Masters of the Universe Movie Release Date Delayed to 2020

Sony has officially delayed its live-action Masters of the Universe movie reboot to 2020. The studio’s been trying to get a new big screen version of He-Man’s adventures off the ground and running since they landed the film rights in 2009, but with little to show for their efforts so far. However, that may finally be changing, now that directors Aaron and Adam Nee (Band of Robbers) are gearing up to start shooting Masters of the Universe this summer, with To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before heartthrob Noah Centineo starring as Prince Adam himself.

With a fresh script draft by Matt Holloway and Art Marcum (Iron Man, Men in Black International) in place, the Masters of the Universe reboot seems more prepared than ever to finally enter production. Of course, it’s been obvious for some time that the film wouldn’t be able to make the December 2019 release date that Sony’s been hanging onto since April 2017. Sure enough, the studio has gone ahead and officially moved the project back, with just a few months to go before shooting begins in Prague.

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Masters of the Universe is now scheduled to arrive sometime in 2020, per Sony’s announcement. As mentioned, though, it’s been clear for a while now that the film would eventually have to abandon its December launch date. After all, if it hadn’t, it would’ve had to open at the box office a mere five days after Jumanji 3 (another Sony tentpole) hits theaters, and just two days before Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker arrives on the scene.

Assuming that Masters of the Universe sticks to its reported July production start date, it presumably won’t hit theaters until Summer 2020, at the earliest. At the moment, Sony doesn’t have any major releases scheduled for either June or August of next year, so either of those months are possibilities for the live action He-Man adventure. The latter month would arguably make more sense though, given that Masters of the Universe is far from a sure thing at the box office. Competition is traditionally weaker in August, even though overall theater attendance is up, like the rest of the summer season. That makes it a good time for something as questionable as a modern He-Man movie to make its way to the big screen.

That being said: Masters of the Universe is in pretty decent shape, as far as the film’s potential quality is concerned. It’s currently being directed by a pair of promising up and comers (the Nee Brothers) from a script by two writers who have a long history, when it comes to working on lucrative franchise fare. Similarly, Centineo should only be a bigger name by the time the tentpole arrives, thanks to his recent role in Netflix’s rom-com The Perfect Date and his upcoming turns in Charlie’s Angels and, of course, To All the Boys 2. Whether that’ll be enough to ensure that Masters of the Universe has the (box office) power, however, is another matter.

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Sandy Schaefer

10 Most Powerful Weapons In Fortnite (And 10 That Are Completely Worthless)

The multi-platform game Fortnite has taken the world by storm. Upon its release in 2017, it quickly became the most popular game across the masses. The game is free to play, though additional “skins” can be purchased, using the game’s currency “V-bucks,” which of course, must be purchased using real money. The weapons in the game, however, are 100% free.

Fortnite boasts a vast number of weapons that can all be found throughout the game’s various locations. Players can search chests and vending machines, inside of which loot can be found. Amongst this loot, players will find weapons, healing jugs, and other items. The contents of loot chests are a surprise each time. The location of these chests are fixed, however, and only a certain number will appear at a time.

There is yet another way to acquire items, however, which will cause other players to growl in frustration. In the game , players battle against each other, and the victor can gain all of the loot from those they defeat. Loot only lasts for that existing game, as each player starts over at zero after each match. Players also keep their eyes out for floor loot, llamas, and supply drops. The llamas look like a pinata from a birthday party. Destroying these will also produce various sought-after items. Supply drops contain a large amount of loot, and float in via a hot air balloon box.

While some loot chests include powerful items and weapons, others should be ignored, as they might contain some of these utterly useless weapons.

Here’s a list of the 10 Most Powerful Weapons In Fortnite (And 10 That Are Worthless).

21 Powerful: SCAR (Legendary)

Most Fortnite players know this Legendary Assault Rifle as SCAR and are eager to obtain it. SCAR stands for Special Combat Assault Rifle. This variant of the assault rifle packs a punch, as it rakes out 198 damage per second and has a 30-round magazine. It is the perfect weapon for medium range battles.

This assault rifle has great precision and can fire 5.5 rounds per second. Because of this, it is the main choice for every player’s arsenal.

