Deadpool 3: David Leitch Hasn’t Heard From Disney Yet

David Leitch hasn’t heard anything about Deadpool 3 yet following the finalization of the Disney/Fox deal earlier this year. At one point deemed a risk due to its vulgar, adult-orientated content, the Deadpool franchise became the most popular films in Fox’s X-Men series, combining to gross $1.5 billion at the worldwide box office. It’s for that reason the Mouse House has no plans to reboot the Deadpool character; the current iteration is doing phenomenally well, so there’s little incentive to change things up.

Still, the future of Deadpool on film remains uncertain. Deadpool 2 ended in a way that essentially set up the X-Force spinoff (which had Drew Goddard onboard to direct), but X-Force was one of multiple Marvel-based Fox films that were shelved indefinitely back in January, months before the Fox/Disney deal became official. And while Marvel Studios is hard at work ironing out Phase 4 of the MCU, there’s been no word on what’s next for the Merc With a Mouth. Right now, all remains quiet on that front.

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Speaking with ComicBook at the premiere of Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, Leitch was asked about upcoming Deadpool projects, including a Deadpool 3. According to the director, he’s still waiting for a call:

“In everybody’s world, everybody wants to make it. So, if I was ever approached to make Deadpool 3, my answer would be, ‘Hell yes,’ but I think there’s a lot of things going on in the shake up with Fox and Disney and where that whole Marvel world after Endgame is gonna be. When the dust settles, let’s hope that Deadpoool lives. That’s kind of ironic, right?”

In all likelihood, more Deadpool movies will happen at some point. Earlier this year, Disney CEO Bob Iger went on record to state he wants to keep the property R-rated, but may keep it separate from the larger MCU (which would honestly be for the best). The trick is finding the opportune time to move forward with them, and it’s understandable why nothing’s been officially announced yet. Disney only inherited X-Men and Deadpool in March and have had a full plate on their hands dealing with everything associated with the Fox deal. As Leitch indicates, once the dust settles there might be some real discussions about what’s next for Deadpool. The franchise is very popular, so Disney will surely look to continue it in one way or another.

Leitch isn’t the only one associated with the Deadpool franchise curious to see where things go. Earlier this month, Josh Brolin (who plays Cable) revealed he’s called Marvel Studios to talk about the character’s future, so there’s widespread interest on making something happen soon. There probably won’t be any hints during Marvel Studios’ highly-anticipated Hall H panel during this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, but hopefully soon Deadpool fans find something out – whether it’s for X-Force, Deadpool 3or something else entirely.

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Chris Agar

Disney: 10 Characters We’re Excited To See In The Upcoming Live-Action Remakes

Disney’s continuing to pump out remakes of its animated classics, and while not every one has been met with glowing reviews, we’re ready to see what comes next. More specifically, we’re ready to find out what some of our favorite characters look and sound like in their new live-action worlds.

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Disney’s announced several re-imagined films, and while some characters have are yet to be cast, others are headed straight for the big screen in a matter of days. Truthfully, we’re interested in all the characters set to star in Disney’s live-action remakes, but here are the ones we’re most excited about.

10 Mulan: Commander Tung

When Disney first announced that Mulan would be remade into a live-action adventure, fans were concerned to learn that General Li Shang would not be returning as Mulan’s love interest and army leader. Although Shang won’t be entertaining us, Commander Tung will.

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This new character, portrayed by Donnie Yen, will lead the Imperial Regiment in Shang’s place. While we don’t know much about him, we do know that he is both a teacher and a mentor to Mulan. We’re ready to see this happen.

9 The Little Mermaid: Ariel

Although we already learned that Halle Bailey will be cast as Ariel in the upcoming Little Mermaid remake, we’re excited to see her in costume on-screen as Disney’s beautiful mermaid princess.

Will she have Ariel’s signature red hair? Will she still have a green tail and purple top? Although we don’t know how she’s going to be dressed, we’re confident that she’ll look magical and ocean-ready. We’re excited to see the rest of her mythical sea family as well.

8 The Sword In The Stone: Merlin

The Sword in the Stone is getting a live-action musical remake that will debut on the forthcoming Disney+ streaming service. Although we don’t know much about the cast at this time, we do know that it’s set to film in Ireland this summer. We’re particularly interested in seeing how whimsical Merlin turns out to be in this new rendition.

The eccentric wizard will be guiding Arthur through the narrative, and we’re hoping he’s as enchanting as we know he can be.

7 Peter Pan: Tinkerbell

Very little is known about Disney’s Peter Pan remake. We don’t know when it will release, who is in the cast, or what it will look like. We do know that a script is in the works.

While the boy who never grows up has been brought to the big screen many times, we’ve never seen Disney pull out its own live-action version. We’re particularly interested in what Tinkerbell will look like, assuming she’ll be in the new film. Will she be portrayed by a live actress? Will she be created using photo-realistic computer animation? We won’t know for a while, but we’re ready to see it happen.

