GTA 6 Currently In Development According To Rockstar Tax Report

It looks like Rockstar North has been hard at work on an upcoming Grand Theft Auto title, according to a new UK tax report. Although the developer has studios all over the world, the main headquarters of Rockstar North is located inside the United Kingdom, a fact which had previously spurred the same watchdog company that released this new report to recommend Rockstar be investigated for tax avoidance.

Even though they have developed some of the most profitable pieces of entertainment ever created, Rockstar has filed for multiple government tax relief bonuses over the years. The continuing success of Grand Theft Auto V, which is still one of the most played games even seven years after its release, when compared to the amount of deductions Rockstar has made, has raised multiple eyebrows in the tax community, with some even calling for a need to re-write the way the UK deals with video game tax breaks due to this perceived abuse of the system.

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Now, TaxWatch UK has revealed that Rockstar’s claim for the 2018 – 2019 tax year was “by far the largest for Video Games Tax Relief granted by HMRC” that year, with the GTA Red Dead Redemption developer accounting for a whopping 37% of all claims made by the video games industry in the United Kingdom for that time period. According to the report, the reason for such a high claim from Rockstar was due to the “production of the next edition of GTA, rumored to be scheduled for release soon.”

Overall, Rockstar has claimed more than £37.6 million in Video Game Tax Relief, an amount which could speak to the high production cost of an upcoming sequel to Grand Theft Auto V. Rockstar’s most recent title, Red Dead Redemption 2, was one of the most expensive video games ever produced, and the high levels of quality the company strives for across all of their titles means it is quite likely Grand Theft Auto VI will cost at least as much, if not more so, than its predecessors.

With that being said, and exciting as it is to hear some sort of confirmation about Grand Theft Auto 6 news maybe coming sooner than expected, it seems like Rockstar is still taking advantage of government tax relief funds which were originally instituted to make things easier for small developers, not multi-national companies with the highest-grossing entertainment media of all time under their belt. While right now all players have to go on about a new Grand Theft Auto are tax claim numbers and numerical data, hopefully such a large percentage of relief going to just one company will raise some eyebrows in the UK, and then maybe the government will take a closer look at how the tax rules are defined. Fans can only hope such investigations, should they come to pass, cause no game delays.

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Source: TaxWatch UK

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Christopher Teuton

10 Movies (Including The New Mutants) That Were Stuck In Development Hell For A Long Time

It is no secret that movie production can be an immensely complicated jigsaw. Actors often have other commitments, studios often want to interfere and pull the film in a different direction to the director, and sometimes there is some kind of complicated legal issue that can often hold up the release of a movie. It is due to reasons such as these that movies can often take far longer than the average two years to be completed (if they are even completed at all).

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This article will list 10 movies that were trapped in the limbo that is development hell.

10 Alita: Battle Angel

Based on the iconic manga entitled Battle Angel Alita, Alita: Battle Angel had been flirting with a cinematic release for decades before its release in 2019. Originally, the manga adaptation was supposed to be directed by the legendary James Cameron, with the movie’s release being discussed in the early 2000s. However, Cameron later suggested that he would be too busy with Avatar sequels to direct the movie.

Fortunately for fans of the series, the movie was eventually released in 2019 with Robert Rodriguez at the helm and received a warm reception from critics.

9 A Star Is Born

Originally, the heartwrenching love story featuring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper (who also directed the film), was intended to be helmed by Hollywood legend, Clint Eastwood though this didn’t come to pass. The long road to release for the movie began in 2011, with a myriad of different actors being asked to star in the remake, including Beyonce, Christian Bale, Tom Cruise, and Jennifer Lopez.

Aside from the selection of different actors, the ending could have been completely different (though still ending with Jackson Maine’s death). Bradley Cooper pitched Maine dying by motorcycle accident and drowning in the ocean, but instead opted for the suicide we received the final cut.

8 New Mutants

The tale of New Mutants is tied heavily to Disney’s purchase of Fox Studios in 2019. The film had been in development since 2014, with Fox intending to introduce other X-Men characters into the franchise over time; however, this idea was scrapped by the filmmakers in favor of a more horror-based film.

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After being impressed by the film, the producers opted to reshoot aspects of the movie in order to add even more horror elements to the movie. However, after Disney acquired Fox, the House of Mouse did not want to proceed with the horror focus and shifted the movie back to the director’s original vision. Currently, the film is scheduled for release in April 2020. Hopefully it will see the light of day this year.

7 The Man Who Killed Don Quixote

Terry Gilliam’s The Man Who Killed Don Quixote is one of the most infamous examples of a film languishing in development hell, with Gilliam’s movie resting in limbo for over 29 years before its release in 2018.

The film encountered so many accidents and legal issues that one would be forgiven for thinking Moses had returned and ordered ten plagues upon the Monty Python star. The film was delayed by flash flooding, crazy injuries to lead actors, and even the usual boring legal disputes. It is a miracle the film was released at all.

6 Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road was one of the runaway hits of 2015. Critics and audiences both loved the visually stunning, post-apocalyptic driving movie starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron. While the film was released in 2015, there was talk of a fourth Mad Max movie since the mid-nineties; however, any production was hit by political and financial difficulties.

The film was originally scheduled to film in 2001, but the September 11 attacks postponed filming. After this, the American dollar collapsed, and the budget was no longer sustainable. The film was next scheduled to film in 2003, but this was postponed due to security concerns during filming in Namibia.