This favorite weapon can be found in vending machines, floor loot, chests, and supply drops. Players have a 30.8% chance of getting it in a supply drop. It is based on the Belgian assault/battle rifle Fabrique Nationale SCAR, which was introduced in 2009.

20 Worthless: Guided Missile (Epic)

The guided missile was vaulted in season 3 following complaints of being too overpowered. However, it was re-released in the season 5.10 update with some changes. These alterations included reduced movement skill, reduced turn radius, and reduced damage. Using it makes players vulnerable to attacks from opponents, as you must be out in the open to fire it.

It delivers 74 damage to health and 400 damage to structures. We’re not saying that this weapon doesn’t get the job done, it just isn’t amongst the best weapons. The Epic Guided Missile is fun to use to destroy structures but that’s about it, as it is a risky weapon to use. Guided missiles can be found in chests and supply drops.

19 Powerful: Heavy Shotgun (Legendary)

The Legendary Heavy Shotgun is a heavier version of the Tactical Shotgun. It also has a longer range and an increased firing rate, with its overall damage per second being 77. With a higher range, it is great for mid to late gameplay when players are moving away from close-quarter contact. If you come across a Legendary Heavy Shotgun, you should definitely pick it up, as its powerful punch can help lead to victory.

This shotgun has a slight resemblance to the Franchi SPAS-12, which is an Italian manufactured shotgun. The Legendary Heavy Shotgun can be found in chests and supply drops. Players have a 50% chance of finding it in supply drops and only a 12.4% chance of finding it in chests.

18 Worthless: Pistol

This small firearm has two variants: Common and Uncommon. Most players will pass up this gun when they come across it or replace it quickly with something stronger. The damage it delivers is not the greatest, with 23-24 health and 23-24 structural damage. It does, however, have a 16-round magazine and a firing rate of 6.75 per second.

In close combat, it will get the job done, but be careful if you decide to go up against an opponent with a shotgun.

Using this firearm over long distances is a bad idea and a waste of time.  Starting out the match with this weapon gives players at least some fighting ability. Pistols are only found in floor loot.

17 Powerful: Compact SMG (Legendary)

While there are multiple versions of submachine guns in Fortnite, the Legendary Compact Submachine Gun delivers the most damage to structures and opponents at 22 and 21, respectively. It has a fire rate of 10 rounds per second and a magazine size of 40, with a reload time of 2.97 seconds. It also boasts 210 damage per second.

The Legendary Compact Submachine Gun is definitely a weapon that players want in their arsenal, so be sure not to pass it up. This Fortnite weapon was inspired by the FN P90, a Belgium made submachine gun that was created in 1990. It can be found in chests, floor loot, and supply drops.

16 Worthless: Scoped Assault Rifle

The Scoped Assault Rifle in Fortnite has two different variations: Rare and Epic. This weapon delivers a mere 23-24 health damage and 25-26 structural damage, respectively. One good thing that the Scoped Assault Rifle has going for it, though, is its pinpoint accuracy, which makes it easier to use than some other weapons.

The rifle has a 3.5 round per-second firing rate. We’re not saying that this rifle is not worth picking up, but it should be replaced by a more powerful weapon the first chance you get. It can be found in chests, floor loot, and supply drops. This Fortnite weapon is loosely inspired by the AK-12, H&K 416, and the H&K G36C, combining an assault rifle with a sniper rifle.

15 Powerful: Grenade Launcher (Legendary)

The Legendary Grenade Launcher is the perfect choice for destroying structures, as it has a whopping 410 damage. It fires rockets from its 6 round magazine and has a reload time of 2.17 seconds. Damage to opponents is 110. This weapon is great to use against another players’ structures, which can lead to their elimination if they happen to be located nearby.

To use it efficiently, players must aim higher than their target to compensate for the arc trajectory.

Players should also avoid using in small areas, as the grenades can bounce back off of a surface before exploding. This weapon is inspired by the Mikor MGL that originated in South Africa in 1981. It can be found in chests and supply drops.

14 Worthless: Burst Assault Rifle (Common)

The Burst Assault Rifle has five different variations: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The Common Burst Assault Rifle deals out 27 health damage and 81 structural damage. It does have a 30-round magazine with a 1.75 rounds per second firing rate, however.

