10 Movies Written (But Not Directed) By Famous Filmmakers

What makes a great filmmaker is vision. If you don’t have vision, then you can’t tell a story in a visual medium with any real impact. What sets apart directors like Christopher Nolan and Quentin Tarantino is that they have a singular vision for their movies and they work tirelessly to realize that vision.

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However, famous directors don’t always end up directing their own scripts. Their script can be taken from them by a ruthless studio and given to someone else, or they can simply lose interest in helming a piece after putting it on paper. Here are 10 Movies Written (But Not Directed) By Famous Filmmakers.

10 V for Vendetta by the Wachowskis

The Wachowskis might be best known for writing and directing The Matrix trilogy, but they presented us with another, very different dystopian world on the page when they provided the script for V for Vendetta.

It was an adaptation of Alan Moore’s graphic novel of the same name, which, like the movie, was set in an alternate future where the UK is governed by totalitarianism and terrorized by a masked anarchist. However, the Wachowskis’ script drastically changed the tone of the comic, swapping its satirical tone for a bleak one and making V’s true identity more obvious in the film than it is in the book.

9 The Adventures of Tintin by Edgar Wright

In 2011, Edgar Wright was still making the transition from cult-favorite British director with movies like Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz to Hollywood mainstay with movies like Baby Driver and the Ant-Man that could’ve been. During that interim, he was hired by Steven Spielberg to write the script for The Adventures of Tintin, his big-budget motion-capture adaptation of Hergé’s brilliant comics of the same name.

Wright wrote the script with Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat and Attack the Block director Joe Cornish. Wright’s frequent collaborators Simon Pegg and Nick Frost also appear in the movie as Thomson and Thompson, so Spielberg is clearly a Three Flavors Cornetto Trilogy fan.

8 Buffy the Vampire Slayer by Joss Whedon

In 1992, an airy, light-hearted movie came out called Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It was a coming-of-age high school movie with supernatural elements that was panned by critics. The screenplay was written by Joss Whedon, who had also created the character as a way of subverting horror cinema’s clichéd and misogynistic portrayal of women, but it was directed by Fran Rubel Kuzui.

Whedon felt that Kuzui’s movie had botched his awesome character and that’s why, five years later, he brought her to the small screen with the dark tone he originally intended and found much more success, turning the forgotten character into an icon.

7 Rambo: First Blood Part II by James Cameron

Moviegoers today may know John Rambo as a killing machine who carries a giant gun and doesn’t wear a shirt and plows through dozens of enemy soldiers without sustaining a scratch, but that’s not how he was originally conceived. The original movie, First Blood, depicted him as a veteran with PTSD who was harassed and pushed to breaking point by a local police department, and even then, went out of his way not to kill anyone.

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That all changed with the testosterone-fueled sequel, Rambo: First Blood Part II, which took him back to Vietnam to free some prisoners of war (and blow up some foreign hostiles along the way). The movie’s script was written by Sylvester Stallone and James Cameron, as hard as that is to believe.

6 Suburbicon by the Coen brothers

George Clooney directed Suburbicon from a screenplay the Coen brothers wrote and abandoned as far back as the ‘80s. Frankly, it should’ve stayed that way. Clooney and his producing partner Grant Heslov punched up the Coens’ script, but left it basically the same.

The story is set in the ‘50s and follows the repercussions of a home invasion in suburbia at the same time as an African-American family moves into the mostly white neighborhood. It feels like two 45-minute movies were crammed together, with each seeming incomplete. Also, the ham-fisted commentary on race doesn’t help. The profound message at the end is that racism is bad, which we already know.

5 Halloween II by John Carpenter

When the slasher trend that Halloween started began to gain some traction, a sequel was in order. John Carpenter, the director and co-writer of the original film, returned to write Halloween II, along with his co-writer and producer Debra Hill. However, he was hesitant to return to the director’s chair and Rick Rosenthal took over.

