MCU: 5 Characters That Don’t Deserve The Hate (& 5 That Do)

With over a decade of movies and 22 films released so far since Iron Man, there are dozens of characters in the MCU franchise. Each individual fan has their favorite characters as well as those they hate. However, while individual opinions might vary, there are some characters who are generally hated in the fandom or even in the universe itself.

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While some of these hated characters deserve the pushback and dislike they get, some of them don’t deserve it at all. Here are the characters that deserve the hate and the ones that don’t.

10 Don’t Deserve: Tony Stark

Tony Stark starts out as almost a villain because he’s so apathetic about the horrible things his weapons do. He doesn’t care much about others and spends most of his time drinking and partying. However, he does change his ways and tries his best to help the world going forward. While he’s definitely a character that makes sense to criticize, the fact that so many characters in the MCU hate him to the point it’s become almost a joke is a little ridiculous. He’s not an actual villain.

9 Do Deserve: Peter Quill

While many people have pointed out Tony Stark’s flaws, not enough people have pointed out Peter Quill’s. While he started out seeming like a rather endearing goofball in a hilarious ensemble, he became somewhat of a hateable character. He let his emotions get the better of him to the point that he foiled Iron Man’s plan to get the Infinity Gauntlet, so he can easily be blamed for the snap. Also, he’s rather insecure and kind of just annoying.

8 Don’t Deserve: Sharon Carter

Sharon Carter and Steve Rogers are one of the most hated MCU relationships of them all, and it’s easy to see why. This relationship felt really forced and didn’t make sense given Steve’s past relationship with Peggy. However, just because the relationship wasn’t a great one doesn’t mean Sharon deserves the hate. In fact, she could have been a cool character, and it’s a shame that she was just turned into a love interest for Steve and not much else. This is more bad writing than anything else.

7 Do Deserve: Clint Barton

While Clint Barton might be a well-loved character in the comics, the version of him in the MCU is totally different. Many fans have been upset from the get-go that the character wasn’t blind like he was in the comics and also that his personality was so different. Then, when he was given a secret family, fans were even more upset. However, the reason the hate of this character is really deserved is because of how he became a vigilante in Endgame and basically got away with it.

6 Don’t Deserve: Nebula

Nebula is an interesting character because she starts out as somewhat of a villain, but she ends up being on the good side. She’s a character that endures torture and abuse at the hands of her “father” Thanos. While she might not be the most endearing or likable character, she’s really complex, and she’s been through a lot. It’s unfortunate that she’s generally one of the least favorite of any of the members of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

5 Do Deserve: Vision

The main reason why so many fans don’t like Vision is that they liked Jarvis so much better. While Jarvis was interesting and likable, when his programming combined with the Mind Stone, he lost all of his charm. He became really unrelatable, and while he was supposed to be really powerful and helpful to the Avengers, after Age of Ultron his character barely mattered at all. Many fans wish that Vision had never been created because the writers didn’t handle the character very well.

4 Don’t Deserve: Mantis

Mantis is another character from Guardians of the Galaxy who never really got her due. In the comic books, she’s actually really awesome, but, in the movies, her powers are never quite utilized.

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She’s made to seem like she’s really submissive and emotional, and many fans pointed out there are some issues with racial stereotyping here. She doesn’t have a large fan base largely because the writing of her character wasn’t that great, but she still deserves more love than she gets.

3 Do Deserve: Odin

Odin is one of the worst dads in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the only reason he’s not the worst is because Thanos came along and took his place. Odin is the type of parent who is strict and seems to have conditional love. There’s also the fact that he lied to cover up all of the destruction and war that he wrought with his daughter, Hela. While Anthony Hopkins might be a great actor, there’s nothing really likable about this character, but this makes sense given how messed up Odin is in Norse mythology.

2 Don’t Deserve: Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is a character that’s loved by many fans, but she also received a lot of targeted hate from trolls. Because of the fact that some people don’t like the idea of a powerful female character leading a Marvel movie, especially when the character isn’t made just to be sexy, there was a lot of hate on the internet about her.

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The character definitely didn’t deserve this hate, and it’s a shame that the movies with diverse leads are met with such disdain by a certain subset of fans.

1 Do Deserve: Thanos

While there are many villains in the MCU, Thanos is the only one that’s really memorable. While he might not be the best villain out there as far as consistent characterization, he did do a great deal of damage. He’s clearly abusive and cruel even to his own adopted daughters, and he succeeds in wiping out half of the universe. He definitely deserves the hate.

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Amanda Steele

10 Characters From Birds Of Prey That Deserve Their Own Films

Until relatively recently, the world of superhero films was still controlled by the good guys. But films like Suicide Squad (2016), Venom (2018), Joker (2019), and, of course, Birds of Prey (2020) finally changed that. While Birds of Prey did introduce a whole new superhero team, Harley Quinn was the one who helped to put the team together in the first place.

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And even though she’s not a member of the teams, there are a lot of interesting characters who joined the team in the comics sooner or later. Some of them then definitely deserve their solo films, whether they appeared only in the comics or in the Birds of Prey film as well.

10 The Huntress

Helena Bertinelli aka The Huntress has a moving and complex history in the comics. It also appeared in the film, albeit in a shortend version. Born to a rich mafia family that ruled Gotham, Helena lost her parents and her brother when someone ordered a hit on them. Helena went on to live with her distant relatives and she trained in martial arts and in using a crossbow. When she was ready, she came back to Gotham, took on the mantle of the Huntress and decided to avenge her family’s death.

The Huntress crosses the thin line between a hero and a villain and seeing her interact on the big screen with Batman would be a delight, considering their difficult relationship in the comics.

9 Black Canary

Birds of Prey isn’t Black Canary’s first prominent appearance. She was in the TV show Arrow where she joined Oliver Queen’s side in his neverending battle against villains. However, her story is even far more complicated and interesting in comics. In the comics, Dinah Lance aka Black Canary starts out as an undercover operative in criminal gangs.

In another version, she’s a successful singer. She also has an off-again, on-again relationship with Green Arrow and the dynamic between these two superheroes would deserve a portrayal in a film since in Arrow, Black Canary was replaced by Felicity Smoak as Green Arrow’s love.

8 Renee Montoya

Just like another important DC comic book character, none other than Harley Quinn herself, Renee Montoya also first appeared not in the comics, but on the animated show Batman: The Animated Series which was released in the early 90s. Montoya worked for the Gotham City police department, but she eventually quit it when it became obvious that the police in Gotham was corrupt.

And while Renee Montoya doesn’t have any superpowers, if she got her own film, it’d also be an opportunity to adapt the comic book storyline Gotham Central onto a big screen since Montoya plays a part in the series.

7 Batgirl

Let’s move away from the Birds of Prey film and step into the world of comic books in which the Birds of Prey team is much wider and richer than the film’s viewers could have seen. Unlike the film, in the comics isn’t Harley Quinn the one who basically creates the team.

