Deadpool 3: David Leitch Hasn’t Heard From Disney Yet

David Leitch hasn’t heard anything about Deadpool 3 yet following the finalization of the Disney/Fox deal earlier this year. At one point deemed a risk due to its vulgar, adult-orientated content, the Deadpool franchise became the most popular films in Fox’s X-Men series, combining to gross $1.5 billion at the worldwide box office. It’s for that reason the Mouse House has no plans to reboot the Deadpool character; the current iteration is doing phenomenally well, so there’s little incentive to change things up.

Still, the future of Deadpool on film remains uncertain. Deadpool 2 ended in a way that essentially set up the X-Force spinoff (which had Drew Goddard onboard to direct), but X-Force was one of multiple Marvel-based Fox films that were shelved indefinitely back in January, months before the Fox/Disney deal became official. And while Marvel Studios is hard at work ironing out Phase 4 of the MCU, there’s been no word on what’s next for the Merc With a Mouth. Right now, all remains quiet on that front.

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Speaking with ComicBook at the premiere of Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, Leitch was asked about upcoming Deadpool projects, including a Deadpool 3. According to the director, he’s still waiting for a call:

“In everybody’s world, everybody wants to make it. So, if I was ever approached to make Deadpool 3, my answer would be, ‘Hell yes,’ but I think there’s a lot of things going on in the shake up with Fox and Disney and where that whole Marvel world after Endgame is gonna be. When the dust settles, let’s hope that Deadpoool lives. That’s kind of ironic, right?”

In all likelihood, more Deadpool movies will happen at some point. Earlier this year, Disney CEO Bob Iger went on record to state he wants to keep the property R-rated, but may keep it separate from the larger MCU (which would honestly be for the best). The trick is finding the opportune time to move forward with them, and it’s understandable why nothing’s been officially announced yet. Disney only inherited X-Men and Deadpool in March and have had a full plate on their hands dealing with everything associated with the Fox deal. As Leitch indicates, once the dust settles there might be some real discussions about what’s next for Deadpool. The franchise is very popular, so Disney will surely look to continue it in one way or another.

Leitch isn’t the only one associated with the Deadpool franchise curious to see where things go. Earlier this month, Josh Brolin (who plays Cable) revealed he’s called Marvel Studios to talk about the character’s future, so there’s widespread interest on making something happen soon. There probably won’t be any hints during Marvel Studios’ highly-anticipated Hall H panel during this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, but hopefully soon Deadpool fans find something out – whether it’s for X-Force, Deadpool 3or something else entirely.

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Chris Agar

Disney Won’t Change Deadpool, Says Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige says the Deadpool movies won’t change, now that Disney owns the X-Men rights. The Mouse House finalized its purchase of Fox’s assets last month, giving it full control over their IPs like Avatar, Alien, and The Simpsons, to name but a few. It also gave Disney the rights to both the Fantastic Four and X-Men films, which includes the Ryan Reynolds-led Deadpool and its sequel (not to mention, the PG-13 Once Upon a Deadpool cut). Of course, this begs the question: what comes next for The Merc With a Mouth and his pals?

In the past, Disney CEO Bob Iger has indicated that the studio will be pretty hands-off when it comes to the Deadpool franchise, given its current success. The Mouse House even plans to release more R-rated Deadpool movies in the future, though probably separate from the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the time being (lest it lose its family-friendly, PG-13 brand). Feige, for his part, seems to be on the same page with Iger, as far as Marvel Studios’ plans for the Deadpool property and its potential spinoffs (like X-Force) are concerned.

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Speaking to Variety, Feige touched briefly on Marvel Studios’ plans for the Deadpool franchise. As he put it:

“When we were purchased, Bob [Iger] said to us, ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. There’s no question that Deadpool is working, so why would we change it?”

Reading between the lines, it seems the tentative plan is for the Deadpool movies to carry on business as usual, post Disney-Fox deal. They might not be included in the MCU anytime soon (something Feige also hinted at during his Variety interview), but that could honestly be for the best. Arguably, a big part of the reason that Reynolds’ take on The Merc With a Mouth has worked is because he’s been free to play in his own version of the X-Men universe, untethered to the continuity of the mainline films. With the X-Men expected to be rebooted for the MCU after Dark Phoenix hit theaters in June, the Fox era of the franchise is about to come to an end anyway – so why start pretending that Deadpool is really all that connected to his mutant peers (and, in turn, due for a similar makeover for the MCU) now?

