6 Things Most Fans Don’t Know About Carol Danvers’ Kree Suit

Carol Danvers’ Kree suit for Captain Marvel caused a lot of discussions when it was first revealed. Lots of people had theories about why the colors were ‘wrong’ and admittedly some of them even got it right. People were arguing about the suit right up until the trailers started releasing, and even then the trailers didn’t fully stop the debate.

Fans who have seen the movie now know that Carol ends up with two different designs for her suit. The Kree one that confused many with its leaked photos, and her traditionally colored suit. Though technically both are the same suit, just with different colors. The fact remains that there is still a lot to be known about her suit, both what it represents and how it was made. Here is everything you should know about her green suit and what it means for her character.

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6 Kree Colors

The most obvious fact is the reasoning behind the colors. The suit is designed with the Kree colors in mind. That’s because at the beginning of the movie Carol Danvers was part of the Kree team called the Starforce, even if she didn’t stay with them in the end.

The Starforce is a special and elite unit within the Kree army. This says a lot about the status they were trying to elevate Carol (Vers, to them) to. Or it could simply be that Yon-Rogg wanted to personally keep his eyes on her.The Kree colors could also be the movie’s way of hinting to fans about everything that has happened to Carol. She wasn’t merely abducted by the Kree. She was made to be one of them, at least in part. That’s why she bleeds blue now.

5 The Lines

The lines of all the Kree suits were intentionally designed to be angular and harsh. The main reason the creative team made this decision was so that they would be dramatically different from the way the Skrull suits were designed. The Skrull suits have softer edges, and are generally more organic looking.

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Meanwhile, everything about the Kree had to imply high technology. Carol’s suit has advanced capabilities, and most of them seem to be controlled from a section on her wrist. It can even change the color of the suit, which seems simple, but is probably actually very complex.

4 Hala Star

The star on the center of the suit is also known as a Hala Star. It’s a star symbol known to represent the Kree Empire. Thus it’s typically shown on all Kree uniforms, ships, and anything else they can think of.

Hala is the home planet of the Kree, and thus the significance behind the star itself and the name. It is also a planet that has been destroyed as far as the comic canon is concerned. Thus the Kree hold on to the heritage it left them with everything they have.

The Hala star was also a major part of the original Captain Marvel’s design, He was also known as Mar-Vell (ringing any bells there?). He was the reason that Carol received her powers, and is one of the reasons she chose to adopt the star as well. Obviously, in the movies, her reasoning is slightly different (as she likely wasn’t given a choice in the suit design originally), but she’ll probably end up keeping the star for similar reasons.

3 Captain Marvel Logo

The Hala star combined with the two gold lines on each side are part of the iconic logo for Captain Marvel. Of course, traditionally she’s seen with the design in gold, red, and blue. But the design itself is iconic enough to translate in a green and gold version.

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Carol Danvers’ has been using this as her emblem ever since she became Captain Marvel. It represents everything that is important to her, from where she got her powers, to what she is working so hard to protect. For her, it’s a symbol and a reminder.

2 Faux Hawk

Believe it or not, the Faux that Carol Danvers is rocking is actually a hat tip to the comics. Captain Marvel got her famous Faux Hawk around the same time that she got her new mantle.

At the time of taking over her series, writer Kelly Sue DeConnick felt that Carol needed a new look to go with the new title. But everything that had been submitted so far just wasn’t cutting it. DeConnick felt very strongly about getting the look right, since Captain Marvel was a big move for the character, and honestly a little extra attention couldn’t hurt.

So she approached the famous artist Jamie McKelvie and managed to talk him into doing it (that was a whole ordeal in itself, and worth looking up). He came up with the design for the Faux Hawk, and it was love at first sight for DeConnick. It’s been a look that has stayed up until recent comics. It may still make an appearance again, but it hasn’t of late. Here’s hoping the movie will spark a resurgence.

