10 Undeniable Ways That Disney’s New Star Wars Trilogy Changed The Franchise Forever

The Rise of Skywalker marked the end of the first era of Disney’s Star Wars universe as the conclusion of the sequel trilogy and the finale of the Skywalker saga. For a lot of people, it has been a mixed bag and for everyone, it has been a rollercoaster of emotion and serious speculation.

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No matter anyone’s opinion on the trilogy though, there is no denying that it has severely impacted the Star Wars universe and changed a lot of things, both giving and taking away from what fans already had, loved, and adored within it. Here are 10 ways that the new Star Wars trilogy changed the franchise forever, for better or worse.

10 Closed The Door On The Return Of Some Legends Characters

The loss of the Expanded Universe—now known as Legends—as canon hurt a portion of the Star Wars fanbase and since then said portion has had some trouble getting on board with Disney’s plans and ideas.

Unfortunately for those fans, a lot of Legends characters will now never be a part of the films or the canon. While characters like Thrawn and Bane have made returns, characters like Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin Solo will never return due to Kylo, it looks unlikely we will ever see Mara Jade, and a host of others will also be left out due to the movies.

9 Divided The Fanbase

The sequel trilogy as a whole has divided a lot of fans. Some for the loss of the EU, a small section for what are unfortunately bigoted reasons, and mostly due to their feelings on the movies themselves and what they did, and how they impacted the franchise.

The Last Jedi, in particular, did this, with a lot of people up in arms about Luke’s treatment and the direction the movie took Star Wars. Both that and The Rise of Skywalker also massively highlighted the divide in critics and fans (just take a look at Rotten Tomatoes). Some people love the sequels, some hate them and it has shown a toxic side of the fan base that will likely remain for the coming years.

8 Concluded The Skywalker Saga

No matter what happens now, no matter how much canon material is released to fill in the gaps or how many movies there are to explain certain things, the sequel trilogy was the finale of the story of the Skywalker family, we know how it ends.

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We now know Leia’s children, we know the fate of Leia and Luke, we know the fate of the Skywalker heir (Ben Solo), we know the closing chapter to their story no matter what. The sequel trilogy gave us a summary of what went on with them after the original trilogy and added to their stories before those in the family that remained all die, Luke, Leia, and Ben.

7 More Inclusive Cast

As brilliant as Star Wars is and as iconic as the original and prequel trilogies are, they did not have lots of diversity within them. The majority of people were white males with little representation for many other people.

It is good that the sequel trilogy under the Disney banner leaped forward in this regard, introducing fantastic characters of all races, gender, and even sexuality with a brief moment in The Rise of Skywalker. While there is still further to go, and while previous aspects of Star Wars still have some amazing, diverse characters (e.g Leia, Lando, Ahsoka, etc.), the sequel trilogy took a big step forward.

6 Continued The Theme Of Moral Ambiguity

The original trilogy within its brilliance has a simple view of morals. While Vader turns good and Han Solo joins a cause bigger than himself, these are still black and white turns with no dive into morality. The prequels offer a foundation for this, but they ultimately fail to dive into it all properly.

Finn is a stormtrooper who becomes confused about his place, leaves the First Order, wants to run, unconvincingly fights for the Resistance until he finds his place. Luke grows up after being through a lot into an older man who questions his morality. Despite good parents, Kylo turns bad, despite awful lineage Rey is good with the pair having internal battles within themselves about what good and bad truly mean. This theme of morality is hopefully explored more in Star Wars and if it is, the sequel trilogy is to thank.

5 Amazing New Characters And Performances

Moreso than any other trilogy, the sequel trilogy undoubtedly has the best ensemble cast of acting and performances in Star WarsThe Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and The Rise of Skywalker all have outstanding performances throughout.

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On top of the phenomenal ensemble cast, the Star Wars brought in an insane amount of brilliant characters and so opens the door to a slew of various canon material potential. While great acting and characters are not a change, they are indeed an addition to the franchise that cannot be understated and impacts the future of Star Wars forever.

4 Expanded On The Force

The sequel trilogy took a lot of time throughout all three movies taking a look into the inner workings of the Force and adding various powers to the universe and canon that had not been seen before.

From exploring Rey’s large connection to the Force to diving into Luke severing his connection to it, the movies’ look at the Force is fascinating. There are also various new Force powers such as projection, stasis, healing, etc. Throw into that the Force dyad in Kylo and Rey and the trilogy adds so much to the lore of the energy that binds the universe together.

3 The Return Of Palpatine

The Rise of Skywalker seen the return of the famous Emperor Sheev Palpatine in a way that was about as shoehorned as it was unexplained. It changed stuff in the timeline, the history of the Sith lord and the ending of Return of the Jedi.

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Not only did it undo the fact that Palpatine died in Return of the Jedi, but it also brings into question Anakin’s status as the chosen one, and, if so, completely takes away from his arc and the story of the original trilogy. On top of that, it gives Palpatine children and gives way for a host of questions such as when? Who is the mother? Is there a mother? How did nobody know?

2 Gives A Cinematic Swan Song To Some Beloved Characters

The sequel trilogy may have been home to some new characters and actors, but it also included perhaps cinema’s most iconic trio in Han Solo, Leia Organa, and Luke Skywalker and a host of other original characters and actors.

What it gives said individuals is an end. We will never see Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, or Harrison Ford portray their characters on the big screen again. The sequel trilogy says goodbye to these characters as well as their amazing actors and changes the franchise in that, from here on in, it is new stories and characters on the big screen who did not come from the original saga.

1 A Trilogy With No Vision

Star Wars has always had a vision and a voice at its core. While there are so many various people involved in its production etc, the vision was always clear and singular with the various voices all going through George Lucas to produce it.

