Iron Man Debuts New GODBUSTER Armor in Marvel Comics

Warning: SPOILERS For Tony Stark: Iron Man #10.

Everyone’s favorite playboy Tony Stark has a new suit of Iron Man armor–and it’s powerful enough to kill a GOD. In fact, Tony himself has named it “The Godbuster Armor” to take on a digital deity in Tony Stark: Iron Man #10.

Tony has found himself in a bit of a sticky situation in “Stark Realities,” trapped by the Motherboard he created in his company’s latest eScape digital reality. After Tony ended up in a coma following the result of Marvel’s Civil War II, he rebuilt himself the best he could. But he knows and fears the same thing fans have wondered for months: he is not the true Tony Stark. He’s merely a simulation of his former self.

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This fear allowed him to fall victim to Motherboard’s trap. But once he breaks the spell and discovers that he can make anything possible in this digitally constructed world, he does what he does best, and invents The Godbuster Armor. This new suit has claws, gears, and even what resembles a rocket blaster. In short, it looks like it could defeat a God in one solid hit–and that is exactly what it does.

The Godbuster Armor is extremely powerful and easily takes out the Motherboard, the self proclaimed God of the eScape world. However, it seems to have injured Tony in the process. His eScape body is left not moving, or even breathing, and Jocasta fears he might be dead. We have seen Tony Stark in situations like this before and he seems to always find a way back. If he doesn’t, the rest of his team just might be going up against the Controller alone in the real world. Over the years fans have seen Tony sport dozens, hundreds of different suits of armor – all with different power levels. The Godbuster might be the coolest and strongest yet.

Readers won’t be able to stop themselves from wondering about the possibilities if this suit makes its way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thanos would be a sitting duck for the Avengers, and likely short work for Iron Man (Thanos is practically a God, after all). Things would be very different in the MCU if Tony could “imagine” this armor for the big screen, but then… what would be the fun in that?

Will Tony make it out of this story line alive, or will we have to say goodbye to him and his new suit? Marvel Comics teases that not all of the cast will be making it out in one piece, meaning Tony, Jocasta, Andy, Rhodey, Bethany, Amanda, Machine Man, or the Wasp will be defeated before “Stark Realities” finally ends.

Tony Stark: Iron Man #10 is on sale now at your local comic shop, and online from Marvel Comics.

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Awesome Live-Action PUBG Short Film Debuts from Kong: Skull Island Director

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is finally coming to PlayStation 4, and they have released an epic live-action trailer to prove it. Directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, the trailer is comprised of just over two minutes of hilarious, action-packed goodness. Vogt-Roberts may not have the longest Hollywood CV, but he has taken a considerable leap in recent years. Following his directorial debut – 2013’s indie, festival darling The Kings of Summer – the young director is best known for helming the second installment of Legendary’s MonsterVerse franchise: Kong: Skull Island. Opting to move away from that world, Vogt-Roberts has since turned his attention to adapting Metal Gear Solid for the big screen.

Commonly referred to as PUBG, the fellow video game property was first released in 2017. Inspired by the popular Japanese film, it kickstarted the Battle Royale genre of games, selling over 5 million copies in three months. A version of the game was eventually released on Xbox One. However, it has been frequently plagued by performance issues, bugs, and aggressive monetization tactics, including insanely expensive DCEU skins. Despite that, and the fact it has since been surpassed by Fortnite in terms of popularity, PUBG still boasts a solid fanbase. In an effort to reclaim and expand on that base, the game will next release on the PS4. Although many fans were pleased with the announcement, there are also those that consider the move far too late.

