Arrowverse: Elseworlds Crossover Schedule

Here’s the schedule for Elseworlds, this year’s Arrowverse crossover, and how you can watch all three episodes. The CW’s annual crossover is the biggest event on their superhero universe’s calendar – but Elseworlds is no ordinary crossover. It also introduces Batwoman (Ruby Rose), the Arrowverse’s newest superhero, and will open the door to a Batwoman solo series set in Gotham City.

Each crossover has grown in scale as the Arrowverse has evolved; 2016’s Invasion! and 2017’s Crisis on Earth-X spanned all four Arrowverse series where they fought aliens and other-dimensional Nazis, respectively. For 2018’s Elseworlds, the crossover is slightly scaled back, at least in the number of series participating. Elseworlds will span The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl only; DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will be sitting this event out.

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However, that doesn’t mean Elseworlds will be any less epic. The superheroes will assemble to battle a threat to multiple Earths by the villainous Arkham Asylum doctor John Deegan (Jeremy Davies) and a powerful being called the Monitor (LaMonica Garrett). This will not only require Green Arrow (Stephen Amell), The Flash (Grant Gustin), and Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) to join forces, but will also guest star Superman (Tyler Hoechlin), introduce Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch), an evil Black Suit Superman, and John Wesley Shipp reprising his role as the Flash from his 1990 CBS series. Plus there are expected to be other Easter eggs and surprises for DC fans.

Just as Barry Allen and Oliver Queen are switching bodies in Elseworlds, with Amell playing the Flash and Gustin playing Green Arrow, two of the series are also switching timeslots. The Flash is kicking off the event by temporarily moving into Supergirl‘s Sunday night timeslot and Supergirl moves to The Flash‘s Tuesday night berth to close out the crossover. With that in mind, here’s the complete Elseworlds‘ schedule and The CW’s synopses:

Sunday, Dec. 9th @8pm: The Flash Season 5, Episode 9: Elseworlds, Part 1

This episode will mark the second time Barry Allen has traveled to Supergirl’s Earth-38, but it will be a first for Oliver Queen. Meeting Superman and Lois Lane will also be a first for both Green Arrow and The Flash. A cool Easter egg to look out for: the Kent Farm is the same one from Smallville.

When Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Oliver Queen (guest star Stephen Amell) wake up one morning and realize they have swapped bodies with each other, the two set off to find out what disturbed the timeline to cause such a shift.  However, things quickly go from bad to worse when they present their case to Team Flash and the gang doesn’t believe them. Barry and Oliver realize they need Supergirl’s (guest star Melissa Benoist) help and travel to Smallville on Earth-38 where they end up meeting Kara’s cousin, Clark Kent (guest star Tyler Hoechlin), and intrepid reporter, Lois Lane (guest star Elizabeth Tulloch).  LaMonica Garrett guest stars as The Monitor.

Monday, Dec. 10th @8pm: Arrow Season 7, Episode 9: Elseworlds, Part 2

This is the episode that introduces Batwoman and Gotham City. It should also answer some burning questions fans have about where Batman is in the Arrowverse.

With Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Barry (guest star Grant Gustin) still stuck in the other’s bodies, the two get a lead on John Deegan (guest star Jeremy Davies) and head to Gotham City with Supergirl (guest star Melissa Benoist) to figure out why their reality has changed.  While there, they meet the mysterious Kate Kane (guest star Ruby Rose) who provides them with information that leads the group to Arkham Asylum.

Tuesday, Dec. 11th @8pm: Supergirl Season 4, Episode 9: Elseworlds, Part 3

Supergirl closes out Elseworlds and is expected to feature a battle against the evil Black Suit Superman. The final chapter could also contain some huge surprises that will affect the Arrowverse going forward.

Supergirl (Melissa Benoist), The Flash (guest star Grant Gustin), Green Arrow (guest star Stephen Amell) and Superman (guest star Tyler Hoechlin) engage in the battle of their lives.

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Melissa Benoist Shares New Details About Supergirl’s Elseworlds Role

Melissa Benoist shares details on Supergirl’s role in this year’s Arrowverse crossover titled “Elseworlds.” As usual, the yearly event will tell an overarching narrative that’ll be tackled over the course of three nights with ArrowThe Flash, and Supergirl all taking part, while DC’s Legends of Tomorrow skips the big affair.

