in their original box. Everything.

18 Two Humped Camel Saddles (Mary)

When Mary goes hunting, she only bids on the storage units she thinks has unique items of value, and things that she simply likes. When she decided to buy this locker of junk for $150, which no one really wanted, she had no idea that there was a secret saddle sitting in the back.

Not only was it an animal saddle, it was a specialized saddle built for camels with two humps, instead of their customary one. Why would a camel saddle that is only used for such a specific type of camel being stored in a storage unit in Southern California is beyond us. It stood out like a sore thumb in a locker of trash.

17 Gas Mask (Jarrod & Brandi)

This storage unit was a bad idea to begin with. The entire bidding process began with a sarcastic bid from Jarrod & Brandi, making fun of Dave Hester’s incredibly annoying, “Yuuuup!” Then, the next thing they know, they are eating it and having to buy this unit for $450.

Right after starting to take a look at the items in the locker, they come across a vintage canteen that had been sealed shut a very long time ago. After risking their safety to open it up, they found out it was nothing but stale air. That’s when they came across the gas mask, which looked to be old and used at least once.

16 The Elvis Collection (Dave)

Newspaper clippings used to be more valuable, back before social media and cell phones, that is. But then things changed and people stopped reading the newspaper, leading to the eventual demise of newspaper clippings holding any value.

However, older pieces of newspapers from various moments in history actually still have a lot of value. Just ask Dave Hester, who wound up bidding on a unit he had no clue featured tons of newspaper clippings from the day Elvis died. Those clippings, along with many other Elvis collectibles tallied up to become one of the bigger finds on the show ever. It was valued to be worth around $90,000.

15 Vintage Baby Doll (Jarrod & Brandi)

Any toys made in the 1930s, that is still in good shape today, comes across creepy because of the material used to make them and the style. So when Jarrod and Brandi run into a locker full of nothing much, they run into a bin with a vintage baby doll that makes Brandi freak out around it.

It was in a very old trunk and came with a ton of clothes, making it even creepier that someone would store this thing in a storage unit for all these years. But after opening the trunk and looking over it, they realized this had to be old and it had to be brought to someone who knew more about them.

14 Vintage Architectural Tools (Darrell)

What looked like a box of dental tools actually turned out to be very old tools used by architects in the 1800s when designing buildings, creating projects, and maps. This specific tool box was probably dated close to the 1930s and was not really in perfect condition, but was still very good. The appraiser would eventually reveal the price of the item to be $1,000, making Darrell’s $575 storage unit purchase turn into a major profit of close to $1,600 on the day. They do not call him a gambler because he plays it safe now, do they?

13 World War II Minesweeper (Ivy)

As hot as it gets in Southern California, the temperature was boiling when the cast headed down to Lancaster for a day of bidding during the 9th season of Storage Wars. Since he is a hustler for packed lockers that he can use to fill his stores, Ivy took down Dave in a very small bidding war to take home a locker of nonsense items.

After spending $1,500 on a locker that he should have gotten for half that, he discovered an old army container, and helmet, that had a mysterious item. When he got to the shop to get it looked at, it turned out to be an old World War II minesweeper that was used to find mines hidden in the ground. At $400, it was the featured item in a locker that brought in close to $4,400 in value.

12 Snake “Stuff” (Ivy)

In one of the largest storage unit auctions ever in the state of California, the crew headed to Chatsworth, California to take part in a gigantic 100-vault auction. This auction was so stacked that everyone walked away with something, including Ivy, who purchased a vault he considered to have some valuable treasures for his store.

As he was searching through his newly acquired vault, he opened a box that had snake bones, enclosed inside a plastic display case. He continued through the box to find even more snake items like the tool used to hold them, as well as protective clothing, and various other snake related things.

11 Antique Medical Bleeder (Darrell)

Back before hospitals had state-of-the-art electronic equipment, and antibiotics that could cure just about anything, they had to be creative with ways to cure people. So doctors came up with an invention called a medical bleeder. It was used to drain the blood from a person that was afflicted from various different illnesses or diseases.

The tool would drain the blood from the body to help control the overall balance of it inside your system. It is suspected to help lower blood pressure because it reduces blood volume. The device is the size of a wallet but was still one of the craziest items you would never consider being on the show.

10 Vintage Dental Equipment (Barry)

Every now and then, the show will feature an item so ridiculous, it almost feels as if it can’t be real. As the winning bidders scour through their storage units, they end up coming across something that has no reason being in there, and that is where the idea that the show is fake.

However, having never denied the claims that this stuff was fake, A&E continues to air the show and the bidders go through the same routine, over and over. They buy a locker, find one rare item, and get it appraised. Barry found one in season two when he came across a box with vintage dental equipment. Inside the box was a tooth puller that was 200 years old and basically just loosened the tooth before pulling it. Talk about painful.

9 Human Skeleton (Dave)

When going through a locker, Dave Hester found himself uncovering something very scary: a collection of human bones complete with the skull, hands, and arms. Everything was there to complete the set of bones and create a perfect human skeleton. For his sake, he brought to an expert to get details about whether or not it was real.

The bones were real, but were not part of any kind of malicious event. They were used for medical schools, or universities, to study the human skeleton. The expert knew it because of how they were professionally cleaned and had nylon strings keeping them all together. He walked away with a human skeleton worth $1,670.

8 Chicken Eyeglasses (Barry)

Barry is always coming across something that is either unique or strange. Yes, those words mean the same thing, but when it comes to Barry, each one of those words can be used to define different things. When he bought a cheap storage locker for $350, and almost finished looking through it without any luck, he came across a box full of these weird little glasses.

As it turns out, these glasses were once used in the 1940s and 1950s for chickens. That’s right, chicken eyeglasses. The owner would put them on the chicken to prevent each of them from pecking their eyes out while also being stylish. Yes, stylish. It was a unique way to accessorize your chickens and Barry hit the motherload, making $500 on the lot.

7 Stripper Pole (Rene)

The idea of a stripper pole is not crazy at all. But then someone decided to start selling them on the mainstream, so people could use them at home for exercise, or whatever other reason they wanted. But when it shows up inside a storage unit, it is no longer attractive, it is actually quite sad. Who would put something like this in a locker and forget about it? Why would anyone do that? The sole purpose of something like this is to use it, not store it. At least we got to witness Rene attempt to break his femur with a stripper move he definitely should not have tried to do.

6 Wooden Bust W/ Glass Eyes (Barry)

This was one of those items that we had no clue what to call it besides exactly what it was, a giant wooden head with these creepy glass eyes. It was hidden inside a locker that was won by Barry, who arrived late to begin with and was just trying to catch up. He bought an apparently useless locker for $1,525, according to everyone else.

But Barry had spotted something that he just had to own. It was a small box that was hidden in the rear of the unit. If you know anything about Barry, he loves to buy vintage boxes, especially when they are closed. After he discovered this wooden bust, with a full set of teeth and two crazy glass eyes. Oh, and did we mention the window into the brain in the back of the skull that had a Obi-Wan Kenobi looking figure starting out of?

5 Breast Enlargement Machine (Dave)

Dave Hester has a way of annoying his competition, and a lot of the show’s fans, but he is actually not a horrible person. When he is away from the pack, he is quite the comedian, you just have to pretend you do not know who he is.

That is, except for the time he went to a beautiful plastic surgeon with a breast enlargement machine he pulled from one of his storage lockers. Instead of simply learning about his precious item, he just had to creep out the doc with his badly timed puns including telling her he planned on keeping them for his own personal entertainment after he found out they were not worth very much, and were used.

4 Whale In A Jar (Brandon Sheets)

When Darrell Sheets and his son Brandon ended up going off on their own, it wasn’t to compete with one another, or because they had issues. It was simply so Brandon could learn how to play the game. Some times you have to let children fall down so they know how to get back up again.

However, Brandon was never as lucky as his father, for the most part. He did hit a few great lockers, but for his overall time on the show, he was mostly a guy that would buy duds. One time, he was rummaging through his newly purchased locker and found a jar of what he could only claim was “whale stuff.” Even the experts were curious about how it ended up in a storage unit.

3 Voodoo Items (Jarrod & Brandi)

Of all the creepy things we have seen on Storage Wars, the moment Brandi won a storage unit and uncovered a deer skull, we knew something was going on and wanted no part of it, just like she didn’t. As they continued scouring the unit, they ended up finding even more insanely creepy items like a bag of chicken bones, a bat on a stick, and various other unique voodoo items. However, it was the human hair that really sent us running for the hills with this unit.

2 Professional Clown Costume (Kenny)

Clowns are creepy. Since buying storage lockers is a big gamble to begin with because you never quite know what you are going to find, opening one and uncovering a full clown costume, along with a helium tank and various other clown accessories, including shoes, has got to be the weirdest thing to happen to Kenny in his career.

But he was not scared of clowns and, after finding the costume, proceeded to try it on, all the way down to the big floppy shoes. After he clowned around for a few minutes, he decided to take it to a real professional and see if there was any value in it. So he meets a guy who is a professional clown, at a private club with exotic dancers.

Crazy is an understatement.

1 Frank Gutierrez Artwork Collection (Darrell)

Artwork is not really a crazy item, it is probably one of the most normal things the bidders can find in these abandoned lockers. Over the course of the show’s 12 season history, there have been many different units that have featured some kind of artwork, or painting. But none of them ever came even close to what Darrell Sheets found in Season 3.

He found one of the biggest collections of artwork by any artist, ever. It almost seemed as if this was Frank Gutierrez’s personal locker he used to store his work. There was several pieces of art, of all shapes and sizes, that ended up being appraised for close to $300,000, making it the biggest find in the show’s existence. How crazy is it that an artist would store that much valuable artwork and just leave it? Maybe it was owned by a fan, or maybe someone was going to sell it, but lost the unit before having the chance.

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Thomas Delatte

20 Craziest Things About Hellboy’s Anatomy

It’s interesting that the character who would come to define Mike Mignola’s entire career began as little more than a comic convention doodle. Despite the creature’s humble beginnings, something about Hellboy stuck with his creator. Details eventually began to take shape, with Mignola drawing on the unflappable attitude of his own father to flesh out Hellboy’s personality. The character made his first proper appearance in a 1993 SDCC-exclusive comic, before getting his own Dark Horse series beginning the next year. Since then, Hellboy has continued his incredible adventures across several decades. Mignola crafted a universe for him populated by delightful creations such as Abe Sapien, Lobster Johnson and of course, the B.P.R.D.

Hellboy’s true name, Anung Un Rama, loosely translates to “and upon his brow is set a crown of flames.” This refers to his destiny to bring on the apocalypse, a future that the character does everything in his power to avoid. He may not have ever been a household name like Spider-Man or Batman, but Hellboy did reach new levels of fame after Guillermo del Toro’s two films, released in 2004 and 2008. Although only minor box office successes, both movies were very well-received by fans. Those won’t be the only big screen adaptations for Hellboy though. A reboot starring David Harbor in the titular role is now playing in theaters.

Hellboy is no mere mortal, so his physiology is vastly different from our own. Let’s delve into what separates this fan-favorite hero from the rest of us. Here are the 20 Craziest Things About Hellboy’s Anatomy.