5 Jurassic World

The Jurassic Park franchise is one of the most well-known, loved, and successful franchises of all time. Due to this success, production started on Jurassic Park IV in 2001, though the fourth film in the series would not see a release until 2015.

The film was the victim of constant script rewrites, as Steven Spielberg was not happy with the scripts he was being presented with. This, coupled with the business of Steven Spielberg on other products, including the fourth Indiana Jones film, meant that Jurassic Park IV languished in development hell for over a decade.

4 The Hobbit

The Hobbit was another film franchise that suffered greatly from financial and production issues. Since the conclusion of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, fans had been clamoring for more stories from Middle Earth, and the Hobbit seemed like the natural way to go in terms of plot. However, with issues between contract discussions, MGM and Warner Brothers held up any release for several years.

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If studio disagreement wasn’t enough, there was also chaotic changes during production. While Guillermo del Toro was originally attached to direct, he eventually left the project, and Jackson returned to Middle Earth.

3 The Irishman

Martin Scorsese’s most recent film had been languishing in development hell for over a decade before its release on Netflix in 2019, although the legendary filmmaker suggested that he had ideas for the movie stretching back to the 80s.

While the Irishman had been in development since 2007, Scorcese’s other commitments had slowed his work on the crime drama considerably as extensive rewrites on the script led Scorcese to prioritize other films such as Hugo. 

2 Deadpool

It is important to acknowledge just how influential Ryan Reynolds was in getting the Deadpool movie released. Talk of a Deadpool movie had been lingering since the mid-2000s, with both Reynolds and David S Goyer working on a script for the movie. However, legal issues over the character rights threw a spanner in the works.

While Reynolds starred as Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, it was not a very faithful adaptation of the character, and Reynolds continued to push for a solo movie. It was only after Reynolds (probably) leaked test footage of a Deadpool movie online that Fox eventually greenlit a movie.

1 Watchmen

It didn’t take long for Fox to purchase the movie rights to Watchmen, with the studio acquiring the rights immediately after the release of the final issue in 1987. However, any work on a movie adaptation would appear to be cursed until its eventual release in 2009.

The film was passed around directors and writers, with the (apparently cursed) Terry Gilliam trying and failing to adapt the graphic novel for the big screen. Eventually, the rights passed onto Warner Brothers, via Paramount Pictures, who would then release the movie in 2009, though not without legal action from Fox in 2008 that slowed the release by another year.

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Two New Star Trek Films Officially In Development | Screen Rant

While speaking to investors at the UBS Global Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Conference, ViacomCBS CEO Bob Bakish said that two new Star Trek movies are officially in development. This news may come as a bit surprising to Star Trek fans, especially after the series’ history of diminishing returns at the box office. Earlier this year, it seemed as though Star Trek 4 was still far away from production and had some big hurdles to overcome.

In 2009, a full reboot of the original story was released under the direction of J.J. Abrams. 2009’s Star Trek movie went on to enjoy wide critical appeal and global box office success. Although the film’s two sequels, Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Trek Beyond, were admired in their own right, they simply didn’t cast as wide of a net at the box office. After the release of Beyond, CBS put the Star Trek films on the back burner, instead opting to focus on their upcoming TV show Star Trek: Discovery. For the last several years Star Trek has been unable to move forward with a cinematic production because of three reasons. The first is that CBS prioritized Star Trek TV projects over films, the second is due to complicated ownership rights between CBS and Viacom, and the third is because of contract stalemates between the studio and the films stars. However, many of these problems were solved when CBS and Viacom merged earlier this year, allowing Star Trek to have new productions with more money and less restrictions.

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The CEO of the newly-merged ViacomCBS Bob Bakish had much to say to investors at the UBS Global Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Conference, first reported by The Hollywood Reporter. In talking about the potential for corporate synergy across studios, Bakish says:

“Through the combination of CBS’ and Viacom’s complementary assets, capabilities and talented teams, ViacomCBS will create and deliver premium content for its own platforms and for others, while providing innovative solutions for advertisers and distributors globally.”

One example of such premium content is Star Trek, now wholly owned by ViacomCBS. Bakish suggests that the merger will allow ViacomCBS to broaden their horizons, so to speak, and build brand synergy across markets. Instead of having two isolated Star Trek properties between TV and film, they can now coalesce. Importantly, The Hollywood Reporter also announced “Bakish said there are currently two new Star Trek films in development,” leaving many fans to wonder just exactly how new Star Trek movies could interact with currently-running Star Trek shows.

It’s only been three years since the release of Star Trek Beyond, but they have been a long three years. There has been constant speculation as to what the future of Star Trek on the big screen will look like, but now it seems to finally be clear: ViacomCBS is developing two new Star Trek movies and planning to synergize them with their television projects. How the company begins to do so is entirely unknown, but it could be said they aim to boldly go where few mega-merger studios have gone before.

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Source: THR

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Arrested Development: 10 Season 1 Jokes Everyone Completely Missed

When Arrested Development first came to TV in 2003, its witty, clever take on the wealthy Bluth family established quite a cult following. In the show’s first season, fans were introduced to never-nudes, banana stands, and mediocre magicians.

