Disney+ Wants You To Know That Missing Movies Aren’t Their Fault

Disney+ has found a way to let its subscribers know that Disney isn’t to blame for some of its missing movies, but this doesn’t explain the absence of several other major movies from its catalog. Though some may be added at a later date, Disney+’s launch lineup has quite a few notable exclusions – ranging from Star Wars to Marvel, and more.

The new streaming platform finally launched after more than a year of anticipation. Disney+ brings with it over 800 programs. Its already massive library is packed with at least 300 movies and 7,000 television episodes. With the House of Mouse’s new service, subscribers can watch animated classics like The Jungle Book and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, live-action blockbusters like Avengers: Endgame and Captain America: Civil War, and almost the entire Skywalker saga from the Star Wars universe. On top of all that, Disney+ is the exclusive home of several new shows like The Mandalorian and The World According to Jeff Goldblum, which over the next few years will be joined by several new shows associated with the MCU, Star Wars, and more.

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Despite everything available on Disney+, not everything is here – or at least, not right away. But, Disney+ has an explanation for that. When searching for one of its missing films, such as Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the listing will say, “Due to existing agreements, this title will be available on…” The “existing agreements” mentioned by Disney+ is a reference to the fact that some of its movies’ streaming rights are tied up with other services. The Last Jedi, for example, is currently streaming on Netflix, so that’s why it can’t be on Disney+ until later.

Streaming rights are a big issue for Disney+, as it serves as a major obstacle for getting its most popular films added to the library. Other films hurt by this restriction are Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther. The streaming rights have to expire before they can be seen on Disney+, and they aren’t the only films.

While the reason Disney+ offers is a compelling one, it can’t account for every exclusion. In some cases, there are no streaming rights issues, which means that Disney is simply choosing not to add them. The decision could be a marketing tactic by Disney+, who may seek to periodically add large batches of new movies. With others, content is the biggest problem. Disney+ is a family-oriented service, so subscribers shouldn’t hold their breath for movies like Deadpool to join its lineup.

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Every Avengers: Endgame Deleted Scene Released On Disney+

New deleted scenes from Avengers: Endgame have been released on Disney+ and here’s what each of them contains. In the lead up to the highly anticipated launch of Disney’s streaming service, the amount of new content from the Marvel Cinematic Universe was surprisingly low. They won’t have an exclusive live-action show on the platform until next year, but Marvel Studios has found other ways to keep MCU fans interested in the early days of Disney+.

They surprisingly announced that a special “Expanding the Universe” video would be available immediately that would offer MCU fans with an inside look at the upcoming Disney+ slate of shows. Disney also confirmed that 16 MCU titles were going to be accessible on day one after only a handful of films were scheduled to be available at first. The new additions included Avengers: Endgame, which was previously slated to arrive in December, and those who wanted to watch the movie (again) through Disney+ were treated to some surprises.

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In addition to the full 3-hour blockbuster film being available, Disney+ also includes plenty of special features that typically go on home video. The commentary track from Avengers: Endgame‘s writers and directors is available, as well as special featurettes and all of the deleted scenes that accompanied the prior rollout. But, Disney+ is also now the home of six alternate/deleted scenes from Avengers: Endgame that haven’t been seen before. And since the streaming service is not available around the world, here’s what each of the new scenes contains.

The shortest of the new sequences, Disney+ unveils a deleted scene showcasing the creation of the Quantum Realm suits. The scene has Smart Hulk, Ant-Man, and Nebula working on the finishing touches as Tony walks into the room. He comments on how the suits are made from technology created by himself, Hank Pym, and used by the Guardians. The scene includes the early prototype for the Quantum Realm suits that were previously revealed and not the final designs with the traditional helmet design. Once the question is raised of who is going to perform a test run, Scott promptly says “Not it” before Hawkeye volunteers. This scene was later reshot to include a better explanation of time travel to the main team.

Another deleted scene from Avengers: Endgame depicts an alternate version of Hulk and The Ancient One meeting for the first time. Instead of Hulk leaping onto the roof of the Sanctum Sanctorum after Ancient One has taken out a few Chitauri aliens, she is as relaxed as can be in this version. She’s sitting down, sipping on a drink, and appears to be having a relatively good time. But, The Ancient One also is fully aware of Hulk’s impending visit and what he wants in this version. She is not surprised to see him land on the roof and tells him that looking for Strange is a lost cause as he has no knowledge of the Time Stone. This prompts Hulk to ask who she is before the scene ends. This scene not being used was another byproduct of reshoots, as the additional photography took the Hulk and Ancient One scenes in a different direction tonally.

The next deleted scene shows another alternate version of Hulk and The Ancient One’s conversation about time travel prior to reshoots taking place. In the original version of this scene shown on Disney+, the differences are obvious from the very beginning. Hulk is standing there talking to Ancient One, showing that she never separated Banner’s astral form from Hulk’s body to have a more pleasant conversation.