Despite the narrative implication of the subtitle for this year’s special, the events of “Elseworlds” will supposedly fit in the existing canon. As far as what’s revealed about the crossover, there’s so much to go through in the three-night superhero bonanza, starting with the introduction of Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane aka. Batwoman. It’ll also deal with the upcoming threat brought about by The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett), who’s the evil behind the destruction of Earth-90’s reality. And of course, the much-talked about swap between Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) as the Green Arrow and the Flash. Amidst all this, one thing remains unknown: Kara’s role in all this commotion

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Speaking with CBR during a set visit, Benoist talked about how Supergirl factors into the crisis stemming from the persona switch between Oliver and Barry. As it turns out, Kara will be one of the first ones to really lend a helping hand to her troubled friends, as she immediately recognizes how they’re living in each other’s bodies, unlike most of their allies.

“What I liked the most about this year’s crossover, I think, more than any other crossover that we’ve done so far — aside from the musical episode, which was my favorite; I had so much fun doing that one — but this one was so fun in particular because it really was the triad, so to speak, the three of us. Kara plays a really fun role in this dilemma that Barry and Oliver find themselves in. She’s the only one that really recognizes them for who they are in this Freaky Friday situation, and it’s really comedic. The whole thing. I think people will really get a kick out of it.”

Before Benoist’s comments, many were wondering how the Girl of Steel would factor into this whole crisis, as much of her show’s narrative will likely focus on the return of her cousin Superman. As seen in various set photos, the crossover will not only mark Tyler Hoechlin’s return as the Man of Steel, but fans will also learn more about him, with the appearance of the Kent family farm and the introduction of Arrowverse’s version of Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch). Looking at the bigger “Elseworlds” picture, Superman will be a key character, as the dark suit-wearing counterpart of the superhero will play a pivotal role in the upcoming TV special. Not much is known about how two versions of the Last Son of Krypton will come to be, but it’s safe to say that it’s part of Deegan and the Monitor’s attempt to mess with the current reality.

One wonders how Supergirl is able to decipher right away what’s happening between the Green Arrow and the Flash. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that she’s from a different reality altogether, and The Monitor has yet to make his move against her own universe. Otherwise, it also might be because she’s a more powerful superhero. Regardless, she, alongside Superman, will surely be a big help to Earth-1’s heroes in navigating the tricky situation they’re in.

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Arrowverse’s “Elseworlds” crossover event kicks off with The Flash on Sunday, Dec. 9 at 8pm ET, then continues with Arrow on Monday, Dec. 10 at 8pm ET, and concludes with Supergirl on Tuesday, Dec. 11 at 8pm ET.

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Arrowverse Elseworlds Tease Explained: 1990s Flash vs The Monitor

The latest episodes of the Arrowverse ended with a dramatic teaser setting up the “Elseworlds” event featuring the 1990s Flash and the Monitor. This is probably the most exciting Arrowverse crossover to date, bringing together the heroes of various different realities and serving as a back-door pilot for the Batwoman TV series. It promises to redefine the Arrowverse’s understanding of their multiverse, with this first clip already revealing the existence of Earth-90.

Jeremy Davies has been confirmed as the main villain of “Elseworlds,” a character named Dr. John Deegan. He’s been described as a doctor at Arkham Asylum who’s every bit as insane as his patients, but it’s as yet unclear how Deegan will come to trigger a Multiversal catastrophe. One popular theory suggests Deegan is an alias for Batman villain Dr. Hugo Strange, while another posits that he’s really the telepathic villain Dr. Destiny. Whatever the truth may be, DCTV is evidently keeping Deegan under wraps right now; he doesn’t feature in this first teaser, which instead focuses on establishing the sheer scale of the “Elseworlds” event.

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The Supergirl stinger scene is set on Earth-90, home of the Flash from the 1990 TV series. It reveals a host of fallen superheroes who presumably allied with the Flash against a terrible threat; attentive viewers will recognize versions of Green Arrow, Firestorm, The Ray, Hawkman and Hawkgirl, and even Stargirl. Unfortunately, they’ve all fallen in battle – indeed, some of the deaths look particularly brutal. John Wesley Shipp’s Flash seems to be the last surviving hero, and he confronts the cosmic being known as the Monitor.

The Flash’s pleas for mercy fall on deaf ears, as the Monitor insists that the heroes – perhaps the entire world – “did this to yourselves.” The Monitor opens a mysterious book, unleashing cosmic energies, but the Flash races away – presumably jumping out of his world, and on to another. It seems this brief clip has revealed the destruction of Earth-90 – and it’s safe to assume the heroes of SupergirlArrow, and The Flash will wind up uniting with Shipp’s incarnation in an effort to stop the devastation being repeated.