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Instead, it’s Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl who join forces with her Black Canary, they eventually take in more members and the rest, as they say, is history. There’s never enough impressive female superheroes on the big screen and Batgirl definitely fits the description. Plus, it could also mean the film could feature Nightwing since these two are not only a couple but also a badass crime-fighting duo.

6 Batwoman

Yes, Kate Kane aka Batwoman is currently shining in her own TV series, but that doesn’t mean she’d do any less well in her own solo film, or that the fans wouldn’t be excited to see it.

Not only would it allow them to get a more detailed glimpse into the world of crime and superheroism in Gotham, from another perspective than just the Batman’s, it would also mean that Batwoman could potentially team up with other above-mentioned heroes, such as Renee Montoya (see the picture above). And, of course, Batwoman is a total badass so it’d be great to see her kick ass on the big screen.

5 Hawkgirl

Another often-overlooked female character who was once a member of the Birds of Prey superhero group is Kendra Saunders aka Hawkgirl. It’s true that Hawkgirl already appeared on the Legends of Tomorrow but some fans felt that her portrayal in the show left a lot to be desired and would love to see her stand against her enemies in a solo movie.

Hawkgirl has a complicated history, since she has the ability to reborn again once she dies, and she usually retains the memories from her past lives. That would make-up for one complex origin story that would definitely be worth watching.

4 Katana

Similarly to the Huntress, Katana is the one hero whom some may consider a villain since she has no problem when it comes to striking down her enemies and making sure they’ll stay down… permanently. Killing villains is something most superheroes don’t want to do but Katana doesn’t mind it, which would make for a truly charged superhero movie.

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Katana already appeared both on Arrow and in Suicide Squad but she didn’t have that much space in either of them. In case you don’t know, her sword contains the spirits of the people she killed, and it also contains the spirit of her dead husband, so that’s some story material right there.

3 Catwoman

Birds of Prey certainly don’t discriminate and they don’t mind taking in members who are less than superheroic… such as Catwoman. Catwoman already has one solo film but all fans of the character like to pretend it doesn’t exist since not only it completely rewrites the origin of Catwoman, it also makes her look rather silly… and not even in a good way.

Catwoman has so many great stories in the comics that the filmmakers could use, and they wouldn’t even need Batman to do it and to finally give the fans the Catwoman solo film they deserve and wish for.

2 Poison Ivy

Another famous Gotham villainess who once joined the Birds of Prey team was Harley Quinn’s best friend and occasional girlfriend Poison Ivy. Of all the Gotham villains, Poison Ivy belongs among the more sympathetic ones, and she even sometimes teams up with heroes to help them.

In her own solo film, she could either be the good guy or the villain, depending on the portrayal, but with this lady, the possibilities are almost endless. Poison Ivy did appear on the big screen before, but it happened in Batman And Robin, the one film Batman fans like to pretend doesn’t exist, so she’d deserve a do-over, just like Catwoman.

1 Power Girl

Power Girl is one of those DC heroes that prove that in the world of superheroes and villains, everything is possible. Power Girl is Superman’s cousin, but she’s not Kara Danvers aka Supergirl. Instead, the mantle of Power Girl belongs to Karen Starr, also known as Kara Zor-L. She’s Superman’s cousin from an alternative universe.

She eventually becomes stranded in the same world and in the same universe where Superman and Supergirl live and she gets to know them. Unsurprisingly, Power Girl is a very powerful superhero, as her name suggests, and she can hold her ground with some of the strongest DC heroes, and she’d deserve more attention from moviegoers.

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The Office: 5 Characters That Don’t Deserve The Hate (& 5 That Do)

The Office is a series full of unique and outlandish characters. From Michael and Dwight to supporting characters like Angela and Meredith, there were many over the top characters. However, there were also some more reasonable characters that provided balance.

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Whether the characters were ridiculous or normal, certain characters received a lot of hate either from their fellow co-workers or from fans themselves. While some of these characters deserved to be despised, others definitely did not.

10 Don’t: Toby Flenderson

Toby wasn’t exactly the most likable person, and he definitely lacked a lot of charisma. However, the way he was treated by Michael was definitely unacceptable.

While it was fine if Michael didn’t love him or click with him, the way he singled him out and basically bullied him all the time was out of control. This behavior started to seem normal on the series to the point where most people watching didn’t even really question how wild it was that Toby was treated that way.

9 Do: Roy Anderson

Roy truly was a jerk, and he was an awful partner to Pam. Most fans didn’t like him at all and wanted Pam and Jim to get together instead. While Jim and Pam were clearly the superior couple, even without Jim, Pam shouldn’t have been with Roy. This is because Roy seemed to have abusive tendencies.

He could be controlling and he definitely didn’t support Pam and her passions. He was very selfish, and he also had an angry side that was shown when he tried to punch Jim.

8 Don’t: Oscar Martinez

Oscar Martinez is a character that got under many of his co-workers’ nerves and who wasn’t always loved by fans either. While Oscar could be annoying and stuck-up, he didn’t deserve the hate compared to many other worse characters. Oscar had to deal with homophobia a lot at work from people like Michael and Angela, and he definitely was one of the more reasonable employees at Dunder Mifflin.

Yes, he could be a bit of a know-it-all, but he was still better than many other characters on the show.

7 Do: Jan Levinson

Jan started out seeming like one of the more reasonable, normal characters on the show, but she slowly turned out to be one of the most ridiculous.

She was clearly struggling with some mental health concerns, and the way she treated Michael was unacceptable. While Michael was by no means a great partner, Jan was outright abusive in the later stages of their relationship.

6 Don’t: Gabe Lewis

Gabe Lewis is another character on the show who was just kind of annoying. Since he came into the series late, he wasn’t as liked by fans. While he never quite hit his stride as a character, and he wasn’t particularly compelling, he also wasn’t the worst new character that was added.

Characters like Nellie Bertram and Robert California were much worse, and Gabe was able to integrate more into the overall tone and feel of the show at least.

5 Do: Andy Bernard

Andy Bernard started out as an obnoxious character, and he just got more and more that way as time went on. At first, he was just annoying with some anger management issues, but when he truly became awful was in his relationship with Erin.

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When they finally got back together after Erin dated Gabe, Andy ruined the entire thing by ditching her to sail around the world. The way he acted during that season was so weird, and he was such a jerk about it all. It’s no wonder the other characters, as well as fans, couldn’t stand him anymore.

4 Don’t: Karen Filippelli

Karen was a character that wasn’t well-liked mostly because people saw her as an obstacle to Jim and Pam’s happy ending. Unfortunately, she was written into the show as a love interest for Jim and that was her main purpose at the end of the day.

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This made many fans feel defensive about her right away. This is a shame though as she was actually an interesting, funny, and cool character. In many ways, she was a great match for Jim, and she didn’t deserve all the hate.

3 Do: Todd Packer

Todd Packer is hated by almost everyone that interacts with him on the show except for Michael. This isn’t surprising because he was truly vile. While many of the other characters on the show can be really inappropriate, Todd Packer took things one step further.