Disney produced a trilogy where there were various voices and no plan. The trilogy will forever remain a huge part of the universe and unfortunately will always be hurt by the lack of vision, no matter how good it is. It made the trilogy seem unnecessary and changed the franchise by both adding to it a set of movies and taking away a vision and a concise story and timeline for it all.

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Rhys McGinley

Onward: Disney and Pixar Facing Lawsuit Over Van Used In Upcoming Movie

Artist Sweet Cicely Daniher is suing Disney and Pixar for using her “Vanicorn” in upcoming animated film Onward. Onward is the emotional coming-of-age story of two teenage elf brothers named Ian (Tom Holland) and Barley (Chris Pratt) Lightfoot. The brothers set out on a magical road trip to try to see their father who died before they got to know him. The elf tale is set to hit theaters on March 6th, 2020.

Daniher is an artist and tattooist who uses photography to prove that unicorns do exist. In 2014, Daniher published a photography book called I See Unicorns that features everyday objects photographed to look like unicorns. She also dabbles in watercolor painting, of unicorns naturally. Daniher has also taken her love for unicorns off the page. She drives a fan with a unicorn that she has painted on the side that she calls the Vanicorn.

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According to THR, Daniher is suing Disney, Pixar, and Onward producer Kori Rae for copyright infringement, among other violations. Ian and Barley Lightfoot travel in a van that is the same color as hers with a unicorn painted on the side in their journey to find their father. Daniher initially discovered the eerie similarity on May 31st, 2019. She posted a comparison picture on Instagram with a picture of her posing by her Vanicorn on top. She then included a picture of the Onward elves sitting on their own Vanicorn on the bottom. Check out Daniher’s post below:

Daniher posted the image a second time on June 3rd, sharing that Onward producer Rae called her after seeing the first post. Rae allegedly apologized and admitted that they fully intended to use the Vanicorn as a character in Onward after renting it for an event. Disney discovered her after an article featuring her Vanicorn went viral in 2018. Pixar reached out and asked the artist if they could rent her Vanicorn for an event. Pixar allegedly promised that the van would solely be used as a visual prop for a music festival thrown for friends and family of the company. Rae claims the reason they didn’t tell Daniher their full intent for the Vanicorn is because they didn’t have a name for the film it would be used in at the time, so Daniher wouldn’t have been able to sign a nondisclosure.

It’s a shame that Disney may have infringed on the work of small artists when they have their own team of talented, well-paid people. Whether its from lack of innovation or wanting to hop on trending artwork, its unfortunate to think of a big corporation that’s essentially a monopoly in its own right stealing from artists who are working incredibly hard to make it on their own. Disney could have given Daniher’s career a big boost if she was given proper credit. Regardless, Onward looks like a unique movie with quirky protagonists and a storyline that has the potential to tug at audiences’ feels like every other Pixar movie. Young audiences and die hard Disney fans can see the Vanicorn in action when Onward releases on March 6th, 2020.

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Source: THR/Sweet Cicely Daniher

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Natalie Hunter

The Witcher: 5 Disney Magic Users Who Could Beat Geralt In A Fight (& 5 Who Couldn’t)

Geralt of Rivia has quickly become a beloved character in the world of television thanks to the popularity of Netflix’s, The Witcher. While gaming fans have long since known the magical powers of this incredible character, many have only just become familiar. Whether he is summoning his own super strength, concocting different potions or duking it out in a sword fight, there is very little that Geralt isn’t fantastic at.

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However, he isn’t the only magical character to have been brought to the screen. Disney themselves have created plenty of magical characters throughout the years, many of which are unbelievably powerful. But if they were to magically cross paths, who would be the most magical of them all?

10 Could: Hercules

When it comes to sheer power and magical ability, Hercules is one of Disney’s absolute best. Much like Geralt, Hercules spends large portions of his life tackling the biggest and baddest monsters that he can get his hands-on, and he deals with them incredibly well.

A fight between him and Geralt would likely be a very entertaining one to watch and it would be closely fought. However, Hercules’ sheer power coupled with the fact he would more than likely have Pegasus by his side just gives him the edge over The Witcher.

9 Couldn’t: Peter Pan

Everyone loves Peter Pan. He’s full of life and personality, refusing to grow up as he enjoys living as a boy, but it is because of that fact he wouldn’t stand a chance against Geralt. Peter Pan can fly, which would certainly cause The Witcher some issues, but eventually, he would prevail.

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Peter is quite the swordsman himself, but he isn’t exactly on Geralt’s level and his tiny little blade wouldn’t last long against Geralt’s. Peter Pan might be able to fend off Captain Hook with ease, but he’s an impatient man who is rash with his decisions, whereas Geralt would calmly wait for a mistake and take his opening.

8 Could: Ursula

Geralt might be able to comfortably handle himself on land against an array of monsters and creatures, but how would he fair at the bottom of the ocean against the Sea Witch? The odds are, not very well. When you add his underwater inability to the sheer power of Ursula’s magic, there would only be one winner here.

Taking away his voice and inability to try and trick her or use any form of magic, Ursula would simply be too powerful and strong for Geralt to deal with. Even on land, she would be able to trick him with her ability to morph into a human, meaning he just wouldn’t see it coming.

7 Couldn’t: The Blue Fairy

Not everyone who uses magic in Disney movies does so with vengeance or aggression in their mind. The Blue Fairy is an example of that, as when she pops up in Pinnochio we clearly see she has amazing magical abilities, but it is hard to know the extent of that ability, as she spends her time just turning him into a real boy.

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The Blue Fairy comes across as someone who isn’t out for a bloody battle against Geralt, which is why he would be able to vanquish her. He doesn’t have to deal with compassion or feelings, and would happily just get the job done, no matter how nice The Blue Fairy appears to be.