1 Different Suits Used For Filming

Carol Danvers’ suit and looks were actually created by having Brie Larson wear several different suits, depending on the occasion. Some of the suits were designed to look better for dramatic shots, while others made it easier for the actress to move. There’s even a separate suit for when she’s filming the flying scenes!

The materials in each suit set were dramatically different as well, depending on what was needed. Some were leather, others neoprene, and others a combination of different materials.

In total there were seven or eight suits for Brie and her two stunt doubles. It’s a crazy amount of different suits when you think about it.

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Cat Wyatt

Captain Marvel Concept Art Gives Carol Danvers a Comic Book Inaccurate Suit

Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers could’ve received a very different, and comic inaccurate, costume in Captain Marvel if this concept art was chosen as the basis for her look. The latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe helped bring their first lead female superhero to the big screen, and even though Marvel Studios worked in some of their usual changes from the source material, the film and Carol’s story is still largely based on her comic book history – especially the work of Kelly Sue DeConnick.

Even though Carol’s traditional look is a red, blue, and yellow suit, the early appearance of Larson on set in a green costume surprised many. It was quickly sorted out that this green and white look was a result of her being part of the Kree military, with Marvel eventually confirming she was part of an elite group known as Starforce. As Captain Marvel‘s plot unfolds and Carol learns more about her otherwise mysterious past though, she ditches this look for her usual look that fans of the comics have grown accustomed to.

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Concept artist Aleksi Briclot has now revealed some of his alternate designs for Carol Danvers’ Kree look in Captain Marvel, and it’s safe to say there are major deviations from comic lore. The three designs all attempt to mostly conceal Vers’ look, with the first two designs electing to completely cover her from head to toe. Only the final design gives any indication what the person wearing these elaborate designs looks like, but check them out below.

The decision to possibly conceal Carol’s identity when she was working with the Kree could’ve been another layer to add to the mystery that Captain Marvel gives her, but it would also only be effective if audiences don’t immediately know that it’s Carol. One nice detail that two of the designs include is the Hala logo that’s often customary on Kree military suits in the comics. This logo is nowhere to be seen in Captain Marvel though, but maybe that will change in a sequel.

As if there was any doubt before, Captain Marvel 2 continues to look all the more likely to happen. The first film has already passed Captain America: The Winter Soldier at the box office in just two weeks and may be on its way to being another billion dollar hit for Marvel Studios. With mostly positive reviews and Carol positioned for a big role in Avengers: Endgame, the interest in more from this franchise is likely only going to continue to rise. And with her suit already changing again for Endgame, maybe her next suit or some additional Kree looks can incorporate elements of these pieces of Captain Marvel art.

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10 Things About Carol Danvers That Captain Marvel Left Out

Having soared past box office projections, Marvel Comic’s latest film Captain Marvel has introduced a new audience to Carole Danvers. Initially introduced in 1968’s Marvel Super Heroes #13, she has come a long way since her first introduction. Initially a colonel in the United States, an explosion of a Kree device bestows her with a Kree-Human DNA structure.

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While the film got many elements of her backstory correct, fifty years of comic history means that a few things were left out. With so much more to uncover about the MCU’s latest superhero, here are ten things about Carol Danvers that Captain Marvel left out.

10 Her Apartment Is Inside The Statue Of Liberty

As far as upscale apartments in New York City go, this one takes the cake. As thanks from Mayor J. Jonah Jameson (perhaps you’ve heard of him) for saving the city, she was gifted a swanky place to stay in the city. While out of the way for most people, the apartment was a perfect base of operations for Danvers, whose own shifting and evolving views of what was right and what was wrong coincided with her staying in the symbol of liberty and justice.

9 She’s From Boston

Perhaps it’s for the best that Sacramento-born Brie Larson didn’t attempt to give Danvers a Boston accent. While initially from the Boston suburb of Beverly, recent retcons have Carol growing up in Boston’s Back Bay area.