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Aside from that change, the scene includes a longer conversation about time travel and what The Ancient One has already seen. She confesses that the potential for Thanos to wreak havoc showed itself early on, but she did not act on the potential of his problems. When asked why this decision was made, The Ancient One tells Hulk that if she always acted preemptively his gamma experiments wouldn’t have made it past a chalkboard.

This leads to the two of them properly discussing the options and rules of time travel to reverse what Thanos has already done in Hulk’s past. Interestingly enough, he believes that their actions in the past will directly change the future, which is not the case according to Avengers: Endgame. The Ancient One explains the film’s time travel logic here using the same phrasing Hulk uses to explain the rules to Rhodey and others in the final cut. Once this is agreed upon, Hulk figures out that returning the Infinity Stones will stop branched realities from being created. And, The Ancient One confirms those who were snapped can be saved because they were “willed out of existence” and not technically dead.

One of the more pivotal scenes from Avengers: Endgame that was retooled was Black Widow’s death, and the alternate version of the scene first filmed can now be seen on Disney+. As detailed before, the scene shows Black Widow and Hawkeye on Vormir debating who will sacrifice their life to get the Soul Stone, but they are interrupted when Thanos’ army begins attacking them.  The duo are trapped and Hawkeye devises a plan for them to fight back, but Widow goes against it so she can jump over the ledge and end this fight. She’s shot multiple times as she makes her way towards the cliff and Hawkeye tries to follow behind her but is attacked repeatedly. This whole part is shot in slow motion, with Widow crawling to the edge and shooting an alien right before it kills Hawkeye. With Thanos looming in the background, she falls off the cliff. However, the poor execution of the deleted Black Widow death scene and bizarre action led to it becoming more personal during reshoots.

Disney+ has also released the “In The Trenches” deleted scene from Avengers: Endgame‘s final battle. The scene was part of an original idea to have all the heroes re-assemble in the middle of the battle to formulate a plan. Director Joe Russo says in the commentary track for the scene that one scenario had the heroes reunion happening within the Mirror Dimension as Thanos’ ships fired repeatedly at the surface. Key reunions also happen here in this version, such as Iron Man and Spider-Man, while Iron Man also gets into a bit of a fight with Doctor Strange. Ant-Man and Wasp’s “Cap” joke happens here as well. In this case, reshoots are responsible for breaking the scene up into smaller moments sprinkled throughout the final fight to avoid a 3-minute lull in the middle of a battle.

The final new deleted scene is Tony seeing a teenage version of his daughter Morgan in the Soulworld after snapping his fingers. Tony is momentarily confused by who Morgan is before piecing together her identity. It isn’t long before Tony begins to second guess his decision after seeing part of the life that he is leaving behind. However, Morgan reassures him that everything will be okay without him around. The scene ends with Tony saying “I love you 3000” to Morgan after kissing her on the cheek. This scene was ultimately scrapped though as it did not work as well originally desired and confused Avengers: Endgame test audiences.

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Disney: Marvel Adds Five New MCU Release Dates Through 2023

Disney has announced five new release dates for untitled Marvel Cinematic Universe films. Thanks to the last eleven years of movies, the MCU has become the biggest franchise in Hollywood and, arguably, the most important one for Disney. Marvel Studios has made 23 films during the Infinity Saga but they have no plans of slowing down – despite the continued discussion of whether superhero movie fatigue is possible.

Once Spider-Man: Far From Home ended Phase 3 this summer, Marvel Studios finally began announcing their plans for Phase 4. At San Diego Comic-Con, they announced five movies coming to theaters by the end of 2021, along with five original shows set to debut on Disney+. Since then, Marvel Studios also announced three more shows for Disney+ and dated Black Panther 2 for May 2022. The latter move left Marvel Studios with two release dates for untitled films in 2022, and now they have added even more for the future.

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Disney officially announced today (via The Wrap) they’ve added five new MCU movies to their upcoming release schedule. In addition to the February and July dates in 2022, Disney set an October 7, 2022 release date for an untitled Marvel movie. They also confirmed planned releases in 2023 on February 17th, May 5th, July 28th, and November 3rd.

With this announcement, Marvel Studios has moved to a schedule we and many others have expected for some time and committed to four movies per year. 2021 will be the first time they attempt this thanks to the addition of Spider-Man 3. This now leaves them with seven release dates to eventually plant future films onto. Thanks to Kevin Feige’s comments this summer, we know BladeGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, and Captain Marvel 2 are contenders for these dates, along with Marvel Studios’ first movies featuring former Fox characters like Deadpool, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men.

Although it may still be years away from these release dates, the fun of this announcement will be in trying to predict what movies will come out when. The recent confirmation of Ant-Man 3 looks likely to take the July 2022 slot, leaving fans with six dates to fill out in the meantime. We’ve previously predicted Blade could take the February 2022 date, and also took a shot with suggesting Thunderbolts could arrive in late 2022. As for 2023, the release dates Marvel has chosen aren’t terribly surprising and fall in line with our previous predictions. While we can only speculate as to what films will hit these dates, this shows Marvel Studios is already thinking far into the future. Their plan may shift slightly in the years to come, but Feige and company must feel fairly confident in their plans to set these dates four years in advance. Hopefully it won’t be too long now before fans know more about these MCU dates and all the upcoming new movies.