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Although the show was canceled by FOX after its third season, it was revived by Netflix in 2013 for a fourth season, and then in 2018 for a fifth season. Known for creating some of the most intricate, lengthy running jokes in comedy history, Arrested Development gets better with multiple viewings. Whether verbal or visual, there’s always a new laugh to uncover each time you watch an episode. This list pulls together some of the gems lost in the first season’s sea of hilarity.

10 Spanish/English Dictionary

Michael and Gob both vie for the affections of Colombian actress Marta, and a spying game ensues. When they find out Marta is interested in “Hermano,” they believe she’s referring to a man named Hermano. It turns out these Bluth boys never paid attention in Spanish class, and they are unaware that “Hermano” translates to brother.

The show’s narrator explains this conundrum, employing a page from a fake Spanish/English dictionary. By the definition of “Hermano” is a picture of Michael and Gob donning mustaches. An added touch of humor can be found with the word above “Hermano,” “Hermafrodita.” Notice the resemblance between the person pictured next to the word and Tobias, Michael and Gob’s brother-in-law?

9 Blendin Electric Company

This recurring easter egg first appears in Season One, first with Blendin Mobile Pet Grooming and then with Blendin Electric Company.

It turns out this is the front used by authorities throughout the series to spy on the Bluth family. These secret surveillance operations seem to go undetected by the Bluths, as well as most fans. The identities of two agents are exposed in Season One: Agent Cummings and Agent Freeling. Can you spot the other Blendin fronts throughout the series?

8 “I Mean, It’s One Banana, Michael. How Much Could It Cost? 10 Dollars?”

Bluth matriarch Lucille spends her time drinking vodka martinis, infantilizing her youngest child Buster, and maintaining her posh lifestyle. Thanks to her husband’s wealth, this Southern California socialite is completely disconnected from reality.

This hilarious quote from Lucille demonstrates her lack of awareness when it comes to the price of everyday goods. It’s safe to assume it’s been a long time since Lucille intentionally stepped foot in a grocery store.

7 “That’s Why You Always Leave A Note.”

While a popular joke among long-term fans, this lesson instilled by George Bluth to his children – with the help of his old friend J Walter. Weatherman – should never be forgotten.

Weatherman, who has a propensity for losing arms, is called to George Bluth’s aid when young Michael, Gob, and Lindsay have problems leaving notes, yelling at each other, and keeping doors closed. When adult Michael fears his son George Michael is getting into drugs, he reaches out to Weatherman to teach his son a lesson. Through a series of twists, George Sr. turns the tides against his son again, employing Weatherman to teach Michael to stop trying to teach George Michael lessons.

6 Nurse Ratchet

When George Sr. fakes a heart attack in Season One in order to escape prosecution for his financial crimes, the nurse on call at the hospital is Nurse Ratchet.

Nurse Ratchet is an homage to Nurse Ratched, the evil head nurse from Ken Kesey’s book about mental health, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, which was also made into a groundbreaking film starring Jack Nicholson. Considering all of the Bluths seem a bit off their rockers, including a reference to Kesey’s work fits perfectly here. As the rhyme goes, “one flew east, one flew west, one flew over the cuckoo’s nest.”

5 The Church Of The Good Shepherd

Baaaa! Sheep play a major role in Season One of Arrested Development. From Buster’s sequence in the show’s opening title to The Church of the Good Shepherd, the show pulls off one of the most elaborate sheep jokes in history.

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Michael Bluth first calls his staff at the “Bluth Company” sheep, and the joke escalates when Lucille’s housekeeper Lupe rents a bus from a local church called The Church Of The Good Shepherd for her family reunion. In Season Two, the church returns when George Michael and his girlfriend Ann (also known as Egg) almost marry there.

4 “Beads!” “Bees?!”

Gob Bluth is not the smartest crayon in the box. This wannabe magician is a constant disappointment to his family. When he makes fun of his sister Lindsay for starting what he hears as a “bees” business, he decides to sneak behind her back and start his own bees business.

It’s not bees Lindsay’s investing in, though, but beads. Poor Gob, in an effort to impress his imprisoned father, brings one of his bees with him in a jar on a visit. It doesn’t go very well, but this doesn’t stop Gob from starting the G.O.B. Bee Company in Season Four.

3 Mr. Bananagrabber

This is another one of Gob Bluth’s brilliant ideas. He comes up with this mascot for the Bluth family Banana Stand, where they sell frozen bananas dipped in chocolate.

Gob tells Michael he’s free to use his character, a banana-shaped figure who steals bananas from others. When Mr. Bananagrabber comes to life in a cartoon, stealing a banana from a frog, Gob has second thoughts about letting Michael have rights to the character. Mr. Bananagrabber, like many other jokes in the series, returns in Season Two and Season Four.

2 “Dad Likes Leather.”

One of the most extensive jokes throughout all five seasons of Arrested Development is related to the sexuality of Tobias Funke, Lindsay’s on-again/off-again husband and father to their daughter Maeby. This never-nude with acting ambitions often does and says things that make his family wonder if he really is attracted to women.

This doltish and goofy character is always last to figure things out, and when he tries to impress his daughter by dressing like a rude and crude motorcyclist, he skirts the line between out-of-touch dad and fetishist.