6 Cruella: Emma Thompson’s Character

Cruella de Vil is getting her own film, and we’re tired of being teased with casting rumors. We want a trailer badly. While we know that Emma Stone will be playing the villainous lead, we don’t know who Emma Thompson will be playing — but she’s in it, and that’s enough for us.

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Cruella will be a prequel that develops the rich, fur-coat-wearing villain of One Hundred and One Dalmatians. Will Thompson act as Stone’s mentor? Will she instead be a family member? We need to know now.

5 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: The Prince

Disney is putting together a live-action Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and while details are still scarce, we can’t help but be fascinated by the idea. Who will play Snow White? Who will play the dwarfs? Who will play the prince?

In the original Snow White, the titular princess’s lover gets few lines and remains a largely undeveloped character. We’re hopeful that in any remake, he’s going to be given greater depth and a name that’s actually mentioned in the movie.

4 The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Esmerelda

Josh Gad is producing a musical version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see Disney’s darkest tale come to new life. While we’re interested to find out who will be playing Quasimodo and Frollo, we’re also excited to see the spunky Esmerelda dance onto the big screen.

We’ve been told that the live-action Hunchback release will feature lots of new songs, so whoever is cast as Esmerelda will have to be a talented actress, dancer, and vocalist. We’re sure whoever she is will bring the charm Esmerelda is known for.

3 Lady and the Tramp: Jim Dear

This doggy Disney classic was made into a live-action film in the early 2000s. Now, it’s getting another update. We know what the dogs will look like, but we’re still curious to find out what Jim and his wife Darling will look like.

Jim is being played by Thomas Mann, who is best known for his roles in films like Me and Earl and the Dying Girl and Kong: Skull Island. Darling is being portrayed by Kiersey Clemons, who appears in films including Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising and DopeLady and the Tramp will release to the Disney+ streaming service on Nov. 12.

2 Lilo & Stitch: Stitch

Okay, maybe it’s obvious that we’d be excited about a titular character’s film appearance. Really, though — do you know how long we’ve been waiting for Stitch to transition from the 2D space to the photo-realistic one?

The film is still in early development, but we bet Stitch will be even cuter and naughtier in a new, freshly animated form. We love his friendship with Lilo and can only imagine how cute they’ll be together.

1 The Lion King: Nala

While Beyoncé’s Nala is being met with mixed reviews, we’re still excited to see Queen Bey take on The Lion King’s leading lady. Even though audiences will have to wait a few more days to judge her voice-acting skills, we can already tell by the soundtrack that her singing doesn’t disappoint.

Beyoncé’s vocals are fierce as ever, and we’re looking forward to seeing the chemistry between Nala and Simba. Can you feel the love tonight?

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Lion King Is Disney’s 6th Rotten Live-Action Remake (Out Of 9 Movies)

Disney is having trouble cracking the magic formula that makes a live-action remake, successful because The Lion King is the latest release to receive a “rotten” score on Rotten Tomatoes. The score of 59% arrives just one week before the film is released nationwide on July 19, with 123 reviews counted. It may fluctuate after its release, but for now, this is not a good sign.

The Lion King is the sixth live-action remake out of the ten live-action remakes made in since 2010 to score a negative Rotten Tomatoes score. Those other five films? In chronological order, they are: Alice in Wonderland at 51%; Maleficent at 54%; Alice Through the Looking Glass at 29%; Dumbo with 46%; and last but not least, Aladdin, which earned a 57%. The four live-action remakes that have achieved overall positive scores are The Jungle Book (95%), Beauty and the Beast (71%), Cinderella (84%), and Christopher Robin (72%).

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A poor Rotten Tomatoes score is by no means definitive, in that it doesn’t take into account how the audiences feel about the movies, instead only considering the opinions of a critics. What these numbers do indicate, however, is there may be something wrong with Disney throwing itself wholeheartedly into live-action remakes without a clear new vision to ensure that they’re worthwhile. The Lion King‘s lacklustre reviews are just more proof of this.

The 59% score on Rotten Tomatoes could potentially affect The Lion King’s success in the coming weeks when it comes to assuring audiences it’s a film worth seeing. While the score is by no means completely damning, it’s probably not Disney was hoping for when the studio spend a quarter of a billion dollars remaking The Lion King. Given the pedigree of the cast (including Donald Glover, Beyoncé, James Earl Jones, and Chiwetel Ejiofor) and the director (Jon Favreau), the success of its 1994 animated predecessor, and the technological achievements through photorealistic creation of the animals in the film, The Lion King should have been aiming considerably higher.