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It certainly explains Carol’s tenacity and refusal to give up; growing up in a city that (back then) had a neighborhood called the Combat Zone would make anyone tough as nails.

8 Her BFFs Include Spider-Woman And Jessica Jones

Carol Danvers has many in-world fans (dubbed the Carol Corp), but none more so than her best friends. Among them are fellow heroes Monica Rambeaux (the second Captain Marvel, who appeared as a young girl in the film), Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman) and Jessica Jones.

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Given that the three of them all have experience with being brainwashed/mind controlled (more on that later), it makes sense they would bond and become friends. Her friends have been there for the ups and downs of Carol’s life, and she’s quick to return the favor.

7 Briefly Joined The Guardians Of The Galaxy

While on a mission to find herself and learn about who she really is, Carol took a walk-about in space. During this time, she joined up with the adventuring team known as the Guardians of the Galaxy. Her stint was fairly short lived; she appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 issues 23-25, and quickly leaves to deal with issues regarding the Kree. Whether or not this comes into play in future MCU films remains to be seen, but it would be an appropriate nod to her brief time with them in the comics.

6 Seventh Sense Ability

Not quite a “spider sense” but not that far off, either. As part of her original powers, Carol possessed a “seventh sense” ability. This was a sort of precognition that alerted her to somewhat immediate threats and dangers nearby. She has gained and lost abilities over the years, but has maintained this one.

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That being said, it comes up infrequently, and comic writers by and large seem to ignore the ability. Still, it’s a good tool for her to have in her pocket, and future Captain Marvel films may delve deeper into the ability.

5 She Backed Hero Registration In Civil War

One of Marvel Comics most infamous super hero feuds was that of Civil War. On one side stood Tony Stark, who fought for the government-mandated registration to all super heroes. On the other was Steve Rogers, who argued for personal freedom and choice.

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Siding with Stark was Carol Danvers, which makes a decent amount of sense. As a rank and file officer, Carol would feel a personal obligation to follow government orders on something like this. While she never received much in-universe heat for her position, it’s interesting to note how she would have sided in the MCU version and how that might have changed things.

4 Rogue Absorbed Her Powers

When she first debuted, Rogue was part of Mystique’s villainous Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. After several of their members were captured, she convinced Rogue to absorb the powers of Ms. Marvel to break them out. Their plan worked, and Rogue was bestowed with Carol’s powers, as well as part of her psyche.

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Carol, meanwhile, lost her powers for some time, eventually gaining them back thanks to the help of Professor X. This put Carol and Rogue at odds for quite some time, which has never fully formed into a friendship.

3 Other Hero Identities

Carol Danvers has had quite a few titles over the years. In addition to her original Ms. Marvel and current Captain Marvel titles, events and sequences in her life have often called for a new superhero identity. One such identity was “Binary”, which gave her the abilities to tap into a “white hole”. This tremendously boosted her power, giving her control over various energies, lights, and even gravity. When these powers were severed, she retained her current power set up, going by the identity of “Warbird” instead. Only recently has she donned the Captain Marvel identity, and only after getting the blessing from her friend and former Captain Marvel Monica Rambeaux.

2 Feelings For Spider-Man

In one of the often-overlooked romances of the Marvel Comics universe, Peter Parker and Carol Danvers were briefly an item. Initially, Carol hated working with Spider-Man on the Avengers, finding him annoying. When a currently de-powered Carol gets into a fight at a dock in Queens to obtain an important item, Spider-Man shows up to investigate. He decides to ask her out, and the two go on a very awkward first date. The two eventually warm up to one another, and a slight romance follows the two for a time. The two seem to break things off eventually, as nothing ever came of the relationship in the comics.

1 Leader Of Alpha Flight

As part of the “All-New, All-Different Marvel” storylines, the historic Alpha Flight band of heroes got a reboot. The once Canadian superhero team became a militaristic space force, taking over the role held traditionally by S.W.O.R.D. (the sister agency of S.H.I.E.L.D.). Leading the charge was Captain Marvel, whose experience in space travel and ranking as a Major made her more than qualified to lead the team. She managed to use the program to defend the planet from an alien invasion for months on her own, proving her worth as a team leader. Given Carol’s similar role in the film, it’s not impossible to think of a similar version to Alpha Flight appearing in the MCU.