Bullets are fired in bursts of 3 at a time. The rifle has a 2.9 second reload time. The Burst Assault Rifle is best used in medium range combat. It’s better to avoid using this rifle against far opponents, as it is not very effective. It can be found in chests, and floor loot.  The legendary version of this rifle can also be found in supply drops, as well as in chests and floor loot.

13 Powerful: Heavy Sniper (Legendary)

Delivering 51.81 damage per second to health and 1100 to structures, the Legendary Heavy Sniper Rifle is a devastating weapon. The only downside is the long reload time, as it takes 4.05 seconds each time. Compared to other sniper rifles in the game, it has less of a bullet drop. So it’s important to take this into account when aiming at targets.

Its long range ability makes it the perfect weapon to use against unsuspecting opponents at far distances. With the Legendary Heavy Sniper, players should find a location with a great vantage point like a tower. However, be sure to have good cover, since reloading takes a while. This weapon closely resembles the Barrett M82 Anti-Material Rifle, which was standardized by the U.S. military as the M107. It can be found in floor loot, chests, supply drops, and vending machines.

12 Worthless: Minigun

The Minigun may look like a firearm that packs a punch, but looks can be deceiving. The Minigun has two variations: Epic and Legendary. However, it the gun is often overlooked since it lacks power. Its health damage comes in at 18-19, while its structural damage is 32-33. It has a high fire rate at 12-rounds per second, which makes it good for destroying structures. Upon pulling the trigger of this machine gun, there is a short delay before it begins to fire.

This delay can be dangerous, however, especially if you’re facing off against opponents whose weapons aren’t as delayed.

Because of this, it’s better to replace it with a more powerful weapon the first chance you get. The Minigun can be found in chests and supply drops.

11  6. Powerful: RPG (Legendary)

This explosive weapon deals out a devastating amount of damage. It can deal out 413 damage to structures and 121 to opponents. The Legendary RPG also has a very large range, which makes it a great choice for taking out bases.

Surprisingly, players can also ride on the rockets and some have even used them to cross the entire map. In order to do this, multiple rockets must be fired for the continuous ride. This, however, is not the easiest thing to do. The Legendary RPG can be found in chests and supply drops. The real-life inspiration for this Fortnite weapon is the RPG-7. RPG is commonly known to stand for Rocket-Propelled Grenade.

10 Worthless: Dual Pistols

The Dual Pistols comes in two variations: Rare and Epic. Considered a step above the Pistol, the Dual Pistols is considered as a 2 round burst weapon. Players should make sure that they take time to aim when using the Dual Pistols, however, as this isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

The Dual Pistols deliver a health damage of 41 for the Rare variation and 43 for the Epic variation. Because of this, it is one of the most powerful pistols. However, it doesn’t stand up against many other weapons. Like other pistols, if this is the only weapon available, you should definitely pick it up, as it will deliver more damage than the pickaxe. The Dual Pistols can be found in chests and floor loot, though players are most likely to find it in chests.

9 Powerful: Double Barrel Shotgun (Legendary)

This Fortnite weapon comes as both Epic and Legendary variants. However, the Legendary version is much better. The Legendary Double Barrel Shotgun is great for close range battle, as it delivers 228 damage per second to health and 90 to structures.

Though it is not ideal for long range use, it packs a punch in close quarters. 

If opponents put some distance between themselves and the business end of this shotgun, it will yield very little damage. It is, however, capable of delivering two shots rapidly. The Legendary Double Barrel Shotgun is sure to take down any enemies who are unlucky enough to come face-to-face against it. The Legendary Double Barrel Shotgun can be found in chests, floor loot, and supply drops.

8 Worthless: Stink Bomb

This nose hair-burning explosive releases a stinky gas cloud upon detonation. The gas appears as a yellow cloud and lasts about nine seconds. The Stink Bomb deals out 5 health damage every half-second and it can even bypass shields. Players that throw this unpleasant explosive must be careful, though, as they can also take damage from it. Teammates, however, will not suffer any damage from the Stink Bomb.

The Stink Bomb resembles real-life mustard gas or tear gas. It can be found in chests, floor loot, supply drops, and llamas. Though it can be dangerous, the Stink Bomb isn’t as threatening as many players assume. Because of this, it should be replaced as soon as players find a more powerful weapon.