6 Could: Merlin

Disney brought arguably the most famous wizard of all time to life in The Sword in the Stone, and of course, he was incredibly powerful when he needed to be. Sure, Merlin is a little crazy and doesn’t always seem to be fully focused on the task at hand, but when he needs to get down to business, he is powerful.

Merlin isn’t going to be mixing things up with Geralt in hand to hand combat with swords, as that isn’t his style. But clever tricks and use of magic is where he excels. Turning himself into a germ to make Geralt poorly, as he does to Madam Mim.

5 Couldn’t: Jafar

Jafar does technically become an incredibly powerful sorcerer within Aladdin, and he is someone who could create a true threat to Geralt. However, Jafar is also very rash with his decisions and often makes sloppy mistakes which would be his downfall.

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Turning into a giant snake, for instance, would only play into Geralt’s hand as he is confident and comfortable around monsters. With Jafar like to make a quick decision in trying to deal with The Witcher, Geralt would be able to pick him apart.

4 Could: King Triton

Earlier in the list, we mentioned Ursula being someone who is capable of defeating Geralt, and now we have another example from The Little Mermaid movie. While King Triton is technically a good guy within the film, he is certainly someone who shows aggression with his power at times.

Under the sea, he is the man who rules the oceans and he would certainly be able to defeat Geralt, no matter how powerful he is. King Triton has to stay under the sea, meaning Geralt would have to go to his level, and any form of magic he used just wouldn’t be enough to stop his power, firing bolts of lightning out of his triton, which would defeat anybody who comes in his way.

3 Couldn’t: Wicked Witch

With the magical mirror to guide her, few people are stronger and more villainous than the Wicked Witch in Snow White. However, this is one matchup that Geralt would likely be more than capable of dealing with, no matter how many potions she created.

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As long as he doesn’t succumb to the taste of a juicy fresh apple, Geralt should have no problem here. The Wicked Witch’s power comes in making potions beforehand. Therefore, in any form of combat, she would be finding life pretty difficult, especially if she was in her old lady form.

2 Could: Genie

Arguably the most magical and powerful character in Disney canon. The Genie might not be a fighter in the Aladdin movie, but if push came to shove there is no doubt that he would be able to handle himself very comfortably, no matter who he was facing.

He might not be able to bring people back from the dead or make someone fall in love, but Genie can do pretty much anything else. He can shoot off into the air, making it impossible for Geralt to touch him, or turn into anything his imagination allows, which would just make things too hard for Geralt to deal with.

1 Couldn’t: Maleficent

Maleficent is one of Disney’s most powerful and iconic magical creatures, with the ability to conjure incredible magic to poison and damage people with spells that can last a long time, she would be a great foe for Geralt. However, ultimately, she is one that The Witcher could defeat.

Maleficent has the ability to transform herself into a huge dragon, who might seem like someone that would be impossible to defeat. However, Geralt is highly skilled when it comes to defeating monsters, no matter the size and power, which is why he would be able to handle Maleficent, despite her incredible powers.

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Matthew Wilkinson

10 Most Absurd DCOMS on Disney+ | ScreenRant

Disney Channel original movies (DCOM) hold a place in the hearts of everyone. Many grew up watching them as children, and many others remember being parents, watching them with their kids. Despite the fact that these movies aired on TV, some became more famous than even films with a wide, theatrical release.

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While some are epic hits, others are just simply absurd. But when we were younger watching these movies, it never occurred to us how completely nuts some of these plots truly are. So, sit back, grab your remote, and try to do your best mouse ears like in the commercials, and enjoy the 10 most absurd Disney Channel original movies.

10 Phantom of the Megaplex (2000)

In this wholesome family film, a manager at a local movie theater decides to destroy his own cinema, and even tie up two kids and their older brother, all because his boss doesn’t give him enough recognition. Yep. In the film, strange things happen during the movies showing at the megaplex.

At the end of the film, we learn the phantom is none other than the theater’s general manager, Sean MacGibbon. And this entire ordeal is all because the owner of the megaplex never gets Sean’s name right. But don’t worry, Sean MacGibbon sees justice. The theater owner tells him he will “never work in any movie theater in this state ever again.” Total bummer…

9 High School Musical 2 (2007)

While the original High School Musical was weird enough, High School Musical 2 totally runs right off the rails. In the movie, Troy, Gabriella, Chad, and Taylor all manage to get summer jobs at the country club owned by their archnemeses Sharpay and Ryan. The melodrama here is already too much.

But the icing on the cake comes from Zac Efron’s truly horrific musical number on the golf course. It’s definitely a sight for to behold!

8 Cadet Kelly (2002)

Cadet Kelly is easily one of the best DCOMs ever and was a launching point for Hilary Duff to have non-Lizzie McGuire roles. Having said that, let’s all acknowledge the truth here. That movie was absurd as all hell.

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Kelly (Duff) is a high schooler in New York City who attends an art school. One day she comes home to find her out divorced mother is now marrying a retired military general. Even better, he just got a job running a military academy in the middle of nowhere in Upstate New York. So, Kelly is forced to move upstate, and go from an art school to a military school where she’s locked inside the school grounds and forced to live in the military dormitories, all while her mom gets to quit her job and become a housewife living off of her new General husband. Wow.

7 Tru Confessions (2002)

Trigger warning; this movie could be seen as highly offensive. In an extremely strange turn of events, Shia LeBeouf found himself playing Eddie, a teenager with severe autism. The movie, which surely was made with good intentions, is based on the book of the same name. But in a modern world, the entire film has aged poorly. Another part of the movie that hasn’t fared well with time is the plotline itself. In the film, Tru (Eddie’s twin sister) decides to make a documentary about her disabled brother to win a contest.