1 Hold On Surely Funke

Maeby Funke, raised by completely incompetent parents Lindsay and Tobias, is basically free to do whatever she wants, constantly hatching plans to make money. She develops an alter-ego, wheelchair-bound Surely Funke, in order to get payouts from her school. George Michael, her cousin, calls her out on this, but he gets wrapped up in the action, too

In the scene depicted above, George Michael and Maeby chat in a school hallway while a handmade poster in support of Surely Funke hangs on the wall behind them. Surely returns in Season Three when Maeby tries to win a beauty contest.

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Megan Summers

This is How Star Citizen Plays 8 Years Into Development

Star Citizen’s latest developer update video shows off how the game looks in action eight years into its development. Originally slated for a 2014 release, Star Citizen still seems to have a long way to go before its a “full” launch, much to the chagrin of its many, many crowdfunding backers.

There are a number of reasons for Star Citizen’s multi-year delay, not least of which is the incredibly ambitious scope of the project. Developer Cloud Imperium Games set out to make a massive simulated universe containing a space sim and first-person shooter in one package. Beyond that, though, the reasons for the delay start to look more disturbing. A report earlier this year alleged financial mismanagement and a chaotic production pipeline, and there have been further rumors of a toxic work culture at Cloud Imperium Games that could also be hampering the game’s development. Cloud Imperium’s insistence on hiring famous actors to play characters for the unfinished game (that section, the Squadron 42 campaign, of which is now a separate product) and management’s lack of focus in development priorities are just some of the factors being blamed for its inability to actually release Star Citizen despite more than $200 million in funding.

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The latest Inside Star Citizen video from Cloud Imperium Games is unlikely to put anyone at ease. The main focus of the video is a new mission the team is working on called “Hijacked 890.” The video shows a player board a hijacked spaceship, called the 890 Jump, and clear out hostiles inside. Despite interviews with the development team talking up the mission, the footage on display is less than spectacular. The player enters the ship to find hijackers standing motionless inside, who then stand in place and open fire once the fight starts. At one point, a ship inside the 890 Jump’s hangar glitches out, jittering from side to side when it’s hit with gunfire. Even aside from the bugs, it’s incredibly underwhelming for a game that already has so much to prove.

The rest of the video focuses on Star Citizen’s sound design, including interviews with members of the game’s audio team. It’s clear from the update that Cloud Imperium’s staff is still enthusiastic about the game it’s making, despite Star Citizen’s many setbacks.

It’s clear that Star Citizen’s many delays, including the recent delay of the Squadron 42 beta, are badly needed to get the game into shape. Still, that’s not likely to placate fans who have now been waiting almost a decade since Star Citizen’s announcement to see something close to completely realized. As Cloud Imperium Games associate creative producer Jared Huckaby notes in the video, Star Citizen’s fan convention, CitizenCon, will be held at the end of November, where we expect to see new live gameplay and hopefully, some major announcements.

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Source: Cloud Imperium Games

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Bryan Lawver

Arrested Development: 10 Most Savage Lucille Bluth Quotes

As a pitch-perfect satire of both wealthy socialites and negligent mothers, Lucille Bluth is one of the funniest characters to ever hit the small screen. She could even lay claim to the title of most hilarious character on Arrested Development, and there are a lot of hilarious characters on Arrested Development.

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She’s definitely the most savage. Thanks to her sharp wit and acid tongue, Lucille always has the perfect quip or comeback or insult – whatever is required to come out on top in a given situation. So, fans of Arrested Development, here are the 10 Most Savage Lucille Bluth Quotes.

10 “See if you can get it down to five.”

When Barry tells the Bluths that they’ll need to act like a loving and supportive family for ten minutes in court to show the jury that they’re a compassionate and relatable group of people, Lucille asks him if he can get the number of minutes down to five. It’s one of the funniest quotes from Arrested Development, because it exemplifies just how dysfunctional the Bluths are.

Most families would be happy to appear loving and supportive for any amount of time, but for Lucille (and the whole Bluth clan, probably), looking like a caring family member for ten minutes is far too long.

9 “Don’t worry, sweetie. No one is fighting over you.”

This is what Lucille says to Gob when he finds out that she and George, Sr. might be getting a divorce. Even though Gob is a grown man and any such divorce wouldn’t involved a settlement over custody of the kids, Lucille didn’t pass up the chance to remind Gob how little his parents care about him.

All that Gob craves in the world is attention from his father and from Michael. He doesn’t have a particular affinity for Lucille, and actually makes a lot of jokes about her, but he’s also gleefully unaware that she kind of hates him.

8 “That goes into storage, right? Not into your apartment.”

Lucille has never really had any respect for manual laborers. When some guys came over to her apartment to move the furniture out to make way for the decorators to come in and remodel the place, she told one of them, who was picking up an armoire or an ottoman or something equally fancy, “That goes into storage, right? Not into your apartment.”

Although contractors rarely steal from their clients, because the clients can easily report them to their supervisor and get them fired and it’s a pretty secure system, Lucille has still never trusted anyone she’s hired to do manual labor.

7 “She’s not real. She was made in a cup. Like soup. $130,000 cup of soup.”

There was a running joke in Arrested Development that George Michael and Maeby had an ongoing romance, despite being cousins. Throughout the whole series, they struggled with the complicated feelings they had for one another, while the show continually suggested that they weren’t actually biological cousins.

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Although the season 3 finale would reveal that they weren’t, because Lindsay was adopted, the earliest suggestions were that Maeby was adopted. Lucille said that she was created through IVF, and as a result, “She’s not real. She was made in a cup. Like soup. $130,000 cup of soup.” It’s undeniably one of her most brutal lines.