The sequel followed on directly from the original’s cliff-hanger ending, with Laurie Strode being rushed to hospital and a still-on-the-loose Michael Myers on her tail. It’s a pretty good sequel, at least as far as slasher sequels go. The only real downside is the inane plot twist that Laurie is Michael’s sister, which was groaningly contrived and unnecessary. The twist formed the basis of every sequel to come except for the recent reboot, which retconned it and, uncoincidentally, became the highest grossing Halloween movie by far.

4 Scarface by Oliver Stone

Oliver Stone has tackled a lot of American issues in his movies – the Vietnam War, the stock market, the Kennedy assassination, the media’s glorification of criminals – but he relinquished his script for Scarface, a true American epic if there ever was one, to Brian De Palma. It’s a little on the long side and its graphic violence isn’t for everybody, but there’s no denying that Scarface is an impeccable film, and the definitive gangster movie.

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Just like Tony Montana in the movie, Stone struggled with an addiction to cocaine while he was researching for the script, and moved to Paris to kick the habit while he wrote it, later saying: “I don’t think cocaine helps writing. It’s very destructive to the brain cells.”

3 Poltergeist by Steven Spielberg

The haunted house movie Poltergeist was based on a story by Steven Spielberg, who then developed a screenplay from that story with Michael Grais and Mark Victor, but he didn’t direct it. Instead, the movie was directed by Tobe Hooper, who is best known for helming The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and since this is a Spielberg production, it’s far more wholesome and less gory.

But it still packs a few frights, which is probably why Spielberg opted out of directing it himself. His work on Poltergeist is the reason Spielberg rejected George Lucas’ idea to make the third Indiana Jones movie a haunted house movie, so we really dodged a bullet there.

2 Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark by Guillermo del Toro

Guillermo del Toro wrote the script for Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, a remake of the 1973 TV movie of the same name, with Matthew Robbins. Robbins has also collaborated with del Toro on the screenplays for Mimic and Crimson Peak, and he previously did uncredited rewrites on the Steven Spielberg movies Jaws and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Instead of del Toro, the movie was helmed by Troy Nixey, who is not primarily a film director, but rather a comic book artist. Still, his experience in that visual medium – particularly in horror comics, too – meant that he had the mental tools to tell a story with images, organically taking the viewer from frame to frame.

1 True Romance by Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino wrote True Romance, a pastiche of the rich traditions of romance and crime fiction, when he was a struggling young filmmaker working at a video rental store (we’ve all heard the story). Tony Scott directed the movie, but you’d never guess it wasn’t Tarantino’s work.

Unlike Oliver Stone, who took a Tarantino script (Natural Born Killers) and turned it into an Oliver Stone movie, Scott remained true to the writer’s vision and directed True Romance the way Tarantino would’ve directed it. The only change Scott made to Tarantino’s script was linearizing his non-linear narrative. Nonetheless, Tarantino was pleased with how it turned out.

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5 Greatest Movies Directed By Famous Hollywood Actors (& 5 Of The Worst)

Every once in a while, a famous Hollywood actor will show the world that they are more than just a pretty face. It is always exciting to see a celebrity take a break from being in front of the screen, and instead make their way behind the camera. Sometimes, we are wowed by the range of talent these actors are able to deliver as directors. Other times… not so much.

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We are all familiar with the brilliant talent brought on by actor-turned-directors such as Rob Reiner and Marlon Brando, but what about some of the more recent films over the past few decades made by actor-turned-directors? Which of them took us by surprise? Which flopped?

Let’s find out in the list below.

10 mid90s – Jonah Hill (Best)

Mid90s (2018) is a coming of age tale that lets you take a nostalgic dip into the era of midriffs, Capri sun, and grunge. The 90s is perhaps the era that people of the millennial age are most nostalgic about and for good reason. It was a time when bumming around with your friends and making each other laugh was all you needed to have a good time. No video games, no TV, no cell phones to distract everyone, just the pure joy of each others company.