He was straight-up harassing basically every woman he interacted with, and he also bullied and said awful things to pretty much everyone. He definitely deserved to be hated by the other characters on the show as well as by fans.

2 Don’t: Pam Beesly

One strange thing fans find when they search questions about The Office on places like Reddit is that a lot of people don’t like Pam. While she’s one of the main characters on the show, and many people do like her, some people find her more annoying than they should.

While she definitely wasn’t always perfect, she did way fewer awful things than many of the other characters. The dislike of Pam sometimes seems to be rooted in sexist attitudes, and this is definitely not fair.

1 Do: Michael Scott

Michael Scott is somewhat of a divisive character because some fans really love him and others can’t stand him. However anyone might feel about him personally, there’s no denying that his character really shaped the show in many ways. However, some of the hate that Michael gets is definitely deserved. He didn’t respect boundaries, and he was way too needy and obnoxious.

He also could be extremely obtuse about things, and he said way too many racist, sexist, and homophobic things that he shouldn’t be let off the hook for saying.

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5 Walking Dead Characters That Don’t Deserve The Hate (& 5 That Do)

For over a decade, The Walking Dead has been creating and killing some of the most well-known characters on television. From Rick Grimes, the show’s hero for nine seasons, to notorious villains like Negan, the series normally excels at having its characters evoke genuine emotions from the viewers. First airing back in 2010 on Halloween night, The Walking Dead is one of the longest-running series on TV today, so it’s understandable that fans would feel strongly about the characters on the show.

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The series has always had a large cast of characters, both antagonists and fan-favorite survivors. Even now, with only two of its original characters left, The Walking Dead manages to have a much bigger cast than most shows, and that’s not even including the undead. Let’s take a look at some Walking Dead characters that are undeserving of the hate they get, and some that completely earned it.

10 Michonne – Undeserved

Michonne has come under fire multiple times for the decisions she’s made, but the truth is that there is no easy decision to make in a post-apocalyptic world. Recently, in the midseason finale of season 10, Michonne chose to leave with Virgil to gather weaponry from his island.

This move was brought into question since it involved Michonne leaving her to children behind in the midst of tense times with the Whisperers. The decision was open to doubt but was mostly due to scheduling issues regarding actress Danai Gurira, rather than Michonne as a character.

9 Spencer – Deserved

Spencer was a supporting character who appeared in The Walking Dead‘s fifth, sixth, and seventh season, and ultimately met his demise in the latter season. The character was largely egotistical and often criticized the choices made by everyone around him. From the beginning, Spencer was rather unlikeable, so fans rejoiced when Negan gruesomely killed him in the season 7 midseason finale.

The hate that Spencer garnered from fellow survivors and viewers alike, was undoubtedly deserved. And for a change, The Walking Dead actually didn’t even try to redeem this anti-hero before his death.

8 Lori – Undeserved

As controversial as it is to defend Lori Grimes, one has to step back and reflect upon all the hate that this character attracted during her rather short time on the show. What did Lori do to deserve being hated so passionately by a majority of the fanbase? The answer is, not much actually.

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It’s 2020, and it’s probably time to end the hate against TWD‘s Lori. She has had an infamous reputation for years, despite being gone since season 3. Arguably, she got more hate for hooking up with Shane, than Negan did for killing a fan-favorite. That’s just wrong.

7 Father Gabriel – Deserved

Father Gabriel was introduced in the second episode of The Walking Dead‘s fifth season. At this time, the character was crippled by fear and cowardice, shamefully hiding away in his church. Rick and his group forced their way into Gabriel’s shelter, and having no other choice, the washed-up priest joined the survivors, and the rest is history.

In the TWD universe, nearly a decade has passed since Gabriel first joined the main group. He has arguably changed and evolved more so than any other character on the series, and that alone is an impressive feat. However, Father Gabriel has been going through some questionable storylines recently. He mainly garners hate for being impulsive, self-righteous, and often disrespectful toward his longterm partner, Rosita.

6 Lydia – Undeserved

Lydia was introduced in season 9 when she was captured by the main group during an attack initiated by the Whisperers. Lydia was stripped of her skin mask and taken hostage at Hilltop. The second half of the season delved into the extent of brainwashing from Alpha that Lydia had endured for the majority of her life. Some disturbing secrets came to light, and Lydia eventually switched sides and took up residency at Alexandria.

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Lydia, being a Whisperer for the majority of the apocalypse, gets a lot of hate from fans and other characters alike. This is largely undeserved, as she is still just a kid and should not be held accountable for her mother’s actions.

5 Gamma – Deserved

Gamma was a creation of showrunner Angela Kang’s. The character never existed in the comics, but since Kang wanted to expand on the Whisperers’ arc, she created Mary, a character who became Alpha’s “gamma” early on in season 10.

Mary/Gamma is a difficult character to hate, but she’s also a difficult character to trust and enjoy. Her storyline is a complicated one, and though she is currently being redeemed by joining the survivors and fighting against the Whisperers, it’s hard to overlook the fact that she was once so fiercely loyal to Alpha, that she killed her own sister.

4 Ezekiel – Undeserved

Ezekiel was introduced in The Walking Dead‘s seventh season. Upon his first appearance, he boasted his theatrical King persona and came across as rather flaky and naive. It was true that Ezekiel didn’t have all that much experience with the apocalypse, as he sheltered himself and others in his community, the Kingdom.

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As time went on, Ezekiel has been forced to adapt to the harsh post-apocalyptic world. Sadly, he has been through more than most fellow survivors, but it has molded him into a likable, well-rounded character.

3 Daryl – Deserved

Daryl has been a fan-favourite character since The Walking Dead’s very first season. He went from being a character that didn’t even exist in the original plan for the series, to being one of the biggest focal points in the show. Though he still has a dedicated fanbase today, Daryl is nowhere near as praised as he once was in the early days, and maybe that’s not a bad thing.

Daryl has suffered from being underdeveloped and cliche for several seasons, and only now has the show begun to fix that. This character has made some terrible, reckless decisions that have had major repercussions, and so much of the hate that’s directed to him is deserved.

2 Carol – Undeserved

Carol is perhaps the most unjustly hated character on the show, and unfortunately, it’s been that way for a long time. While a good portion of the series’ fanbase adores this TV icon, Carol gets her share of hate every season, no matter what she does.

Most recently, Carol has come under fire for unintentionally causing the collapse of the cave that may have killed fellow survivors. Though what happened is terrible, Carol should be cut some slack; she lost her son and her entire life in the Kingdom. She’s lost and has earned the right to be reckless.

1 Negan – Deserved

It’s worth noting that Negan arguably does not get enough hate. This man has done more damage than any other villain on the show. He has mercilessly killed countless innocent people, and that includes fan-favorites as well.

When Negan killed Glenn Rhee in The Walking Dead’s season 7 premiere, the series’ massive audience began to dwindle as a result. The show is not the same without Glenn, and that is because of Negan. That will remain true no matter how hard the series tries to redeem Negan.