If there’s a downside to this, however, it’s that Deadpool is unlikely to share the screen with the superheroes of the MCU in the immediate future. As much as fans would want to see Wade Wilson hang out with Peter Parker in New York or show up at the Avengers’ headquarters, that’s not going to happen until his movies suddenly become PG-13 rated or Marvel Studios start making R-rated MCU films in general. Still, who knows: Once Upon a Deadpool suggested that Reynolds’ version of the character could ultimately work in a PG-13 world without completing sacrificing his “edgier” qualities, so a compromise might be in order to make an MCU crossover possible. If not, then at least Wade can still crack wise about Mickey Mouse keeping him on a long leash in Deadpool 3.

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10 Possible Storylines For The Upcoming Deadpool Movie (Based On The Comics)

After a long and difficult road to getting his own solo film, the Deadpool films are currently among the biggest of superhero franchises. The R-rated, fourth-wall-breaking nature of the character was a risk but ended up being a much-needed fresh take on the genre. While some worried how the franchise would fare with the Disney-Fox deal, Disney has confirmed they plan to make more Deadpool films in the future.

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There are so many exciting places to take the character, and plenty of great comic book stories the future films can draw from. Deadpool and Deadpool 2 drew a lot of inspiration from particular comic arcs to great effect. Looking forward at the franchise’s future, here are some of the best storylines from the comics that the Deadpool movies should use.

10 Deadpool Vs The Hulk

Though some fans worried that joining Disney would result in a watered down version of Deadpool, the merger also provides a lot of potential for the future. The comics have always had great fun showing Deadpool interacting with other Marvel heroes. Now they can do that in the movies without being restricted to just the X-Men universe.

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Deadpool Vs Hulk is a great story that is now a possibility. The story follows Deadpool who, after becoming bored and depressed with his life, picks a fight with The Hulk in an effort to end it all. Just the thought of these two very different characters facing off is enough to set the box office on fire.

9 With Great Power Comes Great Coincidence

One of the greatest aspects of Deadpool is his penchant for meta-comedy. His tendency to break the fourth wall allows the comics to comment on the medium itself and the history of Marvel comics at large. The story With Great Power Comes Great Coincidence is a fantastic example of how well this can be done.

The story finds Deadpool and Blind Al trapped in another dimension, which just so happens to be within the pages of a classic Spider-Man comic. While it might be a difficult story to transition to live action, an animated take on this story could be a real winner.

8 Night Of The Living Deadpool

Deadpool is one of those rare characters who can be transplanted into just about any genre. Not only will he fit in any world, but he’ll likely breathe some new life into it as well. Case in point, this comic story that has Deadpool in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

Zombie movies can be a bit tiresome, but a Deadpool zombie movie just sounds like a whole lot of fun. It could be a superhero version of Shaun of the Dead. Since Deadpool isn’t weighed down but reality, why not have the movies see how wild they can get?

7 Dead Reckoning

So far, the Deadpool movies have found success in telling smaller, more personal stories. Indeed, Deadpool is not really the kind of character that needs to be involved with the world-saving adventures of the other heroes. However, a movie based on the Dead Reckoning story would give Deadpool a chance to be that kind of hero, albeit in a very Deadpool way.

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A movie based on this story could fully explore Deadpool’s heroic nature or lack thereof. Does he have the capacity to be utterly selfless and try to save the world? Or would he rather see it all come crashing down just for the fun of it?

6 A Kiss, A Curse, A Cure

One of the most interesting aspects of the Marvel universe that has yet to be explored in the films is Death. In the comics, Death is a personified character who plays a big role in several storylines. She is famously Thanos’ muse and inspiration for wiping out half the universe. But she has also had a very interesting relationship with Deadpool.

This storyline explores the attraction between these two and the many complications that come with it. They want to be united, but Deadpool is a character that cannot die. This might be the ideal way of finally bringing Death to the big screen.

