Big Bang Theory: 10 Hidden Details About The Main Characters Everyone Missed

The Big Bang Theory ended its 12th and final season this year. But the show still lives on within our hearts, and through re-runs, of course. For diehard fans, there aren’t may days that go by when we don’t wonder what our favorite gang of nerds is up to. What would they be doing now?

Now that the show is done, though, there is plenty of time to dig through old episodes and take a look at things we may have missed. Like many long-running shows, there are tons of Easter Eggs and small references that make sense in retrospect. As a result, we’ve found plenty of hidden details throughout the show that takes a true, hardcore fan to truly notice. Take a look at these interesting hidden details about all of the main characters.

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Bernadette is known for her high-pitched, squeaky voice. In an interview on The Rubin Report, Melissa Rauch stated that she chose to model her signature squeaky voice after her mother’s voice. But it wasn’t always like that. When Bernadette first appears on the show, her voice is different. We first meet her in season three, episode five, “The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary” when Penny sets her up with Howard. At this point, she does not have her signature voice and is speaking in Rauch’s regular voice. This goes on for a few episodes until she suddenly develops the squeakier tone. According to some interviews with Rauch over the years, she developed it to give her character a more fun edge. There’s just no real explanation why it just suddenly starts like this when she originally spoke normally.


This was a very small reveal that they mentioned just once, and if you didn’t catch it you may have never realized it. In season two, episode three, “The Barbarian Sublimation,” Penny becomes addicted to the online game Age of Conan. As with many addictive online role-playing games, her obsession consumes her life. Sheldon relentlessly tries to get her to stop bothering him. When Leonard heads across the hall to talk to her, Penny is clearly very annoyed and states, “Queen Penelope AFK.” This reveals not only that her screen name is Queen Penelope, but that Penny is short for Penelope. However, it’s only ever used this one time throughout the entire series.


In season six, episode five, “The Holographic Excitation,” Sheldon and Amy are trying to decide what couple’s costume to go as for Halloween. They are arguing in front of a Venn diagram on Sheldon’s whiteboard, and under Amy’s column if you look closely you can see “Blossom and Joey” written down. Mayim Bialik, the actress who plays Amy, actually played Blossom Russo on the ’90s sitcom. Johnny Galecki, who plays Leonard, was also part of the main cast of Blossom back in the day.

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This isn’t the first time someone mentions Blossom, either. In season one, episode three, “The Bat Jar Conjecture,” the gang is trying to find a replacement for Sheldon on their Physics Bowl team, and Raj suggests getting “TV’s Blossom” because he heard that she is a real-life neuroscientist and is actually really smart (she is). Leonard calls him out and tells him, “We’re not getting TV’s Blossom to join our Physics Bowl team.” This takes place long before Bialik joins the cast, so it’s either a super pre-planned joke, or a happy coincidence.


Every time the guys are shown dressed up in costumes, it’s always a DC character. You’ve got Sheldon in his Flash costume, which shows up repeatedly over the years. During the first season, in episode six, “The Middle-Earth Paradigm,” Penny invites the guys to a Halloween party. When they’re getting ready to head over, they all realize they chose Flash costumes and argue over who has to change. In season four, episode 11, “The Justice League Recombination,” the guys enter a contest at the comic book store dressed as the Justice League of America. Raj is dressed as Aquaman, which isn’t the only time he wears that costume, either. Later on, when trying to earn money for Comic-Con tickets, Raj wears it to promote the comic book store.

All of this DC fandom isn’t an accident. The Big Bang Theory is owned by CBS, which is part of Warner Bros., who also own DC Comics.


If you look very closely, you may notice that Leonard’s glasses never actually have lenses in them. That’s because Johnny Galecki doesn’t actually wear glasses in real life, but Leonard does wear them. Galecki told The Huffington Post that he originally wanted Leonard to wear glasses, and began showing up at rehearsals with fake glasses. The producers had originally thought he was just wearing them for rehearsals, but he insisted Leonard should have glasses. Perhaps it was to cement his nerdy stereotype. Either way, this was a character-defining accessory. However, Galecki soon realized that since Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon, is so much taller than him. So, there was a glare on the lenses every time he had to look up at him. He decided to pop the lenses out. From that point on, no lenses existed. And that’s that.


Next time you watch a scene in Penny’s kitchen, take a look at the fridge. You can see pictures of her with Johnny Galecki, Mayim Bialik, and Melissa Rauch. There are also a ton of the behind-the-scenes crew members. This works, since many of those people are characters on the show and it’s realistic that Penny would want to have pictures with them on her fridge. The behind-the-scenes folks pass as Penny’s friends. Once Amy and Sheldon moved into that apartment and Penny moved across the hall, the fridge became noticeably bare. However, those pictures did end up on Penny and Leonard’s fridge and you can still see them in certain scenes.


This one shouldn’t really surprise anyone. Howard’s childhood bedroom is full of female action figures. There is a strong lack of male figures. Noticeable figures include Princess Leia, Wonder Woman, and Batgirl. Look closely at the side table on the right side of the bed, and you’ll see tons of female heads sticking up. This is also on top of the posters of various women, from Marilyn Monroe to Betty Boop (and the infamous Halle Berry poster on the ceiling). For a guy known for being girl-crazy, this just fits the bill.

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Okay, so we all know Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment flag. It’s a blue background with a gold lion. They have it in a real flag form, but it’s also on the fridge in magnet form. During tense moments, like when two characters are fighting, the flag magnet is actually shown upside down. In the flashback episode to the day Leonard moved in, Sheldon explains to him that the flag should never be upside down unless in times of distress. In season ten, episode ten, “The Property Division Collision,” Leonard and Sheldon are arguing over their divided property and Leonard ends up draping himself in the flag naked to anger Sheldon.


Most people know that Kaley Cuoco is a huge horseback riding enthusiast and owns several horses. In 2010, she broke her leg in a horseback riding accident. According to Cuoco, she fell off her horse and was fine, until the horse stepped on her leg and broke it. Instead of writing it in the script, the producers chose to have her take on some bartending shifts at the Cheesecake Factory so they could shoot her from the waist up. So, if you’re wondering why the sudden jump to bartending in season four, that’s why. Seems like a pretty simple fix. We’re glad she was okay – that could have been a lot worse.


For those who have watched the show all the way through, you know that the marvelous Kathy Bates played Amy’s over-the-top mother. However, the first time we meet Amy’s mom, it’s a different actress. It seems as though the personalities changed as well, because the first time Amy’s mom shows up, she’s very quiet and timid. And we know that Kathy Bates’ version was anything but that. This isn’t something that a lot of people noticed, but it definitely happened.

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Lesley Cornelius

Stranger Things: 10 Obscure Pop Culture References Everyone Missed In Season 3

Last week, Netflix finally released the highly anticipated third season of the retro sci-fi fantasy horror series known as Stranger Things.  The show is well-known for its stunning cinematography and nostalgia-inducing aesthetic, as well as mysterious storylines that constantly have viewers either jumping with fear, weeping in shock, or crying out in joy.

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With its skyrocketed popularity, it comes as no surprise that the creators threw in plenty of Easter eggs and hidden references scattered throughout the episodes. As the lates seasons takes place in 1985, many references come from that very same era. In fact, there’s a reason certain storylines might seem so familiar to many fans…

10 Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5

One of the many summer romances that blossoms in Hawkins is that of Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers. As both parties work at the town’s newspaper, they (against the wishes of their boss) follow a lead about rabid rats related to the Mind Flayer’s return. In the end, they end up killing their mind-flayed superiors (whose flesh then ends up being part of the monster anyway).

This whole subplot is actually a reference 9 to 5, the 1980 comedy starring Dolly Parton alongside Lily Tomlin. They play secretaries who kidnap their boss and run things themselves. Both this film and Stranger Things seem to reference gender equality and the male-dominated work culture of the era.

9 Fast Times at Ridgemont High

If we take out the monsters, Russian scientists, and mind control, this whole season is essentially one big reference to Fast Times at Ridgemont High. The most blatant is in episode 1 when Billy walks by a group of moms checking him out. Later, Karen Wheeler emerges from the pool ogled by Billy from the lifeguard stand. The scene is reminiscent of the dream scene in the film, where Phoebe Cates’ character Linda emerges from the pool in an interestingly similar bathing suit.

The references continue when Dustin talks about his girlfriend Suzie whom he met at camp. His exact words are “Think Phoebe Cates, only hotter.” At the end of the series when Steve is trying to get a job at the video store, he knocks over a cardboard cutout of Phoebe Cates (in the same bathing suit). And his uniform at Scoops Ahoy reminds us of Brad Hamiltons similarly sailor-themed uniform at his own place of work, Captain Hook Fish and Chips.

8 Will They, Won’t They?

While the kids were busy with their own fast flings (except Mike who was apparently in love), the adults took things a little more slowly. It slowly becomes apparent that Hopper has feelings for Joyce, who tragically lost her husband Bob to a Demodog at the end of season 2. However, Hopper is careful about showing his affection, and Joyce is too distracted by magnets for anything to really happen.

Their tiptoe-y relationship is cleverly referenced in a scene when both are in their respective homes watching Cheers. One of the main romantic themes in the show is that between Sam and Diane, who – between all their fighting, frustration, and misadventures – still have mutual respect and love for one another. It’s the same dynamic between Hopper and Joyce in the latest season, which tragically never comes to fruition but the small hope remains that they might if you’ve seen the post-credits scene.

7 Hopper Channeling His Inner Magnum P.I.

Hopper’s whole look this season was a bit of a ride, the most interesting being the iconic floral shirt that he apparently had to have specially bought for him for his “date” with Joyce (and ends up keeping for basically the rest of the season). This wardrobe upgrade, 2 seasons of character development, and his well-maintained mustache have led to a look that mirrors Tom Selleck from the hit show Magnum P.I., which was wildly popular in 1985.

Hopper is still a cop but goes off book for a lot of the season, making his own rules to get to the bottom of the weird stuff going on in Hawkins. We even see Hopper watching the detective series, all while yelling at Eleven to keep the door open 3 inches.

6 Product Placement Or New Coke?

An interesting thing happened in the ’80s regarding the way we look at branding in corporate America. An experiment was done in which blindfolded subjects would drink Coke and Pepsi and decide which tasted better. As the results were in favor of Pepsi, in 1985, Coke changed its formula and unveiled New Coke. However, they found people (in general and not blindfolded) didn’t like it simply because it wasn’t Coke.