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Dark Universe & Universal Monster Movies That Deserve Reboots

Leigh Whannell’s The Invisible Man proved how Universal’s classic monsters can be scary again, but there are others in the studio’s catalogue that should be considered for potential updates as well, such as Dracula, The Wolf Man, Bride of Frankenstein, and Phantom of the Opera.

Universal has tried to resurrect its classic monster before, first with Dracula Untold in 2014 that told an origin story of Vlad the Impaler (Luke Evans). This eventually got disconnected for their larger plans for the Universe, and stopped being a part of it entirely. From there, Universal green-lit The Mummy, which starred Tom Cruise and released in 2017. Along with The Mummy, they had several other projects that would revolve around horror icons like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Frankenstein and connected similarly to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As these franchises have crossed over the past, and with the success of these large, interconnected universes being proven to work in some capacities, Universal attempted to bring their monsters back in a big way, focusing more on action and adventure rather than horror.

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As this didn’t work, and The Mummy was a major box office flop, Universal cancelled their plans for a continuing universe and discussed opportunities for story-based, standalone films instead. These would restore the properties to their roots in horror, and began with Leigh Whannell’s update to The Invisible Man, which explored domestic violence against women and made the titular character into a modern monster with roots in technology over invisibility potions. There are other movies planned in this new Dark Universe after The Invisible Man, as Whannell proved that a back to basics approach is sometimes best, especially with genres like horror, which is rooted in the simplicity of fear.

Dracula has been done to death, but in the right hands, could see a major resurgence that would potentially make vampires scary again. Leigh Whannell recently posed some ideas about a hypothetical reboot, if he was tapped to tackle another Universal monster property. While this has been done in 2020 already with Stephen Moffat and Mark Gatiss’ three-part series for Netflix and BBC, it was lackluster and riddled with plot holes, leaving audiences bewildered, though production values and acting – along with some of the changes to Stoker’s novel – were seen as welcome.

Similarly to this, The Wolf Man has conjured many werewolf stories and tropes since 1941, and even got a reboot in 2010. However, the story’s core hasn’t been tackled in unique, exciting ways for years, and instead lean on boring and predictable tropes. Ginger Snaps took an updated look at werewolves by making the transformation into a metaphor for female sexuality. Since social horror seems to be making quite a splash in Hollywood, perhaps this could be the route to go instead of the old traditions. Bride of Frankenstein is currently in the works with Bill Condon directing and a script from David Koepp. Though she is certainly a horror icon, much of her story is tethered to Frankenstein’s monster and, traditionally, her identity has always revolved around him. As The Invisible Man put women’s issues at the forefront, this could be a prime opportunity to explore those discussions even further.

Most people are familiar with Phantom of the Opera due to the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, and the concept was done with Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum in 2004. However, much like vampires are often filtered through a romanticized lens, the Phantom is done in the same way. Sticking more closely to the character’s horror roots or even exploring his origins might be a way to revitalize a property without the musical connection, as was done with the original silent film that starred Lon Cheney as the Phantom in 1925.

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Rick And Morty: 10 Characters That Deserve Spin-off Shows

As you’d expect, the animated sci-fi sitcom, Rick and Morty, mainly revolves around the dynamic duo whose names are featured in the title.

Yet, that’s not to say there aren’t plenty of other interesting players worthy of recognition. Given the creative, expansive nature of the show, which often ventures into other planets and dimensions, there’s bound to be many amusing, colorful characters rife with potential. Some come with a level of depth, mystery, and entertainment value to such a degree that one could imagine them starring in a spin-off.

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With this list, we’ll comb the vast, endless universe of Rick and Morty and cover what we feel are the strongest contenders that would be great for a spin-off show.

10 Scary Terry

The same way Roiland and Harmon’s cartoon runs with sci-fi tropes and spoofs, a horror show in the vein of Rick and Morty could prove entertaining, and this Freddy parody could make a good antihero. The short-fused killer appeared in the second episode of Rick and Morty, crossing paths with the protagonists after they journey into the dreams of Morty’s teacher.

While the blade-wielding creature looks intimidating, Rick and Morty soon find that he’s merely misunderstood, and more complex than he lets on. His self-conscious traits and his motivation to be scarier could make for the dynamic lead of a spin-off series.

9 Krombopulos Michael

One can’t help but think of the potential of a Krombopulous Michael spin-off, which could be like a zany Harmon and Roiland spin on The Mandalorian. Instead of a humble bounty hunter though, here we have an alien assassin, whose Greedo-esque traits and dangerous career could make for an entertaining watch.

One can’t help but imagine the thrilling escapades this Gromflomite hitman has taken part in over the years, especially when obtaining high-tech weaponry from Rick, his best customer. Of course, given the events that take place in “Mortynight Run,” it would have to be a prequel series, but regardless, it would be fun to watch! There’s even a comic featuring this assassin that could be drawn from.

8 Ants In My Eyes Johnson

The 2 amusing “Interdimensional Cable” episodes hosted an array of insane and hilarious scenarios with some, particularly wacky personalities. While it’d be interesting to see many of these interdimensional characters’ backstories to some degree, “Ants in my Eyes Johnson” is a particularly curious case.

Just what is the story behind the colony of ants crawling in his eyes? How did he obtain his condition that makes him unable to feel? How is he able to keep his hopeless business up and running? These questions could be revealed in an animated sitcom which would almost certainly provide laughs. On top of this, we’d get a glimpse into an entirely different dimension, perhaps rife with people just like this peculiar salesman.

7 Gearhead

This mechanical man, otherwise known as Revolio Clockberg Jr., hasn’t exactly seen a lot of airtime, so we just don’t know much about him. Still, this is all the more reason to feature this odd character as a lead in a potential spin-off.

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His eagerness in wanting to tell the tale of the “Gear Wars” does imply that some particularly epic, entertaining events took place, making us more than a little curious to see what happened. Moreover, the imaginative lands of his home planet of Gear World, shown during “Mortynight Run,” could make for a cool industrial sci-fi backdrop.

6 Snuffles/Snowball

Who wouldn’t want to watch a cartoon show involving mechanized intelligent dogs?

Considering we’ve neither seen this dog-topia or even heard from Snuffles, aka “Snowball,” since back in early season 1 of Rick and Morty, this one is rife with potential. It would certainly be interesting to see what the society and technology of this new dog planet was like – and it would make for a cool little throwback to a very early episode.

You’ve also got the voice actor of Snuffles, Rob Paulsen, who would no doubt add some character as the lead in this canine spin-off.

5 Unity

Featured in the fan-favorite episode of Rick and Morty called “Auto Erotic Assimilation,” Unity stood out as quite the mind-boggling character.

This alien hivemind entity should make for some interesting show plots, given its ability to simultaneously control entire civilizations of people. Unity’s relationship with Rick would allow him to make some amusing guest appearances. Rick and Unity may have parted on somewhat bitter terms, though this doesn’t mean they can’t come around again.

