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2019-04-22 18:01:09

Division 2 Contains A Spider-Man PS4 Easter Egg

The Division 2 has done it again – this time with an unexpected, web-slinging twist. Not content with the Assassin’s Creed Easter egg that may well have given away the location of the next title in Ubisoft’s long-standing franchise, it looks like a Division 2 Spider-Man Easter egg is also an actual thing which has been noticed by Insomniac Games, no less.

Spider-Man was a smash hit when it launched last year, selling over 9 million copies in a few short months after release. After the game’s wealth of DLC and its internet popularity, there were perhaps surprisingly few crossover events with other major titles to capitalize on that. While this definitely isn’t a crossover by any means, the Division 2 Spider-Man Easter egg is still a nice tribute.

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The team at Insomniac Games, the minds behind Spider-Man, took to Twitter with footage of someone finding the Division 2 Spider-Man Easter egg. From the video, you can clearly see that the Easter egg is a backpack webbed to a wall. Players can shoot off the webbing and debris to free it, a callback to the way that Peter Parker interacts with these in the Spider-Man game. The backpacks are an iconic part of the web-slinging hero’s arsenal, and there’s a little wink and a nudge here from Ubisoft in using them as the Easter egg in The Division 2; they’re the richest source of Easter eggs in Spider-Man.

The Division 2 Spider-Man Easter egg is pretty neat, and yet another example of Ubisoft paying homage to a popular title (though not necessarily one from the company’s stable). Ubisoft is no stranger to these sorts of callbacks in titles in its own games, considering that it hinted at Watch Dogs 3’s location in Watch Dogs 2. Since players are clearly still finding these little treats scattered throughout the game, it’s highly likely that there’s still more homages and Easter eggs that have yet to be discovered, potentially to do with other AAA games.

There’s going to be an update to The Division 2 soon which will have some difficulty and quality of life improvements for players. So, if the end-game is looking a bit routine at the moment, then now might be the perfect time to go on a hunt for any other Easter eggs the game might have in store. With any luck, a few more Spider-Man Easter eggs may turn up as well.

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Source: Insomniac Games

2019-04-18 08:04:21

Ginny Woo

Ubisoft Apologizes For Division 2’s Controversial Slur

Ubisoft’s The Division 2 has had another mishap with art in the game. While the last piece noticed by the community appeared to leak the location of the next Assassin’s Creed game, the latest catch instead contains a homophobic slur. There’s since been a Ubisoft apology issued, and the content has been removed, but there hasn’t been any comment about how it got into the game in the first place.

The slur in question that Ubisoft has since had to remove from the game is actually an image of a policeman eating a donut. The controversial slur in question is some text on the badge of the policeman: the badge number spells out “FA6607”. It doesn’t take a genius to note that it’s a very thinly veiled way to hide a common homophobic slur.

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As reported by PC Gamer, the Ubisoft apology has amounted to not a whole lot more than a note that the homophobic slur had slipped through the company’s content review process. The studio mentioned that the content was offensive and that they had “removed the image from the game via a patch on Thursday, April 11″. However, there was no information provided by Ubisoft about how the design was approved and how it actually made it to the final version of the game. Here’s the full statement from Ubisoft:

It’s been brought to our attention that a piece of street art in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 contained offensive content. We removed the image from the game via a patch on Thursday, April 11. We apologize that this image slipped through our content review processes, and we are currently reviewing them in order to avoid this kind of oversight from occurring in the future.”

While the offending image is arguably difficult to notice in the game, the fact remains that it was still there and that someone at Ubisoft likely had to sign off on the inclusion of the asset in The Division 2. It’s a small piece of art which is highly stylized, but that doesn’t detract from the clearly offensive nature of the content. There has been some debate floating around the internet about whether or not removing the offending image is tantamount to censorship, but that conversation seems to ignore the larger realities of the political messaging that is prevalent within the game as a whole.

The Ubisoft apology was undoubtedly a necessary PR move in the wake of the nature of the slur, but it’s also interesting to note that the company mentioned that it would be reviewing its content curation processes to avoid mishaps like this in the future. The community has yet to pinpoint other instances of problematic content within the game after its recent patch, but it’s likely that Ubisoft is going to be on high alert for this for the foreseeable future.

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Source: PC Gamer

2019-04-12 09:04:23

Ginny Woo

Next Assassin’s Creed Game Leaked In Division 2, Set In Viking Era

The Assassin’s Creed franchise has always delved deep into the weird and wonderful parts of the world’s history when it comes to picking compelling locations for its flagship games. N0w, it looks like a leak in Ubisoft’s The Division 2 is hinting at the next big direction for the franchise being Assassin’s Creed vikings.

There were rumors after Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and its reception that the title was actually going to be part of a larger trilogy that would focus on Ancient Greco-Roman settings and characters going forward. Now, all that could be thrown into disarray if this latest Easter Egg in a Ubisoft game proves that Assassin’s Creed vikings are going to be making a presence instead of gladiators.

