Avengers: Endgame URL Redirects to Once Upon a Deadpool Page

In a mysterious prank, the website redirects users to a promotional website for Fox’s soon to release Once Upon a Deadpool. After months of – admittedly self-created – anticipation from fans about when Marvel Studios and Disney would finally drop the first trailer for Avengers 4, the big event finally occurred Friday morning, along with confirmation of the film’s official title. Needless to say, Marvel fans have been spending most of the day since analyzing every frame of the trailer, looking for clues about what’s to come.

As expected, none of the characters dusted by Thanos appeared in the trailer, although provocative questions like “how will a stranded Iron Man get back to Earth” or “how did Ant-Man escape from the quantum realm” were raised before the end of the first look at Avengers: Endgame. Tomorrow brings with it the arrival of the trailer for Spider-Man: Far from Home, despite the fact that fans don’t even know how Peter Parker gets resurrected yet. That said, those are both 2019 films. Before 2018 ends, Deadpool is set to return to theaters with Once Upon a Deadpool, a PG-13 re-cut of Deadpool 2 framed by scenes featuring the Merc with a Mouth and a kidnapped Fred Savage.

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One wouldn’t expect Avengers: Endgame and Once Upon a Deadpool to have anything to do with each other, as one is part of the MCU and the other is part of Fox’s X-Men universe. Yet, in one odd way, the two films have been connected. As reported on by THR, what seems like the most obvious URL to visit for information on Avengers 4 or to re-watch its trailer,, instead redirects to a promotional page for Once Upon a Deadpool. Making things weird is that it seems unclear why exactly this redirect was created.

Now, the first logical guess is that this URL redirect is simply a publicity stunt. After all, Fox’s sale of its movie and TV studios – plus all the franchises those studios contain the rights to – to Disney is nearing completion, so it wouldn’t be shocking to learn the two studios collaborated on an amusing bit of cross-promotion. This also seems like the exact type of thing Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds would do. However, it may not be that cut and dry.

The Twitter account @AGuyInChair claims to own the URL, and that he made the decision to redirect the website to Deadpool-related content. THR says they exchanged DMs with that account, and the person who responded says that they aren’t Reynolds, and bought the website URL back in April, when Avengers: Infinity War released. The person also claims to have had advance knowledge of what Avengers 4’s title would be. Making that explanation a bit difficult to believe is that the account in question didn’t exist until Friday afternoon. For now, fans can only wonder how this intriguingly strange situation will ultimately be resolved.

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ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL Trailer # 3 (NEW 2018) Christmas Superhero Movie HD

ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL Trailer # 3 (NEW 2018) Christmas Superhero Movie HD
© 2018 – Fox

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Deadpool Saves Christmas… By Killing Santa Claus

Warning: SPOILERS for Deadpool #7

The time has come for Santa Claus to pop into the Marvel Universe, but with Deadpool determined to kill him for clients, Santa may not live to see another holiday.

Deadpool #7 is all about the trials and tribulations of running a toyshop at the North Pole, even before the threat of a contract killing stirs up trouble. It’s not the first time that Deadpool has tangled with Ol’ Saint Nick, either; in 2016, he teamed up with Spider-Man to save Christmas, and this year, it looks like he’s doing it again.

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Whether you love them for their holiday charm, or loathe them for being pointless seasonal filler, holiday comic book issues are back in town: and Deadpool is out to get none other than Santa Claus himself this year! The holiday special is something of a tradition in the Marvel Universe, even if the events of these specially themed comics don’t generally have anything to do with the larger events happening in this world. Deadpool #7 starts with the all-top-real heartbreak of a Christmas morning with no toys under the tree, and disappointed children all over the world. But this being 2018, these kids don’t take their lack of toys sitting down.

Instead, they start a GoFundMe (sorry, a ‘GoPayMe’), and use the funds to hire Deadpool to take out Santa Claus for his failure to deliver. Of course, when Wade gets to the workshop (having obviously accepted the contract to kill the deadbeat Santa) he discovers that all is not as it seems. Santa is now drunk, foul-mouthed and weirdly ripped – and has a pretty good excuse for not delivering the goods. As it turns out, an evil elf convinced all his helpers to abandon him, and now works them to the bone at a Roxxon toy factory. What’s a merc to do? He can’t kill Santa, so instead, he takes on the elf, brings back the toymakers, and saves Christmas!