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Captain Marvel Extended TV Spot: Carol Danvers Shows Off Her Photon Blast

Captain Marvel Carol Danvers Full Suit Helmet Flying Space

UPDATE: Read our breakdown of the new Captain Marvel trailer.

Marvel Studios releases a Captain Marvel sneak peek, offering fans a new look at the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe movie introducing Brie Larson as Carol Danvers. Fans of Carol Danvers have been waiting years for her solo movie, originally slated to arrive in 2018 until the addition of Spider-Man and an Ant-Man sequel shifted the MCU slate back. After Captain Marvel was teased in the Avengers: Infinity War post-credits scene, fans have been eagerly awaiting her official debut in the MCU. That will come in the form of the 90s-set Captain Marvel, an origin story for the superhero and a prequel to the majority of the MCU.

Captain Marvel will introduce viewers to Carol Danvers (Larson), a woman who grows up on Earth and becomes a U.S. Air Force fighter pilot, but disappears and eventually returns as a member of the elite Kree team known as Starforce and without the memories of her past. She reappears on Earth looking for insight into who she is and looking to end the Kree-Skrull War. Though the full Captain Marvel trailer only released last month, a special sneak peek on ESPN offers a new look at Captain Marvel.

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Tonight, during the College Football Playoff National Championship game between the Clemson Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide, ESPN debuted both a behind-the-scenes look at Captain Marvel as well as an extended TV spot. Watch the TV spot below.

Captain Marvel will reunite MCU fans with characters like Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) as well as Guardians of the Galaxy’s Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace) and Korath (Djimon Hounsou). The Captain Marvel trailers have also introduced new characters, like Skrull leader Talos (Ben Mendelsohn), Maria Rambeau (Lashana Lynch) and Jude Law’s mysterious character. As with previous teasers, the latest look at Captain Marvel focuses on the hero herself, paying particular attention to what brings her to Earth – which is discovering who she truly is and trying to find a way to bring an end to the Kree-Skrull War.

Further, though previous Captain Marvel trailers have offered glimpses of the few returning MCU characters, this latest video largely focuses on Carol’s dynamic with Nick Fury. The new extended TV spot features Carol showing off her photon blast for Fury and trying to get him up to speed on the abilities of the Kree and the Skrulls, with the latter alien race being shapeshifters. Plus, the dialogue between Carol and Fury features plenty of the funny quips that have become integral to all the MCU movies. Lastly, the teaser also dives a little deeper into Law’s still unconfirmed character, who leads the Starforce and mentors Larson’s Carol.

This latest Captain Marvel teaser offers fans a great deal of new footage, which should help to hype up viewers ahead of the movie’s early March release. And, now that Captain Marvel tickets are on sale, Marvel Studios will no doubt ramp up promotion for Carol Danvers’ solo movie even more.

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New Captain Marvel Poster Reveals the Double Life of Carol Danvers

A new poster for the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film Captain Marvel reveals the double life of Carol Danvers. Captain Marvel has been around for just as long as other popular superheroes, with the character first appearing in Marvel Super-Heroes #12 in December 1967; however, while Captain Marvel has been featured in several animated adventures over the years, 2019 will mark her first live-action debut.

Marvel announced Captain Marvel back in 2014 and cast Brie Larson as Carol Danvers two years later. Since then there has been a lot of buzz revolving around Marvel’s first female-led superhero adventure. Both the first Captain Marvel trailer and the teaser poster have been out for a few months now, leading to a multitude of fan theories surrounding the upcoming movie. Now, following the release of other marketing materials like Captain Marvel Funko Pops, a prequel comic book, and a line of Marvel Legends figures, a brand new poster has also been revealed.