20 His Original Design Was Very Different

Mike Mignola was still an artist for hire when his sketch was featured in a pamphlet for the 1991 Great Salt Lake Comic Con. The doodle looked quite different from the creature that fans would come to know and love. Mignola finished off the drawing by writing Hell Boy on the character’s belt. The writer/artist has stated that he simply thought the name was funny and hadn’t considered any sort of future for his creation.

At that point, Mignola had never even really thought about penning his own series, so Hellboy’s inception was nothing more than a lark. However, this character would go on to define not only Mignola’s career, but also to become one of Dark Horse’s most successful properties.

19 He Has A Right Hand Of Doom

One of Hellboy’s defining characteristics is his stone appendage or “Right Hand of Doom”. This body part is actually the key to triggering the Apocalypse. However, the danger of anyone else using it for that purpose remains regardless of whether the hand is attached to him or not, so it became Hellboy’s burden to bear. He was given the hand by his father, Azazel, shortly after his birth. In fact, Azazel hacked off the child’s original right hand to do so.

Interestingly, the casting of Ron Perlman saved Hellboy in more ways than one. Very early concept art for the film featured a Left Hand of Doom, because it wouldn’t be easy for an actor to perform with his dominant hand essentially tied behind his back. However, Perlman is left-handed, solving the potential problem.

18 He’s Half Demon/Witch

Hellboy’s origins were originally fairly mysterious. His appearance clues you in immediately to his demon heritage, but the causal fan might be unaware that while his father was a demon, his mother was actually a witch. It was eventually revealed that sixteen-year-old Sarah Hughes sought to gain power from Azazel and Hellboy was conceived within her soul that very night.

Sarah eventually turned over a new leaf, getting married and giving birth to two human children. Having renounced her evil ways many years prior, Sarah begged her children to keep her soul out of Azazel’s hands after she passed on. However, the demon did indeed take it and our hero Hellboy was born.

17 He Was Almost A DC Hero

As earlier stated, Hellboy was quite different upon his inception. Aside from the fact that his look has gone through many changes, the character was initially pitched to DC Comics. It’s crazy to think that a hero who has become so synonymous with Dark Horse could’ve wound up at a different publishing company altogether.

Apparently, DC loved the idea of Hellboy, but were not fans of his name. It’s somewhat understandable that DC balked at a demonic character with “Hell” in the title, particularly during that time period. Really though, Dark Horse was always going to be a better fit for the kind of stories that Mignola wound up telling. The character did eventually find his way into a two-issue crossover titled Batman/Hellboy/Starman.

16 Ron Perlman Was Everyone’s First Choice

Most fans would agree that although del Toro’s vision for Hellboy was decidedly different from Mignola’s comics, Ron Perlman was the perfect actor to portray the central character. You might think that he was forced to endure an arduous audition process, but the DVD commentary reveals that both the writer and auteur were on the same page when it came to who should wield the Right Hand of Doom.

The two men agreed to state the actor that they envisioned as Hellboy simultaneously and both uttered the same name: Ron Perlman. While the studio had hopes of casting someone more high profile in the role, del Toro fought for Perlman. At this point, he is so closely associated with Hellboy that many fans are nervous about seeing another actor take up the mantle so soon.

15 He Has Super Strength

Hellboy doesn’t have a ton of hobbies, but the guy is really into bodybuilding. That, in conjunction with his extensive training and natural strength, make him a very formidable opponent. The intensity level that he brings to his workouts would make anyone tough, but his largest asset here is the super strength that he was born with thanks to his demon heritage.

Hellboy can be seen beating all manner of monster with his bare hands, oft times hardly breaking a sweat. The exact levels of his strength haven’t been explicitly stated, but he has been known to toss adversaries like a football, even those weighing in at several hundred pounds.

14 He Has A Healing Factor

Hellboy may not have the same levels of regeneration as, say, Wolverine, but he does have a healing factor. The guy has certainly had his fair share of injuries, but what might send the rest of us shuffling off this mortal coil don’t have quite the same impact on Hellboy. He can heal from pretty much anything. Hellboy has survived falling from great heights, being impaled and getting severely mauled by a werewolf, among many other things.

That’s not all, though. Hellboy’s ability to heal also renders him immune to disease. Aside from that, he has been shown to be a frequent smoker, which seems to have no affect at all on his natural athleticism.

13 He Files His Horns

Hellboy is not a huge fan of his horns. Aside from the fact that he has a frightening destiny that he’s constantly trying to avoid, the demon also feels like an outcast. His solution is to file his horns down to stubs. In the film, he does this to try to look a bit more “normal,” confiding in Liz how desperately he wanted to find a way to change his appearance.

Hellboy is sometimes called a freak by the very people he’s fighting to protect. He spends much of his time around humans, so it makes sense that the guy would want to do what he could to blend in, despite the fact that it’s an impossible task.

12 He Doesn’t Age Like Humans

Hellboy may not always be fond of his demonic lineage, but it does have its perks. Being a human-demon hybrid enables him to age at a decelerated rate. Despite this fact, he matured far more quickly than a mortal child. In the comics, a two-year-old Hellboy looks to be the size of someone at least three times that age. By the time Hellboy was ten, he appeared fully grown.

His decelerated aging is unaffected by this rapid growth though. The comics span decades, but after reaching physical maturity, Hellboy doesn’t seem to age beyond that. In del Toro’s film, one of the B.P.R.D agents claimed that the demon aged in “reverse dog-years.”

11 Ron Perlman Broke A Rib During Filming

Ron Perlman is a guy who’s not afraid to do his own stunts. During the subway scene in del Toro’s first film, he jumped onto a train that was moving at about forty-five mph. This resulted in a broken rib for the actor. It was one of many takes and apparently Perlman mistimed the jump.

Every bit as tough as his comic counterpart, the then fifty-four year old attempted to continue shooting the scene. However, he was given away by the tears of pain welling up in his eyes. When asked about the busted bone, Perlaman’s response was, “Yes, but it was just one rib. I have lots more.” Hellboy would approve.

10 He Has Enhanced Sight

This particular aspect of Hellboy’s abilities hasn’t been discussed much in the comics or even the films, but the hybrid can see better than us mere mortals. This shouldn’t come as too much of a shock, since the demon blood running through his veins makes him physically superior to humans in pretty much every way.

Hellboy’s signature yellow eyes do far more than just look super cool. They also enable him to see much farther than the average person. Aside from that, he doesn’t seem to have too much difficulty seeing in the dark, although not much has been mentioned about that in the comics either.

9 Sometimes He Looks More Demonic Than Others

Hellboy already looks like a demon, but under certain circumstances, he can transform into a far more monstrous creature. In this form, his stumps become fully grown horns and he can even sprout wings. The transformation also leaves him with some powers that he doesn’t typically have.

For one thing, Hellboy can control the very fires of Hell, unleashing massive infernos from his own body. He can also fly and even call down lightning all while in that form. Aside from that, Hellboy becomes even stronger than he was to begin with. While sometimes this transformation happened under duress, after gaining some acceptance of his demonic lineage, Hellboy was granted a measure of control over it.

8 He’s Descended From King Arthur

This one might be a bit of a shock to the casual fan, but Hellboy’s ancestors aren’t only demonic. He’s related to royalty as well. His mother was descended from a child resulting from the union between King Arthur and Morgan Le Fey. This means that Hellboy has the potential not only to become the king of Hell, but also the King of Britain.

This was kind of a later addition to the character’s mythology, revealed when Le Fey herself presented Hellboy with Arthur’s sword, Excalibur. Much like his demonic destiny, he wanted nothing to do with this part of his lineage. However, eventually Hellboy did pull the sword from the stone, claiming his birthright in the process.

7 The Studio Tried To Alter His Appearance

Contrary to what you might think, Hellboy wasn’t actually an easy sell in Hollywood when the film was in its infancy. Aside from balking at the fact that “Hell” was in the character’s name, the studio tried to make changes to Hellboy’s appearance. One suggestion was that he would look like a normal human unless someone made him angry, à la Bruce Banner.

The studio had many ideas of how to make Hellboy appear less monstrous, even offering up the thought that he could just be a regular guy with a demonic red dog. According to del Toro, “It’s funny when you say it, but it’s not funny when it happens.” Luckily, the auteur fought hard so that fans could see Hellboy as he was meant to appear.

6 Ron Perlman Was Supposed To Reprise Him Again

Del Toro set out to make a trilogy of Hellboy movies from the beginning. The movie did moderately well at the box office, but it was how well it did on home video release that ultimately got the sequel green-lit. The Golden Army undoubtedly improved upon its already great predecessor and faired even better at the box office. Unfortunately, it didn’t do well enough that the studio felt confident in letting the director helm one more movie.

No one knows much about what that third installment would’ve been like and the upcoming reboot from director Neil Marshall is looking quite different from del Toro’s vision. Fans have been skeptical from the start, but Mignola himself has stated that the film is incredibly faithful to the comics.

5 He’s Immune To Fire

Considering the fact that he’s a literal demon, it shouldn’t be too surprising that Hellboy is unaffected by fire. Although he needs to be in his more monstrous form in order to control the flames, Hellboy has a general immunity to them. Much of this comes down to his superhuman resilience. The guy can withstand far more damage than a person could.

Although his comic counterpart is quite resistant to fire and high temperatures in general, the film version of Hellboy simply could not be burned by any means. This particular immunity made him the perfect romantic companion for Liz Sherman.

4 It Takes Hours To Become Hellboy

The Seeds of Creation was an extensive documentary about del Toro’s Hellboy and one of many aspects that it covered was the makeup magic that transformed Ron Perlman into a demon. The process took about 4 hours and by the end, all that remained visible of the actor were his eyelids. As rough as that sounds, Doug Jones had it worse, with 5-7 hours a day in the makeup chair.

The Hellboy movie releasing this month hasn’t managed to really streamline the process too much. David Harbor stated that it took about 3 hours for him to become Hellboy. This involves paint, prosthetics, a bodysuit, teeth, horns and of course, the demon’s trademark yellow eyes. It takes an entire team to transform him.

3 He Has An Innate Talent For Language

One of the many innate abilities granted Hellboy by his demonic lineage is a talent for languages. He can understand all manner of tongues, whether they are mystical in nature or so ancient that they have been largely forgotten.

It’s also important to remember that Hellboy is the world’s greatest paranormal investigator. As a member of the B.P.R.D., it’s kind of his job to know the unknowable. However, the fact that he has this impressive mastery over languages both old and magical definitely helps him out immensely at work. The guy has seen things that the rest of us can only imagine.

2 His Hooves Were Abandoned

Hellboy’s horns and reddish hue aren’t the only physical traits that give away his demon heritage. He also has cloven hooves. This feature of the character can be seen in the comics, though they are often hidden within the folds of his long coat.

The hooves make an appearance in del Toro’s film during the scene in which viewers are introduced to Hellboy, but the lighting makes them a bit hard to spot. However, for the remainder of the movie, as well as the sequel, Perlman is seen sporting boots instead. Initially, the hooves were going to be featured more prominently, but it was decided that due to safety issues, Perlman should perform in regular boots.

1 David Harbour Had To Go To Hellboy Boot Camp

Hellboy is a bodybuilding enthusiast, not to mention a super strong demon-human hybrid. In other words, the guy who plays him kind of needs to be jacked. David Harbor didn’t have to be in great shape to portray Hopper in Stranger Things, but after being cast as Hellboy, the actor had to go to boot camp. His training routine was quite rigorous, but the results are undeniable.