There’s even a point when Lucas drinks some New Coke and complains that it doesn’t taste right (Alexi didn’t seem to mind). The rest of the season is littered with product placement of Coke and New Coke. Sadly, the fad didn’t last and the world was left with the same delicious (?) Coca-cola.

5 Steve’s Advice To Dustin

When the gang finally goes to meet Dustin (having just returned from camp), they surprise him by having Eleven use her powers to make his toys move on their own. Dustin, always being prepared for danger, arms himself with a can of Farrah Fawcett branded hairspray, which he then misfires on Lucas when he’s surprised by his friends.

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Aside from being a funny reunion scene, it’s also a reference to season 2 when Steve recommends that Dustin acquire some Farrah Fawcett hair products to upgrade his look. Turns out he followed his mentor’s advice after all.

4 Mayors & Monsters

If you’ve seen Jaws, then the character of Mayor Larry Kline (played by Cary Elwes from the ’80s classic The Princess Bride) might seem familiar to you. His aesthetic and motivations are paralleled by Mayor Larry Vaughn from the shark-themed horror flick.

While Vaughn fights against the bad publicity of shark attacks, Kline wants to downplay the bad publicity from the unemployment caused by the new Starcourt mall (and ironically enough, not the supernatural phenomenon occurring in Hawkins). Both of their careers somehow depend on the Fourth of July event when they try to appease the people.

3 The Terminator

Hopper seems to find himself a nemesis in this latest season in the form of a grim, sleek, combat-ready motorcycle-riding hitman by the name of Grigori. His entire aesthetic is an interesting throwback to The Terminator, as Grigori bears a striking resemblance to the titular character. Emotionless expressions and running after vehicles also seems to be a theme.

When Hopper interrogates the mayor to find out the Russian’s identity, Kline sarcastically responds, “it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger,” who played the role of the iconic robot in the 1984 film.

2 The Thing

Aside from the mind control, the monster design behind the Mind-Flayer is similar to the creature from John Carpenter’s horror movie The Thing. This monster can also take on the appearance of its victims and is composed of the flesh of those it absorbs, like the scene with the sled dogs.

In the hospital scene after Jonathan and Nancy kill the possessed newsmen, they turn to fleshy masses that combine together to create the Mind Flayer’s physical form. As it possesses more people, it absorbs them all to become bigger and stronger, entirely composed of human flesh.

1 Who Says You Need Two People To Turn Keys

Many of us are familiar with the mechanism where some super-powerful computer or machine requires two keys to be turned at the same time to be activated and/or shut down. Usually, it works out; however, sometimes there’s only one person and two keys, like in the final episode of Stranger Things and also in the 1983 film Superman III.

In the latter, Richard Pryor’s character ties some string to a passed-out security guard. In the Netflix show, Joyce uses a belt to turn the other key, since Hopper is otherwise occupied.

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Nintendo’s Online Services Need to Catch Up With Everyone Else

Nintendo needs to get its online offerings caught up with other company’s consoles. Many Nintendo Switch owners haven’t been huge proponents of Nintendo’s online services on the handheld-console hybrid. Nevertheless, the company’s very own Shigeru Miyamoto believes that they’re not falling behind when it comes to their own online services, as well as technologies like virtual reality and cloud gaming. While the Nintendo Switch Online service is definitely a step up from what was offered through the Nintendo Wii and its successor, the Wii U, it still doesn’t really hold a candle to its competition.

Earlier this year, Nintendo introduced its first iteration of VR technology using Nintendo Labo. Switch owners can essentially make an affordable and simple VR headset using the cardboard provided in Labo. While it’s certainly a novel idea, the headset doesn’t offer nearly as compelling experiences as its competitors. The Labo VR essentially allows you to enjoy games like Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate from a distance.  Perhaps that’ll improve in the future, but for now, it’s not nearly as good as PS VR, Oculus, or HTC Vive.

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IGN reports that in a General Meeting of Shareholders, Miyamoto contested the idea that the company has fallen behind when it comes to global trends in the video game industry like online, cloud gaming, and virtual reality. “We have not fallen behind with either VR or network services. We worked on them from the very beginning, and have been experimenting with them in a variety of ways,” Miyamoto said. He then goes on to point out that they do experiment with many of these technologies behind the scenes, but don’t put them out publicly until they’re absolutely ready. In that regard, it may seem like they’re falling behind from the consumer’s perspective.

Miyamoto then goes on to talk about cloud gaming. While he believes that it’ll certainly become more widespread in the future, there will always be a place for games that run locally on a device. Nintendo Switch Online actually offers cloud gaming to some extent with its digital NES library. Players who pay for the service have access to a wide variety of some of the retro console’s best titles for no additional cost, and the service also provides save states so they can continue their game from wherever they left off. However, fans have found issues with this, since it doesn’t offer access to previous console generations like Gamecube, SNES, or Nintendo 64. Much of Nintendo’s retro library is already available on prior consoles, but nowhere to be found on the Switch.

Nintendo still has plenty to fix with their current online service before they can even begin expanding their cloud and VR services. Multiple videos of their latest release, Super Mario Maker 2, show that the online functionality is in an incredibly rough state. Additionally, the hardcore Super Smash Bros. community widely considers the service unplayable when it comes to netplay. For a service that costs users a monthly subscription fee, it only seems natural that Nintendo buff out these issues before looking into anything else, especially cloud gaming.

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25 False Things About Star Trek That Everyone Believed

Star Trek is a series that has survived the ages. (And by ages, we mean a couple of decades.) Since 1966, when the original series aired, some form of a Star Trek show has existed. It’s hard to understand the initial appeal of the series when you just look at the first show, but the love it has inspired is easy to see when you look at its history as a whole. Star Trek opened up a whole new world for viewers. It showed us a future spent on exploration and hope. Plus, the cool gadgets and nifty technology of the Star Trek universe didn’t hurt its appeal. In fact, phasers, tricorders, and transporters only added to our fascination with the show.

With the inclusion of each new show to the Star Trek family, attention to the franchise grew and grew. People who otherwise would never have paid a single thought to a science-fiction show on television began to take note. And this is where the misconceptions began. Hundreds of people watching only fragments of the shows available started piecing together a half-formed idea of what the shows were about. Occasionally, the shows themselves were obtusely written, so it’s no wonder the general populace might have begun to believe false things about the Star Trek universe.

Well, we are here to set the record straight. After years of watching each Star Trek show as it has come out, our collected knowledge of Trekkie lore is immense. As such, we can help you separate the wheat from the chaff. Read on if you want to check out the erroneous statements many thought true about our treasured Star Trek universe.

25 The Holodeck Is A Safe And Fantastic Device

The holodeck is a futuristic room aboard a starship that can simulate any environment a bored crewman could want. On paper, this notion sounds fantastic. When we as Trekkies first learned of this concept, it’s safe to say that we were all on board with it.

Over the course of numerous episodes where the holodeck fails, is used inappropriately, or turns evil, we have changed our mind. The holodeck is a terrible idea. It is far too dangerous a device for any member of Starfleet to use safely. Years of viewing experience have taught us to distrust the holodeck.

24 Tribbles Are Just Cute Little Pets

Since the moment tribbles were first introduced, fans around the globe have been in love with them. What’s not to love about tribbles? They’re fluffy, they’re small, and they make cute purring sounds when you stroke them.

However, the breeding capabilities of these creatures are horrific.

Sure, it’s all fun and games to laugh as Kirk is being showered in a flood of tribbles. But given that they are born pregnant and can reproduce faster than a man can blink, tribbles are a threat to the universe. Even Starfleet has classified them as dangerous organisms.

23 Transporters Are A Reliable Means Of Transportation

Like the holodeck, the transporter appears to be a fantastic gift from the future. It transports a person from one place to another. It’s teleportation plain and simple. You would think that a device that members of a starship’s crew have to use regularly would be well-maintained.

Unfortunately, the transporter is subject to all sorts of malfunctions.

At one point in the original series, the transporter sent Captain Kirk to a vicious alternate dimension. After that ghastly encounter, it is surprising that Kirk did not shut the transporters down for good.

22 Religion Does Not Exist In The Future

The absence of religion in the Star Trek universe has been commented upon several times by different characters. Gene Roddenberry, the original creator of Star Trek, pictured his idealistic future as one without mysticism or superstition. His humanistic point of view made religion obsolete in his vision of a science-fiction universe.

However, ounces of religious viewpoints have made their way into the show. For example, Captain Kirk officiated a wedding and mentioned “many beliefs” as he did so, indicating religion does, in fact, exist in some form in the Star Trek universe.

21 Redshirts Have Low Chances Of Survival

It is a common joke among Trekkies and non-Trekkies alike that crew members of a starship that wear a red shirt are doomed to meet their demise. In fact, these “redshirts” are looked upon with pity and sympathy every time they appear on-screen.

In a lecture about the mathematics of Star Trek, it was revealed that redshirts are not the most likely members of a crew to perish. Given how many redshirts work on a starship, the amount of redshirts who perish is proportionately smaller than the number of deceased crew members who wear other colors.

20 There Are Adequate Safety Regulations On A Starship

Advancing into the unknown regions of space is a perilous endeavor. You would think there would be rules and regulations in place for the protection of Starfleet crews. However, especially in the original series, there seem to be no safety measures in place.

Seat belts did not even exist on board the Enterprise in the original series. Every time an explosion rocked the bridge, the command crew would be tossed around like rag dolls. If such a simple measure was missing from the Enterprise’s regulatory structure, imagine the destitute nature of, let’s say, their fire safety program.

19 Scotty Never Has Enough Time To Fix The Engine

Numerous catastrophes occur aboard the Enterprise, and each time something goes wrong with the engine, Captain Kirk calls on Scotty to fix it. Scotty, the ship’s Engineering Officer, always gives Kirk an estimate of how much time is needed to fix the problem. As sure as the sun will rise, Kirk then asks Scotty to fix it in half the time.

Despite the unfair time restrictions, Scotty always gets the job done. It makes you wonder if he lies about how much time he’ll need because he knows exactly what Kirk will demand later on.