7 Powerful: Damage Trap

Unlike other items on this list, the Damage Trap is a trap, and therefore is not a firearm. The Damage Trap can be placed on any surface that accepts traps. Players are able to place it on ceilings, floors, and even walls. It delivers 150 of damage to players’ health.

The Damage Trap is typically set and then left for unsuspecting and unfortunate players to come across. However, it can also be used by placing it down after trapping a player, so that they have no way to avoid it. Fortnite has had other traps in the past, but most of those have been vaulted. This uncommon weapon can be found in floor loot and supply llamas.

6 Worthless: Hand Cannon

Another pistol to make our list is the Hand Cannon, which has two variations: Epic and Legendary. While it can be useful against medium and long range targets, it is difficult to use in close range combat.

It also has a low fire rate of 0.8 rounds per second and, unfortunately, it isn’t very accurate.

However, if a player is lucky enough to land a shot on their target at close range, it will most likely get the job done. While it does deal out 60-62.4 health damage and 79-83 structural damage, it’s definitely worth replacing with a more powerful weapon later in the game. The Hand Cannon can be found in chests and floor loot.

5 Powerful: Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle (Legendary)

The Legendary Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle packs a heavy punch with its 15-round magazine. It has a 2.07 second reload time, which could be worse. It can also deliver 66.6 damage per second.

With the thermal scope, players have the ability to see chests, supply drops, llamas, and even enemy heat signatures. This makes the Legendary Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle a great scouting tool. Players would be crazy to pass this up if they came across it. Even without its thermal abilities, it is still a great weapon to have in any arsenal. It can be found in chests, supply drops, and floor loot. However, players have the highest chance at finding this weapon in a supply drop. It was inspired by an AR15 assault rifle.

4 Worthless: Tactical Shotgun

Fortnite has three variations of the Tactical Shotgun: Common, Uncommon, and Rare. The Common version has the worst reload time of the three at 6.3 seconds. It delivers only 67 health damage and 50 structural damage.

In close quarters, it can be useful to suppress an enemy. However, it does not have the quickest of fire rates, with its rate stuck at 1.5 rounds per second. Out of all of the shotguns available in the game, the Tactical deals out the least amount of damage. However, it is better than some of the other weapons at close range, like the pistol or suppressed pistol. The Tactical Shotgun can be found primarily in floor loot.

3 Powerful: Heavy Sniper Rifle (Epic)

A tier down from its Legendary counterpart, the Epic Heavy Sniper Rifle deals 150 damage to health and 1050 damage to structures. Its reload time is a little long at 4.275 seconds, but it makes up for it in destruction.

Released during August 15th’s update, the Epic Heavy Sniper Rifle quickly became a fan-favorite with players who quickly began to experiment with the best situations for its use. Many players choose to carry two of these at once so that they can quickly switch between the two to deliver the most damage. While it may not have a quick fire rate at 0.33 rounds per second, it makes up for it in damage. It can be found in chests, floor loot, and supply drops. Like the Legendary version, it resembles the real-life Barrett M82.

2 Worthless: Submachine Gun

Fortnite offers three variations of a Submachine Gun: Common, Uncommon, and Rare. However, none of these are very powerful weapons. Both the health and structural damage of the three different types ranges from 17-19.  It does have a fire rate of 12 rounds per second, though, making it good for close to medium range combat.

Its magazine has a capacity of 30 rounds, which makes up for the low amount of damage that it deals out. It can get the job done, but overall, it is less powerful than a large number of the weapons offered in the game. It may look awesome, but it is definitely lacking. The Submachine Guns can be found in chests, floor loot, and sometimes in supply drops.

1 BONUS: Quad Launcher (Coming Soon)

According to an in-game notification, this long-awaited weapon will be making its debut in Fortnite very soon. In the notification, this weapon is said to “quickly fire up to 4 rockets to blanket an area with explosive damage.”

The Quad Launcher is a shoulder mounted rocket launcher and it is already building up a reputation, as many fans are excited for its introduction into the game. Players will have to wait to find out exactly how much health and structure damage this new weapon will deliver, though, as many details are still unknown. One thing is for sure, though: this anticipated rocket launcher will definitely be something to write home about.