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Jonah Hill’s directorial debut perfectly captures the art of kicking back in the sun and wasting time with the family you’ve created for yourself. This sunny indie flick reminds audiences how precious the simple moments in life can be.

9 Garden State- Zach Braff (Worst)

It should be noted that there is a lot of good in Zach Braff’s Garden State. The soundtrack is incredible, the cinematography and storyline are unique enough. Yet what makes Braff’s directorial debut one of the worst films directed by a famous actor on this list comes from the degradation Natalie Portman must succumb to in her role as the poster child of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

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Her character is infantilized to the core and exists solely to give brooding men her latest indie music playlists and to do quirky little dance moves that are impossible not to cringe at. Poor Nat has recently stated in an interview with Vanity Fair how much she regrets taking on the role. We don’t blame her!

8 8.Million Dollar Baby – Clint Eastwood (Best)

Million Dollar Baby is a Million Dollar Film for more reasons than one. The 2004 Oscar-winning movie has a big heart and a brilliant set of characters with quotable and authentic dialogue. Eastwood not only directs but he acts in the film as well, taking on the role of a boxing manager named Frankie Dunn. After much hesitance, Dunn decides to take on a female boxer (Hillary Swank) as his trainee.

With a cold start, the two slowly begin to warm up to each other and they eventually form a bond that is equivalent to that of a father/daughter relationship. It is a lovely and memorable connection that gives Eastwood’s masterpiece all the chops necessary to make it an instant classic. This boxing film is one that is so emotional, it’ll hit you right in the feels.

7 7.Run Fatboy Run – David Schwimmer (Worst)

What? A film with Simon Pegg as the lead that’s considered bad? Unfortunately, yes. Not even Pegg’s charm could save David Schwimmer’s 2007 directorial debut for Run Fatboy Run from being labeled as mediocre at best.

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Maybe Schwimmer should stick to playing gawky dudes who chase Jennifer Anniston-like women around and insist that they were “on a break”. Perhaps that’s the only “break” he’s gonna get because when it comes to directing, he hasn’t gotten on yet.

6 6.The Disaster Artist – James Franco (Best)

James Franco had a bit of a rocky start when it came to his career as a film director. He was often labeled as “pretentious” and therefore he was considered a bit of a joke by fans and critics alike. Fortunately, Franco was able to take all that criticism and discouragement brought on by the general public, and turn it into cinematic gold. The Disaster Artist tells the true story of Tommy Wiseau (Played flawlessly by Franco), a man whose deepest passion in life is to be seen as a true artist.

The Disaster Artist unravels the making of Wiseau’s film The Room, which has been labeled as “the worst movie ever made”. Instead of mocking Wiseau, Franco creates a film that is willing to empathize with him. Even those who aren’t familiar with the cult classic The Room will be able to appreciate the comedic masterpiece Franco has directed.

5 5.The Passion of The Christ – Mel Gibson (Worst)

The Passion of The Christ is one of the most mixed reviewed films of all time. While some people label Gibson’s movie as the greatest piece of cinema ever made, others consider it to be an exploitative anti-semitic snuff film. South Park even dedicated an entire episode to how awful The Passion of The Christ is. The episode rightfully concludes that “focusing on how Jesus got killed is what people did in the dark ages and it ends up with really bad results”. The episode decides it’s wrong to allow violence to inspire faith, and that is exactly what The Passion Of The Christ attempts to do.


While Krasinski’s days of playing a character who pulls pranks on his uptight coworker may be behind him, he is still bringing us great on-screen amusement in his films such as A Quiet Place. Krasinski not only stars in the movie but he directs it as well and we can’t help but find ourselves wildly impressed with The Office veterans chops.

What makes A Quiet Place stand out is how original its concept is. In a world of movie remakes and films based entirely off of novels, Krasinski’s masterpiece stands out as a creative individual piece which tells the story of a dystopian universe where “If they hear you, they’ll hunt you”. If you are looking for a thrilling movie with a big heart and fantastic premise, look no further.