18 Captain Picard Is British

Many people who only caught a glimpse of Star Trek: The Next Generation believed that Captain Picard was a born and bred Brit. The character is played by renowned British actor Patrick Stewart after all. However, anybody who thinks this is absolutely wrong.

Captain Picard’s full name is actually Jean-Luc Picard. The English-accented Picard is supposed to be a Frenchman. This is one erroneous belief we can forgive anyone for thinking. We watched every episode, and yet it still took us years to fully swallow the fact that Picard was French.

17 The Next Generation Was The First Sequel

After the original series ended, Star Trek fans had to wait for another entry into the franchise. Many casual viewers of the series believe that Star Trek: The Next Generation was the show that directly followed the original series. However, they would be writing off Star Trek: The Animated Series. 

This cartoon show began in 1973, whereas The Next Generation aired in 1987. If you are an avid Star Trek fan, The Animated Series should definitely be on your watch-list. It expands the adventures of the original crew of the Enterprise.

16 No Conflict Between Crew Members

When Gene Roddenberry envisioned the crew of the Enterprise in the original series, he foresaw no conflict between them. As part of his Utopian ideals for a space-faring crew, disagreements were a thing of the past. That’s why in episodes of the original series, whenever conflict arises between crew members, it’s because of ghostly possession, alternate timelines, or parasitic lifeforms.

However, as the franchise grew to include more shows, these no-conflict stipulations disappeared. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is chock-full of corrupt crew members and in-fighting.

15 Klingons Are The Main Villains Of The Show

Klingons are one of the most recognizable alien species in the Star Trek universe. While they may have started as the antagonists of the show, their status as villains has morphed into something different.

Klingons are no longer “evil” people.

They possess a nuanced culture that has developed over the course of different Star Trek shows. Despite what many casual viewers might think, Klingons are allies more than enemies these days. Just look at Worf from The Next Generation. He is now the poster child for Klingons in the Star Trek universe.

14 Humanoid Aliens Are All That The Universe Offers

If you watched the original series, you would probably think that the Star Trek universe is comprised of many kinds of aliens…all of which appear to be humanoid. You could not be faulted for thinking that these kinds of aliens are all that the Star Trek universe has to offer.

These simple looks for aliens clearly stemmed from budgetary concerns. However, as the show’s funds increased, and as the franchise grew exponentially, the quality of Star Trek aliens increased. A wide variety of alien appearances has now made its way into the franchise.

13 Time Travel Is A Rare Event

Logic dictates that any story involving time travel may become mired in temporal complications. That’s a fancy way of saying time travel is a messy plot device. You would think that Star Trek would stray away from such a sticky occurrence.

However, time travel is a pretty frequent plot device used across the many Star Trek series. Practically no Star Trek series is exempt from using time travel in one of their story-lines. As a matter of fact, time travel has happened so often, the Federation created the Department of Temporal Investigations to deal with it.

12 Star Trek Has Always Promoted Equality

No one can deny that the Star Trek series has made leaps and bounds in the direction of equality for all. The show has gone out of its way to promote anti-discriminatory messages and to showcase fair and equal treatment of its diverse cast of characters.

However, the original series was not as ahead of its time as many might believe.

One prime example is the show’s treatment of women. Sure, Uhura was a member of the command crew, but one look at the uniform women on the Enterprise had to wear is enough to send modern-day sensibilities shuddering in dismay.

11 Kirk’s Dress Uniform Is Gold For His Captaincy

The colors of Starfleet uniforms are based on where a crewman works. Blue is for the science and medical personnel, red is for security and engineering, and gold is for those in command or at the helm.

Captain Kirk is always seen wearing a golden shirt to denote his role as captain. However, his dress uniform is a mystifying lime-green. It can be hard to tell that his dress uniform deviates from his normal shirt color but stare at it long enough, and you’ll be able to see the definite tinge of green. A lime-green shirt at least ties into Kirk’s flamboyancy as a character.

10 The Tricorder Can Detect Readings Anywhere

Like the holodeck and the transporter, the tricorder is one of the most faulty devices in the Star Trek universe. However, since the tricorder is only used to detect, scan, analyze, and record data, there is not much danger for its user when it makes a mistake. And it makes a lot of mistakes.

How many times in a Star Trek episode has the tricorder failed to analyze some new item correctly? How many times has it failed to locate life forms on a foreign planet? Too many times, friends. Too many times.

9 The Federation Is A Benevolent Space-Faring Organization

In the first few series of the Star Trek franchise, the Federation is seen as this idealistic coalition of planets that only wants the best for the universe. Both the original series and The Next Generation series buy into this concept.

The Star Trek spin-off known as Deep Space Nine turned that concept upside down. Set in a more turbulent time in the Federation’s history, corruption and underhanded dealings run rampant. Several of the story-lines in these episodes revolve around the flaws within the Federation.

8 Spock Has No Emotions

Vulcans are touted as beings that have learned to purge emotions from their lives. Their past history as a species was rife with conflict, which made them change their mindset to value logic and rationality above all else.

Casual viewers of the Star Trek series might assume that Spock, the most infamous Vulcan in the franchise, never feels emotions as a result. The complete opposite is true. Vulcans feel emotions more deeply than many other alien races. They just choose not to exhibit them to other people. That’s why Spock comes across like a robot more often than not.

7 Khan Noonien Singh Recognized Chekov

In Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, we were reintroduced to Khan Noonien Singh. He first appeared in the original series as an antagonist for Kirk’s crew to face. Khan comes back with a vengeance in The Wrath of Khan. He is set on having his revenge on Kirk. He starts with Pavel Chekov, the Enterprise’s navigator.

However, this represents a continuity error. When the crew of the Enterprise first ran into Khan, Chekov was not a part of the bridge crew. The two of them never met. And yet, when Khan greets Chekov in the movie, he acts as if they had.

6 Only A Vulcan Can Do The Vulcan Nerve Pinch

The Vulcan Nerve Pinch is a rapid combat move that appears to involve little effort on the part of its users. It comes into play frequently in the original series, with Spock using it to peacefully end conflicts.

Many viewers may have been led to believe that the Vulcan Nerve Pinch can only be done by Vulcans. The Next Generation showed us that Captain Picard could perform the Vulcan Nerve Pinch as well. Apparently, it is a technique that anybody can learn with patience and practice. Vulcans might not be all that special after all.

5 Federation Uniforms Are Consistent

The Federation functions as a peaceful military, strange as it may sound. There are ranks and rules, and a clear hierarchy of officers and enlisted men. You would think that uniforms among the ranks of Starfleet would be more, well, uniform. The exact opposite is true.

There is such a variation in outfits that uniformity is practically nonexistent.

Deanna Troi’s uniform is entirely different from the clothes worn by other crew members for no reason. It’s as if members of Starfleet can add their own unique twists to their uniform whenever they want.

4 Kirk Never Says, “Beam Me Up, Scotty.”

Whenever someone wants to quote from Star Trek, one of the most frequent phrases you will hear is “Beam me up, Scotty.” This line is supposed to reference Kirk ordering his chief engineer, Montgomery Scott, to activate a transporter and transport him somewhere else.

However, this quote is not actually a direct quote from Star Trek. Kirk has said variations of this phrase, such as “Scotty, beam us up” or simply “Beam me up,” but never the way the quote is written. Yes, this is nitpicking at its finest, but if you’re going to quote from Star Trek, you should do so accurately.

3 Captain Kirk Is A Ladies’ Man

Captain Kirk is portrayed as one suave fellow when it comes to women. He has perfected the smolder, and women in the Star Trek universe can’t seem to get enough of him. However, in articles examining Kirk’s past relationships, it is revealed that he actually is not as much of a ladies’ man as we have been led to believe.

He never actually engages in casual relations with women all that often. His long-term relationships are comprised of Dr. Carol Marcus, Areel Shaw, and Dr. Janet Wallace. All of these women were highly successful in their chosen careers and amicably parted from Kirk.

2 Money Does Not Exist In The Future

In the Star Trek universe, money is a thing of the past. Captain Kirk and Captain Picard both mention that money is no longer a part of the Federation’s infrastructure. A different kind of economy has been created.

However, this runs counter to the evidence we have seen in the Star Trek series. The Ferengi are an alien species that rely heavily on profit, as evidenced by their Rules of Acquisition. How would the Ferengi deal with the Federation if the Federation could not offer them something they would be interested in?

1 The Prime Directive Is Important

The Prime Directive is an order given to all Federation ships to not interfere with the growth and development of burgeoning civilizations. It’s a live and let live kind of rule.

The Prime Directive is mentioned quite a few times in the Star Trek series. It is also disregarded quite a few times in the series. The Prime Directive is treated as if it were more of a slight suggestion than an actual directive. Every show’s captain, from Kirk to Janeway to Picard to Sisko, ignore the Prime Directive so blatantly, it’s a wonder they are never fired for it.

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10 Jake Gyllenhaal Roles Everyone Forgets

Jake Gyllenhaal is currently one of Hollywood’s most popular actors, perhaps one of the most impressive actors of his generation. He is one of the few movie stars who can effortlessly switch between smaller indie films and big-budget popcorn movies, while always delivering interesting performances.

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While Gyllenhaal is certainly a high-profile actor, his penchant for taking on challenging parts means that some of his roles can get overlooked. From early on in his career to more recent films, some of the work on his resume remains undiscovered by even his biggest fans.

10 City Slickers

Some fans might be surprised to know that Gyllenhaal has been in the movie business since he was just a small child. Though he found his success in his early adult years, he did make a solid career for himself even when he was little more than a toddler. His appearance in this comedy classic, for instance.

City Slickers follows a group of big city yuppies who deal with their midlife crisis by participating in a cattle drive. Gyllenhaal has a small role as the son of Billy Crystal’s character. It’s hard to imagine that small kid would grow to be a massive movie star.

9 The Sisters Brothers

The Sisters Brothers only came out last year. Despite an impressive cast, it was sadly one of the most overlooked films of 2018. This modern Western might not have been the action-packed adventure audiences were hoping for, but it was a beautiful, funny and emotional tale.

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The film follows the titular brothers (played by John C. Reilly and Joaquin Phoenix), who are guns for hire on the trail of a mysterious businessman. Gyllenhaal plays an associate of the brothers who forms an unlikely friendship with their target.