Are there any other powerful or worthless Fortnite weapons that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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Rockstar Lets Terminally Ill Fan Play Red Dead Redemption 2 Early

The video game company Rockstar Games has allowed a terminally ill fan to play Red Dead Redemption 2 early. Red Dead Redemption 2 is the highly anticipated prequel to Red Dead Redemption, which came out back in 2010. This third game takes place in the Wild West in 1899, and centers around Arthur Morgan, a member of the Van der Linde gang.

Rockstar announced Red Dead Redemption 2 back in 2016, and gave the game a Fall 2017 release date. Gamers were disappointed that they would have to wait almost a year for the game to be released, but when May 2017 rolled around, Rockstar delayed the game to 2018. Despite the wait, the third Red Dead game is one of Rockstar’s most anticipated titles. Ever since fans played as John Marston in Red Dead Redemption, gamers have been itching for Rockstar to release another game set in the Wild West. Unlike other game developers, Rockstar doesn’t release sequels to their popular games every year. Instead, Rockstar takes years to develop new games, so that they can make the best gaming experience possible. This business model also helps build hype for their upcoming titlesWhile most gamers still have to wait a couple more weeks to play the game, one fan got to play the game early.

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According to Gamersnet, Rockstar allowed a terminally ill fan to experience Red Dead Redemption 2 early, after the fan’s father reached out to them. The fan, named Jurian, suffers from Neurofibromatosis type 2, which is a chronic rare disease that caused benign tumors to form inside his body. After Jurian’s father got in touch with Rockstar Netherlands, the game company sent two employees to Jurian’s house to let him play a copy of Red Dead Redemption 2 for the afternoon.

While this is no doubt a touching story, other game companies have granted wishes for terminally ill fans as well. Even though they don’t like to make their charitable contributions public, Bethesda helps terminally ill fans by allowing them to visit their studio and play video games. Most recently, Nintendo allowed a fan to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as his dying wish. Superhero actors also do their part, by visiting fans in their costumes and making their dreams of meeting a superhero come true. Disney and Lucasfilm also reach out to terminally ill fans, and even let a fan screen Star Wars: The Force Awakens before the film’s premiere.

While celebrities and companies are often willing to help out sick and dying fans, getting to play Read Dead Redemption 2 had to have been a treat for Jurian, despite the sad circumstances surrounding his doing so. Fans have been anticipating the game for eight years now, and it looks like it will live up to the hype. Not only does the game look to have incredible graphics, but Rockstar has even developed a first-person mode, and will be introducing Red Dead Online in November. Thankfully, this ill fan got his wish granted, and other gamers won’t have to wait too much longer to experience Red Dead Redemption 2 either.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 will be released October 26 on Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

Source: Gamersnet

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Barbie Movie Now Starring Margot Robbie, Eyes Wonder Woman Director

Warner Bros. is taking control of the long-delayed Barbie live-action movie and Oscar-nominated actress Margot Robbie is in talks to produce and star in it. If a deal is reached, the movie will be handled through Robbie’s banner Luckychap Entertainment – the same group producing the upcoming Birds of Prey movie for DC Films.

First announced in 2009, the Barbie movie has spent the better part of a decade being tossed around Hollywood like a hot potato. The project started at Universal, before moving to Sony, where Diablo Cody was hired to work on a script. Amy Schumer was cast to star in the film in 2016 before dropping out due to other commitments, at which point Anne Hathaway was cast as Barbie. Plans were made for the film to begin shooting this year in anticipation of a 2020 release, before the rights revered back to Mattel, who sold the film rights to Warner Bros.

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THR reports that Robbie is in talks to play the title role in the movie, with Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins reportedly being eyed to direct, but negotiations haven’t started on that front yet.

It’s unknown at this point just what sort of film Warner Bros. intends to make using the Barbie license. Previous scripts for Sony were reportedly based around the idea of putting a spin on the classic Barbie mythology, exploring the issues of feminism and identity in a modern world through the eyes of a character who has not always exemplified the ideals of feminine empowerment. It’s also unknown if Mattel took ownership of these Barbie scripts of if they remained the property of Sony. This would be the standard practice, but Mattel could still move forward with the idea of a more proactive Barbie with interests beyond fashion and boys at Warner Bros.