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The Easter Egg was actually spotted by a YouTuber, JoRaptor, who’s famous for his Assassin’s Creed videos. JoRaptor pointed out in his video that The Division 2 has a specific location in-game, the Potomac Event Center, that is home to a bunch of posters featuring what looks like a figure that’s holding a Piece of Edenthe Apple. This poster also prominently features the text “Valhalla,” a reference to the Nordic hall of legend ruled over by Odin in the afterlife. This seems to suggest more than a passing connection to the fact that the next title is going to involve Assassin’s Creed vikings instead of taking the series back to Rome.

Whether or not we’re actually going to see Assassin’s Creed vikings become a reality has not been confirmed or disproved by Ubisoft at this stage. While there have been reports from places like Kotaku which hint at the Scandinavian origins of the next title being confirmed by unnamed independent sources, the lack of rebuttal or agreement from the horse’s mouth means that it’s likely all speculation at this stage.

That being said, the armor of the mysterious figure with the apple hints at a period ripe with conflict, which is a pretty good summary of the way things ended up with the vikings and their invasion of Britannia. On top of that, it wouldn’t be the first time that a Ubisoft Easter Egg in a game has actually eventuated in something in a later game; the teasers for the upcoming Watch Dogs 3‘s location contained in Watch Dogs 2 are a prime example of this.

Until there’s been a statement from Ubisoft about whether or not Assassin’s Creed vikings are real or just a figment of the imagination of fans who want more ship-based combat, there’s no real way to know how it’s going to shake out. The original rumors about the next Assassin’s Creed going the way of Rome would make sense as the series has been trying to explore the roots of the Assassin-Templar conflict which predominantly occur in the Ancient Hellenic period, but only time will tell.

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Source: JoRaptor/YouTube

2019-04-05 02:04:49

Ginny Woo

Division 2 Patch Making Big Changes To Skill And Weapon Mods

The Division 2 has been out for some time now, and the state of the title’s endgame has been a delight to experience. Now, the first upcoming patch for Ubisoft’s looter shooter is going to drop on April 5. Alongside a new stronghold and the latest endgame difficulty, the Division 2 patch changes are also going to tweak how skill and weapon mods work.

There’s been no shortage of endgame content for players to enjoy in Division 2, ranging from taking down elite NPCs to skirmishing with other players in the title’s variety of multiplayer-focused modes. That being said, hardcore fans have been waiting eagerly for this patch and for the Division 2 patch changes that have been mentioned previously by the development team.

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It was announced in the studio’s State of the Game stream on Twitch that the upcoming Division 2 patch changes were going to specifically target skills and weapons for players. The stream mentions a full rework of those two areas of combat customization, stating that scaling is going to work in a totally different way after feedback from players indicated that meeting skill power thresholds was potentially too daunting. Weapon mods are also going to be given a bit of a facelift as part of this new patch, and it looks like the negative and positive effects of mods are going to be more balanced this time; every weapon slot is going to have at least one corresponding mod with solely positive effects.

Outside of the changes described above and the introduction of the latest endgame difficulty tier (World Tier 5), it doesn’t look like the Division 2 patch changes being made will fundamentally alter the game experience at this stage. Ubisoft will most likely be waiting until its fans have cracked into the latest content and strongholds before substantive changes are considered by the team. While the change to weapon mods has the potential currently to affect play the most significantly, it’s not a blanket removal of all negative stats on weapon slots so it shouldn’t be rocking the boat too much in terms of what players can bring to bear against others in PvP.

The patch drops tomorrow according to Ubisoft’s State of the Game stream, so players wanting to get the last bit of skill power farming done in-game don’t have long to do it before the system gets retooled. Time to suit up, agent!

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Source: The Division 2/Twitch

2019-04-04 08:04:13

Ginny Woo

The Division 2: 20 Hidden Locations Only Experts Found

Ubisoft’s The Division 2 has been out for a little while at this point, and players have now had quite a bit of time to sink their teeth into the game and uncover most of the hidden content lying far from the beaten path. That’s no easy feat, of course—the game features a lengthy main campaign with more content than most similar games at launch, and discovering it all takes a considerable amount of playtime.

While players can anticipate a nearly forty hour run-time on a first playthrough, there’s more to Ubisoft’s new looter shooter than meets the eye. There are tons of Easter eggs and small details littered throughout their almost alarmingly-accurate rendition of Washington D.C. The first game in the series may have struggled to deliver content on even the most basic scale, but the recently-released sequel makes up for that in spades.

From a series of hidden caches in strange places to a set of cryptic comm links and a plethora of end-game baddies against whom to face off, it’s safe to say that watching the credits roll doesn’t have to signify the end of the game’s playability. In fact, those who already beat the game without coming across most of this stuff may well want to jump back in to check out the things they may have initially passed by during their first journey through the American capital. There’s more out there than could possibly be digested in one sitting, but here are twenty of the best hidden locations that only experts found in The Division 2.