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In celebration of the imminent launch, a trailer was released on the official PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds YouTube channel. Although billed as a trailer, the video plays more like a short film, with Vogt-Roberts’ big screen sensibilities shining through. The video stars Nick Robinson and Jason Mitchell, who previously worked with Vogt-Roberts on Kings of Summer and Kong: Skull Island, respectively. After parachuting into a real-world version of the game’s environment, Mitchell is beset by numerous gun-toting threats with only a frying pan (and some perfectly punctual allies) for protection. Check it out below:

Screen Rant spoke previously with Vogt-Roberts, at San Diego Comic-Con, regarding his inspirations for Metal Gear Solid. He also shared his thoughts on video game adaptations in general. Believing that movies have a tendency to absorb elements from games, Vogt-Roberts opposes the view that there are no decent video-game films. Citing Snowpiercer and Edge of Tomorrow as examples, he believes that such adaptations work best when not directly adapting them.

That belief can be seen not only in Metal Gear Solid concept art but this new short film-style trailer. Nothing seen in the trailer can actually be executed in the game, after all. Well, except wiping out your opponents, that is. Instead, the trailer retains the general themes and concepts represented in the game. It also emphasizes the epic, tense, and amusing scenarios that can arise in the game – all of which serve to make the genre so addictive. With a big screen Resident Evil reboot coming, Hollywood isn’t giving up on mining material from games. Thankfully, Vogt-Roberts is helping to pave the way and show them how it’s done.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available now on the PlayStation 4, as well as PC, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

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Star Wars Resistance Setting & How It Connects To The Force Awakens

A new chapter in the Star Wars saga begins this weekend when Star Wars Resistance debuts on the Disney Channel (followed by regular airings on Disney XD). The series takes place after the events of Episode VI: Return of the Jedi but before Star Wars: The Force Awakens, making it the first animated series (not including a few episodes of Star Wars: Forces of Destiny) to be set between these two trilogies.

For the most part, Star Wars Resistance focuses on Kazuda “Kaz” Xiono and the other pilots of the Colossus refueling station as they compete in dangerous but thrilling starship races. But there’s another reason Kaz in on Colossus – he’s a Resistance spy on orders from Poe Dameron to sniff out who supports their cause, and who supports the First Order.

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Though Star Wars Resistance is a more straightforward, lighthearted cartoon than either The Clone Wars or Star Wars Rebels, it still holds the potential to shed some light on a mostly unexplored period of the Star Wars saga. So when, exactly, does Resistance take place?

When Is Star Wars Resistance Set?

Star Wars Resistance is set just six months prior to the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, placing the start of the series early in the year 34 ABY of the Galactic Standard Calendar (where ABY stands for After the Battle of Yavin). This is near the end of a period known as the Cold War, where the remnants of the Empire and the New Republic are stuck in a 20-year stalemate following the end of the Galactic Civil War. During this stalemate, these Imperial remnants form the First Order, and in 34 ABY, they officially reveal themselves to the galaxy by destroying the Hosnian System, and with it, much of the New Republic government.

The Resistance, however, is not a part of the New Republic. Rather, it is a splinter group formed by Senator Leia Organa after she resigns from the Galactic Senate in 28 ABY (as depicted in the novel, Bloodline). Its purpose is to fight the growing threat of the First Order which the New Republic foolishly chose to ignore. During the Cold War, many in the New Republic consider the Resistance nothing more than terrorists and they aren’t in any way officially sanctioned or recognized by the government. Yet, there are those within the New Republic who believe in the Resistance – like the young pilot, Kaz.

How Does It Connect To The Force Awakens?

Being set so close in time to the events of The Force Awakens, there are certainly many ways in which Star Wars Resistance can tie into the film. Resistance pilot Poe Dameron, for instance, appears in the series’ two-part premiere and it’s him who recruits the young Kaz to the cause – suggesting that during this time, the Resistance is actively seeking new members. General Leia Organa will appear as she continues building her coalition and BB-8 is there, too. In fact, Poe leaves his faithful little droid behind on the Colossus to look after Kaz. On the villain’s side, Captain Phasma can be seen in the trailer and she is sure to have an important role to play in the series as the First Orders starts planning their first move.