8 Rendition

In the years following the tragedy of 9/11, there were a slew of high profile “war on terror”-themed movies that tackled both the modern threat and the complications of fighting against it. Gyllenhaal starred in one of these films, Rendition, which involved the highly controversial abductions and intense interrogation tactics of the CIA.

Gyllenhaal plays a CIA analyst assigned to oversee one such case, the interrogation of a man he believes to be innocent. Despite co-starring Oscar winners like Reese Witherspoon, Alan Arkin, and Meryl Streep, the film was a critical and commercial disappointment.

7 The Day After Tomorrow

Roland Emmerich is the man responsible for such end-of-the-world disaster blockbusters as Independence Day, 2012 and this 2002 hit. The movie takes the dangers of climate change and dials it up to eleven. As tornadoes and tsunamis begin to destroy the world, those who remain fight for survival in a new ice age.

The film stars Dennis Quaid as a climatologist while Gyllenhaal plays his son, who leads a group of survivors in New York City. Not exactly a role in which he needed to stretch his acting muscles, but it marked Gyllenhaal’s first foray into blockbuster film-making.

6 Everest

Though Gyllenhaal is often the leading man of his films, he is not above playing a supporting role every now and then. In Everest, Gyllenhaal was just one part of an all-star cast which included Jason Clarke, Josh Brolin and Keira Knightley.

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The film tells the true story of a 1996 Everest expedition, which saw a group of climbers trapped by a blizzard on the top of the mountain. Gyllenhaal plays real-life climber Scott Fischer, who was part of the doomed climb. It’s interesting seeing a star of Gyllenhaal’s calibre in a smaller role, part of a larger ensemble in this intense survival story.

5 Accidental Love

Gyllenhaal has largely avoided the traditional romantic comedies. When he does dabble in those kinds of films, it’s usually a unique take on the genre. In Accidental Love, Jessica Biel plays a woman who is shot in the head with a nail gun, an incident that has unusual results. Her condition is then exploited by an unscrupulous Congressman, played by Gyllenhaal.

Despite being directed by acclaimed filmmaker David O. Russell, the movie went through massive production issues, being re-edited to the point that Russell declined his credit. The result was a mess of a film which was unceremoniously dumped on VOD.

4 Brothers

Legend has it that Gyllenhaal was once considered as a replacement for Tobey Maguire (who had suffered a back injury) as the star of Spider-Man 2. Though that didn’t come to pass, the two would eventually share the screen in this intense drama.

In this remake of a Danish film, Maguire plays a Marine who goes missing in action. Gyllenhaal plays his wayward brother who steps in to take care of Maguire’s family. Things get tense when Maguire returns home, severely damaged by his experience. Along with Natalie Portman and Maguire, Gyllenhaal helps make this a compelling acting showcase.

3 Enemy

Denis Villeneuve has become one of the most respected directors currently in the business. Having made films like Arrival, Sicario and Blade Runner 2049, Villeneuve has shown to be a master of atmospheric thrillers. However, this lesser-known mystery is mostly overlooked in his filmography.

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Villeneuve reunited with Gyllenhaal, his star in Prisoners, in this strange story of a man who discovers he has a doppelgänger. Filled with some creepy visuals and a much-discussed ending, it is the kind of movie that doesn’t give its audiences any easy answers.

2 Zodiac

Zodiac had visionary director David Fincher at the helm. It had a cast including Gyllenhaal and a pre-Avengers Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo. It even had a subject as compelling as the infamous Zodiac killings. How is it not more widely known?

While not the bloody thriller you might imagine from the director of Se7en, the film is a methodical examination of the decades-long investigation of the murders. In this brilliant crime saga, Gyllenhaal gives a surprisingly funny and obsessive performance as one of the people searching for the true Zodiac.

1 Bubble Boy

Despite his penchant for intense dramas, Gyllenhaal has shown he has a real talent for comedy too (in those rare times he does embrace his funny side). However, in this very early role of his, Gyllenhaal decided to go full-blown silly in a way we have not seen from him since.

In Bubble Boy, Gyllenhaal stars as a boy without an immune system, forced to live in a protective bubble. When he learns the love of his life is getting married, he sets out on a cross-country quest to stop the wedding. Though it failed to make much of an impact when it was released, the film has gained a small cult following – although it might be a film Gyllenhaal wishes would remain forgotten.

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AJ Styles & Everyone Else That Moved to Raw in WWE’s Superstar Shakeup

WWE began its annual Superstar Shakeup event tonight, and here’s a list of all the wrestlers newly headed to Monday nights every week for Raw. WWE first enacted a “brand extension” back in 2002, the year after WWE bought both WCW and ECW, greatly expanding its talent roster. The Raw and SmackDown rosters were reunified in 2011, and stayed that way until 2016, when WWE once again split the brands. Of course, WWE has always played a bit fast and loose with the brand extension, sometimes having people from one brand make surprise appearances on the other show for no real reason other than to pop a rating or increase buzz around WWE.

AJ Styles memorably debuted in WWE at Royal Rumble 2016, entering to an enormous ovation. While he didn’t win the Rumble match, he would be WWE Champion before the end of the year. Styles has been on the SmackDown roster since the revival of the brand split in 2016, and has been WWE Champion for quite a bit of that time. SmackDown has come to be known as the house that AJ Styles built, and as far as the current version of the show goes, it’s hard to disagree with that claim.

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As of Monday’s episode of WWE Raw though, Styles is officially no longer a member of the SmackDown roster, and has been moved over to Raw. He served as the mystery tag team partner in Raw’s main event six-man tag team match, competing alongside Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins against the team of Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin, and Bobby Lashley. Styles won the match by pinning Lashley after hitting him with The Phenomenal Forearm.

AJ Styles wasn’t the only big name to make the jump from SmackDown to Raw. Also arriving on Monday nights was Rey Mysterio, who attacked Elias, before being decimated by Lars Sullivan, also now part of Raw. The Miz also jumped brands, attacking rival Shane McMahon with a chair in the process. Another big move was The Usos, who just last week lost the SmackDown Tag Team Championships to Matt and Jeff Hardy. Probably not coincidentally, Jimmy Uso’s wife and former SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi appeared later in the show.

In a move that’s riled up many fans, NXT Tag Team Champions The War Raiders surprisingly moved to Raw as part of the shakeup, and are now billed as the rather silly sounding The Viking Experience. After floating between brands for months, Aleister Black and Ricochet are also now officially on Raw, thankfully not as The Acrobatic Experience. Another duo added to Raw is Andrade and his manager Zelina Vega, while Cedric Alexander heads over from 205 Live, and EC3 settled into Raw just long enough to get destroyed by Braun Strowman. Eric Young seems to have been stripped of his Sanity teammates during the move to Raw for some reason. Last but not least, Lacey Evans continued her pursuit of Becky Lynch, now specifically for the Raw Women’s Championship.

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20 Disney Movies Fans Pretend Don’t Exist (And 10 Hidden Gems Everyone Forgets)

Ah, the wonderful world of Disney… Where would we be without the magical empire that is the house of mouse? The creative geniuses at Disney have brought to life some of the most beloved characters the world has ever known. From Mickey and friends to the plethora of princesses, there is very little chance anyone has ever not been exposed to Disney at some point in their life. From our early days with Winnie the Pooh to our obsessions with Star Wars and Marvel, Disney has had us spellbound since our earliest memories. It goes without saying that the brand has a special place in our hearts, but as famous as the name is, Disney does have a few titles fans would rather forget.

As magically wonderful as Disney is, it is not without sin. While they have produced and unleashed many a marvelous title, there are still those that either just missed the mark, fell toward the wayside, or became dark marks on the studio’s record. As odd as it may sound, Disney does have its share of unpopular projects. Some of these films may not necessarily be bad, but they’re definitely not what some audiences consider best and brightest. That being said, some of the studio’s films are less popular not because they’re bad, but because they are either forgotten or simply less known. So we’re here today to drag some skeletons from the Disney vault and share with you 20 of Disney’s biggest bombs and 10 of their hidden treasures. So sit back, relax, and enjoy 20 Disney Movies Fans Pretend Don’t Exist (And 10 Hidden Gems Everyone Forgets).


Though not exactly a bad film, it’s definitely not the best adaptation of the inspiration. Those who enjoy the antics of Nicholas Cage will be satisfied, but for those of us wanting something with a little more Mickey, not so much. Though there are living brooms, there are no ties to the source material.

A teenager learning to be a wizard sounds awesome on paper but under this title, it sinks like a sorcerer’s stone. With creative effects and a plot suited better for a TV movie, it lacks some Disney magic. At least we see Mickey’s hat at the end.


At the time, Dinosaur was cutting-edge and visually interesting. Now, the animation is dated, the story is long, and it’s lost its wide-eyed effect on viewers. At least it gave us a thrill-ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

The film is essentially a prehistoric retelling of the Exodus and though that may interest some adults, kids will surely fall asleep. The visuals are dated, but still worth a look. Animated dinosaurs on real backgrounds were certainly novel in 2000, but nearly twenty years later, it becomes a fossil.


This is why we don’t let Katzenberg play Dungeon Master anymore. The Black Cauldron is by no means a perfect film. In fact, it almost ended Walt Disney Animation Studios and was nearly rated R in its early production days. No, we’re not joking on that one. So why does it have a cult status?

The film is one of the darkest things ever to come out of Disney, and though the plot is a mishmash of fantasy tropes, it’s still worth a watch. Considered Disney’s Blacksheep, it’s material is definitely not something you’d pair with Mickey and pals.


We’re stepping on toes here, but let’s be honest. How many people think of The Rescuers when talking about Disney Classics? Yes, the performances were good, the animation was fine, and the story well-written, but it’s just not that memorable. A society of anthropomorphic mice in a large human world, where have we seen that before?

The film isn’t bad by any means, it’s just forgettable, follows a standard family-film-formula, and doesn’t leave the audience with anything that fantastic. Even some seasoned Disney fans forget about this film, and that says something. Our advice, wait for the sequel.


If it weren’t for Glen Close and Eric Idle, this movie wouldn’t exist. A sequel to the 1996 adaptation, 102 Dalmatians is a screwball comedy with Disney cashing in on the cuteness of a legion of canines. Throw in a parrot voiced by a Monty Python star and you’ve got a kid’s flick.

The performances are funny and enjoyable, but it lacks the heart and mystery of the first film. The stunts, jokes, and sequences are like something out of a cartoon, and that adaptation exists. Watch for more of Close’s Cruella but otherwise, send it to the dog house.