Of course, this is the definition of a fluffy Christmas special, and we don’t expect to see any reference made to Deadpool’s latest holiday mission in the New Year. That said, this adventure does take the Merc with a Mouth past the home of the Avengers, so there is always room for them to comment on his attempts to kill Claus in the future! More likely, however, this is just a fun cameo from some other Marvel characters.

However, if Deadpool #7 has whetted your appetite for some holiday Deadpool, there’s always Once Upon A Deadpool to look forward to! This PG-13 rated version of the original Deadpool film comes with a frame story of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool telling his story (The Princess Bride style) to Fred Savage. Only in theaters from December 12 to Christmas Eve, this is all the Deadpool we’ll need for the holiday season.

Deadpool #7 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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Once Upon A Deadpool Includes 20 Minutes of New Footage

Once Upon a Deadpool will have 20 minutes of new content, as revealed by a brand new promo clip for the film. Everybody’s favorite Merc with a Mouth played by Ryan Reynolds will be back on the big screen just in time for the holiday season with a tamed down version of Deadpool 2, so families, and especially kids, can finally see the movie. Announced shortly after the sequel’s box office run was finished, the upcoming flick will be available in theaters for a special two-week run.

Despite people’s excitement over Once Upon a Deadpool, the new Fox project is not without controversy. Last month, it was revealed that the idea for the film was pitched by a fan to Reynolds on Twitter in 2017. The actor has since reached out to said fan, but details of their conversation remain private. Nonetheless, it seems like everything’s good between the two. With that sorted out, marketing for the new flick continues with a brand new video.

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Fox (via Comic Book) has released a brand new promotional clip for Once Upon a Deadpool featuring Julian Dennison, who plays Russel Collins/Firefist in Deadpool 2. Similar to the first trailer for the special release, the video shows the Kiwi actor reading a Christmas bedtime storybook (covered with the upcoming film’s official poster) providing an explanation to why the altered version of the sequel is necessary. He also revealed that it’ll have “more than 20 minutes of new footage, new jokes.” Watch it below:

It makes sense that Reynolds and his team would add that much new footage, considering that the original cut was gory and full of expletives. Since Once Upon a Deadpool will have a more kid-friendly rating, they would need to replace or reshoot a good chunk of the film. Parts which cannot simply be reworked to suit its brand new target audience need to be replaced by fresh content that’ll suit its PG rating. As previously reported, the cast and crew shot the new material at the end of summer. So far, the trailer for the film has already given the public a tease of what to expect, which includes a parody of UP with an old couple resembling Ellie and Carl, as well as the reveal of Fred Savage following his poster debut.

Aside from Once Upon a Deadpool being a brand new way to rack up revenue for Deadpool 2, it’s also a litmus test with regard to whether or not a toned down Deadpool film can actually work. Gauging people’s perception of the film will be a good indicator as to how Disney and Marvel Studios can tackle the property once rights to its characters (alongside the X-Men and Fantastic Four rosters) return to Marvel. Unlike the main X-Men film saga, there’s a good chance that Kevin Feige will adapt Reynolds’ established lore, what remains to be seen is how it’s going to be handled moving forward.

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Deadpool Just Replaced His Arm With a [SPOILER] Head

Warning: SPOILERS for Black Panther Vs. Deadpool #2

The fight between Deadpool and Black Panther just got kicked up to a new level, now that Wade Wilson has decided to upgrade the severed limb he used to call an arm… with something far more horrifying.

The shocking case of Deadpool body modification comes in the latest issue of Black Panther Vs. Deadpool, the Marvel Comic pitting the two least likely Avengers against eachother over the fate of Wakanda – and the life of a neighborhood mailman. But before their battle can escalate to see Deadpool take the throne as Black Panther, he decides to offend T’Challa by doing the unthinkable. Take Deadpool’s healing factor? Fine – he’ll just replace his arm with a living zebra’s head.