5 Dead Presidents

The comics can be really weird. And as much as the MCU does justice to the source material in various ways, sometimes the comics are just too “out there” for them to tackle. But if any character could fully embrace the insanity of the comics, it’s Deadpool. And the Dead Presidents storyline is the perfect opportunity to go all out.

The title of the story is not misleading. It is about all the past and deceased presidents of the United States being resurrected as zombies and Deadpool is tasked with re-killing them. It’s bizarre, it’s violent, it’s violent — the perfect Deadpool story.

4 Whatever Happened to the White Caption Boxes?

The voices inside Deadpool’s head have been a big part of his character and an aspect that has not yet been explored in the films. In the comics, those voices inside his head are referred to as the “little white boxes”. In this amazing storyline, those voices actually become personified.

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A part of Deadpool’s personality breaks off and comes to life in the form of Madcap, a forgettable Captain America villain from the past who shares a lot of similarities with Deadpool. Not only would this be a great way to look at Deadpool’s mental issues, but the face-off between these two characters would be highly entertaining.

3 The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Deadpool is one of the funniest characters in the Marvel universe, but it’s easy to forget that he is also a very tragic character. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly offers a lot of Deadpool’s trademark humor, but it is also incredibly heartbreaking.

After learning that the Weapon X program has been revived in North Korea and they are using Deadpool’s organs to create new mutants, he is forced to confront his dark past. With memorable appearances from Captain America and Wolverine, this is an epic story that added a lot of depth to the character of Deadpool.

2 Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe

One of the most exciting things we’re looking forward to with the next Deadpool movie is how he’ll comment on now being a part of the MCU. While they need to handle his involvement in that universe carefully, this famous storyline could be the perfect commentary.

In Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, Deadpool begins hearing a new voice in his head that instructs him to carry out a specific mission — killing everyone. What follows is Deadpool dispatching all our favorite heroes in violent ways. It would be hard to pull off but it could serve as the perfect end to the Deadpool trilogy.

1 Deadpool Kills Deadpool

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse showed how much fun could be had by exploring the multi-dimensions of the Marvel universe. Deadpool could have a similar adventure by adapting Deadpool Kills Deadpool for the big screen.

The story centers on an evil Deadpool from another universe who sets out to kill all other versions of Deadpool. It’s up to the Deadpool in our universe to stop him. There is so much potential in a story like this and imagine the fun of Ryan Reynolds getting to play every strange version of Deadpool that appears.

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Colin McCormick

The 10 Best Deadpool Funko Pops, Ranked

Comic books, and by extension, the collection of comic memorabilia, has become increasingly mainstream over the last few years, which is in large part due to the continued success of comic book adaptations on the big screen. And one of the most mainstream collectibles is without a doubt Funko Pop!’s unique line of vinyl figures of all kinds for every kind of fan.

Funko fans are delighted every year with new releases of their favorite pop culture characters, with some popular characters receiving more variations than others. One character in particular with a huge collection of Funko vinyls is Marvel’s Deadpool, who’s found popularity in comics and on the big screen. Today we are going to take a look at the best Deadpool Funkos available to fans.



Deadpool is so versatile! Seriously, the character has an iconic look that can be represented in so many ways, as we see with the Cheerleader Deadpool Funko. Not only does the Funko feature a dynamic pose to stand apart from the rest of the crowd, but the bright white of the cheerleader outfit separates the black and reds of the costume (and pom poms) perfectly.

Cheerleader Deadpool is a favorite of cosplay enthusiasts and we’ve seen Deadpool suit up before in the comics, so it’s exciting to finally be able to own a version of Cheerleader Deadpool to join the growing Funko army. Give Me a D! Give me an E! Give me an A! You get the idea.



While it may initially seem weird to picture a deadly mercenary with tumorous skin as cute, Deadpool in Funko form is generally adorable. Even when seeing the Merc-with-a-Mouth enjoy a little relaxing downtime, Funko takes every chance possible to increase Deadpool’s adorableness to overload.