Remember what we said about waiting for the sequel? The Rescuers Down Under is the hidden gem of the Disney Renaissance, with gorgeous animation, big names in the cast, and a high-flying adventure in the Outback to tie it together. Why wasn’t it a hit? Two words: Home Alone. 

The film certainly has a larger fanbase now and is considered one of the most underrated Disney classics, along with a few more on our list. The characters, visuals, and performances are all colorful and exciting, easily worth a watch. It’s no Lion King, but we can certainly get behind it.


Aside from creating a Dwayne Johnson meme, how many people actually remember this movie? A pair of alien kids on the run from a Jason-esque bounty hunter accompanied by The Rock is a great idea, but it seems to get swept under the rug. Simply put, it’s standard action movie fodder, and underwhelming compared to later Disney projects.

The movie is okay but compared to its inspiration, it’s not the most groundbreaking. The UFOs, bounty hunters, and driving stunts are alright for a while, but it gets generic and soon falls in with the other films of its genre.


Tomorrowland is not a bad film, we’d even call it fascinating. The problem with the film is that its audience is a select group of people. The film is a love letter to Disney Imagineering and classic science-fiction, and not every movie-goer fits that niche.

Despite having big names like George Clooney, it fell to the wayside at the end of the day. It has your typical dystopian/save-the-future plot with robots, gadgets, and everything else, and there’s an audience for that like there’s an audience for westerns. It’s a very genre-based film only some will understand.


Who knew Disney could do a classic detective story so well? The Great Mouse Detective is one of those films that needs a bigger following. With the countless Sherlock fans, Basil of Baker Street would be a hit with modern audiences today.

With engaging characters, a slightly-dark-for-Disney plot, and a phenomenal performance by Vincent Price, how can you not love this film? The scale of both the characters and the set pieces really help the film stand out, not to mention the incredible-for-80s animation. Mickey isn’t the only mouse in the Disney game, ya know?


Disney’s first live-action foray into Wonderland was a mixed bag of hit and miss. The sequel, while visually impressive, was convoluted and confusing. Time travel and Alice simply do not mix.

The elements of the movie were all incredibly weird, and not in that quirky Tim Burton sense. Besides Johnny Depp’s Hatter and Sacha Baron Coen’s Time, the performances aren’t really that different from the first film. Moreover, the film feels like an unneeded continuation than anything else. Costumes and visuals aside, there’s not much here for the standard fan. Even Disney prefers Burton’s misguided original to this shattering sequel.


We’re a little forgiving of this one given the circumstances. With the success of Pirates of the Carribean, Disney thought maybe there was potential for films in more of their rides. The Haunted Mansion is certainly a goldmine of opportunity, but the film adaptation certainly disturbed a few spirits.

What should have been a gothic masterpiece ended up a dated goofball comedy. Eddie Murphy is not someone who should be leading a film about The Haunted Mansion. Thankfully, the film is supposedly getting a reboot led by Guillermo del Toro. We hope he gives the ride the film it deserves.


Though it’s slowly climbing its way out of cult status, Tron is still not as popular as it should be. Yes, the effects are dated and totally 80s, but they were revolutionary at the time. It’s a sci-fi period piece that demands rewatching for Disney fans and gamers alike.

If it’s popular enough to get its own roller coaster, it’s popular enough for all fans. Dripping with neon and packed to the brim with classic 80s awesomeness, it is the very definition of a throwback. Part allegory, part sci-fi epic, all Disney, it’s more than just 80s cheese.


Now we’re getting into the bad stuff. The original Pete’s Dragon was a goofy, lighthearted musical that established the Disney film stereotype. The remake featured a boy and his dragon, and that was the extent of the relationship to the previous film.

This movie wasn’t just in the wrong, it made many fans of the original, some of us included, absolutely furious. The story felt more like a finding-bigfoot scenario and Eliot the dragon’s redesign was a moss-green mess. Dissatisfied doesn’t even scratch the surface with this one.


Loved by some, disliked by others, Disney’s take on The Lone Ranger wasn’t exactly a bullseye. With budget cuts, a lengthy script, and several artistic liberties, it wasn’t a proper representation. Johnny Depp and Arnie Hammer might have given great performances, but even their star power couldn’t stop the film from hanging.

You know your film’s a flop when Despicable Me 2 is more successful. It’s not the worst film on our list, but it definitely could have been better. The action was great, but there was little room for development. It was simply too much of a good thing.


Based on the masterpiece by Ray Bradbury, the film is definitely one of the eeriest things Disney has ever released. Dark magic, a spooky carnival, and a sinister ringmaster are just a few of the things Bradbury unleashes in this frightening flick. Though not as great as the novel, it still bears the same twisted flavor.

With a script written by Bradbury himself, spooky imagery, and a fun but diabolical villain, this film deserves more attention. A box office bomb when it premiered, but a spooky favorite of many, we highly recommend this film at your next Halloween viewing party.


We could devote a whole list to bad Disney Sequels, but we’ll stick to a select few. The first of these animated atrocities is The Return of Jafar, a sequel to Aladdin. The movie isn’t entirely awful but compared to what came before, it’s an Arabian nightmare.

The animation is cheap and the songs are hit and miss, but the capital sin was recasting the Genie. Due to a contract dispute, Robin Williams briefly left the studio and they replaced him with Dan Castellaneta. Castellaneta does his absolute best, but Aladdin without the Genie is a disaster in the making.


A Disney flick so absurd and forgettable it verges on parody, Home on the Range was not the studio’s proudest achievement. A trio of cows trying to save their farm from a rustler with a hypnotic yodel sounds more like a cartoon special than an animated feature. It was a minefield of cliches and corny jokes.

Granted, the soundtrack was good, the villain and his henchmen were funny, and some of the side characters were charming, but this is not Disney royalty. It might have had the ingredients for a decent Disney movie, but someone forgot to follow the recipe.


Possibly the most favored adaptation of the character, Disney’s Robin Hood has always been a fan-favorite. That being said, it’s not as popular as it used to be. Simply put, it’s one of those films newer Disney fans need exposure to.

With swashbuckling action, loveable characters, and a 70’s folk soundtrack, there’s a lot to love about this film. The foxy Robin Hood paired against the bratty Prince John is always fantastically hysterical, and more people should see them in action. We highly encourage all efforts to bring this film out of the 70s and onto our screens.


Cars was a fun romp with anthropomorphic cars from the creative minds of Pixar. We appreciated the auto-based puns, racing humor, visual gags, and a lovable performance by Larry the Cable Guy. It wasn’t Toy Story, but it wasn’t bad. We wish we could say the same for the sequels.

Cars 2 and were sequels nobody really asked for. Did we really need to see Mater as a spy, or Lightning take a comeback quest? Aside from the kids who wanted all the toys, who were these sequels really for?


Speaking of sequels nobody needed, how about Belle’s Magical World? Beauty and the Beast was the first animated feature to be nominated for Best Picture, of course, it needed a sequel, right? With dimestore animation, ridiculous side characters, and a watered-down Beast, this is no fairytale.

The direct-to-video feature looks more like a cheap TV pilot than anything else. Though it maintains the original cast, the dulcet tones of Paige O’Hara and Robby Benson do nothing to soothe this savage sequel. Believe us, there’s nothing magical about this messy feature.


One of the most overlooked Disney films in the library, Treasure Planet is considered one of the most highly underrated animated films of all time. A futuristic retelling of the Stevenson novel, it goes beyond the stars in its delivery and presentation. It’s a reimagining worth its weight in gold.

The blend of sci-fi and historical fiction pairs amazingly with the computer and traditional animation. The cast consists of big names and big talents, and the characters are charming and well designed. If you’re into retro-futurism, steampunk, or classic sci-fi tropes, set sail for Treasure Planet.


Good gravy, who on earth approved this bibbidy-bobbidy-bomb? No wonder nobody talks about this “disasterpiece” anymore. If you are one of the few people who weren’t satisfied with the happily-ever-after of the Disney original, strap in for an anthology of juvenile stories and sequences told by our favorite sewing mice.

This is why some people think Disney is childish. Cinderella 2 makes Winnie The Pooh sound like Patrick Stewart reading Shakespeare. It’s almost diabolical how little effort and drive went into popping this thing out, a crime against Disney if there ever was.


The Air Bud series of movies are enjoyably ridiculous with more ’90s cheese than a  Domino’s commercial. That’s all it really needs to be. Unfortunately, someone thought it was a good idea to let these movies breed.

The Air Buddies series are a set of direct-to-DVD movies starring the sickeningly cutesy spawn of the original Buddies. The series currently has nine entries. You heard us, nine! The Buddies do everything from stopping a dognapper to going to outer space. Seems like Bud’s athletic prowess skipped this generation. It’s just another series of toddler fodder that would make Bud play deaceased.


With the resurgence of ’90s nostalgia, A Goofy Movie has slowly made its way back into the public eye. Old viewers are seeing it with new perspectives, and new viewers are touched by its humor and heart. It definitely shows a slightly more serious side of our favorite Goof.

For what might seem like a Goofy cartoon with a bigger budget, the film actually has a lot of well-thought jokes and even some mature moments.  It’s quite a dynamic tone for the dopey dog to take, and it’s more than wonderful to see it’s gradual return.


Everyone had an awkward highschooler phase growing up, Disney had three. Essentially pandering to the drama club kids at the time, Disney created a fad sensation that lasted three Disney Channel Original movies. For its select fans, it was fun. For the rest of us, it was a chink in Disney’s armor.

For a time, you couldn’t go anywhere without running into this mess. Troy Bolton and the Wildcats were everywhere, and Disney made a mint in merch. Though it started the careers of stars like Zac Efron, we are not all in this together.


What do you get when you cross Aesop’s Fables with War of the Worlds? You get this Disney-animated bomb. A creative concept with a dumb delivery is what resulted in this film. To put it bluntly, Chicken Little is a deceased duck.

Where do we begin with this movie? The story is mean-spirited, only a few of the characters are likable, and the animation feels like a poor attempt at Pixar. Aside from some clever designs and a few celebrity appearances, there’s not much going on here. Next to Home on the Range, it’s one of Disney’s weakest releases.