Meanwhile, the rivalry/alliance with Beta-Seven (Patton Oswalt) could create more potential for some relationship drama on a grand scale.

4 Mr. Poopybutthole

This is perhaps one of the most mysterious characters in the Rick and Morty universe; and given the insanity and vastness of this series, that’s saying a lot.

Viewers were led to believe that this strange, friendly entity was merely another parasite who had implanted memories in the Smith family, only to (seemingly) have that notion shot when Beth shoots him. Between his unknown nature, his likable persona, and his frequent callbacks, one would think a Mr. Poopybutthole show would have some potential. We’d certainly like to know what his deal is, and a spinoff show could hopefully enlighten us.

3 Squanchy

On the season 2 commentary of “Wedding Squanchers,” the showrunners themselves had noted that they wished to give a more expansive look at the happenings of Squanchy and his home planet. Unfortunately, they ran into time restraints. Thus, it would seem this odd cat – with a Smurf-like trait of replacing verbs with “squanch,” comes with an interesting backstory.

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We definitely would mind seeing the action-packed heroics of Squanch, who apparently grows super muscular when drinking a green liquid. One can’t help but draw comparisons of an action/comedy for this cat person akin to the Venture Bros.

2 Zeep Xanflorp

Sure, a spin-off show that resides inside a car battery may not sound too exciting, but if you’ve witnessed the rich, colorful world featured in “The Ricks Must Be Crazy,” it begins to make sense.

Given that Rick’s Microverse features the scientist, Zeep, who’s voiced by the always-funny Stephen Colbert, he’d no doubt make for a likable protagonist. We could even see some guest appearances by Kyle, voiced by the similarly hilarious Nathan Fielder, as Zeep ventures back into his Miniverse. We would just have to hope that Rick never trashes his car battery that houses Zeep’s home universe.

1 Bird Person

Though its title probably shouldn’t be named after him – so it’s not confused with Harvey Birdman – A Birdperson spinoff holds much potential. This reoccurring character in Rick and Morty is still largely a mystery, as is his home planet of Bird World. His peculiar ways and nonchalant demeanor provide us with some humorous moments, though he also hits us with bouts of profound wisdom.

A show with this avian man could make for a great action-comedy, especially while he takes the high-tech, cybernetic form of Phoenixperson.

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Stephen Lagioia

10 Non-Superhero Comics That Deserve On-Screen Adaptations

Comic-book adaptations have been a staple in the film industry since Tim Burton’s Batman in 1989 and with the unprecedented success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, superheroes have been the trend for over a decade. However, the constant stream of Marvel and DC related films have left some viewers with superhero fatigue.

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In the wake of successful comic book adaptations, such as RiverdaleThe Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Preacher, it could be time for more non-superhero related comics to hit our screens. Here are our choices for non-superhero comics that deserve to be given an on-screen adaptation.

10 Saga

If you’re a big comic book reader, then it’s likely you’ve come across Saga at some point. In the same league as science-fiction and fantasy epics such as Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, this multi-award-winning series is perhaps the best comic-book title of the last decade.

Marvel fans may recognize writer Brian K. Vaughan (Runaways), and he’s truly working at his best here. With a call for diverse representation in film and TV, Saga‘s portrayal of ethnicity, sexuality and gender roles, as well as its treatment of war is perfect. It’s honestly hard to find a reason not to bring this series to the screen.

Given its long, ongoing run (Vaughan has said he’d like 108 issues; the series is currently at issue 54), Saga would be best suited as a television series, following the likes of Game of Thrones or the upcoming Lord of the Rings series on Amazon.

9 Blackbird

If Sailor Moon and The Mortal Instruments had a baby, this is it. When an otherworldly beast kidnaps her sister, Nina Rodriguez must confront her past, her demons, and a secret society of Paragons (aka wizards) to save her. Written by Sam Humphries (Nightwing, Green Lantern, and Harley Quinn), Blackbird ticks all the boxes for a millennial magical girl series: An awesome magic system. A kickass female lead (with cool hair). And a talking cat.

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Jen Bartel’s stunning artwork would translate beautifully to the screen with the right cinematographer. The series is currently on hiatus, but the first volume easily follows a compelling story-arc, full of mystery, magic, and family secrets.

8 The Wicked + The Divine

Every 90 years, 12 Gods are reincarnated into the modern world. For two years, they are worshiped as famous idols – authors in the renaissance era, pop icons in the 21st century, etc. And then they die.

The series starts with fangirl Laura befriending Lucifer. When Lucifer is framed for murder, it is up to Laura to prove their innocence and uncover a conspiracy amongst the Gods.

Fans have praised The Wicked + The Divine for its artwork by Jamie McKelvie, whereas the writing has at times been less well-received. There are some big concepts here, which can be hard to cram into just 5 issues. If given more room to breathe, the series would flourish (like recent series The Umbrella Academy). A TV series was announced in 2015, but not much news has come out since then.

7 Johnny The Homicidal Maniac

Originally a comic strip in the 1990s, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac (JtHM) is the first big title from Jhonen Vasquez (Invader Zim). Chances are, if you went through some type of Goth or Emo phase during the 2000s, the Director’s Cut was a book you had on your shelf. This is a weird, dark, psychological-horror/black-comedy with emphasis on the weird and dark.

Following Johnny, and how his unstable mental health, tendencies toward violence, and misanthropy affect his daily life – the series takes a turn when Johnny dies and is juggled between Heaven, Hell, and Reincarnation. There are some philosophical moments, which gives some depth to what would otherwise be a series that’s edgy merely for the sake of being edgy.

The best way to capture the spirit and aesthetic of the comic would be to adapt JtHM as an animation series targetted towards mature viewers.

6 The Sandman

There are a lot of comic book titles and characters who go by the moniker Sandman. But specifically, here, we’re talking about Neil Gaiman’s (American Gods) classic The Sandman. Dark fantasy in a contemporary setting, the series follows Dream – a deity older than the gods, and the Lord and personification of dreams and reality.

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The Sandman is epic, spanning across numerous volumes, spin-offs, and sequels. Plus, there were often guest appearances from other DC/Vertigo characters, such as John Constantine.

The Sandman has a long history of failed adaptation attempts, all of which seem to get aborted in pre-production. Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt was once championing a film adaptation, but he dropped out in 2016. A Netflix series was announced in 2019, but given the track record behind The Sandman and its journey to the screen, we can only hope the future brings some success.

5 Nimona

Nimona‘s origins start in 2012 as a webcomic first posted on Tumblr by writer and artist Noelle Stevenson (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power). The comic served as her senior thesis while studying at college. Publishing company HarperCollins acquired the comic and published it as a graphic novel in 2015.

Title-character Nimona is a shapeshifter sidekick, working for a knight turned mad-scientist supervillain. What sets the series apart from other fantasy titles, is that the female lead (or magical girl, of sorts) isn’t coded as overly girly or feminine. Nimona is designed as a more tomboyish or “butch” character, inspired by Stevenson’s experiences with cosplay. The hugely successful comic is set to make its on-screen debut later this year and it’s well deserved.