6 “You want your belt to buckle, not your chair.”

Lucille never misses a chance to comment on Lindsay’s weight. Lindsay is actually about as thin as she could healthily be, but that’s never stopped Lucille from finding something to comment on. Once, she got really drunk and knocked over a bunch of trays of food, then quick as a whip, she mockingly apologized to Lindsay for spilling her dessert.

One time, when the two were eating at a restaurant, Lucille told Lindsay to ease off on the food and quipped, “You want your belt to buckle, not your chair.” Lindsay has her fair share of shots at Lucille, always with the perfect comeback.

5 “She thinks I’m too critical. That’s another fault of hers.”

Lucille always fails to see the irony in the things she says. Speaking to Maeby about her mother, and how Lindsay didn’t want Lucille to get her hooks into Maeby (one of the rare cases of Lindsay actually showing concern for her daughter’s wellbeing), Lucille said, “She thinks I’m too critical.

That’s another fault of hers.” Of course, she’s proving Lindsay right by immediately pointing out a fault – she is entirely too critical. And the fact that she mentions that it’s “another fault of hers” suggests that she has a running list of all of Lindsay’s faults in her head.

4 “You call him that, too?”

When it becomes apparent to Michael that he might have a long-lost sister named Nellie, he confronts Lucille about it. However, the only “Nellie” she knows is Tobias. Michael asks her about “one of your two daughters” to suggest that he’s onto her, but she just quips back, “Oh, Lindsay and Tobias never visit,” laughs hysterically, and adds, “Oh, we’re so bad!”

So, Michael clarifies that he’s talking about Lindsay and Nellie, but then Lucille goes even further with it and says, “You call him that, too? It’s so nice to be able to talk like this.” All he uncovered is that Lucille has a savage nickname for her son-in-law.

3 “Take it back! If I wanted something your thumb touched, I’d eat the inside of your ear.”

Lucille was furious when she had her golf privileges revoked from the country club. She was only allowed to sit by the pool, where she ordered a drink and some food. She only became more incensed when the waiter arrived and she saw that his thumb was pressed against the rim of the glass.

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She erupted into a fit of fury that left the sunbathers sitting either of side of her with their jaws on the floor. As soon as she saw the guy’s thumb touching the glass, she yelled, “Take it back! If I wanted something your thumb touched, I’d eat the inside of your ear.”

2 “I don’t care for Gob.”

Family Guy is often criticized for its lazy use of cutaway gags in the place of plot development, but Arrested Development is a prime example of how to use cutaway gags right. Immediately after insisting to Michael that she loves all of her children equally, the show cuts to Lucille, earlier that day, saying, “I don’t care for Gob.”

It became a running gag throughout every season of Arrested Development that Gob is by far Lucille’s least favorite child. She can’t resist insulting Lindsay at every opportunity and she’s even thought about killing Buster, but she really doesn’t like Gob.

1 “That…B***H!”

Lucille Bluth and Lucille Austero are the ultimate frenemies. Sometimes, they seem like they’re genuine friends, but most of the time, they’re passive-aggressive to each other’s faces and brutally blunt behind each other’s backs.

Lucille Austero, often called “Lucille 2,” lives across the hall from Lucille Bluth, and whenever the latter even mentions the former’s name when she’s in her apartment, she can’t help but shout out, “That…B***H!,” which her neighbor probably can’t even hear. She’s gotten so used to doing it that on one occasion, she even uses it when she’s at the model home, miles away from Lucille Austero.

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Ben Sherlock

Arrested Development: 10 Ways The Netflix Seasons Let It Down

Arrested Development never found the audience it deserved during its tenure on Fox’s airwaves because its abundance of running gags and densely crafted storylines made it more suited to binge-watching, which hadn’t been invented yet. It was before its time. After Fox canceled the show just three seasons in, it was included on countless lists of shows that were canceled too soon and should’ve been given more chance to grow by their respective networks. Ironically, when fans got what they wanted and binge-watching pioneers Netflix picked up the show for a fourth (and then a fifth) season, they were crushingly disappointed by how far from its former glory the show had fallen.

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Let’s look at 10 ways that Arrested Development’s Neflix seasons let the show down.

10 The cast was never together

Arrested Development has a huge ensemble cast, and seeing all of those characters interact with one another – especially the ones that had nothing in common and didn’t get along, like Tobias and Lucille, or Gob and George Michael – was part of the fun. The characters would often get up to wacky antics separate from one another, like Maeby’s secret job as a film executive or Michael’s adventures in Wee Britain, but they always reconvened in the kitchen or at Lucille’s apartment to weigh in on each other’s problems.

In the Netflix seasons, the cast hardly shared any scenes. This is probably due to personal disputes among the actors, but if that was the case, then why bother with more seasons at all?

9 The Netflix seasons ruined season 3’s perfect ending

Although the end was imposed on the writers and producers of Arrested Development when Fox canned the show after its third season and not when they decided the story reached its natural conclusion, the team did a great job of wrapping up the series with a finale episode, “Development Arrested.” It began with a parallel to the pilot episode, with the family throwing a party on a boat and Michael giving a speech.

This time, they were celebrating the fact that George, Sr.’s charges had been dropped. Every character reached an organic ending to their journeys, all of the recurring plotlines and loose ends were tied up, and Michael and George Michael departed for a brighter future.