And it seems Disney knew this. After the movie premiered on TV back in 2002, it was only replayed a few times and then disappeared forever until it was brought back on Disney+.

6 Girl Vs. Monster (2012)

In the movie, Olivia Holt plays the daughter of monster hunters, so naturally, monsters are out to get her. Her parents try to keep her safe by locking her inside the house all Halloween night without any explanation whatsoever. They even set a security alarm to make sure she can’t leave. If that isn’t absurd enough, the real problem is that her parents keep all the captured monsters in the basement.

A teenager locked in a house on Halloween… monsters trapped in the basement of the same house… Surely nothing could possibly go wrong.

5 The Luck of the Irish (2001)

In yet another movie that hasn’t aged well, The Luck of the Irish sees high school basketball player Kyle questioning his ethnicity. Everyone has a heritage, hey says… except him. When he asks his parents, they simply tell him, “We’re American Kyle, that’s all the heritage we need.”

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To make matters worse, Kyle soon learns he’s part-leprechaun and even starts turning into a leprechaun. Also, his mom and grandpa are leprechauns, and there’s an evil leprechaun who wants to steal Kyle’s gold coin. Definitely absurd.

4 Smart House (1999)

Another film starring Ryan Merriman, Smart House is a true classic. It’s one of the movies that has gone down in the memory of every 90’s kid and can easily be considered one of Katey Sagal’s finest roles.

However, the movie is also about a 1950’s-housewife-robot-thing who fights with another woman over a man. But even more cringe-worthy than the potentially sexist plotline is the teeth-grinding dance scene. Laugh, then be embarrassed that at one age, this was considered “cool.”

3 The Color of Friendship (2000)

This movie centers around Piper, the daughter of a well-educated, affluent congressman in Washington DC in 1977. Piper wants to host an exchange student from South Africa. She even asks her Nigerian friend to tell her about South Africa, and he tells her about the apartheid and the problems between the cultures there. Despite having a well-educated father and a friend who literally just told her that South Africa is controlled by white people, Piper is shocked to find out her South African exchange student is white.

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To make matters worse, the movie emphasizes race relations through hypothetical flashbacks in a way that is undoubtedly jarring.

2 Return to Halloweentown (2006)

Remember that amazing DCOM Halloweentown? Well, now imagine the fourth installment of that movie, and it being completely void of almost the entire original cast. Not so magical anymore.

But it seems where there’s money, a sequel will follow. One of the biggest issues with this movie is Marnie. In the film, she’s apparently only 18, even though the original came out in 1998. Which makes you ask the question, how old was Marnie supposed to be in the original? Plot continuity is just one of the issues in this seemingly unnecessary sequel.

1 The Scream Team (2002)

Another DCOM that drifted into oblivion after its initial premiere, The Scream Team was one of Disney’s coveted October releases. The cast was amazing, including Kathy Najimy, Eric Idle, Kat Dennings, and Tommy Davidson.

Despite the great cast and a rather entertaining film as a whole, the plot is totally strange. Long story short, an evil ghost harnesses souls to gain more power. This possibly introduces questions about the afterlife on the audience’s part. Luckily, three spirits who call themselves the Soul Patrol. Yet, why is the movie called The Scream Team?

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Keith Langston

Falcon and the Winter Soldier Disney+ Release Moves Up to August

It’s looking like Marvel’s Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will be arriving a bit sooner than expected. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will be the first MCU-set show to premiere on Disney’s streaming service, kicking off a new era for Marvel’s television side. The shows that debut on Disney+ will have direct connections to the films, with several of them centering on characters who were previously established on the big screen. For example, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will star Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan as they reprise their roles as Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes, respectively.

The series will also see the return of Daniel Brühl as Baron Zemo, the villain from Captain America: Civil War, this time donning his comics-accurate mask. Emily VanCamp will also return as Sharon Carter, though not much is known about her role in the series. Production has been underway for a few months now, and some plot details have been revealed. At the end of Avengers:Endgame, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) gave Sam the Captain America shield, suggesting Sam will be the new Cap. However, he’ll receive some trouble from the U.S. government, who instead wishes to give someone else the job: John Walker, A.K.A. U.S. Agent, played by Wyatt Russell.

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While reporting on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s latest casting news, Deadline revealed the show’s release date has been moved up. It was previously announced that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier would arrive on Disney+ in the fall of 2020, but now it looks like it will premiere in August. The casting news was that Noah Mills (The Enemy Within) has joined the series, though his role has not been announced.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s bumped-up release date doesn’t come as much of a surprise, since it was recently revealed that the series WandaVision, initially slated for Spring 2021, had been moved to 2020. It’s likely WandaVision will debut sometime in the fall, possibly after the release of Eternals. If this is the case, then the back half of 2020 will be a busy time for the MCU.

This also means fans can expect more news about The Falcon and the Winter Soldier sooner rather than later. While a trailer is still probably a ways off, Stan recently posted the first official image of Bucky, and more could be arriving soon. With The Mandalorian season 2 not expected until the fall, Disney will want to start promoting its next big series as soon as possible. Hopefully fans won’t have to wait too long.

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier premieres on Disney+ in August.

Source: Deadline

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Rachel Labonte

Mulan’s Reflection Stares Back in Disney’s Remake Character Posters

Almost exactly two months before its release, Disney shares new character posters for its upcoming live-action Mulan remake. The original Mulan, which came out in 1998, is considered a Disney classic. Starring Ming-Na Wen as Mulan, it tells the story of a young woman who takes her ailing father’s place in a war, saving her city in the process. It’s also known for several of its songs, including “Reflection” and “I’ll Make a Man Out of You.” The new Mulan, while not a musical, will focus on the essential plot of the original film.