Ron Perlman also had to undergo an intense workout schedule in order portray the character. The actor trained 3 hours a day, 5 days a week. It’s not so easy to become the hero known as Hellboy.

What do you think of these facts about Hellboy’s Anatomy? Let us know in the comments!

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Jamie Gerber

Game of Thrones: 25 Craziest Theories About The Night King And The White Walkers

Game of Thrones is just one of those shows that fans love to talk and theorize about. Whether it’s about their favorite characters or characters they love to hate. One group of characters that fits firmly in the “love to hate” category is the Night King and his army of White Walkers. Fans have many theories about the Night King and his White Walkers, some of which make sense and some of which… don’t. Now we’re not saying that these crazy theories can’t happen on the show. Far from it. If anyone had told us about how Hodor got his name, we would have dismissed it as a crazy fan theory. So perhaps some of these theories have merit.

All of them, though, are quite interesting and some are somewhat fantastical as befits a fantasy show like Game of Thrones. In a world where dragons and ice zombies live— and now an ice zombie dragon— anything can happen. Speaking of ice zombies, that’s exactly what the Night King and his White Walkers are. And fans love to theorize about these fantastical villains.

Whether they’re questioning if the Night King and the White Walkers are villains in the first place, or theorizing that all those who had been burned will return to fight the White Walkers, fans love theorizing about these icy antagonists. Some believe that the White Walkers’ ultimate goal is to preserve life, while others believe that the Night King is a Stark, come to reclaim his title of King in the North. Whatever the theory, one thing is clear. Fans love talking about the Night King and his army of White Walkers.

Welcome to: 25 Craziest Fan Theories About The Night King And The White Walkers. 

25 The Night King And The White Walkers Are Not The Villains They Appear To Be

According to a fan on Reddit,  the Night King and the White Walkers are not the villains of the story. This fan believes that since George R.R. Martin likes writing morally grey characters, that applies to the Night King and the White Walkers as well. They’re not pure evil, we just haven’t seen their perspective on things very much. Of course, this makes a bit of sense. Yet the theory itself does not fully explain how the White Walkers are not villains and what their perspective truly is. Perhaps it will play out on the show. You never know what will happen in Game of Thrones, after all. Yet we wouldn’t bet on it.

24 The Night King Is Rhaegar Targaryen

Yes, you read that correctly. According to a fan theorist, The Night King is Rhaegar Targaryen. No offense is meant to said fan theorist, but this theory is not very likely to play out on the show. While it would be a plot twist, and Game of Thrones is known for those, it wouldn’t make much sense. Especially since the Children of the Forest created the Night King long before Rhaegar was even born. Though you never know what will happen in the world of Westeros, we hope that this theory does not happen on the show. Not only would it be heartbreaking, but it would also be very confusing. So let’s hope the writers don’t go that route.

23 The Night King Is Azor Ahai

Azor Ahai? The Night King? Really? Ok, we have to admit, this theory is an interesting one. According to the fan theorist, Azor Ahai is meant to defeat the darkness, and from the Night King’s perspective, people are the darkness. It’s possible, we suppose. Game of Thrones is known for its heartbreaking plot twists. Yet this theory doesn’t fully make sense. If the Night King is Azor Ahai, who is he meant to defeat? All of the people in Westeros? Or just the purely evil ones? Surely one of the points of Game of Thrones is that all people are capable of both good deeds and evil ones. Is the Night King like Santa Claus? Does he have a list of people who have been too naughty? Yeah, we don’t think so.

22 The Night King Is One Of The Seven Gods From Westeros’ Faith Of The Seven

Yes, a god. The Stranger, to be specific. The Seven are made up of the Father, the Mother, the Maiden, the Crone, the Warrior, the Smith, and the Stranger. The Night King being The Stranger is easy enough to believe. The Stranger does represent meeting your demise, after all. Yet if that is true, where are the rest of the Seven? Are they OK with the Night King— or The Stranger if this theory is true— messing with those they’re meant to protect? Besides, if the Night King is the Stranger, then why does he seem to have such a grudge against humanity? And how could this theory be true and also the story we’re told in the show, that the Children of the Forest created the Night King to help them fight the First Men? It just doesn’t make sense.

21 Getting Rid Of The Night King Will Also Eliminate The Starks

According to this fan theorist, the remaining Starks, including Jon Snow, should watch out. Because defeating the Night King will come with a price. The remaining Starks— Jon, Sansa, Arya, and Bran— will be eliminated once the Night King is gone. The reason for this, according to the fan theorist, is that the Night King was once a Stark and therefore getting rid of him will not only get rid of the White Walkers, but the remaining Starks as well. Now this would be a heartbreaking plot twist. And Game of Thrones is known for those. Yet we still don’t think this theory will play out on the show.

20 All Those Who Have Been Burned Will Return To Fight The White Walkers

And how will they return, you may ask? According to this fan theorist, they will be resurrected by the Lord of Light. The god that Melisandre prays to. While this would be an awesome twist, we don’t think it will happen. It seems to us that for the Lord of Light to bring someone back takes a lot of effort. On the part of the people working for the Lord of Light, and probably the Lord of Light himself. Why spend that effort on a bunch of random people who may or may not be helpful in the battle against the White Walkers?

19 The Starks Are Descended From White Walkers

We’ve spoken about this theory before. Though anything could happen in the world of Game of Thrones, this theory is not looking very likely. Especially since it is based on facts from the books and not the show. Though it is always possible that the show writers could pull off this twist, it doesn’t seem likely to us. Basically, the theory states that in the past, a Stark, called the Night’s King, (confusing, we know) married and had children with a White Walker woman. First of all, are there even female White Walkers? We don’t remember seeing any in the show. Of course, they could still exist somewhere in the world of Westeros. Second of all, bringing this up in the show would involve going into the history of House Stark which doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. Although, you never know.

18 The White Walkers Came Back Specifically To Stop Daenerys

No offense to this fan theorist, but we don’t think so. Sure, the books are called A Song of Ice and Fire. And George R.R. Martin has apparently said that the White Walkers are misunderstood. However, we think there is a flaw in the logic of the fan theorist. The White Walkers started coming back and attacking people long before Daenerys even set foot in Westeros. So how could the White Walkers be after her? It just wouldn’t make sense.  No doubt they won’t be fond of the Mother of Dragons, especially since she still has two dragons and a powerful army to fight against them with. But we don’t think they have a personal vendetta against her.

17 The White Walkers Are Trying To Communicate Something

Surely there has to be another way. If they are trying to communicate something, why not do it in a way that makes more sense, instead of leaving cryptic symbols around? Of course, it’s possible that this fan theorist is right. Anything’s possible in Game of Thrones. Yet we don’t think it’s likely. If the writers did want to go this route, they’d have to have the White Walkers create similar symbols in season eight and have the main characters figure out what they mean somehow. And we don’t know if there is enough time for all of that to happen.

16 …Something To Do With The Night King’s Origins

This is a possibility, we admit. Yet why would the Night King want everyone to know about his origins? Wouldn’t that just make destroying him easier? And we don’t think that’s what the Night King wants. He most likely wants to destroy everyone else, not get destroyed himself. Though it would be nice if our main characters could defeat him easily, this is Game of Thrones. Nothing ever comes easily in the world of Westeros. Our main characters are going to have to work hard to defeat the Night King and his army of White Walkers. And the fans wouldn’t have it any other way. Though the less main characters pass away, the better.

15 The White Walkers’ Ultimate Goal Is To Preserve Life

Really? Another “the White Walkers are really the good guys” theory? Listen, we like morally grey characters as much as the next Game of Thrones fans do. Yet this theory doesn’t seem plausible  to us. No offense is meant to the fan theorist, of course. Anything can happen in the world of Westeros, after all. So who knows? This theory could happen on the show. Though we wouldn’t bet on it. If this theory was true, the White Walkers most likely wouldn’t leave behind people’s bodies wherever they go. They would instead transform every other person into a White Walker, so that they too could live in the paradise that the White Walkers live in, according to the fan theorist. Since that’s not the case, we’re going to disagree with this theory. Though you never know. This would be just the type of twist Game of Thrones could pull off.

14 The White Walkers Are Specifically After Jon Snow

This theory is more based on the books than the show, though it could play out in both the books and the show. Game of Thrones is known for its plot twists after all. Yet this one seems unlikely to us. The White Walkers have battled Jon Snow many times. They have never seemed to be specifically after him. Nor have they tried to harm him with any more dedication than they’d harm anyone else. If Jon Snow really is the Night King’s target, it certainly doesn’t look like it to us.

13 Because They Know That He Is The Prince That Was Promised

According to the same fan theorist from the last section, Jon Snow is the Prince That Was Promised. Now, that’s a possibility. Yet the White Walkers knowing about it doesn’t seem as likely to us. According to the fan theorist, they know about the Prince That Was Promised prophecy because they were created by the Children of the Forest and have been around for thousands of years. Alright, that’s all true. Yet how would they know for sure? This theory states that the White Walkers are intelligent. And they can be, in both the show and the books. Yet are they intelligent enough to know how to interpret an ancient prophecy? And if this theory is true, why have the White Walkers failed to eliminate Jon so many times? You’d think that if they were after him, they’d try harder to actually eliminate him.

12 The White Walkers Are All Starks

We’d believe that some of the White Walkers were Starks, that the Night King or the first White Walker is a Stark, but all of them seems a bit far fetched. Of course, you never know. Game of Thrones could surprise us and make this theory come true. The show is known for its heartbreaking and surprising plot twists. This would definitely fit into both of those categories. However, we believe that this theory will not play out on the show. You may wonder why. Well, it just wouldn’t be realistic. That may seem like a silly complaint in a world where there are dragons and ice zombies, but the world of Westeros does have some kind of logic that makes sense within it.

11 The White Walkers Can Sense The Presence Of Dragons

Though both are magical, they’re different kinds of magic. The white walkers were created by the Children of the Forest while the dragons were created by who knows what magic. If both had similar origins, it would make sense, but they don’t. However, you never know on Game of Thrones. Maybe this theorist is correct, and the white walkers can sense the presence of dragons. If that’s the case, though, wouldn’t they have sensed the dragons the moment they arrived in Westeros? And if they really wanted a dragon, wouldn’t they have set out to get one right from the start instead of waiting for one to fall into their laps?

10 …Meaning They Were Waiting For Daenerys To Come To Get One Of Her Dragons

Again, why did they wait? Either the White Walkers are very patient or very stupid. And we don’t think they’re either one. Though you never know on Game of Thrones. This theory could be correct. It’s possible. Still, we wouldn’t bet on it. For the White Walkers to set out to capture a dragon, they would have had to know that Daenerys was coming. And how could they have known? Daenerys herself didn’t know until she left to go help those beyond the Wall. So how could the White Walkers have known? They couldn’t have.

9 Jon Snow Will Become The New Night King

According to one fan theorist, the Night King cannot be eliminated, only replaced. This is how the theory goes: to defeat the Night King, you must remove the dragonglass that was used to create him in the first place. After that, the Night King would be no more but none of the White Walkers he had transformed would be eliminated. Instead, they would no longer be under the control of the Night King. In order to keep them under control, someone would have to sacrifice himself— in this case, Jon Snow— to become the new Night King. The new Night King, Jon, would stay in the North to avoid harming anyone else.