8 There’s far too much plot

The complex plotting has always been a part of Arrested Development’s appeal. Not only is each character’s storyline well-crafted; they all dovetail with one another, too. However, the plotting in the Netflix seasons went way overboard with the complexity.

It’s far too dense and convoluted, with the writers throwing any random idea they came up with – Michael becoming a movie producer, Tobias going on an Eat, Pray, Love excursion to India, George Michael becoming a tech mogul etc. – and forced all the threads together with more and more plot. Then, they presented it all out of order, just to double down on the confusion.

7 Tobias is really poorly written

Tobias is a fan-favorite Arrested Development character, and David Cross continues to nail the character’s mannerisms in seasons 4 and 5. The problem is that the character was terribly written in those seasons. It was like the writers forgot what made the character great, or even what made him Tobias. Canonically, Tobias has a medical degree, so he’s not an idiot. He’s just oblivious to his double-entendres, desperately pursuing his pipe dream of acting, and constantly hinting that he’s gay.

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The new seasons didn’t know what to do with him, so they just made him a moron. They gave him an illegitimate son and a stage musical about the Fantastic Four. Apart from the season 5 storyline in which he attempts to play Michael for the press, Tobias is written totally out of character in the Netflix seasons.

6 The season 5 finale made Buster a murderer

Arrested Development has always been a dark show, but it was never so dark that it wasn’t always funny. The darkness was shocking in an amusing way. However, in the season 5 finale, as it was revealed that Buster had murdered Lucille Austero and didn’t seem to have any guilt or remorse about it, the show crossed that line. The fun of Buster’s character has always been that he has a childlike innocence.

He always had psychological issues, owing to his unhealthy attachment to his mother and his refusal to grow up, but he always just acted like a kid. Now that we know he’s a murderer, that innocence is tarnished.

5 The pace is much slower

The first three seasons of Arrested Development are some of the fastest-paced television ever put on the air. It’s part of what makes revisiting the show such a blast. The exposition never takes more than a few seconds in between sight gags and character moments, and even then, there are jokes crammed into it.

The pacing of the Netflix seasons, on the other hand, is painfully slow. The exposition is long and drawn-out and takes longer to get to the point than the early seasons would take to get to the next scene, having set up several major plot points.

4 Portia de Rossi retired from acting before the end

Last year, Portia de Rossi appeared on her wife Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show to announce that she would be retiring from acting. She clarified that she’d be making an exception to that retirement for future seasons of Arrested Development, but it was clear that her commitment to the show was spotty at best.

The storyline of Lindsay running for public office was an interesting development for her character, but with de Rossi only appearing in a handful of scenes – and hardly ever with any of her co-stars – the writers didn’t have enough room to really explore the idea in any satirical depth.

3 They’re not rewatchable

The first three seasons of Arrested Development are among the rewatchable TV episodes ever made. No matter how many times you’ve seen those early seasons, they never get old, because you’re always picking up on jokes that you missed the first time, and the jokes that you did catch still elicit laughs all these years later.

However, the fourth and fifth seasons, although their M.O. was to be rewatched on a streaming service as opposed to just viewed once on a broadcast network, were a task to sit through the first time, let alone over and over again like the early episodes.

2 Michael and George Michael’s relationship was destroyed

Despite all the terrible things that the characters of Arrested Development do, there are a couple of earnest elements that keep the show endearing with an uncharacteristic sweetness. One of those things was always Michael and George Michael’s relationship. George Michael was desperate to make his dad proud by working on his weekends and getting straight-As, while Michael was struggling to do right by his son as a widowed single father.

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They were hardly ever on the same page, but they were always trying to connect with each other. In the Netflix seasons, their relationship devolved. George Michael took on a Maeby-esque double life, Michael slept with his son’s girlfriend, George Michael literally punched Michael in the face – it just didn’t sit right (or, pardon the pun, sit well).

1 Season 4 was such a mess that it could be completely re-edited

After Arrested Development’s fourth season was criticized for being disjointed, the producers responded by re-cutting it to visually resemble earlier episodes, while lacking their coherence. There aren’t many seasons of television that could be completely re-edited like that. The early seasons of Arrested Development were plotted very deliberately. You couldn’t budge an inch of film in any of those episodes, because their scripts were so tight.

Every line of dialogue included some kind of callback or pun or reference that only make sense in that sequence. But season 4 was such a mess that Mitchell Hurwitz was able to go back into the cutting room, re-edit the entire thing, and re-release it as “Fateful Consequences.”

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WWE 2K20: Yuke’s Leaving Development Team Was Freeing

WWE 2K20 developer Visual Concepts says the absence of Yuke’s, the developer which previously headed up WWE 2K game development alongside Visual Concepts, was “freeing”. Publisher 2K announced WWE 2K20‘s new developer setup in August, shortly after WWE 2K20 was revealed.

When WWE 2K20 was first announced, it looked like it was going to be just about what fans of the series expected, but things soon started to look less promising. Clips and screenshots of the game began spreading online, revealing that WWE 2K20‘s graphics were hilariously bad, looking almost like a PS3 game. Some character models looked nothing like their real-world counterparts, and many animations were stiff and alien. To make matters worse, WWE 2K20 was plagued with glitches, sending characters falling through the ring or getting caught in the ropes. In fact, it turned out WWE 2K20 had problems with nearly every feature.