Another big change in the new live-action version of Mulan is the absence of Mushu, the talking dragon voiced by Eddie Murphy in the first film. Director Niki Caro recently discussed why Mulan’s trusty sidekick won’t be present in her movie, explaining, “I think we can all appreciate that Mushu is irreplaceable.” In the 1998 Mulan, Mushu is indeed irreplaceable, as he supports Mulan and also helps her defeat Shan Yu. However, Caro shared that some sort of creature would still be present, saying, “In this movie, there is a creature representative–a spiritual representation of the ancestors, and most particularly of Mulan’s relationship with her father.”

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The live-action Mulan will introduce a number of new characters, while also saying goodbye to some old ones, such as Mushu. Mulan (Liu Yifei) will obviously be in the film, as will her parents, Hua Zhou (Tzi Ma) and Hua Li (Rosalind Chao). Donnie Yen will play a new character, Commander Tung, who serves as a mentor to Mulan. Xian Lang, portayed by Gong Li, is new as well and described as a powerful witch. Check out the new posters featuring the characters of Mulan, Commander Tung, Xian Lang, and others below:

The new Mulan is part of a successful push by Disney in the last several years to remake animated classics, especially those from its animation heyday in the 1990s. Several films, such as CinderellaBeauty and the Beast, and Aladdin have already been released, with more live-action updates currently in the works at Disney. The Little Mermaid is on its way to the screen, with Halle Bailey cast as Ariel over the summer. Unlike the live-action Mulan, that film will remain a musical, with Lin-Manuel Miranda teaming up with original The Little Mermaid composer Alan Menken.

While the new Mulan film will have clear differences from the 1998 version, the new character posters do show a commitment to the spirit of the original. “Reflection” is not only a big song in the movie but also a concept important to its theme. The posters also show that, unsurprisingly, Mulan is still the center of the story this time around, as she should be. Each character sees her reflection on their weapon, rather than their own. Though some Mulan fans may still be concerned about changes made for the live-action update, hopefully they’ll end up enjoying the film, anyway.

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Source: Disney

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Rebecca VanAcker

New Mutants Poster Shows Disney Marketing is Darker (& Better) Than Fox

A new poster for the upcoming New Mutants film, featuring the main cast, has been released and it shows Disney’s new marketing designs are darker and much improved from Fox’s. The film, originally a Fox production, is now being released by Disney after the big acquisition. It’s well on its way to its premiere and wide release, and reports say that both Marvel and the cast and team behind the movie are proud of the final product. Director Josh Boone even shared a photo of The New Mutant‘s cast’s recent private screening of the movie.

The cast features plenty of well-known and talented actors, such as Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones), Anya Taylor-Joy (The Witch), and Alice Braga (Queen of the South). It is directed by Josh Boone, who previously directed The Fault in Our Stars. The film focuses on a small group of young mutants discovering their powers, while also trying to fight their way out of the secret facility they’re trapped in. The team of super-powered teens aren’t as well-known as a group like The Avengers, but they’ve been around in the comic universe for quite a while. The story that the film is rumored to be based on is “The Demon Bear Saga,” which originally came out in 1984.

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The New Mutants Twitter initially shared the new poster (below) and it features the five main character’s faces stripped to the bone, with Williams’ Wolfsbane at the front, and Mirage (Blu Hunt), Magik (Taylor-Joy), Cannonball (Charlie Heaton), and Sunspot (Henry Zaga) behind. The poster also includes the new 20th Century Studios logo, as Disney has officially removed the Fox name completely. Along with the release of a new trailer early this month, Disney seems to be embracing the dark tone of their upcoming film and putting a lot of effort into marketing as the release gets closer.

New Mutants has faced multiple release date delays, but this might’ve actually been a surprise boost for the marketing. When the film was at Fox, the delays made it seem like there were disagreements between the director and studio over what the movie should be, and people slowly lost hope in the project. But now that it’s at Disney, the delays have brought a new hope to fans. There’s added intrigue to see whether The New Mutants ends up being any good. Disney’s allowed Boone to go back to his initial vision, which includes the first lesbian couple in a Marvel film, and it is finally on track to come out on April 3rd, 2020.

Disney appears to be proud enough of the project that they are putting effort into shaping the marketing to accurately portray the dark and stylistic nature of the movie. Because of all the bad publicity that came with the acquisition of the film, people already have low expectations, making New Mutants a low risk release for Disney. There have been reports that screenings have gone well. With the great new marketing and the endorsement of the director, cast, and Disney, its looking like The New Mutants might not be a failure after all.

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Source: New Mutants/Twitter

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Devon Forward

DuckTales Episodes Are In The Wrong Order On Disney+: Here’s The Right One

The order in which DuckTales episodes are listed on Disney+ is incorrect. Thankfully, the correct order is available. Despite being an original Disney property, the House of Mouse failed Scrooge McDuck and his three grandnephews – not to mention the devoted creative team that brought the animated reboot to life.

Based on the animated ’90s series of the same name – which itself was based on comic book series, Uncle Scrooge – DuckTales follows Scrooge McDuck (voiced by David Tennant) as he embarks on various globe-trotting adventures with his three grandnephews – Huey, Dewey, and Louie (voiced by Danny Pudi, Ben Schwartz, and Bobby Moynihan, respectively) – Webby Vanderquack (voiced by Kate Micucci), and Launchpad McQuack (voiced by Beck Bennett). The series was rebooted in 2017 by Matt Youngberg and Frank Angones, and its third season is currently in development. However, one of the show’s creators pointed out the fact that the show’s episodes are listed out of order on Disney+. Not only does this run the risk of spoiling episodes for fans who haven’t yet caught up, it’s a discredit to the writers, who Angones said on Twitter “worked really hard to balance a serialized story with character growth.”