This teaser raises countless questions. Even the designation of this doomed world as Earth-90 is a shocking one; the Arrowverse has previously established that there are only 52 Earths in its Multiverse, with the addition of Earth-X. It looks as though everything the shows have established as the Multiverse may well be wrong. Meanwhile, the glimpse of the Monitor as an apparent villain is somewhat surprising; he’s normally portrayed as an ally to the heroes. It’s possible this stinger is misleading, and that this is the Monitor’s evil and destructive counterpart, the Anti-Monitor. In the classic “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event, it was revealed that the Anti-Monitor was destroying entire universes, consuming them as fuel to increase his power; perhaps something similar is happening here. But what is the book held by the Monitor/Anti-Monitor? At this stage it’s difficult to say, but it’s possible it could be the Book of Destiny. Strongly associated with the Sandman comics, this book contains the written record of everything that is and ever will be. If this is indeed the case, it could be the most powerful artifact the Arrowverse heroes have ever encountered.

This year’s Arrowverse crossover remains something of a mystery. It’s known to involve a body-swap for Flash and Green Arrow, one that sees them head to Supergirl’s reality for help (for undisclosed reasons). Exactly how this ties into the destruction of Earth-90 is unknown, suggesting there will be a lot of unexpected plot twists over the course of the event.

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Arrowverse’s “Elseworlds” event begins with The Flash on Sunday, December 9 at 8pm ET, and continues with Arrow on Monday at 8pm ET and concludes with Supergirl on Tuesday at 8pm ET.

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Arrowverse Elseworlds Trailer Breakdown: 12 Secrets & Reveals About The Crossover

The trailer for Arrowverse Elseworlds has some big reveals about the upcoming crossover event. With the mid-season finales of the three shows teaming up having aired, The CW has released one final trailer that is packed full of revelations. Some of them are simple character reveals, such as our first look at Kate Kane without the Batwoman costume. Others involve supervillains who had not previously been advertised as part of the event.

However, there was a lot of new information in the latest Elseworlds trailer. It reveals some substantial new information about the Arrowverse crossover story and hints at the ultimate identity of the mysterious Dr. John Deegan at the center of the plot, and the strange book he is given that has the power to rewrite reality.

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With three different shows colliding, a new superhero being introduced, and some very weird body-swapping going on, let’s see what we can figure out from the new Arrowverse Elseworlds trailer.

12. Oliver Queen & Barry Allen React To Swapping Bodies

One of the first big reveals regarding Elseworlds was that Oliver Queen and Barry Allen would be trading places for the duration of the event. The opening scenes of the trailer show that the two heroes have swapped bodies, a la Freaky Friday, rather than reality being rewritten so that Barry Allen was stranded on Lian Yu and Oliver Queen was struck by lightning. This point is further emphasized as Caitlin Snow asks a confused Oliver Queen if he’s sure he didn’t go back in time and accidentally change the timeline again. Barry Allen, in Oliver Queen’s body, insists that he is Barry Allen.

11. Elseworlds’ Villain Gets The Book of Souls

A new scene shows Dr. John Deegan being handed a large book by an alien being and being told to “reshape the world as you see fit.” Both the book and the alien being (previously identified as a Monitor) appeared in the Elseworlds prologue. The book has not been identified by any particular name yet, but it resembles The Book of Souls – an artifact in the DC Comics Universe that is capable of rewriting reality and is usually possessed by Destiny of The Endless, from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman.

10. 1990s Flash Enters The Arrowverse Crossover

Another early revelation regarding Elseworlds was that it would feature the version of Barry Allen played by John Wesley Shipp on the 1990s The Flash television series. Now identified as The Flash of Earth-90, this Flash appears in a new scene in the new trailer, warning us that “… a Crisis is coming.” The classic DC Comics had several major events which were labeled with the word “Crisis” but the most famous of these – Crisis on Infinite Earths – has been hinted as a probable future event for the Arrowverse since the first episode of the 2014 Flash series.

9. Kate Kane Rains On The Your Parade

The trailer gives us another look at Batwoman in action, apparently fighting Cisco Ramon. When Cisco asks who she is, the action suddenly cuts to a clip of a Ruby Rose, not in the Batwoman costume, saying “The rain on your parade.” This is the first time that we have seen the actress in something relating to the crossover event where she wasn’t dressed up as Batwoman.