Sporting classy eveningwear that “Hef” would be proud of, Deadpool in Robe from Funko includes a few key accessories for Deadpool in his downtime alongside the monogrammed robe. Fuzzy Unicorn slippers and a Panda plushy make this Funko a must-have for any Deadpool fan.



Speaking of Pandas, there exists a very unique version of Deadpool in the Marvel Multiverse. Residing on Earth-TRN312, Deadpool is actually an anthropomorphic Panda merc known as Pandapool, who joined the multiversal Deadpool Corps against the Evil Deadpool Corps in Deadpool Kills Deadpool by Cullen Bunn and Salva Espin.

Funko Pop!’s Pandapool figure looks fantastic and manages to capture both the cute and the ferocious sides of Pandapool, who became a favorite alternate reality version of Deadpool. This is despite only appearing for a couple of issues before his tragic death in battle alongside other Deadpools.



Evil clowns have been a mainstay of horror pop culture for years but have become increasingly prevalent following real-life creepy clown sightings and the release of It: Chapter One, which starred the eternally frightening Pennywise the Dancing Clown. It’s no surprise then that Deadpool would get in on the fun as well.

Funko’s Deadpool Playtime lineup released a number of interesting figures, with Deadpool Clown perfectly showcasing the ingenuity of the Playtime figures. While not instantly recognizable as a Deadpool figure, the various logos and grease-painted facemask shine in this variant, with the gun and sword balloon animals sealing the deal for any fans of evil clowns.



One of the greatest strengths of any Funko Pop! line of vinyls is the variety of figures, considering most Funkos could be easily made with the same mold. It’s that dedication to variants that keeps collectors comic back for more, and the Chicken Suit Deadpool is a great example of that.

Chicken Suit Deadpool is fairly self-explanatory and features a unique mold of the Merc-with-a-Mouth wearing a chicken suit. The suit’s feathers and detailed feet would be enough to put this Funko on the list, but the fact that Deadpool is holding a bucket of chicken while eating a drumstick takes this figure to another hilarious level.



What makes a Funko? Really, with so many versions of different characters that even includes Funko dragons from Game of Thrones, what is it that makes a Funko so unique? As we can see in the unique release of Mermaid Deadpool, it has to be that cute blocky head atop that tiny body.

Mermaid Deadpool features the unmistakable blocky head of Deadpool, yet the fishified body of a mermaid that provides one of the most unique versions of Deadpool Funko has ever released. The full costumed Deadpool not only features a finned lower half but goes all in with a seashell bikini and speargun to further entice fans of both Deadpool and mermaids.



Thou shalt not pass… this great Funko up! Deadpool in full wizard regalia is definitely going to be a big draw to fans of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, despite no actual connection to Tolkien’s legendary trilogy. But if fans were looking for a Deadpool and Gandalf mashup, look no further.

Not only does Deadpool look great with a greyed out beard, but his wizard staff is even topped with the iconic Deadpool logo and a signature “Come at me, bro” stance that separates this winner from the losers. Wizard Deadpool was a Barnes & Noble exclusive and featured a rare choking hazard warning, which Deadpool would no doubt approve.



We’ve seen Pandapools and Mermaid Deadpool’s, but no animal mashup can compare to the beauty and glory that is Deadpool the Duck! The costumed anthropomorphized duck comes complete with dual swords and a duckbilled sneer that perfectly suits the character.

Believe it or not, Deadpool the Duck hails right from the comics, as first seen in Deadpool the Duck #1 from Stuart Moore and Jacopo Camagni. The comic series saw Deadpool and fan-favorite character Howard the Duck stuck hilariously sharing the same body, though their unique situation did not last long.



No Deadpool Funko list is complete without the Joy of Painting host with the most, Bob Ross. Ross hosted the long-running and cult favorite painting series on public television for years and was a staple of 80s and 90s television which led to his popularity resurgence on the internet today.

Deadpool famously donned the Bob Ross outfit for a Deadpool 2 teaser, which revealed almost nothing about the film. The teaser featured Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool as Bob Ross painting a Thanksgiving scene that featured the stars of Deadpool 2. Thankfully Funko Pop! has immortalized that moment with their Bob Ross Deadpool figure.



