Mark Ruffalo Fake Spoils Avengers 4 Title; Directors Fake Fire Him [Update]

Update: Mark Ruffalo’s bleeped Avengers 4 title is The Last Avenger

It looks like Mark Ruffalo has trolled Marvel fans with by having his Avengers 4 title spoiler bleeped out of his appearance on The Tonight Show. Ever since it was announced that the 2019 Avengers movie would no longer be titled Avengers: Infinity War – Part 2 and, instead, be an entirely separate story that exists apart from 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War, fans have continuously speculated what the title could be. Since Marvel plans on straying away from titles used in the comics, that leaves the door wide open for whatever the title may ultimately be.

Shortly before Infinity War released, it was reported that the reason Marvel hadn’t revealed what the Avengers 4 title was yet was that they didn’t want to spoil what happens in Infinity War. However, that notion was walked back by Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige. Furthermore, directors Anthony and Joe Russo put to rest several title rumors by saying the title wasn’t spoken at all in their 2018 Avengers movie, which shut down fan hopes that Avengers 4 would be called Endgame, thus referring to Doctor Strange’s final words before disintegrating.

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It finally looked like Marvel Studios was going to reveal the title today during The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. To start with, Mark Ruffalo tweeted at Fallon this morning, asking him to remove the Avengers 4 spoiler that he “accidentally” leaked. Then, the Russo Brothers chimed in on Twitter, telling Ruffalo, “Mark, you’re fired.” Things came to a head when Ruffalo was actually going to reveal the title… but he didn’t. Instead, it got bleeped out. As it turns out, it was expert-level trolling by Ruffalo (and Marvel).

Update: Ruffalo responds to the Russos firing him, asking for a second chance.

Sure, it’s possible that people could try to make out what Ruffalo is saying, but it’s clear that this was all planned from the get-go. Marvel Studios has their marketing plan laid out, and they are merely getting people excited for that to kick off. A teaser trailer for the highly-anticipated movie is expected to debut sometime in late November (or possibly early December), but the title should release sometime before then.

Given Ruffalo’s appearance and the apparent trolling on behalf of Ruffalo/Marvel, it seems like the studio acknowledges the importance of the title itself and is willing to potentially reveal it separately. Until the Avengers 4 title is revealed, though, MCU and comic book fans will have plenty to discuss and plenty of possibilities to sift through.

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Chris Evans Joins Rian Johnson’s Murder Mystery Knives Out

Chris Evans has been cast in Rian Johnson’s upcoming film, Knives Out. Before the director returns to the galaxy far, far away and oversees a new Star Wars trilogy, he’s returning to his film noir roots with the aforementioned mystery/thriller. The project came together quite quickly during the Toronto International Film Festival, with Johnson recruiting Daniel Craig to portray the lead detective. It’s expected Knives Out will shoot in November, before Craig dons the tuxedo one final time for Bond 25.

Coincidentally, Evans is also reaching the end of his tenure in a high-profile franchise. Just today, the actor confirmed he wrapped reshoots on Avengers 4, seemingly saying goodbye to his iconic Captain America character. Of course, if he’s no longer involved with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that would free up a lot of time on his schedule to take other projects. It looks like he’s found his first post-MCU role and will team up with Craig and Johnson.

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Deadline reports Evans has signed on in a mystery role and that Knives Out will be the next movie he makes. Earlier this year, the actor was cast in Neill Blomkamp’s Greenland, but it sounds like that film will have to wait.

Since so much of Knives Out is under lock and key, it makes it difficult to predict how Evans will fit in. There are a number of roles he would be suitable for, such as a partner for Craig’s detective or even a villain. Evans’ time as Captain America demonstrated he can convincingly play a no-nonsense man of action, but he’s also been known to let loose and have some fun when the material calls for it. As such, it’ll be interesting to see what Johnson came up with, and it should be nice to see Evans stretch his acting wings a bit. Including uncredited cameos and the upcoming Avengers 4, he’s played Steve Rogers 10 times since 2011 and hasn’t had much time for other projects. He has appeared in smaller offerings like Playing it Cool and Before We Go (which he also directed), but most mainstream viewers know him as Captain America.

With Johnson continuing to develop his Star Wars trilogy, it was surprising to see that he had the opportunity to squeeze in Knives Out. That being said, Disney is planning a bit of a slowdown for the franchise following next December’s Episode IX, meaning the first episode of the Johnson Trilogy likely won’t be ready to debut until 2022 or later. Knives Out should also be a bit of a palate cleanser for the director, giving him a chance to recharge his creative batteries before diving back into the wild, crazy world of the Star Wars universe.

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Avengers’ RDJ & Chris Evans Describe Their Friendship With Disney Movies

Avengers: Infinity War stars Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans have taken their friendship to a new level by describing their relationship with Disney movies. Downey kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe 10 years ago with the original Iron Man while Chris Evans came into the fold in 2011 with Captain America: The First Avenger – but their friendship inevitably started to take off in 2012.

The two actors shared the spotlight in the first Marvel team-up movie, The Avengers. Since then, the actors have each been in several Marvel movies both in solo adventures and in team-up films. Their characters Tony Stark and Steve Rogers were also both part of the lucky half that survived Thanos’ Infinity War destruction. And so, they have shared the screen on multiple occasions and even seemed to remain friends despite Iron Man and Captain America turning into adversaries in Captain America: Civil War. Evans and Downey have always seemed to be good friends and now they have even gone as far as comparing themselves to iconic Disney pals.