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Thankfully, Angones has stepped up to do the fans a favor. With season 3 reportedly due out sometime in 2020, Angones listed the correct viewing order of seasons 1 and 2 of DuckTales on Disney+. He explained that he’s not entirely sure why this mixup happened in the first place, but he’s attempting to rectify the issue. In the meantime, check out the correct viewing order below:

Angones also pointed out to fans (as well as future fans) that DuckTales’ two-part premiere episode was split into two separate episodes on Disney+, and the second episode was even given a completely different title – as if the incorrect order wasn’t confusing enough. In his Twitter thread, Angones urged fans to spread the word and to “share this order wherever you can.”

As revolutionary as Disney+ may be, this DuckTales error isn’t the first time the new streaming platform ran into an issue. Directly after its launch, fans complained that The Simpsons’ aspect ratio was off. Older episodes had been stretched to fit the frame, which ultimately affected certain visual gags, and being reformatted for HDTV affected the overall quality of the animation. Thankfully for The Simpsons, Disney+ has stepped up to fix these issues. Unfortunately, watching DuckTales as it was originally intended still requires viewers to roll up their sleeves and manually sort through the episodes themselves – for now, at least.

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Source: Frank Angones

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Danny Salemme

5 Reasons Why Rogue One is the Best Disney Star Wars Movie (& 5 Reasons it’s Not)

Now that the latest Star Wars trilogy has concluded with Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, we can all agree that the most beloved film is Episode IV: A New Hope – or is it Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back?  Actually there’s a lot of affinity for Episode VII: The Force Awakens and the darker, Ewok-less conclusion to the first trilogy, Revenge of the Sith was enjoyed by many.

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But since Lucasfilm was purchased by Disney in 2012, one of the fan favorites is surely Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.  Let’s look at the reasons why Rogue One is the best of the 5 Star Wars films produced by Disney, and some reasons it’s not.

10 Rogue One is Better – Darth Vader

It’s easy to say that the appearance of everyone’s favorite Sith Lord helped the appeal of Rogue One – but it’s the way Darth Vader was used in the story that lifted the film.  For example, the interrogation scene with Director Krennic was insightful and chilling and helped bridge the movie back to the planet Mustafar that Anakin Skywalker haunted in Revenge of the Sith.

Rumour has it Vader’s next appearance, slicing through a rebel rear-guard in pursuit of the newly stolen Death Star plans, was added based on test audience response; it certainly cemented his status as a relentless and powerful villain.  More importantly, both scenes were entirely Cool – something that many of the latest “Star Wars” films have been trying too hard to achieve.

9 Rogue One Isn’t Better – Saw Gerrera

We all cheered at the addition of Academy Award-winning actor Forest Whitaker to the cast of Rogue One, but his character Saw Gerrera seemed trivial and underserved.  This was compounded by the fact that Whitaker’s appearance in the trailer as a younger version of Saw that was cut from the final film (except in flashbacks).

And as a recurring character in the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels, fans had hoped his appearance would be longer and more fulfilling.  Surely Saw (and Whitaker) were one of the first casualties of the drastic reshooting of Rogue One before it’s release.

8 Rogue One Is Better – K2SO

The new Star Wars films have heavily focused on the addition of cute droids, such as BB8 and conehead D-0; but Rogue One features K2SO, the best anthropomorphic robot since C3P0.  His addition gives the movie a quirky boost of warmth and humor.

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Sure, L3-37 in Solo: A Star Wars Story is entertaining, and likely inspired by K2SO, but the latter is a member of Rogue One’s crew and a vital part of the plan to infiltrate the Empire facility on Scarif.  He even has a sympathetic death – which is more than you can say for most droids in Star Wars.

7 Rogue One Isn’t Better – Diversity

Adding some diversity to the main cast of Rogue One was a top priority for Disney, with the rag-tag crew of rebels covering a wide range of international characters.  Star Wars fans also welcomed another female hero in Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones), albeit one who was thrust into that role without any special powers or lineage.  

But this diversity stopped at the lower levels – many of the rebel leaders were Caucasian males, and all of the Death Star scientists lead by Galen Erso (Mads Mikkelsen) were Old White Men.  Star Wars has been able to skirt this issue in the past by “casting” wookies and robots and Mon-Calamari as main characters. Perhaps that was the point the filmmakers were making in portraying the Empire as such – that their lack of diversity contributed to their demise.

6 Rogue One Is Better – Rebels Aren’t Perfect

By the time Star Wars: A New Hope concluded, the audience knew that the Rebellion was on a noble quest to overthrow the nefarious Empire, with the troops and pilots united in one cause.  But Rogue One posits that this wasn’t always so – that the rebel forces were once fractured and scarce.

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In showing the division amongst rebel leaders, Rogue One reinforces the notion that uniting against the evil Empire wasn’t a straightforward task, but the “right thing to do”.  That they are bloodied but emboldened after their victory at Scarif, at the end of Rogue One, gives more credence to their power to unite and threaten the impenetrable Empire in A New Hope and beyond.

5 Rogue One Isn’t Better – Missing The Force

There is very little of The Force in Rogue One and no Jedi amongst the cast (unless you count turned-to-the-dark-side Vader). This freed the filmmakers to tell a story of “regular people” who have no magical powers or destiny-making decisions to guide their journey.

Fans could argue this made for a more earthy story devoid of the Star Wars magic, but in many ways, it’s a strength of the plot.  The inclusion of force-sensitive warrior-monk Chirrut Imwe (Donny Yen) is a nod to this gap and used in a way that adds pathos to his unfortunate character arc.