The only film that could beat Treasure Planet in terms of underratedness is Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Essentially Disney’s answer to Indiana Jones, Atlantis is an unsung sci-fi masterpiece. It’s a testament to the genre that Jules Verne would be proud of.

With classic sketchbook-styled animation, huge steampunk-esque set pieces, mystical lore, and a diverse cast of colorful characters, what’s not to like about this film? The problem was the marketing, it didn’t reach enough fans to stand out like some of its peers. It’s a cult film today, but one that definitely deserves a place in the mainstream.


We can already feel you clenching on this one. Some Disney sequels are okay, some warrant a collective groan, then there’s this one. Hunchback 2 isn’t just bad, it’s insulting. Like so many of its breed, it was a sequel nobody asked for, and quite frankly, nobody wanted.

The animation is beyond hideous, the plot is forced and cliche, and the entire concept is ludicrous. The first film was mature and thought-provoking. This monster makes us want to jump from a belltower. Do us a favor Disney, keep this one in the vault.


We’ve talked about a few Disney controversies in the past, but this is the big one. There’s a reason why B’rer Rabbit and his friends are stranded on Splash Mountain. Believe us, it’s no Zip-a-dee-doo-dah day.

With stereotypes, contradictory historical settings, and a list of other cinematic sins, Song of the South has definitely not aged well. The animated sequences are actually the highlight of the film, but the rest has been a dark mark on the Disney company. It deserves watching from an academic or a historical perspective, but it is definitely not something Disney talks about today.


Considered by many to be the unsung hero of the Disney animated features, The Hunchback of Notre Dame has gained more popularity on home video than it’s theatrical debut. It was a success, but nothing like other films of the Disney Renaissance. But believe us when we say it was ahead of its time.

Without a doubt the most mature film to ever come from Disney, HoND is an incredible film that delves into prejudices, corruption of power, religion, and even more grown-up themes. With a resurgence on Freeform and an Off-Broadway musical, it’s slowly getting fame it deserves.

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Zach Gass

Everyone Who Died During The Walking Dead’s Fair

Ten people died during The Walking Dead‘s fair in the season 9 episode, “The Calm Before”, and it will eventually become the impetus for the Whisperer War. After Andrew Lincoln exited The Walking Dead as Rick Grimes, the Saviors’ story and role as the series’ villains had come to an end. And in order to really show that The Walking Dead had moved on, a six-year time jump occurred that set every character and every community on a new path.

Part of that new path meant coming in contact with another adversarial group – the Whisperers, who are led by a person named Alpha. After the Whisperers’ first altercation with The Walking Dead‘s core characters in the season 9 midseason finale, a string of events – namely Lydia’s capture, release, and escape – culminated in the Whisperers secretly attacking the Kingdom during the first-ever inter-community fair. And that, unfortunately, led to several major deaths in The Walking Dead season 9 episode, “The Calm Before”.

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In “The Calm Before”, 10 characters were killed off, including multiple big names that have been a part of The Walking Dead for many years. The 10 characters killed by Alpha and the Whisperers are: Ozzy (Highwaymen), Alek (Highwaymen) D.J. (Alexandria), Frankie (Alexandria), Tammy Rose (Hilltop), Adeline (Hilltop), Rodney (Hilltop), Tara (Hilltop), Enid (Hilltop), and Henry (Kingdom). Yes… Henry. For Carol, this moment is a repeat of the season 2 midseason finale in which she discovered her daughter, Sophia, was killed and had already turned into a walker.

While more than 10 people died throughout the episode (namely the people from Hilltop who were going to the fair), Alpha and her Whisperers killed 10 people and placed their reanimated heads on pikes in order to mark their territory and send a message to all the communities who would oppose them. It’s worth mentioning that this number is down two people compared to the comics, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less effective. Plus, in order to retain the shock-factor, instead of killing off Ezekiel (which was teased when Alpha/Debra found him at the fair), it turns out killing off Henry was a much more gut-wrenching choice.

In reality, this is one of the most brutal and heartbreaking episodes of The Walking Dead to date, and the fact that it’s the penultimate episode in season 9 means that the producers behind-the-scenes have learned their lesson from the season 6 finale, in which they held off on revealing who was killed until the season 7 premiere. Things have changed on The Walking Dead, and it seems a war with the Whisperers is only getting started. Alpha’s pikes may only be the beginning.

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Harry Potter: 20 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Hagrid

Rubeus Hagrid of the Harry Potter series is best known for his love of magical creatures and his fierce loyalty to both Harry and Dumbledore. As played wonderfully on screen by Robbie Coltrane, we have gotten to know Hagrid even more through the films. While he may not seem to be the smartest or have much magical ability, there are plenty of things about Hagrid that people tend to forget, or, get completely wrong. It may come as a surprise that Hagrid has more abilities than we realize, and has been an important player in Harry’s life far before they met each other. Who is Hagrid really, and how has he been misunderstood?

True Hagrid fans know that he is much more than just a lovable guy who gardens and befriends dangerous magical creatures. In fact, Hagrid has a dark past, and has gone through a lot to get where he is now. Often times people dismiss Hagrid because he seems harmless, but his story is anything but rainbows and butterflies.

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has weighed in on Hagrid’s story after the series ended, clearing up whether or not he can cast a Patronus, and revealing the true inspiration behind his character. From childhood events to present hidden abilities, we’ll see what the truth is behind Hagrid. We’re going to show you that Hagrid is an incredibly complex character, and get to the bottom of some things that people just can’t seem to get right.

These are 20 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Hagrid

20 He is taller than you think

When the Harry Potter series was adapted into movies, a lot of details were under consideration. There are many magical elements involved, and some things inevitably had to be altered – like Hagrid’s height. In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Hagrid is described a being 11 1/2 feet tall, with “hands the size of trash can lids.” This makes sense, seeing as how Hagrid is half giant, but for movie purposes they scaled Hagrid down drastically.

In the films, Hagrid is only about 8 feet tall. This makes it much easier to frame him in shots, seeing as how Hagrid is often around regular-sized people. The smaller size also makes Hagrid far less intimidating, and allows for a much more relatable character.

19 He was an orphan, like Harry

Hagrid may speak about his parents often, but from a very young age he was orphaned, just like Harry. In fact, Hagrid may have an even sadder tale of losing his parents. When he was only a baby, Hagrid’s mother abandoned him. We are left to believe that his father raised him, which he did for the most part. Hagrid talks about his father, describing him as a “tiny little bloke” and said that “by the time [he] was six [he] could lift him up and put him on top of the dresser.

Sadly, Hagrid’s dad passed when he was just 12 years old, and only Hagrid was left. It wasn’t until later in life that Hagrid found his half-brother, Grawp.

18 He was in the original Order of the Phoenix

The Order of the Phoenix is full of skilled wizards. The original members include Albus Dumbledore, Sirius Black, Snape, and Harry Potter’s parents among others. What you may not have known is that Hagrid, too, was an original member of the Order.

Though Hagrid couldn’t perform magic as well as the others, he was given incredibly important tasks all the same. Arguably his most important moment was when he rescued Harry from Godric’s Hallow after his parents attack and brought him to the Dursley’s. Dumbledore knows that Hagrid’s loyalty is one of his best qualities, along with his physical strength. This makes him a great asset to the Order ,even without the highly skilled magical abilities of the other members.

17 He’s incredibly powerful

Because of Hagrid’s bloodline, he has some very unique abilities that wizards do not. Hagrid is half human and half giant, but that means much more than being tall.

In fact, Hagrid’s physical strength is one of his greatest assets. He is known for being highly resistant to stunning spells and even resistant to dark magic. This is a big part of why Dumbledore trusted Hagrid with the task of taking baby Harry from Godric’s Hallow to the Dursley’s. Hagrid is figuratively and also quite literally one of the biggest protectors that Harry has. Hagrid may not be skilled with spells in the traditional sense, but his giant bloodline still gives him advantages in the wizarding world.

16 He can’t cast a patronus

J.K. Rowling has always been excellent to her fans, and answers almost all of our questions when it comes to Harry Potter. One fan asked a question that revealed a sad truth about Hagrid when it comes to the Patronus Charm. When a fan tweeted Rowling asking what Hagrid’s patrnous is, Rowling replied, “Hagrid couldn’t produce a Patronus. It’s a very difficult spell.”

Some fans speculated further, saying that Hagrid’s sad childhood may be the reason he can’t produce a happy enough memory to make the spell work. This is a depressing thought, but Harry who had a similarly rough childhood is still able to cast one. This seems to be a simple case of Hagrid’s limited magic.

15 His giant heritage was a secret at first

While it may seem obvious by his size alone that Hagrid is a giant, his giant bloodline was actually kept a secret from most for quite a while. Since Hagrid is half-human and half-giant, he doesn’t look like most giants that the wizarding world is used to seeing. He also acts like a human more or less, and is able to pass at Hogwarts as a larger-than-life professor.

In The Goblet of Fire, Rita Skeeter published an article talking about Hagrid’s giant heritage and his supposedly evil ways. This got parents of Hogwarts students up in arms, calling for Hagrid to be fired, and worrying for their children’s safety. All of the hatred almost caused Hagrid to resign, but thankfully his friends convinced him otherwise.

14 He can’t fly on a broomstick

J.K. Rowling has made it known that Hagrid was in fact based on a Hell’s Angels motorcycle club member that she met in England. Robbie Coltrane, who portrays Hagrid in the films, knew this from the beginning. “He used to get off of his Harley and walk towards the bar. People would move like ants out of his way,” Coltrane said. Rowling told him that the man was a gardner with “fists like hams” but “a gentle heart.”

This sounds pretty spot on for Hagrid, so that must be why he rides a magic bike instead of a broom, right? Not exactly. The real reason Hagrid rides a motorbike is because he is simply too big to ride a broom properly, and he can’t legally Apparate.

13 He doesn’t have an evil twin

Hagrid’s back story was always a bit of a mystery. For instance, Hagrid wasn’t aware of his half-brother Grawp until he happened to visit a camp of giants where Grawp was living. There were also rumors of Hagrid having an evil twin named Dirgah, but unlike his long lost half-brother, Dirgah doesn’t exist.

Dirgah is actually “Hagrid” spelled backwards. The rumors of Dirgah were started in order to scare students away from the Sorcerer’s Stone. They were told that, for some reason, Dumbledore wasn’t able to get rid of Dirgah, and that Dirgah was hiding out in the forbidden chamber. Dirgah never actually existed, and was just another in a series of obstacles trying to block the stone.