3 Sonny – Nicolas Cage (Worst)

Sonny tells the story of a male gigolo in New Orleans played by James Franco. With an unfortunate 23% on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s clear how critics felt about Nic Cage’s directorial debut and the general public didn’t seem to have much praise for it either. Sonny has even been labeled as “An instant candidate for the worst film of the year.”

Yikes! Can’t NC catch a break? The poor man managed to create one of the most laughable films in cinema history despite the fact that it is certainly not meant to be a comedy.

2 Eighth Grade – Bo Burnham  (Best)

Bo Burnham managed to deliver artistic triumph in his directorial debut, Eighth Grade. It’s hard to create a film that is as hilarious as it is heartbreaking but that is exactly what Burnham’s 90-minute flick does. Eighth Grade follows 13-year-old Kayla (Elsie Fisher), an awkward young girl who struggles with social anxiety.

Anyone who has been a student in a junior high will instantly empathize with Kayla’s journey to a huge extent. Burnham’s film deserves all the praise in the world for his careful analyzation of what life is like for a socially anxious middle schooler.

1 The Brave – Johnny Depp (Worst)

Johnny Depp rarely delivers a bad film, but when he does, he directs it. In 1997, Depp decided to take his shot behind the camera (and in front of it) in the film The Brave. Depp considered it to be his passion project, yet despite how much he loved it, the general public didn’t seem to agree with his outlook on the movie.

The film has been criticized as “Further proof that Hollywood stars who attempt to extend their range are apt to exceed it.” Ouch!

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Thor 4 Directed by Taika Waititi Has Been Pitched, Says Tessa Thompson

A Taika Waititi-directed Thor 4 has already been pitched, Tessa Thompson reveals. Jumping in on the MCU train via 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok, the actress plays Valkyrie in the franchise – one of the last members of Odin’s elite Asgardian team who took on Hela (Cate Blanchett). The God of Thunder (Chris Hemsworth) and Loki (Tom Hiddleston) stumbled across her on the junk planet of Sakaar, and cajoled her to join them and save Asgard from the Goddess of Death. The film ended with her aboard the Asgardian refugee ship on their way to Earth, but they were hijacked by Thanos and his men as seen at the start of Avengers: Infinity War.

Breathing life into the Thor franchise, Ragnarok quickly became the general viewing public’s favorite out of the trilogy. Unlike previous movies from the Marvel sub-franchise, gone were the dark and gloomy palette and in its place were the trippy backgrounds reminiscent of Jack Kirby’s psychedelic comic book panels. The aesthetic and new brand of humor perfectly complemented the roller coaster adventure for Thor. By the end of it, fans get an overhauled character and a revitalized film series. But with Ragnarok already the third in his franchise, there’s an assumption that there’s no more solo adventures for the character, although that may not be the case.

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According to Thompson during a recent LA Times interview, a fourth Thor film has already been pitched at Marvel Studios. While the actress claims that she doesn’t know specifics about it, she adds that Ragnarok director, Waititi is said to be returning to helm the film. “I heard that a pitch has happened for [another “Thor” film]. I don’t know how real that intel is, but I hear that the pitch has happened. I think the idea is Taika [Waititi, who directed ‘Ragnarok’] would come back,” she said.

Valkyrie’s whereabouts continue to be a mystery after skipping Infinity War, but after months of speculation, Avengers: Endgame character portraits and special emojis confirm her survival of Thanos’ decimation of half the life in the universe. The assumption now is she, alongside fan favorite characters Korg and Miek, escaped the refugee ship and possibly continued their voyage to Earth. Whether or not they landed on the planet is another conversation, but they’re expected to factor into the Phase 3 capper. Chances are that Thor will seek her out following their loss to the Mad Titan before he goes off to execute the fresh plan to take down the villain.