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8. Team Flash Turn On Barry Allen

There is a rather lengthy sequence in the trailer where Oliver Queen yells at Barry Allen that he was betrayed by his team and that they weren’t there for him when he needed them. This begins with a scene of Barry Allen being knocked out by a clearly distraught Elongated Man. There’s no indication of why Team Flash might turn on Barry, but a safe bet is they may be afraid he’s lost his mind if he continues to insist that the real Barry Allen is Oliver Queen and vice versa.

7. Killer Frost Working With ARGUS?

During the sequence in which Oliver Queen shouts at Barry about being betrayed by Team Flash, we get another quick clip that seems to show Killer Frost and John Diggle together.  Killer Frost has her hair done in an intricate braided style and also seems to be wearing a black ARGUS uniform. This presents an interesting possibility: could Caitlin Snow’s disassociated personality have a separate physical presence in the world of Elseworlds, who is employed by ARGUS? Or is Killer Frost just temporarily working with ARGUS?

Page 2: Black Suit Superman, Reverse Flash Returns, & More!

6. The Scientists At Work

John Diggle and Caitlin Snow figure into another scene later in the Arrowverse Elseworlds trailer. The quick clip shows them, along with Curtis Holt and Felicity Smoak on a rooftop, in the middle of a storm that is sparking red lightning, while crowding around some kind of device. There is no indication what the device is or what the storm means but it is nice to know that Team Flash and Team Arrow’s tech-support will have a role to play in Elseworlds as well.

5. An Angry Superman In A Black Suit

As The Flash of Earth-90 declares that what happened to his Earth will not happen to this one, we see a quick clip of Tyler Hoechlin in a black Superman costume.  While it has been known for some time that Hoechlin would be appearing in the darker costume, we still don’t know precisely why. The clip shows that this Superman is clearly not happy, however, and he seems to be standing inside the STAR Labs building of Earth 1. There have been several theories as to the identity of this black-suited Superman, but the most horrifying possibility is that he is the Arrowverse version of Superboy Prime – a Clark Kent from the comics who went utterly mad after losing his Earth during a reality-altering battle.

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4. The Reverse Flash Returns

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the trailer was the brief scene showing that The Reverse Flash will be a part of Elseworlds as well. A quick clip reveals Tom Cavanagh wearing the Reverse Flash costume, taking a swing at Stephen Amell in The Flash costume. The inclusion of Eobard Thawne is particularly interesting given the revelations at the end of The Flash‘s mid-season finale.

3. Deathstroke Returns?

One quick shot reveals a man fighting a group of soldiers, with a sword in one hand and a gun in the other.  Though the man lacks a certain distinctive eye-patch and the actor doesn’t look like Manu Bennett, the orange and blue armor he’s wearing suggest that he’s an alternate-Earth version of Deathstroke or one of Slade Wilson’s sons, following in his footsteps. One big question to consider: if this man is Deathstroke, which side he will be fighting on?

2. A Frightened Killer Frost

Killer Frost is known for being cool under pressure (pun very much intended.) Whenever the composure of the infamous ice queen is broken, you know things are bad. While we know big things are bound to happen as a result of Elseworlds, this quick reaction shot of a clearly terrified Killer Frost speaks volumes as to just how world-shaking this event will be.

1. Doctor Destiny Revealed

The penultimate scene of the trailer reveals a figure clad in strange armor that lights up with a golden glow, as The Monitor says “Show them what a real god can do.” The mask of the armored suit has a distinctive skull design that is quite disturbing and horrifying. This would seem to confirm earlier speculations that Dr. John Deegan is meant to be the Arrowverse version of the classic Justice League villain Doctor Destiny, who wore a skull mask, possessed similar powers to alter reality and whose real name was Dr. John Dee.

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Arrowverse Elseworlds Poster: The Heroes Team Up With Batwoman

The heroes of the Arrowverse team up with Batwoman in a brand-new poster for this year’s “Elseworlds” crossover event. This will mark the third time the heroes have banded together, outside of guest appearances in each other’s shows. They previously joined forces to halt an alien invasion and defeat fascist doppelgängers in 2016 and 2017, respectively. Although the Waverider crew from Legends of Tomorrow will not feature this year, opting instead for its own crossover, it promises to be their biggest and strangest collective outing yet.

Not only will “Elseworlds” feature the established stars of Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl, it’ll also mark the first appearance of Batwoman. This incarnation will be played by Ruby Rose, with the episodes serving as a back-door pilot for a standalone Batwoman series. As well as Kate Kane and her alter-ego, the superhero team-up will also see the debut of the Monitor and the return of Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman, who fans will get to see don his iconic black suit. Details for the episode remain under wraps, though the official synopsis confirmed a Barry and Oliver body swap, whilst a recent teaser seemingly revealed destruction of Earth 90, the aptly named home of the 1990’s Flash, Jay Garrick.