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Best 90s Kids Cartoons on Disney Plus (According To IMDb)

Disney+ is practically an endless bounty of nostalgia, especially for us hardcore Disney fans. Everything from Walt’s original animated features to more modern hits, we’ve got the pick of the crop. Thanks to platforms like IMDb, fans have the opportunity to give their two-cents about the various shows and movies the new magical streaming service has to offer.

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While there is no shortage of great shows and movies, we’re strapping our nostalgia goggles and looking at some of our favorite toons from the ’90s. Though these familiar animated faces might be near and dear to our hearts, IMDb might say otherwise. Have a look and see how our favorites measured up.

10 Timon and Pumbaa (7.1)

As much as we love The Lion King we’re kinda shocked to see the comedic duo so low on the list, but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t understand why. Though they’re classic in our eyes, some fans might find their schtick a tad repetitive after a few episodes. Apparently, “Hakuna Matata” reaches rigamarole status after a certain point.

For those who haven’t seen the show, Timon and Pumbaa is simply that. It’s Timon and Pumba doing what they do best in a 30-minute dose. It doesn’t need to be more complex than that, but it’s probably not for everyone. Don’t be too upset, though. We’re just getting started.

9 Goof Troop (7.6)

Our next few contenders might seem like C students, but they’ve still got a lot to offer. Take Goof Troop for example, on paper, it might just sound like Goofy trying to cram himself into every typical sitcom dad role. In reality, Goofy loses himself in the sitcom dad role and hilarity ensues.

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A more animated take on shows like Home Improvement, Full House, and Family MattersGoof Troop was a comedic parody of the slew of family-based sitcoms that flooded the ’90s airwaves. It might check the same boxes as a few shows, but it’s a silly, sweet, and (dare we say) goofy experience.

8 The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (7.6)

Though obviously aimed at a younger audience, Winnie the Pooh and all his friends from the Hundred Acre Wood do go on some pretty remarkable adventures in this warm and fuzzy series. Don’t let the plush exterior fool you though, You’d be surprised by how much Pooh and pals go off-book.

The writing is surprisingly rich and at times very humorous for a kids’ show, especially some of Tigger’s lines. And some of the adventures the friends go on are outright strange, including battling a monster under the bed who kidnaps Christopher Robin’s toys! Definitely worth more than 7.6 in our book.

7 Darkwing Duck (7.6)

When there’s trouble, you call DW! It’s time to get dangerous with Darkwing Duck, who makes our list for being a show that not only satirizes our favorite superhero tropes but pays loving tribute to them as well. That’s why Drake Mallard/Darkwing Duck is definitely a shining star from the Disney Afternoon we’re happy to add to our list.

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Armed with his gas gun and his inflated ego, he protects the city of St. Canard from the clutches of doom. He is the terror that flaps in the night, he is the combination lock on the vault of justice, and his comedic acts of heroism have us coming back for more.

6 Talespin (7.6)

An aerial-combat-focused show staring the cast of Disney’s Jungle Book against an army of sky-pirates with a leader who sounds like Ricky Ricardo, of course that should be a show! If you haven’t figured it out, the premise to Talespin is bananas, but we’d be lying if we said we weren’t attached to it.

If you can get past the absolutely absurd premise, Talespin has a lot to offer. Baloo is always a loveable slacker, Kitt is a great and surprisingly unobnoxious kid sidekick, and do we even need to mention how hilarious Don Karnage is? It’s a mishmash, but it’s one worth watching.

5 Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers (7.7)

Okay, so Baloo as a pilot might be too off-the-wall for some viewers. So, how about Chip and Dale as a team of detectives taking on crimes too small for the human police force? Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers has twice the adventure at half the scale, and could certainly give Talespin a little competition.

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The Rescue Rangers (Chip, Dale, Gadget, Monterey Jack, and Zipper) are definitely one of our favorite teams to come from Disney animation. No task is too large for this crew of pint-sized investigators, and no space on our list is too small.

4 Recess (7.9)

Our nostalgia readings are off the charts with these famous faces from One Saturday Morning. TJ, Spinelli, and the rest of the Recess crew are always ready to stick it to the overbearing teaching staff at 3rd Street School, and we’re always ready to watch things go down on the playground.

Any viewer can relate to at least one character in the shows humongous cast of students, even outside the main six leads. The humor is great, the cast are all relatable, and the show is dripping with Disney’s special touch. Don’t surf aimlessly through Disney+’s catalog, go out and get a little Recess. 