It’s curious if Marvel Studios will be willing to deviate from their three-film solo character adventures for Thor. Both Iron Man’s (Robert Downey Jr.) and Captain America’s (Chris Evans) trilogies felt like it tied up their respective headlining hero’s arcs with many expecting their stories to end in Endgame. It’s quite different with Odinson, however. Between finally nailing the tone they want for the character and a potential future that doesn’t feel forced in the MCU, there’s still so much he can do in the franchise starting with Thor 4.

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Source: LA Times

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Captain Marvel’s Mid-Credits Scene Was Directed by the Russos

Warning! SPOILERS for Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel‘s mid-credits scene was filmed by Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo. The final standalone film before the MCU’s 22-film arc wraps up in Avengers 4 officially debuts Brie Larson as the first female headlining superhero of the franchise. Despite its time setting (1995), it was effectively tied-in to the current ongoings in the universe thanks to one of its stringers, which saw Carol Danvers join the rest of the heroes to fight Thanos (Josh Brolin).

Following the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) sending an SOS message to Danvers using his upgraded beeper, the mid-credit scene begins with Captain America (Chris Evans) and the crew over at Avengers HQ observing the mysterious pager. It’s uncertain how they got a hold of the device considering that most of them were in Wakanda when The Decimation took place, but Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) knows that it’s Fury’s and that he was contacting someone before he turned into the dust. The stinger ended with Danvers arriving at the facility surprising them.

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The said sequence was apparently filmed by the Russos as revealed by Captain Marvel directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck to Empire. The idea also came from the Endgame directors, which makes sense considering that it has significant meaning to how Danvers will be handled in Avengers 4. “It’s really a direct lead-in to their movie. They came up with the concept for it, and we said, ‘That sounds awesome,”” Boden said.

As revealed in the description of the latest footage for Endgame shown at the Disney shareholders meeting, Captain Marvel and Nebula (Karen Gillan) sit down with Cap and the rest of the heroes as they find a way to locate where Thanos transported himself to. Based on the revealed dialogue, it sounds like Danvers is every bit of confident that they’ll be able to make the Mad Titan pay for his sins and considering how powerful she’s been established in her origin movie, she has every bit of reason to be just that. With this reveal, perhaps the second full trailer for the film would finally include Danvers after she skipped out on the previously released previews.

Since the stinger solves the mystery on how Captain Marvel will join the fight against Thanos, it allows Endgame’s story to move along and focus on the heroes’ task-at-hand. It confirms that Danvers got Fury’s message and knowing that he’ll never buzz her unless it’s an emergency, she immediately makes her way back home. What’s curious, however, is whether or not Talos (Ben Mendelsohn) and his Skrull people (assuming that she’s still with them all this time) were also wiped out in half due to The Decimation. If that’s the case, this would’ve given the superheroine an idea how serious the situation is. It will be interesting to see how the Russos approach the character after Boden and Fleck introduced her in Captain Marvel. They’ve already addressed possible issues of utilizing an overpowered characters like Danvers which means they know how she’ll fit in a team movie. Fortunately, fans won’t have to wait that long to find out with the culminating movie hitting theaters all over the globe next month.

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James Gunn Could Have Directed A Superman Movie Instead Of Suicide Squad 2

James Gunn almost directed a new Superman movie before joining The Suicide Squad. The former creative lead of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy franchise hasn’t been officially confirmed to helm The Suicide Squad just yet - which is more a reboot than a sequel – but Gunn is penning the script, and it’s possible he might ultimately end up in the director’s chair.

DC and Warner Bros. have done quite a bit to court Gunn after Marvel let him go from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 after his controversial past tweets surfaced. Gunn’s script is reportedly still being used for the third Guardians of the Galaxy film, but the movie has no director and production been put on hold until at least 2021. DC meanwhile seem to be catering to Gunn’s every need and reportedly offered him the pick of the litter with their cinematic heroes.