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Unveiled on the official Twitter page for Supergirl, the new poster features the heroes facing down an unseen threat on a war-torn world. There is no sign of Garrick his time around, but Batwoman features front and center alongside the core trinity. Behind them, fans get glimpses of Felicity Smoak, the new Lois Lane, and both versions of Superman – seemingly confirming them as separate entities rather than one and the same. Given the multidimensional nature of the episodes, it remains unclear on which Earth the showdown is taking place. Regardless, the poster teases an epic scale of action and stakes.

Although the casting of Rose proved controversial to some, it was mostly met with a wave of praise. Excitement has only grown in recent weeks, following the release of behind the scenes photos and footage of the character in action. Though many will remain eager to see Batman himself show up, the fact that the history of Gotham will feature is a huge, exciting step forward for the show, especially if teases of The Joker pay off. As well as a comics-accurate costume, the arrival of the character also marks another step forward in the representation of LGBT characters and heroes.

Equally exciting is the fact that the poster continues this year’s trend of leaving a full look at the villain just out of fans’ reach. Although the teaser suggested that Monitor would play a more villainous role, the poster depicted him aligned with the heroes. While he may start off as an antagonist, he’ll clearly switch sides or define himself as having heroic intentions at some stage.

Instead, the role of the main villain will go to Jeremy Davies. Considered as crazy as his patients at Arkham Asylum, Davies will play Dr. John Deegan. Given that no reference to a Dr. Deegan exists in the realm of DC, and the fact he feels too small scale to be a threat to the multiverse, the character has been the subject of much speculation. While Arkham is known for its deranged doctors – including Jonathan Crane and Hugo Strange – the idea of Doctor Destiny sounds more plausible, especially given the reversal of destinies experienced by Oliver and Barry. Whatever the case, however, the poster will no doubt leave fans even more excited to see Batwoman join the heroes in dealing with and punching the threat head-on.

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Arrowverse’s “Elseworlds” event begins with The Flash on Sunday, December 9 at 8 pm ET, continues with Arrow on Monday at 8 pm ET and concludes with Supergirl on Tuesday at 8 pm ET.

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Elseworlds is Destroying the Reality of the 1990 Flash TV Show

A new trailer for the upcoming crossover event Elseworlds has revealed that the Earth of the 1990 The Flash series has been destroyed by the same forces that will be rewriting reality in the Arrowverse. This may signal the first steps towards The CW attempting to recreate the events of the classic comic book storyline Crisis on Infinite Earths – an event that was foreshadowed in the first episode of the current The Flash television series.

The Arrowverse Flash series has paid tribute to the 1990s Flash show in several ways over its first four seasons, mainly by casting actors from the earlier series in the new one. John Wesley Shipp (the ’90s Barry Allen) plays both Barry’s father, Dr. Henry Allen, and Jay Garrick – The Flash of Earth 3. Mark Hamill has also appeared several times on the show, recreating the role of James Jesse (aka The Trickster) as well as James Jesse’s Earth 3 counterpart. The new series also established that the older series was part of the Arrowverse’s multiverse in the season 2 episode “Welcome To Earth 2” when the 1990 Barry Allen was seen among the visions of other Earths, including Earth-38 – the home of Supergirl.

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The latest trailer for Elseworlds, which can be viewed below, shows the the John Wesley Shipp version of Barry Allen standing alongside Supergirl and a Barry Allen and Oliver Queen who have had their superhero identities reversed. At the 0:13 mark, the older Barry Allen can be seen to angrily declare “Enough! You will not do to this Earth what you did to mine!”

While it is unclear who The Flash is addressing in the trailer, it seems likely that he is facing the Monitor Mar Novu. A race of all-powerful cosmic beings charged with maintaining the continuity of all realities, The Monitors in DC Comics are generally neutral in executing their duties, only acting to destroy those beings whose actions threaten the cohesion of the universe. There have, however, been instances of Monitors going rogue, and that seems to be what is occurring in Elseworlds.

UPDATE (This paragraph contains SPOILERS from Supergirl):

This seems to have been confirmed as of Supergirl season 4, episode 8. The episode ends with a scene set on Earth-90, depicting the aftermath of a great battle between many superheroes and an unknown enemy. The John Wesley Shipp version of The Flash is confronted by one of The Monitors, who say the heroes failed and now must be destroyed. The scene ends with this version of Barry Allen running toward the camera into a close-up on his chest emblem, as the theme from the classic 1990 The Flash series plays.