  • This Page: Deadpool Gets The Arm Black Panther Stole
  • Next Page: Deadpool Trades an Arm for a (Zebra) Head

Black Panther Took Deadpool’s Arm as a Trophy

Marvel fans who missed the first run-in between Black Panther and Deadpool may have a hard time believing even Wade Wilson could push a noble king like T’Challa to such extremes, but believe it or not, Black Panther took Deadpool’s arm and healing factor away from him. According to T’Challa it was all in the name of science, which Wade Wilson should support if for no other reason than to prove he really is a “hero,” and not a hired gun. But T’Challa didn’t bother to give Deadpool a replacement for his limb, either.

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So as easily as the King of Wakanda may have dismissed Deadpool as a minor annoyance, teleporting him to the borders of the country with no arm and no apology is coming back to bite him. First things first, though: Deadpool needs an arm. And to prove he’s no villain, he’s taking a replacement from the right kind of person…

Deadpool Takes an American Trophy Hunter’s Arm

Never one to back down from a fight, the fact that Deadpool is on a mission to acquire vibranium to save an innocent mailman’s life makes him even more determined than usual. Determined enough to travel all the way back to Wakanda on foot, where he gets to meet up with some locals roped into escorting American trophy hunters. Most fans of Deadpool will know how this interaction is going to go from the moment it begins – more than the American, trophy hunting brothers desperately seeking their father’s approval (no political commentary there).

There’s more than a little bit of irony to the scene, since Deadpool’s arm has also been taken as a trophy by Black Panther, no matter how much he may claim it is all in the name of science. The bottom line for Deadpool is that he needs an arm to reattach and return to fight Black Panther. And a trophy hunting idiot’s is as good as any. Or so he thought…

Deadpool, That Zebra Isn’t Dead…

There’s no way to adequately prepare fans for what they’re about to see, since even the R-rated Deadpool movie stops short of dismemberment or the Frankenstein-esque merging of man and beast. All for the right reasons, however, as Deadpool notices (hilariously, after he’s already sliced one the men’s arms clean off) that the zebra being hunted wasn’t actually killed.

Seeing the situation before him – dying, innocent animal in need of a living body, and his stump covered in Wakanda science-goo just waiting for a limb to knit back together – there is only one thing that Deadpool’s sentimental heart can do. Slice that zebra’s head off and smash it into his arm stump. Then go to WAR.

Page 2 of 2: Deadpool Trades an Arm for a (Zebra) Head

Deadpool’s New Arm is a Zebra Head

Now that the rights to Deadpool and the rest of the X-Men are returning to Marvel on film, there are plenty of obvious reasons for fans to hope that the movie universes will be combined. But in that long list of crossovers, teamups and cameos, we doubt fans imagined the scene that next plays out in Black Panther Vs. Deadpool #2. Because seeing T’Challa behold the returned Deadpool, zebra head knitted to where his living arm should be is something every fan should be able to enjoy.

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Just to make sure that readers are more stunned and amused than genuinely horrified, we should remind everyone that the zebra head is alive, thanks to technology recently discovered by T’Challa and his sister Shuri. Known as Star Cells, the healing particles seek to repair any wound they come into contact with. For Deadpool, that means his cancerous tissue is unable to multiply and form a replacement arm. But for the zebra, it appears the Star Cells can cure even inter-species trauma, making Deadpool’s shoulder and the zebra’s head the weirdest twist on a Marvel symbiote we’ve ever encountered.

And even though Black Panther drove Deadpool to such extreme circumstances, witnessing Deadpool’s idea of wildlife conservation isn’t an easy thing to absorb.

Black Panther, Deadpool & Spot Join Forces

For those curious, the issue shows the two main flaws in surgically attaching the head of a zebra to the bas of the right arm. First, it is guaranteed to send the king of Africa’s mightiest nation into mortified anger, understandably assuming that the animal has been mutilated for some twisted reason only rational to Deadpool’s broken mind. And two, it represents absolutely not offensive capability whatsoever. Although its bleating does provide some effective tension to Deadpool and Black Panther’s second hand-to-head showdown.

Despite the title of the comic preparing fans to see an extended rivalry, Deadpool proves entirely accurate in his prediction of how his and T’Challa’s comic series would go. With the first big misunderstanding out of the way, and now the second fight built on yet another, the time has come for them to set aside their differences… and take on a common foe now coming crashing into Wakanda in flames. Oh, and they’ll have to figure out what to do with the severed head of Spot, Deadpool’s pet (sidekick?) zebra.