4 Amulet

The Amulet series is hugely popular with middle-grade readers (though when has that ever stopped adults from enjoying something, too?).

When she finds a strange amulet in her great-grandfather’s library, Emily Hayes must accept its power and become a Stonekeeper in order to save her mother’s life. The series is an awesome fantasy adventure, full of cute animal sidekicks, robots and demons. The art style, by author and illustrator Kazi Kibuishi, is a blend of western and manga aesthetics; it would be a disservice for any screen adaptations to not draw from Kibuishi’s style, making an animated series the best option. Aron Eli Coleite (HeroesX-Men) was selected to pen the screenplay for a potential upcoming feature adaptation we hope comes to pass.

3 Middlewest

If you’re a fan of dark fantasy from the ’80s, such as The Dark Crystal or Don Bluth, then Middlewest could be up your alley. The series follows a pre-teen boy living in a small-town America, and his talking fox companion.

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A similar issue with The Wicked +The Divine, the writing suffers from the page constraints of a single comic issue and trying to jam so much story into only five issues. There’s no doubt that Middlewest has its strengths – its originality and the fantasy elements are clearly the priority. If this series was given the chance for the storytelling to expand into an animated series, it would be a clear winner.

2 Rat Queens

Lord of the Rings meets Bridesmaids may not sound like a winning combination at first. But in the case of award-winning series Rat Queens, it’s perhaps the best way to succinctly describe the foul-mouthed, sarcastic, and rambunctious modern-fantasy title that’s also a love letter to Dungeons & Dragons. This is series screams fun as well as diversity and representation for the LGBTQI+ community.

Another contender for a potential animated series, Rat Queens has gone through changes in both art and writing staff and suffered an almost year-long hiatus. Hopefully, any potential series featuring the Rat Queens would be able to maintain some consistency.

1 Paper Girls

Winner of multiple Eisner Awards (including Writing and New Series), Paper Girls will surely grab the attention of Stranger Things fans. In 1988, four newspaper delivery girls are caught up in the biggest story of all time. This is another title helmed by Brian K. Vaughan, and he certainly doesn’t disappoint here with this coming-of-age series meets suburban drama, meets a supernatural time-traveling mystery.

Featuring a great cast, snappy dialogue, a captivating story that hooks you on the first page and doesn’t let go. This has all the ingredients to be the next Big Thing. Thankfully, an Amazon Prime TV series has been announced.

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Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse: 10 Alternate Universe Characters That Deserve Their Own Movie

Until the release of Spider-man: Into The Spider-verse it seemed like alternate versions of superheroes were going to be relegated to What if… comic books and direct to DVD animated movies forever. But now, along with the big-screen debut of Miles Morales, it seems like any bizarre or kick-ass variation of popular characters is ripe for adaptation.

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With this revelation, the only question that remains is just how weird can you get before a character becomes unadaptable? We like to think there is no limit, and with that in mind here are a few out-there alternate universe characters that would make for riveting cinema.

10 Jim Logan

The Marvel Noir universe, or Earth-90214, is probably best known for gifting the world with Spider-Man Noir, a grizzled P.I. version of Spider-man operating in a more hard-boiled take on the Marvel Continuity played brilliantly by Nick Cage in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. But Earth-90214 has its own set of X Men too, and among them is Jim Logan.

Jim Logan’s cannon is a little messy, originally he appeared in X-Men Noir: Mark of Cain in which he appears as a bootlegger and romantic rival to that world version of Scott Summers. When he ultimately got his own Wolverine Noir series in 2009 this was retconned so that he was a gritty detective with a mysterious past, wielding claws as detachable weapons instead of having them implanted.

9 Cosmic Ghost Rider

Bear with us here, this is a little wild. As a part of writer Donnie Cates’ Thanos Wins comic series in 2018, Thanos conquered Earth-TRN666, killing every known superhero except one, Frank Castle, The Punisher, who made a deal with Mephisto (Marvel’s version of Satan) and became the newest Ghost Rider in order to enact his revenge.

But wait, there’s more. When Frank returned to Earth, from Hell, Thanos had already left, leaving Frank as the sole survivor and completely alone for an uncountable amount of years, eventually going Deadpool levels of insane. Then Galactus arrived, seeking help against the Galaxy Conquering Thanos, he found Frank and offered him the Power Cosmic. Frank accepted, becoming the Cosmic Ghost Rider, an anti-hero that’s utterly insane and undefinably powerful. Give us a Cosmic Ghost Rider movie, Marvel, you cowards!

8 Superman: Red Son

Created by writer Mark Millar and published under DCs Elseworlds imprint in 2003, Superman: Red Son saw baby Kal-El’s Kyriptonion escape-pod crashes down in Ukraine as opposed to Kansas. This change in upbringing results in Superman becoming Stalin’s champion of communism.

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The story set out in the original 3 issue run explores both the differences this would make to the DCU timeline and the power shift of real history if Russia had had such a superpower. Fans have been clamoring for a big-screen adaptation of the Hammer & Sickle Superman for a long time, they’ll be getting one this year, but the Red Son would be brilliant in a live-action adaptation.

7 Old Man Quill

A part of the Old Man Logan universe, Earth-807128 to be exact, in which at some point in the 21st Century the Red Skull united all of the supervillains to defeat the Marvel superheroes and proceded to conquer America. Old Man Quill takes place in this same universe, depicting a Star-Lord that stepped up and succeeded his father as the ruler of Spartax.

In his absence the Guardians of the Galaxy took on a mission that resulted in the death of Groot, souring their relationship with Quill. The currently ongoing series has seen Spartax destroyed and Star-Lord and the Guardians return to Earth. While his differing heritage in the MCU likely means we won’t see the older versions of the Guardians any time soon, there’s always the chance of a What If… episode.

6 DC’s Injustice

This entry is less a specific character and more an entire alternate universe. The 2013 Nether Realm Studios fighting game, Injustice: Gods Among Us, created an entire universe for itself separate to the main DC universe. Not only has the game seen a sequel in Injustice 2, but it’s also had multiple comic book runs that fill in the gaps and depict years worth of events leading up to the video games’ story.

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It kicks off when the Joker uses fear toxin on Superman, tricking him into killing Lois Lane. When Batman then stops Superman from killing the Joker, he blames Lois’ death on Bats and uses his powers to take over the world and install a totalitarian regime. It’s a great take on the overdone Batman vs Superman formula and would make for a great movie.

5 Jay Garrick

The original Flash hasn’t seen a lot of love over the years, kicking of Flash Comics in 1940 and later being folded into the Justice Society of America in All-Star Comics, it’s amazing he’s never even made in to film in a proper cameo let alone his own flick. While he’s shown up in TV form, this crimson speedster deserves a bigger screen.

The Flash of Earth 2 was eventually rolled into the DCU proper and canonically operated in the same years as his real-world publication history. With this in mind, it’s amazing no one has attempted a Jay Garrick film set around World War II, or even slid the date to the 60s for a psychedelic speedster romp.