8 Jaime Lannister Caused The Return Of The White Walkers By Eliminating Aerys Targaryen.

This theory seems a bit far fetched to us. Why would getting rid of Aerys Targaryen cause the White Walkers to come back? And why would they have waited so many years to fully return? Jaime got rid of Aerys kind of a long time ago. Yet the White Walkers were not seen until the events of Game of Thrones. So something else must have triggered their return. But what? We aren’t sure, yet we hope that we find out in season eight. Though the White Walkers should remain somewhat mysterious, it would be interesting to know what caused them to return.

7 …Who Was Trying To Sacrifice The Entire Population Of King’s Landing To The Great Other

According to the same fan theorist from the last section, Daenerys’ House of the Undying visions are meant to show us what the Red Keep would look like if her father, the Mad King Aerys, had succeeded in burning King’s Landing. The fan theorist states that Aerys was trying to sacrifice the entire population of King’s Landing to the Great Other, also known as the Night King, leader of the White Walkers. Of course, Jaime Lannister interrupted this by eliminating Aerys. We hate to disagree with the fan theorist, but we’re going to have to. First of all, it isn’t likely that the Mad King would be intelligent enough to think of a plan like this. Though the wanting to sacrifice the population of King’s Landing part is in character for him, Aerys probably would not spend his time sacrificing to any gods. Great Other or not.

6 …Which Means That The Goal Of The White Walkers Is To Destroy King’s Landing

No one knows exactly what the White Walkers want. But this theory seems a bit out there to us. Anything is possible on Game of Thrones, though. So this might happen. But we wouldn’t bet on it. Here’s why. If the White Walkers wanted to destroy King’s Landing, why aren’t they doing that now? They have large numbers, a White Walker Dragon, everything they could possibly need to take King’s Landing if they wanted it. Yet they’re not heading to King’s Landing yet. If their ultimate goal was to finish what Aerys started and destroy King’s Landing, they could do it easily. Yet that doesn’t seem to us to be their goal.

5 The Night King And His Army Of White Walkers Will Head Straight to King’s Landing

Cersei should watch out and leave King’s Landing according to this fan theorist.  Most of the main characters are currently in Winterfell. According to the fan theorist, that is not where the Night King and the majority of the White Walkers will go. Instead, they will go to King’s Landing. They will bring their White Walker Dragon with them and therefore those at Winterfell will not have to deal with it. This theory seems unlikely to us. Of course, you never know. Anything could happen in the world of Game of Thrones. But we wouldn’t bet on it. Mostly because it would be a waste of time to have most of the main characters in Winterfell and then have the White Walkers attack King’s Landing. Though it would be a plot twist, and Game of Thrones is known for those, so who knows?

4 …To Create A Larger Army Of White Walkers

According to the fan theorist from the previous section, the Night King wants a larger army. While this is somewhat understandable, it isn’t likely in our opinion. The Night King already has a large army. He’s spent years and years building it up. So why would his ultimate goal be to get a larger army? It doesn’t make sense. At least in our opinion. No, his and the White Walkers’ ultimate goal has to be something else. Something big and something that would cause a bittersweet ending for the story.

3 The White Walkers’ Goal Is To Stop Their Version Of The Azor Ahai Prophecy From Coming True

Now this theory is a possibility, we admit. Especially since half the things that have happened on the show would have seemed like crazy fan theories before they happened. Yet we don’t think so. Let’s explain why. Though some of the White Walkers, especially the Night King, have shown intelligence, they just don’t seem like the type of beings to put much store in prophecies. Why would they care about an ancient prophecy anyway? And how would they even be sure that the prophecy was true? They couldn’t be sure. And the Night King and the White Walkers don’t seem like the type of beings to go to all this trouble for something that may or may not happen.

2 …Because In Their Version, Azor Ahai Is The Villain

Again, this theory, a continuation of the theory from the last section, is a possibility. Though we wouldn’t bet on it happening. Mostly because the White Walkers don’t seem like the type of beings to see things in terms of heroes and villains. They seem more like a force of nature than anything else. So even if they did believe in their own version of the Azor Ahai prophecy, would they really go to all this trouble to destroy Azor Ahai? They might if they felt they had to, but there are so many questions that this theory brings up. How would they recognize Azor Ahai? How could they be sure to eliminate Azor Ahai and therefore secure their safety?

1 The Night King Is A Stark, Coming To Claim His Title As King In The North

The Night King being a Stark, we can believe. But according to this fan, there’s more to it. The reason that the Starks say “There must always be a Stark in Winterfell” is because The Night King can just come along and claim it if there isn’t anyone else of Stark blood there. Except there’s a couple of flaws in this fan’s logic, at least in our opinion. Winterfell was empty for years. Why didn’t the Night King claim it then? Also, the Starks are back in Winterfell. So wouldn’t that mean that the Night King couldn’t claim it anymore? There are so many questions. Of course, you never know. Anything can happen in Game of Thrones. So this theory might come to pass on the show. Yet we wouldn’t bet on it.

Do you know any other crazy fan theories about the Night King and the White Walkers from Game of Thrones? Let us know in the comments!

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The 10 Craziest Anime Hairstyles

The magic of anime is its disobedience with reality. Anything is possible at this point especially in Shonen anime, or even other genres of anime, for that matter. Hence, even the very first character you see screams uniqueness at the viewers and this can be due to many characteristics of their face. More often than not, it’s the hair that makes the anime character.

The hair is everything, it has more personality than the character itself and changes in hairstyle usually mean they have completed their development arc. So, you can bet that the crazier the hair, the more distinct and prominent the character is in a particular anime, and here are some of the craziest and most peculiar anime hairstyles ever:

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Most characters in Detective Conan are drawn in a simple yet distinguishable style. After all, it aims to be semi-realistic with all the clever criminal geniuses featured in the show. Still, one character’s hairstyle there sticks out like a sore thumb.

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We’re talking about esteemed Detective Kogoro Mori’s daughter, Ran. What. Is. That? It looks like a Looney Tunes bump in her head which the hair grew over. It could also be she applied gel generously on just one spot in her head full of hair. Out of all the mysterious crimes in Detective Conan‘s two-decade run, Ran’s hair is the biggest unsolved crime of all, it’s a fashion crime.


Fullmetal Alchemist and its Brotherhood reboot are both set in a fictional Germany, which explains the tame hairstyles. Then, along came Envy and made us all confused on what kind of look he really wanted to achieve. Are those supposed to be dreadlocks? Or did he accidentally transmute a spider on his head?

Perhaps he has no one to braid it for him because he’s evil so he just used pomade to divide them into sections. Anyway, he’s a villain and he doesn’t have to follow rules, even in a fictional anime world where everyone has European hair.


It’s not just Kakarot– more than half of all the characters in the Dragonball franchise have really ridiculous hair. However, the Saiyans take the cake for making their crazy hairstyles relevant. The longer and more upright it gets, the more powerful the Saiyan, that’s sayin’ something.

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And it gets better, they also go blond and become more screamy when they increase their power levels. Without a doubt, Goku is single-handedly responsible for a big chunk of the ’90s kids population bleaching their hair blond and gelling them to kingdom come.


One look at Jessie from Pokemon’s Team Rocket and you’ll know why they make for horrible incompetent thieves. It’s obvious she spends more time styling her hair than preparing for their periodic Pokemon heists. With that amount of hold on her hair, she probably spends at least half a day in front of a wind tunnel just to achieve that slick look.

Of course, it’s not just Jessie, as later generations of Pokemon character’s hairs got more and more… evolved, for lack of a better word. Trivia: the hair is where Jessie keeps her Poke balls.


Shiki is an awesome horror anime and we usually don’t get a lot of those. Yet, what makes Shiki truly horrific is the fact that half the characters in the said anime have hairstyles that look like they got murdered and came back from the dead.

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One such example is Ritsuko, a nurse whose hair is made out of green origami constructed by a five-year-old kid… or so it appears. Ritsuko is quite busy helping everyone afflicted by the Shiki though so that might have contributed to the death of her seaweed hair.


You may think Kenpachi from Bleach is a cool Shinigami captain, but no, he is actually a sea-urchin who learned to wield a Zanpakuto (Shinigami weapon)… or maybe not. However, there is no better explanation for his hairstyle, but another explanation might be because he uses his Zanpakuto to cut his own hair and he originally had a dashing afro.

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It’s also not just his hairstyle and his character that is crazy– just take a look at his hairline. That’s the most dominant widow’s peak ever and makes Vegeta from Dragonball look like a boy in comparison.


Internet edge made manifest. To this day, Yami Yugi and his pipsqueak alter ego still listen to My Chemical Romance and still stare into the blankness and futility of life while telepathically exchanging emo quotes with his Dark Magician card.

A lot of monster cards were sacrificed to the Nether Realm to maintain that hair. If that’s not temperamental enough for you, check out his successors in the future Yu-Gi-Oh generations– maximum aggression:

Not only does he look like he swallowed a whole dragonfruit– he became THE dragonfruit.


What you’re looking at is not an anime reject of the He-Man franchise. That’s actually Ragyou Kiryuin from Kill la Kill and no, she’s not the first genderless character in anime ever. The rainbow is quite misleading as Ragyou is actually an evil authoritarian and also serves as the true antagonist.

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Despite being a villain, her appearance and personality are that of a tall high-class woman who likes to flaunt luxury. She’s also proud, vain and megalomanic… basically, she’s Nyan Cat, except more evil. The rainbow says it all.


There’s plenty wrong with Franky’s appearance in One Piece. However, we’re just going to focus on the hair, because pointing out the intricacies of his structurally unsound physique might take forever to end, like One Piece. Granted, most characters in One Piece deserve to be on this list, but Franky is special because his hair is whatever he wants it to be. Move over Samson.

Like Goku, Franky’s hair is tied to his powers, except the type of hairstyle and hair power he will get depends on what he drinks.


Arguably, we can’t call this one hair or style since it’s clearly a distinct lack of both. Nevertheless, Saitama is a true paragon for deviating from the stereotypical crazy-hair anime protagonist. He is so outlandish compared to any Shonen anime hero that even God himself would become curious with this absolute mad lad.

Saitama doesn’t need hair to show his Shonen progression and power– he IS power. Besides, a true badass does not have time to style his hair anyway; he is too busy defeating enemies to even care about his appearance.

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20 Craziest Things About Shazam’s Anatomy

Although Shazam will make his big screen debut next month for DC, Captain Marvel originally belonged to Fawcett Comics. Created by Bill Parker and C.C. Beck in 1939, the character debuted in Whiz Comics #2. Although the similarities between the Big Red Cheese and a certain Man of Steel were unmistakable – seriously, DC sued Fawcett – both heroes wound up at the same publisher eventually. DC won their court case, but Fawcett was closing up shop anyway, although DC didn’t choose to claim Captain Marvel until the ‘70s. However, by then it was too late for him to go by that moniker.

By that point, Marvel had created a Captain Marvel of their own, Mar-Vell, who took up the mantle before Carol Danvers. Having trademarked the name, DC chose to call Billy Batson’s magic word, “Shazam.” The writers were allowed to continue to use the name within the confines of the story, but could not allow it to grace comic covers. So, Captain Marvel retained his superhero identity, but the title of the comic did not. Herein lies the confusion of two Captain Marvels, who in a fascinating coincidence, are now hitting theaters within a month of each other. In more recent years, Captain Marvel has come to be known simply as Shazam.