20 Grand Washington Hotel’s Suite 3 Secret

Continuing the precedent set by the original game, each of the main story missions in The Division 2 features a hidden room containing useful loot intended for inquisitive, eagle-eyed players. Arguably the most useful of these hidden loot caches can be found in the first mission’s Grand Washington Hotel location. In the re-purposed laundry room found in the hotel’s basement, an item can be looted from a body propped up against a large tub full of clothing. Though it doesn’t appear to be lootable, searching it will reveal a key to Suite 3, which can be found in the hotel’s upper levels. This won’t give anyone access to any high-tier gear given how early in the game it is, but it can be useful to newer players looking to get a bit of a head start.

19 Hydden Treehouse

One of the strangest new secretive additions to the Division franchise has come in the form of the weird so-called ‘Hydden’ Hotels scattered throughout the map. In total, there are only seven of these to find, with the final one becoming accessible once the other six have been found. These locations often host some pretty cool gear, so those yet to come across one will definitely want to keep their eyes peeled. This one can be found just north of the Washington monument in West Potomac Park, slightly to the east of Lincoln Memorial Circle and and to the east of Ohio Drive. Shrouded by some trees and bits of shrubbery lies a hidden treehouse— one of the game’s six Hydden Hotels.

18 Demon Hunter Mask

Struggling to find something to do in the late game? Already finished with the story and can’t quite come up with a reason to return to Washington D.C.? Well, Ubisoft has listless high-tier agents covered. There are twelve legendary hunters to be found throughout the city, each with intelligence specifically designed to act like players rather than bots. Each sports a unique mask, and taking them down will give squads the ability to wear those masks themselves. The hunter wearing the Demon mask can be found after shooting a group of targets in a specific order in a building in D.C.’s Downtown East district. Be careful, though— he won’t go down easy.

17 Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Reference

Odds are that most fans of Ubisoft’s The Division 2 will be at least casually familiar with Far Cry, one of their other well-known open world shooter franchises. While Blood Dragon was more of a spin-off than a dedicated sequel, it has remained one of fans’ favorite entries, and the developers paid homage by including an arcade cabinet sporting the title’s logo in a building in Judiciary Square. Just east of the area’s stronghold, players can find an old arcade housing a few bandits. While it can be tough to appreciate one’s surroundings while the bullets are flying, attentive players will notice a few embedding themselves in a familiar blue and pink logo.

16 BBQ Joint Hydden Hotel

This Hydden Hotel is only a short stroll from the first one we mentioned, and players looking to hit up each of theses locations can easily cross these two off at once. Wedged between Henry Bacon Drive NW and 23rd Street NW in West Potomac Park, players can come across a relatively hidden platform playing host to some loot crates and a sign reading “Hydden Hotel BBA Joint. Take a sausage, not my gear.” Look out for a stack of crates piled up against a brick wall, that’s the most direct entrance to this less-than-acclaimed barbecue stand, hopefully there’s something useful to be found there.

15 Milicamp Hydden Hotel

Another Hydden Hotel, this time located just south of the White House—an area with which most agents playing through The Division 2 will be pretty familiar. This hidden locale, dubbed the Milicamp Hydden Hotel, can be found in the circular lawn just south of the White House grounds. Players may be able to spot a small yellow balloon atop one of the structures near the center of the lawn—a telltale mark visible near each of the first six hotels. Once inside the hotel, which is actually adjacent to a stack of shipping crates, players can read a sign poking fun at everyone’s least favorite gaming topic: loot boxes.

14 Wraith Mask

Another of the much sought after hunter masks available in The Division 2, the Wraith mask, much like the aforementioned Demon mask, won’t be found out in the open. Instead, players will have to salute a flag just south of Capitol Hill. Doing so will spawn in the hunter wearing the Wraith mask, and he will promptly wipe the floor with anyone unprepared for him. As previously mentioned, these high-tier hunters really are nothing to joke about. They were clearly intended for high level players nearing the end of the game, and any under-leveled player pushing their luck probably won’t last very long in this fight.

13 Ghoul Mask

This is one of the most arbitrary and puzzling masks to get, and it’s worth noting that most of these hunter encounters have to be done at night in-game. To get this quest started, enter a sewer in West Potomac Park near the BBQ Hydden Hotel. Follow the tunnel, then take the stairs to the right and interact with a laptop at the far side of the platform. After that’s accomplished, head to the western end of the reflecting pool near the Lincoln Memorial once it’s dark out and shoot a flickering light bulb hanging above a shipping crate. This should spawn in the next masked hunter.