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It remains to be seen what will become of the Barry Allen from the 1990s The Flash series. Will his world be restored to its proper place after he aids the heroes of the Arrowverse with saving their Earths? Will be find another Earth in the multiverse in need of a hero? Or will he, much like The Flash in Crisis on Infinite Earths, be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice to save all reality? One thing is for certain – come what may, the Arrowverse will never be quite the same after Elseworlds is over.

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Stephen Amell Teases Huge Smallville Reference In Elseworlds Crossover

Arrow star Stephen Amell is teasing a major Smallville reference in the upcoming Arrowverse crossover “Elseworlds”, which will unite Green Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Superman. The three-night event will be comprised of The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl, but will exclude Legends of Tomorrow. The story will entail Barry and Oliver swapping bodies with each other due to a unexplained shift in reality that the two will have to investigate. The crossover will also see the introduction of Gotham City and Ruby Rose as Batwoman along with the Arrowverse debut of Lois Lane, played by Elizabeth Tulloch.

Long before the Arrowverse ever existed, there was Smallville, a TV series centered on a young Clark Kent as he goes through high school, learns how to use his powers, saves the world, and fights alongside other superheroes, like the Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, and Hawkman. The CW series lasted for 10 seasons and ended with Clark Kent donning the iconic suit and becoming Superman.

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A recent photo of Stephen Amell with Smallville stars Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum caused speculation that the two would be reprising their roles as Clark Kent and Lex Luthor respectively in “Elseworlds”. Amell has since debunked this theory in a Facebook video by explaining that the two are actually collaborating with Amell for his Nocking Point wine business. However, Amell goes on to tease that one particular moment in the crossover will drop a huge reference to the Superman prequel series. Amell also notes that the scene in question may not make it into the final cut.

It is not a Smallville reunion, although I think it becomes pretty clear in the promos for the crossover that there are Smallville elements, at least, in terms of location. And if you’re a fan of Smallville, and I have no idea if they’re going to keep this in the final cut, but there’s a treat for you in there. … Full disclosure, I’ve never seen an episode of Smallville before. Sorry! I wasn’t that into comic book TV shows when I was growing up. I’ve since seen a couple, for very obvious reasons. But as someone who wasn’t a diehard fan of Smallville, this moment in the crossover made me jump out of my seat. If you’re a fan of Smallville, you may want to put down rubber sheets or something like that, because, quite frankly, you might piss your pants.

One possible place for a Smallville reference will come in the first hour of the crossover. According to the episode synopsis, Barry and Oliver will travel to Earth-38’s version of Smallville to meet Supergirl and Superman. The scenes in Smallville could include a prop or location from the original show, such as the “Welcome to Smallville” sign or the Kent Farm. Another possibility is that multiple realities will be visited in “Elseworlds”, and that one of these realities is the world of Smallville.

Fans of the series have long-requested some sort of acknowledgement of Smallville in the Arrowverse. The introduction of a multiverse in The Flash opened the door for Smallville to exist as one of the Arrowverse’s many alternate timelines. Apparently, The Flash TV series from the 1990s will somehow be incorporated, since the show’s star, John Wesley Shipp, will be suiting up in his Flash costume in the event. This adds even more fuel to the theory that “Elseworlds” will finally be able to give Smallville fans what they want from the Arrowverse.

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“Elseworlds” kicks off with The Flash on Sunday, December 9, and continues with Arrow on Monday, December 10, and Supergirl on Tuesday, December 11, on The CW.

Source: Stephen Amell

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Elseworlds: 7 Possible Reasons For Superman’s Black Suit (And 3 Unlikely Ones)

We’re less than two weeks away from the CW’s annual nerd Superbowl: the Arrowverse crossover event! This year we’re being treated to what promises to be the strangest meeting of the heroes yet: Elseworlds. The promos for this event have shown us our first trip into the Arrowverse Gotham City, Batwoman, the cosmic Monitor, and strangest of all, Freaky Friday versions of the Flash and Green Arrow swapping lives, skill sets, and superhero personas.

But, one of the most interesting things we’ve seen is the return of Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman, who we haven’t seen since the end of season two of Supergirl. Hoechlin will not only be donning the iconic red and blue suit of the Man of Steel, but he’s also been shown sporting an all-black suit with silver highlights. With very few clues as to the purpose of this wardrobe alteration, we’re left to speculate. So let’s take a look at some potential reasons for the black suit, and a few that are less likely.