Captain Marvel may be influenced by Superman, but over time, the characters have diverged quite a bit. He even has his own superhero family and a host of animal sidekicks. Really, Captain Marvel is like no other hero in DC Comics. Let’s explore his magical physiology and see what really sets him apart.

Here are the 20 Craziest Things About Shazam’s Anatomy.

20 He’s Really A Young Boy

There’s a reason why Shazam! star Zachary Levi has stated that the movie is “Big meets Superman.” Billy Batson was an orphaned young boy prior to the major upgrade that he received from Shazam. Luckily, the wizard saw something special in Billy and chose to grant him great powers. Even when Billy utters the magic word that transforms him into a superhero, he’s still just a kid in a grown man’s body.

Billy may have been an orphan, but he eventually gained the ability to share his impressive power set with his long lost sister Mary, as well as his friend Freddy Freeman. This laid the foundation for the Marvel Family, although there would be several more members to come.

19 He’s The Youngest Member Of The Justice League

Billy may be a kid, but that doesn’t mean that he was recruited to the Teen Titans. Nope, he was a member of the Justice League, making him the youngest hero to ever join the team. Like most comic characters, his actual age depends on what you’re reading, but he’s typically somewhere between eight and thirteen, still making him significantly younger than the rest of the League.

Finding a team where a young boy housed in the body of a grown up superhero could fit in was always going to be a challenge. Even after his true age was revealed, both Batman and Superman felt that it’d be best if they kept an eye on him – although they each had their own reasons for doing so.

18 He Is Imbued With The Power Of Six Immortal Elders

Here’s a twist: Shazam is actually an acronym. It stands for the six immortal elders from which Captain Marvel derives his powers: the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles, and the speed of Mercury.

So, when Billy says, “Shazam!,” it’s not just his version of “Open sesame.” The word not only transforms him into the superhero Captain Marvel, Earth’s Mightiest Mortal, but also stands for all of the abilities that he was granted. He may have gone by the name Shazam eventually, but that name was originally reserved for the wizard who imbued Billy with these powers in the first place. After watching Billy’s heroic behavior, the mage deemed him worthy of such a gift.

17 He Came From His Own Parallel Universe

Captain Marvel hasn’t always been an easy fit for the DC Universe. Perhaps it’s because he wasn’t originally created for it, but either way, Billy didn’t always made sense within the confines of regular DC continuity. Thanks to ‘80s mega event, Crisis on Infinite Earths, that’s exactly where Captain Marvel wound up. Prior to that though, the Shazam Family existed in the parallel universe of Earth-S – no one strained too many muscles coming up with that name.

Many years later, DC reintroduced the multiverse and Captain Marvel once again hailed from somewhere else, Earth-5, aka Thunderworld. Well, a version of him, because there was still a different hero, who went by Shazam, on Earth One. The multiverse has always been a very confusing place.

16 He’s A Match For Superman

This is a topic that has been explored both in the comics and the cartoons. Captain Marvel and Superman have similar power sets – remember that whole lawsuit thing – so there has always been a question of who would emerge victorious in a fight. Supes may have seniority, but Billy’s got something pretty important as well: magic. The Man of Steel has few vulnerabilities, but that’s definitely one of them.

The two heroes have squared off more than once over the years, but much like the battles between Superman and the Dark Knight, the outcome has been dependent on the writer. There are, of course, no definitive answers about who would win in a fight between two fictional characters – although it is a comic book debate for the ages.

15 He’s Super Strong

As earlier stated, Shazam is a match for Superman and not only because his powers are based in magic. He’s also unbelievably strong, which makes sense, considering he has the strength of Hercules. Shazam is quite literally blessed with the powers of a god, and more than one at that. In fact, the strength of Golden Age Captain Marvel was seemingly unlimited. The guy could actually move stars and planets!

Much like Superman, Shazam eventually became so strong that writers had to find a way to power him down a bit. Even still, he remains one of DC’s toughest heroes. For a time, Captain Marvel even had a move called the “atomic punch”, although this has understandably fallen out of favor since WWII.

14 He Can Speak Any Language

The wisdom of Solomon gives Captain Marvel incredible intelligence, experience beyond his years and near unlimited knowledge. It also means that he can speak any language. This applies not only to the dialects of Earth, but alien languages as well. He can even speak in tongues long forgotten, which comes in pretty handy when one time travels – as superheroes so often do.

This power is incredibly useful, as it enables Shazam to communicate with pretty much anyone. Interestingly, this talent doesn’t just apply to human beings either. Captain Marvel is also capable of communicating with animals. Just imagine how it would feel if instead of constantly wondering what your dog might be thinking about, you actually knew what was on his mind?

13 He Can Teleport

This is a power that Captain Marvel hasn’t utilized all that much over the years. During the character’s early days, he would teleport back and forth to the Rock of Eternity to meet up with the wizard Shazam. However, the ability did not seem to work outside of that purpose.

In more recent years though, Shazam’s power set was significantly altered. The aftermath of Darkseid War left many heroes changed and he was no exception. In fact, Shazam’s gifts were granted by an entirely different pantheon of gods – yet somehow their initials still managed to spell out Shazam. One power he gained outright was the ability to teleport, although it’s still not one that he uses all that often.

12 He Can Fly

We can discuss the similarities between the Big Red Cheese and the Man of Steel all day long, but here’s another one: both could not fly in their earliest appearances, despite the fact that flight later became a well known ability of each character. Originally, Superman could famously only “leap tall buildings in a single bound” and the same was true of Captain Marvel.

Similar though they may have been, Captain Marvel actually beat Superman to the skies, gaining the ability to take flight several issues after his introduction. It took Supes a few years before he left those on the ground wondering whether they happened to be looking at a bird or a plane overhead.

11 He Was Suspended In Animation For 20 Years

When DC began publishing Shazam comics, Captain Marvel had been long absent from comic stands. Due to DC’s lawsuit, Fawcett was forced to drop Captain Marvel in 1953 – the company actually stopped publishing superhero comics in general at that time. However, DC did not begin licensing the character until 1972. They chose to keep the previous Fawcett publications as canon, meaning Captain Marvel had been gone for about twenty years.

As previously mentioned, DC established that the hero’s prior adventures had taken place on Earth-S, but his long absence still needed to be explained. Well, it turned out that Captain Marvel’s arch nemesis, Doctor Sivana, had kept him in suspended animation during that entire time.

10 He Can Shoot Lightning From His Body

Lightning has always been a vital part of Captain Marvel’s power set. From the beginning, the magic word “Shazam” would transform Billy Batson into Captain Marvel through a lightning bolt. He had even been seen summoning that bolt to use offensively, as he did when he used it to strike Superman in Kingdom Come.

This ability was later greatly expanded upon – Captain Marvel’s powers have been altered countless times from his days at Fawcett to Crisis to the New 52. Shazam could eventually focus and control the lightning to a much greater degree. He could actually shoot lightning bolts from his body, aiming them at anyone or anything he chooses. From what the movie trailer has shown thus far, it seems that this ability will be a part of Billy’s power set when Shazam! hits theaters next month.

9 Zachary Levi Is Not The First Actor To Portray Him

Although Zachary Levi is bringing Captain Marvel to the big screen, he is not the first actor to portray the character in a live-action setting. There was a 1941 film serial titled, The Adventures of Captain Marvel. It starred Tom Tyler in the titular role and was the first time that a superhero was depicted in film. That’s right, he beat out the Man of Steel.

That’s not all though. As pictured above, there was a Shazam! television show that ran on CBS from 1974-1977, with Jackson Bostwick – and later John Davey – playing the hero. Captain Marvel also appeared in a couple of live-action Hanna Barbara comedy specials after the show went off the air, with Garrett Craig in the role.

8 He Was The Inspiration For Miracleman

The fact that Captain Marvel was kind of a Superman knockoff didn’t stop England from creating a hero who was suspiciously similar to him. Marvelman’s adventures ran from 1954-1963 and that was it, at least until the title was resurrected by Alan Moore in the early ‘80s.

Marvelman became one of Moore’s most important works, a precursor to his most famous deconstruction of the superhero genre, Watchmen. If you know the hero better as Miracleman, that’s the result of another legal battle. Marvel objected to the character’s given name and the publisher was forced to change it. The book is considered one of Moore’s finest stories and it all stemmed from a hero who was originally little more than a pale facsimile of Captain Marvel.

7 He Has Fire Powers

For a while there, Captain Marvel had freeze breath, likely for no other reason than the fact that the Man of Steel did. However, it’s been a few decades and that ability seems to be all but forgotten. As mentioned previously, “Darkseid War” majorly altered Shazam’s powers. He may not have gotten his Marvel breath back, but he did get an ability that Superman does not have: the power to breathe fire.

Remember that new pantheon of gods we mentioned? The the H in “Shazam” now stood for a Martian god named H’ronmeer. Through him, Shazam was granted the power to summon fire, which means more than dragon breath. He can also shoot the fire from his hands.

6 He Eventually Became The Wizard “Shazam”

The wizard Shazam is the mage who granted Captain Marvel his amazing powers. However, at one point, the student wound up becoming the teacher. During The Trials of Shazam, Billy took some time off from being a superhero. He retired completely, instead stepping into the role of the wizard Shazam. Because Cap stepped down, Freddy Freeman lost his powers and during his quest to regain them, he took on the name Shazam.

Notably, this was the first time that DC really attempted to change the hero’s name from Captain Marvel to Shazam. It didn’t stick at that point, but eventually Shazam’s name would match the title of his comic – which makes a lot more sense.

5 Constantine Once Tricked Him Into Giving Away His Powers

John Constantine is one tricky guy and anyone who knows him would tell you that it’s unwise to make a deal with the mage, especially if you don’t quite understand the terms. It was an interesting idea to pair the jaded magician with the naive Billy Batson and Constantine fully took advantage of Shazam’s innocence. During “Trinity War,” he pulled a major bait and switch on poor Billy.

Of course, Constantine thought that he was stealing Billy’s powers for a solid reason: to spare the world the darkness and pain that Shazam would cause it. He swapped their voices, granting himself the power to utter Billy’s magic word. Constantine quickly learned that despite Billy’s youth, handling Shazam’s godlike powers isn’t easy and it wasn’t long before the hero reclaimed what had been taken from him.

4 His Initial Appearance Was Based On Fred MacMurray

There are plenty of comic characters who stole their looks from popular stars. The Ultimate version of Nick Fury was famously modeled after Samuel L. Jackson, an interesting case that went on to become life imitating art. John Constantine owes his signature look to Sting and The Crow’s Eric Draven was sort of a composite of Bauhaus singer Peter Murphy and Iggy Pop.

Captain Marvel’s original appearance was based on a popular actor of the time, Fred MacMurray. Artist C.C. Beck stated, “Captain Marvel himself was based on the actor Fred MacMurray, who was known as a pretty down-to-earth guy.” From his wavy hair to very visible cleft in his chin, the actor’s influence is obvious once you know that he was the basis for the character.

3 He’s Incredibly Fast

Being powered by a literal pantheon of gods has a pretty huge upside. As earlier stated, the “M” in Shazam stands for the speed of Mercury, so being fast has never been much of an issue for Captain Marvel. Teleportation wasn’t the only way that he has been able to travel to and from the Rock of Eternity over the years. He could also get there by flying faster than the speed of light – at least pre-Crisis Captain Marvel could.