3 Gargoyles (8.0)

Honestly, we’re just a touch miffed that this show is only number three on our list, but IMDb has spoken. Gargoyles is Disney’s underrated dark fantasy series featuring Goliath and his clan of gargoyles who become heroes at night and turn to stone statues at sunrise. Underappreciated barely scratches the surface.

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Goliath, Hudson, Broadway, Brooklyn, Lexington, and Bronx are humanity’s defenders against the forces of darkness when the creatures are brought from a castle in Scottland to modern-day New York City. It’s a great mix of sci-fi and fantasy we’ll recommend in a New York minute.

2 Ducktales (8.1)

How can we not mention what many Disney fans consider arguably the studio’s best animated series, Ducktales? These fine, feathered, foul have been solving mysteries and rewriting histories for years. And with their new reboot we don’t expect them to slow down any time soon.

Who hasn’t wanted to travel the world on some incredible expedition with Scrooge McDuck in search of treasures and troves? There’s tons of adventure to be had with this quacking crew, so don’t forget to add them to your watchlist.

1 X-Men (8.4)

We had to include at least one Marvel show with Disney’s impressive library on their maddeningly magical streaming service, we just didn’t expect it to rank so high. Though not developed by Disney themselves, we definitely hope they take notes for the MCU from this incredible series.

Marvel’s animated X-Men series is the quintessential show for any fans of the comic book or the company. It features all the classic characters and villains and packs all the punch of their famous feats in a 30-minute chunk. If you only invest in one Marvel series, be sure it’s this one.

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10 Star Wars Characters Who Will Definitely Show Up On Disney+

With Disney+ finally up and running — well, for some people — Star Wars fans are about to experience a new era of content. While the sequel trilogy is wrapping up with The Rise of Skywalker, new shows are lining up that are exclusive to Disney+. Naturally, some fan favorite characters are destined to return to small screens. The question is, which ones?

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For this list, we’re going to place some bets on which Star Wars characters will appear on the new Disney+ programs. As you probably know, all of the Star Wars films will appear on the streaming service — so while technically every character will be making an appearance, we won’t be counting those. We’re only talking about character appearances in new, original content. Who do you want to see again? Here are 10 Star Wars characters who will definitely show up on Disney+.

10 Darth Vader

Whether in live-action or animated form, there is no way that the most iconic Star Wars character won’t appear. Darth Vader’s appearance in Rogue One proves that Disney and Lucasfilm aren’t opposed to bringing him back, and it also demonstrates that they know exactly how to use him.

Vader would be the perfect bomb to drop on prequel shows. The Obi-Wan series could use Vader in a cameo, and the Cassian Andor series could use him as a potential antagonist. Frankly, using Vader in any capacity is a no-brainer.

9 Luke Skywalker

With Disney+ content skipping all around the Star Wars timeline, the service presents the opportunity to check in with Luke at different points in his life outside of the movies. The likely choice is the appearance of young Luke Skywalker — really young Luke Skywalker, living on Tatooine.

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Kid Luke has already made a cameo on Star Wars Rebels, with Obi-Wan Kenobi watching over him from afar. The Obi-Wan series will revisit this time period, creating the perfect opportunity for Luke to appear. Luke could also show up in his later years — perhaps training new Jedi in a series set before The Force Awakens — but a project like that remains to be seen.

8 Saw Gerrera

Forest Whitaker’s lesser known Star Wars character makes an appearance in Rogue One, but Saw’s storied past in the expanded universe makes him the perfect candidate to bring back. Saw Gerrera appears in The Clone WarsRebels, and even the upcoming Jedi: Fallen Order video game. He’s a prominent figure during the prequels and the original trilogy. Why not bring him back?

Lucasfilm clearly has uses for the character, and Whitaker seems open to returning. Saw isn’t well-known enough for his appearance to feel jarring, but he’s popular enough to satisfy hardcore fans with a cameo or two. With that in mind, it’s likely that this extremist rebel will show up again.

7 Maul

Thanks to the expanded universe, Darth Maul has gone from a one-off villain to the most interesting antagonist in the franchise. His appearances in The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels are legendary among fans. He even made a cameo at the end of Solo, beginning a plot thread that Lucasfilm doesn’t seem to want to revisit. It’s only logical that the character will get more mileage on Disney+.

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Maul could easily appear in the Obi-Wan series (perhaps before their final battle, as depicted in Rebels). Even if he doesn’t appear in original content right away, he’s a fan-favorite that deserves more live-action screen time.

6 Kylo Ren

As the new trilogy wraps up, fans will likely have questions about the young cast that may never be answered. Perhaps the most perplexing of the bunch is Kylo Ren, whose history in the franchise has only been alluded to. Aside from his time under Luke’s tutelage, most of Kylo Ren’s life is a mystery that is especially relevant to the rest of the series.

We wouldn’t be shocked to see a young Ben Solo training under Luke, or some appearance of Kylo Ren during his early villain years. It all depends on how much is revealed in The Rise of Skywalker, but surely Kylo Ren’s life is ripe for exploration.