4 Access

Axel Asher was a resulting Amalgam Comic’s character following the DC vs Marvel crossover event. Unlike most Amalgam characters, he isn’t a combination of two DC and Marvel characters but is instead an original creation joint owned by the two companies.

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What’s interesting about Access nowadays is that he still exists in both the DC and Marvel universes, his goal to prevent them from ever merging again. Honestly, it’s unlikely that Dc vs Marvel or the resulting Amalgam Comics will ever make it to the big screen, but the appearance of Access as a multi-dimensional guardian would definitely be interesting.

3 Terry McGinnis

The Batman of the future was created by Bruce Tim and Paul Dini and had the titular role in the 1999 DC Animated Universe cartoon Batman Beyond. Twenty years after the last sighting of Batman, teenager Terry McGinnis is on the run from a street gang known as the Jokerz. Escaping into Wayne Manor Terry is defended by a decrepit Bruce Wayne, eventually stumbling upon the Bat-Cave and becoming the new Batman under Bruce’s guidance.

The original cartoon has amassed quite the cult following over the years, and Terry has even found himself folded into the DC Universe of the comics as Batman’s cannon future successor. The only thing that’s next is a live-action adaptation.

2 Spider-Man Earth X

Another alternate Spider-Man that aged out of super0heroing, but one who’s future is a little less bleak. Earth-9997’s Peter Parker gave up his webbed-onesie following his being outed as Spider-man by the Daily Bugle and the death of Mary Jane. He raised a daughter, May Parker, who eventually bonded with the Venom Symbiote, forcing him out of retirement.

The problem was that not only had Parker put on a few pounds in his twilight years, but also thrown out his spidey-suit. Meaning he had to wear some of his own ill-fitting merchandise when returning to the fray. Once the events of the Earth-X comic play out, Peter finds himself joining the NYPD as a super-cop.

1 Leatherwing

There have been many alternate versions of Batman throughout the multiverse named Leatherwing, but likely one of the most interesting is the one introduced in 1994s Detective Comics Annual #7. More often known as Batman: Leatherwing, this is basically a pirate version of Batman.

Following his parents’ murder (because Batman) and the subsequent theft of their land, Captain Leatherwing of the Flying Fox is employed by King James II to eliminate England’s rivaling ships. He pillages in the process so that he might buy back his inheritance, donning a mask so as not to besmirch his family name in the process.

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5 Great Comic Book Continuations Of Canceled TV Shows (& 5 That Deserve One)

There is a myriad of reasons why any given TV show can find itself in the crosshairs of cancelation, it might be after 1 season or it might be midway through its fourth. None of these reasons ever seem to soften the blow for dedicated fans, however, a lucky few might find that their beloved lost series has found new life in the form of a graphic novel.

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More often than not these properties stick the landing while transitioning mediums due to the passion of comic book creators for the source material, the pure tenacity of fans to see their darling show succeed, and quite honestly a perfect storm when it comes to production and acquiring rights. Some TV shows make it, and some we can only wish to see continued.

10 Firefly – Dark Horse

The original cancelation tragedy. When Firefly’s first season was aired on FX it was shown completely out of order, along with a first episode that was written and shot at the last minute, and a feature-length pilot being split up and aired last. Joss Whedon and the crew of The Serenity never stood a chance, but this show about misfits and underdogs was championed by fans and refused to die on its knees.

Not only did it break Box Set sales records resulting in a film adaptation, Serenity (2005), wrapping up the series but it also found new life in the form of many comic book series’ that are still ongoing today. If you’ve ever wondered what Mal and Zoë went through in the unification war, or what Mal’s mother is like then both the Dark Horse series Serenity and the recent Boom! Studios series Firefly, are well worth your time.

9 The Good Place

After 4 seasons the high-concept fantasy sit-com finally came to an end in early 2020, in an incredibly satisfying fashion. The show focused around Eleanor Shellstrop as found herself accidentally deposited in “The Good Place” after her death, having been a pretty terrible person on Earth. The finale didn’t really leave the future of the show’s main cast of characters up to interpretation, so how could it be continued in comic form?

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Perhaps a comic book mini-series could focus on the misadventures of an Earthbound Micheal, or fill in the gaps of the thousands of Jeremy Bearimys skipped over in each season. What’s a Jeremy Bearimy? There isn’t the word count to explain it here, so go watch The Good Place and find out.

8 The X-Files – IDW Publishing

While yes, The X-Files has seen a revival in recent years in the form of it’s 10th and 11th seasons, it hasn’t exactly been excepted as a triumphant return by fans. Leaning a lot heavier into the mythology than the original monster of the week showcase that The X-Files first became popular for.

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Between the original cancellation and the revival mini-series’,  X-Files actually had a 25-issue comic book run titled, funnily enough, X-Files: Season 10 published by IDW Publishing. Written by Joe Harris and overseen by show creator Chris Carter, anyone that misses the less lore indulgent X-Files should pick this up to see Mulder and Scully back to investigating paranormal mysteries.

7 Misfits

A British Sci-Fi comedy-drama that only ran for 5 fairly short seasons, Misfits centered around a group of young offenders on community service that get caught in a freak storm and embued with super-powers. This absolutely isn’t Teen Titans, its crude, violent, and takes it’s characters to some very dark places while maintaining a very British, hilarious, wit.

The show ended on somewhat of a disappointing and open-ended note, leaving loose ends from previous seasons, and changing it’s cast dramatically due to actors’ other obligations. A comic book wouldn’t have to worry about actors’ calendars though and could bring back old characters to interact with new and wrap up loose ends. Honestly, we just want to see Nathan and Rudy kick-off.

6 Torchwood – Titan Comics

The Doctor Who spin-off created by Russel T. Davies enjoyed an ever-growing audience during its original TV run of 4 seasons, eventually ending due to the creative team behind it wanting to move on the other projects. It’s always had a strong repertoire of spin-off material, that mostly came to an end with the show, but one continued.

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If you’re looking for your post-Torchwood: Miracle Day fix of Captain Jack Harkness, look no further than the Titan Comics series that ran from 2016-2017. Written by John & Carole E. Barrowman, yes Captain Jack himself, it’s a great filler while fans wait for the character’s return.

5 Terra Nova

Terra Nova only ever aired for one wobbly season that started off with critical praise and positive ratings only to end with the opposite. It saw the Shannon family attempt to establish themselves in a human colony of the future that had time-traveled 85 million years into the past to escape overpopulation.

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A second season was never intended by Fox, who instead attempted to sell the show to Netflix and the future of the Shannon family was lost forever. Unless a comic book series was to pick up where the show left off, with dinosaurs and military espionage it feels perfect for the medium.

4 Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Dark Horse

The second Joss Whedon series on this list, (there must just be something about his projects) Buffy The Vampire Slayer was a TV series originally based on a 1992 film of the same name, also written by Whedon. While the show was by no means “canceled before its time” and saw a successful 7 season run, the shows eventual ending was, however, met with loyal disappointment from fans.