12 Pennsylvania Avenue Hyena Comm

Completionists are no-doubt scouring the map for the ten hidden Hyena comms scattered across Ubisoft’s version of the District of Columbia. While those who enjoy sussing these things out don’t usually resort to walkthroughs, there’s an easy spot on Pennsylvania avenue that everyone should know about. At the intersection of Pennsylvania Ave and Alexander Hamilton NW players should come across a bright yellow school bus and a hot dog cart right alongside the Downtown East district border. One of these comms is sitting on the ground right next to the cart—this is probably the simplest one of all to come across.

11 The Rockin’ Pete Hydden Hotel

Referred to as the ‘Rockin’ Pete’ Hydden Hotel, this is perhaps the most out-of-the-way of these loot spots save for the final one, and it can be found in the East Mall district. Head east and enter the area’s subway system—a rather rude, foreboding message will emblazon the proper entrance. From there, head down into an abandoned subway terminal, and an open car can be found near the complex’s easternmost wall. Upon entering the train, players will be greeted with yet another Hydden Hotel sign. Be sure to check in at each of these secret areas, that’ll grant access to the final one once it can be opened.

10 Crimson Mask

Just north of F Street Northwest and slightly west of the border to Judiciary Square players can find a pair of phones hidden in two buildings on opposite ends of a small plaza. Interact with one of these phones, and then immediately sprint to and activate the second one. If done at night, this should spawn in the hunter sporting the Crimson mask. This is one of the most straightforward hunters available in the game, and players just starting out on their quest for each mask may want to start here. There’s plenty of cover and few distractions to come between an agent and his or her opponent.

9 The Vosberg Hydden Hotel

Just south of the Milicamp Hydden Hotel lies the next secret loot stash. This one is hidden in a large stack of beige shipping containers. Keep an eye out for that telltale yellow balloon, and it shouldn’t be all that difficult to find. This feels like one of the more lived-in Hydden Hotels, and it definitely carries a certain vagabond appeal. The sign here reads “We ain’t here right now, but feel free to grab a beer, put on sum [sic] tunes, anything you like, but do not touch the big weapon crate behind the bed.” The next logical step here is to go open the big weapon crate behind the bed.

8 Midas and Revenant Masks

Few of the hunter masks in The Division 2 make all that much narrative sense and feel more like Easter eggs than genuine missions. However, the Midas and Revenant masks require some actions so arbitrary that it’s a wonder anyone actually discovered them. Head to a drained pool in the courtyard of a hotel in the West End and do jumping jacks in it once night falls. This, for whatever reason, will cause two hunters to spawn in, which must be taken out at once. This one probably shouldn’t be attempted solo, as it’s obviously doubly difficult when compared to most of these fights.

7 Navy Plaza Hyena Comm

Another one of the game’s ten Hyena comm collectibles can be found in Navy Plaza, which is located in the eastern section of the Federal Triangle district. There’s a control point wedged in between D Street NW and Pennsylvania Ave, so players will need to take control of that before exploring further. Once that’s been taken care of, head to the intersection of D Street and 8th, face the Navy Plaza and head through the door in front of the fountain. A Hyena Comm titled “First Council Meeting” can be found in the hallway just through that door— so that’s two of ten at this point.

6 It Lives

References to Stephen King’s It have been cropping up in more than a few games recently, and there were more than a few small nods to the novel and recent film adaptation in last year’s Far Cry 5. The trend continues with the release of Ubisoft’s The Division 2, and it remains as creepy and mockingly sinister. Players have reported spotting a red balloon— a classic symbol of one of Pennywise’s victims— just beyond a grate in the West Potomac Park sewers. At the moment, it seems that screenshots are few and far between, but some players claim to have seen more than one balloon down there. Those sick of tracking down masked hunters can go search for something far more disturbing instead.

5 Ghost And Specter Masks

Aptly named, these two hunters are by far the most elusive and difficult to defeat in the game. Rather than standing their ground and fighting like every other masked assailant, these two opt to head for the hills at the first sign of danger. To get them to spawn, interact with a console in the basement of the Washington monument. This marks three grave sites, which must be visited and saluted. After that, interact with that console once again, and then search the grounds near the monument to find these two hunters. Careful; they’ll book it once the shooting starts, so players need to have enough firepower to take these two out in no longer than a second or two.

4 The Poopy Hydden Hotel

Yes, that’s seriously what it’s called— whoever’s naming these things clearly isn’t putting much effort into their work. This spot can be found in West Potomac Park south of the Vosberg Hydden Hotel and slightly east of a control point. Buried under another stack of shipping crates, look out for a yellow balloon floating above an empty, hollow container. Be sure to interact with the check in sign at each of these locations, as this should provide access to the final Hydden Hotel, which is also pretty close by and stationed in one of the most high-profile, least secretive areas in the entire game.