The issue ends with King T’Challa committing to giving Deadpool his original arm back (since his vision for this technology’s true purpose has grown well beyond Wade’s appendage). But that still leaves the problem, first Wade’s, now T’Challa’s, of what to do with the severed, living head of the zebra. And considering the ludicrous lengths the comic has already gone to, we’re not convinced T’Challa’s answer is going to be any less outrageous. Just one more reason to keep reading into Issue #3.

Black Panther Vs. Deadpool #2 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL Trailer # 2 (NEW 2018) Christmas Superhero Movie HD

ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL Official Trailer (2018) Superhero Movie HD
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Hugh Jackman Trolls Ryan Reynolds With Once Upon a Deadpool Ad

Hugh Jackman trolls Ryan Reynolds with a mock Once Upon a Deadpool ad that pokes numerous holes in Reynolds’ seemingly perfect public image. Anyone who’s been following the X-Men movie franchise for the past couple of years knows the two actors have engaged in a good natured back-and-forth, with Reynolds relentlessly campaigning for Jackman to reprise his Wolverine role in an upcoming Deadpool movie. Jackman remains adamant he’s hung up the claws for good, a proclamation that had Reynolds recently call his friend selfish.

Sadly, it seems like X-Men Origins: Wolverine is the only time the two will share the screen in a Marvel movie, but film fans can see both stars in separate projects this fall/winter. Jackman leads Jason Reitman’s The Front Runner as disgraced presidential candidate Gary Hart, while Reynolds will once again return as the Merc With a Mouth for the PG-13 edition of Deadpool 2, Once Upon a Deadpool. Earlier this month, Reynolds had a bit of fun at Jackman’s expense by unveiling a fake awards promo for The Front Runner, and now it’s Jackman’s turn to strike back.

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Jackman took to Twitter to share the video, which is stylized similarly to Reynolds’ own parody. In the clip, the Aussie thespian takes all the credit for Reynolds’ ascension to superstardom, claiming to have handpicked Reynolds for the Deadpool role and even helping Reynolds land the Sexiest Man Alive title. Jackman closes out the video by mentioning Once Upon a Deadpool’s partnership with the Fudge Cancer charity. Watch it in the space below:

It’s a humorous post that will only continue to fuel speculation Jackman is actually in Once Upon a Deadpool. For many fans, the constant interaction between the two actors is too coincidental for this to just be more of their trademark ribbing. While that could be all there is, it’s understandable why some viewers would get out the tin foil hats and believe something’s afoot. After all, Reynolds (with his new friend Fred Savage) shot new material for Once Upon a Deadpool in secret, and the announcement of the film came as a surprise. It’s quite possible Jackman came on set for a day to shoot a brief cameo and Fox is keeping it under lock and key to shock audiences when the movie opens in December.

Considering how last year’s Logan ended Wolverine’s story, it makes sense why Jackman would be hesitant to reprise his trademark role. Most are in agreement James Mangold’s Western-infused take on the X-Men property was the prefect sendoff, and little from an artistic perspective could be gained by having Jackman return. However, the Deadpool movies occupy their own zany corner of the universe and are famous for their fourth-wall breaking and meta references. Jackman could make an appearance (either as himself or Wolverine) in this one-off and it probably wouldn’t throw the canon out of whack (even more so than it already is). Plus, it would make fans cheer to see the two faces of the X-Men series together again.

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Source: Hugh Jackman

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ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL Official Trailer (2018) Christmas Superhero Movie HD

ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL Official Trailer (2018) Superhero Movie HD
© 2018 – Fox

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Hobbs & Shaw Photo: Idris Elba’s Fast & Furious Villain Revealed

Dwayne Johnson has posted the first photo of Idris Elba as the villainous Brixton in the Fast & Furious spinoff, Hobbs and Shaw. The Rock has arguably become as central to the illegal street racing series-turned international juggernaut that is Fast & Furious as Vin Diesel, following his debut as Luke Hobbs from 2011’s Fast Five… and he has the box office receipts to prove it. Hence, it’s not surprising that Universal has decided to prioritize a spinoff movie that centers around Johnson’s character and pairs him opposite Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw, especially after the two actors discovered they have crackling onscreen chemistry while filming last year’s Fate of the Furious.