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According to THR, The Suicide Squad was not the first project that DC had in mind for Gunn. Sources suggest that Warner Bros. gave Gunn his pick of properties, and among these was a Superman movie. Gunn evidently never got too close to taking over the Man of Steel, but he did show some interest in Superman’s super-powered dog Krypto. This interest spurred DC and Warner Bros. to develop their newly announced DC Super Pets, though Gunn currently has no formal connection to the film.

While Gunn’s vision of Superman may not see the light of day, this news is revealing for several reasons. The most obvious factor is that it makes clear that Warner Bros. wants to move as far away as possible from Zack Snyder’s vision of Superman for the character’s next cinematic outing. Gunn has always been focused more on humor and (literally) colorful characters, whereas Snyder has a much darker visual style and tone. More importantly, though, it reveals that DC and Warner Bros. are still interested in making a Superman movie, even though the current state of the cinematic Man of Steel has been a bit of a mess.

It’s important to remember that Gunn was announced to be on board with The Suicide Squad in October 2018. This was a month after reports that Henry Cavill was leaving the role of Superman, only for the actor to later vaguely refute those claims. Currently, it’s not clear if Cavill is still Clark Kent or not; unlike Ben Affleck who is confirmed to be out as Batman. If this report is true, it means DC isn’t retiring Superman and they’ve just put the character on hold until an interested, available, and worthy creative team comes along. This isn’t exactly surprising news as Superman is a massively popular character, but it should serve as a ray of hope for fans who want to see Superman back on the big screen with the rest of the Justice League.

Of course, it’s possible that Gunn’s Superman movie would have been completely disconnected from the DCEU. Unlike their main competition, Marvel Studios, Warner Bros. has had no problem putting effort into standalone superhero projects. For example, The Joker has no connection to the Clown Prince of Crime in the DCEU and it’s likely to stay that way. If Gunn had chosen to direct a Superman movie, it could have been a completely different version than the one who was last played by Henry Cavill in Justice League.

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Source: THR

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Six films hit the silver screen this week

‘Suspiria’Modern “Suspiria,” which adapts the cult classic of Dario Argento, revolves around the mysterious events at a dance school as a young dancer begins her studies there.Directed by Luca Guadagnino,…Click To Continue

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Seven films debut this week


“Müslüm,” the life story of Müslüm Gürses, the legend of arabesque music, is directed by Ketche and Can Ulkay, and features Timuçin Esen (as Müslüm Gürses), Zerrin Tekindor (as his wife Muhterem…Click To Continue

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Five films debut this week

‘Bad Times at the El Royale’Written and directed by Drew Goddard, “Bad Times at the El Royale” will meet audiences this week. The thriller and crime film features Cynthia Erivo, Jeff Bridges, Dakota Johnson,…Click To Continue

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True Detective Season 3 Gets an Official Premiere Date & New Images

HBO has announced that True Detective season 3 will premiere early next year on Sunday, January 13. Nic Pizzolatto’s crime anthology series hasn’t been on the air since it wrapped its largely-derided second season in August 2015 and went on an extended break, in an effort (on the network’s part) to give the show’s creator more time to deliver a third installment that could better live up to the standard set by the series’ widely-celebrated freshman run. Judging by everything that we know about season 3 thus far, it seems that Pizzolatto is taking a back to basics approach with his latest crime narrative.

True Detective season 3, like season 1, takes place in the U.S. South (the Ozarks in Arkansas, to be exact) and explores a narrative that unfolds across multiple time periods (three, in this case). Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali stars in Pizzolatto’s new crime story as state police detective Wayne Hays, a fellow who (much like season 1 detectives Rust Cohle and Marty Hart before him) is haunted in the present by a case that he originally worked years earlier, back when he was a younger man. As Wayne puts it in the True Detective season 3 teaser trailer, “I want to know the whole story”.

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In addition to confirming the premiere date, HBO has released a handful of new images from True Detective season 3 that feature Ali with his costars Carmen Ejogo (the Fantastic Beasts movies) and Stephen Dorff (Somewhere). You can check them out in the space below.