3 Downtown East Hyena Comm

This is perhaps the most out-of-the-way Hyena Comm, as it’s in a fairly obscure spot which most players won’t be likely to search all that thoroughly. Head to the intersection of 13th Street NW and F Street NW in the Downtown East section of the map. Once there, find the small bit of scaffolding near that neon green Philadelphia Eagles bus. Hop up onto it by way of that red crate, and then proceed through a window into a room containing, among other things, the “Runners” Hyena Comm. Since a majority of these things can be found lying about in the street, this may be the one that’s left completionists scratching their heads for the longest time.

2 Final Hydden Hotel

Once all of the other Hydden Hotels have been visited, head back to the Washington Monument and capture the control point if that hasn’t yet been accomplished. Once inside, slide down through an elevator shaft and enter a maintenance room in the monument’s basement. A series of lights on the far wall represents all of the Hydden Hotels that have been checked out, and, if they aren’t all lit up, that means some backtracking may be necessary. Across from that is a fairly conspicuous button which, once pressed, opens an egress door. Waiting inside is a special message meant for dedicated Division 2 adventurers which we won’t spoil here.

1 Phantom, Death, Diamond, And Cross Masks

Players questing for all of the hunter masks available in The Division 2 should probably either leave this one for last or wait until they have an able-bodied party of compatriots willing to fight alongside them. The max party size allowed in the game is four, and the more will certainly be the merrier in this case. Head to the garden ice rink in the East Mall district. From there, head into the small storefront adjacent to the rink and pull a lever hidden behind the counter. This will cause the remaining four hunters to spawn in, and they must be fought all at once. The good news is, should players collect some but not all of these masks before going down, they will remain in their inventories.

2019-03-29 11:03:44

Tanner Fox

The Division 2 Review: Technically Brilliant

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is a great game. Ubisoft’s followup effort to a rocky but ambitious looter shooter has probably yielded the best in the genre when it comes to sheer technical prowess. That much is evident from the first few hours players spend in Washington, D.C., and continues throughout their journey. Where The Division 2 becomes its most entertaining, however, is much deeper than even the first twenty-odd hours players will spend with it. If that’s what you’re interested in – or the base of the mechanics Agents have at their disposal – then check out our Division 2 review-in-progress first.

In short, that hands-on experience was colored by being impressed with the enemy design, gunplay, loot, and environment-building in The Division 2. That hasn’t changed as the game has progressed; unfortunately, neither has the game’s major flaw, which is its narrative, and it has picked up a few more along the way. More than anything, though? The Division 2 is a technical masterpiece of a game, and even with the hiccups in play that Agents will inevitably experience, it sticks out as one of the best in its class once players get enough time with it.

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The Division 2 is a third-person cooperative shooter that looks to capitalize on the good will its predecessor had earned after Ubisoft spent years modifying it post-release to make it more palatable. In the same vein as other looter shooters, The Division 2 offers a solo experience to those less inclined to team with friends, although it’s also one of the more punishing to those who don’t want to use a buddy system. Most of this review is from the perspective of someone who pushed through much of the content in randomly-made groups, and tackling the content solo can be a more frustrating exercise that requires a level of precision that many people just don’t want out of a 50-hour plus shooting game, so be warned.

After churning through The Division 2‘s lengthy story content, it becomes apparent that the bulk of what makes the game truly great actually awaits Agents at the end of the line. Once you hit the The Division 2‘s endgame, it really opens up. Players can select between specializations, and then assemble teams out of other players who have reached the end of the story to take on a super gang called the Black Tusk. The specializations, a bomber called the Demolitonist, a jack-of-all-trades called the Survivalist, and a sniper called the Sharpshooter, all play out in unique ways, although the Demolitionist was our primary focus. Using the grenade launcher as a disruptive tool rather than a powerful end-game powerhouse ended up being more frequent in practice, and it’s that subtle shift in expectation that really marks what makes the endgame so great.

It’s not that the endgame is wholly unique to the genre. It’s that it doesn’t hold your hand or simply stack you up against bullet sponges. Sure, The Division 2‘s idea of a powerful endgame enemy still typically amounts to a dude wearing a lot of padding and a helmet. But getting to that boss is a whole different story. Tactics are vital for any group, and The Division 2 is the first looter shooter that really captured the MMORPG vibe in that sense. Preparation. Getting familiar with The Division 2‘s crafting system and choosing the right weapons. Map awareness. Familiarity with enemies and the environment around them. Precision and teamwork. All of these factors can mean life or death in endgame Invaded missions, and it’s thrilling every time.

The big draw to The Division 2 in general, and especially the sensation of that life-or-death endgame, is the way that combat is deliberate and challenging. That begins well before a player ever enters the fray. The customization options in The Division 2 transcend what we’ve come to expect from looter shooters in the past. Instead of simply accumulating a large enough gear score to sufficiently end the lives of the most seasoned enemies, The Division 2 also tasks players with really thinking about what they want to accomplish with their characters. Agents can’t just cram their gun full of every mod in existence and call it a day – mods carry negative consequences with them too, and you’ll have to decide which things you’re willing to give up in order to get what you want. It’s not revolutionary, but it’s fascinating to see just how much that addition brings to the title’s endgame content.