12 He is older than he appears

Pottermore has given Harry Potter fans a lot of valuable information about their favorite characters. One thing we learned is that Hagrid was born December 6th, 1928. This may seem like a small detail, but it is worth pointing out, especially in regards to the film adaptations.

In the movies, Hagrid has a relatively young appearance. When filming the final movie, Robbie Coltrane was 58 years old. In the books, in Harry’s final year at Hogwarts, Hagrid would have in fact been 70 years old. While this difference isn’t wildly drastic, it’s worth noting that Hagrid is definitely entering old age by the time the series ends. The films did add small details, like grey hairs, to age Hagrid a little more.

11 He has his vices

Hagrid has so many good qualities we almost hate to point out the bad, but did you ever notice that Hagrid imbibes too much? We love to think of Hagrid as the wholesome best friend to anyone who needs it. He values his friendships highly, and would never hurt someone he loves, but Hagrid has his downfalls as well.

For instance, when Buckbeak escapes, Hagrid’s first instinct is to get in his cups. He even admits at one point to having a drinking problem. After accidentally revealing important secrets about Fluffy the three-headed dog, he vows never to drink again. He does not keep that vow, and we see Hagrid drink a few times throughout the series.

10 He’s reckless

When it comes to helping his friends or his beloved magical creatures, there seems to be no law, magical or not, that Hagrid won’t break. For someone who has been heavily punished in the past by the Ministry of Magic, and even went to Azkaban, he sure does continue to be reckless.

The only time that Hagrid was really cautious about the law is when he is under pressure for his questionable teaching tendencies. This is the only reason he doesn’t release Buckbeak himself, for fear of going back to Azkaban. While Hagrid may break many laws, like trying to keep a dragon for a pet, at least he knows when to pull back the reigns.

9 He trusts Snape

Dumbledore has always been the man who knows everything but only reveals so much. We often see Harry and Dumbledore’s relationship being strained because Harry doesn’t understand what Dumbledore’s purpose is, or why he trusts the people he does.

One of these people is Professor Snape, with whom Dumbledore has always had an understanding. Everyone else seems to loathe Snape, except for Hagrid. This isn’t because Hagrid has a wealth of knowledge on Snape; he trusts him for one simple reason – Dumbledore trusts him. Hagrid is so fiercely loyal to Dumbledore, and owes him so much, that if Dumbledore trusts somebody that is good enough for him. Honestly, it should be good enough for anyone!

8 He still has his wand

When Hagrid was expelled from Hogwarts, he not only lost his spot at the school, but also lost his privilege to do magic. The Ministry took it so far as destroying Hagrid’s wand, breaking it into several pieces.

As usual, Dumbledore was there to help out Hagrid. Since he was the only one who believed Hagrid did not open the Chamber of Secrets, he allowed Hagrid to keep shards of his wand. The shards of his wand still exist in none other than Hagrid’s signature pink umbrella. If you’ve ever wondered why Hagrid can do simple, although often messy spells with is wand, it’s because of the magical wand pieces still contained inside. Tricky Dumbledore!

7 He doesn’t love all animals

There seems to be no creature, magical or not, that Hagrid can’t love. He has a soft spot for even the most seemingly intimidating monsters, like Aragog the massive spider, who gave Harry and the gang more than a few problems.

Interestingly enough, there is one animal that Hagrid mentions a few times that he does not enjoy – cats. Not only was he tormented by Filch’s spying cat for years, but he also tells Harry that he is allergic to cats. Of all the animals Hagrid deals with, it’s almost funny that cats would be the one he can’t handle. If he weren’t allergic, we’re sure Hagrid would find a way to love cats too.

6 He does have a tragic past

On the outside, Hagrid seems like a happy half-giant who is passionate about animals, and always there to help his friends. Hagrid is always someone people turn to in hard times, and maybe he is so willing to help because of the difficult times he went through as well.

Besides being abandoned by his mother, then orphaned when his father passed, Hagrid’s school life was difficult too. He got bullied for his size and, most importantly, was expelled from Hogwarts for something he didn’t even do. Tom Riddle, who we eventually come to know as Voldemort, blamed Hagrid for opening the Chamber of Secrets when it was in fact Riddle who did it. Dumbledore was the only one to believe Hagrid, but Hagrid still got expelled and banned from using magic.

5 His fearless nature causes problems

While Hagrid’s fearless nature is what allows him to tame and deal with even the most wild beasts, it can cause problems for those around him. We respect Hagrid for his willingness to give every creature a chance, but what we often fail to realize is how often Hagrid puts others in harm. Because of Hagrid’s giant bloodline, he is naturally less afraid of creatures as they cannot cause him harm as easily as others.

Harry and Ron experience this first hand after Hagrid sends them to see Aragog and barely make it out alive. He even assigns his entire class a book that tries to eat their hands off. Oh, and detention in the Forbidden Forest? That was Hagrid’s idea too.

4 He is skilled with potions

While Hagrid is not skilled in traditional magic, it doesn’t mean that he is completely unskilled in the magical world. Besides having some physical attributes that help, he is also skilled in the magical art of potions. He is often seen shopping for various ingredients, and he gives concoctions to many of his plants and animals.

Maybe most importantly, he has a garden of his own where he grows potion ingredients. Harry and Ron have looked for ingredients in Hagrid’s garden a few times. Once Hagrid told them, “I’ve a lot of strange things growin’ out in my near my garden; yer welcome to go take a look. Be careful mind – wouldn’t go wanderin’ round at night.

3 He is loyal, but can’t keep a secret

It’s no question that Hagrid is a fiercely loyal friend, but if you need a secret to be kept, he’s not your guy. Hagrid has let quite a few secrets slip in his day, and they are often secrets with huge consequences.

One of the earliest and biggest is Hagrid letting Fluffy’s secret slip, allowing Harry and the gang to bypass Fluffy on their way to the chamber. Hagrid also let slip that he overheard a conversation between Dumbledore and Snape, confirming that Snape is following orders from Dumbledore. While Hagrid doesn’t know enough to reveal what exact orders they were, this becomes a key factor later in the plot when it is revealed. The point is, you can trust Hagrid with your life, but not with sensitive information.

2 He can use magic

A very crucial part of Hagrid’s expulsion from Hogwarts is the punishment of not being able to use magic anymore. While he is still technically under this order, Hagrid illegally uses magic all the time.

He is not banned from magic in that he is physically unable to do it, just in the sense of not lawfully being able to do it. It also doesn’t help that his wand is destroyed, but as we have learned, he still has wand shards in his umbrella. This is why we still see Hagrid perform small, sometimes unsuccessful spells every once in a while – like trying to transfigure Dudley but giving him a pig tail instead.

1 He is a father figure

It is often believed that Dumbledore is Harry Potter’s sole father figure in the series because of his wisdom and protection of Harry. Hagrid comes off as more of a beloved friend turned family, rather than a father figure. Nevertheless, J.K. Rowling confirmed that both Dumbledore and Hagrid are meant to be father figures.

Rowling told BBC America, “the colours red and white are mentioned many times in old texts on alchemy, Rubeus (red) Hagrid and Albus (white) Dumbledore… both hugely important to Harry, seem to me to represent two sides of the ideal father figure he seeks.” Hagrid is the “warm” and often more practical side that Harry needs to balance Dumbledore’s intellect and detachment.

What else do people get wrong about Hagrid in Harry Potter? Tell us in the comments!

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19 Things Wrong With 90 Day Fiancé Everyone Chooses To Ignore

It’s obvious that many reality TV shows are completely over-the-top on purpose, exuding chaos and drama in order to draw in viewers who can’t look away from the train wrecks of other people’s lives that may or may not be true. Between couples with intense baggage, extreme age gaps, cliche ambitions, and much worse, the TLC program 90 Day Fiancé is the perfect example of everything that draws people into reality TV and it refuses to let go. It’s so popular that it’s seen several spinoffs, including 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, and 90 Day Fiancé: What Now? Currently in its sixth season, the show has another spinoff in the works, 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. The original program focuses on citizens and their fiancés from foreign countries who have K-1 visas and 90 days to decide to get married. The new program will depict citizens leaving their country in order to live in their fiancés’ nations.

The outrageous amount of drama surrounding the couples as they contend with deception, culture shock, family, and friends to money and legal problems keeps the Internet buzzing with gossip, but there are some things that are just wrong with the show that aren’t addressed much. Some just don’t make sense, giving the show less credibility, but others are more nefarious in nature. Whether they are because we are fans who just can’t look away or because looking too deeply might reveal some of our own internal prejudices, here are 20 Things Wrong With 90 Day Fiancé Everyone Chooses To Ignore.

19 The Show Can Jeopardize A Person’s Path Toward Citizenship

From the revelations that people truly don’t know one another prior to obtaining their K-1 visas, to so many couples proving that they don’t love each other at all, we have to wonder how on earth the couples obtained approval from the U.S. Consulate for a visa after filing an I-129F petition in the first place. Couples must prove actual knowledge and affection for one another during the interview to even get the K-1 visa for the 90-day period.

Given that each participating citizen may only make around $7,000 in a season, it seems a paltry sum to risk something as big as your marriage and potential citizenship over. Any official witnessing the behavior on the show would question the validity of each relationship.

18 Some Couples End Their Relationships Prior To The Two-Year Requirement

Conditional green cards are valid for two years following a marriage, which means that any ended relationship prior to the end of that two years could result in them not receiving full citizenship. Upon the end of the two-year period, an official typically reviews the marriage to ensure that it’s still in good, authentic standing in order to become approved for permanent status.

The thing is, if the marriage fails to pass the test, they are often forced to leave the country due to fraud. Many couples have proven to be unable to meet this two-year minimum, most notably, Mohamed, who left Danielle and developed a fan following after he moved to another state. Molly Hopkins and Luis Mendez also split up after just a few months of marriage.

17 You Have To Be Able To Support Your Spouse As Part Of The K-1 Process

In order to obtain the K-1 visa, you don’t just have to look good on paper and be able to impress your interviewer. There’s a big stipulation about support that has to be met and the United States citizen must prove that he or she can support his or her partner during the partner’s stay in the country. While the “sponsor” doesn’t have to be rich, they must be able to support their would-be spouse at 100% of the poverty level.

