Turkey to boost railway investments, directly connecting industrial zones to port cities

Turkey is set to mobilize its investments in railway infrastructure, and new lines have been included on the country’s agenda, including those that will directly connect industrial… .

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Batgirl Movie Will Reportedly Tie-in Directly With The Batman

DC’s Batgirl movie will reportedly tie-in directly with The Batman. Though the female iteration of the famed crime fighting caped crusader has been around since 1961 (some 22 years after Batman made his first appearance), to date, Batgirl has never had her own standalone feature film.

With the success of the Batgirl comic series and an upcoming Batwoman series set to launch October 6 on the CW, it’s evident that fans are eager to see a female counterpart to Batman share a little bit of the superhero’s spotlight. There had been rumours for some time that Warner Bros. was indeed planning a Batgirl movie, but as time passed, it didn’t seem as though the project was getting any closer to getting on track. However, with the search currently underway for a female director, it appears that Warner has gotten over its brief stumble with director Joss Whedon (who lamented that he simply couldn’t find a story in the concept), as well as growing calls for Batgirl to be directed by a woman. Having found a female screenwriter in Christina Hodson (Bumblebee), Warner has placed Batgirl at the top of its list of upcoming releases, and a female director will likely be found soon enough.

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In fact, just in case Batgirl fans were doubtful over whether a feature film starring their beloved hero would be arriving any time soon, a new article by Forbes looks to reveal numerous things about Warner’s much anticipated and upcoming The Batman. Most interesting for Batgirl fans is that her new movie will reportedly directly tie-in with The Batman. Exactly how Batgirl will become a part of the film or to what degree is currently unknown, but even this tiny reveal is big news for fans.

So far, what’s known about Matt Reeves’ The Batman is that it intends to pack quite a punch. Rumored to be an adaptation of The Long Halloween storyline, The Batman looks set to introduce a vast array of characters into its plot – some of which are of course villains, and some of which are heroes. In this respect, there’s ample opportunity for Batgirl to find a place, allowing for that film’s story to perhaps take shape within one of The Batman’s subplots. And with the names that are currently being offered up as potential cast members for The Batman – such as Jonah Hill and Jeffrey Wright, there’s likely to be a star-studded cast in the works. Exactly who’ll play Batgirl remains a mystery as well, but so far the promise of something truly spectacular being delivered seems to be growing with each passing day.

If there’s a concern to be raised over this apparent tie-in between The Batman and Batgirl, it’s that Reeves and DC will overdo a good thing in terms of The Batman’s cast. Too many characters – whether they be wildly popular villains or heroes, can sometimes swallow up the story itself, leaving little more than a visual experience with no real substance. This has happened in the past, particularly with Joel Schumacher’s Batman films, and it would be a shame for Batgirl to get its start from a film that failed to reach the lofty expectations already set upon it. But of course, it’s far too early for such worries. For now, news that Batgirl will be arriving (in some form at least) sooner rather than later is still great news for fans.

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