5 Sith Inquisitors

The Empire pulls out all the stops to hunt down the Jedi, even training some low-level Sith to help do the job. The Sith Inquisitors show up in every corner of the Star Wars expanded universe, so it would perfectly suit the franchise to pluck one out of the ether and drop them into a new series.

Between the comics, novels, appearances on Rebels, and Jedi: Fallen Order, it looks like the Inquisitors will be fleshed out more in the coming years. With dozens to choose from, most of the Inquisitors are blank-slate antagonists that can fit easily into stories between the first two trilogies. It would be a waste if we didn’t see at least one Inquisitor on a new Disney+ show.

4 C-3P0 & R2-D2

They’re in nearly every bit of Star Wars media that exists. Is it really that much of a stretch to say that they could show up on Disney+? Fans know that these two droids appear wherever the good guys are found.

No matter how contrived, no matter how far removed from the epic story of the Skywalkers, they always find a way to get in front of the camera. With that in mind, we would put money on at least one new cameo featuring these two. It just isn’t Star Wars if 3PO and R2 aren’t around.

3 Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka’s development over the course of the various animated series has earned her plenty of fans. These fans are likely upset that her last appearance — off in space at the end of Rebels — have left them without closure. Ahsoka’s story clearly isn’t over, so where better to continue it than on Disney+?

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It might be a while before she appears, but fans have been calling for a live-action Ahsoka for quite some time now. If she doesn’t appear in animated form (which she almost certainly will), then she has to appear in an older, wiser, live-action form. It might sound like a shot in the dark, but fans of animated shows know one thing for certain: Ahsoka lives.

2 Lando Calrissian

Say what you want about Solo, but Donald Glover’s performance as young Lando was one of the film’s highlights. Of course, the movie was not the massive success Disney and Lucasfilm were hoping for, despite leaving several plot threads hanging for sequels. Those sequels probably won’t happen it all, but if they do, they’ll likely be Disney+ projects.

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With that said, bringing back Glover as Lando should be a priority for Lucasfilm. We wouldn’t actually put Lando in the “definitely” column, but it seems like the surefire way to satisfy fans. Bring young Lando back for a cameo at least, just so we get a little more time with this genius stroke of casting!

1 Yoda

If The Last Jedi is any precedent to go by, Yoda can show up anywhere. Not only is he a beloved character, but he’s a prominent figure in every era of Star Wars. While no one should expect him in a starring role, Yoda can easily work into whichever stories contain Jedi.

The safest bet would have him show up in the Obi-Wan series, perhaps to council him during lonely time protecting Luke on Tatooine. Whether he’s a puppet, a CGI ghost, or even a disembodied voice (like at Galaxy’s Edge), it’s just not Star Wars if Yoda isn’t involved.

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Which Star Wars characters do you want to see on Disney+? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

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Is Iron Man 3 A Christmas Movie? Disney+ Settles The Debate

Disney+ has decided to end the debate on whether or not Iron Man 3 is a Christmas movie. The third film in the Iron Man franchise (seventh in the MCU) takes place over the holiday season, but it doesn’t blatantly embrace Santa Claus, mistletoe, or eggnog—Christmas is just a backdrop, not the focus. This same ambiance applies to films like Die Hard (perhaps the most hotly debated “Christmas movie”), Lethal Weapon, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, andThe Nice Guys. The latter three were all written and directed by Shane Black.

Black’s first screenplay, Lethal Weapon follows two homicide detectives as they uncover a huge drug-trafficking ring. Not exactly a family affair; however, the film does contain a handful of nods to, what Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson) refers to as the “silly season” over its run time. Black has said in interviews that the holiday’s retrospective nature poses itself as a perfect setting for a good story. That theme has permeated throughout the writer/director’s filmography, which includes Iron Man 3.

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Like the aforementioned films, Iron Man 3 lightly incorporates holiday elements like Christmas trees, presents, and “Jingle Bell Rock” within its story about a billionaire playboy philanthropist. It would seem this is enough to classify the movie as a Christmas one under Disney+ standards. If you search for Christmas-themed films on Disney+, Iron Man 3 does indeed show up as a recommendation. It may be on the bottom of the list, but it’s there. Above it are a bunch of other more traditional movies: Disney’s new original Noelle, The Muppet Christmas Carol, Miracle On 34th Street, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and The Santa Clause. Disney allows The Sound Of Music to show up in this search, which, like Iron Man 3, is not directly related to Christmas.

Iron Man 3‘s inclusion here complicates the already fine line floating above the definition of a holiday flick. There have been many films in the history of cinema that are associated with Christmas in one way, shape, or form. Catch Me If You Can has multiple scenes that take place around Christmas, Jumanji features a Christmas-centric ending, and Harry Potter marathons always seem to play on ABC Family over the holiday season.

Disney+’s decision to add one of its many superhero films to a list of Christmas movies could represent a desire for variety among holiday-movie fans. The House of Mouse seems to be acknowledging all of the films that have a respectable hint of Christmas, from in your face caroling to more subliminal background imagery. Regardless, Iron Man 3’s newly minted status as a holiday movie is a huge win for Die Hard fans.