4 Rogue One Is Better – It Fits

The manner in which Rogue One fits into the Star Wars canon has become more praiseworthy after the messy plotting of Rise of SkywalkerRogue One does a laudable job of adding to the movies – past and present – in a manner that makes the movie tragic and uplifting at the same time (more on that below).  It certainly doesn’t deter from the events or characters of A New Hope, except perhaps the reveal of the monstrous Death Star.

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Rogue One makes respectful use of Star Wars trappings like kyber-crystals, X-Wing fighters, and the rebel base at Yavin without disrupting the mythology or overtly servicing fans – even C3P0 and R2D2’s appearance is brief and inconsequential.  Now that the new trilogy has concluded, of all 11 canon films, it’s easy to see how Rogue One – even with reshoots – is a strong fit to the Skywalker Saga.

3 Rogue One Isn’t Better – Fantastic Aliens

If there’s one cinematic aspect lacking from Rogue One, it’s the menagerie of aliens that fans have come to expect from a Star Wars film.  Besides bipedal aliens like Chewbacca and Greedo, fans look forward to weird and wonderful creatures popping into play, like the Poag in The Last Jedi and droid repairman Babu Frik in Rise of Skywalker.

The only alien of prominence in the Rogue One story is Bor Gullet, the mind-reading, computer-rendered, octopus-blob that forwards the plot by interrogating Bodhi Rook (Riz Ahmed) in Saw’s hideout.  But Gullet is gone 10 minutes later, presumably buried in the rubble of Jedha and the convoluted plotlines that were discarded upon Rogue One’s release.

2 Rogue One is Better – Unhappy Ending

As Rogue One’s release date got closer, it was apparent to fans that the movie would not have a Happy Ending – and not just because of the aforementioned reshoots .  The recovery of the Death Star plans was known to have come at a price to the rebellion, and fans should be grateful that Disney’s meddling didn’t lead to an unearned, sunny finale.

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Yet the ending of Rogue One is less tragic than “hopeful”, as noted by CGI Princess Leia.  Unlike so many of the other films – Rise of Skywalker in particular – Rogue One is not a story of redemption or resurrection or even defeat.  The film illustrates that a Star Wars movie that explores themes outside of the standard adventure story would be a welcome addition.

1 Rogue One Isn’t Better – Less Fun

Given that Rogue One has an unhappy ending – certainly for our heroes – it’s worth noting how that makes the movie less fun.  Star Wars movies should be at least partially joyful to be effective, with Revenge of the Sith being the exception. Certainly, fans aren’t crying out for a Star Wars film that’s dreary or depressive or lethargical – and that’s why the new trilogy focuses on characters Finn and Poe as much as the Skywalkers and Palpatines.

From Han Solo’s first brazen retreat to Poe’s wondering how often he’s been “force commanded” in Rise of Skywalker, Star Wars films have taken the time to let audiences enjoy their characters, even when they are fighting for something as important as the fate of the galaxy.  A little more fun in Rogue One may have helped its appeal – and something to keep in mind for all “Star Wars” films going forward.

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Michael Hoff

Casting She-Hulk For Marvel’s Disney+ Series | Screen Rant

There are plenty of questions surrounding Marvel’s Disney+ show based on the She-Hulk character, but perhaps most pressing who will be cast in the titular role. Casting is one of the most-widely praised parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe even among the franchise’s greatest detractors. The use of big-name actors like Anthony Mackie, Tom Hiddleston, and Elizabeth Olsen in leading roles for the first of these Disney+/Marvel Studios shows indicates they won’t be skimping on the impressive talent that’s cropped up throughout their various feature films.

That tradition of snagging top-tier performers will likely continue on to She-Hulk, which will bring the character to live-action for the first time. In the comics, the She-Hulk character starts out as a human lawyer named Jennifer Walters. In the middle of a medical emergency, Walters gets a blood transfusion from her cousin, Bruce Banner, that ensures she survives but gives her the superpowers and green skin color of the Hulk. Whereas the traditional version of the Hulk is a monstrous brute, Walters maintains her human intellect and personality while inhabiting her alter-ego.

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It’s a part rife with opportunities for clobbering but also chances to deliver comedy, legal-based drama (Walters is a lawyer, after all), and personal confidence. Handling all of those elements in the confines of a broadly appealing Marvel TV show isn’t a task just any actor could be up to. However, just because the task is daunting doesn’t mean there aren’t options on the table for the role of She-Hulk. Here are the best casting choices for the part.

Betty Gilpin is currently one of the stars of one of Netflix’s most acclaimed shows, GLOW. With GLOW ending after season 4, Gilpin’s schedule is about to open up. If she’s searching for a new series to headline, why not take on the role of She-Hulk? Gilpin would be a fine fit for the role and not just because she has experience executing hand-to-hand fight scenes in the confines of a television show. On a practical behind-the-scenes level, Gilpin is familiar with the obligations of portraying a single character over multiple years, the long-term obligations to the role won’t be as daunting to someone who just did four years of GLOW.

In terms of the qualities she brings to the role as a performer, Gilpin’s best trait is how she’s able to emanate an aura of convincing self-confidence that could work well for establishing how Walters is uber self-determined even before she gets those super-powers from her cousin. Plus, if the show ends up being inspired by John Byrne’s interpretation of She-Hulk and goes in a more comical direction with the character, Gilpin’s chops as a comedic performer could be a boon for the role.

Much like Betty Gilpin, Katheryn Winnick is also preparing for the imminent end of a TV show she currently stars in. For Winnick, the soon-to-be-concluded program is Vikings which, thanks to the role of Lagertha, has given her extensive experience in the art of brutal fight choreography. Now all too used to playing a ruthless Viking, it would be a cakewalk for Winnick to slip into the role of super-powered hero She-Hulk. Winnick’s got experience with both action and genre fare, not to mention a commanding screen presence, so she’s clearly nailed down some of the qualities most critical to playing She-Hulk.