Looking ahead to the next few years of Disney live-action films, there will be a high bar to clear with Rotten Tomatoes scores if there is going to be any faith restored in the live-action plan. Up next is Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, the sequel to Maleficent, and Lady & the Tramp will close out Disney’s live-action slate in 2019 (though that movie is releasing on Disney+ rather than in theaters). Then, Mulan arrives in March 2020, followed by Cruella in December 2020 and The Little Mermaid in 2021. Being united by a common bond as a mostly female-led slate of films with complex, intelligent protagonists at their respective centers could help get those Rotten Tomatoes scores where they need to be – but only time will tell.

There is clearly no intention on Disney’s part to stop making these live-action remakes anytime soon, since mediocre reviews don’t seem to affect the box office too badly. Aladdin, which has a similar score to The Lion King, has grossed $929 million. Still, if these movies continue to build a reputation for being disappointing, Disney may have to find a way to justify live-action remakes beyond simply wanting to make money off nostalgia.

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Disney’s Mulan: 10 Best Scenes From The Animated Classic, Ranked

Disney’s live-action Mulan trailer has arrived, and fans are greeting it with mixed reactions. While many are loving the film’s exciting aesthetics and shift toward reality, others are worried by the trailer’s apparent lack of Mushu. While only time will tell how the new movie measures up, there is one thing we can rely on right now: Disney’s 1998 animated original.

Mulan was one of the many incredible stories which the Mouse House shared with us during the Disney Renaissance. While it was very loosely based on the actual legend of Hua Mulan, it does happen to be filled with some of the funniest, touching, and epic scenes to be put into a Disney film. Let’s get down to business and take a look at Mulan’s greatest moments.

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10 Mulan Returns Home

It feels good to see Mulan present the Crest of the Emperor and Sword of Shan Yu to her father. It’s a touching moment that only gets better when her granny complains about Mulan bringing home a weapon instead of a man. That’s when Shang shows up, and her fiery dear Grandma proclaims, “Woo! Sign me up for the next war!”

Shang gets tongue-tied—which he rightly deserves for blowing off Mulan when she tried to warn him about the Huns, by the way—and Mulan invites him to stay for dinner. Grandmother Fa, on the other hand, invites him to stay forever. We won’t argue with it.

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9 Mulan Saves China

The entirety of Mulan’s epic quest to save her country is worth talking about, but it really picks up after her army friends decide to dress as women to trick a few guards.

Meanwhile, Shang’s fighting it out with the Hun’s leader, Shan Yu—and, unfortunately, he gets knocked out. Shan Yu starts chasing after Mulan once she intercedes, and eventually they find themselves battling it out on the roof of the palace. With some expert fan work and a little help from Mushu, Mulan ends up exploding Shan Yu with fireworks. He also manages to throw in one heck of a Batman reference.

8 Mushu Wakes Up Mulan

The world seemed to think Frozen was hilarious and revolutionary for showing what it looked like when a Disney gal woke up with tired eyes and messy hair—but we all know this idea was actually first played up for laughs in Mulan.

Mushu makes Mulan a breakfast that is happy to see her. He also manages to stuff half of it into her mouth while coaching her on her war face. When Mulan learns the troops have left without her, she races to get her gear on and ties up her hair in a matter of seconds. That means this chick knows how to use a sword and go through a quick fashion change. How much more badass can you get?

7 Mulan Meets The Matchmaker

Before Mulan joins the army in her father’s place, she finds herself attempting to stay composed and act properly in order to be married off. The problem for Mulan is that she doesn’t fit the mold that’s been made for her. She’s awkward and a little clumsy, and, while this doesn’t allow for her meeting with the matchmaker to end well, it does produce a memorable movie scene.

The woman interviewing Mulan ends up giving herself an ink mustache, catching on fire, and getting doused in hot tea. Although this downward spiral was not a good look for Mulan or her family, if it hadn’t had happened, she might not have saved China, which—let’s be honest—is a thousand times cooler than finding a husband.

6 Reflection

Soon after Mulan realizes how much she’s disappointed her family by creating an absolute scene at the matchmaker’s, she heads back home and sings.

The song “Reflection” stands on its own. The melody is beautiful, the lyrics are real, and the vocals are pure—but her emotional garden walk makes it even better. The drama heightens when Mulan goes into the family temple and wipes her makeup off with a couple of swipes of her sleeve. Is anything more iconic? As the music fades out, Mulan’s father sits next to her and reminds her to be hopeful via flower metaphor. What a way to finish!

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5 Mulan Cuts Her Hair

The makeover trope has appeared in many, many, many movies. But being real, are any of these copycats even half as good as Mulan’s original transformation? This girl legit slices off her hair with a sword. How cool is that?

This scene isn’t in Mulan to show that she can pretty up. Rather, it’s there for her to declare she can take control; it shows the audience her commitment. The music during this minute is absolutely epic, and our starring heroine takes one last meaningful look toward home before she rushes away with her horse. Cue the adventure.