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Speaking to GameSpot at a WWE 2K20 event, Visual Concepts’ creative director, Lynell Jinks, said the first feeling the team had upon learning it would be taking over the WWE franchise was one of freedom. Jinks said the team knew they could now pursue all the ideas they’d had but weren’t able to implement during previous games’ development. After that initial feeling, however, Jinks said reality set in, and Visual Concepts realized it had to try to figure out how Yuke’s had put things together for the last 20 years, writing new tools and creating art assets to get WWE 2K20 ready. This meant not only understanding the code, Jinks said, but making it better and making it Visual Concepts’ own.

Jinks cited WWE 2K20 Originals, a series of WWE 2K20 DLC that mixes up the series’ traditional wrestling gameplay, as a showcase of Visual Concepts’ newfound freedom, saying it’s allowed them to break away from the simulation-style roots of the franchise. The first WWE 2K20 Originals pack, Bump in the Night, added supernaturally enhanced Superstars to the game in five new story chapters.

While WWE 2K20 does some things better than WWE 2K19, the game-breaking glitches show that a lot about the game is actively worse than its predecessor. Following the flood of fan backlash and glitch videos after release, WWE Games released a statement about WWE 2K20‘s poor state, saying it was aware of the issues and is working to address them in an upcoming patch. In the meantime, WWE 2K20 remains a bit of a mess.

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Arrested Development: 10 Best Episodes Ranked, According to IMDb

Premiering 16 years ago way back in 2003 Arrested Development follows the Bluth’s, a well off dysfunctional family who face financial ruin after  George Bluth Sr, the Patriarch of the family, is arrested for stealing his companies money. It’s now up to his son Michael to reluctantly take charge of the ship and steer the family from obvious disaster.

Originally only running for 3 seasons after being canceled in 2006, the show was rescued by Netflix in 2013 and brought back by popular demand. Join us now as we count down the best episodes according to their IMDB rating!

10 Amigos, Season 2 Episode 3 (8.9)

An episode about running away. Michael takes a group down to Mexico after hearing that his father is hiding out south of the border and tries to form a connection with George Michaels’s girlfriend Ann but just ends up talking Lindsay throughout the journey. Meanwhile, Lindsay and Tobias continue their open relationship experiment while Buster tries to escape the army by stowing away.

9 Mr. F Season, 3 Episode 5 (8.9)

Michael tries to find a balance between his work life and his English girlfriend Rita, with whom he sneaks out to see smash-hit British film Love Indubitable on a workday. So he decides to combine the two and takes Rita on a business trip where he discovers one of the companies developments have a mole problem.

Unfortunately due to miscommunication the rest of the family thinks Michael means a spy instead of vermin!

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8 Making A Stand, Season 3 Episode 8 (8.9)

After shooting down G.O.B’s idea of selling company blueprints to “our Mexican friends down in Columbia” for being illegal and insane, Lyndsay reminds Michael of how his father used to make him and G.O.B compete as he believed it would toughen them up. he even recorded these clashes on tapes known as “Boyfights.”

It’s not long until the rivalry starts again when G.O.B opens up a frozen banana stand next to Michaels, and a business war ensues!

7 Exit Strategy, Season 3 Episode 12 (8.9)

Lyndsay and Tobias are hungover from drinking a bottle of vodka, G.O.B decides he wants to perform a U.S.O show in Iraq much to the chagrin of Michael, who believes their father is being tried for treason for building homes there.

Meanwhile, George Michael sets about trying to arrange a super sweet 16 birthday party for his cousin Maeby.

6 Righteous Brothers Season 2 Episode 8 (9.0)

Michael wants George Sr. to leave his hideout in the attic for a few days whilst a building inspector comes to take a look at the house, so G.O.B takes it upon himself to try and construct a scheme to make the family elder disappear as he is being stubborn and does not want to leave. Meanwhile, George Michael decides to join his girlfriend Ann to a protest against Maebys film “Les Cousins Dangeroeux”  in hopes that the excitement may impassion her to kiss him again and save their relationship.

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5 Good Grief, Season 4 Episode 2 (9.1)

In an attempt to find a missing George Sr. Lucielle hires a bounty hunter named Ice to track him down, but George Sr.’s whereabouts might be closer than everyone thinks. Maeby tries to set up her mother with Ice, Michael tries to fix George Michaels troubled relationship, and G.O.B prepares to perform and over the top elaborate illusion.

4 Afternoon Delight, Season 2 Episode 6 (9.1)

As the Banana stand is traditionally destroyed by vandals over the holiday season, Michael tries to find his son to embark on their own family tradition of rebuilding it, but this Christmas George Michael plans on spending time with his girlfriend Ann and her family.

Meanwhile, after being inadvertently roasted at the Bluth Christmas party G.O.B begins to stage mass firings.

3 Meat The Veals, Season 2 Episode 16 (9.1)

Knowing that George Michael is unhappy and that his dating standards are too low, Michael sets up a dinner George Michael’s girlfriend’s ultra-conservative family in hopes of creating a rift and breaking them up. However, this plan seems to backfire as Michael realizes that Ann’s family is just as screwed up as his own…

Also in this episode, G.O.B, George Sr. and G.O.B’s puppet Franklin knock Lucielle out with ether in order to force her to attend church.