That wouldn’t be possible without the slick, brilliant combat that defines The Division 2. The game is built around its cover system, and will punish players looking to get too rowdy with a swift death at the hands of some bemused enemies. Finding the right place to take cover is a dance in its own right, but the skirmishes involving multiple teammates and enemies becomes a complex waltz between different debris, each side looking for the right angle to take down their opponents. The enemy AI is refreshingly fun to play against, too. One of the most memorable early moments can be found in running up to a sniper, who will immediately panic and scramble to run away. It’s the details that matter, and Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment have done a wonderful job of prioritizing them.

The PvP areas, the Dark Zones, add additional ways to find the thrill of combat, and they’re also extremely useful in improving loot. The reduction of the grind – and just the sheer ubiquity of loot, which should be a staple of looter shooters but isn’t always – is a welcome addition to a game that can be pretty bulky. Likewise, playing against other people, who behave drastically different from the admittedly quite good AI, can be a nice change of pace for those who have gotten weary of progressing through the main campaign beating up on robots. The Dark Zones remain fairly simplistic after launch at the moment, though, and it’s clear that they’ll end up being one of the main focus points of The Division 2‘s future content additions. Right now, they’re fun. Later, they’ll be fun and important. It’s a good progression and thanks to the abundance of good gear to be had, Dark Zones remain relevant even now.

If there’s a major complaint to be had with the way The Division 2 is laid out, it’s that so much of this is buried at the end of the line. The entire story feels patchwork, and can be rough to sift through at the best of times. It’s a shame, because the NPCs are alive and wander the streets in a way that it’s easy to find them worth protecting. The same can’t really be said about the characters that you’ll be exposed to as major players in the narrative. It’s a small issue, but it’s one that’s so persistent within the genre that it would be nice to see someone finally crack the code and create a story people actually care about. It’s especially disappointing because the game’s open world, which allows players to chip away at side missions and events at their own pace while exploring a beautifully-rendered Washington, is so vibrant and full of life even as the world has decayed. The animals that are roaming throughout the world, coupled with a mixture of ally and enemy characters looking to accomplish their own ends, breathe life into a setting that’s main story feels wooden and rehearsed by comparison.

The other issue with the way progression is laid out is that it takes forty to fifty hours to get to the specialized Agent characteristics, which are what vastly alter the course of the game’s combat and make tactics even more important. Burying it at the end of a long campaign feels egregious, and although it gives players something to play towards, in a game this well-designed, that doesn’t feel necessary. Pushing through the early elements of the game might lead people to believe The Division 2 is far more simplistic than it is, and even twenty hours in, there are still new enemies, playstyles, and challenges awaiting Agents deeper in.

That’s the most frustrating part. The other is that The Division 2 is just slow – in every aspect of its design. The story takes a long time, sure, but so does combat. A few too many times, open world missions suddenly became slogs through waves of bullet-sponge enemies that were clearly designed to make the event simply take more time. That was a mistake The Division 1 made and, while it’s infrequent here, that it’s even present at all can be disheartening and eat into the precious hours players will need to simply reach the endgame.

Overall, though? The negatives are vastly outweighed by all the brilliance The Division 2 brings to the table. There’s a genuine argument to be made for the game’s main campaign as being worth it on its own, far before the endgame gets its hooks in you. That’s a genre first. There’s still room for improvement – in a game this vast, that only makes sense – but The Division 2 is definitely the best looter shooter we’ve ever had the pleasure of playing, and is a must-own for anyone interested in a blend between good FPS gameplay and the MMORPG genre’s more alluring, addictive qualities.

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The Division 2 is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. A digital code for PS4 was provided to Screen Rant for purposes of review.

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Cody Gravelle

The Division 2: Hunter Boss Fight Guide & Hunter Mask Locations

The endgame in The Division 2 becomes accessible to players once they hit level 30, and that opens up hunter bosses and hunter masks for people to obtain. After you’ve read our handy endgame unlock guide and gotten yourself to that point, what’s there to do next? If you’re feeling particularly like taking on other agents in Conflict Mode, then that option is open to you. However, if you’re wanting to chew a little more on the excellent PvE experience that the game has to offer then it may be that taking out the elite AI Hunter enemies is more your speed.

The Hunters in The Division 2 are formidable enemies who are Level 35, which means that even players who have cracked The Division 2‘s endgame are going to struggle to take Hunters down in one way or another. They’re enemies designed to pose as much of a challenge as possible to Agents, which means that any Division 2 Hunter boss is going to be an ordeal and a half.

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Summoning a Hunter is half the battle sometimes. They’re not just wandering around waiting for you to stumble upon them. You often have to do certain actions in specific locations so actually summon a Division 2 hunter boss to fight it and to take its mask.