4 Mulan Meets Mushu

Mulan’s sassy dragon sidekick first encounters her on the edge of camp, right before she first tries to pass herself off as a man. He couldn’t have made it subtle, though, now could he?

After scaring Mulan with his loud and fiery antics, Mushu shocks her by stepping out into the light and revealing himself to be tiny and lizard-like. Mulan is skeptical, but Mushu defends himself. In doing such, he tells Mulan his eyes can see straight through her armor, which gets him a slap and causes him to mouth off on his famous dishonor rant. Dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow!

3 I’ll Make A Man Out Of You

One of Disney’s most memorable songs of all time comes straight out of Mulan, and the montage it’s featured in is just as exciting. “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You” is definitely as swift as the coursing river, and it additionally allows the audience to see Mulan come into herself.

While at first she is uncoordinated and lacks strength, she ends up scaling the incredibly tall pole with weight on her arms—a task which none of her male comrades were able to complete. Of course, there’s that whole segment in the middle where Shang sends Mulan home for falling behind, but it’s all part of her character development and makes her victory at the end even sweeter.

2 The Mountain Fight

There is nothing quite so epic in all of animation history as the scene in which the Huns reveal their true numbers and start charging down the snowy slope. Shang plays the role of the fearless leader, but Mulan takes charge as the determined independent thinker.  First, she destroys most of the enemy army by causing a massive avalanche. And next, she saves Shang from being buried in the snow.

You’re welcome.

Shang tells Mulan how crazy she is but then proceeds to thank her for it. This dude better be thankful, because, if it weren’t for her quick thinking, he’d be dead.

1 Mulan Takes A Bath

It’s pretty hard to forget a scene in a G-rated film in which the main heroine’s bath time gets crashed by a bunch of dudes who don’t realize she needs a little privacy. The scenario leaves Mulan hilariously uncomfortable, and it definitely doesn’t help when Yao stands nude over the lake and declares himself “king of the rock.”

Mulan only escapes the guys with a little help from Mushu, who ends up biting Yao underwater. As she’s walking away, she declares that she never wants to see another naked man again. That’s when a herd runs right by her. Thank goodness that water wasn’t see-through.

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10 Highest-Grossing Disney Animated Movies Ever | ScreenRant

When it comes to animated movies, Disney is internationally recognized as one of the most groundbreaking and consistently successful studios in the history of cinema. Between Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios, the House of Mouse has own dozens of Oscars and grossed billions of dollars at the box office around the world.

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Despite the fact that Disney has certainly gone through certain rough decades during its existence, the studio seems as healthy as ever, banking not only on landmark sequels such as Toy Story 4 and Frozen II, but also on original animated features like Onward and Soul. Curious about which movies made the most money for Disney over the years? Find out below!


Directed by Dan Scanlon, Monsters University was Pixar’s first-ever prequel, as we followed the protagonists of 2001’s Monsters, Inc. during their college years. While there were 12 years between the two installments, audiences were certainly not any less eager to see Sully and Mike on the big screen once again.

All in all, Monsters University opened to an $82 million weekend and went on to gross $744 million at the box office around the world, making it Disney’s 10th most successful animated feature ever. While there are no talks of a third Monsters, Inc. installment, Pixar has definitely teased fans with possible cameos.

9 COCO – $807 Million

Lee Unkrich has had a long history at Pixar, having co-directed Toy Story 2, Monsters, Inc., and Finding Nemo before finally landing Toy Story 3 – his solo directorial debut. In 2017, Unkrich had yet another outing in the studio with Coco, which became a massive international hit.

Telling the story of 12-year-old Miguel spending the Day of the Dead holiday in Mexico, Coco grossed $807 million internationally at the box office. Moreover, the movie won the Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song (for “Remember Me”). Despite its Latin-centric storyline, Coco’s biggest box office outside of North America came from China, where the film made $189 million.

8 INSIDE OUT – $857 Million

It is no secret that 2015’s Inside Out was a very hard animated feature to pull off. After all, having human emotions as film protagonists seemed like a stretch, even for an animated studio. Thankfully, director Pete Doctor and screenwriters Meg LeFauve and Josh Cooley were able to get the movie made, capturing the hearts and minds of many fans around the world.

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To this day, Inside Out is still one of Disney-Pixar’s highest-grossing animated films of all time, having reached a worldwide gross of $857 million at the box office. Additionally, the movie was incredibly well-received by critics. Besides the usual Best Animated Feature nomination at the Academy Awards (an award that it won) that Pixar is used to receiving, Inside Out was also nominated for Best Original Screenplay, an award that rarely takes animated features into consideration.

7 FINDING NEMO – $940 Million

In 2003, Pixar was very invested on making movies that would appeal not only to children, but also to their parents and other adults. With Finding Nemo, the studio proved that it was very capable of doing just so.