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Posting on his Twitter account, Downey started the joke by comparing himself to Bambi and Evans to Bambi’s girlfriend, Faline. Downey even points out that their friendship compared to the Disney deer even go as far as their eye colors. Evans then responded to Downey’s tweet with his own description, this time comparing Downey to Buzz Lightyear and himself to Woody from Toy Story, captioning his tweet, “One good Disney reference deserves another…” Both of their tweets can be seen below.

Last month, Downey bought Evans a Captain America-themed Camaro, which he not only paid for but personally helped design for his Marvel co-star. Downey also bought the crew of Avengers: Infinity War personalized cast chairs to show his appreciation for their work on the film. While both are nice gestures, Downey is clearly good friends with Evans, as evident by the fact that he customized a Camaro based on Evan’s Marvel role.

What’s ironic about the actors’ comparisons is the fact that Iron Man and Captain America are Disney characters themselves since Disney bought Marvel back in 2009. Stark and Rogers have never really been close in the MCU, especially after the events of Civil War, and only worked together in order to protect the world. Even though the actors had made their friendship clear in the past, these tweets just solidify the belief that Downey and Evans will remain friends not just during their Marvel careers, but to infinity… and beyond.

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Chris Evans to Produce and Star in Apple Legal Thriller Series Defending Jacob

Captain America actor Chris Evans attempts to jump over to the small screen on Apple’s new legal thriller Defending Jacob. Evans will both star in and produce the tech giant’s new series.

Adding to the list of companies seeking to highlight their own original content, Apple is preparing to release their own wave of programming. Back in 2017, news of Apple’s investment in content creation emerged, and now fans are soon to witness the realization of that investment: Apple original series and films. Apple’s rollout of original content features a roster full of star power, including Kristen Wiig, M. Night Shyamalan, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, Ronald D. Moore, and now, the MCU’s Steve Rogers himself.

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The Wrap reported Evans’ decision to try his hand at executive producing, while also starring in Defending Jacob. The series is based on a novel – published in 2012 – about a father wrestling with accusations of murder brought against his teenage son. Evans will presumably portray the father, and the casting of the teenage son has yet to be announced. The book was widely acclaimed at the time of its publishing, becoming a New York Times best seller. Mark Bomback (War for the Planet Of The Apes) will take the reigns as showrunner.

This role will be a new and unexpected one for Evans, whose career was rocketed into the stratosphere by his work with Marvel Studios, although that commitment has limited his time when it comes to starring in non-superhero projects. Cap was of course left alive after Thanos’ fateful snap in Avengers: Infinity War, and Evans is set to reprise the role in the still untitled Avengers 4. It’ll be Evans’ seventh (outside of one-scene cameos) appearance as the iconic character, but he’s also confirmed that it’ll be his final portrayal of the hero.

Defending Jacob could mark a new beginning for Evans as well as Apple, with the tech company moving into the world of original content while the Marvel lead moves on to a more austere role. Apple would be remiss to not acknowledge the successes and failures of fellow streaming sites in the quest to create positively received original content. Likewise, Evans, should look toward actors who successfully pivoted away from the typecasting that often follows a role in fandom-heavy films. Altogether, Defending Jacob, has been set-up for success. Only time will tell if Apple’s tech products are the only high quality thing they can produce.

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Avengers 4 Reshoots: Chris Evans Reveals Return to Classic Captain America Look

Chris Evans has taken to social media to confirm that Captain America is returning to his classic look for next year’s Avengers 4.

The marketing push for Captain Marvel may be only just beginning, but superhero fans remain laser-focused on next year’s Avengers sequel. The film will bring an end to the Infinity Stones storyline, and it’s expected to be the swan song of a number of key actors. Marvel is currently conducting additional photography in Atlanta, and several important stars have been confirmed as being on set.

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One of the actors expected to depart is Chris Evans, who has previously described these reshoots as the last time he’ll play Captain America. Now, Evans has taken to Twitter to confirm that, dubbing Avengers 4 his “senior year” in the MCU. He also included a photo, revealing that Steve Rogers has changed his look considerably from the longer-haired, bearded appearance he sported in Avengers: Infinity War.

In Infinity War, Steve Rogers sported a disheveled, scruffier look; this was because he and his Secret Avengers team had been on the run for the last year. In June, though, promotional art for Avengers 4 leaked that showed Rogers’ return to the Captain America identity. The aftermath of the “snap” had clearly brought an end to the superhero Civil War, with Rogers and Stark once again uniting to either undo or avert Thanos’s genocidal actions. Fans were initially unsure whether or not this art was genuine, but it was used by Marvel at CineEurope 2018 a few weeks later. Curiously, while the promotional image showed all the other Avengers in costume and wielding trademark weapons, Captain America was still without his shield. The costume depicted has straps for it, but the shield definitely wasn’t on his back.

Evans’s photo shows the smart, clean-cut appearance that’s traditionally associated with Captain America, and further confirms that this is the look we can expect him to have in Avengers 4. There’s a certain irony in his going back to a classic look for the film; according to the Russo brothers, his two years on the run – and presumably the horrors of the “snap” – have given Steve Rogers something of a “harder edge.” It’s strange to imagine a traditionally-attired Captain America with that kind of attitude and style, but it should indicate just what the world has gone through in the aftermath of Avengers: Infinity War. Audiences are already being treated to occasional set photos from the reshoots, while a casting call has teased that Spider-Man may head to Wakanda after his (inevitable) resurrection. Hopefully this tweet means viewers can expect more teasers from the film’s stars.

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