As we’ve discussed throughout this list, variety is the key to Funko’s expansive roster of figures, which is why their Samurai Deadpool vinyl tops our list. Not only is anything Samurai instantly cooler, but Deadpool as a Samurai feels so ridiculous we just have to have it!

As always it’s the little additions that really make this figure stand out, from the Deadpool logo on his helm to the sword full of tacos (no chimichangas?). However, it’s the dedication to detail in the figure’s lightweight folding armor, known as tatami gusoku, that should really impress collectors.

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Deadpool Welcomes The Fantastic Four BACK To Marvel

Deadpool may be the biggest blockbuster hit to come out of the X-Men movie universe, but now that he’s been returned to Marvel Studios he’s showing some love to one of Fox’s biggest failures: the Fantastic Four.

Hot off the heels of fighting Marvel’s version of Batman in his standalone comic, Deadpool is now taking it upon himself to welcome The Fantastic Four back into the fray of everything Marvel. It’s been a rough few years for the team, too. In the comics, the Fantastic Four have been MIA since 2015’s Secret Wars, after seemingly sacrificing themselves in a battle with Dr. Doom to restore Earth. Thankfully the Fantastic Four have returned, revealing they were actually just busy recreating the Marvel Multiverse. But the movies… are a different story.

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Explaining their absence may be complicated by comic standards, but Fox’s movie reboot killed the franchise completely. The Fantastic Four movie rights had left Marvel back in the 1980s, up until the announcement that Disney was buying back Fox’s Marvel properties. With the acquisition officially taking place on March 20, 2019, it’s time for Deadpool to officially welcome the Fantastic Four home in the latest issue of Spider-Man/Deadpool #49.

In the latest run of Spider-Man/Deadpool, Wade Wilson has lost his ability to break the fourth wall; but that doesn’t keep him from cracking some meta-humor. Thanks to Marvel’s preview of Issue #49, fans can see him erase the line between the worlds of Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios.

In the latest issue of the team-up series, Spider-Man and Deadpool were imprisoned in a mysterious dimension with a group of heroes, similarly captured by a villain named The Manipulator. After Deadpool escaped with the help of Gwenpool hiding out in “gutter space” (don’t ask), she sent him back dressed to the nines (and armed to the teeth) to help free the heroes he left behind. The Fantastic Four jump into the fight against the Manipulator after being freed, thanking him in the process.

Deadpool can’t pass up the chance to return to his ‘meta’ ways, stating how they are “finally on the same team. All together under the same banner.” The joke is a clear reference to not only the Fantastic Four being reunited after the events of Secret Wars, but Disney recently closing the deal on acquiring Fox’s assets. A joke so meta that Deadpool then references it himself, frustrated at his current inability to break the fourth wall and see if the reader appreciated one of his better fiction-breaking jokes in recent months.

Don’t worry Deadpool. Whether you know it or not, fans are guaranteed to get the reference–and they’re just as excited that a Deadpool/Avengers/Fantastic Four team-up in the MCU is finally a possibility. And with Disney’s apparent willingness to keep making Deadpool movies, we can only hope to see this interaction in live action in the near future.

Spider-Man/Deadpool #49 will be available from your local comic book store on April 10th, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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Kirk Smith

Exclusive: How Deadpool Created Marvel’s Own Batman

The story of the brutal and black-clad Good Night returns in Deadpool #11, asking readers to wonder would have happened if Bruce Wayne’s parents weren’t killed by Joe Chill… but Wade Wilson, instead? The answer is still a version of Batman, but putting the so-called ‘hero’ in the part of the criminal.

Now this is Deadpool we’re talking about, so few fans truly expect for Skottie Young’s first arc on the series to truly make a ‘villain’ out of its lead. In fact, when it was first suggested that Deadpool created Marvel’s own Batman by slaughtering a wealthy couple in front of their son, the scene was played off for a joke. But the laughter is over in our preview of Deadpool #11, coming to fans on April 3, 2019.