Whether it’s navigating certain portions of Washington D.C. or shooting at a lightbulb in a particular place, there’s a myriad of different ways to lure out the Hunter bosses so it’s important to make sure that you don’t only have the locations down. They appear to be very sensitive to disturbances in the area so we would recommend dispatching other adversaries before starting to keep an eye out for your chosen Hunter.

Ghost and Spectre masks

To find the Hunter carrying the Ghost and Spectre mask, you’re going to need access to the Washington Monument. You’ll have to explore the underground below the area to find a room with a screen that will mark three graves on your map.

Once you salute each grave site on your map (one in Control Point, one to the northeast of the Monument, and one in a field near the Monument). After you’ve paid your respects at every grave, you’ll be able to go back to the Monument and track west to find a Missing Persons sign that will illuminate a Hunter perched on a container next to it. To get the Ghost mask, you have to one-shot this Hunter. If you want to get the Spectre mask, you’ll have to comb the rooftops surrounding the northern area around the Monument and to snipe the Hunter that you find.

Midas and Revenant masks

In order to get the Midas and Revenant masks, you’ll have to head to Hampshire Avenue NW in the Western portion of the map to an area that has a swimming pool. If you span the Jumping Jack emote, then you’ll find that two hunters appear, and killing them both will get you the Midas and Revenant masks.

Wraith mask

If you want to get to Wraith mask, you need to head over to Capitol Hill. The landmark will have a memorial wall with a water feature, and you will have to make sure that you take a shot at the source of light that’s casting shadows against the wall. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have to stand behind the light being cast on the memorial and to salute it. Kill the Hunter that spawns for the Wraith mask.

Cross, Diamond, Death and Phantom masks

This quartet of masks represents the most complex ones to obtain. You’ll need to have access to the Federal Triangle, where you’ll then head to the park nearby the Control Point that has a Christmas tree in it. There’s an office nearby which will have a desk with an accompanying lever. Pull this lever and return outside to lap the Christmas tree until smoke appears, signaling the arrival of three Hunters. Killing them will get you the Cross, Diamond and Death Hunter masks. After you’ve dispatched your foes, head cross the street outside the park to find a Hunter lying in wait and you’ll be able to pry the Phantom mask from his cold, dead face.

Ghost mask

You’ll need access to the Lincoln Memorial in order to pick up this mask. There’s an SHD cache which will have an entrance to a sewer nearby. Follow the path until you find a room that has a laptop in it; once you’ve inspected the laptop, the game will shine a light on a map at the wall. Return back outside and try to find a piece of constructed terrain at the Memorial which has a light stuck to it. Shooting said light will make sure that a Hunter is spawned, and defeating him will pick up the Ghost mask.

Demon mask

The Demon mask can be found pretty close to The Division 2‘s first major landmark: the White House. You will have to go to the shopping mall in that part of the map and head down into the mall until you encounter a particularly placed platform with some windows across the way from it, each one framing a target. Take out the targets starting from the highest window to the lowest, and a Hunter will appear. Once you kill him, you’ll be able to loot the Demon mask.

Crimson mask

To get this mask, you’ll need to have access to Judiciary Square. There’s an empty courtyard nearby which will be flanked by two walls, one containing a room with one door and another a room with two doors. You’ll want to head for the room with two doors first and take a peek at the computer on the desk. Once you’ve done that, head to the other room and interact with the phone. Smoke will start pouring into the courtyard, and the Hunter carrying the Crimson mask will spawn.

Now that you’ve got a rundown of all the different Hunters that you can encounter in the endgame and what you need to do to summon them thanks to our Division 2 hunter boss guide, get out there and get those masks!

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The Division 2: How To Farm Rare Materials (& Printer Filament)

The Division 2‘s crafting system requires the use of rare materials such as Printer Filament, and farming that may be difficult. The Division 2‘s early access period was littered with praise for the way Ubisoft and developer Massive Entertainment incorporated feedback from the past effort into a better, more interesting follow-up. The streets of a post-apocalyptic Washington, D.C. might be eerily quiet, but they’re certainly not short on things to do.

One of the most important activities Agents can engage in with The Division 2 is farming rare materials for crafting, an arduous process that results in some of the better gear in the game. While the overtly obvious way to acquire new materials is to loot as many materials as possible from every single chest, box, and cache littered across the map, there are a few methods to get extra crafting items. That could be the difference between hours spent grinding out specific requirements or getting your hands on some sweet new loot in much less time. As the player base gradually begins to approach The Division 2‘s endgame en masse, getting even a few hours’ worth of an edge can be the difference in getting and staying ahead.

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Here’s how to track down some of the rare materials that The Division 2 has to offer, including Printer Filament, one of the most important superior materials available to Agents. It’s vitally important to obtain these materials in order to deconstruct items and craft new items.