Hobbs and Shaw officially began shooting last month, with David Leitch (Atomic Blonde, Deadpool 2) calling the shots from a script by Fast & Furious franchise writer/producer Chris Morgan. Not much is known about the film’s actual narrative, admittedly, but it’s probably fair to assume that Elba’s character is a suave British mercenary of sorts (Is there any other kind of British mercenary in the movies?) who’s out to profit from his terrorist ways. And of course, the only ones who stand in his way are Hobbs, Shaw, and Mission: Impossible – Fallout‘s Vanessa Kirby as (reportedly) Shaw’s sister, an MI-5 agent.

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Johnson published the first photo of Elba in character for Hobbs and Shaw on his Instagram account and, in doing so, confirmed the mysterious baddie’s name. Take a look in the space below:

Hobbs and Shaw‘s Brixton will be but the latest villain role in a major franchise movie that Elba adds to his belt, to go along with his voice work as the tiger Shere Khan in Disney’s live-action The Jungle Book remake and his performance as the antagonist Krall in Star Trek Beyond. As compelling as the actor can be when he’s playing the nobler type onscreen (even an extremely flawed hero like the DCI John Luther on the TV series Luther), he generally makes for an equally charismatic and engaging threat to the good guys in his big screen appearances.

The Fast & Furious movies have stepped up their own villain game over the past five years by bringing in top-tier talent like Luke Evans, Charlize Theron and – once upon a time – even Statham to take on the franchise’s heroes. However, with Elba stepping into Brixton’s (fancy) shoes, there’s a pretty good chance that Hobbs and Shaw will end up delivering the most memorable bad guy that the series has seen to date.

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Source: Dwayne Johnson

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The Shining Sequel Doctor Sleep Is Aiming For An R-Rating

Doctor Sleep – the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s sequel to The Shining – is aiming for an R-rating, according to director Mike Flanagan. Just about as long as there have been Stephen King books, there have been Stephen King movies. King’s first published novel, 1974’s Carrie, was translated into a film by no less a director than Brian De Palma in 1976. Ever since, King’s work has remained a go-to source for Hollywood studios, including several franchises. However, while sequels to King-based movies are common, very rarely are they based on actual follow-ups by the author.

The reason for that is simple: King doesn’t write sequels often. For the most part, King is content to let his stories stand alone, outside of the Easter eggs and select recurring characters he enjoys throwing in for fans as a way to establish that most of his work takes place in the same universe. While some notable exceptions exist – The Dark Tower saga, the Mr. Mercedes books – King generally prefers to tell new stories, rather than revisit his old ones. Which is what made King’s decision to release a sequel to The Shining in 2013 such a delight for his longtime fans.

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While most King diehards would be unlikely to argue that Doctor Sleep measures up to its classic predecessor – a novel many hold up as one of King’s all-time best – reaction to the book – which focuses on the adult life of Danny Torrance (Ewan McGregor), decades after the spirits of the Overlook Hotel corrupted his father Jack – was largely positive. Now, five years later, Warner Bros. is prepping a film adaptation of Doctor Sleep. For anyone worried that King’s sequel will be sanitized of violence, adult content, and language in order to draw in more viewers with a PG-13, director Mike Flanagan tells Collider that the film will likely be rated-R.

The news that Doctor Sleep is aiming for an R-rating is sure to please both fans of King and fans of the horror genre as a whole. While there have certainly been good horror films made with a PG-13-rating, too often studios are all too willing to compromise a story’s content in order to make it more accessible to a wider theatrical audience. For example, one need only look at the heavily compromised Dark Tower movie, although to be fair, the rating was hardly its biggest problem. Thankfully, with the runaway success of films like and Deadpool and Warner Bros’ 2017 King adaptation IT, studios are becoming less resistant to the idea that a film can be both R-rated and hugely successful financially.

It’s going to be an interesting couple of years for King fans, as 2019 will see both IT: Chapter Two and Pet Sematary hit theaters, with both films also expected to receive R ratings. A Netflix original film adaptation of King and son Joe Hill’s novella In The Tall Grass is also slated for next year, while Doctor Sleep will arrive in early 2020. In the meantime, Hulu’s Castle Rock series is set to return for season 2, while the Audience Network’s Mr. Mercedes show continues to air, and CBS All Access is in development on a limited series adaptation of The Stand. It’s good to be the King, and right now, it’s good to be one of his fans.

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