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Source: ComicBook

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Disney+: 6 Shows On The Streaming Service That Fans Loved (& 3 That Weren’t Worth The Hype)

Disney Plus has had a pretty successful launch and fans are getting their hands on some of the original content that’s on offer. The platform has been hyped for so long that some of these original series could be at risk of disappointing viewers.

Disney+ is now available in the U.S. If you want to sign up for Disney+, while also supporting Screen Rant, you can do so through our affiliate partnership link.

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Screen Rant has affiliate partnerships, so we receive a share of the revenue from your purchase. This won’t affect the price you pay and helps us offer the best product recommendations.

With a range of fictional and factual content, there’s a lot of variety on offer for those logging into the streaming service for the first time. While some of these shows have absolutely showcased the best Disney Plus has to offer, others have left a lot to be desired. Here’s 6 shows that fans absolutely love and 3 that just haven’t lived up to the hype.


This non-fiction show has the potential to be truly inspiring. Focusing on real-life superheroes, the project aims to shine a spotlight on young leaders and charity workers who are helping make the world a better place.

These heroes, who are overcoming insurmountable odds and doing some really impressive work or conquering amazing feats, have really warmed fans’ hearts as they watch on Disney Plus. Another season of this show would be very welcome!


Based on the original Disney Channel classic, this series had all the makings of being a disaster. The confused concept and the overly complicated name didn’t exactly fill audiences with confidence. However, Disney pushed this as a big series.

Unfortunately, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series just hasn’t delivered. While it’s fun to revisit some of these classic songs, it feels way too close to the first film to really be anything original. Another series could certainly be ordered but for now, fans want to break free of this high school show.


Jeff Goldblum is pretty much considered a national treasure at this point. His work in film has been astounding and his charismatic personality really has audiences gravitating towards him on every occasion. This series is no different.

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Goldblum’s natural curiosity and sense of humor are what really make this show work. While the topics range from dull to really exciting, it is this actor’s wit and charm that really helps to move the series forward. We can’t wait for more Goldblum musings.


PIXAR in Real Life had a great deal of potential but it never really got out of the box. A little like a prank show or something reality-based, this series showcases various situations where PIXAR characters are brought into the real world.

There is a bit of fun to be had for a while but the imagination of the show falls flat after some time. It’s not exactly repetitive due to the show drawing from different classics, but there’s not a lot to this. It was really hyped up to be so much more.


Forky was a stand out of the last Toy Story film so it made sense that he’d get his own series eventually. With Tony Hale reprising his role, there’s not a lot you could hate about this latest PIXAR offering. The show speaks for itself really, Forky asks a lot of question.

As he’s still understanding the world he’s living in, Forky has a number of questions that he really needs answers to. Aimed primarily at kids, his friends have no problem trying to help him out and both Forky and the viewer learn a lot throughout this journey. This show probably would never have been made without the Disney+ platform!


Imagineering is the kind of process that Disney fans love to know more about. For those who do not know, Imagineering is the name that construction workers and designers are given who are working on the Walt Disney Parks.

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This show gives unfiltered access to the full process behind Imagineering. It all starts with a look at Walt Disney himself and how he has inspired so many creators. This documentary series showcases some of the newest lands and rides in development including Galaxy’s Edge!


This series promised that we’d take a look at ordinary people who just wanted to star in their own musical. A little bit like a high school show spoken about earlier, the charm of Kristen Bell should have been enough to carry this series forward. That is not the case.

Bell is used sparingly and the series seems quite unfocused. This plays more like some human interest stories rather than just a show about bringing to life this musical. At times, Encore! can be inspirational, but it can also be really boring. It’s not quite what it was hyped up to be.


The Spark Shorts are just as artistic and fun as you might expect from this award-winning animation studio. New filmmakers have been allowed an opportunity to tell their own stories. Fans had a preview of them on YouTube but Disney+ provides access to the collection.

The series has a number of heartwarming stories, each with a different animation style and production team. The variation shows the amount of talent at PIXAR and makes us simply want to see more of these brilliant short films.


It’s difficult to ignore the following that this Star Wars series is already getting. After just one episode, fans are already suggesting that The Mandalorian is some of the best content that Disney Plus has to offer. It’s difficult to disagree with them.

The series is absolutely what should be expected from the fantastic team behind it. Many fans are finally getting the kind of Star Wars content they wanted; furthermore, it is brilliant to finally see a live-action TV series set in the galaxy far far away. Who knows how popular The Mandalorian will become after a few more episodes!

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George Chrysostomou

When Black Panther Releases On Disney+ | Screen Rant

Quite a lot of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are available on Disney+, but Black Panther. is one of the few films that are still missing – and now we know when it’s expected to release on hte new streaming service. When Disney+ launched, 16 of the 23 MCU films were part of the lineup, all of which the streaming service had previously confirmed on Twitter. However, many franchise fans were curious about the missing titles.