Shazam may not soar to quite the same heights as Superman or be able to beat the Flash in a race, but Captain Marvel is most definitely much faster than the rest of us. He is Earth’s Mightiest Mortal after all.

2 He Doesn’t Age

Billy Batson is human, so he ages like the rest of us mere mortals. Captain Marvel, on the other hand, is ageless. Billy can grow into an adult, but the hero that he transforms into either doesn’t age at all or does so at such a decelerated rate that’s it’s imperceptible to the human eye. Perhaps we can chalk it up to the stamina of Atlas.

Black Adam, who is sort of the dark mirror image of Shazam, is literally thousands of years old. In human form, he would expire immediately at this point, but with his powers, he continues to maintain his youthful appearance. Captain Marvel may be forever young, but the wizard Shazam, who has access to the same powers, has looked ancient from day one.

1 Zachary Levi’s Shazam Workout Routine Is Pretty Intense

Taking on the role of a superhero is an exciting, but difficult task. Suddenly, you’re under a ridiculous amount of scrutiny from fans who are often losing their minds over nothing. Brie Larson had to endure comments about Captain Marvel’s lack of a permanent smile plastered to her face and Zachary Levi was left to deal with people bemoaning his lack of a superhero physique.

When early Shazam! photos surfaced, some were quick to complain that he appeared to be wearing fake muscles under his costume. Levi squashed these rumors, revealing his intense training plan since being cast in the DC film. He was hitting the gym 5-6 times a week and consuming between 3,000-4,000 calories a day. He explained, “I immediately put on about 24 pounds and then we carved that down in about half.”

2019-04-05 05:04:19

Jamie Gerber

10 Craziest Things J.K. Rowling Has Made Canon About Harry Potter

Once upon a time, the Harry Potter fandom was rife with theories about the upcoming book releases. From shipping to Horcruxes, fans argued back and forth about what would be canon and what wouldn’t. Queen of these debates was the author herself, J.K. Rowling. Any sort of tidbit about lore or history from the books was eagerly devoured by the series fans.

However, as the books released and time went on, Rowling’s lore drops began to be more and more outlandish. Over time, J.K.’s status as Queen of Harry Potter has worn away, and some fans wish she would remain silent. She has now gained a reputation for doing more harm than good to the fandom that once venerated her, making her a bit of a ridiculous figure. To cut through that ridiculousness, let’s see what are some of the craziest things J.K. Rowling made canon since Harry Potter ended.

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10 Uncle Vernon Is Pro Brexit

Uncle Vernon’s distaste for anything outside of the ordinary is well documented throughout the book series. From his casual cruelty of Harry growing up to his desperate attempts to keep him from Hogwarts, Vernon’s antics bordered on laughable at times. So when the real-life Brexit referendum swept the U.K., one fan’s observation of how Uncle Vernon might vote was confirmed by Rowling herself on Twitter.

This is a true-to-character thing to make canon, but it also adds an uncomfortable level of politics to a book series that shied away from real-world political actions. Given as well that Vernon would be well into his 60’s or 70’s at this point in his life, it’s not something that fans necessarily care about one way or another.

9 Dumbledore Taught Multiple Subjects At Hogwarts

It was a known fact during the series that prior to his post as Headmaster of Hogwarts, Dumbledore taught Transfiguration. So when Dumbledore was shown in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts, fans became concerned.

No mention of this was ever made apparent in the book series and somewhat confuses the Harry Potter timeline. While it’s not the most egregious thing J.K. has made canon, it’s just one more brick in the wall J.K. has built between herself and the fans of her book series over the years.

8 McGonagall’s Bad Luck With Love

Stern Transfiguration professor and Deputy Head Mistress Minerve McGonagall is a fierce character in the Harry Potter series. As a mentor and ally to Harry, she becomes invaluable to his fight against Voldemort. But J.K. released on Pottermore a long backstory detailing McGonagall’s family history that managed to undercut her strength and resolve by making the key dilemmas of her life revolve around relationships instead of her accomplishments.

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From a whirlwind but ultimately doomed-to-fail romance with a Muggle man to a short-lived marriage with a much older man who used to be her boss, it undercut McGonagall’s tough and reserved exterior. While it’s not bad to develop side characters and to give them relationships, the focus of McGonagall’s entire backstory revolving around these lost loves changes how one views the character throughout the series.

7 Hogwarts Is Tuition Free

Rowling has made it clear in multiple interviews how fortunate she was for the British welfare system when writing the books. As a poor single mother, they allowed her to provide for her family until the books were published. Perhaps that’s why she announced that students at Hogwarts do not pay for tuition; the Ministry of Magic pays for all magical education expenses.

The issue with that though is that we see the Weasley family buying school essentials for their children throughout the series. Wouldn’t wands and school supplies be a part of the tuition that the Ministry is paying for? While a charitable notion, it contradicts with previously established scenes throughout the book series.

6 Dumbledore Has Another Sibling

One of the huge reveals of Fantastic Beasts 2 was the revelation that Credence Barebone might be someone else entirely. As revealed by Grindelwald, the young man is, in fact, Aurelius Dumbledore, long-lost brother to Albus and Aberforth.

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This is outlandish for multiple reasons. Chief among them is that a tell-all book about Dumbledore was published by Rita Skeeter to embarrass his family name. If anyone were to have dug up that family dirt, it would have been Rita. Second, the timeline for his birth makes no sense. He is clearly younger than Albus, and given his approximate age, his father would have been in Azkaban and his mother dead. While it may prove to be a misdirect, it’s still enormously canon-breaking on Rowling’s part to have it mentioned at all.

5 Voldemort’s Name Pronunciation

The main antagonist of the series goes by many names over the course of the book. Tom Riddle, You-Know-Who, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, and of course, Voldemort. Apparently, though, fans have been pronouncing Voldemort wrong for years. Rowling tweeted that the “t” at the end of Voldemort is silent, to better equate with the French word for “death”.

The problem here is that Rowling herself has said “VoldemorT” multiple times over the years, and never corrected the studios’ pronunciation of the name in the films. It’s one thing to claim that the name was intended to have a silent “t” and you decided it sounded better with it. It’s another to claim that you’re the only one who pronounces it correctly when you yourself said it wrong for years.

4 Hermione And Ron’s Marriage Problems

Rowling once made waves when the books were still being published. In an exclusive interview, she was quoted as saying that Ron and Hermione should end up together. More importantly, Harry and Hermione fans missed “massive, anvil-sized hints” that it wouldn’t work between the two according to the author back in 2005. Which is why a more recent announcement that Ron and Hermione’s marriage was a troubled one rubbed fans the wrong way.

For one, fans who felt the pairing didn’t make sense were already upset about the definitive “delusional” statement. And for fans who shipped the two of them, it was a betrayal of trust that two wouldn’t get their happily ever after. By saying that the two fundamentally would have needed work to make things happy between them, Rowling managed to upset a large portion of her fanbase with one stroke of the (digital) quill.

3 Nagini Is A Person With A Blood Curse

There was enormous fan backlash when Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald revealed an unsettling truth about Voldemort’s pet snake, Nagini. Nagini was no pet at all; she was, in fact, a Maledictus, a human with a blood curse that allowed her to turn into a snake. Eventually, this transformation would one day become permanent, with no way of knowing when and where.

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For many fans, the casting of a female who would be little more than a dictator’s slave was a step too far. It created a troublesome relationship between the two, especially given that Voldemort somehow survived on Nagini’s milk. As disturbing as that concept might be, it was one Rowling felt was necessary to add into the Harry Potter canon for good.

2 Jewish Students At Hogwarts

Due to it being a product of its time, the core cast of the Harry Potter series is all fairly homogenous. While this would be troublesome today, it was far more frequent when the book was published in the 90’s and 2000’s. So when Jewish fans inquired about whether Jewish wizards existed in the world, her reveal that several of them attended Hogwarts felt like an attempt to be inclusive after the fact.

Specifically mentioning Anthony Goldstein (a Ravenclaw wizard who was among the 40 original names Rowling wrote for the series characters) is problematic on a few levels. The sole mention of a single Jewish character (especially one with the last name Goldstein) felt like a cheap way of adding inclusion into the series postmortem for many fans. This one factoid from J.K. (along with the infamous Dumbledore is gay fact) began Rowling’s slow descent into being seen as a fandom pariah.

1 Wizards Didn’t Use Bathrooms Until Recently

Perhaps the most notorious instance of Rowling’s canon interference in recent days was a Pottermore exclusive fact. According to them, wizards only adopted Muggle plumbing in the 18th century; prior to that, any waste was simply magicked away.

As you can imagine, this fact was not received well by fans. Mockery and outrage over the unnecessary information of the fact quickly blew up online. It quickly became the pinnacle moment of Rowling not knowing when to leave the Harry Potter canon alone. Since then, fans await not with bated breath as they once did for new facts and lore. Instead, they sit with an eye-roll ready for whatever else J.K. Rowling will deem necessary to add or change about Harry Potter canon. Where’s Gilderoy Lockhart when you need him?

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Dan Houbrick

The 10 Craziest Versions of Risk, Ranked

Risk is one of the biggest strategy board games ever made. It’s simple enough that many can learn and play from the start, yet complex enough that it can draw in more seasoned players. It’s a gateway into a much larger world of strategy games where only the strong and smart survive.

Within the confines of Risk, there have been many versions and adaptations over the years. Whether it be translating a popular franchise into the formula or coming up with small variations, there are many crazy versions of Risk out there. We’re ranking the wildest versions of the game.


GET IT NOW: $28.87

Out of all the MCU movies to adapt in Risk, Captain America: Civil War is an interesting choice. It definitely bucks a lot of trends of the standard board game beforehand. Based on the related film, the board game gives players a few characters to move around as opposed to an entire army.

There are multiple ways to win the game, whether it be capturing Bucky or escaping on the Quinjet, but the game is drastically changed with the decrease in characters. No matter how you look at it, it’s one of the most distinct forms of Risk that sometimes works to its detriment.


GET IT NOW: $25.10

Rick and Morty has been a popular show for quite some time, finding its own set of avid fans hungry for more episodes. Alongside the Rick and Morty merchandise is a version of Risk. Five different factions (each one appearing in the show) are all vying for multiversal conquest.

There are a series of planets that players can conquer, but there are also objectives that can help win the game. With teleportation adding a further element of strategy to the mix, this Risk game can be chaotic, but fans of the show are sure to love it nonetheless. Yes, Robot Dogs are included.



If you thought that Risk and a FPS game couldn’t exist in the same place, then think again. The Risk: Battlefield Rogue edition adapts DICE’s famous shooter series into a strategic board game. Instead of world conquest with armies at your command, the game is much smaller in scale.

Players will control squads to complete objectives and eliminate other squads from the game. It’s an interesting way to bring a video game into a board game, but it’s probably the kind of game that only people who know what they’re getting should buy. It even has adjustable boards and different scenarios, so each game is different.


GET IT NOW: FROM $149.90

Risk has a long legacy, being around for several decades. For those that have an appreciation for older objects or were before the ’80s, the Rustic Risk board game might be a worthy investment. In terms of gameplay, Rustic Risk plays like any old Risk game. The differences all come in the aesthetics.