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Readers of the series already learned that Batma–sorry, the vigilante calling himself Good Night is not just any ordinary hired gun, or Deadpool opponent. With the exact same origin story as Batman, and a costume not all that dissimilar from the Dark Knight’s, it was assumed that he had also spent his life training for this chance at revenge. The first few pages of the preview don’t dive too deeply into that backstory (referred to as “kinda messed up, you guys” in the official synopsis. But they do confirm the Bat-parallels that Young is driving at–punctuated by an absolutely gorgeous re-imagining of the Wayne murders, courtesy of artist Scott Hepburn.

Take a look at the preview pages below:

Throwing the actual physics or physiology of Deadpool having his skeleton removed out the window, the visual pays off immediately (finally creating a twisted version of this Batman’s ‘cape’ fluttering behind him as he leaps across rooftops). Yet the issue continues to make Good Night deadly serious about his lust for vengeance. Not to mention emphasizing the Marvel universe’s version of the Monarch Theater, whose lights are carried over into Good Night’s own costume (even his name is the film he enjoyed with his parents, before they were murdered). Even Deadpool has to admit, this origin story is the kind that any good mercenary would kill for.

The first pages set up a more detailed life story delivered by Good Night, which we hope will be the case. With this preview taking the idea of a Batman rip-off from funny to legitimately stunning artistically, we can’t wait to see what else young and Hepburn have in store. But until the full issue arrives next week, read on for the full synopsis and details below:

  • DEADPOOL (2019) #11
  • Published: April 3rd, 2019
  • Writer: Skottie Young
  • Art: Scott Hepburn
  • DEADPOOL: BONELESS AND EXTRA CRISPY! Good Night has removed Deadpool’s bones! What has Good Night been doing since Deadpool killed his parents? I know the answer. It’s…it’s kinda messed up, you guys.

Deadpool #11 will be available from your local comic book store on March 27th, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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Andrew Dyce

Thor’s Chris Hemsworth Welcomes Deadpool To The Disney & Marvel Family

Chris Hemsworth welcomes Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool to the Marvel family after the completion of the Disney-Fox deal. Although there are many facets to Disney’s now official acquisition of Fox’s film and TV assets, the one that has undoubtedly received the most attention (for better or worse) is the reality that Marvel Studios will have access to the X-Men and Fantastic Four for the first time. Marvel has yet to confirm their plans for the characters, but a major reboot is expected.

While this will mean that new versions of Wolverine, Professor X, and more will eventually join the MCU, the fate of Deadpool may not be the same. Recent reports have indicated that Reynolds will continue to play Deadpool in the future, although whether or not it is in the Marvel Cinematic Universe remains to be seen. For his part, Reynolds has already made some Deadpool-style jokes about the deal and they should continue whenever he appears next.

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Now that Deadpool is officially a Disney character, Thor himself is taking time to welcome his fellow superhero to the family. Thor star Chris Hemsworth, who may make his final appearance in the MCU later this year in Avengers: Endgame, took to Instagram to share a fun image of what he says is Deadpool and Thor’s “love child.”

Even though this is just a piece of art shared by Hemsworth, it does go to show how effortlessly Deadpool can slide into the MCU. He may not wear Thor’s helmet or wield a miniature Mjolnir if it does happen, but the Avengers patch on his shoulder doesn’t look too out of place. Deadpool may not actually be accepted as an official member of Earth’s mightiest heroes, but it would not be surprising if Reynolds drew some inspiration from this art and had Deadpool incorporate recognizable MCU gear into his look next time around, even if it was just for a moment.

With Hemsworth helping welcome Reynolds to the Disney family, fans will surely be holding out hope that Thor and Deadpool can possibly cross paths in the future. We don’t yet know exactly what either of their futures are at this point, as Hemsworth could leave Thor behind after Endgame and Disney’s exact plans for Deadpool are still a mystery. This could result in the two characters never getting a chance to meet on screen, so maybe Reynolds’ Deadpool will get a mini Mjolnir of his own to honor him. Since Marvel Studios has only had access to Deadpool and the rest of Fox’s Marvel characters for a few days, it will still take some time before we know for sure what Deadpool’s future is with Disney, but we can only hope it includes a Thor meet up now.