It seems likely that concept of such a Barbie movie would appeal to Robbie, whose most recent works have been centered around the portrayal of strong women. In addition to her work producing the Birds of Prey movie (in which she will reprise her role as the anti-hero Harley Quinn), Robbie will soon be appearing in Josie Rourke’s Mary, Queen of Scots as Queen Elizabeth I of England. She is also signed to star in Marian, a film based around the idea of Maid Marian having to lead a new rebellion against the newly crowned King John in the wake of the death of her husband, Robin Hood.

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Source: THR

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Why Dark Phoenix Was Delayed, According To Its Director

Simon Kinberg, the director of forthcoming X-Men installment Dark Phoenix, has explained why the movie was delayed by several months. Dark Phoenix is the fourth movie to feature the new X-Men cast led by James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence and is based on the highly regarded comic story of the same name, in which Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) loses control of her psychic powers and takes on the formidable new persona, Phoenix. This story was previously adapted in the much-maligned X-Men: The Last Stand but since Days of Future Past essentially rewrote the franchise’s timeline, the events of the Dark Phoenix saga can now be retold on the big screen.

After originally thought to be arriving in theaters in November 2018, the release of the Dark Phoenix trailer confirmed a rescheduling to February 14th 2019. However, that date too has now been scrapped and the movie pushed back to June 2019. Reports of reshoots taking place muddied the waters further and led some to question whether or not there were fundamental problems behind the scenes causing these delays.

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Kinberg has now explained the real reason for the date changes. In an interview with Collider (via CBR), Kingberg argued that reshoots are very much standard practice for Hollywood blockbusters now and roughly explained what parts of Dark Phoenix needed extra work.

“Mostly we focused on the third act, both emotionally and in terms of the physical scale and the action of the third act that we adjusted. And then there were certain things in the first two acts of the movie – very few things, but to set up those changes in the third act we had to adjust some things in the first two acts so that that all was fluid and felt consistent.”

However, Kinberg also explained that the reshoots weren’t the sole reason behind Dark Phoenix‘s delay. Rather, additional digital effects work and the option of moving to a more attractive slot in the calendar were both factors. Kinberg states:

“It was a date, February 14th, that we initially liked for the movie but when we realized that we weren’t gonna have the visual effects ready to release it globally the way we wanted to, and the Gambit date opened up because it wasn’t gonna be ready for that June 7th date. We looked at that date versus the February 14th date, the studio did and we did, we felt like that June date was a bigger opportunity for us globally. More screens, more IMAX screens, a better chance to play in China where these movies have a massive following.”

Kinberg’s assertion that reshoots are becoming the norm, and are no longer necessarily the warning sign that they used to be, certainly makes sense. An increasing amount of big-budget productions are making use of the practice and while reassembling a movie’s cast for additional filming after production had already wrapped was once a sure sign that either the studio or test audiences weren’t pleased, it seems that directors nowadays simply have the budget available to go back and make improvements should they deem it necessary.

It’s also interesting how Kinberg’s comments highlight the growing importance of the Chinese market. Whether it be shifting release dates or putting together a cut of the film especially for the region, an increasing amount of Hollywood productions are making their movies with China firmly in mind due to the sheer amount of revenue that the market can bring in. As the latest movie in a series that some would argue has been on the decline, Fox have a lot riding on Dark Phoenix and it’s understandable they would be happy to push the film back a few months in order to maximize its chances of success.

With that said, it is also understandable that reshoots and date changes would have X-Men fans concerned. Given how badly the last attempt to adapt the Dark Phoenix story went, the pressure is firmly on Kinberg to get Dark Phoenix right as the franchise’s second attempt.

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Source: Collider

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Robert Downey Jr’s Doctor Dolittle Movie Delayed to January 2020

Robert Downey Jr.’s The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle has been delayed to January 2020. The film will once again focus around a physician who discovers that he is able to talk to a variety of animals. The first incantation of Doctor Dolittle came in 1920 from Hugh Lofting’s The Story of Doctor Dolittle. Lofting wrote a total of 13 Doctor Dolittle books prior to his death in 1947.