Besides including characters from the movies, there are events from The Force Awakens and other Star Wars media which may also be referenced. For example, Resistance might include mention of Luke Skywalker’s disappearance, Poe’s search for Lor San Tekka, or even show the destruction of the Hosnian System by Starkiller Base, should the show catch up to the events of The Force Awakens. There is even potential for some crossover with Marvel’s Poe Dameron comic seeing as that series is set during the same period of time as Star Wars Resistance. This means that whenever Poe turns back up on Resistance, he might bring some members of the Black Squadron along with him.

The Importance Of Starkiller Base

Of all the nods to the larger Star Wars saga in Star Wars Resistance, the inclusion of Starkiller Base is by far the most interesting. Much like those fools in the New Republic, viewers are still very much in the dark about the First Order. But by visiting Starkiller Base at an earlier point in time than when it appears in The Force Awakens, it might just be possible that Resistance will shed some light on who came up with the idea for the planet-battle station and how it was constructed. From this, we may also learn more about the First Order itself, including its creation and how it functions differently/similarly to the Empire.

Additionally, by revealing to audiences the existence of Starkiller Base before it’s been unveiled to the galaxy teases yet another mystery for Resistance to explore – Supreme Leader Snoke. No character (besides perhaps Rey) has led to more theories and speculation about who they really are or where they came from. Resistance is the chance to dive into Snoke’s history, explaining how he rose to prominence within the First Order and how he came to be so powerful in the Force. As of the moment, there’s been no evidence that Snoke will actually appear on Star Wars Resistance, but it’s certainly a prime opportunity to finally receive some answers.

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Star Wars Resistance premieres this Sunday at 10pm/9c on the Disney Channel, with subsequent episodes airing on Disney XD.

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Mortal Engines Footage Description: First 25 Minutes Debuts At NYCC

Following The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies, Peter Jackson returns as a producer on Mortal Engines, and at the movie’s New York Comic Con panel, the first 25 minutes of footage debuted; we offer a brief breakdown of what’s included.

Adapted from Philip Reeve’s novel of the same name, Mortal Engines takes place in a futuristic world where cities are moving beasts that roam the world searching for fuel to keep moving. Meanwhile, smaller also mobile towns have become the prey of larger city-states like London. The film follows Hester Shaw (Hera Hilmar), a fugitive with a deadly grudge against London’s Thaddeus Valentine (Hugo Weaving). Hester runs across historian Tom Natsworthy (Robert Sheehan) as she attempts to defeat Valentine and protect smaller cities and towns from the insatiable hunger that is London.

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Ahead of the film’s release in December, Jackson, Mortal Engines director Christian Rivers and members of the cast appeared on a panel at NYCC. Prior to a Q&A with the cast and filmmakers during the Mortal Engines NYCC panel, Andy Serkis presented the first 25 minutes of the movie. Much of the opening footage focused on building out the world of Mortal Engines. The film kicks off with an opening monologue setting the stage for the post-apocalyptic world (what Jackson refers to as a “post-post-apocalyptic” world) following the 60-Minute War that destroyed society as we know it.

After the voiceover, viewers get to meet Hester, who’s on a cliff and spots the approaching predator city of London. Once she sees the oncoming, mobile city, Hester runs back to a grouping of smaller, mobile towns that break apart and start running from London. Hester is stuck on one town that can’t seem to get its engines started and winds up being the “prey” pursued by London. The town flees across the open land, which Jackson referred to as “the great hunting ground” (essentially, where Europe used to be). The chase sequence continues for much of the opening, as the smaller town is chased by London and attempts to lose the larger city-state amid some foothills. While the sequence is filled with tension, the town is eventually caught by London and “ingested.”