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Source: Chris Hemsworth

2019-03-22 12:03:55

Cooper Hood

10 Ways Disney Can Make The Deadpool Franchise Work

Well, it’s finally happened. After a lot of rumors and hurdles to jump, Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox is closed. While this is a complex situation with a lot of moving parts, Marvel film fans are rejoicing at the prospect of seeing some of their beloved characters finally joining to MCU. While there’s still a lot of question about how any of these characters will fit into the existing universe, one of the biggest question marks is Deadpool.

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Unlike the X-Men and Fantastic Four films Fox has developed, Deadpool is actually very successful. This is not a franchise that would be easily rebooted. But does the boundary-pushing humor of Deadpool mesh well with the family friendly image of Disney? It’s a complicated situation, but here are some ways Deadpool can work over at Disney.

10 Rated R

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first. Deadpool needs to be R-rated. The character is violent and vulgar, and to try to tone it down would be a disaster. Even the current franchise couldn’t make PG-13 work. If Disney wants to use the character they’ll have to get dirty.

There has already been some talk of R-rated MCU films, and Deadpool is the perfect character to test it out. With a character already proven to work in that area, it would hardly be a risk for them at all and might lead to more R-rated films.

9 Maintain Continuity

As crazy as it would be to make PG-13 Deadpool, it would be equally crazy to reboot the existing franchise. Ryan Reynolds has done a lot with the character and Disney should not underestimate how important his leg work has been.

Deadpool is a difficult character to crack, but Reynolds and company have successfully brought him to the big screen. Luckily, with his fourth-wall-breaking habits, he might be the only characters who can bring with existing franchise over to Disney without skipping a beat.

8 Don’t Ignore The Elephant In The Room

While exciting to some fans, this merger is a little messier than it seems. The X-Men franchise is still ongoing and there are several films in various stages of production. That likely all comes to an end now.

Some fans of the Fox films might not be happy about the new deal and that’s going to be hard to ignore when they start integrating all these properties. That’s why Deadpool is such a valuable character. He can openly discuss the changes instead of pretending everything is normal. In the end, he could be the character best used to bridge the gap.

7 Keep It Small

One of the greatest jokes from Deadpool was how the budget could only afford two X-Men. It’s a fun bit of meta humor, but as it turns out, that smaller budget actually better served the film.

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The Deadpool films, while slick and action-packed, are some of the more reasonable superhero budgets. Deadpool is not a hero to be saving the world from alien invasions, therefore his films can function on a smaller scale which can be a little refreshing. Save the $200 million budgets to the bigger names.

6 Let Him Poke Fun

At this point, the MCU is standing on some pretty solid ground. Every film they put out is a hit with audiences and most critics, they’re leading up to the massive Avengers: Endgame, and they’ve just reacquired some of their biggest properties. We think they can handle to be the butt of a few jokes.

As ground-breaking as the MCU is, it’s not perfect. There are certain things people could quibble about. It would be a mistake to not allow Deadpool full range with how he ridicules his new home. Nothing seems off-topic for him so Disney and the MCU should be no different.

5 Give Ryan Reynolds Control

From the earliest discussions of a Deadpool movie, Ryan Reynolds was always a name attached as a possible star. Despite the rough start with the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Reynolds has since proven he was born to play the role.

Not only is Reynolds perfect casting for the lead role, he also has an intense passion and understanding of the character. If Disney is lucky enough to keep him around, they should allow Reynolds to take the reigns of the franchise and let him go wild.

4 Keep Him Out Of The MCU

The thrill of the MCU is the amazing crossover potential. While the merger means even more crossover potential, it would be a mistake to let Deadpool wonder outside his own franchise.

Deadpool is too bizarre a character to pop up with the Avengers. As fun as it would be to see, his presence in the MCU wouldn’t make sense. His fourth-wall-breaking and R-rated content just don’t work in that world. He’s better off staying in his own separate universe where he can be himself.

3 But Bring The MCU To Him

While it wouldn’t make sense for Deadpool to exist in the MCU, it would make perfect sense for the MCU to exist in a Deadpool movie. This is a very unique character who the rules don’t apply to, therefore, any character could appear in his films without worry of impacting the overall universe.