There have been a number of adaptations of the Doctor Dolittle stories over the years, but the most recognized and arguably the most popular comes from Eddie Murphy’s version of the character in the ’90s. The film spawned four less than thrilling sequels before the new Doctor Dolittle movie was announced, starring Downey. The film was previously slated for a May 2019 before being moved up to April 2019, but the release date has once again changed.

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The Wrap reports Downey’s The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle has been delayed by eight months. With this delay, the film is set to be released on January 17, 2020. Universal has apparently changed the release date once again in order to give the film a better chance overseas in countries like China, as well as in the hope of attracting audiences after the holidays.

So far, there has not been a lot of updates pertaining to the film; however, The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle has cast many well-known actors. While the actors might not be showing their faces on screen, several of them, such as Tom Holland, Rami Malek, Emma Thompson, Ralph Fiennes, Octavia Spencer, Selena Gomez, and John Cena, have been given voice acting roles as the animals in the movie. On the other hand, Antonio Banderas and Michael Sheen have been cast in live-action roles.

Even though it may be disappointing that the film has been delayed by such an extended period of time, it is probably for the best. April looks to be once again dominated by superheroes. Marvel Studios previously bumped up Avengers: Infinity War to an April release, which could potentially happen with Avengers 4. DC’s highly-anticipated Shazam! also comes out in April 2019 along with the Hellboy remake, starring David Harbour. The remake of Pet Semetary will also be released that month, which will bring plenty of Stephen King fans to the theaters.

The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle is likely to bring in a good chunk of change for Universal itself, but it can now release in a less competitive timeframe and be marketed as Downey’s first post-MCU movie. However, a January 2020 release will still give Downey’s movie competition. Bad Boys For Life recently got a release date in the same month and another King adaptation, Doctor Sleep, will also be released at the end of January. That being said, January 2020 still seems like a safer option as compared to an April 2019 release.

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Source: The Wrap

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Top Gun 2 Delayed a Year to Summer 2020

Top Gun: Maverick – the highly anticipated sequel to 1986’s classic/action drama starring Tom Cruise as a pilot – has been delayed a year to summer 2020. It’s no exaggeration to say that Cruise has fronted multiple iconic films over the course of his decades-long career as a Hollywood leading man, but few are quite as beloved as Top Gun. It was no late bloomer either, as director Tony Scott’s high-flying movie grossed nearly $400 million worldwide on a budget of only $15 million.

Considering that level of success, it’s actually quite surprising a sequel never materialized sooner. Still, Cruise confirmed last year that a Top Gun 2 is in fact happening, with him back in the cockpit as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. Assuming the director’s chair for Top Gun: Maverick is Joseph Kosinski, who directed Cruise in the 2013 sci-fi movie Oblivion. Original director Scott sadly passed away in 2012, and one assumes would likely have returned for the sequel were he still alive to be part of it.

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Top Gun: Maverick was assigned a theatrical release date of July 12, 2019 last year, but unfortunately for eager fans, they’ll have to wait quite a while longer to see Cruise’s titular character take to the skies once again. According to Deadline, Paramount has delayed the sequel nearly an entire year, assigning it a new release date of June 26, 2020.

While Paramount hasn’t provided an official reason for the delay, Deadline’s sources say that the added production time will enable the filmmakers to properly coordinate and design the many breathtaking aerial sequences planned to be part of the sequel. Considering how well-remembered Top Gun’s flight scenes are today, it’s no surprise that those involved with Maverick intend for the sequel to up the ante in terms of aerial artistry, especially with how much special effects have advanced since 1986.

It’s true that release date changes during production can sometimes indicate a lack of faith in a project by the studio, but that doesn’t at all appear to be the case here, so Top Gun fans can rest easy. The fact that Paramount opted to move Top Gun: Maverick from one date right in the middle of the competitive summer blockbuster season to another suggests that the studio has no worries about Cruise’s return to the “Danger Zone” being able to pose a formidable challenge to whatever other tentpoles end up securing a summer 2020 release. When it comes to the sequel’s theatrical debut though, Paramount clearly doesn’t feel the need for speed.

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Source: Deadline

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