The handful of missing MCU films from the lineup are Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man: Far From Home, The Incredible Hulk, Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Infinity War, Ant-Man and the Wasp, and of course, Black Panther. Fortunately, the new Disney platform offers an easy way to pinpoint when certain films will be available to stream. And by the end of 2019, a new MCU title will indeed be added to Disney+. But it’s not Black Panther.

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Black Panther will be added to the Disney+ library on March 4, 2020 – just over two years after it hit theaters and broke records worldwide. At the moment, subscribers have the option to add Coogler’s film to their watchlist, along with other missing films like Ant-Man and the Wasp (July 29, 2020), Avengers: Infinity War (June 25, 2020), and Thor: Ragnarok (December 5, 2019).

Black Panther wasn’t part of the Disney+ launch lineup because it’s currently at Netflix. So, Coogler’s film won’t be moved over to Disney+ until that streaming contract expires, as is the case with many of the missing films from the launch lineup. For what it’s worth, though, Black Panther won’t be permanently relocated to Disney+ in March 2020. Because of a technicality, it will eventually be moved back to Netflix – but not for several years. Per an existing agreement, all MCU films released between January 2016 and December 2018 will go back to Netflix in 2026. Black Panther released in February 2018, so fans will have to plan accordingly when the streaming situation changes in the latter half of the next decade. Still, as long as people download the movie on Disney+ before then, they can continue to watch it even when it leaves the platform.

But by that point, they might want to watch Black Panther 2 more than the first film. Black Panther 2 is scheduled for a May 6, 2022 release, so streaming newcomers to Wakanda don’t exactly have to scramble in order to keep up. For those who are curious about the MCU, Disney+ will be the ideal platform to commence a proper chronological binge, or at least for what’s available. As of now, there’s plenty of MCU content to consume, and Black Panther is mostly definitely on the way.

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Q.V. Hough

Why Disney+’s Noelle Reviews Are So Mixed | Screen Rant

Disney+’s Noelle, starring Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader, is one of the streaming service’s first original movies, but reviews have been decidedly mixed. After a couple of bumps, Disney finally launched its streaming service in North America. Disney+ comes with a hefty set of expectations on its shoulder, with many predicting that it could provide Netflix, the undisputed king of streaming, with its first true market threat.

Of course, in addition to containing a vast library of movies and TV shows, much of Disney+’s allure comes from its slate of new properties. Launching with The Mandalorian nabbed in plenty of Star Wars fans, and Lady and the Tramp did the same for animated viewers who wanted to see what the live-action adaptation would be like. On top those, there’s Noelle, which is unfortunately a title that’s slipping with its reviews. Written and directed by Mark Lawrence, Noelle stars Anna Kendrick as the eponymous heroine, the daughter of Santa Claus and sister of Nick (played by Bill Hader). After Santa passes on and Nick is tasked with taking over the family business, he freaks out over the pressure of his new role and abandons the job, which leaves Noelle to deal with his mess and their inept cousin Gabriel (Billy Eichner) to keep the North Pole together in the meantime.

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Given how heavily reliant Disney has become on pre-existing intellectual properties and the nostalgia of their own back-catalog, Noelle offers a refreshing and original addition to the slate of the company’s output and its streaming service. However, Noelle reviews haven’t been especially enthusiastic. Noelle currently has a rating of 53% on Rotten Tomatoes, based on an admittedly small pool of 15 reviews. It’s not necessarily hated but the general consensus has been one of vague apathy more than anything else, with Noelle being described as not charming enough to pull off its central concept. While Kendrick and Hader, two very charismatic on-screen presences, are praised for doing what they can with the material, Noelle has mostly been seen as a disposable viewing experience. Here’s what the mixed reviews have to say.

Emily VanDerWerff – Vox

“This movie is kind of the height of Disney’s “girls can be anything, just so long as it’s capitalist!” approach to storytelling in the 2010s. But Kendrick and some cute visuals go further to convey this idea sans any sort of self-criticism than it probably deserves. Or maybe I’m just a sucker for Anna Kendrick’s enormous “grin and bear it” energy. Who can say?”

Kate Erbland – IndieWire

“Beyond Kendrick, however, all these marquee stars are wasted in a sloppy, confusing family comedy that appears ripped right out the third week of the Hallmark Channel’s limp holiday movie lineup. If this is the quality audiences are to expect from this new run of Disney films, the streaming wars are going to be very dark indeed.”

Gwen Inhat – AV Club

“But all of this doesn’t add up to the warm alchemy of a Christmas classic, or a holiday movie you’d go out of your way to watch more than once, even if it is streaming. Noelle has a few of those peppermint hot chocolate moments, but thanks to its bizarre warm-weather detour and wasting of a stellar cast, it just barely makes the nice list.”