The box, board, pieces, and cards are all designed like they came out decades ago. The pieces are made of wood, and even the box has a worn look to it. This board will surely bring much nostalgia to those who played Risk back in the day, but it’s also a nice collectible to have.


GET IT NOW: $42.98

Most Risk games are isolated to each playthrough. Everything that changes on the board or with each civilization resets at the start of each game. That’s where Risk Legacy enters the picture, which encourages changes to the world with each playthrough. Players who go through multiple games at a time can reap more benefits as a result.

There is even a mechanic that blocks off certain additions until multiple games are played. This is fundamentally the same game, but there’s a lot to be said about what we’ll call the “Legacy” mechanic. It’s sure to keep some people hooked for a long time.


GET IT NOW: $29.05

Despite the general hatred around the Call of Duty franchise, most people come back for the Zombies experience. However, no one suspected that this side mode in such a popular series would get the Risk treatment. Players each control one of the original heroes to lead their armies through familiar Zombies territory.

They’ll battle each other, acquire Pack-a-Punch cards to turn the tides, and deal with zombies all at the same time. It is a bit of an odd mix, though. In favor of a more traditional Risk experience, players control armies through Zombie maps, which never happens in the game.


GET IT NOW: $137.89

It’s been a while since The Lord of the Rings received any big board games like Risk, but there are still copies players can purchase. The Lord of the Rings Risk takes the conflict from the films and puts into the board game format. Featuring a map of Middle-Earth as the board (which was drawn by a cartographer from the movies), this is a collector’s item for any fan of the trilogy.

Players can control good guys or bad guys in the classic style of Risk, or add a few Tolkien-esque additions to the mix where the Fellowship of the Ring and sites of power influence the war.



The beauty of the Game of Thrones Risk is that it was designed to recreate several different scenarios from the Game of Thrones series. The box includes seven armies as opposed to the classic six and two boards that can be played separately or combined for one massive Risk game.

Players will control one of the Noble House armies as they try to conquer the world. They can fight in the War of Five Kings, partake in a one-on-one duel, or create a massive war involving the entire world. There are special abilities added to the game to give it a bit more flair as well, making for one exciting package.


GET IT NOW: $49.99

The UNSC-Covenant War took place for many years and practically drew the entire universe apart in the Halo franchise. Now, fans have another chance to partake in this war with the Halo: Legendary Edition of Risk. Instead of a traditional map, players will be fighting on four different variations of the Halo Ring (with varying sizes to allow for different player amounts).

Players will control the UNSC with Master Chief, the Covenant, or the Flood. Hero characters help carry a team to victory and teleporters can be placed for increased strategy. Halo fans have a Risk game that speaks to them.


GET IT NOW: $89.99

Risk has been around for quite some time, and Hasbro has taken to celebrating with the Risk 60th Anniversary Edition. This game plays just like classic Risk and even features classic elements like wooden pieces to dip back into its roots a bit more. The big draw with the 60th Anniversary Edition is how clean everything looks.

The board is a bit smaller and folds up into a storage case to allow for better transportation. Everything is collected in a neat, organized, and elite fashion that makes this the collector’s perfect Risk game. It’s perfect for diehard fans of the game who want something more reserved.

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Harry Potter: 20 Crazy Details Only True Potterheads Knew About Wormtail

For a lot of reasons, Peter Pettigrew, AKA “Wormtail”, may be one of the creepiest characters in all of the Harry Potter series. First and foremost, is the rather strange decision on the part of author J.K. Rowlings, to make Pettigrew’s animagus form hang around so closely with a preteen Ronald Weasley. With that particularly large elephant out of the room, we can get into some of the more unnerving, crazy, and interesting facts about this Voldemort supporter.

Everyone knows Wormtail to be the man who betrayed Lily and James Potter’s location to Voldemort, who sought to destroy them and their newborn son after finding out that Harry may one day defeat him. Although Voldemort’s attempt on Harry’s life backfired (quite literally), this moment it did cement Wormtail as one of Tom Riddle’s most famous supporters. In addition to this, Wormtail also got away with it all by blaming Sirius Black for that horrible night.

In many ways, Wormtail was the most unlikely member of Voldemort’s inner circle. He didn’t have the dedication to Voldemort’s evil agenda that Lucius Malfoy did. Nor did he have the obsessive nature of the deranged Bellatrix Lestrange. At the end of the day, Wormtail was a coward, and that why he let betrayed his friends to become part of one of the darkest cults of all time. Despite all he has done, Wormtail was still a far more engaging character than most fans may recall.

Without further ado, here are 20 Crazy Facts About Wormtail.

20 He Was Almost Not Sorted Into Gryffindor

When Peter Pettigrew arrived at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he lined up with the rest of the First Years to await The Sorting Hat’s decision on which House he would join. While in line, he met both Sirius Black, who uttered his contempt for Slytherin House, and James Potter. Immediately, Pettigrew took a liking to these boys and longed to be Sorted with them.

When he finally was placed under The Sorting Hat, Pettigrew waited a whole five minutes to be placed in Gryffindor.

This is what was called a “Hatstall.” The Sorting Hat clearly saw that this character was suitable for more than one house. Although Slytherin would be the obvious alternative choice, Hufflepuff was one as well.

19 He Was A Member Of The Order Of The Phoenix

Due to Peter Pettigrew’s friendship with James, Remus, and Sirius, he joined The Order of the Phoenix after his time at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The Order of the Phoenix was a secret society founded by Albus Dumbledore to combat Voldemort and his sycophantic followers during the First Wizarding War. This was the time when Voldemort returned from traveling abroad and sought to overthrow the Ministry of Magic and persecute Muggles and Muggle-born magical folk. Although Pettigrew wasn’t a fan of Voldemort’s ideology, he was part of the Order purely because his friends were. It was a community for him. He did not have the same passion for the cause as the other members did.

18 He Wasn’t A True Believer In Voldemort

Much like Peter Pettigrew wasn’t a true believer in the Order of the Phoenix, he wasn’t one of Voldemort’s dedicated followers either. He did not share the same lust for dominance over the Wizarding World, nor the same level of intolerance.

When Pettigrew became a spy for Voldemort, it was purely out of fear.

Wormtail, at the end of the day, is an opportunist. He is someone who will do just about anything to survive, and that included betraying his best friends in order to remain on the powerful dark wizard’s good side. In many instances, especially in the books, Wormtail even couldn’t bear Voldemort’s violence and occasionally attempted to suggest alternative measures to achieve his dark desire.

17 McGonagall Didn’t Like Him, even as a kid

If there’s one thing that Minerva McGonagall has never done, it’s mince words. First and foremost, this Transfiguration professor and Gryffindor Head of House is brutally honest. In the books, she was honest about how she felt about Peter Pettigrew during his time at Hogwarts.

Of course, McGonagall taught him Transfiguration as well as watched over him as the H.O.H. She claimed that Pettigrew “hero-worshipped” both James Potter and Sirius Black. In fact, she even described him as a “lump of a boy” who constantly followed Sirius around like his lap-dog. She even claimed that Peter was “stupid” as well as “foolish.” However, Minerva clearly grew to have some respect for him once he joined the Order. She even spoke sadly about him before she learned that he was the one responsible for the betrayal and not Sirius.

16 He Lived As A Rat For 12 Years

As most fans know, Peter Pettigrew was one of the Mauraders, the small group of friends that consisted of James Potter, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin. Peter even decided to become an animagus in order to make Remus feel more comfortable with the fact that he was tragically turned into a werewolf. The fact that Pettigrew could turn into a rat at will was something that came in handy after he was forced to fake his own demise in order to properly frame Sirius Black.

Due to his fear of being caught, Pettigrew lived as a rat for a solid 12 years.

He was eventually discovered by Sirius and Remus in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

15 He Chose The Weasleys As Owners To Avoid The Death Eaters

After Pettigrew faked his demise, he chose to live as a rat in order to both keep up his lie as well as to avoid the Death Eaters. At this stage, many of Voldemort’s followers were unknown to the authorities and lived amongst the common-folk. Due to the fact that Voldemort’s apparent demise happened due to Pettigrew’s information, the Death Eaters believed that Pettigrew was a traitor and therefore sought to destroy him.

Wormtail knew that he stood a better chance at staying alive if he picked a “good” family to stay with. Eventually, he came to be Percy Weasley’s possession and was handed down to Ron. Presumably, Wormtail (as “Scabbers”) stayed with the Weasleys because he knew that the family would treat him right as well as shield him from Voldemort’s secret followers.

14 He Almost Ruined Ron And Hermione’s Relationship

Although Wormtail didn’t mean to, he almost completely ruined Hermione and Ron’s friendship in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Throughout the book and the film (to a lesser extent), Ron was constantly trying to save Scabbers (AKA Wormtail) from Hermione’s carnivorous new cat, Crookshanks. When Wormtail heard that Sirius Black had escaped from Azkaban and was poking around the Hogwarts grounds, he decided to flee, faking his demise a second time.

In the book, he bit himself in order to leave blood that suggested that Crookshanks had finally taken him out.

It completely convinced Ron, and the pair’s relationship nearly ended until the truth was revealed. This is just another instance of Peter Pettigrew doing anything necessary to remain alive.

13 Rats helped him find Voldemort

A lot of fans of Harry Potter who haven’t paid close enough detail to the books wonder how Wormtail and Voldemort were reunited before the events of The Goblet of Fire. Well, the truth is Wormtail learned from fellow rats that a dark force was living in a forest in Albania. This force ended up being Voldemort himself, who was living off the animals in the forest. However, Voldemort was just clinging to life in his shriveled-up form.

Wormtail lured a prominent ministry witch, who was on vacation in Albania, into the forest and then proceeded to force information out of her that helped persuade Voldemort to take him back into his good graces.

12 He Fed Voldemort Nagini’s Milk to Save Him

Aside from finding Lord Voldemort in a forest in Albania and giving him some vital information about the upcoming Triwizard Tournament from the ministry official he lured into the forest, Wormtail also stayed in Voldemort’s good graces due to the fact that he kept him alive. At this point, Voldemort was simply a shriveled up humanoid creature who barely had any power at all.

With Wormtail’s help, he managed to stay strong enough to last until the end of The Goblet of Fire when he was “reborn.”

Wormtail was able to do this because he milked the venom out of Nagini, Voldemort’s giant snake who will appear in human form in Fantastic Beasts 2: The Crimes of Grindelwald. This venom provided Voldemort with the rudimentary body we see in Goblet of Fire.

11 He Helped Capture Mad-Eye

When Wormtail traveled to Albania to seek Voldemort, he ran into a ministry official who he forced into telling him legitimate information about the goings on at Hogwarts. This included the upcoming Triwizard Tournament that they would get Harry Potter to take part in, as well as the fact that Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody would be the next Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher.

Another piece of information this ministry official gave was that there was a Voldemort supporter hiding out in England. This ended up being Barty Crouch Jr., who, with the help of Wormtail, tracked down Mad-Eye Moody and captured him. Crouch then famously continued to take locks of Mad-Eye’s hair in order to brew a Polyjuice Potion that turned him into Mad-Eye.

10 Snape Got His Revenge On Pettigrew

As we found out through various flashbacks during Harry’s time learning legilimency from Severus Snape, Severus was teased and pushed around by Harry’s father, Lupin, Sirius, and Peter Pettigrew as a child. Pettigrew probably wouldn’t have been the one to instigate this, but he was happy to play along with what the “cool kids” were doing. That, after all, was sort of his M.O. However, in their later years, Snape got his revenge on Wormtail after Voldemort ordered Wormtail to live with Snape at Spinner’s End in order to help him with various things.