That’s not a barrier for many couples on the show, but there are some couples, like David and Annie, who live off their friends while neither has a job. David might have a Master’s degree, but that alone doesn’t bring home the bacon.

16 Aleksandra And Josh’s Baby Doesn’t Look Like Either Of Them

While this point of contention is a sensitive one that gets more airtime on the Internet than others, it’s still something that seems as if it would warrant more attention, particularly from immigration officials. Aleksandra and Josh’s daughter, Kaya, is adorable, but the baby, whose parents are white, appears biracial.

While Aleksandra has explained that her daughter’s skin color is due to her grandfather’s heritage, the mother has also been fairly evasive about answering questions. While normally that shouldn’t be anybody’s business aside from Kaya’s parents, it could raise a flag for immigration officials. If the baby simply looks like her grandfather, or Josh decided to adopt the baby with Aleksandra, it still points toward a loving relationship, but if there’s any question regarding her parentage, there might be some suspicion about the marriage as well.

15 Pedro Marrying Chantel To Send Money To His Family Should Be Fraud

Pedro and Chantel displayed so many problems on the show that it’s a wonder they even obtained their K-1 visa in the first place. Between the constant fighting and manipulation between them and their families, there were already a lot of red flags to consider prior to granting any kind of citizenship, but Pedro openly admitted to marrying Chantel in order to send his family money, which is marriage fraud.

Pedro obviously isn’t the only person to marry someone for money, and some cast members, like Anfisa, want the glamorous things money can buy and enter a relationship where the opposite partner makes promises that they can’t keep. Some partners even stole money from one another on the show.

14 Some People Get Married Without Even Being In Love “Yet”

When Alla told Matt’s buddies that she really wasn’t in love with him “yet,” that should have been a red flag to alert immigration officials that their coupledom wasn’t one out of love. She revealed not only that she didn’t love the man, but was using their marriage as a way to travel to the United States and get a green card.

Several couples on the show have expressed not having romantic feelings toward their partners, which should make any immigration official raise an eyebrow. Some other couples may still express love, yet obviously dislike one another from their actions, like Andrei, who was a control freak dictating what Elizabeth could and could not do once he joined her.

13 Nicole And Azan’s Paperwork Seems To Have Been Filed Before They Met

Filing your paperwork for the K-1 visa prior to meeting your partner is typically illegal. You can only file it once you’ve met, get to know your partner, and know that you truly want to marry them. When it comes to Nicole and Azan, the show makes it seem as if they filed their paperwork before meeting, given Azan’s surprise over what Nicole looked like. After we saw his displeasure upon seeing his new girlfriend, and he revealed that he was merely “55% attracted to her,” it was obvious that they didn’t know each other at all.

While many couples don’t seem to know each other well on the show, these two are a glaring example of a couple who obviously shouldn’t have had their petition for the K-1 approved.

12 Many Participants Have Weird Career Aspirations

So, you’re just going to enter the U.S. and become a world-famous hip-hop DJ or model, are you? That seems to be the fairytale many newcomers on the show repeat to the point of sounding like a cliche. We can’t be expected to believe that so many people might naively believe that they’ll make it big as a model or DJ or whatever other “fun” job they dream about as soon as they marry a U.S. citizen. The notion is absolutely laughable.

Then again, some citizens report having traveled abroad only to be asked if they have horses or if they go to Hollywood regularly, so perhaps some people might believe that anyone can just become Diplo or Kendall Jenner. After all, social media has launched many otherwise dubious personalities into superstardom.

11 It’s Really Just Another TLC Odd Couple Show With Immigration Thrown In

With so many reboots, sequels, and prequels in development, is it really any wonder that TLC is recycling old plots with new twists? 90 Day Fiancé is really just another show about odd couples who don’t seem to belong together based on their mismatched interests and a hurdle of immigration thrown in. Instead of a tall person matched with a little person, they’ve got couples with different religions, backgrounds, and extremely varied expectations who react to these differences on camera.

Knowing this might make some fans who dislike formulaic plots wary of watching the show, but given that we’re always going to have different couples featured each season and the popularity hasn’t dwindled, yet, it’s likely going to continue being produced for a while… at least until TLC comes up with a new angle.

10 Mohamed’s Lack Of Knowledge About Danielle’s Criminal History Proves They Didn’t Know Each Other

Plenty of couples on the show prove time and time again that they truly did not know one another prior to obtaining their K-1 visas, prompting the rest of us to wonder just who approved them. One example was that of Mohamed and Danielle, a couple so loveless that Mohamed wouldn’t even kiss her when they got married. There were so many lies between this couple that it’s hard to keep track, but Danielle’s criminal history was one big part of her life that Mohamed had no idea about that needed to be revealed during their Consulate interview.

Of course, given how dishonest the pair were to one another and all of the shenanigans Mohamed, now a social media star, pulled later, perhaps they were both simply well-schooled in deception.

9 Half Of The Relationships Are Obviously Fake

Some of the relationships on the show are so glaringly fake that it feels as if TLC just randomly found people and offered them the job for some media exposure. While some fake relationships, like Jorge and Anfisa, appear to be fake on the inside, but carefully constructed by the couples on the outside in order to gain something from one another, others like Mark and Nikki, make you question how they met (and how well they know one another) in the first place.

Couples like Larry and Jenny are so fake that they feel as if they truly dislike one another, and while we all know couples who started out head-over-heels only to develop a deep-seated displeasure for each other, Jenny especially seems to have disapproved of her beau the moment she laid eyes on him.

8 The Show Is Scripted, Too

Remember when Chris asked Annie for that “Thai massage”? It was totally scripted. It was so bad, in fact, that they had to do multiple takes to get the uncomfortable Chris to ask it without sounding weird, which is impossible given that it’s already a weird request. It was perfectly acceptable for Chris to ask Annie, who’d be living off Chris and Nikki while she and David attempted to get on their financial feet, to help around the house or with meals during their stay with the couple, but the massage comment was way too weird.

It turns out that it wasn’t Chris’s idea at all. Since then, many couples have come out to reveal moments in the show that were scripted or edited for more drama.

7 Women Are Made To Sit In Uncomfortable Positions While Being Interviewed

Have you ever noticed how all of the women on 90 Day Fiancé seem to sit as if they are cramped up in a boxcar, hitching a ride among the rest of the freight across the country? It’s apparently a thing that the women are asked to do. Anfisa Arkhipchenko says that it’s very uncomfortable and asked fans to tell TLC so she wouldn’t have to sit that way anymore.

The cause for the sitting positions is unknown, with some fans guessing that it’s to make the women appealing and others suggesting that it just makes them seem “more casual.” How sitting like an Elf on a Shelf is casual, we don’t know, but it looks so unnatural that we agree with Anfisa on this one.

6 It’s Unbearably Repetitive

For a show that’s so dramatic, with surprising reveals splattered throughout each series, it’s often pretty dull. Each couple’s challenges are repeated over and over again until we are sick of hearing about 401(k)s taken out for the show, or the same arguments a family member or friend is going to make on one episode after previously making it on another episode.

Shows with a true buildup, like How to Get Away with Murder or This Is Us, don’t have to repeat themselves over and over again to fill up the minutes before the big drop. Of course, they’re also fully scripted and not reliant on unpredictable couples, so maybe we should give the show some slack during these moments.

5 Myriam And Patrick Were A Waste Of Time

Remember Myriam and Patrick, who didn’t even make it beyond the whole “I have a boyfriend already” stage? There was a whole buildup about what kind of information Myriam was hiding and, lo and behold, it was simply that she already had a boyfriend and was completely wasting Patrick’s time, as well as ours. Patrick didn’t even seem as surprised about the revelation as he should have, and Myriam, who claimed that she didn’t think a man who bought a plane ticket to France to visit her was serious, appeared bored throughout the whole meeting.

This is just weak storytelling, since the producers of the show should have been vetting each cast member to ensure that each person was invested in their relationships, or at least the show.

4 Jorge And Anfisa Conveniently Break Up While Cameras Are Rolling

Aren’t you glad that all of your breakups aren’t televised? Every single time Jorge and Anfisa broke up, the cameras were rolling, which prompts us to ask: Did they break up a whole lot more often than we saw or were all these breakups planned for some dramatic footage? Given other things we ignore about the show on this list, we think it’s probably that their arguments were all set up to occur during filming.

Between Jorge’s lies, the constant motel moves, and Anfisa’s odd expectations and behavior, we think the two already had enough to air on television without breaking up all of the time, but maybe TLC felt like they needed just a bit more drama.

3 Some Of The Age Differences Are Too Much

Age may be just a number, but there’s a certain type of man out there who prefers a woman he can mold and control, which is a completely different arena. Several men on 90 Day Fiancé exhibit this preference to the point where it’s downright off-putting. Sean bringing 20-year-old Abby those undergarments, whether for her business or not, gave us the heebie jeebies, and 58-year-old Mark’s treatment of 19-year-old Nikki made us look away every time they were on screen together.

That’s not to say that there aren’t any enormous age gaps between couples where an older woman hopes to control her beau, because those also exist, with the infamous Danielle serving as one of the most prominent examples.

2 Nicole Is Offensive Toward Azan

Many people felt sorry for Nicole when gym enthusiast Azan met his girlfriend and dubbed her a little too heavy for him, especially when he wanted her to lose weight. Nicole, however, was physically and emotionally offensive toward Azan, pressuring her boyfriend into giving her physical affection in public when he clearly didn’t want to. Had Nicole been a man, more viewers might have taken umbrage with her behavior. The two were obviously not matched from the start, especially given how they both got involved with other people.

While we get that the petty dramas can be entertaining, the physical drama is just not okay.

1 It Makes Obtaining Citizenship Look Easier Than It Is

The process of immigration is a long, enduring process that should never be taken lightly. While it’s true that someone obtaining immigration through marriage has less hurdles to jump than an individual seeking citizenship on his or her own, it remains a serious, drawn-out process that takes months to years to complete.

While 90 Day Fiancé is without a doubt entertaining, it’s also, like many reality shows, deceiving, as it misrepresents the immigration process. It’s also not exactly a show about learning, but TLC has long since ignored that motto.

Did you notice anything else from 90 Day Fiancé (you probably did) that we missed in our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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