Unfortunately for Agents, it appears that Printer Filament in The Division 2 is a little more difficult to find than other materials. As far as players are currently aware, Printer Filament doesn’t appear in open world looting containers. At the very least, Printer Filament itself doesn’t appear in these loot caches, but the items that produce it do.

To get Printer Filament in The Division 2, players need to deconstruct Gear Mods and Skill Mods that they’ve acquired across the span of playing the game. All rarity levels of mods give players Printer Filament, and it can be acquired from Skill Attachments, Gear System Mods, and Gear Protocol Mods. Despite Printer Filament not appearing in traditional resource nodes on The Division 2‘s map, the best method to acquire it is to still hunt for those nodes whenever possible to find gear that can then be broken down into the valuable resource. Printer Filament is definitely a necessary evil for those looking to craft their gear, so it’s best to loot everything and ask questions later.

Titanium, Electronics, & Carbonfiber

There’s a trick that The Division 2 players might not realize that makes these items easier to obtain. First, players need to use the Quartermaster to collect a specific perk: Detection 1. This Division 2 perk allows Agents to see all of the lootable objects in an area around a Control Point after they’ve donated at least one supply. The perk only lasts for a small amount of time, but it’s extremely valuable regardless.

Next, players simply need to pick a Control Point they’ve already established and fast travel to that location. Donate the bare minimum of resources to the Officer, and players can then run around the area collecting every lootable object they can find. It’s an easy way to find the above materials, and works especially well with Solar Farm. Here’s a video from WiLLiSGaming that demonstrates this method while using the Solar Farm Control Point:

Ceramics, Polycarbonate, & Steel

These Standard quality materials aren’t necessarily difficult to find, but they’re also needed in massive quantities as the game progresses. To improve yield on salvaging gear, The Division 2 players should pick up the Deconstruction perk from the Quartermaster as well. The Deconstruction perk gives Agents a bonus chance to acquire additional materials during item deconstruction. Given how much that act is crucial to progressing through the game, picking up the Deconstruction perk early will provide players with a lot of extra value as they work towards The Division 2‘s level 30 cap.

Completing bonus activities during open world gameplay is also essential in building up the biggest pool of resources possible. These activities tend to reward a good amount of standard crafting materials in The Division 2. For that route, stopping public executions and rescuing civilians is typically the fastest method in getting resources out of the available activities.

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The Division 2 Guide: Best Perks To Unlock First

Perks are an integral part of mastering the way that combat works in The Division 2. With benefits ranging from increased armor restocking to extra XP, there’s a whole bunch of things to consider if you want to really make your mark as an agent in the game. Luckily, our Division 2 perks guide will sort you out.

There are more than 19 different types of perks to choose from. Because unlocking them is a matter of doing so one at a time (using the rare SHD Tech that you acquire) , or at least in a limited cluster, you will need to be intelligent about the choices that you’re making when it comes to which perks to prioritize over the others at different times in your game experience.

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There are some perks which we think are better than others at ensuring that you’re having a smooth run in The Division 2, so we’ve compiled a bit of a list.

  • Accolade Perks: These types of perks are essential if you’re wanting to front-load as much grinding as possible during this experience. The Accolade perks are important if you want to get a bit of a leg up in the competition early, and they’re probably some of the easiest to acquire on account of needing the least SHD points to get. The perks will reward you for doing pretty much anything firefight related in the game, ranging from getting headshots to other combat-oriented focuses.
  • Restock Perks: When you’re bogged down in a tight spot in a mission and you just aren’t quite sure what your options are, making sure that you’re stocked up on the deadly essentials like grenades and the life-saving armor kits will probably go a long way. The Restock perks give you more of an opportunity to acquire both, which should ensure that you’re well-equipped for whatever the game wants to throw your way.
  • Inventory Perks: Your inventory can fill up quite quickly in this game, but this is probably the least combat-oriented recommendation in our Division 2 perks guide. Compared to the rest, this one just does what it says on the tin and lets you spend less time faffing around between missions to clear space for things that might be more valuable.
  • Armor Kit Perks: Much like the Accolade perks, these Armor kit perks are particularly cost-effective when it comes to picking them up using the SHD points that you accumulate in the game. Armor kits are one of the first things that you learn to use in the game, and they’re a valuable way to keep yourself safe and to keep yourself in the fight. Having more armor kits at your disposal at any one time is definitely going to help in a pinch.

There are a whole other bunch of perks in the game, but our Division 2 perks guide covers some of the most essential to your leveling-up experience. Whether it’s needing to make sure that you hit end game quicker, or ensuring that you’ve got enough juice to make it through some of the Stronghold skirmishes that the game throws at you, there’s a bit of something for everyone in the perk section: it’s all about trial and error.

Another crucial part of doing well in The Division 2 is your specialization. It’s not only about which passive improvements you grant to yourself; it’s also about the arsenal of skills that you can choose to wield as an agent. Unlocking the right perks and modifiers can make a player one of the best Division agents in The Division 2.

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