10. Possible: Evil Superman From Another Universe

An easy answer to why a usually colorful superhero takes a turn towards the dark is an evil doppelganger. This theory seems to be the most likely. Set photos have shown the black suited Superman not only attacking Flash, but holding him hostage to both Supergirl AND the classic red and blue clad Superman. Not only that, but the trailer that was recently released for the crossover event appears to show black suit Superman facing off against the collected group of heroes.

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9. Possible: Superman In Mourning

A new addition to the Arrowverse that we’ll be getting in Elseworlds is the long awaited debut of Lois Lane, played by Elizabeth Tulloch. Perhaps by introducing her as the love interest of the classic Superman, Elseworlds is setting up this alternative black and silver Superman to have lost his Lois. In this case, the black suit isn’t meant to indicate an evil Superman, but one who is in mourning. Set photos have shown black suit Superman using the Monitor’s book, which is apparently what was used to warp reality in the first place. Maybe this alternate Superman is trying to rewrite reality to bring back his Lois.

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8. Possible: Solar Suit

The first comic appearance of Superman’s black suit came after Death of Superman when it was revealed that Kal-El was only mostly dead following his fight with Doomsday. Superman’s Kryptonian robots, who maintained the Fortress of Solitude, retrieved his body and nursed him back to health. One of their tools was a specially designed, black suit with a silver S shield. The shield collected an increased amount of yellow sun energy to help charge Clark’s weakened cells. Could it be that this Superman from Elseworlds has been somehow weakened and is using the black suit to recuperate? Or, perhaps he’s using the suit to supercharge himself and make him an even greater threat to our heroes.

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7. Possible: Split Into Good And Evil Versions

It wouldn’t be the first time that Superman has fought a twisted, evil version of himself. In Superman 3 we saw the Man of Steel split apart into good and evil versions of himself that battled each other. Also, at one point in the comics, Superman was turned into pure energy and split into red and blue versions of himself — both with different personality traits. Since set photos and video have shown the black suited Superman sharing screen time with the classic red and blue Kal-El, it may be that there will be a similar fission of the Man of Steel.

6. Possible: Stealth Suit

It would be a bit anticlimactic considering all of the buildups, but the black and silver motif of this Superman suit is reminiscent of the stealth suits worn by the teen DC heroes in episodes of Young Justice. It could be something as simple as this Superman going on a mission where he needed to blend in and not be noticed, so he went with something not quite as striking to the eye.

5. Possible: ‘Superman: Speeding Bullets’

Perhaps this version of Superman that we’re seeing has taken a darker path, more akin to Batman? Perhaps he’s protecting Earth and this darker suit is his way of expressing that angst. A similar story from the comics (and coincidentally an Elseworlds book) was Superman: Speeding Bullets, where baby Kal-El was found not by the Kents, but the Waynes, who adopted him and named him Bruce. After his adoptive parents were shot in Crime Alley by Joe Chill (is this sounding familiar?), Bruce grew up and became Batman. However, he became a Batman complete with the full Kryptonian powers of Superman.

4. Possible: Product Of Darkseid

In the DC comic Earth-2, Darkseid manufactured an evil clone of Kal-El named Brutaal. This clone helped Darkseid defeat many of the heroes of Earth-2. There was also a multi-part episode of Superman: The Animated Series titled “Legacy,” in which the Man of Steel is kidnapped and brainwashed by Darkseid into believing that he is one of the villain’s greatest conquerors. Could this be the Arrowverse’s way of setting up the iconic DC villain, Darkseid? Perhaps the Monitor is just a red herring and Darkseid will be the real villain behind Elseworlds.

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3. Unlikely: Bonded With Venom Symbiote

Maybe the CW has done the impossible and actually managed to strike a deal between Marvel/Disney/Sony and Warner Bros./DC! This could be the Arrowverse’s sneaky way of teasing next year’s crossover event: Marvel vs DC! This version of Superman might have been driven to darkness and evil by the coaxing of the Venom symbiote poisoning his mind. Likely? Maybe not. Different? Definitely.

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2. Unlikely: The Snyder Cut

One of the places that the black and silver Superman suit has popped up recently was in a deleted scene from 2017’s Justice League. The film was originally helmed by Zack Snyder who left the project due to a family tragedy. Avengers director Joss Whedon was then brought in to finish the film, which had the end result of understandably making Justice League feel out of alignment.