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First released on the official Captain Marvel Twitterthe newest poster for the upcoming MCU film teases the double life of Danvers. The poster features a glowing Carol Danvers, while fighter jets soar on her left and alien spaceships fly on her right. The poster doesn’t reveal much about the actual plot of the film, but again teases the two separate lives of Danvers that will be depicted in the film. The tweet also confirms that the next Captain Marvel trailer will indeed premiere during ESPN’s coverage of Monday Night Football on December 3, 2018.

Aside from the mystery of whether Danvers’ Earth-based memories are real or not, Captain Marvel has also kept the identity of Jude Law’s character a secret. Since he was cast in Captain Marvel, Law has been quiet about what character he is actually playing. Initial reports claimed he was playing the character Mar-Vell, but both Marvel and Law will neither confirm nor deny this. Even with the aforementioned Funko Pops, Law’s character is just called Star Commander, which is on par with the mystery surrounding his character.

While more story details will likely be released when the second trailer is released tomorrow night, this new poster reiterates that Danvers’ double life will play an important role in Captain Marvel. As with most Marvel movies, many elements of Captain Marvel have remained a secret, but with the film releasing in a little over three months, more details surrounding the film can be expected to surface soon.

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Carol Danvers’ Starforce Name Revealed (It’s Not Captain Marvel)

Captain Marvel may still be several months away, but the movie’s tie-in Funko toy has revealed the name that Carol Danvers will be going by as part of the Starforce team: Vers. There was a question mark lingering over what name Carol would be using while serving in the elite Kree military unit, since the trailer for Captain Marvel revealed that she’ll be suffering from amnesia and won’t remember her original life on Earth at first.

Carol Danvers has gone by many names in the comics – including Ms. Marvel, Binary, and Warbird – but took up the mantle of Captain Marvel fairly recently, starting with Mary Sue DeConnick’s run of Captain Marvel comics that began in 2012. In the upcoming movie, directed by Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden, it wouldn’t really make sense for Carol to start out using the name Carol Danvers (from a life she doesn’t remember) or Captain Marvel (which, in the comics, was taken up in honor of the original Captain Marvel after his death). Instead, it seems that she will be using a vestige of her surname.

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The popular toy company Funko has shared its line-up of Captain Marvel pieces, including several different versions of the movie’s titular character: Carol in her Captain Marvel costume, Carol in her Star Force uniform, Carol in her Air Force uniform, Carol wearing her helmet and mohawk, and even Carol on the back of a motorcycle. Perhaps the most interesting detail of the many Carols, however, is the reveal of what name she’ll be using when the movie’s plot begins. All the versions of Carol in the green-and-black Starforce uniform (like the Pocket Pop! keychain pictured below) use the name Vers.

While the exact details of Captain Marvel‘s plot remain sketchy, there are certain things that we’ve figured out based on the trailer. Carol Danvers is born on Earth and has a career as an Air Force pilot, but somehow ends up fighting in the Kree-Skrull war on the side of the Kree, joining the elite team Starforce alongside Korath the Pursuer and several other Kree warriors. While fighting as part of Starforce she doesn’t remember her original identity, but when her pursuit of a Skrull soldier brings her back to Earth, she begins recalling memories of her life before she became Vers.

The question that remains is who gave her that name. One possibility is that Carol has some kind of token of her former life – dog tags, perhaps, or something else with her name on it – that was partially destroyed, so that the only legible part that remains is the letters “VERS.” Another explanation is that the name is given to her by someone who knows her true identity (perhaps the villain Yon-Rogg) but is keeping it a secret from her. Finally, it could be the case that “VERS” is the only part of Carol’s name that remains intact in her fractured memory.

However Carol ends up going by Vers, it looks like she’ll have at least three different names in the movie – and will possibly go by Warbird and Binary as well. That’s rather appropriate, given that Captain Marvel appears to be a story about Carol’s search for her true identity.

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