You could have Thor and Captain America and they would be the Deadpool versions of those characters. It could be an alternate timeline that exists only in Deadpool’s mind. This could lead to a lot of fun cameos where we’d see our favorite characters in an R-rated setting.

2 Take Advantage Of Disney Property

It’s not just the Marvel properties that Deadpool can now play with, but the entire Disney catalogue. Given how much fun the first two Deadpool films had with just the X-Men universe, imagine what the character can do in this whole new world (Aladdin reference intended).

Hopefully, Disney allows Ryan Reynolds and company to go wild with the whole universe and take full advantage of the merger and all the great toys that come along with it. We’d love to see the Pixar version of Deadpool eventually.

1 Know When To Stop

As beloved as he is, Deadpool’s popularity might not be as lasting as some of the other heroes. He is a character who might work best in small doses and, therefore, the people behind the franchise should be conscious of overstaying their welcome.

Ryan Reynolds has already wondered about the end of the franchise. Instead of letting audiences get tired of the character, they should try to leave them wanting more. Perhaps Deadpool 3 should be the final entry, and with the new merger, what story would be a better fit than Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. Talk about a big finish.

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Colin McCormick

Watch: Avengers: Endgame Trailer With Deadpool In It Mostly Works

The latest Avengers: Endgame trailer hilariously includes Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool in a new fan-made video. Marvel Studios surprisingly dropped the second full trailer for the much-anticipated blockbuster last week with a mix of old and new footage. And it didn’t take long before fans hacked the Merc with a Mouth in there to put a fun twist in a rather serious clip.

Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, Endgame will be the culmination of the 22-film arc that the MCU has been treading since 2008’s Iron Man. Picking up after the events of Avengers: Infinity War, where Thanos (Josh Brolin) handed Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ first real defeat by wiping half of life in the universe using the completed Infinity Gauntlet, the ball is now on the heroes’ court as they plan to avenge the galaxy and make the Mad Titan pay for his crimes. Aside from the reconvening of the core Avengers, the film will also mark Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel’s (Brie Larson) return to Earth following the events of the 1995-set Captain Marvel, joining the bout against Thanos. However, there might be another hero who could factor in the upcoming film according to this brand new fan-made clip.

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Courtesy of YouTube channel Mightyraccoon! comes the Endgame trailer with Deadpool. The mouthy mutant is inserted in every frame of the video and given his ability to break the 4th wall, he provides hilarious commentary on top of the original narration. At some points, he also fully interacts with the hero like helping a pre-super soldier serum Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and getting shot by Hawkeye’s daughter’s arrow. It’s also interesting that he continues to troll Black Widow especially since Reynolds was once married to Scarlett Johansson. Watch the full clip below:

The video’s done as a joke, but seeing Deadpool with the Avengers might soon become a reality. Disney’s in-process acquisition of Fox’s TV and movie assets is expected to be finalized in the next few days, meaning the rights of the X-Men, Fantastic Four and all their tie-in characters will return to Marvel after being managed separately over at Fox. Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige is still mum about their plans for the extensive character list that they can finally utilize in the MCU, but while rumors of reboot for the main X-Men saga and a brand new take on the Fantastic Four is likely, the Deadpool franchise is expected to be carried over. Whether that means that he’ll exist in the established lore or be in an alternate reality a la the comics remains to be seen. But knowing Feige’s goal of an interconnected universe, it’s not outside the realm of possibilities that Wade Wilson will find himself with the Avengers in the near future.

Assuming that this is going to be the case, it will be interesting how the difference between Deadpool’s and the MCU’s tones will be tackled, which was highlighted in the mash-up trailer. Then again, it’s also important to note that the Avengers: Endgame marketing has been leaning more on being serious rather than having the quippy humor that the franchise is known for. Once the Thanos debacle is resolved and everything clears up, it would be a delight seeing Wade go back-and-forth with not only quippers like Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Rocket (Bradley Cooper), but also the more straight-cut characters like Captain America and T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman).

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Source: Mightyraccoon!

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ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL “Deadpool defends Nickelback” Trailer (NEW 2018) Superhero Movie HD

ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL ‘Deadpool defends Nickelback” Trailer (NEW 2018) Superhero Movie HD
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