Around the world, Finding Nemo has grossed $940 million at the box office, coming very close to entering the billion-dollar club. However, it is important to note that it seemed inconceivable for animated features to make over a billion dollars in 2003, meaning that Nemo’s box office gross was definitely considered a major success for Disney and Pixar.

6 THE LION KING – $968 Million

There is only one movie that came out before the year 2000 that is still among the highest-grossing animated films ever. And is it really a surprise to anybody that we’re talking about 1994’s The Lion King?

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Over the years, The Lion King has grossed a total of $968 million around the world, making it one of the most successful non-Pixar animated features from Disney. With so much money behind it, it comes as no surprise that this film inspired Broadway shows, theme park attractions, and even a 2019 remake that is poised to break ground between the live-action and animation genres.

5 ZOOTOPIA – $1.023 Billion

The five highest-grossing Disney animated movies ever have all reached a billion dollars around the world, and this list begins with 2016’s Zootopia.

After grossing $75 million during just its opening weekend, Zootopia went on to make $1.023 billion internationally, solidifying the Walt Disney Animation Studios’ return to its original form. However, it is important to note that Zootopia was not the first-ever animated film to reach the billion-dollar mark (more on that later). Instead, this movie just proved to Hollywood that the animation genre could continuously make a lot of money without having to rely on sequels to do so.

4 FINDING DORY – $1.029 Billion

Thanks to the astounding success of Finding Dory, it so happens that Finding Nemo is only Disney animated movie franchise that has all of its installments on this Top 10 list. Released in 2016, this sequel grossed $1.029 billion across the globe. On its opening weekend alone, Dory made $135 million at the box office.

It certainly feels like the 13 years between Finding Nemo and Finding Dory didn’t mean a thing for Disney fans. While there are no reports regarding a third installment as of yet, one simply has to look at the four Toy Story movies to figure out that Pixar is keen on keeping its franchises going if a good new story can be told.

3 TOY STORY 3 – $1.066 Billion

Toy Story 3 was the first-ever animated movie to make over a billion dollars, grossing a worldwide total of $1.066 billion at the box office. This 2010 movie not only established Lee Unkrich as a blockbuster director and Pixar as a major Hollywood studio, but it also set entirely new expectations for the animation genre.

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Despite the fact that Toy Story 3 seemed like the logical conclusion to one of the most beloved franchises in Disney’s history, it didn’t take very long for a fourth installment to be considered. In fact, actor Tom Hanks (who voices the character of Woody) revealed in 2011 that Toy Story 4 was already in development.

2 The INCREDIBLES 2 – $1.242 Billion

For a long time, it really felt like The Incredibles was going to be one of the Pixar properties that would never actually get a sequel, despite the film’s cliffhanger at the end. What’s more, after Disney acquired Marvel Studios, it didn’t seem as important to develop more superheroes under the House of Mouse.

Fortunately, however, we eventually did get Incredibles 2, which catered to old and new fans and proved that this franchise deserved our attention. In fact, this second installment grossed $1.242 billion at the box office around the world, becoming the second highest-grossing animated movie ever.

1 FROZEN – $1.276 Billion

As of today, it is hard to imagine that an animated movie can get any bigger than 2013’s Frozen. That is, unless we’re considering the upcoming Frozen II.

Many Disney fans do not realize that Frozen actually started off with a slow $67 million weekend, and that it was a grower over time. This is largely because, in 2013, the Walt Disney Animation Studios was still struggling to regain its reputation as a studio that could compete with the likes of Pixar, DreamWorks and Illumination.

In any case, we now all know the success that Frozen went on to become, accumulating a global $1.276 billion gross at the box office and earning the top spot as the highest-grossing animated film ever.

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Disney Shuts Down FX Plus Streaming Service | ScreenRant

FX’s short-lived ad-free streaming service FX Plus is getting shut down by Disney, following the Mouse House’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox’s various assets. The closure of the streaming service puts a question as to whether or not the cable network’s acclaimed series will be folded into Disney Plus when it launches later in 2019. It’s not the first casualty to result from Disney’s efforts to obtain Fox assets, but it does hint at how FX Networks will operate under the Disney umbrella moving forward. 

For its part, FX Plus was an effort on behalf of network CEO John Landgraf to keep the network’s programming from other streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, and to help generate revenue for the acclaimed network. The service was available for $5.99 monthly fee, which made the entire FX library of shows, including Atlanta, The Americans, Terriers, American Horror Story, Sons of Anarchy, The Shield, and more available to stream. Unlike Hulu or Netflix, however, it worked through an existing pay-TV subscriber model, making it more like an add-on to an existing cable package, similar to AMC Premiere. 