Pizzolatto is once again the sole writer on True Detective season 3 (though he got an assist from Deadwood‘s David Milch on episode four) and further directed this season alongside Daniel Sackheim (Jack Ryan) and Jeremy Saulnier (Hold the Dark). However, even with so many of the same story elements as season 1 and equally strong acting talent, season 3 is still missing an important ingredient from the show’s first season – namely, Cary Fukunaga, who helmed all eight episodes and is generally credited for elevating the series in a high-art take on pulpy crime genre tropes.

Still, there’s a lot about True Detective season 3 that sounds promising on paper and it seems reasonable to assume that, if nothing else, this installment will be a step-up from the slow mess that was season 2. Moreover, for fans of Ali’s work in films like Moonlight (which he won his Oscar for) and his soulful performance as the villainous Cottonmouth from Netflix’s Luke Cage season 1, this new season of True Detective promises to showcase the actor’s powerful screen presence in a way that it never has been before.

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True Detective season 3 premieres January 13, 2019 on HBO.

Source: HBO

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Suicide Squad 2: Smallville Star Also Wants to Join James Gunn’s Sequel

Now that Warner Bros.’ Suicide Squad 2 has a surprising new writer in James Gunn, another one of his MCU stars, Michael Rosenbaum, wants to join him. Dave Bautista expressed interest in joining Suicide Squad 2 after Gunn came aboard to write and possibly direct, which isn’t too surprising since Bautista vehemently defended Gunn on social media after he was unceremoniously fired from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Whether or not more Marvel stars will throw their hat in the ring to join him remains to be seen, but considering how beloved the filmmaker is, it wouldn’t be so surprising.

After writing and directing both Guardians of the Galaxy and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 for Marvel, Gunn was slated to return for Guardians 3, but he was fired in July, after offensive tweets from a decade ago resurfaced online. Despite a number of people quickly jumping to his defense, Disney stood by their removal of Gunn, with the director’s longtime collaborator, Michael Rooker, even quitting Twitter after the firing. Disney hasn’t announced a replacement to take over Guardians 3 yet, but it seems several of the director’s stars are ready to jump ship and be a part of Warner Bros.’ DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

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Rosenbaum took to Twitter last night to express his interest in signing on for Suicide Squad 2, stating, “Sign me up too.” The actor, who played Martinex in last year’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, was responding to a tweet by Bautista, who was the first to say he wanted to join Gunn’s movie. Bautista was also among the first to come to Gunn’s defense after his firing in July, and he even threatened to quit Guardians 3 in August, if Marvel didn’t at least use Gunn’s already-completed script for the film.

Sean Gunn, James’ brother, who plays Kraglin in the Guardians movies, confirmed in September that Marvel will use James Gunn’s Guardians 3 script, but his directorial replacement remains to be seen. There was hope, at one point, that the director and studio may be able to resolve their differences and bring Gunn back into the fold, but Disney CEO Bob Iger stood behind the firing in a statement he released in late September. There had even been talk before Gunn came aboard for Suicide Squad 2 that Warner Bros. was interested in Gunn, continuing what is becoming a bit of a tradition, with Warner Bros. snatching up talent from Marvel.

The DCEU’s biggest hit, Wonder Woman, was directed by Patty Jenkins, who was once set to direct Thor: The Dark World. Warner Bros. brought Joss Whedon over from the MCU to rewrite parts of the script and direct reshoots for Justice League, stepping in for Zack Snyder. And now, WB has poached Gunn. While the first Suicide Squad wasn’t well-received by many critics, this new project is said to be a much different take than David Ayer’s original. Whether or not Gunn can turn this franchise around remains to be seen, but it will be interesting to see if Gunn will try to bring over MCU actors like Bautista and Rosenbaum once the project moves further in development.

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Source: Michael Rosenbaum

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2018-10-10 07:10:00 – Brian Gallagher