The show’s storyline was continued in a series of comic books produced by Joss Whedon himself under the titles Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight through to Season 12 respectively, all published by Dark Horse Comics.

3 Reaper

Following DIY store worker Sam Oliver as he’s recruited by the Devil, his parents having promised the soul of their firstborn to the big red guy for health reasons, to track down and return Hell’s escaped souls. Think Chuck but more supernatural.

The show only ran for 2 seasons with a monster-of-the-week format and a light overarching plot. The characters already felt like they were pulled kicking and screaming out of an indie comic book, so why not give the concept new life in that format?

2 Batman Beyond – DC

An animated show that ran from 1999- 2001, and saw an older Bruce Wayne training a high-tec teenage version of Batman named Terry McGinnis in a Blade Runner-esque future, developed by Bruce Tim, Paul Dini, and Alan Burnett. Not only was it a critical success but it also amassed quite the cult following which resulted in a quite convoluted post-cancelation comic book re-birth.

Not only is there a comic book version of Terry McGinnis’ adventures that ran in tandem to the original Batman Beyond series, but eventually he was folded into the DC universe proper in 2010, and then was replaced as the Batman of the future by a previous Robin, Tim Drake, as a part of The New 52, but is now back as of 2016’s DC Rebirth (Phew!). It gets a little messy but its good news if you loved the show, give it a whirl.

1 Pushing Daisies

Like Firefly, Pushing Daisies got the rough end of the deal when it was originally aired.  While the first season was met with incredible critical acclaim, and a boat-load of awards, the 2007-08 Writers Guild of America strike saw too long between seasons and a drop in ratings that warranted cancelation.

Since then the continuation of the show has jumped from a comic book – whose publishing house was closed before publication – to a stage and film adaptation that was eventually shot down. Pushing Daisies revolved around a piemaker that could bring the dead back to life teaming up with a P.I. to solve murder cases, and we can’t think of a better pitch for an ongoing comic series.

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Kieran Smith

5 Characters On 911 That Need More Screen Time ( & 5 That Deserve Less)

Fans of Fox’s hit TV show 9-1-1 will be pleased to hear that the show is coming back for its 3rd season. Based on the lives of first responders, ranging from paramedics to police officers, it details the struggles that these individuals have to overcome in their personal and work lives on an everyday basis, making for an action-packed adventure that pays respect to real heroes in the line of duty.

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Much of the star-studded cast bring their A-games to each episode but there are a few that could use a little less screen time and some side characters that could use more. Let’s sort through the best and worst characters that make 9-1-1 one of the best shows on television.

10 More Time: Eddie Diaz

Eddie is just one of those characters fans can relate to. An accomplished vet who served three tours in Afghanistan, he’s a single father caring for his son with cerebral palsy after the unexpected death of his wife. His struggles as a single parent along with the emotional baggage he carries after his wife asked for her divorce have left emotional scars that the series can build a great story around. Let’s hope that Eddie’s story gets more screen time in season 3 than it did in season 2.

9 Less Time: Taylor Kelly

Taylor Kelly is an ungrateful reporter, who pretends to be trying to bring to life the heroic acts of the first responders, only to flirt her way into a scandalous story that had the potential to be newsworthy. When she continued to film Captain Nash while he was under the influence, Buckley was finally able to see through her sham reporting. While shady characters like Kelly can make the plot a little juicier, Kelly is just an irredeemable character that needs to give her screen time to someone who advances the plot.

8 More Time: Maddie Buckley

Maddie, Evan Buckley’s sister, has a story that needs to be expanded on. After leaving her abusive husband and fleeing to Los Angeles, she once again bonds with her protective brother Evan but her struggles are not over. Soon after arriving her ex kidnaps her, causing her to have to fight for survival.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt has some serious acting chops and she brings them to her character, Maddie. The onscreen chemistry between her and Evan are some of the best scenes in the series.

7 Less Time: Evan Buckley

While his relationship with his sister Maddie is interesting, Evan is onscreen way too much.  He always appears to be just another petulant kid who can’t get his act together. In a serious show like 9-1-1 is, his sexual appetite is focused on too often in ways that distract from the storytelling in each episode. Creating drama is fine but being the drama becomes boring over time. With his progression as a character stagnating, maybe it is time to swap him for a more interesting side character.

6 More Time: Michael Grant

Michael Grant has been a great side character, who has the potential to be more. Yes, he has a brain tumor, which means he probably won’t be on the show for much longer, but his strained relationship with his ex brought some heart-wrenching moments. The reveal that he is suffering from a brain tumor but doesn’t want his ex-wife to find out until the holidays are over was a real tear-jerker. His struggles as a gay man, coming to terms with his impending death, is a tale people want to see more of.

5 Less Time: Karen Wilson

While Karen and Henrietta’s broken marriage brings drama to fan’s televisions across the globe, their story is just one of many broken relationships featured on 9-1-1.

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The loss of her embryos and the cheating of Henrietta took a toll on her character and, while her story is compelling at times, it also feels like they get out of one problem just to find themselves in another. Maybe it is time for Karen to take on more of a side character role and give someone else’s relationship problems a try.

4 More Time: Abigail Clark

Abigail’s home life is difficult, to say the least, as she spent much of her time at home caring for her mother, who has Alzheimer’s disease. The progression of her relationship and subsequent taming of Evan Buckley, a man who could have been considered a sex addict in denial, was captivating. Though there was a large age gap between the two, that didn’t seem to stop their love. While Connie Britton, the actress who played Abigail Clark, left the show after season 1 it would be a pleasant surprise to see her back next season.

3 Less Time: Henrietta Wilson

Just like her significant other Karen, Henrietta is a lightning bolt for tension but it’s all her character seems to be good for. Her inability to empathize with her wife’s struggles, while at the same time expecting Karen to understand hers, was completely ridiculous. It’s not that Henrietta is a bad character. She has been one of the more interesting characters on the show. However, her continuing struggles seem to always remain at their climax with no end in sight. Every time she overcomes one crisis, she spirals back down to earth with another one.

2 More Time: Howie Han

Initially not knowing what to do with his life, Howie tried many different professions, until fate intervened when the bar he was working at caught on fire causing him to jump into action, saving a woman who was on fire.

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After becoming a firefighter, Howie soon found his true calling, becoming a paramedic for the fire department. Howie is a fun-loving guy whose star shines bright in every scene. His backstory episode was one of the best in the entire series, expanding his character profile and hopefully giving him more scenes in the upcoming season.

1 Less Time: Athena Grant

While Grant is one of the faces, if not the face of 9-1-1, her character is also plagued by constant family drama. So much so, that it impedes her likability since all fans ever get to see are the negative aspects of her life. Every time Athena has a moment that looks like it is one of those stand-up and cheer kind of scenes, she misses her mark entirely. Plus, it is hard to take a character who gives advice to everyone seriously when they, themselves, do not have their affairs in order.

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Brett Hoover