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As reported by Variety, FX Plus subscriptions will cease automatically on August 21, 2019, without any additional steps to cancel from existing subscribers. The decision may well rankle some subscribers, but given the service’s nominal footprint in the ever-expanding world of streaming content, it’s unlikely to generate a response similar to that of WarnerMedia’s shuttering of FilmStruck. Where FX’s content will end up, then, becomes the likely next big question to be answered by the network’s new parent company.

The answer to that question is almost certainly Disney Plus, though no official statement has been made to that effect. However, because Disney has already announced that The Simpsons will be available on the streaming service when it launches, it stands to reason FX’s other series will follow suit. Whether that will happen when Disney Plus is finally available to consumers or sometime down the road remains to be seen, however. 

It would make sense for Disney to consolidate its various assets under one streaming shingle, and since Disney Plus is being constructed to compete with not only Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, but also WarnerMedia’s upcoming HBO Max and Apple TV Plus, having as much content as possible to attract subscribers will be a must. Whether or not that proves to be the case, will have to wait until Disney Plus launches later this year. 

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FX Plus will remain active for subscribers until August 21, 2019. 

Source: Variety

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Kevin Yeoman

The Best Disney Channel Original Movies, According To Rotten Tomatoes

When you think of Disney Channel Original Movies, you probably don’t think about how they stack up from a critical perspective. Lucky for you, we do.

While these direct-to-TV Disney films are full of cheesy lines and sweet stories, we were wondering how non-tweenage audiences felt about them. It lead us to ask, which Disney Channel Original Movie is rated highest by critics? We turned to Rotten Tomatoes to find some answers.

There are over one hundred Disney Channel Original Movies, and we combed through all of them so you don’t have to. While plenty of Disney Channel Original Movies didn’t get a tomatometer rating including The Color of Friendship, Princess Protection Program, and Cow Belles, there were nine popular films that earned themselves a score. We’re here to let you know how they all rank together.

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Grab some popcorn and dim the lights. Here are the most highly rated Disney Channel Original Movies, according to Rotten Tomatoes.

9 Camp Rock (20%)

The original Camp Rock only pulled itself a 20% on the tomatometer based on five reviews. The consensus was that while the movie was enjoyable, it wasn’t anything spectacular. Furthermore, reviewers criticized it’s bland High School Musical knockoff-qualities, but praised its cast containing Demi Lovato and The Jonas Brothers.

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Despite the low critic score, the average viewer loved this film, with the audience score ranking in at 75%. Yes, it was cheesy, but that was part of its charm.

8 Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam (40%)

While the follow-up to Camp Rock won over at least one more critic, earning itself a 40% tomatometer score, viewers found the second film to be a downgrade from the first. The film’s audience score landed at 55%.

Critics and casual viewers alike seemed to enjoy the soundtrack but found that the film promoted its music more than its music promoted the film.

The storyline may have been cliche, but the movie was full of tween-targeted energy. And of course, the Jo Bros are still in this one, so it might be worth a second look for that reason alone.

7 Jump In! (50%)

This 2007 Disney Channel Original Movie follows Corbin Bleu’s character Izzy, who trades in his boxing dreams for competitive jump roping. He also may or may not fall in love with his talented team member played by Keke Palmer along the way.

Three critics liked the movie for targeting the right crowd and keeping the energy up, while three others found the storyline to be too predictable and cliche to be enjoyable.

Audiences similarly scored it at 61%. This film was released right after Bleu’s success in the original High School Musical, so it definitely drew in a similar crowd.

6 High School Musical (56%)

Arguably the most iconic Disney Channel Original Movie of all time, High School Musical — while forever remembered by tweens of the 2000s — was not some perfect masterpiece. That being said, it hit all the right notes by combining the things Disney’s target-audience related to including school, music, and sports.

Let’s also not forget the film’s charming sort of cheesiness. The critics’ 56% tomatometer score came from all the films “pop fluff,” but the audience’s 74% came from the film’s likeability — and that was before all the nostalgia set in.

5 High School Musical 2 (57%)

Edging itself slightly above its predecessor is the summer country club follow-up to High School Musical. Critics praised it for its light-hearted magic, catchy songs, and cohesive narrative. Others believed the soundtrack didn’t soar quite as high as the original and that the overall hokiness of the film made it annoying. Audiences decently enjoyed this film, giving it a solid 72%.

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High School Musical 2 happened to break Disney Channel Original Movie records by getting itself 17.2 million views upon its first broadcast.

4 Twitches (60%)

Based on the book series of the same name, Twitches‘ story centers on a set of twin sisters with magic who were born to a witch on Halloween night. Although they were separated at birth, they find themselves reuniting on their twenty-first birthday.

Some critics called it magical and cheesy. Other found that it didn’t stand out among other Disney Channel Original Movies, and that it lacked the sparkle it was aiming for. Either way, the audience score is set at 65%. While most have fond memories of this twisted tale, not all share this positive opinion.