John DeFore – THR

“As he sends his innocent heroine into our fallen world, Lawrence starts swiping shamelessly from Elf: Noelle is deeply offended by fake Santas on the street; tries to warn bystanders away after tasting an alcoholic cocktail that isn’t the frothy dessert she expected; and licks sunscreen out of her palm, responding with exaggerated disgust. Kendrick nails the physical-comedy side of these gags, but the film’s attempt to replicate Will Ferrell’s fish-out-of-water voyage is a flop — as slapdash as its generic vision of North Pole decor and the cheap-looking CGI of its flying reindeer.”

Julian Roman – MovieWeb

“A bursting with charm Anna Kendrick is delightful, but not enough to make Noelle anything more than a silly Hallmark-esque movie. Noelle’s message of equality and kindness during the holidays is commendable. But a plodding script, boring supporting characters, and lack of creativity take the spice out of the eggnog.”

Kirsten Acuna – Insider

“The service’s second original movie after “Lady and the Tramp” also plays like a predictable straight-to-video film that simply wasn’t good enough for a theatrical release […] Though “Noelle” sends the message that anyone can be Santa with a sweet Kendrick, it won’t be a film you’re coming back to over and over again.”

For the critics who were warmer on the movie, the thing that elevated Noelle out of the ranks of mediocrity was the glowing and endlessly amiable performance of Anna Kendrick, as well as the film’s attempt at a sweet, if somewhat trite, message of equality. Here’s what those somewhat more positive Noelle reviews had to say.

Matt Fowler – IGN

“The movie’s messaging is decent and plain enough. It’s a feel-good fable in which not only does Noelle, yes, brighten the lives of the grumpy lost souls she encounters but she also, in turn, realizes that Christmas isn’t always a happy time for a lot of people. Not because those folks are inherently Grinch-y, but because the holiday can be a harsh reminder of crucial things that are lacking in a person’s life. It’s actually not a bad takeaway for a film that doesn’t quite measure up as an instant holiday classic.”

Nick Allen –

“”Noelle” is more about the victory lap in the third act, which layers its warm spirit with the touching image of a conservative community embracing that, yes, “traditions change.” It’s the kind of premise that you wish the movie had started from, but as a type of origins tale “Noelle” has plenty of charm—the kind that makes a Christmas story not just simply amiable, but worth a look.”

Anna Menta – Decider

“I really do have to shout out Kendrick for her laugh-out-loud performance as Noelle. Only Kendrick’s flawless delivery could surprise a laugh out of me by saying “Ho ho ho” instead of “Ha ha ha”—one of the oldest Christmas movie jokes in the book. Time and time again she elevates the script with her charm, proving that her moment as a star is far from over.”

Overall, Disney+’s Noelle seems to be an easy-to-watch movie at home, but perhaps not something that would’ve been great on the big screen. Still, watching a brand-new holiday film during the holidays isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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Kayleigh Donaldson

Disney Plus Has Over 10 Million Subscribers Already | Screen Rant

After just one day of release, Disney+ has surpassed more than 10 million subscribers. With the launches of Apple TV+ and Disney+ this month (not to mention continued buildup for HBO Max), the streaming wars are now in full swing. From the moment it was announced, Disney+ was always one of the most anticipated platforms, buoyed by its impressive library of content. Over the past several years, the Mouse House has put together an expansive media empire that includes multiple popular subsidiaries such as the Marvel and Star Wars franchises.

Considering what was available on Disney+ at launch, it isn’t surprising there was substantial interest in the service right away. People were so eager to check it all out that Disney+ experienced login and service issues on day one, due to the high demand. Whatever technical problems Disney encountered didn’t deter viewers from signing up, and Disney+ is already exceeding expectations.

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In a press release, Disney announced that Disney+ now has more than 10 million users. Per Variety, that figure is up from estimates suggesting the platform would have 8 million subscribers by the end of the year.

This is exactly the kind of big splash Disney was looking to make when they launched Disney+. It’s no secret the endeavor is a highly-important one for the company, as evidenced by the sheer amount of resources they’re pouring into the service. In addition to housing literally hundreds of previously-released movies and TV shows, Disney is also investing heavily in original Disney+ programming. It’s no coincidence The Mandalorian, the first live-action Star Wars TV show, was available on day one. In addition to The Mandalorian (which received positive reviews), Disney has a plethora of other Star Wars and MCU series coming through the pipeline. It would be a shame if Disney+ struggled out of the gate, but these numbers show Bob Iger was right to target the streaming market.

The day before Disney+ launched, it was reported it had 1.9 million subscribers pre-ordered, so the figure jumped exponentially post-launch. And, it’s worth remembering this is just the tip of the iceberg for the Mouse House. Disney+ is only available in a handful of countries right now, and will finally arrive in Europe in March 2020. So, as Disney+ continues to add more new content and expand its outreach, it’ll only grow more. Obviously, Disney+ still has a long way to go to pass Netflix’s subscriber base (over 150 million), but this is an impressive accomplishment for a brand new streaming service.

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Source: Disney, Variety

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Chris Agar