2 Pier Pressure Season 1 Episode 10 (9.2)

Buster pays George Michael to buy some medicinal marijuana off of G.O.B in hopes that it may cure Lucille 2’s vertigo. This leads Michael into thinking that George Michael is into drugs himself and he seeks out a way to give his son a lesson. While all this goes on Lindsay tries to punish Maeby for her bad grades by forcing her to spend the day with Lucille. Initially Maeby and Lucille get along but as the day goes by Maeby learns how lucky she is to have an easy-going mom like Lyndsay.

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1 Development Arrested, Season 3 Episode 13 (9.3)

And so the best episode according to IMDB is season 3’s finale, one that many thought would be the last ever episode until the renewal in 2011, five years later.

The Bluth decides to celebrate their recent success by throwing a boat party, but things start to go wrong very quickly.

The show almost ends as it began, with the police on their way across the sea in order to break up the festivities, but everyone goes their own way instead, leaving the door upon for the eventual reunion.

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Arrested Development: 10 Worst Things George Bluth Has Done

George Bluth is the head of the Bluth family in Arrested Development. He’s also the character that begins the series, as he is arrested as his final days in the family business approaches. George is untrustworthy and a criminal throughout all the series of the show.

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He’s done some pretty terrible things throughout the series that have hurt both the business and his family. However, everything he does seems to be at the very least, in the financial interests of his family. He is greedy and abusive of his power though and it’s a surprise that he isn’t behind bars more often! Here’s the 10 worst things George Bluth has ever done.


George has made some questionable business choices in his career. He’s done some really dodgy deals with a variety of companies. However, one of the most dangerous business decisions he made was by entering a deal with some Chinese businessmen.

They were involved with the Chinese government and they weren’t happy when George couldn’t follow through on his end of the deal. He was putting his whole family at risk by starting this deal, while also being dishonest to the people he made the deal with!


When George was initially arrested he spent quite a long time in prison. However, he came up with a plan to eventually escape. He faked a heart attack and pretend to have died from the ordeal. He then escaped to Mexico to live his life.

However, when the authorities found out he had to think on his feet to avoid capture again. So he used his twin brother instead, sending him to prison. This is an awful thing to do to any family and what’s worse is that he even shaved Oscar’s head to make sure he would be confused for George.


Ahead of Donald Trump’s proclamation that he would build a wall in Mexico, George Bluth promised many people, including the Chinese, that he would build a wall first. They even ran their own election campaign with the slogan build the wall.

This wall was not only a terrible business decision but it was also an awful thing to do to incite racism and separation. Not only this, the wall that ended up being put up was mainly a publicity stunt and hid the dead body of Lucille 2!

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George Bluth was never a very successful father. When the kids were younger he was so disapproving of them that many of them suffered later in life because of it. He’d even pit them against one another in talent competitions, to see who was the best and set down many strict rules.

As they grew older he was still good at fighting his family and causing them to have conflict amongst themselves. He tortured Michael Bluth in particular by constantly undermining him in his own business decisions, no matter how hard he worked.


One of his worst parenting decisions is allowing Buster to be broken by his wife Lucille. George never supported Buster and sent him to a terrible boarding school which only broke him further. Buster never had a chance at a proper life.

George allowed his ‘boy’ to be ridiculed and humiliated throughout most his time with his family. He never gave Buster any more opportunities because he thought he would fail at them, although there may have been a bigger reason for this behavior.


The reason for George’s behavior towards Buster is probably that Buster isn’t his son at all. Lucille had an affair with George’s brother, Oscar. Oscar is actually Buster’s true father, which George is jealous of as it demonstrates his brother’s betrayal.

This also means that George tried to keep the secret from Buster for as long as possible. This was damaging to Buster who still has quite a youthful mentality. It also means that George actually had Buster’s real father imprisoned for his own crimes!

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George Bluth is really good at keeping his money close to him. He’s so obsessed with cash that he’s hidden it all over his own house and other places he owns. Most of this money is actually cash earned through criminal enterprises, which is why he’s hiding it.

One of the ongoing jokes in the series was that there is always money in the banana stand. However, he doesn’t make it clear to Micheal that he’s actually hidden money in that stand. The stand goes up in flames and so does all the money; money that Micheal really needed!


While Lucille certainly hasn’t been faithful, neither has George Bluth. He’s cheated on her on a number of occasions. Every time this significantly damages their relationship and more importantly the family itself.

Some of these women are actually people who he has power over. One of which is a secretary for instance, showing that George Bluth is happy to use his position of influence to get what he wants, no matter who it hurts; especially his own wife.


One of the key crimes that George Bluth has committed is fraud. While he’s also been involved in theft and perhaps even treason, fraud follows him throughout most of his businesses and his career. It’s this fraud that has actually endangered the family.

By involving the family business in such dangerous accounting, most of the family that had worked for the company could also have been arrested. Micheal Bluth continuously uncovered more fraudulent business decisions and such as the disastrous model homes that George had built.


Speaking of model homes, this was a major part of the Bluth business. These poorly made houses were created for an even worse person than George Bluth however. This is what had garnered George with the prospect of being charged with treason!

The reason that his actions are potentially treasonous is that he had actually built houses for Saddam Hussein in Iraq, aiding and abetting the international criminal and one of history’s worst men. He also had no regret over helping out Hussein despite how unpatriotic it is.

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