3 Descendants 2 (80%)

Descendants, which follows the children of Disney’s most popular villans, premiered to commercial success in 2015. Two years later, its sequel did the same.

The musical fantasy-comedy sequel was praised for its strong female roles, a better villain, and a clever setup. Although with less adult characters taking on critical roles as compared to its predecessor, the film cemented itself as a colorful tale for a younger demographic.

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Descendants 2 has a 74% audience score, and the third installment in the franchise is due out in August.

2 Teen Beach Movie (86%)

Teen Beach Movie is what happens when you combine suffer kids with ’60s biker gangs and some crazy-catchy music. While not everyone loved its intentionally corny lines and quirky characters, its nod to classic beach films and entertaining musical numbers were well-praised. Additionally, the brightly colored aesthetics, dynamic relationships, and time-warp storyline were loved.

The film scored itself a 72% audience score based on 2,684 reviews. It also attracted a hefty Disney Channel Original Movie viewership, attracting 8.4 million viewers during its first run.

1 Kim Possible (100%)

The 2019-released Kim Possible received six critic reviews, all of which were overwhelmingly positive. The film acted as the live-action remake the original series deserved, and lead actress Sadie Stanley was praised for her performance.

The new film has Kim balancing high school and fighting crime alongside a cast of goofy and endearing characters. What more could we ask for?

While an audience score has not yet been released for the film, those have seen it have left glowing reviews despite its low viewership. In fact, its original broadcast attracted only 1.2 million viewers, making it the lowest-viewed Disney Channel Original Movie of all time. Pay no attention to those stats, though. If you liked Kim Possible growing up, you’ll be charmed by its newest companion film.

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2019-07-12 01:07:10

Brooke Bajgrowicz

Elizabeth Olsen Teases 1950s Setting For WandaVision Disney+ Series

Actress Elizabeth Olsen revealed that WandaVision will be set in the ‘50s. Based on the Marvel characters Wanda Maximoff (aka Scarlet Witch) and Vision, the Disney+ limited series will begin filming in the fall and will reportedly be six hours long. Earlier this month, Disney and Marvel officially announced WandaVision.

In the MCU, Olsen made her franchise debut as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Olsen later reprised the superhero character in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, and Avengers: Infinity War. In the new MCU film Avengers: Endgame, Olsen will once again reprise her character, along with numerous others who were previously manipulated by the big baddie Thanos. For WandaVision, Olsen will co-star with her MCU love interest Paul Bettany, who will reprise his franchise role as the android Vision. On April 16, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige stated that WandaVision will intersect with the MCU’s Phase 2 “in a very big way.”

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Per Variety, Olsen recently teased WandaVision by revealing that the Disney+ series will take place in ‘50s. This information is based on the streaming platform’s launch chat, with Olsen noting “There’s quite a few other comic books that we’re pulling from and it’s going to be Wanda and the Vision… they showed a photo of us in the ’50s.” For WandaVision, Captain Marvel co-writer Jac Schaeffer will serve as the writer, producer, and showrunner. She also co-wrote the upcoming comedy The Hustle starring Rebel Wilson and Anne Hathaway, along with the upcoming MCU film Black Widow starring Scarlett Johansson in the title role. As for Olsen’s WandaVision co-star Bettany, he previously received a Saturn Award nomination for his supporting performance in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Most recently, he portrayed Dryden Vos in Ron Howard’s space western Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Olsen is the younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, both of whom famously starred in the late ’80s/early ‘90s ABC sitcom Full House. After delivering an acclaimed performance in 2011’s Martha Marcy May Marlene – her feature film debut – Olsen has since appeared in films like Silent House, Godzilla, and I Saw the Light.

Based on Elizabeth Olsen’s MCU character arc, franchise fans will undoubtedly be curious to see how she’s incorporated into Avengers: Endgame. But, as the saying goes, the writing seems to be on the wall given the existence of WandaVision, and Marvel seemingly has plenty of surprises on the way. Disney+ will also produce a limited series focused on the MCU’s Loki, along with a separate series about Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

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Source: Variety

2019-04-25 10:04:46

Q.V. Hough

Disney Can’t Use Daredevil, Punisher & The Defenders For A Few Years

Looks like fans are going to be waiting longer than they’d hoped for the live-action return of characters from the crop of canceled Marvel Netflix shows, such as Daredevil and The Punisher. It turns out that Disney won’t have access to them for quite some time. Previous reports indicated that the Marvel/Netflix deal precluded Disney from using the characters until 2020, but apparently viewers shouldn’t expect that year to yield the return of any member of The Defenders.