Following the release of the movie, rumors began to swirl online that there was another cut of Justice League that adhered to Snyder’s original vision, appropriately referred to as the “Snyder Cut.”

The deleted scene featuring Clark Kent seeing the black and silver suit is apparently a piece of that original cut… Maybe Tyler Hoechlin is playing the recently reanimated Superman from the Snyder Cut of Justice League?

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1. Unlikely: Superman Lives

If you haven’t seen the documentary film The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? by the late, great Jon Schnepp, do yourself a favor and track it down. It tells the incredible true story of how WB tried to make a new Superman film in the late 1990s under the direction of Tim Burton, and how that project ultimately fell apart. There’s a decent amount of production art available online from this failed film. Most included a number of different suits for Superman, one of which being a dark colored one with a silver “S” shield. This could potentially mean that the black-suited Superman from the Elseworlds event is actually from Burton’s lost Superman film… If you look at Hoechlin in his black suit, he does kinda resemble Jack Skellington.

Elseworlds is a three-part event that will begin on Sunday, December 9th on The Flash at 8pm. Part two will be Monday, December 10th on Arrow at 8pm, and the conclusion will be Tuesday, December 11th on Supergirl, also at 8pm.

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ELSEWORLDS Official Trailer Teaser (2019) Ruby Rose, Batwoman TV Series HD

ELSEWORLDS Official Trailer Teaser (2019) Ruby Rose, Batwoman TV Series HD
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The Flash Premiere Had The Arrowverse’s First Batwoman Easter Egg

The fifth season premiere of The Flash surprised fans by making the first official reference to the existence of Batwoman, months ahead of her first scheduled appearance during the annual Arrowverse crossover event this winter. The episode also dropped a number of references to the classic comic book mini-series Crisis On Infinite Earths, which has been hinted as an eventual occurrence in the future of the Arrowverse.

Batwoman’s arrival in the Arrowverse was first announced shortly before San Diego Comic Con 2018, when the news broke that The CW was considering developing a television series based around Kate Kane, a cousin of Bruce Wayne who unintentionally followed in his footsteps when she became a vigilante. It was later confirmed that not only was The CW developing the series, but they intended to introduce Kate Kane as part of Elseworlds – the next annual Arrowverse crossover event. Ruby Rose, of Orange Is The New Black fame, was ultimately cast in the role of Kate Kane.

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The nod to Batwoman came near the end of the third segment of “Nora.” The action of the episode centered around Nora West-Allen, the future daughter of Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen, accidentally traveling back in time to before she was born and meeting her parents shortly after they got married. Barry quickly realized something was up when Nora seemed more concerned about spending time with him than doing the same with Iris and asked Nora, point blank, if that had anything to do his disappearance during a crisis in 2024, which he had read about in a future newspaper. Nora responded by showing Barry a newspaper from her time – the year 2049 – and confirming that he never returned home and that she grew up without a father.

Published 25 years to the day after the original article from the future, which was first seen in the first episode of The Flash, the 2049 article discusses the same crisis, but with a bit more detail. The 2024 article mentioned The Flash disappearing while fighting alongside Green Arrow, The Atom, and Hawkgirl. The 2049 article lists a larger number of heroes being involved in the battle, including Batwoman. The article says:

“But in the years following the crisis, accounts only grew more contradictory. Some eyewitnesses remember dozens of other heroes present, including Green Arrow, Batwoman, and Elongated Man. Others remember heroes thought lost in time, like The Atom, or from other worlds, like Supergirl. Some even contend they saw Reverse-Flash leading an army of ‘shadow demons’.”

It is interesting to note that Batwoman is mentioned in the same sentence as Green Arrow and Elongated Man – two heroes who frequently fight alongside The Flash on Earth-One. Until now, it had not been confirmed what Earth in the Arrowverse Kate Kane would be based on, though most assumed she would be from Earth 38 – the same Earth as Supergirl – as that would make it easier for the two to team-up in the future, in the same way that Batman and Superman frequently join forces in the comics. The wording of the article would suggest, however, that Kate Kane will be from Earth-One.

The mention of Reverse-Flash leading an army of shadow demons is another point of interest, given that shadow demons were the main mooks of The Anti-Monitor – the villain of the Crisis On Infinite Earths mini-series, where The Flash seemingly died saving the multiverse. The article also makes mention of The Psycho Pirate – another super-villain who had a major role in the events of The Crisis. It has long been suspected that the Arrowverse would eventually reenact Crisis On Infinite Earths in live-action and this latest bit of news about Batwoman from The Flash premiere seems to make that probability all the more certain.

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