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Granted, Winnick’s body of work is mostly limited to a lead role in Vikings and a smattering of small roles in various pieces of film and television, so it’s hard to surmise at this juncture if she can step out of her range beyond the role of Lagertha. However, the MCU has experience with taking pigeonholed actors and giving them a chance to show off a whole new skill set. Who knew Paul Rudd and Chris Pratt would be blockbuster leading men a decade ago? Katheryn Winnick could easily follow in their footsteps if she took on the role of She-Hulk.

Gwendoline Christie already has plenty of experience dabbling in the Disney franchise empire with her role of Captain Phasma in two of the most recent Star Wars movies. If she’s game for a larger role in one of these properties, taking on the part of She-Hulk could be the perfect role for her. Her 6 foot 3 inches tall stature has helped her to work as an intimidating presence in plenty of prior projects. Though like the MCU’s Hulk, Christie and any other performer taking on the role would doubtlessly be aided by CGI, Christie’s natural height does give her an advantage when it comes to portraying a character meant to be equally as towering as the Hulk.

Christie certainly has the physical qualities to portray She-Hulk but you need more than just brawn to portray someone who typically does her lawyer work while being gigantic and green. Luckily, Christie’s earned widespread acclaim for her dramatic chops in more intimate fare like In Fabric, The Personal History of David Copperfield or her assortment of British stage performances, and of course her incredible turn in another huge TV show, Game of Thrones. A key part of She-Hulk’s personality is being both a super-powered being and a recognizably human creation and Christie could pull off that dynamic wonderfully.

Unlike the rest of the candidates on this list, Rosario Dawson has already had plenty of experience with the world of Marvel Comics on television. Dawson played the role of Claire Temple across thirty-two episodes of the assorted Marvel/Netflix Defenders shows from 2015 to 2018.  Though the shows garnered varying degrees of acclaim and criticism, Dawson’s work as Temple, which frequently saw her being a noticeably human anchor among ninjas and super-powered villains, was usually held in high regard by fans and critics alike.

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Those Defenders shows may have come to an end but that doesn’t mean Dawson’s relationship with Marvel has come to an end. Casting experienced Marvel pro Rosario Dawson in the role of She-Hulk would have a number of benefits. Most notably, Dawson’s aforementioned ability to be relatable in heightened scenarios would fit well for a superhero whose famous for acting like a normal person even while being an enormous green rage monster. Dawson’s commitments to the new USA Network drama Briarpatch may ensure she can’t take on this part. But if Disney/Marvel could work around her schedule, Rosario Dawson could be a great pick for the part of She-Hulk.

For nearly a decade now, Stephanie Beatriz has received acclaim for her work as fan-favorite Brooklyn Nine-Nine character Rosa Diaz. Beatriz’s performance is responsible for some of the most beloved traits of the character, including Rosa’s unique depiction of being queer, dry wit and the ability to deliver a throwaway glance full of intimidating power. Partially due to a number of qualities she’s consistently displayed in her work on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Beatriz has emerged as a fan-favorite pick for the role of She-Hulk and it’s not hard to see why.

In particular, the manner in which Beatriz’s performance successfully and poignantly explored Diaz’s sexuality could serve as a great training ground for an initial season of She-Hulk where Jennifer Walters must come to terms with and embrace her abilities as She-Hulk. Superpowers being used as a storytelling allegory for sexuality is nothing new. However, if Disney+’s She-Hulk program chooses to frame that character in this manner, placing Beatriz in the titular role could lend it some weight that makes it stand out from the crowd. Plus, if the She-Hulk show opts to go down a comedic route, then Beatriz’s extensive experience with the wacky comedy of Brooklyn Nine-Nine could come in extremely handy.

A recurring feature of the performers mentioned in this piece is the ability to effortlessly drum up a screen presence that just screams authority. If you’re looking for an actress whose particularly gifted with that strength, look no further than Blake Lively. Specifically, look no further than Blake Lively as Emily Nelson in A Simple Favor. Whenever she waltzes onto the screen in this movie, Lively radiates the sort of immense self-confidence one usually associates with Cary Grant or George Sanders. Even her character is supposed to be laying low, Lively as Emily Nelson strolls into graveyards with so much assured authority that it’s a wonder characters around her don’t instinctively kneel in her presence.

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It’s doubtful Marvel would want to just have Lively do an Emily Nelson clone for the role of She-Hulk but Lively’s work in A Simple Favor does demonstrate just how much natural conviction she can muster up in her on-screen work. Such a quality could be just right for the part of She-Hulk and lend the character a sense of assertiveness no computer-generated visual effects wizardry could replicate. Plus, Lively’s consistently shown bold post-Gossip Girl career choices, especially in terms of exploring so many different genres. Such a venturesome quality means her take on the character of She-Hulk could be rife with enjoyable surprises that redefine what we expect from Blake Lively as a performer.

Also worth mentioning is that Blake Lively is owed another shot at superhero stardom. Her only prior effort in this realm was with the 2011 Green Lantern. So far, every other member of the Green Lantern cast has gotten another chance at superhero movie redemption. Mark Strong with Shazam, Taika Waititi with Thor: Ragnarok, Peter Sarsgaard with The Batman, Angela Basset with Black Panther and, of course, Ryan Reynolds with Deadpool. Blake Lively’s time has come, she could get the same chance for superhero storytelling redemption as her fellow Green Lantern castmates. Maybe She-Hulk is that chance.

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Douglas Laman