On board London, Tom meets Katherine Valentine (Leila George) at the London Museum, where he shows her some of the artifacts he’s collected to help with her research into the 60-Minute War. Tom shows Katherine a video of a pre-war city being destroyed using some kind of quantum technology. Then, Tom reveals he’s been collecting similarly dangerous technology, some of which has been stolen. Once London ingests the smaller town, Tom is tasked with going down to sort through it for valuable artifacts, and he’s accompanied by Katherine. There, they meet Thaddeus, but Hester is lurking in the crowd of people moving from the town into London. When she has a moment, she attempts to assassinate Thaddeus, but she’s stopped by Tom and has to flee.

The final sequence of the footage screened includes a foot chase through the ingested mining town as Hester runs from Tom and Thaddeus (though the latter is following more slowly due to the injury Hester inflicted). Hester flees from Tom through the town as it’s being destroyed by massive saws and metal jaws. Eventually, she reaches a platform that overlooks a tunnel out of London and she jumps. Tom catches her and Hester tells him to ask Thaddeus about her mother, revealing that Thaddeus murdered her mother. Then she forces Tom to drop her and when Tom does mention to Thaddeus what Hester said, Thaddeus pushes Tom down the tunnel and out of London.

Altogether, the footage shown at NYCC for Mortal Engines introduced an expansive world akin to that of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit with sweeping, beautiful visuals. It remains to be seen if Mortal Engines turns out to be a massive blockbuster success on par with the trilogies for which Jackson is most well known. But, with Jackson on board as a producer and Rivers at the helm, it’s clear Mortal Engines will provide some stunning sequences for moviegoers – which they’ll get to see when the film hits theaters in December.

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Season 5’s New Flash Suit Debuts In Arrowverse Fall 2018 Trailer

The 2018-19 season for The CW’s Arrowverse series is sure to bring about plenty of change, but a new trailer for the network’s superhero line-up shows off The Flash’s new costume for season 5. The Scarlet Speedster’s new suit caused a minor ruckus earlier this summer when images for the upgraded suit leaked onto the internet, stirring up the usual amount of fan chatter and debate. Despite the early leak and an official poster showcasing Barry Allen’s snazzy new duds, viewers have been waiting for a chance to see actual footage of Flash’s costume. 

The wait is finally over, thanks to a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it glimpse at Barry in the new 30-second spot, aptly titled ‘Suit Up.’ Though that would be a natural fit for a trailer dedicated solely to The Flash’s upcoming season, The CW’s marketing department is using it to promote the upcoming seasons of Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and Black Lightning. 

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In addition to Barry’s new suit, perhaps the most appealing part of the new trailer is the look at what’s to come in Arrow season 7. Granted, much of that has to do with the audience already knowing what to expect from the story line that has Oliver Queen behind bars, following the season 6 finale. As for the other series, well, it’s a little harder to evaluate what’s on display since there’s so little context for what’s going on. At any rate, check out the Arrowverse trailer below:

Although it’s a brief glimpse, there are some elements that stick out. For starters, the new cowl seems to show more of Barry’s face, reducing the amount of material on the sides, and doing away with the piece that extended up onto his chin. The ear pieces appear to be more prominent and the color also appears to be a brighter shade of red. There’s not much else to discern from this shot, but it should get fans talking.

Now that this first look has made its way to the internet, the question becomes when will there be a more extensive trailer — either for the Arrowverse or The Flash season 5 — that really gives audiences a good look at this new suit. At the moment, it’s still over a month before the new seasons of The CW’s DC Comics shows premiere, which means the network can take its time doling out new trailers and other promotional material until the marketing blitz really goes into effect. Until then, fans will have to wait and take what they can get when it comes to shots of the Flash’s new suit. 

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The Flash season 5 premieres Tuesday, October 9 @8pm on The CW. Arrow season 7 premieres Monday, October 15 @8pm, Black Lightning season 2 premieres Tuesday, October 9 @9pm, Legends of Tomorrow season 4 premieres Monday, October 22 @9pm, and Supergirl season 4 premieres Sunday, October 14 @8pm on The CW.

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