Wormtail ended up being Snape’s punching bag and personal servant.

In fact, Snape treated him quite poorly, which, without a doubt had more to do with Wormtail betraying Lily Potter than anything else.

9 Voldemort Loathed Him

Lord Voldemort may not have had the ability to love anything except for himself, and even that is arguable, but he certainly had some appreciation and respect for certain members of his cult. At one time, he had immense respect for Lucius Malfoy, but that went away after Lucius continued to fail him. Bellatrix and Snape seem to be in his good graces constantly as they appeared to be his most ardent supporters. Snape, specifically, was the one he thought was infiltrating Dumbledore and the Order.

Wormtail is a different story entirely. Voldemort never liked Wormtail at all. He put up with him because Wormtail helped to keep him alive. But even before Voldemort’s first downfall, the villain knew that Wormtail was only around out of fear, not out of duty or respect.

8 He Wasn’t Skilled At Magic

Throughout the course of the Harry Potter series, two very different powerful magical folk made comments on Wormtail’s lack of power. The first was Wormtail’s old Transfiguration teacher, Minerva McGonagall, who claimed that he was far less talented than his friends when it came to magic. Then there’s Voldemort, who always regarded his servant as particularly weak. The truth is, they were mostly right about him.

He was a hopeless dueler, only besting opponents when catching them off-guard.

However, there are a couple of instances where he’s shown more potential than even he believed. One of these moments was when he caused an explosion that ended the lives of twelve Muggles and allowed him to get away from Sirius Black.

7 He Was Surprisingly Intelligent And An Opportunist

You can say a lot about Peter Pettigrew, including his cowardly demeanor, but one thing you can’t say is that he was dumb. On the contrary, Wormtail was actually pretty intelligent. This cunning helped him frame Sirius for the crime that he committed, as well as search out Voldemort.

Wormtail’s intelligence also allowed him to be quite the opportunist. This trait perhaps sums him up the most, as from the start of things he knew how to get in with the “right” crowd. When the tides changed and there was a better group to be associated with, that’s exactly where Wormtail would end up. A fool wouldn’t be able to navigate situations like this, let alone stay on Voldemort’s good side.

6 The Other Death Eaters Didn’t Like Him

Being an opportunist didn’t quite go over well when it came to Voldemort’s closest servants. First of all, many of them, including Bellatrix Lestrange, were there because they either believed in Voldemort’s cause or Voldemort himself.

Many of these Death Eaters saw Wormtail as a clinger; someone who was merely there to survive and never truly fought for what they believed in.

Another major source of the dislike the Death Eaters had for Wormtail had to do with Voldemort’s first downfall. This event happened on Wormtail’s information. When Voldemort was seemingly annihilated after attacking Harry Potter, many Death Eaters saw Wormtail as a traitor who purposefully led Voldemort to his grave.

5 His Hand Was Cursed

Although the filmmakers behind the Harry Potter movies didn’t explore Wormtail’s silver hand, it was certainly talked about in detail in J.K. Rowling’s novels. Wormtail first got this magical silver hand after he severed it from his body while resurrecting Voldemort in The Goblet of Fire. However, it came with a catch.

The catch with Wormtail’s replacement hand was that it was cursed. Sure, the hand had magical properties, including being impervious to certain jinxes, but it also led to his downfall. Though Wormtail didn’t receive a proper final scene in the films, his demise in the books occurred when he was planning to do good on his “life debt” to Harry. Wormtail’s magical hand turned on him, wrapped around his neck, and took his life.

4 He was insecure about his body

Every single person on the planet has their own set of insecurities. This is true of all of the characters within J.K. Rowling’s masterful series. For Wormtail, it was his stature. Not only was his short height an issue for him, but his weight and shape particularly bothered him. He no doubt compared himself to the more traditionally handsome James Potter and Sirius Black while growing up.

Due to actor Timothy Spall’s height, Wormtail was portrayed a taller than he was in the books.

However, when he first appeared in Prisoner of Azkaban, he was around the same height as a 13 and 14-year-old Harry and Hermione. Both Harry and Hermione would grow to be taller, while Pettigrew remained the same height.

3 He Was Made More Rat-Like For The Films

J.K. Rowlings described Peter Pettigrew has had some of the qualities of a rat, especially after living as one for a solid twelve years. These traits included watery eyes, grubby skin, a pointed nose, and even a squeaky voice that followed him after he revealed himself in The Prisoner of Azkaban.

Azkaban director Alfonso Cuaron wanted to make sure audiences absolutely knew that Pettigrew would have maintained some of his rat-like qualities after his twelve-year stint. These added details included extra nostril hair, knuckle hair, two big teeth, and a consistency between Scabbers’ fur and Wormtail’s locks. Hiding his neck with the right coat also made Wormtail’s rat-like look more believable. These details also came in handy for Wormtail’s visual transition back into his animagus form as he escaped.

2 He Took Voldemort’s Wand

Wormtail didn’t keep his distance the day after Voldemort’s downfall in Godric’s Hollow. He made sure he was nearby as he hoped his information would be useful. Voldemort, of course, wanted to take out a young Harry Potter due to the prophecy that stated that the boy could lead to his demise. Unfortunately for Voldemort, his attempt on Harry’s life backfired and he was practically disintegrated.

Wormtail deduced this once he came across the rubble of the house. He then found Voldemort’s iconic phoenix-feathered wand and took it for safe keeping.

He later gave it back to Voldemort once he was strong enough to use it once more.

There’s no telling where exactly Wormtail stored the wand while living as a rat for twelve years.

1 His Demise Was Connected To The Marauders

Wormtail’s connection to the Marauders, Lupin (Mooney), Sirius (Padfoot), and James (Prongs) was fully realized the day that he met his end. This is because Wormtail’s demise (at least in the book) was very similar to those of his three classmates.

All four of them, in one way or another, passed away while trying to protect or save Harry.

James met his end at the hands of Lord Voldemort that day in Godric’s Hollow. Sirius was protecting Harry when he was struck by Bellatrix’s curse. Lupin fought in the Battle of Hogwarts, giving Harry a moment to escape from Dolohov, who was later revealed to have taken Lupin out. Finally, Wormtail’s cursed hand turned on him the moment he was about to let Harry go, honoring his life-debt.

What do you think is the craziest fact about Wormtail in Harry Potter? Let us know in the comments below!

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Batfleck: The Internet’s Craziest Reactions To Ben Affleck’s Casting 5 Years Ago

It’s been five years since Ben Affleck joined DC Films’ shared universe (unofficially titled the DC Extended Universe) as Bruce Wayne, aka Batman – and we’re now looking back at the craziest reactions to his casting. Affleck made his debut as the iconic DC superhero in Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016 and then he briefly reprised his role later that year in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, before making his latest appearance in 2017’s Justice League.

While all three movies were critically panned, many people have praised Affleck’s depiction of Batman (and Bruce Wayne, for that matter), while many other people have lamented it. At the moment, there’s a lot of uncertainty regarding the actor’s role in the ongoing shared universe as the Caped Crusader. Affleck still has one more DC movie on his contract, which may or may not be for Matt Reeves’ The Batman movie. If it’s not, then he could potentially appear in The Flash movie, but even that seems unlikely as the studio is reportedly moving away from the Flashpoint story arc.

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Nevertheless, with one cameo and two main roles down, Affleck has had time to prove himself as the Dark Knight (based on the scripts he was given). While there are plenty of people who truly laud his portrayal of the character, it didn’t start out that way back in 2013, when he was first cast as Batman in the follow-up movie to Snyder’s Man of Steel.

General Outrage Over Ben Affleck as Batman

Needless to say, there were a variety of reactions to Ben Affleck’s casting as Batman, many of which were just general outrage. Of course, people picked apart Affleck’s acting career, his accent, his body, and more, the vast majority of social media users who opposed Warner Bros.’ decision expressed anger, shock, and disbelief. And it wasn’t just from the general public either, quite a few professional journalists got involved as well. Here’s one example (Source: @JillPantozzi):

What’s interesting – but not so surprising, all things considered – is that the official Twitter account for Comedy Central also chimed in on the news, saying that casting Affleck as Batman is something that only the Joker would come up with… but as a distraction. Take a look (Source: @ComedyCentral):

Since Warner Bros. ultimately cast Affleck in the role, quite a few people called out the studio for incompetence and recommended that they, perhaps, pick up a comic book every once in a while. At the time, they were still known as the studio that had just completed producing Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, which should’ve given them at least some clout in the matter. (Source: @BrianLynch, @ChaseMit)

There Were Plenty Of Ben Affleck Body Shamers

When it comes to playing a superhero like Batman, being able to physically embody the characters is just as important as getting the gravitas down. Affleck’s towering height helped him in that regard, and there’s no doubt he spent a lot of time training to not only play Batman but also look like Batman. That much can be seen on display in Batman V Superman. But long before the movie came out, one of the first things his detractors did when he was cast in the role was body-shame him. (Source: @IbrahimMuqsit, @GeorgeWarnock, @AnjunaMiami)

Some people specifically pointed out Affleck’s chin as the reason he shouldn’t play Batman, especially since that’s one of the few facial features they would see while he’s in the Batsuit. Interestingly, other people used the chin as a reason for why Affleck should play Batman. (Source: @OnlyOneLuff)

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Ben Affleck’s Filmography & Acting Skills Weren’t Up to Par

Immediate reactions to Affleck’s casting as Batman, of course, drew comparisons to his portrayal of Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil. Over the years, several actors have managed to play multiple superheroes and/or roles in rival comic book movies. For instance, Chris Evans played both Johnny Storm and Captain America, and Ryan Reynolds played both Green Lantern and Deadpool. While some actors have been given the benefit of the doubt when it comes to superhero redemption, Affleck wasn’t awarded the same courtesy by his vocal detractors. (Source: @benshapiro, @jarpad)

Even though Affleck had, by this point, starred in several acclaimed films as well as directed an Oscar-winning movie, he was still being judged on a relatively small timeframe from the early 2000s, particularly his involvement in Gigli – which is considered one of the worst movies ever made, not to mention one of the biggest box office bombs of all time. No matter how much time passes and how much Affleck tries to redeem himself, it appears that film may follow him around for the rest of his career. At least, it did come back to haunt him when he joined the DCEU.

Nobody Wanted a Batman With a Boston Accent

Bruce Wayne/Batman has been played by numerous actors over the years, each with different accents – but a Batman with a Boston accent was taking things a bit too far, apparently. And what’s interesting about that is Affleck’s accent isn’t even prominent. Everyone’s okay with Englishmen playing Batman (Christian Bale) and Superman (Henry Cavill), but someone from Boston playing Batman was an automatic no-go. (Source: @kissmycassidy)

To conclude things, a petition even launched, demanding WB remove Ben Affleck as Batman because his acting skills weren’t “even close to being believable as Bruce Wayne,” not to mention there was the idea that he wasn’t “intimidating enough” for the role, to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies. Given Batman’s not-so-subtle introduction in Batman V Superman, it’s fair to say Affleck had that part down from the get-go. But, after all this time, the question remains, is Ben Affleck a good Bruce Wayne and a good Batman?

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