In an unprecedented move, Netflix and Marvel struck a deal in 2013 in which the steaming service would be developing live-action series for Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. These four standalone shows would eventually culminate in a limited crossover event titled, The Defenders. Praised by critics and embraced by fans – to varying degrees, depending on the series – these shows continued even after the heroes’ initial team-up, with The Punisher spinning out of Daredevil. When Netflix canceled Iron Fist after season 2 last October, fans didn’t think too much of it. Although the show’s sophomore outing was a large improvement, it was still the weakest of the bunch. However, the critically acclaimed Luke Cage got the axe a week later. This led to speculation that there was a Heroes for Hire project in the works, but those hopes were quashed with the cancellation of flagship series Daredevil the next month. At that point, there was little doubt as to the fate of Jessica Jones and The Punisher. Netflix announced the end of both shows in February, although the former will still air its season 3.

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Now, IndieWire reports that Disney is unable to use the characters until two years have passed since the cancellation of their Netflix shows. What this actually means, though, is that the company is unable to even attempt developing new content featuring any of these heroes until that time. So, if Disney does choose to reboot or revive them, it’s going to take a lot longer than fans had hoped. The Mouse House isn’t allowed to begin work on any of those potential projects until the two year mark has passed.

It’s unclear how exactly the relationship between Marvel and Netflix soured, although many believe that it has something to do with the imminent launch of Disney’s own streaming service, Disney+. Although, the steady decline in viewership of the Marvel shows was likely a factor as well. With the Netflix corner of the MCU going dark, there was hope that the fan favorite heroes could eventually be resurrected in some form for Disney+. After all, the platform will be airing TV series centering on several Marvel characters. Vision and Scarlet Witch are starring in WandaVision, while the Falcon and the Winter Soldier are also teaming up for their own show. Loki will be getting the small screen treatment as well. If Disney chooses not to use the characters, Hulu has even thrown their hat in the ring, expressing interest in reviving the titles, which seems like a long shot.

While not every Marvel Netflix show was a bona fide success, the cancellation of Daredevil was particularly shocking after such a stellar season 3. It seems unlikely that Marvel would bench such a beloved character any longer than they have to. Thanks to the long wait until Disney once again has access, it’s probable that any Defenders who eventually return to the fold will be recast. However, certain performances are going to be near impossible to top. Either way, it would seem as though these heroes are in dire need of some rescuing.

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Source: IndieWire

2019-04-25 03:04:49

Jamie Gerber

Disney Might Soon Own Hulu As Comcast Considers Selling Its Share

Disney might soon own Hulu too as Comcast considers selling its stake in the streaming service to the Mouse House. The business of subscription streaming services seems to shift and change with every passing day as of late. At present, there’s no denying that even this early on into the growing market, it’s becoming apparent who some of the biggest players are going to be.

Though Netflix has long been the go-to favorite for many customers, even the stability they’ve acquired in the years since shifting from a mail order DVD format to streaming directly into customer’s homes now seems vulnerable. Some of this is due in part to the fact that several of Netflix’s most popular licensed titles are increasingly looking as though they may be subject to removal, but the ever-expanding growth of Disney as well as the upcoming launch of their streaming service Disney+ is looking as though it will have considerable weight behind it. Most recently, Disney has acquired Fox assets and found itself a majority stakeholder in Hulu after AT&T WarnerMedia decided to pull the plug on their time with the company.

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After gaining such an advantageous position with Hulu, Disney is now reportedly looking to go the full distance and acquire complete ownership over the service. According to Variety, Comcast – who currently own 30 percent of Hulu through NBCUniversal – are in talks with Disney about the possibility of reaching a deal. As of this writing, the involved parties are being quite tight-lipped with regard to further information on when or even if this deal will be made.

What is known about Disney, Comcast and Hulu, however, is that Disney would like very much to gain full ownership over the service, though Comcast officials seem to be downplaying the immediate possibility of that occurring. Anonymous sources have said that Comcast is still in the process of “weighing out the pros and cons” of such a deal, while NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke recently told Variety that Disney wants to buy out Comcast, but maintained he doesn’t see a deal happening in the near term. For its part, Disney is already looking at expanding Hulu on an international level – the service is currently only available in the US and Japan – something that should happen in the near future if Hulu hopes to make up for its ongoing losses in profit. Disney has already earmarked 2023 or 2024 as the point in time when Hulu is expected to achieve profitability, as the service has spent the last two years losing profits in a continued attempt to build up its programming and technology.

At this point, it’s hard to imagine Disney not succeeding in acquiring Hulu. With its majority share in the service, Disney hasn’t gotten to where it currently is by not taking action when the odds favor them. If a deal does go through, it will mark another chapter in the growing Disney saga, create more competition in the streaming market and secure the Mouse House as one of the single most dominant forces in global entertainment. But will the future of streaming be Disney? That’s a question that can only be answered when Disney+ arrives later this fall.

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Source: Variety

2019-04-25 02:04:53

Mike Jones